Moonlight Mile (2002) Movie Script

Oh, hi.
Uh, right.
10:30. Right.
Uh, we're doing okay.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Whatever makes you comfortable.
Well, look, if we see
you after --
You know, whatever you want.
Thanks. Okay.
Oh, thanks for calling.
W-We just don't think
our daughter
would have wanted to hear
the God thing.
Oh, thank you.
See you there.
That was the rabbi.
lt's a done deal.
-- No God?
-- No God.
-- But Yahweh.
-- No Yahweh.
10:30, yes.
Oh. Oh.
Do you want us to hold it
for you?
No, we'll wait.
Well, you're on -- you're on
the throughway, right?
Lock your door.
Lock your door.
Lock your door.
We're all set.
# Feeling's gettin' stronger #
# Music's getting longer, too #
# Music is flashin' me #
# I want to #
# I want to #
# I want to take you higher #
# I want to take you higher #
# Baby, baby, baby,
light my fire #
# Yeah, hah #
# I want to take you higher #
# Boom shaka-laka-laka #
# Boom shaka-laka-laka #
Sometimes "ceiling."
Do you think the dead girl
was learning ltalian?
For the honeymoon --
she and the fianc.
The guys on set-up
heard they were planning a trip
to Rome before.
Uh, how are
the cheese coming?
I think maybe about --
about five more plates.
And maybe some of the mushroom,
the big sellers.
There should be some more out
in just a sec.
Joe, come here.
I want you to meet
the Meyersons.
our old neighbors.
Barbara, Don,
this is Joe Nast.
He's been here -- what? --
about three weeks now.
-- Oh.
-- Oh.
lsn't that great?
Joe's Diana's fianc.
Excuse me just a second.
There should be some more out
in just a second.
We're so sorry.
Thank you.
Beautiful girl.
I'm sure the two of you looked
just gorgeous together.
So, how are you enjoying
our town?
I beg your pardon?
So, now what?
The arraignment, huh?
String the asshole up
by his toes
and wait for a trial date,
T-The other one's a vegetable,
The wife.
Would --
Would you e-excuse me?
Even doggy
looks sad today.
Oh, my God.
You must be exhausted.
all of you.
Propping each other up,
running on adrenaline.
Probably haven't slept
in days.
I'm Stan Michaels,
friend of Ben and JoJo's
from school.
I'm a shrink.
Do you know what your plans are
until the trial?
Selfishly, I'm just asking
for my friends --
only child gone,
work at a standstill.
You know, JoJo hasn't touched
her typewriter since.
lt's only been three days.
Of course.
What I'm trying to say is,
I know this town
isn't home to you,
but I hope, for their sake,
you'll consider staying on.
You're all of Diana
they're gonna have left.
Joe, come talk to me.
Have you noticed there's usually
too much cheese at these things?
So, like, his mother
had canc--
Thanks again.
you were just fabulous.
Jo, are you cold?
Oh, not now.
Jo, what are you --
Honey, those are gifts.
Not gifts -- party favors.
Gifts from our friends.
They're supposed to be helpful.
"Grieving for Grownups"?
I'll show you helpful.
Oh, good.
We're all here now.
Let's dish, shall we?
Joe, you go first.
The Meyersons.
Oh, my God.
Didn't you just want
to smack 'em?
Why can't people think
before they spew?
And that matching, uh --
matching couple. The, uh --
The Hillers.
Oh, my God, those big dripping
looks of sympathy.
"She was such an angel."
How would they know?
They met her once
for two seconds,
and she was being
a total brat that day.
Oh, come on.
Funerals are awkward at best.
"Awkward at best"?
Put yourself
in their shoes.
What are they
supposed to say?
Nothing, thank you very much.
Not if it's cant and trite.
Did you hear
that clich parade?
And they were all over
this poor guy.
Well, it's a
first chance meeting.
What -- put yourself
in their sh--
Believe me, all our friends
are not such horror shows.
Just put yourself
in their --
I don't want to put myself
in their shoes, all right, Ben?!
Why the hell should I?
We are the ones that lost
the girl, for God's sake!
Let them put themselves
in our goddamn shoes!
Stop defending everyone.
Ah, look.
Here's the only honest one
that was here today,
even if he did vote
Did you see the projection
that he got
when he booted all over
that windbag Madeline?
Full velocity.
That was impressive,
wasn't it?
Good, good, good boy,
but I'm sensing.
.an encore here.
Ben, take him out before
he spreads the joy again.
I -- I could --
No, no. Go ahead.
Will you please stop?
Look, stop cleaning up,
Look, if we ever had
an excuse for once
to have our place
look like shit, it's now.
So just relish
the opportunity, okay?
-- Okay.
-- Come on, Nixon.
And lower your shoulders,
Thank you.
Come back to me.
Come on, Nixon.
I really miss cigarettes
right now.
That wonderful fog.
You never smoked,
did you, Joe?
Diana said you had
sweet breath --
the very first thing
she told me.
At least the girl had her
priorities straight.
Joe, what do you think
you're gonna do.
without our girl?
JoJo, I have no idea.
Promise you'll let me know
when you do.
Of course,
I'd like you to remain celibate
for the rest of your life,
lt's negotiable.
Now, the only way to guarantee
this asshole's
not gonna skate off on
a second-degree charge
is to have someone
back up intent,
and clearly his target,
the waitress --
common-law wife, concubine,
whatever --
you can bet
she'd have a thing or two
to say about premeditation
if she ever actually
pulls through this.
Two shots to the head, you can't
count on it at this point.
What we do have now
is a witness appears
who's tucked in a corner booth
out of the guy's eyeline.
Guy never saw him.
Now, I'll be talking to him.
But what he's laying out
lines up right with
the detective's scenario.
Which is?
Which is the wife
was the only server
on the floor at the time,
stations were empty.
She was refilling Diana's cup
at the counter
when the husband approached
and shot them both.
Diana was killed.
The wife took two shots
to the head.
The guy was caught on
the premises with the gun.
And in seven years,
he could walk.
And that's the difference
between second-degree
and life without parole.
Now, there's something else we
need to discuss at this point.
This may be a capital case,
a death-penalty case.
I need to know your feelings.
Oh, Christ.
I don't kn-- I don't know.
I -- Christ.
I just want it over.
No, no.
I want him eviscerated.
I want him strung up
and ripped apart.
-- Christ, Ben.
-- What, Josephine?
She asked.
She asked, so I'm telling her.
-- We never agreed to that.
-- We never had to.
ls it -- Do we really need
to decide this now?
Excuse me.
lt's ultimately the decision
of the D.A.'s office,
however, your feelings
influence that decision.
I just want you to be aware that
if we decide to go for death,
it may not be so easy to do.
