Most Wanted (1997) Movie Script

Stand by, Sergeant.
The target
should be coming into sight.
Target's in sight.
Take him out.
It's a kid, Lieutenant.
We have our orders.
Can't be more than 10 years old.
I don't care.
Take him out!
I can't.
God dammit, Sergeant!
We have our orders!
Fire! Now!
Obey my fucking order!
Get your hands off me!
You're out of here!
These cuffs are tight.
Can you loosen them up?
My balls are itching.
How about you lend me a hand?
Careful, convict.
I got orders to shoot to kill.
Me or yourself?
Prisoner transport, south gate.
Transfer to death row.
Hey, convict,
is it true you won a Navy Cross?
What did a piece of shit
like you do to deserve a medal?
I fucked your sister.
What are you laughing at?
I seen your sister.
Fuck you!
Fuck you, too!
My name is
Lieutenant Colonel Grant Casey.
I'm with covert ops.
Mr. Dunn, you were convicted
of killing a superior officer...
March 13, 1991.
It was self-defense.
Sentenced to death.
What do you want?
I'd like you to work for us.
I command a small, elite unit
known as Black Sheep.
Like you, many of my men
are ex-convicts.
Take the captain here.
When I found him...
he was awaiting sentencing
in an Iraqi prison...
for raping a 15-year-old girl.
They don't have sheep
in the Middle East?
Before you go getting
on his bad side...
the captain's one of the best
assault troops I've ever had.
No problem.
Now, Mr. Dunn,
you listen here...
You listen here...
I'm not interested in joining
anybody's goon squad...
so you and George Forehead
can just step off.
Let's cut the bullshit.
You're being transferred
to death row today.
In 30 days,
you will be executed.
It doesn't have to be that way.
A man of your military
background and experience...
and the fact you have...
no affiliation
with the government...
makes you an ideal candidate.
I can appreciate your concern
for the kind of work we do.
Terrorism against the citizens
of the United States...
is at an all-time high.
We've been called upon
to send a message.
I guarantee you
that all of our targets...
are threats
to national security.
The choice is up to you.
You like some time
to think about this?
Time's up. You in or out?
I'm in.
Good to see you.
I'm Sergeant Peyton.
Glad you could join us.
Detail, attention!
We have been given
a green light.
We are a go mission.
At ease.
Take your seats.
What's underneath...
is a hideous scar.
I seldom remove the cover,
for it pains me to remember...
that anything could have pierced
this perfect body.
You gentlemen
understand me well.
We each have
our unsightly wounds...
but together, fear not.
We shall prove invincible.
These extraction packets...
are to be used
only in dire emergency.
Open your powerbooks.
Our mission has been designated
"Operation Wrath."
Our target is Donald Bickhart,
occupation: Industrialist.
He's been selling biotechnology
on the black market...
in violation of United Nations
referendum 071256.
He is targeted for termination.
Ten-forty-five a. M...
Mr. Bickhart will be escorted
by the first lady...
to a dedication ceremony
of the Bickhart wing...
of the Los Angeles
Veterans Hospital.
When the motorcade arrives...
the first lady will exit first,
followed by Bickhart.
Travel time from L.A.X.
To Veterans Hospital...
will be approximately
25 minutes.
Alpha team...
you will take positions
on rooftop of building A.
Alpha team is in position.
Omega, you will take positions
on the rooftop of building B.
Our operatives
in the Secret Service...
will provide you
the necessary access.
In the event you are captured,
offer no resistance.
We will retrieve you.
You will have the kill shot.
Here's your ammo.
This is ballistic H2O.
It's an ice projectile...
with a velocity
of 3,000 feet per second...
and an accuracy
of up to 500 yards.
No exit wound.
The bullet's going to melt
inside the target.
Ice projectiles.
What'll these people
think of next?
Fruity flavors?
Omega in position.
