Moron 5 and The Crying Lady (2012) Movie Script

In life, it is indeed true
when a proverb says...
"Birds of the same feather
ock together".
Tell me who your friends are?
And I will tell you who you are.
Can you do that?
I think I cant.
Its too complicated for me.
Im competitive...
I dont want to lose.
Can you do it?
Lets try.
Thats hard.
What are we going to play?
Because friendship...
is like a magnet.
Whoevers like your kind...
they will stick on you.
Why are you passing through this way?
This is upward.
Were going down.
Those who are beautiful...
are for those equally beautiful.
Those who are ugly
are for those equally ugly.
Those who are genius are for the genius.
Slow learners match those who are slow.
- Looks like they're gay.
- Looks like.
Because theyll understand each othen
Why are they laughing?
Do you understand?
Nope but the sh crackers are good.
You might think these 5 are crazy?
Theyre not.
Theres a reason behind this.
Was the famous I shall return...
of the legendary,
General Douglas McArthur.
Albert stand up.
How did General Douglas McArthur died?
He was rip.
- He said rip.
- Quite. Quite!
Albert what do you mean with rip"?
My nanny told me...
it is written
in Douglas McArthurs tombstone.
RI-P. Rip.
Isaac stand-up.
How did General Douglas McArthur died?
Its always me.
I dont have anything to do with that.
I dont even know that McArthur.
Even if you bring me to court...
I didnt kill him.
Use the Filipino word kampante (comfort)
in a exclamatory Filipino sentence.
Say it!
Maam maganda po kayo
(Maam you are beautiful).
Thank you.
Pero wala kampante
(But you don't have panty)
I caught Mozart holding this paper.
- Whats written on the paper?
- Prayer Sir.
That god would help me
to answer the test.
Prayenul kid.
Look at this.
Prayer with ABC.
I told you.
Copy of answers.
Thank you god.
You answered my paper.
What was that?
What are you, son?
Ive been taking you wherever Im selling
since you were small.
And you dont even know
how to give change.
Its so hard, dad.
He gave me 10 pesos only.
How much is our barbecue?
Ten pesos.
How much is the change then?
Its so hard, dad.
My head is aching.
Give me paracetamol.
When god spread some brain...
why were the two of you sleeping?
Anyways, Albert,
Ill do your assignments and projects.
Then for your exam on Wednesday...
Ill teach you all the answers.
Thank you Pamintuan.
Youre my angel.
What will I do without you?
Oh, thats nothing.
Anything for you.
The group of moron is here.
Hey you!
Don't you dare call us group.
Albert lets go now.
This is riot.
Moron! Moron! Moron! Moron!
Hey, youre going too far.
You deserve to get beaten up.
Pamintuan sorry.
Pamintuan sorry.
Sorry I didnt mean it.
Pamintuan sorry.
You go ahead.
You rst.
Find your height.
I should be the last.
I didnt fight anyway.
I should be the last.
Coz Im the fattest.
What does it have something to do
with our line here.
In a barbecue, you haven't seen the fat part
on the rst line.
Hey, Pamintuan are you okay.
Do you think Im okay?
What if I prick your eye
with a barbecue stick?
You think youll be okay?
The ve of you should remember this.
Beginning today...
I dont want to see your faces ever.
Especially you Albert.
Were through.
So kiss me.
But dont you dare fall in love with me.
Don't worry Pamintuan...
you wont see me anymore.
Youre leaving?
Youll transfer to another school?
Youll get blind, right?
So you wont see me anymore.
I hate you.
I hate you!
The ve of you, get inside.
dont ever come back.
I lost my hair because of you!
Sir, have you ever had hair?
I cant let my constituents down.
I will pull the rope in our flag ceremony.
Be, youre out of town again.
You knew that when you married me.
Im the mother of Ilocos.
I love my fellowmen.
As I love my family.
Yaya give Yan-yan
and Christy their milk.
Yes maam. Done already.
Are you sure?
Not just one but two glasses today.
Whatever. I added some herbal.
Thank you so much.
Ma, wait.
About my principal.
That should have been last week.
Albert my dear son.
Youre not so lucky today.
Mommy has meeting.
Daddy Duds will help you out.
Whats that?
I have a game with the doctor.
Im sorry my son, can we do it next week.
Your principal wouldnt go anywhere.
Hold it.
The two of you are always busy.
Busy! Busy!
Ill pretend as the pretty grandma.
Thank you so much yaya.
I will never forget this.
What do you know, maybe next year,
Ill give a salary increase.
- Is it true this time?
- Thank you.
Bye yaya, bye my dear son,
bye Duds, bye house.
Bye and bye I'll come back.
Driver where are you?
From grade one,
I was accelerated to grade 5.
Were goin up the stage again.
0h, all of them
got their intelligence from me.
Alright, you got it.
Ma, Dad.
Youre there already.
Dine with us.
Coz if you wont catch the food.
No more eating.
No blaming.
And when youre hungry...
its hard to study and sleep...
so you'll go sleepless.
Sit down.
Its okay John Knight.
Dad I have something to tell you.
Let me guess brother.
You failed again.
And youll take up high school again.
Is this true?
What else is new?
Eight years in elementary.
Eight years in high school.
Thats why I don't have vices anymore.
Im spending all my money on you.
Hold it dad,
let me correct you out on that one.
For the rst time.
Its not 8.
But 9.
How do you read this?
Trigonometry 58.
Filipino 73.
English 71.
History 72.
Yahoo I won.
- Whats this, a bingo game?
- I won by 5 in our bet.
Youre not mad?
I didnt pass anything not even one.
Don't blame yourself, son.
Youve got a bit higher grade
this time.
Not like before.
Thats right son.
You used to get marks
starting with 5.
Now youve got line of 6.
And you even have 7.
Keep it up, son.
I thought Im doomed.
Dont worry
Ill maintain those grades.
So youd be happier for me.
What do you want me to do?
What do you want?
Ive given you everything.
A tutor.
I sent you to school.
But all your grades failed.
Aunt, I passed my P.E.
Aunt please.
Youve been injecting
a lot of stuff in my brain.
Thats why it explodes.
10 subjects.
Math, Science, Filipino, English.
What ifI stuff all of that in your brain.
I bet it will complain too.
What do you want to do?
One at a time, Aunt.
Your enemy is weak.
One subject a year.
Ill nish in time.
Shall we start with Religion.
Damn you!
Come here!
Ill crash your bones.
Youll kill me.
Where are they?
Where are the vendors?
No vendors allowed.
What does it mean?
What are you, read it?
Littering is not allowed.
English, Tagalog.
You are so...
Youre right.
