Morituri (1965) Movie Script

No, it's not a sense
of betrayal, sir.
I don't feel that.
But I was told
I would have command of
our next blockade runner.
I have seen myself
on the bridge,
taking the ship...
From Japan into Bordeaux.
Do you know
where I see myself?
In bremen, at home
in bed with my wife.
Do you have a wife,
No, sir.
Well, perhaps here in Tokyo
it's just as well, hmm?
Mr. Kruse, this cargo.
God almighty,
how we need this cargo.
And captain Mueller
is a man of such experience.
Look here.
Tomorrow my experience
puts me here,
on a fine, new
Japanese submarine.
I'm to show our friends
the wolf pack tactics...
We used to erase
so much allied shipping
in the Atlantic.
An assignment
I do not Cherish,
you see.
I'm grateful
for the way you put it,
admiral wendel.
The way I put it is that
first officer or admiral,
we do as ordered.
Incidentally, if everything
goes according to plan,
our paths may cross.
Sir, captain Mueller
is here to see you,
and he's impatient.
It's a bad morning.
Nobody's satisfied.
Ask captain Mueller
to come in.
Admiral wendel,
in the merchant Navy...
The captain
chooses his own crew.
What are you doing here?
I'll be damned
if I'll ship with these.
Two murderers.
Two more, assault
with deadly weapons.
This one-- "theft of
government property."
Another, an outright
political enemy.
It's also a good way to
return these bastards to Germany
for the punishment they deserve.
I'm sorry.
I cannot accept them.
But there are only
a handful, captain--
I don't want
a handful of maggots
in my soup!
Now, we've given you
every reliable man
we could find.
And must I remind you,
captain Mueller, that
you can't afford to protest?
Now, Mr. Kruse,
will you leave
the two of us alone?
Stand right there,
Mr. Kruse.
Admiral wendel
is about to say...
That my last ship
was torpedoed
in the Indian ocean.
Well, that's
common knowledge.
No blame--
that at the time
of the attack
I had a skinful of rum.
Captain Mueller reports
that he stood on the bridge
for three days...
With a festering jaw.
It was lanced.
Drugs were administered.
No avail.
Therefore, captain Mueller
tried liquor.
It is said to have
afforded him some relief.
The torpedo didn't know
I had been drinking.
We cannot interview
that torpedo.
Be satisfied that the admiralty
retains confidence in you.
Believe me, Mueller,
take the ship.
You'll save yourself
a lot of consequences.
I can take
any of your consequences.
I wasn't referring to you.
But, you see, at home
they are inclined to believe...
That certain behavior
runs in the family.
My son?
He's on duty
in the north sea area,
isn't he?
My son
is a splendid officer.
One of the finest.
They wouldn't.
Yes, Mueller, they would.
They have.

The cargo, Mr. Crain,
is perhaps
the single most important item
in the world today.

Uh, colonel statter, would
you like some more tea?
No, thank you.
The cargo, Mr. Crain,
is rubber.
A ship called the ingo
will leave Tokyo carrying
7,000 tons of raw rubber.
Seven thousand tons
of rubber, Mr. Crain,
will keep
the entire German army
on wheels...
For at least
three months.

Is this music
disturbing you?
Would you like to hear
the second movement?
I'm glad you admire
my painting.
I bought this kirschner
in, uh, in Zurich.
I paid too much for it,
but I couldn't resist it.
Do you come from Zurich,
Mr. Crain?
My family lives there.
Mr. Crain,
you have no family.
You're a German,
herr schroeder.
You've been living
in a British dominion
here in India...
On a forged Swiss passport...
For the last three years.
You were a reserve officer
in an engineer
demolition battalion.
The day you received orders
to report for duty,
you turned your back
on your country
and managed to leave Germany...
With most of your funds.
I'm not surprised...
That you found me.
I'm only surprised
that it took so long.
Oh, but it didn't.
We've not had
any need for you,
until now.
What we're astonished at
is that you never gave
your services to the allies,
but buried yourself
out here.
Buried myself?
I think I have here
all that I could
possibly want.
I have my books and my music
and a modest art collection...
And a visit
from a beautiful lady
from time to time, and, uh--
what I value most
is my privacy.
No, let me save you
some valuable time,
colonel statter.
I have no intention
of blowing up the ship.
We don't want you
to blow up that ship.
It's precisely
what we don't want.
We want you
to save that ship.
To-- to save it?
Herr schroeder,
as you know, the allies are
desperately short of rubber.
As much as the Germans
want that cargo,
we want it more,
and we mean to capture it.
Yes, well,
why do you come to me?
German blockade runners...
Have orders to scuttle
at the approach of an enemy.
But if an engineer,
a demolitions expert,
boards that ship and disarms
all the scuttling charges,
when the captain
goes to scuttle...
He's going to be
a very surprised captain.
And also surprised
would be the engineer,
if he lives to a ripe old age.
Oh, obviously there are ways
in which this adventure...
Might not succeed.
Ja, perhaps
a thousand, hmm?
But if it does,
the allied governments are
going to be very grateful.
And if it fails?
The Germans would shoot him.
We would have preferred
a professional, of course,
but there wasn't
a qualified man
anywhere near Tokyo...
To get him there
in time.
Schroeder, if we capture
7,000 tons of rubber,
it's going to save thousands
of lives and shorten
the war against Hitler.
Colonel statter,
aside from the obvious
suicidal aspects of your scheme,
I personally don't believe
that war is ever a solution
to political conflict.
What do wars ever prove?
Men, women and children
are slaughtered,
and a generation later...
Friends are enemies
and enemies are friends,
and the whole stupid cycle
starts over again.
Certainly I have
great appreciation
for your noble effort...
And your interest to save
thousands of lives,
but excuse me
if I seem to be concerned
for my own life.
It's unfortunate
you're rated so highly
by the gestapo, schroeder,
because I'm told
their penalties
for deserters...
Are somewhat
more theatrical
than ours.
No, they hold you
under house arrest...
Until after the war
is over,
and then they give you
a fair trial, as they do
in england, I'm sure.
You realize
you're my prisoner.
I can have you transported
back to england...
And parachute you
out of an r.A.F. Plane
over Germany.
And at the same time,
a valuable english officer,
held by the Germans,
will be dropped
over england.
Exchange of hostages
is as old as war itself.
Perhaps, uh, blackmail
is a little older, hmm?
I thought
the holy British empire...
Indulged in
more modern ethics.
Some arrangements
are being made...
