Morbid Colors (2021) Movie Script

5-910, unit 44.
5-910, unit 44.
5-910, unit 44.
Five years to the day
Now you hear them say
He's back from the grave
A creature of the night
Tryin' to hypnotize
The lantern brings to light
With sunken eyes
and an evil grin
It's London after midnight
Where are you going?
Did you take it?
Take what?
The money mother hides
up here, what else?
Well it's not
fucking here, Devin.
Where the fuck did she put it?
Someplace you won't find it.
How are you?
Four goddamn months.
Four goddamn months
you've been gone, girl
and this is the
best you can say?
What would you
like me to say, mother?
Well I don't know, Myca.
How 'bout I'm sorry
or I fucked up or I
won't do this again?
I mean you know what
this does to your sister.
Just once, Devi.
Don't follow her.
I've returned
The space, the flash
They meet with bolder
Surprised your sister
let you out so soon.
I hear she's been
exceptionally fucked up
since you took off.
Devin's fine.
She's at home.
It's 175.
I tried to get more.
The deal was 350.
I know.
I came up short.
I didn't hear that.
Where in the fuck's the rest?
Hey, this is me you're
talking to, Caleb.
Not one of your little
punk-ass speed freaks.
I thought I could come
to you with this.
You can.
Look, Myca. I can't
get busted again.
If I'm gonna do this thing for
you, I gotta get what's mine.
Get on your knees.
What the fuck for?
Your knees.
I need it, Caleb.
Tomorrow night.
Yeah, that's what you said.
No excuses, no bullshit.
Lights out
One life
See government
in market mines
Devin, come on.
Devin, get up.
Come on, Devin.
C'mon, Devin.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm sorry, Devin.
I'm so fucking sorry I left.
I'm sorry.
I had to. I had to.
D, we're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.
We're gonna start
over tomorrow, okay?
Hey, we're gonna
start over tomorrow.
Just you and me, okay?
Just like it used to be.
Just you and me, okay?
Hey, you're gonna be okay.
Do you think Leni'll be
mad about the bathroom?
She'll be
too sloshed to notice.
And even if she does,
blame it on me.
She'll believe it.
So when's band practice?
Am I invited?
Sure. Just be cool, Myca.
Pssh, I'm cool.
So I'm standing there and
then this kid runs past me
and knocks me on my ass.
I'm like, "Whoa,
yesterday was 4/20."
Today is Record Store Day.
"Get outta my way."
And all that's left
are the footprints
And victims left for dead
The curse the curse
Chill, Sheila. Sit down.
What's she doin' here?
I thought we had an agreement.
We said she could come back.
No, you said she
could come back.
We, as in the
majority of the band
said she can kick fucking rocks.
She came to say hi.
Hi, there's the door.
Guys, come on.
No, Gwen.
How many times has this
chick skipped town
and left us high and dry?
Now I don't know about
the rest of you,
but we have a gig at
Firebrand tomorrow night.
And Devin, I love
you like family.
But I'll be damned if you
let her fuck that up for us.
I'm right here, Rachel.
You can talk that
shit to my face.
- Rachel, don't-
- No, Gwen. Come on.
Let her come.
I don't give a fuck!
My way.
That's how it's gonna be, huh?
Her over us?
She's my sister.
You know what, Rachel?
You can just.
Go on, chase her.
That's what you do.
I'm here.
Stay away from us,
you wretched creature.
Oh, that one hurt.
Maybe you should
see the doctor.
Yeah, like we have
the money for that.
No, I got it.
Do you have it?
I'll call when I'm free.
Be available.
You're not goin' out
tonight, are you?
Definitely not.
Well facilitate us
Wake up or educate us
We push our masks under
the rug for you to find
So you're
really not gonna tell me
why you need this?
I'm not.
Just curious.
Stay curious.
Myca, wait.
I brought a few grams.
You're just gonna
vanish again, aren't you?
I mean that's what
you do, right?
Dude, fucking spare me.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You know, this is
shit's gettin' old.
Real old.
Do you even want me or am
I just a fuck for favors?
Goodnight, Caleb.
No, fuck that!
You're just like your
drunk slut mother.
I'll make this very simple.
You're weak.
You're a pushover and a
piss-poor drug dealer.
You're good for a few grams.
