Mortal Storm, The (1940) Movie Script

The Mortal Storm (1940)
PAL 25fps 1:40:19
When man was new
upon the earth,
he was frightened by the
dangers of the elements.
He cried out, "The gods of
the lightning are angry,
and I must kill my fellow
man to appease them!"
As man grew older,
he created shelters against
the wind and the rain
and made harmless the
force of the lightning.
But within man himself were
elements strong as the wind
and terrible as the lightning,
and he denied the existence
of these elements
because he dared not face them.
The tale we are about to tell
is of the mortal storm in which
man finds himself today.
Again he is crying,
"I must kill my fellow man!"
Our story asks,
how soon will man find
wisdom in his heart
and build a lasting shelter
against his ignorant fears?
Good morning!
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning, good morning,
you don't have to tell
me what day this is...
the Herr Professor's birthday.
Look at all the mail, twice
as much as last year.
My goodness, yes, and
this just the beginning.
Ja. Oh, give him my best
respects, will you?
I will, Hermann, I wll.
Good morning, good morning.
It's the post, Frau Professor...
just look.
There must be 50 letters.
I'll take them, Marta.
And the packages.
More than last year.
And the telegrams have
been coming all day long.
I tell you, I'm so excited.
Are all the children
down, Marta?
All but Rudi.
Oh, that child. I'll call him.
And Hermann says to give the
Professor his best respects.
That's very kind.
I'll tell him.
Rudi? You'll be late, Dear.
Half a minute, Mother.
What was wrong with
your breakfast, Viktor?
Nothing, nothing.
I enjoyed it very much.
You haven't touched a thing.
Come here this
minute and sit down.
Well, well, well, what
do you think of that?
Would you butter me
a roll, please, Dear?
What's all this?
The mail.
What, all for me?
Oh, thank you.
You look very smart today.
It's January 30.
Do you recall anything
that happened on that date?
Well, I...
I was born!
Good heavens, I'm 60!
Many happy returns
of the day, Darling.
You love me still?
Go on and eat your breakfast.
If you hadn't stuffed me so,
I might still have
my youthful figure.
You'll do.
Good morning, boys.
Good morning, Mother.
See that your father
eats his breakfast.
I'm going to
collect his notes.
All right.
Many happy returns, Father.
Happy birthday, Father.
A volume apiece.
Well, thank you.
Oh, Neumann's new book...
just what I've been wanting.
You've written in it.
Where are my glasses?
It's nothing... just "to our
dear father, with affection."
Nothing? That's...
That's very much.
You know, you boys have
made me forget that,
unfortunately, I'm
only your stepfather.
You've been a real
father to us.
And you've been just like
my own children to me.
Well, speaking
of the angels...
Good morning, Father.
And a very happy birthday.
Many happy returns. Thank you.
They're peardrops, sir.
They're awfully good.
Oh, thank you.
Will you have one?
Don't mind if I do.
I've got to go, Father, or
I'll be late for school.
I'll walk with you as
far as the square.
Good-bye, Father.
Yes, good-bye, boys.
See you later.
No, thank you.
What's that? For me?
Don't be so impatient.
Drink your coffee.
I'll open it for you.
Do you like it?
Oh, that's wonderful!
Let me put it on you.
You look very
beautiful and brainy.
And I'm very, very
proud of you.
I'm overwhelmed.
Viktor, you'll be late, Dear.
Oh, yes.
Your notes are in
your inside pocket.
Don't forget to
take them to class.
No, I won't. Good-bye.
He hasn't eaten a thing.
We must hurry.
Marta, have you the
Professor's rubbers?
Yes, I have them here.
Don't go without them, Dear.
No, no, Dear.
I won't, I won't.
Good morning, Professor.
Good morning, Professor.
Ah, good morning,
Lehman, good morning.
Good morning, Herr Professor.
It's a cold day.
Yes, yes, it's cold,
but it's sunny.
I... I find it
a very good day.
You're not rheumatic?
No, no, no, I feel pretty fit.
For 60.
Well, don't go into class
in your wet rubbers.
Uh... no, certainly not.
You did last Friday.
Yes, so you say,
Lehman, so you say.
The absent-minded professor...
a character in fiction,
my good friend.
Uh-uh-uh-uh. What?
And the other rubber?
Good morning, Rector.
Good morning, Professor.
Good morning, Professor.
Good morning, Professor.
Well... It's a fine day,
it's cold but sunny.
I'm late. I had
a little trouble
getting away from
home this morning.
It must be past 9:00.
9:03, precisely.
Well, carpe diem,
I must go to work.
It is the 30th of
January, isn't it?
January 30, yes.
I thought so.
What's your hurry?
Oh, no hurry.
Though I would like to get
through in good time today.
And so would I.
Well, you see, this is
rather an occasion.
It is? Well, you've picked
a fine day for it.
Well, I'll see you later.
Silenzio! Silenzio!
Pro candidato medicinae
Fritz Marlberg.
Pro candidato medicinae
veterinarae Martin Breitner.
Herr Professor,
we, your students,
offer you our hearty congratulations
on your anniversary.
We appreciate the privilege of
working under your guidance
and we are proud of the honor
that your accomplishments
have won for our university
and our Fatherland.
Professor Roth,
as a mere candidatus
medicinae veterinarae...
in plain language,
horse doctor...
I, uh... I, uh...
Have not had the good fortune
of attending your classes.
I had a few notes here someplace,
seem to have gotten away from me.
Well, I... I got in on
these doings because
I have had the rare privilege
of your friendship
for the best part of my life.
And I'm proud to
offer you this...
Uh, this little affair here
in the name of your class.
And I... I noticed that it
says here it comes to you
with the admiration and
affection of your students.
And that goes for every man
and girl in this university.
Well, here it is, sir.
My dear young people,
my colleagues,
thank you.
I...I have
a confession to make.
I thought that my anniversary
had been forgotten,
and, uh, I was trying to persuade
myself that I didn't very much care.
But I did... I was
quite put out.