For you to board
that ship in Tokyo.
But even if I'm put aboard
that ship, it still
might reach Germany.
That's right.
Or you may not be able
to disarm all the charges
and the ship might be scuttled,
in which case
you're likely to drown,
or be rescued
by the Germans,
or by the allies.
In that event,
we'll still be able
to make use of you.
Colonel statter,
you are
morally degenerate.
In your case,
I can't say that I am bothered
by any moral nausea.
No, I'm afraid
the success of the mission
is your only hope.
Couldn't you have found
a more obvious place
in Calcutta,
like a public
comfort station?
What did you expect?
I'd hoped for something
a little more subtle.
Perhaps you'd
prefer one of our
local brothels.
That would have at least
given me some compensation
for the inconvenience.
On the return trip,
my dear fellow,
if you return.
you are a cold bastard.
I was born
on a chilly island.
Here are
your personal effects.
A picture of
your wife and family.
Yes, uh,
some German money.
Your wedding ring.
Book matches
from your favorite bar
in Berlin.
More background,
further instructions,
bits and pieces.
Your dachshund.
Don't you have
some Sauerkraut...
And, uh, knockwurst
in there for me?
Your insignia.
Display it at all times.
You're a standard leader,
a top-rank member
of the s.S.
You're arrogant,
rude, brutal, conceited,
which should not be
difficult for you.
Perhaps you would like
to hear me sing
the Horst wessel song.
No, that won't
be necessary.
This is a chart used
by German merchant ships--
the first 3,000 miles
outside Tokyo.
We've learned the course
of yours.
If you place this pin...
At latitude 14 degrees north,
longitude 175 east,
as you see,
it makes a circle.
Now, depending
on winds and currents,
your ship
will enter this area...
12 to 14 days
out of Japan.
And within it,
waiting for you,
will be units
of the American Navy.
What if, uh,
my ship is delayed?
that's a fair question.
Our friends will be able to wait
until the 16th day.
So, you see, you have
a full 48 hours leeway.
How nice.
The code name for that area
is the Kyle circle,
and for this operation
you will be known as Kyle.
How many scuttling charges
are there on the ship,
and where are they
That's your riddle.
We can't be expected
to know everything.
The crew believes this
to be a routine passage
down the China sea.
Yes, for a while, sir,
only the captain,
you and I...
Are to be aware
of our destination.

There are some
of the reasons.

You're whistling,
Yes, sir.
I like to whistle.

There's a superstition
about whistling on a ship.
Heed it.
I'm not on a ship yet--
Stay in character,
Mr. Kyle.
I am sorry,
but, uh--
Best to enlighten them
at the start, hmm?
standard leader.
and good luck.
Heil Hitler.
Mr. Kyle.
Good luck.
Hold your fire.
We'll jump ship
in Hong Kong.
Dr. Ambach,
injured man coming aboard.
Yes, sir.
When do you leave us?
At trench seven.
Uh, Mr. Milkereit,
after trench seven
plot course 76.
Yes, sir.
I have the honor
to present Mr. Hans Kyle...
Of the reich
security agency,
division 4-e-5,
far east zone.
I was told a few hours ago
there would be
such a passenger.
You've assigned Mr. Kyle
a cabin?
Yes, sir.
Hope you'll be
Check with Dr. Ambach
and let me know when that man
is ready to report for duty.
He wasn't that
badly hurt, sir.
Just take care of it.
Captain Mueller,
I was wondering
if you had a few moments--
after we clear the harbor,
there'll be plenty of time
to get acquainted, Mr. Kyle.
I was looking forward to it.
Well, I'm not.
After all, I know
your purpose aboard my ship.
Mr. Branner,
starboard engine,
half speed.
Starboard, half speed.
It's my belief
that political soldiers...
Are the lifeblood
of a nation,
even more
than the military.
- You are a member
of the party, Mr. Kruse?
- Of course I am.
Well, captain,
I hope that everything
is in order now.
It is.
I see you're starting
your assignment early.
You're wasting
your time.
I don't plan to have
an infected jaw this trip.
I'm quite surprised.
I thought your department
had better use
for its men.
You don't have to
be discreet.
Mr. Kruse
knows all about it.
About what?
I can see why
the security office
felt it wise...
To take precautions.
Though I am certain
that the captain's drinking
and the loss of his last ship...
Had no connection.
I don't know about this,
but I assure you,
this is not the reason why
I am on the ship, not at all.
Which still means
you will be looking
over my shoulder.
I don't know why you, uh,
persist in this.
It's a long voyage...
And I, I hoped that we could
find some common interests.
Do you-- do you play
the chess there?
I do.
Well, then, we, perhaps,
could have a game.
Mr. Kyle, I have neither
the time nor the desire...
To play chess with you.
Captain Mueller, uh,
I am not accustomed
to unfriendliness.
And, uh,
uh, quite frankly,
I was really not
prepared for it.
Do you have some particular
quarrel with the s.S., captain?
I'm sure that
you s.S. Gentlemen
are very valuable...
On dry land.
But on this ship
I have a job to do.
But how does
my being on board the ship
affect your job?
My crew.
Word's gotten around
that you're aboard,
and they're scared to death.
This is ridiculous.
Ridiculous or not,
I shall have to ask you
to confine yourself
to your cabin,
the deck and the salon.
I don't want you
to interfere with
their work or mine.
Do you mean, uh--
am I to understand
that I will not be free to--
to walk around the ship?
Yes, just that.
The admiralty described you
as a passenger,
so you will have
all the privileges
and restrictions of a passenger.
They failed to describe
the captain as not only
foolish but ill-mannered.
Well, that's their blunder.
Captain Mueller,
I don't have to put up
with this sort of rudeness,
and I would like to suggest
that you show a little more
respect for me,
for my authority...
And for the organization
that I represent.
I am the master
of this ship.
You are under
my authority here.
Mr. Kruse,
you will attest that the captain
is not only insulting
but uncooperative.
I will make
a full report of this
when we reach Bordeaux.
The only report I care about,
if we reach Bordeaux,
is that captain Mueller
brought the ingo
on a 15,000-mile journey...
Through enemy waters...
With a precious cargo
even if he didn't
play chess on the way.
I'd hoped that our relations
would be pleasant,
but, uh, I see
that they won't.
Good night.
If you will allow me
also, captain,
I'm due on the bridge.
Mr. Kyle?
That was outrageous.
Ja, perhaps, hmm?
Allow me
to apologize for him.
