Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? (2014) Movie Script

Looks just like your mom.
I was thinking more along the
lines of your brother Mike.
Or, it could be you
before your morning coffee.
Well, speaking of which,
you want a refill?
Sure, thank you.
What's up, Dad?
I'm going to Art's for
a four-on-four hoop sesh.
Mind if I take the car?
No, go ahead.
Yes! Thanks.
Bye, hon.
Oh, hey, Grandma's coming!
Hey, and...
Fill up the tank this time.
Hey, where's Max?
I thought he was all into
this Halloweeny stuff.
He is. But tonight's his
turn to walk Buster.
You're such a good dog.
Come on.
Oh, come on, Buster.
You do this every time!
There's nothing to be afraid
of in an old cemetery.
All right.
Maybe it is a little scary.
But look, nothing's
gonna hurt us.
I'm still wearing
the magic ring.
This baby is like
kryptonite to ghouls.
Even Phears, if he
even still exists,
is afraid of this bad boy.
Now, can we get out of here and go home?
That brat, Max Doyle!
Still hiding Nicky
and Tara Roland from me.
Well, it won't be for long!
Emma Twitchel,
star of The Moscow Circus.
Come forward!
I command it!
It's nice to see you,
kind of.
Your father and I used to
play together as children.
Ah! Memories.
I have called you,
the great Emma Twitchel,
the biggest star of The
Moscow Circus... Yes.
...back from your sleep...
Yes. perform a sacred duty.
Ooh! All right.
You can never find good help.
Now, pay attention.
I am Phears,
the most powerful,
dark spirit in existence.
I command all the spirits laid
to rest in this cemetery.
Even you.
You understand?
Yes, I very much understand!
Of course you do.
Now, listen carefully.
Several years ago,
a research parapsychologist
by the name of Michael Roland
came across an urn of ashes
which contained the
remnants of, well, me.
It was left there for
him in his laboratory.
Thinking that it might be just
another artifact for his collection,
he decided he would examine it more
closely later and placed it on a shelf.
He, of course, had no
idea at all of the power
he held in his two little hands.
And through his own carelessness, he
released me back into this world.
It gave me an opportunity
to achieve my ultimate goal,
create an army of the dead.
An army that would do my bidding...
And possess the bodies
of the living
so that I would
ultimately become
the most powerful
force on Earth.
Even among the living.
This plan is no good.
Souls, when they die, they
want to go to afterlife.
They want to see their
parents, their relatives.
They don't want
to linger with you!
What fun is that?
We're not talking about fun!
We're talking about
the power to create
a new breed of
ghost among the living.
It's a completely different...
This plan is...
How you say...
Well, it's not up to you to
prove I'm bonkers, so...
I mean, you have
no choice but to obey me!
And that's what I thought about
Michael and Michelle Roland.
But they discovered my plans.
So, Roland created a ring
and a magic spell
that could fight off my ghosts and
keep me trapped here in this cemetery.
So, I decided to
make them more like us,
That way, they could never
interfere with my plans again.
The two little Rolands got away
and as long as they were free,
I couldn't get the parents to
tell me where they hid the ring!
When Max Doyle's family
moved into the Roland house
my cat Mauler was stuck there,
lost without me, his master.
And to top it off,
that snotty little
Max recovered the ring
and now uses it to
protect those kids!
That brat, Max,
foiled my plans before,
but this time I know his secret.
It's that ring he
wears on his right hand.
I've got to get that
ring off his finger
so I can snatch those kids!
Otherwise, my plan is useless.
What this have to do with Emma?
Oh, don't you get it?
Max Doyle is keeping your spirit
from moving on to
see your loved ones.
How dare he?
That evil boy!
So, I'm going to give
Max a little present.
Something that will make
him all warm and cuddly.
A sweater!
No, not a sweater.
You're going to climb inside
Max as a berserker ghoul.
Oh, the very sound of it
makes me all tingly.
You're going to
inhabit his body.
Get him into trouble with his
school and with his parents.
And then get that
ring off his finger!
Once he is powerless,
I can snatch the two Roland
brats and we'll both be free!
It's a good plan.
This goes in the first room.
Look how cute he is.
Why, Cammy, I didn't
know you felt that way.
Oh! Oh, uh...
I was talking about the dog.
I knew that!
Hey, Cam my.
I was thinking maybe we could work
on our science midterm together?
Yeah, I don't know, Max.
It's just that I'm so busy with,
you know, the haunted
house and stuff.
But it's on Halloween,
so you should come by.
Um, it will be really scary.
I'm not scared of anything.
My best friends are ghosts.
I mean, my best friends
are totally into ghosts.
Movies and video
games and stuff.
If it's got ghosts,
they love it.
Me too.
Yeah. So, like I said,
you should come by.
I'll show you around.
It's a date.
Just an expression!
Figure of speech!
Nailed it.
Max, where have you been?
I was just talking to a girl.
Cammy Cahill.
Whoa! Nice!
Guys, we don't
have time for this.
It's been almost a year
since we lost Mom and Dad.
I think I have a shot with her if
she could just see the real me.
I just want her to
think I'm normal
so I can be her
date for Halloween.
Max, you don't have time to make
people think you're normal.
You need to be helping us
find our parents. Yeah.
I have a life, you know.
Okay, that was rude.
I'm sorry.
We'll see you upstairs.
That never gets old.
Come on.
Mom! Dad!
I'm home!
