Moon Young (2017) Movie Script

Where should I head to get to
Jangseungbaegi Station?
I'm trying to get there
but things are so confusing in Seoul.
Can't you hear me?
Kids these days are so rude.
Is it so hard for you to answer
a simple question?
What are you looking at?
What you gonna do?
I have prepared a beautiful poem for everyone
who looks particularly beautiful today.
Did everyone get the poem?
What day is it today?
It's the 13th.
13th, huh? We'll let the class president
read it out loud today.
Flower by Kim Choonsoo
I was only a movement until he called my name
When I called his name,
he came to me and became a flower.
When I called his name...
Goddamn it...
Hey, I want some water!
You fucking bitch...
...ignoring your own father, are you?
You are a bitch just like your mother.
You cunt.
You retarded piece of shit!!
You cunt...
you want me dead, don't you?
Open this door.
I know you heard me.
Open up, you crazy bitch...
you are bitchy just like your mother.
How dare you treat me like a piece of shit?
Hey, Gwon Hyukchu!
Get out here!
Come out right now!
Do you want me to go insane?
Come out right now!
Come out right now!
Whats holding you back?
Come out right now!
Yo, are you insane?
Come on already. Come out right now!
Hey, Gwon Hyukchul!
Come out right now!
Come out right now!
Fuck, what is wrong with you?
Why weren't you answering me?
Why the hell are you yelling?
You weren't answering me.
Do you have any idea how long I waited out here?
Why were you waiting?
What do you mean, why?
Get lost!
You think that youre such a hot shot, huh?
How could you do this to me?
Why are you here?
Why do you even ask me that
although you already know the answer?
Please, dont go.
I don't need money.
Don't you get why I'm telling you this?
Are you that stupid?
Fuck it. Im giving it to you
because you asked for it.
Hyukchul, I'm sorry...
let's go to my place
Please stop.
Get out of my face!
Just get lost, dammit.
So fucking disgusting!
You bastard Stop right there!
In progress.
Do not unplug the power.
Huh? What is this?
Hey, where do you live?
Don't you live around here?
Yo, cat got your tongue?
Speak up.
How dare you...
don't you know how to apologize to people?
Say something.
Why were you filming this?
I really want to know.
Come on!
Are you crazy?
I'm not asking you to delete this.
I don't want an apology.
I'm better looking than
celebrities anyway.
Recharge the batteries
and put the video into a DVD.
Let's go over to your place.
Where is it?
Lead the way.
Damn, look at you all fired up.
Are we going to your house now?
Crazy bitch,
you are really asking for it now!
I'm so going to kill you!
Hey you, stop right there!
Crazy bitch.
you can't just look into
other people's personal lives.
And if you have seen mine,
you should show something in return.
Why didn't you say that you can't speak?
That's not an excuse.
Give me your number.
Do it.
I'll send you the time and
the place through text.
Make the footage into a DVD
and bring it.
Remember what I've told you.
You made a big mistake.
Are you going to just stand there?
Hey, the house won't collapse.
Just come in.
You are earlier than I expected.
I haven't cleaned up yet.
Want something to drink like a green tea?
Alright, okay. You want me to
check this first? Give it here.
Hey, Youngeun.
It's okay.
No, I'm not home right now.
Don t come over.
Its alright.
Dont worry,
nothing is going on.
Im out right now.
Okay, Okay.
Okay already, hanging up.
What are you doing?
That's the long way back.
It's a detour.
Not sure if it is left or the right.
What should we do?
You want me to help you?
What is it? I'll help you.
Okay, okay.
You want me to walk you home?
Want to have a drink in a cool bar?
You are going the wrong way.
Walk to the right.
You know what?
Well, you don't know me yet...
my childhood dream was to be a movie star.
I learned acting last year just for kicks.
I wanted to make some use of it
so I tried out for Theater major in the university.
Why aren't you drinking?
I don't want to drink alone...
what's your name by the way?
Oh, wait.
Write it here by touching the screen.
No, just do it with your finger.
Kim Moon
I'm Moonyoung
So you are Moonyoung?
Kim Moonyoung?
I'm Heesoo.
Jang Heesoo.
I'm 28 years old.
How old you are you?
Oh, you are eighteen.
Guy that you saw yesterday is Hyukchul.
That's my boyfriend. No, my exboyfriend...
...and we are together for 8 years.
No! We were together.
But I wasn't always seeing him
for all those time.
We broke up more than ten times.
We both have the same age
but sometimes he seemed younger...
and like my real older brother at times.
That's why I was so dependent on him.
I don't have any family
so Hyukchul was my lover and my family.
Then one day, I made a mistake.
I didn't mean to.
You know how shit can happen
sometimes, don't you?
Hyukchul first said that
we should break up.
I said yes because
I have made mistakes.
But when I think back on it,
he screwed things up too.
Two years ago, he borrowed money
from me to buy a bike.
I said that we can't break up
if he doesn't pay it back.
This fucker says I will pay you back
and wires me the money next day.
I couldn't believe it.
Isn't it hilarious?
It's fucking funny!
Isn't it?
Hey, this is a really funny story!
Stop doing that.
You will get dusts in there.
I stop this!
Stop this!
Hey, Hyukchul.
Mister Hyukchul.
Gwon Hyukchul,
fuck you!
You Gwon Hyukchul.
I know that you are in there!
Get the hell out!
Hey, Gwon Hyukchul!
Jang Heesoo! Are you fucking insane?!
