Moon Maidens (2023) Movie Script

(energetic rock music)
(otherworldly music)
(moves to curious music)
(moves to unsettling music)
(moves to curious music)
(moves to dramatic music)
(moves to curious music)
(moves to otherworldly music)
(eerie music)
(electricity popping)
(asteroid whooshing)
(sultry music)
(Rita giggling)
(Rita) Okay.
(sultry music continues)
(fire crackling)
(Max sighing)
(Rita gasping)
(dramatic music)
(asteroid whooshing)
Oh my God.
(asteroid rumbling)
(crash thundering)
(gasps) Wow. The
earth just moved.
I told you, baby. I told you.
No. Maybe it
was an earthquake.
Well, who cares?
It's over now.
(Rita gasps)
What the hell?
Karen, baby, I, uh-
Don't Karen me.
But I thought you
weren't comin' home
till tomorrow morning.
I caught an earlier flight.
That's terrific. Air travel's
such a drag these days.
Rita, what are you doing
in bed with my husband?
He said he was sad,
that you'd been killed in a
freak skateboarding accident.
It was the least I could do.
Get out.
You got it.
Not you, her.
Oh, okay.
A skateboarding accident?
Okay. I could've been
a little more original.
Oh my god.
(Karen sighs)
Why me?
Why is it always me?
I just wanted
to say I'm sorry.
Oh, sorry?
Sorry I came home early
is the only thing
you're sorry about.
Look, I'm under a tremendous
amount of pressure at work.
You know that.
This satellite project is
gonna cost someone their job.
And I don't know, I just had
a lot of built up pressure
I needed to relieve
before I exploded.
So you explode on Rita?
She was just there. She
doesn't mean anything.
It's you that I love.
Don't make me vomit.
I said I was sorry.
Okay, and that's supposed
to make it all right?
Well, you know what?
It doesn't, not hardly.
Well, what do
you want me to do?
Hmm, leave me
alone for a while,
and then you can take your
sorry ass onto the couch.
Think you can do that?
Got it.
(curious music)
(Karen mutters)
Welcome to my world.
Just fabulous.
(curious music continues)
Son of a bitch.
(electricity zapping)
(eerie music)
(unsettling music)
(gentle music)
(Max sighs)
Take a shower?
Yes. It helped me to think.
I've come to a decision.
You don't wanna get
a divorce, do you?
Not at all.
I was thinking I should've
been there for you.
If I wasn't on the road
working all the time,
I could've been here to help
relieve your stress better.
It's my fault.
I've been a very bad, bad
wife, but I can fix that.
Okay, wait. I'm not
understanding this at all.
You are the one
who's designing
the Orion Deep Space
Satellite, yes?
Well, yeah, but you
already know that.
You have a brilliant mind.
I should be doing whatever I can
to help you achieve your goals.
You need to complete the
satellite without delay.
I'm glad you're feeling
better, but I mean,
I'm still really sorry
about what happened.
Shh. Let's not discuss that.
It's finished, done.
Just let me do what a wife does
for her hardworking husband.
You don't mean...
Oh yeah, you do mean.
(Karen) Mm-hmm.
(funky music)
I've been looking
into everyone's progress
with a close and watchful eye.
And, frankly, I am not
happy with what I'm seeing,
not happy at all.
This kind of experimentation
doesn't fall off a tree
like an autumn
leaf, Mr. Roberts.
It takes time.
Failure is a part of success.
Well said, Carla.
But it's the progress or lack
of progress that concerns me.
That especially goes
for your work, Tom.
I'm moving forward
as quickly as I can.
It's a big universe.
Yes, and I want to
see every inch of it.
Sorry I'm late.
Rough night?
Did I miss anything?
Not really, we
were just discussing
the lack of productivity
in the current design flow.
I see. So where
are we at with that?
I was just telling
Tom and Carla
that we need to have some
advancement on their end,
or we're all going
to be in trouble.
I agree. Anything I can do?
Oh goodness, no. Your
progress has been superior.
You're right on schedule.
You keep with what
you're doing. (chuckles)
If only these two
could keep up with you,
then we'd be two steps
ahead of the competition.
That's not really fair.
You can't compare what
I do to Max's work.
They're completely different.
Same here, Max's designs
have not even been checked
out for feasibility.
