Moonbound (2021) Movie Script

Earth - our home planet.
Just one of billions
of planets in the universe.
The Earth
might seem insignificant,
but for those of us who live
here, she is our home.
- Oh, man! Anne!
- Hmm? Ha!
Our new room is great,
don't you think, Petey?
My name is Peter!
OK, Peter!
Get this straight -
this is your half,
that is my half,
and I don't want to...
My Nightfairy kite!
I knew it would be around here!
How about going out
and flying it?
Then I can continue here
You always have
the best ideas, Petey!
Oh, I'm sure you will be
a famous 'astranaut'
just like Dad!
That's astro...
This is not
standard operating procedure.
This is not something
that has been planned.
Of course, we hope
they were able to survive.
As reported
by the space agency ISO,
all astronauts on
the moon mission Pegasus
perished this morning when
the launch vehicle exploded.
Once, this withered
meadow was our paradise.
Here the story of heroic
June bug Zoomzeman begins.
That's me,
by the way.
In those days,
we insects lived in
the most splendid birch
the world has ever seen.
It was shelter, food and
was the source of our happiness.
Here is where I married
my beloved
and beautiful Mrs Zoomzeman!
But suddenly
everything started to change
when the monster appeared.
OK, guys. This overgrown
toothpick is ours now!
- Ah!
- Attack!
We brave insects gave it our all
defending our birch tree.
But our enemy was too strong.
We were wiped away.
But as always, my dear
Mrs Zoomzeman had a great idea.
She said...
We won't make it on our own.
Go and get the Nightfairy.
We have to fly to
the Moonlight Creek. Hurry up!
- Hey, Zoomzeman!
- Yes, my sweet...
- Zoomzeman!
- Yes, my dear?
The Moonlight Creek
is in the other direction!
Of course!
I jumped into
the full moon's reflection,
just as legend has it.
Hmm! Aha!
And then I was shot up
into the sky.
I flew and flew...
..and landed in a... of red wine.
- Ah!
- Eugh.
The Nightfairy!
Thank my lucky stars!
And I was like...
Dear Nightfairy,
you have to help us.
They want to destroy our home!
And then she said...
Leave that to me.
I'll deal with it.
But we were too la-a-a-ate...
- Oh!
- The monster!
- Wha...
- Ahhh!
No! I'll catch you!
Mrs Zoomzeman!
You will atone
for this sacrilege!
Henceforth I will banish you...
to the moon!
The Nightfairy banished
the boss and his companions
to the moon,
but not just them, also...
..our birch tree as well.
Mission accomplished.
I don't believe it! You've
banished our birch to the moon!
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
And also my arm. Look!
And she said...
Oh, I'm sorry for that.
These things happen.
And I said...
You have to bring it back.
I'm not to blame.
The bad people are.
To break the spell, you need
brave, animal-loving humans
who travel to the moon
and bring back the birch.
By the way, as for my help,
it was my pleasure.
When the Nightfairy had left,
I realised that my dear
Mrs Zoomzeman was gone too.
- I searched for her.
- Mrs Zoomzeman!
Where are you? Where are you?
That was the last night
I'd see my Mrs Zoomzeman.
Oh, that's so sad.
Oh! I searched for her
for an eternity...
..but I've never
found her again.
But this prophecy
is our last and only chance
to retrieve our birch.
And my arm.
No hard feelings, Mr Zoomzeman,
but I'd appreciate if you didn't
tell so many fairytales
to the little ones.
Those aren't fairytales!
They... they... they
are our salvation!
Yeah, right,
sure they are.
Everybody get in now,
and off we go.
It's not too late!
We just have to find some brave,
kind, animal-loving humans.
Do you think
I just made all this up?
No! Why should a lonely old
beetle make up stories?
To gain attention? No!
Somewhere out there - ha, ha, ha!
- there are more of us.
And as soon as I get back
the birch and my arm...
Oh, you mean
the one on the moon?
Then everything
will change completely.
Oh, Zoomzeman, take a good look
in the mirror.
Be honest with yourself.
You're an old grey bug
fighting a losing battle.
Now, goodbye!
Good morning, darling. Did you
sleep well in your new room?
I have a favour
to ask of you, Petey.
Stop calling me Petey!
My name is Peter!
Fine. Peter.
I know it's not easy, darling.
Moving, the new school...
I wish we didn't have to
move at all!
Oh, sweetheart. You know
we couldn't afford that.
But I need my own room!
I don't want to share one
together with Anne.
Both of you need time
for that, you'll see.
Do me one favour and watch out
for your sister today.
You're the big brother
and the more mature of you two.
Do I have your word, Peter?
But she's cuckoo!
Please, don't say things
like that. Anne is not cuckoo!
Dad would have believed me!
Our new house is the best!
There's a unicorn
living underneath my wallpaper
that can turn itself into
a fire-breathing pigeon!
And if I spit on my feet,
I can suddenly dance!
She just has
a vivid imagination.
Look out for her, please.
- But, Mom, I was just, like...
- Come on, Petey!
Spit on my feet
and you'll see how I dance!
Did you see that?
- Ahh. Hi! Oh!
- Oh!
Oh, no!
So awkward!
What's all that stuff
in your backpack anyway?
Do you really need it all?
This is my fairytale survival
kit. Of course I need it!
Hey, fellas, lookee here!
Are you the new kid?
Um, yes. Hi, I'm Peter. We...
- Oh, hey, Peter.
- Hey. Oh!
Ha! You snooze, you lose,
you loser!
Hey! You take that back!
Petey is definitely cool.
