Mostly Ghostly 3: One Night in Doom House (2016) Movie Script

You wanted to see me, sir?
I'm good.
Do you know why
you're here, phears?
I assume it has something to
do with my mission to release
an army of ghosts
upon the world,
and plunge it into
eternal darkness?
It has to do with
your failure to release
an army of ghosts
upon the world
and plunge it into
eternal darkness.
Well, sir, the problem is
there are these two teenagers.
Well, they're not exactly
teenagers, they're ghosts,
actually and...
Nicky and Tara Roland?
Yes, sir,
that's them.
And the thing is...
You're telling me
that two completely
inexperienced ghosts
are the only thing
standing in your way?
they also have this friend.
He's an amateur magician
named Max Doyle.
His family moved into
the rolands' old house,
and he's been
protecting Nicky and Tara.
He's even been trying to help
them find their lost parents.
And how is
he doing that?
My sources tell me he's a lonely,
awkward kid with no friends.
Not anymore.
He's popular now.
He's even won
the heart of cammie,
the prettiest girl
in his school.
Because of your
stupid meddling?
If you were any other demon,
phears, I would sentence you
to an eternity on your knees,
cleaning up the east swamp
with your tongue.
But you're my sister's kid,
and I promised her
I'd take care of you.
Thanks, uncle morgo.
Don't call me that.
Master margo.
I'm going to give you
one last chance.
You are to find a way
back into their dimension
and capture Nicky and Tara.
Yes, uncle... sir.
But, what about the boy?
Do I have to spell
everything out for you?
L want you to get
rid of Max Doyle!
Five, six, seven, eight!
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight!
Faces! Two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight.
Keep going! Two, three
four, five, six,
seven, eight.
Thafsifl two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Focus! Two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight. That's right.
Keep going!
Did you really like it?
No, I loved it.
It was amazing.
And so are you.
You were slow on that
second step turn, cammie.
You need to pick that up.
Got it. Thanks, Aaron.
Don't listen to that jerk. You're
the best dancer in the group.
Nothing is going to stop you guys
from winning at the regionals.
Except money.
What do you mean,
Mr. kwan?
I mean they've
changed the rules.
For the first time
in five years,
the contest committee
has decided
to charge an entrance fee
for regionals.
We need to come up
with the money
by the end of next week,
or we're ruined.
All that work for nothing.
What are you talking about?
You're not just going to give up.
Come on, Max.
Where are we going to get
this kind of money
in seven days?
Yeah, I found dinner in the fridge,
mom, you guys don't need to hurry.
This is a big
decision for Colin.
He has to make sure
it's the right college,
so take all the time you need.
I'm just gonna have
a quiet night at home.
Okay, good night.
i love your bracelets.
I make them myself.
You're really
guaranteeing ghosts tonight?
If Max says there will
be ghosts in the house,
there will be
ghosts in the house.
There will be ghosts, right?
You've got all your
magic tricks set up,
floating stuff,
moving things, all that?
Don't worry,
everything's under control.
Just go downstairs, make sure
every/body's waiting around the table.
I'll be right there.
Thanks, Max. You really are the
best boyfriend in the world.
Yeah, I guess I am.
Nicky? Tara?
It's showtime.
Every/body's waiting downstairs,
so all we have to do is...
L think your cape
is too long.
Where's your sister?
Tara? Tara!
You don't have to yell.
I'm right here.
Great. Okay, so you both
know what you're doing, right?
Yeah, we'll shake the table,
throw some stuff around.
Maybe a little
ghostly moaning?
Don't worry, Max.
We'll perform for you.
Just like we always do.
what's that supposed to mean?
Why don't you tell him?
Tell me what?
Tara thinks...
"Tara thinks"? You said it, too.
Yeah, okay...
We think that maybe...
We're getting a little tired of
being your pet ghosts.
What? You're not my pet ghosts,
you guys are my best friends!
What my sister is trying to say
is, now that phears is gone...
And we've been spending
so much time helping you...
We haven't had much time
to look for our parents.
And ever since you and cammie
started going out together,
it seems like we're never
going to find them at all.
Never mind.
We have haunting to do.
That doesn't look like
a crystal ball to me.
All right, welcome,
everyone, to the seance.
Let us begin.
Everybody, join hands
and no matter what happens,
don't let go.
So dramatic.
Nobody said anything.
It was just
a precautionary, "
Why is your hand
all sweaty?
Are you nervous
or something?
Of course not.
It's just hot in here.
let us summon the spirits.
If there are any
ghosts in this house
any souls with
unfinished business
any specters who wish to reach
out from beyond and speak to us,
please, give us a sign,
any kind of sign.
It doesn't have to be anything big,
just... Just let us know you're here.
Maybe you should
leave avoicemail.
Guys? Look.
Max, that's incredible!
Okay, spirits, that's enough.
Thank you, spirits!
Wait a minute, if there really
are such a thing as ghosts,
why would they
waste their time
floating candles
around the room?