How do we know his satellite
plans are even gonna work?
Enough. I've let
you know how I feel.
Now take that information
and do something
constructive with it.
Good day.
How come everything
you touch turns the gold?
(sighs) Search me.
And let me tell you, last
night, I really dodged a bullet.
How's that?
I'll tell you later. (sighs)
Right now, I'm gonna step
out and grab a cup of coffee.
I'm just a bit worn out.
What are we going to do?
It's time to take
action, subversive action.
You've got a plan?
A cunning plan, but the
less you know, the better.
I'll let you in on it
when the time is right.
You got it, Tiger.
(Max sighs)
(phone rings)
How'd you know it was me?
Call it women's intuition.
(eerie music)
Hey, well, I just wanted
to check in with you
and just let you know
how much I loved you.
Is everything okay at work?
Everyone's gettin' their
asses handed to them,
every everyone but me.
Hmm. That's because you're
the best at what you do.
Hey, I was thinkin',
maybe we should invite
Tom and Carla over
tonight for cocktails.
They're both takin' a real
beating here, and I don't know,
I'm feelin' kind of guilty.
That's a great idea, darling.
There's something
I've been meaning
to give to Carla anyways,
and that would be the
perfect opportunity.
Great, you're a
doll. So I'll ask 'em.
(Max) Yeah?
Hurry home.
(curious music)
(suspenseful music)
(sighs) Now where does
Max keep those plans
for the new satellite?
I gotta get a jump on him,
or he's gonna eat my
job for breakfast.
(suspenseful music continues)
(sighs) Where would I hide
the blueprint if it was me?
Hey, Max. Hey, I was
just looking for you.
I told you I was stepping
out to get a cup of coffee.
I know. I didn't mind waiting.
What can I do for you?
Frankly, Max, I'm a
little worried about my job.
I know what you mean.
Old man Roberts can be a
tad bit blunt at times,
but I don't think it's
anything to worry about.
He's just blowin' hot air.
Do you think so?
He was makin' it sound like
if I didn't get the results
he wanted, and soon,
I'd be hangin' my
hat somewhere else.
Oh, I don't think
he meant it like that.
I do, and Carla does too.
(groans) I just can't afford
to start job hunting right now.
Forget it. He's just
trying to motivate you.
You think so?
I do.
Hey, and while you're here,
how about you and
Carla come over
to the house tonight
for cocktails?
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Is Karen back in town?
Came back last night.
Ah, I bet you had some
catchin' up to do, huh?
Yeah. So, uh 7:30?
You got it. I'll tell Carla.
(suspenseful music)
Maybe I oughta take
these home with me tonight
just to be safe.
(suspenseful music continues)
You still don't have the
plans for the new satellite?
Not yet, but I'm close.
I'll have 'em soon.
You do understand,
time is of the essence.
I understand a hundred
percent. You can count on me.
I have.
So far, we've seen no results.
Funny, my boss was just
sayin' the same thing.
But don't worry, I
know what I'm doing.
I hope so.
We've advanced you considerable
cash for those plans,
and so far we have
nothing to show for it.
Like I said, you have
nothin' to worry about.
Why, I'd bet my life,
I'll have those plans for
you by the end of the week.
(scoffs) You just did.
(tense music)
Now go.
I'll let you
know what happens.
(uneasy music)
I have to say,
I was really surprised you
called me this morning.
I can't stay mad at you, Rita.
Besides, it was just a
big misunderstanding.
Well, I'm certainly relieved
that you're not really dead.
I don't know where
Max came up with that.
I'm just happy you were
there to comfort him.
What are neighbors for?
What indeed.
That's a really nice piece.
Where did you get it?
Do you like it?
Mm-hmm, there's
something about it,
but I can't quite
put my finger on it.
It's made from a meteorite.
It's the latest
fashion in New York.
Do you want one?
I probably couldn't
afford somethin' like that.
I liked it so much
that I bought extras
for my friends.
Let's try this on you.
Karen, I don't
know what to say.
You're outta this world.
Well, I think
you just said it.
Much better.
I'd like to show you
something I learned last night.
(funky music)
Can't remember the
last time I was here.
What, two, three
weeks ago maybe?
So you've been
a busy one, Karen.
