Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After (2021) Movie Script

Hello. I need an ambulance.
It's my father.
No, I-I don't know!
I just got here.
Please hurry!
Dad? Dad!
Hey there!
If you want me alive,
you need to stop
popping out of doors.
I called you a half-hour ago.
Which would've made it
4:30 in the morning,
a time when most sane people--
and I count myself among them--
are in a deep
and dreamless sleep.
Well, it was an emergency.
- Muffins?
- Don't judge.
What in the world--
Pam Messner's coming
on the show this morning.
She's running for Mayor.
Yep, and people like her
because she takes care of them.
She wants to bake
healthy muffins,
so I was up all night.
Billie, you wrote a cookbook.
There is a whole chapter--
Not made with protein powder.
This wouldn't have anything
to do with that new reporter?
The one who's starting
on the show today?
No. Why would you say that?
I read a profile on him
in the "Daily Dish."
Carlos Montano.
If you have time to read
the "Daily Dish",
you have way too much time
on your hands.
The man sounds like
he should come with a warning.
You just ended a relationship,
which leaves you vulnerable
to a surprise attack.
The relationship
has been over for a year,
and I keep telling you--
I'm fine.
Mm. How is Ian?
Ian? He's fine.
He likes his new job
and he likes Los Angeles.
And he gets to spend
more time with Emma.
You see? You two
still talk to each other.
You're not ready to move on.
Can we focus on the muffins,
They're perfect.
Ooh! Muffins!
Oh, wow.
Wow. This is amazing.
I don't know, I feel like
there's something missing.
That's it!
I've had it!
First, pull-ups,
then dead bug,
now he's doing squats--
literally steaming up my mirror
as we speak.
It smells like a man cave
in there!
The new reporter's
sharing his dressing room.
Is this even legal?
I realize Gretchen
is the executive producer
and her father owns the station,
but can she really
just hire someone?
You know what, man?
You should try one of these.
They are life-changing.
I can't eat, Philip.
My larynx?
If anyone asks,
I will be in the green room,
doing my vocal warm-ups
in peace.
Ha-ha. Ha. The proud polar bear.
Sherpa shuddered.
Shuddering Sherpas.
Can I have this, then?
so have you met him?
Carlos? No. No, no, no.
But I have read a blog post
about him,
and apparently, he thinks
he's quite the ladies' man.
He's also a great reporter.
But he's not afraid
to break rules.
He did an expos
on his own network.
Everybody in New York
is afraid to hire him.
What, so that's a good thing?
Guys, no gossip.
Why not?
I love gossip.
Whoa. Who made these?
She did.
Nice. Who are you?
She's the highest-rated host
on your new show.
Oh, my bad.
Must be the jet lag talking.
You'll like me a lot better
once I've had some time
to do my research.
Wake up, Winslow!
Wake up, Seattle!
Wake up, West Coast!
Hey, Westcoasters.
Have we got a day for you!
You're about to meet
a new member of our family,
all the way from New York City.
He's an award-winning
You'll also meet
a woman who taught her dog
to ring a doorbell.
Then, right after the break,
Billie teaches Pam Messner--
front-runner in the tightly
contested race for mayor--
how to bake
a healthy muffin.
Or maybe
we'll skip the muffins
and get Pam to explain
why this election
is so controversial.
What just happened?
What was that?
I don't know.
Well, Carlos,
I'm kind of hungry,
and I hear those muffins
are rather tasty.
Ooh, that sounds
like a debate.
Find out who wins
when we come back
after the break.
And clear!
That's it.
You are finished. Lucy!
We had an agreement.
No controversy.
There will be no controversy.
Every single negative ad
on the air right now
says I'm too hard.
Muffins will be baked!
I promise.
She can't bake muffins.
- Who are you?
- It doesn't matter,
because he's going to be fired
in record time.
You're not gonna
win any voters by baking.
That's not what the polls say.
When people vote,
they're looking for a leader,
not a baker.
I'm terribly sorry.
He just started here.
I think he's right.
All the negative ads
focus on your divorce,
as if being single
somehow makes you
less trustworthy.
Which is why
we need to show her at home.
Or you could show them
the real you--
a woman who fights for families,
because you know
how hard it is to raise one.
Pam. We have a strategy.
Okay? This is like taking advice
from a fortune cookie.
I'll do the interview.
But I want them both.
So why does being single mother
make you a better mayor?
This might sound corny,
but I've spent my life working
and trying to make
a loving home.
And what does that mean,
in terms of policy?
It means that...
So, Pam's campaign manager
just called you a genius.
Yeah, he's in Gretchen's office
right now,
booking the next ten interviews,
and he wants us to cover
Pam's groundbreaking ceremony
that she's doing
at the waterfront.
Well, it was a good interview.
Yeah, it was, it was,
although that look
that Carlos gave you,
I'm not sure that that was
an "interview" expression.
You have been reading
too many tabloids.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I think he used the same look
on Lucy.
Phil, newsflash--
Lucy has a crush on you.
That was amazing.
You're amazing!
All the right questions!
You got her talking
right from the heart.
Thank you.
So why do they make you bake?
Well, I-- I wrote a cookbook.
It's most of
what I do on the show.
Well, somebody's making
a huge mistake
because you are
a fantastic interviewer.
Can I buy you lunch?
I think we're doing
something really special here.
We got to keep it going.
A friend of mine
I grew up with.
Her father's in the I.C.U..
I gotta go. Sorry.
Oh, Billie.
What happened?
The doctors think
he had a stroke.
There could be brain damage.
He called me yesterday morning
and he said he needed to talk.
I was in court all day.
I didn't get the message
until later.
You can't blame yourself.
Yeah, I should've checked.
He was in trouble.
I didn't get here
until last night.
Why don't you let me
take you home?
I can't leave him,
not like this.
Just so you can
shower and change.
It's okay...
Wow. It looks
exactly the same.
Well, that's my dad.
He can't let go of the past...
which makes it hard
to come home.
It has been a long time.
Too long--
that's what he always says.
Sorry about the mess.
It was like this
when I got here.
That's Phoebe.
He kept everything--
the marriage license,
the letter
she wrote the night she left.
I didn't know
it was this bad.
It's been seven years.
He won't divorce her.
Her clothes
are still in the closet.
Why did he call yesterday?
I don't know.
I didn't get to talk to him.
Something made him
take out the box.
