Moon-Spinners, The (1964) Movie Script

& Moon-spinnerss,
spin me a moon tonight &
& Moon-spinnerss, spin it
with a silver light &
& Spinning on the sea &
& Let the waterss glow &
& Shine it on the treasures &
& Lying far below &
& Spin your threads tonight &
& Let the moon
stay bright &
& So my love may bring &
& A bracelet or ring &
& Just to hear my heart sing &
& At the sight &
& Moon-spinnerss &
& Spin me a moon tonight &
& Moon-spinnerss,
spin it with a silver light &
& Spinning on the sea &
& Let the waterss glow &
& Shine it on the treasures &
& Lying far below &
(Honks horn)
(Speaking Greek)
Fran, I think
I'm going to be...
No, hold on.
We're bound to be there
in a minute.
Concentrate madly
on something else.
It's all mental.
That fish isn't.
Change places with me.
There's a bit of air
from the window.
I say...
I wonder if
you'd be so kind...
as to put that
somewhere else?
The fish... could you
put it somewhere?
It's a bit strong.
Girl: Could you put it
somewhere else?
I don't knowwhy
one always thinks...
foreigners will suddenly
understand English...
if one shouts.
Fran, I don't think
I can manage.
I'm sure it's just
around the next corner.
Try reciting
The Jabberwocky.
Think of it
on the printed page...
and force yourself to
remember the illustrations.
"'Twas brillig..."
BOTH: "And the slithy toves
did gyre and gimble."
The smelling salts.
(Honks horn)
Aghios Georgios!
Thank heaven.
That's us.
(Speaking Greek)
Excuse me. Come on.
I'm... I'm terribly sorry.
Please forgive me.
Aghios Georgios!
We're coming!
Excuse me!
(Speaking Greek)
Nikky, come on!
I'm coming!
Now, have we got
Suitcases, knapsacks,
tape recorder...
(Speaking Greek)
Oh. Aghios Georgios?
(Speaking Greek)
Aghios Georgios.
(Door slams)
(Music playing)
(People singing in Greek,
clapping hands in rhythm)
Cousin Orestes,
visitors from England!
(Speaking Greek)
(Speaking Greek)
ORESTES: You are welcome
to my wedding.
(Speaking Greek)
(Singing in Greek)
Hey, missis,
my hotel!
Stratos, they're here.
Will you come down?
I'm busy.
But I need your help.
I said I was busy.
Will you leave this
for once?
Orestes is our cousin.
They're all expecting you.
I came back because
I had work to do.
All I want is
some peace and quiet.
You didn't come back
for love of your family...
or your village.
That much is certain.
What do you mean
by that?
You suddenly appear
from London.
You don't want
to see anyone.
You don't want me
to take any visitors.
You and this Englishman watch
each other like cat and mouse.
You're very observant,
aren't you, little sister?
You fill your head
with this...
stars, fortunes,
I warn you again.
Stay out
of my business.
If you do, you'll have
all the money you need.
If you don't...
This make money?
More than you
ever dreamed of.
How? w?
By keeping one step
ahead of chance.
Always one step ahead.
Chance or the law? w?
Go and see to your guests.
Out, you hear?
You better go
to the church sometimes.
Those are works
of the devil.
(Speaking Greek)
(Speaking Greek)
(Crowd chattering,
music playing)
Thank you.
Look, the Moon-Spinners.
What does that mean,
Is old song... very old song.
Mama, visitors from England.
2 nice old ladies.
How do you do?
I'm Frances Ferris.
Did you get
our telegram?
I sent it yesterday
from Heraklion.
There was no telegram.
But that's incredible.
Nikky, you didn't...
I sent it myself.
The man at the post office
translated it.
Well, I'm sorry.
Well, I asked you to reserve us
2 rooms for a few days.
This is my niece.
This hotel is
not open for visitors.
(Speaking Greek)
Please! I can see
we've arrived at a bad moment...
but you've simply
got to put us up somewhere.
I was not
expecting you.
Will you excuse me,
Well, I'm not going
to be beaten.
Look here.
Could you at least...
find us a room
in the village?
I'm sorry, but I have
a great many guests.
Mama, why don't you
give them...
one of the empty rooms?
Have you got empty rooms?
We're absolutely
We can't possibly go back...
all the way
to Heraklion tonight.
If you don't give us
one of those rooms...
wedding or no wedding...
I shall sleep right here
on the floor.
Well, take the ladies
They can have number 3.
(Speaking Greek)
Jolly good show!
Come, I show you.
As for dinner,
I will see.
Even a sandwich.
I shall require
2 normal 3-course dinners.
Thank you.
Aunt, really.
(Speaking Greek)
Is very best room.
Nice beds, nice table,
nice chairs.
Hey, missis.
Nice expansion.
Yes, it is.
It's a very nice
expansion, indeed.
Well, at least it's clean.
Why was your mother
so set against us staying here?
It's Uncle Stratos.
Since he come back
from London...
he don't like
no one...
but I like you both,
so everything OK.
Wait a minute.
Thank you very much.
You crazy or something?
Thank you, missis.
If there's anything
that you want,
you just ask Alexis.
Uncle Stratos,
visitors from England.
Good afternoon.
What are you doing here?
We've come to stay...
if you have
no objection.
She has let you
the room?
This is a hotel,
isn't it?
I mean, it is
the custom in Crete...
to let room to visitors,
or am I mistaken?
How did you hear
of Aghios Georgios?
FRANCES: Someone told us
at the hotel in Heraklion.
I'm a musicologist.
I collect folk songs.
What kind of songs
do you expect to find here?
Um, the song that this hotel
is called after, for one.
Now, do you mind?
We'd like to rest.
All right.
You can spend the night here.
extremely kind of you.
Couldn't we at least
have a bath?
There is no bath here.
Alexis will give you water
to wash in if you wish...
or else there is the sea.
There is a bus leaving
for Isle Mykonos tomorrow.
(Speaking Greek)
My Uncle Stratos
is much lousy man.
I bring you water.
Lousy is the word!
Well, if that's
an example...
of Cretan
hospitality, l...
(Both laugh)
Oh, it's so awful.
It's hilarious.
Oh, well, at least
it couldn't be any worse.
Oh, darling,
I am sorry.
I promise that
we'll spend a week...
in Cannes
on the way home...
and we'll dress up...
and go to all the galas
and be madly gay.
But you knowwhat's going
to be the final blow? w?
The one available Englishman...
will be some... some
moth-eaten old professor...
about 75 who's only
interested in ruins.
Well, he'll have
one here ready-made.
(Dramatic music playing)
Thanks, Lambis.
You went to
the Bay of Dolphins?
Huh? Yes.
Skin diving?
Yes. The water's so clear
you could see everything.
And how much did you see?
It was you, wasn't it,
out in that boat watching me?
Don't be so shy next time.
I'll give you a diving lesson.
