Most Beautiful Island (2017) Movie Script

You have one more minute before
your balance ends.
You like Beth?
This is the kings highway bound
f local train.
The next stop is kings highway.
Luciana alumbra.
Just need to put your
insurance information
right here please.
I don't have any insurance.
Okay, well it'll be
$75 for the office visit
and we take cash or credit.
Is Dr. horowitz here?
Yes, he's here today.
Hold on, please.
Good morning, doctor's office.
How may I help you?
What's the last name?
When did you send it?
Okay, I will check.
Hold on, please.
Hey Lisa, do you know
where we keep the referrals
- for Dr. frank?
- I have one on the line now.
Says she sent it last week.
- What?
- Okay.
Dr. horowitz?
You can't stroll
in here like this.
Please, get out.
Olga sent me.
You can't be here.
I feel nauseous and Olga--
Olga does not
make my appointments
and this is not a dispensary.
What's that?
You're not going
to leave, are you?
Alright, what's wrong with you?
I told you, I feel dizzy.
You and Olga are friends?
What have you two been up to?
Nothing, I only met her one time
but doctor, I also
get my nose bleeding.
Olga told me you could help me.
Can you help me?
- Have you taken any drugs?
- No.
You can get me in big
trouble showing up like this.
I am a doctor here.
How can you get in trouble
by helping a patient?
You can't be a patient unless
you can pay for the appointment.
Can you pay for the appointment?
No, but I thought that--
Have you told anyone that
you were coming here?
Where were you last night?
Fractured relationship
with Christ,
Genesis, exodus, deuteronomy,
all tells us, exodus,
of that closeness with god.
They tell us to
prepare for salvation,
to receive the
gift of salvation. Who's ready?
Who wants to receive that gift?
Are you ready?
Are you ready to receive
the gift of salvation?
Are you ready to receive
the gift of salvation?
"All good gifts come from
the father of light."
Saint James 1:17.
What of friends?
We all have friends.
Friends turn on us.
Friends say I'll hold your coat
and then they don't
hold your coat.
But god holds your coat.
Trying to
play me the way you are.
You think it's somebody I trust?
Do you?
Well I don't.
Unless you mean trust the lie,
trust you to steal,
trust you to mess up the
whole god damn operation.
Fuck radall.
Do not
fuck radall me, do you hear?
One more excuse out of
you and I'll kill you.
You're overreacting.
Please, baby, put that down,
you don't need that knife.
Put that down, baby.
There you go again,
telling me what I gotta do.
Well, you listen to me,
shit for brains,
I don't gotta to--
Sorry but your card balance
does not allow you to
make a call at this time.
You disgust me, you know that?
Actually, I'd be doing
the world a favor
by removing your
sorry ass from it.
Don't talk anymore.
Just shut the fuck up.
I got to leave.
Something I should have
been doing a long time ago
but it's too damn late for now.
Jd, sorry ass, cock sucking,
two timing mother fucker,
I should fuck you up right now.
There you are, baby.
Don't baby me.
I'm so ready to put my
foot so far up your ass,
you think it flew there.
Whoa, I'm calling you tabasco
'cause you are hot today.
What the fuck is this about?
It's about Tony lazano.
I can't believe you
ratted me out like that.
He don't know shit.
He does know, I can feel it.
You need to relax.
Look, I got you a
little something.
I don't need your shit.
Oh come on,
you can't be serious.
I'm as serious
as a heart attack.
I'mma bounce you like a check.
Mm uh, you ain't hurting my man.
Shut the fuck up.
I'm not talking to you.
Oh come on, bitches.
Hi, sorry I'm late.
This is Luciana, my friend.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best
chicken in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
The best chicken
in the big apple.
I'm so fucking done.
This chicken is
going to attack you.
I'm not doing this again,
that's for sure.
Yeah, one was a cocky asshole
but another one
was kind of cute.
Sounds like you have the
best taste in the world.
Let's go.
I'm so sick of these shit jobs.
Well at
least we get cash, right?
That's what
it says on Craig's list
but you never know.
I wanted to show you,
have you ever
thought about this?
No, I bet what they really want
is to experiment with your eggs.
I know but it says for research.
No, I don't trust those places.
Look, there must
be something behind
why they pay so much money.
I'm so tired of
the possibilities.
The possibilities
are why we're here.
Sometimes I think I could
end up homeless on the street.
I wonder how those
people got there.
Don't be so dramatic.
You can always go back
to your nice country.
No, I can't.
Well, you won't be
able to come back here
but you can like
living there, right?
No, I can't.
Why can't you, the
economical crisis?
Mmhmm, it's so bad over
there now, I know, I know
but here look, you
have so many options.
Anything is possible
in New York.
Those street people,
they're just drug addicts
or they came out of jail.
They're just bad people.
Maybe they just had bad luck.
