Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Movie Script

In order to show you how
a big symphony
orchestra is put together,
Benjamin Britten
has written a big piece of music,
which is made up
of smaller pieces
that show you all
the separate parts of the orchestra.
These smaller pieces
are called variations,
which means different ways
of playing the same tune.
First of all,
he lets us hear the tune or the theme,
which is a beautiful melody
by the much older
British composer Henry Purcell.
Here is Purcell's theme
played by the whole orchestra together.
Now, Mr. Britten lets you hear the four
different families of the orchestra
playing the same Purcell theme
in different ways.
First, we hear
the woodwind family.
The flutes, the oboes,
the clarinets and the bassoons.
Here comes the brass family.
The trumpets, the horns,
the trombones and the tubas.
One to four.
Now, Mr. Britten arranges the Purcell theme
for the string family.
I'm sick of this rain.
The violins, the violas, the
cellos and the double basses.
And of course, the harp.
And finally
the percussion family,
all those drums and gongs
and things you hit.
After this, you will
hear the theme by Purcell
played once more in its original
form by all four families together.
That is, the whole orchestra.
This is
the island of New Penzance.
Forested with
old-growth pine and maple.
Criss-crossed by
shallow tidal creeks.
Chickchaw territory.
There are no
paved roads, but...
Here comes Jed with the mail.
But instead many miles of intersecting
footpaths and dirt trails,
and a ferry that
runs twice daily from Stone Cove.
The year is 1965.
We are on the far edge
of Black Beacon Sound,
famous for the ferocious
and well-documented storm,
which will strike from the
east on the 5th of September.
In three days' time.
Morning, Gadge.
Morning, sir.
Deluca, latrine inspection.
how's that lanyard coming?
what's all this lumber for?
We're building a tree house.
- Where?
- Right here.
That's not a safe altitude.
Why is it up so high?
If someone falls from there,
that's a guaranteed death.
Well, where would
you have built it?
Nickleby? What are you doing?
Pest control.
Burning some ants.
Spot check.
Your socks are down,
your shirt tails are untucked,
your trousers are
not properly pressed.
You are reported for
a uniform violation.
How many rockets
you up to, Panagle?
Sixteen and a half, sir.
Is that enough
for the Hullabaloo?
Izod, go fetch another pint of
gunpowder from the armory shed.
Redford! Halt! I saw that!
- How fast were you just going?
- Safety test, sir.
Come again?
The vehicle
appears to be in good working order,
I'm just checking if...
Reckless cycling.
Second warning.
Next time,
I take away the keys.
Morning, Chef.
Who's missing?
- Who's missing?
- Shakusky.
- Shakusky.
- Shakusky.
Shakusky! Breakfast!
Shakusky, you in there?
It's zipped from the inside.
Jiminy Cricket,
he flew the coop.
Hello, this is
Captain Sharp, over.
Captain Sharp, this is Randall
Ward over at Camp Ivanhoe. Over.
Morning, Randy.
What can I do for you? Over.
I'm not sure exactly.
I've got an escaped Khaki Scout. Over.
What does that mean? Over.
One of my boys
seems to have stolen
a miniature canoe and
some fishing tackle,
two bedrolls, plus an air rifle.
And disappeared. Over.
Any idea why? Over.
No. He left me
a letter of resignation. Over.
Dear Scout Master Ward,
I am very sad to inform you
I can no longer be involved
with the Khaki
Scouts of North America.
The rest of the troop
will probably be glad to hear this.
It is not your fault.
Best wishes, Sam Shakusky.
Well, I guess we better
notify his folks. Over.
Okay. Over and out.
Hello, Diane.
Becky, I have your
person-to-person from Chesterfield
Hold the line, please.
Hello, sir.
This is Captain Sharp.
Yes, sir. I received your
message. Thank you very much.
In fact, we've come to
a decision, as a family,
because this is only the most recent
incident involving Sam's troubles,
and it's just not
fair to the others, so, unfortunately,
we can't invite him
back at this time.
There's no cause
for alarm, sir. We'll find him.
We're simply notifying you
as a matter of protocol and so on.
I understand that. I'm notifying
you of the situation on my end.
I'm confused by
that statement. You can't invite him back?
I'm afraid not.
He's a good boy. He's got a good heart.
But it's just not fair
to the others, you see?
He's emotionally disturbed.
Am I speaking
with Sam's father?
No, sir.
Sam's parents passed away
a number of years ago.
We're Mr. and
Mrs. Billingsley. We're foster parents.
Sam's been with
us since last June.
Excuse me, sir.
This is Scout Master Ward speaking.
Are you implying
that Sam is an orphan?
Well, it's a known fact.
Of course he is.
Well, why the hell
doesn't it say so in the register?
Excuse my language.
I don't know. What register?
We sent him a letter.