Aunt Fran, don't you think
we ought to dress for dinner...
to sort of honor
the bride?
(Man singing in Greek)
There he is.
There he is!
The old Englishman.
& La la la-la-la
la la la &
Oh, he's charming.
You go in.
I don't want to be first.
Good evening.
Good evening.
You must be
the two old English...
You must be
the two old English ladies...
Alexis told me about.
Have you been here long?
I'm Mark Camford.
Frances Ferris.
How do you do?
My niece Nikky.
- Hello.
- Good evening.
I thought, perhaps,
since everyone was celebrating,
we might have dinner
- We'd love to.
- Yes!
What a pleasant
I had Alexis
keep us a table outside.
- All right?
- Yes.
I bring you dinner.
Same as them.
Oh, thank you,
Is this the first time
you've been to Greece?
We spent a week in Athens
before coming here.
Have you been
to Athens?
It's fabulous, isn't it,
the Acropolis and everything?
I mean, it's so exactly
like the Acropolis.
I wish they could stick
it all together again...
don't you?
Have you been here long?
No, no. Not very, no.
It's a quaint little place.
Dead quiet as a rule.
I'm surprised Uncle Stratos
let you stay.
He practically threw us out.
I mean, I can't
understand why he has...
such a very odd attitude
to visitors, can you?
He's a very odd one,
Uncle Stratos.
Do you know he devours books
on astrology?
Strong with charms and fetishes
like a witch doctor.
It'd take a witch doctor
to improve his manners.
V ery good olives.
I make myself.
Ah, let's see.
- Have some octopus.
- Aah!
(Music playing)
These English women...
what are they doing here?
They're friends of Camford?
I don't know.
I told them
they must leave tomorrow.
He was skin diving
very, very near.
I know, I know.
Stratos, why are you
playing this game?
You knowwho he is,
what he came for.
Why you do not
send him away?
I don't want to
send him away, Lambis.
What are you going to do?
There will be decisive
developments tonight.
Look at Alexis.
Isn't he wonderful?
Do you like to dance?
Oh, I love it.
I'm like the girl
in the red shoes.
Once I start, I can go
on and on and on until I drop.
(Song ends, crowd cheers)
Are there any dances that
women can join in, too?
Oh, yes.
FRANCES: I do wish
you'd tell us...
why this hotel is called
the Moon-Spinners.
It's such
an unusual name.
It is a legend.
Who are
the Moon-Spinners?
Three sisters who spin
the full moon.
Doesn't the legend have to do
with the Bay of Dolphins?
Alexis told me
there was supposed to be...
a sunken ship
laden with treasure.
In Crete, there are
many old tales.
I understand
when the moon is full...
you're supposed
to be able to see...
the treasure at
the bottom of the bay.
Do you think
there's any treasure...
in the Bay of Dolphins?
There are sharks...
and many dangerous octopus
among the rocks.
Yes. I warned you before
not to go swimming there.
I see you quite often
out there in your boat.
Let us hope I do not
fish you out one day...
without an arm or a leg.
My cousin Orestes.
My very good friends
from London.
How do you do?
You like to meet
Ariadne please?
Oh, we'd love to.
Oh, you look so pretty.
Tell her how pretty
she looks.
How do you do?
Would you mind
if I gave her...
that scarf
you bought me in Athens?
What a good idea!
I'll be back
in a minute.
Be a dear and bring me
my tape recorder.
Oh, thank you very much.
(Dramatic music playing)
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
l... I came up here
to get some of my books.
This used to be my room,
you know.
Well, there were
no books in here.
I said I was sorry.
Oh, by the way,
it's quite a coincidence...
your meeting
an old friend here.
What old friend?
Mr. Camford.
We never saw him before
until tonight.
Oh, well, have a very pleasant
evening, Miss Ferris.
(Music playing)
I'm sorry, Alexis.
I haven't the dimmest idea
what I'm doing.
Hey, you're pretty good.
I think you do this before.
Ha ha! It's a wonderful rhythm.
If only I knew the steps.
Who cares
about the steps?
We're inventing
a dance all our own.
(Both laugh)
He's watching again.
Oh, he's always on the lookout
for something.
There's something sinister
about the whole family...
except little Alexis.
And who's
that sullen young man...
who's always hanging about?
Oh, that's cousin Lambis.
He helps around the inn.
Well, l...
Ha ha! Well, I think
they're all up to something.
How'd you like to go
swimming tomorrow? w?
Oh, I'd love to.
MARK: We'll go
to the Bay of Dolphins.
What about the sharks?
Oh, that's all nonsense.
We'll take lunch
and make a day of it.
What do you say?
Shall we shatter tradition
and really let go?
(Tempo speeds up)
(Song ends, crowd cheers)
(People singing in Greek,
clapping hands in rhythm)
Good night,
Mr. Camford.
Good night,
Miss Ferris.
Where are they all going?
Hmm? They're singing
the bride and groom to bed.
It's a local custom.
Can we go?
Look, you must have had
an awfully long day.
Don't you think
you ought to turn in?
Then we can get
an early start tomorrow? w?
I am quite tired, actually.
Ahh. It turned into
a lovely evening.
That's the nicest way
for things to happen...
when they come
as a surprise.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Shall I meet you about
half past 9:00 tomorrow? w?
Look at the moon.
(Dramatic music playing)
I don't think at home
it ever seems...
so huge and so close.
The Moon-Spinners must be
working full-time tonight.
I think that's
what I shall become.
I can't think of
a lovelier way...
of spending my life...
than spinning
that silver light.
You're quite a romantic,
aren't you?
No, it's unusual nowadays.
Good night.
Good night, Mark.
Mr. Camford!
You're so fond
of the Bay of Dolphins.
Would you care to come
night-fishing with me?
That's very good of you,
No, thanks.
It's great fun,
you know.
Oh, I'm sure.
Some other time,
Some other time,
Happy harpooning.
(Dog barking in distance)
Oh, Fran, honestly.
Tell me honestly.
Do think I'll ever have...
what the magazines call
You've got the best
of all qualities.
You're completely yourself.
Oh, I don't think
that's such an advantage.
Oh, look at me.
I wish I could do something
to my face.
How about this?
Too old.
Too young.
It's... it's... you see,
it's this being...
so terribly in between...
that makes it
so difficult.
He said
I was a romantic.
that's one step...
from being told
you're a drip.
Don't rush it,
You've only
met the man once.
Oh, I know...
but I said
all the wrong things...
talked a blue streak,
as usual.
NIKKY: You know,
I hear myself.
I can't stop.
Oh, well.
Well, he must have
liked you.
He wouldn't have asked you
to go swimming.
He is nice, isn't he?
V ery.
You sound undecided.
He's charming.
I think he's
a little mysterious.
I don't know.
Just an impression.
Oh, turn out the light,
will you?
(Dramatic music playing)
I do love you, Aunt Fran.
Thank you for always
being there.
FRANCES: Good night,
my darling.