So you will understand
how deeply touched I am
and how grateful for this
expression of your affection
that I reciprocate
with all my heart.
I thank you for your
beautiful gift.
It shows me, this
splendid torchbearer,
that you have understood
what I have tried to impart.
And that into your young hands
will be given the
torch of science
when it has fallen from the
hands of your masters.
I sincerely pray that you
will carry it worthily.
I thank you, Fritz Marlberg,
for your kind address,
and you, Martin Breitner, for your
very delightful presentation.
But before I lay this
flattering unction to my soul,
I must ask myself whether your
eagerness to do me homage
might not have some
slight connection
with the fact that I have
a not unattractive daughter.
However that may be,
I thank you both.
I thank you all.
Fritz! What are you
doing out here?
No, you mustn't... not now.
I want to announce
our engagement.
You're crazy. We're too young.
We're still in college.
I know all the buts...
and all the answers.
No. I have to have
time to think it over.
I'll do all the thinking.
Happy birthday, Father!
6 candles...
one for each decade
of a wonderful life.
Thank you.
Now blow them out
and make a wish.
Yes, blow hard...
your wish won't come true unless
you blow them all out at once.
Every one of them.
I have so much, and
I should ask for more?
It's been my privilege to let loose
a little knowledge in this world,
and for that I have
been amply rewarded.
I, uh... I think I've done
rather well for myself
in the choice of
a life partner...
Not that I had any
say in the matter.
My children are
handsome and clever...
Bravo! Bravo!
And we are a very
united family.
In this home we've had the
habit of gracious living.
We've prided ourselves
on our tolerance
and our sense of humor.
Good heavens, here I am
making another speech!
Well, I can think of
may our happiness continue
as long as we live.
A toast! A toast!
To the health of our
distinguished host.
Thank you, my dear.
Professor, I hope
you'll excuse me
if I steal a little
of your spotlight,
but I have news.
Mrs. Roth, Professor...
it's no good tucking
in my coat...
Freya has promised to
love, honor, and obey.
Oh! Really, please, I haven't
made up my mind yet.
I'll do that for you, Darling.
Fritz, you're crazy.
Put her in her place.
You have our consent.
Give in, Darling. I'll wait.
Father, what do you think?
That is a reasonable
length of time.
You know, you're rushing
me right off my feet.
Mother, what do you think? Shall
I let him get away with it?
Well, are you happy, Dear?
Yes, I think so.
Congratulations are in order.
Thank you, Rudi!
My boy! Professor.
Herr Professor and
Frau Professor...
something wonderful
has happened!
We have just heard... they
have made Adolf Hitler
chancellor of Germany!
Why, that's stupendous!
If it's true. Is it official?
It is true! It is official!
It's coming in on
all the stations!
Let's find out!
Let's get the radio.
Adolf Hitler chancellor.
And appointed by Hindenburg.
What can he be thinking of?
There it is.
The news swept the
capital like wildfire.
The delirious frenzy of the
people defies description!
Thousands of men and women are
gathered outside the chancellery.
They've waited here for
hours, hoping for a glimpse
of our great leader,
our new chancellor!
Wait... the door of the
chancellor's office is open!
And coming out, our leader!
He's addressed the people...
he's stepping out to the balcony!
Listen... listen the
voice of a proud people
acclaiming a man who will lead
them back to power and glory!
Well, he's done it!
Things will happen now.
What will happen now?
We'll see a new Germany.
I hope it's best for
all, this change.
Why, it means our country
will be strong and powerful
again, Frau Professor.
Master of Europe
and the world!
Fritz, I've never seen
you so enthusiastic.
Freya, this is
Germany's crying need...
a strong man in a saddle.
A leader who will
fight for victory!
Fritz is right.
You can't put Germany
back in her old place
without bayonets.
Hitler will only demand
what is ours by right.
Nations who want peace
have nothing to fear.
And if they want war, by
heaven, they'll get it!
But Fritz, now that this
man's come to power,
what about those who think
differently? Freely?
Those who are non-Aryan?
There's no cause for
alarm, my dear.
Your mother's worried
about me, I think.
But that's nonsense, Mother.
Men like Father are
an honor to Germany.
Of course. Men will be
judged on their merits,
their records.
Father, what do you think?
Well, I, uh, I shall wait.
Men have given great
power to Adolf Hitler.
Let's hope responsibility
brings wisdom.
What's the matter
with you, Martin?
You don't seem very
happy about this.
I didn't say that, Fritz.
Still on the fence, Martin?
That won't do, not now.
Now, boys,
we've been all over this
before, you know what I think.
This changes everything!
Now there'll be one
party and only one.
A man's got to take a stand.
If he's not for us, he's against
us... and against Germany.
I don't quite agree
with you, Otto.
Now, we came here to celebrate
Professor Roth's birthday,
not chew over a whole
lot of old arguments.
Yes. You're getting very
intolerant, all of you.
We should be intolerant,
of anyone who opposes
the will of our leader.
Yes, whatever his
will might be...
persecution, war.
What sort of talk is that?
Are you a pacifist?
I think peace is
better than war.
A man's right to
think as he believes
is as good for him
as food and drink.
That sounds like the sort
of swill the Reds dish out.
I never expected to
hear it at this table!
Every time I mention
it to you...
boys, boys... can't we discuss
these matters without quarreling?
After all, every hen thinks
she's laid the best egg.
May we not believe as we choose
and allow others to do the same?
I'm sorry, Professor, but
we're all pretty excited.
It's been wonderful
news, you know.
I'm sorry, Professor.
Pardoned, old man.
Sorry, sir.
Well, that's better.
Not that I don't like
a good argument.
I'll go.
No, I'll get it.
Hello? Hello?
Yes. Yes, at once.
Yes, he's here.
I'll tell him.
That was Holl. They've called
a meeting at 8:30.
We have to attend.
Where is it?
The university.
We've just about time.
Mother, that was the
district leader.
It's a special meeting.
It seems an awful
thing to do...
couldn't you explain?
