Mother/Android (2021) Movie Script

How do you leave someone?
Really truly leave them.
Leave them so far behind that
it's like you never met?
Maybe you should do another one.
Wwhat do you want to do?
I just want to sit here.
Yeah, but
Look, G, I just want you to know
that I support you
in whatever decision you want to make.
G, can you say something?
I know you're trying
to be sweet right now
and that you're worried about me.
But just stop.
Let's get married, G.
Let's do it. I'm serious.
Let's get married.
I love you.
They're here.
I don't want to make them wait.
I want you to order
a selfdrive on the way home.
I don't want anyone driving. Okay?
Sam, you're backing me up
on this, right?
Uh, yes.
Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen,
I got you.
Whose parents are gonna be there?
No one's parents, Dad.
We're in college.
Are you okay? Mmhmm.
You look a little green
around the gills.
I'm fine, Mom. I'm just
Can I have my coat, please, Eli?
Yes, ma'am.
You need a scarf, too.
You're not wearing enough.
What is this?
It's mine. And I want it back.
Uh, my purse too, thank you.
MR. Have fun, you two. Be safe.
Yes, sir, we won't be out too long.
Good night, Mrs. Olsen.
Thank you, Eli.
Happy Halloween, sir.
Eli, it's Christmas.
Of course. Merry Christmas, sir.
Missed. Alright.
Since 1969,
Raster Robotics has delivered
cuttingedge AI
Your hot chocolate, sir.
Thank you, Daniel.
Oh, does this have, uh, rum in it?
It does not, sir.
Okay, shots for everyone, Daniel.
I'm sorry, your parents put
a restriction on shots served.
Right away.
With limes.
Do you have my phone?
I can't find it.
No, I don't. Did you leave it?
Fuck. Did I ever give it to you?
Uh, I'm, I'm good.
Let me take that for you, G.
G, you shouldn't be drinking.
Yo, are you two fighting?
You seem like you're fighting.
We're fine.
I didn't ask you, Samuel.
Sam, you're embarrassing me.
Elevate your
android's evolution like never before.
Get the new OS this Christmas,
from Raster Robotics.
Dude, chill.
More than human.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch the elbows.
I've got it, sir.
Not to worry.
Is this the first time you ever played?
I'm pregnant.
God, I'm scared.
He's trying to be so sweet.
And... I'm not ready for this.
I'm not even sure
that I want to be with him.
Did you tell him?
That's why he's being
so fucking dumb right now.
So what are you going to do?
I... think I'm gonna have
What the fuck?
Stop! Stop!
Tentwosixsix. Daniel, no!
No, no, no, stop, stop, stop!
Georgia, come on.
Go to the front door! Go
G, go back, go back, go back.
He killed them.
They're not supposed
to be able to do that.
They're programmed not to be able
to do that.
Stop it! Help me!
Holy shit!
I've got to call my mom.
Holy shit!
My mom.
Call the cops!
Oh shit. Sarah!
Sarah. Sarah.
Sarah. No!
Sarah. G.
What the fuck?
Yeah. Like a baby deer.
Or Leaf?
- Leaf.
Who the hell are you?
You said you wanted
something to do with nature.
Uh, yeah, sure. But, I meant
I don't know, something like
River or
Or what? Because River is
so much better than Leaf.
I'm sorry.
- It is, actually.
- Oh yeah?
Alright, forget nature.
What's your first choice
for a girl?
How are you so sure that this
is a baby girl?
I can tell.
I'm telling you
it's a boy.
Well, it's not. Yes, it is.
Shut up.
I'm having girl dreams.
Yeah, you also had a dream
you gave birth to a pony.
No, I didn't.
You having a pony too?
No, I didn't.
Oh my god. Yes, you did.
You told me you were gonna break up
with me when I said
we can ride that pony.
Oh no!
I totally forgot about that.
And we named her something.
Did you hear that?
Come back in, Sam.
I think it's just an animal.
Come on.
What's up, squirrel?
Did you sleep alright?
Bad dreams.
You okay?
My back hurts.
My boobs hurt.
My feet hurt.
And she won't... stop kicking.
Come on, babe, we got
to get going, seriously.
You okay?
Yeah, my feet.
Keep telling you...
You need to get the All Stars.
We've got
to clear six miles by sundown.
As long as we stay away from the road,
I think we'll be okay.
You okay?
Im always afraid
they're gonna shoot us.
Just do what they say. Move slowly.
Stop. Hands up.
Put your packs down
and turn around.
Any weapons?
Uh, yeah, we have a machete
and a revolver.
