Moscow Nights (1935) Movie Script

Wake up,wake up
Get them all done
Your arms are not weak you know
How much should be loaded?
3000 thousands sacks,Sir
Put that men to work in relays, that shift double pay
Come on boys,just do it
Having a nice rest?
You know that there's war on?
Do it yourself if you think it is so easy
Do it myself
See you think that I can't work here
I am born as a peasant, I've been a peasant all my life
And I'm still a peasant
Come on boys
Don't forget the flowers for Natasha Alexandrovna
Give him an injection, and keep the best of it I can't have enough to treat
No one could have done it
You are feeling better,Cpt Ignatoff?
Yes.I think so
Thank you
In hospital
No.It is all right.Don't worry about it.
Of course.I made a mistake
A mistake?
Yes.You should be wounded in one leg,they cut off the other
Army regulation
Don't be so silly
At what?
What's your name?
And I've talked quite enough
Ans I'm going to get your breakfast
You feel better Cpt Ignatoff?
My name is Blunkett
Cpt of the Seventh Hussar, we are sharing this war
Oh good
I wonder
Perhaps you could tell me
Certainly.Her name is Katarina Alexandrovna Kovrin
Age 19.Single.On day duty ward C General Hospital
Daughter of the late General Kovrin
And there is not a chance
I don't like this idea about this marriage at all
And I'm sure he wouldn't have liked it either
As your poor brother left us only debts and mortgages and things
I don't see how he could dissent of Natasha marrying a very rich man
who simply adores her
The point is does Natasha love Peter Brioukow
Yes.She is disposed to him
Aren't you rather pushing it on to her?
Uncle Nicholas
A little,yes
We had another big batch of wounded in again this afternoon
Natasha.I want you to tell your uncle quite candidly
Have I've ever urged you to marry Peter Brioukow?
Have I ever hinted at it?
Mr Brioukow
May I come in?
I just looked in to see you were..
I should like to have two words with your mother
Excuse me,forgive me
Of course,come uncle Nicholas
-The mortgage has been canceled -Oh,Peter
Then we shall not have to move,the house is
It's so wonderful to be true
-And the garden -Yes
Don't deny Natasha..,I must be off
That's means she will be here before 915
10 to 1 that she'll be here before 915
All right.Taken
You already owe me 9 million rubles
Good morning,gentlemen
10 million now!!
Good Morning
-Did you sleep well -Oh,how could anyone sleep in this room..
Ignatoff gets up at 5 puts on a purple pajamas
shaves,changes the pajama,shaves again
and ask me every 5 minutes what's time it is
Yes.What time is it?
Seven minutes past nine
Are you aware that your duties in this ward starts at 9 o'clock sharp
Have you anything to say in your defense?
You are therefore condemned to take this concoction
What's the matter with it?
Not enough sugar
Sugar in cabbage soup?
I thought it was tea
You know what section C means?
-Ever seen a spy? -Yes.Ulysses aim for Troja
All right.Polonsky.Listen my boy. There is no room for sentiment in our job
It's our men's lives or theirs
now it's your duty to suspect everybody
your cook,your brother,me,these mean nothing,your spy may be anybody
A staff officer amongst charming young girls or kindly old ladies
And soon I shall be writing to you
-with my own hand -With my own hand
Instead of that of a very kind friend
Of a very kind friend
Your loving son?
-Vanya -Vanya
I'll post it myself
That's was awfully kind of you Madame Sabine
Madame Sabine is always kind
That's sweet of you Natasha,but we are all trying to do our duty
What a joy for your dear mother to hear from you
after knowing what you went through in Lemberg
Wasn't that the place where you said your company was smashed off?
My company.Oh,only a platoon
Isn't that the same thing or do I mean a squadron
My dear Madame Sabine.In a division there are about 64 companies
64? So my dear boy they could not all have been smashed up?
Couldn't they?
Well the 12th on our right and the 19th on our left were practically wiped out
How dreadful.How can such a thing be possible?
Well,you see the Austrians shot at us and we didn't shoot back
Well that was very noble of you but surely they shot at you first
you had a right to shoot back
Oh,yes we had the right but not the ammunition
It all sounds to me that somebody has been dreadfully careless
Of course I don't understand about these things
-Well.Good bye ,dear boy -Good bye
-I won't forget your letter -Thank you so much
So you have become one of Madame Sabine's dear boys
Well,she is a very nice old thing
She's got lots here but not so much up here
What is this? White bread
Sugar Natasha,you work miracles
It's not me,well it is someone who knew how short we were and send us extras
My blessings for the unknown. Can I have it over there?
Yes.Of course
How about walking there today?