So good to see you. Look
how big you've gotten...
When you walked in I thought you were
an adult in a Max Halloween costume.
Hi, cousin Shelly.
We can only stay
just a little bit,
but I have enough
time to go like this...
I'm too old for that.
"Never too old to be
pinched" is a Grandma law!
So, how's school?
It's weird.
What do you mean, "weird"?
You seeing anybody?
You mean, like ghosts?
Like a girl.
Like a girl!
Just getting in
the Halloween spirit.
Oh, and, um, speaking of school,
Chester called and apparently the
PE test is on again for tomorrow.
Oh, great!
And I thought Friday would
be an easy day at school.
Oh, come on, Max.
It's no big deal!
Hey, PE is fun.
It helps with your coordination,
your concentration...
Besides, it builds your
body up for the babes.
Yeah, but it's
the stupid rope-climb test.
I can't even get
started on that thing.
I always fail.
Oh, and gym is graded!
It will totally
dunk my whole GPA.
Well, it will if you go
in with that attitude.
Hey, come on, Son.
You got to think like a winner.
You got to feel like a winner.
You know what? Get in there, stand
at the bottom of that rope,
stare up and say...
When I get to the top I just
hope nobody looks up my shorts.
I was very good-looking
when I was younger.
Things change, darling.
You'll learn.
Look, your brother, Colin,
is really good at that.
So, go ask him
for some pointers.
The only pointers he has are the
ones popping up on his forehead.
He's definitely from
my side of the family.
Okay, why don't you go ask
your brother for some pointers.
Okay, I will.
Bye, Grandma.
Goodbye, sweetie.
- Bye, cuz.
- Yeah.
Happy Halloween.
Try to meet a nice ghoul.
You could bring her home
to your mother.
You know, you would be so
much better as a blonde.
Have you ever
thought about that?
What's up, booger boy?
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
That cat meowing.
It sounds like it's coming
from right here in the house.
Ha! You wish. Mom and Dad
would never let you get one.
So, you don't hear anything?
Just this...
Hey! Get off!
Ugh! I have to
wear this.
Listen, here's the situation.
Tomorrow is senior
photo day and I figure
since all the girls in my
class will be in one place,
this is the perfect opportunity
for me to score
some points, you know.
Put on a little show.
Oh. So, you want
to do a magic act?
No, not a whole act, you doofus.
Just a trick, something big.
Something that will impress Jessica
Rogers and her whole posse.
And you're gonna show it to me.
Right now.
Right now?
Right now.
You want me to show you a trick?
Yeah, I don't know. I'm
kind of rusty right now.
Maybe I better think about it.
Well, you better think fast.
'Cause I'm not leaving
until I see a good one.
Ow! Ow!
Well, you said you wanted
to see something good.
Is this good enough?
Yeah, this is...
This is great.
How do you do this?
Well, you just stand in front
of your shoes and chant...
Got it.
Works every time.
Cool. Thanks, man.
Oh, hey, hey. Um, I have that rope
climb test tomorrow. Any pointers?
Yeah, urn...
Don't fall.
Okay, come here.
Good news.
I found a solid clue
about your parents.
I went on the town's historical
website and found this...
You know, I hate that they
put "ghost hunter" in quotes.
He was a ghost hunter,
or none of this
would be happening.
Okay, so...
Three years ago,
it says your dad was doing research
at the old county courthouse.
Doesn't mention your mom.
Well, that was just
two days before
both Mom and Dad
disappeared for good.
And then we...
Ended up like this.
You know, like, that
courthouse is the last place
Dad was before he disappeared.
We need to search there.
Why tonight?
Well, Halloween is coming
and Phears will have the power to
free his ghost army on that night,
if we don't stop him.
We need to
go there. Now.
I liked Halloween a lot better
when I thought the ghosts
were make-believe.
Let's go.
Maybe we should forget it. What?
You're not scared, are you?
Why wouldn't I be?
'Cause you're not
a little tiny baby.
What did you say?
I'm gonna open
the little tiny window.
I'm good.
He's good!
He's good.
This place is pretty cool.
Cammy did this with her friends.
She's so talented.
Of course she is.
Not now!
Okay, I'm a ghost and
this is some scary stuff.
If I didn't have my
ring to protect me,
I don't think I would
be able to do this.
Seems Cammy has a thing for
freaks and weirdoes, Max.
Maybe you do stand a chance!
Very funny.
Guys, let's start over there.
Of course.
Start in the scariest place.
Makes perfect sense.
Note to self, not a ghost.
How did people get anything
done before computers?
If I could just use a search function,
this would take two seconds.
We're wasting time, we should
be looking somewhere else.
Tara, it's okay. We're
doing the best we can.
Don't beat yourself up.
We'll find something.
What if we don't?
Uh, Max?
A little help, please.
MAXI Nick?
Oh, yes, that's it! It probably has
everything we need to know about Dad.
Get it down!
I got it.
Let's get out of here and check
this stuff out at my house.
Hey, Max.
What are you doing here?
I was just...
I wanted to check out
your haunted house.
But you couldn't
wait till it was open?
It's scarier this way.
I love a good scare.
So, what's in the box?
Oh, just some stuff for
a project I'm working on.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I just came back
because I left my phone.
You know, it's pretty
weird that you're here.
Most people would be really
scared here alone at night.
Not me.
Nothing scares me.
Except for wood rot.
Which those cross-beams
are full of.