(Turns off engine)
(Rocks falling)
(Starts engine)
Good morning.
Good morning, Nikky.
Oh, Alexis, could I have
some of that...
to take with me
this morning?
Lovely day, isn't it?
You must be tired
after such a big wedding.
It was a wonderful dinner,
too... really wonderful.
Thank you.
Oh, I hate
to bother you...
but could I have
some tea or coffee?
I don't have tea.
I'll make you coffee.
My aunt's still sleeping.
Is Mr. Camford down yet?
Mr. Camford?
Yes. We're going
swimming this morning.
I wondered if
he was anywhere about.
SOPHIA: He's gone.
Gone? Where?
To Heraklion.
He left by the early bus.
But he can't have.
Didn't he leave a message
or a note or anything?
No, nothing.
Oh, but l...
Thank you.
(Dramatic music playing)
(People chattering)
(Bird cawing)
(Door creaks)
(Exhales noisily)
(Labored breathing)
Mark, it's Nikky.
Oh, uh...
What are you doing here?
They said you'd gone.
I, um...
I must have
fallen asleep.
Your arm.
What's happened?
I'm sorry I stood you up.
Wait a minute.
What time is it?
About half past 10:00.
Thank you.
They said you'd gone
to Heraklion...
but I felt
something was wrong.
How did you get in here?
I remember crawling in
just... just before dawn.
I'll go get some help.
No, Nikky, listen.
Please listen.
Did you have a fight
with someone?
Look, if you want
to help me...
go back to the inn
and bring me some clothes.
Anything. And... and, uh...
something to eat.
I've got to get out of here.
You must see
a doctor first.
- I'll get Aunt Fran.
- Nikky...
And then we'll
find some people...
to carry you back.
Will you please listen?
I don't want anyone
to know you found me here.
Not anyone.
Not even your aunt.
Do you understand?
But Mark,
someone's tried to kill you.
We must get the police.
The last thing I want
at the moment is the police.
tell me what happened.
You'll find some clothes
in my room.
And if you can...
swipe a bottle
of brandy from the bar.
I'm cold all over.
l... I always fancied
myself in pink.
You've got to tell me.
Was it Stratos?
either do as I ask
or beat it...
'cause I haven't got
the strength to explain.
All right.
I'Il... I'll be back
as soon as I can.
OK. Good girl.
(Dramatic music playing)
(Door creaks)
(Breathing heavily)
(Music playing)
(Women singing
The Moon-Spinnerss in Greek)
(Singing in Greek)
(Women clapping in rhythm)
(Clapping intensifies)
(Clapping and music fades)
(Birds cawing)
Mr. Stratos,
may I speak to you?
Go ahead.
Please don't
misunderstand me...
but I've just been
up to my room.
My travelling rug
appears to have vanished.
It was folded
across the bed.
I wonder if
you've any idea...
what might have
become of it.
Travelling rug?
Ask my sister.
Also my first aid kit.
First aid kit?
FRANCES: In a box
which was so big...
with iodine and bandages.
One never uses it...
but I always
take it with me...
in case of emergencies.
Perhaps your niece
took these things...
with her this morning.
It's hardly likely
that she'd take...
a travelling rug
on a day like this.
And I doubt whether she's
in any need of bandages.
Do you know
where she went?
Mr. Camfordpromised
to take her swimming.
I suppose she must have
gone off somewhere alone.
Mr. Camford.
Yes. He always went
to the Bay of Dolphins.
I will look into
this matter at once.
If she has not your things,
I will ask in the village.
Don't worry.
They will be returned.
(Dramatic music playing)
- Hmm?
- (Gasps)
What on earth
are you doing in there?
Well, at least it's not
so drafty as that floor.
Oh, brandy.
Nikky, you are marvelous.
Oh, Mark,
I've had an awful time.
All your things
have vanished.
Your room
was completely bare.
Oh, I should've
guessed that.
Mark, will you please
get out of that thing?
It gives me
the absolute creeps.
- Mind your head.
- Yeah.
It's all right.
All right. Sit here.
Come here. Come.
Sit down there.
Oh, found your shoe
on the beach.
Oh, marvelous.
Now let's see.
- Careful.
- Yes, yes, all right.
There. See?
It's all right.
Crikey. Hope I can
remember what to do.
I was always bottom
at first aid at school.
That's encouraging.
it was
the reverse spiral...
and repeat figure 8.
In cases of
multiple fracture...
I'm not multiply
fractured yet.
All right.
Now keep calm.
I am calm.
You better have
some more brandy.
This is bound to hurt.
Oh, don't do that!
I wonder if there's
anything in there...
I ought to dig out.
Look, whatever's
in there, leave it.
Now hold that.
That's right.
Don't move it.
Did Stratos actually
try to kill you?
Don't ask questions.
He almost caught me
at the inn just now.
I nearly fainted.
Are you sure
he didn't see you?
No. No.
I'm sure he didn't.
All right.
Please tell me
what happened.
I don't want you
to become involved.
You've got to go
to the police.
If he finds you,
he might try it again.
Well, look,
that's my affair.
Now... nowwhat
you've gotta do, uh...
is... is clear out
of Aghios Georgios.
You see? You take
the afternoon bus...
with your aunt
to Aghios Nikolaos.
Do you understand? Now put
that down... put that down.
But why us?
You're the one
who's in trouble.
If he knew
you've been helping me...
he might take
a potshot at you.
Mark, whatever
is going on?
You've got
to get out of here.
Well, I'm not gonna
leave you here like this.
You need help.
You've given me
all the help I need.
Just stop
ordering me about!
Up the steps. March!
- Hurry up. Come on.
- Mark!
Will you please
be reasonable?
You look wretched
and white.
You'll only faint in the sun
or fall off a cliff.
I'm perfectly OK, Nikky.
Thank you for
everything you've done.
See you at Aunt Agatha's
next Tuesday.
You deserve to die
a horrible, lingering death...
and I hope you do!
MARK: Beat it!
(Dramatic music playing)
Ah, Miss Ferris.
Your aunt has been
worried about you.
Oh, I'm on my way
back to the inn now.
Where have you been
all morning?
Looking for rocks.
I collect rocks.
You carry them in that?
If I happen to find a lot.
Rocks can be very heavy.
How many did you find
this morning?
Not many.
In fact, none.
Well, I mustn't be late
for lunch, must I?
Who needed this,
Miss Ferris?
As a matter of fact...
I wasn't actually
looking for rocks.
Well, that is,
I was at first.
But then I went up there
into the hills...
and I came across
this shepherd...
who'd broken his leg.
He'd slipped
and broken his leg.
Oh, the poor man was lying
out there with nothing...
so of coursse
I had to do something.
Up... up in the hills?
Uh-huh. Uh, look.
Up there.
He was awfully grateful.
He was an awfully
nice shepherd...
very old...
Well, you show me
where you left him.