And if I think hard about
somebody else, a passable orgasm.
We are not
I do not want you.
I don't care about you.
You do favors for me
because you want to fuck me.
That's what people do, Caleb.
They use each other.
So deal with it.
And if you ever compare me
to my bitch mother again,
I swear to fucking God
I will incinerate you.
We're done.
Bitter alive so I'm
better off dead
Lost in a world
that's ruined my head
Religion's a lie
It can always be said
I know what you think
This is the end
Wanna stick with something
Let perfections known
Still live alone
Just wanna stand on my own
- Hey.
- Hey.
I guess you heard
about Sheila.
What about her?
She was popped for coke.
Happened some time this morning.
Landlord found it or
something, called the cops.
She hasn't been charged yet,
but they're holding
her overnight for sure.
You're sure you
didn't know that?
I'm sure, Gwen.
Look, I talked with Rachel.
We don't like it, but Myca
can play the show tonight.
She's our only option.
But if she does something
to hurt the show
or if we hear that she
had anything to do
with what's going on
with Sheila, we're out.
That's it.
See ya tonight?
She shouldn't be here.
But she is.
So let's just do what
we came here to do.
I can't believe we're
doing this, man.
Fucking Firebrand.
How many years did we talk about
blowing the roof off this place?
How are you feeling?
I'll live.
I'm fine.
Really. Don't worry about me.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, sure.
What's up?
It's about Sheila.
What about Sheila?
Machine, you're on in five.
It gets so hard to breathe
Don't touch me
So hard I can't believe
And don't trust me
There's nothin' here for me
To not cut free all the
things I'll never be
I don't know why I
must die every day
I cannot feel what
is left of my soul
You rip and you claw
and you tear me away
All that remains is
a heart full of holes
It hurts so much to live
Don't touch me
My brain's about to give
And don't trust me
There's nothin' here for me
To not cut free all the
things I can't unsee
I don't know why I
must die every day
I cannot feel what
is left of my soul
You rip and you claw
and you tear me away
All that remains is
a heart full of holes
Well I hope it was
good for you, baby.
'Cause we're done, ya hear me?
Fucking done!
Myca, stop.
I just need more.
I'm sorry you had to see that.
I'm sorry I fucked up the show.
I'm just sorry, Devin.
For all of it.
What happened to you?
Thank you, Devi.
No, no, no.
Stop it.
Stop it!
You really can't be here.
I can't do it.
I can't handle this, D.
I thought I could, but I can't.
What happened?
It got fucking worse
is what happened.
We have to do it.
We have to.
Do what?
Kill her!
The bitch that did this to me.
You know, I thought if
anyone would understand,
if anyone would have my back
no matter what, it'd be you.
I do have your back.
So help me make this right!
There's gotta be another way.
I told you nothing
fucking works!
I need you, D.
I can't do this alone, not
all fucked up the way I am.
- I think we should-
- We should what?
Get you help,
real help.
Fuck you too.
Don't leave.
Never don't say
Around we'd say
Your face in the crawl
This all for you tonight?
Raise into plant life
Perfect dusk
Oh, shit.
I actually do need
some drain cleaner.
Would you grab that for me?
Do you need
any brand in particular?
Just your cheapest.
I know just the one.
Your magic mirror
Caleb, what the fuck?
I should ask you
the same thing,
stealing my shit and giving
it to some little bitch
who goes off and gets busted.
With my drugs?
That's low, Myca.
Even for a cunt like you.
What are you talking about?
Sheila Wagner.
She got busted with the
shit that you took from me
and now people are asking
questions, the wrong people.
I don't have time for this.
You're gonna make time.
What do you want
from me, Caleb?
An apology?
No, you fucked up
this time, Myca.
You fucked up real bad.
Cut her off.
Don't let her get away.
I didn't want this, Myca.
But you, you made me do this.
I wanted you.
I did everything I could for
you and what do you do for me?
You spit in my face!
You bitch!
What's so goddamn funny?
You're fucking pathetic.
Fuck you, Myca.
Reach up.
Myca, please get in.
Myca, please.
Fuck off.
Myca, please stop.
Why, so you can take me
somewhere to get me real help?
Fuck you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I said that.
Get in the car please?
I was wrong, okay?
- You were?
- Yes.
If you try to take me
home or back to town,
I swear I will jump right
out of this fucking thing.
