Moonlight (2016) Movie Script

Hey, my man, T.,
what's going on dawg?
- What's up, what's up.
- How you doing?
- What you need?
- Can you help me out, man?
- No, I can't do it, bro.
You gotta keep moving. I can't do it.
- Come on, man.
- Keep it movin'.
- Boy.
- Step aside, man.
How you doing?
- What's good with you?
I'm all right, man.
I'm out here handling business as usual.
Look, man, I don't mean
no disrespect or nothing to you,
I'm just trying to see
if I can get a little...
You can't get nothing, man.
You know what time it is, bruh?
I keep looking out for you, man.
Just a little something, man?
All my something
cost a little something, man.
If he ain't got it
get to stepping, nigga.
You know what time it is?
I don't feel like repeating myself.
Hey, you know you my man,
right Juan?
This nigga...
Yo. Trippin', man.
See-see-see-see if you can
do something here for me...
What the fuck I just told you?
Let me get this shit!
Nigga, get the fuck
out of here, man.
Go on!
Oh, get that nigga, man.
- What's up?
- You look good.
- I'm just out here, you know.
- Yeah.
Regular day.
It's in the cut.
Everybody cleaned out if you need anything.
- Business good?
- Yeah it's good.
I got something for you...
- No, no. hold onto that.
Empty the register
on the weekend.
All right, no problem, son.
How's your mom feeling now?
Oh, she doing good.
She doing excellent.
- Better?
- She doing better.
You know.
She's in my prayers, man.
Most naturally.
Thank you.
Thanks for the opportunity.
I'm out here.
- Get him!
- Get your ass right here.
- Get him!
- Why you always runnin'?
Goin' around
with that faggot ass, bro!
- Ain't gonna catch him!
- Kick his ass!
- Run, then, nigga!
- Get his gay ass!
- Come on, bro!
- Catch that nigga!
Go around the back.
What you doin' in here,
li'l man?
You don't talk to strangers?
A'ight. It's cool.
We cool.
I'm about to go
get something to eat.
You're welcome to join me
if you want.
It's okay if I take
the front door?
Come on now.
Can't be no worse out here.
You not gonna tell me
what yo' name is?
How 'bout where you live?
I got to get you home,
little man.
Can't have you just runnin'
around these dope holes.
You understand?
Hey, hey, hey, my bad.
Oh man, you know I ain't
gonna do you like that.
Hey man, I apologize, all right?
I'm just trying to get you
to say something.
I apologize.
All right.
All right.
You all right now...
until my girl come get you,
She gonna make you talk.
Be right back.
- Hey, baby.
I found this little boy
in a dope spot.
- Found a little boy in a what?
- Wasn't no crack heads up in there.
He by himself.
He ain't talking though, so why don't you
see if you can get him to say something.
- Really?
- Just go talk to him.
Just go talk to him.
I cannot believe you.
- Love you.
- Who would you do something like this?
You don't talk much
but you damn sure can eat.
That's all right, baby.
You ain't got to talk
'til you get good and ready.
My name is Chiron.
People call me Little.
All right then, Little.
Well Im'ma call you
by your name, then.
Where you from, Chiron?
Liberty City.
You live with your mama?
What about your daddy?
That's all right.
You want us to take you home, then, after
you get finished eating your food?
Yeah, you gotta tell us
where you live, bruh.
You can stay here tonight.
Would you like that?
What happened?
What happened, Chiron?
Why you didn't come home
like you supposed to?
And who is you?
I found him yesterday.
Found him in a hole on 15th.
That one.
Some boys chased him in the cut.
He's scared more than anything.
He wouldn't tell me where
he lived 'til this morning.
Well, thanks for seeing to him.
He usually can
take care of hisself...
he good that way, but...
Little man.
You a real damn prize, Chiron,
you know that?
You got'sta come home when you
meant to come home.
You hear?
That's all right, baby.
That's all right.
Mama just glad you're home.
TV privilege is revoked.
Find something for you to read.
Where the ball at?
I don't got the ball no more!
Hey, Little!
Wassup, man?
Hey, Kevin.
Why'd you leave?
I don't know.