It's another gorgeous
Southern California day...
for the dedication
of the Bickhart wing...
a newly constructed
100-million-dollar facility...
funded by pharmaceutical giant
Donald Bickhart.
This facility will serve
as permanent residence...
for some 1,000
disabled war veterans.
This has been a pet project
of the first lady...
the nation's most outspoken
advocate for veterans' rights.
The motorcade is just arriving.
Show time.
Omega, wait till target
is in the clear.
This is Omega.
The target is locked.
Alpha, this is Omega.
There's been a mistake!
The first lady's been hit.
This is Casey.
Go to your extraction point.
I'll have to take that.
Is there any way
I can get it back?
Lt'll be returned,
Dr. Constantini.
Thank you very much.
The first lady
has just been shot.
Is she alive?
The NSC has been called
for 1:30.
They want us
in the situations room now.
First lady...
- Are you damaged?
- Who is this?
Are you hurt?
I want to talk to Casey.
Have you spoken to anyone?
I want to talk to Casey now.
We're going to bring you home.
There'll be a car
in exactly 60 seconds.
They will blow the horn twice.
You will come downstairs.
We have reliable information...
our suspect's on
the seventh floor in room 712.
Taylor, you will lead Blue team.
Johnson, you will lead Red team.
I want Blue team to make its way
to the seventh floor...
set up on the door,
and make entry.
Red team
will back up Blue team...
and secure the rest
of the floor.
Let the suspect's actions
dictate yours...
but remember,
he's killed once today already.
Son of a bitch.
He's below us!
Our boy's gone through
a pair of double doors...
on the second floor.
That's 10-David, roger.
This dumb shit
just sealed himself in.
He's in the cafeteria.
According to the blueprints,
there's only one way in and out.
He's all yours.
Roger that.
Team two, move it!
Team three, come in!
We got a man down in there.
We need backup!
Backup is on the way!
Hold your position
and wait for backup!
Omega three, you in position?
If they bring him out alive,
take him.
Flash bang it this time
before entry.
We've got a live one here.
Base, do you copy?
We're sending one down.
Copy that.
Let's get a paramedic!
Let's haul him out!
Let's evict
this son of a bitch out!
Excuse me.
Can you repeat that?
He's gone!
He's wearing McCarthy's uniform!
Dunn is on the street.
He's wearing a SWAT uniform.
I got him.
I lost him!
Exit that position.
Here's the latest
police composite sketch.
Run it.
Charlie's already on it.
I got one.
James Anthony Dunn...
former marine gunnery sergeant,
Persian Gulf.
Is he ours?
A foot soldier.
Convicted of killing
his commanding officer...
during Desert Storm.
sentenced to death.
Escaped 5 days ago while being
transferred to Leavenworth.
What time
did the incident happen?
When was this sketch released?
Somebody is drawing fast.
The L.A. Police department
has just released...
this composite sketch
of the suspected assassin.
At Veterans Hospital,
the atmosphere... utter disbelief.
It appears no one except
the first lady has been wounded.
With me
is Victoria Constantini...
a doctor at Veterans Hospital
and an eyewitness.
Can you tell us what you saw?
I was videotaping
the first lady's arrival...
when I heard a shot
come from behind me.
I turned around, and I thought
I saw a man on that roof...
but everyone
was staring at the other roof.
In all the confusion,
I might have made a mistake...
but I'm pretty sure
I saw a man on that roof.
We could be talking
about multiple shooters.
A bartender swears John Doe
is at Sixth and Main.
Sixth and Main, people!
Let's move!
I think we have a problem,
Maybe that's all she got.
No. There.
She changed the tapes
before you got to her.
Son of a bitch.
I have a brief statement...
which will hopefully
answer your questions.
We are asking shopkeepers...
in the immediate vicinity
of the shooting...
to examine
their surveillance cameras...
for sightings of the suspect
prior to the shooting.
We are also asking citizens
who may have taped the event...
to allow us to examine
those tapes.