What is the death penalty
Uh, is it --
is it better for us if he --
if he, uh -- if he shot
our daughter first?
Christ, Ben.
I'm afraid that --
that may be hard to prove.
I mean, what kind of a guy
is that who would do that?
He -- He --
He had to kill somebody.
ls he that crazy?
W-Why didn't he just shoot
his wife first?
Why did he have to kill
our daughter?
Because she was there.
We have your numbers.
Feel free to call.
Call me at any time.
What is it?
lt's like we're all waiting
for something to happen.
Good night.
Good night, Joe.
Don't you worry about us.
We're okay.
Say it, Joe.
-- Joe. Joe.
-- What?
I-I need some help.
I think we forgot something.
W-What is it?
The invitations.
We forgot the wedding
I didn't call the shop.
They had the master guest list.
The plan was they were gonna
just send them out directly.
Well, d-don't you think --
Never assume.
lt's the first rule of business.
You saw the sales girl.
She looked stoned.
I just -- I-I-I-I-I don't want
everyone getting them now.
Not now.
lt'd just be too uncomfortable.
I gotta be somewhere
at 9:00,
and then the, uh --
the D.A. at 11:00.
The D.A.
-- Ben.
-- Hmm?
I got it.
You think --
Could you get over there?
-- No problem.
-- Thanks, Joe.
lt's just -- it's just it --
it -- it --
it would just be
too uncomfortable.
You know, there's a drawer
at the bottom of the bureau.
lf you want, I could maybe
make some space for you.
Oh, no, no, no.
Ben, Ben, it's fine.
# Meet me in the morning #
# 56th and Wabasha #
# Meet me in the morning #
# 56th and Wabasha #
Ray, off!
Come on, Ray-Ray!
Nice kitty! Nice kitty!
Nice kitty!
Okay, nice kitty!
Sorry about that.
Ray likes boys.
a lot.
He gonna live?
He's never moved that fast
in his entire life.
Ray doesn't get
much company.
So, what can I do you for?
Go ahead, Ray.
Yeah, I, uh --
I, uh --
-- Hi.
-- Hi.
This is kind of strange,
but, um, I think you have
some mail here.
You think?
I mean that I'm --
that I'm looking for.
Anything special you had
in mind?
Wedding invitations.
You want 'em back?
I do.
What, did you forget to lick
the stamps?
All right.
Well, you coming or not?
Come on.
You all alone here?
Why, what'd you have
in mind?
Oh, no, I --
District manager's been talking
since Christmas
he's got subs coming in.
I think he forgot.
So it's just me
and the Bettys for now.
They're out on route.
We take turns --
butt behind the counter,
butt behind the wheel.
Except everyone seems
much happier
when I'm not behind
the wheel, so.
You're not from around here.
Boy shortage.
You notice.
So what,
you 4-F, flunk your medical?
Draft dodger? What?
I've never been called up.
You got kind of a slouch
going there.
Oh, it's, uh --
it's the shoes.
So now what -- now that you've
blown off the wedding?
I'm just trying to collect
my invitations.
Whatever you want.
But you better take 'em off.
I hate it when you leave
scuff marks.
So, did you ever see
that "Lucy" episode
where she's in this big vat
stomping grapes, making wine?
I feel like that every time
I climb in.
I pretend I'm in ltaly.
Feeling ltalian?
Uh, not just yet.
Give it a sec.
Okay, any particular color
we're looking for?
Uh, pink, I think.
Really? Your choice?
Hey, we get 'em all in here.
Look familiar?
How many?
All right.
38 to you, rest to me.
You ready?
lt's okay.
Oh, thank God!
Joe, thanks for doing this.
I couldn't stand
the painter up.
I booked him
three weeks ago.
Would have screwed up
his whole schedule.
What do you think?
lt -- lt -- Wow.
Here we go.
Got it all worked out.
There's a few odds and ends
to take care of
before we get started.
I went ahead and I booked
a photo for us.
Deposit from the wedding
took care of the whole --
lt's all set.
ready to go.
I just got to thinking
last night
maybe we're missing
an opportunity here.
I mean,
there's work to be done.
Maybe the best thing for us
at this point is just to --
That's my partner's --
ex-partner's desk --
You know,
just dive right in.
We had a plan.
Why not stick with it?
What else are we gonna do?
Sit around?
We'll go crazy.
Stan Michaels, the shrink --
did you meet?
See, he sees no problem
with it.
Activity --
very therapeutic.
So, you know, what else
are you gonna do --
curl up and die?
I just.wouldn't want her
to see us like -- like that.
Not like that.
Don't do it.
Don't do it, Ben.
You don't have to answer
the phone.
We don't need another
wet blanket dropping by.
-- Ah, the man is hopeless!
-- Hello?
You know, last week, he actually
apologized to somebody
for not picking up
until the ninth ring.
I just want to put
a big banner over this house
that says "beg off."
Or maybe a T-shirt?
What do you think?
We're gonna be fine.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
Sam Swanson checking up.
Checking up.
What are you
complaining about?
You were livid all day
because the Carlsons didn't
even ask about Diana.
That's right.
Well, which is it, Jo?
lt's both, Benjamin -- it pisses
me off when they ask about her,
and it pisses me off
when they don't,
and that is just
the way it is -- so there.
Don't shake your head.
You'd feel
the same way about it.
Starting tomorrow, we're all
gonna get a handle on it.
I made some appointments
for us.
I beg your pardon?
A stop at the bank
to close out Diana's paperwork,
Garfield's for the, uh,
bridesmaids' returns.
We're gonna get back on our
feet and come out swinging.
Did you have this typed up?
ls there an itinerary
we can follow?
Joe and I are gonna get
a jump on it
with a trip over
to Danvers in the morning.
-- Why?
-- Spring regional.
-- You're not serious.
-- Absolutely.
Oh, don't subject him
to that.
This is what?
Mulcahey's project is still
out there, Josephine.
lf I don't move now,
those Next Century
turncoat bastards will.
I was this close
to landing him before.
Lower your shoulders.
Time to see the boys.
We're not home!
Someone here to see you.
7 5.
You forgot one.
The address was on the back.
I-I thought you'd want it.
-- Hi.
-- Hi.
Bertie Knox.
Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry.
Um, Bertie, uh.
I sling stamps
down at the P.O.
We've never actually met.
I'm your route manager.
I helped Joe here do some bin
diving, dig up your invites.
Really excellent
paper selection.
I'm sorry we couldn't complete
the postal cycle for you.
you want this or what?
Oh. Thanks.
lt was nice meeting you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're not on foot, are you?
I'm dripping, Joe.
Oh, it's no.problem.
No problem for you.
lt's not your car.
Nice people.
So, what, you live there?
Uh, sort of.
-- You don't?
-- Y-Yeah, for now. Yeah.