He looks at it all the time.
I should just get rid of it.
Um, I'm gonna go and pack
some of his things.
What are you doing?
Here you go.
Thank you.
This has nothing to do
with my father.
Well, let's just wait.
As soon as police
get involved,
the D.A. start making a case.
I've put people in jail
for less.
Wally's not like that.
He's my friend.
Billie Blessings.
Hey, Wally.
Thank you so much for coming.
Are you kidding?
You can call me any time.
You see?
Nicest detective on the force.
Hey, this is
Detective Sergeant Price.
New head of Homicide.
I'm still getting my bearings.
Thought I should
tag along for the ride.
Do I know you?
It's Billie Blessings.
Everybody knows Billie.
From the morning show?
"Have we got a day for you!"
I don't really watch TV.
Maybe that's smart.
This is Maggie.
This is her father's house.
Maybe we should
take this inside.
Follow me.
The basement floods sometimes.
My dad was probably down there
fixing the sump pump.
Which could be
how he found the skull.
I heard he's in the hospital.
I'm sorry.
District attorney, right?
Assistant District Attorney.
Yeah, you have
a good reputation.
A fighter.
You never lose a case.
So, is that the basement?
We'll take it from here.
It is hard to picture
Ryan Carson
doing something like this.
He was a gym teacher--
the one everybody liked.
Who told you that?
The TV host?
Well, he was actually
my gym teacher.
Billie used
to babysit his daughter.
How did you know Billie?
Oh, her father was a cop,
and he and my dad
were partners.
"Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood."
Oh, Coach Carson is a good guy.
His first wife died
when Maggie was born,
so he raised her himself.
It could be old.
Before he bought the house.
Yeah, well...
lye can dissolve a body
in three hours.
The water from the flood
is activating the residual lye.
No disrespect,
but people have been using lye
for a hundred years.
What have we got here?
Not that old.
You seen this before?
I don't know.
A lot of people
have gold watches.
is this woman?
Um, that's my stepmother,
Phoebe Carson.
You didn't tell me there was
a new head of Homicide.
I'm really sorry, Billie.
I-I didn't know he'd come.
Most guys his level--
they stay behind a desk.
He said
he likes to go out on cases.
He transferred from Seattle
a couple months back.
He doesn't drink,
doesn't eat processed foods.
No TV,
no social media.
You know what he likes to do
with his free time?
This is not helping.
He's okay. Focused.
But he won't
jump to conclusions.
Let me know
where she's staying.
Maybe we can
cover some expenses.
I'm not taking her to a hotel.
Ryan Carson is not a killer.
That's exactly what I told him. soon as you get this.
It's about Phoebe.
I think I'm in trouble.
I may need a lawyer.
You don't have to do this.
Don't be silly.
I'm not letting you
stay in a hotel.
Well, I'll let you get settled.
Dad didn't kill Phoebe.
Maggie, why didn't you
tell them about the watch?
It's the first thing
that they teach you
in law school--
never talk.
Anything that you say
will be used against you.
Did something happen
that night,
when Phoebe left?
It was New Year's Eve
and we were at the fireworks.
Phoebe was flirting
with Jay Messner.
They were practically
broadcasting the affair.
So I confronted Phoebe.
Dad wasn't even angry
when she left.
He said
that she loved him
and he knew
that she would come back.
Not yet.
Most of the bones
have disintegrated.
No DNA. And no weapon.
And what about clothes?
Uh, no organic compounds
cotton, silk, leather--
Well, can't build a case
without a victim.
It doesn't look good
for him, does it?
The watch battery
is seven years old.
The dates line up.
It's the exact same time
that Phoebe Carson disappeared.
And I found this
on the table upstairs.
"Dear Ryan--
By the time you get this,
Jay and I will be gone.
I'm sorry. Phoebe."
She was having an affair.
Ryan Carson made
two calls yesterday--
his daughter,
and the Messner campaign.
Now, Pam Messner
lived across the street.
Ex-husband's name is Jay.
Any chance
he's down here, too?
One body, that's all we got.
Maybe there was a fight.
Hmm? He took off,
so he wouldn't get implicated.
Coach Carson?
Hard to believe.
Why dig her up after so long?
Well, maybe the guilt
got to him.
Where is she?
Taking a shower.
Would you please explain to me
what's going on?
'Cause I could swear
you just texted me
that you found a skull
in Ryan Carson's basement?
I didn't find it.
It was just there.
Oh! Well, that's a relief.
I feel much better.
Could you keep your voice down?
Honestly? No!
Poor child.
Imagine finding out
your father is a murderer.
I always knew
that marriage would end badly.
Phoebe was much too young
for him.
She didn't want a husband,
she wanted a father.
Can we take this
one step at a time, please?
You just found a skull
in the man's basement.
How many steps do you need?
Wait, were you there?
The night Maggie confronted
Phoebe about the affair?
It was after
I sold the house.
I didn't live there anymore.
Well, you have to know
Was Ryan upset?
Shouldn't we leave this
to the police?
Why does that answer
always surprise me?
Aunt Cassandra, I'm worried.
There is a new head of Homicide.
He researched Maggie
before he even got to the house.
He's already building
a case against her.
- Wow.
- Maggie tried to act like
she didn't know
that was Phoebe's watch.
He knew she was lying.
You can't blame her.
Maggie has no other family.
If her father goes to jail,
she will be completely alone.
No. You need to tell
that detective what you know.
Well, then he's gonna think
Maggie's hiding something.
Well, of course, she's trying
to cover up for something!
Why else would she lie?
Aunt Cassandra.
There you are.
A sight for sore eyes!
Billie's been telling me
all about you,
fighting for truth
and justice in Chicago.
Truth doesn't always
go with justice,
especially in court.
I bet Maggie is anxious
to get back to the hospital.
Of course!
What was I thinking?
I will drive you.
I can't think of a better way
to spend my day.
- Will you give me a minute?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, hey.
I was looking for Wally.
Yeah, he's a little tied up.
It's just sandwiches.
There's one in there
for you, too.
Mozzarella and basil panini.
Unless you don't eat...
carbs or cheese.
What else did Wally say?
What, that I never have fun?
I'll tell you what,
why don't, uh...
why don't we grab a lunch break?
Mm! This is incredible.
Well, thank you.
Wally did imply
you might not eat it.
Well, Wally has never brought me
a sandwich like this before.