Simply call
your FBI main number...
and someone
will retrieve the materials.
You mean kill your ass.
Everybody who witnessed
the Kennedy assassination...
is dead.
If I had a tape, I'd burn it.
...numerous federal agencies
joining this manhunt.
The military will be taking over
the investigation.
Fuck it.
City and listing.
Los Angeles, FBI, please.
The number you requested
is area code 310-264-45...
Paging Dr. Sean Thompson.
Paging Dr. Bhagavad Nahavarata.
Paging Dr. Gordy, Dr. Jay Gordy.
Thank you!
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were here.
Are you OK?
I have questionnaires the boys
from the 82nd filled out.
File them. Someone
will do a follow-up someday.
This is a composite sketch
of our suspect.
He's armed
and extremely dangerous.
If you see anyone
resembling him...
call the police immediately.
You guys got any laundry
for the basement?
Hold that elevator!
on the main floor, right?
Commander Goldstine?
Commander Goldstein.
I'm General Adam Woodward...
United States Army
82nd division...
here by order of the President
of the United States.
We got office space for you
How about these?
These are my offices.
have the men set up here.
Lieutenant Scruggs!
You know the drill.
Commander Goldstine.
All right, people.
You heard the general.
Hop to it!
I want checkpoints
and video surveillance.
Set them at five-mile intervals
throughout the city.
Your chopper fleet
will be under my command.
All eyewitnesses are to be
interviewed by my team.
Is that understood?
Sure. We'll pass that down.
What about the press?
Up to me, I'd hang them all.
You will handle the press.
Don't make a sound.
Do exactly what I say.
Do you understand?
Open the door.
Let's go inside.
You live alone?
I have a boyfriend.
He's a cop.
You don't have a boyfriend.
How do you know?
There's five empty buckets
of Haagen-Dazs in your trash...
your legs are stubbly...
and your hair color
needs a touch-up.
You were there.
All I want is the tape.
It's in my purse.
You bastard!
What is wrong with you?
Next time,
try reading the label.
Give me the tape.
I'm tired of fucking around
with you.
You see that man?
That's the shooter.
New information tonight
about the suspect...
known up to this point
only as John Doe.
Police have identified
the suspected assailant...
as James Anthony Dunn.
He is an escaped convict.
Police have found Dunn's prints
on the murder weapon.
I was in prison.
Let me guess...
for murder?
What do you think,
this is funny?
You think this is a joke?
I'm just scared.
Let's get you some water.
Come on.
That looks good.
I haven't had a piece
in five years.
Got to have a taste.
This is good.
You'd be surprised what you miss
when you're locked up.
What's that smell?
It's ammonium nitrate.
Where is your dog?
I don't have a dog.
We got to get out.
Move it!
Issue a memo
to all news stations...
reminding them there's
a gag order on the media...
and if that tape shows,
I wish to be first to see it.
Why are they trying to kill me?
They're just tying up
loose ends.
They must have seen you on TV.
Why are you stopping?
There's a roadblock.
Turn around.
I can't.
You never saw me.
I never saw you.
We're looking for this man.
Have you seen him?
He was in my car.
He tried to kidnap me.
He got out over there.
Dunn was in this lady's car!
Sergeant, run those plates.
Never saw me? Drive.
Patrol one and two, come in.
This is patrol one.
Patrol two.
Go ahead, command.
Suspect has been spotted
at checkpoint one.
Suspect vehicle
is a champagne-colored Volvo...
California license plate
Slow down.
Turn off your lights.
Just go straight.
Follow the riverbed.
The car
belongs to Victoria Constantini.
That's impossible.
She's supposed to be dead.
Supposed to be dead?
Your orders
are to get that videotape.
I couldn't find the tape,
so I thought...
You thought?
You're not to think.
You're to follow orders.
And because you did not...
an innocent civilian
may be dead.
We're not killers.
We are soldiers.
The only time you will kill
is if given an order to kill.