Just the three of you?
lsn't that kind of weird?
Yeah. lt is.
How long are you staying?
I don't know.
Do you call them Mom and Dad?
-- Do they call you son?
-- Not yet.
What do you talk about?
God, doesn't that
make you sad?
So, commercial real estate.
Commercial real estate.
What the hell
does that mean?
I have no idea.
And this
is what you want to do?
-- Not really.
-- Oh.
And what do you want
to do?
I want to figure out
what I want to do.
So you're kind of in escrow
at the moment.
Real-estate term.
I recognize that one.
Hey, you know what, Joe?
-- What?
-- You just passed my stop.
You coming in?
Oh, no, no, no.
I can't.
I'm buying.
No, really.
I've gotta get back.
Good luck in escrow,
Good luck to you, too.
# lf I told you a secret,
you won't tell a soul #
# Will you hold it
and keep it alive? #
# Cause it's burning a hole #
# And I can't get to sleep #
# And I can't live alone
in this lie #
# So look up #
Damn it! Ohh!
# Don't look da-da-da down #
Listen, why don't you just keep
the deposit from the wedding,
and we'll let that
take care of it, okay?
That's fine, that's fine.
Okay, then.
A little tighter.
Okay, here, Joe,
you get up here next to me.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
He's not gonna sit? stand.
I'm -- I'm --
I'm not so sure I can.
Just point yourself
right up here.
Wait, wait.
Huh? Perfect.
# Oww! #
ALL: Hey!
# Friends say it's fine,
friends say it's good #
# Everybody says
it's just like Robin Hood #
I think we should have
those nametags.
And that way, we could --
Hey. Tanner.
lt's good to see you,
I got to say, I'm glad to see
you're doing so well.
Oh, ready to get to it,
What do you hear
about Mulcahey?
Uh, anything last week?
-- Oh, he's serious.
-- Oh?
Word is,
his appetite's growing.
This thing sounds big,
whatever it is,
and from what the guys tell me,
he's liking your area --
or some such bullshit.
He was asking about you.
Not the turncoats?
What do you think --
ltalian -- Northern.
That kind of thing just
scares the hell out of me.
I've got a daughter myself,
her age.
I can't even imagine if.
Young man, all I can say is,
I'm just --
I'm just very, very sorry.
Well, Joe helped me
come to a decision.
lf work can give us
just one more reason
to get up in the morning,
then damned if we aren't
gonna jump in full-steam.
What's your, uh, what's your
interest in all this, Joe?
I beg your pardon?
This business.
Well, um, actually, um,
Ben actually
came up with the idea
that I would, uh,
collaborate with him
after we, uh --
after Diana decided
that we should.
come back and live.
lt was her idea --
their idea.
lt was your idea.
lt was my idea.
You study the market
in school?, ultimately.
You just feel like, uh,
this is your future, right?
I think so.
I hope so.
Um, uh.actually, sir,
I haven't really had
the chance to think through
the ramifications of a life
in commercial real estate.
Well, no,
I.can understand that.
My God, you've had your mind
on a lot of things lately.
Which is why
Joe and I are both anxious
to jump in
and roll up our sleeves.
lt's time to -- to channel
all this scattered energy
toward something
more.positive, Mike,
like this project of yours
we keep hearing about.
Joe, what kind of man
do you take me for?
Prisoner of history?
Not on appearance.
Mired in -- in convention
Uh I'm guessing "no".
Joe, we are brothers.
I'm younger than you are.
I'm a man of your time.
What do we brothers.
S-- uh, so many things.
One thing -- one --
See, when I purchase
something at a wineshop
and then I get back
in my car,
drive one city block
to the hardware store,
only to find that I'm right back
behind that steering wheel,
scratching my ass,
I'm being robbed --
denied convenience.
My town
is now my prison.
The solution?
Be a man of the times,
not a thief of it.
Service my needs
and be gracious enough
to house them under one roof.
One roof.
One roof, one vendor,
one point of purchase --
an entire town's needs.
You're talking
all of Main Street retail.
See, Mom and Pop went to sleep
with the gas on.
They're over.
That's done.
To save a town like yours,
there's got to be a revolution.
I think
Joe understands this --
he and his brothers
on the streets.
Now, I, on the other hand,
am sitting here
because I can't tell those
Next Century bastards apart.
I don't get it.
We don't either.
But don't let me down.
There's a piece of it in there
for you if you're up to it.
The only question is,
can you deliver?
Now, guarantee --
they won't all fall that easy.
We have to do our homework --
tax rolls, comps --
get a pretty quick picture
of who's vulnerable.
Plan of attack.
I never had one of these.
Me either.
-- Nice, huh?
-- Mmm.
Oh, God, whatever you do,
don't tell JoJo.
I've been on her
for years about her smoking.
I'd never hear the end of it.
This is how I had it --
in my head.
ln your head?
Pictures, you know --
son-in-law, first cigar,
a couple of beers
once in a while.
Sometimes, y-you just need
a little break, you know --
a new face, someone
to bounce it around with.
Jo and I, we don't really
socialize too much anymore.
lt's just us,
just on each other, you know --
same face in your face.
Forget what the other pillow
even looks like empty.
And let's face it --
Jo, well, she's really
the more verbal one,
likes to.
fill the air up a bit.
And I like
to give her that.
Sure. Yeah.
And then
you guys come along.
I figure I finally got a shot
at someone to talk to.
She ever, uh.
she ever talk about me, Joe?
Yeah, sure.
Nothing really
in particular, but.
I know
something wasn't right.
She asked me to meet her.
I was supposed to be there
at the counter.
You were --
She said she had to talk.
We really needed to talk.
I don't know, I.
I haven't.
Please don't tell JoJo this.
lt'll kill her.
See, I -- I was across the
street there in the office,
and then.
some phone call --
Did she say anything?
I just know
something wasn't right.
I know there was
something wrong with us.
Had been for a while,
ever since
she was a.teenager.
don't tell JoJo this.
I'm glad you're here, Joe.
Telephone, Benjamin.
I need help, Joe.
I'm blocked.
I can't write a thing. Sit.
Now, I've been hearing so much
shit lately, so much fluff,
I've started to lose sight
of her already, and.
a phrase like
"filled with goodness"
actually passed
through my mind today.
So I need to purge,
Yes, Benjamin?
That was Cheryl.
She's on her way over.
Don't look at me.
You're the one who promised
her some of Diana's things.
A mere moment of weakness.
I can't believe she's
coming over to collect.
And she's bringing friends.
Has she tried
to jump you yet?
-- Josephine!
-- What?
You yourself said that
you never trusted the girl.
The only reason that
we tolerate the little tart
is because somehow
Diana took pity on her.
Girl could do a lot of things.
She couldn't pick her friends.
Oh, come on.