With their dampness
and moisture.
You're, uh...
You're a pretty
interesting guy there, Max.
Can I take that as a compliment?
If you want.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Let's see.
Okay, this was
everything he was working on.
There's so much I don't
even know where to start.
You'll have to start without me.
I'm exhausted.
I have to get some sleep.
I have that stupid rope-climbing
test tomorrow in PE.
If I flunk this, I'll have
after-school PE for a month!
Wait, I have an idea.
What if Nicky and I show up in gym class
tomorrow and help you up the rope?
All you have to do is make it look like
you're climbing and we'll fly you up.
I mean, it's the least
we could do for you.
You know,
that would work.
And not only will I pass, but Cammy
Cahill will be totally stoked.
Oh, no, maybe this
was a bad idea.
Anything for a friend, Max.
Hey, Cammy.
Great seeing you last night.
Oh, um...
Yeah, that...
That was pretty random, huh'?
Just wondering if...
Maybe you wanna
come over tonight
and maybe do some extra
credit for science class?
You love him.
The thing is tonight, Max,
I'm just so busy, um...
Plus my science grades
are pretty good.
Can't wait for our
haunted house date.
Hey, Max!
Look what we got!
The Nocturnal
and Dawn of Angels.
Is that awesome?
Yeah, it is!
And you're the first
guy we want to play with.
Yeah, you are!
Uh, guys?
It's full HD.
with connectivity!
Up to 32 outside
challenge games!
With our dedicated T3
line, we'll be flying tonight.
Yeah, baby!
Guys! No...
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
You guys have fun tonight.
No. No. No, wait!
Please, wait.
Or maybe we can do it tomorrow?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We know,
you want to be the first guy to
open the box and unlock the cheats.
Okay. Go ahead.
Go ahead. Go ahead! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go ahead!
Come on, man! Thirty-two
outside challenge games?
Why didn't you tell me before?
Okay, meet me at my house tonight.
We are gonna beat this game!
Bam! All right see you boys after school.
Okay? We'll see you later, dude.
It's gonna be awesome!
Fall in!
All right, listen up!
If any of you deadbeats
expects to pass my class,
you're gonna have
to get past Lester.
Uh, Lester?
Yeah, Lester.
The rope.
I'm on a first-name basis
with all of my apparati.
Side horse is Jimmy.
Medicine ball is Eric.
And the high bar is Tiffany.
Good times.
Why do you name all
your gym equipment?
I have my reasons.
All right, the men are up first.
Atherton! Stevens!
Brinkman, Freeman,
Hardy, Willis!
Move it. Move it. Move it!
Move it. Move it!
Are you waiting for a printed
invitation, Atherton?
Move it!
Could've been better.
Stevens, come on.
Let's go.
Ring my bell, Stevens.
Ring my bell.
You make it look easy,
my friend.
All right, Doyle.
Show me what you got.
Glad you're here.
I'm so glad I'm here too!
To watch you fail!
So, how do you want to do this?
Hand over hand! What do you
mean, "How you want to do it?"
Nicky, you grab him
under his arms.
Oh, uh...
No way, I'm ticklish!
What's being ticklish got to
do with climbing a rope'?
Maybe I should grab
him by his gym shorts.
What are you trying to do?
Give me a wedgie?
First of all, that's disgusting.
Second, I don't want
to give you a wedgie.
I grab his arms and
you push his butt.
No girl is pushing my butt.
Have you lost what is
left of your tiny mind?
Get up the rope!
I have other students waiting!
Doyle, get down here!
Okay, Max, let's go down now.
Oh, no, wait,
just a little bit longer.
Cammy's digging it.
Okay, Max, this is
just getting ridiculous.
You're trying to
impress her with a lie.
"Work with what you've
got," I always say.
You know what? I'm not
gonna be a part of this.
Tara! Tara!
Get off me.
Get off me!
- Get off me.
- Max.
It's just my neck.
You okay?
That was so cool,
but are you okay, Max?
Is Max okay? Oh...
He just dropped from the ceiling
and used me like an airbag
and you want to
know if Max is okay?
I just had to get up
the rope to pass, right?
Yeah. So?
Then I'm way more than okay.
Once this class picture
goes into the yearbook,
it's gonna haunt you
forever, all right?
So, let's see some big
smiles on those faces.
Hey, dweeb.
I can't deal with this anymore!
This is ridiculous.
I've had it! I've had
it with you people!
This is too good.
Hey, Doyle, your brother's almost
as big a loser as you are.
Up top!
Oh, yeah'?
Excuse me...
Mr. Doyle,
please sit down.
Well, check this out.
Not you, Mr. Doyle.
Mr. Doyles!
Oh, man.
"Oh, what a dweeb I am."
"Oh, what a dweeb I am."
You're a dweeb, all right.
A much bigger one
than your brother.
Mr. Doyle!
Mr. Doyle!
Mr. Doyle!
Okay, um...
I think we're done here.
We are not done yet!
So, Max, how'd you do
on the dreaded rope test?
Well, guess you could say
it ended with a big bang.
But I passed.
There you go;
Atta boy!
Proud of you!
Aren't you proud of
your brother, Colin?
I don't know if
I'd say "proud."
And Colin, how was
the photo shoot?
Did everyone enjoy it?
A little too much.
Well, guess it was a memorable
day for both you boys, huh?
Well, the day is not over yet is it, Dad?
Is that a cat?
You can hear that?