No and bawal are the same.
Youre really good.
Tell Zart and Albert.
Whats Michael Angelos address?
634 B Intrucion.
Better if we ask.
Rather than to get lost.
Here, come.
Brother, excuse me.
Can we ask you something.
Do you know Michael Angelo.
Hes our friend.
He hasn't come to school yet.
Hes selling barbecue.
Oh, a barbecue stand.
Walk a bit.
Youll see the Nazarene.
Turn to the left.
Then straight ahead.
Youll see their barbecue stand.
Thank you.
One more.
Can you say it again.
- Walk a bit, Nazarene.
- Nazarene.
Turn to left.
Walk a bit, barbecue stand already.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
- Did you get it?
- Yes.
- How about you?
- I got it.
Lets just ask again.
Thats right.
Can we ask you something?
Do you know
where's 634B Intrucion Street?
Michael Angelos house.
Near Nazarene.
Turn then straight ahead...
near barbecue stand.
Thats the Nazarene.
Oh, yes.
Wow Nazarene!
Were near already.
Thank you so much.
Nazarene, turn there.
- Walk straight ahead...
- Straight.
you'll see the barbecue stand there.
- Right.
Lets go.
Thank you.
I think I want to give up.
After the Nazarene,
the straight part is hard to nd.
Bro, for Mikes sake.
Don't do this.
Wait, guys.
Can you smell what I smell?
Smells like smoke.
And when there's smoke.
There's fire.
When theres re?
Theres coal.
When theres coal?
Theres barbecue.
So what?
Youre such a moron.
An ultimate moron.
When theres barbecue,
of course well eat!
Hey, Albert, Aries, Isaac.
Its good that you came.
Why are you here?
Well buy your barbecue.
0h dad.
Mozart, son.
Youre here already.
Hi, mother!
Hi, father!
Are they your friends?
You live here?
Why didnt you tell us?
Coz were looking for Mikes house,
not mine.
Come in.
This is our boarding house.
Do you have gym here?
What happened to you?
Youve been absent for 3 days.
Even the barbecue kiosk in school is gone.
The school asked us to live.
Dads sales went down.
Thats why
we continue to sell here instead.
I stopped from going to school, too.
That school is harsh.
Treating you badly.
You are noisy.
Yeah you are noisy.
Now theyre gone,
we can sit down now.
Lets talk here.
Money is just the problem here.
Leave first.
Buy us some softdrinks somewhere far.
Were going to talk
about something you shouldnt hear.
what are you going to talk about?
You shouldn't hear that
were going to talk about...
how to raise money for you.
Itll be such a waste of you,
to stop from school now.
No dont bother.
I feel embarrased.
Oh no, he heard it.
Coz your voices are too loud.
Okay lets put it this way.
Just leave.
Well talk about something else.
Forget about what you've heard.
Thats nothing.
Go now.
Whats the new thing youll talk about?
Well contribute to raise money.
That well give to you.
Thats still embarrasing.
But thats better than the rst.
Thats more embarrasing.
Okay go now.
This is yours already.
Ill go now.
Youre giving this to me
coz I'm the fat one.
- Sorry one is not enough for you.
- Thank you.
Bro youre good.
He didn't hear our plan.
Well do our plan A.
The one he heard rst.
Thats good.
Youre good.
Hey, hurry up.
Were in a hurry.
So slow.
Hey dont act like that.
Thats computer it won't answer back.
Youll accept a job like this...
but youre moving too slow.
Hurry up!
Bro, people here are looking at us.
Thats not a bank.
Its an ATM.
Let him be if he wants to look stupid...
thats his life.
Maybe he wants to makes us laugh.
Lets laugh.
If you wont hurry up...
Ill kiss you.
Hey would you please.
You think my job is easy...
you do the counting.
You do it.
- I told you theres someone inside.
3, 4, there.
Youre hustling me forjust four thousand.
Thank you.
Now whos stupid?
You look good together.
How much more do we need?
50 Mike could pay up the school.
5,432 pesos and 1 centavo.
Ive withdrawn 4,000?
I gave 500 pesos.
I gave 1,500.
My tuition is just 5,000.
I pay half
because Ive got scholarship.
Okay I lied.
Where the money go?
We had lunch.
That's 1,400.
Dinner 2,000.
Footspa 2,000.
Where will I get the money?
Of course from there.
Hey, hey.
Where did the 32 pesos
and 1 centavo go?
Its here.
You know me.
Now we need to pay double.
Guys don't be sad.
You did everything.
I might have been really born
to be a moron.
Don't lose hope.
Do you see what I see?
Long line.
It means...
There's an audition
for PBB (Pinoy Big Brother)...
Well join the audition.
Well be rich.
Well be a star.
We can now send Mike to school.
Boys I still can't believe it...
Ill be a star now.
You'll be paired up with Angel Locsin.
Guys, 9Uys,
I can team up with Jolina now.
I can feel it now.
I can feel the applause of the people.
Clap, clap, clap.
Well show are craft.
Even if sometimes were unnoticed.
But this is our show.
This is our time.
Its show time.
Im youre mama.
Mama san.
And these are your costumes.
Wear it.
There are a lot of customers outside.
Just this one.
What do you want?
The brief that Im wearing
is bigger than this...
you could have stripped us.
Oh dont rush.
In the shows finale...
you'll all go naked.
This ones damn!
Thats okay, guys...
maybe this is Brothers rst test to us.
Don't act up...
we might get evicted right away.
Wheres the camera?
What PBB?
This is not PBB!
What is this then?
This is Biggest Loser!
What do you mean with Biggest Loser?
What do you mean with PBB?
What do you mean with brother?
What are you saying?
Youve entered a gay bar...
your work here is macho dancer.
Boys sorry.
I know that we need the money.
But I dont want to go as far as this one.
Lets go home.
Come on, lets go home.
What does he mean?
What does it mean?
Weve settled about this.
What is macho dancer?
I dont know.
Ijust dont like how he said it.
Can you say it again.
Macho dancer.
- I like it better.
- That can be.
He might have had a mistake.
Oh hold it!
Maybe you've forgotten...
you've signed a contract with me.
If you dont want to be sued...
wear these costumes
and start swaying those waists.
Hey, how does it feel?
3 days from now and youll get married.
Super excited.
Here, drink.
Look at those dancers.
theyre all handsome.
You know that Im conservative.
Im not used to this.
Go on, look.
Its my rst time in a gay bar.
I dont like such things.
Look at that one, hes cute.
You are my rst love.
- Youre going to be blind anyway.
So you wont see me anymore.
Sisters Ill go ahead.
Hey wait a second.
This is your party.
