Most Eligible Bachelor (2021) Movie Script

Life is fun.
Married life is really fun.
Dear, what do we call
a lucky person in English?
We call him unmarried.
It's nothing.
Oh, no. This euphoria
is making me go crazy.
Sure. Tip no. 1 is, accept your
mistakes when you are at fault.
Tip no. 2 is, keep your mouth shut
even when you are not at fault.
-Hail Swamiji!
-Hail Swamiji!
Keep your phone aside! You're always
reading those husband and wife jokes!
-To hell with your WhatsApp group!
-Hey, drive carefully.
Your grandfather fought for
freedom until his last breath.
Really, Granny?
Yes, but I never gave it to him.
Stop irritating me!
I'm unable to drive because of you!
What's your problem-- Hey, watch out!
-I was telling you!
-Oh, no!
Thank God. It's just a flock of sheep.
You never listen to me when
I tell you not to drive!
If you sit beside me and irritate me,
accidents are bound to happen.
Do not argue with me!
Oh, God! I hit him too!
Oh, shit.
Brother, are you okay?
Are you hurt? Shall I take you
to the hospital? What's your name?
I understand "eligible bachelor,"
but what do you mean by
the "most eligible bachelor"?
It means someone who
makes a perfect groom.
What are you doing here all
alone in wedding attire?
I'm not alone, brother. They're with me.
But what are you doing here?
To know that,
you must hear my story first.
What's your story?
Are you married?
-Yes. It's been 12 years.
-Then I won't tell you.
My story is dangerous for couples.
It might cause them to break up.
Oh, really?
You're underestimating us, brother.
Ours is a love-cum-arranged marriage.
So, go ahead and tell us.
A man's life is all about
a well-set career and happy marriage.
In order to have a happy married life,
he needs to have a well-set career.
My life is a straight line
That's Mr. Ganesh, my office head.
It is very important
to save money in the US.
So, street food is our go-to menu. Health?
Well, we're still young.
These are my friends.
All of them are married.
The only form of entertainment for us
is movies that we watch on weekends.
It's a celebration for us if the movie's
rating is higher than three stars.
Let's go. They all must have arrived.
Getting a lap dance after
the movies is mandatory for Mr. Ganesh.
I have to be his security
guard unwillingly.
-What's the need for all this?
-Come on, man.
Oh, no.
-She is the daughter of our CEO.
Her mother married a foreigner,
so she has inherited their lifestyle.
-My dad has bought a flat in Central Park.
I want you to have the flat keys,
but you are running away from me.
What shall I do with those keys?
I like you a lot.
Why are you scared
of a live-in relationship?
Give me a minute, I'll be back.
-Okay, go.
-Thank you.
Keep the flat keys for some time.
Sir, what are you saying?
I can boast to my friends
about living with your daughter,
but how can I tell this to my family?
It'll be very embarrassing for me.
Sir, a relationship is not
about spending a few days with a girl.
It's about committing
to a lifetime of togetherness.
Stop! Give me a valid reason!
Sir my family has fixed my marriage.
Yes, it is on the 22nd of next month.
Go, die! Get married and get lost!
Sit here.
Congrats, Harsha!
Mom, it's my new home. Look.
It's very nice.
Look, my son bought a house.
Oh, is he settling down?
-Yes. The wedding is on the 22nd.
Please book the wedding hall.
It's nice, Dad.
-4.5! Buy it!
-Why do you keep rating them?
That gets 5 out of 5! Hey, stop!
-Hi, Harsha. How is it?
-It's good, sister-in-law.
The wedding is around the corner, and
still, there are a lot of things to do.
-My shopping is also not done.
-Take brother's help.
If I ask him to choose a sari
for me, he'll do everything but that.
She doesn't understand anything.
I'll choose it for her.
Harsha, look how beautiful
this jewelry is!
Very beautiful.
My husband has never bought
me jewelry since our marriage.
I'm using your wedding as
a reason to buy myself some jewelry.
Alright. Buy it now. Enjoy shopping.
Take these.
They are too tight.
It's so cool. They are rated 4.5.
Just buy them.
-To hell with your rating!
Harsha, they are really cool.
Wear them for a while. It'll be fine.
Don't think too much.
Okay, nice.
-You're coming to Harsha's wedding, right?
I spoke to him.
If everyone here asks about you,
what should I tell them?
You only wanted me to earn well, right?
So, now
Your brother-in-law might
not come to the wedding.
And one more thing--
Hello. Tell me, dude.
I've sent a parcel to your address.
Bring it with you when you come here.
What is it?
You are still a kid,
so you won't understand. Just get it.
-Hey are you buying that for your wife?
Gautham, your friend is blushing!
-I already bought that.
-Did you buy everything?
Yes, everything that you'd told me.
-How are you?
Is this your son? He's all grown up.
Sister! Brother-in-law!
How are you?
-We are here.
-We are doing well, brother.
Harsha, this is your uncle.
-How are you, dear?
Hey, we've come here
especially for your wedding!
Now I'll take care of everything right
from your wedding to your first night!
-Stop talking nonsense!
-I was talking about wedding arrangements.
Oh, okay.
What's with you?
Come, sit on my lap.
Is this is our bedroom?
Get out of here!
Harsha, make sure you always
buy a quality bed from now on.
Come on, buy it.
All the wedding preparations are done.
All set.
This is probably the last time
that I'll be traveling alone.
Next time,
I will have my life partner with me.
Oh, wow!
You're blushing while looking
at the seat next to you!
-Learn something from him.
All the wedding preparations were done.
So, how did the wedding go?
Everything else was done.
Only one thing was left.
What was it?
Selection of the bride.
All the wedding preparations were done,
but there was no bride?!
It's not like that.
My parents had shortlisted
20 potential brides.
I just had to select one from them.
Is it possible?
My family trusts me, and I trust them.
It is possible.
So, I came here with that belief.
Excuse me! Whose box is this?
-That's mine, sir.
-Come here!
-Thank you.
-That's not mine, sir.
-Move! Whose box is this?
That's mine, sir.
Then open it.
That's not mine, sir.
One minute!
Are you the one carrying this box?
-Yes, I am.
-Then open it, please.
Okay, sir. There's nothing
objectionable in here. Not even liquor.
You are still a kid,
so you won't understand. Just get it.
Sir, I am not even married.
He isn't even married yet,
and this is what he's bought.
That's not mine, ma'am. Oh, God.
I didn't know about this, sir.
And I believe you. Get out.
He brought them all!
He is here.
-Hey, Harsha is here.
I will send you the horoscope.
May God protect you
and ward off the evil eye!
Welcome, my dear! My boy!
-Hey, brother.
-Welcome to Hyderabad, dear!
-Uncle, how are you?
I've been eating millet for so long,
so I am fit! Look at your father!
Grandma, how are you?
Come here, dear.
The apple of my eye is here.
-Oh, apple? Eat him then.
-Shut up!
We thought you'd marry a foreigner, but
you've left that decision to your parents.
Brother, he wants an adjustable bride.
The final selection will always be his.
-So, keep quiet!
-That's true, sister.
He knows everything.
Stop caressing him so that
he can go and freshen up.
Harsha, hope you slept well on the flight.
-Yeah, I did.
-Don't say that you are jet-lagged.
What is there to eat?
-I've made all your favorite dishes.
-Matchmaking starts from tomorrow.
We only have one week.
We can get started right away.
I am ready.
Priest, this is my younger brother.
This is Mr. Shastri's son.
He's going to take care of everything
from matchmaking to the wedding.
All the wedding preparations are done, and
you haven't even selected the bride yet.
Simply looking at you makes me anxious!
You are the groom!
How are you so relaxed?
I already know what I want from the bride.
Why would I be worried--
Oh! You have a lot of clarity on this!
Congratulations, sir!
Listen, this is the first
wedding of my career.
If this goes well,
my life is going to soar.
I need your support, sir.
Please pat my back.
You came here too?!
How did you find my address?
Get lost!
Pat my back again--
Where did he go?
-What time is the matchmaking tomorrow?
-10:42 a.m.
-Sir, namaste. How are you?
-How are you?
Why aren't you ready yet?
My family will be here any moment.
What do you mean?
You had told me that they'd
come at 10:45 a.m. tomorrow.
What? It's not tomorrow, sir. It's today.
No. Please check it once again.
I remember it, but still, check it again.
Shit! We were supposed to go
to Dharma Rao's house, not Dhananjay's.
What should we do now? They are here.
Let's manage somehow.
Oh, no. They're here.
Dad, we were supposed to come
here tomorrow, not today.
They're here!
-Namaste, sir.
-Namaste, ma'am.
-Do something.
I'll handle it.
Sir, today is also very auspicious.
-Ask them to get ready. Wear a shirt.
-Please come.
-Let's go!
-Give me the remote!
-I won't!
-Give it to me!
-Hey, stop!
-Geetha! Dear!
The groom's family is here.
Go, help her get ready.
-Auntie! One minute!
-Come in. Please have a seat.
Auntie, it's okay.
If we get married,
she is going to look like this every day.
You guys go ahead and talk.
-In the meanwhile, we'll go--
-That's the bathroom!
Can we go somewhere to talk?
Dear, please show my nephew
a better place to talk.
Or else, he'll start talking
to her anywhere he wants.
Stop it, Uncle.
-Are you comfortable?
Hey, I will get it for you.
-My name is--
You've studied MBA.
Your height is 5'5".
You were born under Bharani Nakshatra.
Sugar cubes two or three?
-Only one?
I'll have three.
Your hobbies include YouTube,
Instagram, and Facebook.
Your biodata is available on Facebook.
Now shall we find out
if we are compatible?
Yeah, sure.
Question no. 1.
Imagine that after our wedding, my parents
and your parents came to our house.
Whom will you pay more attention to?
-Your parents.
-And what about your parents?
Won't you take care of them?
I like Hrithik Roshan's movies.
I am a huge fan of Ranbir Kapoor!
What if both of their movies
release on the same day?
Well, we'll read the reviews
and go for the best one.
Suppose we both are busy, and our
kid, Chintu, is crying for attention.
Who will look after him?
Chinni will look after him.
Who is Chinni?
Our daughter!
We'll have two children, won't we?
Are you going to work
after we get married?
Of course not!
What if I insist?
This is it. I won't get
a more adjustable girl than her.
What's something that both husband
and wife must do every day?
Saying I love you to each other.
This is it.
Only I kept asking you questions.
Don't you want to ask me anything?
