Morning Light (2008) Movie Script

[man] The Pacific Ocean
between California and Hawaii
is the loneliest stretch
of water in the world.
A century ago, this was a
rarely-traveled route to paradise.
Now it's a race course for the
Indianapolis 500 of the open ocean.
An athletic test of speed and
endurance known as the Transpac.
Roy Disney knows
these waters well,
with two wins and two
record-breaking passages
over the course
of 16 Transpacs.
Now he's giving the next
generation an opportunity
by offering a bunch of rookies
the chance of a lifetime.
Thirty hopefuls were chosen to try
out for a new Transpac campaign
to be called the Morning Light.
A team of judges pushed them
hard for a week,
and by the end the 15 best
and brightest had emerged.
[man] We think you ought
to come to Hawaii.
- No way!
- Whoo!
The 15 sailors will
train for six months
in the big winds
and big seas off Hawaii
before choosing a crew of 11 to race
from California to Diamond Head.
They will face more than 70 competitors,
and they'll try to match the legendary
crew of Argonaut from 1969,
another bunch of teenagers
who borrowed their dad's boat
and won it all.
This is the story of Morning Light.
[man] This is gonna be my first story.
This is gonna be an epic story.
This is gonna probably
be my favorite story.
How it all began for Jesse Fielding
on the ocean, hopefully...
... uh, or it could just be a big flop.
Some of us are ready
for the full boot camp.
Others feel as though they may
be above the whole thing.
Everyone has to grow together
before this race begins.
The Morning Light,
although a true experience
for 15 young adults in Hawaii,
is also a very serious trial
to see if we can measure up.
We all wanted a chance to prove
ourselves, to race against the best.
Once the race starts in California, all
that matters is the Diamond Head buoy.
- [man] Hey, Roy.
- [man 2] Hey, come on in.
- Welcome to Hawaii.
- [man] Thank you.
First of all, there's 15 of you
here in the room,
and you know that only 11 of you
can go in the boat.
It's up to you to decide
who stays and who goes.
I just don't want you thinkin'
this is some kind of a game.
Right out the window there
is the Diamond Head buoy.
That's the finish line
of a 2,500-mile open-ocean race.
It's dangerous out there.
One mistake could really
put your lives at risk.
I always tell my crew, if you fall
overboard, consider it a death sentence.
But we're gonna train you
to have a shot at winning,
and we're gonna train you
to be safe out there.
I just hope you'll understand
it's really about the journey.
I think it's gonna change
every one of your lives.
There you go, guys.
There's your weapon.
[man] Sweet.
[man 2] Oh, wow. That is unreal!
- This is absurd!
- That's pretty sick.
[man 3] That was a significant
event for the kids.
Kind of like when
you give a kid the car keys.
We gave them the keys to this, you know,
stripped-out racing machine.
- [woman] Oh, sweet!
- Unreal.
[man] Morning Light is a TP52.
It's a 52-foot boat
that's very fast for its size.
It was originally designed to be
perfectly suited for the Transpac.
[man] It's gonna get really cozy.
[woman] I've never done an ocean race
before, so I don't know that feeling
of being absolutely alone
in the middle of the ocean.
My parents are both doctors.
I always figured I would be a doctor,
but I get queasy
at the sight of blood, so...
[Tulloch] I just really have a fire
in my heart to go and sail,
and my parents support
my sailing a hundred percent.
I've spent my whole life
sailing in dinghies.
Really, it's all the same as a dinghy.
Just more purchases, more power, and
more systems to get around the power.
It was the first day out
and I was on the wheel.
I've been asked what it's like
to be a girl on this team.
I always say I have long hair and shave
my legs and that's the only difference.
But at the end of the day, sometimes
I feel like I have more to prove.
I have to really show that I'm worth it.
It's such a big boat I'm like, "I can't
steer on these waves, " but I can.
Yeah! Yeah!
I would hope that I could be the skipper
or the helmsman on board.
I think that I may be
qualified enough to do that,
but whoever it is will have
earned the spot and deserve it.
It's gonna be intense.
[alarm clock beeping]
[voice on radio]
... Kalanianaole Highway from Kailua.
Waimanalo is clear across the Pali.
Kamehameha to Kahe Ko'olau.
Looking good on the Likelike.
Your morning traffic,
I'm Danielle Tucker,
Hawaiian 105,
your Hawaiian music station.
I'm really cranky this morning.
[man] Looks like you're struggling
to put the bread through.
Just so you know,
I like green eggs and ham.
OK, it's 6:30.
[man] My name is Graham
Brant-Zawadzki and this is my journal.
Our first week here
was brutal but awesome.
Good. Nice and quick, nice and quick.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Janelle, our trainer,
is rad, but she kicks our asses.
And rest back on your right leg.
Stand on your right leg first.
Yeah, start on one side first.
- OK. Quick on those toes.
- [laughs]
[laughs] Yeah.
[Brant-Zawadzki] We've got to get in
better shape. This is a powerful boat
and sailing her is going
to be physically demanding.
[Haines] We went through an extensive
safety-at-sea course
that's never been done in this country.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Most of what
we learned was really cool.
Either it was totally new information,
or it took things most of us thought
we knew into greater depth.
Should I wait or do it ahead?
The Coast Guard was hugely supportive,
and they actually
took a rescue helicopter out
and sent in a rescue swimmer.
[man on radio] Swimmer in the water.
Swimmer in the water.
[Brant-Zawadzki] The experience showed
me how intense the situation can get,
even in a totally controlled
environment and calm sea state.
I think the most important
thing I learned is how much
I never, ever wanna be stuck
in a life raft.
[man] Robbie Kane, January tenth.
I used to think
I was invincible on a boat.
I soon realized how stupid
it is to think that way.
The boat I helped run lost the bowman
overboard in the Block Island race.
His name was Jamie Boeckel.
Realizing that a pro of that level
died that easily really scared me.
To lose a life because someone isn't
trained in safety is just pathetic.
[man] I think they will be
the safest team out there.
But any time you leave the dock
and you go to sea, there's danger.
But whatever happens,
you will finish that race.
[Brant-Zawadzki] By day two
of the race, we'll be so far offshore
there's not a helicopter
in the world that can save us.
We are sailing by ourselves
across the Pacific Ocean.
Everyone on this boat needs
to be the best that they can be.
This is no joke.
- We have to... Whoa!
- [overlapping chatter]
[Branning] My navigational background,
being out at sea in the Middle East
for three months,
I think that's gonna help.
All right, I'll check SailMail,
come up, talk to you and Stan.
I'll be up in a bit.
[Branning] I'm putting my life on hold
for a year to do this.
Some people at the Merchant Marine
Academy are not too happy about that.
I'm very, very, very lucky to be here.
[man] Ready to jibe!
OK, main's out, main's out!
- [man 2] Oh, no.
- [man 3] It's not in yet.
[man 2] Start pullin' big.
Big and hard.
- [man] Ease back.
- Hold.
[man 2] Uh, we might have to go
back on this one, boys.
Let's go back. Jibing back.
Sheet it in really hard
to bring the nose down.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Jeremy is a badass.
The most knowledgeable sailor
I've ever sailed with.
I'm Troll. Back when I was a little kid,
when I used to get salt in my hair...
I used to have long hair but it wouldn't
go down. It used to just go straight up.
OK, stand by.
[Wilmot] I was born into sailing.
My dad and my uncle were both
two-time Olympians.
My brother won three
world championships.
Stacking the boat.
So I have a lot of shoes to fill.
Bring it on, guys.
When I get on a boat, I sort of...
I'm a bit of a control freak.
- Set that kite in.
- [Brant-Zawadzki] Kit Will. Kit is rad.
He's really mellow, which I think
some people see as shy.
And I really hope that people will see
how valuable an asset he is to the team.
