Moonwalker (1988) Movie Script

Make that change.
On July 7, these five brothers will begin
their summer tour of one-nighters...
in Madison Square Garden.
Yes, I'm The Real Don Steele,
and here's the Jackson 5.
I hope you caught these kids
on The Ed Sullivan Show last night.
From the fact-is-stranger-than-fiction
Michael Jackson
has built a shrine to Elizabeth Taylor...
in the bedroom of his Encino home.
Michael Jackson was admitted
with severe burns to his scalp...
as far as we know.
Michael Jackson.
The Guinness Book of World Records
has listedThriller...
as the biggest-selling album of all time.
Michael Jackson has become
the first artist in the history of music...
to generate six
number-one singles off one album.
The album of course is Bad.
What Michael Jackson has achieved
is a tribute to 20 years of hard work...
energy, tireless dedication.
Your success
is an American dream come true.
- And the winner is...
- Beat It, Michael Jackson.
Billie Jean, Michael Jackson.
Thriller. Quincy Jones
and Michael Jackson.
So what's up?
Who's bad?
So that's the way it goes down?
Good afternoon
and welcome to our studio tour.
I must ask you that no photos be taken,
and please do not feed the performers.
Thank you.
- Is Bubbles in my trailer?
- Yes, sir.
What is he wearing?
He's wearing a Prince T-shirt
and red sneakers.
Prince T-shirt?
While on the tour,
please do not startle the performers...
as that jarring
can disturb their breeding habits.
Little studio humor there.
Have you seen
any famous people, Timmy?
No, not yet, Grammy.
Can somebody get me
a banana-cream pie after lunch?
What if they're out?
- Can they make me one?
- Consider it done, MJ.
- What's with all the smoke?
- Movie stuff, sir.
Look, Grammy, it's...
- Mantovani?
- No, Michael Jackson!
Excuse me.
Land of the free.
Home of the weird.
Wonder if they caught him.
- Which way did they go?
- I don't know.
Look, Biff, there he is.
Hey, buddy, how about an autograph?
Would you autograph my tummy?
What's the matter, you got no pen?
Let's get him!
Come on, buddy, just one little autograph.
Draw, you tin-horned, lily-livered,
side-winding snail!
You hairball! I'll never finish this movie!
Who let him in? Isn't anybody in charge?
Don't you know anything
about show business?
I'm sorry.
My producer is doing this to me, isn't he?
I asked for a bad guy...
and he gives me Michael Jackson.
I can't take it anymore! I quit!
Peckerwood, you're going to
ruin my career. I'll show you bad.
I'm sorry. I gotta go.
Let's get the varmint!
I love you, Michael!
There he goes!
We'll wait forever to get a shot at this guy.
He's tough to shoot.
Hey, songbird!
- That's him.
- I've had enough of seeing you on my set.
I think he's in there.
Wait a minute, let me get around.
I can hear him.
I hear him.
It's awful quiet in there.
He's here.
The door's opening. Set your focus.
Stupid rabbit.
- Get out of the way, rabbit!
- Get out of here.
He must be hiding.
- Look over there.
- Look at that bunny.
Bag that bunny.
It's him!
Pull over, boy, and get your ticket right.
Me and my friend Spike, we were just...
My friend, he was just...
- Spike. He was just here...
- I need your autograph right here.
- Hi, David!
- Hi, Mary Beth!
Hi, neighbor!
What are you stopping for?
- That star over there.
- So what? Keep moving.
Maybe that's his lucky star.
- He needs one.
- Quit worrying, Katie. Come on.
What a pal.
Hey, Zeke, over here.
Hey, let me see.
- Let's get out of here!
- Katie, come on!
Katie, come on.
It's about time you threw it to me.
Skipper, come back here.
Katie, let's go. Come on.
Hurry up. Come on.
- Michael, where'd he go?
- He went in the woods over here.
Oh, my God! Look at this.
I don't like spiders.
Wait a minute.
No, Michael.
Katie, it's okay.
You got to be real quiet.
Okay, let's see.
Real quiet, okay?
Europe, Asia...
Miami, New York. Cocaine, crack.
San Francisco...
heroin and speed.
You guys gotta hit the middle
of this country.
Get in the middle of the country.
Stop those kids from praying in school.
First, I want you to hang around
by playgrounds, school yards.
You got to remember,
a younger customer...
always turns into a loyal customer.
Remember that!
He can't be doing that.
Every kid in school
will have to take drugs because of me.
I want everybody to know. Everybody.
My name is gonna be in history books.
They better spell my name right.
L- I-D-E-O. So simple.
Frankie Lideo. Very easy.
Bugs and drugs.
