More Than Blue (2018) Movie Script

"I don't love Lu Snake"
"When love is over"
"Early bus"
"I miss you, I am pulling."
"The way a person walks"
"How to make your baby cry"
"How do you make up for a dumbfounded cat?"
"Retreating scenery"
"More and more"
"From now on, the baby is a passenger."
How about Dongge
Like it
This lyrics was written an hour ago.
"87 points is also a life attitude"
Arranger Jonny is still popular
"87 points is also a life attitude"
The market needs a topical song
That's right.
But the company has already saved money to play online drama.
If this song does not cause a topic
We are GG
She is born to singer yeah
Sing what listeners will pay for it
"Baby loves to be deeper"
What are you worried about?
"Baby loves to be deeper"
I look at it and wait for the money to count.
"Scare to eat hands"
I am worried about this
This lyric
I have no way to invest
Scared to eat
How to sing this
A-Lin, we will not record now.
Will not have time to mix
Hey, lets sing first.
it is good
I do not sing
You sing by yourself
Hey baby
Oh, no, A-Lin
I am born to singer yeah
Oh, just help me with this busy.
I also want to help.
But how can I sing, there is no way to invest in feelings
I know I know
These words are very popular on the Internet.
But with this song
Its totally different tonality
How do you want me to sing?
I have a song in my phone.
It seems that it has not been published yet.
I want to say that the boss wants us not to
no need
Xiaoyou, let me listen
it is good
"I don't envy the sun."
"I don't shine you in the past"
"Some dark"
"we are the same"
What is the name of this song?
The word is also well written
This song is called a sadness
It is better to ask him to help us write words.
Maybe this song is still saved.
Who wrote the word
I do not know
This song is given to me by a friend of mine, Abang.
You take me to find him now.
"No need to open"
"There is no need"
Small tour
How come?
Hello, I am Amanda.
A-Lin Broker
Is that A-Lin?
I am A-Lin
Come, please
I invite you to have coffee.
Xiaoyou helped me close the door
Do you know the lyricist?
Because our company has a song
I want to invite him to write
Her name is Cream.
Is it the face-to-face breakup of the Cream?
Song Yuanyuan
Then you have the contact method of Yuanyuan.
Line, WeChat, or Facebook?
No one is contacting her now.
What other people she knows?
The person who sang this song Demo
I should be able to contact her.
The singer is called Zhang Zhekai.
Zhang Zhekai
Did he know Song Yuanyuan? Zhang Zhekai
They used to love each other
Can Zhang Zhekai call me?
This is really important
I have to find him when I kill him.
He has passed away
I remembered it.
Zhang Zhekai is K brother
Our same record company
When I first entered the company
Still meet him
Later, it seems to have left.
It turned out to be him
How could it be so sudden?
Zhang Zhekai's story
To start from the age of sixteen
That year his family left him.
He started his life alone
Living in that building, there is only one person left.
Piled up with father's relics
In an old house that is incapable of finishing
He became closed for a while
As if he was just an individual who was destined to be lonely forever.
Living is the saddest thing
Until that day, met her
Please drink
How are you smoking?
Which class do you have?
Dare to smoke at school
No, instructor, instructor
not me
stand up
Just have you like this
The instructor does not catch my hair. I dont follow the rules.
Unclean, self-love is very painful
I dont know how to be honest
Zhang Zhekai met Song Yuanyuan for the first time in the playground.
I fell in love at first sight.
I asked him if he didnt even introduce himself.
This can also be love at first sight.
He said
If love needs to be explained
No one in the world will suffer from it.
go home together
I am being remembered for being harmed.
Don't worry about it
a little over
Otherwise, I invite you to watch comics and add instant noodles.
Eat instant noodles, right?
Three bowls, you will eat this.
Add meat, add eggs, add greens
since that day
Song Yuanyuan entered my life
Changed my life
Her informality
Her sunshine
Zhang Zhekai
Opened my originally closed atrium
Which one
What is the same school?
We are admitted to the same university
We decided to have a birthday together
happy Birthday
We have a lot in common
Like to watch comics
I like to eat instant noodles.
Lost guests
What are you doing?
Hey, Zhang Zhekai, you are too big.
Specially took me to Kyoto to take a graduation photo
Spend a lot of money
And cherry blossoms
Oh, its very exaggerating. How are people so good?
Come, look here
One hundred and thirty pieces in Kyoto
Boss, is it not one hundred and five?
Two people
Come, look here
I just didn't watch
It's ok
I count one two three
One two
Six hundred pieces
Too expensive
The most powerful coming
She likes to challenge
but me
Like to challenge with her
We all like to eat ice in winter.