CheryI's not that bad.
Okay, yeah,
she's a bit overdramatic,
a-a bit
socially overwhelming.
But you can't blame her
under the circumstances.
Oh, yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
She is a bitch, isn't she?
Ladies and gentlemen,
Benjamin Floss.
The vultures have landed.
Oh, God.
Just makes you want to cry,
looking at all of these.
Every one just.
reminds me of.
God, I wouldn't know
which to take.
You'll manage.
Her jacket, I guess.
God, she wore this all the time.
We were together
when she bought it.
No, no, I was there.
You're thinking of the canvas.
lt was definitely the leather.
I remember exactly, Audrey.
Ohh! No. Not the watches.
Leave the watches.
Do I know you?
I'm Caroline.
Caroline who?
You knew Diana?
We were on Bluejays
Look, Cheryl,
this is very nice of you.
I just -- I don't want
to leave those guys --
Look, if you're not comfortable,
we'll go. We'll leave.
I just think you need
a chance to get out of there.
That whole house is, like,
under this black pale.
Can we just
keep this short?
# Fire #
# Uh-uh #
# Fire #
Hey, guys.
Guys.this is Joe.
-- Hey.
-- Hey.
Joe's been keeping me together
through this whole thing.
You guys
are so amazing.
Oh, yeah.
I don't know what I would have
done without him.
Would you excuse me?
# The way you squeeze... #
# Knocks me to my knees #
# 'Cause I'm smokin',
baby, baby #
# Oh hoo hoo hoo #
Jesus! A girl can't even pee
without you guys --
# When the wind blows #
# And the rain feels cold #
# With a head full of snow #
# With a head full of snow #
# ln the window #
# There's a face you know #
# Don't the night pass slow? #
What did I do?
# Don't the night pass slow? #
You played my song.
# The sound of strangers
sending nothing to my mind #
# Just another mad, mad day
on the road #
# I am just living
to be lying by your side #
# But I'm just about
a moonlight mile #
# On down the road # #
# I've got 99 years
of laying in the dark #
# And I'm far too young
to lie #
# I've got 99 ways
to play my guitar #
# lt's gonna pay me
before I die #
Ohh! Ohh! I'm sorry.
-- No. lt's okay.
-- I should have knocked.
On the closet?
-- Oh, shit.
-- lt's okay.
You're safe.
They won't find you in here.
What was that?
Old habits.
I'm a source of entertainment,
in case you hadn't noticed.
You, uh.
Work here.
-- Yeah.
-- Yeah.
Not in the closet.
-- No.
-- No.
Help out.
Your place?
Uh.a friend's.
You work here every night?
Must be a good friend.
So, did you come back
for that drink?
No, the dancing,
Hey, hey.
Well, you had your shot.
Well, closets tend to work
better for one, so I'll --
No. Wait.
Please, I-I just --
I can't --
I don't think
I can go back out there.
lt's okay.
You don't have to.
I just -- I --
I-I can't.
I know.
That's all right.
Everything you're feeling,
I'm feeling, too.
lf I told you
something, um --
Bertie, we're dying out here.
Shit. I gotta go.
Snot check?
You can come back tomorrow
if you want.
Listen, Cheryl, I --
Can you believe it?
Now she says
the witness was drunk.
Uh, who said?
The D.A.
I just talked to her.
She says he's no good.
lt's bullshit
is what it is.
Half the people
in that joint
are pissed out of their hats
by noon.
Why should this guy
be any different?
Family restaurant --
Okay, we've wasted
enough time there.
They can screw the trial up,
but they can't touch this.
This one's ours.
Now, if we buy out
this whole block for Mulcahey,
we got to find a weak spot.
We find the guy who's hurting
but fighting to hang on.
You can bet your mother
he's the one that's gonna be
tying up the rest
of the merchants emotionally,
killing any straight shot you
got at landing the whole block.
You got to break the spine.
You find him, you break it.
Sit for a second.
Ben, are you okay?
Now, I checked the tax rolls.
I know their debt history.
They got to be choking
on the mortgage by now.
The bar?
That's not a bar.
That's the ballgame.
We get him,
we got the whole block.
Hey, Ben.
you know what?
Let me take this one.
I'll handle it.
Let me handle it.
-- I'm serious.
-- You're gonna do this?
I'm gonna try.
Let me try.
Well, hell, what am I.
supposed to do?
Just go on back.
I'll.find you
back at the office.
You're serious?
You're sure about this?
Go on.
I'll meet you back there.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Boy, it's a.
lot quieter by day, huh?
Tends to work that way.
A nice space.
How long you had it?
Not mine.
Something to drink?
You're not.?
Something to drink?
Water's fine.
So, who's Cal?
Name on the door.
He's not around?
No, he is not.
ls he a friend of yours
As a matter of fact.
He's in Vietnam?
I can help you with?
Just curious.
Must have poured a lot
of himself into this place.
Pretty handy guy?
lt's a pretty
interesting selection
you got on the box here.
Nothing new, huh?
lf it ain't broke.
Nothing that old either.
Everything's what --
two, three years ago?
You didn't seem to mind
last night.
You got a dime?
Gimme a number.
# You went away and left me
a long time ago #
# Now you're knocking
on my door #
# I hear you knocking #
# But you can't come in #
# I hear you knocking #
# I begged you not to go,
but you said goodbye #
Can I help you?
Hi, there.
Maybe you can.
I was wondering if you were here
when my daughter was killed.
I was trying to.
figure out what.
stool she was actually --
Let's see.
lf she was, uh --
Hey, Joe.
Uh.was it here?
Was it this one?
Tell me.
I think it was number 6.
Ben, what are you doing?
And if he came from, uh --
Now, I know there was
a-a-a guy, a witness.
Must have been in the back.
Maybe you remember.
He was, uh, obviously being
served alcohol in some quantity
because, evidently, he can't
remember sitting down.
Pardon me.
Let's go.
I see your window
still needs repair.
That's unfortunate.
Maybe, uh.
tell the manager
to have it fixed.
My wife used to have
a lot more enthusiasm about
blank than she does now.
Fill in the blank, please.
Ben, wind.
Where are you right now?
You got someplace to be?
No. I'm -- I'm just --
lt's only 8:00.
Just wiped out, I guess.
'Cause you don't have to
babysit us, you know.
You can go out.
-- Out?
-- Yeah.
Spazzy knees here.
he had a big day today.
I almost slipped,
and he broke my fall.
Yeah, I guess I'll.
head up.
-- Good night.
-- Good night.
You used to have a lot
more enthusiasm about blank
than you do now.
Joe, are you there?
This okay?
The only place I could
think of this time of night.
You might want
to watch your --
So, what happened?
You sounded like --
I-I-I just --
I woke up, and I just --
I swear,
I couldn't breathe.