He's really good at math
and he knows everything
about planets and stars.
And he always takes care of me.
That's just, uh...
Hey, well...
- Don't listen to her.
- Oh, OK, OK, Petey.
Hey, I tell you what,
why don't you just show us
what you're made of?
How about a dare?
- Ha! No problem for Petey!
- Hm.
Look at what
we have here.
Oh! Hey, what are you doing
with me?
Where am I?
Go ahead! Shoot him down!
- No way!
- Are you nuts?
That's cruelty to animals!
Exactly. Now do it!
Uh, hello?
Then I'll do it myself!
OK, alright. I'll do it.
Petey! Don't!
Get me outta here! Let me out!
Poor bug!
You're such a wimp!
I'll do it myself!
Hey! Huh? Hey! Ow! Ow! Ow!
- You missed him, wow!
- Of course!
I did it on purpose!
Come on, let's get out of here!
Oh! Oh!
I got 'em! I found 'em!
He missed me on purpose!
He's clever and animal-loving.
I've found the right humans!
Oh! I must...
Oh. Oh... Oh, no.
Where are you?
I need you! The prophecy!
Oh! Arggh!
That was awesome!
You're a... hero!
No, I'm not!
And no, it wasn't!
Your constant blabbering
is gonna be the end of me.
Now we don't just have
zero friends,
but also a bunch of guys
who want to smash my face in.
- Ow!
- Ugh!
By the way, he could talk.
- What? Who?
- The bug! Who else?
- The bug!
- Yeah.
He said he was looking for us.
- Stop it! Bugs don't talk!
- Hm?
And there's no such thing
as witches or fairies
and sorcerers and pink unicorns
that nibble holes in your socks!
You and all your nonsense
cause me nothing but trouble!
But listen...
I don't wanna have anything
to do with you anymore.
Is that clear? Nothing!
How's that supposed to work?
We share a room, you know?
That's bad enough.
Sometimes I wish I could
send you to... to the moon.
Children! Children?
Where are you? Children!
How could I have let them
just vanish just like that? Oh!
My... my poor birch tree!
My... my poor arm!
Lost forever!
I will never find them again
as long as I...
Ugh! Arggh!
Hello, Mr Bug. Are you OK?
It's you! A miracle!
I've found you!
Where's the other child?
- My brother?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- He's sleeping.
- You're so slow. Wake him up!
We have to go to the moon!
To the moon? Fantastic!
But why?
Oh, uh...
I will tell you.
Petey! Wake up!
Well, we are the chosen children
and have to fly to the moon
with Mr Zoomzeman!
His little arm
and his birch are there
and the mean tree thieves,
because the Nightfairy banished
all of them to the moon.
Oh, no, Anne, stop it!
We need to get to
the Moonlight Creek
while the moon is still full
and mirrored in the river.
The bug says
the old legends say...
That's enough!
I've already told you,
bugs don't talk!
But this one does!
You're driving me crazy!
- Argh!
- I want to sleep!
- Don't you get it?
- Hmm!
He doesn't want to come.
What? What do you mean,
he doesn't want to come?
We... we need him!
The full moon is disappearing!
We don't have much time!
Maybe one human is enough
if she's brave enough for two!
Hm? Hm!
What now? Ahh!
This isn't happening.
Uh! Ouch!
Wait till I catch you!
Anne, hold on!
Hold on! Anne!
No! Don't!
Anne! Help!
Please, someone help!
Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
What am I supposed to do now?
Oh! Oh!
Where am I?
I must be dreaming.
Oh. Oh.
Oh? Oh.
Where could they be?
How am I supposed to work
under these conditions?
- Excuse me.
- Arggh!
Oh. Ha. Uh...
Is that a reflecting telescope
or a refracting telescope?
Are you crazy?
Watch your step, young man.
Who are you anyway?
I'm Peter, and who are you?
Peter, you say?
Meadow Way 23? That Peter?
The one with the sister?
I could have searched
for you all night.
Why aren't you in your bed?
That's a bit complicated.
There was this bug and he took
my sister with him and...
Ah! Sorry, this story's
too long for me.
I'll be late for my class.
What are you doing?
What do you think I'm doing?
Sending naughty children to
Slumberland. That's my job.
I'm the Sandman.
The Sandman?
But you don't exist!
Oh, really? Goodnight!
- No!
- Yes!
Otherwise, I'll never
get through this shift.
If you really are the Sandman -
oooh! -
you are a friend of children,
aren't you?
Oh, you're a wise guy.
Yeah, I like children...
when they're sleeping.
Oh, alright.
So, tell me what happened
to this sister of yours.
Huh? Huh?
Mr Zoomzeman!
Why are you so big?
Oh, my God!
You're right! Look at me!
Maybe you've grown because
you're not on the Earth anymore.
Are we on the moon now?
It doesn't look like it.
But where are we, then?
Oh, wow!
Ahh! Oh!
If Petey was here,
he'd know for sure.
He's really good
with planets and stuff.
- Hello! Hi there!
- Oh, no, no, no!
- No!
- Whee!
Hey, you, where are we?
On the Starry Meadow!
Oh! On the Starry Meadow?
And what's that over there?
That's our school,
the Shooting Star School.
Wait a second. And done!
That really
looks good on you.
You think so?
Are you really human?
From Earth?
Mmm. And what are you
learning at school?
We learn to sing
and how to twinkle,
and when we grow up
and become real stars,
we get a child assigned to us
that we then look after
for a whole lifetime.
Which one of you
is going to look after me, then?
We're not allowed to tell you.
Huh? Can you also
speak one at a time?