[Honey] Kit's invisible. You know,
he may be the first guy on the crew
that I would ask
to go on the ocean race,
'cause he has all the characteristics
- of a rock-solid offshore sailor.
- Trim.
[Will] I was about ten, telling
my parents I really loved sailing.
It's how I related to the world, really,
feeling like you're connected
to the wind through the sails.
There's something about
that connection that's amazing.
It's a ratchet.
That is the key to every winch.
[Will] We're gonna be out there
for maybe ten days, on our own,
If something breaks, we have to fix it.
And chances are something will break.
So remember, you've gotta go
around the Pacific high.
In the center of the Pacific
high there's no wind at all.
If you go into the high,
you're gonna stop.
[Honey] It was an interesting group.
They had dinghy experience,
they're plenty smart.
That's correct.
That's your secondary fuel filter.
Right on. You got it.
But, in fact, none of this crew had,
you know, crossed an ocean.
- [man] Whoo!
- [man 2] Nice!
[man] You get right, run your sail.
[Honey] Steve has enormous potential
as a sailor,
and the least amount of experience.
[Manson] I don't think
I'm the least experienced.
Person who has been sailing
least is Graham, two years,
and I think I'm next in line
with three years.
Do you know what it's like
to go in the water with your clothes on?
Well, that's what's gonna happen today.
You're gonna wear your shoes
and you're gonna wear what you have on.
So you're gonna swim down
to that end, come back here,
and you're gonna tread water
for five minutes.
[Manson] I had a hard time doing
the swim test back in California.
I was very nervous.
- [man] Keep coming.
- [man 2] Almost there.
[man] You're almost there.
- [breathing heavily]
- [man] You're almost there.
Help him, help him.
OK, guys. Out of the pool.
Nice job, everybody.
[Manson] It is really emotional for me.
My mother passed recently.
She passed in February this year.
[Kirby] You're gonna go home
to Baltimore.
You're gonna learn how to swim
'cause when you get to Hawaii,
you better be ready...
- [laughter]
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- Are you serious?
- [Kirby] I'm serious. Very serious.
Oh, my God. Oh...
[Manson] First thing I thought of
was my mother.
I don't know. I just know
she's proud of me, man.
[Manson] You only get
certain opportunities in life,
and if you don't hop on 'em,
they'll go like that.
I live with my sister,
and my nieces and nephews.
I don't even grasp the whole concept of,
you know, like,
sailing through the ocean,
and I'm quite sure that
they probably don't either.
I think they do have, somewhat,
a fear for me, you know.
Could be a chance that, you
know, I might not make it back.
So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna
sail upwind, we're gonna set a kite.
We're gonna have six people on deck. The
rest are gonna be down in your bunks,
and we're gonna simulate
a man overboard with a kite up.
Steve's gonna jump over the side.
He very nicely volunteered.
[man] January 21st.
I think the best way to overcome fear
is to face it head-on.
[Haines] Anytime, Steve.
Go, buddy.
- [man] Help!
- [Tulloch] Man overboard!
[Tulloch] Pointing, pointing.
Got him. Got him.
Pull him along, right?
I got him.
- [Haines] Don't look back.
- [Tulloch] Still have him?
[Manson] You hit the water,
it takes five seconds to come up.
Then you see the boat,
and it's like a half a mile away.
OK, kite down.
[Wilmot] In good breeze,
every second counts,
especially when you're hauling ass
doing 18 knots with the kite up.
Wait. What are you doing?
[Wilmot] It's not like you can
pull the hand brake
and spin the boat on a dime.
[overlapping chatter]
[man] OK, gotcha.
[Tulloch] Hold on, hold on.
You need...
[Haines] Come on, guys. Main in.
- [Haines] He's out of sight.
- I got ya. He's right here.
Come on. Turn!
Here it comes!
[Tulloch] All right, two big guys,
we're gonna pick him up.
Off our bow.
- Throw him a line!
- Gotta be long.
[overlapping chatter]
[cheering, whooping]
- [Brant-Zawadzki] Welcome back, man.
- [Haines] Good job!
- Yeah!
- [overlapping chatter]
- [laugh]
- [Fielding] All I remember
is feeling a sense of
accomplishment as a group
that we got Steve back on that boat,
and that he had conquered
a big hurdle in his life.
In a real race,
at night, in bad weather,
that training exercise
will always be in the back of my head.
[Will] I thought we got back there
pretty quickly.
Definitely, like,
you realize how quickly
you get away from somebody
with a chute up.
So, you were pointin' at the ring,
right? But she still couldn't see me?
I mean, I could see a little bit
of fleck on the top of a wave.
But you went out of sight,
- I wanna say a minute. Not even.
- Wow.
[Brant-Zawadzki] We're a team of 15.
Every single person deserves to race.
We can't all go. Only 11.
[man] We as a team will be picking
the four who stay behind.
As the youngest team member, this has
been extremely nerve-racking for me.
Bring me back in, Chris.
Guys, I'd like to practice
some jibes, if we got the time.
- [Kane] Let's pre-check.
- [Fielding] We're gonna go real slow.
All right, clear to jibe.
[Honey] Jibes are the turns that you
have to do in order to get downwind,
because the boat can't sail
directly downwind.
So instead you sail
40 degrees one way,
turn, or you jibe, and then you sail 40
degrees off the wind the other way.
Tacks are similar.
Tacks are the turns that you have to do
when you're going upwind.
[Fielding] OK, we're sailing again.
[Kirby] Sailing's always been
a complex sport. It's not that simple.
I mean, you could
stay in it for a lifetime
and never have it completely
figured out or perfected.
What is that?
Push it a little!
Little bit too wimpy.
P.S., whoever said big boats are
just like dinghies is full of it.
Screwups, kites in the water,
kites exploding.
We need to sort
these issues out ourselves
and learn to deal with them
before this race begins.
- Oops!
- Don't tear it!
Without a team being totally focused
in one positive direction,
you're not gonna be successful.
First aid kit? Stocked.
Paper towels? Check.
Toilet paper? Check.
Coffee? Check. Soap?
Just make darn sure
we've got enough life jackets.
We wanted the kids to be very familiar
with finishing a Transpac race.
So we had them sail over to Molokai,
down the Molokai Channel
and then come into Diamond Head.
[man] OK. Let's go. You guys ready?
We had sent them off overnight
by themselves completely.
[wind howling]
[Wilmot] Let's finish this race up
and get outta here!
[overlapping shouts]
[overlapping chatter]
[Brant-Zawadzki] My first overnight.
It was scary, wet, there was
a lot of awkward flailing,
and I passed out
before we finished.
A few other kids just
puked the whole time.
That trip seriously
took it out of the whole team,
and that was just
over 24 hours.
We were sloppy
and out of shape.
[Honey] They'd show up with the boat
trashed. You know, everything a mess.
They hadn't really taken on, you know,
this offshore seamanship.
And they weren't
in any kind of condition
to be able to continue sailing
the way you have to
- when you cross an ocean.
- [snoring]
[Brant-Zawadzki] At the current pace
we will not be ready.
We're beginning to realize
the need to push ourselves harder.
If we're gonna have these coaches,
let's not waste them.
Let's use them to their full...
Even if you think it's obvious.
It could be something
that's obvious, but...
...half of us wouldn't know,
the people that do don't care.
The best thing is...
[Brant-Zawadzki] Everything hinges
on the skipper and the leader.
On an hourly basis, they will decide
our fate on the Morning Light.
I want to say one thing for, um, Genny.
'Cause there's been a lot of times
where we've been hanging out as a group,
and if Genny says,
"Hey, we need to be there now,"
everyone's like, picks up
their bags and we go.
Her organization definitely keeps us all
together. I definitely agree with that.
[Brant-Zawadzki] The way to get good
at making those decisions
is to be placed in them.
[man] Who's gonna go in to shore?
Are we ready?
Yeah. I got it blowing.