It should reach you presently.
Mr. Billingsley,
I've got an escaped Khaki Scout.
We are notifying you
as a matter of protocol.
You say you can't invite him back?
You say that he's an orphan?
I don't understand
how that works.
What am I supposed
to do with him?
That's up to social services.
They'll be in touch with you.
They'll look after Sam.
Good luck to you.
You have your orders.
Use the orienteering
and path-finding skills
that you've been
practicing all summer.
Let's find our man,
bring him safely back to camp.
Remember, this isn't
just a search party,
it's a chance to do
some first class Scouting.
Any questions?
What's your real job, sir?
- I'm a math teacher. Why?
- What grade?
- Eighth.
- You need a PhD for that?
Lazy-Eye, no,
but you know what,
we're actually in the middle of something
here, in case you didn't notice.
One of our Scouts is missing
and that's a crisis.
Anybody else? Redford?
What if he resists?
- Who?
- Shakusky.
Are we allowed to
use force on him?
No, you're not.
This is a non-violent, rescue operation.
Your mission is to find him,
not to hurt him under any circumstances.
Am I making myself understood?
- Yes.
- Good.
I'm going to change my answer,
in fact, this is my real job.
Scout Master Troop 55.
I'm a math teacher on the side.
Be leery out there. Okay?
Now let's get started.
Who's got Snoopy?
Right here.
Give him the scent.
I heard he ran away
because his family died.
I heard he
never had any family in the first place.
That's probably why he's crazy.
I'll tell you one thing,
if we find him, I'm not going to be the
one who forgot to bring a weapon.
Me, neither.
Camp Ivanhoe, that's all the way
across the other side of the island.
You really think
a 12-year-old boy
could row this far
in a miniature canoe?
Most likely not.
It is possible, Counselor.
I disagree, Counselor.
It would take him three days, at least.
I don't think so.
Two days, maximum.
- Well, I'm not going to argue about it.
- Be that as it may,
- will you let me know if you see anything unusual?
- Yup.
Scout Master's log,
September 2nd.
First day of search
party for Sam Shakusky
Morale is extremely low,
in part, I suppose,
because Sam is
the least popular Scout in the troop.
By a significant margin.
I'm confused and I'm worried.
Please let us
find him tomorrow.
Please don't let
him fall off a cliff,
or drown in the goddamn
lake or something.
A terrible day at Camp Ivanhoe.
Let's hope tomorrow's better.
One Year earlier
What kind of bird are you?
I'm a sparrow, she's a dove...
No. I said,
what kind of bird are you?
I'm a raven.
Boys aren't allowed in here.
I'll be leaving soon.
What happened to your hand?
I got hit in the mirror.
Really, how did that happen?
I lost my temper at myself.
What's your name?
Sam. What's yours?
I'm Suzy.
It's not polite to stare.
- Birds, ready?
- Who are you?
Where did you come from?
Go back to your seat.
He likes you.
Were you followed?
- I doubt it.
- Good.
Is that a cat in there?
Can you read a map?
I do cartography.
I feel we should
go halfway today, and halfway tomorrow
since you're a less
experienced hiker,
and you're wearing
Sunday school shoes.
They're not really
Sunday school shoes.
Oh, thank you.
Here's where we are right now.
I'd like to pitch
camp here by 1600,
which means 4:00.
How does that sound?
- Fine.
- You want some beef jerky?
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Are you thirsty?
No, thank you.
Well, if your throat
gets parched,
stick a pebble in your
mouth and suck on it.
You can quench your thirst
with the spit, supposedly.
Sometimes I stick leaves on my
hair. It helps cool your head down.
That's a good idea.
It might also help if
you didn't wear a fur hat.
Yeah. True.
You can go ahead. Be careful.
Here's a trick,
throw pine needles in the air
and you can see
which direction the wind is blowing.
Which Way?
I guess it
doesn't really matter,
just as long as we
cover our tracks.
You smell like perfume.
Oh, it's my mother's.
I brought water, too.
- You wait here.
- Okay.
Be right back.
Watch your head!
Where the hell is it?
Found it!
It's ready.
He knows someone's
watching him.
I agree. Wait.
Why do you say that?
I don't know,
I just think he can feel us.
Follow me.
How strong of
a swimmer are you?
Pretty good. I broke our school
record for the backstroke.
Okay. Well, I'm not that strong of a
swimmer, so I wear a life preserver.
Watch out for turtles.
They'll bite you
if you put your fingers down their mouths.
Let me see if I
can catch this one.
Feel something.
Somebody wrote on him.
The stick's moving.
You got one!
Fish on hook!
Reel him in, slowly.
Very good.
You know a lot about camping, don't you?
I'm a Khaki Scout. It's what I'm trained
for. Well, anyway, I used to be.
Maybe we can feed your cat
the guts and eyeballs.