I suddenly got dizzy.
I think Im going to have
my monthly period...
my mestruation is regular.
Okay, okay well see you at the wedding.
Thank you, sorry.
Good night, good night.
I dont know how to thank all of you.
Look at you.
This is crazy.
Don t be like that.
I want to cry too.
As if youre not men.
Now Im going to cry too.
Hey, shame on you.
Were in the middle of the street.
Somebody might see us.
Why dont we just split up the money?
So we wouldnt have to cry.
I know why are you crying?
Because of him.
Sound like retort from you.
Heres your money. Thank you!
I dance, didnt I.
I performed well.
Dont ght.
Seems all of you are crazy.
One moment youre crying
because you love each other.
The next scene
is youre ghting with each other.
Heres a church...
let's go inside.
We should thank up there.
Oh my god!
Why are those ve in here?
Are they following me.
Do they know?
Lets sit in front.
So they would think we are guests.
And then at the reception...
we can eat lunch for free.
You're so stupid.
How would they think
that we're guests?
We dont have a gift.
I googled them.
And Im right
that they are the Moron 5.
From the past til now,
they are my nightmare.
Dont get paranoid, Beckie.
They wouldnt know.
Because youre a real female now.
Dont worry, shes a real woman.
Are you sure?
Ive been thinking of that before.
You should have told me...
Ive got lots of cups at home...
I could have wrapped it.
Maybe the ones getting married
is a Japanese?
How did you know?
Japanese lantern.
We have lots of that at home.
My mom used to work in Japan.
So your mom must know
how to speak Nihonggo?
Huh, fluent.
I love you.
I love you.
Go ahead.
What Nihonggo do you know?
Who do you think you are?
You are such a show off.
We both worked as Japayuki in Japan.
Between the two of us youre the only one
who should be called Japayuki.
My Japanese married me.
Your Japanese?
Your husband?
Hes gay.
You don't have an evidence.
Look down.
Look at that.
- Why are you wearing that?
- Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay).
Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay).
Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay)
Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay)!
Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay)
Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay).
Is what hes saying is true?
Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay).
Antano oksang okama (Your spouse is gay).
Shut up!
Hold on.
Ive been doubtful ever since!
Are you gay?
Were you a man before?
Hold it.
Answer me!
Are you a woman or a man?
Did you just change your genitals?
I m gay, transvestite!
Because I love you!
Hes dead.
The ve of you will pay.
Get ready.
Dinner time.
Where are we going to eat?
Where are we going to eat?
I want a cheese burger without cheese.
That's our snack yesterday.
I want some japanese food.
Ox tail kare-kare.
Lets have Filipino food.
Like mami, siopao, siomai.
Im still full.
I just want an appetizer.
Ice cream.
Cassava avor!
That's delicious.
You've got lots of request.
I hope theres a restaurant
that has all of those you want.
Setup Ka Resto.
We serve Ice cream, siomai, siopao...
hamburger without cheese...
Karekare tail.
It says follow this arrow.
That way.
Follow the arrow.
To the cat.
Ask the cat
on the restaurants location.
Follow the cat.
Ask the pygmy who sells balot.
Give him 20 pesos.
Wheres the cat?
Can we ask you something?
Where is the Set-up Ka Resto?
That's fast.
Where is it?
The cat.
Heres the pygmy.
Isnt he an element or something.
Is he a pygmy?
Pygmy can we ask you something?
Maybe hes a kid.
Where is the Set-up Ka Resto?
No answer.
Let me slap him.
- Somethings missing.
20 pesos.
Thats whats missing.
- Oh right, 20.
Where to now?
He doesnt like it.
Give it.
He doesnt like it.
It's good now.
Just like Billy Crawford.
What's written?
Ask til you see a man lying down.
Pull out the knife...
ask wheres the restaurant.
That's hard.
Wheres the man?
What's that?
Boys boys hold it.
Maybe this is the man.
This is the knife.
There you go.
You murdered my father.
We didnt murder him.
We didnt murder him.
Call the cops.
Tell them there are 5 men
who killed my fathen
Hurry call the cops.
Hurry run!
Cops are coming!
Hey, we didnt do anything wrong.
Dont move!
We did not kill anybody!
We didnt do anything wrong.
I cant forget
how they murdered my fathen
I will crash all of them!
Maam water.
Where are they?
Where are those criminals?
I wouldnt forget the faces
of those animals.
Oh no ma'am!
Maam water.
Have you identified already?
They must have changed
their clothes chief.
Can they take off the shirt.
Take off your shirts.
Chief tell them to take of their shoes
so Id be sure with their height.
Shoes too.
Chief Im distracted with the pants.
Take off your pants.
Chief they were moving
while killing my father.
Chief they should move slowly.
Just smooth.
Move smoothly.
Have you identied already?
They were the ones
who murdered my father.
I They call us moron .r
I Brainless I
I Stupid I
I Idiot.
I Often wrong I
I We cant keep up I
I And what I
I You know whats up I
I Abnormal I
I Fool I
I Failure I
I Nothing I
I We are the moron 5 I
I Group of crazy I
I Moron 5 I
I Group of dimwits I
I Moron, moron I
I Moron 5 I
I Even if we have small brains I
I Our group is happy I
I Even if we cant do anything right I
I Well stick together I
I Moron, moron I
I We are the moron 5 I
Do you know wheres Isaac?
Maybe hes eating.
It's almost dinner time.
we've been friends for like ages.
When did we miss to eat together?
You're right.
He might have been bullied here.
Lets go.
Hey, later when you take a bath...
scrub it
and squeeze some lemon on it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ill do that. Thank you.
What are you doing?
Getting tattoed!
What are you talking about?
Why are you getting tattoed?
In exchange of...
Tell the truth.
What did you ask in exchange of it?
His rice will be mine later.
I shouldve known.
Got tattoed for a rice.
You fool.
- Youre a moron.
- I'll just go inside.
You killed!
You killed.
You're such a moron!
Aunt, it's not us.
I dont know.
But not us.
Aunt, come on.
What happened to you son?
It's like this mom.
There are something like.
It's a good think that when that something
happened you werent like...
Im like... whatever here?
I dont know what to do.
You're not mad?
Why are we going to get mad?
We went to your brothers graduation.
Look at these medals...
and certicate.
Your brother and sister are smart.
You know son...
you're better off in prison.
So you couldn't harm people.
I dont want to someone to get harmed.
Right son?
And didnt you know...
you should be happy.
Youve got guards here...
you sleep on time...
free food...
and youve got uniform.
I wont allow you to get imprisoned...
I know you didnt do it.
Ill look for a lawyer.
