Moonlight Butterfly (2022) Movie Script

Hey you!
Slow night, I know.
But stop chattering!
- Eunice, what's that?
- Mommy, I'll just walk them out.
Alright. Make it quick.
Choi, it's too early.
I hate you.
Sorry, baby.
Next time I'll come alone.
Your friend is no good.
Don't bring him here again.
Yes, I promise.
You know me.
I always love you
very long time. Okay?
Not tonight.
Sorry again.
Thanks, kimchi boy.
Go home and drive safe.
Sorry again.
Good night!
- Good night!
- Take care.
Where are you going?
Sneaking out again?
No. I'm not going anywhere.
Don't be long.
All that talking's bad
for business. Enough!
where's your Korean?
He left after just
an hour and a half.
Tough luck.
His friend couldn't hold his liquor.
Doesn't he always stay till closing time?
Yes, sis. And usually he tips me
five grand minimum.
Not tonight.
Wait, where's your guest?
Lousy Indian told me to wait for him.
But it's almost midnight!
Slow night alright.
Mika, can I ask for a favor?
You're sneaking out again?
I'm going for a stroll.
Why waste a full moon?
Go, girl. Good luck!
Big sis.
Mom wants to know if her dialysis
will push through tomorrow.
Why wouldn't it?
Since when did she miss one?
She's embarrassed to ask...
if you have money.
Tell her not to worry.
I'm on it.
What about my tuition fee?
Heck, one expense at a time, okay?
Your exams are set for next week.
I'll make sure
your tuition's paid by Friday.
Thanks, sis.
Hi there, beautiful!
How much?
Choosy whore. Screw you!
Good evening!
Hi! Good evening!
What are you?
A moonlight butterfly?
Must be my lucky night.
Hop in!
I'm Elliot.
What's your name?
Nice name. Suits you.
So you speak Tagalog.
Of course!
I've lived here in
the Philippines for years.
I thought my English was going
to be tested tonight.
But you know what?
I'm down.
For speaking English
and whatever pleases you.
Guard, park the car please.
Thank you.
Thank you for the shirt.
You're welcome.
You know I wasn't planning
on getting laid tonight.
But then I saw you standing there
looking at me.
Looking like a million bucks.
Are you for real?
What do you mean?
I just can't believe that
you're a streetwalker.
I do that once in a blue moon, Elliot.
I'm a GRO.
Fancy euphemism for bar girl.
Guest Relations Officer.
the point I'm trying to make is...
that you're too pretty,
too smart,
too special to be a streetwalker.
Remember what I called you
when I first laid eyes on you?
Moonlight butterfly.
Is there such a thing?
A butterfly under the moon.
You're a rare breed, Eunice.
I should pay you top dollar.
Then pay me what I'm worth.
Alright! Here comes my tuition fee!
Don't be silly.
Mother comes first.
Where is she?
Inside. Waiting for you.
Sorry, Ma. Traffic was bad.
You got here just in time.
I'm good to go.
For your dialysis and your meds.
Thank you, my daughter.
God bless you!
I'm so lucky to have you.
Don't forget your health card.
It's with me.
How much is your tuition again?
Round it off to ten thousand.
Come on.
No. Here's six thousand.
The change is your allowance till Friday.
Love you, sis.
I haven't had much sleep,
so Grace will be your reliever later.
Hello there.
- Good morning!
- We're going.
Kevin's here. Let's go, ma!
Get some rest.
- Yes, Ma.
- Sleep tight.
Let's go.
Carry my bag, please.
Wait a sec!
Eunice, it's Grace!
Come in.
Thanks, sis.
I haven't slept a wink.
Hey, I'm a caregiver.
I'll take care of your mom.
You know why?
An American kept me up all night.
He's handsome.
Late thirties.
Exactly your type.
Oh shit!
That's what I'll be looking for
in California.
I thought you were applying for Qatar.
The job in Doha didn't pan out.
I'm with a new placement agency.
For a job in the US.
What? Your chances are slimmer
if it's the US!
That's not what they told me.
It's for direct hiring
by a nursing home in California.
They need a lot of caregivers.
Boss is Fil-American.
Well then, good luck!
Hope you make it.
I need a favor.
I'm going to the agency tomorrow.
I don't have enough money.
Could you lend me 2,500 pesos?
I'll pay you back at the end
of the month.
No problem, sis.
I hit the jackpot last night.
- Thank you!
- Wait a sec.
Here. 2,500 pesos.
Hope it helps.
Thank you so much.
You're always a friend in need.
I should go now.
Your brother's waiting.
He still has to go to school.
Take care.
Thanks again.
Now I can rest.
Oh no! I haven't slept enough.
How are you, my love?
My love!
Did I wake you up?
It's alright. I'm up now.
I have good news, though.
What is it?
I have a new part-time job.
I'll start on Monday.
Oh? Congrats, my love!
What's your new job?
Office assistant in an agency.
It's near the school and this dorm.
How nice!
Next month, you just
need to pay for my tuition.
The rent here is mine.
I don't want to rely on you
for everything.
My love, I didn't ask you to look
for a part-time job.
I know your academic load is full.
Yes, but my work is flexi-time.