Will you give me the remote when
you're engrossed in watching the TV?
Oh, God! Remote?
Obviously, no.
Won't we have two TVs in the house?
Both of us will watch whatever we want.
I like how clear you are about things.
Well, do you like Geethika?
The girl is amazing! I really liked her!
-What did you say?
-What happened?
we'll discuss it and tell
you our decision in a week.
Sure, we don't mind.
We'll get going.
The girl is good, right?
Don't worry. You will surely get married,
but you have to meet 20 more girls.
That's true.
Don't make a hasty decision like me.
Did you hear that, Mother-in-law?
The next matchmaking ceremony is
at 11:45 a.m. at Padmarao Nagar.
These horoscopes don't match with yours.
On your way there,
drop these off at the country club. Okay?
The names and phone numbers are on there!
This girl is really beautiful. I--
Didn't we already tell you
that you'll surely get married?
This girl's horoscope doesn't match with
yours! Put it back! Go and drop them off!
The girl is so hot.
Shut up!
Hello, sir.
-Come on!
-We're here, sir.
Sir! The other day, the box that
you saw was not mine! It was his!
Did you come here to tell me that?
Your daughter's horoscope was given to me.
Our horoscopes didn't match, sir.
No worries.
If she marries him,
his life will be ruined.
No, sir. If your daughter marries
me, her life will be ruined.
Oh, we should say it like that?
Sir. My brother wants to--
There was also a photo
with this horoscope.
Yeah, we were just
discussing how hot she--
-What did he say?
-The girl looks like a goddess.
Oh, no. Where is the photo?
The photo must've fallen somewhere.
-What are you saying, dude?
-Hey, shut up.
-Did you hear that?
These days, if you share
a picture on WhatsApp
it gets shared among the relatives.
Those who are ugly feel entitled
to comment on my daughter's looks.
That's why I sent the physical copy
of the photo! And now you lost it!
You can't even take care of a photo.
Who will entrust you with their daughter?
Did he ask for your daughter's hand?
Why are you overreacting?
-Get out.
-Who are you?
-Hey, who the hell are you?
-He is my friend.
-I don't like your friend.
-He's the Circle Inspector of Madhapur.
Circle Inspector?! A police officer!
Sir, you must be discussing
something personal.
It's just a photo.
Why don't you let it go?
I won't let it go,
and you'd better not let it go either.
-What can I do?
-I don't care. I want it at any cost.
Until you return with the photo,
he'll have to stay back.
Okay. Bye.
What is this? Why are you guys pawning me?
I am not gold for you--
-Yes, sir?
Why did you ask him
to bring those toys?
Sir, I just wanted to look at them.
I wasn't going to use them.
-Where are you? Everyone's waiting here.
I'm looking for something, brother.
I'll call you later.
What can be more important
than meeting a bride?
I am doing exactly that.
What could he be looking for?
Hey, there's the photo!
-Is he there?
They released me,
but they want the photo back tomorrow.
Just stay there. I am coming.
-Did you find the photo?
-I did.
Wait a minute.
Excuse me, sir! Come here!
Come, let's sit.
Come quickly!
Oh, no! Let it go!
Give me back the photo! Please!
You keep doing this, right?
My buddy is on his way.
He'll teach you a lesson.
It's him!
-Is he there?
-Of course. I told him to stay back.
Now hurry up.
I want to teach him a lesson.
No, buddy.
He is going to teach you a lesson.
Sorry? Hello!
He hung up the phone!
Oh, my God. Now he's going to hang me.
Please have it, sir.
Don't do that, sir. Please stop that.
I am scared, sir.
He's messing with my life, and you
guys are happily playing volleyball?!
-Why does he keep torturing us?
-No, don't!
Why do you keep calling and harassing us?
We've been looking for it since morning!
Why are you torturing my friend?
What can we do if we haven't found it yet?
Someone had said the exact
same thing and he is here.
He is there, right? Keep him with you!
We'll give you that
photo tomorrow morning!
If we fail to do it,
you can keep Harsha with you!
You'd better not call us again!
Hey, why are you shouting?
I am the one who should be shouting!
-Why did you tell him to keep me with him?
-Shut up! Here!
I know where to keep you.
-Where, sir?
-Madhapur Police Station!
You'll get many exotic toys there.
-You idiot! What's wrong with you?
-What is your problem?
You just have to give him
the photo, right?
Yes, but I don't have it!
-Do you want to know my size?
Hey. Looks like there are
a thousand X-ray machines here.
May I know what this machine is?
Your girlfriend is right there,
still, you were checking me out!
You can do that until the show is over.
I will tell you my size for sure.
During my teenage years, I had a friend.
At night, after coming back from the
bathroom, she'd quickly jump on the bed.
When I asked her why, she told me
that there was a ghost under her bed.
I met her recently after she got married.
When I asked her how she is
she said that now she sleeps
with that same ghost every day.
How many ghosts-- I mean,
how many married couples are here?
-Okay, singles. Tell me what this line is.
-It's a yellow line!
If I ask married couples
this same question,
they'll say it's a sacred thread.
What did you say, Uncle? Hanging rope?!
That is not our concept.
Our concept is that
this side is the singles' side.
It's always the right side.
This side is the married couples'
side, and it is always
-The wrong side!
-It's the left side, dude.
We're not talking about those who are on
the left or right side, but the center.
We are talking about those
who are about to get married.
These are the ones who can't decide
whether to get married or not.
They keep wondering what will happen if
they get married or don't get married,
whom to marry,
and how to select a life partner, etc.
They look like nursery students who've
been handed over a competitive exam paper.
Right now, I am also in that same batch.
So, singles! Should I cross the line?
-Couples, what do you think?
I got it.
Singles think of marriage as the moon.
They admire its beauty
and praise it in poetry.
Whereas, couples think
of marriage as landing on the moon.
Wherever they look,
it's all stones and dust.
No gravity, no oxygen,
only suffocation! My God!
ISRO or NASA can help
you get to the moon.
But to get into a relationship,
we have to create a conducive
environment and generate gravity.
Subbu doesn't understand this.
He keeps asking me questions like,
"What kind of a guy do you want?
How tall should he be?
What about his education?
Do you prefer a wealthy man?"
He keeps asking me these questions again
and again. Do you know what I tell him?
My life partner
and I are like my footwear.
My size and the size
that I want are the same.
Size eight.
This is me, and this is my life partner.
Instead of making us like the footwear
that we see in showrooms,
God made us like that scattered footwear
that we see in front of the temples.
So, I am left here all alone.
Naughty fellow!
Well, if I cross the line in haste
and wear any footwear available
though, it may appear to be
a pair of the same size
my one leg would be doing a catwalk
and the other would be doing a moonwalk.
When I discussed this
footwear concept with Subbu,
he said that he'll beat
me with his footwear.
And he ordered me to marry
the guy that he'd choose for me.
Subbu is my father.
Why would it matter to him though?
If I select the wrong life partner
I'll have to share my bed with a ghost.
That's all for today!
This is Vibha! Signing off!
Thank you.
Harsha, what are you still doing here?
Go and ask her for a photo!
-Yeah, right. I forgot.
-I don't know where I threw my shoe.
-That was a wonderful show!
-There is your shoe.
-Here is your shoe.
-Thank you.
-The show was really good.
-Really? Thank you.
-You were really funny!
Actually, I am also on
the same line as you are.
Oh! Are you also getting married soon?
I am going to get married in 20 days.
-Oh! Congrats!
But I got into a small
problem because of you.
-Because of me?
-Because of your photo.
You were one of my prospective brides.
Our horoscopes didn't match.
So I went to return your horoscope to your
father, but I lost your photo on the way.
That is where all hell broke loose.
Look, 140 missed calls!
Here comes another one!
-He is really on my case!
-You got caught in Subbu's trap!
Yes. If you give me your one photo
I'll give it to your
father, cross the line,
get married happily
and go back to the US.
I just did a one-hour show on
crossing the line and getting married,
and here you are claiming that
you're ready to do all that?!
That's because I am not confused.
I am pretty clear about what I want.
Oh, my goodness.
-Darling, could I get a cup of coffee?
Brother, one black coffee!
-If you give me your photo--
-Just a photo, right?
I'll ask you one question. If I like
your answer, I'll give you my photo.
-Okay, sure.
-Thank you. Just two minutes.
What do you expect from your married life?
Expectations from my married life?
One doesn't have any expectations
from their married life.
They have expectations
from their partners.
You'll lead a different life after
marriage, right? So, tell me
what are you expecting from that life?
-A good wife.
-What do you mean?
Friendly, understanding,
and someone who is adjustable.
What else could it be?
Two families coming together
for life and taking care of each other.
What else then?
Kids. Without kids,
there is no happy married life.
My grandma used to say this.
Still no?
What else then?
Last sip?
Last chance?
Just a minute.
What could it be?
Yes! I should have said this first!
It has to be love.
There is no married life without love.
Am I right?
So, will you give me your photo?
What happened?
I won't give you my photo.
What else could be the answer?
Let your imagination go wild, darling.
That is all. Stories of Kakinada
and memories of my college life.
Now, you tell me
about Hyderabad and the US.
Have some coffee.
What do you expect from your married life?
I mean, what are you
expecting from your married life?
A caring husband.
Secured married life.
I need someone who will help
me with household chores.
I need domestic support.
I hate joint families.
I am expecting freedom.
Is there something else?
-Of course, there is.
Is it love?
Isn't it?
What else do we expect from married life?
Didn't I mention everything already?
Let your imagination go wild darling.
I don't think this is
the right girl for me.
Harsha, come to Krishna Rao's
house at 11:14 a.m. sharp.
-Where is Sudheer?
-He's running errands. He'll be back.
-Okay, be on time. Don't be late.
What are you waiting for? Let's go!
Oh, God. I don't think this
girl will give us her photo.
He won't let Sudheer go.
What should we do now?
Hey, if the girl is not ready
to cooperate, impress her mother.
-I meant, for the photo.
Harsha, look.
-I am here--
So, you guys fell into Subbu's trap.
No problem, I'll give you the photo. Wait.
Got it.
We have all these photos.
So many photos?
-Why are you looking at me like that?
-Why did you bring them all?
Do you think my husband
discusses all this with me?
I don't know which of her photos he
circulated for prospective matches.
-I'll recognize it for sure.
-Okay. Let's see.
This isn't your daughter.
That's me. I had just hit puberty then.
-We've been royally screwed.