I couldn't stay in the room
another minute.
Did you pee?
-- What?
-- Pee.
I always pee in my pants when
that kind of thing happens.
Was it that kind of scared?
Mm, it was the worst.
I-I couldn't have peed
if I tried.
The Bettys.
Okay, so, now,
you called me.
Yeah, you know what?
I don't even know why.
Do you remember anything?
God, what do all these people
have to say to each other?
You want to read a few?
You don't open them,
you just --
Oh, don't think we don't do
that shit. You know we do.
I never get any of my own,
People can share.
So, your dream.
We weren't together
when she died.
That's so classic,
isn't it?
Were you, like,
floating apart, too?
No, we weren't together.
ln the dream.
We.broke it off.
three days before.
Oh, God.
They don't know, do they?
Joe, you have to tell them.
I-I just got to --
Yeah, I just got to find
the right time.
Wow, it couldn't get a whole
lot later, could it?
I know.
I know.
Then why aren't you
telling them?
'Cause they'll hate me.
And they'll say to me,
"when did you know?"
And if I tell them the truth,
I'll say, "six months ago."
And they'll say --
Do you know how many times
I've seen them looking at me? --
"lf you knew six months ago,
why didn't you tell her?
Then she would be alive
lf I walked out
six months ago,
she's not in that restaurant
waiting to tell them
while I'm packing to --
She's here with them now,
So you broke it off.
You want to know the truth?
We were really great friends,
and moving here
didn't change that.
lt was supposed to?
I hoped so.
Then why are you going
into business?
'Cause I don't know
what I want.
And as long as I don't know
what I want,
why not just give them this?
I lost my friend.
Don't you miss yours?
He owns the bar.
How long's he gone?
Three years.
He's missing.
So you're married?
Do I look married to you?
See any hardware?
Were you gonna be?
No one bothered telling me.
But you still work his store.
Why just friends?
I lend a hand.
But, well, how long
were you together?
Weren't we talking
about you here?
You mind?
I don't know -- a while.
A while.
That song at the bar,
that was yours?
He never actually heard it,
But he knew you pretty well.
About 60%.
Well, how'd you meet?
He cracked my lip.
The usual pickup game over
at Rogers Field.
They picked, I sat out.
Didn't know
what to make of me
'cause not exactly a guy,
not exactly a girl.
So one day I get fed up and go
plant myself behind the plate.
First batter gets up,
he's so distracted,
he swings wide,
I stop the bat
with my face.
I actually tattooed my chin
for a week.
Anyway, he busted my lip up
pretty good.
End of story.
And that was Cal.
That was.
You should've seen
the stitches.
You can still see the scar.
lt's never gone away.
lsn't that weird?
That's how I knew.
You had four years?
He's been missing three?
That's so long.
How -- How can you --
Because he loved me.
Oh, shit, I gotta pee!
You made this?
Aw, sticks and glue.
lt's a young man's game now.
Arts and crafts
don't get you far,
but with the right friends --
Thank you, Don.
You see what dinner at
the Floss home will buy you?
Don Tippet down at the
Federal Commercial Loans --
his wife hasn't stopped
calling the house for JoJo.
Well, tonight, they dine
with Floss & Son.
You got both parcels?
Don holds the paper,
and that leaves the bar.
So, how you making out
over there?
I mean, that's all
he's gonna care about.
You know, Ben, this one's
gonna take some time.
What? What do you mean time?
We got momentum now.
What time?
What's the problem?
lt's complicated.
Well, maybe you're right.
Be a hell of a P.R. storm
if Don forecloses on the guy
while he's still overseas,
missing or not.
And, let's face it, he's
a little more than missing.
You know the bar, then?
Uh, JoJo knew it.
That stays between us.
We got a couple hours.
Why don't we take a run
over there
and, uh -- and rub noses?
You know, Ben, I got a good
thing working, you know?
A trust thing,
the one-on-one.
I won't get in the way.
Just treat me like an assistant.
Hey, I'm great in a crisis.
You know, you always need
one of me around.
Let me make the stop.
You sure you don't want --
-- Huh?
-- lt's good.'re really loving
this, aren't you?
I can tell.
Will you be home in time
for the Tippets?
I need my partner.
This is a big one, Joe.
Sure, Ben.
Dinner's at 7:00.
All right.
# Has anybody here
seen Razor Face? #
# Heard he's back looking
for a place to lay down #
# Must be getting on #
# Needs a man who's young
to walk him around #
# Needs a man who's young
to walk him around #
# Oh, it must be hard for
the likes of you #
# To get by in a world that you
just can't see through #
# And it looks so cold #
# How does it feel to know
you can't go home? #
Well, really,
it was lovely.
Thank you very much.
Oh. Oh, here he is.
Uh, Don, Tammy,
this is Joe, our, uh --
our, uh --
Diana's fianc.
Joe, uh,
Don and Tammy Tippet.
Well, heard a lot
about you, Joe.
Sorry we didn't have
more time.
Now, you call us any time
you need to.
Goddamn it,
you poor things.
We're here, okay?
All right, uh.
You guys, uh, take care
of yourselves.
Hang in.
Bye. Good night.
Where the hell was he?
I don't know, Ben.
Why don't you ask him?
Where the hell were you?
JoJo, I'm sorry. I-I --
Sorry? Did you see that?
Try 98 minutes of it.
Not that I'm counting,
you lucky bastard.
Don't you ever leave me
stranded like that again.
This is no joke.
He should've been here.
Oh, Ben, stop acting like
he's under house arrest.
I thought he was
part of the family.
Obviously I'm mistaken.
You're certainly treating him
like he is.
What -- What -- What --
What is that supposed to mean?
He's right here, Ben.
Talk to him.
He knows how important
this was.
All right, tell him.
You tell him!
Goddamn it, Ben!
You are doing it again!
That thing! You always
talked around the girl.
-- You never talked to her.
-- I what?
You never said a straight thing
to her, Ben,
from the time
she was 9 years old.
You made me do it.
That is so unfair.
God forbid
she should grow up
and then you
might have to, too.
I mean, the perfect father,
as long as she was a kid.
So unfair.
Don't you see that
you're doing it again?!
That is so unfair,
and you know it.
Okay, pal, you really want
to get into it,
then you stick around,
if not, go walk the dog
because I'm mad at you now!
Come on, Nix!
And make it a long walk!
Poor guy.
With Diana gone, he's got
nobody else to catch the blast.
lsn't he amazing?
You gonna sit?
Fourth one today.
Ben would have a cow.
Last time I snuck
a cigarette
was with Diana --
bra shopping.
Who gives a shit, anyway?
I don't know.
Sometimes I just -- I --
I look at you guys,
and I --
You wonder why the hell
we're together.
Thank you.
