Moriah's Lighthouse (2022) Movie Script

Salut, Maurice.
Ah, Moriah, comment a va?
Tres bien.
I have something for you.
Ah, my favorite.
And what is the occasion today?
Flowers are best given
when there is no occasion.
Give Katherine my love.
Bonjour, Regis.
Bonjour, Moriah.
Both: Merci.
- A tout.
- A tout.
I'm not supposed to say this,
but, umm, I think
you're my favorite.
Oui. Yes, it's finished.
Uh, yeah, how does
3:00 PM sound?
Super. Okay, I'll see you then!
Both: Bonjour.
I'm trying to find my hotel.
Castle Beau Site.
Vous cherchez un chteau?
Yes. A castle.
Gauche. Yes.
O-Okay, thank you.
Uh, what do you call that?
Baguette, same in English.
Magnifique, Leon!
Comme toujours.
Are you crazy?!
Me?! You're the one daydreaming
in the middle of the road!
You're the one
biking like a maniac!
In France,
bicycles have the right of way.
You could have killed me!
Ignoring the fact
that I'm the one lying
in he middle of the road.
Ow. Ooh.
Are you actually hurt?
Nothing's is broken?
I'm okay,
but my lunch has
seen better days.
Probably my fault. I was
walking with my face in a map.
Okay, well, just um,
next time watch
where you are walking.
Bonjour, Moriah!
Salut, Jacques.
Yes, it's beautiful, no?
Would you like some?
It makes me sneeze.
Very lovely though.
From a friend, or...
From a very nice man
in town with a smile
as bright as the sun.
They're from Maurice.
It's a gift from Maurice.
Oh, this is from the post.
It goes to reception,
if you please, kind sir.
Anything for you.
Well, and for the inn.
And for you, as well.
But mainly for the inn.
Entirely so.
Ah, merci.
Perfect timing.
Would you mind
helping with these?
I'm donating them to the Emmas.
Merci, Jacques.
Katherine, he's like my brother.
I know,
but he's very sweet.
One day you might consider
thinking differently about him.
There are worse things than
finding a man who looks at you
the way he does.
I went by the lighthouse
this morning.
I'm still finding
trash everywhere.
And the day you buy it,
you can put a big long fence
around it warning people
to keep out permanently.
I'm teasing.
I know you're going to share it
for all the world to see.
Listen, I know you hate
when I offer, but...
It's important that
I find the money myself.
Thank you though.
I'm not far off.
I just have to sell maybe two,
300 more end tables.
Have you been in a collision?
As a matter of fact I have.
With her!
Um, come and get cleaned up.
I'm just thankful
no one was seriously hurt.
They way you ride
around on that bicycle,
it's a wonder it doesn't
happen more often.
Moi?! I'm not the one to blame.
- He's the one that...
- There he is.
Nice and clean.
Fresh as a daisy.
Good as new.
Thank you for the shower.
I was wondering if
you have a laundry room?
Ah, yes, just through there.
Did we get a name?
Uh, Ben McCain.
Actually, maybe you can help me.
I'm looking for a castle?
Castle Beau Site?
Of course.
Mr. McCain.
I recall your reservation.
We have you for two months.
I am Katherine Beaufort,
the owner of Castle Beau Site,
Ah, Beau Site.
And this is Moriah, my niece.
Please forgive me, I have
some business to attend to.
Moriah, darling, would you
please take Mr. McCain over
and get him checked in?
But it's just right there.
Pleasure meeting you,
Mr. McCain.
Make yourself at home.
We are at your service,
day and night.
Thank you.
Where are the rest of your bags?
Oh, this is it.
You're staying
the entire summer,
that's all you brought?
I got packing down to a science.
No bags means no hassle.
So, you can take it from here?
Wow. This is...
This is gorgeous.
Locally built?
Yes, in fact.
The guy who made
this is very good.
Look at this inlay,
and the veneers
are perfectly matched.
This chamfered leg.
Yes, I know.
The guy who made it, she's me.
I'm sorry,
I thought you worked at the-
No, I have a workshop in town.
I work for me.
Well, you have some real skill.
I'm very impressed.
Merci. When you live
on a small island,
if you need something
built or repaired,
and, well, if you
or your neighbor can't do it,
then you're...
You're out of luck.
So, we all grow up
loving to learn new things.
That's why I'm always
bouncing around.
I love meeting new people,
seeing how they live,
seeing their world.
Life should be an adventure.
Well, if you don't
need anything else...
No, I'm good, thank you.
Okay. Julie will check you in.
I love it.
Yeah, it's amazing.
It matches
the counters perfectly.
You're amazing.
Merci. Okay, I'm almost
finished with the second one,
and I'll have them
bring it by tomorrow.
Perfect, perfect.
Do you know the most common
question I get from customers?
How much candy can
I take through customs?
I do get that one a lot, but no.
Everyone always asks me,
"Who did this
incredible woodwork?"
- Ah.
- "Give me his name!"
And I tell them it's all
done by a very talented,
local artist and woodsmith,
philosopher and problem-solver.