Is that understood?
We have a witness that refuses
to sign a statement.
What do we do with him?
Kill him.
Patrol one and two,
what's your status?
You have him boxed in.
You should have a visual.
Captain Braddock, how's
the fishing in the L.A. River?
I understand.
Marines train their troops well.
Chopper one,
drag the riverbed.
Turn off the lights.
Wait here.
May I help you?
What are you doing?
Give me that!
- Just don't kill me.
- Have I hurt you?
You bring me
to the middle of nowhere...
I saved your life.
I'm sick of this.
Get out.
You want to do this
by yourself? Go!
I'm sure they'll use
a smaller bomb next time.
Thought so.
They searched the riverbed
and found some tire marks.
They did not recover a vehicle.
I'll set up a perimeter,
start a door-to-door search.
Wake up all those nice people?
I have a better way
to flush him out.
You can call our friend,
tell him I'm about to come over.
What is this place?
An old marine base.
Did my sniper training here.
It was closed down
after the budget cuts.
Let me have that.
Stand over there.
This place is filthy.
Are there any rats here?
I hope so.
We might get hungry.
Where's your telephone?
- In my bag.
- I'll get it.
Wouldn't want another
Charlie's Angels flashback.
It was a gift from my mother.
She thinks every psycho in L.A.
Is coming after me.
Who knew?
Let me know
when 30 seconds pass.
Your private line.
This is Omega.
This is Deputy Director Rackmill
of the CIA.
I'm not laughing, funnyman.
Who is this?
Twenty seconds.
Where did you get this number?
They said it was
a government-sanctioned hit.
James Dunn.
- Trace it.
- You're in trouble.
The first lady was not supposed
to be the target.
- Ten seconds.
- I'm gone.
Wait a minute.
We didn't kill the first lady,
How'd you get my private number?
My C.O. Casey.
Unit was Black Sheep.
Five seconds.
Where are you?
I can't help you
if I can't find you.
I'll find you.
Did you get it?
He hung up under the wire.
What did you find out?
I'm not sure.
run James Dunn through intel.
What branch?
- What?
- Do it.
What about
that Black Sheep bullshit?
What is this, kung pao chicken?
- Want some?
- A little later.
It's not exactly bullshit.
Black Sheep
was a covert strike team...
we used to run until Congress
shut us down in '81.
- Whoa!
- What?
Black Sheep's been reactivated.
Or someone
wants to make it look that way.
Who's running it?
Lieutenant Colonel Grant Casey,
covert ops.
Died in Vietnam 30 years ago.
What is going on?
Haven't you ever been framed?
Do the math.
A former marine sniper
assassinates the first lady.
Fifteen minutes later,
they've I.D.'d the shooter.
Fifteen minutes after that,
they've got him trapped.
Twenty-four hours later,
he calls here...
claiming to be a member
of one of our units...
wondering why he's not a hero.
This guy's been set up...
and so have we.
Who do you think it is?
Somebody very smart.
That's enough.
Good night, Niki.
You wanted to see me?
Don't even offer a man a drink?
Where's your sense
of hospitality, Mr. Bickhart?
- What's your pleasure?
- Johnnie Walker.
Get her out of here!
Out of the pool!
This wasn't the plan.
Nothing to worry about.
The manhunt's
been handed over to me.
I will apprehend him
within 48 hours.
I'm worried somebody else
will get to him first.
The FBI, the police.
What if he talks?
Let him.
Everything he thinks he knows
leads to someone else.
And the press?
We can't afford to have them
poking around.
That's how we got here
in the first place.
What got us here...
is that you
helped put a man into office...
whose wife
was a bleeding-heart liberal.
Not only that,
son of a bitch is so weak...
can't even keep her
from wearing the pants.
It doesn't bother you at all,
does it?
We killed that woman.
I agree.
There are some concerns.
There's a lot of do-gooders
might want to help Dunn...
if he can convince them
of his innocence.