Smooth operation, that's what I got.
Up there!
That was good. That was just great.
Okay, let's sweep him up now. Come on.
Where is he?
There! Come on, get him!
Kill him! Move!
Let's see how cool he is now!
Now, let's go! Move it!
Split up. Spread out, boys!
Come on. Hurry up.
Cover everything!
I want reports. I'm not
hearing anything back to me.
Block off the streets. Block them off.
Double back. Keep moving around,
you'll trap him that way.
Come on, move it, I'm not
hearing any reports back here!
Split up! Get your men all over!
Block off tunnels, he's a rat.
Shoot anything that moves!
What's that? Did you get him?
I heard gunfire. Did you get him?
He's gotta be somewhere around here.
He's gotta be here, he didn't get out.
Move! Move it!
Cover that side. All right!
Bring in the artillery!
I want everybody in this squad.
Pull out all the new hardware on him.
I want this one messy.
Turn him into a stain on the concrete!
Look for that little cockroach, too.
She's around here somewhere.
Give me that.
There he is. Hold it.
He's not going anywhere.
Now there's no way out of there,
don't screw it up.
Come on, let's go!
All right, come on!
What are you waiting for?
It's only one guy.
All right, come on.
It's a car, that's all it is.
What are you waiting for?
What's that? Who was that? What is it?
Get him! Go get him!
Get him. Come on, get him!
- Michael?
- Katie, are you okay?
- Michael got away.
- No way.
He told us to meet him here, right?
This place?
Nobody's been here for years.
It's kind of spooky.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I think maybe
we came to the wrong place.
It says Club 30's.
Hey, you guys, something's coming.
- You scare everybody!
- Shut up.
- So, what'd you see?
- Come on. This isn't good.
Hello, is anybody there? Hello?
Man, are you okay? Come on.
Tell us what you saw.
- Michael.
- So?
That's cool.
- I taught him everything he knows.
- Oh, yeah, right, you show me.
Okay, sure. Hold this.
Come on!
Give me that.
They got Katie, man.
They grabbed and took her away.
- I was in there! I was right in there.
- Lf we move too quick...
- Which way did they go?
- They went over here.
- Look!
- Don't touch it!
Oh, no.
- Michael, you gotta help her.
- What can he do?
You'll see what I can do.
You'll see.
Stay back.
Is anybody up there?
Watch your step.
Over here.
How are we gonna get to him?
What are you doing?
I'm trying to get a lucky star for Michael.
Why don't we go get the cops instead?
- No!
- Shut up! Shut it!
- Michael, help.
- Shut up.
Stop crying. Get over here.
- Let her go.
- Shut up.
Don't you talk to me! You shut up!
Why are you doing this? Stop it!
You wanna know why
I'm doing this to you? You be quiet!
I just wanna get everybody high, man.
You know, some good drugs.
- After all...
- Do it and you're dead.
Let's give her a shot of this.
Listen, man...
Get up!
This isn't so smooth now, is it?
Now, get out of here.
Where you going, brat? Little cockroach.
Kill her first!
- Shut up!
- Leave her alone!
Bring on everything!
You men, get him!
Oh, no!
Where are you, you tin-headed creep?
Where are you?
Hold it, I got you.
Stay there, I have something for you.
Oh, no!
I got you, tin-head.
Okay, where's that cockroach brat?
Okay, kiddies, I've got you.
Who's it now? Who is it?
- Where's he going?
- He's leaving.
Goodbye, Michael.
Thank you, Michael.
Feels weird without him, huh?
He saved our lives.
I'm gonna miss him.
Me, too.
I made this star
to remember Michael with.
His lucky star.
It's is not his lucky star. It's gone.
Not your lucky star, it's not.
I wish he would come back.
You're back!
You came back.
You're back. You came back.
I'm so happy to see you.
You know I had to come back, Sean.
Come on, let's go.
This is so exciting.
We're going back to the club?
- What's gonna be in here this time?
- You'll see, Zeke. You'll like this.
Everybody get ready.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Where are we going?
- Stay together, you'll see.
- What's all this stuff?
Don't worry, I'm gonna show you
something special.
Keep going.
What's that?
- I think I heard something.
- You didn't hear anything.
- You know something you're not telling.
- It's a surprise.
- Are there spiders?
- There are no spiders in here.
- I wanna see some rats.
- There are no rats in here.
- What's down there?
- Nothing. We're going ahead.
It's just a plug.
Yeah, you jumped back, too.
Go around this way.
Mike, where've you been?
We have one minute.
Let's go.
Hey, kids, I think I found
a friend of yours.
Hey, Skipper.
- Come on with me.
- Come on, Skipper.
Where have you been, MJ?