When I go to bed at night,
I do four things --
I drop my robe,
slide under the sheets,
turn on my left side,
and stick out my ass.
That's it.
That's the signal.
I just --
I back it right up there
because I know when I do,
no matter how cold
the damn thing is,
no matter how difficult
it might feel,
no matter how desperately
we want to kill each other,
it's gonna be met by this warm
body on the other side
that's gonna hold it.
Two arms that.wrap around,
pull me out of my head,
quiet the voices,
save me from myself,
without ever having to ask.
Every night, 3 1 years.
Every night there's my ass,
and every night.
he never lets me down.
You find your home,
and it may not be
what you thought it --
you know, color's off,
style's wrong --
but there it is, anyway,
and to hell with you
if you can't take a joke.
You find your home.
Ben's mine.
Damned if Diana didn't ask
that same thing
four weeks ago.
Saw her today.
Diana. At the Fotomat.
Girl behind the counter.
Definite 8, possible 9.
The chin.
The eyes.
Even had her ears.
lt stopped my fucking heart.
How much longer do you think
this is gonna go on?
I mean, if that woman doesn't
come out of her coma soon,
I'm gonna go down there
and beat her out of it.
Can't take it much longer.
You look as wiped out
as I feel,
you lucky bastard.
Don't let me keep you.
Good night, Jo.
Good night, Joe.
lsn't it the tits you and I
have the same name?
I know we've never
acknowledged it.
lt is.
lt certainly is.
Good night.
What are you, 16?
# I'll be your man #
# I'll understand #
# Do my best to take #
# Good care of you #
# Yes, I will #
# You'll be my queen #
# I'll be your king #
# And I'll be
your lover, too #
# Yes, I will #
# Derry down green #
# Color of my dreams #
Please let me see you.
# A dream that's daily #
I want to see you.
# Coming true #
# I tell you #
# When day is through #
# I will come to you #
# And tell you of #
# Your many charms #
# And you --
you'll look at me #
# With eyes that see #
# And melt into #
# Each other's arms #
# And so I come #
# To be the one #
# Who's always standing #
# Next to you #
# Ohh #
Why me?
# Reach out for me #
# So I can be #
# All right #
# The one who's always #
# Reaching out for you #
# Yes, I will #
# Yes, I will #
# You'll be my queen #
# I'll be your king #
# And I'll be your lover, too #
Door's easier.
Hope she's nice.
ls she nice, Joe?
You know what kills me?
I knew.
I knew. I knew in my --
I saw it in Diana's face,
and I didn't ask,
and she couldn't tell me,
and now she's --
And you're --
lt isn't gonna happen,
is it, Joe?
I mean, you two --
You weren't gonna happen,
were you?
You know, the thing is --
you know, this next part?
I know that it's supposed
to happen --
this, you know, you with
another -- you -- you know.
But I just -- I --
I-I'm not ready.
I'm just not ready.
You're gonna be leaving
Look at me.
Look at this.
Oh, yeah.
June 6, 1 966 --
my last blast.
Fucked that up
pretty good here, huh?
Oh, God.
Mm, this was the only thing
before the girl that --
only way Ben and I survived
under one roof.
you're gonna go.
I don't know where she is.
Everybody says
that they do.
But I don't know.
And I'm scared
for my baby.
And it's killing me 'cause
not knowing, and I --
I can't.
I just can't.
I can't do anything.
Everything was for her.
Everything for her,
for her --
the writing -- everything --
and now I don't --
Oh, God, I don't know
what I'm gonna do.
What are we gonna do, Joe?
I don't know.
Oh, God!
Oh, what am I gonna do?
Huh?! I'm asking you a question!
Leave me alone!
Look at me, then.
Stop it!
That's weak -- weak!
We gonna go -- we gonna go
back to this every morning,
is that it, huh?
ls that it?
Don't you fall apart
on me now.
Not now! Please.
lt wasn't her, Ben.
lt wasn't her fault, Ben.
She was --
Ben, JoJo was upset --
She -- She was upset
because --
Because Diana and I
weren't --
I got the call myself
at 6:30 this morning.
First words out of her mouth
were his name.
ls she out of her mind?
Ben, the woman has two bullets
in her brain.
What does this suggest?
She's gonna testify
for the defense.
She's backing up insanity.
Claims he quit taking his meds
a week before the shooting.
The things we do for love.
So, at this point,
we've really got no choice
but to press on.
Any more delays,
they scream due process,
and God knows we can't let 'em
slide on that bullshit.
All of which means that
the pressure falls on you.
Now, I can tell you.
from experience
that seeing your faces
up there
front and center
every minute,
day in and day out,
this weighs on the judge.
Whether or not he or she
will ever admit it,
it's a simple fact.
So I'm gonna need you
to be there.
I'm gonna need your help.
I'm gonna need you
to be there, all of you,
for the duration,
for your daughter.
What is wrong
with you people?!
How hard is it
to fix a window?!
How hard is it
to fix a window, huh?!
Tell me!
How hard --
Fix the window!
Jesus Christ!
What is wrong
with you people?!
Fix the window!
Floss & Son.
Floss & Son.
F-Floss & -- Flo--
Well, I'm sorry your boss
and his wife couldn't make it.
I was looking forward
to meeting the woman.
I, uh, took the liberty of
filling a space here since we --
Oh, there she is!
Hi, sweetie.
Joe, this is my daughter
Jillian, say hello to Joe.
That dress looks sensational.
A little gift.
Jillian had a birthday
last week.
ls that right?
When's your birthday,
Uh, December, actually.
Oh, is that right?
Only seven months apart.
Well, that's interesting.
You know, Joe,
I was actually your age
when I met JilI's father.
Right. Well, stranger things
have happened.
So, Mike, uh, tells us
you are making your way
in the world of real estate.
Oh, well,
that's being generous.
Must keep you very busy.
You must value your free time.
Free time?
You know, going out,
I --
Uh, not of late, no.
Lately I've been a little,
uh, preoccupied.
Oh, I see. Other interests.
My fianc's death.
I didn't realize you were still
involved in.that.
Beg your pardon?
Well, Mike, um --
Mike didn't tell me
that you were --
He didn't tell me that you were
still tied up in all of that.
Well, you know,
it was kind of a deal,
the whole thing.
The clean-up alone took days.
You'd be amazed at what a mess
a high-caliber weapon can make,
and in a restaurant,
all those little pieces of --
all of -- well, anyway,
let's just say
it was pretty time-consuming.
Then you got the whole burial
to deal with.
This whole coffin business --
much more complicated
than people think.
Standard sizes?
Dream on.
Had to custom-fit
the whole deal.
Had a tailor come out, do her
sizes right then and there.
Do you know how hard it is
to have a tailor come out
to do house calls?
And on a school night?