Oh, that's okay.
He only eats kitten food.
What else did you bring?
Maybe we can make an inventory.
Go ahead.
This is my record player.
It works with batteries.
Well, actually,
it belongs to my little brother, Lionel.
- I left him a note.
- Okay.
- Do you like music?
- Yeah.
This is my
favorite record album.
My godmother gave it
to me for my birthday.
She lives in France.
These are my books.
I like stories with magic powers in them.
Either in kingdoms on Earth
or on foreign planets.
Usually, I prefer
a girl hero, but not always.
I couldn't bring them all
because it got too heavy.
You can borrow any you want.
Thank you.
I also brought
my lefty scissors because I'm left-handed,
some rubber bands,
extra batteries, my toothbrush,
and my binoculars, as you know.
I forgot my comb.
But I'll use my fingers.
Wait, these are all
library books.
In my school, you're only
allowed to check out one at a time.
Some of these are
going to be overdue.
Do you steal?
Why? You're not poor.
I might turn some of them back in one day.
I haven't decided yet.
I know it's bad. I think I just took
them to have a secret to keep.
Anyway, for some reason,
it makes me feel in
a better mood sometimes.
Are you depressed?
How come?
Well, I can show you
an example, if you'd like,
but it doesn't make
me feel very good.
Anyway, I found this
on top of our refrigerator.
Does that mean you?
I think so.
Are you laughing?
It's not funny.
You really know
how to make friends.
I'm sorry.
Oh. It's okay.
I'm on your side.
I know.
Thank you.
Which one's the best?
"His eyes downcast, his kingdom in
ruins, Mynar pressed his heavy paw"
"through the rippling surface
of the cool shallows"
"and down to its stone floor."
"My people once were led
by a great and noble beast"
"and I no longer
see his face in this reflection.'"
on the Plains of Tabitha, Francine rested."
"There would be
another time for war."
Suzy! Dinner! I'm not
going to say it again.
Where's your sister?
I don't know, but she borrowed my record
player for 10 days without asking.
What does that mean?
Dear Lionel, I need
to use your record player.
I will give it back in 10 days or less.
Do not tell Mom. Or Dad.
I will replace the batteries when I
return. Signed, Suzy Bishop.
Walt! Where the hell are you?
Right here!
Why are you cursing at me?
Does it concern you that
your daughter's just run away from home?
That's a loaded question.
Come down and read this.
Scout Master Ward
confirms they've had no luck.
They're going home for...
Who's there?
Good evening.
Sorry to startle you.
What are you doing here?
Nobody called the police.
I know. I know.
The search party's
not over yet. In other words...
Suzy's missing, too!
Go find her.
The tropical cyclone,
which originated last week
off the coast of
British Honduras, has intensified rapidly
and is now designated
Hurricane Mabeline.
Stay tuned for
further information
How can we help her?
She's got so many problems.
It's getting worse.
Whose fault is it?
I don't know.
But just for the record
return home within
the first six hours.
That doesn't do you
any good right now. It's just a statistic.
But in all likelihood,
Suzy's probably hiding in the closet
at her best friend's house
playing Chinese checkers
at this very moment,
as we speak.
She doesn't have any friends.
How's Laura?
"How's Laura?"
Mrs. Bishop, I mean.
I don't understand.
Is she upset?
There's a porcupine.
She has a pen pal! It's very intimate.
They planned this together.
Sam Shakusky.
That's my escaped Khaki Scout.
His family died.
Holy Christ,
what am I looking at?
He does watercolors.
Mostly landscapes, but a few nudes.
She sit for this?
What's he say?
Dear Suzy,
you have a superb voice.
You were my favorite animal
in the program, by far.
Please find enclosed...
Dear Sam, thank you very much.
I got replaced as the raven
because I yelled at Mrs. Lynn.
After that,
I was only a blue jay, but...
Dear Suzy, I'm sorry
that your brothers are so selfish.
Maybe they will grow out of it.
Sometimes people do things
without knowing the reasons for...
Dear Sam, you are
an excellent painter,
especially trees
and telephone poles.
Is the girl in the water supposed to be
me? My favorite color is...
Dear Suzy, I accidentally built a
fire while I was sleepwalking.
I have no memory of this,
but my foster parents think I am lying.
Unfortunately, it is...
Dear Sam, I am in trouble again
because I threw a rock
through the window.
My mother still has
glass in her hair. Also...
Dear Suzy, I have been
trying very hard to make friends,
but I feel people do
not like my personality.
In fact, I can understand
why they might not...
Dear Sam,
now I am getting suspended
because I got in
a fight with Molly.
She says I go berserk.
Our principal is against me. Why do some...
Dear Suzy, I know your parents
hurt' your feelings,
but they still love you.
That is more important. If they...
