Moonshot (2022) Movie Script

[Walt exhales]
Okay, here we go.
Hi, I'm Walt and this is
my official application
for the Kovi Industries
Student Mars Program.
Not that the last 36
applications weren't official,
it's just this is
my final one.
because they are actually making
me graduate after this semester,
so... Okay.
I was raised by a single mom.
She had, like, 100 careers.
We moved around like crazy,
so I never really had a home base.
But one time
when I was, like, six,
she took me to see
this solar eclipse
and from that moment on all I
wanted to do was go to the Sun.
And I know that you can't
actually go to the Sun.
My mom would try to tell me that,
but I would just stare at it.
Uh, and I was obsessed.
Because there was more
out there than the new town,
or the new school which always felt
like the same town and the same school
and I think if I could've
gotten the chance to just
go up there and look back
I would've seen...
where I fit in,
in this crazy universe.
Exploration is the way that we
discover where we truly belong
and I just...
I don't belong here.
Which is all to say that I
think I would be a perfect fit
for the Geological Survey Team,
or Propulsions Analysis Department.
Botany and Terraformation Crew,
Security Detail, Rover Repair.
Look, if you need someone to
make you coffees, I'm your guy.
I am your guy.
That's it.
Um... Okay.
Well, with any luck,
the next time you see me
uh, I will be on Mars.
[Leon] Let's face it.
This planet isn't cutting it anymore.
I'm self-made billionaire,
Leon Kovi
and I cannot wait
to meet you on Mars.
[Gary] Walt! Oat milk latte.
Light foam.
Oat milk latte. Light foam.
[Gary] This obsession with Mars
is borderline unhealthy
and you are on the wrong side
of that border.
Should I fire you,
so you can go there?
Let's do it, Walt. I'll fire you.
It truly would be my pleasure.
No, Gary. I love it here.
[Gary] Maybe tomorrow.
- [woman] Oat milk latte?
- Light... foam?
- Gary?
- [Gary] Yes, Walt?
Did she just smile at me?
[Gary] Honestly, I'd say
she smiled past you.
- Analysis.
- There is a 52% chance
of romantic interest.
But a 48% chance she pities you
due to your low status position
as an assistant barista
to a robot
on a university campus.
Shall I continue?
I honestly feel like I'm gonna
get accepted this time.
You're projecting.
So what?
Leon Kovi was 25 when he became the
very first man to set foot on Mars.
And here we are, just settling
for the same classes and jobs and
parties that our parents went to,
and their parents went to before them
and their parents went to before them...
So you're not coming to
the party?
- Of course, I'm coming to the party.
- Great. Come on.
- You're carrying the booze.
- [Walt] No, come on.
- We're gonna forget about it and I'm gonna take it to work.
- Walt,
I'm gonna need you to
keep the whole
Walt-ing thing
in check tonight.
- "Walt-ing"?
- Bummer monologues.
- Leon Kovi hero worship.
- It's not hero worship.
- That came with the application packet.
- Not the frame.
Don't you wanna be
part of something special?
You're not special.
I'm not special.
Most people, not special.
Listen, someday,
you're gonna meet someone
and make something special
with them.
Like a memory.
Or a weird, well, baby thing.
But until then,
drink this and for the love
of God do not bring up Mars.
- [club music playing]
- This place is nuts.
Do you live here?
Oh, no. Some trust fund girl.
You know, when I was little,
I had this fantasy that my mom...
Ooh, let's not.
It's beautiful.
[orb] Hi, Sophie.
Okay, show me yours.
[orb] Hi, Calvin.
Hi, human Sophie.
Nine months.
Nine months until
my parents' contract is up
and we return to Earth.
Nine more months
without touching you.
At least this way, you will
know when I want to touch you
and vice versa.
Well, I hope touching me is a lot
more fun than touching one of these.
No, no, no, it is.
The texture's for, like...
Can you guys please stop talking
about touching each other in here?
- Hi, Brandon.
- [Brandon] Hi, Sophie.
Jan, can you get Brandon
out of here?
- [Brandon] Will you stop calling her Jan? It's "Mom."
- Jan, get your idiot son out!
[Brandon] Why would you grab
my butt? Now the hole.
[Calvin] Dude, way too much, dawg!
Get out of here.
- Is that on Mars?
- Oh! What are you doing? Get out!
Just looking for the bathroom.
Who walks into bathrooms
without knocking?
Walt. Is this live?
How did they solve
for the time delay?
It's called quantum splicing.
Don't talk to him.
I don't know this man.
- Could we exchange emails or something?
- [Sophie] No!
- Mine's just "Walt" five times at...
- [gasps]
I'm sorry. I can replace it.
Unless it's expensive.
- Get out.
- Right now?
[Sophie] Yes, right now!
Sorry. Jules tricked me
into throwing a party.
- [Jan] And yet you're in your room.
- Uh, nope.
It's not really a party.
It's more of a soiree.
[Jan] Sophie, it's fine.
I'm late for work. Love you.
- Love you.
- [Calvin] Love you, Mom.
Go. Mingle. We'll be back soon.
And in the meantime, it might be good
for you to have some new experiences.
Nothing's more overrated
than new.
There's a title
for your thesis.
I'll make sure Calvin
calls you tomorrow.
- Night, Jan.
- Goodnight.
You know, I've been at this
school for three years.
Always said that I'd explore
these woods.
Never have. Guess I thought
that I would just...
[slurring] I've been going to
this school for five years.
- Oh, five years, okay.
- [burps]
And I always said I'd explore
these woods too.
But know what?
Somebody already did.
A long, long time ago.
It's over.
There's nothing left
to discover.
You're okay, man.
You're a good listener.
[Ginny laughs]
I'm sorry.
I've never seen light flirting
take such a dark turn.
Basically my superpower.
Just one brief conversation
with me will
really leave you
questioning everything.
Not the hero we need, but maybe
the one we deserve.
You know, in about 14 seconds you're
going to get the sudden urge to jump.
Oh, no. You're safe.
I'm already in the midst
of an existential crisis.
Oh, well. In that case,
Walt, at your service.
- Ginny.
- Ginny?
Yeah, the, uh,
astrophysics major?
How did you know that?
I was in your Intro to
Fluid Dynamics class.
Freshmen year.
This is the part where you at
least pretend to remember me.
- Oh, my God! Walt! Wow.
- Yeah, thank you. Thank you.
Changed your major?
Sixteen times.
Only for
personal reasons like...
I have no idea what physics is.
But enough about me. Tell me about
your crisis. What's going on?
Well, I'm
supposed to move tomorrow.
Big move, actually in, uh,
seven hours and...
Let's just say
it's a big commitment
and I'm not
a big commitment kinda gal.
Are you saying we're in
one of those
classic "we-only-
have-tonight" scenarios?
Will spending it with you
make me wanna stay?
[Walt] Now,
the thing about here,
is that it's mostly garbage.
As you can see, to your left
and to your right
there's literal garbage
overflowing from
these receptacles at all times.
- Yeah.
- And it might magically seem to disappear
but it's really just added to
that big floating pile of garbage
in the Pacific Ocean.