Blow it! Yeah!
Mike Sanderson, who just won
the around-the-world race,
he came in for a week to train the kids.
[Tulloch] The second that Moose
stepped on the boat,
we realized how unprepared we were,
how much we had to learn,
and how much he could teach us.
Faster, faster, faster,
faster, faster. Let it go.
They're not rock stars yet. You know,
they're not professional sailors.
[Schubert] Pull back.
[Brant-Zawadzki] We need to prove to
ourselves that we can sail this boat.
[Schubert] You're controlling the thing.
You call, all right?
One minute, Towiller,
keep talking to me.
Yeah, and smoke it. Smoke it.
Nice one.
Basic dilemma. Yeah, baby.
Keep coming, keep coming, keep coming,
keep coming, keep coming.
Go, Jeremy.
[Branning] I had never been
part of a team
that wants it more than Morning Light.
I've raced in five countries,
endless practices on all types of boats
and this was my favorite day
of sailing I've ever had.
[Tulloch] I wish, at least,
it was a good story.
I wish I could say I'd jumped
off a cliff into the shallows
or was attacked by a shark
while kite-surfing.
Something really fun and off-the-wall.
She didn't take our advice. She went off
snowboarding between sessions.
I said, "You sure
you wanna do that, Genny?"
And she said, "Oh, don't worry,
Robbie. I'll be fine."
[Tulloch] I sat down and cried.
All I knew was that it hurt,
and the major implications
of having broken myself.
[Haines] We wanted the kids
to go offshore for three days.
Then they would meet us in Hilo.
She wanted to participate
a lot more than we allowed her to.
In fact, we didn't allow her
to do anything.
Good luck!
[Tulloch] Disappointment.
Frustration. Loneliness.
- [Tulloch] Bye, guys!
- [man] Bye!
[Wilmot] We are now at the stage where
we can sail 24-hour overnight sprints.
However, our race
can be up to ten days long.
The Hilo trip will help us
get into a rhythm
of racing at sea
for several days at a time.
[Kane] Everyone gets seasick.
I don't care if you've sailed
around the world, everyone does.
You're just so uncomfortable.
Your bones ache, you can't think,
you wanna just die.
- [crashing]
- Ah!
I'm gonna give you...
[Branning] Down below it's hot,
it's humid, it's wet, it smells.
For a navigator who's trying
to stare at a computer,
and you're banging in the waves,
I don't care how tough you are,
you're gonna get sick.
[Fielding] We kept the boat
in solid condition
throughout three days
of extreme upwind sailing.
My stress level was at an all-time high.
It sucks being here!
[Honey] They showed up in Hilo
after an absolutely heinous trip.
And beating in 30 to 40 knots
in horrible seas.
Oh, and the boat's in perfect shape.
Everything's neat as a pin.
- Hey, Genny.
- [sighs]
- [Tulloch] You guys miss me?
- Mm-hmm.
[Welch] It was probably good
you didn't come, on a serious note.
It was... it was rough.
- Did people fall over?
- A lot of people yakked.
Never going downwind.
My hands are swollen and sore.
My fingers are bent in
from holding on to sheets for so long.
My legs are weak,
and my cuts are infected.
[Manson] I was like, "This is
ridiculous. Not doing anything..."
[Fielding] When I landed in Hilo,
I felt like I'd climbed a mountain
or broke through a wall.
[Tulloch] The team's progressing,
and I'm just stagnant.
[Wilmot] The way back from Hilo
is an opportunity for downwind sailing.
It'll be a good test
because the Transpac is all downwind.
[Honey] It was perfect conditions.
It was all night long.
You know, hairball sailing
the whole way. You know, 30, 35 knots.
And it was just wild.
[Haines] It was perfect practice
for the kids.
We took 'em just down
the north side of Molokai
and on in through the Molokai Channel,
just like the finish for the Transpac.
[# Something Corporate:
21 And Invincible]
[Tulloch] I know I've probably ruined
my chances of being the skipper.
Now I just have to hope
I'll still make the race.
- [shouting]
- [laughing]
[Brant-Zawadzki] Genny's a great sailor
and won't have any trouble
getting back to sailing the boat
when she recovers.
I don't think she should be punished,
because having to miss out
on all the sailing this session
is way more punishment
than anyone deserves.
So, yeah, it sucks all around.
By the end of it, the kids
were pretty comfortable
with sailing their boat
in a ton of breeze, and it was clear
that they were gonna
come into it saying, "Bring it on."
[Disney] There was one thing
they weren't quite ready for:
Picking the 11
who would sail the race.
I just think that we should
maybe see who wants to be a skipper,
as opposed to throwing everybody out
and having a random discussion.
Maybe just put your hand up if you want
to be a skipper, I don't know.
Raise your hand
if you wanna be a skipper.
[Tulloch] The skipper is the ultimate
leader, the final decision maker,
the top in the hierarchy of control.
Uh, to start off, just with the past
few passages, um...
Just Jeremy, uh, the way he puts
everything, is very professional.
So Jeremy is definitely my vote.
I have complete confidence
in Jeremy as the skipper.
Troll, hands down.
Yeah, Troll.
Troll, yeah.
Aussie's got my vote, too.
- Uh, Troll...
- [laughter]
I definitely want you to be the skipper
because the crap you say
when... [bleep]... goes wrong
- is just so funny.
- [laughter]
It's funny. So, I mean, I think, like...
[Wilmot] I didn't expect
the decision to be unanimous.
I'm just gonna say it.
I love sailing with all of you guys.
I-I respect every one of you so much.
And it would be a huge honor...
[Wilmot] I feel like, when the decision
was made, I aged ten years.
[Branning] We had lived, sailed,
and partied together for four months.
That made this process that much harder.
[Towill] After Jeremy
was selected as the skipper,
he elected to consult with Piet.
[Wilmot] So here's the first question.
[Towill] The two of them
began bringing in
chosen team members one by one.
I can't describe how stressful it was.
Two watch captains
would be you and Schubert.
Underneath the skipper
are the watch captains.
They are essentially
the skipper of their watch.
Not only was I not a key player,
I was now sitting, sweating,
hoping just to still make the team.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Every person
on this team deserves to race.
Even if I am lucky enough
to actually go on the race,
it would be hard for me to know
that I'd be taking the place
of someone else
who absolutely deserved to go.
Graham doesn't have
a lot of hours sailing.
If we choose him, we'll have to put
a lot of hours into him.
Right, Robbie knows his bow team.
He knows who he wants to get backed up.
We need him in here for this decision.
[Brant-Zawadzki] How long do you
think this is gonna take tonight?
- Hours.
- [Brant-Zawadzki] When did we start?
- [Branning] I think it's going quick.
- Yeah.
- Seven-thirty-ish?
- [Brant-Zawadzki] It's 9:10 now.
Turtle, you've gotta be here
because you...
That's... It's the front of your boat
and we gotta know...
Robbie Kane was next to go in,
and then Jesse made it.
We, uh... We want you on the boat
for the Transpac.
- You all right? [laughs]
- Yeah, I'm fine, dude.
I'm focused in, man.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Towiller got called in,
and that left four spots,
with eight of us still waiting.
[Wilmot] We think
you got a great personality.
We think you're very focused.
And you can drive a boat very nicely.
[Wilmot] We've kept her
out of here for a reason.
We can't hold her back.
She's on our boat.
Come on, you injured soldier.
[Tulloch] The relief on my face
must have been palpable.
They still wanted me.
[Wilmot] We expect you to heal,
not break any more arms.
- No more skiing, snowboarding.
- No more skiing.
Chris Welch followed Genny.
Awesome. I'm in.
Sign me up! [laughs]
- [Wilmot] Do you want to... Yeah?
- Oh, yeah! Yeah!
And finally Branning was called in.
- [Wilmot] How is it out there?