I have a way
of taking care of that.
It's going to require
more participation on your part.
What do you mean?
We need to keep
the public focused.
On what?
A little bit more of your money.
Bonnie Ann Hartfield was
a friend and great humanitarian.
We shared
many charitable causes...
none more worthy than caring for
the veterans of this country.
I was with the first lady
at the time of the shooting.
I feel an obligation
to do everything I can...
to bring her killer to justice.
I am offering $10 million
to any citizen...
who captures
or provides information...
leading to the capture
of James Dunn.
Barnes here.
There's another shooter.
I got it on tape.
Who is this?
L.A. Reservoir, 20 minutes.
No cops, no cameras.
Why aren't you
on your way downtown?
You got to get someone else
to cover for me.
I got a call from a guy
claims there's another shooter.
He's got it on tape.
They yanked our clearances,
sealed our files...
took away our access codes.
Someone is trying
to stick it to us.
There are rumors
flying all over Washington.
I know.
You seem calm about it.
I'm paid to be calm.
Besides, it can be fun.
You can go years
without a good chess game.
I can't look
at another satellite photo.
I have the solution.
We eliminate Dunn ourselves.
That's our final option.
We need him
to help flush out the mole.
You think it's someone inside?
I know it is.
The only person who could know
our secrets that well is a mole.
Don't turn around.
Just start walking.
If I were going to kill you,
you'd already be dead.
I didn't kill the first lady.
I was there,
but I didn't pull that trigger.
You were right.
There was another shooter.
Why was she assassinated?
The first lady's politics
means nothing.
Her agenda is social.
She has no military powers...
nor does she shape
foreign policy.
Whatever reason she was killed,
it was personal.
To who?
I don't know,
but if I don't find out...
it's just a matter of time
before I wind up...
like every other lone assassin.
You covered the first lady.
Did she have any enemies?
She wasn't the most popular
first lady, but nothing extreme.
Can you think of anything
in her past...
something that could have
come back to haunt her?
She led a pretty straight life.
Up until the White House,
she was an ACLU attorney.
Was she working on anything?
Veterans' rights.
That was her main focus.
Her biggest flaw
was her passion.
I don't know.
I can't think of anything.
Here's the tape.
Get it on the air.
Maybe people
will start asking questions.
You got it.
It's Dunn!
James Dunn!
You're cooked for 10 million.
It's him!
It's the guy
who shot the first lady!
Get him!
Stop him!
Ten-million-dollar man!
Y'all can run for 10 million.
Look out!
What are you, somebody famous?
You could say that.
People tell me
I look like Denzel Washington.
What do you think?
I met him face-to-face.
Who is it you met?
Elvis. Who are you?
Who am I?
I'm goddamn General Woodward.
I'm heading this investigation.
I understand you have evidence
you wish to present to me.
Is that right?
What's this guy's story?
Steve, give him the tape.
This is a matter
of national security.
They have the right to see
everything before we view it.
Give them the tape.
Wasn't too hard, was it?
We have a suspect in custody.
Get my chopper ready.
What do you know about that?
Seems Elvis left the building.
Make a hole.
Get him up so the general
can see his face.
Don't shoot. It's me.
What happened to you?
I got stuck in traffic.
I've added the muzzle flash...
and I reversed the action
to create recoil...
I do not give a shit
about technology.
All I care about is if you can
deliver this within one hour.
Can you do that?
Do that.
This might sting.
Were you really in jail
before all this?
For killing someone?
Five years ago...
I was a marine specialist
in Iraq.
I was a sniper.
I was given a target package.
I was told it was a courier.
When the courier showed up,
it was a 10-year-old boy.
I refused the order.
My C.O. Freaked out...
pulled his sidearm,
put it to my head.
We wrestled, gun went off.
That's how I wound up in jail.
Sounds like self-defense.
Here we go.
In this video, you see Dunn
firing that fatal shot...
that was captured on home video
by a spectator.
