Moonlight & Mistletoe (2008) Movie Script

Here. Come say hi.
Hurry. It's freezing.
Look! There's Santa!
[NARRATING] Christmas was
always different for me.
I'd been an elf at Santaville
since I was 5 years old.
I knew the names
of every reindeer,
could keep it straight
how many lords were leaping
and how many ladies dancing
before I learned arithmetic.
OK, what'd you get
for Christmas last year?
Too late. What'd you get?
Oh, that's really great.
What'd you get?
- I got...
- Uh-huh. How 'bout you?
[NARRATING] I missed out on slumber
parties and school field trips.
It wasn't so bad at first, but
by the time I was a teenager,
I started to take a slightly
different view of things.
Have a Merry Christmas,
and we hope to see you again
soon at Santaville,
where every day is Christmas.
Thank you. Merry Christmas.
I'd worked for Santa
for so long,
that Christmas didn't have
much magic anymore.
All I knew was the more
holiday spirit people had,
the more work it meant for me.
Have a Merry Christmas,
and we hope to see you again
soon at Santaville,
where every day is Christmas.
Have a Merry Christmas,
and we hope to see you again
soon at Santaville,
where every day is Christmas.
Such a dork.
You know, for an elf,
you don't really seem
all that jolly.
Yeah. Well, Santaville's open
365 days a year.
You kind of
have to pace yourself
with the whole spirit thing.
I don't know.
Just being around you puts me
in the Christmas spirit.
So what's your real name?
Holly is my real name.
Nice to meet you,
not-so-jolly Holly.
Heh heh.
My name's Peter.
What's that?
Come on.
...all these guys,
and then this one
very cute reindeer says,
"my name is Randolph."
And I said to myself,
Does not sound like
a reindeer's name."
He makes a great Santa.
He should.
He's been doing it all my life.
Nick's my dad.
You dad's name is Nick?
as in Saint Nick?
And you know
what I changed it to?
That's right.
I changed it to Rudolph.
- I get it.
- And from that moment on...
Nick. Holly.
Welcome to my world.
They were all
hangin' out together.
No, really, I like it.
I guess this would sort of
make you an expert on Christmas.
Yeah. Right.
I see this thing all over
during the holidays,
and, I mean,
I just don't get it.
It's gotta be
the weirdest-looking doll.
It's not a doll.
It's a nutcracker.
You know, from the ballet.
Yeah. F-from the ballet.
You've never heard of
the nutcracker ballet?
Clara and Fritz?
Herr Drosselmeyer?
Never really got ballet.
This isn't just ballet.
It's a great
Christmas tradition.
See, Clara gets the nutcracker
as a gift on Christmas Eve,
and it comes to life
and turns into
this handsome prince,
and he has to rescue her
from the evil mouse king and...
I guess you'd have to see it.
I will.
What's this?
I make things.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
All right, Holly,
I got some great
new customers for you.
Just a second, dad.
Uh, Holly,
Santa doesn't have any children.
Santa has elves.
Yes. I have
the magic suit on. OK?
Hey! Well, how'd you like it if
Santa bought you one of those?
- Hey, did you see this?
- Yeah!
Did you look under
the Christmas tree?
Have you ever seen a...
- No.
- Oh, Santa!
How would you like it if Santa
brought you one of these?
Holly Crosby's office.
Yeah, I know.
I got stuck behind some guy
unloading one of those
steroid Christmas trees
everyone gets
all warm and fuzzy about.
Where are you?
I'm here now.
Oh. Good morning, Ms. Crosby.
Merry Christmas.
Here are your mail and messages.
The sample's on your desk,
and Mr. Holt is on hold.
What is this?
What is what?
This stuff...
On your desk.
Oh. It's Christmas.
Yeah. It looks
like frosty exploded.
This is a business, Brenda,
not the north pole.
You mean I can't have
Christmas decorations?
OK, um...
Let's just
tone it down a bit, OK?
Sure. OK. Thanks, Ms. Crosby.
Holly Crosby's office.
This new Celtic line tested
through the roof, Mr. Holt.
Uh, people love that warm,
handcrafted look,
but at big-box prices,
especially for the holidays.
That's true. Christmas is
all about tradition,
which is what
makes this so perfect.
I mean, people'll hang these up
every year,
pass them down to their kids.
You're creating
a tradition here.
Y-yes, absolutely.
We can ship in 48 hours.
No problem.
No, thank you, Mr. Holt.
Thank you very much.
And, uh, Merry Christmas
to you, too.
Guess who just doubled
her sales for the month.
Kudos, Holly. Well done.
I don't know what it is.
There's just somethin' about
this time of year
that makes you
go into overdrive.
Thank you, Mr. Jennings.
Though it wouldn't hurt
to give your holiday spirit
just a little smidgeon
of spit-shine.
What do you mean?
Christmas is
a happy time, Holly.
You make it sound
like a root canal.
Believe me, I know
what a happy time this is.
We do half our annual sales
in just 6 weeks.
I've been looking over
your schedule for December.
Looks to me like you're planning
on working 12-hour days
right through
the 12 days of Christmas.
We're so busy right now,
all these last-minute orders.
I have to finalize the photos
for the new catalog.
But when you stay late,
your whole staff
has to be here, too,
and this time of year,
a little bird tells me
that they'd rather be home
with their families
or out spreading Christmas
cheer with their friends.
Well, no, I... I understand.
Glad to hear it.
So for everyone's sake,
go home early once in a while.
Put up a tree.
Sip some eggnog.
Write Santa a letter.
Tell him what a good little sales
manager you've been this year.
Santa and I are like this.
He knows I'm way too busy
for that stuff.
You can't be too busy
for Christmas.
I mean it, honey.
3 years is way too long.
We all miss you.
I wish I could, dad,
but we launch a new line
the first week of January.
It's huge. There's no way
I can take time off.
I understand.
You must be doin'
a heck of a job.
I just wish you didn't
have to be so far away.
Well, you could come
to Boston.
It is my understanding
that trains go both ways.
Yeah. Well, I guess that's
somethin' we have in common,
'cause Santaville
never closes either,
so I can never leave.
What would the kids say?
Um, maybe that Santa's
visiting his daughter.
Honey, you know Santa
doesn't have any children.
Oh. Right. Santa has elves.
That's right,
and you're his number one.
Always have been,
and you always will be.
OK. Look, dad, I better go.
All right.
Hey, Merry Christmas.
You, too.
Night, dad.
And a DVD player... Blu-ray...
And an Omegatron 6000
with all 5 levels and
multiplayer access screen.
You can get that, right?
Yes. Yes. It's on my list.
Is there anything else?
A Zeon command cube,
but it's gotta have
the shuffle feature
for all 83 games,
or I don't want it.
Games. Oh. I love games.
Games are great,
and I picture you
as a checkers man.
Am I right?
What's checkers?
Everybody knows
how to play checkers.
It's a game of the mind.
Sounds lame.
So how does this work?
You make the games here
or at the north pole?
That's a very good question,
Actually we...
We make the games offsite.