- [Branning] Quiet.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Five of us were left in
the kitchen waiting for one more spot.
OK, guys, everyone else.
OK, guys.
So, we brought you all in.
At the end of the day,
we all are the...
Still the team, like I said.
But, um...
For this race, uh,
w-we want to take Graham on the boat
just because we think, uh,
his strengths that offer us
match what we're missing on the boat.
Um, I think it's awesome
that Graham has been sailing for,
like... two years, right?
And, like, to see him,
like, just skyrocket,
he'd be on this level...
I think that's really awesome
that you guys can see his improvement.
[Will] It's almost impossible
to explain how unhappy I was.
I wanted to call a cab,
go to the airport,
fly standby out of that place.
If I didn't think, like, the weight
would slow us down that much,
I'd throw another life raft on the boat.
But you know this was gonna happen
since the start.
[Will] I didn't understand
Jeremy's choice at the time.
I don't think I ever will.
[Wilmot] OK, here's our wave.
Easing into it!
[all exclaiming]
Didn't see that comin'.
- Get the spinnaker ready!
- [overlapping chatter]
[Towill] Eleven spots on the boat
for the race.
The other four will be alternates.
They have to be ready to go
in case someone gets hurt.
[Will] The next day, I went out
on the water with something to prove.
[Wilmot] OK, transfer!
[Will] And I did some of
the best sailing that day.
Probably the best sailing
of my entire life.
Ooh! Nice one, guys.
- Here we go.
- [overlapping chatter]
Help me, now.
[Honey] Kit is just the sort of person
you want offshore.
You know, eyes open, mouth shut,
and totally responsible and committed.
And I was astonished when he wasn't
selected by the kids for their team.
[Wilmot] Kit's like that silent guy
on the boat.
You never really notice him
until you're forced to.
He never has a problem.
He does his job.
He does it so efficiently,
you don't notice him.
So he's the type of guy
who can just slip through.
- Ready on take-in.
- Clear on the halyard! Jibe!
[Wilmot] Graham's team spirit
is just incredible.
It's so vital to the team.
[Brant-Zawadzki] We have the team
we are going to have.
And although it is not perfect,
nothing ever is in this world.
[Wilmot] Good jibe, guys! Good jibe on
the main. Good jibe on the sheet.
Hook down.
After four months in Hawaii,
we packed up the boat
and headed back to the mainland.
[# Mason Stewart Jennings:
California (Pt. II)]
[Tulloch] By the time the boat was
set up in California, my cast was off.
My arm was a little weak,
but I was ready to go.
Bear food.
There's another TP52,
brand-new boat, Samba Pa Ti.
It's a team of very,
very highly trained professionals.
Samba's gonna be
their toughest competition.
[Brant-Zawadzki] They've sailed
more miles than I have on my used car.
That's a lot of miles.
[man] These boats are powerful.
They're only 52 feet long,
but they go a lot faster than the sleds
and the maxi boats of the '70s or '80s.
Uh, we feel very confident in the ocean.
That's where we...
a lot of us grew up.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Samba represents a lot
of veteran ocean-racing experience.
We'll have to navigate better,
and we'll have to sail the boat harder.
[Kilroy] If it's breezy,
and if you have big seas,
you're gonna have to be a crew that, uh,
can handle a boat in the open ocean.
And for inexperienced people,
that's a big challenge.
[Tulloch] Just days before the race,
we got a surprise.
Hey, BZ, you got a minute?
[Wilmot] I didn't know if I should
do it, or how I should do it.
It was the hardest thing
I've ever had to do in my life.
OK, guys, pretty much there's just been
some thoughts going through my head.
You know, you knew when you,
uh, made me skipper,
if I see a way to get there
any faster or... know...
So I've, uh, made a change to the crew.
And, um, BZ's now...
Uh, now alternate.
And, uh, Kit's gonna be
coming on the boat.
It's... It's, uh... I don't know,
it's pretty tough.
I just want to say I think
it's the right thing to do.
I think Kit deserved it.
And he's an awesome sailor, so...
You guys are better off with him.
[Wilmot] That was why we chose you, man.
You're an amazing team player.
- [chuckles]
- [Tulloch] We're gonna miss you.
It's like breaking up
with your girlfriend.
I know. I'm waiting for
the slap... [chuckles]
Graham's a bit more tasteful
than the girls I go out with.
- [laughter]
- [Brant-Zawadzki] That's for sure.
[Brant-Zawadzki] We had come to the end
of a long, intense six months.
The night before the race,
we got a really nice surprise.
- Dim the lights.
- [laughter]
- [whoops]
- [laughing]
- [man] Very cool.
- [man 2] That's awesome.
[Brant-Zawadzki] I think everyone was on
edge in terms of anticipation.
There was a lot
of energy in the room.
- [laughter]
- [cheering and whooping]
Oh, my God!
[woman] Mark,
we're so very, very proud of you.
We always knew that you would be
sailing home one day.
Good luck, and enjoy the ride.
Genny girl, there have been Tullochs
on the Pacific Ocean before.
Your grandfather sailed
square riggers there
more than 150 years ago.
And now it's another Tulloch crossing
the Pacific Ocean, this time on a race.
We hope you have fun.
We hope you make lots of friends.
And make sure you don't hit
any whales on the way over.
Take care and good luck.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Everyone
was happy to hear from their families.
- [woman] Hi, Christopher.
- Oh, Mom.
I'm very happy
and excited for you...
They are the root of who we are.
We love you from
the bottom of our hearts.
And, as your father would say,
sail fast and stay on course.
Well, Robbie,
beyond "good luck," be careful.
Uh, like any parent, re...
be real careful.
[Brant-Zawadzki] There was a common
message of being safe, sailing fast,
and giving it all we can.
Enjoy every minute of it.
And, uh, just give 'em hell.
Jesse MacGowan Baker
Ferguson Fielding... [chuckles]
... you and your mom were so close,
you shared a birthday.
And you had one more birthday...
[Fielding] It was reassuring.
But I don't need a reminder
that my mom is with me on a daily basis.
She wrote to you:
"Think you can, believe you can,
and you will.
Your mother. September '97. "
[Fielding] I don't normally like to
share that side with people...
... but in this case it felt right.
Good luck, Jesse.
Uh, I hope you have a good time
and that you ask 'em
if I should get a haircut.
- [laughs]
- [laughter]
I'll see you when you get there.
Hope you have some good stories.
Uh... good luck.
[man] Now leaving
Rainbow Harbor: Skylark,
the Santa Cruz 70 out of
Newport Beach, California.
Godspeed, Skylark.
And aloha!
That dock was crawling with guys
we've all read about or heard about.
It's like getting
to hit a bucket of balls
on the same driving range
as Tiger Woods.
We've had our sights set
on trying to beat Samba.
- But we are the underdogs.
- [cheering]
[man] Next boat leaving,
Samba Pa Ti.
[cheering and whistling]
[Kane] I'm sick of practicing
and preparing. I'm chomping at the bit.
Hawaii's closer than we think,
so it'll be important
to push 100 percent all the time.
OK, Chris.
Thanks for your help.
[chanting in Hawaiian]
- We'll wait for you.
- Can I have a hug?
- Ahh!
- Bring it in.
- All right.
- [laughter]
[Towill] Let's do this.
[man] Next up, a boat you've been
reading about just a little bit,
- Morning Light!
- [cheering and whistling]
[boy] Go! Yay!
Godspeed, Morning Light.
And aloha!
[Towill] It's pretty powerful
to realize this boat
is the center of the earth
for us, and now this is home.
These, uh, crew members, they're
everything, you know. Everything.
[man] Attention, Transpac racers.
- Five minutes to the start.
- [Branning] Got it. Five minutes.
OK, why don't you go down
below. Kit, you're up.
[Will] Want me to grind?
You want me to grind?
- [Wilmot] Nah.