Why don't they
just show themselves?
Well, maybe they're just shy?
or maybe it's just a bunch of
dumb tricks from your
boyfriend, the magician?
Who are you calling dumb?
Guys, come on.
You guaranteed ghosts
and I don't see any,
so either you give me
my money back,
or show me a real,
live ghost.
Okay, spirits,
i said this is enough!
It's not us, Max.
We're not doing it.
Okay, Max, I think we've had
enough sance for one night.
Cammie, I'm... I'm not...
What is that?
Nicky, Tara,
what's going on?
Max, who are you talking to?
Tara, are you sure
you're not doing this?
Are you sure
you're not doing this?
Well, somebody's doing it!
Yeah, and I know who.
Nice trick, Doyle,
but I still want my money...
Lulu, is that you?
Lulu? Who's Lulu?
What? Nobody said
anything about a Lulu.
The old house, it looks the same.
Bit messier than when
Lulu kept it, but...
How did you get here?
Your friend.
He calls for Lulu,
and Lulu, she comes.
Have you seen our parents?
Wait, who's Lulu?
Why do you keep saying that?
She's our housekeeper.
Or at least she used to be,
until our parents died.
Do not say that, Tara.
Your parents,
they are not dead.
But we thought phears
had killed them and...
Phears and the
others, they are only ghosts.
Ghosts cannot kill people.
Max, I think I should go.
No, they can only send them
away, to the elsewhere.
Where did you
just tell me to go?
No, I wasn't talking to you.
The elsewhere is a place
between being alive
and being dead.
You are not a ghost, but
you are also not a mortal.
And that's where our parents are?
Can you help us find them?
Lulu wishes she could, mes
petits, truly, she does.
But this is the terrible thing
about the elsewhere.
It keeps you from
finding the ones you love,
Well, that's not going to stop us.
Where is this place?
Yeah, how do we
find the elsewhere?
Mes enfants, no, no, no,
you do not find the elsewhere.
The elsewhere, it finds you.
Max, what's going on?
You know what, I don't care
what kind of trick this is.
I'm outta here.
-And I'm taking my money back!
-Let's get out of here.
-Stupid tricks.
-This is crazy.
What a waste of time.
Come on, mom, don't cry.
The campus is only,
what, 35 miles away?
It's 37 miles, I counted!
You might as well be on the
other side of the planet!
Okay, honey, let it all out.
-Good night, Mr. Doyle. Night, Mrs.
Wait, guys, hold on!
It was just a trick!
Bye. Come on, guys.
Tell them, Max, tell them
it was just a trick!
Let's get out of here.
What have we said about having
parties on school nights?
I don't know.
It was just a trick!
So much for
the dance contest.
Everybody took
their money back.
I'm sorry, cammie.
This was supposed
to be a fun night.
A couple of laughs,
maybe a scare or two.
Instead, six of our classmates were
almost decapitated by a flying table!
"Sorry" doesn't really cut it.
But it wasn't my fault.
Then whose fault was it?
Are you trying to tell me you
have actual ghosts in your house?
As a matter of fact...
You know what, Max? John: Max?
What happened in the basement?
Of all the things
you could have said...
I really didn't
expect you to lie to me.
This basement is a mess!
But I'm not lying.
Ghost stories are for kids,
and we're not kids anymore.
-Goodbye, Max.
Don't you mean,
"see you later, Max," or,
"see you tomorrow at school,"
or something?
Clean up the basement!
Hey, loser,
guess what you get to do?
Psych! Every time.
So how do we find it?
Find what?
Duh? The place that Lulu was
talking about. The elsewhere.
Yeah, that's where our parents are.
So how do we find it?
You guys can do
whatever you want.
I gotta go clean
up the basement.
Clean the swamp
with my tongue?
I'll show him.
I'll capture
those ghost brats,
make them return
what belongs to me,
then victory will be mine.
How hard can that
possibly be?
What I need to do is find a
doorway back to their world.
Some kind of portal
where the inter-dimensional
fabric is at its weakest.
An earthly location where something
truly horrible has happened.
A place of pure evil.
Yes! Yes!
Yes! There it is. That's it!
Max Doyle,
prepare to meet your doom!
Cammie! Hey!
I'll catch up with you guys.
Hey, I waited for you at our lunch
table, but you didn't show up.
Yeah, I wasn't hungry.
Well, I saved you
a cupcake, anyway.
It's a little mushy, but...
Look, Max,
we need to talk.
I know, about the other night.
No, actually,
it's not just about the other night.
It's about everything.
Look, Max,
you're a really great guy.
You're funny,
and smart, and...
Ls there going to
be a "but" soon?
I just think we
need to take a break.
A what?
You know, like
a relationship vacation.
Spend a little time apart
for a while, just to see.
To see what? To see that we're
supposed to be together?
I can tell you that right now,
save us both the trouble.
We're perfect together, even our
names are perfect together.