No, no.
You're very kind,
but this is not your concern.
But, anyway,
I don't intend to comply.
standard leader,
I must urge you
to do as he says.
He is in command...
Until Bordeaux.
Until Bordeaux?
Good night.
Good night.
Your watch is off
at eight bells.
All right, sir.
Revolutions: 1,200.
Must have been a rat
chewing on a wire.
Not much else to eat
on this ship anyhow.
Hello, sir!
I'm looking for my bird.
Are you blind?
You work
in the engine room?
I am the donkeyman,
Your name is donkeyman?
That is what they call
the stoker.
Oh. Ja, ja.
Oh, I hope my bird
isn't disturbing you, sir.
Not at all.
You are one of the men
who was brought on the ship
under guard.
Yes, sir.
What is the charge
against you?
I am
a political prisoner, sir.
Political prisoner?
Falsely accused?
No, sir.
Not falsely accused.
Boat drill! Boat drill!
To your stations!
Everybody to your stations!
It's time the men
knew the truth.
You will address them
after the drill, then?
I wouldn't make a speech
at the fhrer's wedding.
Address them yourself.
Have you seen
our passenger?
- He's supposed to be at number two.
- No.
But I'm sure he can
take care of himself.
Oh, I'm sure he can.
But he's supposed to be
at his position.
Perhaps he's waiting
for a personal invitation.
Better get to your station,
Dr. Ambach.
Oh. Ja.
Mr. Kyle?
Hold the boats!
Restore them!
Officers and crew,
assemble on foredeck!
Officers and men,
on the foredeck!
Where have you been?
Attending your boat drill.
Are you telling me
you've been here
all along?
Certainly not.
There was no life jacket
in my cabin,
so I was obliged
to find one for myself.
I managed to locate one
in this, uh,
this machine shop
of yours,
which, incidentally,
is a filthy hole.
That cabin wasn't
supposed to be occupied.
Well, we're not
being torpedoed,
are we, captain?
It's just a boat drill,
For security purposes,
you have been told...
That our destination
was the China coast.
That is not the fact.
This voyage, therefore,
will not end in a few days.
It will require
another 80 days.
Journey's end will be
a port in France...
Occupied gloriously
by our countrymen.
From now on
all watches will be armed.
Not the slightest misconduct
will be tolerated.
Uh, thank you, Mr. Kruse.
That's, uh, fine.
The watches
will not be armed.
The first officer
mistook one of my orders.
As to those of you
with bad records,
you will toe the line,
as we all will.
But, sir--
I have never captained
a prison ship before.
I don't intend to now.
How is your
insane friend today?
Fine, sir.
Well, this is
my first voyage
on a freighter.
I find it
Very interesting.
What is this
machine here?
The winch.
The winch,
for lifting the cargo.
Oh, yes.
This is the cargo hold, hmm?
Yes, sir.
How do you get in?
Why, from the deck, sir,
once you get
the hatch cover off.
You mean there are
no connecting doorways
down below...
From one cargo hold
to the other?
No, sir.
Not on a freighter, sir.
Better be careful.
One day this bird of yours
might fly away with a seagull.
I promise you,
before this ship
reaches port...
There's going to be
one dead s.S. Bastard on it.
Come in.
Oh. Standard leader.
Come in.
I hope
I'm not disturbing.
Certainly not,
standard leader.
Take a seat.
Thank you very much.
Care for a cigarette?
Uh, ye-- no, no.
I think I won't
have a cigarette.
My coming here
is a gamble,
but I think
I have not made
a mistake about you.
May I speak,
uh, directly?
By all means.
I think that
neither you or I...
Are pleased...
With, um--
I hope you won't be offended
if I ask to see
your party card.
My party card?
This is my party card.
Thank you.
Well, I see you have kept up
your yearly contributions.
You know, what constantly
confounds me...
Is the irony of careers
in the merchant service.
We have a man
like Mueller
at the top...
And, well,
a man like yourself,
a genuine German,
in the best sense
of the phrase,
is, uh, first officer.
But, uh, I did not
knock on your door
to flatter you.
what is your opinion...
Of captain Mueller's
approach to discipline?
He approaches it
as if we were carrying
a cargo of kimonos.
you must realize by now
that I'm not just a passenger.
And I am not here
to count the bottles of wine
that Mueller drinks.
It is necessary for me
to inspect this ship---
all of it--
and I prefer that
captain Mueller is not
made aware of this,
or anyone else.
And you will be kind enough
to arrange this for me.
Now I must ask
to look at your party card,
standard leader.
Please drop the title
when we are alone. It's--
may I see it?
You know, I'm--
I'm happy
that you asked me this...
Because if you didn't
I would know that you were
not being as alert...
As you might be.
May I ask...
The purpose
of your request?
I am sorry, but
under the circumstances...
I cannot afford
to take anyone
into my confidence.
But, uh--
thank you.
I can tell you this,
which is something that
you're already aware of,
and that is that there are
political prisoners on board.
And if I were
a political prisoner,
uh, I would not be
completely disappointed...
If this ship
did not reach Bordeaux.
I feel I should
oblige you, Mr. Kyle,
but to act contrary
to the orders
of my superior--
ja, certainly
I understand,
but if you should feel
the need for my support
at any time--
I appreciate that
very much, but...
I must think it over.
This is, uh--
this is logical.
But while you think it over,
I would like to remind you
of our first allegiance.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Thank you so much.
Good night.
Good night.
Mr. Kyle! Mr. Kyle!
I'm sorry to interrupt you, sir,
but this is impossible for me.
I'm not prepared
for a lengthy voyage.
Would you use
your influence, sir?
I-- I don't believe
I understand.
Well, I have to be
returned to Tokyo.
We must put about.
You have a rather original
sense of comedy, Dr. Ambach.
I know I sound absurd,
and I'm sorry
to bother you,
but I have problems--
certain problems.
Dr. Ambach, we all
have problems. Hmm?
But, Mr. Kyle, these are
extremely serious problems.
So, in this case...
I suggest
that you swim back,
because it only
takes three weeks...
And the water
is not cold
this time of year.
This is radio norddeich in
the heart of the fatherland...
Bringing music
and personal messages...
To our gallant fighters
far away on lonely seas.
Touching, isn't it?
Get used to it, branner.
It'll follow us all the way.
Good to be back with you
after all these years, doc.
Look at him.
Ten pounds of trousers
for two pounds of rump.