Yes, traveling all around
the country here and there.
Sometimes I feel like a
stranger in my own house.
It's good to come home
to someone like Max.
He certainly is
full of surprises.
Karen's been promoted to
head buyer of her company.
Oh, so you'll
be gone even more.
I hope not.
I don't like leaving Max
unattended for too long.
He doesn't do well
when I'm away.
Every man needs a
good woman behind him.
Or under him, for that matter.
Well, now that you're back,
maybe Max can settle down
and finish up his work
on the new Orion
Deep Space Satellite.
I totally agree.
All that deep space business
is really taking up
a lot of his time.
He barely has any
time for me anymore.
You can't spread
yourself too thin, Max.
(clears throat) Um, honey,
could I speak with you
in the kitchen for a moment?
Excuse us.
Hmm. That's odd.
Karen, I don't know how
to say this to you gently,
but we can't be talkin'
about the satellite plans
in front of Tom and Carla.
Why? They both work with you.
I didn't know you
had any secrets.
It's not like that.
It's very competitive
among researchers,
and Tom would like nothin'
more than to trip me up.
Seriously. I have to beat
them to the finish line.
I didn't know this was a race.
Well, you like this house.
You like that shiny car outside.
All this depends on me being
better than Tom and Carla.
Heads are about to
roll at work right now,
and I wanna be the one
holdin' the ax, understand?
I think so. Can
I see your designs?
I'm interested in what
you do. You are my husband.
I'd like to see your work.
Honey, I would, but I don't
think you'd understand 'em,
even if I showed 'em to you.
Try me. I am your wife.
Okay, well, maybe later.
Right now we have
guests, remember?
Oh, of course.
Shall we?
We've gotta find
Max's blueprints
if we wanna save our jobs.
I know, but how do we do that?
He is so secretive about them.
I know they're in this house
somewhere. They have to be.
I checked his office, nothing.
You wanna ransack his house?
Of course not.
We've gotta do this in a way
where no one will ever suspect.
I'll excuse myself and
check his home office out.
That's the most likely place.
What do I do?
You check the other rooms.
Say you gotta powder
your nose or somethin'.
That always works.
Powder my nose?
(clicks tongue) Got it.
That's my girl.
Sorry about that.
I suddenly developed
one hell of a headache.
Are you okay?
Sure. Karen showed me
where the as aspirin were.
Actually, I'm feelin'
much better already.
Do you mind if
I use your phone?
I just remembered an
important call I gotta make.
Of course. There's
one in Max's office.
Thanks. I know where it is.
Ooh, that's very
pretty. Is it new?
You like it?
And how?
(eerie music)
(unsettling music)
(suspenseful music)
(phone rings)
(Tom) It's Tom.
Tom, what news
have you got for me?
I got the blueprints.
Excellent work.
When can we expect you?
Soon, very soon.
But I've been thinking.
You're not payin' me enough.
Yeah, really.
I want more, a lot more.
This is worth it.
I don't like being
double-crossed, Tom.
You're playing with fire here.
Now, I suggest you
bring me those plans,
and we'll forget about
this whole incident.
You heard me.
I want double, in cash.
All right.
You win.
I'll have the money
tomorrow, noon.
No tricks.
No tricks.
(phone beeps)
(Karen) Find What
you're looking for?
Karen, yeah, yeah.
Everything's fine.
I just owed somebody
a return call.
Kind of slipped my mind earlier.
(sighs) How much do you
know about Max's work?
Me? Almost nothing.
We kinda keep our
projects to ourselves.
You know, it's like, not a
big topic at the water cooler.
That's too bad, because I
would really reward the man
that could explain what my
husband's going through.
Reward? I don't
think I get your drift.
(zipper rasping)
(Karen clears throat)
Okay, I get that one.
(energetic music)
Actually, I do know a
couple things about him.
He's, he's a good guy. (laughs)
So you understand.
It's just him reinforcing
company policies.
I don't think there's
anything meant by it.
It's just a smoke screen.
Well, I certainly hope so.
I wonder what's
taking Tom so long.
Oh, don't worry about him.
I'm sure Karen'll round him up.
Can I use your powder room?
Sure. I'll show you.
Here you go.
Thanks, Max. You
have a lovely house.
Why, thank you.
Make yourself at home.