A true Renaissance woman.
It doesn't say
any of that on the card,
just my name and number.
And she's humble.
That's why we love her.
Look, I know how
many hours this took,
and I want to say that
I still haven't given up hope
that one day you'll take
some time off so we can drive
up the coast, or go to Paris.
I know you think
I work too much.
You work too much. I understand.
You're saving your pennies.
All of them.
All I'm saying here is
if the invitation for adventure
should fall at your feet,
take it.
You never hear
someone fondly recall,
"Remember when I worked all day,"
so exhausted that
my days off were spent
"sleeping and doing laundry?"
I'll keep it in mind.
So, this is the basic idea,
and then these frames here,
they are already built,
and then once it's assembled
the we can add whatever
decorative elements we want.
That's already more than
I could have hoped for.
I love what you have done
with the curved timbers.
This man looks very lost.
Oh, Mr. McCain!
You know this man?
- Of course.
- No, he's...
Bonjour again. I was actually
looking for a place to eat,
but everywhere I go,
they only speak French
so I just leave.
The only words I know
are bonjour and adieu.
Oh, hello and goodbye forever?
Yeah, now I see why you go
in and out of these places.
Back at the hotel,
the restaurant inside have menus
both with English and French,
Thank you.
Oh, these are beautiful.
Are you getting married?
You must be the lucky man!
We're not getting married.
No, the fact is that we have
so many requests for weddings
by the sea, and Moriah
has kindly designed this
lovely arbor for me.
I actually do
a little design myself.
Houses mostly.
That's what
brought me to France.
You're building here
on the island?
Yes, in fact we start tomorrow.
But I won't bother you anymore.
Thank you for
the recommendation,
and bon soir.
That's "evening."
Ah. Bon voyage?
That's "have a good trip."
Huh. Bon Jovi?
You're halfway there.
That was funny.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
He's different.
Yes, handsome and charming
with no baggage.
I don't trust him.
Oh, that's not good.
There are signs everywhere!
Do not overload.
It's simple enough for
a child to understand!
Maybe we should put
a diagram next to the signs
for people who don't
want to read them.
Who would choose
not to read them?
Bonjour! Good morning.
Another beautiful day.
We were just talking about
the power issue last night.
Yes, yes.
The power went out on my floor.
It's, oof, wild.
You were not disturbed, I hope.
Nope, nope. I was...
I was out like a light.
A play on words. Very charming.
If you'll excuse me,
I must check in with
the electrician to assess
the damage we have suffered.
Bonjour et adieu.
Merci, Jacques.
I get the impression
he doesn't like me very much.
He's a little irritated.
He did spend the morning
fielding complaints from
angry guests and disposing of
melted refrigerator contents.
Well, I, uh, I hope
he finds the culprit.
Oh, they will be caught.
People go to prison
for this in France.
Uh, you know that
there's an app, right,
that can translate
French for you?
So if you don't know
what someone is saying,
or what a sign means.
Right, because I don't know
what any of it means.
Hey, do you have any
recommendations for things
I can do today?
Uh, you could take a walk
or ride a bicycle?
Just stay away from
the electrical circuits.
The prison thing
wasn't very funny!
It was.
Bike tour?
- Ah. Okay.
- Merci.
Nice day for a little
jaunt around the island.
Awesome! Should be fun.
Okay. Allons-y!
Got some real athletes here.
Here I come. Okay.
The brochure
said tour of France,
not Tour De France.
Any chance we can
get a water break?!
I can't thank you enough.
If I had the money, I'd have
you outfit the entire shop.
If you had the money,
I would let you.
I do have one other small
project I'd love to discuss
when you have time.
I know you have
much bigger pursuits.
Are you getting any closer?
Ah, the lighthouse?
Bit by bit, but honestly,
if I don't uncover
buried treasure,
I think it's going to
be at least another year
until I have enough money.
If you need help digging?
Keep at it. Your parents
would be very proud.
Un moment.
Oh, Moriah.
I was out for a walk
like you suggested.
I found this bike.
A walk? With a helmet?
And then, there it was.
A sheep?
Yeah, it was a sheep.
It was like a sheep attack.
I was cruising
along with the group,
you know, enjoying the tour,
keeping up no problem,
and a sheep, it just jumped out
right in front of me! Bam!
Like a stick-up?
Did it take your wallet?
You know, I could have
actually been seriously injured.
Mm-hm. No, it's...
It's very serious.
It's very serious,
because the sheep here,
they have become quite brazen.
We can't leave keys in our cars,
because you turn your back
for one minute and zoom!
They're off to the casino!
Very funny.
I'm glad you're enjoying
laughing at... Very... Yeah.
I'm just so happy you are safe.
I have to go to
my studio for a moment,
but, if you want, after that
I can walk you back to the inn.
Thank you.
This is an impressive setup.
Thank you.
Most of those tools
are my grandfather's,
but over the years
I've added to the collection.
He was a carpenter by trade?
He was. A master.
He always said that
working with wood was
life's most intimate
connection with nature.