-My goodness!
-There was one more album. Where--
-Hey, this is very pretty!
This is her first doll. The one
wearing the green dress. That one.
Those are the medals from her school days.
That is the lunch box that she carried
on the very first day of her school.
She doesn't like to throw
away her old things.
She safely preserves it all.
Everyone in our family is unique.
My husband is one of a kind and so
is my daughter. I am totally crazy.
What happened?
-What happened?
-I slipped and fell.
-Get me some hot water!
-I'll get it right now!
Why is she running around like a mouse?
Son, please get hot water.
Where is hot water?
On its way.
Hurry up, man!
What are you doing here?
You were not ready to give me your photo,
so I came to get it from your mother.
What's with you?
You raised a fuss over nothing.
Mom my body isn't mine alone.
It also belongs to my life partner.
I must take good care of it, right?
Are you done?
What are you looking at?
Actually I wanted your photo.
Photo, right? Let's go.
Take this and give it to Subbu.
Find a nice girl, get married, and live
happily with your wife and children.
May I ask you something?
What do you expect from your married life?
Idli, vada, sambar.
-Idli, vada, sambar?
So you're expecting idli, vada,
sambar from your married life?
-What could be the reason?
-The reason.
That's what I didn't know.
I got it!
Wait here. I'll be right back.
-Wait! I'll be right back!
I think you've got it wrong.
-Priest, we must make this match work.
-What happened, dear?
Nothing. Continue your conversation.
I'm sure you are hesitating to eat.
-Eat all you want. We can talk later.
-No, you don't--
-Hey! Oh, no!
Be careful! You should walk carefully!
Chill. I've had worse
accidents when I was young.
-It was long back. Now you are a grown-up.
Your body does not belong to you now.
What do you mean?
It belongs to me.
To you?
I mean somebody like me.
What are you talking about?
I thought you're too naive,
but you were fooling me!
Try to understand me.
-What is there to understand?
-Understand its meaning.
Yeah, right!
I understood what you're hinting at!
-No, please cooperate with me.
-Stop talking! Get up!
-No, listen--
-Get up!
-Please listen to me.
What kind of filthy talk was that!
-Your parents seemed like decent people.
-Hear me out.
-I've heard enough!
-Didn't you find it interesting?
Interesting, my foot!
Even this girl was not right for me.
Hey, darling!
You came by bike!
Did you give my photo to Subbu?
How is your bride hunt going?
Not well?
So, what's next? Another one?
Hats off to your patience! Oh, God!
I realized that I was looking for
Vibha in every girl I was meeting.
I don't know how to confess this at home,
and I don't know how to tell her either.
Well, I have a doubt.
-How would you pick a girl?
I mean, how would you
know that she's the one?
Well, I'll be meeting 20 girls.
Then I'll short-list the top ten
and then proceed with the first one.
So you're going to pick the top ten girls
and select the first one out of them!
That's right.
Tell me your top ten favorite food items.
I like biryani.
I like chicken noodles a lot.
Chili fritters.
-Mostly, I--
-Tell me your top ten favorite places.
First, Hyderabad.
Second, San Francisco.
Third, New York.
Actually, first-- How can I tell
you if you put me on the spot?
My top ten places are
Khajuraho, Kodaikanal,
Araku, Venice, Kashmir,
Lonavala, Goa, New York, Ooty
and the top one is Paris.
Do you watch movies?
Yes. A lot.
That's our only entertainment there.
You only watch the movie if it
has a 3 to 3.75 rating. Am I right?
Most people there do that.
Yeah, I thought so.
Now I believe it.
-You'll surely select a girl out of them.
-How can you tell?
You might not be opinionated,
but you have a lot of people around you.
Family, friends, relatives.
All of them will give you their reviews.
You will find a girl with the best rating.
Don't worry.
We've only discussed
serious topics until now.
On a lighter note,
may I ask you a question?
You don't want me to!
Alright, fine. Go ahead.
Do you like sunrise or sunset?
I like sunrise.
When I get up early and go to work,
I find the best seat on the train.
I get to travel happily
drinking a cup of hot coffee.
I like sunsets.
It gets dark only after sunset.
To have interesting conversations
one needs to have a dirty mind.
Do you have a dirty mind?
Like a rose that gets pricked
With its thorns
She touched the depths of my heart
Like a firecracker that lights up
She filled my eyes up with her light
Who are you?
What have you done to me?
You are drawing me towards you
In a span of a single snap
You erased me from myself
When you come in front of me
I come to a halt
You hid everything
That was right in front of me
Under the blanket of my eyelids
You've filled my eyes
With a fistful of dreams
You make me lose my balance
You make me forget my sleep
You imprison me in a way
That I cannot move at all
You even change the way
I spend my day
I keep going in a direction
That is unknown to me
Like a rose with thorns
Like a firework with blinding light
Like the charm of a well-woven courtyard
I've started liking you a lot
Like a rose with thorns
Like a firework with blinding light
Like the charm of a well-woven courtyard
I've started liking you a lot
Who are you?
What have you done to me?
You are drawing me towards you
In a span of a single snap
You erased me from myself
-Hey, stop it! Come here!
-Did you find the photo?
Hey, wait.
Don't stop him, sir!
Two hundred missed calls?! Will any sane
person make that many calls to someone?
If I find the photo, won't I just
give it to you? Hey, give it to him!
Sir, I felt really bad
about what you said yesterday.
I looked for the photo everywhere,
but I couldn't find it.
My breath keeps me alive
My thoughts keep spinning over
What are you doing in my thoughts, dear?
My lips used to speak only after
Getting permission from me
But now, they keep calling out for you
Without my permission
What is this spell?
You never let me be alone
I have become someone else
Like a rose with thorns
Like a firework with blinding light
Like the charm of a well-woven courtyard
I've started liking you a lot
Like a rose with thorns
Like a firework with blinding light
Like the charm of a well-woven courtyard
I've started liking you a lot
-For one last time.
What do you mean?
Last time?
In a span of a single snap
You erased me from myself
Choosing a life partner
is a very big deal.
And I only get a minute to decide?!
If I like you,
I'll give you another minute.
-What do you want me to say?
-Say something interesting!
If you marry me, your life will prosper.
I work at Cognizant.
-Our lives will be smooth.
-Tell me something interesting.
-Just tell me something interesting.
Ma'am, we're not suitable for each other.
That's all.
When I keep searching for you
I keep disappearing
You make me search
For a new version of myself
You keep pestering me for answers
You keep me on my toes
You turn all my answers
Into questions again
Oh, my dear! You are so strong!
These are not common lessons
That are taught in schools and temples
But when you keep asking me
How is it fair?
Who are you?
What have you done to me?
You are drawing me towards you
In a span of a single snap
You erased me from myself
When you come in front of me
I come to a halt
You hid everything
That was right in front of me
Under the blanket of my eyelids
You've filled my eyes
With a fistful of dreams
You make me lose my balance
You make me forget my sleep
You imprison me in a way
That I cannot move at all
You even change the way
I spend my day
I keep going in a direction
That is unknown to me
Like a rose with thorns
Like a firework with blinding light
Like the charm of a well-woven courtyard
I've started liking you a lot
Like a rose with thorns
Like a firework with blinding light
Like the charm of a well-woven courtyard
I've started liking you a lot
Why are you staring at me?
What's going on with you?
You look at those other girls with no
interest, but here you look so lost.
Do you even know what you're doing?
Do you still want to meet the remaining
girls? You have to make a decision.
I want this girl.
Let's stop the matchmaking!
-Okay, let's tell everyone at home.
-Let's go.
They've already decided to meet
the other prospective brides.
If we tell them now,
it might not go down well.
Okay, then you select this girl and your
parents will select another girl for you.
-That'd be perfect, right?
-No. Let's tell them.
If you don't want to tell everyone,
at least, tell your mother.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
Harsha, how many people from the US
are going to attend your wedding?
We need to arrange
for their accommodations.
Fine. Where is Mom?
They're coming here all
the way from the US.
Jeez! Why would they come here?
They are stingy buggers.
They won't come here. Forget about it.
-When did you guys come here?
-We're useless?!
No. I didn't mean it.
You called us stingy buggers?!
-Come up here!
-I'm coming, sir.
I'd gone to my own wedding just
two days before the wedding day.
But we have come here
to attend all the ceremonies.
We wanted to surprise him,
and this is what he says about us?!
-Please sit, sir.
-Sister-in-law, bring it fast!
-Hi, Harsha!
-Hey, this is good! It's a five!
-What about her?
Sudheer, please pass these photos.
Hey, what are you doing?
Here, look at these photos.
What are you doing?
You didn't know how
to tell everyone, right?
Now they'll start talking about it.
Yeah, she's nice.
Hey, she's really good, man.
I wonder whom Harsha is destined
to marry among all these girls!
You know what?
Our CEO's daughter had asked him if
he'd like to be in a live-in relationship.
He had said something then.
What did he say?
What did you say?
I can boast to my friends
"I can brag about it to my friends,
but if my family asks me
about it, I can't answer them!"
That is Harsha!
It isn't about whom Harsha
is destined to marry.
It's the other way around!
Who is destined to marry Harsha
that is the point! That is Harsha!
He is very wise, sir.
He will never do anything wrong.
We want to know who that lucky girl is!
We all are excited to know who she is.
What's the plan now?
Meeting another bride.
Now you must have become
the master of matchmaking, right?
So, I'm sure you have a clear idea of what
qualities you want in your future wife.
-You can ask me anything you want.
-Never mind.
My questions might make you feel
uncomfortable. You look very innocent.
What do you mean?
I hold the reputation of being able
to answer the toughest of all questions.
It's not about the questions.
I am unsure if you'd be
able to answer my question--
Try me!
You should not judge a book by its cover.
-That's true.
-Then go ahead and ask me.
Do you have a d--
I think we should stop here.
What was it? What were you asking me?
Have you ever been to Dehradun?
Stop it!
If you don't ask me that same
question, I swear you'll regret it!
Do you have a dirty mind?
What kind of question is that?
Okay. Let's simplify the question.
Do you like sunrise or sunset?
-Don't stretch it. Sunrise or sunset?
Perhaps, because of prayers,
offerings, and breakfast. Am I right?
I knew it. I don't think this
is the right match for me.
What do you like?
I like sunsets.
It's because it gets
dark only after sunset.
This is not the right match for me.
Sit down, son.
This girl is really good.
Even her family seems very nice.
