Moon in Scorpio (1987) Movie Script

Moon in scorpio
what does it mean?
Moon in scorpio
I don't know.
Moon in scorpio
Requested to
complete their visits.
All visitors are requested
to complete their visits.
Dr. Thompson, you're needed in the lab.
Dr. Thompson, you are needed in the lab.
Excuse me, could you
help me for a second.
I got a question for you.
Excuse me, can you help me please?
Hi, there.
I work for a pharmaceutical company.
I'm a salesman I was wondering
if you could help me find
the entrance to the clinic?
You do work here, don't you?
What's the matter, cat got your tongue?
Dr. kirkland,
code blue in ward five.
I'm sure you're both aware
of the situation we have here.
Aware is hardly the correct description.
This incident is of such a
nature that it could shake
the very foundations on
which this hospital stands.
The patient seemed fine.
There was no outward signs of relapse
or any sign of agitation
at all until that night.
Damn, Vietnam war has certainly provided us
with plenty of patients.
What's the difference?
If it's not the war,
it's the goddamn arms
race, nuclear pollution.
Always something to drive
people over the edge.
Be that as it may,
the handling of dangerous
patients left in our charge
rests firmly on the
shoulders of this staff.
Now the police obviously have no clue
as to the patient's whereabouts.
So, I've taken the
initiative of bringing in
a private investigator
to assist in the matter.
I've hired Richard vargas.
Richard vargas?
He's almost crazy enough to
be a patient here himself.
Which is precisely why I brought him in.
He knows how these people
think, where they go.
He may succeed where the
police have failed.
I seriously doubt it.
And I seriously doubt
if you're in any position
to be giving an opinion, nurse Mitchell.
Besides, our reputation in
this community is at stake.
This is Richard vargas from
the Saint annial hospital.
We're coming aboard.
Going down below deck.
Looks like we got a live one down here.
I do hope you're feeling
better today, miss Carlisle.
Miss Carlisle?
Mrs. Allen trumont.
Beg your pardon, I didn't
realize you were married.
I'm widowed.
Yes, doctor.
Allen and I were married
in Oregon just a few days ago.
Please forgive me, Mrs. trumont,
but I have to ask you a
very difficult question.
Do you remember trying
to kill a man yesterday?
Allen and dead.
They're all dead, Mrs. trumont.
Your husband, his friends all of them dead.
Yes, I know they're dead!
They're all dead, gone, finished.
Please, Mrs. trumont.
I was there.
I was on that boat.
Yes, I know you were on the boat.
I know you've gone through
a terrible ordeal,
but please try to understand my situation.
I'm trying to shed some light
on what happened out there yesterday.
Now I have to ask you again.
Do you remember trying to kill a man
who came on board the boat?
I didn't kill them!
I didn't kill them!
I didn't mean to suggest that you did.
What I'm interested in
knowing is what happened.
What happened out there?
It was going to be our honeymoon,
Allen's and mine.
It turned out to be war,
another war for the survivors.
Allen, Mark, and Burt he
said they were his friends,
you see, his best friends.
Three men living with
a war they couldn't forget.
Like bombs going on inside their brain.
See they had been in Vietnam together.
You want to know what happened?
I'll tell you what happened.
My honeymoon turned out to be
a nightmare on a death ship.
Ghosts, ghosts popping up everywhere,
and a killer sailing with us,
sick, this sick, brutal,
barbarous assassin.
Please, Mrs. trumont, calm yourself.
Now, I want you to sit calmly,
and tell me exactly what you remember.
Charlie one.
Start pursuit.
Charlie five, repeat you position.
Three friends.
These soldiers who were friends
who had shared a great horror, a massacre,
women, children, and all of it for nothing.
Mark, the quiet one,
Burt, the good soldier, the man of action,
and Allen, the man with all
the doubts, the philosopher.
Of course, I knew about
Allen's time in Vietnam,
not all the details,
but I knew there had been terrible
traumatic things that had
happened to him there.
Hold it, Burt, it's just a girl.
She's a goddamn gook
that wants to kill me.
Jesus Christ, Burt!
You're a pussy.
Never call me a pussy.
Afraid to die?
You afraid to blow that bitch away?
That's right, you pussy.
It was the happiest day of my life.
Allen and I were man and wife.
We were very much in love, you know.
Allen is,
was the most unusual man I've ever known.
The wonderful combination of great strength
and great sensitivity.
The man I'd always dreamed
of and I found him,
and we were married, Mr.