Where are they?
In the pack.
What's the girl hiding
under her shirt?
I'm nine months pregnant!
Walk backwards towards us.
One at a time.
You, go ahead.
You, stop.
Put your palm up against this fence.
Right over here.
Hold that pack low.
Put your palm up on the fence.
No. No, no, no,
you're over there.
Hey, hey, hey.
DR.Where are you guys
coming from?
After the Blitz, we thought
things would just get better.
We waited out for a few months,
and then we tried to get to New York.
And then on our way to New York,
they detonated the electronic pulse thing.
DR. The EMP.
Yeah. Grunt freaked out
and triggered it during an attack.
Once the EMP blast radius went down,
the next wave of androids swarmed
the soldiers and
Well, that was the end
of New York City.
We ended up looping
back up the long way.
And now we're
trying to get to Boston.
DR.- Boston is fortified,
but you can't get straight there.
- Sorry.
DR.The area surrounding it
is No Man's Land.
Gonna be tough unless you can figure out
a way to come in from the sea.
I wouldn't risk it
while you're this far along.
Oh, um,
I actu I can ask you.
Uh, when I give birth, I know
that I have to cut the umbilical cord.
II read it that I have to.
How do I get it out of me?
Is it just gonna fall out or
DR. You can have the baby here.
I can?
DR.I mean, you're past due.
You really shouldn't be traveling at all.
Sam wants us to get to Boston
before I give birth.
We're trying to get to this.
Families with a child,
one year or younger,
they qualify to
take a boat somewhere safe.
Maybe Asia.
Have you heard anything about it?
Yeah. Um, couple of months ago,
this is what everyone was doing.
When did you get this?
In the spring. Why?
Did you hear something?
I can ask around for you,
but... I heard they were only taking
the mothers and babies.
No fathers.
It's a food supply thing.
You want to hear the heartbeat?
Yo, what's up, man?
Can I get one of those?
You, uh, you know if they got
any shipments going to Boston?
Anyone I can hitch a ride with?
My girl's pregnant, and we trying to cut
through the No Man's Land.
No one's getting through No Man's Land.
That's why it's called No Man's Land.
Yeah. I just mean maybe there's a way
for us to get to Boston.
Boston is surrounded as fuck.
They got a strong holdout
because of the troops
and the EMPs.
But all it takes is one domino.
What you mean domino?
You got a EMP, right?
You can only detonate it once.
Takes out everything
with an electrical current
within its blast radius.
Then all we got is guns.
Gun only do so much.
But that's what androids want.
Get us to blow an EMP
so they can get up nice... and close.
You, uh... you know if they
still shipping people out?
Like civilians off the coast?
You trying to hop over to China?
Maybe Korea.
Heard it's safer over there.
Maybe just a rumor.
I bet they still have boats.
Hard to say.
I'm not trying to run from this.
I got a family, man.
Who doesn't?
Please, I told you I had
a hip replacement. Just listen to me!
I don't know about
no hip replacement.
All I know is you keep
lighting up my detector.
Now step back! Please, please!
You want to cut me open?
You wanna see?
I bleed red just like you.
Hey, you got metal
in your bones.
You got five seconds to back off!
Five! Get off the fence! Three!
No, please.
They said they would
The doctor said
she hadn't heard anything
about the family initiative for weeks.
I just talked to a soldier.
He said they still got boats
going out of Boston.
Why would they still have boats
if they're not taking families?
I think we should stay.
We have
We got a doctor.
And what happens after?
We got days of walking left,
and we gotta get through No Man's Land
without being noticed.
It's not gonna be easy
with a baby boy with us.
If you can find
a safe way for us to go,
the soldiers can give us
a ride or something,
I'll go.
Fuck. I wish we still had the internet.
Ah. Freezers.
Consistent pair of clean socks.
What if they only take one of us?
Where's this coming from?
She said something about
only taking the mothers
and the babies.
She said they might not take you.
I mean, I... I guess, I guess you
and the baby get on the boat,
and I'll
I'll II don't know. I...
I'll just figure something else out, G.
Fuck you.
Wait, what?
That's not what I want to hear.
Okay, Georgia.
What do you want to hear?
I want to hear that
we're in this together.
Ththat's what I thought
that we were doing.
That It is what we're doing.
That we could have just
gotten rid of this,
but we didn't.
And this baby's on its way, Sam.
And you're trying to put me
on a boat by myself
so I'm not your responsibility anymore.
I'm not saying that.
I'm not saying that!
You asked me what I thought.
You're throwing a bunch of whatifs at me
and I'm just trying to do the right thing.