Max and camnfie.
Gamma and Max.
Sounds like the title
of a really great TV show.
Doesn't it?
Cammie, we gotta go!
Okay, hold on!
i hope you understand, okay?
And no matter what happens,
we'll always be friends.
I already have friends.
-Come on, let's go, guys.
-You okay?
Yeah, they're ghosts, but...
What are you guys doing?
Don't just stand there, you
dingus, grab something.
Hey, that's not nice.
Max, you're just in time.
Can you give us a hand,
What is this for?
Renovations, you dummy.
Not nice.
We're renovating the house?
Why? I like it the way it is.
Yeah, well, the realtor said
a few fresh coats of paint,
some changes here and there, it could
get us a better price on the house.
Wait. What?
Didn't your mother tell you?
Tell me what?
Duh? We're moving.
You are such a moron.
Thank you so much
for all your help.
My pleasure,
Mrs. Doyle.
Let's keep in touch.
Mom, is it true
we're selling the house?
Didn't your father tell you?
Honey, I'm so sorry.
I guess we just got carried
away and forgot.
Forgot to tell me
we're moving? Where?
Closer to Colin's school.
L just couldn't bear the idea
of him being that far away.
Don't I get
a say in any of this?
Yeah. You get to
say nothing.
Honey, don't worry, at your age,
you'll make plenty of friends.
Now, come and help us,
there's lots of things to do.
Nicky! Tara!
We've got trouble.
We already heard.
But the delightful
sea lions continue to...
Max, this is terrible.
If your house gets sold...
Don't worry. I'm not going
to leave you guys behind.
We don't have a choice.
This is our home, Max.
We have to stay here.
No, but you guys
come to my school.
We've gone lots
of places together.
But we always come home.
We have to come home.
But what if the new owners
don't like ghosts?
Then we have a real problem.
Simon Drake, ghost hunter.
Yeah, and shows like
this don't really help.
That's all the time
we have for today.
Be sure and
join me this Friday
for a very speciai midnight edition
of Simon Drake, ghost hunter.
We'll be coming to you live...
From a place some people call
the most haunted house
in the country.
Hey, I know that place.
It's the old grover mansion
over on cliff road.
As the locals tell it,
within these rotting walls,
on a dark, stormy night,
a mild-mannered family man
by the name of Neville grover
took his favorite wood axe
down from the wall.
He called his
family to dinner,
to hear the rest of the story,
you have to watch the show.
That's this Friday,
12:00 midnight.
Join me,
Simon Drake, ghost hunter,
for "one night in doom house".
See? That's what
I'm talking about.
Why do they always have to make
ghosts so creepy and horrible?
I mean, we're not all
axe murderers, you know?
You know, maybe we've been trying
to do this the wrong way all along.
Do what?
Find your parents.
Think about it.
Last night at the sance, I didn't
really know what I was doing,
but I still managed to get
your housekeeper to show up.
Right, so?
So think about
what would happen
if we had a real
professional on our side?
Like Simon Drake?
Like Simon Drake.
Don't miss it
this Friday, midnight,
Simon Drake's one
night in doom house.
Hello? Anyone here?
Hello? Ls anyone here?
Mr. Drake?
Are you in here?
Mr. Drake?
My name is Max.
Max Doyle. I just wanted
to talk to you for a second.
Is anybody here?
Hello? Mr. Drake?
What's a baby doing
in a place like this?
It's okay, Max is here.
Everything's going to be okay.
You're the one
making all this noise?
Max, get a grip. Nobody's here.
Just go home...
Come on!
Somebody let me
outta here! Help me!
Help! Let me outta here!
I told you I heard
somebody in here.
Hey, kid.
What are you
doing in my coffin?
Your coffin?
It's for this week's show.
You'd better not have messed this up.
This cost us a fortune.
Just exactly what are you
doing in here, young man?
This is a closed set,
crew members only.
Well, I need to talk to Mr. Drake.
Yeah? What do you want?
Want me to sign your
autograph book or something?
Beverly, give him a head shot.
You want a head shot?
Give him a head shot.
No, no, it's not like that.
It's kind of personal.
Mr. Drake is a very busy,
very important man.
He doesn't have time
for your nonsense, okay?
So, off you go.
Yes, ma'am.
Did you touch this?
You know, it'd be a lot
scarier if it creaked.
The coffin. If the hinges
creaked, it'd be a lot scarier.
Like this.
Here, try it now.
You've got five minutes.
So let me get this straight,
you're saying
you have two ghosts
in your house?
Yeah. Nicky and Tara.
Yes, Mr. Drake?
This mirror is filthy.
But I just cleaned it.
Clean it again.
More dust. And they're trying
to find their parents, what?
Yeah, that's what I've
been trying to tell you.
Yes, Mr. Drake?
Increase the volume
on this thing.
But it's already up to 11,
Mr. Drake.
Well, I want it at 12, okay?
