Mother and Child (2009) Movie Script

Arun's collections
Her birthday
is coming up.
She'll be 37.
I spoke to Bill Colden
about you.
He says you're one of
the best lawyers
he's ever worked with.
And I know Bill.
Praise doesn't
come easy to him.
We had
a good relationship.
He runs that firm well.
Yes, he does.
So, in your estimation,
what are your
professional strengths?
Well, I don't believe
in improvisation.
I prepare
my cases rigorously.
I'm on top of clients.
I handle them well.
I protect them
from themselves.
I prefer to work on
a project by myself,
but I can work
just as well in a team,
if necessary.
I work equally well
with men or women,
but I prefer
to report to a man.
Why's that?
Many women
find me threatening.
Would I be
reporting to you?
So, we'd have nothing
to worry about, then.
Why do you think women
find you threatening?
I'm not in the sisterhood.
I'm my own person.
I saw from this
that you moved to and from
this area several times.
I've gone wherever
I've had to go
to get ahead.
But you always
return here.
This part of the world
is as good as any.
Well, Elizabeth,
your resume
is very impressive.
It's no secret
you'd be a great asset
to us.
I would not
disappoint you.
If you wouldn't mind,
could you give me
some of your
personal background?
I was born here
in Los Angeles.
And I was given up
for adoption
on the day of my birth.
My mother was 14
when she had me.
And that's all I know
about her.
My adoptive father died
when I was 10.
My adoptive mother and I
are not close.
My name,
Elizabeth Joyce,
is one I picked out
for myself
in junior high.
It's my legal name now.
I don't go by any other.
I live alone.
I have
since I turned 17.
I've never
been married,
and I have no plans
to marry.
I value my independence
above all things.
That way I don't have
any expectations to fulfill
other than my own,
which are great enough.
That's all she wrote.
LUCY : We've been married
for four years.
And we've been trying
from the beginning.
But we just haven't
been able to.
And we've been hoping,
you know, against hope,
as they say.
But that just
isn't going to be.
And we've accepted that.
And we're not bitter.
I mean, I don't think.
Do you think
we're bitter
about it?
No. No, we're not.
So, we could be
good parents, you know.
Joseph is
a very tender man.
He's affectionate.
And, we could learn
to love a baby
in a minute,
even if
it wasn't ours.
Would we get to name
the baby ourselves?
It depends on
the circumstances.
the biological parents
and the adoptive parents
agree on a name.
We could agree
to agree.
Well, we're ready now,
to adopt.
I mean,
blood is important,
but it's the time
spent together
that really matters.
Isn't that right?
Oh, my God.
What? What? What?
Why didn't you
shut me up?
It's all right, Lucy,
everyone who goes to
her office is nervous, okay?
Gave that whole speech
about time spent together.
Where the hell did I get that?
Baby, I have no idea.
Why didn't you
open your mouth?
Lucy, don't try...
Why didn't you
say a word?
she liked you.
Do you think?
Yes, I think.
Just relax.
How does that feel?
It feels okay.
Just okay?
It feels good.
Please, God,
let us find a baby.
I got you.
Good, Louise.
Put your arm on the side.
There you go.
This is our
general therapy area
where we treat patients
with chronic pain
and acute injuries.
Hi. Janelle.
Hi. Paco.
Is that man
flirting with you?
Yes, he was.
Say hello
to Karen, mija.
Your mother
had a good day.
She ate
really well.
And how long's
she been asleep?
For about half an hour.
She really needed it.
I can change her
into her nightgown
before I leave.
I'll do that.
I'm gonna be
a little late tomorrow.
It's back to school
for this one.
I'll see you tomorrow.
These need clipping.
Mom, I'm gonna look
for a new person for you.
Sofia never asked me
if I minded
that she brought
the girl over
while school was out.
I don't know
what I would've said,
but she should've
asked me.
You cannot fire her.
We're Steven and Tracy
from next door.
We just wanted to
come by and say hi
and welcome
to the building.
Thank you.
We only moved in
two months ago,
so, you know,
we know what it's like
not to know anyone.
It's a pretty safe
building though,
don't you think?
I mean, we think so.
Yes, it's quiet.
So, you're here
all by yourself, right?
Yes, that's right.
Yeah. I told Steven
that I thought so.
Didn't I?
STEVEN : Yeah, yeah.
It's mostly single people
in the building,
you know, no children.
So far.
You know, I was just
in the middle of something.
Oh, don't worry.
We'll talk again.
I'm home most days,
and so just, you know,
come by and borrow
a cup of sugar
or something.
It was nice meeting you.
Lucy, are you there? Lucy-Lu!
Are you there,
or aren't you?
Why does she do that?
Okay, you're not there.
I'm not home!
Okay, call me back.
I'll try you back
in a little while.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I don't know if this thing
is still recording
or if I got cut off.
Is this thing still recording?
I can't. I can't.
No, I can't.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Don't stop.