-How's that? -That's fine
-Any pain? -No
That's good
Rest a minute
Shall we go on?
That's right
-That was.. -Heavenly
-You ought to be ashamed of yourself -Why?
-Not for love -Say it again
I'm engaged
-Angels make bad liars -But it's true I tell you
Is it?All right. Tell me who you are engaged to
Go on.Tell me
There you are.What his name?
It isn't true,you see
His name is Brioukow
-Not the Brioukow -Peter Petrovich Brioukow
Is this the medical inspection doctor?
Or is the hospital giving a party in my room
-No,Cpt Ignatoff -Cpt,I apologize
There is no need to apologize,this is not Cpt Ignatoff's private room
Cpt Ignatoff,this is my fiance,Mr Brioukow
But I suppose it should be I who should apologize
Just one word please
When is your next free day,Natshenka?
-Next Wednesday -Would you care to come out with me..
..just for a little drive
I'd love to.Will you come and pick me up in the morning?
There is fire coming.Barnoff speaking
Listen.There is a leaking somewhere at your end
Enemy planes just bombed out the plant
They seem to know every detail of the disposition
There's only one officer
that knows all the details of the disposition.Lieut Petrovsky
Good Morning Petrov
Good Morning Lieut Petrovsky
Shall I fetch the report ,Sir?
Yes,please.Bring me the file
Number 7 reports that they are going to arrest Petrovsky
What time is it?
9 25
He'll be in his office now
You must reach him before he is arrested,quick
-Who is it? -Liut shot himself
Shot himself
Orders to arrest Lieut Petrovsky,Sir
Petrovsky? Here he is
Natalia Alexandrovna
And you bought all this. I always dreamed about it
And you guessed and you sought this
You get fond of a place,I...
I belong to the land
I want you to love it, as I do
Birch tree,corn
All right,take it out,please
Good bye,Doctor
Thank you for all you've done
That's all right,my dear chap
What are your plans?
I'm sick of seeing civilians and profiteers
and that is all one meet in this town
I'm going back to the battery
Not a chance.You won't be ready for active service for another 6 months
What you'll bet?
-Good bye -Good bye
Aren't you going to think about your nurse?
No.I can't.I am in an awful hurry
You might speak before me,will you?
And thank her and all that
Contributing properly to where we got to
Oh,yes.Yes.For being marvelous, Good Bye
They have appointed a man to succeed Petrovsky
Cpt Ignatoff,Second Battery,Field Artillery
He is going to be a difficult chap
-Why -He seems to be an almost perfect young man
Sooner or later they make a slip when given a chance
-You try to give them a chance? -I am
Cpt Ignatoff.Cpt Ignatoff.I began to cultivate that young man
Cpt Ignatoff?
Do put the advice bursting in unduly without an appointment or an introduction
or anything.Wait a moment.Haven't I seen you somewhere before?
Don't tell me,oh yes of course. I know.It was the hospital
You're one of me dear boys,aren't you,delightful
What I'm going to say you are
would you keep me if I sat down for a moment
-Now please do sit down,Madame? -Madame Sabine
-Let me see.Where was I? -I don't know
Of course,I remember.You are something to do with parcels,aren't you?
-Parcels? -Yes.Parcels
Supplies to the front and that sort of things
This is the Ministry of Supplies,of course
Exactly.Well now.My maid have been sending a parcel
to her young man at the front every week,every week,Cpt Ignatoff
And what you think has happened?
He has not received any of them
How clever of you to guess
Not one,Cpt Ignatoff.Well,what are we going to do about it.
My dear Madame Sabine,my department deals with supplies to the army
there is nothing whatever to do with private parcels
Try this address,he's a friend of mine at the post office
Thank you so much
What dear little flags,sweet, what do you do with those?
I see,you stick them in here
May I put one in.Lovely
Thank you so much.Very kind of you. I do hope we shall meet again.
-I hope so too.Good Bye -Good Bye
I am sorry ,I am busy
No, I'll take no word for that you are busy
I'm expecting someone
Are you really going to marry him?
Yes I am.
You know that I am in love with you,don't you
Why,I won't talk like that,I promise you
I won't even mention the word love
it is something else I want to talk to you about not love,please
I have been in touchable, I've been presumptuous,
I've been conceited worst of all I've been a bore
I am terribly sorry,please forgive me
-All right,I forgive you -Thank you
You're an angel on the fence, you saved my life
I've been ungrateful and stupid
But it is not all again my fault, you know what it is
when you feel yourself falling selflessly in love with somebody
So you promise not to say that
Tell me about your new job, ammunition supplies isn't it
This time keep me very busy during the day
It's only get bad in the evenings really
These soft summer nights keep reminding me I am terribly in love,
I've done it,I'm sorry,please let's talk about something else quickly
-Count Polonsky -Thank you..