You know, Willy...
Christmas is... is not just about
multiplayers and Megatrons.
Christmas is a magical time
where wonderful things happen,
things that you'd never expect.
All right, Willy.
Get ready, son,
because this right here
is Santa's workshop.
Ferocious, huh?
You're kidding, right?
You don't like it?
It's fake.
It's pretend.
Yeah. Y-yeah.
Ferocious, huh?
Of course Santa can't show you
how he really makes the toys.
That'd be against the rules.
This is just to help you use
your imagination.
Who are you?
Why, this is one of my elves.
His name is Peter.
You're not really an elf.
I help Santa keep things
running around here.
What else could I be?
Hey, guys, uh, can...
- Uup!
- Who was that?
Who was who?
- I didn't...
- No.
- I didn't see anything.
- No.
Mom, I wanna go back
to the mall.
Well, you guys come back
this weekend,
'cause we've got
the reindeer races.
I don't get it, Pete.
Kids used to love
Santa's workshop.
Kids have changed.
Santa's workshop has not.
I know.
That's my point.
Earl. Earl!
Sorry, Nick. So sorry.
Earl, let me
tell you something.
That boy sees 2 Santas
in the same place,
I mean, that's... that's against
the laws of the universe.
That could scar him for life.
I just...
There's never
anyone here anymore,
and... and I didn't
think about it.
How's it goin', Pete?
Good, Earl. Uh...
Mall, uh, busy today?
A zoo.
You know they turn the heat up
to 80 degrees in that place?
Th-they think it makes people
spend more.
Well, how are they gonna feel
when Santa passes out
from heatstroke?
- Not good.
- Not good. Not good.
Listen, Earl, you should go back
to practicing law.
Really. Come on.
You need a cup of hot cocoa.
Cocoa? I'm burnin' up.
And a piece
of Ginny's pumpkin pie.
Twist my arm.
Don't tempt me.
So what do you hear
from Holly?
She's doin' well,
loves her job.
Course, this is
a busy time of year,
so she can't come home
for Christmas.
She says that every year.
Earl, she has
an important job.
People depend on her,
kind of like kids depend on me,
you know?
I don't know about that.
Don't start.
Start what?
All I'm sayin'
is that in our day,
it was a baseball mitt or a kite
or maybe an electric train
if you were lucky.
BOTH: Moonlight and mistletoe.
What are you
mumblin' about over there?
You know what I'm gonna do?
I think I'm gonna get the sleigh
out and give Ginny a ride home
and thank her
for makin' the pie for us.
Heh. Hey, Romeo,
she's been comin' on to you
for 5 years,
and you haven't given her
the time of day.
Earl, I'm not givin' her
the time of day, OK?
I'm just givin' her
a simple sleigh ride home
under the moonlight with me...
You're jealous.
Evenin', Ginny.
So what's all this?
Well, I thought
you might want a lift home.
I got you a blanket,
some hot cider to keep you warm,
and of course I brought
my favorite reindeer.
You do know that's a horse.
Well, I know
he looks like a horse right now,
but once the Christmas magic
kicks in,
his inner reindeer comes out.
You think he can pull us both?
Well, dasher's lost
a little bit of his dash
over the years, but one tug
of these reins, and off...
- whoa!
- Hey!
- Oh, whoa! Whoa!
- You forgot something!
- Whoa! Oh! No! Oh!
- Nick?
- The tree. Please. No, no, no!
Look out! The tree!
I know! I know!
Ohh. Ohh.
- Nick!
- [GASPS] I'm fine. I'm fine.
Green mountain train 57
arriving from Boston.
Green mountain train 57
arriving from Boston.
That's fine, Brenda.
Just call me the minute
the purchase order gets there.
- Any time?
- Absolutely. Day or night.
Ms. Crosby, Peter Lowdell.
Even if that means
missing my choir practice?
No, Brenda, I don't mean
for you to miss choir practice.
I know you have a solo.
- Clear out.
- I just meant...
I'll do it if you want,
Ms. Crosby.
Look, just call me, OK?
I have to go.
[SIGHS] hi. Sorry. Business.
- No problem.
- How's my father? Is he OK?
Oh, sure. Yeah. He's fine.
Listen, I have my truck
parked right over here.
I'm still not exactly clear
on what happened.
How did he get hurt?
Doctor said it was the worst
sleighing accident
he's ever seen.
Of course, he said it was
the only sleighing accident
he's ever seen, so...
Actually there were
34 sleighing accidents
in New England just last year.
It's not funny.
Right. Very serious.
Driving a sleigh
in the middle of the night,
that is so typical.
He's lucky
he didn't break his neck.
Uh, I think it would take more
than a head-on with a tree
to keep your dad down.
Busted up his leg
pretty good, though.
Won't be driving anything
for a while.
How I... did the doctor say how
long he'd be in the hospital?
Oh, he's home.
Home? It hasn't
even been 2 days.
You ever try to keep Nick
somewhere he didn't wanna be?
Point taken.
Don't worry, though. I've been
takin' good care of him...
Me, Ginny, Earl.
Sounds like he doesn't
even really need me here.
Are you kidding? That's all
he's been talking about.
Oh. Good.
Nick says you like it
in the city.
Must keep you
pretty busy, though,
work and all.
He sure misses you.
I'm sorry.
What was your name?
Peter. Peter. Peter Lowdell.
It's OK.
Oh. Peter. Right.
Peter, do you work
for my father?
I used to be on the payroll.
Now I'm more
what you call a volunteer.
Pick up odd jobs
around town, though,
paint signs for the locals,
that kind of thing.
Mainly I like Nick.
I like it here.
It's a nice place.
Green mountain number 57
departing Chester
for white river junction.
All aboard.
You don't remember me, do you?
Should I?
I don't know.
We talked about the ballet once.
Long time ago.
Wow. The inn look deserted.
They don't serve lunches
Business was too slow.
Dinner's only on the weekends.
You're kidding.
Wow. That place was always
packed this time of year.
Families never missed
celebrating Christmas.
There she is!
Dad! Oh, my god!
Oh, I'm sorry you had to come
all this way, honey.
- Oh, no. Stop. A-are you OK?
- Oh, I'm fine.
You didn't tell me
he was in a wheelchair.
Oh, I'm not in a wheelchair.
I mean,
I'm in a wheelchair, but I can
get around great on crutches.
- No, you can't.
- Mind your own business.
You know, I should be really angry
at you. What were you thinking?
Well, I'd been thinking about
enterin' dasher in the derby.
Dasher is 20 years old.
Neither one of you
has any business
riding around in a sleigh.
Don't you start, too. I've been
gettin' it from all sides, honey.
Good. You deserve it.
- That's what I told him.
Listen, it's just great
havin' you back here.
Now we can get started.
- Well, dad, I...
- I've even hung the mistletoe.
You just worry
about getting better.
Hey, I'm not worried
about anything, honey,
not with you back.
It's gonna be like old times,
Holly home for Christmas.
Who's hungry?
Speaking of which,
I was thinking about
your pot roast this morning.