Yeah, I'm crazy.
Didn't you know that I'm insane?
Are you drunk?
Yeah, I am drunk.
Are you jealous?
Jesus, stop showing up here
and acting all fucked when you get drunk!
It's none of your business.
Why are you here? Didn't I tell you not to show up here
I just wanted to drop by. No reason.
I told you not to come here.
Why should I listen to you?
Damn it!
Hey, think of what you did.
You did worse things to me, you bastard.
Don't you remember anything?
Is that her?
Is that her?
You are crossing the line here.
What the heck do you mean?
You really want to know?
Why did you bring her here?
Hey, what are you?
Are you crazy? Let go!
she doesn't have to do with anything!
So she's a nobody?
Why did you bring her here?
I think you have the wrong idea.
She's just someone I know!
Someone you know, huh?
You are out of your mind.
Are you okay?
You alright?
Jesus Christ. Let me see.
Are you okay?
Jang Heesoo, you are way out of line
Let go. Let go of me.
Get over here.
Just let go!
Hey! Fuck this!
Let go of me.
Just let go and talk to me!
You are not in your right mind.
Get away from me.
What are you doing? Go away!
Jang Heesoo!
Get down from there!
Oh my!
you can eat this.
Acting comes from the heart.
I'll show you. Observe.
See the tears right here?
Shit... I'll do it again.
Ouch! Cover this up, fast.
500 Won was real.
500 Won!
It's all mine.
It is a social prejudice to think that
people drink beer outside only in the summer.
Miss underage teenager!
Won't you join me break this social prejudice?
Right, you dont want to?
Then I shall be the only one...
Whats happening?
Wow! 7his so amazing!
Everyone! Moonyoung is participating
in breaking the social prejudice.
How do you feel?
Miss Kim Moonyoung. What is it like?
Look over here please.
Do you like doing this?
Isnt this fun?
Miss Moonyoung.
Everyone, we have broken
the social prejudice across the country.
(Why? Shh...)
What is it! Why?
What is it? Why?
Wow... goodbye!
Miss Moonyoung.
Miss Moonyoung.
Its cold.
Please open the door.
Hey, whats the hold up?
Open the door, fast.
Its cold out here.
Dang, it's so cold.
All the houses are pretty much the same.
No need for a fuss.
Where should I put this?
Can I eat this here?
Why are you locking the house
in your own house?
Can t we do this together?
Don t film something like this.
Wow, I think I look really better
in the camera!
What do you think?
Doesnt it look like its becoming a tree?
Anyways, show this to me again
when it's finished.
That's it!
7his is more entertaining than
riding on Hyukchuls bike.
Hey, Moonyoung.
Don't you have anything else made
that you can show me?
Scenes that you shot in the subway
or things like that.
I'm curious.
Show me! Please?
Pretty please?
Why are you filming something like this?
What is it?
Are you looking for someone?
Who is it?
what about your mother?
Oh, wait.
She left when I was four.
I don t know where she is.
You don't even know who she is.
How will you find her by filming randomly?
I just film as much as I can and send it
to my aunt in Japan through email.
There are lots of people in the subway.
She has seen someone.
So what did your aunt say?
Is there anyone similar?
There were a few. But my aunt doesnt check
the email these days.
I see.
What about your father?
Hes a bastard.
So you lived with your dad?
So is your real mom's picture here too?
Hey, did you almost cry?
Let me see.
I don't see anyone that looks like you.
Is this you?
You were so fat.
That's cute.
What's this!
So cute!
Is this you too?
You were so fat as a kid.
Arent you going to open the door?
You goddam bitch, open the door.
You are a bitch just like your mother.
You fucking bitch.
Is that your dad?
You bitch...
treating your dad like shit!! Cunt!
Open the door.
Open the door, cunt.
Open the door.
Moon young,
your dad is a real character.
Lets go to sleep.
What the hell
Why did you leave without waking me up?
Sender: Crazy girl
Hey. Did you just get here?
Did you come?
You should have said hello.
Ah, I was going to leave after
using the computer but then dad woke up.
Iran into dad...
he said that he hasn't eaten yet
and I thought that it would be nice
to see you before I leave.
Hurry up.
Why are you standing like that?
Sit down and eat.
Where have you been?
Look at her glaring. God damn.
Where is your mother?
Watch your mouth. 7his is none of your business.
Are you serious about this?
You are the worst.
I know, Im the worst.
Could you stop and just leave?
Wait just a minute!
A girl that I know is here.
The cell phone was off...
I'm sorry but could you come back
tomorrow or some other day?
Who is that?
Just someone I know.
How do you know her?
I met her few days ago in the neighborhood.
Don't mind her.
She isnt any of your business.
It's late, so let's go out and talk.
Come on, let's go.
Did you get everything?
What are you doing?
Im leaving so get some rest
before you leave.
Take good care of the house.
Let's eat.
Don't you have anything that
you want to ask me?
Everyone say's that I'm the worst.
Don't you hate me too?
What is the bad thing you did on that bike?
Do you really want to know what I did?
you aren't really mute, are you?
Why are doing this?
Who are you?
Goodness, what's with her?
Do you know me?
Let me go.
What's wrong with her?
Let me go.
You got the wrong person.
It's Moonyoung, mommy.
I'm not the person you are looking for. Let go, please.
No... you got the wrong person.
Oh dear...
Where were you?
Hee soo.
I met...
I met my mother today.
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