Dad we dont have money.
How will you look for a lawyer?
You'll sell barbecue here.
So we could raise money to pay a lawyer.
You can do it son.
Dont let them owe you, they have to pay.
Yes dad.
I love you.
I love you Dad.
You're really good.
What are you doing?
Can't you see this?
Im scrubbing here...
then youre going to ask
what am I doing here.
Are you complaining?
Dont you dare punch my friend.
What will you do?
Do it to me.
Hey you, after that...
wash my clothes.
Use fabric conditioner.
Axion or Joy?
Fabric conditioner right, so it's joy.
Grilled pork.
Freeze !
You poor hungry men.
Your face is shameless and thick...
and your make-up is thick.
Your fats included.
Why are you teasing us like this?
Because you are criminals.
You killed my father.
We dont have anything to do with it.
We just saw the man...
stabbed with a knife.
We even put it back.
So please take back
what you said to the cops.
What do you think of me, nuts?
You'll rot here...
and youll die here...
like how you killed me.
I thought it was your dad
whom we killed?
I can buckle cant I?
Girls come here.
Hold it.
You know you're all hot headed...
thats why were fighting like this.
Beckie can we x this
as soon as we got out.
Thats if you'll ever get out.
Albert make your massage better.
Press it hard.
Isaac, Mozart.
After we play...
heat up water for us.
Why dont you try to be lazy?
Seems like you havent tried it yet.
You'll make a crime...
and when you get imprisoned...
you want someone to serve you.
Be thankful were good followers.
Or maybe youre a bunch of cowards.
You havent changed since elementary.
and coward.
Hey, how did you know that?
That's our secret.
Im Ricardo Salvador.
Im Elmer Despa.
Im Alvin Cabalda.
We are your classmates
back in elementary.
Since we were in elementary...
you've been the villains in our lives.
Even in this movie.
Come on let's these fools.
You rude!
Damn you!
Whos that?
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Whos that?
Hey babes, who's that?
I dont know.
Why are you hugging him?
I felt sorry for him.
Come here.
Youre hugging me
yet you dont know me.
You find me handsome dont you.
Smells like a prisoners fart.
Who fart?
It's so stinky.
Because no one's speaking...
its so quiet.
I want to here some noise.
You could have stuck
an earphone to your butt.
So the sound would go straight
to your ears...
so you'd be the only one to hear.
Hey admit it.
When did you start eating trash...
its so stinky?
Since we got here.
I havent pooped yet.
Til we get out of here...
I wont poop.
If thats so...
we should get out of here
Well escape?
That's the only way.
I feel like farting again.
Just one line.
I know how to get out of here
without shedding some blood.
Mike can you see
those two cans of paint.
Get it.
That's double life sentence.
That's bad.
Hurry up!
Is that paint?
They said it smells good.
Can I smell it.
Up to you.
Hey you ve...
what are you doing there?
Come back.
Back into the line.
Go back
Im just smelling here.
Go back.
Were coming out now.
Thank you.
Hi sexy.
Hello. Hi.
Hi sexy.
You're escaping.
We're almost there...
we could have escaped alsready.
Why did you open your eyes?
You're blaming us...
but you keep on putting out
your tongue.
Dont blame each other.
Let's just think
how could we escape from here.
You want to escape?
Were in a cell, on top of a tower.
You're good.
Hold it, what do we have here?
Steel .
Do we have saw for steel here?
Hey, this one.
This is the solution to our problem.
Come here.
Somebody might hear us.
Well open the ashlight.
Then we'll use its beamlight to cross...
going to the other building.
You crazy!
That's too impossible!
Imagine this, while you are crossing
through the light coming from your ashlight.
And its battery goes low.
Oh no, youll fall.
- Youre dead.
I havent thought of that.
Hey what's our food?
No okra?
Theres no okra.
Pinakbet isnt pinakbet without okra.
Eat that...
or Ill get it.
Give me that.
- I want okra.
Brother will get mad.
Give me that.
Okra is my favorite.
Ill die without okra.
Hey you,
can you just put okra on your pinakbet.
Theres no okra.
Why dont you
colour a squash with green...
so it would look like an okra.
Oh well!
We beg you...
The song Bahay-Kubo
doesn't have okra in it.
How come til here,
you dont have it.
You're all crazy.
What will I do,
theres no okra?
No okra!
Somebody will knocked down
dead here...
we need an okra.
Fight for the right of an okra.
Okra! Okra!
I want okra!
Come on let's get out of here.
Lets go.
Whre are you going?
What are you doing there?
Planting okra.
I wouldnt expect something
from that cook when it comes to okra.
Brothers come here.
Isaac you don't have to plant okra...
co'z you wouldnt see it
grow anyway...
I know now
how to get out of here.
Just be easy.
Ive thought of something now...
just don't make it obvious.
Just smile.
What are we going to do?
Well ride the truck.
They're inspecting it.
Well ride the truck, yes.
Theres inpection, no, no, no.
That's dangerous.
Lets just go back there...
do some gardening.
Youre moron,
unlucky and you're coward.
No can do.
We have to get out of here.
how can we escape here?
Ill go home...
I miss my family so much.
What are we going to do...
we'll pretend as garbage.
Well get inside the garbage bag...
and will come out as garbage.
What if like pretending like that?
Well be forever garbage?
Where will we live?
In Payatas?
We have to be strong.
We shouldn't be carried away
by this role playing.
Once we get out of here...
let's split up from internalization.
There are still garbage here.
Pick us up.
Oh yes, there are some bags here.
Think light.
Think that were like papers
and were light for them to carry.
Now thats tiring.
Youre asking us to internalize a lot.
Were free!
They re looking at us
not because they knew us.
But because we smell awful.
You owe to the garbage boys.
If not for those trash...
we wont be free.
Thank you legend of the garbage.
That okay with you?
Now heres the solution.
Choose one from these originals.
This is the most expensive, Hermes.
Brother Hermes Moreno.
Come one.
Lets go.
Is that classy?
Lou Veloso.
So he owns that.
Here bro.
This is the best.
By Anabel and Nadia.
That' tight.
Oh! Armani!
This is world class.
Armani Pacquiao.
Is this famous?
Oh, yes!
Zara Geronimo.
Shes beautiful.
I like her.
Hold it.
Wheres your payment?
You're payment?
Do you have money?
Theres no ATM inside the jail.
I cant withdraw.
How much?
Just some 5 thousand.
That looks good.
5, 000.
One, two, three, four, ve,
four, three, two, one.
Here, sir.
Thank you.
Come back again. Okay.
Where did it came from?
Inside the jacket.
Fallen from heaven.