I lost it.
I lost it.
Lucy! Okay, okay.
Okay, I'm gone.
Okay, bye.
I lost it.
KAREN : I had a new dream
a couple of days ago.
I come home
and try to get in
but my key breaks
inside the lock.
I look through the window
and I can see you
in my bed sleeping.
I go in
through the back door
and walk up to you
and smell your breath.
It smells of another
woman's breast milk,
not mine.
And the bed is wet.
You've wet the bed
and I start to cry
because I don't
have clean sheets
to make it fresh.
Sorry, I didn't
mean to stare.
Paco. Karen, right?
Clara told me
your name.
What else did
she say about me?
Nothing else.
She always has time
on her hands to be
talking to someone.
That's why
her work stinks.
So, was it
your idea or his?
Oh, please don't, okay?
I just need
your support on this.
Oh, I'm with you.
I was just wondering
whose idea it was.
It was my idea. Okay?
Your mother-in-law
is gonna blow a gasket.
Her prince
raising the child
of a stranger.
What about you?
Are you gonna love
this baby or no?
Well, there is no baby
to speak of yet.
What's the next step?
We are meeting a woman
on Wednesday.
She is six months
And she's
just now deciding
to give up this baby?
No. Apparently she's
already turned down
a few couples.
Turned down?
Who's approving who?
There's an argument
that you'd be
doing her a favor.
Nobody's doing
anybody a favor.
Hey, everybody
stands to win.
You know, there is
so much positioning
for everything nowadays.
Motherhood should
be something simpler
than that.
I'm sorry, Lucy.
That was a horrible
thing to say.
I'm sorry, Lu.
I'm an idiot.
Forgive me.
Please, I'm sorry.
Oh, you really
wear me out.
Ah. We gave you
one of our better offices.
And what did I do
to deserve it?
Nothing, but we
have high hopes.
As well you should.
Any questions?
Welcome dinner
tomorrow night.
Mistral, 8:15.
You know it?
See you there.
(EXHALES) How's work?
It's good.
There's a new
training program
to work with people
who are recuperating
from chemotherapy.
They asked if any of us
wanted to participate
and I said yes.
So, they're paying us
to learn something new,
so that's good.
There's a new therapist.
He's a man,
oh, he's my age.
He's a little heavyset.
He's graying, you know?
He's friendly.
Everybody likes him.
Watch yourself, Karen.
Don't set
yourself up for falls.
All right,
now, press up
against my hand.
That's right.
Now let it go.
Very good.
Just like that. Okay?
Here you go.
Oh, here comes
I feel like we got off
on the wrong foot.
Why do you say that?
Well, you seemed
a little upset
the other day when...
You don't know me
well enough
to know if I was upset.
That was good work,
I have some time before
I have to be home.
I'm getting
a cup of coffee.
Do you mind
if I join you?
All right.
You folks ready?
black, please.
Same for me.
Thank you.
You know what?
I'll have the apple pie, too.
Can't seem to stay away
from apple pie.
You should
watch your weight.
Yeah, I should.
So, how long have
you been at the clinic?
I... I've been there
six years, six months.
April 11th, 2004
was my first day.
Good memory.
Yeah. I was at
Westside Memorial
for eleven years
before that.
Westside, I hear
that's a good place.
Yeah, well,
I didn't see eye-to-eye
with my supervisor.
She was sloppy
and she needed me
to pick up the slack
for her.
I got tired of it
and I told her so.
And she had me fired.
This is cold.
So what about you?
I've been down here
like five months now.
I'm from the Bay Area.
Been a therapist
for four years.
Before that I drove
for a car company.
I'm divorced.
I'm a grandfather.
Can you imagine?
And my daughter Melissa,
she's 28, she has twins.
They weren't exactly
planned but
what can you do?
She's happy.
She still lives up there.
What else would you
like to know?
We don't have to
interrogate each other.
This is not a date.
a harsh word.
You live by yourself?
What's so funny?
No, nothing. I...
I just can't seem to
say the right things
around you,
and I'm trying.
Believe me.
What do you mean?
I just feel like
I keep putting
my foot in my mouth
every time
I talk to you,
and I just
don't know why.
Look, I'm sorry.
Let's forget I said that.
I don't know what
I'm talking about.
I'm not
a difficult person.
No, I don't mean that.
No, you're not
comfortable with me.
No, I am.
My words are
too harsh for you.
No, no, no,
no, no, I...
WINSTON : Do you know
what you want?
I don't care.
A boy.
Biological parents get
to visit their children
and have a hand
in their upbringing.
Isn't that the case now?
No. No, it's your child.
You call the shots.
It's just without
all that secrecy,
you know?
So, if one day our baby
wants to know
where they come from,
then they have
a right to know.
I hope they don't
change their minds
about all these rules
20 years from now.
You know, they always seem
to change their minds
about things like that.
Who does?
The experts.
Well, I think Joseph's
gonna be a great dad.