Oh, you should taste it, Peter.
She makes it with, uh, carrots and
potatoes, a-and she has a light sauce.
Can't wait.
It's not bland
like your Turkey meatloaf.
You like my Turkey meatloaf.
I hate your Turkey meatloaf.
It's terrible.
You always eat it.
You've never complained.
You... you put ketchup
and mustard and all...
No, that's all
that you give me.
I-I've been tryin' to humor you
by makin' you feel good.
- You know what'd make me feel...
- OK!
I'll make the pot roast.
Well, he's got a pot
for the pot roast.
That's about it.
Have to go to the grocery store.
Still pacing yourself?
Excuse me?
That's how you phrased it.
365 days a year,
you have to pace yourself
with this whole
Christmas spirit thing.
We have met before.
You should tell him.
What? Tell who?
That you're not staying
for Christmas. He's...
He's getting his hopes up.
I'm sorry. Exactly when did
I invite you to discuss my...
You can borrow my truck
to go to the market.
You should probably get that.
Yeah, Brenda?
Mr. Holt's Celtic line
is ready for shipping.
Yes. Yes.
Have them shipped right away.
Holly Crosby?
It's Della, Della Wallace.
Well, Wallace now.
Della Hamilton from high school.
Oh. Della.
Wow. I-it's been forever.
I can't believe it.
I know.
Oh, you look fabulous.
I almost didn't recognize you
without your little elf suit.
Yeah, my claim to fame.
With the little pompom
on your hat.
Quite the fashion statement.
Yeah, and all that red.
I used to say
I could see you coming
a mile away.
I remember.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
How's your dad? Is he OK?
Yeah, OK enough to want me
to cook this pot roast
I haven't made in years.
Yeah, it's always something.
My family's the same way.
Oh, you have a family.
That's... that's great.
Yeah, living the glamorous life
of the soccer mom and loving it.
Roger and I have 3 boys now.
Oh, Roger Wallace.
Oh, you remember.
Used to read the announcements
in high school.
Oh, yeah. Right.
Roger, with all the...
Oh, that was just an allergy.
His face cleared right up
in college.
He's got his own lumberyard now.
Wow. No kiddin'?
So, are you seeing anybody?
Me? No.
No. Who's got the time?
Uh, you know what?
The three of us
should get together for coffee.
- Oh, I don't know.
- Oh, oh, don't be silly.
We'll meet you at the inn
tomorrow. 4:00?
How does that sound?
Yeah. OK. That sounds great.
- Great. It's a date.
- All right.
[SIGHS] it seems so long ago.
I mean, I know
it was different for you,
'cause you had to be there,
but for the rest of us,
it was so special.
I mean, we never missed
a tree lighting ceremony,
and we looked so forward
to the holidays at Santaville.
Now it seems nobody
finds the time anymore.
It's kind of sad, isn't it?
Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
OK. Bye.
Mmm. Peter, was that not
the star on the top of the tree?
That was good.
It was good? It was wonderful.
It was wonderful, Holly.
Thanks, dad.
Which reminds me, we should
save a little somethin' for Earl,
'cause he's gonna stop by
after his shift.
How is Earl?
He's doin' well.
He's doin' well.
He's just, uh,
not lawyerin' much anymore,
'cause he's doin'
double Santa duty,
for us and the mall,
so he's kinda lost interest.
Which is why it's wonderful
that I'm gonna have you around
to help out.
Yeah, dad, about that...
Here. You know,
let me clear some of this away.
Dad, I came because I wanted
to make sure that you were OK.
I appreciate that, honey.
I really do.
But I can't stay.
Well, I didn't think
you were movin' back home.
I figured you'd leave
right after Christmas.
I'm not staying for Christmas.
What do you mean?
I can stay
for a couple more days,
but I need to get back
to the city, back to my work.
Honey, it's Christmas.
Yeah. I-it's not
about Christmas, dad.
There are people
who depend on me.
I depend on you.
I... I know, and I'll...
I'll do everything that I can.
I'll hire someone to help you out
until you get back on your feet.
I'm not gonna have
some stranger in my house.
Holly, we're family,
and family takes care of family.
Nick, I could handle things
around here,
the... with the cooking,
the cleaning.
You hear that? With him
cookin', I could starve to death.
I'm glad you're home, honey.
But it reminds me
Earl is not gonna
make the Turkey this year.
Holly's here.
- Dad!
- His Turkey's very dry, honey.
Have you been listening to me?
Yes, honey,
but you're just tired
from the train ride up here,
which reminds me
we'll talk about it
in the morning
when you make
your holiday breakfast.
You're gonna love her scones.
Welcome home, honey,
and Merry Christmas.
- Holly.
- Oh, Mr. Jennings. Hi.
- How's your dad?
- No, he's OK.
I-I'll definitely be in the
office next week, no problem.
Well, then you'll be
the only one.
I'm havin' my skis waxed
as we speak,
and our clients'll all be
into vacation mode by next week,
which is what
you should be doing.
Uh, yeah.
I don't need a vacation.
I don't want a vacation.
Which, as I recall,
is exactly what you said
this time last year
and the year before.
Uh, yeah, but I love my work.
There'll be plenty of work
after the holidays.
Meantime, we got you covered.
Look after your dad
and try to enjoy yourself.
Yeah. No, see,
that's the thing. I...
- Give your dad our best.
- No, wait. Mr...
And, Holly, Merry Christmas.
Wait. No. M-Mr. Jennings.
"Past due." "Urgent."
Dad, what have you been doing?
All these urgent notices,
these bills.
I'm just a little behind,
that's all.
A little behind?
Dad, some of these bills
are 6 months old.
Well, we had
a couple slow years,
a-and I kept up
until my savings ran out.
Why didn't you tell me?
Honey, you have your own life.
I'm not gonna trouble you
with my problems.
Besides, it's December,
and that's always
our best month, remember?
They can come after
your assets, dad.
Do you know what that means?
Who's gonna do
a thing like that to Santa?
These bills
aren't made out to Santa.
They're made out to Nick Crosby.
You always were a worrier.
Honey, you have to have
a little faith.
Wonderful things
can happen at Christmas.
Well, then you better come up
with a real miracle, dad.
Otherwise, this time next year,
there won't be a Santaville.
Thank you for seeing me here
on such short notice,
Mr. Corwell.
Holly, I just wish we were meeting
under better circumstances.
Around here,
we all love our Santa.
You've known my father
for 30 years.
This bank loaned him the money
to buy the property,
to renovate the buildings,
to create Santaville.
You know the economic impact
he's had on the community,
the tourists he's brought in...
Of course he has.
I used to take my family
every year.
It was a family tradition.
Now my grandkids,
they've got, like, 500 channels.
What do they care
about Santaville?
All the time
and love my father
has put into this town,
that has to mean something.
Yes, it does.
It means the world
to anyone who remembers
what Santaville once was.
But it's still there.
People only drive
through here now
because we're on the way
to the ski lifts.
We're lucky
if they even stop for gas.
Why would they stop
for Santaville?