And my boss is quite considerate.
Told me I could study
during slow hours.
Fine. I'll just deposit your allowance
and tuition for this month tomorrow.
Thank you.
I owe you so much already.
Don't mention it.
What matters is your dream to become
a cop is almost within reach.
Just a little more grind.
It's for our future.
My love, is it a placement agency
that you'll be working for?
Grace's new agency.
She told me about the job opening.
Yeah. She did tell me
about her new agency.
But she forgot to mention
that you two met in Manila.
We just bumped into each other
in Carriedo last Monday.
Does she know you've been hired?
No, not yet.
I called you immediately
after the agency texted me earlier.
Alright. I'll tell Grace
when she gets here.
She and mom are on their way home.
Oh. She watched over your mom's dialysis?
I'll visit you on Saturday.
Alright, my love.
I'll wait for you.
Bye, my love.
Hello there, Elliot!
Hey, Nilo! What have you got for me?
Not much,
but I bet you'll be pleased.
Oh yeah?
Surprise me.
First off,
Eunice is not an alias.
It's legit?
Her full name is
Janet Eunice Santiago Alitagtag.
Most people call her Janet.
You mean Juh-net?
No! It's Janet. Accent on the
second syllable.
It's how we locals pronounce it.
I'll stick to Eunice, thank you.
Suit yourself.
But what a coincidence, right?
What coincidence?
You're Joseph Elliot, aren't you?
You both have two first names.
Right! I didn't give her an alias, either.
She's 22 years old.
She looks younger with no makeup.
Valedictorian, Angeles Elementary School.
Honorable mention,
Angeles City National High School.
Get this.
Took up Political Science
at Polytechnic University
of the Philippines.
She wanted to be a lawyer.
No shit?
I shit you not!
She finished two semesters
before she dropped out.
Mom's a widow.
Has end-stage renal disease.
How unfortunate!
Has a younger brother, Dario.
Third year Nursing student.
So a family of three
and she's the sole breadwinner.
Does she have a boyfriend?
I'll need more time and resources.
She's not active on social media.
Private and discreet.
I like it!
I did find an old Facebook account.
Also no boyfriend info.
It says her favorite movies
are political and historical dramas.
And also spy thrillers.
Aha! What did I tell you?
A girl after my own heart!
Oh man, I'm in love!
What? You're in love again?
How many times have
I heard that from you?
I'm telling you.
This girl's different.
She's cut from a different cloth.
She's legit.
She's badass!
She has zero criminal record,
so take that for what it's worth.
Well, that's all I need to know.
I'm glad she's not
some crazy bitch
who'll stab me in the throat
while I'm sound asleep.
Maybe not.
Chances are...
she will break your heart...
and empty your bank account.
I don't think she's a gold digger.
Too early to tell.
Come on, Elliot.
Just drink your milk.
Don't buy the whole cow!
I can afford it!
Let's throw away all my research.
You're a big boy.
You know what you're getting into.
Eyes wide open, my friend.
As your friend,
it's my duty to tell you
to proceed with caution.
If you could only wait,
I bet I can dig up
some skeletons in her closet.
I'm sure she's harmless
as a butterfly.
I have a good feeling about her.
She's a keeper.
It's good that your roommate's
always not around.
Always on hospital duty.
You really want to join
the Special Action Force?
Isn't that dangerous?
You don't want a regular
police assignment here in Manila?
My love, I've always dreamed
of becoming a SAF commando.
And not just SAF.
I want to be with the Anti-Terrorism Unit.
I'll go around Mindanao
and kill all the terrorists there.
They're a menace to society.
You know what?
The cab I rode from Cubao broke down
just before I got here.
So what happened?
I felt like somebody was following me.
You know I have a sixth sense
when it comes to these things.
You're funny, my love.
I thought you saw a terrorist.
Worried about your lousy stalker?
You've nothing to fear.
I'll walk with you and guard you
until you get a cab.
How dare they!
Very soon I'll be a cop.
If they so much as touch
a strand of your hair,
I'll whip them with my nightstick.
You're a comedian.
Always remember...
that this is all yours.
Nobody owns this.
Property of Janet Eunice Alitagtag.
Enough of this silliness.
I have to go.
You want to live here?
What are you saying, Elliot?
I want you all to myself
is what I'm saying.
Are you sure?
Can we just sit first?
Have a seat.
Let's be clear about this.
You want me to quit my job
and play housewife?
Something like that.
But this is just our third date, Elliot.
It's not that simple.
I'm the breadwinner of my family.
I'm a bachelor who's been wise
with his money.
I'm a widower with no kids.
I can take care of all your family's needs,
as well as yours.
I can give you a comfortable life.
All the pampering you deserve,
within reason.
You know what?
You're a good man, Elliot.
And a good-looking man.
I really like you a lot.
So why don't you...?
Because I don't want to exploit you.
I don't want to bleed you dry.
I know my job is not something
to be proud of.
But I like earning my own money.
I don't wanna sit here all day and just...
wait for you to come home.
So you're saying no?
No, sweetheart.
I'm not.
Maybe we could compromise?
So what's your plan?
I'll just work part-time.
Two to three times a week.
I don't get it.
I'll just work tables.