Dear Sam, I do think you should
think of their faces every day,
even if it makes you sad.
It is too bad they
did not leave you
more pictures of themselves.
Can you...
Dear Suzy, here is my plan.
Dear Sam, my answer is yes.
Dear Suzy, when?
Dear Sam, where?
Dear Suzy,
walk 400 yards due north from your house
to the dirt path
which has not got any name on it.
Turn right and follow to the
end. I will meet you in the meadow.
Gee whiz, what do you
suppose happened to him?
I'm not sure.
I think he went searching in the dark.
She stole the batteries
out of my flashlight.
Stole the batteries
out of the flashlight...
I think he's onto us.
Of course he is.
Of course he is?
Of course he is.
Then why aren't we
worried about that?
I am.
Well, I didn't know.
Or, anyway,
I thought maybe I was wrong.
Did you hit him?
No. He fell in a ditch.
Hey! Cat food!
I think it's a clue.
That's her.
Where's he going?
I don't know.
All right,
we know they're together.
We know they're within
a certain radius of this spot.
I'm declaring a case
with the county right now.
Until help arrives, I'm deputizing
the little guy, the skinny one,
and the boy with
the patch on his eye
to come with me in
the station wagon.
Randy, you drop in and head up
river with the rest of your troops,
split up on foot.
Becky, call Jed,
tell him to circle over
this end of the island
and fly low.
Is it them?
Yeah, yeah.
They found the campfire.
Rats! I should have put
more pine needles on it. Let's go.
Be careful.
What do you creeps want?
We're looking for you.
Well, because
you're a fugitive.
No, I'm not.
I quit the Khaki Scouts.
Well, it doesn't matter
anyway. You don't have that authority.
We've been deputized.
Now, you're going to come
along peacefully or not?
Listen to some reason.
I don't like you.
You don't like me.
So, why don't you
just let us disappear?
Well, it's tempting,
but we can't allow it.
You know,
you shouldn't be friends with him.
Why not?
Because he's crazy.
Maybe you just don't know him.
Actually, we know him
a lot better than you.
He's emotionally disturbed
because his family died.
Nickleby, tie him up.
Do not cross this stick.
You're doomed, Shakusky.
Molly's right, I do go berserk.
It was him or us.
Oh, no.
She stabbed
Redford in the back with lefty scissors.
Repeat that, please? Over.
Puncture wound, lower lumbar.
Make room for a stretcher in the cockpit.
You're going to be okay.
Thank goodness she
missed the artery. Here, bite on this.
I tried to chop him,
but he dodged my tomahawk.
He's got
excellent marksmanship.
Shot Deluca in both arms.
I guess we're going to miss
the Hullabaloo after all.
Where's Snoopy?
Those sons of bitches.
They got him right
through the neck.
Was he a good dog?
Who's to say.
But he didn't deserve to die.
What happened? Who is that?
Clear the dock, Edgar!
- Why is he bleeding?
- Is Suzy with you?
No, she's in
the woods with Shakusky.
Where am I going?
The infirmary at Fort Lebanon.
We'll be right behind you. You got it?
Warm up the motor,
I'll be right back.
Hold it right there!
You're not leaving this island.
Our daughter has been
abducted by one of these beige lunatics.
Walt, it's very clear.
The two of them
conspired in this together.
Don't worry,
Mr. Bishop. She'll be safe.
Sam's got excellent
wilderness skills.
Why can't you
control your Scouts?
Well, I'm trying.
Stop it! Stop it!
- Stop it!
- Stop it.
I do blame him.
But I also blame myself and both of you.
With all due respect,
you can't let your children stab people.
What are you talking about?
She's violent,
Mrs. Bishop, it's assault.
- Are you a lawyer?
- No, I'm not a lawyer.
Well, we are!
Take your hands off my wife!
Take them off!
Excuse me.
Excuse me, Captain Sharp!
As some of you know,
I taught Sam
for the cartography
accomplishment button.
He's a smart boy
and he expressed a keen interest
in the history of the island's
indigenous peoples.
In particular,
I recall his fascination with the idea
of retracing the original path of the
old Chickchaw harvest migration.
What I'm getting at is this.
I think I know where they're going.
Onto the birdhouse,
where every kind
of bird imaginable
is whirling
and wheeling around.
This is our land!
Yes, it is!
Let's jump!
On three!
One, two, three!
Any of you who have ever
had to sweat through piano exercises
will sympathize with these...
I like it here,
but I don't like the name.
Me, neither.
"Mile 3.25 Tidal Inlet"
It's got no ring to it.
Let's change it.
What should it be?
Let me think for a minute.
I made you some jewelry.
Are your ears pierced?
It's pretty.
Do the other one.
Why do you
always use binoculars?
It helps me see things
closer, even if they're not very far away.
I pretend it's my magic power.