Yeah, it get borin'
after a while.
Is it bleedin'?
You funny, man.
Why you say that?
You just is, that's all.
Why do you always let people
pick on you, man?
What you mean?
You always letting them
pick on you.
So what I gotta do?
All you gotta do is show
these niggas you ain't soft.
But I ain't soft.
I know, I know.
But it don't mean nothing
if they don't know it.
Come on.
You want these fools
to pick on you every day?
See Little?
I knew you wasn't soft.
Come on, man.
Give me your head.
Let your head rest in my hand.
I got you.
I promise.
I'm not going to let you go.
Hey man, I got you.
There you go.
Ten seconds.
Feel that right there?
You're in the middle
of the world, man.
That's good.
Do like this.
Look at you.
More athletic.
There you go.
I think you ready.
I think we got a swimmer.
You wanna try?
You ready to swim?
Yeah, man!
Let me tell you something, man.
There are black people
You remember that, okay?
No place you can go in the world
ain't got no black people.
We was the first ones
on this planet.
I been here a long time...
but I'm from Cuba.
Lotta black folks in Cuba, but you
wouldn't know it from being here, though.
I was a wild li'l shorty, man.
Just like you.
Runnin' around with no shoes on
when the moon was out.
This one time...
I run by this old...
this old lady.
I was runnin', hollerin'...
and cuttin' a fool, boy.
This old lady, she stopped me.
She said...
"Running around...
catching up all that light.
In moonlight...
black boys look blue.
You blue.
That's what I gon' call you.
So your name Blue?
At some point you gotta decide
for yourself who you gonna be.
Can't let nobody make
that decision for you.
How you like swimming, man?
That much, huh?
Hey, hold up, hold up.
Pick one.
Ha ha. Good choice.
Put it in your pocket.
Yo, hold up.
Whoa, whoa, hey...
Come on.
What's going on, Little Man?
Come on!
Man, they're all the same
as mine.
At least mine don't look
like Freddy Kruger.
Yours ugly as hell.
Mine don't look like no peanut.
Telling you, mine does not
look like no peanut.
Who let his ass in?
Somebody with you?
Man, I swear it was locked.
Man, ain't no foul. Ain't no foul.
You're dead, baby!
Right in your face!
It's what I paid for.
It ain't what I bought.
Man, that's Grade A quality.
What else you want me to do?
Nigga, this shit look more like Grade C.
Man, look.
I ain't goin' with that, man!
I want my money back.
Ain't no refund, man.
Just stuff it, man.
Keep movin'. Go on.
Yo what's up?
You all right?
Thought you was on vacation
or some shit.
Come on, man.
No vacation out here.
I know the work, you know that.
Going to Switzerland
or some shit.
Switzerland, man.
Maybe Brazil, you know,
with two bad bitches.
How Peanut working out?
Peanut good, man.
I got him at in check.
He's staying in his place,
you know.
They basin'?
Hell no, you know I ain't
gonna let that go down.
Yo, nigga, you lettin' people
light up at the spot, now?
- Hell no.
- The f...
Come on, you know I ain't
gonna let that happen, man.
The fuck, man.
Yo nigga, what's up?
Hey, hey, it's all good, man.
- The fuck you doing?
- It's all good, Juan.
- It's all good...
- Get out the fucking car!
- Calm down, man.
- Shut the fuck up.
What's wrong with you?
Who the hell you think you is?
Bitch, get the fuck out of here.
What, so you gon'
raise my son now?
You gon' raise my son?
Yeah... that's what I thought.
- You gon' raise him?
You gon' keep sellin' me rocks?
Don't give me that "You gotta get it
from somewhere" shit, nigga.
I'm gettin' it from you.
But you gon' raise my son
though, right?
You ever see the way he walk,
You watch your damn mouth.
You gon' tell him why the other
boys kick his ass all the time?
You gon' tell him?
You ain't shit.
Come on! Let's go!
The fuck y'all lookin' at?
Your boyfriend's here.
You talking to me today?
That's alright.
I don't wanna talk to you,
You know she got
a crush on you, right?
You all right?
You walk all the way here?
All right.