Currently the size of Texas
and visible from space.
How scenic.
Now, the one great thing
about this particular
garbage factory
is its connection to
the last best chance
any of us have
at a real adventure.
The Kovi Industries
Mars Program.
So that's how
they got you here.
Yeah. But tomorrow another ship
will leave for Mars without me.
You could always rob a bank
and buy a ticket.
- Yeah, I'd have to rob, like, nine banks.
- Hmm.
I have considered
the old air ducts plan.
You know, hide in the air ducts
survive on stolen food.
Pee in bottles that you dump into other
people's toilets while they sleep.
[Walt] And hope they would be so impressed
when I arrive that they just let me stay.
[Ginny laughs]
Curious how you spin garbage
into this spot.
[Walt] This is
a garbage-free zone.
It's like Mars.
Did you know that they send
all of their trash
back to Earth
on the return flights?
Okay, I gotta know.
Why Mars?
I feel like if I had been born
like 600 years ago
I would've stolen a boat
and just set sail by now.
And I probably would've died.
Oh, definitely would've died.
But it would've been
an adventure.
You know?
And now there's Mars
and I keep applying,
but 36 rejections later
and I'm starting to get
the feeling that...
They don't need
extraordinary mediocrity?
Yeah. That's funny.
No, I get it.
"Mars has been our mirror
our foil.
A telltale reflection of what
has been deepest in our hearts.
We've seen in Mars the utopia,
a wilderness, a sanctuary.
With so few landmarks,
guideposts, or constraints
all is possible.
Mars has been a blank canvas
and tenderly
our human seeking
has rushed to fill it."
Did you come up with that?
Sarah Stewart Johnson.
- Smart.
- Hmm.
I think
when you look at something
from this distance,
it's all possibility.
Then every step you take
toward that
strips it away until
it is what it is.
And what it always has been.
[device beeping]
I'll miss you.
- Walt, from Earth.
- Okay.
If you ever make it up there,
give me a call.
Up where?
You convinced me.
Something's got
A hold on me
Right before my eyes
But I just couldn't see it
Magic's going to
Set you free
You told me before
But, baby, now I believe
Ooh such a feeling
You got to hold on
Like gravity
Ooh such a feeling
Spinning my mind
Like a galaxy
Heaven shine
Your light on me
Heaven shine
Your light on me
[rocket roaring in distance]
[cell phone beeping]
Oh, baby
Heaven shine
Your light on me
Shine on me
Heaven shine
Your light on me
Shine on me
I'll be lost until you shine
Shine your light on me
[Angie] The application window
for tomorrow's launch is closed.
- Would you like to apply for next year's mission?
- [Walt] No.
I need you to check
an existing application.
Applicant ID 781-2439.
applications found.
Application one, rejected.
- Application two, rejected.
- Stop, stop. Please stop.
Application 37
is pending review
and I need you to approve it.
I need to be
on that ship tomorrow.
To be with the girl
of my dreams
who has slowly stopped
responding to my texts.
My chance at a relationship
is imploding
like a dying star.
- Do you understand?
- I do, Walt.
And I sincerely hope
you can ask her out
in 412 days,
- after next year's mission.
- Okay.
Angie. Angie.
I hate to say these words.
I really do.
- I need to speak with your supervisor.
- Of course.
- One moment.
- Yes, Angie!
[same voice] I am Alan,
Angie's supervisor.
- Yes, Alan! Go, Alan!
- Reviewing now.
- Application rejected.
- No!
- Alan!
- Commercial tickets are still available
for the discounted price
of $937,000.
Wow, wow, wow!
Who could afford that?
- [Gary] Greetings, Walt.
- Sorry I'm late, Gary.
Do not worry.
I have already docked your pay.
The lonely human at table 7B has not
moved for five hours and 11 minutes.
Shit. I know her.
I broke her orb.
[Gary] Tell her to order
a beverage or leave.
Oh, come on, Gary.
Oh, come on, Walt.
Hey! You probably
don't remember me.
You broke my orb.
Good memory.
Is that supposed to
make us even?
No. But if you don't order
anything, you can't use the Wi-Fi
and sit here
like a black hole of sadness.
- Company policy. It is.
- Stupid policy.
And you're gonna
have to pay for that.
Because if I do,
Gary will just ask you to leave.
Are you serious?
Rarely. But right now, yes.
How's the Mars boyfriend?
He's great.
- Yeah, he got his Martian dream job, so...
- Wow. year of long distance
just became indefinite.
And then my Wi-Fi cut out.
Probably because of all the calls
with him trying to make it work.
And now I'm sitting here,
suffering in public
and paying for drinks
that I didn't order.
So you tell Gary,
I hope he gets malware.
[Gary] I hope she fails to find
long-term companionship
and learns the pain
of a solitary life.
[blowing nose]
[Sophie] I'm not paying
for that one.
Believe it or not,
I might be the only person here
who knows exactly
what you're going through.
Because you're causing it?
No. Because my girlfriend
left for Mars a month ago
and hasn't texted me back
in three days.
How long have you guys
been together?
Since ninth grade.
So, eight years.
Eight years?
- How did you manage that?
- We had a plan.
One year, long distance
and then
he comes back to Earth
and I graduate
and we use his terraforming
expertise and my focus
on eco reconstruction to jump-start an
algae-based waste reduction technology.
- What?
- Plants that eat garbage, okay?
It's how we're gonna save
the world.
- You're smart. [laughs]
- I know.
And what about you guys?
We've been dating since
freshman year-ish.
It got serious recently.
What does this Mars genius have
that I don't?
- Everything. Yeah.
- Everything?
Could you actually be
more specific?
I'm trying to figure out why they
keep rejecting my applications.
[Sophie] He checks
all the boxes.
Oh. You mean, literally.
Okay, let's see.
"Quiet. Strong jaw.
Mental fortitude. Six-pack.
Good family, cool mom."
I have a cool mom.
Yeah? You guys close?
No. I mean "cool," like when she
was going through the divorce
I was able to just do whatever
I wanted from 12 on.
Anyhow. "Hates video games.
Pragmatic and high-earning
- It's interesting.
- What?
That's an impossible checklist.
- That's my cue.
- You know, if you really love this guy
I do know a way that you can
get on that ship tomorrow.
Two words.
Air ducts.
- Or I could just buy a ticket.
- Yeah, for like a million dollars.
Do you have a million dollars?
- My finances are personal.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
That means you have
at least two million dollars.
What are you doing here?
Buy a ticket!
- It's your last chance for a year.
- I can't.
You have the money.
I have aerophobia.
Well, we're all afraid
of arrows.
Oh, my God!
I'm afraid of flying.
[door buzzes]
- And now I'm trapped.
- You're trapped? I'm trapped.
- [Sophie] Gary, door!
- I can't even get through security
to see
a shuttle launch up-close.
- Unlock the door, Gary.
- I'm afraid I can't do that. Perhaps it's malware.
You can transcend
time and space.
In the name of love.
The ultimate adventure.
I'm filing a complaint to
corporate right now. Open the door.
[Gary] No need
to call corporate.
A simple misunderstanding.
Walk away. Just like
I knew you would.