That sounds like poetry.
Poems don't always
have to rhyme, you know.
They're just
supposed to be creative.
So, what do you want to be
when you grow up?
I don't know.
I want to go on adventures, I think.
Not get stuck in one place.
How about you?
Go on adventures, too.
Not get stuck, too.
Anyway, we can't
predict the exact future.
That's true.
It's possible I may
wet the bed, by the way. Later, I mean.
I wish I didn't
have to mention it, but just in case.
I don't want to
make you be offended.
Of course I won't.
What's that one for?
- This?
- Yeah.
It's not
an accomplishment button.
I inherited it from my mother.
It's not actually meant for a male to
wear, but I don't give a damn.
Are your foster parents
still mad at you,
for getting in trouble so much?
I don't think so.
We're starting to get to
know each other better.
I feel I'm in
a real family now.
Not like yours,
but similar to one.
I always wished
I was an orphan.
Most of my
favorite characters are.
I think your lives
are more special.
I love you, but you don't know
what you're talking about.
I love you, too.
- I've got sand in my mouth.
- Oh.
Can you French kiss?
I think so.
Is there any secret to it?
The tongues touch each other.
Okay, let's try it.
It feels hard.
Do you mind?
I like it.
Tilt your head sideways.
You can touch my chest.
I... I think they're
going to grow more.
"The flashlight's
beam drew a moon through the black
"across the attic
and settled on a gap in the baseboard.
"A mouse hole,
no bigger than a pocket watch.
"Eric crouched on his flat feet
"and placed his hand in
front of the tiny opening.
"'It's windy, ' he said.
"'Like someone in there's
blowing on my fingers.'
"Christy rolled her
eyes and sighed a sigh.
"'He's right again, '
she thought.
"'Little brothers
drive people crazy."'
I'm listening. Read on.
Part two.
Dear Sam, it saddens
me to write this letter,
but Mrs. Billingsley
and I have decided
we cannot permit you
to return to our home.
I know you mean well.
Do trust me, this is for the best.
Godspeed, Herbert Billingsley.
Be advised, the two of you will
never see each other again.
Those were your last words.
Do you understand?
I'd be careful if I were you.
One of these days,
somebody's going to get pushed too far,
and who knows what
they're capable of.
Is that a threat?
It's a warning.
You're a traitor to our family.
Good. I want to be.
I'm sorry about this.
I didn't know your situation.
It wasn't in the register.
How'd you lose your parents?
Never mind, I don't
need to ask about that.
I wish we had time to do an
inspection back there. On the beach.
I would have given
you a commendable.
That was one of the
best pitched campsites I've ever seen.
Thank you.
You don't want to be
a Khaki Scout anymore?
Hello, Becky?
Judy, I have your
person-to-person from New Penzance.
Go ahead, New Penzance.
Hello, this is Captain Sharp.
Hello, Captain Sharp.
This is Social Services.
I'm calling in reference to Sam
Shakusky, ward of the state.
I understand he's
in your custody.
That's correct.
What's his condition?
Has he suffered
any injury or
trauma of any kind?
- He's fine.
- Very good.
How do I get to you?
The fastest way
would be sea plane.
Jed can bring you
in with the mail.
I'll come tomorrow morning,
if that's acceptable to you.
Is someone able to
provide reasonable care
and nourishment for
the boy until that time?
Is that a yes?
Very good, I'll contact you
again before the end of the day.
Wait a second.
Social Services?
Captain Sharp?
What's going to happen to him?
Well, normally,
we try to place him in another foster home,
but that option's no
longer available to us,
in my opinion,
due to his case history.
Which means he'll go
to Juvenile Refuge.
Wait. What does that mean?
Is that an orphanage?
Who's speaking?
This is Scout Master
Randy Ward.
Right, an orphanage.
But the first step is
the admissions panel
a psychological evaluation
to determine
whether or not the boy
is a candidate for
institutional treatment
or electroshock therapy.
Excuse me. Shock therapy?
Why would that
be called for? He's not violent.
The report describes
an assault with scissors.
That was the girl.
That was the girl
that did that.
Well, maybe she needs help,
too, but that's not our job. Okay?
I'll be out back.
I'm going to find
a tree to chop down.
I do know what
you're feeling, Suzy-bean.
I've had moments
myself where I say, "What am I doing here?"
"Who made this decision?"
"How could I allow myself
to do something so stupid?"
"And why is it
still happening?"
We women are more emotional...
I hate you.
Don't say "hate."
Why not? I mean it.
You think you mean it,
in this moment. You're trying to hurt me.
I know what you do
with that sad, dumb policeman.
He's not dumb.
But I guess he is kind of sad.
we shouldn't discuss that.
It's not appropriate
for me to even acknowledge
what I already just said.
Poor Suzy.