I know.
You were there last
night in the alley, right?
I wasn't sure if I
dreamed that part or not.
I was there.
What happened to Caleb?
I bit him.
His goon showed and
fucking split.
You left me there.
I'm sorry.
And you're leaving me now.
I don't have a choice, D.
I'm doing this with
or without you.
I mean look at me.
I can't lose you again.
Then don't.
The skies
Throughout control
I will
Hey Gwen?
I need a favor.
I need you to look after Leni
for a few days, maybe longer.
Myca and I,
we had to leave town for awhile.
I just need know that she'll
be okay when we're gone.
Can you do it or not?
Key's under the rug.
No matter what happens,
no matter what you see,
no matter how fucked
up things get in there,
you cannot black out.
If you go down, I won't
be able to pull you out.
Just do everything that
I said and we'll be okay.
It'll be over soon, I promise.
I have to tell you something.
Tell me when it's over.
Wait here.
Goddamn you.
Girl runs away from home,
moves to the big
city to start over.
Blows through all of her
cash in about a week,
starts hustling to try
to make it all back.
Am I warm?
- Myca, stop!
- Fuck you!
- Myca!
- Fuck you!
- Myca, stop!
- No!
- Myca, stop!
- No!
You've reached the
voice mailbox of Gloria Olsen,
chief financial officer
of Olsen & Wail.
I'll be out of town
for the remainder of the
month on personal leave.
If this is an emergency,
you may reach me at my
home in Browning, Ohio.
The number there
is 216-675-7754.
Thank you and have a nice day.
I'm going, D.
To Ohio.
If you don't wanna
come, I understand.
I'm not leaving you.
You freaked, D.
You almost didn't make it out.
You almost didn't either.
What happened back there?
What do you see
when you black out?
You've never asked
me that before.
I'm asking now.
Mostly it's
just black.
Sometimes I see my dad and
the stuff he did
to me and my mom.
I know about seeing
fucked up stuff.
Ever since this shit started,
I keep having these goddamn.
I don't know what they are.
Sometimes I'm not even
asleep yet and I see it.
See what?
The bedroom I grew up in,
the one on Melrose.
You know with the
ugly wallpaper.
We used to call it-
- The violet room.
I remember.
Yeah, the violet room.
I keep picturing
myself there, D.
And there's all of
these people just
fucking ripping me apart.
There's blood everywhere and
I look for someone to help me,
but there's no one there.
I'm alone.
The next time you're there,
find me.
There was the old magic sign.
Much of this man won't let
him, God rest her soul.
Don't you got anywhere to be?
It's cool, Mrs. Murray.
My shift doesn't start
for another hour.
You know you don't gotta
look after me like this, right?
Yeah, well I think it's
what Devin would want.
You heard from her?
Not since the other day.
Goddamn, Myca.
You know, she's only
been back a week
and she's already been
spewin' her venom.
I'm sure they're fine.
They probably just went to
catch a show or somethin'.
No, no.
It ain't like Devi to just
up and leave like that.
It ain't like her at all.
No, whatever those two girls
are up to, it's trouble.
Take me to the
top of the hill
Where the birds used to fly
Raise my hands up to the sky
Words don't swear
You don't have to bring
her everywhere, you know?
We'll be gone two seconds.
Come on.
So tie me bitch
Let's see
I need smokes.
Grab my brand?
Yes I'm the only one of me
I'm all that I
can be of mine
Over a gasoline pump
All right, this is a robbery!
All right, man. Cash
in the bag right now.
Stop starin' and start stuffin'!
Devin, fuck.
You got a car outside?
No, no, no.
You, you got a car?
You got a car outside?
C'mon, keys right now.
I'm here.
What happened?
You had a total
shit attack is what happened.
Where are we?
See for yourself.
The cops showed up,
so I had to split.
I had to haul your ass
all the way here.
The car.
What happened to the car?
It's gone.
But Bella was
in the car, Myca.
I have to get her back.
We have to get her back.
My entire livelihood
was in that car.
My bag, the guns,
not to mention almost
all of our goddamn money.
In a few hours, I'm going
to be seriously fucked,
so spare me.
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
What if he pawns her?
Then we'll buy her back.
What if we don't
have the money?
Then we'll steal it.
What if we never find the car?