I'm sorry, Holly.
I've already extended your father
more credit than I should have.
Earl, are you here?
Supposed to be out there
on that sleigh.
Have a heart. I'm freezin'
my bells off out there.
Besides, haven't had
a visitor since lunch.
Well, kids used to play hooky
just to come here in December.
It's the Internet.
They're sending
virtual Christmas cards
and living virtual lives. Hey!
Ran into John Corwell
on my way back from the mall.
Says Holly was up to see him.
Yeah. She's takin' care of
a couple of things for me.
What kind of things?
She's takin' care of 'em.
She always does.
I been your friend, your lawyer
since longer
than I can remember.
Whatever's goin' on,
you know I'll help
in any way I can.
I know that, Earl.
You don't have 50 grand
stuck in that boot, do you?
It's funny how some numbers
will make the hair
on the back of your neck
stand up.
Gonna be all right. Don't worry.
Get back out there.
When I saw that sleigh
upside down
and your dad all catawampus
in the snow,
I'm tellin' you, honey,
my heart stopped.
It was a sweet thought, though.
I'll give him that.
Sleigh ride under a full moon.
Heh. He can be quite the charmer
when he wants to be.
Is there something
I should know about?
Heh. You tell me,
and we'll both know.
He flirts. I flirt back.
Gets us through the day.
Well, thanks for
taking care of him, Ginny.
I know he can be...
Difficult sometimes.
He's not so bad, you know,
once you get used to him.
And he sure has perked up
since you got home, honey.
Sweetheart, is there something
that you wanna talk about?
Oh. No, nothing. I'm fine.
I just, um...
You know, I think that my...
My friends are runnin' late.
Well, I'm here
if you ever need me.
Santaville inn.
I'm not staring. I swear.
But I'm wondering...
And I know this'll
sound like a line. Uh...
But do you come here often?
Yeah, why would that
sound like a line?
I'm genuinely curious.
You don't look like a local.
Not for a long time.
And you're not exactly
the Santaville type yourself.
I am staying here at the inn,
but I'm in from out of town
visiting an old college friend
and his wife.
I was actually supposed to meet
here at 4:00, but, uh...
Your friends wouldn't happen
to be Roger and Della Wallace?
How'd you know?
I... I was supposed
to meet them, too.
Wait a second.
Do you think they...
Yeah. Yeah, we've been set up,
big time.
Heh heh.
Well, gee,
I wonder who that could be?
- Ben, is that you?
- Hey, Roger.
Yeah, I'm here.
Sorry I can't come.
Oh, no.
Kids have fevers.
Fever, huh?
All 3 boys.
All 3 boys.
Wow. That's terrible. I'm sorry.
Say hi to my friend.
Really? What's her name?
Holly Crosby.
Holly Crosby.
That's a pretty name.
What's she look like?
How good-looking?
Wow, that good-lookin', huh?
- Say hi.
- OK, I will.
Thanks, man.
I'll catch up with you later.
Yeah, later, man.
He wants me to introduce myself
and explain his sons are sick.
You get the idea.
Yeah. Della.
Hi. I'm Ben Richards.
You do not have to do this.
Oh, yes, I do.
It would mean so much
to Roger and Della.
See over there?
Oh, yeah.
This is incredible.
I didn't think places
like this still existed.
They are
an endangered species.
And your dad put all this
together himself?
Yeah, pretty much.
I mean,
he was the creative force.
But it was my mom
who had all the business sense
in the family.
I mean, she knew how much he was
into the whole Santa thing,
and... and this way he could make
all those other kids really happy
and still support his family.
Wow. Heh. You must have had,
like, the most amazing
childhood on record.
I mean,
you grew up in Santaville.
Uh... heh.
It... it had its moments.
You mind if I ask you
how your dad affords to keep
this place open all year round?
Um, he can't.
Not anymore.
Oh, yeah? What do you mean?
Oh. Well, look around.
I mean, all these
beautiful buildings,
but there's no people.
Times have changed.
Nobody's interested in
a traditional Christmas anymore.
So now he's
in a bit of a pickle.
How bad is it?
He could lose everything.
Come on. This is
prime New England property,
charming little town.
I mean, you know
how the world works.
It's gotta be worth somethin'.
Selling is not an option.
Well, what about a loan then?
He couldn't borrow enough
to buy a candy cane.
In that case, it sounds to me
like you guys are in need
of the services
of a good financial advisor.
Sure. I'll just Google one up.
Well, there's a rumor
goin' around
that this new guy, Ben Richards,
might know a thing or two.
You? Seriously?
I can't promise anything,
I might know some people.
People? What...
What does that mean?
Just means I can make
a couple of phone calls.
If you'd like.
Are you kidding?
Yes. Um, please.
Gosh, I... I am in
way over my head here.
Anything you could do for...
I just... I would be so...
Thank you.
You're welcome, Holly.
Sorry. I... I...
No, that's OK.
I was looking for my father.
I think he's in the house.
Is this yours?
It's just a hobby.
No. They're...
They're beautiful.
Thank you.
Does my father
know about this?
- I would say probably.
- Probably?
Well, I leave one
under his tree every year,
but we've never actually
really talked about it.
I have noticed he makes a point
never to come back here.
Think he still wants
to believe in the magic.
Have you ever considered
marketing these?
I mean, you just don't find this
kind of craftsmanship anymore.
Like I said, just a hobby.
Well, you must
really like nutcrackers.
Someone told me a story about
the ballet a long time ago.
Been hooked ever since.
Clara, Fritz,
Herr Drosselmeyer.
You make things.
You just left.
I came back.
I... I really have to
go find my father.
Can we talk later?
So I'll just see you.
So, Morgan, you've been
a good little girl all year?
You've got a chimney?
You've got a list.
OK, we might have
a little trouble with the pony,
but a charm bracelet, yeah,
red scooter,
makeup set.
Well, what?
Well, what's the plan
with Corwell?
Oh. There's no plan.
He couldn't help us.
What do you mean?
W... you're mortgaged
to the hilt, dad.
The bank's in line
with everyone else.
What did you expect?
I... I expected
a little loyalty,
maybe a little faith
in an old friend.
Doesn't work that way.
Then what are
we gonna do about it?
I met someone today,
a financial advisor.
A financial advisor.
That's good. That's good. Yeah.
He's gonna try to help us.
Try? He's...
Wh-what does "try" mean?
I don't know, dad.
50 grand's a lot of money.
I'm... I'm sorta wingin' it here.
Well, we gotta figure out
somethin', Holly.
You have to stop this.
You have to!
Yeah, I know, dad. I get it.
You're a wonderful man,
and this is your life,
and the clock is ticking,
but maybe if you hadn't lived
in such a blissful
state of denial for so long...
Do I look blissful to you?!
Is this blissful?!
Holly, I'm trying
to save my home, our home,
and I thought
you cared about that.
I do care, dad, but...
But see, that's the thing.
There is no buts, ever.
You're either in, or you're out.
That's the way it works.