First things first.
You can't sit at my table like that.
You can't sit with your back
to the door, come on.
Ain't gonna know if somebody
creepin' up on you.
All right, see that?
Now you can see everything.
What's over there?
I saw your mama last night.
I hate her.
Yeah, I bet you do.
I hated my mom, too.
I miss her like hell now though.
That's all I'm gon' say
about that.
Thank you.
What's a faggot?
A faggot is...
a word used
to make gay people feel bad.
- Am I a faggot?
- No.
You can be gay, but you gotta
let nobody call you no faggot.
I mean, unless...
How do I know?
You just do.
I think.
You'll know when you know.
You ain't gotta know right now,
all right?
Not yet.
Do you sell drugs?
And my mama...
she do drugs, right?
Okay, deoxyribonucleic acid.
Long word, right?
All right, it's basically genes.
I know y'all don't know what that means
but just hang with me for a second.
So it's basically this long...
Chiron, you need something?
Hey yo, that nigga forgot
to change his tampon.
I'm sorry, Mr. Pierce.
He just having
woman problems today.
Ain't that right, Little?
- All right, Terrel, that's enough.
Nah, can't be enough for Little..
How much you need, Little?
- Don't call me that!
- All right Terrel, that's it.
Hey, what you gonna do, Chiron?
I'll fuck you up.
Hey yo, Terrel, out!
Come on, man.
What's wrong with you?
Where were we?
DNA is basically
this long model...
Im'ma be waitin'
for your ass, Little.
Come on, Chiron.
Chiron, what's up, man?
Damn, nigga.
You straight spaced, dawg.
Yo, school been out.
You ain't going home?
Uh... What you doin' here?
Detention, man.
Aimes caught me with this trick
in the stairway.
- Damn.
- Yeah.
With who?
Damn, you nosey, nigga.
- My bad...
- No, I'm playing, yo.
Look, I wanted
some quick head you know,
but this chick all like
"Hit that shit, Kevin.
Hit it with that big dick."
Why she got to
compliment a nigga for?
So I'm like "A'ight. Shit.
We can do this", you know?
So I started
banging her back out, dawg.
I'm talking
I'm banging her back out.
She went and made
all this fucking noise though.
So Aimes come in, acted all five-O and
shit, almost had my ass suspended, dawg.
I talked it out, though.
I told him we was like
childhood sweethearts and all of that,
so I just got detention,
it's cool.
- Cool.
- That stay between us, a'ight?
I know you can
keep a secret, dawg.
Real talk though, I gotta go, a'ight,
before this fool change his mind.
All right, Kev.
See you, Black.
- Hey, mama.
- Uh-uh. You cannot be here tonight.
I got company coming.
Find somewhere for you to be.
Find somewhere for you to be.
All right...
water for me...
and a little gin for you.
Boy please.
I know Juan used to
give you that gin.
But we ain't doing that
up in here, Shorty.
You don't think
my joke was funny?
What's wrong?
I'm good.
I've seen good and you ain't it.
Stop putting your head down
in my house.
You know my rule.
It's all love
and all pride in this house.
You feel me?
I can't hear you.
Do you feel me?
- Okay.
- I feel you.
All right.
Thank you for this.
Boy, please, you know you can stay
here any time you need to, okay?
Any time.
Thank you, Teresa.
I mean it.
Now, if you gon' stay here, though, you
gonna have to learn how to make a bed
better than this, boy.
- What?
- What you mean, "what"?
Give me that.
That ain't how you make up no bed.
You think you slick, too.
You know, do it all wrong so Teresa
can come over here and do it right.
I know what you doing.
Oof, you and Juan.
Y'all two, thick as thieves.
Give me that.
All right.
Do you need anything else
from me, sweetheart?
Uh, no, I'm good.
All right, I'm gonna
wake you up in the morning.
You good, Black?
- Hey! Hey, baby!
- Hey, Mama.
Where'd you go last night?
I'm yo' mama, ain't I?
Why you ain't just
come home later, boy?
You had me worried about you.
I guess you getting grown.
I can't be keeping up with you
all the time.
Anyway baby, how Teresa doing?