- [Will] All right.
- How long?
- Two-twenty.
- One-twenty.
- [man] Twenty seconds to P flag down.
[Tulloch] Are we starting on port?
- One minute!
- [indistinct]
- Don't worry, guys.
- [Branning] Forty seconds.
[Will] A little pressure here.
A little pressure.
[Branning] Twenty-five seconds.
[Kane] Holding on the line.
- [Wilmot] Get it set.
- Line, Robbie!
- Ten!
- [man] Nine.
- Get it up now.
- Eight, seven, six...
- [man]... four...
...three, two, one!
[man] Now.
[Wilmot] Medium down.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo!
[Kane] Hey! Yes!
[Sanderson] I remember it
being very adventurous,
- the first time I crossed an ocean.
- Come on, Towiller.
These guys, they're getting to grow
and learn at a very similar age group.
That's a fantastic opportunity,
and I wish something like this
had popped up for me when I was 21.
[# Gay Dad: To Earth With Love]
- Well, here we are at Transpac 2007.
- Yeah!
Did a few sail changes.
Now I'm ready to, uh, set a kite,
and take my shirt off, and go downwind.
[Schubert] I had to start the race
down below. It was so light.
I started thinking,
"I'm already missing the small things:
Cheese pizza, HBO,
that beautiful woman
from Gladstone's."
[Kirby] The whole mindset
in offshore sailing
is you start to find
what your limits are.
How far can you push yourself,
how many hours can you
work without rest,
how long can you go without food?
And mentally you have the ability
to set your mind on infinity.
That's a winning combination.
[Fielding] No family and friends
from back home.
- [Tulloch] No Starbucks.
- [Fielding] No music.
- [Tulloch] No movies.
- [Fielding] No surfing.
All that matters is
the Diamond Head buoy.
[Will] lt... It feels amazing
to be on this boat.
Being on a crew with a bunch of young
kids is kinda the coolest thing,
'cause you really build a team
and not just sail with a bunch of guys
who are telling you
what to do all the time,
but you all kind of feel
like you're part of it
and feel like we have a shot
at doing really well in this race.
Piet and Jeremy and I, we're at a very
big decision-making point right now,
we need to choose between
the northern and southern route.
There's no middle-of-the-road route.
'Cause we have a local
weak high-pressure
that has been living in the middle of
the wing existing tracks for Transpac.
The history of the race
has always been the team
that makes that choice
at the right time,
whether it's to go south, to go north.
It's a defining moment, and it's
one of those moments you back up,
and that's where
the race is won and lost.
What I'm saying is,
you know, if we're...
If we're gonna be in the synoptic,
we're on the southern route...
[Sanderson] They really gotta make sure
that they stay in the pack,
don't make some dumb mistake
which suddenly drops them
a few miles behind,
and then they're on the back foot.
They don't need to be leading,
they just need to be in the hunt.
Everything we've always learned and
talked about is not to get that close.
Jeremy, what do you think?
We just wanna stay away
from this, uh, high.
[Van Os] Big fish last night
jumped out of the water,
- hit the sail right there.
- [Tulloch] Hit the sail, I know.
What about that whale?
That was a whale, wasn't it?
[Van Os] I thought so.
[Tulloch] Ten feet from our boat.
Trim on.
Trim? Trim?
[Van Os] You gotta use
your big girl voice.
[Tulloch] Hold there.
[Towill] It's the first morning,
the sun just came up.
At sunset last night
we could see ten, 15 boats,
and now we've got no one in sight.
Position report comes out
in a little while,
we'll see how we're doing
against our competitors.
[Branning] Alaska Eagle, Alaska Eagle,
this is Morning Light Whiskey Delta
Delta five one seven eight.
[man] Morning Light, have you loud
and clear. Welcome and good morning.
Your position.
Thirty-two one-nine north.
One-one-nine five-six west.
[man] Morning Light,
thank you very much.
[Wilmot] Where are they?
[Branning] Samba Pa Ti's
range and bearing.
Range: 20 miles.
Bearing: 223.
[Wilmot] So they're going up.
[Branning] Directly ahead of us,
20 miles. Yeah.
- They're 19 miles ahead.
- Yeah.
[Wilmot groans]
[Branning] We need to know who's goin'
north and who's goin' south.
You see what's for dinner?
Eleven forty-one on Monday,
and, uh, that means lunchtime.
So, the first gourmet meal
of this big event
will be, uh,
beef stroganoff with noodles.
My favorite.
[Branning] This southerly route
doesn't look so good. It's nine knots.
I wanna go fast.
That's 20 knots up there right now.
- [Wilmot] What, going north?
- [Branning] Going more northerly, yeah.
It's like taking
a right turn right now.
It's all in or nothing, man.
Figure I could just ask right now.
I mean, it's been an hour
since we've been...
Started this discussion,
you know.
We haven't heard from them
what we should be doing.
I think I should just start smashing
my foot on the deck.
- That's not... Uh, yeah.
- No, they hate that.
- [Wilmot] What do you guys think?
- [Branning] If we do this,
this is the whole race right here.
[Kane] Here we go, guys.
Let's go!
Are we basically deciding
to go north now, or...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What's the heading? 245?
Hey, lads!
We're going north.
- Ease the sheets!
- Full upwind.
North. Full upwind.
[Van Os] This is a slow way
to go across the Pacific, huh?
[Kane] Are we going to Alaska?
About 12 hours later,
the kids changed their mind
and they headed north again.
What it told me was that, you know,
there was somebody home on the boat.
They were thinking, they were making
decisions, they were doing stuff.
Then they headed north again.
[Enright] You know what I just thought
of, but I don't know why?
You know why the Chevy Nova
didn't work in Mexico?
[Towill] Yeah. All right.
[Enright] 'Cause "no va"
means, like, "no go."
Why'd you buy a car
called the "no go"?
[Tulloch] Freakin' dying. Quickly.
[music slowing down]
[Schubert] No way.
This wind's just gonna die.
[Enright] "Graham,
the race has been slow.
I'm sure you're aware of this.
The brain trust has just indicated
that the next 18 hours or so
may dictate the entire
outcome of the race.
I hope your fingers are crossed
and you're following along at home
in Hawaii or wherever you are
at this present point in time.
My feet are just starting to smell.
I'm using precious off-watch time
to communicate with you.
I guess that's all for now.
Adios from the nerve center.
Talk to you later."
[Kane] This is bad.
Real bad.
[Wilmot] You think this is the first
time this has happened in the Transpac?
It'll be one that
they're gonna remember,
- and Stan's gonna harken back to.
- Yeah, this is crazy.
Any way you approach this race,
you have to slice through that.
[Van Os] That turn's gonna cost us.
[Branning] No use talking about it now.
[# Zero 7: In The Waiting Line]
Oh, this is painful
circumstances right now.
We've got our opponents
out to the south of us
who are screaming along with a kite.
Guys out to the north
of us are in more breeze.
This is frustrating.
We took a gamble.
[groans] It was a big move at the time.
Now we're fighting for the past two days
to get out of it.
And we should've pretended
we were on train tracks
and just trusted it.
Didn't look this light.
But it is, and here we are.
Can't escape it now.
- [Branning] We should've known better.
- Yeah.
We can second-guess
ourselves all the way home.
We'll be lucky to make it
to Hawaii in ten days, now.
[Welch] I got a question for ya.
- [Kane] Yeah?
- [Welch] Are we effed?
- [Kane] Huh?
- [Welch] Are we effed?
- [Kane] We don't think so. Yeah.
- [Welch] Really?
You think... you think
that we can reel in Samba?
[Kane] Uh, we'll see.
[Welch] We're not, like,
out in the middle of nowhere?
- [Kane] No, we're not.
- [Welch] You sure?
[Wilmot] Big wind shift
here, guys.
[Branning] Come on.
Let's do this.