L want that little doll to
scare the crap outta people.
Crap! You got it?
And you say the parents
are stuck in the where-where?
Well, the elsewhere.
Which is where?
Well, we don't really know where.
That's why I'm here.
To help you
find the elsewhere.
Yeah, and Nicky
and Tara's parents.
The ghost kids
haunting the house?
Right. Rat!
Does that look real to you?..
I'm going to ask you
a serious question,
-and I don't want you to lie to me, okay?
Are you nuts?
What? No.
L thought her
name was Felicia.
Yeah, they rhyme,
Well, if you just come to my
house, you could see for yourself.
Your water, Mr. Drake.
I hope it's room
temperature this time.
Yes, Mr. Drake.
Listen, kid, do you know how many
people ask me to come to their house
and help them look for ghosts?
More web there
and there, okay?
And it's always
the same thing.
Moaning sounds at night?
Wind through a drafty window.
Spirits floating
up in your attic?
Dusty cobwebs.
Ghostly specter
down by the lake?
Swamp gas...
Eyes need to be brighter.
Legs? Leggier.
And I end up standing there
with my camera crew,
looking like
a complete idiot.
So that's why you do
all this fake stuff?
Ex-squeeze me? No.
We call it, "enhancing the
experience for the home audience."
So none of this is real?
It's real enough to be the
number one ghost reality show on TV.
And I have no slime.
-Does that look like slime to you?
-I mean...
Look, you came all the way down here,
all right. Let me give you a picture.
Take it home, show your family,
show your friends, okay?
No, my ghosts are real.
I can see them and I can talk to them.
Come on, you gotta believe me.
Kid, the only things
i believe in are ratings.
Enough with the plinking!
All plinked out.
Look, here's my address.
Please, Mr. Drake.
You gotta help us.
You're our only hope.
Are you giving me
my picture back?
What was that all about?
I don't know, Beverly.
They're fans. They're loony,
but they're loyal.
And Beverly?
More slime!
Just when you think you have
enough, add more! Yeah.
Can't we just hire
movers or something?
Well, your mother wants
to start the renovation now,
so we need to empty this room now.
All right, all right.
Careful! Careful.
I got it.
All right.
So what's the plan?
Well, if they can't renovate the
house, they can't sell it, right?
Let's get
the chair now...
So we'd better make sure
they don't even get started.
Right, on three.
One, two,
You're not
even lifting, dad.
What are you talking about,
I've got the heavy end.
That's 'cause you are the heavy end.
All right,
good play, son!
See, I was doing old school, and
you were doing new school, and...
But hey, we're renovating.
I thought you...
Didn't I tell you to put
that in the other room?
I thought I did move it.
Never mind. I'm going
to go get the ladder.
You get
the picture your mother made,
and whatever you do,
don't drop it.
We don't want her
taking up painting again.
I don't know whether to
use my back or my legs.
What the...
Stupid plant.
Get up.
Colin, why did you
move this back in here?
I didn't, dad! I didn't do anything.
This is your
mother's favorite plant.
Come on.
Help me move the sofa.
You get that end.
Okay, one, two,
Okay, okay. Okay. Okay.
What are you doing?
Put your back into it!
You gave me
the heavy end, again.
What are you talking about?
I've got the heavy end.
Yeah? Okay, so switch.
We'll switch.
All right,
this is going nowhere.
Must be some sort of weird
barometric pressure thing.
Spread this out over top.
We'll paint around it.
I need your help.
Coming, dear!
"Coming, dear."
What the...
Hey, hey, what the...
If you don't stop
fooling around, young man,
we're never going
to sell this house.
Hi, Max.
Hi. How are you?
Good, good. How about you?
Great. Really great.
So, you enjoying our break?
Max, do we really have
to talk about this?
Well, I just thought maybe if
you'd changed your mind...
Hey, Max.
See any ghosts lately?
Just give me
a minute, Aaron.
We're gonna be late for rehearsal.
Okay, in a minute.
We don't have a minute.
If we're gonna win tonight's
contest, every second counts.
the dance contest was off
because you didn't
get the entry fee?
It was, but Aaron's dad
gave us the money.
Wasn't that nice of him.
All right, Aaron.
Well, I hope you and your dance
partner are very happy together.
Max, it's not like that.
Really? 'Cause that's
what it looks like to me.
This is Simon Drake
coming to you live
from doom house.
This is Simon Drake,
coming to you
live from doom house!
Okay, we're going to need
some more slime there, and...
Yeah, that's looking good, but,
maybe more. More slime. Simon!
Do you want to come up here
and check this out?
In a minute!
Hey, should I emphasize
"doom" or "house"?
Whatever you'd like, Simon.
It's your show.
Doom. Doom.
Doom. Doom! Doom!
House. House! House.
This is Simon Drake,
coming to you live
from doom house.
Who knows what secrets awake?
People! I thought I told you
to clean the floor in here!
When Simon Drake hunts for
ghosts, he does not trip!