He was the kind of man
that if you give him a chisel
or a piece of wood,
he could make you anything.
Well, obviously,
you inherited his gene.
Apparently, when I was seven,
for my birthday
I asked for a length of rosewood
so I could make
something beautiful.
Lumber is expensive here, yeah?
Yes, if you can even get it,
but wood has a beauty
some people are still
willing to pay for.
You must have people
lined up around the block.
Yes and no. I'm...
I'm particular about
the projects that I choose.
You know, I want every
piece to be meaningful,
to speak to my heart.
Oh, that sounds
a little silly now that I...
No, no. I get it.
I'm the same way.
Can I see your outdoor space?
Uh, yes.
Ah. From the sketches.
For weddings.
The woman who
can build anything.
Bonjour, Moriah!
Bonjour, Micheline!
Well, I'll just go lock up
and we can walk back to the inn.
Ready as a rabbit.
Is that an American saying?
No, that is something
I just came up with
and wish I hadn't.
Ah, Moriah!
This is my lucky day.
Salut, Maurice!
And who is this handsome man?
Don't tell me
you got married secretly
and did not invite me
to the wedding.
No, and if I had been,
surely I would have invited you.
Sometimes called
I'homme aux fleurs.
The flower man. At your service.
Ben McCain.
Pleasure to meet you.
Maurice, do you know a good
place to eat around here?
My friend, this is France.
There is no bad place
to eat around here.
Now, both of you hop in.
I will take you.
Oh, no, because I have to go...
Oh, you are not going
to let him eat alone?
Surely not.
Wow, look at that stone.
It's beautiful.
Why don't you order
for the both of us?
Surprise me.
Allors, une douzen hutres
fines de clair yves papin,
praires et palourdes, em...
Oui, a va.
Pour deux, s'il vous plat.
Ah, and, to begin, um...
Tres bien.
Thank you. Merci.
So, is your family from here?
Yes, as far back as we
can trace on both sides.
My mother's family opened
the inn in the 1920s,
first as a boarding house,
and my father's family were
keepers of the lighthouse.
The lighthouse.
I saw that today on my ride.
Wow, you really
have stayed local.
And this is your
first time in France?
Oui. What gave me away?
I like to come early.
You know, meet the locals,
learn things the French way.
Ah, and tell me,
what have you learned?
I've learned that
everybody is very happy,
that they really seem to
know how to enjoy themselves.
And the food.
The food is incredible.
I had three
baguettes today alone.
Okay. Lesson number one.
Quality over quantity.
Maybe one incredible
baguette enjoyed is enough?
And lesson number two?
Why don't you try
lesson number one?
Both: Merci.
Okay. So, what are we eating?
Uh, les yeux du calamar.
Oh, calamari.
Yes, the eyeball.
No. It's...
It's sea snail.
Snails. Okay. Bon appetit.
Bon appetit.
It's pretty stuck in there.
Tape recording: Bonjour.
Tape recording: Sil te plait!
Sil te plait!
Tape recording: Sil te plait!
Sil te plait!
Merci beaucoup.
Bon soir.
Bon soir, monsieur.
Voulez-vous boire quelque chose?
Something to drink?
Ah, yes. Um...
If you enjoy cider,
it's very similar.
Tart, but refreshing.
Deux. S'il te plat.
Oh, very good.
Well, this is quite
a little slice of paradise
you found here.
Yes, you're right.
You're enjoying
your time so far?
Oh, yes, very much.
In fact, I made it
into town this morning.
I got to see Moriah's studio.
She invited you?
Uh, well, not exactly.
I had another bike incident
She really is something,
and her work is...
Her father's family
were all very talented.
Her grandfather especially.
When Moriah's parents passed,
she stuck to him like glue.
Oh, her parents.
I... I had no idea.
It was when
she was quite little.
Home for you is?
Mm. That is a good question.
I bounce so much for work
I'm not sure
I really know anymore.
Is that typical
for an architect?
Well, for the kind
of work I do, yes,
but it's also a choice.
I like not knowing
what the next chapter holds.
A man who designs homes,
and doesn't have
one to call his own.
I suppose I haven't found
a place where the desire
to stay is as strong as
the desire to move on.
You remind me very much
of someone I used to know.
I had a nice chat
with our American guest.
He spoke very
highly about your work,
and how much he enjoyed
the lunch you had together.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm thinking nothing,
but he is here
for the whole summer.
He's quite charming
and not at all
disturbing on the eyes.
You both have common interests.
An appreciation for design.
Perhaps, should
the occasion arise,
it might be not so terrible to
get to know him a little better.
Okay. Tantine.
The last thing in the world
that I'm looking for is romance.
That's exactly when you find it.
I don't date tourists!
J'taime, Tantine. Love you.
Is Jacques nearby?
He's back around lunch,
I believe. Is it urgent?
Uh, I'm having some pieces
of the arbor delivered today,
and I was hoping
he could help carry them.
Ah, he'll be very disappointed
to have missed the occasion,
but perhaps someone
else could be of help?
Well, I think these
are the last ones.
Can I give you a hand
putting them together?