And Mrs. Allen trumont
off to a beautiful life together.
Now will you tell me what the surprise is?
Well, don't you remember?
You'll see soon enough.
I am going to make you
the most beautiful salad
you have ever tasted.
Oh, god, baby what happened?
Nothing, get me a band-aid.
Why don't you let me clean it?
I'll clean it for you.
You're the strangest chick I ever met.
Where the hell did I find you?
I found you.
Did I tell you the moon is
going to be in scorpio?
No, you didn't.
But who the hell cares.
You better get that scratch
bandaged up, Mark.
You're gonna need all your
strength for this boat trip.
Oh, god I'm glad I'm awake.
What is it?
A really strange dream.
It was about this person.
Actually, it was a man,
but I couldn't see his face.
Did you know that you're
forbidden to dream about
any other man from now on.
Well, it wasn't about him.
It was about this woman.
She had a tongue like a snake.
She was kissing him all over.
It was scary.
Sounds wonderful.
Oh, yeah?
Ooh, like this.
I'm trying to drive, honey.
Allen, Allen, it's the police.
No, officer, we just
stopped to check the map.
Where you heading?
- California.
- New York.
Let me see your driver's license.
Do you have any ID, ma'am?
She's my wife.
We just got married.
If you're going to new
York, it's back that way.
If you're going to California,
it's that way, west.
But you can't stay here.
Have a nice trip.
I thought we were going to New York.
Now I wouldn't lie to you
about going to California,
especially in front of
an officer of the law.
Is that the surprise?
It's one of 'em.
Oh, Allen, that's just great.
I have nothing to wear in California.
Hey, you won't need anything.
You're gonna be on a boat.
Oh, no don't tell me you booked us
on one of those Princess cruises.
We are sailing to acapulco.
Good, I always want today go to acapulco.
We're gonna be sailing on
my old buddy Mark's boat.
A sailboat?
What about your fear of water?
Look, Linda, I wanna confront
this fear and overcome it.
But I don't wanna talk about it right now.
Who else is gonna be on this boat?
Burt and his girlfriend Claire
and Mark and his new girl Isabelle.
Oh, Burt and Mark, your
old buddies, your old pals.
They were my best buddies.
I mean, we were in nam
together you know that.
They were, but they're not now.
I don't see why we have to go sailing
on our honeymoon with those guys.
Hey, what the heck.
Isabelle made the invitation.
Isabelle invited you.
Oh, no, no, she invited
both of us for our honeymoon.
Honeymoon, sounds more
like an army reunion.
Originally we planned on a trip
to the east coast where I grew up.
Allen had never spent anytime there.
I won't to share this honeymoon
with you, just you and me.
I didn't know that the plans had changed.
Allen kind of sprang the news on me
when we got into the car.
What news?
That Mark and Burt and their girlfriends
had planned a cruise for us on Mark's boat.
Allen's best friends,
god, I should've known better.
It was insane.
I knew I should never have agreed to it.
I mean it was madness,
and it of all my fault.
I mean, nobody, nobody goes on off
on their honeymoon with war buddies.
I knew deep in my heart
that it was a mistake,
and it was all my fault.
Now, Mrs. trumont, it was not your fault.
I should have known.
I should have known.
Should have known what?
That Allen wasn't ready for it.
He just wasn't ready for any of it.
I saw him looking at something,
and I realized it must be the pool.
He was afraid of the water, for one.
Something happened to him
in the water over there.
Come on, Allen, let's check in.
I knew as soon as we were in
our room, he wasn't himself.
Wasn't himself?
What do you mean wasn't himself?
His eyes would glaze over.
Something else took over,
some troubling memory,
something to do with water.
The pool.
Something violent?
Something horrible.
Something that kept coming back to him.
Why are you doing that?
I'm not cowering.
I'm hiding.
You're not afraid of me, are you?
Of course not.
I'd never do anything to hurt you.
I can't help what other people do.
If someone is doing something wrong,
you should, obviously, try and stop them.
I did try.
I didn't just stand there.
I tried to stop them.
Well, I am trying to
start something here,
and I need your help.
What's the matter?
Wait here a minute.
I was scared
for him, for both of us,
but I let it go.
Our honeymoon could wait.
The future was ours after all.
So you dove into the swimming pool?
You didn't try to find
somebody to help him?
Yes, of course.
I wanted him to know that I was there.
I thought that might help him.
See, after all, we were going out to sea,
and I wanted him to know
that he could count on me.
