Motel Mist (2016) Movie Script

I wont take it, I wont take it,
I wont take it.
Some thief sneaked in while I was sleeping.
When I opened my eyes I was shocked.
The thief sneaked in and touched me,
kissed me, embraced me.
I wont take it, I wont take it.
I grabbed a gun.
I stood up hoping to shoot him dead.
But just as I was about the pull the trigger
the thief rushed in and embraced me,
kissed me loudly,
then jumped out the back window.
Officer, I want to report a crime.
At about 2 a.m. on the 13th,
a thiefI dont know his name
burly and dark skinned,
sneaked in while I was sleeping
and touched me, kissed me,
then ran away.
I wont take it, I wont take it,
so Im here to report a crime.
You have to catch him, officer.
Put him behind bars, he deserves it.
Then let him kiss me again
and I wont press charges.
I wont take it, I wont take it,
so Im here to report a crime.
You have to catch him, officer.
Put him behind bars, he deserves it.
Then let him kiss me again
and I wont press charges.
Tul Triparps mother,
Nid, is here with us now.
Since Nid came out with the announcement
of her sons disappearance yesterday
her story has made all the headlines and
continues to grasp the
attention of the public.
Tul Triparb, of course, is a former child
star who was once immensely popular.
According to Nid, Tul has disappeared
from home for almost two weeks.
Nid believes the disappearance
to be her sons own action,
not an abduction,
no foul play involved.
Mental conditions may be
the cause of this incident.
Nid thinks that
her son may be delusional.
All of this may come
as a surprise to fans
who never noticed
anything unusual in Tuls behavior.
Most thought that Tul decided
to leave show business
in order to focus on his studies.
There was no sign
that he was delusional,
believing that he was an alien.
That was what Nid informed
the public in her announcement.
Do I understand correctly, Nid,
that Tul thinks he is
an alien from outer space.
Lets just say
Tul believes that
aliens are communicating with him.
Im not certain
whether he believes himself
to be an alien or not.
He only said
aliens were communicating with him,
told him they would come
to take him away,
something like that.
Well, no one can possibly know
whether he thinks hes an alien or not,
but we know, from your report,
that Tul thinks
hes communicating with aliens
and that they are coming to take him away.
Are you saying that
Tul has now gone away with the aliens?
Just like I said in the announcement,
Tuls is not healthy.
He is in a bad condition.
He may think
hes gone with the aliens,
but in reality
he is ill.
So, what youre trying to say is that
Tuls mental condition
is the only thing
responsible for his disappearance,
am I right?
There is probably
no one else involved,
Im sure of that.
Now I am only
concerned about my son.
Actually, I didnt want to
make a big deal out of it.
But I dont know what to do.
The authorities still cant locate him.
Apart from mental illness,
do you think there may be
other factors that caused this?
Some news reports have speculated
the issue of drug use...
I already told you he is sick.
Very sick.
All right. If Tul happens
to be watching this interview,
is there anything you
would like to say to him?
Tul. If you are watching,
if you can hear me, please come home.
Im waiting for you.
I have only you.
Im extremely concerned.
I cant eat. I cant sleep.
come home, Tul
I beg you.
We wish to express our support.
And if you, the viewers,
come across any information about Tul,
you can contact our program.
We will help to get
the information to Nid.
And now lets watch clips
of interviews with Tuls friends,
sending messages to Tul,
in case he is watching.
Tul Triparps disappearance is
all over the news all day today.
They say hes crazy, delusional,
seeing aliens, something like that.
Oh, thats right.
Youre too young to know Tul Triparb.
Once he was super famous.
Became a star at a very young age.
Acting in movies, TV dramas,
had music albums,
was in commercials, everything.
He was everywhere.
Hard to believe
Hard to believe he would
grow up to be delusional.
Come to think of it,
I feel bad for these child stars.
If they dont become drug addicts,
they turn crazy and see aliens.
Hey, whats up?
Does it have to be like that?
Just tell her to chill.
Oh, yeah?
She didnt say it like that
in the text she sent me.
Thats not cool, no?