Why is everything
so hard for you?
We're in love. We just want to be
together. What's wrong with that?
Oh, my God! How are we going to
get these fish hooks out?
I admit we knew
we'd get in trouble. That part's true.
We knew people would be
worried, and we still ran away, anyway.
But something also happened,
which we didn't do on purpose.
When we first met each other,
something happened to us.
That's very eloquent.
I can't argue against
anything you're saying.
But then again, I don't have to,
'cause you're 12 years old.
Look, let's face it.
You're probably a much more
intelligent person than I am.
In fact, I guarantee it.
But even smart kids
stick their finger
in electrical
sockets sometimes.
It takes time to
figure things out.
It's been proven by history.
All mankind makes mistakes.
It's our job to
try to protect you
from making the
dangerous ones, if we can.
You want a slug?
What's your rush?
You've got your whole life
in front of yourself.
Ahead of you, I mean.
Maybe so.
Anyway, you're a bachelor.
So are you.
That's true.
Did you love someone ever?
Yes, I did.
What happened?
She didn't love me back.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Anyway, that's what
you're supposed to say.
Scout Master's log.
September 4th.
I heard he's going
to reform school.
I heard that they're
going to take out a piece of his brain,
send him to an insane asylum.
I like his girl.
She's too scruffy for me.
they got to third base.
That's not true.
He just felt her up.
Over shirt or under shirt?
Damn us.
It's none of our business.
This troop has been
very shabby to Field Mate Sam Shakusky.
In fact, we've been
a bunch of mean jerks.
Why's he so unpopular?
I admit, supposedly,
he's emotionally disturbed,
but he's also
a disadvantaged orphan. How would you feel?
He's a fellow Khaki Scout,
and he needs our help.
Are we man enough to give that
so part of his brain
doesn't get removed out of him?
They were prepared
to die for each other out there.
Okay. Okay. What do you need?
For starters?
Three yards of chicken wire,
some ripped up newspapers,
and a bucket of wheat paste.
In other words, it's over.
I guess so. For the moment.
Until further notice.
That's right.
I understand.
I have to do better,
for everybody.
Except me.
Except you.
Well, I hope you can.
I think you will.
You're doing the right thing.
Who knows what's
going to happen, Duffy?
I'll probably see you tomorrow.
Get out of my chimney.
Listen to me.
We're here for friendship.
We're going to get you off this island.
No, thanks.
Yes, thanks.
This is an emergency rescue.
It's worthless to me.
There's no point, not without Suzy.
How'd you get here?
They snuck me down
the laundry chute
and left a papier-mch
dummy in my bed.
Diversion tactics.
Good thinking.
Where we going?
Fort Lebanon.
My cousin Ben runs the Supply and
Resources outpost for the Hullabaloo.
He's a Falcon Scout,
Legionnaire. Cousin Ben'll know what to do.
Can we trust him?
Normally, I'd say no.
Did you leave
another note for Lionel?
Not this time.
He can't keep his trap shut.
Besides, I'll probably
never see him again.
This is the island
of St. Jack Wood,
extending far north
from Land's End
along the deep water channel
that leads to Broken Rock.
A low flood plain separates the
beach from the township above.
A small but
prosperous community.
The barometer reads
Strong winds, as you can see,
already at 22 knots.
The time is now 4:35 a.m.
Did you file the motion
of continuance? Peabody v. Henderson?
It was sustained.
Did the judge consider
your application for leniency?
Rogers v. Yentob?
- He granted it.
- Great.
I'm sorry, Walt.
It's not your fault.
Which injuries
are you apologizing for, specifically?
Whichever ones still hurt.
Half of those
were self-inflicted.
I hope the roof flies off,
and I get sucked up into space.
You'll be better
off without me.
Stop feeling
sorry for yourself.
We're all they've got, Walt.
That's not enough.
"'But I'm not going, '
said Barnaby Jack.
"'I'm running away
tonight for good.
"'And this time I
won't get caught.'
"Annabelle whispered,
'I'm coming with you.'
"Her yellow hair,
now brown at the roots,
"caught up in
the wind and danced.
"Barnaby Jack
took Annabelle's hand
"and pressed something into it
the size of a jellybean.
"'Hide this in your socks,
and be ready at midnight."'
Keep going.
- Keep going.
- Go on.
- We're listening.
- That's good.
"He leapt out the window
and landed in the fresh fallen snow."
Where's my record player?
You're not going to
believe this one, sir.
That Scout Master on
New Penzance has now lost his entire troop.
Well, I'll be damned!
Who is this bimbo?
Couldn't say, sir.
Be right back.
There's a broken gumball machine
right behind the snack tent.
I don't care how they do it
where you come from.
You want pop? You want candy?
You want a snake bite kit?
Get some money.
Cousin Ben?
Come back in five minutes.