This is everything your mother
and I ever worked for,
and if I lose Santaville,
then I have nothing.
You have me!
Ben. Hi.
I was just comin' to find you.
You do know
it's December, right?
What is it?
I wanted to tell you
right away.
I made those phone calls
I was tellin' you about.
I don't know.
This never happens.
I don't wanna
get your hopes up too much,
but these people
are very interested.
It's incredible.
They got great ideas,
very creative.
Well, tell me.
No, I don't wanna say
too much.
It's very fluid,
and I don't wanna jinx it.
We'll call 'em in the morning.
Oh, come on, Ben.
Not until I'm sure.
Think of it like having to wait
until Christmas Eve
to open your presents.
Wait. You open your presents
on Christmas Eve?
No, it's just that Santa
comes on Christmas Eve.
The presents
are for Christmas morning.
OK. I'll remember that
from now on,
but the point
is I may have just found
that Christmas miracle
you've been hopin' for.
Thank you so much.
Oh! This is gonna be great.
Thank you, Ben.
Covered bridge.
I got your note.
My mom used to bring me here
when things would get
a little too crazy.
Sometimes we wouldn't even talk.
We'd just listen to the water.
I'd be all geeked out
about something or other,
and that sound
would be so relaxing.
She told me stories, and...
And we'd laugh, and...
Yeah, and then I'd just forget
what was even bothering me.
She always knew just what to do.
She sounds like
a great person.
She was.
Nick never talks about her.
Ah, you noticed.
None of my business.
When I was little,
family was his whole life...
Me and my mom.
When she died, he changed.
I was 12.
It's like the only way
he could hang on
was to go all Santa
all the time.
A heart big enough
to hold the whole world,
but when it came
to his real family, me, well...
So you left.
That day in the toy shop,
why'd you disappear like that?
My parents were in a hurry.
We, uh, still had a long drive
ahead of us.
Visiting relatives?
Back to school.
No, wait.
I-it was Christmas break.
Everyone was out of school.
Yeah, well, they kept
the dorms open just in case.
In case of what?
In case your parents wanted to
fly to Europe for the holidays
and taking you along didn't
exactly fit into their plans.
Your parents left you in
boarding school over Christmas?
On the plus side, I got a lot
of extra studying done,
which meant I graduated early,
moved to college,
which really simplified
mom and dad's plans
for the world cruise.
That must have been awful.
No. It was...
It was normal to me.
Actually all worked out.
I went to college
for, like, a decade,
got several degrees,
and then dad tried to squeeze me
into his world of business.
I rebelled, he cut me off,
so I decided to do
some traveling of my own.
I remembered a certain elf
with a love of the ballet.
Here I am.
You came back here
because of me?
That and Christmas
365 days a year.
I would have traded places
with you in a heartbeat.
Believe me, it wasn't all
candy canes and sleigh rides.
Ah, it doesn't have to be,
as long as you have
someone who loves you
and wants you to be happy,
and that's
what you had here, Holly.
It's what you still have here.
It's all I ever wanted.
I, uh... I better take this.
Ben, hi.
Tellin' you, Holly, I've never
seen a deal close this quickly.
I mean, those folks are even willin'
to pay off all your father's bills,
wipe the slate clean.
That's a lot of money.
Aw, 50 or 60 grand,
small change to these people.
Well, it's a fortune
around here.
What do they get out of it?
Well, the timing
couldn't have been more perfect.
These guys just quietly
closed a deal
for controlling interest in 2
ski resorts just north of here,
and the way they see it,
Santaville's just another way
to draw more families
to the area.
You know, stop here
on the way up, on the way back.
You know, some kind of
package deal, maybe,
free lift tickets
with every park pass,
somethin' like that.
Yeah, that could...
That could work.
And after all, Roger's been
tellin' me for years
this little burg
is about to explode, so...
And anyway, point is your dad's
not hangin' in the wind anymore.
He's got partners now.
Oh, he won't let anyone
tell him how to run this place.
Oh, no, no, no.
Silent partners. Absolutely.
Don't worry.
Your dad's still the man.
[SIGHS] it sounds perfect.
Thank you.
Think he'll go for it?
How could he say no?
No. I've never needed anyone's
help to run this place
besides Holly and her mother,
and I don't intend to start now.
It's a good deal, Mr. Crosby.
It's better than you'll find
anyplace else.
I need money, not partners.
Silent partners, dad.
You'd still be in charge.
Oh, and how would these silent
partners get their money back?
They do want
their money back, right?
Aw, eventually, of course,
and with fair market interest,
but not until
you're back on your feet.
But in the meantime,
they'd own a piece of my home.
Technically that's true.
But it would better
than losing your home,
which is what'll happen
if you don't do this soon.
Not interested.
At least read it.
I don't have to read it.
I know exactly what it says.
It's a lot of legal words
that boils down to one thing.
You gave up on Santaville years
ago, and you're doin' it again.
Gave up?
Dad, I went to college.
I got a job, a career.
Right, and you were
supposed to come back here
and be my number one elf
and help me run this place.
I mean, that... that's all
I ever really was to you,
just some silly mascot
dressed up in a costume
all these years.
You know better than that.
How would I know?
When did you ever tell me?
Since mom died,
when did you once say to me...
Good day, Ben.
You are a damn fool,
Nick Crosby.
Shut up.
Heard you were leaving.
Without saying good-bye?
Good-bye, Peter.
You know, sometimes people
don't know how
to say what they feel.
The words just won't come out.
Talk about everything
except what...
Really matters to him the most.
Yeah, it's funny.
I always thought
I was a great listener.
I mean, I got 30 years
experience, so I ought to be.
Turns out I'm great at listenin'
to everyone but you,
and I'm really sorry, Holly,
and I wanna fix that.
I just wanted you
to be my dad.
That's all
I ever wanted to be.
But you were always so busy
being jolly and merry
for everybody else,
always Santa.
Well, maybe that's 'cause
it's easier to live in a world
where wishes do come true, OK,
where everybody is happy,
where nobody ever leaves me.
I couldn't live
in that world, dad,
pretending like the past
never happened.
I still miss her all the time.
So do I. So do I, honey.
But you never talk about her.
It's like she was never here.
She was here.
Some days, I think she still is,
because I can see her.
I can see her in your eyes,
your smile.
And when you laugh,
I can hear her.
She's been here a lot
these last few days.
It's a wonderful thing
havin' you come back home.
I miss you, too, dad,
so much.
Please don't leave,
honey, not yet.
Mmm, scones.
You know, I... I thought about
what you said last night
about how I never
talked about your mother.
Dad, you don't have to.
No, no, no. You're right.
You're right. I haven't,
and it's very selfish of me,
because she was
an amazing woman.
I remember.
But there's a lot
you don't remember,
and I want you to.
Important things.
I figured it was about time
we opened this up.
Go ahead.
In here is every letter,
card, and note
your mom ever sent to me.
I mean, a lot of the notes
are silly.
I saved everything.
"I'll always love you,"
and stuff that...
She'd sneak in my pants
in the morning, and...
Then I'd find it later.