I will make arrangements...
to have him carried
back to the village.
Oh, he could walk.
He walked away.
He's quite
all right now.
He walked?
With a broken leg?
Well, good-bye.
Mr. Stratos,
he's all right.
Perhaps it wasn't
completely broken.
I think we should
make sure, don't you?
No. He's gone home
with his sheep.
When a shepherd
breaks his leg...
he always goes into
this church to pray.
It's an old tradition
in Aghios Georgios.
Mr. Stratos,
I promise you.
He went over
the mountains to...
You are
a very bad liar!
You're also
a very stupid girl.
You've come to see
the beauties of Crete?
Let me show you one.
Let me go!
Leave me alone!
Let me go!
You see?
There's no one here.
Mark! Mark, look out!
How much did
he tell you, huh?
Answer me.
How much do you know? w?
(Donkey braying)
Did you see her?
Well, she was not
on the beach.
She must have gone
up into the hills.
It's a beautiful day.
It's so unlike her
not to have let me know.
I'm, uh, going shooting
in those hills with Lambis.
If we see her there,
we'll tell her...
that you were worried.
Oh, I don't mind...
so long as
she's all right.
Hey, bon appetit,
Mrs. Ferris.
Tonight, if we are lucky...
you will have quail
for dinner.
It is a local dish...
stuffed with
mushrooms and thyme.
Extremely tasty.
It sounds delicious.
So? These are guns.
You've seen guns before.
I'm going shooting.
Something has happened.
Did you tell me
the truth this morning?
The truth?
About Mr. Camford.
I must know.
I must know
what is going on.
You know
what I tell you.
That is enough.
No, it's not enough.
You tell me
Mr. Camford left...
with the early bus.
Why? Why?
Why should I know? w?
He's a visitor.
He comes and goes
as he chooses.
I did not hear him leave.
Why should you hear?
He left quietly so as
not to disturb anyone.
And now these guns.
I don't understand.
I'm afraid.
Please, Stratos,
whatever happened...
tell me the truth.
Mr. Camford went to Heraklion.
Miss Ferris lost her way.
I am going to shoot quail.
What is the matter
with you?
Someone must have
taken these things.
Yes, the children
in the village...
the devil himself.
What do I care?
(Dramatic music playing)
I think after lunch...
I'll walk along the beach
and look for her.
I suppose you didn't
find out anything...
about my things.
(Breathing heavily)
STRATOS: I'll watch the bay.
You take the high country.
Search. Find him.
This time, when you shoot,
shoot to kill.
(Recorder playing)
(Stops playing)
Over here!
For crying out loud!
What are you doing
up here?
They said
you'd gone to Heraklion.
Listen, Alexis...
are you my friend?
Nay, nay, but what are
you doing up here?
Can you keep a secret?
Go back to the inn and
see if Nikky and her aunt...
have caught the afternoon bus
to Aghios Nikolaos.
I want to be sure
they've caught that bus...
you understand?
But what's up?
You and uncle Stratos
make pretty big stink, eh?
You bring me news
about Nikky.
Quick, like a mouse.
Then you're still
my friend?
I think
pretty lousy thing...
when you go
and no good-bye.
Of course we're friends...
the best.
Now off you go.
I bring you word.
(Sheep bleating)
(Bells jingling)
Did somebody scream?
It's Nikky!
For crying out loud,
what you doing in there?
Get me out of here,
I'll get Mr. Camford!
We get you out all right!
Has my niece come back?
- No.
- Then it's true.
She must've
had an accident.
Perhaps she went
walking in the hills.
She's been gone all day!
(Speaking Greek)
Don't you understand?
may have happened.
She may be lying
out there somewhere hurt.
Did you find her?
She has not returned?
I'm terribly worried.
I want you please
to call the police at once.
The police?
My niece may be lost,
kidnapped, anything.
Calm down.
Calm down, Mrs. Ferris.
We will look for her.
The best thing for you
to do is go upstairs...
and get some rest.
Rest? I can't rest!
I've walked
up and down that beach...
until I thought I'd go mad.
Just a minute.
(Speaking Greek)
There. You see?
We will search
for her...
all of us.
Along the shore,
in the hills.
I am quite sure...
that we will find her
before long.
Thank you.
I will go get my coat.
I'm going back
along the beach...
to look for her.
If she's found...
please send someone
after me.
I want to know
where that girl is...
and I want to know now.
How should I know
where she is?
I'm not her nurse.
I warn you, Stratos.
I will stand no more
from you.
No more threats,
no more lies.
After tomorrow night...
you'll never
see me again.
If you have harmed that girl
or Mr. Camford...
I won't rest until
you have paid for it.
We've been poor people,
simple people...
but we have been decent.
I want my son
to grow up decent.
How long would your
decency have kept you
if I hadn't sent you
money from England...
all these years?
Enough to buy
this house...
enough to start
this inn.
Better to have nothing...
better to starve
and have some self-respect.
It was my money,
not your self-respect...
that kept
you and your brat...
and the whole family
15 years.
You send us money
you worked for honestly?
What do you know about me?
What I've worked for,
planned for, fought for?
Tell me where she is,
In God's name, tell me.
Get out of my way, Sophia.
Either you tell me,
or I'll go to the priest.
I'll tell the whole village.
I'll tell them
that my brother Stratos...
is a criminal.
No, you won't, Sophia.
You won't say a word.
You knowwhy?
You love your son.
You wouldn't want anything
to happen to him, would you?
Even you... would not do that.
Oh, yes, Sophia.
Even I would do just that.
Now get out of the way.
(Dramatic music playing)
Door locked!
Never been locked before.
All right, all right!
That looks like
the only way in.
That looks like
the only way in.
What are you doing?
It's game we play.
Be careful!
I do many times.
I best on
Aghios Georgios.
(Speaking Greek)
I get too old to play
this lousy game.
Is she all right?
Nikky all right!
How'd you get in here?
Please, quickly...
before that horrible man
gets back.
What man?
Stratos... he's coming back.
Don't worry.
We get you free.
Break, will you?
(Speaking Greek)
Uhh. Oh.
Oh, Alexis.
No time make love.
You get out. Quick.
Not to steps.
This way. Quick!
I can't look down.
I can't!
I can't do it!
Listen to me.
You not fall
if you don't be stupid girl.
Watch me.
I show you how.
You OK?
V ery good show.
Come on.
She too much afraid.
I don't know.
Don't look down!
Watch the sails!
Jump when the next one
reaches you!
I watch for Uncle Stratos.
Stay there.
I'm coming up.
Mark, stay there!
I'll jump!
Slide now!
That's it.
Come on,
you're all right.
Go! No time make love!
Now Uncle Stratos coming!
Take her other hand,
No. I go back to village.
You must come with us.
If your uncle finds out...
He won't find me.
I hide so good...
even devil
don't find me. Go!
We'll be
in Aghios Nikolaos.