If you marry her, I am sure you
both will look good together.
-What do you think?
There seems to be a problem.
This is not how one should tell their
decision! How can you react like this?
-Is this how you show respect?
-That's what I have to say!
Such behavior won't be tolerated here!
Only sunrises here! No sunsets!
What does that mean?
Do you mean we've all been
living without a sunset?
How can you say that we have
no sunsets in Bhimavaram?
Thank your luck that
I am only saying all this!
If I were there,
I don't know what I'd have done!
Why don't you come here and show us, sir?
-What are you saying?
-Please come!
-Let him come!
-Just a minute!
Don't make me angry,
or else my BP will shoot up!
Sir, just a minute. Calm down.
-Excuse me! We all are educated people!
-Sir, stop.
-Do we really need this violence?
Can you not be a gentleman?
-I mean--
-Hey, move!
What's wrong with him?
He's manhandling him!
We're begging you!
We don't want this alliance!
We don't want this alliance either!
-Okay. Let's go.
-No, but we need to know what's wrong.
Why? We--
Sir, I'll find out what went wrong.
I'll talk to them and get back to you.
-He'll take care of it. Let's go.
Please wait.
Everything was going well,
then what happened to you suddenly?
If you had told me,
I would have managed it.
-Come on, say yes to--
-Do you know what he asked my daughter?
You had said that you knew everything
and that you had clarity of thoughts.
Is this what you meant by that?
Do you know what would happen
if your family finds about this?
You had told me that this was your first
wedding and this would launch your career.
You've already gone too far now!
If you had allowed me just once,
I would have fixed everything!
-But he just wouldn't listen!
Asking this priest
to fix it is simply useless.
Sir, he's been fasting
to make this alliance a success.
He also has high BP, sir!
No, it's not BP. It's something else.
-Something else!
-He's right.
Our son's wedding is around the corner!
Why are we spoiling our mood?
Let's focus on what needs to be done!
That's right, Dad.
We have to meet
Mr. Rameshwar Rao's daughter now.
They've asked their daughter
to come down from the US.
He has already called us three times.
They are waiting for us. Shall we go?
Oh, God. Now he will
definitely say something.
Let's not meet any more brides.
Let's stop all that now.
This is enough.
-But they are waiting for us, Dad--
-I said this is enough!
He is going to marry the girl he
likes at the time that's been decided.
What does it mean?
The girl he likes?!
He'd said that he liked
the very first girl that we had met.
-I like how clear you are about things.
-Dad, the girl is amazing!
We should have stopped there,
but we kept dragging him
along to meet the other girls.
It's not too late.
No, Dad--
Sorry, son. You are right.
-You are very wise.
-Dad, I--
What are you thinking about, son?
All of us like this alliance.
Call them and inform them.
The wedding will take place on the 22nd,
and the engagement will happen tomorrow.
Okay, Dad. As you wish.
Tomorrow is the engagement.
That's okay, right?
All the best, sir.
What? They fixed your wedding
with that remote girl?!
Why? What's wrong with her?
Keep quiet! What did you do then?
My family wanted me to get married.
And I wanted to get married to Vibha.
Then you should have made
her fall in love with you.
-I didn't have that much time, brother.
-What did you do then?
I'd better hide.
What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you
for two minutes, Uncle.
-To me?
-What is it?
-This is for you.
What are you doing here?
-Get me a glass.
Thank God!
I was worried about how you'd react.
-Auntie, just one glass!
I don't drink.
Even I had asked her
to bring only one glass.
So, tell me.
You had said that because I can't
even take care of a photo,
no one would entrust
me with their daughter!
I felt that in my gut. That's why
after a lot of effort, I found it.
Please take this photo and give me
permission to marry your daughter.
I'll marry her and take really
good care of her, Uncle.
I didn't get it.
How can you decide that just
by looking at her photo?
To be honest, Uncle
I couldn't tolerate your torture.
So, I met your daughter.
I liked her a lot.
Did my daughter give you that photo?
-No, Uncle.
-Then who gave you that photo?
After that, I met Auntie.
-Auntie who?
-Your wife.
Oh, no!
Come on! Let's get out of here!
Sorry, Auntie! I didn't know it was you!
Don't tell my husband
about my whereabouts! I beg of you!
Even his wife is scared of him,
and he wants to become his son-in-law!
I wonder what's going to happen!
Damn my fate! Let me be ready!
Does my daughter know about this?
-No, Uncle.
-What about your family?
No, Uncle. They don't know either.
But they're good people. They will agree.
-But you--
-Are an idiot.
No! You are the most important person!
That's why I came to you first, Uncle.
Shouldn't my daughter and I like you?
Why wouldn't you like me?
I have no flaws, after all.
You're saying that because of
what happened at the airport.
You can ask my acquaintances
about my character if you want.
They'd say that Harsha is
the most eligible bachelor.
Just say yes, and I'll come
here with my family in an hour.
Thanks, Uncle.
Where are you going?
Don't you understand the difference
between agreement and a deep sigh?
-Sit down.
-I don't have much time, Uncle.
So what? I'll tell you my
decision in the morning.
-You can go.
-Will you tell me by ten o'clock?
How about nine o'clock?
I know you'd give me
an answer by eight o'clock.
You're not saying anything.
That means it's a yes. Thank you, Uncle.
Enjoy your drink.
The sound of it is in the air
The sound of it is in the air
The sound of it is in the air
The thoughts that make my heart warm
Are floating around in the air
The sound of it is in the air
This warm speech is blowing my mind
I've been longing all these days
For the girl of my dreams
Now that she is becoming mine
I'm unable to explain this happiness
The sound of it is in the air
The thoughts that make my heart warm
Are floating around in the air
The sound of it is in the air
This warm speech is blowing my mind
Every day, my cheeks blush
Those rose-tinted lips
Keep making my cheeks blush with kisses
All the fire in the kitchen
Is being poured into my body
My heart was single yesterday
And the day before that
Now, it's yours
The sound of it is in the air
The thoughts that make my heart warm
Are floating around in the air
The sound of it is in the air
This warm speech is blowing my mind
This feeling of flirtation doesn't care
About the right time or place
This sweet prison erases all constraints
Of astrology or auspicious time
We keep getting closer to each other
Our bodies start
To become heavier with longing
Our world is one now
While growing close
We make a world for ourselves
The sound of it is in the air
The thoughts that make my heart warm
Are floating around in the air
The sound of it is in the air
This warm speech is blowing my mind
I've been longing all these days
For the girl of my dreams
Now that she is becoming mine
I'm unable to explain this happiness
We've come far from being
scared of his calls
to being scared whether he'd call or not.
Why aren't you ready yet?
It's time for your engagement! Hurry up!
Oh, God! What should we do now, dude?
What happened? Why do you look stressed?
What happened?
-The bride's family isn't here yet!
They're not here?!
Where is the priest?
There he is.
What happened?
Sir, they said they are not coming.
How can they refuse to come here one hour
before the engagement? What happened?
-Is Subrahmanyam in there?
-Who are you?
Ask him to come out!
We want to talk to him!
Hold on.
They are just shouting.
What happened?
What is the issue?
You ruined everything,
and now you're questioning us?!
Stop that.
Do you know Mr. Dhananjay?
Yes. We are close with their family. So?
Did you tell them that this
marriage alliance is bad?
Did you say that my son isn't a good man?
Oh, dear. No, I didn't.
I just said that the boy is horrible.
And if his daughter gets
married to him, her life will be ruined.
-What now?
-I'll tell you, wait!
-Shall I show you what you deserve?
-Shall we? We will!
Oh, no! What are you doing, sir?
Stop it.
He took out his phone! Hey, how dare you!
Are you at the police station?
Some idiots are raising a ruckus here!
Come here immediately!
-Dad, what's all this?
-Stop him, sir!
You stay out of this! Go!
Listen, dear.
My son's horoscope and your
horoscope were not a good match.
So, we decided to let go of this alliance.
Your father held a grudge against
us and ruined his engagement today.
Harsha is supposed to get married
in ten days and return to the US.
How dare you bad-mouth my wonderful son!
Are you aware of what your son did?
Last night, he came to our house
and asked me for my daughter's hand.
What are you saying?
Why would he do that?
He did it, sir!
He had come here with a whiskey bottle!
Dad, I know Harsha.
He'd have told me if this was the case.
-Why would he ask you?
-Foolish girl!
Wait! Do you see this?
One hundred and forty calls!
Hey, rowdy fellow! Do you see this?
How many?
One hundred and forty missed calls!
Isn't this your son's number, sir?
He is waiting for my decision.
Shall we go to the police station now?
What's happening, Harsha?
He is talking rubbish about you!
Dad, I can explain.
Sir, what is this?
I'll tell you.
Mr. Dhananjay Rao!
Did you guys have a discussion
before accepting this alliance?
Or did you accept it because
he liked your daughter?
That day, in front of everyone,
he said that he likes my daughter.
-Oh, really?
And now he came to my house
and told me that he likes my daughter!
He said he wants to marry her!
What should I do to him?
I said the truth, and your whole family
pounced on me like a drift of pigs--
-Hey! What did you say?
How dare you!
What do you know about my family?
You sing praises of your family
and your family sings praises of you.
-Am I an--
You had asked me this earlier,
but I'm saying it now! You are an idiot!
You are doomed! You are finished!
This is just a petty case.
Don't worry. I am there for you.
Please come with me.
Your Honor!
If their son is really so upstanding,
it is indeed a point of pride.
But all the accusations made
against the young man are true.
My client claims that the young
man's character is the worst!
If you allow me,
I'll present the witnesses before you.
Let's see who needs to apologize!
Let the court decide it, Your Honor!
So, Meenakshi
you met this young man
during your matchmaking.
What did he ask you?
He asked me, "What do you
expect from your married life?"
It's a commonly asked
question during matchmaking!
What's wrong with it?
There is nothing wrong
with the question, Mr. Janardhan!
What's wrong is the answer
that he expected from her!
Tell me! What do you expect
from your married life?
Don't look down!
Look at me and answer the question!
Peace, Mr. Venkata Ramana!
Peace! Did you find it?
-I am still searching.
-Still searching!
Madam what do you expect
from your married life?
Someone who takes good care of me.
-Support, sir.
-Peace, sir.
Respect, sir.
Sir, did you hear that?
He dismissed all of her answers.
He is from today's generation, so he
must've expected something like love.
He dismissed that too, sir!
Not even love?
-What else is left then?