What could I say? That we're
having a birthday party?
We've got to go.
It is a big night, isn't it?
What about you, Martin?
No, thanks.
Come on, join us. You'll have
to sooner or later.
Come on, we're late.
I'm sorry, Freya,
but you understand.
It's all right.
They want you,
strangely enough.
Holl's bound to ask for you.
Well, tell him peasants
have no politics,
they keep cows.
They want to keep their cows, they
better have the right politics.
Excuse me, Mrs. Roth.
Aren't you coming?
Good night.
Viktor, what a pity,
your birthday party.
It seems as though we'll have
to play second fiddle
to Herr Hitler.
You oughtn't to mind. Huh?
Well, that's what they
tell us in school.
The individual must be sacrificed
to the welfare of the state.
Mrs. Breitner!
Here, child, here.
Mrs. Breitner...
the little foal
is going to live.
It's going to live!
I'm to take out the oil
stove, Martin says,
and some hot water with
a drop of wine in it.
The stove is ready.
You'd better light it.
I'll take the hot water.
Isn't it wonderful?
I was so afraid the
little thing would die.
But the crisis is
past, Martin says.
The stove is smoking.
It tried so hard to get
on its shaky little legs.
Martin says...
yes, yes. Run along, Elsa.
I'm ready.
Don't trip with
that stove, child.
Martin says I was
a great help to him.
I'm sure of it.
Martin says that all we
have to do now is...
The greedy little fellow.
A little mare, Elsa...
a little girl, just like you.
I know it's a mare.
I don't know why you always
talk as if I was a child.
I'm nearly 16.
Well, listen to that, Mother.
The creature thinks
she's grown up, huh?
Oh, you're stupid.
I am grown up.
Of course I am!
Well, what on earth...
What's the matter with her,
Mother? I was just joking.
Take no notice, Son.
A girl in her teens...
at that age,
they are always between
smiles and tears.
But she was crying.
Do you think
she's unhappy with us?
No, no. She's glad
of the work,
and I am glad to have her.
It's all right, old girl.
We've saved your baby.
You have a real gift
for healing, Son.
It's a pity you've given
up your studies.
You haven't been
down to your classes
since that night
at the Roths...
The night Freya was engaged
to Fritz Marlberg.
Well, it's not that, Mother.
You love her, Son.
Poor little
thing's half-asleep.
She's half-tipsy.
Hello, everybody!
Miss Freya.
Why, Freya,
the engaged young lady.
And very happy, I suppose.
Yes, certainly. Hello, Martin.
Hello, Freya.
Oh, look at the
darling little foal.
Is he sick?
No, it's been drinking.
How's the Professor?
Oh, he's fine. Mother, too.
They send you their love.
Thank you. I'm going in.
I have something in the oven.
Oh, that sounds very good.
We'd better get out of here.
Nellie thinks we're
up to no good.
Oh, but I am, Nellie...
at least I hope so.
Oh, look.
Come on down to
the inn with us.
We've all been skiing... Otto
is there, and Fritz and Erich.
We want you.
I'm pretty busy, Freya.
You're avoiding us.
Well, it's best.
Martin, we've been
friends for a lifetime.
Don't you remember the pact of
eternal friendship we all wrote...
And signed with our blood?
Well, it's just because I want
to keep that friendship
that I'm trying to
avoid a quarrel.
But the boys are friendly.
They want to see you.
Oh, Martin, we ought
to make every effort
to save our old happiness.
We won't talk about
anything serious.
We'll just sing and laugh and
be silly, the way we used to.
Don't desert us now.
We need you.
You're so sane.
I hope I am.
All right.
You're the sanest
person I know.
Come on.
We'll ski down over land and
back. The snow is perfect.
How I've missed you.
It's wonderful!
Wonderful! Watch the tree!
Our glorious dead...
Oh, what should we say of
the day that they died?
We'll say...
Oh, why wonder why that
we hope you will die?
The days of our sadness
have now disappeared
It's only the gladness
of life that we hear
And while we sing our toast,
there is nothing we need fear
So sing...
So sing...
Nothing like a good song
to raise the thirst.
We're out of ammunition.
Theresa, another bottle.
Here's Freya at last!
And with Martin!
Make it a couple bottles,
Theresa, something special.
I've brought the hermit.
Good work, Freya.
Hello, Martin. How are you?
Hello, Martin.
Sit down, you old bear!
Like old times. Where have
you been? We've missed you.
You've missed a lot
of excitement, too.
Hello, Theresa.
You're welcome.
I've had nothing stronger
than buttermilk for weeks.
The best wine we've got.
I hope this means
you're with us
in more ways than one.
We want you.
You're too good a man to lose.
We've always hung together.
Let's keep up the good work.
Holl, the district leader,
was asking about you
just the other night.
Fritz, please... no politics.
Says you could be a power
among the peasants.
Boys, I'm a farmer,
not a party man.
Freya just said no politics.
Prosit, Freya.
To... Our friendship.
Oh, Mr. Werner.
Well, well, Martin.
Glad to see you.
Good evening.
Freya, you remember
Mr. Werner, my old teacher?
Certainly I do.
He's teaching your younger
brother Rudi now.
Rudi thinks the world
of you, Mr. Werner.
There's Holl. What's he
gonna think?
How's your mother?
Fine, thank you.
She asked about you
several times.
Thank you.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler, Mr. Werner.
Good evening.
Mr. Werner, won't you
sit down with us?
Thank you, my dinner's waiting
at my usual table.
Perhaps later.
Go ahead, folks! How
about another song?
Name your choice,
what'll it be?
Good morning, beautiful
Miller girl!
I'll name a song!
A song that every loyal German man and
woman will sing with high hearts!
A glorious song
of a new Germany!
Close up the ranks
Let every man be fearless
Our victory's near
We'll crush our every foe
Our leader calls, and we
will follow him to glory
Unto our death
Our loyalty will grow
Our leader calls, and we
will follow him to glory
Unto our death
Our loyalty will grow
Let cowards quake
As storm troops
march before them
Our very strength
Will claim their
blood of life
Into the crowd we stand
before our great leader
All hail to him
In victory and strength
No race on earth
Can keep our land from glory
We are by birth
The rulers of the world
What's the matter with you?