You weren't so funny
back in Cape Town, were you,
when you came crying to me
with a very far-gone
venereal disease,
which I found
almost impossible to cure?
We interrupt this broadcast...
To bring you a bulletin
of special interest.
United States aircraft today
attempted their first raid
on German territory.
No damage was sustained.
Our fighter planes shot down
11 of the enemy bombers.
I knew it.
That'll show them,
Of course, what are 11 planes
to the Americans?
They claim they are going
to build 50,000 in a year.
was always a pessimist.
Senior grade--
"if Adolf Hitler
is steering towards war,
he is a lunatic."
Letter to a lady friend,
The lady
liked to save letters,
and the gestapo likes
to collect all kinds
of odd documents.
I have that report
in your service file,
But I was
much younger.
I don't feel
that way
any longer.
Just make sure
that your change of heart
is permanent, milkereit.
And in the future
make sure to take up with
less sentimental ladies.

I once knew a girl
who sang that song.
A girl back home.
It's been
almost two years.
A message from Tokyo.
Turn that
damn radio off.
"Enemy ships reported,
your vicinity.
Camouflage your vessel
as British freighter
I'm coming up.
Hold it steady.
the starboard waist!
Get going.
Come with me.
It's urgent.
What's urgent?
This is an emergency.
take over for me here.
Yes, sir.
I've decided to
take you completely
into my confidence.
Very clever work.
Now I think you know
why I am on the ship.
My instructions
were to handle this
by myself,
but now
there is no time.
There are 12 of these
scuttling charges?
That's efficient.
Two or three could probably
sink the ship, so we will
have to cover them all.
Now, uh, how many
are there...
In, uh, in this hold?
Where are they
One's over there,
at the end of this opening.
Run a cable
from the aft mast...
To this deck.
Yes, captain.
The last one's
down here.
What's in
the barrels here?
The barrels? Lard.
A few hundred tons.
From okinawa.
For making margarine
and candles.
We even have a small
shipment of oolong tea.
Thank you.
Uh, tell me, kruse,
where is the master switch
for these charges located?
In the wheelhouse.
In the wheelhouse?
Then I'm sure the captain
has the only key, hmm?
Of course.
I think this one
has not been
tampered with.
It's all right.
Twelve charges,
and the only two damaged
are in the engine room--
the donkeyman.
I'll make short work
of him.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Whoever is it,
we watch them play out
their hand, hmm?
But the captain
ought to be notified.
Certainly not.
Under these circumstances,
everyone is suspect.
Even you.
Look here--
Very fortunate
To find an alone
American ship.
We have made radio contact
with the ingo again, admiral.
She's on course,
and all is well.
Where was
your ship going?
What is your
I am
a surgical aid.
Why were you going
to Australia?
I was a member
of a medical team.
You were born in Berlin.
And your parents--
also born in Germany?
So... a German girl
on an enemy vessel.
Whatever gave you
the absurd idea
I was German?
If you're not a German,
what then?
I am anti-German.
luck's still with us.
The fog is coming in
a lot thicker.
You know the chantey
of blockade runners
out of Tokyo, Bo'sun?
"Nine days out,
all will be fair.
Ten days out,
sailor beware."
Yes, sir.
Captain, the steward
has just made a strudel.
I'd love it
with a cup of coffee.
I've had the men
go over the engines again.
Cylinder head
pressure's normal,
revs increasing.
You must be getting
very bored, Mr. Kyle.
I'm sorry we don't have
shuffleboard or a band.
Well, I've been able to
occupy myself, captain.
I've been studying
the animal life
in my bunk,
and the wind
and waves and--
well, the wind and the waves
have been very good to us.
They certainly have.
We're nearly a full day
ahead of schedule.
Yeah, and the old tub
is still glued together.
So help me,
I'm beginning to get
fond of her.
A number of ships,
two different codes.
Very strong.
Signals are much
stronger, sir.
They might be
a city block away
in this porridge.
Pinned her too,
Improved "d" class
of lambert and holt.
Like ourselves.
Three ships
off port bow!
And we're in
the middle of it.
What do we do now, sir?
Mr. Kruse,
20 degrees
to starboard.
Keep parallel
to the convoy.
Yes, sir.
Twenty degrees
to starboard.
We bluff,
young man,
and we believe
in miracles.
there's a destroyer...
Heading straight for us--
an American, Benson class.
Four guns,
10 torpedo tubes.
Makes 36 knots.
Send them a citation.
it's a matter of minutes.
Mr. Kruse,
sound the general alarm.
Don't sound the horn.
It may be a routine sub patrol
and bear off.
All men to stations
except radio,
engine room and bridge.
Sir, radio message received.
Destroyer wants identification.
Tell Mr. Nissen to send:
"British stonehenge
in convoy."
And send it slowly
and garbled.
Garbled, sir?
Mr. Nissen knows the meaning
of the word. Now move!
Yes, sir.
Somebody bring me
a cigar!
General alarm!
General alarm!
Don't use the horn!
They are bound to see
we are a fake pretty soon.
We'll be sent to
a prisoners war camp,
maybe in Hawaii, in the sun!
Come on, darling, take us!
Come take us, darling!
Come on!
what are you waiting for?
Let's go!
First I've got
a piece of business
to take care of.
Eight hundred yards.
Seven hundred.
Six hundred.
Five hundred yards.
Three hundred fifty.
He is changing course.
He's bearing off!
We are getting away with it.
They think
we are real.
I don't know what they think,
but it's time
somebody lit my cigar.
You there! Hoffman!
Get up the stack
and kill the whistle!
Captain, the destroyer
has ordered us to stop
immediately for boarding.
Here, sir.
Mr. Kruse,
halt engines.
Halt engines, sir.
Halt engines!
Halt engines.
Engines halting!
Abandon ship.
Abandon ship.
Abandon ship!
Abandon ship!
Heave to the boats!
Are we scuttling, sir?
- Get on.
- I'll take care of it.
Get in the boats, men!
Let's hurry up!
Hurry up!
Hoist the line!
Captain Mueller! Wait!
Why aren't you
in the lifeboat?
Don't throw your life away
You're insane.
I'll be over the side
as soon as I finish this.
Mr. Kruse!
Hold the lifeboats!
Everybody back to stations!
Sir! Sir!
Mr. Branner reports
engine room ready.
Full ahead.
Give me everything
you can deliver.
Hard to starboard.
Hard to starboard.
We'll make for that fog bank.
Maybe we can sneak out of here.
what's your reading?
One-one-zero, sir.
Port two points.