No more all the way in the VIP room.
No more bar fines.
You're turning wholesome?
You'll turn off your customers.
I'll get in trouble.
If they'll stop patronizing me,
then it's fine by me.
If all they want is pussy,
every girl here has one.
Even you!
Screw you! Leave my retired pussy alone!
I'll whack you with my flashlight.
Just kidding, Mommy.
I just need a transition period
to find out if I really love Elliot.
And if I should live
with him for good.
Or if you should stick to your boyfriend
who's studying in Manila?
Oh, screw you, Mika!
She told you that?
Silly! I know Roy.
He was a hosto at Hercules, right?
I was a floor manager there
before I got here.
In fairness,
your baby boy is a cutie.
He's lucky you dressed him up
and sent him to school.
But does your American know?
Is he a good man?
Your news is a surprise to me.
I wasn't expecting it, either.
But he's very nice.
And so sweet.
Except he's secretive due
to the nature of his job.
What if he were a mob boss?
No, Ma.
Okay, I'll tell you,
but don't tell others.
Not even Dario.
Fine. If it's a secret, I'll keep it.
You know, Ma.
He works at the US Embassy.
But his office is in Clark.
Twice a month he reports
to the Manila office.
He asked me not to talk about it to anyone.
He had a girlfriend once
who couldn't keep her mouth shut.
Her relatives were shameless.
They expected him
to grant them US visas.
That's not allowed
for them.
No worries.
No one I know needs a US visa, anyway.
You forgot Grace.
Oh. You're right.
Just keep quiet about this, okay?
All you know is that
Elliot is a businessman.
No problem, my child.
what now?
So I'll wait for you on Sunday?
Yes, Ma. I love you!
bless me.
You're early.
I haven't prepared lunch.
No worries. I'll just order food.
Dario would love that!
Kevin, too.
He's here again?
Yes, he's there
with your brother.
Dario, Kevin!
What do you want to eat?
- What do you want to eat?
- Sis, is it true?
Sis, is it true?
Roy is your boyfriend?
Beware of him.
He could be just after your money.
Who told you that?
Miss Enyang.
And you believed her?
My point is,
of all the men who want
to throw money at you, why him?
You're too young
to be a sugar mommy!
Why don't I know about that?
I heard Enyang's son
is a callboy.
A hosto is different
from a callboy.
Roy is faithful to me.
If I'm helping him financially,
it's because I want to.
Not because he demands it from me.
Your brother and I
are just concerned for you.
For you.
Thank you.
Remember I told you last week
that I knew a surgeon
who does kidney transplants
at the National Kidney Institute?
You told me that?
I remember you saying
something about a surgeon.
But I didn't hear you say
kidney transplant.
Well, George says it could go anywhere
from 800 thousand up to P1.5 million.
Still too expensive?
Not for me.
Are you saying you'll pay
for my mother's transplant?
Of course!
Why else would I call him otherwise?
Oh my God!
Thank you, sweetheart!
Wait a minute.
Let's not get too excited yet.
He said the only way your mom
could get operated on immediately,
assuming she's healthy enough,
is if she has a guaranteed donor.
No problem, sweetheart.
No, no.
I wouldn't recommend it,
and George wouldn't either.
It's too risky, Eunice.
Your quality of life could be
in serious jeopardy.
I won't allow it.
Good thing there's another way.
I can pull some strings.
My friend and I can find her
a perfect donor match.
So, take her to the Kidney Institute
in Manila next week.
So she can get examined by Doc George.
Thank you so much.
I'm gonna go for a swim.
What are you doing?
You've rejected
my call four times!
Roy, you know what that means.
I have company.
You entertain guests
even on a Sunday?
It's work, Roy.
It's work.
So who's the lucky guy?
He must be so special!
Customer, Roy.
Customer? But you keep calling me Roy.
Why can't you say my love?
You're so obvious!
How can I be sweet to you
when you won't even let me explain?
You're an asshole!
Asshole? So now I'm the asshole!
I'm the bad guy?
That guy must be your new boyfriend.
Admit it!
Stop it, Roy.
I'm just working.
Stop disturbing me.
So I'm disturbing you?
Let's just break up then.
Just be with
your new boyfriend, bitch!
Is everything okay, sweetheart?
That was Dario.
He said Ma couldn't sleep last night.
She kept vomiting.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
I hope she gets better soon.
Oh, you're very ticklish!
Yes, sir. It's your beard.
Oh yeah?
You're very quiet.
You don't like other girls?
You must be choosy.
Too bad my friend
is absent again.
She's very pretty
and she speaks very good English.
But he likes you.
You like me?
Bashir and I have
the same taste in women.
And we like sharing them between us.
You mean you like threesome?
Habibi, that's exactly what we want.
It depends on how much
and if you won't tell Mommy CJ.
Okay. Let's drink together!
The car's there already.
Do you see the driver?
Yeah, we're walking to the car now.
Alright. Dr. George Limjoco
will see you and your mom at 10:30am.
Thank you, sweetheart.
- Bye, Dario.
- Take care, Ma.
Oh, God!
- Dario.
- Bye, sis.
Hey, bro.
You're working out, sorry.
I'll just return later.
Why are you leaving?