-I asked him the same question.
He told me to think
of a wild answer, sir.
What did you say?
Sir, I told her to think of a wild answer.
-No, sir!
-Then what?
He came this close to my face and said
-"Let your imagination go wild, darling."
-My goodness!
I object, Your Honor!
He was asking my client to have
a strong, wild, and deep imagination!
Does she have a zoom lens into her brain?
It's okay, ma'am.
Please go and have a seat.
Miss, did he ask you that same question?
He answered that question.
What did he say?
He said, "idli, vada, sambar," sir.
Idli, vada, sambar? What's that?
He must have said that
because he was hungry.
-Yes, sir.
-No, sir. That's what I also thought.
But I got to know later what kind
of hunger he was referring to.
-What kind of hunger--
-Sir! Look at him!
He's giving me signals!
What did he do?
According to him, my body isn't mine, sir.
Oh, my!
-Whose is it?
-Apparently, it's his!
Sir, did you hear that?
According to him, her body isn't hers
it's his!
How disgusting!
Ma'am, you can go.
Go! We will teach him a lesson!
-My body is mine!
Got it?
From top to bottom, everything is
yours, miss! Please leave!
What did you ask her?
Sir, actually, its meaning--
Just to crack that meaning
Your Honor, I request you to give me
permission to call my next witness.
Sir, do you like sunrise or sunset?
I like sunrise, dear.
I can have a cup of freshly-brewed
coffee and start my day with a newspaper.
Right? Apparently, he likes sunsets.
Why is that?
Because it gets dark only after sunset.
You had said something
about smoke and fire!
This is the fire!
The fire behind the smoke!
He didn't stop there, sir.
He said it's important to have
a dirty mind to get married.
And he said that at the temple.
Ridiculous! At such a holy place?!
How could he have such perverted thoughts?
He's totally trapped.
I need some time to come
to a decision regarding this case.
The court is adjourned for the day.
After creating this mess,
what are you thinking about now?
What must she be thinking about me?
You're still thinking about that girl?!
-Look at your father's condition!
-Please forgive me.
It's our fault.
It doesn't matter if
he gets married or not
but his future shouldn't be ruined.
Please take back the case.
Okay. I will take back the case.
But on one condition.
Your son must leave India
within the next 24 hours. Okay?
You're here!
You always said that I should only
perform funerals, not marriages.
But I didn't listen to you.
I finally got it now!
Let's do what we do the best!
I'm coming!
I cannot even talk
about what you asked those girls!
Why did you ask them all that?
Do you want to get married,
or do you want to have an affair?
We were looking for girls who are
beautiful, good-natured, and rich!
We were checking if their horoscopes
were matching with your horoscope!
What kind of wife were you looking for?
We were preparing for your engagement
and you asked for some other
girl's hand in marriage?!
What's so special about her?
She's the one who asked him
all those questions first.
He just got confused because of her.
Because of his daughter's
mistake, why should we all suffer?
Let's go and confront him!
What's the point in blaming them?
It is his fault.
Why? Even they're at fault!
If you want to say something,
let's go to the bedroom.
The girl instigated him,
but doesn't he have brains?
You were the one boasting
about how your son is very wise!
Now, look at what he's dragged us into!
Dad, actually
Tell him to pack his bags and leave.
-What happened?
-I just want to see her once, please.
-Have you gone mad?
Don't get confused now. Get on the flight
and leave. Everything will be fine.
She had asked me what I expect
from my married life.
She doesn't know my answer,
and I don't know her answer.
I must know her answer before I leave.
-Hey, listen to me!
-I must know her answer before I leave!
Do you know who is blind?
It's not someone who
doesn't have a vision.
It's someone who doesn't
have their own opinion.
I hope you guys are getting
what I'm trying to say.
If someone doesn't have
their own opinion
-Idli, vada, sambar!
-That's correct.
Idli, vada, sambar!
That's all for tonight.
This is Vibha! Signing off!
Thank you!
Thank you.
Hey, darling! What are you doing here?
I thought you must be on your
flight by now. What brings you here?
Don't you know?
I rejected all the other girls and came
to your house with a marriage proposal.
My family is saying that I'm
not doing the right thing.
My friends are saying that I'm confused.
But only your opinion matters to me.
What am I supposed to say, darling?
I didn't reject you now.
I rejected you even
before you came to India.
He has a job in the US.
He is from a good family.
He has everything.
He took a 20-day leave to come here.
He is coming here to get married.
Just say yes, and everything will be done.
What do you think?
I don't want him at all.
You took a 20-day leave,
decided the date of the wedding,
and then came here to look for a bride.
That's when I figured.
I figured that you don't
know anything about marriage,
you don't know what kind
of girl you want as your wife,
and you don't even know yourself!
What? You're saying that
I don't know a thing?!
Before getting married,
I secured a job in the US!
I bought my own house!
I made sure that I have everything
to make my would-be wife happy!
I got ready for marriage only after
I became the most eligible bachelor.
It isn't enough to be
eligible only for marriage.
You need to be eligible
even for married life.
Eligibility for married life?!
I've never heard anything like that!
Eligibility means whether he can take care
of you and stay beside you all his life.
I don't want someone
to stay beside me all my life.
I want someone who is close to me.
What's the difference between being
beside you and being close to you?
See, you are asking me again.
I expect my future wife to be adjustable.
Because I am also adjustable.
Oh, my goodness!
Yeah, exactly! My goodness!
I won't adjust for anyone,
and I don't want anyone to adjust for me.
You wanted to know what I expect
from my married life, right?
I'll answer now if--
I know!
It's idli, vada, sambar!
Devour me now!
I expect
great romance in my married life.
Give it to me too!
I understood one thing.
Your thoughts are far away
from the reality of life.
Your philosophies are
not right for marriage.
They are right for affairs.
Listen to me now!
I am expecting a good wife!
A nice family!
And above all that, love!
That's all! Anyone would expect
only these things from married life!
Given how qualified I am,
I am sure I'll find the girl I want!
I will get married
and I will be happy too!
But you will end up crazy!
And this is my opinion!
My own opinion!
I was confused for nothing.
You're getting too emotional.
On a lighter note,
may I ask you a question?
Do you like sunrise or sunset?
I only like the sunrise!
I am a morning person! Got it now?
I love sunsets.
Do you know why?
I bought all these things so that
my married life would be happy.
If even these things can't give
me a happy married life, what can?
-It's Shoulder Shankar, dude! Tell me!
I was thinking of selling the house.
Could you please find a buyer?
What happened, dude?
-I just want to sell it. That's all.
-Listen to me.
-Hey, Harsha!
-Cry now! Cry to your heart's content!
-I just asked you to look for a buyer.
-Shut up!
Don't you think I know what you need?
Would someone sell their
house for such a small issue?
I will make sure you feel like
spending all your life in this house!
-Come, let's go in and cry.
-What for?
-Just come!
-But why?
Smile, dear.
Give me a wide smile.
be positive.
Please listen to me.
An empty stomach is
the cause of all problems.
Tell me what you want to eat
and I'll get it for you.
Get anything you want.
No, you must have thought of something.
Tell me what you want.
Okay. Make some chicken biryani.
I'll have it.
Let's not have biryani now.
It'd be difficult to sleep at night.
I'll make Maggi for you.
Give me two minutes.
-Damn it!
Harsha, you need a hug!
You need a warm hug!
Come here. I'm topless.
You'll feel better. Come here.
I forgot to bring my brush.
Shankar, tell me.
Are you guys even humans?
What kind of food do you eat
that you've become so heartless!
When he was happy, you were all cheering
and enjoying everything together.
Now that he's suffering
you say that it's his problem?!
Are you going to leave him alone?
He is in pain.
Ask him about his problem, console him,
and provide a solution to his problem!
Don't you have this basic sense?
Shame on you!
You guys never show up until
I call you and curse you out!
Just tell us, why are you so sad?
Is it because your wedding got canceled
or because the girl rejected you?
It's not because she rejected me.
It's because I rejected myself.
-What is he saying?
-Please don't say that.
The questions that I asked
those girls were not mine.
But the answers were certainly mine.
if I don't like those answers,
then that means I don't like myself.
Don't confuse yourself with
these unnecessary thoughts.
What does marriage mean?
It means eligibility.
Are you eligible to get married or not?
Definitely, you are.
You are the most eligible bachelor.
Next year, we'll get you
married to a very pretty girl.
-Then you'll live happily.
-Super, sir!
What is marriage?
It's very simple.
Do we provide them with what they need,
and do they provide us with what we need?
That's about it.
You have so many happy
couples around you.
Trust us. Don't be confused--
Hey, Ganesh--
Sorry, Mr. Ganesh!
I don't know
if he understood or not, but I did.
The meeting is over.
Finish your drinks, have Maggi, and
disperse! Out of my sight!
Why is he forcing me to laugh?
That's just how he is.
-How's my brother doing?
-What can I say? He is fine.
-Okay, bye.
I-- Hello! Satya--
She doesn't even bother to ask about me.
They've started looking
for brides for you again.
Why are they in such
a hurry to get you married?
Why don't they let you enjoy your life?
Okay, brother-in-law.
Mr. Ganesh's 25th-anniversary party is
taking place at his home. Come with me.
I am sick of these wedding ceremonies
and parties! There is no fun there!
Anyway, go and get ready.
Come on! Let's go party!
What happened?
Nothing, I am fine.
I am okay.
For another 25 years of marriage!
What happened?
I'll be there in two minutes. I am coming.
What I mean is these things happen.
Why can't you just let them go?
I did! I let it go!
Ever since my marriage,
I've always been told this by my
parents, his parents, and relatives.
And now, an unmarried person is
also giving me the same advice!
Why don't you tell me something new?
What exactly happened?
-I am here.
Hey! Aren't you ready yet?
-I'm coming!
-The guests have started arriving.
Do you know what I got for you?
Two carat, fine-cut diamond
ring worth 50 lakhs.
Happy anniversary!
I am going to booze like there
is no tomorrow. Do not stop me.
I gave you what you wanted!
That's it! My job is done!
He got me a diamond ring!
He doesn't even know what I want!
But I'll adjust and let it go.
I do the same thing 362 days a year!
You have no idea about my pain!
Why am I even telling you all this?
I can't feel my husband's
love in that ring!
He'd shower me with his love
on occasions like my birthday,
his birthday, and our wedding anniversary.
And now,
even that is missing from my life.
-Where are you?
-Yeah, I am coming!