Don't you think?
It's all
he's ever wanted.
Hey, Elizabeth.
I didn't realize it was
just the two of us.
Oh, my partners would
put you to sleep
in a minute.
I thought this would
be better.
It's not
what I expected.
I hope you don't think
it's inappropriate.
I just like to know
what everything means,
that's all.
Just the boss
getting acquainted
with his new employee.
Thank you.
Something to drink?
Sparkling water.
WAITER: Yes, ma'am.
Are you married?
I was.
My wife passed away
five years ago.
What was her name?
What about her
do you miss the most?
We were close.
That's hard to come by.
That's what I miss
most about her.
In fact, my children
say my wife and I
were closer to each other
than we were to them.
I was hoping
they hadn't noticed.
How old are they?
Maria's 29.
Julian's 30.
You started young.
Mmm, not so young.
So, you're
no spring chicken.
No, I'm not.
You're still handsome.
Thank you.
(SIGHS) That young doctor,
he said he'd be back
first thing in the morning
to talk to us.
I don't wanna die here.
You're not gonna die.
You're gonna be fine.
Expect me
to live forever?
Don't start that again.
Even if I could
I wouldn't want to.
Just one disappointment
after another.
What, Mom?
PAUL : What keeps you
here so late?
Sneider and Lubezky.
Oh. Not easy clients.
They're downright difficult.
But they'll be
happy with that.
How about you?
Time for beddy-bye?
Yes. Yes it is.
Well, I could
invite you over
for a drink.
Unless you think
that's inappropriate.
We'll take your car.
Oh, hi. We were just
talking about you.
Weren't we, Steve?
'Cause I'm getting up
to use the bathroom
seven times a night,
and our rooms
are back-to-back
and I just hope
I'm not waking you.
I haven't
heard a thing.
Oh, good, good.
Well, you'd let us know,
wouldn't you?
I'm Paul.
STEVEN : Oh, hi.
I'm sorry.
This is Steven and...
Tell me
your name again.
This is Paul,
my father.
Oh, it's so nice
to meet you, sir.
Spending the night
in the garage?
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
It's for a birthing class
that starts tonight.
He's my coach.
We'll get out of
your way, then.
Good night.
STEVEN : Nice meeting you.
Adopted, right?
PAUL : So, what was
that about, out there?
She was almost pleased
you were black.
Did you notice?
It was a chance
for her to exercise
her liberal good will.
Now, they'll be doing
the math all night.
Maybe the father's
only half-black
and the mother is white.
They seem like
nice enough people.
Oh, come on.
It's impossible to
know what they are.
They're too busy
reinventing themselves
to everyone's liking.
What are you
thinking about?
My wife.
You'll be okay.
I want you to drink
the rest in one go.
Stay still.
Don't move, old man.
That feels good.
Let me come first.
(WHISPERS) Now you.
Good boy, Paul.
Good boy.
Be yourselves.
You have a lot
going for you.
She wants
a young couple.
She wants a woman
with a job or a career.
And you have the bakery.
Lucy, she'll like that.
All right.
I love you, Joseph.
This is Ray.
This is Lucy
and Joseph.
I'll let you talk.
How long do we have?
As long as we need.
I've already turned down
several couples.
Did she tell you that?
Well, what kind of people
are you looking for?
I wanna hear from her first
before I talk to you.
You must have something
you wanna say.
Most people have
a speech prepared
of some kind.
Come on.
What did you expect
from this meeting?
Well I didn't expect to
feel like I'd been dragged
into a principal's office.
Which is how I feel
right now.
Okay. Good answer.
I'll ask you
some questions?
Do you believe in God?
I was raised Catholic.
Do you believe in God?
Well, I'm not
a very religious person,
but Joseph is.
Aren't you?
You don't believe
that a higher being
created you and loves you,
and looks after you?
No. I'm sorry.
What do you believe?
I don't know.
Tell me what you believe.
Look, let's
not play games.
You either wanna tell me
who you are or you don't.
If you don't,
I'd rather us just part ways.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Sit down.
I believe that
when we're born
we come from nothing.
And that when we die
we go back to nothing.
That what we make
of our lives
is as a result of
our will and our luck,
the strength
of our character,
and a roll of the die.
And this is what you
would teach a child?
This is what you would
teach my baby.
The baby would be
my baby to teach.
LUCY : Why didn't
you shut me up?
Why did you just
sit there like a dummy?
You should've told me
to shut up, Joseph!
What were you think...
Lucy, Lucy, will you just
stop it, please?
No! No! Do not
treat me like a child.
Jesus Christ, Lucy.
It didn't
go well, Sister.
She wants
to meet again.
What did she say?
Nothing. Not a word,
but she wants to
see you again.
I don't believe it.
She can do
Friday morning.
Friday's not
good for me.
Well, then you should
come in by yourself, Lucy.
You don't wanna
lose momentum.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
KAREN : She's gone now.