Really? You really wanna do that?
Come on. What the hell?
You fucking bitch!
Its not right for children to swear!
No, babe, I didnt go to see anybody.
Honestly, there was no one.
I went out to buy some stuff.
I left it in the room
so I couldnt answer.
I really went to buy stuff.
A lot of stuff. Different stuff.
Oh, yes,
I also bought some rope.
Rope. Yes, rope.
I can use it tie your heart to mine,
you know?
Wait a sec.
I have to get back to work, babe.
Really, I have to work.
Everything ready?
The cameras battery should be
fully charged by now, sir.
Hello, brother. You want a room?
But we dont have any girls now.
Just the room. Room five.
I cant give you room five
How about one from eleven to fifteen?
Any one of those is available.
Room five.
I really cant give
room five to you, bro.
All the rooms are equally good.
Room five.
If you drive on about a kilo
youll see another motel
called Happy Gigs.
They may be able to
give you their number five.
Room five.
Well, you got it, bro.
All right. This way.
You can have room four too,
if you want.
Come on, help me do some work.
Sit over there.
Dont let my glass fall off.
Quit playing
with your smartphone.
Time to play with me now.
Stretch your arms forward.
Like youre going to fly.
Turn over.
Stretch your arms like before.
Be very still.
Theres whiskey in my glass,
so dont spill it.
Ill really be angry if you do.
Youve spilled it!
What a waste.
I forgive you this time.
Go take a shower.
Wash every part nice and clean.
And dont take too long
Im ready to play.
Today were at the house
of former child star Tul Triparp
who has mysteriously disappeared.
According to Tuls mother, Nid,
Tuls mental condition is most likely
the sole cause of this incident.
We are here to talk to Nid and to
explore this sensational story further.
This is Tuls bedroom.
Tul has been writing in these
notebooks for quite some time.
If you start to read, youll realize
theyre all conversations.
Two sides writing back and fourth
but Tul is the only writer.
Look carefully
and youll see that
the handwritings are also different.
This is Tuls handwriting.
But this is the handwriting of someone
or something else that
Tul is communicating with.
There are hundreds of
notebooks like this.
You mean these notebooks
are conversations
between Tul and the aliens?
I think Tul believes so.
But it was only him
who wrote these words.
Do you think theres a connection
between these writings
and Tuls disappearance?
I have no idea.
Since Tul
started to write in these notebooks
he almost never spoke to me again.
He only communicated with himself
or with something
he thought was sending
him messages.
He was always preoccupied
with that something
He listened to everything
it told him to do.
Prepare the space.
What you up to, babe?
Come again?
Its bitter and expensive.
I dont like it.
I like
Thai coffee,
with condensed milk.
Sweet. I like it sweet.
Cause Im a sweet guy, you know.
Hey, babe,
listen. I wanna see you again.
Can you come out to see me?
Why not?
Please come out to see me.
Please, please, please,
pretty please.
Come to see me.
In an hour, please? Please.
Sick. Im sick.
Its all right,
Im just sick of missing you.
OK, just please consider
coming out to see me.
Take pity on me, please.
I gotta go back to work.
OK. Muah, muah, muah.
My name is Tot, last name Niyom.
Nicknamed Tot
but friends call me Tong.
Currently I work at a love motel.
Everyday I work there.
Sometimes I have the weekend off.
My main duty
is to welcome the guests
and take care of stuff in the rooms.
Oh, the place is called Motel Mistress.
But my dream job is
fire performer on the beach.
Yes, thats right.
The reason that makes me
want to be a fire performer is because
when I was young I had a friend
who lived in a beach resort town
and he took me
to see a fire performance
and I thought it was so cool.
I loved it. Kids like things
that look powerful, you know.
Its like playing with
lightsabers in Star Wars.
Loved it.
And they say you can
make a lot of cash
and get a lot of chicks doing it.
They say everyday theres a new chick
offering herself to the fire performer.
Thats why I want to do it.
Ah, was that not politically correct?
I just want to be a fire performer
because of the money
and you get to hang by the sea.
Not good.
I think less is more.