Of course. No problem.
Can you
maybe tell us how to get
to the moon?
What was that?
Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good
at all.
For the last 300 years,
I've never been late.
And now this,
which is entirely your fault.
Hmm. Does it have an achromatic
lens or folded refractors?
Uh, what? The achro, um...
..whatchamacallit, I think.
And what's the refraction index?
Ohhh! Of course I know it,
Oh! Enough already!
Annoying smarty-pants.
What's that smoke over there?
Oh, my gosh!
Come, hurry!
What happened?
Where are my Shooting Stars?
What happened here? Oh!
Where are my little ones?
Oh! Oh. It came from over there!
Be careful,
it may be dangerous.
Oh. Ooh, what...
Eugh, a bug.
A bug, a bug? I am not a bug!
I'm Zoomzeman.
Zoomzeman's the name.
From the House of Zoomzeman.
Where's my sister, huh?
And my Shooting Stars?
I'm afraid...
- ..they've been kidnapped.
- Kidnapped?
Who would do
something like that?
I have such a headache!
Where are we now?
Hang on.
We'll light things up a bit.
Up there, is that the Earth?
Get with it, you lazybones!
Stand up and form two lines!
Hm! And if we don't want to?
Then you'll make the
acquaintance of my moon poodles.
Oh! I like poodles!
They're cute and sweet,
and their fur is so soft.
Is that so?
Get 'em out,
you knuckleheads!
OK, move!
What do you mean, kidnapped?
By whom?
Well, I... I didn't really
get much of a look at 'em,
to be honest.
I... I played dead.
You pretended you were dead?
I thought you were such a hero!
Yeah, but I'm also a beetle.
We play dead. It's what we do.
What kind of an excuse is that?
I want my little sister back!
Yeah, yeah, of course.
I mean, we still have time.
What are you talking about?
What? Oh, yeah,
I mean, uh, yeah, well...
What I mean is that
we have time to find her
until sunrise.
Why? What happens at sunrise?
Well... she will have to
stay here forever.
When the sun comes up on Earth,
nobody will be able to return.
What? How could you put Anne
in danger like that?
I want her back right now!
All of a sudden you're
the caring brother, are you?
Well, that's not
my first impression.
That... That's not fair.
I just didn't believe
in her stories,
like talking bugs,
Mr Sandman and all that.
I'd promised to look after her,
and now...
Here, this'll help.
I drink it
whenever I have to think about
my poor Mrs Zoomzeman.
This is certainly not the time
for forget-me-not juice.
Are you out of your mind?
Give that back to me!
This is my bottle!
Please! Stop!
Stop it right now!
We have no time for this!
Oh! Look what you've gone
and done!
It's as good as empty!
Oh, that's...
- That's a moonstone!
- Oh?
And what does that mean?
It means
we've got a race to win.
What sort of race
are we talking about?
- And what's all this stuff for?
- Catch!
- For the trip.
- To the moon?
No, to the Caribbean.
Well, of course
it's to the moon!
The kidnapper
must have lost this moonstone.
Hence he must have
been on the moon.
Now, put these on.
It'll be cold on the sleigh.
We're going by sleigh?
Not with just any old sleigh.
With the best sleigh
in the galaxy!
Here you go. Look.
- Oh.
- Mm-hm.
Uh... please tell me
that's not our ride.
I think he's nuts.
And how's that?
- Oh, whoa!
- Whoa!
Is this perhaps
more to your liking?
Maybe he isn't that nuts.
Did you want to say something?
Off we go, my little ones!
The only way onto the moon
is with the permission
of the Nightfairy.
- I know her!
- Oh, good for you!
Problem is,
today she's hosting a banquet
for the Nature Spirits.
Disturbing her is completely
out of the question.
Ahh! Oh, wow! Amazing!
Uh... but aren't you kind of
a Nature Spirit yourself?
What do you mean, "kind of"?
Of course I am a Nature Spirit!
So, where's the problem?
Look, there are five seats
at the Nightfairy's table,
but there are
six Nature Spirits,
hence the Milky Way race.
Places one to five
get a seat at her table,
and the last one
goes home empty-handed.
- A race along the Milky Way?
- Yeah.
Wow! We're a shoo-in
for first place, right?
Oh, let's put it this way -
I've never seen
her palace before,
at least not from the inside.
Come on, my little beauties,
hurry up, hurry up!
Keep working,
you lazy twerps!
Yeah, work.
Move your grubby little fingers!
Come on,
you gotta hurry!
Yeah, hurry up.
Speed it up.
Our new moon cannon
isn't gonna build itself.
We still need parts. Go!
Come on, get the lead out,
Moonman wants
everything sorted by sunrise!
Come on, stop acting
like the big enchilada.
My big brother will be here
to free me soon anyway.
What's a big brother?
How should I describe it?
Someone who never, ever
takes you seriously,
never, ever wants to have the
slightest thing to do with you
and always, always
knows better than you.
And he's really gonna
come and get you?
Of course. He's my brother.
Silence! The Moonman
doesn't want you to talk.
"The Moonman wants this,
the Moonman wants that..."
You are men too, aren't you?
Well, of course we are.
And you're on the moon too,
- Um...
- Oh...
So how come you guys
aren't the Moonman?
Is there some rule that
there can only be one Moonman?
- Oh.
- Um...
If I were in your shoes,
I wouldn't put up with that.
I'd be happy to ask him for you
if you guys are too chicken.
This is none of your business.
Get back to work!
Hm. OK.
You're about to see
how fantastic the Milky Way is.
Oh, yeah!