Well, of course we can hear it.
It sounds like it's coming
from one of your rooms.
Oh, come on, you guys didn't bring
a cat in the house, did you?
I don't know
anything about a cat.
Uh, me neither.
You know how allergic I am.
Whoa, whoa, Mom, don't look at me, okay?
I hate cats, you know that.
It's probably, monkey-face
Max, who loves cats.
You know, just a couple
of days ago, Max said
that he thought he heard
a cat in his bedroom.
Well, I better not find a cat
when I go up there, Max!
Or you're gonna be grounded
and that includes Halloween.
Mom, trust me, there is
no cat in the house.
Max, how could you?
Mom, please, lemme help you.
Little warning, please?
Sorry, man,
we're just so excited.
Look at this. We found a
book of spells. Yeah.
Can any of them make an
older brother disappear?
As an older brother
I certainly hope not.
Uh, speaking of which,
where is your family?
They all went upstairs. They think
there's a cat in the house.
There is a cat in the house.
It's Mauler.
- Mauler?
- Yeah.
Yes, Phears' cat.
I mean, he got stuck here when you
condemned Phears back to the cemetery.
Man, he'll do anything for that cat.
It's his pride and joy.
Great. A ghost cat.
Next I'll be haunted by the spirit of
the goldfish I flushed when I was four.
Max. Now!
Anyway, if everyone can hear him,
I don't think that's Mauler.
Let's go.
I'm warning you, Max. You'd
better be telling us the truth.
Dad, I told you. I don't
have a real cat up here.
Put that...
Guys, it's just Charlie
from next door.
Keep it away from me, because I'm gonna
have hives for a week.
See, Dad, told you nerdy
boy had a cat up here.
I had nothing to do with it.
Oh, right. Max, then how did
he get into the dresser then?
It was Colin.
He walked in, went straight to
the dresser... Oh, stop it!
Because he knew the cat was in there.
Max, stop, stop it!
How obvious could he get?
You wanna disobey us?
Fine, you're grounded.
That means you come straight home
from school right into this room.
And that includes Halloween.
Let's go, honey.
And no computer.
And that's what you get for trying to
make me look stupid in front of my class.
I've already told you
where the Doyles' house is.
Max's room is upstairs.
First door on the right.
Emma, Emma.
I can't leave the
graveyard in this form.
So it's very important that you
get this all correct. All right'?
Now when you find the brat,
you'll take him over
and control his every move.
Make his life a living nightmare
until he has no choice
but to give up that ring.
Then he'll be powerless
to protect Tara and Nicky.
And I can capture
them and use them
to force their father
to give me what I need
to complete my plan to rule the
realm of the living and the dead.
Okay, that's right.
I do this.
But only for a little while.
I get sleepy.
Emma, you can nap yourself
silly, when this is over.
But now our little plan is about to begin.
So wake up.
Go ahead.
Oh, and...
Emma! Emma!
Don't forget my cat, please.
Morn, Dad, about that cat.
Hey, I'm surprised your mother
got any sleep at all last night,
after that stunt you pulled.
And by the way, she got to her
allergy medication just in time.
I'm sorry you had to go
through any of that, Mom.
But I didn't bring that cat in here.
Oh, just save it, Max.
You're so grounded, young man.
But Mom, Halloween's
the best night of the year.
You heard me.
Oh, and did you clean up the mess
that cat made in Colin's room?
Not only did I clean it,
Colin took my room
and made me sleep in his
because of the smell.
This behavior is not like you.
And for your information, your brother is
a great... Hey. Great role model for you.
He's disciplined.
He always applies himself.
And what is with the pajamas?
Have you been eating a lot
of cheese or something?
Here, have some breakfast.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?
We don't play games
at the table.
Come on, here.
- Colin!
- Colin!
Oh! Oh!
No, not on my couch.
Get off my couch.
This isn't funny, Colin.
What are you doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! No!
Whoa, but that was
really good though.
Whoa! Whoa!
Oh! Oh, oh, oh!
- Do what?
- I don't know!
Get something. Get...
Call 9-1-1?
And say what?
From the light of Earth,
the dark descends.
Should they return?
That all depends.
Colin, honey.
What's wrong with you?
It's like Cirque
du Soleil in here.
What are you talking about?
What are we talking about?
Take a look at the house.
Is that syrup?
Can I have some pancakes?
Ah! There you are.
Did you get my cat?
It's exhausting being berserk.
I dead tired.
Pardon pun... Pardon pun...
It's a fine pun.
So did it work? Did you get the
ring off that brat's finger?
I go inside brat.
I get him to go crazy.
Good. Then I make him
tear up kitchen.
Cause his parents much much worry.
Good, good.
Then other boy use ring, say
chant and scare me away.
What? What other boy?
There's only one boy who has the ring and
knows that chant and that's Max Doyle.
Well, this boy is
stupid-looking with red hair.
It's not Max.
It's his worthless,
goof brother Colin.
You weren't even
in the right victim.
Hey. hey. hey, hey!
What do you want from me?
I... No.
I don't know...
I go into first bedroom
on the right for you.
You tell me to haunt that goof.
Get your goof room straight.
Well, you'll have to try again.
Today at that brat's school.
I need to get that ring off his finger.
Halloween is coming.
My army of ghosts awaits
my command to arise
and take over
the bodies of the living.
There's no time to lose.
No, it's time to snooze.
I always thought dying
would make things easier.
But that's not how it works.