[Kane] OK, tacking the boat.
Going to Hawaii.
[Schubert] Finally!
[Wilmot] We're almost
pointing at the mark.
[Tulloch] Guys, when you have dinner,
clean your stuff, please.
- Oh! Oh-ho!
- Whoo! [laughs]
[Branning] It's Wednesday morning.
Uh, just got done doin' the roll call.
Not to be, like, uh, Debbie Downer,
I thought we were gonna be smoked
after yesterday.
[Welch] Did you hear from Branning,
the position report?
- Brought some standings.
- Eh.
We're first in division, 21 st in fleet.
And Samba's, uh, second in division,
22nd in fleet.
We have 1,742 miles to go,
and they got 1,742 miles to go.
[Schubert] Did anybody see that comin'?
[Kane] Branning, you the man.
Twelve hours ago we were all wrecked.
Branning was ready to quit
sailing altogether.
Very stressful.
Think I lost some hair.
It was pretty miserable.
We were over on port deck
going very slow.
Now we've, uh, tacked over
onto starboard,
and blue sky, it's beautiful. [laughs]
Bit of a difference.
Sailing pretty good today.
Emotional roller coaster through
and through, this bloody race.
[upbeat music playing]
Hey, Towiller.
We need you on deck, mate.
- Coming.
- And you, too, Branning.
- OK, you guys ready?
- Yeah. Ready in the pit.
Hoist when ready, guys.
- Bring it over.
- Go for it, go, go, go!
Hold there, Towiller.
Ease. Ease, Towill.
[Welch] It's startin' to feel more
what I pictured Transpac to be like.
We're going to, going to Hawaii,
and we're back in the game.
We're gonna need
another human up here.
- [indistinct]... more brace?
- More brace.
[Wilmot] Piet, where's our Morning Light
logo on this kite?
Get Charlie up.
Isn't he in charge of sails?
The first kite we hoist in the Transpac
doesn't even have one.
[Brant-Zawadzki] "Charles.
Thanks for the contact.
Hawaii is fun.
The Red Sox just won the World Series.
And tell Welchy
the stock market burned down.
I'm sorry, but there are
no more stocks. Period.
Looks like you guys are going balls-out
on your route so far.
Hope you're rationing.
Everyone's either gonna say you're
brilliant or redheaded.
But tell Fancypants not to worry.
Statistics show that
30 percent of redheads..."
We had a beautiful sunset tonight.
If you look over here,
you can see the-the moon, um,
just glistening at the top of the...
Top of the clouds as it's setting,
and we've just got the slightest
little crescent new moon
and it's absolutely beautiful.
It's making a little spotlight
down on the water and...
Beautiful stuff out here, man.
[Enright] I just got an e-mail
from Graham. He wrote back.
Our race so far,
he wishes he was with us.
Clearly he's checking the grids, not
that he knows exactly what they mean.
He's into it and,
based on our track,
people are gonna either think we're
brilliant or a bunch of redheads.
- But, redheads tend to...
- [laughter]
Thirty percent of all redheads
turn out to live...
...healthy, productive lives
or something.
- Yes.
- But, yeah, he seems in good spirits.
- [Kane] Trim up.
- [Welch] Good.
[Towill] That's good.
That's really good.
Whoo! It's a scorcher!
[Kane] It's gonna be a "Triple-H" day:
hazy, hot, and humid.
[Branning] I gotta take a shower...
I gotta do some sort of bathing today.
[Van Os] Today was the first day
where it's really hot.
Woke up and it was sweaty and nasty
down below, which is not very fun.
[Wilmot] We share bunks downstairs,
so your person opposite you
gets a little too smelly,
then, you know, it's miserable.
[# Buzzcocks:
Everybody's Happy Nowadays]
Big Michiganders Gone Wild. [laughs]
[Welch] I think a little shower,
brushing your teeth,
besides the health part of it,
just kinda keeps you going.
I mean, it's a... freshens you up.
Today was awesome. I got a shower,
I got to shave...
[Kane] Got a hot date tonight, Genny?
[laughs] I groomed myself
while all the boys watched.
No, I'm just kidding. Um, but it was
sweet to finally get a shower today.
And then, obviously, all the...
all the... Trim.
Um, I feel like
we're all in a pretty good mood
and we're all clean and happy.
[Kane] Our competition, Samba,
is, uh, right above us,
so there's a lot of pressure
on the bow team at nighttime.
Tonight's gonna be a big opportunity
for either one of us to push away.
Nighttime racing is, uh,
where you can really make huge gains.
And it's hard to see your competitors.
They can, uh, pull a maneuver
without you seeing.
[Kane] Last night was our first night
with the spinnaker, and it feels off.
We just need to kinda get with it.
Everyone was running around
like chickens with their heads
cut off, including myself.
[Wilmot] If we go to sleep for two hours
we could lose seven miles like that.
[Welch] These guys on Samba,
they're all fantastic sailors.
And, you know, we're all
really new to it, I guess.
And we've gotta really make sure that
we, you know, try and keep our edge.
Who knows?
You might see us tonight
jibing a couple of times
on random shifts,
just to get away
from these guys to windward
and catch 'em
with their pants down.
[Welch] I like where your head's at.
[Kane] Yeah.
[Branning] This is pretty much, I guess,
as about as far away from land
as you can get anywhere on the planet,
- where we are right now.
- [Wilmot] Yeah. Halfway point.
Pretty amazing, isn't it?
Samba Pa Ti, we just saw. We can see
their running lights right over there.
They're behind us and going south.
[Tulloch] So it's Day Six,
we just saw Samba,
and we're less than
a mile away from them.
Samba's come astern of us
and jibed right on our line.
Trim up.
[Tulloch] The pressure's really been up.
The... the intensity
on the boat is super high.
We're just pushing, pushing,
pushing all the time.
Trim up.
Big trim, big trim.
[# Massive Attack: Angel]
[Van Os] Nice.
[Van Os laughs] I can't believe
that boat's right there.
How close do you think they are?
Quarter of a mile?
Not even 200 yards?
[Van Os] Nice to have someone
right there to push you.
Just think, we're making 'em
work for their money today.
- Yup.
- Yeah.
- Don't stop.
- [laughs]
Ooh. Bolt.
[Towill] It's a thousand miles
into the race.
Samba's closer to us now
than they were at the starting line.
Trim up. Pull back.
[Van Os] Wow. Doing 13 knots.
The whole Pacific.
The boat, two boat lengths from you.
[Kane] I'm gonna be a pro sailor.
Forget landscape design,
I'm doing this for the rest of my life.
[Wilmot] I think the owner's
on the wheel.
Lock it. Big trim, big trim,
big trim, big trim.
[Van Os] No, no, no, not now, not now.
- Got it. Hold.
- Just keep your cool, Piet.
[Van Os] We just got rolled,
[Wilmot] Pretty bloody close.
I can see the smiles
on their faces.
[Fielding] That one guy
gave us the thumbs up.
[Kane] That's pretty cool.
What are they doing here?
- And not that right now.
- Nah, they're filling the space left.
- They only have one sheet on.
- Yeah, that would verify it.
- [Will] Trim.
- [Towill] Yeah.
We'll take a fast-way line to Hawaii.
[Kane] Bold. What's going on?
- [Van Os] Wow, look at that.
- What are they doing?
[Welch] They're animals,
and they even got Kilroy out.
[Towill] I think they lost a halyard.
[Wilmot] They lost their kite.
[Kane] They got something
on the rudder, I don't know.
[Kilroy] We had a sea serpent.
And it was wrapped around our rudder.
And they looked at us like we were nuts.
We went a little bit to leeward.
I haven't had that kind of experience
with another boat
in the middle of the ocean before.
[Enright] That was a super
professional move.
[Tulloch] What happened?
[Enright] They thought they
had something on their rudder,
so they went kite down
on deck, staysail in.