She will never
see your face
and you will
never see hers.
There will always be
a silence between you.
I don't want that for us.
For you and me.
I know in my heart
that we will meet one day
and you will forgive me.
Your mother was
a good woman, Karen.
I'm glad it was over
quickly for her.
She was ready.
How the hell
do you know
if she was ready?
She said so.
She said
no such thing to you.
She did not.
Obviously, I don't need you
five days a week anymore.
You're right.
You don't.
Once is enough.
You pick the day.
I want the house to myself
on the weekend.
I'm going to
take another job.
And that will be from
Monday through Friday.
You can take either
Saturday or Sunday.
And Cristi will have
to come with me.
I know
you don't like her.
That's not true.
She knows how to
stay out of your way.
Say hi to everyone
for me.
Well, thank you
for coming in.
Hi. Tom Weller.
What can I
do for you today?
Well, it's nice to
meet you, Karen.
Do... Sorry. Sit.
I was in this branch
about three years ago
and I saw you.
I ran out of here
like the place was on fire.
My mother died.
How are you?
You married that girl
from NoHo High.
Right? Hailey?
Hailey, yeah.
Do you have kids?
Yeah, we have...
We have two boys
and a girl.
But they're gone now.
They... They, you know,
they have their own lives.
I think about you
all the time.
My daughter asked me
if I was dating.
I didn't know
what to tell her.
You're having an affair
with one of your attorneys.
Well, is it an affair if
neither party is married?
An affair is any sexual
or romantic relationship
of an informal
or temporary nature.
Why, thank you, Counselor.
I read your brief
on the Nelligan case.
It's outstanding.
You cited Escalante
v. LA County,
which is
a very obscure case,
but perfect for this.
Good work.
I'm recommending you to lead
the Thomas and Thompson team.
You think that's
gonna go over well
with Guinness and Wilder
and all your wonder boys
out there?
Oh, they'll have to eat it.
It is my law firm.
I'm gonna have to pass.
Thank you, though.
Why would you do that?
When I've been here
long enough to win
this kind of promotion,
I'll take it.
I know I deserve it.
But just give me
a chance to earn it.
What do you want for yourself,
I wanna sit on the
Circuit Court of Appeals.
You've been at four firms
in three cities in 10 years.
That's not a good strategy.
You wanna sit tight
at one place,
develop relationships,
win the appointments.
That's not how
I wanna live my life.
I'll get there.
There are many ways
to skin a cat.
You know, you haven't
asked me anything
about what
it's been like for me
all this time.
No, it needed
to come from you.
What I felt with you...
I've never felt again
for anyone.
Do you remember?
Hey, Karen.
Sorry to hear about
your mother.
Loss of a parent's,
horrible thing.
Oh. Yeah. Thank you.
Is this yours?
Yeah, they're tomatoes
from my garden.
What the hell's
it doing hanging
on my locker?
I just thought
you might like them.
Yeah, what made you
think that, you jerk?
I don't appreciate
being in my place of work,
and finding this
hanging on my locker
for everyone to see,
like I'm your
goddamn girlfriend.
You're an idiot!
Hey. Hey!
You know, the word is
thank you, you weirdo.
Fucking rude!
Where's your wife?
She won't be back
until 10:00.
No. No, no.
That's today's menu.
Take it or leave it.
This fun for you?
No surprises.
Well how about a drink?
Why don't we just go
back to your place?
Let's get going, cowboy.
I'm the one
who should apologize.
Well, let's just try
to forget about it.
All right.
I'm not a weirdo but...
No. I didn't mean that.
Let me finish. Okay?
I'm not a weirdo,
but I'm difficult.
Okay. I don't
make friends easily.
I demand a lot
from others.
It's unfair, but I do.
I don't like
being disappointed.
And you took me
by surprise.
Okay, took me by surprise
with your attention.
All right.
We could meet up
Saturday night if you want.
I'd like that.
I haven't told anyone
what I'm having.
I'm having a boy.
Is that what
you guys want?
Joseph wants a boy.
And you?
I'm happy either way.
If you were having
a baby yourself,
a baby of your own,
you'd want
a boy or girl?
A girl.
Do you always
tell the truth?
The truth is easier
to remember.
This is what I want.
I want to visit your house
and see how you guys live.
I wanna spend
a couple nights there.
I wanna meet your parents
and your friends.
That doesn't have to be
all in one go.
And I don't have
to interview them
or be interrogated.
After that I'll decide.
If I think
we're a good match,
I want you to come
to birthing class with me.
But not your husband.
I don't want him
at the birth, either.
Just you.
And I wanna be able
to name the baby myself.
After that, it's goodbye.
That's the deal.
What are you doing?
Get down.
You're gonna kill yourself.
Here you go.
Take one,
you little thief.
Go ahead, take it.
Take it.
What is this?
What the hell
is she doing
with this necklace?
You're hurting her, Karen.