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
You'll be sorry I'm not kidding!
Clean the head.
Don't ever do that to me again.
Don't ever talk to me like that again!
What did you say?
I said I loved ya.
Burt, honey.
Can't we go out?
Can't we party?
Here we are in the Marina
with all these clubs and restaurants.
I wanna go dancing.
No dancing,
and no party,
and no fun.
Look, Claire, it's working.
Burt, honey, I'll do
something real nice for you
if you take me out?
Will you quit drinking?
Will you quit swearing?
And will you quit hitting me?
You promise?
I promise.
Then I will take you out to dinner
right after I finish drying the dishes.
See everybody gone be here tomorrow,
and I promised Mark we'd clean up his boat.
Are you listening to me?
And another thing I want you
to cutback on your drinking.
Are you?
Are you listening to me?
Claire, I want you to be
on your very best behavior
and not drink so much.
This is a wedding gift for Allen.
A wedding.
You're no fun.
J you're talking to me in a language j
j; My body never heard j
j you're saying it with actions j
Mark, we don't have time.
We have to get to the boat.
Forget the boat.
This trip is very important to me.
J; Come on lay that body down j
j hey, let me feel in love j
j nothing makes me feel as good j
j than jetting down our love j
j; Come on lay this body down j
j hey, touch it up with love &
j let me feel it fall in place &
j let me feel your love j
Looks like the boat's ready.
I hope you're gonna make
some exotic meal for me.
Of course.
Yeah, what are you gonna make?
Um, chicken, steak,
hamburger, rice, potatoes.
Potatoes, rice, beer, wine, whiskey.
Beer, tanks of beer.
Beer, tanks of beer.
Now that my friend Burt will like.
Tanks of beer.
Did you tell him to fix up the boat?
How you doing, Burt.
Doing good, Mark, how are you?
This Isabelle?
That's Isabelle, my woman.
Well, I've talked to you a lot Isabelle.
I gotta tell you, you're just
about as good to look at
as you are to listen to.
It's a pleasure to meet you too, Burt.
Let's get on the boat.
Let me take this for you, darling.
Thank you.
I'm gonna change now.
Come on.
She's a knock out.
Ain't bad, huh?
Well, excuse me.
No, that's alright, Burt.
I'm done.
No, no, no, I can wait.
Sure, you can wait.
You can also come in.
Come on in.
I understand you have some
news for us, Mr. vargas.
That guy Williams, the
prescription hustler
that was killed in your parking garage.
Well, shortly after he bought the farm,
somebody broke into his house
and ransacked the place.
What does that mean?
Williams lived in la.
So our patient has gone to Los Angeles?
So now what?
So I'll go down there,
and I'll see if any of the
salesman's stolen property
has been pawned lately.
Maybe I can pick up a lead.
Well, when you do, call me,
and make it soon.
I got your number, chief.
Told you he's nuttier than a fruitcake.
Well, we felt happy,
and both of us were now
looking forward to the trip,
water or no water.
The ocean sure looks pretty at a distance.
Look at that.
Most things do.
Hey, Allen over here.
- How you doing?
- How you doing?
- Good to see you.
- Give me a hand here.
Welcome aboard you all.
You must be Linda.
- Yes.
- And I'm Burt.
Here we are over here.
Where's Mark?
He's on boat with Isabelle.
I'll tell you something
he's really something else.
He's got himself hooked up.
Well, she's beautiful.
But she has taken over.
When I call him on the phone,
she always answers and says he's not there.
So talk to him.
Sounds good to me, man.
Well, this is it.
Why don't you guys follow me.
Come on.
Allen, Linda this is Claire.
Oh, hello, Claire.
Can't you put your top on?
We're not even out of the harbor yet.
Well, don't look then.
The floating honeymooners, welcome aboard.
Though I can think of a lot better place
to start a honeymoon than
on a bachelor's boat.
Lay off the hooch will you?
The sun isn't even over the yardarm.
Aye, aye, captain.
We were admiring the boat.
But the water's terribly dirty, isn't it?
That's where the money for
the boats comes from, honey.
No dirty water, no money.
Right, Burt?
Well, it wouldn't know, Claire.
I don't deal in dirt.
Let me show you where you sleep.
Follow me.
Come on, honey.
Burt's gonna show us where
we're gonna sleep tonight.
You got it.
- Hey.
- How you doing, man?
God, I'm glad you could make it.
You haven't changed at all, man.
You neither.
Hey, Linda.