Like rain
Like to have each other's season
We become the indispensable part of each other
You live alone.
Beginning at the age of sixteen
I will live by myself.
Come, sly clothes
Oh, yes.
How do you change this?
Go away
You are very wet, you also wipe it.
You can't peek at you?
I wont peek at it.
Not allowed to watch
I am looking at you?
I didn't see it.
I am moving to live with you.
The house is so big
I am used to one person
I am alone
get up
What time is it?
From that day, Cream has lived in this home.
She opened a window for me
a window that originally trapped me in loneliness
She took my sadness
let me know
I deserve someone to accompany me.
Once people get used to loneliness
That is more sad than sadness
Zhang Zhekai
Zhang Zhekai
I think your name is not good.
I will help you take a new one.
What are you talking about?
You will be called K later.
K is the nickname, not the name.
Anyway, I will call you K later.
So this is your name
Then why is K?
Because I am Cream
Ice Cream's Cream
So why is Cream?
Because I like to eat Ice Cream
I like to eat Ice Cream.
It should be called Ice Cream.
Why is it called Cream?
Cream, Cream is cream
Is the meaning of milk
Where are you looking?
Ice Cream's Cream
Cream has milk
you really are
Ok, Cream
I heard that people with Roman feet
Mom will live longer
What is Roman foot
Like this
Longer thumb
Not right?
My parents, they died together in a car accident.
My mom hasn't lived for a long time.
But my mom is still alive.
Your mother left when you were a child.
She has long been out of your life.
So that doesnt count
Still, I am not a Roman foot.
I will help me look at it.
Don't affect me watching movies
Hurry, help me look at it.
Do you think this is like a Roman foot? You are annoying.
Very stinky, it hurts
I warn you ?
If you dare to go earlier than me
You are dead, I heard no.
Don't bother me to watch a movie
Very poor
Are you watching?
I cherish everything I get along with her.
But like a prisoner in a cell.
Once people fall into love
Its hard to escape
I fell in love with Cream
Fall in love with her
I want to live with her forever.
But I can't
Don't dare to confess with Cream
I have cancer cells ready to wake up.
Small K
Small K
Zhe Kai
Zhang Zhekai
You stayed up late at the company.
Dont want money, dont want money, dont want to die.
keep your voice down
How do you sleep and sweat too much?
Have it
Clothes are wet
Maybe its really too tired.
Recently, our company has a person named Lisa who wants to get married.
I am really busy and very hard.
You mean to say me.
You suddenly took a vacation for a whole week.
I almost fainted.
I am really fainting.
Seriously, this thing really can't let Cream know
I know
You have reminded me
Third time
I swear
Thank you
Go back soon
I haven't finished yet.
Health first
Yes, super health
Hello there
My name is Lisa, hello.
Hello there
Hello, I am Amanda.
Today's new company
A lot of advice, good
I am Zhang Zhekai, I can call me K.
K brother is good
I am responsible for the broker
Now with Feng Wei
Hello, I am Feng Wei.
how do you feel
Like it
Taught very well
Thank you, K.
a lot of advice
Ok, then let me take him first.
great, good luck
Excuse me, go
Help me a lot
Too fake
How did your father teach you when he was a child?
Say hi to Bonnie
Small K
Bonnie's new look
How are you, not bad?
K brother is good
Bonnie is the Department of the Universe
New star beauty
I feel good
Giggle is embarrassed
Can you turn off the music first?
This is my executive broker.
Hello, K.
Hello there
Let's talk in our conference room
Good ?
this way please
"No need to open"
"It will be enough together"
"Bonnie hug"
"I rely on you"
"Cat Bomb Bomb"
it's okay no problem
In front of me, I sang very well.
Very delicate
Its the place where the treble is, dont use it.
Throat is easy to get hurt
I will try it later.
Lower abdomen output
Ass clamping
it is good
She can, can
Come on, continue
"Bonnie hug"
"I rely on you"
"Cat Bomb Bomb"
Bonnie wants to change your dependence on me.
You are mine for ever
May I
How to change Bonnie love
What to change
Hey, Bonnie likes romance.
Where is romance forever?
There are pink bubbles.
What pink bubble
Isnt it the attitude of this song forever?
What attitude?
Yeah, what attitude?
And what about
This song is given to Bonnie by Jige.
Bonnie wants to change, how to change
Ji Ge sees her.
Change the lyrics
What are you yelling over there?
When is the time to get you talking?
Who said that I can't talk
No, I mean she...
This lyric is written by me.
Why can't I talk?
Bonnie? told Ji Ge that he cant talk.
You just can't talk
Who are you?
Do you have to change it?
Bonnie is going to change
I am going to help tampering
I ask again, I said, I have to change.