Im in a minimalist mood today.
Go put your clothes back on.
I want to sniff the scent of your sweat.
Hold on a minute.
Why the rush to lay down?
Come sit around with me first.
Keep still.
Open your mouth.
I said open your mouth.
Open it!
Dont be difficult.
Keep still. It wont take long.
Just keep still. Thats it, see?
Be a good girl
and dont make things difficult, OK?
Give me your hand.
What are you saying?
Speak clearly. I cant hear it.
You want to speak so badly?
Wait, wait, wait.
All right.
What did you say?
I think this movie is boring.
Cant we change it?
You pay attention to my movie?
Ever since I started using this room,
youre the first to have something
to say about the movies I put on.
Im the nostalgic type.
I like watching movies
from the older eras,
before everything became digital.
Images these days are so sharp
theres no soul left in them.
No longer sensitive and natural.
What problem do you
have with this movie?
Tell me.
The guys ugly. I cant stand it.
I guess its true what they say.
Kids these days have no patience.
Pay attention only to the superficials.
But I like that youre not afraid
to express yourself.
If you wish to change the movie,
Ill let you chose one you prefer.
Go and pick a movie yourself.
All right?
What are you looking around there for?
Come and get it here. Come.
I dont believe anyone else
is involved in Tuls disappearance.
I believe that Tul left
the house on his own.
And Tul is a very sick person,
he may be harmful to himself.
I have been in close contact
with the authorities
and they are doing
their best to find Tul.
But I would like to announce that
whoever can provide information
or lead me
or the authorities
to Tuls whereabout,
that person will receive
one hundred thousand baht
as a reward for the information.
And two hundred thousand baht
One hundred thousand?
if the information leads us to Tul.
Such firm flesh.
Your young girl scent
makes me feel very alive.
Be still!
Dont you want to do two girls
at the same like in the movie?
You think Ive never done that?
Ive done even five at the same time.
I have a friend, very pretty.
She needs cash, wants to join us.
Waste of time.
Also, you dont have to worry
that we wont have fun.
I guarantee
that I will give you the time of your life.
Theres plenty of pretty young girls
who need cash.
wont you give it a try?
My friend is very beautiful.
You wont regret it, I promise.
Big breasts too.
How soon can your friend get here?
Shes actually not far from here.
Should be able to get here in
less than ten minutes if you want her.
Let me make it clear.
If I dont like what I see
I will send her away.
I need to use my phone.
Call her. Ill talk.
Whats your name?
Your friend says you want to
come and join the fun?
But how do you know
where your friend is?
That so?
if you can really
show up here in five, come.
But if later than that,
dont even think about it.
If you dont listen to what I say,
both of you will be in big trouble.
Your friends name is Vicky, correct?
She told me
you asked her to follow us
since we left the school. Is that true?
Im sorry.
My hearings not so good.
Im sorry.
I dont like having people
sneaking around behind my back.
Dont think that
just because Im nice to you
you can do whatever you please.
If I dont like what I see
when your friend shows up,
youre gonna be sorry.
I am not a mean person.
But people must have principles,
have manners,
be considerate to your seniors.
If everyone did
whatever he or she wanted,
how could we function as a society?
A girl is coming. Take care of it.
Youre very lucky,
Vicky. Come in and join the fun.
Come inside.
Make yourself comfortable.
Youre not going to
just sit there and watch, right?
There is an appropriate soundtrack
for every atmosphere, girls.
Wait a sec.
What took you so long?
Youre always late.
And for every action
there is an appropriate outfit.
I appreciate simplicity. Slow life.
We have all night together.
There is no need to rush.
You girls are quick.
Very efficient. I like it.
But untie me first.
I havent selected the toys
to use with you girls yet.
Ouch! That hurts!
You dont have to worry.
We will select the toys ourselves.
Wait for command.
What? Say again? Say it louder.
What the fuck do you think
youre doing?
A good grown up doesnt swear.
You fucking bitch!
Are you deaf?
Do I have to repeat myself?
Let me go.
Fucking asshole.
Ive done it.
Now what should we do with him?