- You don't know anything about me.
- I know everything about you.
The only people who know me
are 55 million miles away!
The only people who know me
are 55 million miles away.
The only people
that know me are...
Oh, God, that's sad.
No, no. No. Please, please.
Don't call corporate on Gary.
He's just gonna take it out on me.
Calvin is on Mars.
Jan, Brandon, Jim,
they're all there.
How many boyfriends
do you have?
It's really that simple.
Goodbye, Walt.
[objects clattering]
- [grunts in frustration]
- [phone beeps]
I know I went radio silent
for a hot minute,
but I promise
this will make up for it
you just got the world's first
interstellar cat video.
This little genius snuck into one
of our escape pods back on Earth.
Now, she's gonna be
the first cat on Mars.
I named her Ripley. Say hi.
[cat meowing]
This little genius snuck into one
of our escape pods back on Earth.
- ...into one of our escape pods back on Earth.
- Oh, my God.
[Gary] Walt, I saw you
consuming alcohol.
I must administer
a breathalyzer.
- Breathe on my face.
- [Walt] Bye, Gary.
- I'll miss you.
- [Gary] Goodbye, Walt.
I have already forgotten you.
[whispering] Okay.
You can do this. You're okay.
[over speakers] I'm billionaire
astronaut Leon Kovi
and it's my pleasure to welcome you to the
Kovi Industries International Spaceport.
Together, we can build
a better world
on a different world.
- Hey!
- Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
And what are you wearing?
I just came to see the launch.
And I got all this duty-free.
Wore it right out of the store.
Duty-free doesn't mean free.
You just robbed a gift shop.
What? No.
Wait, really?
Look, I just came to apologize.
I was a dick. Also, I need a favor.
You are the ingrown toenail
of humanity.
- Leave me alone.
- Just hear me out for one minute.
All I need is for you to tell
security I'm your family
- so I can accompany you to the gate.
- What?
No. God! I'm leaving this
planet largely because of you.
And I totally understand.
Again, so, so sorry.
- It's just...
- It's just, "Go away."
You had a plan, right?
So you know what it feels like
when that plan gets taken from you.
How it just kills you?
I barely got in this school.
I took out 100 loans
and I worked a dozen crappy
jobs because this was my plan.
To go to Mars.
And now Ginny is there
and I have to be with her.
I have to adventure with her.
Just like you.
- Just like Kelvin.
- Calvin.
Just like Calvin.
But now Ginny is gone.
And all I have left is one last
chance to see a rocket launch up close
which I have dreamt about
for as long as I can remember.
you can keep my dream alive,
if only for
a couple more hours.
Please. Please help me.
You are not allowed to talk.
[Walt] And on the first colonial
mission the ship's hull was damaged.
Kovi had to survive
in the air ducts.
Now, he almost died,
but his lung capacity
is unparalleled.
My lung capacity is also
kind of unparalleled.
When I was a kid, I actually
went under in the wave pool.
I was down there for, like,
three minutes
before anyone could
even pull me back up.
They all thought I drowned,
but I really just passed out.
That's why I never go to
the bathroom in the wave pool.
Did you know that this whole building
is triple-reinforced with concrete?
Space concrete. In case the
shuttle explodes on the launchpad.
Which has only happened twice.
- [Walt] What's happening?
- [Sophie] Shut up.
It's something I have to do
when I'm nervous.
- I dance to relieve tension.
- No, no, no. I'm into it.
- Don't make fun of me.
- I'm not.
This is the first interesting
thing I've seen you do.
[Sophie] I hate when boys
do that.
As if they are the arbiters
of all that is interesting.
[woman on speaker] Final call
for all zones.
Final boarding call
for all zones.
- Okay. This is it.
- This is it.
Goodbye forever, Walt.
- Well, maybe not forever.
- Forever.
Oh, I actually
got you something.
Don't worry,
I paid for it this time.
But Duty Free should really
change its name.
- Walt.
- Right. Yeah.
Thank you for everything.
Also, makes us even
for the orb.
Sure. We're even.
Last guest on.
Locking up the gate.
[whispering] One Mississippi.
Two Mississippi.
Three Mississippi.
Cosmic background temperature is
currently minus 455 degrees Fahrenheit.
Preaching what is wrong
Will they let me sing on TV?
Should I keep it light?
Is that right?
Way up way up we go
Been up and down that road
Way up way up, oh no
We gon' burn
The whole house down
Watch me stand in the line
You're only serving lies
You've got
Something to hide
We gon' burn
The whole house down
We gon' burn
The whole house down
We burn it down
We burn it down
We gon' burn
The whole house down
[automated voice speaking] Welcome to the
Kovi Industries standard-issue escape pod.
[male voice] Our orbital
shuttle will gently transfer you
to the Olarun Four,
our state-of-the-art cruiser,
where you'll enjoy the journey
to Mars in unparalleled comfort.
And remember, once we take off,
there is literally
no turning back.
Goodbye earthling
Hope to see you soon
We'll miss you lots We'll miss
your thoughts But not your CO-2
[automated voice] Ten, nine,
- four, three, two, one.
- I am coming to Mars.
[male voice] Hey, that wasn't
so bad, was it?
Considering we all
could have blown up.
Just kidding. You're now
docking with the Olarun Four
where you'll enjoy
complimentary gravity,
a self-guided spacewalk.
[people chattering
[Leon] Welcome to
the Olarun Four,
your home for the next 35 days.
I'm self-made
billionaire Leon Kovi
- and I cannot wait to meet you on Mars.
- [device beeping]
You did it! You're on the ship!
- Yay, Sophie!
- [Jan] You made it!
[Brandon] Calvin
isn't worth it!
[Jan] Bye! I love you!
Right this way.
- Straight down the hallway.
- [Calvin] I love you. Call me.
[woman on PA system] Captain Tarter,
you are needed on the flight deck.
Although the computer
is piloting the ship.
- You.
- I work here.
Oh, thank God it's you.
You asshole!
- Wait, wait, wait.
- You used me.
No. A little. I can explain.
I'm gonna hide in that air duct.
You're never gonna see me again.
Until you get caught. Or die.
I'm not gonna get caught.
- I already caught you.
- Exactly. What are the chances that's gonna happen again?
- You're so strong.
- Shut up.
They will run your information, they will link
you to me. I brought you through security.
- Aiding and abetting.
- Yeah, but you didn't know.
Best case scenario, they send
us back in escape pods.
No, I can't get back
on one of those things.
And you go to the jail for five to ten. I
would be put on a no-fly list indefinitely.
I can't see Calvin
or any of them.
For years, we'll...
What are you doing?
I'm texting Ginny.
I broke your orb by accident.
It is a closed network.
You text Ginny, anyone, you...
We get caught.
[Walt] Then let's get in
the air ducts.
Come with me.
[female automated voice]
Hello, Sophie.
ambient sound control.
Hey. You cannot, under any
circumstances, leave my room, okay?
- What?
- I will sneak you in food.
There's a bathroom.
It'll be like camping.
Okay, clearly you've never gone
camping before
and I'm not going to spend my
first trip to space on the toilet.