Polonsky is fine,he is hunting spies, he is a very lucky fellow
but he did take his stuff very seriously
But there are thing seriously in the world
and that is that I met you,I'm sorry
Fell straightway in love with you
No talk
Are you in love with him?
Are you?
Good Morning
Oh,Peter Petrovich,you know Cpt Ignatoff,don't you?
Yes,the gentleman who doesn't like visitor
-Ill again Cpt? -Oh,no,Much stronger now.Thank you
And when are we expecting to lose you?
I shall be going back to the front again quite soon
And how is business Brioukow
-All right -Splendid
I hear that you are making 50000 rubles a day
thats above 20 rubles for every man who's killed
well that's perfect,it looks very bright
if we could only put our casualties to 2 million you would be making 50 million
Of course you lose co-operation,
you better talk to the staff about it for small percentage
Don't listen
Oh,thank you so much.How thrilling.
-Will you have this? -Thank you Madame
Oh Cpt Ignatoff how nice to see you
Good evening
Look I won all this.Isn't it wonderful
That gentleman over there said who says banko
so I said banko and I got all this
The 500 rubles for the bank and 100 rubles on table
Table wins
You brought me up,Madame Sabine
Table wins
Come in and drink
You'd better be careful,that's big stuff
Bank wins
10000 rubles in the bank,gentlemen
10000 rubles in the bank
Bank wins
Banko for 20000 rubles
Losing your nerve Cpt?
Bank loses
Bank 80000 rubles gentlemen
Revenge Cpt?
Faites vos jeux.Monsieurs
-Have you got any money? -Yes I've got 300 rubles
-Do that make up for it? -No thank you
Now 50000 rubles,gentlemen
Faites vos jeux.Monsieurs
After all enterprising as usual,Cpt
It was different this morning
But perhaps more difficult here
Bank wins
I'll give you an IOU
What? An officer and a gentleman
Your word is good enough for me
Pay me 3 days
Good Night
I shouldn't do that
My dear boy,what is it I hear
I don't know
What made you do it? Risk so much money
What came over you?
Nothing came over me,my dear Madam Sabine
I merely thought I should be lucky at cards
But perhaps you don't believe in providence
And you lost
What are you going to do about it
Have you any money of your own?
Oh,forgive my asking but I feel like an old friend
You are an old friend,Madame Sabine,you are
By the time this story got about tomorrow you'll probably be my oldest friend
You mustn't talk like that
Everything will be all right
Can you raise the money anywhere?
-That's awkward -Yes
Do you know.I think I know a way out
-Are you a magician? -Of course not
But I know someone who may be able to lend you the money
A great friend,a very great friend, who has a lot of money at his disposal
Don't be too hasty
You never know.We might arrange something
My dear boy.I can't bear to see you giving up like this
Madame Sabine ,you are very kind
and I most grateful,but the fact is between you and me
Battered is the hope, providence is on the side of war profiteers
And he is only got three days to pay it
-Three days? -Three days.Poor Ignatoff.
-Why poor Ignatoff? -Because he lost 80000 rubles
At the casino last night
to Brioukow Natashas Brioukuw
Natashas Ignatoff you mean. Some of you are spiteful.
Poor boy.He will never be able to pay .
-He can always pay -How?
She will consent
-Hello -Is it you Peter Petrovich
-Natasha -Listen
I just found out.I can't come tonight after all.
I'll take you the gayest bistro in Moscow
To Natalia Alexandrovna
Thank you
Smile.Smile for me.
-Why did you gamble last night? -To win
You won a lot of money,didnt you?
80000 from..?
Cpt Ignatoff
Do you think he will be able to pay you?
He'll pay
But he hasn't..
I mean I don't think he has got very much money
He'll borrow
If he can't borrow?
Sure,he'll shoot himself
You mean you
That would be murder
Don't you feel you are murdering him
That's because you are jealous
Mad with blind less stupidity
You've no right of I have giving you any cause
I've always been loyal to you, it is wicked of you not to trust me
Wicked,petulant and stupid
What shall I do?
Don't you see there is only one thing you can do
Send him a letter saying you've been paid,a receipt
All right
Peter Petrovich you will send it?
You make me very happy
Cpt Ignatoff
I've was told of your loss 80000,they tell me,is that true?
Can you pay?