Back down, staysail out.
Bow down, kite up. See ya.
- [Van Os] God.
- [Branning] They're kinda truckin'.
It's like they can't sail at night,
but then the day comes
and they're like, "OK,
I guess we'll start sailing again."
Then they sail pretty well.
[Towill] I feel like
they gain at night.
[Tulloch] It's been
a really intense 24 hours.
We've got these pro sailors,
this super-fast boat.
And actually have crossed paths
with them this morning
and then fallen behind them
in two big maneuvers,
and then now to be beating them
again after the last 12 hours.
It's really keeping us motivated
and keeping us going.
[Branning] To give you an example
of what we're up against,
- the navigator for Samba...
- [chuckles]
...wrote the program
that we use to navigate,
that all the boats use
to navigate in the Volvo,
the around-the-world races,
in the America's Cup, stuff like that.
- So...
- It's cool to be racing against him,
have him right there.
Thinking with him.
[Branning] That was a cool feeling.
[Towill] What is Samba Pa Ti?
Is it a song or something?
[Schubert] Samba Pa Ti is a great song
by Carlos Santana.
[Tulloch] Trim.
Hold that.
Trim, Bear, trim.
[exhales] I can't keep
trimming it like this.
It's... you're... You require a lot more
trim than most people,
and it's exhausting.
I know you're trying to do the fastest,
but... we're just going to
have to rotate more or something.
[Tulloch] Trim.
- Pull.
- [Kane] Damn.
[Towill] She's drunk on estrogen.
- [laughs]
- Put her down.
How would you feel if you were
the only guy on an all-girl boat?
[Branning] I'll take miserable
for 100, Alex.
We think Genny's had the better deal
than we would on the other end.
[Van Os] Who wants to
with his hands crossed?
[laughs] This is like a fireside
session here, a fireside chat.
Well, really, hmm, uh...
You know, obviously none of us
know exactly how it is to be Genny,
but it's got to be
a little more difficult...
Genny takes it pretty well
for being the only girl.
Spectacular. She's a trouper.
Not meaning to be mean,
but we give her a lot of...
...just, you know, out of,
being, you know, teammates.
It would be very interesting to see,
you know...
To be on the opposite
side of... of...
[Towill] I wouldn't
want to do it at all.
Dude, if I could do this again
with 15 girls, I'd do it.
- It wouldn't be the same.
- It wouldn't be.
[Welch] Little does
Samba know what
we're talking about
while we were drag racing.
[Wilmot] Y'all have seen
the standings this morning.
We're still in good shape.
Believe it or not, even with Samba's
advantage right now
we still have them uncorrected.
But they are making a charge for it,
and we have to, too.
Let's not give in.
We're in second place.
Samba is just there, the big trophy.
So, let's just get our heads high,
and let's just push into this. OK, guys?
- Shoops, did they just jibe?
- [Schubert] Yes.
- [Wilmot] They did?
- [Schubert] Yes.
Gutsiest move I ever saw.
Shoops, take the wheel, mate.
B-Man. Jess. You're not
rolling that, are you?
No. No.
[Wilmot] Chuck it in the bag.
B-Man, I need you up here.
B-man, I said I needed you, mate.
That's not what I heard.
- [Wilmot] Yes, it is.
- [Branning] I can't hear ya.
[Wilmot] Come here.
Why have they jibed already?
What are you not telling me?
- His tack's at 290.
- The pressure's over there.
Is it worth taking it to get there?
[Branning] The Troll Nazi's back.
[Schubert] The thing is,
you can't get pissed though.
- [Towill] He, uh...
- [Schubert] It's always a good point.
It's always in the interest of speed.
[Wilmot] OK, guys.
We cleared for a jibe? Let's do it.
Let it go. Let it pass.
Smoothly, guys.
Make every movement smooth. OK?
I say it so many times.
[Schubert] Samba looked pretty far away.
[Kane] I just want them to go away.
So we can go back to sailing again.
Day nine.
Eleven... twent... Elev...
I got 11:30.
And this race is taking way too long.
I'll talk about food, how about I talk
about that? All right.
Well, today's the last day
of full meals.
So tomorrow
we're starting the rations.
So we've got... five meals.
And if that's three days,
then it's two meals a day.
So if we're doing two meals a day,
we should do it like 6am and 6pm.
- Yeah.
- Is that cool?
- Yeah.
- All right.
[Welch] Captain,
you ready for it now?
- Uh-uh. I'm eating dirt.
- [Schubert] It's really bad.
- Ah, that's not doing it.
- [Schubert] There's nothing else.
Do it with five of these in your mouth.
Yeah, there ya go.
Get rid of the aftertaste.
Uh, one of our little hobbies
that we've kinda picked up
is talking about the instantaneous
cravings that we have.
[Towill] Tuna salad sandwich.
Chocolate chip cookies
dipped in milk.
Dirt, tofu and... Uh.
- Jars of peanut butter.
- [Van Os] Peanut butter?
They just... [makes smash sound]
Leave it out in the sun.
You get a peanut butter milkshake.
Look at the camera.
[Schubert] Hadn't eaten since
yesterday at 6:30.
It was awesome.
I didn't even chew.
I felt like my dog, Jake. When he eats,
he doesn't breathe, he just chews.
Eh, about half of it's chewed...
like, he chews about half.
Swallows the other half. No breathing
through the entire process.
Am I getting my point across?
This is how desperate we are for food.
We will eat the worst meal we've ever
had just because we're hungry,
and we won't have another meal
for eight hours.
Forcing it down your throat,
and at the end of it,
you feel like you're gonna throw up.
[Schubert] Bunch of us
are craving Reese's
and different types of pizza,
and Chinese food so.
[Branning] Chicken teriyaki
makes me want to vomit now.
[Brant-Zawadzki] Hey, guys.
Steve-O wants to know
what's taking so long.
Oh, and ask Turtle if he'd rather have
a nice tall glass of Baileys
at the dock instead of a mai tai.
Don't worry about Samba, you guys can
lose them in those shoals up ahead.
If you don't know what that's from,
we're not friends anymore.
Godspeed M.L., stay fast
and don't eat each other.
Signed, Pirate.
I'm a lucky bastard.
I'm lucky.
- Are you sure we're headed west?
- [laughs]
[Wilmot] Hawaii can't possibly
be this far away. Come on.
[Kane] Nothing's this far from land.
This is just stupid.
This is bad placement.
Why would you put islands
this far away from?
[Wilmot] Get Towiller up here.
Tell him to find Hawaii.
[Kane] Towiller, we need to pull
your house out the water.
Hello there!
[Branning] We sail, like, it's
a considerable part of the race
with Samba within ten miles
the whole time.
Last night they split
and went 120 miles to the south of us.
I mean, we're really far away
and they're all by themselves.
[Kilroy] We just felt that if we could
get south, we'd get better breeze.
Based upon the numbers, it wasn't
one of these, you know, roll the dice.
Yeah, like when you look
at these guys down here, Samba Pa Ti,
it looks like we've been given
a lottery ticket.
So I'm not, um, opposed
to just taking this down
and getting just in front of their nose.
And if it lifts... we're clean.
They're behind us.
If it knocks, we're on the mark.
In the bank.
- [Van Os] Yeah. [laughs]
- In the bank.
- Hang on to your butts.
- Oh.
Let's get these guys.
- [Schubert] Roll call is a dogfight.
- [Tulloch] Is it?
It's a friggin' dogfight.
[Wilmot] I'm gonna catch this boat up
in front of us, like it was my business.
We want both trophies. We want
to be the first TP52, and we want to...
Trim! our... win our division
as well. That would be sweet.
[Kane] Have you seen
the squall over here?
[Kirby] Tropical squalls
can be critical.
You can gain dramatically
on competitors by playing the squalls.
[Fielding] There we go.
[Branning] Twenty knots.