Please come down here.
You're not going
to believe what
i'vejust found.
Did you say
something, Simon?
I think I just found something to
make the show an even bigger hit.
That's great.
Just more.
More everything, okay?
More slime, more everything.
Hello, Mr. Drake.
Somebody down there?
Simon? Are you okay?
Yes, Beverly, I'm fine.
Everything is just peachy.
All right. Did you
say you found something?
No, nothing at all.
False alarm.
we are mostly finished here.
What do you say
we call it a day?
Yes, yes, let's do that.
By the way, that boy that
we found in the coffin? Yeah?
Do you still have
his address?
I think so.
Yes, here it is. Why?
I was just thinking
i would pay him a visit.
Well, suit yourself.
A nice little visit.
It's the least I can do
for one of my fans.
So, how'd it go?
It didn't.
What do you mean?
Did you talk to Simon
Drake about us? Yeah,
but he didn't believe me.
Why not?
Because he doesn't
believe in ghosts.
What? Lthinkwe've
just been insulted.
Mom, what are you doing?
-I only took out one little nail.
Well, maybe it was two nails.
Want me to take that from you?
Yes, please.
Are you all right, mom?
I'm fine, honey.
Wall's going to need
a little help, though.
I think there's
something in here.
Be careful, Max.
Yeah, buddy.
Got it.
Harriet, did you
put that in there?
No, I've never
seen it before.
Well, don't just look at it,
doofus, open it up.
Is that nice? Well, come on,
he's just staring at it.
It looks like
some sort ofjewel.
I wonder what it's worth.
If it's worth anything,
i call dibs.
Max found it.
It belongs to him.
Maybe I could use it
in my magic act.
"Hey!" Some magician.
Well, it certainly
is pretty.
I bet cammie
would like that.
Maybe you should
give it to her?
Give it to cammie.
Mom, you're a genius.
I love you.
I love you too, honey.
I'll be back for dinner!
I have the weirdest
brother in the world.
-All right, gather, people!
-Good job, guys.
I have
a surprise for everybody.
As you know, Aaron's
father has very graciously
sponsored us for
tonight's competition.
How about a round
of applause for that?
And he has also very kindly
provided us with new costumes
for the show.
So I'll expect to see you
all wearing them tonight.
Now, remember, people,
backstage 7:00 P.M.
And let's all break a leg.
Max, what are
you doing here?
Hey, can I talk to
you for a minute?
Hello, my name is...
Simon Drake!
You're Simon Drake!
But you already know that, don't you?
And you must be
Max's mother, Mrs. Doyle?
Please, call me Harriet,
Mr. Drake!
Well, then,
you must call me Simon.
Yes, I must.
I mean, lwill. I mean...
Ls Max home?
Max. Right, of course.
My son, Max.
He wrote me a fan letter.
I was hoping to surprise him.
he's not home right now,
but I'm expecting him
any minute, so...
Where are my manners?
Please, come in, Mr. Simon.
It's such an honor, having
Simon Drake in our home!
I assure you, Harriet,
the honor is all mine.
Okay, what is it, Max?
As you can see,
I'm kind of busy
getting ready for
the show tonight.
This won't take a second.
I just wanted to apologize for, you
know, for being such ajerk before.
You weren't really ajerk.
Yeah, I was. Anyway,
i wanted to give this to you.
It's kind of a good
luck charm for tonight.
Not that you'll need it.
You guys are gonna win.
It's beautiful, Max.
I love it.
I was hoping you would.
Well, anyway, I'd better go.
See you later.
See you.
I thought you guys
were on a break?
I thought so, too.
Please forgive the mess.
We're in the middle of
renovating the place,
and, well, everything
is all upside down.
Trust me,
i have seen worse.
What a lovely little box.
Wherever did you get it?
it was the strangest thing.
We found it right
in there when we
put that hole there.
I'm a bit of a collector,
do you mind if I...
Be my guest.
Although I can't
imagine why anyone
would want to hide
such a lovely piece.
It's empty...
it wasn't when we found it.
There was a very nice
little Jewel inside.
a beautiful black crystal.
Probably not worth anything,
but it was still very pretty.
Where is it now?
My son took it to give
it to his girlfriend.
"To his girlfriend."
I see.
Where might she be?..
Probably still at the school.
There's a big dance
competition there tonight.
One lump or two?
Mom? Hey, mom! You
were right, shelovedit
mom? Did you hear me?
I said she loved it.
What's the matter
with you?
There's something wrong
with mom. She's not moving.
Nicky? Tara? Help!
Is he gone?
Is who gone?
Simon Drake.
Simon Drake was here,
in my house?
But it wasn't
really Simon Drake.
It was phears.
What are you talking about?
Phears is gone. We sent him
back to his own dimension.
He must have escaped,
because he got back somehow.
And he's possessed
a TV show host.
But why would he do this?
What does he want?
He's after that
crystal you found.