So why, then, almost four centuries
after it was hypothesized,
is Newton's law of
gravity disproven?
Miss Cahill.
Because Newton's theory only applied to the
gravitational force field up to 97,000 feet.
Past that point, when gravity
is incrementally disbursed,
the old law doesn't stand up.
And who can tell me why
that's important to NASA?
Mr. Doyle.
Because as gravity decreases,
inertia increases,
affecting weight disbursement,
fuel efficiency and speed
and thrust guidelines.
Excellent. Both of you should
put in for extra credit.
Now moving on to water
oxidation as energy...
Hey, maybe since the midterm
assignment is a team
we could partner up?
I'd be extremely okay with that. present, there will be an
electrical spark that happens.
Hydrogen will appear at the...
And oxygen will...
This is the right goof.
Okay, I go now.
Then the electrode will begin to spark
and cause a chemical reaction...
Mr. Doyle!
What are you doing?
Mr. Doyle, that will
be quite enough.
Mr. Doyle!
Now I use
water oxidation as energy.
Excuse you.
Mr. Doyle, what do
you think you're doing?
That is a great abuse
of school property.
Mr. Doyle, please,
just stop...
Get down from there.
Mr. Willis, Mr. Freeman, please,
restrain Mr. Doyle immediately.
Excuse you!
Did you not take
your medication today?
Oh, and now you're
asleep, that's great.
Max, are you okay?
I don't know what that little
stunt was supposed to prove,
but you can get straight
to the Principal's office
where I'm going to recommend
detention for a month.
But I don't even
know what I did.
Ms. Cahill,
get me a towel.
Oh, man, this is bad.
Really bad.
Max, we went looking
for you in class.
Look, you guys,
I'm in big trouble.
Phears sent this spirit or ghost
or whatever it is to possess me.
And it makes me act all crazy
and gets me in trouble.
I have no control over it.
You mean it's like
in you right now'?
I guess.
Lemme check it out.
Uh, yep, there is
someone inside you.
It's a woman.
And she's sleeping.
Maybe she's sleeping now,
but when she wakes up, I go berserk and
there's nothing I can do about it.
This is gonna get me expelled.
Worse, it's gonna make me
look crazy in front of Cammy.
Maybe Phears put her
into you to get to us.
How does that work?
How do I know?
But if this keeps up...
Sit down.
So, Mr. Doyle,
you're aware that your actions
today not only disrupted class,
but also caused considerable
monetary damage to this school.
Yes, ma'am.
And you do understand that you'll
have to pay the school back
with your own time and money.
Tell her it wasn't your fault.
I'm not doing that.
What do you mean
you're not doing it?
You'll do what you're told.
Man, she's got bad breath.
Now, Mr. Doyle.
If it weren't for that fact
that you have a high GPA,
and your mother is head of the
PTA and a good friend of mine,
I'd put you on
permanent suspension.
As it is, I'll have to think
of a proper punishment.
What was that?
I didn't do anything.
I'm just sitting here.
So you think school is just
one big play yard, huh'?
You wanna play?
Oh, you're gonna play.
Max, how long are you
gonna be doing this?
We need to get back
to my father's journal.
Can't you tell that coach lady you have
more important things to be doing?
Oh. Sure, Tara.
I'll just tell her that I don't
have time for her punishment.
I'm sure she won't give me
more laps or push-ups
or mountain climbers
or anything.
Okay, great.
I guess sarcasm doesn't
exist in the afterlife.
You guys have done nothing
but get me in trouble.
Could you just go away?
Please, leave me alone.
Hey, Max, how are you?
Pretty crazy
in science class, huh?
Yeah. Don't know
what got into me.
No, it was interesting.
Interesting'? That's a
good thing, right'?
So you play soccer now?
Yeah, just gettin' some laps in.
Keeping things interesting.
Doyle, nobody told you
you could slack off.
When you're on this field,
your butt is mine. Let's go.
Can't I just... Can't I just...
Take a two minute break?
The next time you
decide to goof off in class
or attack the Principal
or squash me like a bug,
it's gonna get even worse.
Stand in front of him
and block the pass. Wake up!
All right, now get in there
and play some soccer.
Soccer? I am loving soccer.
You're a little freak,
is what you are.
Coach Freeley, is that Max out there?
Did you know about this?
Okay, I'll sleep now.
- What happened?
- Here.
Hey, let's get him.
Help him up.
Get some help over here.
Pick him up.
Grab him tight.
Get him, all right.
Yeah, stand up.
Come here.
Are you all right?
Max. Max. Why didn't you tell
me you were a soccer star?
It's you, Max.
You can lead us to victory in
tomorrow's championship game.
You can finally
bring me... Us...
Can bring us that city-wide
championship trophy.
Max, you're my secret weapon.
Well, okay, I guess.
Okay, you guess.
Oh, my plum.
I just wanna pinch your
cheeks but you're so sweaty.
The rest of you, calisthenics!
Hey, Max, you dropped this.
My ring. Oh, thank God you found it or
there would have been serious trouble.
So, wow... I mean, that was really
something. I'm kind of surprised.
Not as much as I am.
Remember when you
asked me out on Halloween?
Well, I was thinking
maybe tonight you could
meet me at the courthouse
at 8:00.
For the big grand opening.
I could show you around and
give you a private tour. Cool?
Cooler than cool.
All Hallows' Eve.
Tonight, my powers
finally return to me,
and I'll be stronger than ever.