That's the teacher again!
It's an insult!
Are you dumb,
or don't you like
our glorious song?
He's asking for trouble.
I beg your pardon,
but surely a man is free to
sing or not as he pleases.
I don't want to hear
any excuses from you,
I want to hear you
sing, understand?
I'm telling you to sing!
Take it easy, Holl.
This man's a friend of mine.
Birds of a feather, eh?
If you know what's good
for you, Martin Breitner,
you'll keep your
snoot out of this.
Don't concern
yourself, please.
I'm leaving.
Come on, Mr. Werner.
I don't think you
want a brawl.
It's 8 against 2, you know.
Let them go.
Let them go!
I'm sorry you did
that, my boy.
It might get you into trouble.
Don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
Want me to go along with you?
No, no, please.
I'll be all right.
Thank you, Martin.
All right, sir.
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry.
I should think you would be.
Getting up from our
table to brawl
with the top man in the party.
Erich, I said I was sorry.
That old chap's been
decent to me.
I can't stand by and
see him bullied.
Look here, Martin...
We've been friends for years,
and I think it's time we had
an understanding about this.
Now, Fritz... I'll do
the talking.
We're in a state
of revolution.
If we follow the
will of our leader,
it will be a bloodless one.
I follow him.
And I. And I.
I hope soon to have
a share in enforcing it.
I see anyone who opposes it
as an enemy of his country.
And I'm not willing
to be seen in his company.
Fritz, I persuaded
Martin to come...
keep out of this, Freya.
It's no woman's business.
We want to know
where you stand.
We want to know whether you're
going to join the party
and work for Germany,
or herd with the
pacifist vermin
we're going to stamp out.
We want to know. Right now!
They're beating up a teacher!
Serves him right!
You want to know if I intend
to join your party.
Well, I can tell you
now, the answer's no!
What are you doing?
Never mind.
You're not going
after that fellow!
That fellow... your
lifelong friend!
I'm sorry you saw this,
but it can't be helped.
Leave me alone,
leave me alone!
Glasses... my glasses.
Oh, Mr. Werner, I'm
afraid they're broken.
Simka Goldman's little
man was very, very small
Very, very small
Ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho
He was very small, you see
When they got romantic, he
was bouncing on her knee...
It doesn't become women
to mix in public affairs.
And it's particularly
unwise for you.
What nonsense. I picked
up an old man's hat.
Listen to me, Freya.
There are changes
coming that may make
your father's position
very difficult,
and you're not helping him any
by flaunting pacifist sympathy.
What has this to
do with my father?
Oh, you mean because
his non-Aryan.
Men like my father
are above politics.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
If your party threatens
men like my father,
then we disagree more
than I'd realized.
You're taking a very
strange tone.
Surely I have the right
to ask for loyalty
from the woman I'm
going to marry.
Yes, Fritz, you have.
You have to make up your mind
to be heart and soul with me
in my convictions, or...
Or what?
Or we can't go on.
I think you're right.
I don't think I shall ever be
heart and soul with
your convictions.
I'm not going to argue
with you about it.
Women don't know
anything about politics.
Oh, let's forget it.
If I was rude, I'm sorry.
But you know these things are
awfully important to me.
But you needn't bother
your head about them.
good afternoon, Lehman.
Good afternoon.
There's a new order.
I should say "Heil
Hitler," but I won't.
Not to you.
Thank you, Lehman.
That is unless some of the
other gentlemen are present...
or the students.
Yes, I shall understand.
Heil Hitler.
Uh, Heil Hitler.
Uh, Fritz Marlberg.
Shall we continue
the experiment
that we commenced
on the separation
of the red blood corpuscles?
And you can help me with
the centrifuge later.
Before we, uh, resume
our experiments
on the physical
composition of the blood,
are there any questions?
Is it your opinion that
there is no difference
between the blood of an Aryan
and the blood of a non-Aryan?
Those are the
findings of science.
Until now, physiology has
been unable to discover
any difference in the blood
of the various races.
Do you hear that?
It's a direct contradiction to our
leader's principle of racial purity!
It's an impudent defense
of racial degeneration,
and it's a lie!
I've given you the facts...
scientific truth is
scientific truth!
Unchangeable and eternal!
It cannot be altered to suit
the policies of the hour,
or the clamor of
immature hoodlums!
I demand that every loyal
follower of our leader
leave this room immediately!
From now on, this class
is strictly boycotted!
And those who remain do
so at their own peril.
We burn you! We burn you!
We burn you!
We burn you!
We burn you, Heinrich Heine,
because your poisonous
enervates the strong
soul of German youth!
We burn you! We burn you!
We burn you, Albert Einstein,
because you have advanced
a false and pretentious theory!
We burn you! We burn you!
We burn you! We burn you!
I'm sorry, but
that's my decision.
I can't accept it.
I've never thought
of anyone but you.
All these years must
mean something.
I'd be a fool to
let you end them
because of a silly
squabble over politics.
It's more than a silly
squabble over politics.
I know now I couldn't
live in your world.
It's because I know
it's going to be difficult,
but I want to help you.
But how can you help me?
You belong to this new Germany
that's come between us...
This new Germany that
persecutes my people.
Freya, I love you.
That's all that matters.
It's all over.
there's something
I've got to say.
What, Martin?
Well, since that business
with my teacher at the inn,
things have been happening.
Two of our men at the farm
have been ordered to leave,
by uncle's shop
has been wrecked,
and most of my old
friends cross the street
when they see me coming.
Perhaps you shouldn't
be seeing me.
Why, Martin, you
can't be serious.
You're the only
friend I have left,
the only person I can talk to.
I've never felt so
completely alone in my life.
Good to see you.
That fellow with
your sister...
isn't that Martin Breitner
the veterinarian?