(suspenseful music)
(Karen) Looking for something?
(laughs) Oh, Karen, you
gave me quite a start.
I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to spook you.
I lost an earring. I thought
it might be here somewhere.
Please, I know what
you're looking for.
You do?
You think I don't know?
Know what?
I have a pretty good
idea of what you're up to.
I don't blame you.
(scoffs) That's pretty
big of you, Karen.
You are, after
all, only human.
Thanks for understanding.
You can't help yourself.
So would you like to see it?
Yes, I would.
(curious music)
Admit it. You're
admiring my necklace.
What? Oh, I mean, yes.
That's an amazing piece.
It's made of meteorite.
(Carla gasps)
I have an extra one
I'd like to give to you.
Yes. Better.
Good, I want you to
meet me here tomorrow
at 1100 Earth hours.
I understand.
(curious music continues)
Mm. Mm-hmm.
(unsettling tones rumbling)
(gentle music)
What is it?
I had the plans
right in my hand,
and Karen walked in on me.
She took them.
How terrible.
(sighs) You bet it
is. Did you see her?
Yes, I did.
Did you see where
she put the blueprints?
Blueprints? No.
All right, we gotta get
outta here. Are you ready?
Scotch and soda.
No thanks, Max.
Uh, I think Carla has
caught your headache.
I better take her home.
Oh? Okay.
Well, I hope you get
to feelin' better.
(unsettling music)
Goodnight, Max.
What got into them?
I don't know.
(unsettling music continues)
Good morning, Max.
Morning, Mr. Roberts.
How's that project
coming along?
Great, I should have
somethin' to show you
by the end of the day.
That's what I want to hear.
This company rolls
on results, boy,
not, uh, speculation.
With all due respect, sir,
I think you were a bit harsh
yesterday on Tom and Carla.
I know they're both
workin' really hard.
I was trying to light
a fire under them.
I need their best
work out of them,
and frankly, I'm not getting it.
Do you know both of them
are late this morning?
I haven't seen hide
nor hair of them.
Well, I know Tom's been
under a lot of stress lately.
Hmph, yes, gambling
debt, so I'm told,
not that it matters to me
as long as it doesn't
affect his work.
Well, I'm sure you'll see
some positive results soon.
Well, I'd better,
otherwise there's going to be
some serious
house-cleaning around here.
Well, I'll see you later.
See you around four?
Now, I know I put those
blueprints in here
and took them home
with me last night.
Oh, where could they be?
Did I leave 'em at home?
(tense music)
(phone ringing)
Damn it.
(tense music continues)
(sighs) As we've all
learned, in the future,
most of our universe
will be destroyed
by an intergalactic war.
This war was brought on in part
by the discovery of our planet
by the Orion Deep
Space Satellite,
a satellite created by
the man I'm married to.
This cannot happen.
We have the plans now.
This terrible tragedy
can be avoided.
Our way of life will go on
without war,
without destruction.
We have the plans,
and that will stop
the development of the satellite for now.
But what of the future?
Max will continue
his development,
and who knows how
long it will be
before he achieves success?
What's the answer?
We must kill Max.
That's the only way
to protect our world.
Unfortunate but true.
He cannot be left to continue
his work on the satellite.
Is it really
necessary to kill him?
Is there no other way?
No. He must die.
What if we take him with us?
That would stop the
development of the satellite
without any bloodshed.
Excellent idea.
But can we get away with it?
I believe it's possible.
Tricky, but we could do it.
Then all we have to do is
wait for him to come home.
Agreed, and in the meantime,
let's show Carla what we've
learned about the human form
while we've been on the planet.
You mean?
Yes, with the human body,
we can experience the sensation
of touching each other.
It's very enlightening.
Show me.
(sultry music)
(sultry music)
(someone moans)
(gasps) Tom!
I'll have to
say I'm surprised.
Pleasantly so, but
surprised nonetheless.
What's with the gun?
Well, I hate to
break up the party,
but I need Max's plans.
(scoffs) And you want them
badly enough to do this?
I'm not proud of myself,
but it's become a matter
of life or death, my life.
(scoffs) I'm so
disappointed in you.
Save it, Carla, okay.
You have no idea what I'm up
against. I'm swimming in debt.
I've made bad deals with
some very bad people.