I mean
this is pulling teeth,
you know what I'm saying?
And then, you know,
of course, you got the house
to deal with,
and that's a whole other ordeal,
you know?
'Cause who wants her stuff
around, right?
I mean, that's a valuable room.
Why waste it?
So, you slog through that
and, yeah, next thing you know,
a couple weeks have gone by,
and you're thinking to yourself,
"Man, oh, man, am I still
tied up with all this?
Where did the time go?"
# Hey! #
# Hey! #
# Hey! #
# Hey! #
# Hey! #
# Hey! #
# H-e-ey! #
# Uh! #
# Ah! #
Can I help you?
# Hey! #
Have a seat.
maybe some light.
What do you think, Ben?
You want to tell me
what's going on, Joe?
Explain to me why
I look like such an idiot,
Mike Mu-- Mulcahey calling
to tell me how sorry he was
the deal didn't.
What the hell did you do
over there, Joe?
You were just supposed to
have dinner.
I'm sorry.
You ended it.
You killed it right there.
You told him
the bar was off the table.
I did.
even consulting me.
You, who know dick,
shit about this business.
You think that's the way
partners behave?
I'm not your partner,
Then whose name
is on the sign?
This isn't about business.
Oh. Then, what was it?
What makes you give
a red goddamn cent
about a bar in a town
you don't even know?
This isn't your home.
These aren't your people.
So why do you
give a shit?
I mean,
there's no reason.
not to move the bar,
is there, Joe?
This whole thing
was a mistake.
God, yes.
I trusted you.
I'm sorry.
Look, you tell me
what's really going on.
You need to help me understand
what's happening here.
-- Huh?
-- I want.
Sit down!
You got something going
with that girl?
I-I-I wanted
to tell you before, and --
Y-You tell me now.
Please listen to me.
Diana and I --
Don't say her name.
Diana --
Don't say her name.
We weren't close.
I'm sorry, Ben.
Please don't.
That's why
she wanted to meet you.
Shh, shh, shh.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, don't, don't.
let's talk about this.
We, uh.
We're in a spot here,
That asshole just became
a loving husband.
right in front
of our eyes.
And if we don't launch back
with something serious here,
I do believe
we're screwed.
I know that's not what
you want for these people.
if I had one wish,
any wish at all here,
it would be that I could bring
Diana into that courtroom.
Now, obviously, that's not
gonna happen, and trust me,
the defense is desperate
not to have it happen.
They want to keep her
as far away as possible,
keep her from having
any dimension to that judge.
But that's exactly
what's gonna happen.
She's got to breathe
in there.
He's got to see her
and know her
and realize
what was taken here.
I don't know any other way
to do this.
I think
I need your help.
I need you
to bring her in the room.
How -- How do I --
What am I
supposed to say?
Say what you felt --
your life was taken away here.
This man
stole your bride.
The judge
needs to know that.
Can you do this?
How dare you!
How dare you
treat me like this!
I haven't let a man touch me
in three years.
Look at me.
And I'm finally
right here, Joe.
And what?
I'm a one-night stand?
I have to look
into her father's eyes
and see you haven't said
a thing about me?
Do you know
how ashamed I am?
lt's so complicated
right now.
So that means you hide?
This can't be you.
I can't be
both these things.
Well, try being one.
I c-- I can't do this.
I can't do this.
You think if you just
run around fast enough,
figure out
what everyone wants,
no one's gonna notice
what a coward you are?
Are you that scared?
You sleep in that house,
you eat their food,
you act like every day's
just another Sunday,
you think
if you just keep it up,
these people won't notice
their daughter's missing?
What are we doing
that's so different?
Lend a hand, Bertie.
There's not a body
in that bar
that thinks that Cal McGinnis
is ever coming home.
You think I don't know
that you're never gonna
make room in your life for
someone who wants to know you
better than 60 lousy percent?
lt's the last 40
that counts.
Where'd you go, Joe?
.right here.
Joseph Nast.
Please be seated.
Mr. Nast --
May I call you "Joe"?
Joe? Uh, yes.
Joe, you knew the victim,
Diana Floss, did you not?
Would you please describe the
nature of your relationship?
I -- uh.
We were engaged.
Engaged to be married?
How long
were you together?
Uh, three years -- uh, clo--
uh, close to three years.
That's a long time.
What were your plans
for afterwards?
After the wedding,
I mean.
No, the -- the future.
We, uh, we'd been.
we'd been planning
to stay in town,
and, uh.I was planning
to go into business with Ben.
Uh, uh, with, uh, her.
with her father.
And that would be a.
commercial-realty business?
Have you always
had this interest
in commercial real estate?
Then why would you do it?
lt was.
what they needed.
Ben and Diana.
that's quite a commitment.
You must have cared for her
a great deal
to make
that kind of sacrifice.
Didn't you, Joe?
Stop it.
You're gonna blow
this whole thing right now.
Look at me.
Joe, when Diana was killed,
how far away were you
from the actual wedding date?
When was the wedding
scheduled for, Joe?
-- The wedding.
-- What wedding?
-- Your wedding.
-- My wedding?
Uh, it -- it was, uh.
I-I'm -- I'm sorry.
I can't -- I can't do this.
I can't -- I didn't --
it didn't happen.
W-We loved each other,
we broke it off.
Jesus, if I don't
say this now, it'll nev--
She'll never be a part of this.
What are we --
What are we doing here?
I don't even --
I don't even know this guy.
She -- She didn't even
know this guy.
What's he got to do
with her? I do--
Look, you asked me
to bring her in the room,
and she's not here --
she's not.
And whatever happens here,
whatever happens to this guy,
she's not here.
And the only way that
you're gonna bring her in here
is with the truth.
I don't know --
I don't know what else to say.
You just tell me what to say,
I swear I'll try,
but if you want her,
you got to keep it honest.
You have to understand
that Diana had this thing,
this way of bringing out
the real in people,
not just the best,
you know -- their honesty.
And I guess she's doing it again
now, 'cause there's no way
that I would be sitting here
saying these things
I can't believe
are coming out of my mouth.
lt was Diana
who finally had the courage.
She was the one
who told me
that I didn't want
to go through with it.
And I guess she's --
she's doing it again,
cause all this --
all of this
is everything
that she wouldn't want.
She wasn't a bride-to-be.
She wasn't a victim.
She was strong and real
and messed up
and wickedly honest,
just like her mother.
And if I sit here trying to
paint it any other way, I.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I just -- I thought --
I thought
that if I could just.
I thought
that if I could just.
paint the pictures that
you needed, you know, that.
that somehow.
that somehow you'd bring these
people some peace, finally,
and they'd have
their daughter back, or.
But, uh.
that's not
how she'd want to be.
The truth is hard.
Sometimes it looks so wrong,
you know --
the color's off, the style's
wrong, but I guess it --
I guess it's where
the good ones live.