Uh, she was funny.
Oh, and this is the first
Christmas card we ever made you.
Oh, and there's pictures.
Remember when
you won the spelling bee?
You were in the third grade, and
you beat the sixth graders. Huh?
And this is your mom and I's
first date.
And this is from our honeymoon,
when we went to Wisconsin Dells.
Lot of people go to Vegas, but
not good enough for your mom.
Oh, and this.
The night I asked her
to marry me...
I gave her this ring.
And our wedding rings
are in here, too.
And I want you to have this,
and maybe one day...
You'll need 'em.
And then there's this.
This is from the first night
I met your mom.
My friends were havin' a party,
and I almost didn't go,
but I did,
and I walked in the door,
and I saw your mom standing in the
moonlight under the mistletoe.
Moonlight and mistletoe.
And so, I don't know
what got into me,
but I went right up
and kissed her.
And it could've gone either way,
'cause your mom was
very beautiful, and I was, uh...
But as luck would have it,
it went my way,
and about a year later,
you were born.
That must have been some kiss.
I think she thought so.
And that's why you never
forget to hang the mistletoe.
Yeah. Well, there was
a lot of Christmas magic
in the air that night for me.
We all need a little
Christmas magic once in a while.
And if the mistletoe helps,
I figure, "why not?"
You might need some
one day, too, so...
But that's me. I'm just...
Probably just
a romantic old fool.
Anyway, I want you to...
Take care of her.
I will.
And you're not old. Heh.
I know. And I was thinkin'
about that other thing,
about the contract, and if
you think it's a good thing,
I'll sign it.
You mean it?
You're very smart, Holly.
You're like your mom.
And it's time
I started listening to you.
You won't regret it, dad.
I know. I know.
And I got Earl lookin' at all
the legal mumbo jumbo right now.
Everything's gonna be OK.
I promise.
I know, Holly.
I know.
There you go.
Thanks, Ginny.
Decide to stay?
I'm glad.
I, uh, noticed
that you've been working
in here all morning,
and I thought
you might like hot coffee.
Oh. You read my mind.
I wanted to thank you
for being there last night.
I didn't do anything.
No, you have a way of
simplifying the truth.
What you said really helped.
For the first time in years,
dad and I actually talked.
He even agreed
to sign the contract.
So everything works out.
He gets to keep Santaville,
and, uh...
You get to go back to the city.
I was planning on taking
the sleigh out tonight.
Why don't you come with me.
Uh, I'd like to,
but I'm meeting Ben.
He has to get the contract
to his people right away.
Maybe I should get people.
Makes you sound more important.
The investors, OK?
What's the rush?
They need to get
this deal together
before the end of the quarter,
or else their tax liability
on the money doubles.
And we can't have that.
You really
don't like business, do you?
Been there.
I prefer sleigh rides.
Maybe another time.
I'm not goin' anywhere.
OK, now where does this go?
Um, on the top, Earl...
- Oh.
- Where it always goes...
Every year. Yeah. Yeah.
Try not to swallow
this one whole, Nick Crosby.
Ooh. Pie.
You act like I'm made of pies.
Well, see, that's our secret.
You make the pies,
and I eat the pies.
- it's like words and music.
We belong together, you know,
like hot and toddy.
Only Santa could get away with
a line like that. Mmm.
Wow. Look at you.
You look great, honey.
Thank you.
Somebody's got a hot date.
No, it's not a date.
I'm just meeting Ben for dinner
to look over the paperwork.
Um, speaking of which, Earl,
do you have the contract?
Uh, yeah.
Anything I should know about?
Um, n-no, it's all
pretty standard stuff.
I-it seems fine to me.
Great. Dad, do you have a pen?
Mm-hmm. Course I have a pen.
I'll go get one.
OK, you get it.
Usually have a pen.
Wow. I'm impressed.
I thought your dad
threw in the towel.
Christmas is a time
for miracles.
Heh. I'm gonna remember that
from now on.
I can't thank you enough, Ben.
I mean, I feel like
this enormous weight
has been lifted
off my shoulders.
Was happy to do it.
For the first time in years,
I'll be able to enjoy
the holiday with my father,
and it's because of you.
[SCOFFS] I can't take
all the credit.
I mean, you're the one
that sold him on the idea.
Remember that.
And let's not forget
our silent partners.
They're the ones puttin' up
all that money.
I know,
but still, I want you to know
how much it means to me.
And I was thinking
if you're not too busy,
maybe you wanna celebrate
Christmas here with dad and me.
We could have Della and... and
Roger and their... and their...
Holly, you OK?
Yeah. No, I'm fine.
It's just...
A minute ago, you said,
"our silent partners."
No. Did I?
That's weird. Sorry.
Guess I just got caught up
in the moment.
Your silent partners, obviously.
But semantics aside,
I would be honored to join you
and your father for Christmas.
Really? Great.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Speaking of partners,
this is them right now.
Better go give them
the good news. You excuse me?
Yes. Yes. Go. Go.
2 minutes.
Don't leave.
Guess what.
I got the signed contract
right here in my pocket.
You did it, Ben. Great.
I know.
I couldn't believe it either.
I thought we were
dead in the water, bro.
Oh, hi. You know,
he's still on the...
You know what? Just leave it.
I'll go find him.
Of course it's in there
exactly the way you wrote it.
You're jokin'.
No. It says
in black and white
if Nick Crosby can't repay
the entire amount in arrears
by Christmas day,
he forfeits all the property
to the investment group.
- They haven't a clue.
- I don't know.
I guess it was that fancy
legalese you came up with.
Slipped right past 'em.
You're the best.
This is working just like it
did in Killington, man.
[SIGHS] yeah, right.
That and my charm, of course.
What charm?
Hey, don't forget
my finder's fee.
I'm sorry, dad.
I wanted this so much for you,
and I let my guard down.
You gotta
give yourself a break.
You didn't know, honey.
I should have known.
I should have never trusted him.
Honey, you can't blame
yourself for trusting people.
He rode in
on his big white horse,
and I bought the whole act,
no questions asked.
He's a total pro.
He's done it before.
Holly, it was not your fault.
- Earl, please.
- No.
If I had read the contract
like I was supposed to,
like you asked...
Earl, stop.
I don't know what it is.
I just... I can't seem to focus.
You don't have to explain
yourself to anyone.
I'd read a paragraph.
I couldn't remember where I was,
what I'd just read.
I guess when you get old,
you're the last person to know
that you've lost your touch.
Earl, look,
it's not your fault.
You got it?
This is not your fault.
It's my fault.
It's my name on that contract.
I signed it.
I should have read
the fine print.
It seems to me we should stop
worrying about who's to blame here
and start talkin' about
what are we gonna do about it?
Except that I signed
the contract,
so what can we do about it?
Can people just get away
with this sort of thing?
Waltz in and take
someone's home and business
just because of
some stupid piece of paper?
Sadly, it happens every day.
Well, it's not right.
It's not right,
and I'm not gonna let him do it.
Dad, I thought
I was helping you.