Our parents hid
it for a reason,
and if phears
wants it this bad,
then it must have
been a very good reason.
Like taking over the world.
Max, we have to hide
that crystal again,
somewhere phears
can never find it.
I don't have it.
What? Max,
where is it?
I gave it away.
I gave it to cammie.
Stretch it out.
Stretch it all out.
Feel the stretch.
That's right.
Good one, Aaron.
Now, just lengthen that.
I need you to lengthen that.
Max, what do you want?
I'm backstage.
Cammie, listen, about that
crystal I gave you...
Cammie can't talk right now, she's
got stretching to do. Bye-bye.
Okay, people, 10 minutes to showtime.
Let's go, people!
Ticket, please.
Ticket, please?
Hi. Ticket, please?
I don't need
a ticket from you.
"L don't need
a ticket from you."
You're in the first row,
Mr. Drake.
"You're in the first row,
Mr. Drake."
Enjoy the show.
"Enjoy the show."
What are you
doing back here?
I got to talk to cammie.
No, what you need to do is
leave my dancers alone.
I will not have you
distracting them
as they're about to go on
in front of a live audience.
No, but...
No "but." See that sign?
That sign.
This area is
for dancers only.
That means if you're not wearing
a costume, you need to get out.
Hey, kid. I'm looking for
a cute 16-year-old girl.
Do you know where she is?
Get lost, creep,
or I'll call security.
My gosh, it's Simon Drake!
I love your show! Simon!
Hello, everyone,
and welcome to
the first annual city wide
dance crew competition finals!
I hope you're all ready to get
your groove, thangs grooving.
And now, without further ado,
please welcome
our first contestants,
James whale high's very own
norm's discount
fish market dancers!
Max, what are you doing?
What is he doing out there?
Doyle! Get off the stage,
you idiot!
Cammie, you're in danger.
What do we do?
Max has to dance better.
I can't believe
you're doing this.
You're ruining everything.
Doyle, when we get outside,
I'm gonna...
What are you doing?
Just hold on.
What do we do now?
Follow him.
Max, that was amazing!
I had no idea you
could dance like that!
I've been taking
lessons on the Internet.
We've got to go!
That crystal I gave you?
Thanks again,
i really love it.
Good. But I need it back.
What? Why?
It's a long story.
I'll get you
another one, I promise.
I need you to give
it to me, right now.
I can't.
Why not?
I don't have it.
Thank you!
What do you mean? What did you
do with it? I gave it to Phoebe.
She's going to use it
to make me a bracelet.
Okay, so where's Phoebe?
I don't know,
probably at her house.
She doesn't
really like crowds.
what's this all about, Max?
If I told you,
you wouldn't believe me.
Try me.
I found the crystal
in a box in my house.
It was left there
by some scientists
who used it to
trap an evil ghost,
but somehow,
he escaped and possessed
the body of
a reality TV show star
up at the old grover mansion.
Now he's after the crystal, so he
can unleash his army of the undead,
and plunge our world
into eternal darkness.
You're right.
I don't believe you.
Max, he's coming!
What are we gonna do?
Who are you talking to?
We gotta get outta here.
I'm not going
anywhere with you, Max.
This ghost stuff of
yours is getting old.
You know what? You can forget
about us having a break.
This is now a breakup.
Depew"...One more time!
No, cammie, wait.
Depew"...Fish market dancers!
Hey, phears!
I got your crystal
right here.
I've had just
about enough of this.
Come on.
Where's my bike?
Come in!
Bernie, I gotta talk to Phoebe.
It's an emergency.
An emergency about my dumb sister?
Yeah, right.
What happened,
somebody choke on
one of her stupid
necklaces or something?
Just go get her
for me, please.
I can't.
Why not?
'Cause she's not here.
Okay, well then, why didn't
you just say that, then?
You didn't ask
if she was home,
you asked if you
could talk to her.
Okay, she's got something of
mine, and I need to get it back.
Guess you'll have to wait
till she comes home.
No, I don't have time to wait. Maybe
i could just go look in her bedroom?
Are you kidding?
Ifl let you in her room,
she'll kill me.
-Great. You just made me die!
-You lose, sucker!
Okay, I'm sorry, Bernie,
but look, this is important.
What's in it for me?
I've got the new
star raiders game.
Volume four?
Yeah, take me to her room,
and it's yours.
You're on your own. This
place gives me a headache.
Where is it?
Come on,
it's gotta be here somewhere.
Great, I'm never gonna
find it in all of this junk.
I don't happen to
think it's junk, Max Doyle.
And what are you
doing in my room?
Phoebe, listen, that crystal, the one
cammie gave to you, where is it?
The one for her bracelet?
Yes, you have to
give it to me right now.
Why? I just... I need it back, okay?
Does cammie know about this?
Yes. I mean,
well, no, not exactly.
I better call her
just to make sure.
No! No, wait!
Phoebe. She's not
taking any calls right now.