You're busy with your workout.
What? Since when did you
care about my privacy?
Be mindful when you catch me
jerking off, numbnuts!
I have extra dumbbells.
Work out with me.
You're an idiot!
Screw you!
Son of a bitch!
I didn't know you were gay, asshole!
Bro, I love you!
I wish you'd love me, too!
Get out of here, dickhead!
Damn it!
Screw you, Roy!
If you don't wanna talk, then fine!
- Are you sure he's coming?
- Yeah, he said so.
I texted him.
He said he's coming.
There he is.
Roy, wait!
- What's this?
- Come here.
Didn't I tell you
I don't wanna talk to her?
Come on.
If you had told me she's with you
I wouldn't have come here.
Please, you two should talk.
I'll move to another table.
Come on.
My love...
My love, please forgive me.
I was wrong.
I know it was my fault.
I'll make it up to you.
Make-up? Sure. I want make-up sex.
You're unbelievable.
You're annoying.
You're more annoying.
My love, if we're in your dorm right now,
we'd be doing it immediately.
What's stopping you?
There's nobody else around.
Hello? Grace is here.
Hello, horny couple!
I could disappear in an instant if you
wish to get it on right here.
I just need bus fare for the ride
back to Angeles.
I'm easy to talk to.
I'm cheap, too.
Are we okay now, my love?
Kiss me first.
I found him in his room
hanging by his neck.
Unconscious but thank God
he was still breathing.
We're just waiting for
an ICU to be available
so the doctors can check
if he has brain injury.
Oh God, please save my child!
Forgive me for what I did to him.
I got carried away.
It wasn't your fault, Dario.
What Kevin did was wrong.
But thank you for rushing here.
can you talk to him?
This is Dario.
Sorry for what happened.
Forgive me. I lost my temper.
I really had no idea
that you were like that.
I'm not mad at you.
I still love you as a friend.
I forgive you.
I accept you for who you are.
I don't want to lose you.
His hand twitched!
I can feel you, bro!
Bro, we're here for you.
I'm here.
Kevin, my son!
Oh my God!
Lord, save my child!
Lord, save my child!
Here's your drink, sweetheart.
You didn't have work.
Yet you came home past midnight.
What the hell did you do in Manila?
I told you.
I accompanied my best friend, Grace.
And we met up with
a common friend of ours.
Is this friend a handsome man
named Roy?
That was us this afternoon.
Tell me,
is he your boyfriend?
Of course not!
Sweetheart, he's Grace's boyfriend.
Are you telling me the truth?
I swear.
If you want, we can talk to Grace now
and you can ask her yourself.
No need.
I have no time for this shit right now.
You should meet Grace, sweetheart.
She's a nice girl.
You're going to like her.
Maybe when I get back.
I'm leaving tomorrow
for an overseas assignment.
Where are you going?
Don't tell anyone.
I'm going to Iraq.
Isn't it dangerous there?
Extremely dangerous.
Especially for Americans.
So why go there?
Are you out of your mind?
I'm not going to Baghdad,
the war-torn capital.
I'm going to Kurdistan,
the safest region in Iraq.
Are you sure about that?
Yes, I'm sure.
And by the way,
my first destination is Cairo, in Egypt.
Cairo is perfectly safe.
Much safer than Manila.
Sweetheart, can you just stay in Cairo?
I should have just told you I'm flying
to London or Paris.
This is my second time...
to travel to Kurdistan via Cairo.
My contacts there have
established a safe route
with all the proper
security protocols.
Alright? There's no need to worry.
How long will you be gone?
Three weeks to a month.
I'm not sure.
I'm gonna miss you, sweetheart.
I'm gonna miss you more,
my moonlight butterfly.
I'll call you every day.
Or every other day.
Depends how busy I get.
You take care over there, okay?
I'll transfer money to your bank account
tomorrow before I leave.
For all your many expenses
while I'm gone.
I'll add some extra so you have
nothing to worry about.
Thank you, sweetheart.
But I'm warning you.
My kindness has its limits.
I have eyes and ears everywhere.
No more fooling around,
or you'll be sorry.
Not too rough!
- Stay still!
- Stop!
Don't do that!
Don't do that!
Oh no! Mika!
Aren't you the floor manager
of the club?
When did you last see Mika?
She didn't come to work last night.
Went solo tripping again
so she could pocket the bar fine.
She has a regular customer.
An Indian. But I don't know
if he came to pick her up.
What else do you remember?
Do you have CCTV in the club?
Yes, but it's not working.
What good is a CCTV
if it's busted?
How could we identify
who killed her?
Sir, did you see the white car
following us earlier?
No, ma'am. Didn't notice anything.
Fine. Just wait here.
We're going back to the condo.
Okay, ma'am.
Rice cake!
Buy some rice cake!
Careful, Ma. Careful.
Dario, put all the stuff in the trunk.
Are all my meds in that bag?
Yes, I put them all here.
Are you sure you didn't forget anything?
I'm sure.
Go! Go! Go!
Let's go for a swim?
No! The water's deep!
Eat all you want, brother.
We have too much food.
Thanks, sis.
Ma, have some more.
Oh my, this is too much!
Enjoy. That's for you.