Because you prefer
the air ducts?
Because what
do you think happens
when two people are trapped
in the same room together?
[Cornelia] When two humans are
confined for an extended period
it results in
either more humans,
or fewer humans.
- Who is that?
- That's Cornelia.
Complimentary AI
for the journey.
And I'm your captain, Tarter.
Captain Tarter.
- I like your sauce.
- It's Captain.
The sauce is my father.
[laughs nervously]
[whispering] What the fuck?
I don't remember you
from orientation.
What happened?
Did you have to come right back
and just rip his jumpsuit off?
- Yeah?
- [chuckles] This is Sophie, my girlfriend.
Long-term girlfriend.
I don't believe it.
I'm gonna have to rename
this corridor Lovers' Lane.
Tabby! Celeste!
Come meet your new neighbors.
Hello. I'm Tabby.
- This is Celeste.
- Hi. I'm Celeste.
- Sophie.
- Calvin.
- I'm a scientist.
- Engineer.
- Double threat.
- Enough shoptalk.
Tabby and Celeste over here,
or can I call you Taboo and Celery?
They've been engaged
for nine years.
We are actually not engaged.
Yet. It's just when we were
talking earlier
I was saying,
"We'll probably get engaged
once we get to Mars."
- Congratulations?
- You know, as captain,
I could marry all of you guys.
I mean, not like
a four-way thing.
- Two weddings.
- We should do this.
- No.
- Full disclosure. I just need to have a party on this ship.
Honestly. I can pilot
a four-billion-dollar spaceship
through an asteroid belt, but I can't
get one of you guys to let loose.
You know what
I'm talking about?
You don't.
Well, it was nice to meet you.
All right, you guys. Just need to
see your ID so I can check you in,
and I'll be out
of your love nest.
I don't seem to have my ID on me.
I don't wanna hold you up.
I can run it by
the bridge later.
I knew it.
You're the looks,
she's the brains.
Listen, when you find it, just scan it
on the wall and Cornelia will log you in.
'Kay? Awesome.
Ooh, happy early birthday.
How old is she gonna be?
Trick question.
You never say a woman's age.
- [chuckles]
- How old do I look?
- [both] Trick question.
- [laughs nervously]
- [Walt] It's your birthday?
- In two weeks.
- Listen, I gotta...
- We should throw a party!
I don't do birthdays.
Jehovah's Witness?
No. They're arbitrary,
and we don't need any extra attention.
Well, extra attention
is kinda the point.
Oh, no, I see what you mean.
All onboard data flows through the manifest,
which is controlled by the ship's log.
So if anyone knows how to
print you an ID, it's them.
How do you know all this stuff?
Do you think I would let
the love of my life
take one of these ships
across the solar system
without knowing exactly
how it's made?
Don't say that
like it's normal.
R-I-G... G?
Says here you were already on
the Olarun Two.
Oh, there...
Earl, this is a clerical error.
You know how computers
just get buggy sometimes?
Why are you two standing
so far apart?
Most young couples are all over
each other, kissing...
at an alarming frequency.
That makes sense.
Right, sweetie?
[groans softly]
Say, Earl... what's this?
Space wine.
I usually drink alone.
I gave Carla a glass...
but she can't hold her liquor.
Oh. Carla, the computer.
[Carla] You can't hold
your liquor.
- [slow music playing]
- [sizzling]
- [electricity crackling]
- Oh!
All right.
Soft reboot, Earl.
How do you know
how to do all this?
My thesis is on eliminating
planned obsolescence
and universal
mechanical literacy
as key tools to promote
biospheric sustainability.
It'd be kind of ironic if I didn't
know how to fix it, you know?
Yeah. Yeah,
I know, I know. I do know...
It's ironic.
[Carla] Earl, is that you?
I had the most terrible dream.
[Earl] Let's get you that ID.
[Cornelia] Hello, Calvin.
Hello, Calvin.
Hello, Calvin.
Your photo will show up
in all the system reports
so as long as no one does a deep
search, you should be fine.
Calvin hates social media.
Okay. Amazing. Wow. My heart is racing.
What are we doing next?
Next? We lay low.
What? No.
Oh, my heart.
- Gary?
- Cornelia.
Cornelia, is my heart normal?
[Cornelia] Your biorhythms
are elevated.
You may be experiencing
cardiac arrest...
or sexual reproduction.
Oh, it's definitely not
sexual reproduction.
Okay. We need a routine.
Be seen enough
not to draw attention.
Oh, here we go.
A lecture series by a few of
the Mars specialists on board.
[Walt] Hard pass.
- Bathing in zero G...
- Soft maybe.
Food tube cooking, spacewalk...
No. You need a partner for that
and there's no way I'm getting
off the ship until it lands.
Come on, Sophie.
We are in the clear.
Let's go have some fun.
We're not gonna get caught.
They're not gonna kick us off.
Check it. Cornelia?
Greetings, Calvin-Walt.
Nope. Just Calvin.
Cornelia, wasn't there
a stowaway on the Olarun Three?
[Cornelia] Yes.
A feline was discovered.
And isn't that cat
now the very first cat on Mars?
- No.
- See?
[Cornelia] She is awaiting trial
for her crimes against the company.
And that's why we stick
to the plan.
- What's this?
- Calvin's practice interviews.
If you're going to be him,
you have to get to know him.
You filmed them?
I will download his thesis
for you and explain it to you,
and show you some of
the messages he sent me.
The PG ones.
You mean the boring ones.
please dim the lights.
This is gonna suck, isn't it?
[Sophie] Only for 35 days.
[upbeat music playing]
We can do quizzes
at 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
- Two a day?
- Yes!
What about...
personal intimacy time?
We share that room.
Exercise some self-control.
[Calvin] Hey, there she is.
- Sorry, do we have a call scheduled?
- No, no, we didn't.
I just thought that you might
be in the mood.
Got to shit.
Wrong room! Wrong room!
Whoa! Whoa! Hypocrite!
Hypocrite! Hypocrite!
Sophie! Sophie?
- You get 10 minutes a day.
- 15.
- Twelve.
- Fine.
Humans. AI. A crucial relationship
that should always remain professional.
Even I struggle to follow.
We would love it if you would
do a lecture on terraforming.
- No.
- Since you are the expert.
He had a traumatic accident
on stage last year
and he's recovering still.
Did you get an erection?
- What?
- Yes.
- Oh, my God.
- Wow.
- You have to keep a low profile.
- I am.
People wanna hang out with me
even after the erection rumors.
It's weird, I know. It's never
happened to me before.
It's because they wanna
hang out with Calvin.
Ginny doesn't care
if I work out.
She does.
No, she doesn't.
She does.
Hey. No.
Pick it up.
[Calvin] Given my major
in biochemical engineering
and my parents' existing
employment at Kovi Industries.
Not that I should be hired...
through nepotism or something
like that.
I just mean that maybe if I
- [Sophie] Hey, relax.
- I am relaxed.
[Sophie] You're doing fine.
Why don't you talk about how we use the same
tech on Earth to aid in waste reduction...
- Sophie.
- ...develop new bioplastics, and innovate...
- Sophie.