Port two points,
Mr. Milkereit.
Mr. Kruse.
Radical change of course.
Which alternative,
- Put us on course beta.
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Cornelsen.
Yes, sir.
They'll send our description
to every skip between here
and midway.
Call Bo'sun to my quarters.
We'll change camouflage again.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Kyle.
I have misjudged you,
Mr. Kyle.
I never for one moment
thought that...
You might try
to save my life.
You gentlemen of the s.S.
Don't usually display...
The humanity
of a sand crab.
Well, to be honest with you,
I couldn't help myself.
Well, gentlemen,
was it god or the fhrer
that brought the fog?
Thank both--
and the captain
as well.
Oh, ja.
I must say,
he used his wits.
Ja. He was brilliant.
Milkereit, in which direction
are we headed?
Sorry. Our course
is classified.
Don't you think that,
perhaps, by now..
I'm an exception
to the general rules?
As navigation officer,
I can't allow--
just for once,
use a little
common sense.
It's your
Mr. Kyle.
This is our
present position.
This was the old course,
almost due east.
Now this will be
our new course.
Is that coffee
over there?
Could I have a cup,
please? Thank you.
Of course.
Do you take sugar?
One teaspoonful.
Here's the coffee.
Oh, thank you
very kindly.
Ja. Now, this is
the new course.
New course, ja.
Well, we lose
a lot of time this way.
Oh, ja. Several days.
You must have
dropped your pin.
No, no. I never can
measure distance
on a map.
I was trying to find out
how far it is
from here to here.
Oh, that's very easy.
Just a moment.
From here to here.
That's 220 miles.
Hmm. Ja, it's strange.
It's only about
two inches,
and yet it's further
than leipzig
to Dusseldorf?
You're right.
Uh, this island,
it's not dangerous
to go so close?
Oh, no.
It's uninhabited.
It's of no tactical value
for us or the Americans.
Ja. It has such
a strange shape.
It's like a starfish.
What are you
laughing at?
Well, that's its name.
"Starfish island."
Starfish. Ja.
Well, this is
certainly interesting.
I've never
seen it before.
Kruse, would you, uh,
excuse me, please?
I'll see you a bit later.
Thank you.
Sure. Sure.
Standard leader.
Standard leader.
All right.
Shall we go to my room?
Mine's right here.
The swindle is over.
What swindle?
It's damn plain
that you don't
want this ship...
To reach Bordeaux.
- What do you want of me?
- We want to hear what you've got to offer.
And if we don't like it,
we turn this over to kruse
or the captain.
Milkereit, how many
are there of you?
Well, we have
four others.
Four? And there
are no officers?
How long have you been
together with these men?
We started to talk
during the camouflage.
I saw you jam the whistle
and realized you were also
in the fight against Hitler.
I see I am surrounded
by patriots, hmm?
Not these others.
If they reach Germany
they will be finished.
Ja. I think you will
be finished also.
Yes, I know. I keep wondering
if that's why I was assigned
to you on the ship.
We have the same goal:
To keep our heads
on our shoulders.
Every time we bump
into each other...
It's near
a scuttling charge.
Am I right?
Ja. I was trying
to disarm them.
What's your plan?
Now there is no plan.
Before we changed course,
we were headed
straight for an allied ambush.
An ambush?
Ja. There were American
warships waiting for us.
But now it's finished.
What is your plan?
We haven't any plans.
Well, there's
only one chance, then.
This island,
starfish island?
Starfish island.
How far is it?
About 3,000 miles.
How many days?
Roughly 15 days.
How close
do we come to it
when we pass?
About 70 or 80 miles.
Mr. Milkereit.
Mr. Milkereit.
Just a second, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
I was just lying down.
That's all right.
Milkereit, I need a report
of all the winds and currents
of the new course, beta.
As soon as possible.
Yes, I will do it.
Would it be possible,
When we pass this island,
to take one of these
rubber boats...
And put it
over the side?
If it's night.
And nobody sees us.
The chances
of making the island
would still be 15-to-1.
We must take
whatever chance
we have.
Now, there are three
scuttling charges
that I have not yet disarmed.
I will continue
to disarm the charges...
In the event
that we are intercepted
by an allied warship.
Now, are we all agreed?
Yes, we do.
Stop engines.
Slow astern.
Stop engines.
Slow astern, sir.
Lower the gangplank.
Lower the gangplank, sir.
Lower the gangplank!
All you men here,
lower the gangway.
Hurry up!
Get it over with!
"We'll continue to observe
radio silence...
Until after
transfer of prisoners."
What transfer
of prisoners?
Shall I send a reply, sir?
Yes, tell them
captain Mueller
just jumped overboard.
Did you disarm it?
Ja. There are
only two left.
Welcome aboard
the steamship Christina.
Thank you, captain.
It's always nice
to meet an honest
Swedish skipper.
You must enjoy
being a neutral.
You're lit up
like a Christmas tree.
I'm glad I'm
no longer english.
You came within 100 yards
of putting a torpedo
in my belly.
Your destroyer almost
put a depth charge
down my throat.
Back to stations.
Back to stations, sir.
Back to stations,
Well, i--
I can certainly see
why you were so obstinate
back in Japan.
I now hand you
of 15 prisoners.
Interrogation report
on each,
as well as
one on the girl.
Nothing is spared me.
You will find that one
very interesting.
Mr. Kruse.
Escort the prisoners
to 'tween decks
number five.
Yes, sir. Move!
Just a minute!
Mr. Cornelsen.
I certainly wouldn't
put her up with them.
Mr. Cornelsen, take her
to my cabin for the time being.
Now, admiral wendel--
I know.
I know this new cargo
is a burden, captain.
That's why you radioed
the request, not the reason,
for this rendezvous.
Were you afraid
I might get a bit
too obstinate this time?
We thought of that,
We thought of that.
Now that you are here,
would you join me for a drink?
I wouldn't have
missed this chance
to congratulate you.
Slipping in and out
of that convoy--
remarkable seamanship.
Thank you.
Very gratifying for a captain
who has to have
a keeper on his tail.
- Keeper?
- You insist on playing games?
Very well.
The passenger
you gentlemen
put aboard.
Someone we put aboard?
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Admiral wendel,
commander busch,
this is my passenger,
Mr. Hans Kyle
of the security
Admiral wendel,
it's a pleasure
to meet you.
I'm delighted,
Mr. Kyle,
to meet you here.
Thank you.
Glad to meet you.
Your department
didn't notify me
of your assignment.