(Dramatic music playing)
(Unlocks door)
Oh, come on.
Just let me
rest a minute.
Not here!
Just let me
get my breath.
You're right out
in the open.
Aunt Fran will be
looking for me.
She'll be hysterical.
You'll be safe
in Aghios Nikolaos...
and that's where
you're going.
Don't you tell me
where I'm going!
I've been through enough
today because of you.
I want my aunt,
and I want the police...
and I want that monster
Stratos arrested!
This is no time
to start making a scene.
You're coming with me.
Oh! Oh, Mark, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
All right,
you've had your say.
Nowwill you
come with me?
I'm sorry.
Honestly, I didn't...
It's all right.
It's all right.
I know, I know...
but we can't stay here.
All right?
Now come on.
Mark, at least
you could tell me why...
Stratos tried to kill you.
Why is he
trying to kill me?
I'll tell you later.
You keep saying
you'll tell me later.
I've been shut up
in that horrible windmill...
almost murdered...
and now
we're running away.
Well, I don't knowwhere
or why or what's happening
or anything.
If you waste any more
time jabbering...
you won't live
long enough to find out.
Oh, I'm going back!
Listen! Don't you understand?
Stratos is a desperate man.
He's got everything
at stake.
Now, you've stumbled
into this mess...
and I'm doing my best
to get you out of it.
Well, l...
I don't see why...
I should go running
all over Crete with you.
I don't even know
who you are!
I'm a master criminal
wanted all over Europe.
V ery funny.
I will tell you
in Aghios Nikolaos.
One thing I do know...
your manners
are as bad as Stratos'.
V ery well, Miss Ferris.
Stay here.
Call a policeman.
I'm sure he'll offer you
better protection than I can.
(Dramatic music playing)
Turn around!
Mark, wait!
I think I've killed him.
No, he's all...
he's all right.
He's, uh,
he's all right.
He's just out cold.
But I heard
his head crack.
Yeah. Good one, Nikky.
Oh, Mark.
Ooh. Aah.
Your shoulder...
it's bleeding again.
Do you...
do you think you can
possibly go on alone?
No! Don't be silly!
We must stay together.
I honestly don't...
I honestly don't think
I can make it.
Yes, of course you can.
Come on.
We must go.
I'll take that.
Unh. We'll find
somewhere along the way...
and then you can rest,
all right?
(Dramatic music playing)
What is this place?
The temple of Apollo.
The locals say it's haunted.
Well, we can rest here.
Over there.
Mark, it is creepy.
That's all the better.
We can hide and rest.
(Cats yowl)
It's all right.
It's only cats.
That's the most
bloodcurdling sound.
Cats are bad luck on Crete.
(Yowling, hissing)
Wonder who she is.
The young lady that
ran back to Stratos...
and lost her head.
I'm sorry for all the trouble
I've caused you.
No, no, no.
I think in view of all
the trouble you've caused...
it's about time I told you
the whole story.
No, not now.
Tell me tomorrow.
I want to tell you now.
well, it's...
have you ever heard of
the Countess of Fleet?
Wasn't she the woman...
who lost those fabulous
jewels in a robbery?
Some man
who worked in the bank...
was accused...
he was accused...
Yes, that was me.
Mark, did you steal...
No, of course I didn't.
Who did?
Stratos, I think.
How... how on earth
did you get mixed up in that?
Oh, it's all so...
the Countess kept all
her jewels at the bank...
where I occupied...
what is known as
a position of trust.
Sometimes, she'd ask me
to bring them to her...
when she wanted
to wear them.
Well, on this
particular occasion...
instead of waiting
for the guard...
you know,
the security man...
I took the jewels
from the safe...
and jumped into a taxi...
and took them straight
around to Fleet House.
What happened?
Well, one moment...
I was standing on the doorstep
with the jewels...
the next moment,
I came to without the jewels...
and a lump the size
of a golf ball...
on the back of my head.
I never got a chance
to see his face.
I was hit from behind.
Oh, I see.
How awful.
Oh, how awful.
But why didn't you take
the guard with you?
I was in a rush
that night.
Oh, it's...
oh, the most idiotic
of all reasons.
I had a date.
but how did Stratos
know you were coming?
Well, that's what everybody
wanted to know...
the police,
the bank, the papers...
even my doting family.
I think one of the Fleet
servants tipped him off.
But I suppose
they thought you did.
I was dismissed, disbarred,
and generally disgraced.
Oh, Mark,
how dreadful for you...
and how unfair.
Oh, yes. Well...
(Dramatic music playing)
We'd better find somewhere
with some more cover.
But how on earth did you
trace Stratos here?
Well, a fence
was arrested in London.
Just a routine affair.
The police found one
of the Fleet earrings...
among his loot.
Now, this man lived
over a Greek restaurant...
in Soho called
the Moon-Spinners.
The Moon-Spinners?
Now, wait a minute.
By hanging around,
I discovered that the owner...
had lately sold off
and vanished.
He was a Cretan,
a man called Stratos.
That was a pretty
long shot, wasn't it?
Well, it paid off.
I found Aghios Georgios...
another inn called
the Moon-Spinners...
and another Cretan
called Stratos.
But you don't even know
if he's got the jewels, do you?
Well, I'm pretty certain
after last night...
aren't you?
He might've left them
in London.
Not a chance.
At the inn?
The church.
I know!
The Bay of Dolphins!
That's why he was
so determined...
you weren't to go there!
It's got to be.
It's the only place.
You mean he's
buried them in the sea?
Well, he's always out there
scouting around in his boat.
Mark, if you're sure,
why don't you...
- Call the police?
- Yes!
Because I have no proof,
no proof of anything!
No way of connecting him
with the robbery at all...
except that he tried
to kill me last night.
And I suppose he locked you
up in the windmill...
because he thought
I might've told you...
the whole story.
Was she pretty?
The girl you had a date with.
The girl...
The girl that night.
Oh, her.
I don't remember.
That blow on the head...
must've knocked her
clean out of my mind.
You believe me,
don't you?
About the girl?
No. About me.
I'll tell you
in Aghios Nikolaos.
Now, try to sleep.
I'll get the gun.
(Dramatic music playing)
Here, you can use
my shoulder if you like.
I think it's a bit
more comfortable...
than the ruins
of ancient Crete.
It's the most
comfortable shoulder...
I've ever slept on.
(Cats yowl)
(Yowling, hissing)
(Yowling, hissing)
(Yowling and hissing
It's all right.
(Yowling and hissing)
Well, well, well.
What have we here?
Hansel and Gretel?
Who are you?
N-now, don't wave
that firearm at me...
young lady.
I'm the British Consul
at Heraklion.
Good morning.
May I ask...
what you're
doing out here?
You're hikers,
I suppose.
No. Well, not exactly.
Yes, but why the rifle?
Are you in trouble?
Yes, we are.
There's this terrible
man... this criminal.