- Please just focus on the camera.
If I deviate too much, they'll just
skip to the next applicant, okay?
[Sophie] Sure. Rolling.
[male voice] Good night,
sweet passengers.
May your dreams be filled with
the counting of electric sheep.
[Ginny] Hey!
You're coming to Mars?
- And then you go radio silent?
- Mother...
- [Cornelia] Hello, Sophie.
- Privacy! Privacy!
- Wait! Are you watching porn?
- You're coming to Mars?
- What? No!
- Lights!
Pause. Just pause.
Hi. You're coming to Mars?
And then you go radio silent?
I don't know if you're
serious or not...
- but call me.
- You logged in? Are you kidding?
I couldn't tell if Ginny was actually
excited that I was coming to Mars.
I'm just trying to get
a more scientific answer.
You're using facial recognition software
to find out if your girlfriend likes you?
[male computer voice] Likelihood
of romantic interest...
- 82%.
- Yeah!
- Who was that?
- [Gary] I am Gary.
That's Cornelia. I reprogrammed her
name and voice to Gary. After Gary.
You can't do that.
I'm lonely.
And you don't let me talk to anyone.
No. You can't change things
without telling me, okay?
There's a plan
and we stick to the plan.
If we don't, we go to jail,
or we get ejected into the sun.
You can't just unilaterally
change things
because you're insecure
about your relationship.
Oh, I'm sorry. Are you talking to me
or are you talking to Calvin right now?
What's that supposed to mean?
I didn't change your plans.
Calvin did.
I didn't ditch you to go to
Mars for a job, Calvin did.
- I didn't refuse to send you nudes.
- [gasps]
Those texts were off-limits.
I saw them by accident.
Where are you going?
I saw Earl eating ice cream,
but they don't serve it in the cafeteria,
which means he's got his own little
supply that I'm gonna steal from
because I am stressed.
And when I'm stressed, I need sugar.
I work here!
Does that ever really work?
Most of the time, yeah.
We have to get out of here.
We are going to get caught.
You are the only person that
ever catches me.
Okay. Okay.
If you're gonna be here,
you gotta pull your weight.
I know you're not used to this sort
of sneaking around, espionage thing.
I am. I'm the expert here,
so I'm gonna be looking
for the refrigeration unit.
The cooling kind.
Like that one?
Okay. Come on.
Guess this means I'm kinda grounded
for the rest of the flight?
- Kinda.
- Copy that.
And can you please keep your opinions
about my relationship to yourself?
You've no idea what
we've been through.
[Carla] Hello, Sophie.
[Walt] You're right.
[Carla] Ambient sound
control activated.
Okay. Apology accepted.
You know,
you're almost always right.
Even in those last three
arguments with Calvin.
And I know I shouldn't
have read them...
but you were right.
It's honestly creepy and kind of
annoying how right you are all the time.
Especially as someone who is wrong
almost all the time. Never right.
Well, except right now.
Me saying that you're right...
Okay. I got it. Thanks.
Now, let's go.
And you're totally right to lock me
in here for the rest of the trip.
But can we please start
my house arrest tomorrow?
This is made out of algae?
Smells like it.
This is pretty bad.
It's awful.
Calvin would love it.
Okay, that's...
probably true.
I don't know how he does it.
Does what?
Super focused,
algae genius thing.
Like it's all he thinks about.
It's not all he thinks about.
Okay, well...
the great thing
about being Walt,
is that he's not smart enough to think
about any one thing for too long.
I miss Walt. Good guy.
So, what about you and Ginny?
What about us?
You're flying to Mars for her.
You must have some sort of plan.
I don't know.
I steal the spaceship...
travel the stars...
You've been on a spaceship, traveling
through the stars your entire life.
In a billion years...
we will never build
or find anything quite like it.
It's our only spaceship.
What could we possibly do out
here that we couldn't do there?
You ever worry the wrong person
is headed to the wrong planet?
Me and Calvin?
We'll be back.
Once his contract
is up... [sighs]
First his turn, then my turn.
Right. The plan.
We're building a life together.
And when you find something
extraordinary, you fight for it.
Sacrifice for it. Protect it.
Because what most of us
fail to appreciate...
when presented with something truly unique,
is that it will only ever exist once.
You read my thesis.
I may have even understood it.
That is weirdly touching.
That algae really
isn't sitting well.
Don't mention algae.
[Tabby] Hello, peers.
Unfortunately, I've just learned
that our scheduled speaker,
Doctor Franklin Dearborn...
has come down with a mild case
of "space madness."
- Awesome.
- And his scheduled presentation
on the theoretical limits of quantum
propulsion is being rescheduled.
However, I was logging on to
one of the community terminals
and I came across this
fascinating thesis presentation.
There it is.
Calvin Riggins...
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, my God. our very modest but very
accomplished expert in terraformation.
And I'm hoping
he'll save the day
by coming up here
and teaching us a bit
about how Mars will someday
be as green as Earth.
Hopefully, greener,
as Earth is dying.
Come on up here, Calvin.
- What do I do?
- I don't know. Maybe just riff.
Isn't, like, talking
your superpower?
One second.
Calvin! Calvin!
[all] Calvin! Calvin!
Give me one of your earbuds.
We'll use it like a walkie-talkie.
You can just tell me
what to say.
I left them in the room.
[woman] Get up here!
Have them eject me
towards the sun.
[woman] Calvin! All right,
here he comes!
He's coming up!
Don't worry.
If you get an erection, keep going.
[mic feedback buzzes]
Uh, hi.
I'm Calvin.
I'm a terraformologist.
[audience chuckles softly]
[boy] Zinger!
Let's start with the basics.
which comes from
the Latin term "Terra..."
- Oh, God.
- ...meaning "Earth..."
and forming...
That's forming.
"Changing Mars for us."
Changing for us.
Someone a lot smarter than me once
said that Mars is like our mirror.
The reflection of
what is deepest in our hearts.
Calvin, that's so true.
After traveling with you guys
for the last few weeks,
I don't really know
if that's true anymore.
When I look at you,
I see the smartest people on the planet.
And you've spent
your entire lives
trying to check an impossible
set of boxes...
for Mars.
And I get it.
Mars is awesome. I applied to
this program, like, 37 times.
[all chuckling]
But maybe
when you find that thing
that you're willing to cross the
entire universe to be with...
just make sure it's ready
to do the same for you.
Don't terraform yourself.
It's your life, too.
Thanks for listening!
I'm done.
That was it? A little short.
let's get married.
I mean engaged to get married.
Calvin's presentation, it was useless
from a technical perspective...
but he's right.
I should have
never put Mars before us.
Before you.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
What say you, woman?
[all cheering]
Listen up, everybody.
Mandatory engagement party
in T-minus 30 minutes.
[upbeat music playing]
It's finally happening!
A real dance party!
It's time to shine, bitch.
Did you make this?
I didn't pack a dress.
You are so annoyingly
good at things.
Coming from a guy that just
inspired an engagement party
with a speech pulled from the
deepest recesses of his own ass.
Oh, this isn't
an engagement party.
What are you talking about?
It's a birthday party.
I don't do birthdays.