I'll settle it,Sir
I'm not going to read you a lecture, you know your duty as an officer
You've 24 hours to settle it in
Thank You
Take this round to Cpt Ignatoff
Come in
For Cpt Ignatoff a paper from Brioukow
The captain is not in
All right I'll see that he gets it
Cpt Ignatoff.How nice
Isn't fascinating a lovely dance
There is lot of pretty girls
Forgive an old woman for interfering but I shouldn't stand there if I were you
What do you mean?
You needn't pretend with me can't you see that you are upsetting that poor girl?
I must see her for a minute
Go in there I'll send her to you
Go on
How are you all?
Sit down
No,please don't disturb yourself Mr Brioukow
There's to be wedding bells in three weeks time
No wonder the child looks radiant
What a lovely dress,so neat isn't it?
So unusual.Oh my dear I must tell you
No.Not for masculine ears Mr Brioukow
My dear,wasn't it awful
Mr Brioukow,I'm going to ask you to allow me to steal Natasha for a few moments
There is a very old friend of mine is dying to meet her
Come,Darling,will you
What did you want?
I just want to thank you and say Good Bye
I shall be off tomorrow
You are not going off to the front
They don't change officers at the Ministry for Supplies too often
Don't they
Well I've got my orders
Have you really been transferred?
I couldn't come without seeing you,I know
But I was worried,I was afraid perhaps I made you unhappy
Unhappy? Oh no
Take care of yourself
You've got everything in front of you,Anna
Are you trying to persuade me to marry Brioukow?
It's quite unnecessary,I shall marry him
Oh,I see
Is that all you came to tell me?
Yes,that's about all
Good bye
Good Bye Natasha
Good Bye
I am glad you come
You see you detect it sooner or later
Natasha is not going to marry you
She is going to marry me
Go away now,Natasha
Of course if you would like to fight
At your will?
I'm no gentleman
I'm a tradesman
I always pay my debts
Madame Sabine,excuse me,you've just brought Natasha to see me
You've said something a little while ago
about someone whom you thought may be able to help me
Yes,dear boy
I wonder perhaps after all
You mean you want it now?
Yes.Is it possible?
I think I can arrange it
Could you?
Yes,I'm sure I can
Can you be at my apartment in half an hour?
Yes.Thank you.
There you are,Sir
That's how they pass on the information
Through the beggar
No wonder we draw blank at the post office and the telephone
This is their last message
Genius isn't it?
How did it work?
If you look carefully you'll see the
the 8 underlined then the 5 then the 4
That's just the order for the offensive, 8th army 5th and the 4th corps
I've..Good work Polonsky
I'll see this deaf and dump beggar
What's your name?
What's your name?
He's deaf and dumb,Sir
Got it
Deaf and dumb?
We'll soon have you as eloquent as a tomcat in live
We hang spies here but if you tell us everything
everything,mind you, about the whole system and everyone concerned in it
I'll give you your life,on my word of honor
But you must make up your mind at once
If you won't talk the other fellow will
Now which is it to be?Hanged or talk.
I'll talk
I'm so sorry to be so late, but you do understand
Of course my dear boy,after all this is a matter of life and death,isn't it?
-Won't you sit down -Thank you
-Cigarette? -No thank you
Where is your friend? This fellow who lends money
My friend? Oh,of course my friend.
Isn't he coming?
I thought you said
Soothing,isn't it?
It's only a paper and yet it means everything
Life,career,and settling down with the sweet girl
And she is such a sweet girl,Natasha
And now you can both live happily ever afterward
I don't know how to thank you
How can we arrange it?
I can give you a bill and I can pay you 2000 from my salary now
and 3/4 when I am promoted
You need to worry about the bill
and you won't have to give up any of your salary either
How do you mean?
I strive to help you,my dear boy
I want to feel that you can confide in me
It's like how you get on at home
and in your work
My work?
Yes,it's must be very interesting
I should like to understand something about it
I see
You are in charge of the ammunition supplies,aren't you?
I should be interested to know details of that
You would like to see the documents,perhaps
Oh,no I just want first hand information
Such as what?
No,that big offensive of the 5th army, where are they concentrating the supplies?
Fifth army
Cpt Ignatoff,if you do anything
I should say that you came here to offer me your services
and that you are in my pay
Your Anna Steinbach
My name is Anna Sabine
Indeed,you are under arrest
What are you doing here?
I was just telephoning the staff to get the woman arrested
I am very sorry but I have order to place under arrest anyone I find here
Cpt Ignatoff.You are accused of high treason.Do you plead guilty or not guilty?
Not guilty,Sir
Case for the Crown
Cpt Ignatoff.Did you know the late Anna Steinbach alias Sabine?
Yes,Sir.I knew her as an acquaintance
Was your connection with her more than just an acquaintance?