Uh, no, thank you.
Wouldn't want to ruin
your plans for the morning.
I don't any plans.
No more bicycle tours?
You're right, I haven't had
the best luck with bicycles
on this trip so far.
I was hoping to make it
one day without getting injured.
For you, that could be tough.
Thank you.
Ah, you're welcome.
Quesque'il fait?
Ben! Quesque tu fais?
What are you doing?
I was just going to
go out on the boat.
- In that?
- Yeah.
You know that's
not a boat, right?
You take that to your boat.
Yeah, and have you
checked the tide schedule?
Because if you don't
time it properly
you could be
stranded in the bay.
I'll be back in an hour tops.
If you come back at all.
Uh, where are you
planning to go?
I'd just go out in the bay,
maybe go around, get a better
look at the lighthouse.
Ah, le phare.
Ben: I find architecture
is often viewed
as a technical skill,
but I've always
considered form to be an equal,
if not greater,
counterpart to function,
and form comes
directly from the heart.
The lighthouse, for example.
It exists solely for
the purpose of function,
yet every lighthouse
is different. Why?
Because every one carries
a piece of the designer's heart.
You're very, um...
Caught me without my translator,
so I'm going to
assume that means
"pleasant to stroll
along a path with."
The traveling architect
whose entire life
fits into a single bag.
What else do you need?
Family. You need family, no?
Without family we have
no history, no roots.
We are floating on the wind.
Doesn't sound so bad to me.
And this is why you travel?
I travel because
it's what I know,
but I also love my work.
I love creating
something out of nothing,
I love taking the old
and making it new.
I love taking the old
and keeping it old.
Every grain of wood,
every nail, every fleck of paint
it has a a story to tell,
a history, um,
a piece of the designer's heart.
So, the lighthouse was rebuilt?
Yes, in 1946 after it was
destroyed during the war.
And you're planning
on buying it?
The lighthouse? No.
In France they're owned
by the government,
but the light keeper's
house can be purchased.
My father's family
has lived in that house
since the day it was built.
One day I plan to restore
every last inch of it.
The light keeper's house?
Uh, Moriah, hold up...
Monsieur, monsieur!
C'est une propriete privee!
It's private property!
I know it's private property.
No need to shout.
- Benjamin, hello.
- Nicholas, hello!
Wait, you know this man?
Nicholas Martin.
Moriah Beaufort.
Mr. McCain is quite
the brilliant architect.
Have you seen the design
he's dreamt up for this place?
Quel endroit? What place?
This place.
The site of my new home.
Moriah, I think there's been
a serious miscommunication...
Seems pretty
straight forward to me.
I was hired to design a house.
I had no idea
whose land it was on.
You haven't been
hired to design a house,
you've been hired
to tear one down.
Mine, my family's.
I think that
if you saw my plans...
I don't need to
look at your plans.
You just told me
exactly how you operate.
Out with the old.
Is that not true?
With the house, yes,
but we're not going to
touch the lighthouse.
The house and the lighthouse
are one and the same.
How can you not see that?
How can you not...
Why bother?
I know your feelings
about history.
You're the last person
who would understand.
Did you know?
About what?
About the house!
That it's been
bought by an investor
and he's planning
to demolish it!
Slow down, Moriah.
I don't have a clue
what are you talking about.
What investor? What house?
The light keeper's house.
That's why Ben is here,
he's been hired to
design the project.
They're going to tear it down
and build a private residence.
Moriah, of course I didn't know.
But who is this investor?
This man?
Hello, Katherine.
Am I the only one
who doesn't know this man?
I'm confused.
You bought the house?
It was time to come home.
It's been 30 years.
Without warning,
without as much as a word?
Look, I feel badly if
I've stepped on anyone's plans,
but I assure you...
I think you should go.
Nicholas. Please.
Just like that,
I've become the villain.
I'm not sure that's true.
Two people
chasing the same dream.
That doesn't make you a bad guy.
I fear it may be a little
more complicated than that.
Both: Merci.
You know, this island
is very special to me.
I grew up here.
I fell in love for
the first time here.
It's the only place that's
ever truly felt like home.
I think I wanted that
feeling again, you know?
In the end it's never just
the place that brings you back.
It's the people.
Always the people.
He had this quality,
this confidence,
like a movie star.
He was quite serious, adventurous.
When we met
he was in the military,
he wanted to study
medicine in America.
He was always reading.
I fell for him in an instant.
Is that why he left? To study?
The war in the Gulf.
France sent soldiers to
fight alongside the Americans.
And then what? He just...
Well, he never came back?
He never returned?
It wasn't so simple.
It was just after...
After my parents died.
You were so little.
A teeny bird with a broken wing.
This was your home.
You needed to stay here to heal,
to feel safe and grow.
Nicholas wanted
to see the world,
but he was a good man.
If he'd known the truth,
he would have returned
to make a life with me.
I believed in my heart
he would wake up one day
and resent me for it.
So, you gave him up for me?
No, my darling.
You were my greatest gift.
I gave him up for him.