Oh, that's strange.
I presented my credentials
to the embassy.
Then your venture
was authorized
after I left Tokyo.
Ja, perhaps so.
Well, anyway,
this is not
a venture.
I'm just here
as a passenger.
Please sit down.
Thank you.
Where were you
before Tokyo?
I'm not able
to reveal this.
Secret information,
no doubt?
I'll wager one thing--
when you left port,
you didn't expect...
To run into two officers
from the German admiralty.
Never hoped
for such luck.
As my friend Bernard Webber
used to say,
if you can imagine
a situation, it is--
you knew brigade leader Webber.
- Webber?
- From s.S. Leadership school.
You went there, of course?
Oh, ja, sure.
Class of 1938.
General ordenlicher
was the commandant then.
Are you acquainted
with him?
- Uh, yes, uh--
- he was a wonderful man.
Class of '38.
Well, then, you must know
brigade leader Webber.
The chief of
political evaluations.
Uh, Webber, Webber.
Ja. I remember him.
I see you smoke
an english briar.
An amazing observation.
You should be
in counterintelligence.
I am.
And, frankly,
what we would like
to determine is...
What you are doing
on board this ship.
Well, nothing more
important than, uh...
Being a passenger.
But I'm so flattered
with your interest.
Well, I never did
finish my remark
about brigade leader Webber.
- The political
evaluation chief.
- Right.
And the astonishing fact is
that he doesn't exist.
I invented the man.
Of course
he doesn't exist.
Gentlemen, I don't wish
to embarrass you,
but, really, this kind
of interrogation technique...
Is childish, hmm?
We learned this
in the first two weeks
of leadership school.
But I am fascinated
by your curiosity.
You would be
less fascinated...
If I told you that, perhaps,
you, too, are an invention,
standard leader Kyle.
Now, gentlemen,
if it wasn't for Mr. Kyle,
we wouldn't be
aboard this ship.
He stopped me
from scuttling her.
I had my hand on the switch.
Mr. Kyle thought I was
going to stay with her
and did his best to stop me.
And while he was doing that,
your wolf pack
blasted the convoy.
So, you see,
if he hadn't delayed me
for a few seconds...
7,000 tons
of precious rubber
would have been
at the bottom of the sea.
So Mr. Kyle is capable
of a sentimental gesture.
That doesn't
clear up my doubts.
I see no reasons
to discuss matters...
That concern
only my department.
And now, admiral wendel,
let me notify you
in very simple terms,
the security office will be
informed in exact detail
as to your interference.
Is that clear?
Mr. Kyle,
I will not permit--
There's no real problem.
All you have to do
is radio Berlin.
Ja. Excellent idea.
This is, uh, logical, hmm?
Captain Mueller,
are you willing
to be answerable...
For Mr. Kyle?
I'll accept that.
I don't think
we need trouble Berlin.
I realize
that we have
offended you,
but you must
understand our need
for caution.
If I didn't,
who would?
At any rate,
my regrets.
Admiral wendel.
And thank you
for your excellent
Good night,
Mr. Kyle.
I'll radio Berlin.
By this time tomorrow,
you should have
a complete report.
keep an eye on him.
Captain Mueller,
thank you
for your gesture.
It was very kind.
You gentlemen
wouldn't trust
your own embalmer.
Enjoy your next 24 hours.
They may be your last.
They're checking
with Berlin.
Did the officer
who brought you here
ask your name?
You must promise
to keep your mouth shut.
Keep my mouth shut
about what?
- About the fact that you're--
- a jewess?
Is it so difficult
to say the word?
I have nothing against you
because you are Jewish.
One can't choose one's parents.
Is that what you mean?
No, that is not what I mean.
Sit down.
Sit down!
That's my son.
He'd like you.
On the other hand,
he might prefer
to lop off my head.
Why do you resent
being treated
with respect?
Let's see.
Your name:
Esther Levy.
Levy won't do.
What shall we
call you?
Cohen? Shapiro?
Look, there's
a long trip ahead.
Put a lid on your pride.
It's worth it
to make yourself
And let you
feel decent.
If you wish.
Well, then lend me
a needle and thread.
I'd like to make
this outfit...
More attractive
for the concentration camp.
When we reach Bordeaux,
this report
will be lost.
And with luck,
perhaps you may find the way
to lose yourself there too.
I'm sorry.
It's the most I can do.
Do you want to sleep
with me?
Or are you just doing this
because you're kindhearted?
Young lady,
even this kind
of impudence...
Will not stop me
from treating you...
Simply as another member
of the human race.
All right.
In America,
I lived with a family
named Goddard.
Milkereit, since you
are on the bridge...
You can take the captain
by surprise.
Boeck will be
with you.
Uh, donkeyman, you and Hoffman
will overpower the guards
on the rear deck.
How will we get
those prisoners
with us?
I will have to find
a way...
To speak with them
as soon as possible.
I would, first,
like to consider
all the risks--
there is nothing
to consider!
Consider how your face
will look with a piano wire
around your neck...
When kruse sends his report
to the gestapo.
- But without those prisoners
we have no chance.
- Not even with them.
If we take over
the ship,
we are only two days away
from the American Navy.
You know what looks
very good to me now?
Starfish island.
Donkeyman, you said
the odds against this island...
Were, what, 15-to-1?
What are they
against this plan?
Well, we must make
a decision.
Yes. Well, let's go.
Uh, miss Goddard,
this is standard leader Kyle.
How do you do?
Miss Goddard
is an American girl.
She studied in Germany.
Oh? We are delighted
to have you with us.
Is it, uh--
is it my insignia
that disturbs her, hmm?
where is my room?
Right here.
Well, it's obvious
you share the captain's
sentiments about the s.S.
As I told
captain Mueller,
it was
a long voyage.
Yes, chess partners
are very difficult
to come by, Mr. Kyle.
Uh, evidently.
All right.
Miss Goddard.
Miss Goddard?
Who is it?
It's, uh,
Mr. Kyle.
Could I speak with you
a moment?
There is a crack
under the door.
It should be easy for you
to crawl through it.
At 7:00 every morning,
an officer and two
crew members...
Will supervise
the prisoners'
After this, the weapons
will be locked
in the ordnance room.
Now, I understand
the hatch covers...
Over the prisoners' hold
were closed last night.
You must like steam baths.
From now on,
the hatch covers will
remain partially open...
And, therefore,
the regular watch
will be armed.
I acted for our
well-being, sir--
not for the enemy's.