Yes, we forbade him
from the house,
but we'll settle this
once and for all.
Good evening.
I thought I made it clear
that you were unwelcome here.
I forbid you to enter
this house again
or to have any further
association with my sister.
How dare you!
Be quiet. Get inside.
I think it's for
Professor and Mrs. Roth
to decide whether
I enter their house.
And I shall continue
to see your sister
until she herself
forbids me to do so.
I'll see you to the door.
Why does this have to happen?
I shouldn't have come.
It may hurt you.
Martin, they haven't gone.
They're going to wait
for you, I know.
Don't worry, I can
take care of myself.
Please don't go,
I'm frightened.
Please, Freya, go inside now.
Good night.
Be careful.
I will.
Freya! Freya, what is it?
Your father's not home.
It's Martin...
they'll kill him!
Hurry, Mother,
help me stop them!
Please, stop it!
Otto, stop them! Boys!
For shame!
Martin, are you hurt?
No, I'm all right.
Come inside, Martin.
Oh, Martin, I'm so ashamed.
They were guests in our home,
and you're a friend.
I'll be going.
Anytime these gentlemen want
to continue their brawl,
they know where to find me.
Good night, Mrs. Roth, Freya.
I'm sorry.
I'm happy my husband
wasn't here
to see his home
disgraced by my sons.
I shall report the attitude of
your relatives toward that fellow.
You'll need to explain your
own position at headquarters.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler. Heil Hitler.
That settles it.
That settles it. We shall
have to leave this house.
Leave home?
Naturally. We've no
choice now.
That's Father.
Oh, I'm late.
I told you not to
wait up for me.
What's the matter?
You look tired.
You feeling all right?
something happened
tonight, Viktor,
which has convinced the boys
they must leave the house.
Leave the house?
It's the best way.
For all of us.
But, boys, this is your home.
We warned you to forbid
Freya to associate
with Martin Breitner.
This is the result.
You ask me to force your sister
to give up a lifelong friend,
a young man we've always
liked and respected.
No, I... I couldn't do that.
You and your brother
have chosen your way,
and we've respected
your decision.
We're entitled to
the same tolerance.
But you risk your safety.
I've never prized
safety, Erich,
either for myself
or my children.
I've prized courage.
Then you must expect to
face the consequences.
Where will you go?
Will you be comfortable?
We'll be all right, Mother.
I'm sorry this had to happen.
Good night.
Good night, Mother.
Good night.
Freya, you must see.
Get out.
Oh, Freya!
Hello, Martin.
Why didn't somebody tell me?
Where's Mother?
She's out in the dairy.
Oh. You're looking at
the bride cups, huh?
Oh, is that what they are?
They're lovely.
Yes, at the wedding feast,
the newly married couple
must drink out
of the same cup.
That's why they're so big.
Uh-huh. An old custom
in our family.
"Hubert and Anna, 1875."
Martin, I'm terribly
ashamed about last night.
Although, for a pacifist,
you gave a pretty good
account of yourself.
It was a good fight
while it lasted.
I can't say I was sorry, though,
when your mother stepped in.
Here, look...
here's a very old one.
1790. "Kasper and Magdalena."
You were right about not
coming down to see me again.
It would be
terribly dangerous.
You saw yourself how Otto
and Erich have changed.
Yes, yes, I know.
I'll come up and see you.
That is, if you want me to.
If I want you to?
Look at this cup.
It hasn't any name on it.
No. No, not yet. It's mine.
Guess I always wanted
something I don't deserve.
Have I a chance?
Mr. Werner, good evening.
Hello, Mr. Werner.
How are you?
Good evening. You
must be frozen.
Here, come over to the fire.
Mother! We have a visitor.
Can I take your coat?
Good evening.
Frau Breitner, I shouldn't
have come here,
but it was my only
chance to escape arrest.
You were right to come.
You're isolated here.
I thought perhaps I could
find a hiding place.
Yes, but you wouldn't be safe.
We're your friends.
They'd think of that.
Of course.
In the woods, perhaps?
Oh, no. They'd
search the woods.
Then perhaps I'd better go
before I put you
all in danger.
Your only chance is
across the border.
And just one way to get
into Austria safely.
Through the Karwendel pass.
That's all unguarded country,
but there's a way across the
crest, I found it as a boy.
It'll be pretty tough going,
but we can make it.
You'll go with me?
No one but Martin could get
through the pass at night.
But if they found out I'd been
here, you could never come back.
I have a brother at Innsbruck.
Martin can wait there until I send him
word that it's safe to come home.
But I can't accept this.
Save your breath. You'll need
it for the climb.
Mother, I'll need
some food and brandy.
Elsa! Get my knapsack for me.
There's a storm coming up.
Be careful.
I'll be all right. I've done
it lots of times.
Promise me you'll come
back safely.
I promise.
I don't know how to thank you.
In these days, we
must help each other.
Good-bye, Mr. Werner.
Good luck to you.
Good-bye, Elsa. I'll bring you
a nice, new apron from Austria.
I'll pray for you.
Good-bye, Mother.
I'll wait for word
at Innsbruck.
God be with you, Son.
Good-bye, Freya.
Take care of her.
Ready, sir?
I love him.
Does he know?
I am very happy, my dear.
I always hoped.
I'm very, very happy.
Look, is that the patrol?
What shall we do?
They'll find out, and
they'll take us to prison!
Elsa, Elsa, be calm.
Listen, child,
if they discover Werner was
here and went with my son,
they might follow
and overtake them.
They might kill them. No!
You don't want any harm
to come to Martin?
Oh, no, Mrs. Breitner.
That's why I'm afraid.
Child, my son's life
is in your hands.
Will you remember that?
I'll try. I will.
But they can make you
speak, I've seen it.
I've seen them, I tell you.
I saw them take some students.
I heard them scream.
Mrs. Breitner,
don't let them ask me
any questions, please.
If I should say anything to
hurt Martin, I'd kill myself.
Finish drying your
dishes, child,
as if nothing had happened.