Bachelorette number two.
Good afternoon...
And number three.
Dear Bertie...
you asked me before
where I went.
And I want to tell you.
I went to a place
where nothing's right,
where every word hurts,
every moment's backwards,
every sky's without color,
without hope.
I tried to come back, Bertie.
But I got lost.
# The summer had inhaled
and held its breath too long #
And while I was gone,
I met you.
# The winter looked the same
as if it never had gone #
And I didn't even have the
courage to realize I was home.
# And through an open window
where no curtain hung #
A wise friend of mine told me,
"We all have our homes. "
And now I know it's true.
# I saw you #
I hope you get this letter,
# I saw you #
I figure I got 7 5 chances.
# Comin' back to me #
'Cause if you do,
you'll know that in the end,
that's where I was.
# Small things like reasons
are put in a jar #
I found home, Bertie.
# Whatever happened to wishes
wished on a star? #
I found you.
# Was it just something
that I made up for fun? #
I hope
you can find yours soon.
# I saw you #
Get there --
as fast as you can.
# I saw you #
And write me when you do.
# Comin' back to me #
Love, Joe.
# Mm-hmm #
lf I'm making too much noise,
tough shit.
Can you believe it?
lt's really good to see,
Woke up at 5:00, and the
weirdest thing happened --
I had this.
this image.
and I was actually able
to hold on to it.
Hold on to it --
do you know how long --
I mean, God knows
how long it's been.
The specifics are back,
So I'm --
I'm doing an accounting,
the real her,
the Diana facts.
"Number 92 --
laughed like a pig,
full-throated, nasal snorts."
Huh? I mean, this is the stuff.
This is the stuff.
Fuck the perfume.
Give me the warts.
Ew, those really ratty sandals
she always loved to wear.
They always made
this incredible farting sound
every time she moved.
Oh, yes.
You did such a good thing,
Joe Bob.
You gave us all.
a real big truth enema --
little Roto-Rooter
for the head
and a hell of a show
So.what excuse have I got
not to go back to work, huh?
Screw the verdict,
whatever it is.
I'm back in action.
I love you, Joseph.
# Buckets of rain,
buckets of tears #
# Got all them buckets
comin' out of my ears #
# Buckets of moonbeams... #
# You got all the love,
honey baby, I can stand #
Uh, two vanilla cones.
And pack 'em tight.
Sir, it's, uh.
it's only 90 cents.
That's right.
you take that 90 cents,
and with the rest of the change,
buy yourself a new window.
My treat.
# I've seen pretty people
disappear like smoke #
# Friends will arrive #
# Friends will disappear #
# lf you want me,
honey baby, I'll be here #
Hey, Joe.
Wow. So much
for arts and crafts, huh?
You're welcome to keep that
as a souvenir.
Oh, please,
who was I kidding?
He was never
gonna cut me in.
I may be naive,
but I'm not an idiot.
Did you see this?
Deal was already in place
four counties over.
The turncoats.
ride again.
Oh, I don't know, Joe.
lf I helped Mulcahey
carve this town up,
it'd only be so I wouldn't
have to see it look the same.
I mean, how.
how can it now
without her?
Then you get to thinking --
who the hell wants to buy milk
and tube socks
on the same aisle?
What is this, Russia?
We're Americans, damn it.
I like getting in my car
to drive 30 feet.
To hell with them.
lt was fun being partners
for a while, wasn't it?
You figure out your next
venture, I'm available.
-- Hmm?
-- Yeah.
I'm great in a crisis.
You're closing up? me, you should
have seen JoJo's face.
I think I was more surprised
than she was.
I think
that's why I'm doing it.
When Diana was too young
to remember.
she used to come in here
every Tuesday.
and spill a cone from that
wonderful place over there
and spin in this chair
for hours.
That was it.
That was Dad to her.
I wish I could say that
that changed when she got older.
But I don't think
I let it.
She knew me here.
So somehow,
when all this crap happened.
the thought
of not being here,
not working,
not having you --
how else
is she going to know me?
But then
you get to thinking.
maybe that's just
another one of the ways
they tell you
you have to avoid things,
you know,
like those, uh --
Oh, thank you.
You know, those damn books
that JoJo loves to barbecue.
I can't keep her here.
lt's not what she needs.
Won't change the ending.
I can't keep you either.
Maybe if it's okay,
I can say to you
something I didn't get
a chance to say to her.
# And I will stroll
the merry way #
# And jump the hedges first #
# And I will drink
the clear, clean water #
# For to quench my thirst #
# And I shall watch
the ferryboats #
# And then I'll get high #
# On a bluer ocean
against tomorrow's sky #
# And I will never grow
so old again #
# And I will walk and talk
in gardens all wet with rain #
# Oh, whoa #
# Sweet thing,
you sweet thing #
# Hey, yeah #
# Sweet thing, yeah, yeah #
# Ohhhhh,
baby, baby, baby, baby #
# You sweet thing #
# And I shall drive my chariot
down your streets and cry #
# "Hey, it's me, I'm dynamite
and I don't know why" #
# And you shall take me
strongly in your arms again #
# And I will not remember
that I ever felt the pain #
# We shall walk and talk
in gardens all misty wet #
# All misty wet
with rain down #
# And I will never, never,
never grow so old again #
# Oh, whoa, whoa #
# You sweet thing #
# Hah #
# Oh, whoa, whoa #
# You sweet thing,
you sweet thing #
# My, my, my, my, my,
m-my, my, my, my, my #
# And I will raise my hand
up into the nighttime sky #
# And count the stars
that's shining in your eye #
# And just to dig it all
and not to wonder #
# That's just right #
# And I'll be satisfied #
# Not to read
in between the lines #
# And I will walk and talk
in gardens all wet with rain #
# And I will never, ever,
ever, ever grow so old again #
# Oh, whoa #
# Sweet thing #
# Whoa, whoa, whoa #
# Sugar baby #
# Hah #
# Ohhhhh, whoa #
# Sweet thing #
# Sugar baby #
# Sugar baby, sugar baby #
# With your champagne eyes # #
# Long afloat on
a shipless ocean #
# I did all my best to smile #
# Till your singing eyes
and fingers #
# Drew me loving to your isle #
# Sail to me #
# Sail to me #
# Mmm, let me unfold you #
# Here I am #
# He-e-e-e-re I am #
# Waiting to ho-o-o-o-ld you #
# Did I dream
you dreamed about me? #
# Were you hare
when I was fox? #
# Now my foolish boat
is leaning #
# Broken lovelorn
on your rocks #
# Touch me not #
# Touch me not #
# Oh, come back tomorrow #
# Oh, my heart #
# Oh, oh, my heart #
# Shies from the so-o-o-rrow #