So you gotta tell me--
do you always feed detectives
at murder investigations?
Well, I used
to run a restaurant.
Closed down
about a few months ago.
I gotta do something
with these hands.
So why'd you close?
It was time.
We lost our chef.
I was ending
a long-term relationship.
Plus, I wanted to focus
more on the show.
So this is a Trojan horse?
It's just a sandwich.
Mm! Right.
To get inside information?
For a story?
I would never do a story
about this.
Maggie is my friend.
Okay, she's your friend,
so you came here to tell me
that her father did not kill
whoever is in his basement.
She lied today.
About the watch.
Yeah, Yeah, we kind of
put that together.
I-I wasn't there.
I only know
what Maggie told me,
but she hardly ever visited
after her father married Phoebe,
but she did return
that Christmas.
Phoebe was wearing
an expensive watch
and Maggie found a card--
signed "J".
Jay Messner?
Maggie wanted
to tell her father,
and she asked my advice.
I told her she shouldn't.
But Maggie can't let things go.
And then,
that was the night.
The night Phoebe went missing?
So no Trojan Horse?
Hey there.
We are here to see Pam Messner.
- Oh--
- Uh, sorry.
You need an appointment.
Brad Groelnik.
Right this way.
Pam, uh, a couple detectives
are here to see you.
The new head of Homicide.
Welcome to Winslow.
I hope Brad didn't
make it hard to see me.
We try to protect Pam's time.
How can I help?
Well, this won't take long.
We just have a few questions
about your husband.
As Pam's opponent
keeps reminding us.
So when is the last time
you saw Jay?
Seven years ago.
The night he left.
New Year's Eve?
You should probably read this.
You do your homework.
And were you aware
of the affair
between Jay and Phoebe?
Not until that night.
I'm sorry.
It, uh...
must have been upsetting.
Jay did me a favor.
It's not easy to be married
to a man who only loves himself.
- Hmm.
- Why are you looking for him?
Human remains were found
in Ryan Carson's basement.
We think
it could be his wife, Phoebe,
and we're hoping
Jay might know something.
Even if he does,
you won't find him.
You sound very confident.
Before Jay left,
he embezzled
half-a-million dollars
from my family's
car dealership.
The insurance company tracked
his credit card receipts,
found his car
at the Canadian border.
I'm sorry about Phoebe,
but at this point,
nothing to do with Jay
surprises me.
And why did Ryan Carson
call you yesterday?
Campaign contribution.
I took the call.
Pam wasn't here.
Very protective.
Just like he said.
Well, thank you very much
for your time.
We will see ourselves out.
"Campaign contribution"?
Ah, she still runs
the car dealership.
She's good at selling.
Detectives! Sorry.
That was awkward.
I wanted to explain.
Ryan Carson
didn't just call yesterday.
He calls all the time,
wanting to talk
about Phoebe and Jay.
He's pretty obsessed.
I try to keep him
away from Pam.
Pam does care
about what happened.
She seems very caring.
Well, feel free to reach out,
if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Who's that?
It's a reporter
from Billie's show.
You think
Billie tipped him off?
Somebody did.
Why else is he here?
I watched your show.
Last night.
And I was right.
You have a gift.
You watched my shows?
Five murders in two years?
How crazy is that?
Well, thanks, but it was just
kind of a coincidence.
I think one time's
a coincidence,
but five?
That's a gift.
So, I found us a story.
Oh. Okay. Great.
I went to see
Pam Messner yesterday
and guess who was there?
The police.
Pam says that, apparently,
they found the woman
that ran off with her husband,
buried in
a gym teacher's basement.
Oh, but wait,
it gets better than that.
there was a big blow-out
at some party the night before,
New Year's Eve,
the night that she disappeared.
So the gym teacher's daughter
goes ballistic,
publicly humiliates the stepmom,
who she clearly hates,
and then they find her dead.
Pam thinks the daughter did it.
And so then the gym teacher
covers it all up,
you know, for his kid.
It's a Greek tragedy.
Well, maybe
Pam's husband did it.
I mean, he did run away
with a lot of money.
You know what?
They found his car in Canada.
No, I mean, you are not
doing that story.
Come on.
Don't back away from this, okay?
We can do this.
Let's make it happen.
You and me.
You are a hard worker.
What'd I tell you
about popping out of doors?
I told you I was coming over
after the show.
Well, you made good time.
I'm pretty sure the credits
are still rolling.
How did it go with Maggie?
Oh, well, let's see.
She doesn't think
her father is guilty.
She thinks
that Jay Messner killed Phoebe
and she asked me to tell you
to tell the scary detective,
so that he doesn't suspect her
of manipulating,
even though
she clearly is manipulating,
which is when I remembered
that I am an ordinary citizen
who does not enjoy
solving crime.
Maybe Jay Messner
did kill Phoebe.
Can you pass
the labeler, please?
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
I will tell you.
I have been reading up
on ergonomics,
and, apparently,
storing plates on high shelves
causes repetitive stress.
Look, Aunt Cassandra,
I know you didn't live
in the neighborhood
when Jay left,
but you did live there--
for years.
You gotta know someone--
someone that might
know where he is.
I didn't know anybody.
Not well.
I was always working.
The only person I ever talked to
was Gwendolyn Nealy.
She and her husband
bought the house next door,
about a year before I moved,
but she was very shy.
She didn't know anybody either.
Carlos is doing a story.
He thinks
Maggie killed Phoebe.
Our Maggie?
Oh! That's ridiculous!
Did you tell that detective?
What did he say?
He doesn't say much,
but he is way ahead of us,
which is why
we have to find Jay Messner.
He is one of the last people
to see Phoebe alive,
and if he didn't kill her,
he knows who did.
I can't call Gwendolyn
after seven years!
She won't remember me!
She probably doesn't even
have the same number.
Hi! It's-- It's Cassandra.
Yea-- Shaw.
Yes! From Maple Lane.
I know!
It has been a long time,
hasn't it?
Can I help you?
I'm looking
for Billie Blessings.
Oh, um, she left,
right after the show.
She's doing a story
about a case I'm working on.
Oh, no, Billie doesn't do
stories like that.
I mean, not on purpose.
She does now.
You're that detective.
I just saw you
at the campaign office.
Tyrell Price.
You did.
Billie and I
are doing the story together.
Did she reach out to you?