I'm so sorry for
your lighthouse.
Mr. McCain,
a pleasant evening I hope?
Not the best, actually.
Ah, bonjour, Maurice!
Bonjour, again.
Ah, I was wondering
if I could try...
puis. Sold.
Sold? Sold out?
puis. Dsol pour a.
Brigitte: Is there any hope?
I don't know what we can do.
I should be getting back.
Good day.
May I...
Mm. Yes, of course.
Look, I feel terrible
about how things went down.
I did not set out
to ruin people's lives.
Suddenly I feel like
public enemy number one.
You have to understand,
the people in this town,
we're family.
Lesson number two.
The people in
your life are everything.
And when one of us hurts,
we all do.
I thought maybe
I would find you here.
You're not planning on
bashing me over the head
with that are you?
And waste good cider?
No, I would drink it first.
About lesson number two, um...
You were unfairly thrust
into the middle of all of this
and I know you were
just doing your job.
It definitely wasn't personal.
These things are always
personal to someone.
But it's not fair for
you to shoulder the blame.
You're right, I don't know you,
and if I characterized
you unfairly...
Suis desole. I'm sorry.
Well, if you're interested,
Maybe you can show me through
your eyes.
From the day of its completion,
my father's family,
the Beauforts,
were the sole keepers
of the lighthouse.
During both World Wars,
while the men were off fighting,
the women, they stood by it
to make sure
the light stayed on.
My father was
raised in this house.
Why was it sold off?
My family never owned it.
The residence was afforded
to the lighthouse keeper
for the term of their service,
but the property always
belonged to the government.
Once it was decommissioned
it became my father's dream to
one save enough money
to buy it, but...
I'm sure your plans
are very nice,
but this property tells
the story of my family
for generations.
My father was born here.
If it's torn down, I...
It's all I have left of them.
Nicholas, please.
I don't know what
your hope is, but...
My hope is nothing.
This is my home.
I've always planned to return.
My intention was not
to reopen old wounds.
And yet here you are.
Why didn't you tell me about
Moriah all those years ago?
You just stopped responding,
silence, like I was nothing.
I would have come back.
And then what?
I knew what you wanted.
You would have lasted a year
before getting restless.
You had big dreams
you wanted to pursue.
But I didn't get to.
I didn't get to pursue them,
because all those
dreams included you.
The torment you put me through,
wondering where I went wrong.
If you had fallen
in love with someone else.
I'm sorry.
I was hoping to find you.
And I you.
I had a thought.
As did I!
Does it involve the lighthouse?
It involves a woman.
Oh, um...
Should we walk and talk?
We should probably
sit and drink.
Come on.
So, tell me.
Uh, you go first.
And then what?
And then I rushed away.
I didn't know what to say.
I'm telling you, because...
maybe I'm supposed
to feel angry at him
about the lighthouse,
but what I'm really feeling...
is more complicated.
It's taken me a lifetime
to realize that things rarely
work out as planned, but...
we can choose
how to move forward.
We can still shape the pages,
even if we didn't
write the narrative.
I've been angry at
the world for a long time.
About a lot of things.
I don't want to
be angry anymore.
I don't need a translator
to know that those are not
words of encouragement.
It's the, you know,
the vintage flathead screws.
It won't go in the hinge.
May I?
I'll just hold it.
Merci. So.
You know, there are
a lot of stubborn ones.
It's the stubborn ones
that make life interesting.
I talked to Nicholas today.
His intention was
to only ever live in
the place he loves the most,
surrounded by the people
he loves the most.
He wants to keep the house.
To restore it.
But he wants you to
oversee the project.
You. You have the skill
and you're the only
person who will make sure
that it is done properly,
but we have to start in a week.
No. No, way.
I don't think that I can...
Moriah, I understand
that this is disappointing,
it's not what
I had in mind either.
I spent a year
working on those plans
and, frankly,
I'm pretty proud of them,
but you know and I know
that leveling that house
is not the right thing to do.
We have an opportunity to
turn your vision into a reality.
So, don't...
Don't so it for me,
don't do it for Nicholas.
Do it for yourself.
If you say no, I understand.
But, please,
we could use your help.
For me.
I'll do it for me.
I'll start making preparations.
As some of you already know,
this is a monumental
moment for me,
and I'm so honored to be
working alongside each of you.
Above all,
the aim is to preserve.
Please, let's be surgical in
our approach whenever possible.
I ask that you use
the same care that you would
if this was your home.
And also have fun please.
Let's see what
we're dealing with.
Well, it smells
like a locker room.
Oh, it's just musk.
Don't breath it in.
Well, I'm smelling it, so that
would suggest I'm breathing it.
Well, um, stop breathing.
Ah, you'd miss me way too much.
You know it's in remarkably
good shape considering the age.
That tapered casement
around the flue,
it's a work of art.
Oui. My grandfather,
he did all the millwork.
The casing, the moldings,
the, uh, corbels here.
Was there water damage
in here at some point?
It's possible.
Looks like the molding
around the window is
rotted out at the bottom.
Do you think you could
mill some new stuff?