Yes, hi.
It's okay that I kiss the bride, huh?
Well, now that you asked.
He didn't give you a razor burn, did he?
This is Isabelle.
Yes, that's right.
We spoke on the telephone.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Linda.
Hi, Linda.
I want you to make yourself at home.
My boat is your boat.
Alright, don't ask for anything.
Anything you want is yours.
Come on why don't you go below
get yourself comfortable.
Well, this is where you guys sleep.
But I'm having a boat built, Allen.
It's a lot bigger than this.
The accommodations would be a lot better.
You're not
having any boat built.
You haven't made a nickel in
your life and you never will.
I'll tell you what, Burt,
if I had a rich old man,
I'd be sitting right here with you.
Well, maybe she'd rather my
daddy didn't have any oil,
and I'd have to work to survive.
Maybe she does worry about pollution.
Well, maybe she should
stop polluting herself.
Allen, why don't you just
keep your stuff down here,
and come up on deck and
put it away later, huh?
Oh, it was beautiful boat,
and everyone seemed very nice.
But I...
I was uneasy.
You remember the time
Mark stole all of our beer.
Sorry about that.
What about those three
young ladies that I met.
How's your new book coming?
It's coming along almost finished.
How's your personal life?
What do you mean murder?
What'd you do kill somebody, Mark?
My sister was raped and
killed in her own bedroom.
Come on.
Want to know how it happened,
exactly how it happened?
First, he slit her throat,
so she couldn't speak.
Then he put a pillow over her
face to sop up the blood.
Then he raped her, over and over again.
He stabbed her, over and over again.
Even while she was dead, kept stabbing her.
These olives are good, you know.
You want some?
Well, who the hell would wanna do
a thing like that and why?
He was a vet like us.
Said the war made him crazy.
What happened to him?
We got him all right.
Made sure the same thing happened to him.
He got stabbed.
What, you raped him?
You bet.
What chapter is this new book, Mark?
Oh, look, everybody.
Burt cleaned his plate.
Here kitty.
I guess, I'll
clear off the table.
Here let me help you.
No, it's alright, Claire.
I can take care of it, thanks.
What happened to Allen and Linda?
It's their honeymoon.
The first night, you know.
I'm gonna go check on 'em.
Well, looks like it's just the two of us.
I think, you should go to sleep now.
I'll just be a few minutes.
Wait for me in bed.
I tell you it was like the
landing at normandy beach.
D-day at tuna beach.
Christ, I never seen so
goddamn many tuna fish
and all that blood.
I tell you we were pulling
in one every second.
Yeah, what a fishing day that was,
Unlike this.
Well, I'm gonna pack it in.
I'll see you later.
Nice night out tonight, ain't it?
Seen you on the boat there.
It's a mighty great craft.
You all taking off pretty soon?
Hey, that's kind of neat.
What is it?
Oh, there you are.
There's going to be a full moon tonight.
Why don't we sail?
It's a nice day.
This is khorda.
Good news, doc.
You found the patient.
Close, found the stolen car.
I should say the cops have found it.
But where's the patient?
I don't know.
I figured that they must have gotten
on one of these boats down here.
I'm in a Marina.
Well, you've got to find them.
I'm working on it.
I'll do a check on the Marina's log.
I'll see which boats have left out of here.
I should be able to narrow
it down pretty quick.
Well, see that you do.
This game has gone on far enough.
Keep your shirt on, doc.
I'm almost there.
Well, thank god for that.
I watched Allen
fighting his fear.
I could tell he was struggling,
but I thought he was doing better.
So I didn't fret.
I just kept an eye on him.
The others didn't seem
to know about his fear,
or if they did, they didn't
take it too seriously.
They were doing their own thing.
We were all trying to relax
and get to know one another.
I'll take over for you, a break.
Thanks, Mark.
Take the wheel.
You okay?
You gotta be careful, man.
I almost fell in the ocean.
I know we all gotta be careful.
Suddenly something happened.
Allen almost fell off the boat.
I couldn't tell if it was Mark's doing
or an accident, or his own fears working.
But I started to feel that
maybe all was not well
between these old friends.
You know, when I came home I went through
the same thing you did, man.
Yeah, one year.
Then a friend of mine said
go out into the ocean,
and I floated around for two weeks.
And I started thinking.
Do I wanna live?
Do I wanna live in the past?
How do you do it?
You just get that thing inside you, man.
You find that spot,
and you don't let anybody beat you.
I'll help you, huh?