What happened to the tape?
The military...
they were waiting for me.
They took it.
They said it was phony.
You gave it to them?
I'm sorry.
That tape was our only chance.
We'll have to figure it out
on our own.
We just have to solve
a political assassination.
Just think.
They killed her at the hospital
for a reason.
Was there anything
out of the ordinary there?
It wasn't really
out of the ordinary.
The first lady was supposed
to stay for one day.
They added another one to meet
a bunch of soldiers.
I thought
it was a feel-good thing...
but then they said
they wanted to videotape.
Videotape what?
Some of the guys from the 82nd...
a bunch of soldiers with
weird neurological disorders...
nonspecific paresthesia.
They all had the same thing?
Keep your eye
on that security guard.
What are you looking up?
It's called Westlaw.
It's a legal research database.
Every published lawsuit
is on-line.
What good's that going to do?
The first lady
was a lawyer with the ACLU.
They take on
pretty heavy people...
class actions, shit like that.
Question: What does a lawyer
use videotape for?
The first lady's pet project?
Veterans' rights.
What does it say?
According to this,
a soldier named Flemming...
sued the army for using
a vaccine on him...
an experimental vaccine...
C.R.C. -13.
It was given
to every man in his unit.
What was his unit?
Eighty-second airborne.
Get the car.
I'll meet you out back.
I know who you are.
I seen you on TV.
You're that guy.
Can I have your autograph?
I never miss your show.
Big fan.
Thanks, Montel.
I'd like to see the records
on patient Lee Flemming.
We don't have
any records on file.
Try the national database.
He would have been
with the 82nd division.
That's strange.
No medical records for the 82nd
are available.
I want you to do me a favor.
Run a patent search
on a vaccine... C.R.C. -13.
Call me at this number
when you get something.
Here's those questionnaires
you wanted.
Thank you, Randy.
You're welcome.
You let the most-wanted man
in America use a computer...
knowing full well his identity?
Is that right?
I'm just a security guard, man.
You're a disgrace!
A goddamn disgrace.
He's putting things together.
Of course he is.
He'd be an idiot not to...
all the help he's provided with.
Get this man out of my sight.
Ought to take him out
and shoot him... man.
This is what he's got.
What's that still doing there?
What is it doing in there?
It's not supposed
to be in there.
It's supposed to be gone!
Goddamn incompetence!
This is interesting.
Flemming never went
to the Persian Gulf.
He was discharged
before the invasion.
Whatever these soldiers
were exposed to...
had to be stateside.
C.R.C. -13.
Thanks a lot.
That was the hospital.
I had a friend run
a patent search on C.R.C. -13.
The patent was registered
to Bickhart Pharmaceuticals...
bioweapons division.
If you spent as much money
on security as cigars...
you'd live longer.
Your dogs are underfed.
Half-pound of steak,
and they're man's best friend.
Your men would take less naps...
if you put them on 8-hour shifts
instead of 12.
This alarm system
is totally outdated.
Gum and a screwdriver
is all you need.
What do you want?
You need to check that attitude.
Don't let the fact I haven't put
a bullet in your ass...
give you
a false sense of security.
The reason you still breathe
is you have information I need.
What is Colonel Casey's
real name?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Then die.
What is his name?
General Adam Woodward.
I know who killed her.
I'm listening.
It was General Adam Woodward.
He's working
with Donald Bickhart.
Woodward? The same one
heading the investigation?
Woodward allowed Bickhart...
to try an experimental vaccine
on his troops.
It was supposed to protect them
from viral warfare...
only the vaccine
was contaminated.
The troops started dying.
The first lady was going to
expose the whole thing.
Do you have proof?
You said you'd help me.
You going to bring me in?
You want my help?
Get the files.
Only then will I bring you in.
Accusation without confirmation
is meaningless.
Anything that damaging,
Woodward will keep close.
You're going to have
to get next to him.
Is that clear?