Don't speak. Don't call any
attention to yourself.
Go on, now. Don't be afraid.
They're coming
around the barn.
Come and sit down, my dear.
It's good to have
something to do.
What do you want?
Have you seen the
schoolmaster, Werner?
Hasn't been here, huh?
Max... you and Semple search
the barn and stables.
You, too, George.
Take that lamp and
search the back rooms.
And make a good job of it.
Where's your son?
In the village.
When do you expect him back?
At any moment.
What are you doing here?
I came this afternoon
on a visit.
You don't choose your
friends very carefully,
do you, Miss Roth?
I wonder at that.
You know, your name doesn't
sound very well to German ears.
When did you last see Werner?
Two weeks ago, at the inn.
You're prepared to swear
that he hasn't been here,
that you haven't
seen him today?
Do you know it's a crime
to shield a traitor?
You're young, Miss Roth,
much too young to waste your
years in a concentration camp.
Oh... Elsa...
Come here.
I don't know anything.
I haven't seen the
I haven't seen
him, I tell you!
Or Martin, either.
Oh, you haven't?
You haven't seen
Martin Breitner, eh?
You're pretty eager to
tell me that, aren't you?
I wonder why.
Look here... don't you try
to make a fool out of me!
I'll take you down
to headquarters
and you can tell your lies
to the secret state police.
I don't know anything!
They'll make you talk!
They have ways of making
girls like you talk!
You did see him, didn't you?
You liar! I'll find proof!
There's no sign of him.
Yes, I know.
He's gone.
You helped him to get
away, didn't you?
I ought to take you down
with me... Under arrest.
But I won't.
I like to be kind to women.
If you confirm the facts
that that girl just gave me,
I'll say that you were forced
to act against your will.
What do you say?
Your son will be back soon.
Have him report to headquarters
first thing tomorrow morning...
without fail.
Unless he comes in before noon,
it'll be better for him, my good
Frau Breitner, never to come at all.
Believe me.
I didn't tell them.
I was afraid, but
I didn't tell them!
God bless you, child.
Thank you.
He can never come back now.
You were out early, Freya.
Yes, I had to go
to the library
to do some research
work for Father.
I'm so happy about his book.
His missed his classes
terribly at first.
Thank goodness with his
experiments and his book
he seems quite happy.
But you're not.
Oh, I'm all right, Mother.
Don't worry about me.
Freya, I'm going to tell
you something, Dear.
Close the window.
I shouldn't tell
you this, Freya,
your father asked me
not to tell a soul.
He's going to Vienna.
He's going to lecture at
the medical congress.
Then that means I can
go to Innsbruck.
I can see Martin.
Next week.
No. So soon?
Oh, Mother.
Oh, Darling.
There's your father now.
Oh, Lehman, I thought
it was Father.
Who is it, Dear?
It's Lehman.
Oh, Lehman!
Has anything happened?
That's father's coat,
has there been an accident?
No, no, miss. It's not that.
Then what is it?
Two gentlemen came, ma'am,
and asked for the Professor.
I told them that he was
working on his experiments.
And then what happened?
They took him away.
Who took him away?
They, Frau Professor.
They arrested him?
I brought his
coat and rubbers.
I hope no harm
will come to him.
No one will help us.
No lawyer will plead for us.
They dare not.
But you're his superior,
you have a right to ask,
to know where he is and
why they've arrested him.
Believe me, Mrs. Roth,
I'd be doing you no service,
and it would be extremely
dangerous for me.
Your husband is
an eminent man,
but I have a family.
I must think of them.
But I'm sure your sons would have
greater influence with the Gestapo.
Professor Roth was apprehended
because he sustained
a theory antagonistic
to our most sacred ideals.
I'm not permitted to give you
any information regarding
his whereabouts,
and I suggest that you cease
pushing these tactless inquiries.
They only serve to call attention
to your undesirable connections.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Miss Roth.
Please forgive me
for bothering you.
Sit down, Miss Roth.
Thank you.
I suppose you know that my
father has been arrested.
We don't even
know where he is,
whether he's dead or alive.
We thought that perhaps you
might be able to help us.
I regret that such inquiries
are not handled
by my department.
But I am told that they are
handled by your superior.
At least he knows
where my father is.
That's all we ask, is to find
out what's happened to him,
if we can possibly
be of any help.
The office concerned sees fit
to withhold information.
There's nothing I can do.
So you haven't forgiven me.
You misjudge me.
I'm concerned with
justice, not revenge.
Fritz, you know my
father is a just...
I told you this matter
was not my concern.
If you came in the hope
that I could be influenced
by my personal feelings...
I came because
I remembered you
as a generous and kind person,
because I'm not ashamed to ask a favor
of you because you once loved me.
You're my last hope.
Do this one thing for me,
and I promise not to
bother you again.
Fritz, please help me!
My father helped you,
he loved you and
was proud of you.
Will you leave, please?
It was unfair of
you to come...
To take advantage of
an old friendship.
What you ask is difficult
and dangerous,
but I'll find out
where your father is
and try to arrange for
your mother to see him.
I regret, Miss Roth, there's no
point in further discussion.
You're Emelia Roth? Come.
Wife of prisoner Roth?
Emelia Roth.
The prisoner Roth is in
barracks 8, isn't he?
Yes, sir.
He should be working now
with the labor gang.
Yes, sir.
I'll permit you 5 minutes
with the prisoner.
You're to talk only
on family affairs.
What have you got there?
A few things
socks, shirts, some fruit.
Not permitted.
Go. Come.
Oh, my dear!
They didn't tell me.
What a happy surprise.
Sit down.
You'll find me changed,
older, but I'm well.
Oh, Viktor, your hands.
No, please, my dear.
It distresses me.
We all must work, but
it does us no harm.
Emily, dear, we have
so little time.
Forgive me, Dear.
There's so many questions.
How... how are the children?
And Rudi, does he know?
No... no whispering!
We told him you
were on a trip.
Oh, I'm glad.