Actually... actually,
there was, um...
a wedding at the village,
and, uh...
uh, some of the locals
got a bit drunk...
and, uh, started a fight.
But, Mark...
Things began
to look dangerous...
so we thought
we'd better clear out.
V ery wise, but what
are you going to do?
I mean to say you're
miles from anywhere.
I wanted to get Miss Ferris
to Aghios Nikolaos.
Well, why don't I drive you?
I've got
my summer villa there.
Oh, that would be wonderful.
Mark, that's lucky.
My name's Anthony
Charles Scott Gamble.
It's always a pleasure...
to help her majesty's
subjects in distress.
How do you do?
why don't you go along
with Mr. Gamble...
and I'll see if I can...
get in touch
with your aunt?
I'm not going
with anyone...
and you've got
to get a doctor...
- to see to your shoulder.
- Shh.
He was shot
in the shoulder.
My goodness.
Yes, you have been
having adventures.
Well, it so happens...
my wife's
a qualified nurse.
She'll be happy
to attend to you.
Oh, that's marvelous!
Please, Mark.
Otherwise, I won't go.
All right.
Mr. Gamble?
What are you doing
out here...
so early in the morning?
Well, I'm an amateur
I often come out here
to putter among the ruins.
I have a nose for making
singular discoveries.
Why don't you tell him
about Stratos?
But he's the Consul.
Not yet.
Don't you think we might
dispense with the rifle?
Guns before breakfast
are so uncivilized...
don't you think?
(Light music playing)
Come on in and
make yourselves at home.
My wife should be
around somewhere.
Whew. Hot out there.
Cynthia... oh.
My dear, I came across
two compatriots...
down at the ruins.
Miss Ferris
and, uh, mister...
Mr. Camford.
How do you do?
They ran into some trouble
with the natives.
Mr. Camford's
hurt his shoulder.
Oh, my dear, how dreadful.
You both look worn out.
I hope we can
take care of them...
until their affairs
are set in order.
Yes, of course.
I'd be delighted.
If I could look
at your shoulder...
perhaps I can
be of help.
- Oh...
- Oh, well...
It's all right.
You need have no fear...
at handing yourself
over to cynthia.
She was known as
the Angel of Eastbourne...
during the war.
Oh, Tony, don't be absurd.
Would you like
to go along up?
Thank you very much.
I'll send the car...
to Aghios Georgios
for your aunt.
I'll see you later.
Why are you still here?
I told you to go home.
Where did you find them?
Peacefully sleeping
at the ruins.
A fine mess
you've made of things.
If you'd had your way...
this entire enterprise
would have ended...
with bodies strewn
all over the island...
like the last act
of King Lear.
Was it my fault...
he turned up
at Aghios Georgios?
I did everything I could
to get rid of him.
As for that girl
and her aunt...
Did you seriously imagine...
you could dispose
of two british subjects...
as though they were
sacks of potatoes...
without anybody
starting an inquiry?
You've endangered us all
by your senseless bungling.
Now that you've
got them here...
what are you going
to do with them?
I shall take care of them
with efficiency and dispatch...
two qualities which you seem
to be sadly lacking.
You listen to me,
you chattering old maid.
I want to know
what you're going to do.
It's not your concern anymore.
Go back to your village and
concentrate on carrying out...
your part of the bargain
If it hadn't been
for your grotesque addiction...
to astrology...
I could have handled
the whole deal from here...
without involving
anyone else.
My chart has not lied.
From the beginning,
it has not lied.
You sit here
reading your letters...
making contacts...
your fat commissions.
I did the whole thing...
from the beginning,
I alone.
It was your chart,
I suppose...
that produced Madame Habib.
Well, you just
remember this...
if either of those two
get away...
it means
the finish of you...
and your whole
cozy setup.
You'll be sorry
you did not stay at home...
and stick to your knitting.
I don't knit.
It so happens I do
extremely fine petit point.
(Speaking Greek)
Not that way.
Through the garden.
(Knock on door)
(Mouth full)
Mmm. Come in.
Are you feeling better?
(Mouth full)
Are you enjoying
your breakfast?
I never thought raspberry jam
could taste so good.
Well, I brought you
something fresh to put on...
until your aunt arrives
with your things.
Oh, thank you.
My dear, I wanted
to talk to you.
I'm worried
about Mr. Camford.
Oh, why? What happened?
Well, I've given him
but he really needs
professional care.
How bad is he?
I don't want
to alarm you, my dear...
but I think his arm
may become infected.
I don't know
if I caught it in time.
Oh, no.
How awful. We must
get him to a hospital.
Well, there is a wonderful
British hospital...
in Athens.
Athens? But could we
get him there in time?
I mean, if his arm's
really bad, it might...
Now, don't let's
anticipate disaster.
Why don't I
talk to Anthony?
He's so wise...
and he has such influence
with the local authorities.
Well, if you think so.
But l...
Oh, you poor dear.
You have had
the most dreadful time.
But don't worry.
Anthony will take charge.
Anthony always takes charge.
You can trust him completely.
Now, you're not
to worry about a thing.
will be all right.
Can I go and see Mark
now, then?
Oh, I wouldn't
if I were you.
He's sleeping.
Are you, by any chance,
related to Lady Ferris...
of Pentwithwith Castle?
Not that I know of.
Such a dear person.
Her daughter married
a second cousin of mine.
Reginald Busby-Pelham.
I'm so frightfully
out of touch...
with everyone here.
There isn't even
an English club.
Tch. Ohh.
(Door closes)
Reginald Busby-Pelham?
Of Pentwithwithwith... with.
Oh, crikey.
Ah, there you are, my dear.
How's Mr. Camford?
I just looked in.
He's still sleeping.
Oh, dear. Poor chap.
Oh, what a beautiful yacht.
Yes, isn't it?
Um, shall we go in?
Lunch ought to be ready
by now.
Now, this way.
I'm sure it was a wise
decision to go to Athens.
I've arranged for a plane
to pick you up at Heraklia.
Mr. Camford should be safe
in the British hospital...
in not more than three hours.
Oh, that is a relief.
I'll wire them
to reserve a room.
There we are.
Unfortunately, you've chosen...
the worst day
of the whole year...
to leave here.
Tonight is the feast
of King Minos...
our local carnival...
and the whole place
goes mad.
So the sooner you leave
for the airport...
the better.
How can I ever thank you
and your wife enough?
Well, it was
a stroke of luck...
that Cynthia was able
to look Mr. Camford over.
You can always trust
Cynthia completely.
Hello, my dear.
We just sat down.
I'm sorry to be late.
I was finishing a letter
to Maud Devises.
Do you know Maud Devises?
No, I'm afraid I don't.
She's the daughter
of the Earl of Leigh.
We're old, old friends.
Would you...
would you care for
some bread?
It's so close.
There's thunder in the air.
Well, take a pill,
dear, and go to bed.
I wish I could go to Athens.
Anything to get away
from here.