It's a big job.
We could always
blow this window out
and put in a double-glazed
casement window.
I'll throw you through
a double-glazed casement window.
Ah, oui. Super.
Ben: Moriah!
I think I found something!
Looks like there's
an opening back there.
What in the world?
Yeah, I tried to move it,
but it's... it's not budging.
Did you get in a lot of fights
as a kid?
No, the other children
were afraid of me.
Shall we?
What's this?
They are old letters.
I recall how much
you loved to cook.
So, I brought you these,
fresh from the market.
Thank you.
I haven't thanked you yet
for altering your plans
with the lighthouse.
It means so much
to Moriah and to me.
To everybody.
Seeing as we're going to be
neighbors, I wanted to extend
an olive branch. So, now I did.
Thank you.
You know,
it's really thoughtful,
but the whole
joy of cooking is in
having someone to share it with.
There were always whispers of
my family sheltering allies
during the war, but this is...
Well, look at these dates.
1943, 44.
So during the war.
Yes, and they're
all love letters,
all written in the same hand.
My love, my love, mon trsor,
my darling JP, mon chr JP.
"Mon chr, JP,
I think of you often."
I long for
your breath on my cheek.
I will write again
when it is safe.
"Tout mon amour. All my love."
It's signed, A.
So, this JP must have also
sheltered there for a time.
Imagine falling so madly in love
and then being torn apart.
Never knowing when
the next letter will arrive
or where the person even is.
It's unbearable.
And spending months on end
alone in that tiny room,
alone with your thoughts,
your worry.
It makes you appreciate all
the things we take for granted.
I would really like to share
these letters with Katherine,
would you like to...
Oh, oui. Yes. I'd love to.
Oh, Moriah!
I lost track of time.
I invited Nicholas to
use the kitchen and...
And I made enough
to feed the entire town.
Why don't you stay?
A meal is meant to be shared.
Okay. Oui, merci.
It looks very nice.
Both: Thank you.
Filet de morue aux
petits lgumes de saison.
A famous local dish.
Nicholas does it magnificently.
And I found these
beautiful vegetables
at the farmers market.
So, why don't you help us
to dress the table?
Of course. I'm impressed
you made this all from scratch.
Meal is serious
business around here,
and preparation is
half of the joy.
Lesson number three.
A meal is meant to be savored.
Always make time
to sit and enjoy.
Never walk and eat. Ever.
Especially if a mad
Frenchwoman is barreling
towards you on a bicycle.
I noticed
the scaffolding up today.
You seem to be
making good headway.
Yes, Moriah was
born to lead this team.
Ah, but without Ben,
there wouldn't be a team
for me to lead.
Well, then, all is well?
Oui, only, um...
Well, there is one thing.
We think that
Moriah's grandparents
might have been part
of the French Resistance.
We found a secret room in
the basement where we think
they could have harbored Allies.
Oui, there was personal effects
and there were love letters.
They were written to a man, JP,
tranger, a stranger.
We think that they
sheltered him during the war.
You only know
your grandfather as Rene,
but while he was young
he preferred to be called
by his middle name, Jean-Paul.
If I recall,
he and your grandmother
didn't marry until
the end of the war.
So these letters
would likely be...
Before they met.
So, he kept this woman
a secret his entire life?
Oh, so it was she
who was hiding out,
this Adrienne woman.
So, if her family really
did work with the Allies,
they probably sent
her away to hide her.
You know, it's like
something out a movie.
A beautiful French girl
meets a handsome stranger.
How do you know
she was beautiful?
Well, she's French.
Do you not have something
you need to be doing?
Yeah, I'm working on the kitchen
and I'm waiting for you to
finish so we can go
on a walk and discuss.
So, are you finished?
Ben: You're not being practical.
And you're not
honoring the spirit of
what we're trying
to accomplish here.
The spirit only works if you're
not ignoring practicality.
What good is a kitchen
if it's not functional?
What good is a practical
if it ignores historical intent?
You haven't even
looked at my plans.
I don't need to look at
your plans to know that...
What? What are you looking at?
What are you doing?
We're stopping for coffee,
which is both practical
and in the spirt of what
we're trying to accomplish.
No, Ben, we are right
in the middle of...
Lesson number three.
Allow time for a meal each day.
And since I haven't
had breakfast, so.
So, the countertop
would be pink granite,
like the stone
in the lighthouse.
I found a fabricator in
Auray that can make it for us,
and then the upper cabinets
would have leaded glass in it
so that it matches
with the exterior doors.
The care you've taken,
the attention to detail,
it's really wonderful.
No, it's... it's perfect.
Thank you.
Never in a million years
did I imagine this.
The French builder
and the American architect.
Makes for a good story.
Uh, speaking of which,
I have a confession.
I read ahead.
The letters?! You didn't!
I'm sorry! I had to!
Et tu, Brute.
Betrayal on the deepest level.
Okay, okay, but can I tell you?
Yes, please.
Your grandfather sounds like
quite the renaissance man.
The way she describes
him painting her.
Oh, by the light of the moon.