Hey this vocal lyricist
What do you say, who is arrogant?
All right
stop fighting
Ji Ge said not to fight.
Just hit me.
Do not hit
I still really fight
Is anyone at home?
Do not cry, don't cry
it's okay no problem
Covered like this
I am getting married.
Wow, sly face
How was it hurt?
What kitten female Bonnie
She has to change my lyrics forever.
Always very low
and then
Then I will, ?
I am too impulsive
I helped you clearly.
Ji Ge still appreciates his talents.
But he took the flower of his beloved kitten face.
Its time to apologize to her.
I do not want
I also spend it.
Look at my face
And my hand
I am also hurting.
Heard no
I will apologize
How is the lyrics changed?
No mood change
Losing his temper
I am here, I am accompanying tampering
I don't like forever
Then don't ever
Next life
I can accept my next life.
Next life
Next life
Feels like an appointment
But never
As long as one of the two people is gone
Its not forever
Then I ask you
If there is a next life
What do you want to be?
Who doesn't want to be a person
You are a pig
Ok, serious
If I have a next life, I want to be
or it could be
Wait a minute
Ok, come
Hi, I am K.
If there is a next life
I want to be
and also
What are you doing?
Can be around
You are disgusting, you are
What is disgusting?
Its inevitable that you will write a lyric.
Doesn't it mean to change to forever?
Why didnt you change it?
Change to the next life
Is it not good
in fact
This change is not bad.
Quilt ring with glasses key
Expressed as companionship
Bonnie likes
Forever these two words
If there is one person missing
That can't be established
But next life
Kind of like a kind
If someone has not seen it before
But still can see the face
Bonnie feels so romantic
What I want to express is this meaning.
I completely understand
Is Bonnie a great chance to become
Promising lyricist
I think its very talented.
It should be no problem
Bonnie happy
Meow meow
The last thing
Really sorry
It's fine
Bonnie doesn't mind
Bonnie forgives ?
Bonnie knows
Writing is a very difficult thing
But Yuan Yuanzhen really wrote very well.
I will call me afterwards.
Ok, Cream
Then its called Bonnie Chen Huijun.
Chen Huijun
What is the name?
Bonnie is Chen Huijun
Chen Huijun is Bonnie
In order to make Bonnie a well-known lyricist in the future.
starting today
Bonnie Chen Huijun wants to be friends with Cream
it is good
Bonnie's friends
Is my friend of Ji Ge
Ji Ge and Bonnies friend
Is my friend of Abang
Ji Ge and Bonnie ? with Abangs friends
Is our friend
"The cat's tears are pearls."
Ok, then choose this love song as the first main hit.
what about you
Kitty Bomb
I think Kitty Bomb is very good at the main event.
The first song is a quick song, but also has a memory.
And the kitten is very suitable for singing
This song is very cute.
This is the word of Cream.
I haven't seen her work for a long time.
But I still think this word is a bit too jump
But Bonnie likes it very much.
Bonnie is going to walk very front
Meow ~
Oh, its really going too far.
I think this song is very good.
This song must shoot MV
Because this song has a very strong visual sense.
If the MV is good,
I believe young people will love it.
it is good
That song is the first major
What about the second main?
Do you have any opinions?
I have opinions ?
Bonnie is my baby
Every song has to pay big money to shoot MV
Bonnie feels moved
Bonnie is crying when she is moved.
This can be used as a publicity point
how about it
First main hit
I should not be because of you.
I can be selected as the first major.
How many times have you told me?
This is your own strength
Regardless of the last face-to-face breakup
Still this time, okay?
Have nothing to do with me
I feel so too
I dare to beat me, you hit me first.
How are you going to fight you?
Shameful face
Bonnie is not
Excuse me
No, no, no.
Ah, what are you doing?
Just the song of Cream
Was selected as the main hit
Let's go and eat
Bonnie treats
Zhe Kai
I suggest you quit your job.
Take good care of your body at home
So my illness
Started to attack
The symptoms of you and your father
Is exactly the same
The biggest expectation now is bone marrow transplantation.
Help him measure his blood pressure
Ask you ?
do you have
What do you want to say to me?
what's wrong
I am looking for the lyrics again.
Leave me alone
Say it
What am I going to say?
That is to say
You usually want to say
But only when there are no ones
The one you dare to say out loud
How can I be so handsome?
Not like this
Is that kind
If you go to church, you have to confess with the priest.
The kind you will say
Then I wont say it to you.
Oh, not god.
Leave me alone
I want to hear it.
I like ?
I already knew it.
I know you still ask
Then I still have a question.
Oh, a lot of questions.
Leave me alone
What is your wish?
Not like this
I am talking about
Do you have anything to do?