I'll help you.
You got the boat.
You got the ocean.
You got a good woman by your side.
It's gonna be fine, man.
Stop looking for justice.
Be your own justice.
I started resenting the fact
that we were here on this boat.
I started resenting the whole thing.
I wanted to be with Allen
on our own somewhere else.
Did you know I had plans to
be in New York right now?
I even had a list of all
the shows I wanted to see.
Les miserables, little shop of horrors.
Is that so?
I had no idea we were
going on this boat trip.
Well, then this is a big surprise.
And I don't like surprises.
I like everything in order
according to my own plans.
I don't like to be on this boat.
Well, why are you telling me all this?
Because you invited
us, and I wondered why?
The sails are down.
We'll just drift around awhile.
Well, it's standard procedure.
We'll drift about six miles out of course.
Tomorrow I'll bring us back on.
Things were
better by the afternoon.
Everyone seemed to be trying
to smooth things over
you know with the tensions of the day.
There was a brief moment of peace.
Didn't last long.
I'd like to propose a toast.
To my dear friend, who's
like a brother to me,
and I'm real glad you're
here and his beautiful wife.
Welcome aboard, Allen.
Thank you, Burt.
Not bad.
Hey, Claire.
Honey, don't put that
gin on the ice cream.
Why don't you cutback on the ice cream
'cause it's not good for your figure?
Shut up.
You should talk you look
like a beached whale
the way you walk around this
boat pulling your pants up
because they won't fit over your fat gut.
You drink too much.
Oh, really?
Well, have some more then.
Have some more ice cream,
and have some more booze.
Okay, I will.
Yeah, have some goddamn more.
I will, watch me.
Ooh, it's about to the very top.
Let's see how fast you can drink it?
Let's see how floored you
can make me one time.
Back off.
You know, you should talk, Burt.
Not only are you a physical
loser, you're stupid.
I'm telling you don't
eat anymore of that.
Watch me.
Come on see.
And watch this.
Let's see how high I can fill it.
Let's see how fast I can drink it.
Somebody want a piece of cake.
I'd love it.
Have some yourself.
- Come on.
- Here's to you.
Here's to nothing.
Why don't we cut the cake, huh?
Come on.
I'll cut it for you.
Come on, I guarantee you,
you give her sometime before herself
and tomorrow morning
everything's gone be all right.
Why don't we just turn around
in the morning and go back?
What are you kidding?
Don't worry about Claire she'll be fine.
Why don't you say we turn in?
Oh, yeah, the sun really
took a lot out of me today.
Hey, what about the cake.
You eat the cake.
I'll go to bed, yeah.
- I'm going to sleep.
- I'm too full.
Claire, it's time for beddy-bye.
Time for beddy-bye.
I've had it with you, Burt.
Stop it, leave me alone.
The moon was full and
I remember listening
to the peaceful sounds of
sea water on the hull.
Cut it out, Burt.
Oh, cut it out, Burt!
I said cut it out!
The next day was gorgeous.
I woke up feeling wonderful.
Everything looked fresh and calm,
and I noticed that Claire wasn't there.
Where is Claire?
Probably sleeping.
Oh, I'll go and wake her up.
You know, what they say
about guys with big feet?
It's true.
Like my foot?
I can't find her.
I'll check it out.
She was gone.
There was no sign of what
might have happened.
Suddenly all my fears came back.
My sense of foreboding.
Something terrible was going
on right under our noses.
Dr. boyer.
Where was it leading us?
Who was behind it?
Where was it going to end?
Who knew where it was going to end?
Did you, Mrs. trumont?
Did you know?
You're a fool, doctor!
I didn't know anything!
But did you kill Claire?
No, I didn't kill Claire.
Didn't kill anyone.
Something had taken
possession of that boat,
a killer spirit, a possessed soul,
one who liked to kill.
Hey, Mark, she's not down there.
Get on the radio and get a hold
of the coast guard, will you?
Mayday, mayday.
Mayday, this is the up priority.
Do you read me?
What's the matter?
The radio is dead.
What do you mean the radio is dead?
Give me the toolbox.
It's in that cabinet behind you.
Do you read me?
Mayday, mayday.
This it?
It was like someone had woven a spell
that was coming over the
boat, an evil curse.
Mayday, mayday.
Do you read me?
Is this it?
You better go upstairs
and see your husband.
He doesn't look too well.
Do you read me?
Allen, are you off?
Of course, not.
I can't find Claire.
No, I mean, have you been sick?