Are they going to help us?
What are we going to do?
We're going to split up.
What are you talking about?
I appreciate all your help,
but I got to do it from here.
Take this.
Go back to the bunker,
turn on the TV...
and wait for my signal.
- What signal?
- You'll know.
When you see it, I want you
to call that number.
Somebody will pick you up.
What are you going to do?
What they trained me to do.
Pull over.
I hope I see you again.
Count on it.
You know what?
I don't think he did it.
They got film on the boy.
Film don't mean shit.
A nigger can't get
from Crenshaw to La Brea...
without police stopping him
at least twice.
He shot the president's wife?
Tell me he shot
the mayor of Compton's wife...
and I'll believe you.
Don't start nothin'.
Ain't gonna be no problem.
Sergeant Fury was upset,
wasn't he?
Keep going.
Single file.
Task force.
This is Sergeant Fury in lockup.
We got a guy
I think is a definite match.
He's demanding
to speak to a lawyer.
Tell the general to take a look.
We'll tell him.
I'm talking to you!
Shoot him!
Jam that thing!
They're going up.
Call downstairs.
Shut off the power
in those elevators.
This entire building
will be sealed in one minute.
You just dug your grave.
I was dead when you met me.
Tell me something.
How does a man
of the United States Army...
do what you did to those men?
The price of freedom is high.
What happened was
a necessary evil...
friendly fire.
Hear them coming?
They're coming for you.
You sick son of a bitch.
I should bust a cap
in your chitlin-eatin' ass now.
You're lucky
I didn't come here for that.
I'm going to bury you.
You've got nothing!
You can't access that powerbook
without the proper key.
- You think I'm an imbecile?
- Where's the key?
In the safest place
in this man's universe.
You ain't never gonna find it,
Give me the key,
or I'll blow your brains out!
You got the guts?
Pull the trigger!
The key dies with me!
You're trying my patience.
Tell me something.
Why does a man so proud
of his wounds hide the scar?
Safest place in God's universe?
I'll have your head
on my trophy wall!
You know something?
You talk too much.
I want the blueprints
for this building!
Cover the stairs!
All the exits!
Move it!
He's headed for the roof!
Get a chopper up there!
Don't shoot him.
The son of a bitch is mine.
Make a hole!
Hold your fire!
Get your ass up on the deck!
Sorry about that knot
on your head.
The swelling's
going to make it hard...
for you to stick it up
the general's ass.
Fuck you!
Should have killed me
while you had the chance.
Piss-poor planning on your part.
I'm a marine.
We don't plan.
We improvise.
Throw us the bag!
He's hit.
He's down in the alley!
I want every swinging dick
down there!
Pull the noose tight
and drop him like a bad habit.
This man dies tonight.
This way!
You're mine now, bitch!
Where you going?
You ain't going nowhere.
The pain! The beautiful pain!
Did that hurt?
Stop crying like a girl!
You're not a warrior.
That's why we chose you.
You're nothing but a pansy!
I'm the warrior!
Now you're a dickless warrior.
Get me up.
Get me out of here.
There's been
a fiery explosion...
at downtown's
Police Plaza building.
Unconfirmed reports
place James Dunn at the scene.
Police and army units
are in pursuit.
Do you know me?
Get out!
Get out of here!
He's on the line.
I got the files.
Where are you?
It doesn't matter.
There's one witness left.
Her name
is Victoria Constantini.
I want your word
you'll protect her.
We've already heard from her.
I want your word.
You have my word.
What about the files?
They belong
to the American people now.
Whatever you are thinking
of doing, don't do it.
You have no idea
what's at stake here.
- Tell me you got him.
- We got him.
I want a team there now.
A chopper's on the way.
Got it. We're on our way.
Dunn's been spotted downtown
at the central market.
- This is Rackmill.
- We've got him.
That's good. Keep him on ice.
I'll get back to you.
We got him.
Thank you
for a wonderful evening's work.