There's no such
thing as bad luck.
We all get what we deserve.
What do you really think that?
That's such a
horrible thing to say.
If you do some bad shit,
eventually, something bad
is going to happen to you
and that's what Jesus
and god are there for,
to put bad girls
like us in hell.
Trust me.
I bet there's an asshole in
Spain who broke your heart.
Shut up.
I don't let them use me,
I use them.
Men are all the same.
If I stayed in my country now,
I would be like my sister,
married to drunk husband
with three children.
And she's my younger sister.
I cannot stand her
husband or their children,
they're so demanding.
I can't deal with kids,
not even babies,
so freaking annoying.
When I first got here,
I took a job as a nanny.
I quit the first day.
The freaking baby
was crying and crying
and crying all the time.
- She drove me crazy.
- Shut the fuck up!
You're so fucked up.
So did you go to the doctor?
He's such a jerk
but he gave you pills, right?
He told me I was
having a panic attack.
Here, take these.
They're the best to chill.
I get anxious too
sometimes, you know?
What's this?
It doesn't even have a label.
Take, they will help.
Are you crazy?
I'm not gonna take this crap.
Your loss.
Does that taste good?
I was a good model,
the best agency in Moscow
but now there's
nothing for me there.
Did you come here alone too?
No, with two other models.
So what happened to them?
I don't know, I lost track.
New York ate them.
Oh fuck, oh no, no, please no.
- Shit.
- What happened?
So I get a text from this
woman I work for sometimes
but I can't do it today.
Do you want to go in my place?
Sure, what's that about?
She needs pretty woman
to be hanging around
at the cocktail party.
It's just something silly
but she pays really well.
Cash, $2,000 the first night.
They give you right after.
What, $2,000 to
be in a party--
$4,000 if they ask
you to come back.
You're joking.
That's absolutely impossible.
And it is not what
you're thinking.
You don't have to do anything
you don't want to do.
That is unbelievable.
Yes, yes, that is New York baby.
Yes, yes.
So you are going to
go to this address.
I mean I wish
I could but I can't
so you will go.
And it's okay that
I go to replace you?
Sure, okay come on.
Hello, Diana.
Okay, yes it's totally cool.
You need to wear a black
short dress and high heels.
Let me see what you
have on the phone.
- Is this okay?
- Those are totally fine, yes.
So you need to go now,
you need to be there by seven.
That's when the guests arrive.
And it's okay that
I don't have papers?
Yes, it's totally fine.
They only need people like us.
Just go to the address
I gave you dressed right,
it'll work.
This my friend Diana.
She doesn't speak English yet.
- Luciana.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, hi, hi, hi.
Tell your friend
she's beautiful.
I know, right,
isn't she gorgeous?
Today she's beautiful,
tomorrow she'll be
wearing a chicken suit.
May I help you?
I just want to try this dress.
Well through there.
Let me know if
you need anything.
Thank you.
So how'd it look?
Oh, great but look, there is
a piece broken in the dress.
Oh, I didn't even notice.
Let me see if there's
another one in your size.
No sorry, unfortunately
this is the last one.
You cannot sell this to me?
I can't sell this dress,
it's ripped.
Yeah, I have $20.
Nobody's gonna buy it,
it's broken already.
You have five
new voice messages.
Hi Luciana.
I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you
but I have a meeting at work
and I really need you
to pick up the children.
I already called the school
so they're gonna be
waiting for you now.
When you get home,
if you could do me a favor.
- Sorry.
- You are late.
I know, I'm sorry.
You promised ice cream
but the truck already left.
You came so late.
I know, I'm so sorry, kids.
Hey listen, please don't
tell anything to their mom.
Oh, it's fine.
Alright, little warriors,
see you next week.
Right now.
You know what,
I'm getting you ice cream.
You know from where?
- From the deli.
- My mommy's not
gonna be happy you
came late again.
She's gonna hire
another babysitter,
- a better one.
- Well, that's very mean.
That's very mean.
Let's go.
Quiet, okay?
Tell me, what would you like?
I want strawberry.
Me too, that's what I want.
Two of you, strawberry.
You're sure?
You're not gonna
change your mind?
- Strawberry minis.
- Okay, let me see if they have that.
I want minis.
Well, they don't have it
so you're getting this.
I don't like it.
- yeah, there you go.
- No.
What, don't do that Julie.
You get your ice cream.
That's disrespectful, okay?
No, I don't.
I don't want the ice cream.
Me too.
I don't want the
ice cream at all.
Well you were begging
me for ice cream,
now you got ice cream.
Don't be disrespectful.
I didn't want it from the deli.
Come over here, come over here.
- No!
- Sorry, Seth,
the mother
didn't give me money today.
It's okay if I
pay you on Friday?
That's fine, that's fine.
Okay, thank you so much.
Alright, we are moving now.