The Acropolis is really
quite pretty by moonlight.
I'm afraid my wife
fails to respond...
to the glories
of classic art.
I'm tired of classic art.
All those broken columns...
and statues
without arms and legs.
Oh, Greece isn't so bad.
Think of Blackpool in November.
One can't make friends
with people here.
Even those shipping
magnates... who are they?
For all their yachts
and their villas...
nouveau riche.
Take Madame Habib.
Imagine a woman like that
being received.
A scrubwoman's daughter
from Alexandria.
That's what she was.
Married five or six times.
Cynthia, I hardly think...
Sailing around the world
in that enormous yacht...
entertaining royalty.
Who's Madame Habib?
she's the woman that...
(Clears throat)
Eat your curried eggs, dear.
I'm tired of curried eggs.
Maud Devises
wouldn't have allowed her...
inside the house.
Neither would Lady Ferris...
or Millicent Coatesworth.
Maud Devises
is a galloping old bore.
Don't speak of my friends
like that.
My friends mean
everything to me.
That's what comes
of living in an outpost.
It ruins your manners.
I think I should go
up to my room.
I did ask you, didn't I?
You don't come
from Pentwithwith?
No, I don't.
I should like some sherry
sent up to my room.
(Clears throat)
I think I shall lie down.
Take her up a cup of cocoa,
would you, please?
Oh, hello.
How are you feeling?
Must be the color
of these pajamas.
How are you?
All right.
How's your shoulder?
Does it still hurt?
No, not much.
Lady Cynthia gave me
a couple of shots.
Well, I hope she knows
what she's doing.
She tipples.
I thought as much.
Oh, and there was
a scene at lunch.
What about?
Oh, how awful
everyone is in Greece.
Simply too unrefined...
especially some woman
who has a yacht...
called Madame Habib.
Too ghastly.
Madame Habib. Too ghastly.
Married five or six times.
Nobody who is anybody...
would even have her
inside the house.
Madame Habib?
Her yacht's in harbor.
The Minotaur?
Are you sure?
Mark, lie down.
Is she here?
Oh, I don't know. I asked...
Madame Habib?
That would explain everything.
What would?
Why he was so desperate
to get rid of us.
Why he's been hiding
in Aghios Georgios.
What he's been waiting for.
The deal. The big deal.
I must get out
of this house.
You're not going anywhere.
Now, Mark, just lie still.
I've got to go back
to the village.
You're doing no such thing.
You're coming with us
to Athens...
because Mr. Gamble
has already ordered the plane.
Well, he can unorder it.
I can't let Stratos
slip through my fingers now.
Mark, please, be sensible.
Help me, Nikky.
I've got to get dressed.
Just tell me
why this woman...
is suddenly
so important to you.
a multi-millionairess...
of doubtful repute...
with one of the finest
collections of jewels...
in the world.
So what?
She'd be the perfect
customer, don't you see?
Stratos can't sell
the Fleet emeralds...
on the open Market.
They're too well known.
I don't knowwhat
the Angel of Eastbourne gave me.
I feel half-crocked.
Now, look...
if you lie down...
and promise not to move...
I'll go and see
if that yacht...
really is the Minotaur...
because there's a telescope
on the terrace. All right?
I'll be right back.
And don't move.
(Dramatic music playing)
If you're interested
in the sights, Miss Ferris...
you ought to look
at the Fort.
Now, where are we?
There it is.
It's a famous V enetian Fort.
The heads of malefactors
were stuck on spikes...
over the gate...
and left there
to blister in the sun.
Oh, how awful.
(Both chuckle)
Well, um,
if you'll excuse me...
I'm just going to...
Yes, of course.
Oh, auntie!
I don't think I've ever
been so furious...
with anyone
in my whole life.
Oh, hello.
I've given the driver
full instructions.
You've been wonderful.
I don't know how
to ever thank you.
It's my job.
As your passport has it...
"To afford
Her Majesty's subjects...
"every help and protection."
Oh! Do be careful.
Oh, he's unconscious.
Do you think
we'll get there in time?
Poor boy.
will be all right.
Just try to keep calm.
NIKKY: It's a hearsse!
How very bizarre.
I don't think
that's very funny.
Well, it wasn't intended
to be, my dear.
It so happens it's
the only available vehicle...
in which anybody
can stretch out flat.
As long as it gets us
to the airport...
that's all that matters.
Yes, well, I think I'm going
to get in the back with Mark.
Thank you so much,
Mr. Gamble. Good-bye.
Have a good journey.
Thank you.
Now, you will do
all you possibly can...
to see that that horror
Stratos is arrested?
Yes, of course. Absolutely.
We'll be happy to testify.
Well, uh... I sincerely hope
that won't be necessary.
(Speaking Greek)
And happy landings in Athens.
(Fireworks whistling)
(Marching band playing)
(Driver shouting in Greek)
(Crowd whooping)
Please, quiet!
We must get off this street.
(Speaking Greek)
Go down there. Oh!
(Shouting and fireworks)
It's all right.
Just lie still.
I don't knowwhat
Lady Cynthia was up to...
but I'm convinced she's
drugged me to the gills.
I found some tablets
in Gamble's bathroom.
I feel quite astonishingly
wide awake.
What... you're insane!
Mr. Gamble's the British Consul.
I don't know
what the devil he is.
There's something fishy
about them both.
Now, you get on that plane
and go to Athens.
Do you hear me?
If you try to get out
of this hearse...
I'll do something desperate.
I've got to get back
to the inn.
I've the strongest
possible hunch...
that tonight's the night.
Stratos will kill you.
And if he doesn't, I will.
Now, lie down!
Don't you get rough with me.
I'm an invalid.
Mark, you're not going
without me.
You'll only get into
some awful scrape...
and I won't be there
to help you.
Dear Nikky...
you've gone through
quite enough for me.
I just don't want you
to get hurt.
Take care.
Will you explain to them?
We have a sick man
who must go to hospital!
(Speaking Greek)
(Honking horn)
Hoo hoo ha ha ho!
(Marching band playing)
Mark, stop!
(Dramatic music playing)
NIKKY: stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop the boat, will you?
I want to get on!
Stop it!
Will you stop?
I want to get on!
It's very important!
(Speaking Greek)
(Knock on door)
(Leopard growling)
there's a young woman...
in a motorboat alongside.
She's signaling
to come aboard.
What sort of
a young woman?
A young woman.
I don't recall
any mention of a young woman...
in the arrangements.
Bring her on board,
and we'll see.
Yes, madame.
Thank you.
(Leopard growling)
What are you doing...
out in the middle of nowhere
following my yacht?
Are you Madame Habib?
Yes, I am.
And who, may I ask,
are you?
I'm Nikky Ferris.
Please, I must talk to you.
It's terribly important.
What do you have
to say to me?
I never heard of you
in my life.
You're dripping
all over my carpet.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Don't think because you have
managed to get on board...
that I'm going
to give you money.