It's incredibly romantic.
Maybe I should be
taking some notes.
I didn't even know he painted.
I don't think anyone did.
He, um... He had
this whole entire life
before he met my grandmother.
Just the way you look right now.
How wonderful it looks!
We come bearing gifts.
Ah, merci.
You've been working so hard
we thought perhaps you could
use a little break.
Merci, thank you,
it's very thoughtful.
I won't ask for
a tour before it's complete,
but from here it looks as
beautiful as I imagine it did
when it was built.
Oh, it's probably better,
thanks to
the leadership of Moriah.
Moriah, you have taught
me a very valuable lesson
on the importance of fighting
for things that matter most.
I owe you
a lifetime of gratitude.
Well, we won't
take up your time.
Nicholas is taking me to dinner.
Ah, bon dner.
Thank you again. Have fun.
Both: Merci. Au revoir.
She's going to Paris.
To join the Resistance?
No, for Fashion Week.
Yes, to join the fight.
Listen. Come, come.
Um, she says, uh...
"I know not how
long I will be gone,"
but I will send word
as soon as I return.
Beyond my bedroom window there
is a rock shaped like a jewel,
"one day we will
stand arm in arm"
beside that rock and be married.
Until then, you are my heart,
my soul, my breath.
Be well, my love.
"We will be together again soon."
That's it? That's the last one?
That's it.
That's the last letter.
Well, I mean, it can't be.
We don't know
what happened in Paris.
We don't even know
if she made it back here.
I know my grandfather never
married a woman by a rock
shaped like a jewel.
I know that rock.
It's on the other
side of the island.
My grandfather took me
there when I was young.
You know, it's incredible
that Nicholas and Katherine
found each other 30 years later.
Oui. To, uh...
To find love once
is lucky enough,
but to lose it
and find it again?
It's almost impossible.
What about you?
Have you ever been in love?
Oh, I'm sorry.
You don't have to answer that.
No. No, it's okay.
I just...
I'm a little embarrassed.
I mean, here I am, I'm a woman
who is born in the birthplace
of romance and have
never been in love herself.
It's a little...
I'm a little against the grain.
I'm not sure men
know what to make of me.
I don't know if it's
my work that keeps love away
or if it's me.
Well, it's definitely
not the work.
If I'm being honest, I...
I don't think it's either.
And you?
Uh, there was
someone for a time,
and does it count
as love if the other person
doesn't feel the same way?
I'm not sure.
It's probably why
I move around so much.
Gone before things
get too complicated.
So, maybe it's my work
that keeps love away
or it's me.
Aren't we just
the most depressing pair?
No, really.
I mean, here we are,
surrounded by all these
beautiful love stories...
- No, no, no, no, no.
- And we're totally...
Do not say it.
It is too pathetic.
It's just way too pathetic!
I'm sorry.
Actually, I don't know
why we're laughing.
I don't know why
we're laughing either.
Katherine, you're looking
very fashionable today.
Thank you, Jacques.
I've been invited to go sailing.
Are you fine for the afternoon?
Yeah. Perfectly.
Moriah hasn't been
around much lately.
She's, uh, alright?
She's happy?
Very much so.
Shall we?
Of course.
Ah, perfect.
Did you remember to...
Oh, Katherine!
I thought you were...
Did he...
On the sailboat.
Tantine, I couldn't
be happier for you.
When is the wedding?
As soon as humanly possible.
Hey. I want to
show you something.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on. Here. Come.
Further. Come on.
And stop.
Turn around.
Look what you've accomplished.
You did it.
Vous avez russi I'impossible
et vous devriez en tre
incroyablement fier du
ton nez.
Yes, I'm very proud of my nose.
Oh, uh.
Well, you did it!
The truth is, it's you
who made this possible.
You're so talented.
You work hard.
And often you're sort
of fun to be around
and, um...
And, um, you make me smile.
I've enjoyed these
past few months very much.
Yeah. Me, too.
Get your things. I, uh...
I'm going to take you
on a little adventure.
Come on, come on.
This is it.
I don't even remember
where we were driving to,
just that it was Grandad and I,
and I don't know, we passed by
and he pulled the car over.
We got out and we stood
in this very spot.
And when I had asked him
why he had stopped the car,
he just looked at me
and he smiled and he said,
"This rock. It looks like
a jewel, n'est pas?"
And that was it.
He just stood there
for a few minutes
and then we left.
We never spoke of it again.
That must the window.
Ah, yes. The one she talks
about in the letter.
Let's see if anybody's home.
Moriah: Bonjour.
I have lived my whole
life in this house.
I have known nothing about this.
It's heartbreaking.
Did you ever know her well?
Your aunt?
I was born
after she left for Paris.
My mother was much
younger than Adrienne
and would not have known
much of her romantic life,
but she remembered those
months when Adrienne was away.
She talked of it often.
Did your aunt ever
make it back from Paris?
Many at that time did not.
But she was quite
celebrated for her bravery.
She died a hero.
Is there any chance that
you have a photograph of her?
Sadly, all that remains
are the few belongings
she had with her when she died.