Those plans are my
ticket outta here.
(scoffs) Well, this
will definitely cost you
your vacation days.
Who cares? I quit.
Would you reconsider
if we were nice to you?
Not a chance, sister.
Besides, Max is a smart guy.
He'll have this up and
running again soon.
It may take a little
longer than expected.
Is this goodbye?
Ciao, baby.
(Carla sighs)
Well, that could
have gone better.
(funky music)
(phone rings)
Max, the most amazing
thing just happened.
Karen, listen. I've
been trying to reach you.
I think I left
some work at home.
I need you to go see
if you can find it.
That's what I'm
trying to tell you.
Your friend Tom
broke into the house,
pulled a gun on me, and
stole your blueprints.
You heard me. He just
took the plans and ran off.
If you have any idea where he's
going, you should find him.
I think he's planning on
selling these to some bad guys.
That's son of a bitch.
We can't let him
get away with this.
No, we can't. Now go get 'em.
Thanks. I'll let
you know what happens.
Damn it.
(tense music)
Anybody here?
I'm here.
Good. I wouldn't want
you standing me up.
We kept our promise. I hope
I can say the same for you.
Do you have the plans?
Right here.
And I can't tell you
how difficult it was
to get my hands on these.
You got the money?
It's all here.
As we agreed? Double?
You don't mind if
I count it, do you?
Oh, be my guest.
What's the matter?
You don't like 'em?
These are the plans for an
outdoor patio barbecue deck.
Apparently somebody's planning
on doing a little remodeling.
What? I stole these
satellite plans.
I took them from Max's
wife, at gunpoint.
I threatened to kill them all.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
FBI. You're under arrest.
Damn it.
(Tom sighs)
There is one more
sensation you must experience
before we leave this world and
return to our natural form.
What is it?
Sex with a man.
But there's no
one here but us.
Let me show you what I've
learned since I've been here.
This may be our only chance.
(sultry music)
Is it the same
as with the female
of the species?
It's very different, but
it's better if I show you.
(Carla gasps)
(Max sighs)
Thank God.
(phone ringing)
Mr. Roberts, I found my plans.
I didn't know they were lost.
I think someone's trying to
play a wicked game with me.
But either way, I have them,
and I'll bring them
over to you later today.
Well, that's excellent
news, and believe me,
I could use some right now.
Why? What happened?
Haven't you heard?
Heard what?
It was Tom. The
FBI just called.
He's been arrested for
international espionage.
What? I don't believe it.
It's true.
Apparently, he'd been
dealing with a foreign power
and was going to
steal your plans
and sell them on
the black market.
That's what Karen said.
It's true.
The only trouble was
he was dealing with an
undercover federal agent.
They caught him red-handed.
Wow, thank God he
didn't get the plans.
Thank God for that.
(Max) What about Carla?
She's not involved
as far as we know.
We still haven't been
able to locate her.
Well, I'm sure
she'll turn up soon.
Let's hope so. I'm looking
forward to seeing you later.
Well, I see you
finally made it.
Rita? What are you doing here?
Haven't you heard?
We all made out.
I mean made up.
You and Karen made up?
Yes. She's waiting for you.
Where is she?
In the bedroom.
(curious music)
What the hell's goin' on here?
Well, hello, darling. I
guess this is a bit awkward.
This can't be happenin'.
(strange whirring)
(mystical zapping)
Well, what if I don't wanna go?
You don't have a choice.
(strange whirring)
(mystical zapping)
Oh, what a rush.
I think I'll stay on this
planet a little bit longer.
There's lots of new
experiences to be had,
and besides, the sex
is outta this world.
(dramatic music)
Don't make me vomit.
A skateboarding accident?
Okay, I could've been
a little more original.
You check the other rooms.
Say you gotta powder
your nose or somethin'.
That always works.
But there's no
one here but us.
Haven't you heard?
We all made out.
I mean made up.
It was Tom. The
FBI just called.
He's been arrested for
international espionage.
These are the plans for an
outdoor patio barbecue deck.
(dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music swells)
(moves to otherworldly music)
(moves to curious music)
(moves to tense music)
(tense music swells)
(moves to unsettling music)
(moves to curious music)
(moves to dramatic music)
(dramatic music swells)
(moves to curious music)