The Milky Way
is one of the most beautiful
two-arm barred
spiral galaxies around!
What was that?
Ah, we have to hurry!
Yeah, but a little bit slower!
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the annual
Nature Spirit Race
here in the Milky Way arena.
I'm your host,
the one and only Milkyway Man!
In pole position,
last year's winner,
Storm Giant and his Thunderbolt.
Ol! Ol!
The next competitor, the man
who invented bad weather,
Rainy Robin!
- Namaste, everybody.
- Ha-ha! Here I am!
The Lightning Witch,
always looking for trouble
and on the attack.
The ruler of sleet
and freezing rain, Henry Hail!
Vanilla flavour for you!
On her fluffy Cloud Goose,
Mother Frost!
- Yeah!
- Hello, my darlings!
And finally, the Little Sandman.
Oh, he's not here yet?
Never mind, he'll lose anyway.
Ladies and gentlemen,
pull up your socks,
fasten your seatbelts
and take a deep breath.
Let the race begin!
- Ohhh!
- Here we go!
We need to be real
fast, my little ones. Real fast!
- I wanna get out!
- Oh!
Faster, my little ones!
And you, hang on to something!
Where are we?
Say 'cheese',
ladies and gentlemen.
As always, our race starts here
in Parmesan Desert
and stretches through
good old Gouda Canyon.
In the lead, as expected,
ruler over the hurricane,
master of the tornado,
mighty king of the typhoon,
the Storm Giant!
Storm Giant for the win!
Jumpin' Jupiter's
jockey shorts,
ladies and gentlemen, even the
moon cows are watching the race.
I am the lord of the winds!
Here's my tornado!
Whoa, look out below!
He's gonna feel that one
Oh, look! Rainy Robin's
giving it a shot!
How long will his lead last?
I am coming!
I am winning! Whoo-hoo!
Get out of the way!
- Gotcha!
- What are you doing?
Right in front of us
you can see
the Skimmed Milk Channel.
Ha-ha! I'll give you hell!
My little mango lassi.
- Bye-bye!
- Ohh!
Things are heating up
on the Cheese Fondue Trail.
One wrong move
and your chances of winning
will simply melt away!
- See you on Christmas, goose!
- But what's this?
Our snoring underdog
is slowly struggling forward.
The sower of sleep,
companion of the kids,
to the Shooting Stars,
Little Sandman!
THE Sandman!
It's still THE Sandman.
Not LITTLE Sandman!
Oh, don't make me laugh!
Oh! Eugh!
Let's see who masters
the Frozen Yoghurt Volcano.
Hey! Hey! What's with you
all of a sudden?
Sorry about that.
It's an occupational hazard.
Narcolepsy? Are you kidding me?
Wake up!
What are we supposed to do?
I am outta here! Oh! Ugh!
Oh! You gotta...
Little Sandman
falls behind again.
You snooze, you lose, pal!
Oh! Uh!
Ahhh! Arggh!
Pandemonium! Little Sandman
has taken the lead again!
We are in the
home stretch of our race,
the Lactose-Free River followed
by the Baked Cheese Forest.
As we come to the end
at the Nightfairy Waterfalls,
I can tell you, only the cream
of the crop will survive!
- Watch out, Petey!
- My name is Peter! Whoa!
Ah! Ah! Arggh!
- Whoa!
- Argh!
Yuck! Milk! Disgusting!
Oh. Mm.
Ah. Oh.
Ah, oh.
Focus, everyone, fo... focus.
Wait a minute. What happened?
What happened?!
You fell asleep at the wheel,
he played dead in the back seat
and we lost the race.
But... Wait! Peter, wait!
Where... where are you going?
To the Nightfairy!
She has to listen to us,
whether we lost the competition
or not!
Oh, gee. Alright.
Our light is
fading and will soon be out.
What's keeping your big brother?
You know what? We can deal with
those two idiots on our own!
Oh! Oh!
But how?
- Blow a horn at sensitive me!
- Pack some of these!
- Oh!
- Oh!
Stay calm. I'll do the talking.
- Hello, we...
- Are you on the guest list?
Ohh. I am the Sandman. Hmm.
You're not getting in.
You are too old,
you, too young,
and you,
you need four arms to get in.
- Listen...
- Sorry. No guest list, no entry.
But we have urgent business
with the Nightfairy.
Hey, no guest list, no entry.
We're not interested
in your stupid party!
- We just want a quick word...
- Just doing my job.
- And you're not on my...
- Hey!
If you say "guest list"
one more time...
Then what?
Oh. Oh.
- Ahh!
- Yeah.
Are you crazy? I could
lose my licence for this!
Oh! Ohhh!
Hey! Wait for me!
Huh. You're gonna
be sorry for that!
He doesn't like it!
- Help!
- Ow, my knees!
You know, Peter,
I like your sister
better than you!
- Oh!
- Oh! Ahh!
I don't like heights!
- Come on, I throw you.
- Don't even think...
- Arggh!
- Whoa!
- Hello.
- Save it!
Wait for me!
I'm coming to get you!
Peter, come here!
Up here!
Couldn't we just
ring the doorbell?
- Whoa!
- Oh!
Gotcha, slowpoke!
Get off me,
you ugly stone-faced...
Keep climbing!
There's a window up there!
- Huh?
- Hurry, follow me!
All the way up there?
But I'm scared of heights!
Did I really claim
that I like children?
Don't look down!
Don't... look... down!
Oh, I-I just looked down! Ooh!
Hey, Zoomzeman.
You can fly, can't you?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I can! I can fly!
Ha-ha! And another branch.