Is this him?
Field Mate Sam Shakusky,
Troop 55, resigned.
He's hot. Almost too hot.
What's in the can?
$76, but it's mostly
in nickels.
Give it to me.
- Your badge in seamanship?
- Yes, sir.
Good. There's a cold water
crabber moored off Broken Rock.
The skipper owes me an IOU.
We'll see if he
can take you on as a claw cracker.
It won't be an easy life,
but it's better than shock therapy.
Thank you, sir.
By the way,
where's the chapel tent?
Back there,
but the padre's home with the mumps.
Why do you ask?
I want to bring my wife.
But we're not married yet.
You his girl?
I'm a civil law scrivener.
I'm authorized
to declare births, deaths, and marriages.
You're kind of young.
You got a license?
- No.
- No.
I can't offer you
a legally binding union.
It won't hold up in
the state, the county,
or, frankly,
any courtroom in the world
due to your age,
lack of a license,
and failure to get
parental consent.
But the ritual does
carry a very important
moral weight within yourselves.
You can't enter
into this lightly. Look into my eyes.
- Do you love each other?
- Yes, we do.
But think about
what I'm saying.
Are you sure
you're ready for this?
- Yes, we are.
- They're not listening to me.
- Let me rephrase it.
- We're in a hurry.
Are you chewing...
Spit out the gum, sister.
In fact, everybody.
I don't like
the snappy attitude.
This is the most important decision
you've made in your lives.
Go over by that trampoline
and talk it through
before you give me
another quick answer.
We're sure.
Okay. Let's do a blood test.
Under the eye of God,
and within the boundaries of
this local jurisdiction,
which we hereby consecrate on this
day, the 5th of September, 1965.
That's the end
of the short form.
Do any of the witnesses
have objections or remarks?
Usually they don't. Skotak?
Can we loan them the nickels?
I'm worried about their future.
That's my fee.
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
What'd I just say?
That's my fee. I'm keeping the nickels.
Okay, they can have
the tennis ball can.
Sign here,
initial here and here.
Take the carbon,
leave the Bible. Let's go.
Where are they going, again?
He's going to work on a shrimper,
if I understand correctly.
- I wish them well.
- Me, too.
Me, too.
I think they're coming back.
- Be quick, sailor!
- What happened?
She left her
binoculars on a hook in the chapel tent.
Just leave them.
We can't. It's her magic power!
You killed your dog,
by the way.
Well, it couldn't be helped.
Why do you
consider me your enemy?
Because your
girlfriend stabbed me
in the back with
lefty scissors.
She's my wife now.
Thank you, but I'm saying before
that, six weeks ago, from day one.
Why don't you like me?
Why should I? Nobody else does.
My God! He's here!
The fugitive! Stop him!
Stop him!
On this spot,
I'll fight no more, forever.
Come and get me, you bastards!
I'm okay.
Follow me.
Company, let's go!
Captain Sharp,
we've located the missing troop.
They just fled camp.
We're in pursuit.
They're accompanied
by a 12-year-old girl
in knee socks
and Sunday school shoes.
Stand by, Commander Pierce.
Jed, re-route to St. Jack Wood.
Tell Social Services
the boy's at Fort Lebanon.
Roger that. Will comply.
Notify the Bishops,
Suzy's there.
Randy, you monitoring?
Affirmative. I'm on my way.
Hello, Mr. Bishop?
Oh, dear God. Get the boys!
Let's go! Right now!
Tower control, this is Jed.
Confirm coordinates for new
destination, Alpha two-two-seven-one-fiver.
Looking pretty soupy up here.
Wouldn't mind setting down
before the pot boils over.
Hang on, Social Services.
Once again, storm
waters have just breached
the dam at
Black Beacon Reservoir.
A flash flood alert is in effect.
Take immediate precautions
That's coming our way.
Did you find them?
Prepare to mobilize
to higher ground.
St. Jack's Church
is the designated storm shelter.
Notify all Scouts to
muster outside my tent, on the double.
Attention, company!
Prepare for...
Who's that?
You call yourself
a Khaki Scout?
Sorry, sir?
Where's your goddamn troop,
you son of a bitch?
You don't have them?
They could get
killed out there!
I'm field stripping
you of your command.
Attention, company!
Prepare for
emergency evacuation!
Sir, do you have your medicine?
I'll be right back.
Hold your positions!
Company secretary,
status report.
All accounted for,
Scout Master!
Okay, boys,
we're going to make a run for it! Fall in!
Let's move!
Come on, follow me!
Who's in charge here?
Randy, what happened?
Take the commander off me!
Suzy? Sam?
They ran away again.
We got to go back out there.
I need volunteers.
You, and you and you.
- You?
- Are you all right?
Of course I am.
Where's the boy?
We don't know yet.
That's not acceptable.