I ain't seen her
since the funeral.
Listen, Mama locked herself
out the door, yeah?
Can you come let her in?
Come on, baby.
Let me in, baby.
Baby, come on.
I thought you said...
Mama, I thought you...
Wait, Mama... Mama!
I need some money.
For what?
That's my business.
Don't you ask me
no shit like that.
- I don't have no money...
- No, no. Don't lie to me, boy.
I'm your mama.
That bitch over there
ain't no kin of you.
I'm your blood, remember?
Now I ain't feeling good.
I need something to help me out.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
Where I'm supposed
to get money from?
Teresa ain't give you nothing,
Your li'l play-play mama ain't
put something in your hand?
Give me that damn money, Chiron.
Give me the damn money!
Give me the damn money!
I don't have no money!
- Mama, come on...
- Give me the damn money!
- Mama, come on...
- Give me the damn money!
All right! All right!
Give me the damn money.
Here, man.
That is what I thought.
I know that bitch like a hooker
know her trick.
You my child, okay?
And tell that bitch
she better not forget it.
Go on to school.
Ain't you late?
So you can see how a lack
of white blood cells
can be dangerous
to the human body, right?
Okay, can anybody explain
what will happen to the body
if there's not enough
white blood cells?
Ain't nobody's leaving this
classroom until I get a response.
This is more important for you
than it is for me, trust me.
Hey yo, Little!
Where you going to so fast, huh?
- I'm going home.
- Huh?
Man, I told you.
I'm going home!
You think we stupid?
You live over there, nigga.
Oh no, he going to Teresa house.
That's Juan lady, ain't it?
Oh yeah. She fine as hell.
- Juan been dead a minute, though.
- You right.
Hell, she give free head?
Or does she charge like Paula?
Hell, Paula getting cheap
Talkin' like a rock
can get your rock sucked!
Nigga, what was that?!
Get off me, dawg.
Now I ain't with that gay shit,
but if you fuck with me
I'll give your ass
more than you can handle.
Have you runnin' to
your crackhead-ass mama.
My nigga!
- Fuck y'all niggas!
- What'd you say?!
Say that shit again dog,
I swear.
Whatever, man.
A'ight, you better stay your ass right
there if you know what's good for you.
Yo, why your jeans so tight?
Yo, Pizzo, you see
these nigga's jeans be?
You see that shit?
Nigga nuts must be chokin'
in those!
- Real talk!
- A'ight, night Little.
See your ass later.
You was waitin' for me?
Well, nice to see you too.
What you doing out here, man?
What you doing out here?
This is my smoker habitat,
Oh what, you smoke out here too?
Something like that...
Nah, you don't smoke.
Why you pretending?
Trying to put on a show
for me, Black?
Why you always calling me that?
- What, Black?
- Yeah, Black.
That's my nickname for you.
You don't like it?
No, it's just... what kind of dude goes
around giving other dudes nicknames?
The kind of dude
what just sat down
and is about to put you
onto this blunt, nigga.
You like the water?
I can introduce you
to some "fiyah."
Come on, nigga.
It ain't gonna bite you.
Damn, I didn't know
you smoked like that.
My mom leaves
all types of shit around.
That breeze
feel good as hell man.
Yeah, it do.
Sometimes round the way, where we live...
you can catch that same breeze.
It just come through the hood and it's
like everything stop for a second...
'cause everyone
just wanna feel it.
Everything just gets quiet,
you know?
And it's like all you can hear
is your own heartbeat.
Feel so good, man.
So good...
Hell, shit make you wanna cry,
feel so good.
You cry?
Makes me want to.
What you cry about?
Shit, I cry so much sometimes I feel
like I'm gon' just turn into drops.
Think you can roll out
into the water, right?
Roll out into the water like
all these other motherfuckers
around here
trying to drown they sorrows.
Why you say that?
I'm just listening to you,
Sound like something
you wanna do.
I wanna do a lot of things
that don't make sense.
I didn't say
it don't make sense.
But tell me, like-like what?
Like what "lot of things"?
Damn dog...
you nosey.
Chiron cursing now, huh?
You trying to get smart with me?