And another one. Don't fade on
me, guys, you're almost there.
- Ooh! Hey!
- Oh! Thank you there.
The race was so exciting.
Oh, my friends!
My brave, wonderful friends.
Thank you for coming.
I wanted to tell you...
I wanted to tell you...
- I mean...
- Yes?
Uh, no, I mean...
What do you mean?
You are sometimes so
confused, my dear Rainy Robin.
Hm? Uh...
Are you all ready for dinner?
Muchacho, tomato, potato,
Oh, wonderful!
There's soup
and salad and lots of fruit.
- Oh!
- Whoo!
Yum, yum!
What, no meat?
Oh, my dear Storm Giant,
here in my palace, we keep
to a strict vegan diet.
Another splash, my dear?
Eugh! Keep your soggy mitts
off my cup, please.
You're diluting my moon wine.
A tad overcharged, are we?
Put a lid on it,
you dripping dork!
- Shh!
- Hey, hey, let me...
Yuck, soup! Disgusting!
- June bug soup!
- Yum, yum!
There we go, some meat at last!
Come to your daddy,
my little meatball.
Intruders! I'll see to them!
Why are we so combative,
my dear Lightning Witch?
Oh, what are you doing
in my soup?
I will
take care of him.
Oh, please, don't!
Leave me alone!
Oh. Isn't that Little Sandman?
Uh! Oh!
That would be THE Sandman,
if you please.
Your Majesty,
I need to get to the moon.
I need to save my sister Anne
before the night is over.
Be still, human child.
No-one has given you
permission to talk.
I beg of you, Lightning Witch,
you are still my guest and it is
I who decides who may speak.
Well, then, do as you please.
I'm out.
- Oh!
- Now, go ahead!
It all began when this bug
came into our room.
Uh, I need to be excused.
You need to what?
- Well, what do you think?
- What?
To wee-wee! What else?
Uh, do Shooting Stars
need to wee-wee?
Hey, watch out there!
- I need to wee-wee too.
- Oh, no! What?
- Me too.
- But... But... But...
But no, you can't!
- Oh, my God!
- You're useless!
Go get 'em!
Go fetch!
- Let's get out of here!
- Oh, yeah!
- No! Come back! Stay here!
- Yeah, stay here!
Where to now?
Haven't thought about that yet.
The main thing is...
away from here!
Uh! Arggh!
- Anne!
- Arggh!
We are sure of it,
Your Highness.
Not only is Mr Zoomzeman's
arm up there,
but the Shooting Stars
and my sister as well.
That's why we need
to get to the moon!
- Uh, hello? Hello?
- Hmm?
- Ms Nightfairy?
- Hmm? Oh!
Oh, um, sorry.
What was that again, my boy?
I didn't quite get
the bit in the middle.
This little man claims
to have lost his arm,
because some chosen Shooting
Star took it to the moon.
Weren't you listening?
It's not his arm,
it's his sister's arm.
I thought it was the bug's arm.
- Huh?
- His sister is a bug?
Calm down, everyone.
The reason the arm is gone
is that the chosen
beetle's sister
has a Shooting Star on the moon.
No. No, no, no, no.
It's my sister and his
Shooting Stars and his arm!
I don't know. Little Sandman?
The boy is right.
And I think that HE
is the one behind all of this.
- Him?
- He.
- Huh?
- Him!
- Who?
- The Moonman!
Oh, Thunder God!
Ow! Huh? Ahh.
Wha... Wow!
Your Highness,
let me explain again.
Anne is there and we have to
be back by sunrise.
Oh, wait a moment. And where
do you want to go now?
To... the... moon!
My sister is there.
No way! I just can't allow that.
Why not?
Just look at you. You're so...
- Um, so...
- Huh?
A journey like this
just isn't for you.
It's for real heroes,
big, brave and strong,
who can confront
all the dangers to come.
But bravery and strength
aren't always
a question of size.
You yourself told Zoomzeman
to find two brave children
to help him.
Uh, Zoomzeman?
Eugh, saliva! Disgusting!
My father has always dreamed
of flying to the moon,
but he died before his dream
could come true.
Now I have the chance
to follow in his footsteps
and save my sister.
That's why I need to go
to the moon,
whether you approve it or not.
Oh! Are you crying?
What? Me? No, just the rain.
Well, I am crying, and I'm
not ashamed to admit it.
Very well, then.
You may fly to the moon.
And I will send along with you
my swiftest companion.
Do you know the Great Bear?
Ursa Major?
The best-known
circumpolar constellation
of the northern sky?
That really is a Great Bear.
OK, guys, I can handle this.
It's too big. Ugh!
No, no, that's Ursa Minor,
the Little Bear.
- This is the Great Bear.
- Huh?
I told you never to come here.
How I missed you,
my little darling!
Eugh. Argh!
You shouldn't be here.
I've come straight from
the Nightfairy's place.
It's unbearable how
full of herself she is. Ugh!
And her parties are SO dull.
But when I want to
singe someone for fun,
you know, to lighten things up
a bit, they all yell at me!
"Oh, Lightning Witch,
maybe you shouldn't
"burn people alive anymore."
Oh, puh-lease!
Sweetheart, you can't be wicked
and popular at the same time.
But I'm only wicked
BECAUSE no-one likes me,
except YOU.
- Argh!
- Whoo! Shocking.
So, what brings you
to the moon?
A human boy is on his way here.
He wants to rescue
his sister, Anne.
Ah, Petey!
And who, pray tell, is Anne?
The last thing I need
is more problems.
At sunrise, my moon cannon
will be ready.