Soon, in just a matter
of a few short hours,
I will be free
to unleash my undead army
from their terrible prison.
And nothing will stop me
from ruling everything on Earth.
Dead or alive.
- Thank you.
- Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween.
Max, there you are.
Finally, I really need you on door duty.
Where've you been?
I was just playing
soccer after school.
Son, considering how much
trouble you're in,
don't lie to me about
suddenly liking sports, okay?
Don't get my hopes up.
But I was.
Oh, here they come.
Would you get upstairs,
get in costume okay?
Come down and work
the door? Please.
I love you, Dad.
Thank you!
Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?
Max, we got some
exciting news for you.
This is turning out to
be the best day ever.
What've you got? We took a
look at that video you shot
of Colin's freak-out this morning.
Let me show you.
Look at this guy.
All right, stop it.
All right, play that back.
Okay, listen.
We think that's her name and we
think we can talk her out of you.
Oh, that would be awesome.
I was totally worried
that she would ruin my date
with Cammy tonight.
Date with Cam my.
Tara, relax.
Look, we talked about this.
Emma will most likely
respond to a female voice.
You have to do this.
Max, lay down.
Emma, Emma.
Wake up, Emma.
Emma, wake up.
Come on, Emma.
Okay, it's okay.
Stay with us, Max.
Emma, listen to me.
We almost got it.
You can do it, Emma, come on.
Come on, Emma, wake up.
Where am I?
Why am I not in goof boy?
Excuse me?
Because we set you free.
And that made you young again.
And we're setting Max free too.
Max is done with ghosts.
We're all gonna
leave him alone now.
Yeah, Max.
We know you're sick of us, so...
We're gonna go away,
What? Nicky, Tara...
Nicky? Tara?
I know these names.
I hear goof boy talk about you.
He says he will always help you,
because you are his friends.
No matter what.
You said that?
Of course.
It might get
frustrating at times,
but I'll never
give up on you guys.
You're my friends.
Oh, Max, thank you.
Aw, Max.
Okay. Okay, Nicky.
That's what I'm talking about.
You are good, goof boy.
Not evil.
Why would you say that? Yeah.
Phears tells me that goof...
I mean... That Max
was keeping me from moving
on to see my loved ones.
Max, I'm so sorry, I...
I should not have
trusted Phears.
He is a most wicked ghoul.
Yeah. I won't argue
with you on that one.
For the love of Pete, would you
suit up and get downstairs
and work the door?
Those kids, they're like a marauding
horde of candy-crazed goons.
They're relentless.
He has berserker in him too?
He was born that way.
So your family was
Russian circus acrobats?
Oh, yes. They were the most renowned
performers in all of the land.
We were on a tour of America
for our first time,
and our bus crashed outside
the town, many years ago.
We were all buried here.
Trick or treat?
Whoa! Cool trick.
How did you do that?
Oh, a good magician never tells.
Thank you.
Happy Halloween.
Now, because of Phears' dark
magic, I cannot be with my family.
Just like us.
No, you are not like me.
But we can't see our family
because of Phears either.
No, when I say that
you are not like me,
it's because you are not dead.
But we're ghosts.
Not real ones.
Phears made you like this.
And your parents too.
You're ghosts, but not dead.
Your parents are still alive.
Wait, if our parents are prisoners,
do you know where they are?
No, only Phears knows this.
I do not know. I can only feel that
they are alive, like I feel you,
but I do not know
where they are.
Then do you know why Phears
wants Nicky and Tara so badly?
Because they are Rolands,
Roland blood.
He must capture all the Rolands
and find the antidote
your father created
before he can move
forward with his plan
and unleash his undead army
into living bodies.
Maybe you can find them.
Warn them.
Tell them we're okay,
where we are...
How we love them.
I would love to,
but I do not know how.
I think I found a spell
that could help.
Right there.
What will it do?
Well, it says,
we have to go to the cemetery
and return you to your grave
and say this spell.
Well, we must go tonight.
Go where?
To the cemetery.
To the cemetery.
Oh, no, no, this is
a really bad idea.
It's Halloween and this is the night
where Phears will be at his strongest.
Max, all magic is at its
strongest tonight, even yours.
And if we go tonight maybe
I can be with my family again.
Please Max, come on.
We have to help her.
And if we have another
ghost by our side,
we can probably find
Mom and Dad quicker.
Come on, man.
You have to do it.
Remember what you
said about friends.
No matter what...
Trick or treat?
Just help yourself to the candy.
I'm still grounded, but
let me see what I can do.
Colin's back up to his
cat tricks again. Great.
Hey, hey, hey,
what're you doing in here?
No one is manning the candy bowl.
We're gonna get tricked.
Mom, you look great.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
But thanks.
What did you call me?
I like it.
But flattery will
get you nowhere.
I'm telling you,
that cat... Oh, no.
What's up? Wow! Mom, you look amazing.
What's up, Dad?
Max, shouldn't you be getting
to that special soccer practice
that Coach Freeley wants you at?
What? What're you talking about?
He's not part of a team.
Well, he is now.
Max kicked butt
at practice today.
He's their star player.
Freeley was freaking out.
And get this.
Tomorrow, he's starting at
the game against Dylan High.
So, he's got to get going.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute!
My son is a starter
in the city finals?
It gets even better. Coach Freeley
called him their secret weapon.
When were you planning
on telling us this?
I was gonna surprise you.