You also
don't fly on rockets
or conspire with stowaways.
I think you just gotta face it.
You're a space criminal now.
Now make a wish. And don't wish
to go on a spacewalk with me
because that's, kind of,
an open-door policy.
Any time. Any time.
[scoffs] My wish.
You got it.
Do you wanna get your parents
on a video call?
My parents died when I was 14.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Calvin's family took me in.
Well, Jan, actually.
She didn't even hesitate.
It was just, "Here's your room."
"What are your favorite meals?"
and "I'm ready to go shopping
whenever you are."
You know, Calvin probably
wouldn't go to a party like this.
Okay. I'll go peacefully.
Just let me have one more song.
No, I mean...
you should be Walt tonight.
'Cause you miss him so much.
Come on, Tsukino.
- Oh, my God, it's our room.
- Here we go.
[Cornelia] Ambient
sound control activated.
I should really go
hang up this dress.
Yeah, let's keep it on.
Think of it like
a really big bib.
That space wine hits extra hard
with this altitude.
Oh, my God, Walt.
We are in space,
not high in the sky.
Do you have any idea
how space works?
I'm sorry.
Sometimes you're just so dumb
and it makes me so angry.
I know.
Makes me angry too.
Gary, can you please
dim the lights?
I feel like a Hot Pocket.
What should we do for
my birthday?
old Sophie couldn't...
but new Sophie can.
[dramatic music playing]
[Sophie] I can't do this.
[Walt] You can totally do this.
- We're gonna die.
- Eventually.
In glorious battle.
- Let's go back inside.
- No.
Look at me.
On three.
What? What on three?
You know what on three.
- Two.
- Two.
- Three.
- Three.
[automated voice] Kovi
Industries is not responsible
for your actions
on this spacewalk.
Should your tether break,
we must assume user error.
Please launch yourselves
onto the platform.
[Walt] Come on.
Getting closer isn't gonna
change the view.
Getting closer always changes
the view.
[Sophie screaming]
No, no, no.
[slow music playing]
[breath trembling]
You can do this. You can do this.
He is no better than you.
You're brave. You're strong.
You can do this.
Is it everything you imagined?
Of course it's not.
[Walt] It's so much better.
[alarm blaring]
What the hell was that?
I don't know.
[automated voice] Please remain
calm, human passengers
as there is nothing you can do to
increase your odds of survival.
All right. Listen up, everybody.
Roughly 11 minutes ago,
our hull was breached by an
unidentified piece of debris.
Our O2 reserves
have been pierced,
so we'll be docking
at the Mars orbital station,
and we'll take a freight
shuttle to the surface.
Come with me.
[Cornelia] Hello, Sophie.
They're checking IDs at the Mars database,
which is basically space customs.
So the moment they scan yours, they're
gonna see that Calvin is already on Mars.
Oh, shit.
Do you think you can fit
in my suitcase?
That feels like
a first draft idea.
Okay. Well, if you weren't so
gangly then it might work.
What if we say there
are two Calvins?
The one on Mars
is already the imposter.
I could sleep with Captain Tarter.
I know that I'm her type.
It's like a honeypot scheme.
We know that she's indebted
to me after that point,
and not because I want to
or anything, but because it,
- you know, would help us...
- Okay, stop.
How do you feel
about air ducts?
[automated voice speaking]
O2 reserves dropping.
Human passengers are advised
to remain calm
and breathe as little
as possible.
Sophie for Walt.
Sophie for Walt.
Do you read me?
One hundred bucks says you just
said that into your wrist.
Shut up. You need to focus.
At the next junction,
turn left.
Turning left.
- Turned left.
- Okay.
This shaft connects
to the orbital station.
[static buzzing]
Take me to the what, Sophie?
Do not, under any circumstances,
go towards the turbine.
- Sophie.
- Walt.
Walt. Walt?
[automated voice] Passengers are
advised to move to Sub-concourse A.
Do not, under any
lose faith in yourself.
Come on, Walt.
This is a lot easier.
Walt. Walt.
Are you up there?
Of course.
You picked the wrong shaft.
You idiot. You moron.
- Hey.
- [gasps]
[breathing heavily]
I'm here.
I'm here.
Why wouldn't you say so?
I thought you were gonna
do the whole
"She thought he was dead
and then she revealed
"that she actually thought
he was a great guy" thing.
You need to get upstairs with
everyone else.
I'm gonna be
totally fine down here.
It's pretty cramped up there,
and they already checked my ID so...
[slow music playing]
Is that a tent?
This feels wrong.
Sophie. We're camping.
Think of it like foraging.
This is camping-adjacent
at best.
Come on. Use your imagination.
Smells bad. It's uncomfortable.
You can go to the bathroom
anywhere you want.
Just like camping.
I think we need a view.
[automated voice]
Beginning orbital rotation.
Estimated time to arrival,
14 hours.
Where to go first?
Wait. Lights.
Good idea.
[Sophie] Wow.
Good choice.
Try Europa.
I feel like it's staring at me.
Then look away.
That's exactly what it wants.
I can tell this is getting
painful for you.
Did you just break it?
No. Just wait.
It's the beginning.
Of what?
[Sophie] Of everything.
[Walt] Are those stars?
[Sophie] Dark matter collecting
under the force of gravity.
Invisible strings just
pulling everything into place.
And celestial bodies just...
What happened?
I think
the universe just ended.
- We should...
- I just...
We should probably
get some sleep.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
"Buy a small country."
"Kidnap Gary from
the coffee shop."
He never leaves.
"Get brain augmenting
chip installed."
Yeah. I wanna read other
people's minds.
This is
an impossible checklist.
- I deserve that.
- [chuckles]
Where are we?
We are about five minutes
from where I grew up.
It's basically
an illegal dump site.
My dad used to
bring me out here.
It was so dangerous.
Like, exposed wires everywhere,
and broken glass,
and I got electrocuted,
like, 100 times.
- That's awesome.
- Yeah.
And it smelled terrible.
Like, so bad.
We were gonna save the world,
one broken thing at a time.
I loved it.
- [device beeping]
- [phone voice] Sophie? Where are you?
Call me.
I should probably go up
and call him.
Hey. I've been messaging you since
we heard about the collision.
Why haven't you called?
My tablet died.
You can't disappear
like that, okay?
Jan has been losing her mind.
- Brandon got, like, really quiet.
- I just...
Which has
never happened before.
Listen, I need to
tell you something.
Where are you?
It was supposed to be
a surprise, but...
Okay, check it out.
This is your room.
My room?
It was Mom's idea.
My dad built
a soldering station.
Brandon put together
a hydroponic garden.
and your folks.
Already moved in.
Just waiting on your arrival.
I love it.
I know I don't articulate
things well...
sometimes, emotions, but...
I know.
You said you wanted
to tell me something?
I'll see you soon.
I'll see you when you land.
Tell me what you think.
I'm gonna hide in one of these
storage boxes with this O2 canister.
When you find me,
in one of the storage units...
in about...
Let's say two hours,
just to be safe.
I can't.
Are you afraid that
I'm gonna be dead?
No. Walt.