We're going to the truck.
- Luciana.
- -Yeah?
Here you go.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
- Goodbye.
- Bye guys.
- Have a good day.
- Thank you.
Alright, come on.
Come on.
You can walk faster than that.
Come on, Julie, don't
be so difficult.
Look what you did!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry honey,
I'm so sorry, love.
Go buy me another one.
I don't have any money.
I'm sorry.
You're a witch, I hate you
and you never have any money.
Sorry, hey, what
are you doing Matthew?
- Sorry miss.
- Wait, stop with that.
Julie, wait, Julie!
What are you doing
now sitting down?
Hey, get up, come on.
Come on, don't be,
what are you doing?
Crazy, just come.
Where is the child?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
She ran in front of the car.
You crazy woman!
You crazy!
Oh my god, what's gonna happen?
You keep looking, okay?
Have you seen Julie?
She hates that park.
His sister, have you seen here?
Is she kinda like--
Blonde, yeah, she's lost.
What if somebody stole her?
Don't say, you're scaring me.
What if she's at home?
What if she--
I think she's
probably gonna be there.
Let's just go there.
She's not here either.
You lost my sister.
You're gonna go to jail.
Luciana, you're bleeding.
Luciana, look who I found
- behind the bush.
- Thank god.
Thank you, Mrs. bellman.
We were playing hide and seek
and it got late.
Time to go home, right?
Well, everybody's home now.
Nice to see you.
Excuse me, may I ask
you for a huge favor?
I'm just running
late for another job
that I have to do right now
and I was wondering if maybe--
Oh sure, you want
me to hang on to 'em
- till the mother gets home?
- Would that be a problem?
No problem.
I've got vinyl covered
furniture and cookies.
Yes, cookies!
In the fridge.
- Thank you so much.
- No problem.
You don't ever do
this again, okay?
You know, bayer street?
65 bayer.
That one?
Excuse me, is the party here?
Are you looking for Mr. so?
I don't know.
They told me this address.
I'm working at
the party tonight.
Come in, other girls
already at the party.
Okay, yeah.
Hey, hey, come on, you, come on.
Come with me.
Come here.
Hey, hey, hey, no bag.
- What?
- No bag.
You have to get rid
of it before you go.
My bag, but what am
I gonna do with my bag?
You are not
allowed to bring bag.
Okay, is the party here?
You are new?
No, I'm a very
good professional.
When will I get paid?
You get paid when you are done.
Wait here.
Where is the party?
No, no, no, no.
No cell phone, please.
Okay, I don't even
have any credit.
Okay, okay.
Okay, this is for you.
You be there at seven o'clock.
You take taxi.
You listen to address, okay?
West Side highway, 27th street,
g1, basement.
Okay, memorize.
Say it.
West Side highway,
27th street, basement.
- Oh, g1 basement, okay.
- You go now.
No bag.
You cannot take bag in.
Get rid of it!
Which side I stop?
To the right,
a little bit farther.
You have to pay 17.
You have no money,
why you take the taxi?
I was in a rush and I didn't
realize I didn't have money.
No, no, you have to pay.
I can just go outside,
- get money.
- Okay, time is money.
I'm sorry, I'm not gonna
be able to pay you tonight.
It's okay if you
give me your number
and I pay you tomorrow?
I'll have money tomorrow.
Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.
I'm working at
the party tonight.
Take your place with the others.
Sorry, I've never
been here before.
Olga told me she couldn't come
so I'm taking her place.
Olga's right over there.
Why don't you go say hello?
Olga, I thought I was
coming here to substitute you.
Olga, what's going on?
Why aren't you looking at me?
The guests are here.
They don't allow us to
speak when they are around.
Take your place. Come.
Welcome, everyone.
I hope you are enjoying
your evening so far
and of course,
the stunning selection
of brave women.
A number of whom you have
seen and enjoyed before.
We also welcome a fresh face...
Or two to test your luck on.
I trust that you have
already made your selections
but if not, please do.
There isn't time to waste.
Choose your numbers
and we will move
to the game room.
Shall we?
I am ready.
Much better.
Smile, be pretty.
What the hell is this?
Why are you doing this to me?
Listen, I got you here,
that's all.
You wanted money, here you are.
Where are you going?
It's not your turn yet.
What's going on there?
Get back with the others.
I just want to
know what this is.
Go back to your number.
Sorry, I'm leaving.
You're not going anywhere.
I'm not working at this party
or whatever this is.
You are making
things worse for yourself.
Those of you who
have been here before,
thank you for returning.
And those of you who have
been here for the first time,
I hope it is not the last.
Change your face and look
like you're at a party, huh?
It is a party, right girls?
And you are all being paid very
handsomely to attend it, no?
Alina, lovely to see you again.
Shall we?
Can you please stop that?
What do you want?