- Whatever, man.
Nah, you trying to get smart
with me, huh Chiron?
Yeah, you trying to get smart
with me, huh.
I'm sorry...
What you gotta be sorry for?
You ain't never done nothing
like that before, huh?
Thanks for the ride, man.
No problem, Black.
I'll see you around.
see you around.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
You don't love me no more...
You don't love me no more...
You're my only.
I'm your only.
You're my only...
- Yo, what's up, Kev?
- Terrel, what's up man?
Hey, you know a nigga
don't see school no more.
No, I hear you, man.
Lunch used to be the shit,
Nah, the food wasn't never good.
Man, I ain't talkin'
'bout the food.
But that Friday pizza
was the shit.
Yeah, I feel you.
Nah, but you remember in middle
school, that game we used to play?
"knock down/stay down"?
Yeah yo, my crazy ass
was the king of that shit.
Yeah I remember. Yo!
You remember that white kid
you fucked up?
Cuban cat, right?
Mauricio or something?
Oh yeah! Yo, you fucked
that kid's face up!
We was calling you Tyson
after that shit.
Yo, but, uh... niggas don't
do that shit no more.
I mean... you know...
What you sayin'?
I'm sayin' is, if I point a nigga out...
is you gonna knock his ass down?
That's the game, ain't it?
You dare me to swing on him
and if I do, it's on you.
A'ight Kev.
Let me see who ass
gettin' dropped today.
Don't be drinking
none of this gummy juice.
Shit'll kill you.
Yo, Kev.
Hit that nigga.
Hit that nigga, Kev.
Yeah, hit his faggot ass!
The fuck you waitin' on?
Do it! Come on.
Let's go.
How you like that, Chiron?
Yo, I think he want another.
Another one. Do it.
Give it to him.
Don't you get up, bruh.
You stay down!
Yeah if he get back up,
knock his faggot ass back down.
- Chiron, stay down!
- He got up.
Come on, man.
Stay down.
Do it again.
Do it! Do it!
Listen, son...
If you don't press charges...
I can't stop this from happening.
You don't even know.
- Oh I don't?
- Nu-uh.
You think all this
just started, boy?
- I ain't no boy.
- The hell you ain't.
If you were a man there'd be four other
knuckleheads sittin' right next to you.
You don't even know.
Listen, son, listen.
I'm not blaming you...
I'm not.
I know it's hard.
Believe me.
I'm not trying to disrespect
your struggle.
I just need you to know...
All right, all right.
Stay focused.
Hey... Hey, Chiron!
Get the fuck off me, niggas!
Get the fuck off me!
Don't look at me!
- Hello, homie?
- Yo, what's good with you, B?
Vibing, vibing?
- What's that?
- You vibin'?
- I'm trying to.
- Trying to?
So where the hos at?
Nigga, you smiling and shit like you don't
know what the fuck I'm talking about.
Where the hos at, nigga?
I don't know.
You tell me.
There's this bitch that stay
down the corner.
What's her name?
- Afrodesia.
- You making that up.
I don't believe you.
I ain't never seen you with
no bitch, I don't believe you.
- Her name Afrodesia.
- Her name Afrodesia? Where she at?
- She only come out at night.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You short, Travis.
- Wait, what?
- Where the rest of the roll?
It's all there.
I mean you might think I tripping, when
I handed it to you it was all there.
It's a'ight.
If it's all there
then count that shit then, Trav.
Count it.
If it's all there.
Move, you're in my spot.
Give me my fucking money.
You sayin' I'm a liar?
All right.
I ain't say that.
I told you to count what's off
and you said it wasn't.
That's you calling me a liar.
Nah, all I did was tell you that...
You-you did what?
I'm just fucking with you.
Count good.
Did real good.
Can't be on the corner
if you can't take a nigga
just fuckin' with you,
you feel me?
Chiron, this your mama.
I know it's late but... I figured you
ain't never been one much for sleep.
Atlanta ain't but so big... seemin' me you
come see your mama from time to time.
Hope you gettin'
some rest, baby.
Hope you come by soon.
Ma, it's late.
I'll be there tomorrow,
I promise.