Oh, I don't want any money.
Really, I don't.
What do you want?
Hurry. You are
holding up my ship.
Are you going
to Aghios Georgios...
to buy those emeralds?
What did you say?
The emeralds
that were stolen...
from Lady what's-her-name
in London.
She kept them at the bank.
And Mark was asked
to take them to her...
and he was held up.
And he never saw
the man's face.
It was a terrible scandal...
and Mark had lost his job
and was disgraced...
and he was in...
Thank you.
Now please explain,
what emeralds?
Please, may I sit down?
Aunt Frances and I
were on a holiday...
and we went
to Aghios Georgios...
to record some songs
for the BBC.
And Mark was there.
There was a wedding...
and the next day
I found him in the crypt.
He'd been attacked by Stratos.
He's the man
with the emeralds.
- So I helped him.
- Who?
Mark. I had to.
But then Stratos found out...
shut me in the windmill.
He was gonna kill me...
I think, but Mark
and Alexis got me out.
Who is Alexis?
He's a boy
from the village.
He's got a donkey.
Oh, I see.
What happened then?
Well, then... we ran away...
and spent the night
in these ruins.
Oh, there were
so many cats.
And then Mark
told me who he is.
Who is he?
He's the man
who was held up.
Not the man whose
face he didn't see.
Whose face did you see?
But he's in... in...
I think I need a drink.
Oh, I know it all
must sound...
absolutely crazy to you...
but I'm so afraid that
Stratos will kill him.
And now Mark's gone back
to try and stop him.
Please help me.
Please, Madame Habib.
Stratos will stop at nothing.
And Mark is sick and weak...
because he was
shot in the...
Who else knows
about these emeralds?
Uh, my... my Aunt Frances.
Well, I had to tell her.
And where is she?
Well, she's in a hearse
at the airport.
What is it?
It may clear your brain.
Oh, my brain's
perfectly clear.
It's just I'm so cold.
That will warm you.
Tell me, do you often...
have adventures
of this kind?
This is the first one
I've ever had in my life.
Something tells me...
it is not likely
to be the last.
So, your aunt knows...
and she is in a hearse
at the airport.
Dead or alive?
Oh, alive.
At least, I hope so.
Anyone else?
Um, well, Sophia knows.
And Lambis, I suppose.
And I wanted to tell
Mr. Consul...
the British Gamble...
Mr. Gamble,
the British Consul.
Mr. Gamble, the Consul?
Yes. Do you know him?
When I knew Mr. Gamble,
he was not the Consul.
He was a dealer
in antiquities.
And you knowwhat you are?
You are an imposter!
You are the girl...
from that English
children's book...
who walked through the glass...
into a world
full of crazy people.
And do you knowwho I am?
I am the March Hare.
(Knock on door)
Madame, may we get underway?
At once.
So, what is it precisely
you want me to do?
Don't buy the emeralds.
Give them to Mark...
and then he'll take them
back to the bank...
and then he'll get
his job back...
and everyone will know
that he's in...
I have known
many strange people...
in my life...
but you are
the most incredible.
(Dramatic music playing)
(Engine starts)
(Dramatic music playing)
(Speaking Greek)
For crying loud out.
Hey, my Uncle Stratos
kill Mr. Camford.
(Speaking Greek)
We go now to the Bay
of Dolphins. Quick!
Where's Nikky?
Don't know. No time now.
Alexis, wait.
She's with him.
She's with Mr. Camford.
Come, then.
Boats go now. Quick!
(Shouting in Greek)
You are lucky I don't
throw you overboard...
for the sharks!
Ohh. What was it
you gave me to drink?
I feel all sort of
far off and lofty.
You know, sort of
rather lofty-softy.
(Knock on door)
We've dropped anchor,
off the Bay of Dolphins.
Is there anyone?
He's coming aboard.
Come here.
No, wait a minute. Maybe
you'll like this one better.
"It was
the schooner Hesperus
"that sailed
the wintry sea...
uh..."and the skipper would
take this little daughter..."
In there!
And don't make a sound!
Above all, don't sneeze.
But what are you going
to do to me?
I have not decided.
You know something? You're
rather a dear little thing.
I mean it!
(Knock on door)
Be quiet, Charlemagne.
Come here.
Are you the man
from Mr. Gamble?
I am.
Have you brought
his jewels?
Show them to me.
You have the money?
I must see
the jewels firsst.
(Gasps) Oh!
These are the emeralds...
Orlov brought
to Catherine the Great...
from the Crimea.
Part of the Turkish ransom.
What magnificence.
I want the money now.
No. I want the money now.
I want to get off this ship.
Will you come with me?
It's in my stateroom safe.
No. I want
the money here... now.
You don't even realize
what you're holding, do you?
A thousand years of passion,
pride, and blood...
crystallized into
those perfect stones.
V ery well.
(Leopard growls)
(Loud hiccup)
(Dramatic music playing)
(Speaking Greek)
What are you doing here?
(Speaking Greek)
Let me go!
(Leopard growls)
Let him go!
Let him go!
Nikky, keep away!
Stop! Stop this fight!
You'll smash everything.
Captain. Captain! Stop them!
Oh, Captain! Captain!
Stop them!
Stop. Stop!
There. There is your man.
Not the young one,
you fool!
The other one.
You're under arrest.
The police are insisting
that we turn back to Heraklion.
You must do
as they say, of course.
But, Madame...
You should know by now
I always cooperate...
with the police.
Nobody is to leave
this ship.
They cannot have lied.
The stars cannot lie.
Everybody lies when
it serves their purpose...
even the stars.
(Officer speaking Greek)
I lived through two wars,
four revolutions...
and five marriages...
but nothing...
nothing like this.
I thought I told you
to go back to Athens.
Of all the pig-headed,
persistent pests...
Nikky, you dreadful girl!
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Don't you ever, ever, ever...
Madame Habib,
this is my Aunt Frances.
Well, since this
seems to have...
turned into
a family reunion...
we might as well
make the best of it.
I will have dinner served
on the rear deck.
I'm so upset...
I shall have mine in bed.
I'm sorry to
inconvenience you...
but don't you think
the Countess of Fleet...
would like her pendant?
You and I have not even
been introduced.
You didn't think I was
going to keep it, did you?
The Countess happens
to be one of my oldest...
and dearest friends.
Thank you.
Nikky! Nikky!
Will someone please...
Oh, Alexis!
Will someone please
tell me what's happening?
(Dramatic music playing)
Good-bye, Alexis!
Thanks for everything!
You come back
to Aghios Georgios.
We make good hotel now.
We'll come back soon,
Alexis. Good-bye.
Good-bye. We'll be back.
You come back.
We have nice
big wedding, maybe.
Maybe. Ha ha ha.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye, Alexis.
- Be careful.
- Bye-bye.
Good-bye, Alexis.
- Good-bye.
- Bye.
(Dramatic music playing)