D, I need you to stop
with the 20 questions
like right now.
But I don't-
- I said shut up!
Are you feeling any better?
How do you feel?
I wish there was
something I could do.
You could take a shower.
You reek like shit.
Myca, I thought.
I got nothin' to lose
I got nowhere to hide
I got nothin' to do
Baby, you're gonna die
Baby die
I got nothin' to see
I got no way to cope
I got nothin' to give
Darlin', you better hope
I find somethin'
Something happened
to me, love
Lead me on and let me choose
'Cause I got nothin'
left to lose
Tie my hands to you girl
If something happens,
cut me, love
Lead me on and let me choose
'Cause I got nothin'
left to lose
I got nowhere to be
I got nothin' to say
I got nowhere to run
What did you do?
You better pray that I
don't see another day
I got nowhere to hide
I got nothin' to do
It's like I wasn't even there.
I don't even know
how I got there.
I know.
No, you don't.
I mean I believe you.
Oh god, I picked
that guy's face off.
What are we?
Oh my god, we don't have a car.
We're almost out of money.
Oh my god, we're stranded here.
If I ever get my hands
on that piece of shit-
- You'll be fine.
I'm gonna do it again, D.
I know I'm going to.
I can't stop myself.
I'm gonna do it again.
Oh my god, I'm so fucked.
I'm so fucked.
Devin, no.
If I'd had done it earlier,
you wouldn't have hurt that
guy today, so I'm doing it now.
I said no.
You can't hurt
an yone else, Myca.
You don't have a choice.
What if I give it to you?
We'll be the same.
We forge
This blade
Black steel
To fucking kill off giants
I forge
This steel
Imbued with blood
from fucking giants
Heat with fire
Cool with snow
Burning forge
We've only just begun
This blade for
slaying giants
These fumes of red-hot steel
And Jotunn blood
You stole a car yesterday.
I need to know where it is.
Bitch, I didn't steal
a fucking car.
My sister is sick.
Her medicine is in that car.
I can't do it.
They'll fucking kill
me if I don't fuckin'.
Boone has it!
Where is he?
He told me to do this.
He's bad people.
So am I.
I wanna hit line drive.
Where the fuck have you been?
I found our stuff.
He said the keys
would be in the trailer.
Let me worry about that.
Wait for me by the car.
You're not going
in there alone.
I'll be two minutes.
Be there.
Where the fuck is Wade?
Piss Bane's bar got one of
them titty bar.
Bucket of bolts and a couple
of 50s on a smash and grab
ain't fuckin' cuttin' it.
Motherfucker owes me 600.
If that pussy skips town,
I'm gonna skin him alive.
I swear to Christ.
He ain't skippin' town, man.
That dude worships you like
you John Wayne or somethin'.
You just bein' paranoid.
Fuck you say to me?
I didn't say nothin'.
- Huh?
- What'd I say?
What'd I say, Boone?
What am I, motherfucker?
Huh? What am I?
You're god, man.
Boone is god. Boone is god.
Fuck it. I'm callin' worse.
C'mon, fucking pick up.
Come on, motherfucker.
C'mon, motherfucker.
You little bitch.
What the fuck?
Oh, you're gonna
fuckin' die now.
You fuckin' bitch.
Goddammit, I'ma
fucking kill you.
Boone, man. What the
hell's goin' on in there?
What you got, one of them
whores down from the strip club?
Open up there now, come on.
Dang it!
Keys! Where the
fuck are my keys?
Guess they're in the
fuckin' drawer, man.
They're in the goddamn cabinet.
Fuck, you broke my arm,
you skeezy-ass fuckin' bitch!
You broke my fuckin' arm, bitch.
Hell, she broke my fuckin' arm.
Devin, open up.
Okay, okay.
What the fuck?
Mrs. Murray, you
wanna watch some TV?
"Rockford Files" is on.
I don't wanna watch the
fuckin' "Rockford Files", Gwen.
I want my daughters home.
They'll be here.
I don't think they
will, you know?
I just got this feeling all
of a sudden that this is it.
I know you and
Myca have issues,
but Devin wouldn't
leave you like that.
Devi will do anything Myca
tells her to, you know that.
Still, I don't think that-
- Then where the hell is she?
I suppose I deserve it.
I got to thinkin'.