Go home and get some rest.
Spencer, take a walk with me,
will you?
What is it?
Call Woodward and tell him
I want to be his new partner.
Excuse me?
I don't understand.
That's pretty good...
that innocent schoolboy thing.
A little overplayed, maybe.
Young, fair-haired boy wants
to learn from the old master.
Undying loyalty.
Clumsy enthusiasm.
John... I read your file.
You have never been clumsy.
Seventeen encrypted phone calls
from L.A. To the Pentagon...
all from your office.
I still have friends
in the agency.
You don't want to do that.
Ruin your whole life
for some cowboy stunt?
That's better.
This is business.
You have just been turned.
I know it's hard...
but it happens to people like us
all the time...
and it's eminently survivable.
Everything is the same,
except now you work for me.
Do you understand that?
Now you can make
your phone call.
How could that happen?
Somebody else got him.
He got past this grid?
How did you let anyone
past this grid?
It's Spencer.
The CIA has him.
Good work, Spencer.
Not really, Adam.
Who the hell is this?
Ken Rackmill.
Hello, Ken. Been a long time.
Let's get down to nut-cutting.
You remember Hiroshima?
That was birthday candles
on a cake...
compared to what will happen
if what you have comes to light.
Since I know
all your dark secrets as well...
maybe we can do
a little horse-trading.
I'm listening.
I want Dunn.
What can I do
to put a smile on your face?
I understand there's a reward
for the capture of Mr. Dunn...
ten million.
Since I have him
in my custody...
I should be entitled to half.
We understand each other.
I'll get back to you.
We're about to be redeemed.
Five million dollars
for Dunn and the files?
Who does this son of a bitch
think he is...
that he can blackmail us?
Captain Braddock
has gotten here before us.
He's taken a shooter's position.
Once Dunn and the files
are delivered...
Braddock will take out Rackmill.
This one had better work.
Try to keep your panties dry.
Donald Bickhart,
Kenny Rackmill.
As you see, I've lived up
to my part of the bargain.
Where are the files?
Let me see the money.
Would you like to count it?
I'm sure you already have.
Then we're done.
Not quite.
There's one little detail.
What might that be?
Just killing Dunn
will not solve your problems.
How is that?
A patsy is no good
without a trail to someone.
I think the idea that Dunn
was hired by a rich person...
to kill the first lady...
to cover up that he
was using American soldiers...
to test a viral weapons agent
is a very good scenario.
Don't you think so?
What is he talking about?
The press
will fall in love with it...
and the folks in Washington
are going to buy it.
What's going on?
And, General,
you're going to be a hero.
Take him out.
Take your cut.
Good doing business with you.
Of course, we're fair men.
If we're collecting
the reward...
we're going to deliver
the fugitive to justice.
Absolutely. Alive or dead?
Be a pity to bring
a live rattlesnake forth...
and endanger the innocent.
Let the honor be mine.
Improvise this, asshole.
Payback's a bitch, ain't it?
Sometimes I plan shit.
The focus shifted
to Washington, D.C., today...
for the funeral
of General Adam Woodward.
General Woodward
was declared a hero...
after he was killed
uncovering the conspiracy...
to murder the first lady.
Woodward found out...
Congressional hearings
open today...
in the case
of Bickhart pharmaceuticals...
and its secret human test
of the vaccine C.R.C. -13.
The case was pushed
into public view...
by Dr. Victoria Constantini,
whose testimony is crucial...
of her early treatment...
of the veterans involved
in the illegal research.
Donald Bickhart
committed suicide...
after he was linked
with assassin Alan Braddock...
in the plot
to kill the first lady.
In an ironic twist,
escaped convict James Dunn...
the apparent fall guy
of the conspirators...
was returned to military prison
last month.
His final appeal
was recently denied.
His long delayed execution
was carried out last night.
I'm Christine Devine.
Back to you in the newsroom.
You look just like that guy.