But you haven't done it yet.
I hope ?
Find a good man to get married.
You are not saying that you like me.
You are jealous of me.
I am not a good man.
What is the definition of a good man?
have a job
a little money
Kind and love home
Healthy body
what does it mean
It doesn't mean anything.
Hurry to eat, not hungry
Very delicious
Don't eat me, eat light
Do you like K?
Why do you suddenly say this?
Because Bonnie can see it.
? have a feeling for K
Did you tell him?
We are not that kind of relationship
Don't understand
We live together though
But we are not together
How can this be
There is such a relationship in the world.
We are
I'm used to it
How long have you been like this?
High school to the present
For more than ten years
ten years
What are you doing in the past ten years?
What can I do at home?
Dry clothes, wash clothes, eat, cook rice
Did not go to bed
several times
Five times
Five times in ten years
0. 5
what does it mean
Kiss and hug
No one
We are not male and female friends.
Is it
Don't you like him?
Didn't dislike
But we are not in contact
I don't want the relationship to be so complicated.
Does Cream want to keep doing this?
Dont you want to tell him?
in fact
He told me to find a good man to marry.
are you crazy
I told you
Men are ?
Hey now?
Go with others right away.
If he knows
He will look back and find out.
Trust me
Go forward
Gordon is going to vomit
Who is that man?
Vampire ?
That is my high school classmate.
Is a dentist?
Lisa, I am going to get a drink.
it is good
Are you running out?
?No cup ?
Lend me
Thank you
This is not a kiss.
Are you counting?
Does not matter
I kissed each other.
Thank you
Gordon, playing
"Yang Youxian"
Your teeth are very healthy
no problem
Dr. Yang
We have met for two consecutive days.
We will kiss the first time we meet.
Meet for the second time
I will show you inside my mouth.
What are we going to do for the third time?
I wanted to meet you
Do you want to know me?
I found a good man.
What do you say?
I said, I found a good man.
He is a dentist
Is a high school student at Lisa.
That's very good.
I have been waiting for the bone marrow for seven years.
How much time do I have?
You come back regularly
If the situation is stable
Life can still last
You don't have to comfort me.
My illness
Its already in the acceleration period.
So how long can I live?
No more than one year
I want to ask you to help me investigate a person.
I am the best at this kind of thing.
But small K
I want you to do me a favor.
The money is a bit of a treat
Bonnies propaganda is up to you.
Mr. Chen at 4:30
34, 35
CT help me open
Other equipment to help me prepare
it is good
Thank you
give you
Thank you
I wrote it
? is a lyricist
so smart
What are you doing after work?
Didn't do it?
Please have a drink.
I will send you a CD
Is it okay?
Can you have a drink?
Ask you ?
Is it true that boys are very fond of heart?
Just like you obviously love someone
But only said that I like it a bit.
Is it really difficult to tell the truth?
Have you ever talked about love?
I am engaged.
Lend me a bit
There are only two kinds of results in falling in love.
One kind of thing is like this
Falling into love
Another one?
Is to take out the love that got stuck
I want to know me.
Then why is it me?
If love can explain
No one in the world will suffer from it.
Continued Cup
Yang Youxian
Doing business at home
First graduate of the Department of Dentistry
Now open a clinic with friends
No previous record
No bad habits
No special disease
Very healthy
There is now a fiance called Cindy.
Simply speaking, it is the victory group of life.
So next to him
Is his fiancee ?
She is still a very good photographer.
Many big stars have designated her to take pictures.
Then our Bonnies promotional photo
Just look for her to shoot
Yes, arrange it right away
So cold
I ran to drink alcohol.
with him
What do you like about him?
I do not know either
do not know
do not know
Don't talk, sleep
Is that hand like this? K brother
Cindy is not simple for women.
I see Yang Youxians card.
I definitely dont know my fiance.
So popular outside
Give us some more time.
I can also take a film as evidence.
no thanks
This is enough
Small K
You say that you love someone
Why are you so hard?
What do you mean
Hey Hey hey
Where are your hands on, you are looking for death?
The teacher is teaching Bonnie to dance
What are you doing?
He taught dance even if he
Why do you want to touch your ass?
Lie me, I wont jump, or I will teach
How do you teach Bonnie?
You are not professional
Don't worry so much about it.
What is professional?
Chop people, I am the most professional
He is very good, dont hack him right away.
This teacher is not good, I am giving you a better one.
Regardless of Bonnie, I want Michael.
But I don't care
Ji Ge, K brother fainted
Zhang Zhekai?
How did you suddenly faint?
I do not know either
The doctor seems to say what I have.