Then I will finally take revenge
on the Nightfairy!
I will raze her palace
to the ground.
And then I will rule over
the whole universe!
- WE will.
- Oh. What?
WE will rule over
the whole universe, together!
Oh, yes.
Yes, of course, pumpkin.
Of course I mean 'we'
when I say 'I'.
Oh, my,
you are so romantic.
Mmmm. Ooh! Do you want to
destroy him with this?
Oh, no, honey bunny!
I'm gonna destroy them
with THIS!
Now fly back quickly before
the others notice your absence.
- And keep me posted.
- Mmmm.
OK, 'bye.
Oh, that electric psycho freak.
Huh? Huh?
And that nasty stench
of brimstone. Eugh!
What now? Ah! Sweetheart!
Hi, sorry, but the Shooting
Stars I kidnapped for you,
well, they've turned your moon
into a playground.
- Are you OK with that?
- Oh, jeez.
If you want a job done properly,
you do it yourself.
Come on, let's go catch us
some flashbulbs.
Hmm? Ahh!
- Hey, psst!
- Who... who are you?
Psst! I'm Mrs Zoomzeman.
The Moonman keeps me here
as his prisoner.
What the...? How could
this happen, you dummies?
- Ouch!
- I'm sorry, boss.
One of the Shooting Stars
had to wee-wee...
- Yeah.
- Wee-wee?
Argh! What kind of Shooting Star
has to wee-wee?
They call her Anne.
Anne? Hmm.
What are you doing
still standing here?
Go catch her,
you wastes of space!
Yes, yes, yes!
Oh, dumb chain!
I'm just not strong enough.
How long have you been
a prisoner here?
I was snagged on a twig
of the birch tree
when it was sent to the moon.
And the Moonman has made me
do his bookkeeping
and tax returns ever since.
I don't know what that is,
but it sounds terrible.
- Got you.
- One more.
I wish you
a pleasant journey.
Wait, my little friend.
Since these two dummies won't be
much help, take this here.
If you need me, you can
call me with this charm.
But please not between
5:00 and 6:00.
I'll be bowling then.
Oh... Mmm.
Take these presents and call us
if you need any help.
I thank you all.
Let's go, Mr Sandman.
To the moon!
Whoa! Whoa!
Did you see that? Look, look!
Ahh! I'll get bear-sick!
- Ugh!
- Wow!
- Ahh!
- The moon!
How dare you run away from me!
But I will let you go if...
..if you tell me
which one of you is Anne.
Then I will only punish her!
Punish her. Sweet.
I am Anne!
- I am Anne!
- I am Anne!
I am Anne!
Oh, they're driving me nuts.
Take care of them.
Yeah, boss, OK.
- Ha!
- What the...?
Oh, Anne?
Oh! Ohhhh! Ugh!
I knew she was Anne
from the get-go.
Come on, we got
more important things to do.
Let me out! You just wait
until I'm free again!
And I'll turn you into...
unicorn poop!
Shut up!
Petey might not be
coming for me after all.
Bring the Shooting Stars
into position now.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
consider it done, boss.
- Um, one more thing, boss...
- What?
One more thing.
- Well, we were just thinking...
- We was thinking...
- And, uh... we thought...
- We thought...
- Well, we're men too, right?
- Hardly.
- And we are on the moon, right?
- Really?
One might argue that we
could also be called 'Moonman'.
- Yeah, I think it sounds good!
- Or Moonmen.
I'd be fine with Moonman Two
or Moonman Three
or Moonman B or Moonman C...
Have you lost your marbles?
Has the thin air
gotten to your brains?
I'm the Moonman, nobody else!
You two pathetic worms
can't even keep
a bunch of grade school
Shooting Stars under control.
Let's go!
Why doesn't this
thing come with safety belts?
Or at least
a bear bag?
Wow! The moon!
I'll now take a step onto
the moon in my father's place...
I wish he were here now.
One small step for a beetle,
one giant leap for beetle-kind!
Huh! Whoa! Whaaaa!
You OK, Zoomzeman?
Everything's okey-dokey, huh?
Feeling fine?
Of course.
- He's gone.
- 'Bye!
- 'Bye!
- Farewell, my furry friend.
- 'Bye!
- So, how do we find the Moonman?
Over there, on Moon Mountain.
Oh! Hey, humans!
Some of us have short legs!
Ah, there they are,
the good, the bug and the ugly.
Sic the poodles on them.
- Aye-aye, boss.
- Aye-aye, boss.
- Hey, come on, stupid.
- Yeah, OK.
Huh? Oh.
Uh? Huh?
Do you hear that?
Oh! They're coming!
Dogs, barking, a whole pack
of 'em!
Hold on now, Zoomzeman.
What sort of pack?
What kind of dogs?
- Poodles!
- Poodles?
Oh, no, the moon poodles!
- But are they really dangerous?
- We're in trouble!
- Don't worry.
- OK!
- There you are.
- I've got this!
High five!
Oh. Oh, no.
Oh, no!
Now we are in trouble.
Follow me! Hurry up!
Get in there, quick!
Quicker! Quicker!
Please hurry up!
- They're coming!
- Wait, I got it.
Hurry! Hurry!
Hip. Hop.
A fiddle. Ah. Oh.
- No!
- Ahh... Ahh...
Please don't!
Stop! Don't!
- Ah! Ah!
- No!
Come here, mutt!
We're looking for the Sandman,
a little boy and an ugly bug!
Go! Get a move on!
There we go. Oh,
I got to do everything myself!
Oh, I'm gonna be in trouble
if I don't find them.
They're gone.