There's no need to
tell him, ever.
He shouldn't learn to hate.
They can't keep you here.
You've done nothing wrong.
Well, I'm afraid they don't
agree with you, my dear.
They think that your husband
is a very bad,
obstinate old man.
But they will release you...
I don't think we should
be too certain of that.
You see, even if
they let me out,
I should still fight
for scientific truth.
Don't antagonize them, Viktor,
for my sake,
for the children.
Emily, it would be
unworthy of the love
that we have for each other for
me to be less than myself.
But I must hope.
Of course you must,
and you can help.
You can give me peace of mind.
You must take Freya and
Rudi out of the country.
And leave you here?
It's only for a little while.
Germany will find
freedom, belief in God...
you were told to talk only
about family matters.
Yes, to be sure.
You see, I'm a very
bad, obstinate old man.
I won't go without
you, Viktor.
Don't ask me, please.
I see you can be
stubborn, too.
While we're waiting, get
everything in readiness.
Yes, I'll do that. I'll...
time's up.
This way.
Oh, please, just
a few minutes more.
It's no use, my dear,
we must say good-bye.
You mustn't worry about me.
I do very well.
I've made many friends.
You will be free soon?
Yes, I shall be free, my dear.
God bless you.
God keep you all.
This way.
What is the cube
of "a" plus "b,"
assuming that "a" equals
3 and "b" equals 4?
I've done that one.
What's the answer?
You can put your books away now.
You've done enough.
When are we going away?
The minute that
Father comes back.
But when is Father
coming back?
Soon, Rudi, I'm sure.
We may have news from
him any day now.
You always say that, Mother.
But you have to
have patience, Son.
I'm leaving now,
Frau Professor.
Here are your wages, Marta,
and your reference.
I've written that you've been
with us for 15 years,
were always
reliable and loyal.
I'm sorry to go, ma'am.
You've always treated me right,
but with my brother
in the post office,
working for the government,
as you might say,
it didn't seem right to stay,
especially with
the Professor...
we understand, Marta.
It's quite all right.
At Christmas when you
got all the presents,
you promised to stay
with us forever.
Is that so, Mr. sauce box?
Things have changed
since then.
I should think you'd
have noticed that.
You owe me 20 phennigs for
the milk this morning.
My brother will be
calling for my trunk.
Good-bye, Marta.
Otto, you're...
You have news of Father.
He's not free, then?
Mother, be brave.
He is free...
At last.
They killed my father.
He died of a heart attack.
Did you see him?
They don't allow it.
They don't dare,
because they killed him.
These maniacs you
believe in killed him,
and you know it!
They killed my father!
What's wrong?
We're going away now, Rudi.
This way, please.
I'll bet Martin will meet us.
At Innsbruck, I hope.
We're coming to a station.
What time is it, Mother?
That must be the border.
I beg your pardon.
Do you know if we leave
the train for inspection?
No. I think it's usually
done on the train.
We hear they're very strict,
especially with immigrants.
My wife is a little nervous.
She doesn't mean to say
anything against it.
We understand.
Here we are!
Rudi, sit down, Dear.
Heil Hitler.
Passport inspection.
Heil Hitler, German
customs money control.
Is anyone present carrying
more than 10 marks
or plan to take out
of the country
any foreign money, gold, jewels,
or any other valuables?
Any violations of the laws
covering needs of pension
will be punished by
penal servitude,
special cases by death.
Miss Freya Roth?
Your passport.
Whose suitcase is that?
Take it down.
Open it.
It's not locked.
What is that, code?
No. It's a manuscript,
a physiological treatise.
Who wrote it?
My father.
Who is your father?
Professor Viktor Roth.
He's not with you?
He's dead.
Get that one down.
Why are you taking this
out of the country?
It was my father's last work.
He wrote it with his own hand.
You intend on
publishing it abroad?
Oh, no. I hadn't thought
of such a thing,
it isn't even finished.
I brought if for
sentimental reasons only.
I can't take the
of allowing you to cross the
border with this document.
But why?
I treasure the manuscript
because it was my
father's last work.
Surely there isn't anything
suspicious about that.
This is a matter that can only
be decided by my superior.
I must ask you to follow me.
But, officer...
it's all right.
You go on, you and Rudi...
you must!
I'll take a later train.
I can't leave you here alone.
Nothing can happen,
they can't object
to the manuscript.
Now will you come, please!
Good-bye, Rudi.
Good-bye, Mother.
Tell Martin to be patient.
I expected to follow
my mother immediately.
It's been 5 days now.
Won't you please be convinced
that I had no intention of doing
anything wrong and let me go?
I'll explain to you why
you're under detention.
This manuscript is
a seditious production,
sustaining a theory destructive
to the new ideals.
It will be destroyed.
And I... I may go?
Your passport is confiscated.
You cannot be allowed
to leave the country.
But why? How am I to blame?
You anxiety to remove this
script proves your intention
to publish it in
foreign countries.
You belong, in part,
to the German race,
but by your action you
have shown yourself
unworthy to represent
that race abroad.
You will report to
the police daily.
Let me warn you to
be extremely careful
in your conduct and
in your contacts.
That is all.
My dear, I am so thankful.
I was afraid you
wouldn't dare.
I was afraid I would
get you into trouble.
You don't think you
were followed?
No. I was very careful.
Why did you send for me?
Is there a message?
Why are you smiling?
Oh, Martin.
I didn't dare let
myself believe it.
You shouldn't have come.
It was so crazy, so dangerous.
Freya, I've come
to take you away.
To Innsbruck?
I need never go back to town?
I need never let you go?
Nothing will ever
part us again.
No, no, it's not real.
We've got to get across the
border before daybreak.
I promised your mother
I'd bring you home.
But the journey
isn't easy, Freya,
you've got to know
what you're taking on.
It's a long, hard way.
I know.
I'm pretty sure
nobody suspects
the spot I cross the border,
but there's always the
danger of patrols.
I'm not afraid.
Then we'd better get busy.
So soon? I have so
many questions.