That's directed to the reef.
[Wilmot] The sky's about to go boom.
- [Fielding] Who's the boom king?
- I'm the boom king!
Oh, baby!
- Hey, mister!
- Twenty-four knots.
[Towill] Hey, well,
why don't you just race, guy?
- [Wilmot] We're like modern pirates.
- [Towill] Pirates, man.
[Wilmot] We don't even own this boat.
[Kane] Breaking up
like an '80s band, baby.
They'll have a comeback tour.
[Kane] Of course.
[Schubert] That's how
Behind the Music always ends.
[Branning] Yep, it was fun
while it lasted.
[Kane] Rainbow, baby.
It's getting close.
[Wilmot] Let's keep it
going fast. All day.
- I think I see land.
- Yeah.
- Whoo.
- I think I see a volcano.
- [Enright] Yeah.
- [Kane] Yeah!
Yeah, you can just see the edge of Maui
right on the bow right now.
[Schubert] That's Maui.
[Tulloch] Are we less than 12 hours?
[Kane] I'm going to the top of the rig
one last time.
One last time, forever.
[Welch] Turtle, let's take you
to the paradise city.
[Kane] Oh, my God.
It feels so good.
Gotta love it. Whoo!
[Towill] Maui right behind us.
Very, very excited to be back home.
Been 11 days of just seeing the horizon,
we're finally seeing the islands.
And... I...
...really have a lot to say,
and I just can't say it.
[Welch] A little happy
little Turtle up there.
[Van Os] Break out the inscription tool!
[Fielding] Spike yourself away!
[Kane] I'm lovin' this!
[Wilmot] So here we are,
we're in the famous Molokai Channel.
It feels really good to be here.
We, uh... we don't really know
where our competitors are,
'cause all the tracking devices
are lost or malfunctioning.
So we're sort of coming down here with
our eyes closed on our competitors.
[Sanderson] One thing these guys
are gonna have to be conscious of
is what we call "channel fever."
There's a good chance
that they'll be a little over-tired
and a little overexcited and they'll
starting to be thinking about...
Uh, about hitting the dock.
[Will] I'm excited to see my family.
All I wanna do is go to Oahu.
I just wanna get to Honolulu.
Dude, I want mai tais.
Would anybody like an espresso?
- [laughs]
- I'm making some downstairs.
[Sanderson] This race has been won
and lost on the last day before.
[Wilmot] You know what's really
interesting right now?
I'm coming down to the finish
and I have planned for nothing
after this finish.
This finish has been
my, like, whole year,
like, my whole life up to this point.
- [crowd cheering]
- [horns blaring]
[man] Aloha, Samba Pa Ti!
Transpac Yacht Club
welcomes you
and congratulates you
on your successful race.
I'm sure Mr. Kilroy thought that,
he had a superior crew, superior boat,
and would beat them handily.
But, that's not the way it came out.
[Kilroy] It was just give
and take for quite a while.
I think it was Robbie Naismith
saying, "Come on, guys.
We can't let these kids beat us. We
couldn't live with that on our rsum."
You know, saying it kiddingly,
but, yeah,
you know, that's just sailboat racing.
[man] Diamond Head control,
Diamond Head control,
This is Diamond Head Light.
Samba Pa Ti crossed the line at 0156.
Congratulations, Samba Pa Ti.
[Wilmot] It's sort
of mind-blowing for me.
I just take it all in, especially now,
ten miles from the finish line.
You, uh... you can't
really contemplate it.
It's pretty heavy.
Now I'm gonna go steer my boat home
for the last time ever.
[sounding horn]
[Wilmot] Keep trimming, Towiller.
Not there yet, mate.
- [Branning] Pull string in.
- [Wilmot] Pull!
- It's there.
- [Tulloch] Red buoy!
See that red buoy? You were a dinghy
sailor before, weren't you?
- It's there. [laughs]
- Oh!
- [Fielding] You ready?
- [Van Os] Ready.
[Towill] Wow, this is gonna be sick!
[Wilmot] Here we go, home!
- [bell clanging]
- Oh! We made it!
Not yet, not yet.
- [foghorn blaring]
- [cheering]
[man] Nice work, you guys.
- [Kane] Yes, we're home! Yeah, buddy!
- Whoo!
[crowd cheering]
[man] Aloha, Morning Light!
Transpac Yacht Club
welcomes you to Honolulu
and congratulates you
on your successful race.
[Disney] When I did
this thing the first time,
it changed me for the rest of my life,
but I don't think
I knew that at the time.
I think it kind of
comes to you later on.
You have a resource
that you can look back on
and say, "I dealt with life and I dealt
with it well and gracefully."
That's what it really means in the end.
It's about the journey.
This is gonna be an epic story.
This is gonna be our first story.
This is gonna be probably
our favorite story.
How it all began.
[crowd cheering]
[Wilmot] Here we are, day 14
of the Morning Light adventure,
except this time, we're on land.
Finally, believe it or not, we're here.
Wow. It's, uh...
Yeah. I'm not gonna be
able to, uh...
I don't think I could find a team
like this ever again, so...'s, uh... [inhales] Yeah, it's...
It's emotional. These guys are...
Hang on.
I need a minute.
Sad! Oh, I'm so sad.
Yeah. [groans]
If they put this
in the film, I'll kill 'em.
- Of course it's going in.
- Yeah. [sniffles]
I was just telling Robbie,
I was like, you know,
I thought I was gonna be all broken up
and upset when you're leavin',
but... I'm gonna see all you
guys again in like a month
and like, constantly after that.
- I'm not worried about it at all.
- [Wilmot] Yeah.
Once again, BZ to the rescue.
Just a sign-off to my team.
Last day as skipper.
Last day, uh, steering my boat,
and, uh, let's go for a ride.
OK, boys! Let's go.
One last time.
[Tulloch] When the race was over,
it basically was over for us.
We had spent so long with each other
and the finish was what we had
always dreamed of and hoped for
and wished for and then
we crossed the finish line,
and it was like, "What next?
Wh-Where do we go from here?"
[Schubert] The best thing was just
this sense of accomplishment at the end.
If we had won the race we would have
thought that the Transpac was easy.
You have to respect that race a lot.
It's a long distance and a lot goes on.
[Towill] The biggest thing
I learned from the project
has just been the real value in teamwork
and how special it is
when 15 people can come together
and accomplish something
that no one of us
could have done on our own.
The days you go out
and everything goes the way you planned
and everything goes perfectly,
you learn nothing from.
It's the days you go out
then everything falls apart,
that's when you learn the most.
And I really learned that
in a very literal way on Morning Light
and really kind of changed
my whole outlook on life.
[Kane] You realize
what's important to you.
To be able to pack my whole life
in a small bag for ten days,
just those things
and being on the ocean,
was probably the happiest
ten days of my life.
[Branning] Being on an ocean
is about as close
as you can put together
peace and fear.
It's absolutely peaceful
and it's just so beautiful...
... but, man,
it can go bad pretty quickly.
I think we were about as well prepared
as we could be for anything.
[Manson] You...
You realize, out on the ocean,
it's... it's a different type of life,
and it gives you a new respect.
Kind of hard to explain.
It's like you feel in power,
like you've conquered somethin'
that you know a lot of people
haven't had the chance to do.
You feel very fortunate
at the same time.
[Wilmot] Pretty much what
Morning Light did for me
is it opened a lot
of boundaries that I had.
My grades have improved at college,
my work has improved on land
and now I feel like
I can just get out there
and anything that I apply myself,
I can do.
[Fielding] You know,
whenever I see my teammates,
they'll always be
these special people to me.
We could be in the middle
of New York City,
we could be in Shanghai,
we could be hikin' on a mountain,
and we're still gonna have a connection
that no one else around us shares,
and that's a special feeling.
[# Long Time Coming]
[laugh] Take two!