Mortal (2020) Movie Script

Look at that guy!
A damn bum!
Hey, you! Are you lost?
What the hell?
-Don't you turn your back on me...
English? What the hell?
Ole, stop it!
Ole, stop messing around.
Get up, come on.
- Oh, shit! Ole!
- Call the police!
She said she wanted to do it.
No one's blaming you.
Not the parents, no one.
Everyone speaks highly of you.
Your colleagues, your clients.
Unfortunately these things happen.
Therapy doesn't always help.
You just started out, and that makes
such an experience particularly horrible.
I didn't believe her, Margrethe.
She said everything I needed to know.
- Didn't she have anyone else?
- No one. I could have stopped her.
This isn't your fault.
It was all there for me
to do the right thing. I didn't.
You had no control over her.
Someone's calling.
You should answer that.
Take some time off.
We'll talk tomorrow. Bye.
Hello. It's Christine Aas.
- Hi.
- Henrik. This way.
I have no experience with criminals.
I work mostly with teenagers.
No one expects a miracle. We only
have an hour before the Crime Unit arrives.
I hope we can make him talk
before they take him.
- What's his name?
- Eric Bergland.
Sounds familiar.
The fire in rdal three years ago.
Five people died.
- It's him?
- Norwegian-American. Backpacker.
- In Norway looking for relatives.
- He's been in the woods all this time?
There are still many questions
regarding that fire.
But now we have three witnesses
saying he killed the boy.
They say he barely touched him,
and he collapsed and died.
- What has he said so far?
- Not a word.
- Any indication why this happened?
- The big question for me is how.
Henrik, let's remove the handcuffs.
Henrik... Ole's parents
are in the reception.
Bjrn refuses to leave
until he has spoken with you.
Remove his handcuffs and stay close.
- I can't even begin to...
- Where is he?
I have to see him.
He killed my son. I have a right to...
We're still trying to understand
what really happened.
We know what happened.
The other boys saw the whole thing.
Yes, we have their statements.
Now we have to hear his side.
I just want to look him in the eyes. Once.
I'm sorry, Bjrn.
The Crime Unit is bringing
an American from the embassy.
They want to take him out of the country.
I'll be right outside.
- Hi, I'm from Online News...
- You have no right to be here.
- You have to get out of here!
- No!
He needs help to stop this!
Turn off the alarm!
Are you okay?
- They have no right to do that.
- It's not up to me.
Watch his head.
They are bringing Bergland
to the helicopter now.
You know we'll never understand
what happened in there?
Maybe we're not meant
to understand everything.
I'm thinking God has
a plan with Eric.
Put this behind you.
It's someone else's headache now.
-Give him another dose!
Give him another dose now!
-Do it now!
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
Helicopter going down!
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
We're going down!
Get off, get off! Ditch, ditch, ditch!
We found three bodies in the wreckage.
We're bringing them out now.
- Did you find Bergland?
- No, not yet.
The helicopter was on its way
to Oslo with Bergland...
Where are you going?
The police confirm it is Eric Bergland
they're searching for in Odda.
Are you crazy?
He killed lots of people!
He didn't mean to hurt anyone.
- Christine! He's wanted!
- I know that.
You're helping a criminal!
You could go to prison!
Call the police
and explain what happened.
This could ruin your life!
Please call the police,
then call me when you've done it.
I have to hang up.
Let me know when you've done it?
- Hello?
- Okay.
Locals are still in shock after
yesterday's tragic events -
- that drew international attention
to the small Norwegian town.
Welcome on board MS Askeland.
The crossing will take 15 minutes.
Food and drinks can be bought
in the canteen on the top deck.
The police are asking anyone in Odda who
have seen Eric Bergland to contact them.
He is a suspect
in yesterday's death in Odda.
The police say the public should not
approach him as he may be dangerous.
Bergland may be in the company
of this woman, Christine...
Stop, don't move!
- Don't shoot!
- Get down!
-Don't shoot!
Put your weapons down!
Help! Help!
We need a doctor! Help me!
Help me!
Is he alive?
I'll get you away from here. Both of you.
This is Henrik Jondal,
the sheriff in Odda.
I have to get Bergland
to the nearest hospital.
I want a confirmation from someone
official that no one will stop us.
If you don't let us through,
you will be held accountable if he dies.
One moment. We'll get back to you
with a formal statement.
We will let you through on the condition
that you go straight to Ulvik Hospital.
We will set up a security perimeter
around the hospital.
You should have told me
your plans.
You said there was nothing more
you could do. Why are you helping us now?
I have believed in God
my whole life.
If this has anything to do with him,
I don't want to be on the wrong side.
- Where were you going?
- To the farm.
- That burnt?
- He believes that is where it all started.
We're back with an update
from the police station in Hordaland.
\Several police units attended a dramatic
arrest on Hardanger bridge -
\- when local extreme weather appeared
to hit the area around the bridge.
Witnesses claim that Eric Bergland
appeared to summon the storm.
In videos taken at the site Bergland
appears to control the lightning.
Social media are going wild
with speculation.
Several have drawn comparisons
between Bergland and the Norse god Thor.
The University in Bergen
rejects this claim...
He was an angry God,
but also a protector of mankind.
I'm here with Maja Gundersen.
You witnessed...
He will defeat everyone,
he's Thor!
Bergland has been sent
to Ulvik Hospital for treatment.
The police and army are securing the
site, the public are urged to keep away.
Ventricular fibrillation!
What tree? What is he talking about?
Sometimes he gets these strange visions.
People have gathered outside Ulvik
Hospital, hoping to see Eric Bergland.
The police confirm that they are assisted
by the American government -
- and the National Guard
to prevent an escalation of the situation.
This looks wrong,
how can he be alive?
What was that?
- You have to turn off the machine.
- It won't turn off.
What the hell!
Is everyone okay?
The boy in ICU2 has gone into cardiac
arrest. All the defibrillators are dead.
This is a big mistake!
Please. Don't do this.
17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.
No, no.
Let him.
The army is fencing off the farm
to keep the public away.
And to keep things safe for Eric.
For us all.
Read the page I've marked.
It doesn't look that old.
There may have been many houses here
through all these years.
We need help to dig here.
Yes. Sierra 2 Charlie
has arrived at the site.
They have requested an excavator
to dig under the fire plot. Over.
Shouldn't we wait
for an archaeologist?
What is this place?
The knowledge of all the dead gods
- which Thor's sons collected
after Ragnarok.
They were described as runes.
The Norse gods' own words.
Yggdrasil. The World Tree.
Which shows the nine worlds
of the Norse mythology.
It's time for Eric
to come down here.
They say they've found a chest.
Did you hear that?
A chest!
The number of casualties following the
tragedy in rdal is still unconfirmed.
Norway is still in shock...
There is still no sign of Eric Bergland.