What the hell
is she doing with this?
You are hurting her, Karen.
Let her go.
What the hell
is she doing with this?
Your mother gave it to her.
She did not.
For her birthday.
This belonged to her mother.
She did not give it to you.
She did.
Your mother was
a very generous person.
She was a wonderful woman.
Turn that thing off.
Well what else
did she give you?
A photo of herself.
Because I asked her
for it.
Why is this
upsetting you, Karen?
I'm not upset.
I'm just trying to figure out
what's going on
in my own house.
Did my mother ever
talk to you about me?
What did she say?
What the hell did she say?
She say
you were not happy.
She said that?
What were her words?
I can't remember
her exact words,
but she blame herself.
Did she tell you
what happened?
She say she had
ruined your life.
And that she was
very sorry for that.
Why didn't she
say that to me?
Why the hell didn't
she say that to me?
Why did she say it to you?
She had to say it to me.
I think she was
scared of you, Karen.
Hello. I'm Dr. Stone.
So you are Elizabeth Joyce.
Who referred you?
You're on a list of doctors
who consult for Walsh,
Connery and Lewis.
I'm one of their attorneys.
You do look familiar, though.
We've never met.
So what can I
do for you?
I'm a month late
with my period.
Are you sexually active?
I'm not pregnant.
What form of birth control
do you use?
My tubes are tied.
How long have
they been tied?
Since I was 17.
That's unusual.
It's not a procedure
normally done on minors,
except for medical reasons.
I had it done
across the border.
They didn't know
I was a minor.
Any other symptoms,
abdominal pain,
cramps, fever?
No? Okay.
Let's take a look at you.
Were you at USC Law?
I have met you.
I'm friends
with Sophie Sparrow
and Nina Marshall.
You used to live
next door to them.
We never actually talked.
You were... You were
a little intimidating.
What's wrong?
You know, I don't appreciate
looking back on my life
with someone
I've known for two minutes.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything
by that.
I'm so sorry.
That was unprofessional
and bad timing.
I don't presume
to know anything about you.
Please forgive me.
I'll have the nurse
get a blood sample
and some urine.
You could be pregnant.
It's not impossible.
I'm done, Karen.
I'll see you next week.
Thank you.
Have a seat.
Have you ever looked
for your biological parents?
They might be
looking for you.
There is no "they."
Father's not part
of my imagination.
I live in her hometown.
How hard can it be
for Her fucking Majesty
to find me?
It's better this way.
We're all better off
like this.
Why do you ask?
I thought she'd be
very pleased
with who you are.
Spending time with you
away from work
is delightful.
It's more than delightful.
In fact...
Since you landed here,
I can't tell
if I'm coming or going.
You want what you want.
And I like that.
In fact your willfulness
is a great part of your charm.
But it's getting
a little scary for me,
having these feelings.
I'm going to
have to bow out.
You don't seem like a man
who's scared by scary things.
It's precaution.
Sometimes when you fall,
it's hard to get up.
Am I early, 'cause...
No. No, it... That...
It's fine.
Look, I'm sorry.
It's not a good time for me.
I don't think I can...
I thought maybe
we'd go over to the
Shadow Grill in Burbank.
Look, I wanna say
something to you.
I had a baby girl
when I was 14.
She was given up
for adoption.
I don't know
where she is.
I don't know
who she is.
Everything I do...
Every thought in my head
takes me back to her.
Everywhere I go
I look for her face
in the crowd.
I... I
write her letters
that I never send.
And I buy her
birthday gifts.
I have a name
for her, Rachel.
I don't know
if she's dead or alive.
I have nothing else.
That's who I am.
I have nothing to give.
Where on earth
did you come from?
Hello, Elizabeth.
How are you?
You tell me.
you are pregnant.
It happens rarely
with tied tubes
but it does happen.
So, you can talk
to the girls up front
about coming in
and we'll take care of it.
And then we can
talk about other forms
of birth control.
What's going on?
You don't know who I am
or what I want, you cunt.
ADA : How old is she?
LUCY : Twenty.
She's already a senior
in college.
And she's had all
of her medical tests
and everything?
Okay. You are putting me
in a bad mood.
So when do I
get to meet her?
I bet if I met her,
I'd be able to see
right through her.
What? Regarding what?
Whatever it is
she's playing at.
English, please.
I don't think
this little girl's
on the up and up.
Okay, wait... What...
I really...
Why... Why...
You always do that.
She's great, Mom.
I'm looking for Paul.
Is he expecting you?
I'm from the office.
Oh! Sure. I'm Maria,
Paul's daughter.
Come in.
It's okay.
Well, you can't just
stand there. Come on.
Hey, you guys,
everyone! Everyone!
This is Elizabeth
from Dad's office.
How you doing?
Hello, Elizabeth.
MAN : Have a seat, please.
It's okay.
MAN : No, sit down.
He'll be right off.
Yeah, he's always trying
to make me drink less.