I won't adjust for anyone,
and I don't want anyone to adjust for me.
I hope you are not sad
that you are leaving.
No! You are coming to London soon, right?
We'll have fun!
What is this? I thought you'd
have a good time at the party,
but you seem to be a bit down.
What happened?
What exactly is married life?
Why are you asking me this now?
Did I not give you what you want, darling?
-It's nothing like that.
I need to do something special for you.
Maggi Masala with spring onions!
I am sure it will change your mood!
I don't have the answer to your question.
I don't know how badly you were
affected when your wedding broke off.
But I felt really bad about it.
Your sister and I are not getting along.
After your wedding,
we were going to tell everyone that
we want to break off our marriage.
What happened?
She doesn't understand that I am
working myself to the bone for them!
She wants luxurious life, and she wants
me beside her. How is that possible?
When I told this to your brother, he said
that even his marriage is on the rocks.
He also said that even though your
parents look happy on the outside,
they are frequently at
odds with each other.
Hey, if you want to say something,
let's go to the bedroom.
What's with you?
Come, sit on my lap.
Is this is our bedroom?
Get out of here!
I don't understand married
life and all this bickering!
Sit down.
Basically, no one knows
what married life means.
Sometimes, you just have to compromise.
If you get along, then that's fine.
If not, the marriage breaks down.
But your question was quite correct.
We earn crores of rupees, yet we
don't know what they actually want.
If you find the answer
to the question, please tell me.
It isn't enough to be
eligible only for marriage.
You need to be eligible
even for married life.
Do you think there are
eligibilities for married life too?
What are you doing?
In the story that he told us, there were
at least three romantic days in a year.
But we don't have even
that many romantic days.
What do you mean?
-You forgot my birthday last year!
-Oh, goodness. Please don't go there.
Brother, I don't think we
should hear your story anymore.
Tell me where you want to go.
I'll drop you off there.
No! Continue with the story!
I was convinced that there is
some truth to Vibha's perspective.
And I felt that she was right about me.
I don't know what marriage means.
I don't know what kind
of girl I want to marry!
And finally,
I don't even know much about myself.
I felt that I should
take a different path.
I should know who I am.
I decided to become the answer
to all of Vibha's questions.
We spend 9000 nights
with our life partner.
We eat around 25,000 meals together.
We must go on hundreds
of vacations together.
And more importantly,
we need to talk about millions of things.
Oh, dear! No one has ever warned you!
A little heart was floating about
In the wind
At least now, for the first time
It has come to know
At least now, ground yourself
And learn to walk again
All these days
The world hailed you and lauded you
This foolish fellow did not even know
The weight of his own self
All this while, a little heart
Was floating about in the wind
At least now, hit the ground
And start learning to walk again
As soon as my parents
decided to get me married
my mother told me that she is
going to teach me how to cook.
I asked her if she would
teach me how to serve.
You were just a piece of rock before
Now, you've turned into a sculpture
With the sharpness of that smile
The girl of your dreams
Is right in front of your eyes
Looking like a flash
Of lightning in those lamps
When you look in the mirror
Does your image look exactly like hers?
Does this twist in the tale
Make you feel at home?
All this while, a little heart
Was floating about in the wind
At least now, ground yourself
And learn to walk again
-Oh, dear! No one has ever warned you!
-You don't even know yourself!
A little heart was floating about
In the wind
At least now, for the first time
It has come to know
At least now, ground yourself
And learn to walk again
All these days, the world hailed
Tell me your top ten favorite places.
This foolish fellow did not even know
The weight of his own self
Tell me your top ten favorite food items.
All this while, a little heart
Was floating about in the wind
At least now, hit the ground
And start learning to walk again
All this while, a little heart
Was floating about in the wind
At least now, hit the ground
And start learning to walk again
Our company's tie-up with
Future Company is very very important.
What the hell are you
going to do about it?
-Tell me!
-What's going on?
Future Company's team is not impressed
by us, so they don't want this tie-up.
-So, there is no tie-up now?
Do you know how important it
is for us to tie up with them?
Do you guys understand?
-Where are they?
-They just went to the cafeteria.
-Please listen to me--
-I need answers!
What impressed?
You quickly decided that a tie-up
with our company is not worth it.
I am impressed.
We wanted to do business.
We saw the profit and loss
your company makes,
and we understood what your company's
dimensions are and its worth is.
It is simple.
I don't even like the word coffee.
How about one more coffee?
-For whom?
-For you.
I just told you, didn't I?
Perhaps, you could try it.
Shall we play a game?
How is Harsha being so
confident in front of her?!
You're using the dimensions properly,
but there is another dimension to note.
You just saw our company's
profit and loss statement.
But you didn't see the commitment
and hard work of the staff.
We can change the balance sheet.
That is our company's X factor.
We want to do good business.
Coffee isn't just a word.
It's also a taste.
Our company's tie-up
with Future Company is
is done!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
We need to celebrate this!
-We need to party, man.
-I am getting a call.
-I'll be right back.
Did you meet a girl
named Chinnu in the US?
Yes, but how do you know that?
I met her regarding work.
Apparently, you also had coffee with her.
No! I made her have coffee with me!
Her family has come to our
house to have coffee with us.
It'd be great if things happen on time.
Oh, okay.
Hey, stop joking!
I'm not joking, Harsha. They're here
to discuss your marriage alliance.
Marriage alliance?!
What do you mean?
Yes. Hey.
I didn't approve
of the match that you wanted.
But I'm approving
of the match that came seeking us.
You just need to be here two
days before your wedding.
Okay? Bye.
Is what I heard true?
You met the girl just once
and got her to agree to marry you?!
Super, brother! Congratulations!
Stop joking and listen to him.
Continue, brother.
I used to think that no one
other than Vibha knew
how to live with their life partner.
I wanted to do everything possible
to make her my life partner.
You want that, but your parents
should also agree to it, right?
Before that, I needed to convince Vibha.
I told my folks that I'd come
two days before the wedding.
But I left ten days
earlier to meet Vibha.
Hey! Please talk to your parents first!
About what exactly?
If I'm not ready for this alliance,
I should tell them that, right?
But what about that girl?
I'll tell her that I am not
the right person for her.
The answer to all my questions is Vibha.
Hi, Auntie.
Who is it?
Make a guess.
I'm not sure.
It's you!
I want to meet Vibha, Auntie.
She is not here.
When will she return?
She won't.
She left home.
What happened, Auntie?
Do you know why my husband
withdrew the case he filed against you?
-Come, let's go.
This is enough.
Withdraw the case against him.
-But why? He--
-All those things he said were said by me.
-Let it go.
-They've fallen out since then.
When a guy says all these things,
people's perspective towards him changes.
But if a girl says these things,
they'd literally spit on her!
If we ask you what do you
expect from your married life
you're going to say all that nonsense?!
What exactly do you want?
You guys have been married
for 25 years, right?
Then you tell me, what should be expected?
I thought I would get you
married to a good guy someday.
But no I just need
to get you married immediately.
So, are you going to order
a groom for me from Swiggy?
He kept finding grooms for her
and she kept rejecting them.
She'd just keep joking around.
You should have seen how agitated he was.
Finally, Vibha really did select a guy.
And I was so relieved that my
daughter was going to get married.
But I don't know what happened.
Suddenly she decided that he
wasn't the right guy for her.
Then, of course
her father started asking her what is it
that she wanted to prove to him.
Eventually, she stopped joking.
She couldn't take her father's pressure.
So, she decided that she didn't
want to get married at all
and left the house.
I don't know why you've come back
but my daughter cannot
take any more pain now.
I can't tell you how
happy I can make Vibha.
But I can certainly tell you
that I will never make her sad.
Your daughter will return home.
Bro, why did she slap you?
I told her that her father
had arranged this matchmaking.
I cannot hit my father, so
I told her that instead of giving me
a minute, she could meet me ten times.
Do you know why I left my home?
If she kept slapping you,
why were you asking her questions?
Why did she slap you so hard?
I said, "You can slap me all you
want, but when can we meet again?"
I told you I don't want
to get married ever!
Don't you get it?
She is crazy, brother.
This time it is certain that we
will be arrested. Be prepared.
Let's meet and have a lovely chat.
Who wrote this? Can you check it?
It must be a fan.
When I see him, I will teach him a lesson.
This was your plan?!
Do you really think you
have enough time to woo her?
I thought it'd be enough
to show her that I have changed.
If I want to change her mind,
I'll have to woo her, right?
She slaps the guys who meet her.
How are you going to woo her?
I won't show her my face.
Not cool, man.
I am not going to be a part of this plan.
I thought he just wanted to get
married, but this is too much!
-Stop! Lola bike?
-It's my bike.
Oh, okay. Please go ahead.
What is this?
-Is she going to come out or not?
-Hey! Relax, dude!
-Lola bike?
Go on.
I've been waiting since morning!
Why are you so late?
Sir, you just booked the ride.
Please tell me the OTP.
-Wait here.
-Good morning, ma'am.
-Good morning.
Sir, tell me the OTP.
Ask me a little loudly.
-Sir, tell me the OTP!
-It's here.
Vibha?! Is it Vibha?
Why are you staring at me?
-It sounds like a girl's name.
-It is!
Please be comfortable, madam.
It's going to be a safe
ride without any glitches.
I am a five-star rated driver.
What do you mean?
The app says that your rating is 2.5.
-Mr. Vibha.
-Where are we going?
-I haven't made up my mind. Keep going.
-What happened?
-Wait, sir!
Is this a five-star rated driving?
There was a puppy, ma'am. Just for
the rating, would I take its life?
-Sir, they're leaving! Let's go!
Keep riding!
Just because I applied sudden
brakes, you'd give me 2.5 stars.
But I saved the puppy, didn't I?
So, I'm going to give myself five stars.
-What do you do, ma'am?
-Stand-up comedy.
They say, "Your life must
be full of laughter."
And you make a living
by making people laugh.
That's a good job.
I like doing that,
but people keep saying that it's risky.
Not taking a risk
is the biggest risk in life.
How is your life?
What can I say, ma'am?
It's like a waterdrop on a lotus leaf.
I don't know where it's going,
and I don't know how to stop it either.
Stop a little farther.
-Hey! Stop!
-Vibha! What are you doing?
Can you wait for 15 minutes?
-What happened, buddy?
-She wants me to wait for 15 minutes.
Wait for 15 minutes.
Mr. Vibha,
that is going to cost you extra.