Keep eating.
Hi, Elliot!
Meet my family.
They're here.
- This is Dario.
- Hi.
And this is mom.
- I am the mother! Hello!
- Hello, ma'am. Nice to meet you.
Sweetheart, thank you so much!
No problem.
You guys, enjoy.
And take care.
We'll just eat some more.
Eat your food.
Yes, Ma.
- Like the food?
- Delicious!
I know, right? More rice?
Careful, ma'am.
Alright. You kids better go.
I'll be fine.
- You're not allowed here.
- They'll take care of me.
You can go now. Bye.
Are you okay, ma'am?
Ma, take your meds.
Thank you, my child.
Sis, I thought mom's getting
a kidney transplant.
I thought so, too.
What happened?
The doctor's secretary
called me the other day.
She was so happy to break the news
that a kidney donor had been found for Ma.
But she wanted to know where Elliot was.
I need to make a P500,000
deposit immediately.
Dario, where am I supposed to get
that kind of money?
I'll be selling my jewelry later.
Just for our expenses.
So where's your American boyfriend?
Has he stopped calling you?
I know you...
Being a stalker makes you thirsty, right?
Thank you.
I'm Nilo.
Can I call you Big Bro Nilo?
I prefer that to dad.
Or Grandpa or Uncle.
How long have you been
following me around?
About three months.
I knew it.
I wasn't just being paranoid.
You went to the club
a few times, correct?
I heard you were
Mika's regular guest.
Three times.
Have you found out
who killed her yet?
Maybe if your club had CCTV.
If you've been on my tail
for three months,
how many times did you
follow me to Manila?
Also three.
Where's Elliot?
What happened to him?
Is he still alive?
According to my contact at the US Embassy,
he's still in Baghdad.
But, he's missing in action.
Missing or they just don't know
where his body is?
In war zones like Baghdad,
the death of an American is big news.
Terrorists would be happy to report that.
That's why I feel strongly in my gut
that he's very much alive.
I worry about my loved ones.
I've stopped receiving any
financial support from your friend.
I need to make money
for my family.
My mother's health is in danger.
I know.
I understand.
Well then it's time for you...
to stop following me around.
There are things I need to do
that I don't want you to see.
I hope you'll respect
my privacy from now on.
I know you have somebody new.
Our neighbors know all about it.
An American guy
has put you up in a condo.
We had an understanding.
I accepted that you went out
with different men for money.
It was your job.
But to live with a man?
So that's why you had
no more time for me.
And then you stopped
paying for my tuition.
But Roy...
There's nothing more to discuss.
Let's not drag this out any longer.
No need to blame each other.
Please let me explain.
I owe you a lot.
I still love you.
That's why I want us
to part ways as friends.
I'm setting you free.
Do the same for me.
Good evening, my beautiful princess!
Come. Come.
Good evening, sir.
My name's Habib.
And I'm your Persian prince.
I want you to come home with me.
Come here!
Come here!
- I cannot wait.
- Wait.
- You're so beautiful.
- Slowly.
You're so sexy.
- Slowly.
- I cannot wait.
I cannot wait.
I cannot wait, my princess.
Here, my beautiful princess.
Thank you, my prince.
you took me to paradise, my love.
In return,
I wish I could give you
the keys to my kingdom.
But pardon me,
my kingdom is in the
ancient city of Tehran.
Here, in your country,
I can only take you
to rooms like this.
I'm sorry.
No, this room's alright.
It's not so bad.
Really? This is fine by you?
So you speak Tagalog?
Just a little.
I understand because
it's my fifth time in the Philippines.
You, my princess, where do you live?
Here in Angeles.
I live with my
mother and younger brother.
A small house...
in a not very nice neighborhood.
Soon, my mission here in
the Philippines will be done.
And if you continue
to be nice to me,
maybe I will buy you
a big mansion for your family.
You, your mother and your brother
will never want for anything ever again.
I promise you a life
of comfort and luxury.
I only want one
thing from you in return.
What is it?
Your absolute loyalty.
You understand?
Yes, my prince.
I'm kidding.
I'm joking. Relax.
Cheers, my princess!
You are my chosen one.
I cooked you carbonara.
Thanks, sis.
I had no choice, sis.
Up to now I still have
no news about Elliot.
His NBI agent friend believes
he's been captured by terrorists
and is being held for ransom.
Guess I'm lucky
I met Habib.
He's generous like Elliot.
Good! No need to pawn or
sell your stuff.
Yes. Ma's back on her
regular dialysis sessions.
And I have money for
Christmas and New Year.
But Habib scares me.
He's overly jealous and possessive.
Said he'd kill me if he saw
me with another man.
Oh no. Beware of that guy.
Have you heard from Roy?
Hey! What happened with you?
Are you alright?
Come. Sit down.
What's up with you, sis?
I think I smelled something
that upset my stomach.
The smell of shawarma
or an Arab man?
Sorry. Must be Habib's scent.
Could be it.
I don't eat shawarma, remember?
Well, I eat both.
Shawarma and Arab men.
You know your friend,
the Super Whore.
When I die I want my epitaph to read:
Here lies Janet Eunice Alitagtag.
Super Whore.