- Let's go home.
- Maybe we can fix this thing.
You just wanna give up?
Didn't you just see that?
They're hunting us down!
And there are more of them
than us.
But it's... it's you
who started all this.
And I thought we're
the chosen human children.
One can never be certain
about these things.
And I get along OK
with three arms.
Sure, there are a few spots
I can't scratch,
but all in all,
it's fine, it's OK.
I can't believe it! Sandman?
You know, Petey, sometimes
you just have to admit defeat.
The sun will be up soon and we
should at least save ourselves.
What?! I will not leave
my sister here all alone!
And what about your Shooting
Stars? They're counting on you!
What... what can we do anyway?
A small boy, an old beetle
and, let's be honest,
an undersized man.
- Crap.
- Huh?
Let me tell you something.
Yesterday I started
at a new school,
and there were some real bullies
out there who are out to get me.
Just like you get bullied
by the other beetles,
and you by the other
Nature Spirits.
Who, me?
They think we're losers
and cowards.
They think they can
make fun of us
'cause we don't
have our act together.
You... you want to
prove them right?
You're right, my boy.
Yes, you ARE the chosen one.
And we're not gonna let you
stop us, old sleepyhead!
I stop you?
Let's roll, fellow heroes!
So, why is it you're always
playing dead, Mr Hero?
Playing dead?
What are you talking about?
- When did I do that?
- How about all the time?
And you're always
falling asleep.
That's an occupational hazard.
I have papers to prove it.
They even give me the right
to use disabled parking.
Blah, blah, blah.
But I never said
I was giving up.
That's not
what it sounded like to me!
Tell him, Petey.
Here we go again.
Are you nuts?
- Stop it now, will ya?
- Aw, come on!
Playing my fiddle helps me
when I'm scared.
Uh-huh! And it helps
the Moonman find us.
Now I've got it.
You're chasing away the poodles
with that screeching!
Just a moment! I know that!
What is that
supposed to mean?
My playing is smooth and lovely.
For bugs maybe,
but they don't have ears.
Of course
they have ears!
Oh, really? Where?
- Show me!
- Quiet.
God, could... could... could
that possibly be...
Oh, my God! It's him!
Oh, my God! It IS her!
What are you waiting for,
Petey? Step on it!
Alright. Let's go.
Oh! It's him!
Wow! Are they super-fast!
A bit too fast...
- I'm too young to die!
- Slow it down, Petey!
I'm trying, I'm trying!
But the brakes aren't working!
Oh, Zoomzeman.
Mrs Zoomzeman?
I thought... I thought I'd...
I thought I'd lost you forever
all those years ago.
- Oh, Zoomzeman.
- Mrs Zoomzeman.
- Petey!
- Huh?
Oh. I almost always knew
that you would come.
I'm so happy
that you're safe, Anne.
I-I swear, I'll never
leave you alone again.
- Come on!
- But where are you going?
Home. Time is running out!
- Look!
- But we can't!
The Moonman wants to conquer
the whole world!
When the sun rises,
everything will be too late.
Then we'll have to
stay here forever.
I have promised to take you
safely back home.
They need us here!
The Shooting Stars,
Mr Zoomzeman and his arm
and the Nature Spirits!
I won't get myself into
your wild adventures again.
You're all mine now, Nightfairy.
Get ready for lights out, baby!
Look! The moon cannon!
That means the Nightfairy
is in danger.
Alright, so,
who's got a plan now?
Oh, no! The moon poodles!
And the two freaks again!
There they are! Get 'em!
- Uh-oh. No!
- Quick, run!
I think I'd rather play dead!
Oh, you selfish dung beetle!
Hurry up!
- We still have these!
- Oh, no!
Nature Spirits,
I now call on you for help!
No, I made it clear -
not between 5:00 and 6:00!
Triple strike!
Oh, no!
It's going to be tricky!
Can we join your little party?
Hey, how can we help?
We're under attack!
You have to do something!
Don't worry,
we'll keep them busy.
Yeah, here comes the sun.
It'll be all over soon.
It's showtime, baby.
Let's toast the Nightfairy!
Oh, it's them again!
No worries, my dear.
Just leave them to me.
Oh, I've got you now!
Stop running away!
- Yah!
- Yah!
Come on, tiger,
we'll distract her.
'Cause we're heroes, after all!
That was close.
- Thank you.
- Huh?
You're the best annoying little
sister anyone could ask for.
And you're the best
idiot brother in the world!
There's really no time for that.
Come on, let's save
the Shooting Stars!
Ah! Ow! Ah! Ow!
- All aboard! Ah-whoo!
- And we'll stop the Moonman!
Come on! Come on! Yah!
Dear Sandman, oh, Sandman
Where have you been?
- I'm coming to free you...
- little ones...
Oh, no! Not now!
Wake up! Wake up!
Stop running away - it's hard
for me to shoot you! Yah!
I'm steering.
Hold on tight!
- Throw the lever!
- Me?
My sweetie... Ooh!
I'm going to get you!
I am going to get you!
- I didn't get you.
- But I got you!
Oh? Oh. Oooh!
Oh, no! Oh, dear! Oh!
Y-Your Majesty.
I am sorry.
Shall I sing you a lullaby?
Oh! Ooh!
That was just
a wet warning shot!
Uh... OK.
Hands off my cannon!
I'm not letting you
destroy everything!
Really? Such a brave
little fellow, Petey!
My name is Peter!
OK, Peter. The two of us
are quite alike, you know.
We could be friends,
more than friends.
You could be my son!
Come over to my side.
You won't regret it.