Hey, I'm controlling
the bottles. That's all.
PAUL : Hey.
Is everything all right?
This is a nice party.
Have dinner with us.
I can't.
Sure you can.
No. I can't.
What's going on?
I'm leaving in the morning.
Leaving, for where?
What happened?
Is it something I did
or something I did not do?
The wind changed.
Is that it?
Score that goal!
Ah, thanks, mija.
Karen, you want
white or dark?
Oh, thanks, I'll do it.
No. I want to.
Okay. White.
I'm not used to this.
This is how I want it
to be between us.
I'm always rushing to eat,
like a hog.
MELISSA : Oh, no.
You got yourself confused
with my dad.
Has he told you that
he doesn't believe in God?
The most kind-hearted man
in the world
has turned his back
on Jesus.
Jesus wouldn't turn
his back on you, Dad.
Okay. Okay, I'll stop.
One day we'll be in heaven,
laughing at these arguments.
I'll tell you something.
If I'm in heaven,
I won't be laughing.
Somebody's gonna have
a lot of explaining to do.
Karen, you're a good woman.
You must feel the love
of Mary in your heart.
My dad has told me
about your loss.
She doesn't really like
talking about that.
Sometimes it's hard
to understand God's design.
PACO : Melissa.
May I speak?
You're my father's wife now.
My children
will grow to know you
as their grandmother.
Because it's the time
spent together that counts,
more than blood.
Time counts the most.
Find her now
before time runs out.
After that,
only regret remains.
And regret is a killer.
AMANDA : Well, Elizabeth.
To say that you are
grossly overqualified
is putting it mildly.
I can't possibly afford
anyone like you,
though I'd like to.
Believe me.
I don't care
about the money.
I can't even
give you benefits.
I'm not looking for them.
I've got plenty
of my own insurance.
Do you know what
you're having?
A girl.
What are your alternatives?
If you didn't get this job,
what would you do?
Stay at home
and watch game shows.
Okay. I don't know
what to make of you.
I'm just passing through.
What do you think
about what Melissa said?
I actually
agree with her.
I think you should
look for her.
Because whatever happens
when you meet her, Karen,
it'll be easier than
this thing that's
eating away at you.
Why haven't you
told me this before?
I was working my way
towards it.
She might be out there
looking for you.
Have you thought about that?
There's nothing that
I haven't thought of.
You'd know where to start?
So, what's your
biggest fear?
That she'll spit in my face.
You delivered
on November 7th, 1973.
Your mother
was the legal guardian
of the baby.
You agreed to that
before she was born.
And a couple adopted
the baby on November 10th.
Unfortunately, the provisions
of the adoption
don't allow me
to give out any information
regarding the identity
of the parties involved.
What you can do
is write a letter to her.
The letter will be
kept in the file.
And if she were
ever to contact us,
we would give her the letter
and she would be free
to reach out to you directly.
I'm sorry,
that is the best I can do.
Oh, so, if she had been here,
she would've been
told the same thing.
That's right.
So, if she was here,
she didn't leave me a letter.
Well, there's no letter
in the file.
she's either not looking,
or she didn't want
to write a letter
or she thinks
I'm not looking for her.
Maybe she doesn't know
where to look.
Well, I really
encourage you
to write a letter
because it works.
People find each other.
I have seen it many times.
Anything to report?
a little spotting last week.
And some again yesterday.
Is the baby moving regularly?
Let's do an ultrasound
and get some blood work.
Who's there?
I'm a tenant.
I was just
getting some sun.
I'm Violet.
How old are you?
I'm 37.
Free to come and go
as you please.
You lucky dog.
What do you do
for a living?
I'm a lawyer.
The law.
Not a big field
for the blind.
My mother wants me
to be in radio.
She says I have
the voice for it.
It's just her fear talking,
that I won't be able
to make my way.
Does radio interest you?
I don't know.
I don't know
what interests me.
Sometimes I tell her
I could have a career
in phone sex.
She's humorless.
Do you know anyone else
in the building?
Oh. I'm always here
in the afternoons.
Meet me here
if you're lonely.
I'll see you around.
Goodbye, Elizabeth.
Count on me.
I'm gonna put you
back there, okay?
And we have
more sizes, anyway.
CUSTOMER: Thank you.
Hey. My grandbaby's
in the house.
So what you gonna
name him?
I'm not naming him,
they are.
That's what
I was gonna name you
if you had been a boy.
Why do you do that?
Do what, baby?
Ignore my damn wishes.
Hey, hey.
Which are?
You know
what the hell they are.
To give that child away
on its birthday?
To take something
that comes from you,
made of you
and part with it
forever and ever?
I don't want it.
I didn't want you either.
I'm not you.
Here you are.
Twenty and pregnant
and single,
just like I was.
See, I didn't want you.
And now...
I can't take a breath
without thinking of you
and wanting the best
of the best for you.
How we doing back here?
Joseph? Hey.