What do you
want me to say, lady?
Somebody get
Jed a cup of coffee.
- You're Captain Sharp.
- That's correct.
I'm Social Services. I remanded the
boy into your personal custody.
You're responsible
for his safety.
I'm told that
he's just been struck by lightning.
That's the first
I've heard of it.
It's true.
Scout Master Ward, I presume.
Yes, ma'am.
Your reputation precedes you.
You two are
the most appallingly
incompetent custodial guardians
Social Services has
ever had the misfortune
to encounter in
a 27-year career!
What do you have to
say for yourselves?
You can't do this.
They'll eat him alive in there.
What's the name
of the place again?
Juvenile Refuge.
Sounds like jail.
Just find the boy,
and deliver him to Social Services.
Nothing else is in your power.
I'm sorry.
Can we get back to the rescue now?
- Suzy is still out there.
- Who are you?
Walt and Laura Bishop,
their daughter's the missing girl.
The parents of the stabber?
I object to that description.
She was attacked.
Excuse me?
I want the details about that.
Where's the Scout she knifed?
Right here.
- Field Mate Redford, sir.
- What's his condition?
He may suffer some limited
chronic kidney insufficiency.
Here's the report.
- We don't have time for that!
- She's right.
- Let's go.
- Stop!
Nobody's going anywhere.
He's not getting shock therapy.
That's it!
I am citing you for gross misconduct.
You are hereby
summoned to appear...
I'm writing you up back!
Be notified that
you stand accused of mistreatment...
What are you talking about?
I won't let you do it!
- They're gone.
- Who?
- Suzy?
- Sam!
- They're here?
- Yeah.
Where'd they go? Answer me!
Halt! Stop!
Stay there.
Wait, take these!
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Come down!
Social Services,
do you read me? Over.
We might have to swim for it.
How deep is it?
I didn't bring my life jacket.
I don't know, but if it's too
shallow, we'll break our necks anyway.
Hang on to me.
No, I'm not married, but
I'm a police officer.
Application denied. I'm sorry.
I cannot authorize that. Over.
Counselors, what's
the legal perspective? Over.
In this state,
I would litigate with extreme confidence.
- I concur.
- Open with Article 15
of the Codes of
Civic Jurisdiction.
No party,
under any circumstances,
shall be denied due
and proper consideration
without prejudice
in perpetuity.
On three again.
Just in case this is a suicide
or they capture us
and we never see each other again anymore,
I just want to say
thank you for marrying me.
I'm glad I got
to know you, Suzy.
I think you've still
got lightning in you.
Let's jump.
No! God damn it!
Tell him. Over.
Captain Sharp is
offering to assume
the responsibility
of foster parenthood.
He wants you to live with him.
Is this acceptable to you, Mr. Shakusky?
What do you think, pal?
We're coming down.
Over and out.
They're coming down.
Over and...
Don't let go.
The Black Beacon
storm was considered
by the US Department
of Inclement Weather
to be the region's
most destructive meteorological event
of the second half
of the 20th century.
It lingered through six high
tides and inundated the islands
with punishing winds
and extreme high waters.
On St. Jack Wood,
powerful surges broke the arcade boardwalk
and demolished
the village bandstand and casino.
Scout Master's log.
October 10th.
Reconstruction continues
increasingly ahead of schedule,
which I attribute to
a particularly robust
esprit de corps
among the troop.
The latrine, however,
does continue to present...
Excuse me, sir?
- You've got the new recruit?
- Yes, sir.
- What's his rank?
- He doesn't have one.
Pigeon Scout.
Let's get him a patch.
The coastal
areas of New Penzance
were battered
and changed forever.
Mile 3.25
Tidal Inlet was erased from the map.
But harvest yields
the following autumn
far exceeded any
previously recorded,
and the quality of the crops
was said to be extraordinary.
So you see,
the composer Benjamin Britten
has taken the whole
orchestra apart.
Now he puts it
back together again in a fugue.
The instruments come
in one after another
in the same order as before,
beginning with the piccolo.
And at the end, when all the
instruments have finally come in...
Suzy, Lionel,
Murray, Rudy, dinner!
Melody, while
the other instruments...
Don't make us ask twice!
See you tomorrow.
For Juman
Now we will
demonstrate the orchestration
of Monsieur Desplat's
musical suite.
A little electronic
metronome sets the time.
First, a harp.
Next, pizzicato cellos.
Flute and piccolo.
Electric guitar.
Classical guitar.
Thin wood blocks.
And two more harps.
B-3 organ.
Bowed vibraphone.
And piano.
Pizzicato violins.
And double bass.
Tubular bells.
And the glockenspiel.
The ride cymbal.
Snare drums.
Gran casa.
Sixteen baritone bass singers.
French horns.
Tenor sax.
Thank you very
much for listening.