I just made things worse.
I am sorry.
No, you didn't.
But we haven't
lost Santaville yet,
and I will not let it go
without a fight.
- Yeah.
- That's right.
What have I done?
Somebody call
for a one-horse open sleigh?
HOLLY: Love the silence.
It's peaceful.
What was I thinking?
Someone who opens their presents
on Christmas Eve?
Santa comes on Christmas Eve.
I know. That's what I said.
Poor Ben.
Poor Ben?
All he has to believe in
is finder's fees
and bottom lines.
On a night like this,
it's no way to live life.
You didn't see
my father's face.
I'm not feeling very sympathetic
towards Ben at the moment.
Maybe he'll reconsider,
tear up the contract.
and he's got the only copy.
Fat chance I'll get
another look at it.
How am I gonna get $50,000?
Just have to bring
more visitors to Santaville,
a lot more.
Christmas is less
than 3 weeks away.
We haven't had that many
visitors in the past 5 years.
people came to Santaville
because they wanted to.
It meant something to them.
Della said so.
Even Mr. Corwell called it
a family tradition.
They remember what it was like.
Mmm. It hasn't changed
that much.
No, it hasn't.
Times have changed,
but they still remember.
Everybody remembers.
The whole town remembers.
They remember what Santaville
used to be,
because it's the way
they want it to be.
You're right.
If we could find a way
to show them
that it's not all in the past,
that Santaville is still here,
that it's still
just the way they remember...
They'd come back.
They'd come back.
Yeah. I don't get this.
What's it called again?
It's a blog, dad.
It's like a journal,
but you write it on our website.
We have to get the word out,
not just to the town,
but everywhere.
Yeah, but what
do I write about?
You write about Santa's day,
you know, like... like toys
and reindeer and elves.
You know, "blog," that... that
sounds like a holiday drink.
Jingle bells
jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells
jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Dashing through the snow
in a one-horse open sleigh
through the fields we go
laughing all the way
bells on bobtails ring
making spirits bright...
The whole town is talking
about your remember campaign.
I mean, the signs, the carving...
It was brilliant.
Oh, thanks, Ginny.
Yeah, it was brilliant, honey.
Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh...
It was great, honey, but we still
gotta get the word out, folks.
We gotta make people
remember this.
Uh, how are we gonna do that?
Well, since it's 21st century,
I think I'll be bloggin'.
Plus I'm gonna call every guest
that's passed through the inn
and let them know that for the
first time in too many years,
the annual Santaville tree-lighting
ceremony is gonna happen!
- Whoo!
- That's right.
We're back, baby! We're back!
A day or two ago
a story I must tell
I went out on the snow
and on my back I fell...
So, kids,
for the first time in years,
this Friday, we're having
the big Santaville
tree-lighting ceremony.
Ceremony? Cerimony?
Ceremony. Cer...
Ah. I got it right.
Please come to Santaville...
Now the ground is white
go it while you're young
take the world tonight
and sing this sleighing song
just get a bobtail, boy...
I know. Thank you.
Thank you. 2, right?
Here you go. See ya.
Good cheer.
Take the lead...
So how many do you guys want?
Jingle bells,
jingle bells
Jingle all the way
oh, what fun it is...
Hello, Willy?
It's Santa.
Santa Claus.
Yeah. Yeah.
I keep getting calls
from people
who've seen the TV interview
I did this morning.
Word is spreading.
I wish your mother was here.
She'd be as proud of you
as I am.
I've got...
She'd be proud of both of us.
And she is here,
in the moonlight and...
Hey, we forgot to hang
the mistletoe.
Well, we've had a few things
on our mind, honey.
I think your mom
would understand.
You're right.
She'd also understand
about Ginny.
I haven't done anything,
Uh, I understand, too.
She's terrific.
Go for it.
Thanks, honey.
Welcome, everybody, welcome,
to Santaville's Christmas tree
lighting ceremony.
Mom, are they really
gonna light the Christmas tree?
Yes. You'll see.
Hey, look.
OK, love the fur.
Hey, Willy! Where's Willy?
Here I am.
There you go, Willy.
Yes. Like I said,
Christmas is a magical time
where wonderful things
can happen, so...
Light 'em up, Willy!
What's up there?
Santa, I love Christmas.
I know you do.
It's beautiful.
I'm tellin' you,
there is nothin' to worry about.
Because 50 grand is a lot
of money to these people.
There's no way
they're gonna raise it
sellin' reindeer rides
and fruitcake.
I will.
I'll keep you posted.
There he is.
Come on, guys.
Santa's right up here.
You can go see him.
Watch the train right here.
Santa's right... right up there.
Keep going.
Keep going. Santa's there.
Hey, tried calling.
Come on, Holly.
It was just business.
Just business?
Swindling my father
out of his home?
Out of his life savings?
That's just business?
Come on. You're a smart girl.
You're not like
the rest of these locals.
Hey, you understand the way
things work in the real world.
No, not this way, not for me.
What do you want me to say?
"I'm sorry"?
Fine. Sorry.
Sorry doesn't feed the cat.
And come Christmas Eve,
you're still not gonna have
enough money to save this place.
You were here last night.
You saw the crowds.
They're comin' back.
OK, look,
there's no reason
you and your father
have to walk away
from this empty-handed, OK?
[SCOFFS] are you...
Are you trying to bribe me?
No. That's not what I meant.
We must have you
really nervous, Ben.
What's the matter?
Afraid you're gonna lose
your finder's fee?
Heh. Was just tryin'
to do you a favor.
Yeah, I've had enough
of your favors.
This place is my home.
Your heartless soul
isn't welcome here anymore.
Get out.
You can't win this, Holly.
You know that.
I was out there
with my grandkids,
and we had a wonderful time.
They just loved it.
It was so magical.
That's great, Mr. Corwell,
because we're
kind of in a crunch here.
Mr. Richards came by to introduce
himself to me a few days ago.
Then I don't need to tell you
what's at stake.
If you could use the money
we've made so far
as a kind of good-faith payment
to secure the rest
of what we need...
You've deposited
nearly $28,000,
and that's very impressive,
but it still leaves you
with a substantial debt load.
People are coming
from all over.
We still have 4 days
before Christmas.
And then there's January,
which as you know,
is the slowest month
for any holiday business.
This property has been
the lifeblood of my family.
My father cannot lose this.
I won't let it happen.
I'm sorry, Holly.
I am, too.
I forgot how great it was
to have all those little
smilin' faces runnin' around.
Yeah. It really brought
the old place back to life.
Turns out people do remember
with a little help
from your awesome plan.
Oh. Well, we... we wouldn't have
gotten anywhere without Peter.
Yeah. You and Peter
make a good team.
I read your blog.
Today was really sweet,
the way the encouraged the kids
to give a toy to a needy child.
Yeah. Yeah,
it was sweet and...
Took a long time.
You know, that reminds me,
uh, all the kids are back now,
a-and they've all got
long lists for Santa,
and Santa's busy,
and he was wondering
if maybe his daughter could
take over the blog and...