I was thinkin'
when them king-shit doctors
up at that fancy rehab
went diggin' around in
my daughter's brains
and they went and they
dug into some stuff
maybe they shouldn't
have been diggin' in to.
Maybe they found somethin's
gon' make her hate me
more than she already does.
Devi too.
I think they just left my sad,
miserable ass here to rot.
I just wanna make it
all right, you know?
I just wanna make it all right.
Make what all right?
Oh nevermind, Gwenneth.
It's all right.
I'm just shit-ass
drunk, you know?
I need some time to rest.
You go on home.
Go on home.
You can just check
on me tomorrow.
It's fine.
D, there it is.
We'll camp here tonight.
Then in the morning,
we'll do it.
Completely missed.
Must've been the wind.
Must be
Okay, smart ass.
Why don't you try?
Nobody can hear us.
I said no.
How am I supposed to trust
that you will help me
take this bitch out
if you won't even shoot the gun?
I said come here.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
It's time.
Devin, get in here.
Where the fuck are you?
"I won't be you."
Reach out.
My name's Devin.
What's yours?
No one is gonna hurt you.
Can you tell me your name?
Have you been here alone long?
Aunt Gloria bit me,
then she had an accident.
I'm gonna need you
to come with me, okay?
Get away from her, Devin.
Get away from her now.
Get away from her now.
Please put the gun down.
I said move.
She's got it.
Myca, stop.
Devin, move.
She's a fucking
monster, just like Gloria.
I can smell it on her.
Can't you see?
She's one of us.
She's just like us.
It's over, Myca.
It's time to go home.
There's no monsters left.
It's just us.
Be better than us.
I'll be back.
Hey, it's Devin.
Yeah, we're fine.
I called home.
Nobody answered.
I just wanted to make
sure that Leni was okay.
Where'd you go?
Devin, where did you go?
Leni's gone.
Leni, she's gone.
Gone where?
She OD'd, Myca.
Some time last night.
Gwen just told me.
How can you laugh at that?
Because she was total shit.
You don't mean that.
Oh, I don't.
She was our mother.
We weren't there.
Now she's gone.
Lemme ask you
something, Devin.
How well did you really
know our mother?
Myca, stop.
That woman, that cunt.
She let her crackhead
boyfriends fuck me for drugs.
She cared more about the junk
than her own fucking daughter.
And then there's you,
her little servant.
You ever wonder why
she took you in, huh?
Why that crackhead took you in,
another little shit that
she couldn't even afford?
Stop it!
She thought she could make up
for everything that happened
to me by adopting you,
another little fuck up.
the only thing that
ever made us sisters
was that old whore's guilt.
Jesus Christ.
what can I say?
It's over.
You made the right call
cutting loose of this.
Me and you,
it just shouldn't be.
Not anymore,
not like this.
I can't stop what's inside me.
I know that now.
When this thing
catches up to me,
you can't be there.
I gotta do this on my own.
But you had my back,
little sister.
You always have.
I hope you start a new
band, write more songs.
I hope you see the world, Devin.
Do all the shit we
talked about growing up.
Mother and I won't be there
to hold you back anymore.
I can hear the songs
of the sirens
But do I pass the temptation
'Cause I'm not sure if
I will ever be awakened
'Cause it takes courage
to face this pain
Know this: I
didn't mean what I said.
We are sisters
and we always will be.
No amount of distance
can change that.
'Cause I'm not sure if
I will ever be awakened
'Cause it takes courage
to face this pain
PS, the next time I'm there
in the bad place,
in the violet room,
I'll do just like you said.
I'll find you.
You got the wolf
in your mind
You got the wolf
in your mind
You got the power
in your life
You got the wolf
in your mind
What type of
wolf do you feed
Patience and courage
like a voyager indeed
Or aggression and
violence like a conqueror
Or patience and courage
like a voyager
You got the wolf
in your mind
You got the wolf
in your mind
You got the power
in your life
You got the wolf
in your mind
Cocoon, cocoon
Cocoon, cocoon
Cocoon, cocoon
Cocoon, cocoon
Cocoon, cocoon
Cocoon, cocoon
Cocoon, cocoon,
cocoon, cocoon
You got the wolf
in your mind
You got the wolf
in your mind
You got the power
in your life
You got the wolf
in your mind