What're you doing?
Oh, who's playing?
You okay?
Yeah, I was just thinking.
About what?
About Ray,
what we've gotten
ourselves into.
What have we gotten
ourselves into?
The baby of hers that
we're planning to keep.
Planning to keep?
We're adopting a baby.
I thought that you were
all in for that.
Well, if not,
how the fuck
did we get this far?
I don't know how
we got this far, Lucy.
I want a child of my own.
But you know that
I can't give you that.
I wish you could.
LUCY : I've never
felt so worthless
in my entire life.
You are not worthless.
I could hear
his mother's voice
speaking through him.
It was fucking freaky.
It's over.
You're angry and upset
and you should be.
But, you guys need to
talk about this some more.
I can do this on my own.
Ray won't mind.
She doesn't even
like Joseph.
She doesn't?
She hasn't said anything,
but I can tell.
You know, Lu...
You need to think
why you're adopting this baby
in the first place.
Why am I adopting this baby?
It's for Joseph.
That's bullshit.
That's my baby.
I have made a commitment
and I'm gonna stick to it.
Mom, this is not
like shopping
for a pair of shoes.
She's my baby.
She is my baby.
"And nobody dared to go
back to Chew-And-Swallow
"to find out
what had happened to it.
"They were too afraid.
"Henry and I were awake
until the very end
of Grandpa's story.
"I remember
his good night kiss."
Okay, Cristi,
it's time to go.
KAREN : Already?
Well, we'll finish them
next week, okay?
SOFIA : Use the bathroom
before we leave.
Oh, here,
use this one here. Okay?
How's she doing in school?
Good. She likes it.
Could I ask you a question?
Aren't you ever afraid
that something could...
I don't know,
that she could...
Fall and break like an egg?
How do you live
with that?
Gotta go.
Bye-bye, Karen.
DR. MORGAN : Hello, Elizabeth.
Well, you have what is known
as placenta previa.
Your placenta lies
low under the baby,
partially blocking
the cervix.
We might have to
consider a C-section.
Maybe even before term.
I'm gonna deliver her.
Well we're not
there yet.
I mean it, Doctor.
I'm gonna
push her out myself.
Is that clear?
Let me take a look.
Has anybody in
your family ever had
a bleeding disorder?
From now on,
please try not to
exert yourself, okay?
I'll put you
on bed rest.
I'm Paul's daughter.
Yes. Maria.
How's Paul?
He's good.
Is that his?
My brother is
opening a restaurant in
Corpus Christi, Texas.
That's great.
He wants me to
move out there
to be his cashier.
Do you want to?
It's a good
opportunity for us.
You know?
Your money
or your life.
Hello, Violet.
How are you?
Are you married?
You must be,
otherwise you wouldn't be
hiding out here so often.
I'm not married.
Hiding from
your children?
No children yet.
Smart move.
I've heard they're
a disappointment.
Actually, I'm pregnant.
A person inside
another person.
Science fiction.
She doesn't
know a thing.
Your baby.
Only her mother's
That should be
enough for now.
You're easy
to talk to.
So are you.
Can't talk
to my mother.
Why not?
She's so
scared for me,
it scares
the shit out of me.
What's your
mother like?
She's great.
She's patient
and gentle.
She's really fun.
The truth is
I have no idea.
She gave me
up for adoption
when I was born.
We've never met.
For the longest time
I could only think of her
as a girl of 14.
That's how old she was
when she had me.
She was like you.
But not a virgin.
That's right,
not a virgin.
Are you angry at her?
No. Not anymore.
I used to be.
I don't know
what happened, but...
All that anger
just washed out of me.
So then why not
look for her?
Yeah, I would.
What would you
say to her?
I wouldn't
say anything.
I would just
sit with her...
Like we're
sitting here
right now.
ELIZABETH : I don't want
to impose myself on you.
I don't want
to be a nuisance.
I am pregnant
and I'd like my baby to know
where she comes from.
I live in Los Angeles.
I'm successful in my work
and financially independent.
I am open
to sharing more about myself,
and if you are open
to that as well,
it would be welcome.
If you don't want to
communicate with me,
I will also understand
and accept it.
If we were to meet,
I think we should
look forward, not back
and build something new.
I was born
November 7th, 1973.
My name is Elizabeth.
I think of you often.
That's it.
Oh, Linda.
Thanks for
returning my call.
How are you,
I'm good.
I'll put it
in the file
right away.
I'll do it
right now.
I met someone
three months ago.
She's caring, smart,
good for me.
We're talking about
moving back east.
But if
that's my child
you're carrying
I'm going to say
goodbye to all that.
I want you
to come back
and be with me.
You can put down
roots here,
I'll stay with the firm,
I'll pave your way
to the top.
You're what I want.
I'll take care of you.
Both of you.
I'll never leave.
All set.
How we doing here?
I'm scared.
You're bleeding.
That may be
causing the baby
a bit of distress.