Congenital anemia
Congenital anemia
He will faint mainly because
Too tired
There is still a little calcium deficiency
Generally this anemia
Will not have much impact on life
Don't worry
It's fine
Really nothing
Calcium deficiency
Strange, I eat the same as you every day.
Why don't I have calcium deficiency?
Because you eat more
Oh, its a big food monster.
Anyway, I am not allowed to work overtime from today.
Every day, calcium is heard.
It's fine
This will help me file it.
it is good
This is your letter
Look at it
Premarital investigation
Not me to check
Someone sent it to me.
We are together for six years
I funded to become a photographer
I want to give you a home.
This is the response that I gave to me.
You Xian
Marriage is what you want to end up is not me.
We have discussed this issue very early.
Love is not my first order.
Even if it is not the first order
Doesn't mean that you can take it for granted.
I don't want to explain so much to you.
In all the relationships I want to cherish
I have nothing to say.
Oh, this is just an irresponsible saying.
I need to create
So ? with me is also for the creation of ?
This sentence is too hurtful.
Then do these things without hurting people.
Is it for everyone who pays for it?
I have feelings
What do you mean by this sentence?
What does that mean?
I will not deny what I have done.
If you want my apology
I can tell you sorry.
You fucking, who do you think you are?
Why are you investigating me?
Do you think that there is no address, I will not adjust the monitor?
What are you doing?
You let me go
and also
Will my life shut you down?
Bring it
I am sorry
I just hope
You can break up with Yang Youxian.
are you crazy
I don't know what your intention is.
But if you dare to continue to find me trouble
I am ending with you.
Zhang Zhekai
K brother
I really don't understand what you are thinking.
You go to investigate that crazy woman
Then ask her to dissolve the marriage contract.
what does it mean
Are you crazy?
I am crazy.
I just want to find a good man for Cream.
How old is she
She wont find it herself?
look at me
Do you think she will find it?
She won't, really won't
And I really have no time.
No time
I have no time soon.
Bonnie's record is on the market
Did not sell more than 10,000
Ji Ge wants me to walk
I dont have to worry about anything at the time.
You just lost your job
Still you are dying
K brother, you look at me.
Just if I didnt appear in time
You are really dead
Thank you very much.
Own person
Three eight
I will accompany you to Cindy tomorrow.
Negotiate once
how about it
Remember to close the door
Drink a little?
No need to
Hey, dont you want to move that flower.
I took a week
What are you doing?
This is the compensation for ?
I hope I can leave Yang Youxian.
Dismissed his marriage
You see that I have no studio
Photography is what he supports me to do.
I can go to this step today.
He has half the credit
If he is not active
I won't leave him.
I still ask ?
I only have less than a year left.
I am going to die.
"Diagnostic Chronic Myeloid Leukemia"
My father died of cancer in high school that year.
When my mom also learned that I had inherited leukemia
She can't stand the blow
Left the money
The money
Left my life
Should be enough for you to live to adulthood
You need to take care of yourself
do not leave me
When I was the most lonely
Cream appears in my life
She became my family
And the person I love the most
One or two
birthday present
I dont like rainy days.
Send a black cloud
Thank you, happy birthday too.
But today is not my birthday.
I have to have a few birthdays a year.
Your birthday is today.
But my leukemia has entered an accelerated phase this year.
I didn't have the courage to tell Cream.
What happened to me
She may not be like my mother.
Because of pain, leave me because of fear
But I don't know what kind of things Cream will do.
And such a blow
I really don't want her to bear
really sorry
The person I love falls in love with my fiance
I beg you
K brother
I am sorry
Maybe I am too anxious
this is my name card
If you change your mind
Please contact me immediately
I can promise you
But you have to promise me a condition
I promised ?
I am going to have a solo exhibition.
Topic about death and deadline
Since you said that you are going to die
Then you come to be my model.
Let me take pictures
When I exhibit works
I will break up
Will it be too exaggerated?
Anyway, my condition is like this.
Do you want me?
K brother is leaving.
Eat late at night
Why don't you eat?
Its all cool
No la
Just suddenly thought
She never helped me to stay up late.
Why do you want so much?
Eat quickly
What do you want to eat tomorrow?
Send a message to me
I will help you again.
"No need to open"
"It will be enough together"
"Bonnie hug"
"The next life is going to be." Bonnie jumped very well.
"Bonnie Bonnie"
"????", smoke, smoke?
"You are with me."
"Never Let me go!"
"Bonnie hug"
"Spring flowers love the fireworks of the summer"
Come on, um.
Tell you about it
This is the dentist I mentioned to you.
Yang Youxian
Hello there
Hello, Zhang Zhekai
I know, I often listen to Yuanyuan to mention you.
Come to cut
Can the director?