One love lost.
One lost and found
30 years later.
The heart is
a wonderful mystery.
Powerful enough
to move mountains,
delicate enough to shatter
at the slightest touch.
But if we don't
love without restraint,
we risk missing out the greatest
gift life has to offer.
I've pictured
this moment so many times,
except in my mind it was
always you wearing the dress.
I haven't reached
that chapter of my life yet.
Haven't you?
I've never seen you so happy
as I have these past months.
Excited to wake, to go to work.
Well, I've been bringing
the lighthouse back to life.
My darling,
it's you who has come to life.
You're laughing again,
there is joy.
Call it what you like,
I know love when I see it.
Don't waste 30 years like
I did wondering where it went.
His life is abroad.
Mine is here.
How could I leave you?
How could I leave them?
Oh, my love.
I know you want to
keep your parents close,
but they're not here.
They are there.
They always will be.
You're holding onto what was,
it's time to
discover what can be.
You're not alone.
I love you, I always will,
wherever you are in the world.
Now, shall we get me married?
S'il vous plait, tout monde.
Une petit second. Um...
Three decades I spent
searching for the thing
that would make me feel whole,
when all I needed
was right here all along.
My dear Katherine. Je t'aime.
All: Vive le mari.
May I?
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
You look...
Yes. Very French.
You surprise me at every turn.
What is it?
I, um...
I got a call about
a job in Chicago.
It's one I've been
working on for a long time.
And, um, you're going?
I'm going, yeah.
And that's it?
Moriah, this summer has
been the most amazing...
Don't do this.
No, You're doing what
you said you always do.
You're leaving before
things complicate.
But it is complicated.
Your life is here. My life is...
Yes, I understand, your life
is wherever the job takes you.
It's not that simple.
You know what?
You don't need to
justify why you're going.
It's okay. Just go.
I don't want to leave like this.
Maybe after Chicago I can, um...
I come back
and we could have more time.
And what?
Ben, I don't want to spend
my life with someone who just
comes to see me
at their convenience.
Moriah, please.
No. I can't.
Please, I can't do this.
Just, um...
If you're going to go,
please, just go.
I'm sorry.
Ah, um...
I had this whole
thing prepared about...
Well, about love
and how it's pure
and everlasting and joyful.
But the truth is
I really don't know
anything about love.
I do know that it surprises us.
That it arrives
when we least expect it.
Sometimes it's in a place,
or a person,
sometimes that person leaves...
and sometimes they come back.
Sometimes they leave
this world unexpectedly
and you are left
wondering how you will go on.
But you do.
And sometimes it's
in the food we eat,
and the wine that we drink,
and the view that
leaves you breathless.
One thing I know for sure,
we can't control it,
no matter how hard we try.
And that leaves us
vulnerable to it.
And all we can do is surrender.
And these two
have done just that.
Katherine, Tantine.
No one deserves
this day more than you.
You are...
oui, my aunt,
but my best friend,
my guardian angel.
I'm so happy you have
found your love again.
Je t'aime.
Okay. That's it.
Ma flicitations.
Let me speak to her.
When we were little,
do you recall
collecting the rolls
from the butcher paper?
We would stare through them
at the sky pretending we were
astronomers studying the stars.
We felt so insignificant,
like we were little specs
floating in the cosmos.
And yet, the woman before me
is anything but insignificant.
She's the brightest
star in the sky.
Take the risk.
You're worth it.
And so is he.
When I was younger I would stay
and dance all night,
but these days...
That song they played
for the first dance.
Do you know it?
It tells the story of
two strangers pushed together
by a dancing crowd,
and they feel something
they have never felt before.
Joy and happiness.
They feel fulfilled.
But then, the crowd launches
into a mad farandola,
everyone dancing together,
spinning in circles,
and our two strangers
are torn apart.
The strangers struggle
to find one another,
they cry out in pain.
To receive life's greatest gift,
and then have it snatched away.
They are lost.
This was a mistake.
We have to go back.
I have to go back.
Stop the boat!
Yes, we must!
This man is in love!
Please work.
We're not stopping are we?
No, that was pretty
exciting though.
I thought you left!
I did! I stole a lifeboat.
It was terrifying!
I tried to signal you,
but you came back!
I couldn't leave you.
I didn't want you to.
I'm in love with you.
I'm in love with you, too.
Lesson number two.
The people in your life
are everything.
I swear, it wasn't me.
Nicholas: To love.
Both lost and found.
To new beginnings.
To the places we've been
and the places we're heading,
and to the light
that will always
be here to guide us home.
And to a honeymoon
30 years overdue.
All: Sant.
Oh, right.
The key.
Oui. We will take very good
care of it while you're away.
No, my darling.
You will take great care of it
because it belongs to you now.
The world deserves
to share in its beauty.
To revel in its history.
It's yours.
It always has been.
Besides, this cottage
isn't big enough for all of us.
We wanted you to have it.
Both: Je t'aime.
We have a plane to catch.
Okay, bye.
Au revoir!
- Bon voyage!
- Merci!