-Mr. Vibha! What are you doing?
-I am waiting.
You had said you'd give me
a slot for a stand-up show.
So, can I plan for this weekend?
I cannot give you a slot for this weekend.
Why don't you give me
a slot for this Wednesday?
You can decide after you watch the show.
Sorry, madam.
It's business, so I cannot take a risk.
Hope you understand.
Not taking a risk
is the biggest risk in life.
Shall we go?
Here, hold this.
Is your work done, madam?
I told them the exact same
thing that you told me.
-And it worked.
Looking at you, I feel like
you are not a Lola driver.
Who told you that I am a Lola driver?
I've been trying to flirt
with you the whole day.
If you want, take a look.
Good joke!
Are you married?
Please get married.
Then your husband will
happily drop you off.
No, thanks.
Does your family know about this?
-Yes, I told them.
-You told them?!
You are really brave.
How did you break
the news to your parents?
-Why do you want to know?
-Please tell me, madam.
Your experience might
help me in the future.
Don't learn from my experience.
Do what your heart says.
That is what I am doing.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Let's go home.
It's difficult to find matches even
for a girl who stays with her family.
And you are staying separately! Do you
know how difficult it is to find a groom?
Of course, you wouldn't know.
You are not normal--
Hello, boss!
What do you want?
This is no entertainment! Get lost!
Dear, wait!
Please come home.
Come home and crack as
many as jokes you want.
I am not in the mood to make jokes now.
Hey! Hello! Stop!
Please drop me off at home.
-My address is--
-I know.
Well, you might know it. It's possible.
My daughter keeps riding
around on your bikes.
Thanks for coming.
I had fun chatting with you.
Why isn't he picking up my call?
Stop here.
Here. Tell me.
Is the man who dropped
you off still there?
Yes, he is. Why?
Catch hold of him quickly!
Hey! Stop!
-What did he do?
-Take a selfie with him and send it to me.
Hey, look here once.
Oh, God!
He doesn't even know how to take a selfie,
but he is so keen on getting me married.
-Good morning.
If you wanted to meet me,
you could have told me yourself.
Why do you need my
selfie with your father?
If you are really that
interested, come and meet me.
Really? Okay, I need to plan for this.
I'll call you again. Bye.
Hey! Hello?
Just kill me.
-Good morning!
-Good morning.
What happened?
It's nothing.
You said you wanted to go out.
Shall I book Lola?
I am very excited
to watch a movie with you.
Okay, book it.
-Let me deal with this guy!
What have you planned?
After I get off work, I was
thinking of watching a movie, madam.
-Take off your helmet once.
-Why, madam?
I need to know if you are really
a Lola driver or an idiot.
Tell me the OTP.
-Nice name, right?
Then who was that?
-Where are we going, madam?
-Let's go to the movies.
Let's go.
So, you skipped office to see me!
Dude! She is stunning!
What else?
-She's asking me to talk!
-What have you planned for the night?
That's brazen!
I said I'd watch a movie with
you, not by sitting next to you.
So, watch a movie with me.
I've made an awesome plan for the night.
-We'll go for a drive, have dinner,
-No, I am so sorry.
-spend the night at a resort--
-I am so sorry.
-I'm sorry. I was mistaken.
-No! You are not mistaken!
I am the right person!
Perfect person! Baby!
-Let's go, baby.
-You bloody
Hey! Oh, God!
Who the hell is he? Hey!
-Bro, are you hurt?
-He hit me hard, brother!
-Do you know who hit you?
-I don't know.
It was me.
Come in front of me.
Damn this life! I didn't know
she'd come here with her boyfriend!
I am not her boyfriend. I am her husband.
Her body
belongs to me.
Is it okay if I hit you?
My body belongs to her.
My goodness! What a concept!
Oh, God!
I am sorry, sister.
I didn't know that you had
come with your husband.
He beat me hard!
You and your husband stay safe.
Oh, God!
See you, sister.
-These rowdies never mind hitting anyone!
I dropped you off safely.
You didn't even thank me.
Who the hell are you?
You think you are my husband?
You're not supposed to say that!
A girl should say that!
Okay. What should I do
to make you say that?
Easy, dear!
I had said something like this
to someone as a joke once.
He portrayed me as the wrong person.
I can't say it again.
Don't tell me about someone else.
I'm a different person.
No matter who you are, I don't care!
I don't want to get married,
I don't want a husband,
and I don't want anyone around me!
Just leave me alone!
Listen there's a puja at
Venkateshwara Swami temple tomorrow.
I'd taken an oath. You will have to come.
Thanks for coming.
I've come to the temple.
I know. It was my plan to get you here.
My mother called me, that's why I came.
I was the one who called your mother.
Don't mess with me.
If you want proof, your mother is
wearing a rose in her hair. Check it out.
-Hey! The priest had given it to me!
-The Lola guy gave it to you.
I am not a Lola guy. I am a priest.
-She wasn't talking about you.
-Oh, okay then.
Thanks for the rose.
Priest, please perform
the Kartik Purnima puja for my daughter.
-I want her to find a good husband.
-Kartik Purnima?
-But today isn't Kartik Purnima!
-But I've got a message. Haven't you?
Why would I get a message?
Don't you know the difference
between a public and private message?
You should've figured it out
when you read "Your daughter."
I am a bit dumb, you know?
I was excited by the thought of you
finding a good husband, so I believed it.
I don't think God can grant your wish.
You shouldn't say that! That's a sin!
Look, I am getting a call
from that same number.
-Do you think it's Purnima?
-One second!
How many phones would you switch off?
Pray to God!
Yeah. Vibha. Lineage, Dhananjaya.
-It's for you.
-Tell them that I'll call back.
Did you hear that?
-What are you doing?
-I am trying to understand you.
Understand what about me?
You are very confused.
I told you I got you here,
yet you didn't believe me.
When I mentioned the flower,
you jumped the gun.
And when I asked you to meet me
face-to-face, you started avoiding me.
You are very confused.
So what?
Listen, this confusion
can lead to two things.
One is marriage.
And the other is loneliness,
which is very dangerous.
What made you do this all of a sudden?
What's with this nonsensical talk?
Never mind.
Let's go.
-What's up, sir?
I was just wondering where your son is!
Why are you bothered about my son?
His marriage has been fixed.
He is in the US.
He will be here in ten days.
-What now?
Is he going to come
or has he already come?
-Hey! What are you talking about?
That day, why did you kick
the flower pot in my house?
It was like a rivalry in a Telugu
movie, wasn't it?
Sir, for your information,
let me tell you.
If your son isn't here, then it's fine.
If I get to know that he has
come here after my daughter--
Hey! What are you saying?
Are you still drunk?
-Stop it!
-Stop it both of you!
-Sir, try to understand--
Please get the wedding invite.
-Greetings, Uncle.
-My daughter-in-law.
Who is he, brother-in law?
He is a father of a girl.
He was inquiring about my son.
I told him that his marriage has been
fixed. Give him the invitation, dear.
Please come to the wedding.
-Let's go.
please get your daughter married soon.
You will also be relieved.
Lord, make him understand what I told him.
What you need is hope.
A strong hope.
I've placed that there for you.
Tell me if you can't carry it.
We'll carry it together.
LET'S MEE I am right behind you.
I know that.
Won't you turn around?
I don't want to see you.
I cannot give you the same hope
that you gave me.
I don't know who you are.
And I don't know what you know about me.
I must have been 16 years old then.
I saw my father with some other woman.
Why did you do this, Dad?
Why did you do this when
you have a wife at home?
She can't give me everything that I want.
That's why.
Then why are you still with her?
That's why
I don't feel anything about couples
who are separated or divorced.
But the couples who are married but
still not close to each other
those are the ones who really scare me.
Ever since then, I have decided
that my life partner should
get everything from me.
And I grew up with the thought that even
I should get everything I want from him.
I thought I'd get married
to a guy whom I'd choose as my husband.
But my father was pushing me
to get married to some random guy
that he chose for me.
He was constantly nagging me about it.
That is when I thought I found
the husband I was looking for.
Later, I realized that
in a hurry, I chose the wrong shoe.
Maybe my dad was right.
Maybe my problem is that
I'm not like everyone else.
Shall I tell you a bad joke?
What kind of joke?
There was a well full of frogs.
Some of the frogs looked
at the sky and saw a circle.
Because of that,
they started to jump excitedly.
The frogs that were at the bottom kept
repeating that there was nothing there.
The frogs at the top were constantly
hearing what the frogs at the bottom said.
So, they stopped jumping and settled down.
But there was one frog who kept jumping.
Do you know why?
Because it was deaf.
-You said that it was a bad joke.
-It's not over yet.
Later, that deaf frog
started to hear things.
"There is nothing on top.
There is nothing on top.
There is nothing on top.
There is nothing on top."
remain like that deaf frog.
Do you know why your stand-up shows are
always about husband and wife jokes?
Because there is pain
hidden behind those jokes.
You are scared that your
life will end up like that.
If you want to get rid of that fear,
hold on to the newness within you.
Let's crack some hilarious jokes
to get out of the well soon!
I heard that you left home.
You know how it feels
to be rejected, don't you?
What is your problem?
Stop it! Hey!
Is it because I didn't
tell you I got married?
Hey, you are so hot that you
can even allure a married man!
Give me one chance.
Just one chance.
You always give
everyone a minute, don't you?
Give me a minute too.
-I am sure you will not regret this.
-Stop it!
-Please once-- Hey!
-Stop it!
-Calm down.
-I was so scared.
What happened?
Calm down.
Okay, don't worry.
First, calm down.
I am telling you, I'll come there.
Shall I?
Then calm down.
You are not alone.
Believe me, you are not alone.
Please sit down for a while.
Hey! Hello?
Sing me a lullaby.
Please stay online until I fall asleep.
Oh, no! Please don't be scared of me!
You acted well
and made sure that I was thrashed.
You should have told me that
someone like him is in your life.
You should wish to spend your entire
life with a girl like her.
Instead, you ask her for a minute?!
Who the hell are you to lecture me?
He also said something else.
Next time, when she sees
you or remembers you
she shouldn't be scared of you at all.
Instead, you should make her smile.
-Thank you.
Hold your smile.