Look, if the box smells like
a dead body...
just keep walking.
I can't help you anymore.
I'm sorry.
But this is my life.
I can't risk it.
is here.
His family...
My family is here.
And Ginny is here.
Stop acting like our situations
are even remotely the same.
You're not supposed to be here.
And you are?
'Cause you can buy a ticket.
That's not fair.
You know what's not fair?
Try getting this close
to your dreams
and having someone tell you
you're not good enough
37 times.
Or meeting the girl
of your dreams
the night before she goes to
another planet, or having to work...
How long have you
and Ginny been together?
Since freshmen year-ish.
How "ish"?
The night before she left
for Mars-ish.
[breathing heavily]
I'm gonna throw up.
No, don't do that,
'cause then I'm gonna throw up.
I can't believe
how selfish you are.
You are so obsessed
with escaping
your average existence
that you would blow up my life,
her life, for what?
For some sort of adventure?
For some stupid journal entry?
Sophie, I couldn't blow up
your life if I tried.
You're living his life.
[scoffs] That's ridiculous.
Do you think
he's gonna move for you?
Do you think he's gonna go back
to Earth for you?
That he's not going to get
offered a better job,
and you're gonna go along
with it, like you always do?
You don't know
anything about him.
I actually do.
I've had to be him.
He's never gonna
meet you halfway.
He's never going to follow you.
You're a coward, Sophie.
when that stupid journal
is filled...
you're gonna flip through it
and realize
just how pointless it all was.
I'm here because
I am wanted here.
You are here because no one
cares where you are.
[automated voice]
Identification confirmed.
Greetings, Walt from Earth.
You are under arrest on Mars.
[automated voice]
Hello, Calvin.
And here we are.
- Welcome home!
- Welcome home!
[laughing] Hi.
I missed you.
[Sophie] I missed you.
[automated voice] You will be
kept here until the return launch.
If you cannot afford
an attorney,
one will be provided for you.
There are currently
no human attorneys on Mars.
If you're not here
to rescue me,
can you just leave?
[Ginny] Hey, stranger.
What? How are you here?
I know a guy.
You know a guy?
This is Edgar.
Hey, guy. [chuckles]
Two minutes?
He's awesome.
You know what?
He is awesome.
Wow. [chuckles]
He is also my boyfriend.
My new boyfriend.
You're dating my guard?
You followed me to Mars
after one night.
Kind of needed to start dating
a security guard.
Just to be clear...
you're not here to rescue me?
But I did bring you
some company.
Oh, my God. Hi.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were arrested.
[knocking at door]
Time to go.
You'll be okay, Walt.
I mean, we both know
who you're really in love with.
And you made it.
More or less.
It says his application was
rejected like 100 times.
- Wow, 100 times?
- 37.
I don't understand why someone would
wanna be somewhere they do not belong.
- Yeah, you've got a point.
- Well, I think it's exciting.
Did you and the stowaway
cross paths, Sophie?
- No.
- No?
[laughing] No.
He must've been hiding.
- Really?
- In the air ducts or something.
- Wow. Can you just imagine?
- That is so stupid.
So, any idea what
you're gonna do
now that you're here?
I recommended her for a spot
on my team.
Well, they love you for it.
You're totally qualified and they're
always looking for young candidates
who can carry out
the next phase.
The next phase?
Yeah, the 12-year
life-cycle trials.
[Leon] Wake up, Walt.
Did you just talk?
It's time to go.
Is that you?
I didn't really think
the cat could talk.
[Leon] Come closer.
[Leon] Hello, Walt.
Holy shit. It's you.
Leon Kovi.
I have that same picture
right by my bed.
That sounded weird.
I've thought about meeting you
for a really, really long time.
As have I.
I have been monitoring
your progress
since you first entered
that escape pod back on Earth.
Oh, shit.
[man 1] Bob,
you seeing this kid?
[man 2] Yep,
kid thinks he's invisible.
You have cameras everywhere?
[man 1] Bob says,
everybody just act like you don't see him.
[Walt] Why didn't
you arrest me?
Well, I ran a profile and the
risk of you impacting the journey
in a meaningful way
was below zero
which I didn't even think
was mathematically possible,
but it was,
it was a negative number, Walt.
There was some concern that
you would die in the air ducts.
And the smell
of your rotting carcass
might disturb
some of the paying guests.
Bets were made.
I won.
That girl had nothing
to do with it.
- Walt!
- She did. But I forced her. Not, like, forced her.
Blackmail. Light blackmail.
There is no such thing
as "light blackmail," okay?
There's no diet blackmail.
You blackmailed her, it's fine.
So, what happens now?
Well, the board has voted to write
this off as a security systems test.
Ship you back to Earth
and tie you up
in so much legal trouble
that the world at large
will never hear from you again.
[sighs] Can I at least get
my own escape pod?
Walt, I hate the board.
So, I leaked
the security footage.
I shared your whole journey
with the world.
Oh. You what?
[Leon] It's become so popular.
Look how happy it makes people.
I'm told it's called
She's Walt-ing. He's Walt-ing.
They're all Walt-ing.
I, myself, can't Walt.
I have a bad back.
But Alan here has Walted.
Haven't you, Alan?
I am hiding. I am a sneaky,
sneaky human boy.
It's very, very fresh.
And now the board
is terrified of a PR backlash.
Please, sit.
You remind me
of a young me, Walt.
Emotionally, that is.
it's more of an apples to...
whatever a much
smarter fruit is.
What's a smarter fruit, Walt?
Papaya! Yes.
I'm the papaya.
Do you know why the papaya
came to Mars, Walt?
No, I'm a billionaire, Walt,
I don't pay taxes.
I bet the papaya came for the exact
same reason as the simple little apple.
Love? How old are you?
You wouldn't settle
for the relentless
onslaught of the quotidian
that is life on Earth,
so you came here...
- [scoffs]
- to Mars.
This is not just a playground
for the wealthy, Walt.
It's a continuation
of our species' rich history
of curiosity and exploration.
Now, we need the public and our
investors to understand that.
I think that you and I
could help each other.
You, a barista.
Assistant barista.
A barista's assistant.
Unremarkable in every way.
Truly middle of-the-road,
by all metrics.
Okay, I got it.
Stowing away
for an historic journey
against impossible odds,
secretly facilitated by me,
of course,
to discover something that just might
make his meaningless little life
just a smidgeon,
just a tickle more meaningful.
Now, that is a story
people wanna hear, Walt.
Oh, what's this?
Walt, this has your name on it.
- This is a contract.
- Contract?
Ceding control of your likeness
to Kovi Industries
for exclusive use
in promotional materials
in perpetuity across all
universes, known and unknown.
And in exchange...
you may stay here.
Are you serious?
Welcome to Mars, Walt.
When I see the signs
Of past
Along my way
I sometimes think of you
While I'm wondering
Which mountains
I should climb
You're in everything I do
And we don't know
About tomorrow
In your eyes
A light is showing
[Leon] Could I have solved world
hunger with my money, Walt?
Sure. Dozens of times over.
But don't you think it's better
that I came to Mars
to inspire the next generation
of young people
- to solve world hunger?