We've no time to talk.
We have so much to say.
We've never said the
usual foolish things.
Do you know we've never
said I love you?
We have our whole
lives to say them.
It's getting dark, you
have no time to waste.
You're sure you
have everything?
I think so, Mother.
Your flashlight?
Yes, yes, it's right in there.
Mother, when Freya's missed,
they may suspect...
I can take care
of myself, Son.
hurry please.
Thank you, Elsa.
I think you'd better go down to the inn
and spend the night with your aunt.
Oh, but please,
can't I stay...
it's better for you to
be seen there tonight.
If there should be trouble,
you won't be suspected
of having a hand in it.
It's for your own sake, child.
Say good-bye now
and get along.
Good-bye, Elsa.
Oh, you've been wonderful.
Won't you say good-bye
to me, too, Elsa?
Thank you.
Thank you for helping
us so bravely.
I'll pray for you...
Both of you.
Mother, it's hard to
leave you here alone.
I can manage.
I still have my
strength and health.
You will find things in
order when you come back,
because you will come back.
This is your home.
This soil belongs to you,
as it did to your forefathers.
I want you and Freya to take
a glass of wine before you start.
This is apple wine
from the fruit of
Martin's tree.
You know it, don't you?
I used to rest in
the shade of it
when I was expecting
him to be born.
I nursed him under
its branches.
He held on the trunk in his
first efforts to walk.
It's Martin's tree.
Now I want you to drink
the wine of its fruit
from the bride cup.
I hope to see you married
in the little church
at the foot of our mountain,
with the music of the organ
and the good father to
give you the blessings.
But since it cannot be,
after your marriage, I'll have
your names painted on the cup.
But for me,
this is the moment
of your wedding.
May the blessing of
God be upon my son...
And upon his wife.
And now go.
Let her alone! She
doesn't know anything!
She's just a child!
Let her alone!
Let her alone!
So, Karwendel pass.
I didn't think it
possible in winter!
He's an excellent climber.
He's pretty smart...
it's an unguarded section.
He has a start,
but he's hampered
by the woman.
Let's see...
Now, this is the point where the
fugitive should emerge from the pass.
you will take a patrol in
motor cars to Laudenfens.
That should cut your
cross-country climbing by half.
You ought to be able to reach
the section before your quarry.
I most respectfully request to
be relieved of this command.
What do you mean?
I once looked upon these two
people as my closest friends.
I am aware of that.
I realize that this duty
must be carried out,
but I beg of you to
understand a human weakness,
to send someone else
to command the patrol.
You have sworn allegiance
to the third Reich.
In the service of your country,
there are no human relationships.
I have given you an order.
I am waiting to know whether
you will show yourself worthy
of the trust that our
leader has placed in you
or whether you
will dishonor me,
your comrades,
and yourself.
At your command,
I shall be on Karwendel pass
with my men before daybreak.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Am I going to fast?
I'm sorry.
Every time I look back,
you seem to be smaller.
Martin, we're not
lost, are we?
Oh, no. Are you afraid?
Not when your arm
is around me.
Are we halfway?
Yes, I think so.
Your face is so
small and white.
You're very tired, aren't you?
No, no, I'm not tired.
Really I'm not.
All right.
Do you have any
idea where we are?
We should be near
Karwendel pass.
Should be? We'd better be,
unless you want them to slip
over the border ahead of us.
We're doing the best
we can, aren't we?
Martin, come on,
let's stop a minute.
I'm not really tired.
It's just difficult to
breathe so high up.
Oh, I know, Darling.
I think we can reach the
pass in about an hour,
less, perhaps,
if your strength
just holds out.
You're my strength.
I won't fail you.
I know you won't.
All right.
You ready?
Freya, look!
Look, it's Austria!
It can't be true.
We just have to go down
that open space there.
Those high rocks are
on Austrian soil.
And free.
Come on, I'll race
you down the slope.
Do you think you can make it?
I can try.
All right.
What is it, Martin?
A patrol.
Yeah, right to the
right, there.
Back, they'll see us.
We have one fighting
chance, Freya.
Shall we make a try for it,
or shall we go back?
Go back to what, Martin?
Be careful.
Good luck.
There they are!
We'll head them off.
800 paces.
Take aim.
Keep firing! Keep firing!
They're over the border.
You clumsy fools,
you've missed him!
Cease firing!
Why, Martin, did I faint?
Yes, Darling.
But we made it, didn't we?
We're free?
Yes, we're free.
Listen, you can hear the
church bells from the village.
We're almost there, Darling.
No, no, wait.
Let me rest a little.
Dear, Martin...
I am tired now.
Yes, very, very tired.
Oh, no, Freya.
Oh, no.
We met them on Karwendel pass.
I ordered them to halt,
but they refused to obey.
At my command, the
patrol opened fire.
They were able to cross
the border, but...
Freya was hit.
She died before
reaching the village.
I had no choice,
it was my duty!
Freya killed...
It doesn't make sense.
And Breitner goes free!
Yes, free to think
as he believes.
Well, wasn't that
what he said?
Free to fight against
all we stand for.
Thank God for that.
6 candles, one for each decade
of a wonderful life.
Now blow them all out
and make a wish.
We've been a very
united family.
In this house, we've had the
habit of gracious living.
We've prided ourselves on our
tolerance and our sense of humor.
Good heavens, here I am
making another speech.
Well, I can think of no
better wish than this:
May our happiness last
as long as we live.
I think peace is
better than war.
A man's right to
think as he believes
is as good for him
as food and drink.
I... I thank you for
your beautiful gift.
It shows me, this
splendid torchbearer,
that you have understood what
I have desired to impart
and that into your young hands
will be given the torch of science
when it has fallen from the
hands of your masters.
I sincerely pray that you
will carry it worthily.
I said to a man who
stood at the gate,
"give me a light that I may
tread safely into the unknown."
And he replied,
"go out into the darkness
"and put your hand
into the hand of God.
"That shall be to you
better than a light
and safer than a known way."