The entire sky up there
Is filled with happiness
And it's breaking into dawn for me
All my thoughts are in a hurry
And are eagerly searching for today
Today, this life
Is smiling again
This magical spell is his
The poetry keeps flowing
My life turns into light
I found a mate today
Like him
The corner of my lips
Is decorated with his name
He is the reason for my smile
I need no one
If he is with me, that's enough
All these moments with him
Are perfumed with happiness
This new beginning of me is because of you
Let me be complete with you
The entire sky up there
Is filled with happiness
And it's breaking into dawn for me
All my thoughts are in a hurry
And are eagerly searching for today
Today, this life
Is smiling again
This magical spell is his
The poetry keeps flowing
My life turns into light
I found a mate today
Like him
LET'S MEE You didn't believe me.
When my daughter came back home,
I thought that I have found my son-in-law.
What horrid fate!
I am stuck with this fellow again!
When did you get here?
-Answer me!
Ask him the reason for his visit!
I came for Vibha.
-This match is not right for me.
-What did you say--
Why are you so confused about selecting
the right life partner for you?
Those idiotic questions
that the girl asked you
would keep you up only for a few days.
After that, you'll have to face reality.
These fantasies won't
keep you two together.
Only one thing can keep people together.
That is the number one eligibility
to have a successful married life.
We all know that reality
that's why we are able to lead
our lives together happily.
You don't understand all this!
You are so confused despite
being the most eligible bachelor.
You are the one who
doesn't understand, Dad!
One needs many eligibilities
to live a happy married life.
If that's the case,
my daughter should have been here.
Where is she?
-She will come.
-No, she won't.
-She will!
-No, she won't!
Are you going to meet him?
I hope you remember his name.
It's Harsha.
His wedding is in three days.
Last time, he came to meet
me before his engagement.
And now he's coming to meet
you before his wedding.
When will he make a proper visit?
And you believe that he's someone who
can give you all that you want. Is it?
Bro I can only say that we
are living a compromised life.
You said that there is some other way.
Why don't you tell us that?
I don't think you'd understand even
if I explain it. I need to prove it.
And to prove it, I need Vibha with me.
You called her so many times,
yet she didn't even pick up once.
I think she is hurt.
If she is hurt,
she'd just meet me and joke about it.
That didn't happen,
so I am still hopeful.
Well, we're getting late.
We have a wedding to attend.
Tell us where we can drop you off.
Whose wedding, brother?
Megha and Harsha.
How are you related to Megha?
She is my cousin, bro. Who are you?
I am Harsha, bro.
Dear! What's your problem?
Believe me, your life will
be elated after marriage!
-Tell me, what's your problem?
-Please stop.
-Tell me! Come on, tell me!
-You are my problem!
What did you say?!
What did I not do for you!
I took care of you, sang
lullabies, made Maggi for you!
Stop that nonsense.
For the first time,
I think I need a shoulder.
For the first--
Not the shoulder I want, but
-Come on.
-when nothing is available,
go for the reachable.
Come, dear!
Do you know Vibha?
You don't know her?!
She is such a big stand-up comedian!
All our wedding rituals are quite boring.
But this time is stand-up comedy time!
Come on, get ready!
What is this?
Why has that girl come here?
She is here for her show.
She will leave after that.
It's fine even if she
doesn't make us laugh.
I'd be grateful if she
doesn't make a joke out of us.
Harsha, Vibha must be very hurt.
I wonder what kind of jokes
she is going to come up with!
I hope she doesn't make jokes about you.
For the first time in Indian history,
geography, physics, chemistry
we have a stand-up
comedy show at a wedding.
This is Vibha!
Congratulations to the bride and groom!
Thank you.
Husband-wife jokes are
my all-time saviors.
Dear, please stop cracking jokes on us.
-Just stop!
Okay. I'll talk about myself.
There's a person who
influenced me a lot in my life.
His name is
Subbu! My father!
What you thought is correct!
His name is Subrahmanyam.
But if you listen to my story,
you would feel that it's
an honor that I even call him Subbu.
That is how much he irritated me!
If I ask Subbu
he'd say that I was the one who was
rejecting grooms and torturing him.
He was showing me photos
of the grooms like a pack of cards.
I was expecting to get a king but all
the 13 cards turned out to be jokers.
Whom was I supposed to select
if all of them were jokers?
The game dropped, and I bolted from there.
That is when he came.
My prince.
I didn't want to get married at all
but my prince kept wooing
me, writing cute dating notes
in my notebook without my knowledge.
I thought it must be
some joker sent by Subbu.
And so, I got on a Lola bike.
But then, he and I started chit-chatting.
And I didn't even know
how the day went by.
After I got down from the bike, I got
to know that he wasn't a Lola driver.
He was the idiot who wrote
those things in my book.
I thought Subbu's joker
cannot be that smart.
So I challenged him to meet me.
I asked him to meet me so
that I could fix him up.
One day, he placed a pink balloon
before me with "hope" written on it.
With that balloon, he wanted
to get rid of my fear of marriage.
Hope should strengthen me, right? He gave
me that strength through this balloon.
I kept thinking about it
and roamed around the entire city.
That is when I met a guy.
There was dark,
and there was no one around.
I started shivering.
I asked that guy what he wanted.
He said that he wanted one chance.
I somehow escaped from that guy and got
back home, but I was still shivering.
I thought that the only way to get
rid of my fear was to talk to someone,
and so, I searched my entire contact list.
I didn't feel like calling anyone.
I thought of calling Subbu
but I knew that he would end up asking me
questions like, "Why did you go there?"
He wouldn't understand my situation.
Suddenly, I felt like I was all alone.
It doesn't matter how many numbers
you have on your contact list.
We need a person with whom we
can share anything at any moment.
Maybe that's why people get married.
That is when I got his message.
It said, "Calm down.
You are not alone."
That one message gave me a lot of courage.
I asked him to sing me
a lullaby until I fell asleep.
And he kept singing until I slept.
After so many days, I slept peacefully.
He simply wiped all those fears
that I had stuffed inside me
because of my father
with a fable.
Invisibly, he showed me what
a married life with him would look like.
I thought of meeting him.
I waited for him so that I could proudly
show my father that he is the one.
But before that,
my father gave me the shocking news
that he is getting married.
For the first time,
there were tears in my eyes.
But not because he cheated me.
He came back for me
for what I said a long time ago.
I always thought that somewhere
someone was born for me.
But this time,
I wondered if he was born from my words!
Did he really put so much effort
into making my toppling life steady?
He said, "Hold your smile."
Is he trying all alone to make
his family accept me?
When I think about him
I still can't stop tears
rolling down my eyes.
Right now, I just want to hug him.
But I don't know if I would
ever be able to hug him
in this lifetime.
Please forgive me
for stopping the story here.
I stopped! Tell me!
Whether you want to get married
or do something else, it's your call!
Go and live as you please!
From now on,
you and I are nothing but strangers!
But before you go,
apologize to that girl!
Megha, do you want me
to apologize to you
or do you want me to explain
why I should marry Vibha?
Vibha already met me
and explained everything to me.
I understood everything.
In fact, I was the one who called her.
But Uncle
I think you haven't
understood Harsha properly.
The other day, I wanted to explain it
to you all so that you'd understand.
But you said that Vibha is
not with me and never will be!
Now she is here.
I don't understand why you'd want me
to leave without explaining myself!
What was it that you said?
That the only eligibility one needs
for a happy married life is compromise.
But there is something else too, Dad.
We just heard it from Vibha!
It's romance!
That is the right eligibility!
The very first day I met
Vibha, she asked me this
"What do you expect
from your married life?"
And I, like a fool, blabbered something.
I even said love.
But later, I realized
that romance is greater than love.
-I want a very romantic married life.
-What does that mean?
Do you think we're just sailing through
married life without any romance?
-Is that how we had children?
-Uncle, how should I explain it to you?
You understand love!
Then when I say romance,
why do you presume something negative?
Romance isn't some quick lovemaking
done in ten minutes behind closed doors.
Romance means
showing your love with actions.
Everyone says that they are in love.
But how many of them
actually show their love with actions?
How could you say that we don't
show our love? I do show my love!
Hold on!
How exactly do you show your love?
By buying gifts, throwing them
on the table, and asking her to take them?
Love is not just
about buying expensive gifts, sir.
It is also about making her happy
by being there for her.
That is how you show love!
Is that how you speak to your elders?
Don't you think we know better?
When your husband is around you
you insist that he should earn in
crores and give you a luxurious life.
But when he goes away from you to earn,
you complain that he isn't around.
If you show him a bit of love
you'd know what real luxury is.
Some people simply say that
a single person cannot satisfy them.
If one person cannot
satisfy you, no one else can.
Two people get married to be happy
but they only end up
making each other suffer.
When you keep teaching us
to make that suffering stop,
when you keep saying that
it's better to compromise,
I feel like you're telling
me to live a lifeless life!
I don't want to live that
kind of life with my partner.
I want to be very very
close to my partner.
Vibha is someone who knows how to live.
Vibha is someone who knows that
a great romance is essential
to make sure one's married life
stays young and interesting.
One should take care
of their body and health
because their body does not only
belong to them but also their partner.
This thought is so romantic!
A girl wishing to have her husband
beside her and both of them
having a never-ending conversation
is nothing but romance.
I like sunsets.
Because I know that my life
partner is waiting for me at home
and that increases my desire to live.
If thinking this way
makes one dirty-minded,
then one does need
to be a bit dirty-minded.
What had you asked me, Uncle?
Whether I want to get married
or I want to have an affair, right?
This is like having an affair.
An ever-lasting affair.
I didn't know all these things,
that's why I kept quiet in the court.
But now, I'll proudly say this
I'll have a great married life.
Get me married to Vibha!
I thought he would be
on his knees, but he nailed it!
Vibha must be feeling low.
Go and talk to her. Cheer her up.
Give her a hug.
My mom asked me to hug you.
What else?
She told me to cheer you up.
What else?
I need to have at least
25,000 meals with you.
I need to spend at least
9000 nights with you.
And I need to go on hundreds
of vacations with you.
And above all
we need to have millions of conversations.
Shall we get married?
-This seat--
-Is mine.
One minute!
We're a newly-married couple.
I booked two aisle seats by mistake.
Could you please move to 4B?
Because that's my wife in 4A.
I did it on purpose.
It's okay.
This is our first journey.
So, let's make it memorable.
There was an 18-inch gap
between the both of us.
We were at the height of
35,000 feet above the ground.
It was a 16-hour journey.
We spoke about a lot of things.
She must have blushed some 17 times.
We laughed together 34 times.
Now I leave it to your dirty mind how
romantic our journey on the plane was.