Fallen from jacket.
Lets go.
May be thats Willie Revillames jacket.
5, 000.
Weve got sales now.
Where are the clothes
that I asked you to sell?
The Gap jacket?
- Sold already.
Oh no, Im dead.
My husabnds jacket was there.
And there's money in its pocket.
Oh dead.
That's morn!
Is that Mozart?
My son.
We could have picked you up.
Mom, dad...
you don't have to pick me up.
We just escaped from the jail.
- Huh!
- What?
Escaed from prison?
- He's a criminal!
Hes a criminal?
Theres a criminal in our place.
You're taking care of a criminal?
Lets put him back to jail.
He might also kill us.
Dad I'm here!
Son, where are you?
Im here.
Im here!
- how are you?
Surrender us your son,
if you dont want to get hurt.
You'll have to pass
by through my dead body then.
Dad you might get hurt.
I can do this.
Your dad is a good Stuntman.
I was once a double
of FPJ, Lito Lapid, Erap.
I can do this.
Run away, son.
Go ahead, try me.
Run away?
whats important is that we're free.
Dad, you hurt me.
Just because I escaped from jail.
It's wrong son.
It's wrong that you were imprisoned
for a crime you didn't do.
Then you escaped.
You just proved them that youre guilty.
Why do I have to be in prison?
I didnt do it.
If you really didnt do it
then why did you escape.
Go back to jail!
You were such a pain
since you were a kid.
I was patience with your stupidity.
But you being a criminal.
Go back to jail.
Go back there!
Get more.
There are more food there.
You knew Im coming home?
This is your welcome party for me?
What are you doing here?
This is your brothers party.
Who got accepted.
As exchange student in Japan.
But its good that youre free now.
We escaped from prison.
Because I really miss you.
Hold it.
Aunt thats enough.
That hurts.
What are you doing here?
You escaped right?
Aunt how did you know I escaped?
Youre just moron
but you're not a liar.
Dont come near me.
Dont you come near me.
Miss Estrella your nephew is nally free.
That's his cousin.
They look-alike.
Hes still in prison.
I hope he wouldnt get out.
You're sure?
Aunt I have a cousin
who looks like me and is also in jail.
Aunt let's visit him.
That poor guy.
What the...
You keep on doing that.
Get out of here!
Have a little shame on yourself.
You've given me nothing but shame.
If you please...
dont come back ever.
Aunt please stop...
that hurts Aunt.
That hurts me much.
You ruined my send off party,
I have to call the cops.
Hand me a cellphone.
He has to go back to jail.
Give it to me.
What's the number there?
Thank you.
Theres a direct line.
4182727 up to 8.
Thank you.
Hello. Police station.
You have to go here in our house.
Oh my dear son how are you?
I hope youre okay alright.
- Son.
But wait.
Are you sure youre okay alright?
Or merely alright okay.
Ma didn't you hear about the...
Oh no son...
You know that your mommy hardly sleeps
because she's too busy.
Sweetheart looks what's on the news.
Someone of the same name
with our son is in jail.
That's why you have to be careful son.
Thats not it.
You should be careful
especially on head-cracking ghts.
Of course broken ears.
Broken nose.
Broken whatever.
All of it.
But most importantly...
broken face.
You are too handsome
to have broken face.
And that's not going to be alright.
This is it.
Were safe here.
Its imposible for them
to find out that were hiding here.
What is this?
We know that you're stupid sometimes.
But please dont make it too obvious...
we're having a hard time dealing with you.
It's obvious.
- Lets go.
- Moron.
You say moron like youre not.
Do you know it.
Bro whats this.
I dont know?
- What is this?
- Now you see.
You don't even know.
What is this then?
Just look around.
It's so obvious.
What is this?
This is hard.
What you call about this?
Oh okay Ill admit it.
I also dont know
what do they call this place.
I told you.
But I know.
That we're going to hide here.
From Beckie Pamintuan.
Well hide.
How can we nd Beckie Pamintuan?
Philippines is so big.
Is that a problem?
Lets announce on TV stations.
Radio stations.
You know what,
I look up to you so much.
You are my idol.
I told myself that when I grow up
I want to be like you.
But you're such a disappointment.
TV station.
Radio station.
What do you think of yourself, a star?
Bro, sorry, sorry.
Will you please stop.
This is the answer.
What is that?
What are we going
to do with that?
Were going to stay here longer,
Well stay here til night.
Well be sleepy.
Now we have pillow.
- Thats a good idea.
- No.
This is a directory.
Peoples name, address
and phone numbers are here.
This is the answer
to find Beckie Pamintuan.
Hey, are you done yet?
Im almost done.
Im done with letter A.
Im on letter B.
B Beckie.
Shouldnt it be P.
Oh really.
I thought it's Beckie?
But its Peckie.
Peckie? Thats letter P.
- Peckie.
- What Peckie?
Beckie Pamintuan.
Hold it.
It could also be V.
Veki, Veki.
- Yes.
Thats right.
- Lets go straight...
Vakla, Vorta, Vaklush, Vavaji.
I found it.
There Beckie Pamintuan.
Here Beckie Pamintuan.
This ones Beckie Pamintuan too.
This one also.
There are 187 Beckie Pamintuan.
How will we know who's the one?
Lets pick one by one.
Can we eat rst.
Im so hungry.
Oh, its morning already.
That's why I am hungry now.
We didn't notice
that its morning already.
We havent slept.
Dont blame yourselves.
Because people like us are called...
Come on let's eat.
That's Beckie.
Maam what are you going to tell us.
Why did you call us?.
- Come here.
My name is Beckie Pamintuan.
22 years old.
Thats crap.
No its 32.
Im just kidding.
Come back here.
Come back.
I am single and still a virgin.
Lets just go home.
Come back.
I ll just tell you.
Nothing but the truth.
Hey what's that?
Right on time,
maybe someones giving away food.
What are we waiting for?
Lets go.
Hey maybe theres burial.
What are you?
Because of an unimaginable crime
I witness how my father
was brutally murdered.
Look at that woman in black.
Whos Fernando Pamintuan.
She looks familiar.
I love my father so much.
- Wasnt she the one who got us on jail?
- I miss him.
That's Beckie Pamintuan.
How did she follow us?
I am the victim here.
I asked you to come
so I could announce.
That the 5 criminals
who killed him, escaped.
I II give out 5 million reward.
To who ever could find the criminals.
Im launching today
the Find the Killers Text Promo.
To join...
Text to 2263.
Text react space...
Name and address.
Don t forget!
Come with me.
Lets go.
Come all of you.
My father lies here...
Do you want him
to rise from the grave?