Please don't belittle yourself.
Yesterday, I got into a fight
with our neighbors.
Because they keep spreading
nasty rumors about you.
As if they lead such
clean and wholesome lives.
Those bitches with their foul vaginas!
They don't even deserve
to wash your panties.
Sis, I love you so much!
Never forget that.
I'd kill for you if I have to.
Why do you have to kill anybody?
I can't believe
what I'm hearing from you.
Why so emotional today?
What's your problem?
Roy dumped me,
but I didn't cry to you.
But look, now I'm crying with you.
Stop crying, Grace.
No more tears.
Stop crying, Grace.
- Good evening!
- Yes?
Are you the landlady?
Girl, what are you doing here?
It's New Year's Eve.
It's been a week since
I last heard from Roy.
I reached him on his phone
on Christmas morning,
but the line was cut off.
Roy moved out December 22.
Moved out?
I kicked him out.
With all his belongings.
But why?
What a douchebag!
Turned this dorm into a motel.
His roommate caught him with his
girlfriend so the guy complained to me.
Who's his girlfriend?
A caregiver. She's applying
with an agency nearby.
Her name is Grace,
if I'm not mistaken.
The roommate said...
she's pregnant.
I have a big mouth.
Roy's your cousin, right?
What a waste...
What a waste.
He's supposed to graduate
this second semester,
but he threw away his future.
Did he say if he was
going home to Pangasinan?
His roommate mentioned
somewhere in...
Zamboanga, I think.
Can't remember where
exactly in Zamboanga.
It's Dipolog.
Grace is from Dipolog.
You know her?
Happy New Year, ma'am!
Alright then.
Happy 2020!
Sir, stop right here.
So, is this enough?
You two have no shame!
Damn you both!
You're unbelievable!
Janet, please stop! Janet!
Sis, I'm sorry!
You, too, asshole!
Please have mercy!
Sis, I'm sorry!
How dramatic of you to tell me
you were setting me free!
It turns out you were sticking
your nightstick somewhere else!
- Please forgive us!
- And you!
You had me in tears
with your award-winning moment.
You swore you'd kill
for me if you had to.
And then I found out
you're the biggest traitor!
You piece of shit!
Enough! Please, I beg you!
Sis, I know how much I've hurt you.
I would understand if you'll
hate me for the rest of your life.
I'm sorry, sis!
Janet, if you can't forgive us,
have some pity for
the child in Grace's womb.
Is that so?
Use your innocent baby
as your shield.
It's not even born yet, but it's already
paying for your sins.
You're made for each other.
I can't believe you two!
You're both shameless.
Both of you have no conscience!
Screw you both!
Sis, I'm sorry.
Let her be.
Where have you been?
I've been calling you but
I couldn't reach you!
Mom was looking for you
before she breathed her last.
She couldn't wait for you anymore.
Our first number...
is from the letter N.
Three with seven.
Number 37.
Second number.
Let's make it a lucky number.
From the letter O.
Six and five. 65!
And now for the next one.
Eunice, my princess!
How are you?
Have you been hiding from me?
I feel that you've been avoiding me.
What have I done to deserve this?
I miss you so much, my sweet,
sweet princess!
I'm sorry, my prince.
Sorry if I didn't reply to
your texts and calls.
My mom has died.
We're burying her tomorrow.
Oh no!
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm so sorry for your loss. I feel...
I feel so stupid for thinking
that you've been avoiding me.
May your dear mother...
rest in peace, my princess.
Thank you, Habib.
Do you need money
for the funeral expenses?
No, thanks.
I still have some left from
the last sum you gave me.
I will give you time
to grieve, my princess.
I was away for a couple of days,
but I'm back here at Angeles.
Call me when you're able to to accept
my deepest sympathies in person.
Yes, my prince.
I promise.
I'll see you soon.
On to the sixth number...
Hi sweetheart!
I'm back here in Cairo.
I'm alive and in one piece.
And in four days,
I'll be flying back to the Philippines.
I'll be in your arms once again.
I know this experience has caused
you so much worry and inconvenience.
I promise I'll make it up to you.
You don't know how much
I've missed you,
my moonlight butterfly.
For you, my princess.
Thank you, my prince.
I'm so sorry for the
loss of your mother.
But please don't cry too much.
I believe she's in a better
and happier place.
I've missed you so much, my princess.
I missed you.
I'm so glad to see you. Let's go.
Let's go.
We're going out on a date, my princess.
Why did we stop here?
I just have to talk to a couple
of friends for a minute.
Can you wait in the car?
Yeah, sure.
What am I supposed to do with that?
Hold that gun
and stay in the car.
I don't trust those two men.
If they kill me, they will
come after you next.
I need you to know how to
protect yourself, my princess.
I'm just kidding.
I'm just joking.
Stay in the car, okay, princess?
How are you, sis?
Has Elliot arrived?
Not yet.
His flight got postponed.
He was supposed to come home today.
Breaking news.
A big explosion happened this morning
in the public market of Dipolog City,
Zamboanga del Norte.
More than 30 persons
are believed to have died
and even more were injured.
Authorities believe the blast was
the handiwork of terrorists.
The explosion happened
at the wet market section.