- It took you so long to show up.
- Youre such a cry baby.
Its all right now.
Im the superhero type,
dont you think?
Shows up to rescue
the girl just in time.
Look at the asshole.
If I took your role
everything would have
collapsed before it even began for sure.
I detest his fucking face.
But you, you were perfect for the part.
Weak, weepy, wimpy.
Ill give you an Oscar, OK?
But I was scared.
No need to be scared anymore!
Lets take a selfie.
- Are you nuts?
- Well send it to Pim.
Wipe off your tears and smile.
Come on. Quick.
Be Pretty.
Come on.
You dont have to smile, asshole
Hurry up!
I dont know what face to make.
Wait a sec. Have to look pretty first.
Here we go.
You recognize this face?
Shes my friend.
This friend of mine is now
a fucking vegetable because of you.
Since you enjoyed playing
with our friend so much,
we wanted to play with you too.
Now what should we do?
Just fuck with the asshole.
What else?
Theres no need
to be creative about it.
I know. But how?
Just squeeze his fucking balls.
Nah! What if they burst in my hand?
Thatll be fucking
painful enough already.
What do you wanna do?
Do whatever you want.
Bite his fucking dick off?
He might even enjoy it,
fucking pervert.
Look at his fucking face.
You think about it then.
Im thirsty.
And Im exhausted.
Any drinking water in this place?
Theres liquor in the other room.
No kidding!
Come on. Lets go.
Come on.
Whatre you waiting for?
Hey, bro.
Brother. Ive got clean towels for you.
What the hell?
Did you feel something?
When we kissed.
Feel what?
Like, feeling good?
A good feeling?
You kidding?
I think...I felt it.
Are you drunk?
I think when I kissed you
I was aroused.
Why so serious? Are you all right?
You know that
my brothers a fag, right?
Yeah? And?
You think its genetic?
Why? Your folks gay?
Dunno. Never asked them.
Maybe they are.
No. I mean,
I wanna know. I mean,
its no big deal, right?
I always make fun of my brother
but its only because
everybody makes fun of him.
Fact that he likes men or fucks men,
I dont think is so strange.
Whats the difference,
If people feel
thats what they want?
Maybe I like girls.
Dont tell me youre in love with me.
Ill slap your face!
Dont be so serious. Anything wrong?
Im just curious.
I think I was aroused when we kissed.
Im a very pretty girl,
so of course.
Right. Bitch!
Have you done this online test?
How Good A Citizen Are You?
No. Why?
Take the test. Ill share it to you.
I got an eighty-four percent score on it!
Did you cheat? Theres no way
you scored eighty-four.
Watch your mouth.
Im really a good citizen, thats why.
Thing is, the questions are damn easy.
If you know the right thing to say,
everyone can get a high score.
Which country is the test for?
What do you mean?
Good citizen for which country?
Which society?
What do you mean?
Society is society.
Its not all the same.
A good citizen for North Korea
and a good citizen for Sweden,
I think isnt the same, no?
Youre being complex again.
I think youll fail the test for sure.
But its true, no?
Your test doesnt cover
every country in the world, right?
Im a good citizen everywhere,
all over the world.
How? How are you a good citizen?
A good citizen knows her boobies
and how to carry them out.
You idiot.
Calm down.
Or the...
Strange in the home...
How much...
Crossing boarders...
Very important for the Self...
Believing in...
Without reasons...
Figures that move...
Be grateful...
Accept as the words...
Will give in and return...
And misery...
Pain of...
As if humankind...
Spreading in...
Seeing the phenomenon in the world...
Until the world ends...
Then turning into...
Not changing...
Our tongue...
Not necessary...
Not in time...
Our face...
Our face...
Our face...
I think youre starting
to enjoy this too much
and forget that were here for revenge.
How long are you gonna keep playing?
Just give me a minute, all right?
Wake up! Wake up!
Vicky! Wake up! Vicky!
Vicky! Wake up!
Get out of here.
Let's go.
Get out of here.
Do you have my phone?
This is the first thing
you fucking ask for?
Lets take a selfie.
No filters can help us now.