So he could ask for justice.
Because the people
responsible have escaped.
Do you want that?
So you want?
Oh no.
I knew it was her!
That's her!
That's Beckie!
Shes the one!
Cut cut cut!
Please keep quiet.
I m having my moment here.
Youre too noisy.
Someones peeing here.
- Thank goodness, Im done.
- It smells stinky
They look like these.
Hold it.
You're this one, right?
One of those who murdered
Beckie Pamintuan, father.
If that was me, why am I here?
I shouldve been hiding.
Wait Im not yet through.
Last night I dream't of my fathen
- This is is you?
Do you know
that I can sue you for that.
That only looks like me.
That doesnt mean that's me.
Its impossible
that you just look like these 5 killers.
You've seen nothing.
What do you mean nothing?
You didnt see anything.
That's right.
Why did you admit that fast?
It might have been created
through photoshop.
Jinky and Charice were like that.
Did you see anything?
One more.
Did you see anything?
Yes there is!
Since there is...
Ill tell mom what you did to me.
Now, have you still seen anything?
Were really good.
That was crazy.
- You didn't tell the reporters were gone...
- The important thing is we follow hen
I was crying the whole time.
Sorry maam I didnt notice.
Assist me here, the stairs is high.
Yes maam.
Were here.
What are we going to do now?
Well take photos.
So we could have souvenir
taken beside a nice car.
You're stupid.
We just got out of jail.
Who has camera?
You're right.
We should follow her.
How can we follow her
if we don't have a car?
I know.
Lets just steal this
so we could have one.
Thats cool.
- Carnap?
How can we follow?
If were going ahead.
Lets slow down.
Yes right.
No. Wrong.
Well hitch a ride.
What are we doing here?
Lets ride.
How will you ride?
You dont' have the key.
You're always like that.
All of you.
This is automatic.
- Come.
- Come on in.
Get in.
- Okay.
- My turn.
- Okay you.
Ouch I got tripped
coz you dont help me walk.
You're so annoying.
Baby girl. Sister here.
Wheres mom?
In her room.
Go away.
Ouch my eyes hurt.
That's why it smells stinky inside.
That's enough.
What are we going to do next?
Well observe Beckie
and her housemates.
Then we'll see
if we could talk to Beckie.
That's right.
It's better
if we'll stay there.
Lets go this way,
at the back of the house. Okay.
Lets go.
Maam Beckie, Im here.
Im sorry maam,
senyora ask me to bring snacks.
Maam Beckie.
Maam Beckie.
Maam Beckie.
Im here maam.
Carding youre so rude.
I miss you so much.
I dont like this.
- Come one.
- I dont like.
Give in to what I like.
If you want,
later while the bosses are sleeping.
Come on.
Oh no.
I dont like. Later.
Later? Promise.
- Yes.
Go there, take a bath.
You smell stinky.
Okay, bye.
Whod handsome do you think you are?
Baby girl,
darling dont play with your food.
It has nutrients, proteins,
fats and carbohydates.
Vitamins, minerals and...
What's "sulit" mama?
You know the meaning of DHA
but you dont know the meaning of sulit.
Go to your room!
You will not eat tonight.
What a waste.
Want all of those.
Becasue of your noise...
pour plan will get ruined.
I cant control this anymore.
A person whos hungry...
becomes a moron.
Thats why
we're hungry for a long time.
What is our plan here?
Were here at Backies house...
but what are we going to do.
You know you are right...
Hunger brings out
the moron in you.
But we have to x this.
Beckie is pissed with us.
The key here is...
her family.
If we talk to them.
And x the problem...
itll then be clear
that we didnt do it.
Its okay.
We can go back to our families.
Before we nd a way
to clean our names...
and go home to our families...
can we just attend
to our hunger rst.
You're right there. Come on.
where is your ma'am Beckie?
Ma'am shes talking
to her Japannese boyfriend.
If ever I see that Japanase guy,
hell be doomed.
Inday call Beckie.
I want to talk to her right now.
Yes maam.
Dont talk when your mouth is fool.
You fool.
Damn it.
Brothers, ill make a way.
Especially for you Isaac.
I know how starve you are.
Stay here.
Were hungry.
That's not enough for Isaac.
Hes a fat boy.
Hey Dong.
Dont Dong the bosses might see us.
No. They wouldn't know.
Stay here.
Hey Carding!
Sorry sweetheart.
If you really want Dong. I'll hide.
Look for me.
Ill be under my bed.
Okay Ill look for you.
At last youll be mine, Inday.
Careful Dong.
Inday is so hot.
This is yummy.
Hey Inday would you clean
the front of our house. Its so dirty.
Whos that?
That's the brother.
The one with scary voice last night.
The one whos talkng
while his mouth is full.
They're looking for a driver.
Why, wheres the old driver?
He might have left.
What's going to happen to Beckie?
Oh, maybe thats the reason
why they were looking for a new driver.
We have to get inside the house.
We have to know hows Beckies life.
We have to tell her that we didnt do it.
How do we do that?
Looks like Beckie knows us well.
We have to disguise.
Lets look for a person
who can help us...
to change our face.
Where can we possibly nd that?
We might have a hard time
looking for that.
Lets ask inside.
Let's go.
Edilberto Mapagpanggap.
Edilberto Mapagpanggap.
64 years old.
How long have you been driving?
60 years.
Are you kidding me?
You're 64 years old but youve been driving
for 60 years now.
How old did you learn to drive, 4?
Overtime included.
How much do you want
for your salary?
20 k.
20 pesos per day plus free food.
You're hired.
You can start now.
Please clean the car.
Thank you.
Inday prepare my bubble bath.
Whos that?
Yoohoo misis.
Excuse me I'm still a Miss.
Who are you?
How did you get inside
my house?
I climb up your fence.
So I could bring you
my kaldereta.
So who are you?
Im Bibi King.
Beauty king.
Your neighbor.
Just across the street.
I just moved there.
Thats why Im here.
To bring you whatI cooked.
Welcoming something.
You know.
What do you mean neighbor?
It's an empty lot across the street.
Thats my lot.
I put up a tent.
I hope this is the start
of our friendship.
- Come let's eat inside.
- Hold it, Ive got lots of friends already.
You want an enemy?
But I'm busy.
You can go now.
Wait, leave the kaldereta.
I havent eaten yet.
Eat it.
Damn it's spoiled.
Fire ?
Mother, Brother, Inday!
What do you mean surprise?
It should be show time!
That can be too.
And who are you?
Why are you creating smoke
in my house?
Im Madam E.
A fortune teller.
Im creating this smoke.
So bad spirits
inside your house will go.