The casualties were mostly
meat and fish vendors.
Sis, what's wrong?
That's where Roy and Grace sell fish.
Hi sweetheart!
Elliot, have you returned?
I'm back in the Philippines.
I'm here in Dipolog.
Your coffee.
Nilo's been here since last night.
There was an alert level for Dipolog.
That's why I went straight here.
Sweetheart, the Dipolog
market was bombed!
I know, sweetheart.
Roy and Grace.
I can't reach them.
Please look for them.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
They both died in the explosion.
It was a targeted attack.
And we couldn't stop
the terrorists on time.
I'm sorry I have to go.
I'll call you later.
Roy and Grace.
They're gone.
Just a minute.
- Sweetheart!
- How are you?
I'm so glad you're here.
I missed you so much.
I'm sorry about your mom.
It wasn't your fault.
And your friends.
I'm sorry for your loss.
It's okay, Elliot.
I'm just glad you're home.
Habib Boustani.
Of course, that's just one
of his six known aliases.
He's the leader of a
Islamic State terrorist cell
currently operating
across Southeast Asia.
Looks familiar,
doesn't he?
You know him.
You know him in the
Biblical sense, right?
Let me tell you something.
The bombing in Dipolog...
that killed your friends?
That's his handiwork.
So now you know him very well!
You know him, don't you?
Answer me, you whore!
I was a whore
when you met me!
I never lied about that.
And please leave
the Bible out of this.
Who do you love more?
Don't be stupid. Of course, it's you!
I don't love Habib.
I just needed him
when you were gone.
When I didn't know
if you were still alive.
Why should I believe you?
I don't know anymore how many
and how deep all the secrets and lies
that Nilo has dug up about me.
But if he did his job well enough,
he should know that
my love for you is true.
Do you really love me?
I do!
Will you marry me?
You love surprises, don't you?
Yes, Elliot.
I don't need a ring.
I'll marry you any time.
Just tell me when.
How far will you go...
to prove your love for me?
I'll do anything for you.
Anything you want.
I want you to spy on Habib.
Is that all?
If I could,
I wouldn't just spy on him.
I would kill him.
So I can avenge Roy and Grace.
You don't need to kill him yourself.
Leave that to the
police and the military.
You can avenge your friends safely,
without putting yourself
in unnecessary danger.
Show me how.
So you thought Nilo
was just my private eye?
He's the CIA's number one asset
here in the Philippines.
He was among the agents who
uncovered the Bojinka Plot.
You know what that was?
It was an elaborate
global terrorist operation
funded by Osama Bin Laden
that was meant to assassinate
Pope John Paul II
during the World Youth Day
celebration in Manila in 1995.
Good thing we busted them
one week before the event.
Their plan was to have
a suicide bomber pose as a priest
so he could approach the Pope.
Are you saying that Habib is
as big-time as those terrorists?
Maybe not.
We don't think so, no?
His threat level is low to moderate.
Well then, I guess you don't need me.
Why train me
to spy on Habib?
Just in case he slips through the dragnet
in Zamboanga, you need to be ready.
he'll probably call you when
he gets back to Angeles, right?
And he promised
to see me very soon.
In that case, we'll put
a wire in your bag.
A covert listening device.
With a small microphone.
So we could hear your
entire conversation.
And you'll follow us?
Of course.
And we'll also put a
miniature camera on you.
So we can see Habib
and his associates.
This is the camera over here.
I already have photos
of Habib's cohorts.
- Yeah.
- Whoa.
I have foresight.
Holy cow!
I know this guy.
He's Jordanian.
His name is...
Farhan Rabbani.
He's a member
of Jemaah Islamiya.
He used to be with Al-Qaeda.
And I know this other guy.
He's a Filipino, this jerk.
Bashir Usman.
That guy is Abu Sayyaf.
And they're here in Angeles for R & R?
Good work, Eunice.
The agency will reward you for this.
You're awesome.
We haven't activated
you yet as an agent,
but you've already produced a result.
You know why I took their picture?
You know...
As soon as I saw them,
I had a hunch that they
might be Mika's killers.
You might be right.
I'll send these pics to the cops.
And you should send them too,
to your floor manager.
She might recognize them.
You're right.
I didn't think of that.
Who's Mika?
Friend of hers who was murdered.
I'm sorry. I didn't know you lost
four people in your life recently.
That's right.
Three close friends
and my dear mother.
But I have no time to grieve.
What I want is...
I need to get back at Habib.
Like I said,
we'll teach you how to do
it smartly and safely.
First, we'll give you a crash course
on the constant threat of terrorism here
in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
And we'll teach you basic skills.
Like how to fire a gun for self-defense.
And how to defuse a bomb.
We're now talking about bombs.
This is getting scary.
No need to worry.
I'm pretty sure his cache
of explosives is in Mindanao.
The probability that you'll
come across a live bomb
while consorting with Habib
here in Angeles is very remote.
But it's possible.
Right. That's why you
should be prepared.
If you know the basic mechanics
of a bomb and how to stop it,
you have a big chance
of saving yourself and others...
in case you find yourself
in that situation.
I'll plug this in.
Watch closely.
Remember. Watch the clock.
Here's the timer.