Phoebe, please,
where is the crystal?
It's in here somewhere.
I think I put it in...!
What are all of these?
Max, clearly, you don't know
anything about making a bracelet.
I can't just use
one stone, can I?
I used cammie's crystal, and
then I made a bunch of copies.
What? How am I supposed
to find the real one?
Don't worry. I'll find it.
You know, Max,
I heard about you and cammie,
and how you're on
a bit of a break.
And if you ever
want to watch a movie,
or go get some ice cream
or something,
or if you everjust need
a shoulder to cry on...
Phoebe, the crystal?
Here it is.
Phoebe, I could kiss you!
We now return to
Simon Drake, ghost hunter.
That's weird.
Don't touch it.
Welcome to
a very special edition
ofsimon Drake, ghost hunter.
And tonight,
we have a real treat for you.
I guess you
really like this show?
Usually, I just hunt
for spirits on my show,
but tonight,
I've captured two of them.
Poor little ghosts...
all locked up like this.
But there is one way
to free them,
and you know what it is...
Don't you, Max?
You know him, Max?
Not exactly.
You've got until the next commercial
break to give me what I want, Max.
Or your friends here, well,
they're going to end up
like all bad TV shows.
They're going to be canceled.
That 3D stuff is
getting better all the time.
The crystal.
He wants this crystal.
I... I don't understand.
How did he even know
you were watching?
I don't have time
to explain.
I have to get to that house.
Phoebe, do you have a bike?
Pull over!
I wanna talk to you!
Not now, Aaron!
Now, Doyle!
I told you to pull over.
i don't have time for this.
Yeah, well,
you better make time.
Now, my dad put a lot of money
into that contest tonight,
then you had to
come along, and start
bugging cammie and
mess everything up!
Cammie, she's... cammie
doesn't want to be with you.
Can't you understand that?
Isn't that
the stone you gave her?
No, don't touch that.
She gave it back to you,
Told you it was over.
I'll take that.
Who are you?
Someone who wants
the crystal.
Yeah, well,
get your own, buddy,
'cause this one's going to...
You're gonna
make me chase you?
Hi, remember that
crystal I gave you?
Yeah, I'm gonna need it back.
Nicky! Tara! Where are you?
No, Max, stay away!
No, Max!
Max, get away!
Save yourself, Max! Run!
I'm not leaving
without you guys.
That gets the old
blood flowing, doesn't it?
Isn't it brave of them,
trying to save you?
Well, now it's your turn to save them.
Give me the crystal.
Free them first,
then I'll give it to you.
No. No, no, no.
That's not how it works.
you give me the crystal, see?
Then I free them.
Max, no!
Don't do it, Max!
What's the matter?
You don't trust me?
So why don't you freeze me, like
the way you did my parents?
Then you could
just take the crystal.
Maybe I don't want to?
Maybe you can't.
You can't take
the crystal from me.
I have to give it
to you, don't I?
That's how it works.
What is this anyway?
It's his life pod!
If you must.
What is this?
To the rolands,
it was an experiment.
To me and all the other
ghosts they captured...
It is a prison.
Wait, each one of these
is a ghost?
Very smart, for a mortal.
Every single crystal
represents one of my soldiers
captured by Nicky
and Tara's parents,
locked away here
for all eternity.
When I escaped,
i swore I would free them.
But you couldn't,
because of this?
My life force is in there.
To join the others,
it must be here,
or else I cannot take my
rightful shape in your world,
and I'll forever
be stuck in these...
Stupid human bodies.
Max, don't give it to him!
Shut up! He'll use it
to take over the world!
It's up to you, Max.
Save your friends,
or save the world.
All right,
I'll give it to you.
That is a wise
decision, Max.
You wouldn't want your friends
to suffer forever.
It's all yours.
Okay, you've got your crystal,
now free Nicky and Tara.
Come on, Max,
aren't you smart enough
to know not to believe everything
people say on television?
At last,
my faithful soldiers,
we will rise up
and we will spread evil and
darkness throughout the world.
There's something's wrong with
my crystal. Hello? Rise! Rise!
I guess I must have given
you one of Phoebe's copies.
I had to practice it a lot, but
i finally got the move right.
Are you guys all right?
Yeah, I think so.
Thanks, Max. Look out!
Mama Max.
Mama Max.
Mama Max.
Cammie, what are
you doing here?
I came to find you, Max.
You did?
And I'm so sorry
we had a fight.
Will you please forgive me?
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
I'd really like to have
my crystal back, Max.
You would?
It's so beautiful, Max.
Please, give it to me?
Okay, whatever you want.
That's right, Max,
just give it to me.
Put it in my hand and
every/thing's going to be okay.
Give me the crystal!
Give me! Give me! Give me!
Give me! Give me! Give me!
Am I dead?
Who are you?
It's all right,
Max, you're safe.
How do you know my name?
We know a great
deal about you, Max.
I'm Michelle Roland, and
this is my husband, Michael.