Hey if theres a bad spirit here.
It's you.
Get out of here.
I can sense something.
Youll win in the lottery.
200 million?
But there's a chance for it
to become big.
Just tell me something about your life.
- Yes.
Who are these people?
Your family?
Father, mother, brother, sister.
How do you brush your teeth?
Will I win the lottery now?
Here bet on these numbers.
1... 2,3,4,5,6.
And take off the hatred in your heart.
Ican feel...
that you sent 5 innocent men to jail.
Set them free.
Ill send you to jail
if you wont leave now.
Brother, mama, Inday.
Call the cops.
Get out of my house.
Get out!
Inday what are you?
People just barge into my house.
Is this a mall?
Hey who are you?
You're a robber?
Oh no.
Dont be mad.
Dont panic.
I got hungry thats why
I passed by and eat.
I'm not bad guy.
I'm friend of Edilberto your driver.
He know me.
I don't care.
Just leave to my house.
Hold it.
Before I leave
you might want to buy DVDs.
Quiapo doesnt have it yet.
Theres bold?
I know you, you really like porn.
That one's good.
That's the Fusion of Good Spirit
to Beckie Pamintuans Spirit.
How did you know my name?
Im Edilbertos friend, hes your driver right.
Learn to forgive.
So youd feel better.
Who are you calling?
Ronnie Rickets.
Ill ask them to catch you.
Oh you.
Im just kidding.
Hellow whos this?
This is Ronnie Rickets.
The number you dial is not yet in service.
The number you dial is not yet in service.
Miss, miss taho.
Taho miss taho.
It can make your skin smooth.
My skin was already smooth.
It can make your butt thinner.
And your arms smaller.
Give me a galon.
Then put it inside the house.
Here, keep the change.
Dont rob.
Where is Beckie?
Shes inside the car.
Okay Ill drive her around.
Call all of them.
Look for some evidence
that we can use against her.
Lets go.
Close it.
Maam, where do you want to go now?
I dont know with you.
I just sat here,
and you just drive away.
Since we're out now...
we'll just search.
Search for what?
For criminals.
Hey, be careful.
Im sorry.
Who are the criminals?
5 moron men who ruined my life.
They've been a bad sign for me
since we were kids.
Maam if they're bad sign,
isn't that bad luck?
It would be better if you just let them be.
And let them become lucky men.
I wont stop til they rot in jail.
So they cant ruin
my life anymore.
Why are we here?
What are we looking for?
Right, what?
Were looking for a strong evidence
to ght back Beckie.
If we cant get her
through smooth talk.
Lets get her through.
Lets go.
Maam arent we going home yet.
Im tired already.
Are you feeling lazy now?
No, but the four is in the house.
I mean, because were outside.
Bad signs might come after you.
Yes your're right.
You're good.
Okay lets go back to the house.
Guys look at these picture.
All of these are Beckie.
Maybe they are of kins
that's why they all look alike.
Brother, mother.
Heres their maid's uniform.
Maids hair.
Why is it all of these
are in Beckies room?
And this one.
This is the wig
used by the kid in the picture.
You keep on asking each other,
we all dont know the answer.
What if Beckie
and all those are just one?
Why is she doing this to us?
There, you asked again.
Come hurry, Mo, Aris.
Thats Beckies can
- Her car is blue?
- Blue.
Im right.
That's Beckie.
Oh no.
It smells like a man?
Who was here?
Oh its me. Ill take a bath.
This ones also stinky.
You got involved.
You became stinkier.
My brain cells
are popping one at a time...
and my question
hasnt been asnswered yet.
Why is Bckie changing her looks?
Audition for a movie?
Shes fat
and she just want to sweat a lot?
Bored? Nothing to talk with?
All of the above?
And the second question is?
That we cant really answer.
Why is Beckie?
Mad at the 5 of us.
Maybe she just wants attention.
Maybe were prettier
if were gays.
She's fat
and she just want to sweat a lot.
She claim
that we killed her father.
But we didnt killed her dad.
If we did killed her dad.
We could have done
something like this.
Oh no,
theres a hole on it.
Oh no,
that's your fault.
You broke it.
Oh no,
the dead might come out.
Oh no,
the dead has come out.
Let me see.
Sorry sisters,
I cantjoin you anymore.
Im on a sleep wear now.
Yeah. Maybe next time.
Moron 5.
You were scared
with your own ghost?
Shes dead.
That's just a proverb.
I knew you
criminals were just around.
You're the criminal!
If we really murdered your father,
where is he?
We didnt kill anybody.
You killed him.
In fact,
this grave doesn't contain anything.
Well, well, well.
And what medicine did you take
to have some brains?
Well no one will believe you.
Yes, I set you up.
Yes, I bought a dead body from a mortuary.
Yes, the owner claimed the body.
So I have to return it.
Yes, that grave is empty.
What did we do to you Beckie?
Why are you doing this to us?
Ill call the cops.
Dont bother
coz we already called them for you.
Men secure the area.
Yes, sir.
Chase her.
Lets go.
Sir, what happened?
Beckie escaped.
Hows that?
Theres a dead body upstairs.
Call the SOCO.
Yes, sir.
Your free now.
You can now go home.
Our names were cleaned already.
We can go home now.
Thank you.
Yaya how come you thought of playing
now that youre too old.
Yaya who are you playing with?
Hold it, here you go.
Yaya its okay now. No more cover.
No more.
Okay now. What happened?
If you want to see your parents.
Go to this address.
3116 Urrutia St. Valenzuela City.
What if I dont like?
Weve walked quite far.
My legs are aching.
Hey Albert.
You too?
Our parents were kidnapped too.
I think this is the address.
Okay. Lets nd out.
Bro youll do something important.
If we werent able to come out
after 30 minutes...
call the cops okay.
Lets go.
They're here?
Are you here?
If you're here...
whatever Beckie had done to you...
please don't sleep.
Aunt Im here.
Ill save you.
Beckie show up!
Where is she?
Dad, morn.
What are you doing there?
We have a problem.
Beckie kidnapped you.
I bet shes planning something really bad.
Mommy why did you join them?
Of all people, why you Mom.
What are you? Can't you see?
Are you blind?
This is the only time
that our parents are together.
You call that bonding!
Is that so.
My Aunt has a sad childhood.
That's why she became an old maid.
Aunt just play there.
That's happy.
Youre also a moron lightman...
give me the spotlight.
There take two.
How could your brains be so narrow...
that you dont know
that your parents are in danger?
They're over a boiling chemical.
That I bought from the other country.
And whoever falls there
will surely melt to death.
Oh sorry!
Our parents don't allow us
to watch violent lms.