What's in the purse?
Can anyone tell me?
Could I go to the bathroom?
There, be quick.
Sorry, just finishing up.
What the
fuck did I say? Hurry up.
I need your help.
Could you come in?
What do you need?
Do you think you can help me?
- Help you?
- Yeah.
What do you mean like--
Get out of here.
You want me to,
you want to get out
of here with me?
We can maybe do that.
I'll do you right here.
Fucking slut--
Get the fuck off me, you
mother fucking piece of shit!
Pig sucker!
Listen to me, you fucking
cock teasing immigrant bitch.
I don't know what the fuck
you think you're doing
or what fucking language
you're doing it in
but I can snap your fucking
windpipe like a toothpick.
I'll break your jaw
into 50 fucking pieces.
See how good you look
in that dress then, huh?
I'm sorry.
I'll fucking make you sorry.
You have fun?
What if I never come back?
It's better if we
don't think about that.
How can I not?
That could have been me.
But it's not,
you're fine, you're here,
we're all fine.
We'll be fine.
Calm down, no,
calm down, you'll be fine.
I just got to go.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Get back, get back.
I want to go, please.
Please, just let me go.
I can't.
What is happening in here?
Who is screaming?
She freaked out.
I need you in the back, go.
what is wrong with you?
What kind of women are
you bringing to me?
Evidently, I cannot
trust you any longer.
I do the best I can.
Really, the best you can?
We will talk about this later.
If anyone feels
like freaking out,
you should probably
take one of these.
- Apparently, I'm a babysitter.
- I'll take it.
Anyone else?
What the fuck? Hey!
How much does she pay you?
None of your fucking business.
You said nobody
here'd be touched.
We're working,
they should respect us.
We should be
treated with dignity.
You think there's
dignity in this?
What third world shit
country do you come from?
You should work in an
office, miss dignity,
and you, why don't you go back
to the shit hole I found you in?
Hey no, no, no, no, no, no!
My guests wish
for you to be next.
What is your name?
I don't think we've
had one of your kind before.
Olga didn't tell
me what I have to do.
What do I have to do?
Nothing but what you're told.
And if anything
unfortunate happens,
well, we make our own luck.
What if I'm
uncomfortable with it?
You're here to make money,
you'll figure it out.
But remember,
do not mention to anyone
what you've seen here tonight.
And I am telling you
that for your safety.
You have been chosen to be next.
And I have chosen
Olga to play with you.
And I'm sure you trust the
person you brought here tonight
so I'm sure the game
will turn out just fine.
I'll be back to escort you both
after our guests have
placed their bets.
So until then,
think pleasant thoughts.
It's okay.
It's alright, don't worry,
don't be afraid.
Just relax.
Do you believe in god?
I used to.
it's going to be alright.
Don't be afraid.
Give your purse to Brian.
Shall we begin?
What you see here
is a Chilean recluse,
a very rare and illegal species.
Although she is
not large in size,
she is deceptively deadly.
Her bite is extremely painful
and her dermonecrotic venom
will dissolve the flesh
right off your bone.
And if you are unfortunate
enough to survive her bite,
you'll be left in agonizing pain
for the rest of your life.
So I must emphasize that
everyone stay as still
and as quiet as possible.
Tonight, as we discussed,
something different.
Two girls,
Luciana and Olga,
will alternate.
The guests have already
made their bets.
Two rounds, one for each girl,
two minutes each round.
Ladies, what will be fun
and different for us tonight
is while one of you
is in the coffin,
the other will be standing
by also sharing the risk.
The guests and
I already agreed earlier
that the spider on
the girl in the coffin
must remain skin contact
for the full round.
If it wanders off the skin,
it will be the second girls task
to be brave enough
to guide it back
with the help of a stick.
But, your presence may effect
the spider's reactions.
You must work well together.
We all wish you good luck,
at least some of us do.
Walk to the coffin
and remove your clothes.
Remain calm and elegant as
you lie inside face down.
Our guests are here
to look at you.
Keep that in mind.
Nicely done.
You may get dressed
but do not go anywhere.
Alright, everyone,
let's continue.
It's Olga's round.
Our lives hang by
a delicate thread
and sometimes we can
pull on that thread.
It is so exciting, isn't it?
Shall we begin?
Meet the Brazilian
wandering spider.
She is very aggressive
and highly unpredictable.
If she decides to bite,
she'll do it repeatedly
until the full dose of
her venom is delivered.
Muscle paralysis will be
the result ending in death
by asphyxiation.
Oh, there is no anti-venom
here in the states.
Take it off of me, please.
Please, please take
it off of me, please.
Take it off of me, please.
Take it off.
The spider maintained
skin contact two minutes.
Bets placed on both girls paid.
I think I just
found your replacement.
I like you but remember,
we don't come here
to make friends.
There you go.
Thank you.