You're Nicky and
Tara's parents?
And we want to thank you so much
for taking such good care of them.
Well, this is great. They're
going to be so excited.
They've been looking
for you everywhere.
But how do we get out of here?
We don't, Max.
Grover mansion used
to be our laboratory.
We did all of
our ghost experiments there.
It's where we first
developed the ghost traps,
and then we built
the life pod chamber
as a place to
store the evil spirits,
so they couldn't
harm mortals.
But we knew we had
to do all of this in secret,
without the chance of anybody
stumbling into the place.
So we created the story
of old man grover,
and the whole myth about
doom house being haunted,
to keep people away,
so we could work in peace.
But then the ghosts got
loose, and one of them,
the most evil one of all,
sent us here.
The elsewhere. Lulu told us.
Ghosts can't kill you,
theyjust send you here.
And until that ghost is sent back
to the other side permanently,
we can never leave.
If only we could tell Nicky and
Tara how much we miss them,
how much we love them.
Why can't we do
that right now?
What do you mean, Max?
Well, you said the most evil
ghost of them all, right?
Okay, how about I send him back
to the other side right now?
No. Max!
Max, no!
Idid it.
I stopped him.
I stopped phears.
What now?
Somebody, help me!
Are you the real cammie?
Don't ask such
stupid questions!
you're the real cammie.
Hang on!
Let's go.
What's happening?
What was that?
Nicky! Tara!
Doom house took them, too.
Who were you calling?
Who are Nicky and Tara?
They were my friends.
"Were"? What happened
to them?
I don't know.
I guess they're gone.
This time forever.
I do believe in ghosts.
I do believe
in ghosts. I do.
I do believe in ghosts.
I do.
I do believe in ghosts.
I think they could be real.
Simon! Where have you been? I've
been trying your phone all day!
The network called.
They think that the test footage
we sent them looks fake.
They want us to try to make
the ghosts look more real.
So, any ideas?
Okay. I know you've been
working too hard, babe.
Let's go to the Van.
Let's go to the Van,
hon. Okay.
You' re pretty! You' re pretty!
No touching.
I like vans.
In you go, in you go.
I like vans.
Come on in.
Max, will you please tell me
whatjust happened?
You wouldn't
believe me anyway.
I will now.
So, how did you know
i was here?
Phoebe told me.
Now you tell me
the whole story.
Well, it started
with a hole in the wall.
My mom and dad were
remodeling the house,
and I found this little box.
Well, I'd better
be getting home.
I'm going to have
a hard enough time explaining
where I've been
since the dance contest.
Thanks for everything,
You know, saving my life
and all that.
I'm sorry about
your friends, Max.
But you did everything
you could to save them.
Anybody would be proud
to have you as a boyfriend.
I know I am.
Goodbye, cammie.
See you later, Max.
youth, Aaron Carmichael, 16,
was found naked and asleep
behind a local church.
When questioned by police,
Mr. Carmichael said, quote,
"i had a dream
i was a baby pig,
'and when I woke up,
i was in the mud," unquote.
He is currently undergoing
psychiatric evaluation.
Back to you, Donna.
Get out of my face!
Isn't that your
friend, Aaron?
The one who was here
the other night?
His parents
must be so proud.
I'm glad you boys don't get
into trouble like that.
Dad? You're okay! You're here.
Of course we are, honey.
Maybe a little tired, but...
Just renovations.
We're not saving the world.
Should we tell him,
You tell him. I'm too tired. I
think I slept wrong.
Tell me what?
Well, we're so excited about
what we're doing to the house,
we've decided not to sell.
That's great.
Yeah, well, don't get too
excited about it, you dork.
You were the one who didn't
want to move, remember?
My back is sore.
I feel like I slept
standing up last night.
Hey, orange juice.
included this
woman who found the naked boy
outside of her bedroom window.
Young lady, can you tell us
how did that make you feel?
I'm sorry, guys. I tried.
So you and cammie
got back together?
Yeah, we... Nicky!
Tara! You're alive!
Well, not exactly.
I mean, you're here!
You're okay!
Thanks to you, Max.
Yeah, you risked your
own life to save us.
Of course, I did.
You guys aren't
just my pet ghosts,
you know.
You're my friends.
My best friends.
Told you.
Wait, I almost forgot,
i met your parents!
Yeah. I was in the elsewhere.
Phears sent me there.
What did they say? How did they look?
Are they all right?
Yeah, they're okay,
but they miss you very much,
and they wanted you to know
how much they love you.
Thanks, Max.
Wait. You said you
were in the elsewhere.
But how did you get out?
I destroyed phears' life pod,
and it sent me back
to our world.
But wait a second.
Your parents said
they couldn't be free
until the most
evil ghost was gone.
And you said you destroyed
phears' life pod.
Are you sure?
He's gone for good.
Well, that means there's
something else out there.
Something even
worse than phears?
Yeah, but who?