For a little while.
Don't you mean
Santa's number-one elf?
No. Santa has a daughter,
and it's time the world
got to know her.
- I'd love to.
- Thank you.
OK, dad,
why don't you go to bed.
I'll... I can finish up here.
- OK.
- Night, honey.
Good night.
This doesn't even come close
to what we owe.
I have a little bit of savings,
some equity in my condo.
I could take out
a second mortgage, but...
It's not enough.
Talk to Nick about that?
Yeah, you know what he'd say.
And he'd be right.
Excuse me?
It is my money.
I can do what I want with it,
and I am not gonna
let these people take my home.
What are you smiling at?
It's just that you said,
"my home,"
not "his," "my."
You know what I mean.
I know up until
a couple weeks ago,
you couldn't wait to take
the first train out of here.
Let's not make a big deal
about this, OK?
I am still going home.
I'm just tired
and worried about my dad,
and I misspoke.
Of course.
Why do you keep making those?
Don't you have enough already?
I like it.
It's what I do,
who I am.
Take this piece of wood.
Who would ever guess
that somewhere hidden in here
is the charming prince
who will save Clara
from the evil mouse king?
Yeah, I know the story.
And all you have to do
is find him and let him out.
You make it sound so easy.
It is.
Eh, see how rough it is?
Sand it down,
always going with the grain.
And once you've made it
completely smooth...
You decide on a face.
How do you decide?
You just know.
It's a face you wanna look at
for the rest of your life.
That would be a nice face.
A very nice face.
Peter! Are you in there?!
Ah, there you are.
Hi, Holly.
Peter, I'm so sorry.
I just stepped out for a minute.
I didn't know.
Know what? Wh-what's wrong?
Well, there was
a customer in the bar,
and he just fell in love
with your nutcracker,
and he told Chuck
he totally had to have it,
so Chuck named a price that he thought
was gonna be way too crazy for anybody,
and the guy just bought it.
For how much?
Let me get this straight.
This guy actually paid
all that money
for one of these little toys?
They're not toys, Earl.
They're handcrafted works of art
made by a master craftsman.
We're still
talkin' about Peter, right?
No offense.
None taken.
It's his craftsmanship
that makes them unique.
Each one is different.
$500 different.
No, it's like snowflakes.
We're selling snowflakes,
and people wanna buy
these snowflakes
so they can make
their own family tradition...
You know,
bring them out every year,
pass them on to their children.
Yeah, but these
all belong to Peter,
and we can't ask him to do that.
I wanna do it for you, Nick.
Thank you, Peter.
But that makes Ginny in charge
of my mystery gift under
the tree Christmas morning.
Uh, if you're a good boy.
How many more
of those nutcrackers
do you have at the workshop?
[SIGHS] I don't know.
40. Maybe more.
Well, I can set up
a booth where everybody can see.
And I'm gonna sell 'em
on the website.
Dad's getting hundreds of hits
on his blog now.
- Yep.
- But we have to move fast,
so we can get these
to people for Christmas.
So you really think
this is gonna work, honey?
I really do, dad,
with a little bit
of Christmas magic.
So how we doin'?
I haven't finished
adding up all the sales.
So we're still
not out of the woods.
Not yet,
but we're close.
You still have it.
I looked for it last night.
I found it buried
in my old jewelry box.
I thought
it might bring us luck.
Maybe a little
Christmas magic?
I can't imagine my life
without Santaville.
Or you.
It's a face I could look at
for the rest of my life.
What happens if we lose?
- Holly?
- I've been trying to reach you.
- I just got off the slopes.
- You have to hear this idea.
I told you to take
some time off this Christmas.
I know, Mr. Jennings,
but this is really important.
OK. What's up?
I found these
one-of-a-kind nutcrackers.
Yeah. They're unique.
Come and get it!
It's one of a kind.
- Thank you.
- Oh, thank you.
Straight from Santa's workshop!
Nutcrackers made
by one of Santa's elves.
- One of a kind!
- Signed at the bottom.
from Santa's workshop!
- I cannot believe this, Ginny.
- What?
Just in time,
we're gonna make it.
Oh, honey.
There are orders coming in
from all over the country,
even some from Europe.
Everybody needs Santa,
no matter where they live.
Deck the halls
with boughs of Holly
Fa la la, la la,
la la, la la
'Tis the season to be jolly
fa la la, la la,
la la, la la
Don we now our gay apparel
fa la la, la la la,
la la la
Toll the ancient
yuletide Carol
Fa la la, la la,
la la, la la
Fa la la,
la la, la la, la la
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Merry Christmas!
Well, everybody,
it's almost
midnight Christmas Eve,
so Santa can't talk long,
'cause I got
a previous engagement.
You know, you should
really be in bed, too.
Uh, before Santa leaves,
there's something
I wanna say to you.
I grew up here,
and every memory I have
is connected to this place
and all of the people in it.
I went away for a while,
a long while,
because I was convinced
that all the love
and kindness and generosity that
I remembered from this place
was a thing of the past.
And I know now how wrong I was,
thanks to you...
And all of you.
There still is a place
where people care in this world,
where they wanna help.
And that's why you're all here,
because you remember, too,
and you wanted to keep
this one magical place
open for the next generation.
But we didn't reach our goal,
so this'll be the last Christmas
for Santaville.
It was going so well.
Honey, it's OK. We tried.
We tried really hard,
but we came up a little short.
It's over now.
I love you.
Holly! Holly, wait!
Mr. Jennings?
Brenda showed me
the Santaville website.
The woodcarvings are...
We think
they're just wonderful.
And so do our customers.
I wanna make global handcrafts
the exclusive distributor, Holly.
With you running things up here,
we could sell 'em
all over the world.
But they're... they're not mine.
Um, Mr. Jennings,
this is Peter Lowdell.
He's the artist.
He made all of these.
Love your work, Peter.
What do you say? You interested?
Well, you know
I carve these by hand.
They don't come from a factory.
Wouldn't want it
any other way.
And my shop
would have to stay here.
You could sell them online,
but I wanna make sure
everyone knows that Santaville
is the only place
you can buy them in person.
Wouldn't have it
any other way.
Peter, are you sure?
I never would've made them
if it wasn't for this place.
If it's what you want,
it's what I want.
Mr. Jennings,
you can tell our customers
that I'll be
looking after things up here
Young man,
I think you're going to be
very busy for quite a while.
In the meantime,
how many do you have left?
- Um, none.
- We're... we sold out.
Well, you could
commission one...
For say, $8,000.
Yeah. Is that legal?
You bet it is...
For another 4 minutes.
Merry Christmas after all.
Merry Christmas.
[NARRATING] Christmas was
always different for me.
It was always better.
I just forgot that for a while.
Dad and Ginny run Santaville
together now.
Peter and I were married there,
complete with moonlight
and mistletoe.
And by the next Christmas,
Santa will have
a new little elf to train.
So don't forget to come and
visit all of us at Santaville,
where every day
truly is Christmas.
From Santa's
loving daughter, Holly.
...and a happy new year