Well, we're surprised.
Wow, my son's a starter.
I told you you could do it.
Didn't I say he could do it, honey?
Of course, dear.
But we should get going, I
mean, we don't wanna be late
and be kicked off
the team, right?
Oh, no. Right, right, right. No.
No son of mine is ever gonna
be late for practice.
Go, fight.
No, wait.
What time is the game?
Two o'clock.
Two o'clock?
Two o'clock.
Two o'clock. Two o'clock.
Two o'clock.
I'm gonna call Eddie, I'm
gonna cancel that golf game,
and I am gonna be there.
Yeah, you are.
I better call Joan.
Go call Eddie.
Look, Mom and Dad told me about
how I freaked out this morning.
But you helped me,
calmed me down
and kept me from hurting myself.
I don't even know what happened,
but you helped me, so,
thank you.
I owe you one.
Do you know what happened to me?
You were possessed
by a berserker ghoul.
Right, I said I owe you one.
That doesn't mean I have
to believe your stories
about ghosts and magic. You know
I don't believe that stuff.
Well, maybe someday you will.
Dude, just get out of here.
Go do your nerd stuff.
Dad, I need the phone.
Come on,
my grave, further ahead.
Okay, now what do we do?
Okay, Emma must
return to her grave
and Max will say his chant
while holding the ring.
That should break the spell
and you can be dead again.
Okay, great, then all
I have to do is...
My ring!
I don't have it.
I took it off and stuck it in my
pocket after soccer practice.
You mean you came
out here, on Halloween,
with no protection from Phears?
Don't worry. I'll run
back and get it right now.
Did I just hear someone say
that they forgot to bring the
ring to our little party?
How careless.
Looks like you all fell
for my little plan.
Even you, Emma. You look
lovely, by the way.
You see, I knew you would be good
to get the ring off his finger
but how would I capture
all of them together?
Easy, you tell them
the story about your family.
How you want so
badly to be reunited,
just like Tara
and Nicky want to be
with their parents, and presto!
You all end up back
at your graveside.
You see, I didn't just
pick you by accident.
I knew nothing of this
plan, little ones.
I swear it.
Don't worry, Emma.
We believe you.
Phears just used you.
Oh. Oh, yes. Did I use you?
I'm so sorry.
Finally, the end of the
Roland brats and Max Doyle.
This is gonna be fun.
No, leave Max out of it.
He didn't do anything to you and he
has nothing to do with our parents.
On the contrary,
he's had plenty to do
with disrupting my plans.
And now all of you
are going to pay for it.
Tara, run. Come on.
Not so fast, tough guy.
And as for you, missy...
Max, run.
Get the ring.
Yes, Max.
I will help you.
Oh, you're not going anywhere.
Ah, yes, but of course.
When in need, ask your
friends for help.
Catch that boy and destroy him.
Wow! Cool costume.
I'm totally getting
one of those next year.
Look out.
Ghoul chase!
Hey, bro.
What's up'?
My bro.
My bro right there.
Is that Max?
Max, this is awesome.
How are you doing all this?
Well, my minor in college
is gonna be in makeup
and special effects.
Good. That's good.
You fight like a ghoul.
How cool was that?
There are too many people here.
These ghouls will
destroy them all.
I'm sleepy-
No, no, don't fall asleep now.
I need you.
Yeah, you nerds go all
out for Halloween.
What's up?
Those aren't nerds and
they're not going anywhere,
except after me.
Dude, not cool.
Not dudes. Ghouls.
Oh, you wanna play, huh?
Max, follow me.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you believe me
about ghouls now?
Yeah, I'm getting there.
Stop it.
It's nothing.
What's up?
Come to papa.
Mauler, of course.
Here, kitty, kitty.
What? Cat got your tongue?
Emma. Emma,
Emma, you awake?
Got any ideas what
to do with this cat?
Just catch him, Max.
I'm too sleepy.
Okay, Mauler.
Come on, boy.
Take it easy.
Okay, Max.
I will help you.
Okay, Mauler.
Maybe this will get you.
Check this out.
Oh, man! I hope
we're not too late.
Me too.
'Cause I must go sleep now.
No, I still need your help.
Use the ring, Max.
And mangy cat.
That is all you need.
Good night.
Tara! Nicky!
Where are you guys?
Over here. Phears locked us in this
creepy, old crypt with his dark magic.
Yeah, well,
we'll see about that.
From the light of Earth,
the dark descends.
Should they return?
That all depends.
When hands point up to moonlit
skies, on ten, three, one
the darkness dies.
Not the funnel!
Oh! That bratty kid
and his ring again!
Tough luck, you little dweeb.
If I get dragged into that
funnel, she goes with me
and you'll never see her again.
Now cough up that ring.
Yeah, well, let's see who
else gets dragged into this.
One second.
Not Mauler, my most
beautiful wicked cat!
Bye, Mauler. Too bad no one
will ever see you again.
Don't hurt him.
Then let Tara go.
You promise not to destroy
him if I release her?
Don't listen to him, Max. Don't
trust Phears. It's a trick.
I got a few of those
up my sleeve myself.
Okay, I promise.
Now let her go.
What do we do now?
Now we let the cat
out of the bag.
He's got Mauler.
My beautiful, evil kitty.
You tricked me,
you two-faced brat!
No! Mauler, don't be afraid.
Mauler, Daddy's coming. Be brave.
Be brave for Daddy!