Actually, I came to say
that if either of you
has any information
about this case,
you need to bring it to me,
before it gets released.
I mean,
"Okay, I have information."
Cassandra Shaw.
What a marvelous surprise!
And your famous niece.
I adore your show.
I watch every morning.
Tiny lie.
I make my cook watch,
but the recipes are divine.
So, are you both
as appalled as I am
by this horrible murder?
We all thought Jay and Phoebe
ran away together,
and the whole time,
she was in
Ryan Carson's basement?
A detective came by yesterday.
Very impressive.
He could make someone confess
just by looking at them.
Well, I assume
that's why you called.
What good is gossip
if you can't share it?
I'm looking for Jay Messner.
Do you have any idea
where he might be?
I hope
you're not doing a story.
Absolutely not!
Ryan Carson's daughter
is a friend.
I'm just trying to help.
Pam Messner
is a friend of mine.
But you must already know that,
since she was just on your show.
If Jay were to come back now,
it would destroy her.
Were you at the fireworks,
the night Jay left?
Jay Messner
is a despicable person.
I hope he's gone for good.
You have a beautiful home.
- Thanks for the tour.
- You're welcome.
There he is.
What's going on here?
What's happening?
...this is Billie.
And you remember
Cassandra Shaw?
You moved away to run
a little restaurant, right? Huh?
Yes. And you seem
to have done well.
Yeah, well, you know,
we get by.
Oh, don't be modest.
Okay. I did the Greenway.
The whole Greenway?
Yup. Hotels, restaurants,
department stores--
the whole shebang!
Well, it's been so much fun
catching up.
Mwah! Mwah!
Now don't be a stranger.
- I won't.
- Nice meeting you.
She hates us for using her.
Which we deserve.
She just gave us a tour.
Eh. She was showing off.
That's what people do
when they hate you.
I thought you said
she was shy.
She was!
It's Gwendolyn.
She wants to be
my online friend.
Okay, so let me
get this straight.
Pam Messner thinks that
Ryan's daughter killed Phoebe?
there was a big fight
the night
that Phoebe disappeared.
Got violent.
And you and Billie
discussed this theory?
She's leaning more towards
Pam's ex-husband.
He was a car dealer.
He embezzled a lot of money.
Sure you don't want a chip?
No, I'm good.
I know that cops don't usually
trust journalists,
but I think
we could really help each other.
Did you know that Billie solved
five murders in two years?
She's like a secret weapon.
She's not a weapon.
Her father was a cop.
No, you know what?
I think it's more than that.
It's like, when people meet her,
it's like they feel like
they're at home, like,
they met
their long-lost friend.
And then they just want
to tell her all their secrets.
That's somebody
you need on your team.
You know what?
Maybe you're right.
Why does this
make me uncomfortable?
I think you look adorable.
It feels like
we're going through her things.
Well, she wants people to see.
That's why she posted them.
You know,
they were all friends.
We all lived on
the same cul-de-sac.
It was kind of hard
to avoid each other.
Look at
Phoebe's arm around Jay.
I'm surprised that none of them
knew about the affair.
Wait. Why is a Canadian
real estate agency
Gwendolyn's personal profile?
They did find Jay's car
at the Canadian border.
A lot of people live in Canada.
There's a phone number.
I'm calling.
Wait. Maggie, Gwendolyn,
Mike, and Pam.
This can't be a coincidence.
Okay, let's not
get carried away.
If I committed a murder,
I'd want to keep track
of the players.
We don't know
that Jay Messner is a murderer!
Hi! My name
is Billie Blessings.
I'm a reporter,
from Wake Up, West Coast.
I'm looking for a Jay Messner?
Sorry. No one
named Jay Messner works here.
Oh, okay, well, maybe I could
leave my number,
in case someone knows him?
Yeah. Hang on.
How hard would it be
to get pictures
of every single person
who works
at a real estate agency?
Jay Messner may be working there
under an alias.
Is this for the story
you're doing with Carlos?
I'm not doing
a story with Carlos.
Yes, you are.
I just had very nice lunch
with Detective Price--
the lead detective
on the basement murders?
Takes himself
a little seriously,
but he seems to be
a big fan of yours.
What? I don't understand.
He's coming on the show
tomorrow to discuss the case.
Perfect cheekbones.
No eyes.
Okay. All done.
You, uh...
You saved me.
What are you doing here?
Well, I don't really think
I need to explain myself,
but since you made me
a sandwich--
I need a witness,
and the more people
who hear about this case,
the sooner I find one.
You don't even watch TV.
Yeah, well, you are making me
reconsider that position.
This isn't gonna go
the way you expect.
Is this, like,
some kind of competitive thing?
Are you upset that I've spoken
with your partner?
Carlos is not my partner.
Yeah, well,
that's not what he says.
if you tell this story on TV,
everybody will think
Ryan Carson is guilty.
Oh, there it is.
You're still trying
to protect your friend.
Carlos doesn't care
about the truth.
He only cares about ratings.
Thank you for your advice.
I'll take my chances.
How are we doing?
Are we good?
Five minutes.
My eyebrows
won't stop twitching.
Is that a thing?
It's called stage fright.
So, let me get this straight--
no victim, no weapon,
just bones,
and a watch that belonged
to a woman that disappeared
seven years ago.
How do you solve
a crime like that?
We're hoping to find a witness.
Well, today is your lucky day--
because we have a witness.
Can you bring her out, please?
Here she is--
the first eyewitness
to the case--
Phoebe Carson.
let's start with the obvious.
Not dead.
So, where have you been?
Why come back
after all this time?
I came to report a murder.
Excuse me.
I think you should see this.
Oh, yeah?
Let's start at the beginning.
Tell us why you left.
Jay and I were in love.
I mean,
I loved my husband, Ryan,
but more like a father.
Ryan's daughter accused me
of having an affair--
New Year's Eve,
in a very public setting.
I ended the relationship
that night--
I returned the watch
that Jay had given me,
but he begged me
to run away with him.
I went inside to pack,
and when I came out,
Jay was lying on the ground
by the car.
There was a screwdriver
in his neck.
Do you think that your husband
killed Jay Messner?
He was furious that night.
But so was Jay's wife, Pam.
Why didn't you tell the police?
I was frightened.
I thought whoever killed Jay
would kill me.
This interview is over.
I'm taking you to the station.
But you said--
We still have five minutes!