One minute. Three. Four.
Here's how to reset.
And this is how to unplug.
I'll plug in the other one.
See how it's gone?
This is what suicide bombers wear.
Stand up. Put it on.
Wear it like a belt.
Remember everything I've taught you.
So you can defuse it.
Can you do it again?
Come over here.
I'll plug this in, okay?
Try it.
I'll disassemble.
ou put it all back together.
Watch closely.
Your turn.
That's right.
There you go.
Cock it.
Very good!
Good job.
There are now two cases
of the new coronavirus in the Philippines.
One of them, a Chinese man
believed to be from
from the city of Wuhan, died yesterday.
This is the first death due to Covid-19
recorded outside China.
Two weeks ago, the government
ignored public clamor for a travel ban
against incoming Chinese citizens
after reports about the rapid
spread of the SARS-Cov2
virus in Wuhan first came out.
Good evening, my sweet princess.
Is your American lover beside you?
You heard me right the first time.
Is Joseph.
Anderson beside you?
He's asleep.
I stepped out of the bedroom.
Good. Good.
Because somebody close
to you wants to say hi.
What are you doing there?
He abducted me!
He said he'll kill me if you don't get
here within an hour!
You heard your brother.
Now come over.
Okay, okay.
Please don't hurt Dario.
Tell me where you are
and I'll get there as soon as I can.
Not so fast, my princess.
Don't you dare tell him
about this phone call.
If you leave him a note...
or a message...
about this call.
I swear I'll kill you
both at the same time.
Do you understand?
Yes, my prince!
Elliot Dear,
Sorry I have to run to Habib.
He has my brother.
Love, Eunice
Come here, bitch.
Screw you! Where's Dario?
Your brother? He's sleeping in the room.
- Come here.
- Screw you!
- There he is.
- Dario?
Dario? Dario!
Get away! I'll kill you!
Stay away!
- Screw you! Screw you!
- You've been a bad bitch, huh?
- You've been a bad bitch to me.
- You're an animal!
You ungrateful whore!
I've been a naughty boy, my princess.
It's been three days.
But the media is still talking
about my little masterpiece!
Answer the phone, Eunice.
Please pick up!
What's wrong, Elliot?
Eunice left while I was asleep.
Left me a note that she went to Habib
because he kidnapped her brother.
I'm sorry.
Latest intel from Zamboanga
says the tail has gone cold.
Habib and his crew are
back here in Angeles.
- Then let's go and look for her.
- Give me your phone.
Come here. Listen to me.
Why did I choose to bomb Dipolog?
I could have chosen to bomb Sulu,
Tawi-Tawi or Davao.
Why I chose Dipolog
and why that market?
Because that's where your unfaithful ex
was selling fish with his pregnant wife.
I will call her
and triangulate her location.
She's not picking up!
That's fine.
I can track her phone
as long as it keeps ringing.
What would those assholes
want to do in this city...
besides do some bitches?
You know, Elliot?
Perhaps the Dipolog bombing was just
a distraction and a warm-up.
Didn't you learn anything
from the Bojinka Plot?
They might have a target here in Clark.
Something bigger and more important
than a public market.
What else could it be?
Clark Airport?
Most probably.
Oh shit!
Could be the Hot Air Balloon Festival
this coming Valentine's weekend.
Oh God!
Damn bitch!
Dario! Dario.
Is he gone?
He's going to be bomb the Hot Air
Balloon Festival and the airport, too?
Let's get out of here!
Hurry! Hurry!
Hurry, Dario!
Hey! Bitch!
You stupid bitch, come back here.
Come back here,
you stupid bitch!
Damn bitch!
You bitch!
After all the money that I gave you,
this is what you do to me?
This is what you do?
Get up, you whore!
Damn bitch!
Lie down, you whore.
I promise I will kill you and your brother.
You wait.
Give me your hands.
Don't move!
Don't move!
I promise I will kill
your brother and then you.
Hush, I promise,
I will kill you my princess.
You wait there!
What happened to your head?
It's bleeding.
Why are you so early
for this meeting?
What's that woman doing here?
You shouldn't bring a woman
into your apartment.
Don't worry about it.
She's not a problem.
They have no idea
we're back here in Angeles
and planning to bomb
that Hot Air Balloon Festival.
Regarding that festival,
we have a big problem.
This is supposed to be our target.
Our contact from
the city government called me.
The event is likely to be cancelled.
I heard that, too.
It's that virus!
It's here in the Philippines and
spreading fast around the world.
Next street, turn right.
What does it mean
if she's not picking up?
She's probably asleep.
Let's hope Habib is asleep as well.
Just a few kilometers away.
Step on it! Faster!
I see you already
have a contingency plan.
You know me.
I'm always ten steps
ahead of the game.
Did I tell you that I have a
contact inside the airport?
A senior security
at the south entrance.
On Sunday, I plan to bomb the airport
and kill as many as 500 people.
At 1pm, which is the schedule
I intended for this meeting,
that security guard will be there.
And he has terminal cancer.
For two million pesos, he will do
everything I tell him to do.
Quiet! Can you hear that?
Eunice! We're outside the building!
You bitch!
Stupid bitch!
I love you, Elliot!