The next scene is rated SPG.
Strict parental guidance is needed.
There maybe sensitive theme or language...
Violence, sex, horror or drugs.
That are not suitable for young audience.
You're more dangerous to watch...
because your heads are empty!
Beckie please lets stop this.
Beckie we asked you before
but you didn't answer.
What did we do to you that you hate us so much
and become the witch of our lives?
Have you forgotten this pretty
and angelic face?
Oh, you are moron 5.
You don't have memory bank.
So here you go.
Roll VTR.
That's us!
I was a chubby kid.
You're cute.
What's that?
You know Beckie that made us happy.
Thank you so much.
You made a tribute for us.
Were friends forever.
This is crazy!
Ill die first
because you are all annoying!
Is that so!
Why dont we just wait for that?
What are you now?
It feels good to laugh.
After what Ive been through with you.
We were still kids then Albert.
Ive loved no one but you.
I would teach you during exams...
I make your assignments...
I d give my snack to you.
But youll just make me go blind.
Beckie we didnt mean to do that.
I forget you.
And loved again.
I did everything
to have a good life with Hiroshi.
I had my genitals operated
so I could be a real woman.
But you revealed my secret.
My anc died.
You killed my dream.
And why do you think
your dreams have to live?
That's why I set you up.
Now I'm happy.
Oh thats set up.
In fairness Beckie
you've bother for that.
But then we must admit,
you were good.
Thank you.
Beckie we know what did now...
so please forgive us.
That easy, you think youre lucky.
But wait, why do you have make it hard for
yourself to change your look.
Yes right.
Oh, there you got it.
That Im also the mother.
Im the brother.
Im the Baby Girl.
Im Inday.
Your highness leader Le-r.
Shaiders defeating our monster.
Use the time space warp.
Time space warp immediately.
The time space warp
is the second world...
wherein Le-rs monster
becomes stronger.
Blue hawk!
The blue hawk is Shaider's motorcycle
so he could travel fast to time space warp.
Get ready you monster.
Your dead.
Shaider super slash.
Shaider had once again saved the world.
Until next week
for another exciting episode of Shaider.
Space cops!
Im your neighbor.
Your neighbor.
Well be back for more promise.
Who else do you want me
to impersonate.
Awesome !
Thank you.
Enough of the celebration.
It's time for all of you to die!
Hold it!
Beckie they didnt do anything to you.
So just punish us instead.
- That's right.
But to make things harder for you.
Ill put their lives on your hands.
If you weren't able to answer my questions.
They're all dead!
What if we answer it?
You can only hope.
Of course
Ill make the questions harder.
You first Aristotle.
You should answer this.
If you don't want your Aunt
to be an ugly boiled corn bits.
When shes down on the boiling chemical.
The question.
What is the capital of Botswana?
Aristotle you know that!
AuntI dont know.
You do.
I'll beat you up
with a 4x4 wood.
You know it.
Can you just shut up...
Estrella Gaborone.
You're answer is right!
Gaborone is the capital of Botswana.
That's what you call luck.
Who would have thought that,
thats her surname.
You're next Isaac!
You're dad
is known as master showman.
How many sequins are there
in his purple suit with neon green stripes.
Son I usually wear that.
Dont worry Dad, I know that.
I used to count the sequins
in your suits when I was a kid.
2,872 boom.
I answered it!
You're pissing me off.
Mozart mathematics.
Can you just ask about PE.
What is 7 times 110 minus 740
minus the squareroot of 900.
Im always zero in math.
Im a moron im math.
Zero it is.
How did you know?
Your father is dead
if you won't be able to answer this.
Son you can do it.
At the back of 500 pesos.
Whos the guy on the left part
of the money?
That looks like Mozart.
That easy.
That's Ninoy Aquino
when he was a kid.
Have you forgotten?
Im a vendor barbecue.
That's my job, handle the change.
How come they know the answers.
So Beckie, were through.
The cops are there.
No more.
What do you mean were done?
Remember you havent answered yet.
Okay go.
So my mom and I
could go home now.
What's your question?
This is your question
my darling Albert.
How many hanky
does your mom has?
That easy.
You are talking to me.
Mommys hankies are 73 pieces.
Oh my god son 74.
Including this one that Im holding.
Ma I'm sorry mom.
Beckie dont.
Drop Albert's mommy.
- Sorry mom.
Mom sorry, sorry.
Son dont Vi.
Dont Vi sorry.
This is my destiny.
Goodbye son.
Drop her!
She looks like Rosa Rosal.
Goodbye cruel world.
This is only the beginning.
- Albert.
- Bring back Junjun!
Bring back Val.
- Albert.
Val who's clueless.
What happened to Albert?
Who will move?
If not now, then when?
My son is not a pig!
That's not yours.
That's my friends lm.
Ding the stone.
Make sure you shoot it.
Come here hurry!
Albert is alive!
Hold it.
Ive got a pretty breakdown here.
Why is he alive?
Sorry ma'am I forgot to plug it.
Heres the extension.
What's that smoke?
Dry ice to have good effects.
Moron 6!
All of you are moron!
All of you here are moron!
All of you are moron.
Basilio... Crispin.
Excuse me!
Theres no miracle.
Capture him.
Come on. Stand up.
Come with us.
Shaider where are we going?
My family are the most important persons
in my life.
For the past 38 years.
I know what exactly to say
on graduations like this.
But this year is special.
Because nally,
5 people are leaving this school.
Before we start the cermony...
I want to start with these 5.
I witnessed how they grew up.
And they witnessed how I lose my hair...
because of them.
Now after 20 years in this school...
theyll now graduate from high school.
You can call them names...
but these 5...
even if they are not bananas...
they have hearts.
Thanks to the 5 of you.
Marcos, Michael Angelo.
Aquino, Mozart Twisten
Ramos, Aristotle.
Estrada, Isaac.
Macapagal, Albert.
They are now graduates.
Have you thought
of what to take up on college?
I think my intelligence
is good for being a lawyer.
Mom, dad,
I wouldnt go to college.
I think,
I want ot join some competitions.
Muscle contest.
Okay son,
wherever youre happy...
Thatll be okay
for your dad and me.
Thank you, dad.
You will now run
our barbecue business.
Well be rich now?
Well be rich now!
Aunt to prove to you
that Im smart now.
Ill take up 2 courses.
Up to, you can support your studies.
Ill take up modeling...
and culinary.
Son where do you want
to have a vacation?
Iraq, Israel, (Mia?
Or you can just be a star
coz youre so handsome.
That's entertainment.
It's so confusing and chaotic.
Do I know this?
Have I experienced this?
Can be.