Well, can somebody
get my bag?
It's in the dressing room!
And that, ladies and gentlemen,
is how you break a case.
And... clear.
That's what I'm talking about!
I told you this would happen
the day he was hired.
Who put that woman
on my show?
it's my fault.
She called
from that real estate agency
in Canada
and I thought
that Carlos and Billie
were doing the story together,
so I transferred her to him.
That was amazing.
A live exclusive?
We're looking at huge numbers
for ratings
and social platforms.
Billie's the one
that found her.
I wasn't looking for Phoebe,
I was looking for Jay Messner.
Which poses
the obvious problem--
W-Wait. What are you doing?
Maggie Carson is my friend.
Her father's in the I.C.U..
We just accused him of murder.
Um, Gretchen's right.
We're blowing up on socials--
hashtag "basement murder."
And get this one--
hashtag "hot detective."
How much time do we have?
40 seconds.
What are you doing,
just standing there?
Go sit with him.
And do what?
This is a talkshow, Lance.
- You feel okay?
- Yeah.
Billie Blessings.
He was awake when I got here.
Maggie told me
you took her in.
He said he found the body.
He wants to talk to the police.
You didn't see the show?
I didn't.
Why? What happened?
There you go.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
I didn't come forward sooner.
It was cowardly.
I guess
it took Billie's phone call
to bring me to my senses.
Billie called you?
She called me first.
Carlos convinced me
to do the show.
I knew it was
the right thing to do.
I wasn't thinking clearly
that night.
I just ran.
But you were thinking
clearly enough to drive
and get gas
using Jay Messner's
credit card.
I didn't have a wallet.
I didn't even
have a suitcase.
But I thought you went
inside to pack.
I loved Jay.
Did you know
about the money?
I mean, you must have been
reading the papers.
Jay embezzled
half-a-million dollars in cash.
He never told me.
Do you own
the real estate agency
in Canada?
I put myself at risk, Detective,
coming here.
And I appreciate that,
which is why we're hoping
that you can spend
a few more days,
help us sort everything out.
I don't trust her.
But she didn't have time
to bury the body.
She bought gas an hour after
she left the fireworks.
The gas station's an hour away.
Maybe she had a partner.
Where'd you get that?
Ryan Carson's garage.
Hidden at the bottom
of a box of old tools.
The sump pump died...
and I was digging.
I saw...
The watch--
Phoebe was wearing the watch
that night.
I-I thought it was her.
I don't understand.
Why was Jay's body
in my basement?
Maybe it was easy.
Phoebe said Jay was killed
outside the house.
I called to tell you.
I called Pam Messner.
A killer wouldn't do that.
Did you tell Pam
what you found?
I told her campaign manager.
I need you to check the phone
at my father's house
and see if he made that call.
I can't leave him.
And if he did call,
then why didn't
Pam's campaign manager
tell the police?
Maggie Carson,
We have a warrant
for Ryan Carson's arrest.
On what basis?
Phoebe's story?
We found a screwdriver
in your father's garage.
Now, there's blood
where the stem meets the handle.
The DNA matches
that of Jay Messner.
I'm gonna file an injunction.
- You can't go into that room.
- Maggie--
He's barely conscious!
His life is in danger.
If you try and talk to him,
I will sue.
I think
you're making a mistake.
Yeah, well, you seem
to think that a lot.
Maggie's father called
Pam Messner's campaign office.
He told Brad Groelnik
about those bones.
Yeah, and who told you that?
Maggie's father?
Why didn't Brad do anything?
Well, what else
did Ryan Carson say? Huh?
That he has no idea
how the body got there?
Someone trying to frame him?
You know, off the record,
because I know
this matters to you--
I do not make arrests
without cause.
Now, there was lye
on that screwdriver,
which means
it was buried with the body.
Now, someone tried to wipe it
before they hid it.
Now, did you know Phoebe
was going to be on the show?
She said you invited her.
No, Carlos invited her.
Ah. And that's why
you didn't want me there. Hmm?
So you could spin a story,
like you're spinning it now.
- I don't--
- No, just--
Please, stop, Billie.
I like you
and I don't want
to feel played.
I hope this isn't a fight.
Because we did
some incredible work today.
We broke the case!
Why are you here?
I had no idea
this guy was your friend.
I was just here
to pay my respects.
No visitors.
I've got police officers
outside Ryan Carson's door.
Do not go near him.
That guy could use
some meditation.
Come on,
let's face it, Billie.
Between you and me,
it's a good restaurant,
but it's not your restaurant.
Aw, thanks a lot, Al.
I do kind of
miss the restaurant.
But I appreciate the compliment.
I'm serious! Come on.
I'm coming to Seattle
just for your Osso Buco.
Oh! Mwah!
Did I lose you?
I'm sorry, Al,
I gotta call you back.
You probably won't do
much damage with that.
Were you following me?
You wanted to know
if Carson called the campaign?
Well, I heard he did.
All the time,
like a crazy stalker.
How do you know that?
Pam Messner's campaign manager.
Brad Groelnik.
Oh, you believe him?
I'm starting
to have serious doubts
about that guy,
to be honest.
I went to the campaign office
after the show
to get Pam's reaction.
She wasn't there,
but a volunteer told me
on the down-low
that the police
found the murder weapon.
They were able to retrieve
one print...
and it wasn't Ryan Carson's.
Try that side door.
[officer #1] Locked.
[Officer #2] Neighbor said
she saw someone.
Well, there's nothing here.
Probably just got spooked.
Hard to blame her.
Guy did have
a body in his basement.
Let's get out of here.
It wasn't Ryan's print?
And Brad won't allow
the police to get any prints
from the campaign
without a warrant.
He's afraid
of what they'll find.
Are we working together?
Hard to beat you to the office.
Yeah, I didn't go home.
You need a hobby.
You know what I do
with my wife?
Oh, I don't want to know.
The embezzlement claim
Pam Messner filed
after Jay left.
Now take a look at the employee
who thought Jay
was skimming cash deposits.
- Brad Groelnik?
- Mm-hmm.
High-school drop-out
who owns a very nice home
in a high-priced neighborhood.
So, what,
Jay embezzled,
then Brad killed Jay
to get the money?
Half-a-million dollars cash.
Where did it go?
Pam won't be in today.
She's processing
the tragic death
of her ex-husband, Jay,
which she regrettably
learned about
while watching your show.