I will NEVER be your son!
And I have all the friends
I need.
Really? A crippled beetle?
A dozy Nature Spirit?
Your cuckoo sister?
Do you really want to be counted
among those losers?
Come work with me.
I'll reward you handsomely.
OK, let's say I help you.
What's in it for me?
Alright, now we're talkin'! Hah!
The whole universe
divided by two.
And what about
this Lightning Witch?
That stupid spark plug?
I was just using her.
So, you don't love her at all?
What, are you nuts?
As soon as this is over,
I'm gonna send
that crazy chick packing.
Maybe you two
should have a talk.
Uh? Oh, hi!
- Sweetheart.
- Darling!
I didn't mean that
like it sounded.
I think... I'm blowing...
You can't stop it.
It's too late!
Oh, no!
- How much do they pay us again?
- Not enough!
- Oh!
- Oh, dear.
Oh! Help!
Oh, dear. Ohhhhhh!
Oh, that was very, very close.
Very good that I have umbrella.
This is not OK!
He is going to be
extremely sorry for this!
That, uh... What's his name?
- Whose fault was this again?
- Ahhh... not me.
I'm oh so sorry.
I've made a royal mess
of things.
The Moonman was such a charmer,
but he just used me.
And all just because
I was oh so lonely.
That's not written
in stone, you know.
If you were
just a bit friendlier.
What for?
Nobody likes me anyway.
Well, I'm not so sure
about that.
Oh, my lovely, lovely,
pretty, little pappadum. Hoo!
Petey! Petey!
- Anne!
- Oh, we made it!
Get off me!
Where is the villain?
You shall atone
for this outrage.
I herewith ban you to...
to Mars.
Huh? To where?
Hey. This ain't quite
the Grand Hotel, is it?
I will take vengeance for that.
Oh? Huh?
I will take vengeance
for that!
I thank you, dear children.
It is only with your help
that we... today, um...
..because you, uh...
You have... um, have...
Saved the universe!
Right, exactly.
Saved the universe.
Oh, that's nice.
A job well done.
And you, Lightning Witch,
you have collab...
..uh, um... collab...
Oh, you know, with our enemy.
That's not cool.
No? It's really unfair.
But I see you're sorry
for your treachery,
so your punishment will be mild.
Three months lightning ban.
And Rainy Robin will make sure
that you stick to it.
And you will give Petey
your amulet,
and be at his command
whenever he needs your help.
Thank you.
And what about
Mr Zoomzeman's little arm?
- Arm?
- Yeah!
- Which arm?
- His arm.
Whose arm?
That thing there.
Oh, yes, that arm!
Yes, of course.
That gets reattached
to the beetle.
Ha ha!
Oh! Oh? Oh!
And the birch tree
goes back to Earth.
- Oh!
- Huh?
Oooh! The prophecy
is thereby fulfilled.
Ooh, how does it feel?
Ah-ha. Ah-ha! AH-HA!
Here I am!
Who needs the aid
of the mighty Storm Giant,
master of tornado and hurric...
Save your breath, Stormy.
You're too late.
There might still be
one thing you could do. Hmm!
- Looks much better now.
- Yeah!
That was quite
the exciting trip, you two.
Many thanks for everything.
Children are actually quite
nice, even when they're awake.
Who would have thought?
All that's left for me
is to finish my job.
- What do you mean?
- Huh?
I mean...
Rise and shine,
sleepyheads. Come on!
- Huh?!
- Petey! Anne!
Ohh. I had the weirdest dream.
Me too.
Huh? Whoa!
Hurry up, or you'll
be late for school.
- Oh, my God!
- Huh?
- Huh?
- Huh? No!
Don't, Mom!
OK. Yeah.
So, it's really true!
We've been to the moon and back.
Yeah, right. And I'm
the King of America.
Pretty sure it's
President of America.
- Watch it!
- Go ahead!
Give it your best shot.
You don't have a chance
against me and my big brother!
We'll see about that... Petey.
Only my friends call me Petey.
What's that?
Owww! Nyaaaaw!
Petey! Make it stop!
Did you know
there's a leprechaun
living in your soccer ball?
A leprechaun?
What nonsense.
But it's true! And I know
how we can get him out.
- We need a knife...
- No! Leave my soccer ball alone!
You don't
have to be strong
To move mountains
All it takes
Is to be brave
You don't have to be rich
To be with thousands
Your greatest wealth
Is in yourself
Look up to the sky
whenever you feel sad
- I will hear you call my name
- Call my name, call my name
- And be on my way
- On my way, on my way
I will always guide you
to the moon and back
- Even if you can't see a light
- See a light, see a light
- I'll be by your side
- By your side, by your side
You don't have to be allowed
to be somebody
Don't be afraid
No matter what they say
You don't have to be brave
to be great
Your greatest worth
Is in yourself
Don't feel alone
You're not on your own
Look up to the sky
whenever you feel sad
- I will hear you call my name
- Call my name, call my name
- And be on my way
- On my way, on my way
I will always fly you
to the moon and back
- Even if you can't see a light
- See a light, see a light
- I'll be by your side
- By your side, by your side
Let the stars be the guide
Let our hearts be the light
As we gaze through the night
And we'll make it last forever
- Forever
- Forever, forever
Look up to the sky
whenever you feel sad
I will hear you call my name
And be on my way-ay
Whenever you feel sad
- I will hear you call my name
- Call my name, call my name
- And be on my way
- On my way, on my way
I will always fly you
to the moon and back
- Even if you can't see a light
- See a light, see a light
- I'll be by your side
- By your side, by your side.