Very good, Give me five
Give me five
How is Bonnie performing?
Not bad right
Very Good
Hey, Cream
What do you think Bonnie is jumping like?
Oh, that's of course.
Bonnie is a small international star.
you are
? Xiaomei
He is the dentist I told you.
It turns out that you are Yang Youxian.
Not bad
Meow ~
Don't scare him, this, come back.
Are you okay, it doesn't look too comfortable
Nothing, dont go for a drink after work.
I also can
Go together.
I almost have to go back to the company.
So disappointed
You don't have to look at the scene
on site
There is little beauty.
Ok, here is it for me.
Go ahead and hurry.
Bonnie people?
I will go first.
Bye bye
Come on
Come to each group of Standby
going or not
Really busy
Nice to meet you, under the music
me too
I'm leaving
Ji Ge walks
Formally come
Snow machine snowing
"Bonnie hug"
"The next life will be"
"Cat Bomb Bomb"
"Bonnie Bonnie ?? hug"
"You are with me."
"never let me go"
When did you first meet Song Yuanyuan?
High one
What is she like in high school?
Beautiful eyes
You obviously can cherish her now.
With her
Why don't you
Why don't you tell her the truth?
What is the truth?
Do you understand this pain?
We didnt have a family after we were sixteen.
I am her only relative now.
I want to say how I say it.
I said then
Let her suffer another injury?
Still I said
Do you think she can hold on?
No one can't hold on
That is why you are too confident about yourself.
Song Yuanyuan, she is definitely stronger than you think.
I am satisfied that you have this kind of big manism.
Anyway, dont you just want to help her find a cash machine?
I am looking for a cash machine.
Then what happened?
I am rotten, I am selfish.
I am her only relative.
I hope she is good.
May I
You want me to leave Yang Youxian.
But you have to promise me another request.
any request
Everything belongs to me after you die.
Everything after my death is Cream's
Don't you think you are contradictory?
You want her to forget you
Not something should not stay
I am sorry
let's break up
These days together
I know that I dont really love me so much.
Maybe its like saying
Love is not so important to you
But I can't keep it
But you still let go
Because I feel that I should be awake.
Its because of the relationship between those photos.
We are not together because we love now.
Just getting used to
So for you
Our six-year relationship is not love
Anyway, you broke up.
I also came to break up.
I recently met a woman.
But there is no relationship with us.
I wish you happiness
I broke up.
Then I have something
I want to tell you
When I was a high school
Half to class
The class leader suddenly rushed in
Tell me with a very strange expression
I am going to the hospital right now.
I ask him why
He said because
My parents, my aunt, and my sister.
Car accident inside the tunnel
I lived with K.
K is Zhang Zhekai
Because I think his name is too vulgar.
So call him K
This person is really strange.
At home
Like mom
Working like a dad
Sometimes I feel depressed when he comforts me like a brother.
He is like a lover
But the key time
He is like a fool
Why are you so honest to me?
Because you didn't lie to me
So I dont want to lie to you.
And I
I am afraid that you will care.
You said K
will not
That's good
Christmas gifts
Thank you
Why do people marry?
When you are old
Or when you need to be taken care of
That person can be confident and always stay with him.
Then I am not married.
You accompanied me from the age of sixteen to the present.
Don't you ignore me after I am old?
Marriage is married
Marriage is a ritual
Forget it
forget about it
The stomach is so hungry
Is there anything to eat?
I don't want to eat this
This is delicious
really tasty
Do not
I am going to cook noodles.
Then don't help you cook
"I don't envy the sun."
"I don't shine you in the past"
"Some dark"
"we are the same"
Have a little more fun
You are so sad.
The more sad the song, the less you can sing like this
"I am too embarrassed."
It doesn't have to be so happy.
"Can leave generous"
"No need to open"
You sing well
"There is no need to hide."
I think you sing a little
Not serious
I sing very seriously
Do you think that if Bonnie learns to sing like this?
What if the new song is not selling well?
Dear lyricist
I want to know because I am please.
So I only sang.
Got it
Thank you
thank you
So take care of Yuanyuan
This is what I want to say.
Thank you for staying with her since childhood.
Take care of her very well
Then you should have heard of it.
We live together
But don't misunderstand
We are really just friends
Yuanyuan told me
You are a good friend with her.
To some extent, its like a family.
So she is looking for you to help pick a wedding dress.
I think it is very reasonable.
Picking this thing, I
This is the hope of Yuanyuan.
I want to do what she meant.
And this is also your Yuanyuan
The last important thing to do
You should understand what I mean.
how about it
is it beautiful
Looks great
Do you want the groom to try the dress?
I am not the groom
It doesn't matter, try it.