Hi, Brad.
I was hoping maybe you and I
could get some breakfast.
I'm busy.
Oh, well, you shouldn't
skip breakfast.
It's the most important meal
of the day.
Ryan Carson.
Someone left that
in my dressing room yesterday.
They probably want me
to use it on the show.
I can see why.
They seem like a really
close-knit group of friends.
They're always together.
They were.
In both pictures--
it's kind of hard
to tell in yours,
but they're all there.
Mike... Gwendolyn...
Ryan, Phoebe,
Pam, and Jay.
You said mine.
Oh, I did? Oh.
That's probably
because I'm thinking
that if they're all
in the photo,
who took it?
I have no idea.
But you were at the fireworks
that night.
It was New Year's Eve.
Everyone in town was there.
Maybe Maggie took it, but...
but why would she take a photo
of her father like that?
In fact, why would anybody
take a photo like this,
unless they planned on
using it later?
You need to be careful.
Or what?
I hope you're "waffley" hungry!
Just give us the check.
Is everything okay?
The waffles look delicious.
Can we pack them to go?
Oh, please,
tell me you did not
just interview
a person of interest
in my case.
I went by the campaign office.
They told that you took
Brad Groelnik for breakfast.
Well, he took me
and we didn't eat.
You like waffles?
Oh, and...
I know you were
having a difficult time
getting Brad's fingerprints...
Well, maybe you are
a secret weapon.
I think you mean
"Thank you, Billie."
I was harsh.
At the hospital.
And wrong.
Quite possible.
Excuse me.
I know you!
Wake Up, West Coast?
You're that detective!
"This interview is over."
Would you mind
taking a picture?
Can you... make that face?
he definitely took that.
Well, if he did,
he's dangerous.
You just can't
go buy him breakfast.
Hey, Billie!
Oh, hey.
Do you know everybody
at the station?
I'm pretty sure
he threatened me.
He threatened you?
Sorry, guys.
It's not Brad's print
on the screwdriver.
Well, then
he's protecting someone else.
We should've closed
that restaurant years ago.
I had so much fun
organizing the kitchen,
I decided to do the garage.
How would you feel
about asking Gwendolyn Nealy
out to lunch?
My hearing must be going,
'cause I could've sworn
you just asked me
to ask Gwendolyn Nealy
out to lunch?
I need to know if she remembers
Brad taking pictures
the night Jay Messner
was killed.
Do you think that I should
organize these boxes
or by size?
Now, Tyrell seems
to think that Brad
has something to do
with this.
Detective Price.
When exactly did
he become "Tyrell"?
I am so glad
I found you both here.
I came to apologize.
I misjudged.
Now, this is just...
...a little token
of my appreciation...
for doing that show.
Now, it's been awful for Pam,
of course,
but she needed
to know the truth,
and you ripped off the bandage.
This is so thoughtful of you.
Now Pam can move on
with her life,
which is why I have decided
to throw a party.
I mean, officially,
it's a groundbreaking--
Mike is blowing up
an old warehouse tomorrow,
but as soon as Pam sees
how much we all love her,
she'll perk up.
I don't know
that this is my place, but--
I think it's a great idea!
- You do? You'll come?
- Mm, yeah.
I'm so glad.
I gotta dash.
Black tie or white?
Black tie.
More traditional.
You're completely right.
She invited Maggie, too.
You do know
that she is up to something.
Which is exactly why
we're going.
Sure you want to leave
your father alone
in the hospital?
I don't have a choice.
I've got to find out
what people are saying.
Somebody wiped
that screwdriver, Maggie,
tried to get rid
of those fingerprints.
Detective Price thinks
it was your father.
It was.
He found the screwdriver
when he dug up the skull
and he wiped it clean
because he was afraid.
When did he tell you?
When he woke up.
I advised him
not to say anything.
He's my father.
I'm gonna do whatever
I need to do to protect him.
Break the law?
Sometimes, the law
doesn't always protect
the people that it should.
Why the long faces?
If we're gonna
get all dressed up,
we might as well enjoy it.
Come on!
How many people
do you think Gwendolyn invited?
Looks like a lot.
Oh, I wouldn't be surprised.
Mike and Gwendolyn Nealy
are big contributors
to Pam Messner's campaign.
Oh, the new detective.
I'm Billie's aunt.
I almost didn't recognize you
in that tuxedo.
Oh, the pleasure
is entirely mine.
Yes, it is.
Didn't realize you'd be here.
I told you
this would be fun!
There you are.
Isn't this fun?
Just like
those British TV shows
where everyone dresses up
for dinner.
Who wants a martini?
Wow. That dress is fabulous.
Follow me.
I'm so happy
you could make it.
I was just saying to Mike--
when was the last time
Maggie came home?
Well, work
keeps me pretty busy.
Maybe you had an intuition...
...about that basement.
Any idea what this is about?
No. How did you get invited?
The reason
we don't have programs for women
is because we don't have
enough women in office.
Tell me, Detective,
do you have a family?
Uh, it's just me.
I guess that you're married
to your career,
like my niece.
Oh, they have
a professional relationship.
He's not her type.
I'm surprised
Pam is still talking to us.
She wasn't,
until I reminded her that
she's doing the show tomorrow.
Right. The groundbreaking.
Did you ask her about Brad?
You and I aren't
working together, remember?
There she is!
Our guest of honor.
You said it was just us.
Plans change.
I had to invite her...
for you, Pam.
Almost everyone
who was with Jay
the night
he tragically died
is here.
I think we should
build a timeline
and find his killer.
Anyone who
doesn't want to contribute
is free to go.
I think you should start.
Tell us what happened,
after the fight.
Mike and I drove you home...
Brad came,
in case I needed help.
Then Jay showed up.
I told him
the marriage was over.
He had a bag already packed.
The money.
I went to lie down
and Gwendolyn got me
a sleeping pill.
And Gwendolyn and I,
we-we, uh...
we stayed the whole night,
in case
Jay tried to come back.
Where was Ryan?
He drove me to the airport.
everyone has an alibi.
Except you.
We don't know
where anyone was--
this is just what people say.
What about Brad?
Brad isn't a suspect.
I notice he's not here.
Because Billie accused him
of Jay's murder.
Brad didn't feel safe
coming here tonight.
He asked me
to share his story for him.