I want to see her
when she's born.
Don't knock me out.
NURSE : Loss of pressure.
NURSE : Hello.
Happy Birthday, baby.
There you go.
NURSE : It's okay.
Oh, I know.
She's bleeding again.
Give her O2.
Open her up.
Four units.
It's okay.
It's okay.
NURSE : Hello.
Good morning.
NURSE : Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Has your milk
come in yet?
Oh, we should
just put him
on the breast.
It'll stimulate it.
No, I'm not
nursing him.
Oh, okay.
Have you talked
to your doctor
about this?
I don't have to.
Thank you.
It's okay.
You want that?
You want that
Yeah. Yeah.
LETICIA : Ray Lawrence?
NURSE : Oh, first door
on the left, down there.
Thank you.
I want to
speak to you.
No, what do you
want from me?
No. Oh, God.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, hold up.
My fucking baby!
That is my baby!
No, that's my baby!
It's mine!
ADA : Let her go.
Let her go!
Let her go!
That's my
fucking baby!
Please. Please, Ray!
I'm gonna be so...
I'm gonna be so...
I'm gonna be so...
You were right.
If God wanted me
to be a mother,
He would've
made me a mother.
Oh, Lucy,
I never said that.
The adoption thing
is just so unnatural.
Why doesn't anybody
just say it?
Ada, may I come in?
Thank you.
I don't blame her.
What mother would
give up her child
when she
doesn't have to?
there's another baby.
ADA : Oh, for God's sake!
Now just hear me out.
It's a baby girl.
Now she
has no one.
Until that no one
comes knocking
on our door
to take her away.
That's not
going to happen.
I think you'd
better leave.
Is this baby intended
for somebody else?
No. Absolutely not.
Now there are
waiting lists, but...
it's already arranged,
if you want it.
Where's the mother?
There is no one.
There isn't, okay?
Sometimes there is
just nobody,
and this is
one of those times.
this little girl,
you're crossing paths
with her today.
If you let it pass,
it will be gone forever.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay, okay.
She's down.
That won't last.
Maybe not.
Let's wait and see.
Mom, what am I
gonna do?
I can't do this.
It'll pass.
I don't love her.
Yes, you do.
It's lack
of sleep, girl.
You shouldn't...
You're not yourself.
When she's...
She's like this thing,
she's this creature
in my bed.
And, oh,
I'm so angry at her.
For what?
For taking over
Day and night.
It's me, me, me.
She just wants,
feed me, and clean me,
and hold me.
And I do,
and she just
cries anyway.
Who the fuck
does she think
she is?
Well, I'll be goddamned.
Do you think
you're the first woman
who ever had a baby?
What the hell did you think
this was gonna be?
Stop all the
goddamn whining,
grow the fuck up
and get your act together.
Be the mother.
This envelope
was found in the files,
no file number on it.
Thank you.
No name, nothing?
Oh, I hate to
do this.
We have a birth date.
(SIGHS) There it is.
See that it
gets into the file.
Will do.
Thank you.
Karen, thank you
so much for coming in.
What's happening?
Sit down, please.
What's going on?
This letter
is for you.
It's from her?
Did you meet with her?
She must've spoken
to one of my coworkers.
And, Karen, I'm afraid
it was a while ago.
The letter
was misplaced.
I'm very sorry
about that.
(SOFTLY) What?
She's been dead
for over a year.
There's a daughter,
a baby girl.
she was given up
for adoption.
That's it.
That's the end.
Why did you
make me look?
Until I found out
that she was dead,
she was alive to me.
She would be
alive to me now.
Oh, Karen.
The mother has agreed
to let you see her.
Saturday afternoon.
Now they've asked me
to remind you
that you have
no legal claim
over the baby.
Now legally, Elizabeth
was not your child
and so you
have no claim
over her children.
Also, a good faith
effort was made
to publish the news
of Elizabeth's death,
and to look
for her relatives.
What kind of effort?
In local newspapers
and on the county Web page.
Nobody came forward.
Will the child
know who I am?
That's up
to the mother.
Will I be allowed
to visit her again
after this time?
I don't know.
She's not obligated to.
Don't think
about that, Karen.
You'll meet her,
you'll see how it goes.
This is the address.
And the
little girl's name
is Ella.
Can you say
bye-bye to Karen?
Can you say
Oh, kisses.
You okay?
She has
my mother's eyes.
That a good thing
or not?
Thank you.
(SOFTLY) Thank you.
KAREN : I never saw you
with a new haircut,
with new shoes.
When was
your first period?
Was someone there to help?
Did anyone explain?
Did you hear
the rain one night
when I heard it?
What gave you comfort?
I've missed it all,
and I've accepted it.
But today I met Ella.
Her little face
is like a bird
that flies high
over 38 years,
that have gone
on and on and on,
like a horrible parade.
But now it's past.
Only Ella remains.
God bless her.
Ella is peace.
---the end---