I want to see
I tried what I want to do, I want to see it.
Full of handsome
how is it going
I helped take two photos.
Look here
One two three, laugh one
wait for me a while
I will change a suit again.
Thank you
I have already picked up the wedding dress.
I will send you a photo again.
let me tell you
My phone seems to be running out of power.
I am late
Lend me a bit
Hello, I just had no power on my phone.
Ok, I will charge later.
Then you go first
I will call you again.
Where did you go yesterday?
You suddenly left and left me alone.
I am so embarrassed
Where did you go?
Not going anywhere
Where did you go?
Hello, Zhang Zhekai, go out.
What are you doing?
Why are you picking up my phone?
No, I thought it was
Who do you think?
Cooked for dinner
Where are you going?
Go out
Im dating the girl on the phone.
Dont do anything
Then do you want to eat dinner?
Not eating
You can't eat if you don't eat me and get married later.
what are you worried about
She just heard my voice
Don't guess who I am.
She knows that she is Yang Youxians ex-girlfriend.
I don't want to take this risk
Then you want me to call you.
Pretend to be your date
Your heart chances are not too heavy
Must let her die
Flower language
Eternal love
Lonely strong
The next three years
Hey, let me send the cactus.
This is what you want
Final step
Give one year
Three years after delivery
She wont notice that Im gone after a long time.
You do this
Is she really happy?
She will be happy
Even now it won't
Will definitely be in the future
You are dying
Can't you live a little more directly?
I want to cry, cry
I want to laugh and laugh.
If you are angry, you will lose your temper.
If you are hungry, you will eat.
If you are afraid
Then ask for help.
Some words, if you dont say it, you wont be too late.
do you know
Or you just want to disappear in this world without any trace
(I am sorry)
(Have you eaten)
Thank you
Thank you
Ask you ?
Why are people getting married?
When you are old
Or when you need to be taken care of
That person can be confident and always stay with him.
You are not saying that you like me.
You call me
I am not a good man.
You do this
Is she really happy?
She will be happy
Even now it won't
Will definitely be in the future
We didnt have a family after we were sixteen.
I am her only relative.
I hope she is good.
Or do you want to be like this?
Just disappeared in this world
I thought I wanted to die.
I thought I wanted to die like this.
Who doesn't want to have a good life
Do you think I am possible?
Do you think I still have time?
I hope that the person she married is me.
Not marry him
I hope that we can grow old together.
Take care of each other
But this is just a delusion
Is a sad dream
I don't want to dream anymore.
I really didn't expect K to have such a story.
Unfortunately, gone.
A-Lin is given to ?
Thank you
This is the last album of their two collaborations.
Give ? to commemorate
Record it tomorrow.
real or fake
Then I booked the studio?
What I want to sing is
Have a sadness
Yuanyuan, I am back.
You Xian
I am sorry
I am sorry
Really sorry
Human love
I can touch it without using my hand.
You can say it with your mouth
You can see it with your eyes.
my love
Starting to know him
Already exist in my life
Can't be separated anymore
I thought that I have been in my life.
No need to experience separation
did not expect
From that day on
K will leave me.
Say that I am too vocal
Meow meow meow
The kittens audience should be boys.
Boys, boys, boys
What do boys love, what do boys love?
What is more important to them
Excuse me
What is the use of this medicine?
Where does this medicine come from?
This Glivec is a treatment for cancer or leukemia patients
There is also a strong amount of this painkiller.
If you need to use these two together
His condition should be full of serious
Bye bye
See you in Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan, look at home.
Hey, lets go
Yuanyuan has a good family, and Yuanyuan worships.
do not go
You can't be here
do not go
Can't go
Stop and stop
Is anyone at home?
I feel bad, K has held back the pain.
Quietly accept everything
I am very grateful to him
Even if I am sick, I still think about it for me.
Maybe in this life, I cant go to the old with K.
But I am looking forward to the next life.
We can meet again in the next life.
That day
I am worried about something happening
You really don't tell her
I really can't tell her.
I really can't tell her.
But now you need someone to take care of you.
I am fine.
I can take care of myself.
How long are you going to marry her?
I don't know how long I can stay.
But if she knows
Everything is over
Before you think about others
Can you think about yourself first?
I don't care
But she is different
She has only one person
She needs someone to accompany her
You are also a person
When I saw K for the first time
Its a month after my familys death.
Death took my family
But K is alive and abandoned.
That day
Looks sad
More than I need to hug
since that day
I decided to call him K.
And myself, its called Cream.
After all, two lonely people
There should be a name that is not so lonely
Hey, K is dying.
I feel
Should I tell him that I already know it?