When Brad left Pam's house
the night of the fireworks,
he noticed Jay's car
in Ryan's driveway.
He suspected Jay
of stealing money
from the dealership,
and he thought
it might be in the gym bag.
But when he went
to confront Jay...
...he was already dead.
Phoebe stabbed him.
That's a lie!
He took...
a picture.
Brad took this?
I'm sorry, I have to go,
it's my father.
Oh, I-- Is he okay?
Do you need me to take you?
No. Please, I'll be fine.
Wait. At least take my car.
Thank you.
You see?
So many people hurting.
Isn't it time you confessed?
Phoebe already told us
that she found Jay's body,
so that photo holds
no new information.
Brad saw Phoebe kill Jay.
And unless
Brad makes a statement,
it's hearsay.
I'll take you
back to your hotel.
And I am afraid...
...that I will need
this photo.
Thank you for the party.
It was... very helpful.
We sh-- We should, um...
- Um, uh... thanks.
- Thank you.
Sure didn't see that coming.
I don't get surprised.
I appreciate the ride.
It really wasn't necessary.
Ah, you had
to get home somehow.
I want to work with you.
You did say no.
Pretty clearly.
I changed my mind.
I think she likes me.
Brad killed Jay.
He's gonna run.
The campaign office.
They'll have his address.
It won't be open.
If you're in,
you're in-- 100%.
Will I have
to come down to the station?
I will send a car for you
in the morning.
Excuse me.
Could I bother you
for an envelope, please?
Are you that detective?
From the morning show?
Not really.
Wow! Mr. Price!
I did not know
you could do this.
Did you get
a police officer?
On his way.
Eyes on Phoebe, all night.
All right.
Take this to the lab.
We need prints,
and get a warrant
for Brad Groelnik.
I'll meet you at the station.
I need to change.
I don't know. That's...
That's a good look.
You stick to rollerblading.
What do we do?
Ring the bell?
Let's surprise him.
It looks like the killer
came through the back gate,
which is hard to confirm...
...since you did, too.
We didn't go inside.
I need your phones.
Our phones?
So none of this
gets released
until we make
an official statement.
Wait a minute. Are you saying
that we have to stay here?
We have a show!
I'm sorry.
Well, I guess you changed
your mind about Carlos.
I hope it wasn't the tuxedo
because mine is better.
I was afraid Brad would run.
Yeah, well, we don't have
to worry about that.
Ryan Carson
hid the screwdriver.
He also wiped it down
so you wouldn't find
his fingerprints.
Maggie told me last night.
She also said
she'd do anything
to protect him.
So you don't think
Maggie went to the hospital
after the party?
I think
you should check it out.
Did you call her again?
Both of them. Twice.
Did you call her aunt?
She hasn't heard
from Billie either.
Oh, perfect.
This is perfect.
Hey! I think they're here.
Whatever they were doing,
it looks like fun.
Lucy, come on!
Head upstairs.
Get the set ready.
I was right.
Phoebe and Brad
were in this together.
Brad threw Phoebe under the bus,
so she killed him.
We don't know
Phoebe killed Brad.
We don't even know for sure
she killed Jay.
You know what?
You're right.
All we know is
that Brad tried to frame Phoebe
with that photograph.
Why would he frame her?
To protect someone?
But who?
What about Pam?
He's incredibly loyal to her.
And he worked
at the car dealership.
Maybe they both killed Jay.
He kept the cash
and she kept the insurance.
Well, let's find out
where Pam went last night,
after Gwendolyn's party.
Ugh! Our phones.
So good of you to join us.
You know what?
It was my fault.
I was about to call Pam.
Pam canceled.
She doesn't "feel safe."
She said her private life
was exposed at a party
last night.
[Gretchen, chuckles] Okay.
I'm sure you have something
to fill the segment.
Mm! Terrific.
What's in this?
Protein power.
Could've fooled me!
Remember-- if they can bake it,
you can, too.
And we're clear.
I thought I was a journalist.
Uh, Billie?
Your aunt left a message.
She said she's been trying
to call you all night.
I'm going to Pam's
to find out why she canceled.
You have
the groundbreaking ceremony,
live, in two hours.
I promise,
I'll meet you there.
Where were you?
I'm sorry.
It was a long story.
The police
confiscated my phone.
Did they take
Maggie's phone, too?
Maggie's not here?
I've been calling
the both of you.
I've been wild.
I thought the two of you were
stalking that campaign manager,
looking for Jay's killer.
Brad is dead.
Somebody stabbed him.
Where's Maggie?
I don't know.
But she told me that
she would do whatever it took
to protect her father.
Answer it.
I can't.
I got this number
from your assistant.
Listen, I'm sorry,
but I have got some bad news.
Is it Maggie?
I understand.
I'll tell her.
What? What did--
Did Maggie kill him?
Is she dead?
What's going on?
Phoebe's missing.
I don't understand.
She texted Brad
after the party
and then she disappeared.
Oh, thank God,
Phoebe did it.
Did what?
Brad's dead.
The police think
Phoebe killed him.
What is all this?
Are those police files?
Copies of files.
My dad's case.
I know someone
at the D.A.'s office.
Wait. That's where
you were all night?
- Copying files?
- What do you know?
A perfectly logical explanation.
Well, I've been
a terrible daughter,
so the least I can do now
is defend him.
You don't have to defend him.
The police
are looking for Phoebe.
Yeah, but even
if Phoebe killed Jay,
she didn't bury him.
They'll say that my father
buried Jay to protect her,
and they have
plenty of evidence.
Is that the screwdriver?
The one that killed Jay?
That's my screwdriver!
- What?
- I labeled it-- right there--
so no one would take it.
She bribed a housekeeper
to give up her uniform,
then picked up this car
from the hotel garage.
Now, according to the GPS,
she drove to a vacant lot,
then here.
She probably got on a train.
How'd she get to Brad's house?
She must've taken a cab.
You don't drive
a car with a logo to a murder.
Yeah, a taxi isn't much better.
Yeah, well...
she is smart.
For every lead
we have to follow,
gives her
more time to get away.
I'll call a cab company.
No, head over
to the train station first.
See if anyone saw anything.
- I'll check the lot.
- Okay.
It was part of a toolkit
that I just found
in my basement.
The screwdriver is missing,
and I am pretty sure
- I lent it to Mike Nealy.
- Mike?
But how did Phoebe get it?