My God!
He would do anything
for that cat.
Okay, come on Tara,
we promised to help Emma and help her
get her back to her resting place.
Okay, you ready?
Come on, Emma, wake up.
You can do it, Emma,
can you hear me?
Whoo! Emma?
Oh, thank you.
Thank you all so much.
You're very, very kind.
Now, I must go home.
Oh, Emma, if you see our
parents, can you tell them that...
Well, I'm happy for her.
If she didn't have friends
in Plover before,
she does now.
Phears is gone for a while.
Yeah, now if I can just convince
Cammy I'm not a total weirdo.
Well, you never know.
Stranger things have happened.
Let's go, Orange!
Let's go, Orange!
Don't let him have it.
Take the ball!
No! No! No!
What are you, asleep?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Come on, come on.
All right, Freeley. Three minutes left.
Tie game. You got any more substitutes,
put them in.
Thomas, you're out!
Max! Max! Max! Max! Max!
Max! Max!
Max! Max! Max!
Max! Max! Max! Max! Max!
Okay, Secret Weapon.
You're up.
Listen, it's all for you.
Okay? Take forward. Go.
Come on, hustle up.
Max. Come on.
Let's do it.
What's going on?
Come on.
Where's right forward?
It's over here.
Good hustle.
You can do it! Here!
You'll be fine.
All right.
You got this, Max.
- Yes.
- Back away, loser.
Max. What are you doing?
Dude, that way.
Max. I think this
will work better.
All right.
- Oh!
- Yeah!
Do you think that hurt his head?
Hurt his head?
Honey, come on. When you're
making all-star plays like that,
you just lay it out there.
You don't worry
about getting hurt.
That's my boy!
Go Max!
Go Max!
Oh, ref, come on!
Are you okay?
I'll be all right. What about Max?
Are you sure?
Stay down, stay down.
He's fine. He's over there.
What are you guys doing?
Max, you've got this!
Just believe in yourself.
Come on, Max, you can do it!
We got the cup!
We got the cup!
Never had a doubt.
Never had a doubt.
Good job.
I'm so proud of you!
Boom, huh!
So proud of you.
Nice game there, Beckham.
That was, I mean, crazy.
Look, about last night...
I really wish you
would have stayed.
I just wanted to thank you for everything
you did for the haunted house.
That was really cool.
But I guess, you were just
getting good and
rested up for the game.
Yes. That's exactly
what it was.
Well, the haunted house
is still there.
I may not be as good with
effects and stuff as you are,
but I can still give you a
really cool exclusive tour.
As good a time as any.
Way to go, Bro.
What's up?
We should follow him.
Let him go.
So, we totally blew away our
whole fund-raising goal and I am
pretty sure it's because of the awesome
show you and your friends put on.
So, thank you.
Oh. Yeah, my pleasure.
Are you okay?
You seem nervous.
You know, haunted house.
Scary stuff.
Something tells me
you've seen scarier.
What tells you that?
I don't know, I mean,
it's a feeling I have.
You seem mysterious.
But in a totally good way.
What would you say if I told you
I was friends with two ghosts
that were trying to find their parents
that were kidnapped by an evil spirit?
I'd say...
I... You better
call me next time.
Hey, great game today, Max.
Thanks, Mrs. Hepplewhite.
So, how was it?
Boring, right?
Hey, there he is.
Son, I can't tell you how
proud I was of you today.
But I can show you.
Head upstairs to your room.
I got a little surprise
waiting for you.
Mr. Secret Weapon.
Shall we go up?
Computer's back.
Now I can finally get back to
researching our dad's journal.
We're closer than ever to
finding our morn and dad.
But how will we know if
Emma was able to find them?
You gotta be patient, Tara.
I mean, there's
no telling how vast
or complex the afterlife
may be. It...
"Nicky. Tara.
"We cannot tell you
how relieved we are
"to know that you're okay.
"Emma tells us that
you're looking for us.
"And I know that we will
all be together again soon.
"Don't ever lose hope.
"We'll get through this.
"We're closer than ever,
"Thanks to your friend Max.
"We love you more than anything.
"Mom and Dad."
You ran so fast.
Why do I taste syrup?
I'm sorry.
That's a lot of syrup.
...through any of that, Mom.
No. That was great.
But that was great.
I was going with it.
This time I know his secret.
It's that ring...
I can snatch the two Roland
brats and we'll both be free.
I forgot my last line.
I don't believe you have one.
Well, that solves the problem.
Echo, take one.
Oh, I tore the other side.
Do we keep looking?
Right, Max!
I totally forgot my line, Max.
Oh, right, Max.
Like, how did he get in the
dresser then?
Bye, Mauler. Too bad no one...
It's hard.
I wanna do it more.
Oh, hey!
Guys, it's just Charlie
from next door.
Well, keep it away from me,
because I'll be in hives for a week.
Come here, boy.
Come here, Charlie.
Come here, Charlie.
What are you doing here?
You're supposed to be next...
All right. Come here.
Come here, Charlie.
Just pick him up.
Just pick him up.
Is he good?
Yeah, yeah, just pick him up.
Come here, Charlie.
What are you doing here? You're
supposed to be next door.
See, Dad.
I told you nerdy boy
had a cat up here.
You're dead.
What? How do you
wanna disappear?
Oh, we're disappearing.
Oh, sorry.
How do you wanna do it?
Um... High five.
I don't know. That's all we have.
What do you want?