Well, I won't let it
spoil my appetite
for breakfast.
I'm glad of that, sir.
Stop. There's
international rules.
We've got a right
to be heard.
Shall we arrange it
for them?
I would like to be there
when you try to convince
these birds...
To join the gestapo.
Someday it will be
a pleasure to pay
a visit to America, huh?
This will be wonderful.
Meanwhile, let's eat.
Thank you.
Keep moving.
Let's go!
Keep moving!
You, call Dr. Ambach.
Take them forward
to the hospital right away.
You, follow them.
Captain, emergency!
A prisoner's hurt.
We can't rouse Dr. Ambach.
Get me the morphine.
It's bad, but not as bad
as the racket you're making.
What's the matter?
There's no
morphine here.
I'll get it.
You can be of use.
Go up there and help.
You up here,
us sweating
in a dungeon.
Your kind always
wind up living rich.
Oh, shut up.
Shut up, you crackpot.
We're sick of hearing
that garbage.
What's this?
What do you mean?
He means I'm a Jew.
Where do you hide
the ship's morphine?
This damned fever
gets me--
where is the morphine,
Mr. Ambach?
There is no morphine.
No. No. No.
It's mine.
It's mine.
I brought it
aboard the ship myself.
It's mine.
It's what's mine.
It's private property.
No, you can't have it.
You can't, captain.
I'll die without this!
I'll die!
You'll live,
Mr. Ambach.
They told me,
"voyage to China coast.
Only a few days."
They lied to me.
I had to take it.
I had to take it.
I had to.
Do you want me
to clean it now?
When a Jewish bitch
takes over
the sick ward, then--
miss Levy
is perfectly able
to attend to this.
"Miss Levy"?
You knew.
Have you thought
of the effect
on the officers and men?
I didn't know
it was contagious.
Now, what do you
have to say
about this?
I think you are
out of your mind,
but, after all,
you are the master
of the ship.
That I am.
Take care of it.
You can do it better
than I can.
Are you saying
she'll continue
to have a stateroom?
You'll go on
feeding her
in the salon?
The lady's privileges
will remain.
The steward will serve
your meals in your cabin
if it's too much for you.
I must remind you
of the consequences.
I recognize that word.
If all Germans
had conducted themselves
like this,
where do you suppose
we'd be today?
Certainly not
where we are now.
You are speaking
to a party member.
This is not a party office.
Remember, there's nothing
chalked up against me.
Don't you--
not even an ounce
of Jamaican rum.
Listen, I've been at sea
too long for this.
I know all your talk.
I'll take the responsibility
for what I do.
You young men...
Who keep the world
It's your time,
I know.
But to realize
your dreams...
You'll need something
more than brutality.
You'll need,
if you can manage it,
a little mercy.
What could you know
of our dreams?
I'm all right now.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Now, listen.
Just listen and be quiet.
If you scream, you will only
place your life in danger.
Now, understand
that I am not an s.S. Man,
I am a German
working for
British intelligence.
I'm planning to take over
the ship.
I'm going to take my hand
away from your mouth.
I don't want you to scream.
Don't scream.
I am not an s.S. Man.
I am working
for British intelligence.
I'm planning
to take over this ship.
I don't believe you.
You have no choice.
You are a Jew
on your way to Germany,
and if you value your life,
you will need my help
and I will need yours.
How can I be of help
to you?
Well, I cannot
take over this ship
without the American prisoners,
and I may need your help
to contact them.
Why don't you
contact them yourself?
I am going to try,
but the message exposing me
is on its way from Berlin.
If it comes by 8:00 tonight
when the watch changes,
then you will have
to persuade them.
They will not believe
any of the men with me.
If our plan succeeds,
we will be finished
with this idiotic war.
You think this war
is idiotic?
All wars are idiotic.
One is not different
from the other.
Then why are you here?
Certainly not by choice.
I was blackmailed
by a britisher...
To the strains of Mozart.
I am not concerned
about this war.
I don't care
who wins or loses.
But I am concerned
about the gestapo.
You have no idea what
these people are capable of.
Oh. Like, uh...
Like maybe force me
to have sex with my brother,
or something like that?
And maybe kill Bernard...
If he's not able
to have sex with me,
and then maybe make me
sleep with all of them.
All 17 of them.
Hour after hour,
after hour, after hour,
after hour, after hour,
after hour!
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Be still.
Well, while you were
listening to your Mozart...
My mother
and my father were...
Marched to the gas chamber
where they were killed.
You want to tell me
about the gestapo?
Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Be quiet! Silence!
Hallo, midshipman
Emil brinkmann.
Your father,
general Franz brinkmann,
awarded knight's cross
with swords.
Engineer Mark leicht,
we hope you're listening.
Your brother,
major Martin leicht,
awarded the knight's cross...
After a daring
bombing mission
on the Russian front.
Hallo, captain Rolf Mueller,
on duty in the far east.
Your son,
lieutenant Karl Mueller,
commanding motor torpedo boat
off the French coast,
having sunk his fifth ship
in the last three months,
the latest,
a solo daylight attack,
which sank
the British vessel carapace,
awarded the knight's cross.
Congratulations, sir!
This is a great moment!
Sir, everyone in your
command feels honored.
That's very kind.
Thank you.
The carapace.
Let's see what's her tonnage.
It must be in the Talbot.
Congratulations, captain.
It must be a proud moment.
Thank you, Mr. Kyle.
Congratulations, captain!
on page 131, sir.
To your health, sir!
And to your son's!
To your health, sir.
He must be
quite a seaman.
Heil Hitler!
Heil! Heil! Heil!
Hail the knight's cross.
He's gone crazy drunk.
- Heil!
- Half the ship can hear you.
Can they? Tell me
about the consequences.
Tell me the consequences.
Huh? Read me
the sentence.
What is the worst?
To fight war
alongside you?
you poor fool.
Raised your voice
against them.
You don't know
about the consequences.
Wouldn't it
be wonderful...
If it turned out
you're not
an s.S. Man at all?
Ah, they'll turn you
into one of them,
into a cannibal.
The most wonderful,
gentle boy--
heil cannibals!
Heil! Heil!
Back to stations,
Come with me.
Tell all the officers
to assemble in the salon
at once.
Yes, sir.
The point we spoke about,
it's here.
And I need you
as a witness.
Now go on.
Things are falling apart.
Kyle can't do it.
I will.
Sure, he's on a spree,
but he'll work it off.