Mike did a lot of work
for my dad.
What was the name
of his company?
Hey! Yo. Yo! Careful!
- Detective.
- Mr. Nealy.
Be careful.
Construction site.
Potassium hydroxide?
Yep. Cleans concrete.
Yeah. It's lye.
And that's why the sign
says "no visitors,"
so nobody gets hurt.
Hey, uh, why don't
we go back to my office?
Okay, so, Mike's company
filed for bankruptcy
a year before
Jay was killed,
and then they restructured.
Is it possible Mike
could've had a key
to your dad's house?
Oh, he definitely had a key.
Mike lived next door to Jay.
They spent a lot of time
together, socially.
What if he knew
about the money?
There was a fingerprint
on the screwdriver.
The police
never made a match.
Maybe it was Mike.
We need the toolkit.
It's in the garage.
I know exactly where.
Okay, you guys go.
I'm gonna look
for something here.
You know, Detective,
I just-- I, uh...
I want to apologize
for Gwendolyn's behavior
last night.
I was-- ha! I honestly
had no idea that was coming.
You've been working on
this project for a-a long time.
Ooh, si-- seven years.
It must feel good.
Revitalizing the economy.
Oh, well,
as a matter of fact,
we're-- we're about to launch
phase two.
We're gonna be blowing up
these two old warehouses here,
to make way for a luxury hotel.
- Huh.
- Every muckety-muck
in this city is coming.
You gotta share with me.
I mean, really,
how did you get started?
I bought a parcel of land,
one thing led to another.
Yeah. Yeah, I bet.
Hey, uh...
what brings you under my fence?
Well, Phoebe--
she went missing last night.
You know, after the party.
Well, I'd run too,
if a photo put me
at a crime scene.
I need Wally to meet me
at the waterfront,
as soon as he's done
with the cab company.
Send a squad car.
We're back!
Billie? Oh, no. I don't--
I do not... like this.
Hi. My name is Cassandra Shaw.
I'd like to speak
with Detective Price, please.
Billie is missing.
I think
she might be in trouble.
She was right here.
Maggie and I drove to my house,
not ten minutes away,
and by the time we got back,
she was gone!
I wanted to thank you.
- Thank me?
- For that party.
We baked these
on the set this morning.
I remembered you saying
you love the recipes.
How thoughtful.
Well, I apologize
for the lack of ceremony.
Mike and I have
an event this evening,
so we sent the staff home.
This is Detective Price.
Did the lab get the match
on the fingerprint?
Stand by, Detective.
To be honest,
I thought you'd be upset
about last night.
My little... trick.
I was very impressed.
What you did was very brave.
You and Pam must be
very close,
for you to take
such a big risk.
Pam and I got very close
after her marriage broke up.
It was especially brave
for you to use that photograph.
Why do you say that?
Because it wasn't Phoebe.
I think
that when Brad went
to Ryan's house
the night Jay was killed,
Phoebe was there,
upstairs packing.
I think Brad saw you.
Brad was blackmailing you,
wasn't he?
That's why you and Mike
were such big contributors
to Pam's campaign.
Pam is my dear friend.
Not back then.
Cassandra said
that you didn't have friends.
Cassandra wasn't really
part of our group.
Well, neither were you.
It was Phoebe and Jay,
starring in their own movie.
You and Mike were in trouble--
about to lose everything...
...and nobody knew.
Something must have snapped
that night.
You saw a chance
and you took it.
It might have worked
if Ryan didn't find the bones...
...and Phoebe didn't come home.
Say what you like.
You won't prove it.
When you showed everybody
this photograph,
Phoebe knew it wasn't her.
That's why she texted Brad.
You're making up stories.
You can't see anything
in that photography.
You can see a watch.
Just like this one.
Well, plenty of people
wear watches.
Not Phoebe.
She gave hers
to Jay that night
and the police found it
in Ryan Carson's basement.
You were afraid that
Brad was gonna tell the truth... you killed him, too.
I wouldn't.
You put down that knife, Gwendolyn.
Now, you're under arrest
for the murder of Jay Messner
and Brad Groelnik.
For what? A watch?
I don't even own one.
Well, maybe not anymore,
but we found your fingerprint
on the screwdriver
that killed Jay.
Now put it down.
Put it down!
Your aunt called.
I put it together.
You think you're so smart.
You have no idea
what Jay Messner was like--
always taking and taking--
never thinking about anyone
but himself.
He used to make fun
of my husband.
Mike is a good man.
He used that money
to rebuild this city.
We all did better without Jay.
Every single one of us.
Not Ryan.
Not Maggie.
And where's Phoebe?
She texted Brad
and that's why you killed him,
and then you went after her.
The groundbreaking.
I am committed
to strengthening
our local economy
by supporting progressive
growth industries
which provide long--
And here we stand,
by this abandoned warehouse,
about to be detonated
by Pam Messner,
candidate for Mayor.
It was not easy.
The road was long...
Uh, you've got a phone call
on my personal number.
- It is a pleasure...
- Hello?
to launch the next phase
of our riverfront redevelopment.
Excuse me!
But the police believe
that there's somebody
in that building!
That's ridiculous.
We-- We--
We inspected it this morning.
I would not
take his word for that!
It's a state requirement!
All right, you know what?
We have a signed permit.
Police officer!
You know what?
I'll tell you what.
Fine. I'll do it.
Put it down!
On the table.
Put it down.
You committed
two murders, Mike.
Don't make it three.
Put it down.
Put it down now.
Let's go.
Come on.
You do realize,
if Phoebe's not here,
you just cost
both of our jobs.
Call an ambulance.
You're gonna be okay.
It's over.
It's okay.
If you want my lovin'
If you...
Thank you all
for saving my life--
in more ways than one.
Well, you should really
thank Aunt Cassandra.
She's the one
that cracked the case.
Like I always say--
a good labeler
has many virtues.
Hey, everybody!
- How you doin'?
- Oh, hey, Carlos.
Those flowers!
From Pam.
She asked me to bring 'em.
They're beautiful.
I wanted to apologize--
for everything.
I think it's time
that we put this behind us.
Don't you?
Baby, baby
I do.
Please, take a seat.
I'll get you a drink.
There he is!
The star detective.
Happy you could join us.
I'm glad you could come.
I wouldn't have missed it.
A toast! To old friends.
Thank you.
And to new ones.