- [Alan] Looking good, guys.
How handsome.
- Sure.
- Yes, I agree.
[Alan] Sexy.
When I was young
I let the darkness
Drag me down
But I'm not afraid
These days
And we don't know
Where we're going
You're with me now
Broken shadow
[Walt] Hey, Gary.
What are they doing down there?
Preparing the return vessel
for launch.
At the conclusion
of each orbital cycle,
the humans celebrate their
domination of this lifeless planet.
After the festivities,
broken objects of little value
are sent back to Earth
for long-term storage.
You mean, garbage?
Like sexual reproduction,
making garbage brings humans
great happiness.
But looking at it
causes deep shame.
It must be hidden.
Are we supposed to be here?
I have asked you to return
to the habitat 11 times.
All right, Gary.
You win.
I am Victor.
[chuckles softly]
Hey, Ga... Victor?
Yes, Walt?
I'm gonna need some tools.
I don't even understand
why you wanna go to this thing.
It's the return party.
It's gonna be fun.
Plus, you can't work
all the time.
Which reminds me,
when can I tell them
you can start?
Start what?
The job.
With my team.
I don't know
if it's the right fit.
It's the perfect fit.
I mean, it's the same schedule.
I still have to finish
my thesis anyway so...
Yes, I know,
but, well,
you don't need it anymore.
You're here.
You have a job offer.
You can graduate without it.
You know, it's the past.
It's not the past.
It's supposed to be the future.
My future.
[upbeat music playing]
Yeah, no.
Good stuff, guys.
Shoot me in the face.
That is getting old.
Oh! It almost came
to that, honey, trust.
I voted to eject you,
but Kovi, he's a softy.
You knew the whole time too?
Walt, I have an IQ of 165
and I can pilot a four
billion-dollar spaceship...
Through an asteroid belt. Yeah.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
So, how you enjoying Mars?
Honestly, I thought
it would be different.
I thought that I would get here
and I would be changed
or something.
But now I'm here
and it's exactly the same.
Walt, it doesn't matter
how far you travel,
you can never escape yourself.
Did you just come up with that?
No, bitch.
That is a very common phrase.
- How have you not heard that before?
- Never heard it.
Thank God you pretty,
'cause you dumb.
You pretty, but you dumb.
I'm gonna talk
to somebody smarter.
I love you because you have
Those Polaroids of me
Inside your nightstand
I should go say hi to the team.
Oh. Okay.
You're understanding
When I'm too shy
To show my skin
You still la-love me anyway
Is that supposed
to make us even?
You gotta pay for that.
So, where is the amazing Ginny?
She is with the amazing Edgar.
Her new boyfriend.
You were right, though.
She was just an excuse.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
So, um, you sticking around
for a while?
Uh, yeah, looks like it. You?
Yeah, looks like it.
That's too bad.
You were right
Can we take more Polaroids
For you to hide?
Goodbye, earthling
Say hello to the Moon
We'll miss you lots.
We'll miss your thoughts
But not your C02
[Jan] What is that?
Just something silly
someone gave me.
You know...
nothing could ever change
how much we care for you.
No matter what happens
between you and Calvin.
Nothing's gonna happen.
if it did,
we're your family,
your constant.
You're allowed to change.
Wouldn't it be, like,
crazy awkward?
I think I know my son
better than anyone.
He's already crazy awkward.
go, wander.
Figure out what you want.
We're not going anywhere.
Can we talk?
[Leon] I'm so sorry, Walt.
I'm so sorry.
Launch logistics,
everyone's yapping in my ear.
Where were we?
Ad campaign.
do you remember how I told you,
you could stay?
Well, we just finished
the first run
of our new campaign and
there's been a change of plans.
Can I please just have
my own escape pod?
How about
your very own spaceship?
We're sending you to Ceres.
It's a tiny,
little dwarf planet
in the main asteroid belt
between us and Jupiter.
And you are gonna be
the very first person
to ever set foot on her.
Again, what?
We've set up an outpost.
And it's time
for a ribbon cutting.
You're gonna set up the ribbon,
you're gonna cut the ribbon.
It's gonna be very exciting.
We want you there.
That's... That's amazing.
Thank you.
But, why me?
- Can I be honest with you?
- Yeah.
People cannot get over
how average you are.
It's like a superpower
or something, [chuckles]
I don't know what it is.
They look at you,
and they think,
"If this guy can do it,
then I can do
literally anything."
I'll take it.
Great. Good choice.
Listen, you should probably get
in touch with your family, friends
or anyone
who's important to you,
'cause you're not gonna
see them for a few years.
[phone ringing]
I gotta take this. Sorry, Walt.
Yeah, I just ran it by him.
Yeah, he's happy.
He's super happy.
It'll be an adventure.
He's gonna be like the Little Prince.
He'll be great.
Hey, Alan?
Yes, Walt.
Could you place a call
for me, please?
Of course.
Who would you like me to call?
Sophie Tsukino.
I'm sorry.
Sophie Tsukino is no longer
registered as a resident.
She is the sole passenger on
today's return shuttle to Earth.
My records indicate she has
already boarded the ship.
[sighs softly]
[Walt] Oh, it stinks in here.
This ship smells so bad.
Actually it makes sense.
It's literally filled with garbage.
Sir, that seat is for
authorized personnel only.
I know, I'm sorry. Okay.
Wait, how do I...
- It's the button directly...
- I can't see.
- Sorry.
- Just hold the button. No, no, no.
Just hold the down button.
The same thing you did to get here.
I got it. Sorry. I got it.
Expect a fine.
What are you doing here?
I'm following you.
Back to Earth.
Even though
I didn't invite you,
or even tell you I was leaving.
Making it
all the more romantic?
You literally did the exact same
thing for another girl last month.
Okay, yes.
I did recently travel across
the universe for love.
No, no, not love.
You barely knew that girl.
But I do know you.
You're the most
frustratingly, brilliantly,
- contradictorily...
- Not a word.
...annoyingly talented person
I've ever met.
Every time I'm with you,
you make me feel so dumb.
In the best way possible.
I'd rather be Mars's garbage
flying back to Earth
than boring old Walt,
flipping rocks on Mars alone.
So you're really gonna give up
this whole Mars adventure thing?
I'm not giving up anything.
You're the adventure.
Ah! Goddammit.
You come in here
with no plan at all
just expecting everything
to magically work out
and then somehow,
you pull that line
out of your ass?
You are so annoying.
I know.
Every once in a while
Well, you just gotta smile
At the way the stars align
Don't look down
'Cause your dreams
Aren't as far as they seem
Now they're lighting up
The night for you
It's some kind of magic
What love can do
Don't you know it's strange
But it's true
Now everything's looking up
Just like I told you
It would
And the birds are singing
Come take my hand
'Cause there's no limit
To what we can do
I could be the sunshine
You could be my
Wild wild blue
You could be my
Wild wild blue
When your eyes
Catch the light
As your dreams are in sight
Don't hide yourself from
Your true love
Come take my hand
'Cause there's no limit
To what we can do
I could be the sunshine
You could be my
Wild wild blue
You could be my
Wild wild blue
[music playing]