If he doesnt want to let ? know
He should have his intentions
Is it smashing him now?
Can you change anything?
I only hope that K can be happy.
No matter anything
I will do my best to meet his wishes.
Do you have any wishes?
I hope ?
Find a good man to get married.
What is the definition of a good man?
have a job
a little money
I hope that Ks wish is to be with me.
Then healthy
But K is going to leave me.
Even if I don't want to
I will try my best to give him everything.
Who is that man?
Vampire ?
He is my high school classmate.
Is a dentist?
This is not a kiss.
Are you counting?
I wanted to meet you
I am engaged.
Sorry, You Xian
I took advantage of you
If it is with you
I think K should be very at ease.
I am sorry
I used your gentleness
Your thoughtfulness
I know that even if there are others in my heart
You will still accommodate me.
Quiet waiting time
Impress me
Why do people marry?
Because when you are old
Or when you need to be taken care of
That person can always stay with him.
Then I am not married.
Marriage is a ritual
When can we get married?
Just love me really.
please forgive me
My most loved one is going to die.
I really can't worry so much.
Hi, I am K.
If I have a next life, I want to be
I should not hate forever.
I really want to stay with K forever.
One two three, laugh one
wait for me a while
I will change a suit again.
Thank you
I will contact you again.
it is good
I am sorry
It's ok
I am suffering from great sadness
I know K is the same.
I made an appointment with myself.
As long as he turns back
I will tell him everything.
If he turns back
I will embrace him deeply.
(I love you)
I want to say out loud that I love him.
(I want to be happy)
But I know that I will shed tears when I open my eyes.
Unable to support
Thank you
Let me practice the wedding process with me.
Song Yuanyuan
Whether poor or rich
Health or disease
I am willing to marry
Standing in front of the man
As his wife?
I am willing
I and K become true couples
The dream of my dream is realized.
I used to think that we can keep going with you.
Just did not expect
In the real world
But K personally handed me over to another person.
My feelings for K
From the age of sixteen to the present
Has been buried too deep and too deep
No way to fish out anymore.
You Xian
Thanks for everything you have done for me
Thank you for falling in love with me.
I have found K.
I want to see him.
Are you here?
I am looking for you for a long time.
You have a fever, do you know that?
never mind
Will be good soon
I warn you ?
I dont want to eat any more from now.
Not allowed to rain
Not allowed to eat ice
Not allowed to work overtime
Did you hear me
I will take care of you.
We still have to go baseball together.
You have to help me sing a hard demo.
You are not allowed to let me have a birthday alone.
We said it from the age of sixteen.
Is it not to have a birthday together?
I am here
Will be fine
Will be fine, will be good
never mind
I am with you
This is a little better.
Going home
Going home will be fine.
Sorry, Cream
Did not get awkward consent
Arranged love
Like it
Let's take another one.
Remember, I asked me.
What is my wish?
My biggest wish
Is harmony
together forever
With Cream
We are a family
Always been
Take a photo
long time no see
Why come so early?
I am afraid I will be busy after I start.
I will take you around.
it is good
Hi, I am K.
If I have a next life, I want to be
I still can't understand it until now.
An idiot like Zhang Zhekai
Actually live in this world
If love can explain
No one in this world will suffer from it.
I underestimated love
I also told Zhang Zhekai before.
Song Yuanyuan
She is definitely stronger than you think.
It is impossible to live because you are dead.
But I was wrong
It turns out the love in their eyes
Is to make the other person happy for life.
"There is no need to hide."
"There is a kind of sadness."
"Your name is in my past."
"Companion with my breath, I decided to smile."
"Cannot be forgotten"
do you know
After my family left
I thought happiness is also away with them.
Until you met you
I only understand two lonely individuals.
Just stay with each other
Can also have the right to happiness
Our encounter is destined
No one can replace it.
do you know
what I want
Not someone who sent me hot coffee in the cold winter
But accompany me to eat the ice together.
People who have a toothache
what I want
Not the person who guards me
But the person who ventures with me
what I want
Not someone else
It's you
Thanks for everything you have done for me
As long as you can stay with you all the time
It is already the happiest thing for me.
"Leave in my past"
I am sorry
"Cannot be forgotten"
I love you
"There is a kind of sadness."
"Zhe Kai Yuan Yuan's Tomb"
"It is you who turn your back and let love become"
"The light on me"
"Give me warmth"
"But you are not allowed"
I have been very curious
Why am I called K?
Because my name is Cream.
that's it
We two have no family since childhood
Live together
With Cream
All k pronunciations
You don't feel like this sounds
Is it like a real family?
"There is a kind of sadness."
"I don't want to be separated from you."
"I miss you when you look back."
"You are all"
"You are a photo"