I've made this entry
in the ship's diary:
"Captain Mueller
is mentally and physically
Due to alcoholic
Dr. Ambach
will confirm this.
I wouldn't take
cokehead's diagnosis
of a cockroach.
Mr. Branner,
Mueller's illness
is chronic.
He was drunk
when his last ship
was torpedoed.
It's hard
to believe.
Mr. Kyle?
It's unfortunate,
but, uh, he is correct.
And under these circumstances
I think we must follow
Mr. Kruse.
For the protection
of the ship,
I'm now taking command.
Inform your men.
Captain kruse. Captain.
It's for my health.
Mueller didn't
understand this.
I can't live without it.
I'll see you get
what you need.
But it won't be
This one here was caught
trying to sneak into
the prisoners' hatch.
Well, perhaps, that's
where she prefers to be.
Take her down in the hole
with the others.
Go ahead.
I don't mean
to interfere,
but this is disgusting.
Thank you very much
for your help, Mr. Kyle.
Yes, sir?
Oh! I have been told
that you are now--
correct. Here.
Sew the fourth stripe
on the sleeve.
It's regulations.
Yes, sir!
If this works out,
I want a front row seat...
When we nail kruse
to the mast.
Are the men ready?
Yes, they will be.
But suppose
the girl can't persuade
those prisoners.
Then I will have to try
to get down there...
And persuade them
All right,
but that will be a while.
Suppose we believe
this guy Kyle.
What's his plan?
You start a fire
down here,
then you scream
your lungs out.
You climb up the ladder
and you yell, run, scatter.
Are you kidding, lady?
They'll be waiting
to shoot us full of holes.
No, the fire
will confuse the guards...
And Kyle's men
will overcome them.
You can't win a battle
just by yelling.
You need guns.
You'll get guns.
Where they gonna get guns?
One of the officers
is with us.
He'll attack the captain
and take the keys
to the ordnance room.
The stunt's cockeyed.
Let 'em try it alone.
They're outnumbered.
It's nine against 40.
So? So we
join them, huh?
And then it's only
2-to-1 against us.
That's enough!
Let's suppose we make
this Kyle circle.
We get a cup of coffee
and a ticket to the golden gate.
Then what?
Then we get good and drunk.
Sleep for a month
in a bathtub of beer.
We'll see if the girls
are still at shanty's bar.
- That's for me!
- I say "aye."
Don't be such a hero.
You'll get a kiss
and two weeks shore leave.
After that, you'll be back
on the front lines again.
Swimming in burning oil
and boiling like a mackerel.
I say let's vote on it.
And I'm for it!
I'm with you.
Good man!
I'll go along.
All right.
Ten, huh?
Against five.
Majority rules.
- The hell it does!
This ain't the congress.
- Shh!
Then we'll try it without you.
The hell you will.
You blow this,
they'll kill us all.
That's not true.
You think the bastards
will string you up and serve us
ice cream because we laid off?
Start a fire here
and they'll be damned sure
every one of us is in on it.
He's right.
Look, I'm sorry.
We'd take the chance,
you see, but, uh,
it'd have to be
all of us.
I'd rather take
my chances
in a prison camp.
I'd like to take mine
right here.
You and me both.
Don't look so worried, baby.
We're all nice guys.
Sure. You kept
too much to yourself
on the old blue dolphin.
If you'd spent
a little time with us,
you might've had some fun.
And, baby,
we've got nothin'
but time from now on.
Are you kiddin'?
Get your hands off her!
There's one thing
you're good for.
Stop it!
Break it up!
You can have it
if you want it.
And you, or you.
Join the others.
Make them keep their word.
Make them keep it.
- Mr. Kruse!
- Ja.
Sir, radio message
from admiral wendel.
Thank you.
I'll handle
this so-called Mr. Kyle.
Milkereit! Milkereit!
Now you will kindly tell me
what this is all about.
I can start the new one now.
You see?
It's very nice.
Yes. Branner.
Fire! Fire!
Wait! Come with me.
Lutz, you cover them.
the ordnance room.
All right. All right.
We give up here.
Don't shoot.
We are finished.
Come up!
Up! Get in line!
All right.
Let's find the other two.
Branner. Mr. Branner!
Take the engine room.
the foredeck.
There is a rubber boat,
We can heave it
over the side
and jump off then.
We'll disappear
in two minutes.
Come on.
We can make it.
Why not?
Now I'll blow up the ship.
Do it.
Anybody seen my bird?
I can't find him.
My baby hates the sound of guns.
It scares the feathers off him.
Where's Kyle?
Where's Kyle?
Where's Kyle?
Where's Kyle?
He's hiding
in the propeller shaft.
Take the prisoners below.
Yes, sir.
Search the lifeboats!
Captain Mueller.
So, admiral wendel
was right.
Ja, but there's
no time for this.
Why not?
Your mutiny
has failed.
Not yet.
You once said that--
that the worst consequence
would be to have to fight
alongside men like kruse.
There is another way.
There's a rendezvous point
where American warships
are waiting for us--
at 14 degrees north,
175 degrees east.
You have a choice.
Whatever else I am,
I'm not a traitor.
Neither was your son.
Get out.
Get out.
I will.
There! At the bridge!
Out! Get out!
No, no, no!
Mr. Kyle,
please, no!
The engine room
is torn to pieces.
She's flooding.
Abandon ship.
Abandon ship!
Abandon ship!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Help. Save me.
Here. Here. Over here.
But, sir, please.
I am where I belong.
I intend to stay here.
Now, over the side,
all of you!
do as I say.
Mr. Kruse, over here!
Over here!
Come on, Mr. Kruse.
Over here!
Captain Mueller.
Mr. Kyle!
You won't need
that raft for a while.
What-- what is it?
What's happened?
the lard, it's solidified--
plugged up the holes.
How much longer
will we remain afloat?
Well, it's lasted
two hours.
Maybe another two.
Maybe ten--
unless we break up first.
Ten hours.
In what direction
are we drifting?
We couldn't drift that far
in days.
It would take a warship
going full ahead
a good six, seven hours.
Captain Mueller.
I don't suppose
you would consider sending
a radio message for me, hmm?
You're not very subtle,
Mr. Kyle,
but I must admire
your courage.
You're the one with courage,
It takes real courage...
To see your son
turned into
a merciless fanatic...
Still believe
in your mildewed
Of the fatherland.
I envy you. I wish I had
so much to believe in.
If you have nothing
to believe in,
why did you blow up the ship?
That doesn't matter now,