Where you not you at the Casino on Tuesday on the Red Cross ball on Thursday?
Yes ,Sir
What happened?
At the casino I lost a considerable amount of money
Madame Sabine came up and asked to help me
What did you say?
I didn't take it seriously
And at the ball?
I asked her to help me
At the casino you refused her help and at the ball you asked for her help
Why did you change your attitude?
Something happened in the meantime
Something in my private life that changed my outlook on the whole question
You asked Anna Steinbach help at about one o'clock in the morning
This turning point in your private life happened about
At Midnight
How is it then at 10 o'clock in the evening you said to General Kovrin
that you were sure you would pay off your gambling debts
That's not what I said to General Kovrin,Sir
what I said to him was that I would be able to settle my debts
What did you mean by the word settle?
With that answer I intended to kill myself
-and later? - Later I changed my mind
I decided to try and live
So you went to Anna Steinbach and asked her help?
She promised it you.
Isn't peculiar that you didn't discover at once that this generous woman was a spy?
Not really,Sir
If you couldn't find it out in two years is not peculiar that it took me two hours
But you did find it out in two hours?
You went to her between one and two in the morning an unusual time for a social call?
No social call,I was in need of money
And then what?
I arrived and she produced the money herself
I suggested various way of paying her back
Then she said what she wanted was not money but information
I then went to the telephone
To do what?
I tried to call Section C
No operator can remember your call
Before I could get through Cpt Polonsky came in and arrested me
A series of very unfortunate coincidences
No operator remember your call
Cpt Polonsky enters the room at the very moment you are about to denounce a spy
The witness to all this,Anna Steinbach is conveniently dead
Very unfortunate
Still it might be true if we found you told us the truth about everything else
I have told the truth,Sir
Let's review the facts
On Tuesday at the casino you loose a great deal of money
-Yes -80000 rubles
-To Mr Peter Brioukow -Yes
You agree to pay him back in three days
On Thursday you go to Anna Steinbach in order to get the money
For what purpose?
Pay my debts
To pay your gambling debts to Mr Brioukow
You wanted it that for that purpose and nothing else?
That's right.
Not in exchange for betraying military secrets
but exclusively to pay your debts of 80000 rubles
Cpt Ignatoff.What you say is untrue and I can prove it
A receipt from Mr Peter Brioukow
for exactly 80000 rubles was found in Cpt Ignatoff's flat
There is really nothing else to prove,
Cpt Ignatoff pays his debt to Brioukow before Thursday Night
I won't ask where he got the 80000 rubles
I will only say this
It was a lie when he said that on Thursday night
he went to Anna Sabine because of his debt to Brioukow
That was a lie.It is logical to conclude
that everything else which Cpt Ignatoff has told us is untrue
and that he is traitor to his country
I ask for a sentence of death
Cpt Ignatoff
Have you anything to say?
I never paid Mr Brioukoff
I haven't got the money
But you've seen the receipt?
I don't know anything about that receipt I'd never seen it before
Councilor for the defence
Mr President in view of the production of this receipt
I submit that the court cannot proceed
without hearing the testimony of Mr Brioukow
Send us up Mr Brioukow for 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.The court adjourns
Here? Bring her in
Get out.All of you
Get out
Go on
I'm drunk
I'm drunk
Right now
You've come
You've been called as a witness at the Ignatoff trial tomorrow
I must know what you are going to do
His whole life depend on it
Tell you came for him
Your captain Ignatoff
And I believe
Poor you
You can cry
Your Cpt
Firing squad
No more
Please listen to me
You can save him,I'll do anything you like
I marry you the day you want me to
You'll marry me
You'll marry me
Whom do you love?
Whom do you love?
Get out
You care for the highness Cpt Ignatoff
He's dead
He's dead
Give them all
Even more
Even more
To which I kiss the holy cross
It's my duty to remind you that you are appearing before a Court Martial
Anything you say may have serious consequences
On the 14th June last did you win 80000 rubles from Cpt Ignatoff?
I did
Is this receipt in your handwriting?
Yes.It is.
Did you draw the receipt yourself..
Signed it and sent it to Cpt Ignatoff?
I did
No questions,Mr President
The testimony of the witness proves the guilt of the accused
Just one question,Mr President
My whole case depends upon the answer
It means honor or dishonor,life or death to the accused
Mr Brioukow.Did you actually receive the 80000 rubles from Cpt Ignatoff?
-Received? -Yes,Mr Brioukow
You signed the receipt, we quite understand that
But have you in fact been paid?
Brioukow.Did you receive the money.Yes or no?
It is the cross
No.I never got money
The witness is dismissed
Peter Petrovich.Thank you