Hey Black, I mean... Chiron.
What's up, man.
This... this Kevin.
You there?
Long time, no see, right?
Man, I had to ask Teresa
for your number, and...
Hold on, man.
You do-you do remember me, right?
Yeah, I do.
Been a while.
Yeah. Yeah, it has, man.
So, uh, where you at now, man?
I've been up here ever since... Yeah.
Yeah, man, that's what I heard.
Hey, man, I'm sorry about all that... All
that... shit what went down... Chiron.
Real shit, dawg, I am.
So, uh...
what you doin' up there, man?
Not much. Just...
just trouble.
Chiron and trouble
always found a way.
Yeah... something like that.
What about you?
I'm a cook, man.
Y-y-you a cook?
Yeah, buddy.
Man, I got sent up
for some stupid shit-
the same stupid shit
we always get sent up for.
They put me on the kitchen line,
man, and I kinda took to it.
Anyway, man, I just... I just
thought about you, man. I...
We got this jukebox in here and, uh...
and folks come by and play they songs,
that's the music
we get in here...
This dude, man...
just reminded me of you.
So, uh...
Hey man, if you ever come to town, man,
you come holla at me.
I'll cook you somethin'.
Maybe play that song for you.
All right man, um...
You be easy, all right?
How you been?
I'm all right.
I ain't sleepin'.
Why not?
- Right. If you knew you'd...
- Bad dreamin'.
You ever thought about talking
about it with somebody?
Maybe not even a counsellor.
Maybe somebody like your mama?
Yeah... Yeah, it sound
funny to me too.
You talk to Teresa?
How she doing?
When you go home, Ma?
This is home. You know... I mean,
they allowing me to stay and work
as long as I like. I figure...
might as well help other folks.
Keep myself out of trouble.
That's good, Mama.
Yeah, I think it is too.
I really do.
So, you still in them streets?
Didn't come all the way
the hell to Georgia
to have you fallin' in the same shit, Chiron.
- Im'ma go. Im'ma go...
No, no, no, no, you gon' listen!
To who, Ma? Huh?
To you?
Really, though?
I messed up.
I fucked it all the way up.
I know that.
But yo' heart ain't gotta be
black like mine, baby.
I love you, Chiron.
I do.
I love you, baby.
But you ain't gotta love me.
Lord knows I did not have love for
you when you needed it, I know that.
So you ain't gotta love me...
but you gon' know
that I love you.
You hear?
You hear me, Chiron?
I hear you, Mama.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
Come here, Mama.
Be right with you.
How y'all doin'?
Good? All right.
I'll take these.
I'll be right back
with your check.
Be right with you, boss, just
let me get this out the way.
All right...
All right, man,
how you doing tonight?
What can I get you...
Damn man,
why you ain't say nothin'?
'Sup, Kev?
Damn, man, what...
What you doing down here?
I mean...
Hey, hey...
You here now, man,
that's all that matter.
There go that damn noddin' again, man, you
ain't-you ain't changed one damn bit.
You still can't say more than three words
at a time, huh?
Said you was gon' cook for
me, I know how to say that.
Yeah, I did say that, didn't I?
Don't look like your ass
been missing no meals.
But I got you, man.
Sit down.
Sit down, man.
What you want?
You can order off the menu
if you want to, or...
Hey... I could just hit you
with that chef's special.
We here, Chiron.
One chef's special...
coming right up.
Chef's special.
Oh, so you Cuban now?
Only in the kitchen, Papi.
Yo, sit down, man.
Or are you gon' eat standin' up?
You want a drink?
Nah, I don't drink.
Nigga I ain't seen you in like a
decade, you gon' drink with me.
Nah, bruh, nah!
What you doing, man?
Welcome back, bruh.
Damn, bother, I thought
you said you didn't drink...
Can't really taste it
so I don't mess with it.
- I saw that. I saw that.
- What? What?
You don't wanna waste none of that, do you?
It tastes good.
Chill out, man.
It's straight.
- Say what?
- It's straight.
It's straight.
Man, please, it's better
than Chef Boyardee, ain't it?
Chill out, bruh.