No, why?
I feel so horrible about Claire.
I've never been in a
situation where someone
fell overboard or died or anything.
Then all that drinking and arguing.
Keep looking Isabelle.
The radio's not working.
I'm gonna go check the antenna.
What about the auxiliary?
Somebody tampered with it.
Now who the hell would mess with a radio?
Maybe Claire.
She was kind of drunk last night.
You know, you've been tough on her.
You should take care of her a little bit.
Shit, Mark.
That's my goddamn business.
Everything on this boat is my business.
Claire is goddamn overboard, Mark.
She's overboard you hear me?
Pick up the sails.
Come on!
Forget about that we'll use the engine.
All of a sudden there was
no radio, no main sail.
There's no key.
No key to the motor.
We were adrift, helpless.
Are you afraid of the water?
Death was well served that day.
What do you mean death?
The day when the village was attacked.
The people did not die willingly.
Mark, told you about that?
The moon is in scorpio.
What do you mean by that?
Many things.
It is a time of great
light and great darkness.
No one can be trusted.
Who are you?
You know very well who I am.
So what are you hoping to find down there?
See if anything's
caught in the prop.
I'm not leaving till we find her.
I had a feeling something
bad was gonna happen.
But what if we don't find her?
Tell Mark to take us back, okay?
We're not going to find her.
We knew she was dead.
Everyone knew that.
It was like a huge weight over all of us.
So Mark dove into the sea hoping to find
something underneath the boat, right?
Well, now weren't any of you suspicious?
The girl was dead.
Well, yes.
I did think that Burt
you know, he'd done something stupid.
They were at each other like
two roosters all the time.
We all had a heavy heart and
wandered around below deck
like zombies numb and afraid.
We were right to be afraid.
Prop's clean.
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Burt, come here I think
something's happened to Mark.
What's the matter?
It's Mark I don't see any sign of him.
What do you mean?
He's not on board?
Well, he was here.
He must be overboard.
I better go down and check on him.
Oh, Burt, please be careful.
Jesus Christ, Mark.
Oh, God, I knew he was gone, dead.
Mark was dead now just like Claire.
Somebody was doing this to us.
Somebody was killing us one by one.
One by one.
- Come on up.
- I didn't see a trace of him.
But he's gotta be down there.
You wanna go down there
and look for yourself?
Oh, no, no.
I didn't think so.
Well, what are we gonna do?
We're going to drift.
That's when I
started suspecting everybody,
a death ship, a drifting death ship.
Don't you feel it, Linda.
The vibes on this boat are terrible.
My dreams were worse than ever last night.
I can feel evil.
It's inside me.
It's inside all of us.
I look up at this boat, and I see a coffin.
I look at that sail like a shroud.
You're driving yourself crazy.
Now you think I'm crazy, huh?
Some honeymoon.
What time is it?
It's 10 o'clock.
The moon is in scorpio, you know?
What's that supposed to mean?
It's a time of trouble, anger, and fear.
It's a beautiful moon.
Is that for Allen?
No, it's for me.
Allen's asleep.
Well, I swear he's still a little kid.
He's still afraid of the dark?
And you're not?
No, I'm not.
What about you, Isabelle?
Aren't you afraid?
What do I have to be afraid of?
The moon is in scorpio, you know.
Well, I'm going to bed.
You know, you're the
weirdest person I ever met
with the exception of Allen.
Where the hell did you come from?
I said where'd you come from?
You know where I'll be.
I'm going to bed too.
Allen, Allen, what are you trying to do?
Allen, Allen, what are you trying to do?
Are you trying to kill me?
Oh, my god, I'm sorry.
I have to get some air.
Allen tried to strangle me.
He was having a nightmare,
but I didn't know what to think anymore.
He had tried to strangle me.
Then he left.
Went up on deck, he said
he needed to breathe.
It's over, Mrs. trumont.
The nightmare is over.
You're alive.
You've survived the most cunning
and dangerous killer this hospital
has ever had to deal with.
It was right.
Allen was right.
We're doomed all of us.
It was like a coffin.
I want to live.
I don't want to die!
Mrs. trumont, please.
I'm married now.
I want children.
Mrs. trumont, calm yourself.
I wanna live, I want my husband,
I want Allen!
Mrs. trumont, please.
Now, please sit down.
You're safe now.
Everything's going to be all right.
You'll see life will begin again for you.
It will be good to you this time.
You're a beautiful woman.
You have a good life ahead of you.