My Spaghetti-O's go hard, man.
Hey, eat your dinner, man.
Eat your dinner.
Got it, Mr. George?
I'll be back.
Hey man, you...
you remember Samantha?
Fine-ass Samantha.
Yeah, I remember her.
Check this out.
Kevin Jr.
Me and Samantha, man.
We had him young, too young.
Man, when I got locked up,
man, that shit was hard.
Wasn't no way I could
go back the streets, man.
Not after this.
- Y'all still down?
- Me and Sam?
Nah. I mean... we cool.
We gotta be, you know, 'cause of li'l
man, but... nah, not like that, man.
What about you, bruh?
What about me?
Nigga... tell me somethin'.
I mean, what you doin'?
Who you doin'?
Man, come on now.
I've been back there
in that kitchen, man,
and cooked for your ass and everything,
man, hey, these grandma rules, man.
You know the deal.
Your ass eat, your ass speak.
All right, straight up?
Yeah, nigga, straight up.
I'm trappin'.
When they sent me to Atlanta, put me
straight into juvie for beatin' the old boy.
Met this dude in there.
When I come out,
he put me on the block.
Did good at it and rose up.
It is what it is.
Bullshit, man.
That ain't what it is.
That ain't you, Chiron.
Nigga, you don't know me.
I don't know you?
There you are.
Why you got
them damn fronts, man?
Why'd you call me?
Why did you call me?
I told you, man... dude came in...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah...
He played this song, man...
This you?
You wasn't playin'
'bout them traps, huh.
Ride dirty, huh?
Something like that.
So how you be in to work?
Sometimes Samantha shoot me out
there when I got Li'l Kev.
I can't picture bein' in Miami
with no car.
- Man, it's real out here.
- Yeah, I bet.
Real hot, real slow,
and real busted.
Shot me like a duck
out here, man.
This nigga said "a duck."
- Yeah, you on one.
- You know what I'm doin'.
Nah, I'm just tired, bruh.
Hey man, bet on the ride,
- Yeah.
- Appreciate it.
Yeah, man.
Can't have yo ass on no Jitney.
So Chiron...
What-what you looking at me
like that for?
What man, come on,
you just drove down here?
Like you was just... you was just on
one... and you hit the highway?
So where you gon' stay tonight,
Watch that shit.
- I got you.
This the spot.
Come on in.
Get yourself at home.
- This is real, man.
- I'm just... get out of this real quick.
You a'ight?
Yeah, no, I just
got a little headache.
Man, you a lightweight.
Nah, you was pouring that mug.
You was pouring it.
- "I can't taste this".
- Chill out, man.
- We had like three bottles.
- Yeah, three bottles.
I'll make you some green tea,
man, come on.
I won't be drinking
that shit either, man.
- What do you drink?
- Water.
Who is you, man?
Who, me?
Yeah, nigga. You.
I'm saying, man, them fronts.
That car.
Who is you, Chiron?
I'm me, man.
I ain't tryin'
to be nothin' else.
Oh, okay.
So you hard now?
- I ain't say that.
- Well then what?
Hey, hey, hey, I ain't tryin'
to hem you up, man, it's just...
I ain't seen you
in a minute and...
it's not what I expected.
Well what did you expect?
You remember...
You remember the last time
I saw you?
For a long time,
tried not to remember.
Tried to forget all those times.
When we got to Atlanta...
I started over.
Built myself from the ground up.
Built myself hard.
- What about you? You...
- Me?
I wasn't never really
worth shit.
Just kept on, man.
Never really did anything
I actually wanted to do.
It was all I could do was to do what folks
thought I should be doing.
I wasn't never really myself.
And now?
Now, man... now I got li'l Kev.
Got this job.
Another 18 months of probation.
That's some real shit, man.
Nah, man.
It's a life.
You know?
I ain't never had that before.
Like, I'm tired as hell
right now, man,
and I ain't making more
than shoe money, but...
I ain't got no worries, man.
Not them kind what I had before.
That's that real shit.
That's that Bob Marley shit,
You the only man
that's ever touched me.
You're the only one.
I haven't really
touched anyone, since.