What part of putting me
on a boat by myself
is the right thing?
Okay, baby, can you chill?
You're being very hormonal right now.
No, baby
I am allowed to have emotions!
This is not me being hormonal!
I should have just broken up with you.
Why would you say that?
Forget it.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go get us a ride.
Don't worry, I'm not abandoning you
or whatever.
Game over!
Game over!
- What time is it?
- Game over.
What time is it?
That's what I'm talking about!
We got a special treat for tonight.
This is no android right here.
I know it looks too good to be true.
This is one hundred percent
USDA prime beef right here.
Yo, man, how can I get
a ride to Boston?
Oh man.
You could fight me for it.
- Ooh!
- Oh, it's on now.
Or are you gonna run?
Oh, he's mad.
Where are you going?
Convoy's going up
to Nashua tomorrow.
It'd get you just about as close
as anyone can get.
All you gotta do is
All you gotta do is
put me flat on my back
and you got yourself a ride.
What's it gonna be, little man?
Ladies! Ladies!
Hey, ladies!
House rules.
No holds barred.
And you rock till you drop.
There you go!
Don't run off now.
Can you come out here please?
Where's Sam?
Oh yeah.
What the fuck did you do to him?
He was fighting with one
of my patrol officers last night.
Now I got a man with a busted skull
who's going to be blind in one eye.
No. No. I'mI'mI'm sorry, but that,
that can't be what happened.
You know, I can account
for a certain amount of rowdiness
among the soldiers.
But I will not tolerate
a guest on my base
wailing on my boys.
What are you, what are you going
to do to him?
Lady, I'm fighting
a fucking war here
against an enemy
that literally never sleeps,
whose main objective is to wipe us
off the face of the Earth.
We've got half a platoon,
most of them barely trained.
And I do not need a couple of kids
too chickenshit to enlist
putting any of them
out of commission.
You're no longer welcome
on this base.
Sir, I'm,
I'm, I'm pregnant.
Sir, I, I don't think you understand.
I have permission from Dr. Howe
Yes, I've spoken to Dr. Howe.
I've rescinded her request.
You got two minutes
to get off my fucking base.
Now you got one minute
before I signal the other outposts
and tell them not to let you in.
Come on, G, let's go.
Come on, man! Let's go.
- Come on!
- Keep moving.
DR.Hey. Hey.
DR.Some painkillers.
Some hydrogen peroxide.
And medical gloves for him.
Get back! I need my mache
I've got a machete and a revolver
in there. I came in here with it.
Wish I could do more,
but it's all I can spare.
Cut the umbilical cord close
to your baby and tie it off.
The part that's connected to you
will expel itself
about an hour after you give birth.
Hey, women have been giving birth
since way before people started
calling themselves doctors.
You're gonna do great.
Okay. Thank you.
Good luck. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
Ma'am, please, please.
I had a revolver as well. I came
- I don't know anything about it.
- Ma'am, I got a baby on the way.
My pregnant girlfriend. Please.
Look, there are androids out there,
and it's just us. Please.
Thank you.
Look, G, I'm sorry that I was
G, I was trying to get us a ride
so that we could go to Boston.
You don't think I can protect you,
but I can.
Protect me?
Asshole. Asshole.
You asshole. You dumb asshole.
Asshole. You fucking asshole!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
When the rain dies down,
I'll try to start a fire.
We can't.
We can't.
We're practically in No Man's Land.
What's going on, baby?
Is it time?
It just hurts.
Hey, Georgia.
We cant do this.
We got to get you warm.
Sam, careful.
It's okay.
Come on.
Come on.
Look, G, I didn't find
a towel, but
Thank you.
We are not having sex tonight,
so don't you dare look at me
I didn't even say anything.
I'm still so mad at you
for being so dumb.
It was so fucking dumb, Sam.
I know. I know.
I'm sorry for saying what I said.
I don't know. I was just being
Watch it.
Thin ice.
Ugh! Please tell me
there's a mattress somewhere
in this house I can sleep on.
My spine feels like
it's gonna shatter.
Anything good yet?
Do you want me to help you?
SAM Take this.
Take this out of my mouth.
What? Just take it!
Ow. Okay.
So, good news.
This camera has one more photo in it.
Which means... sometime soon,
you... and me
and Spruce
can have an actual
reallife family photo.
We are not naming our baby Spruce.
Everything we've heard about Boston
is that it's surrounded.
So, we'd have to go up north.
Way north.
Maybe New Hampshire,
And then we'd have
to find a boat or something
to bring us back down
into Boston harbor.
How long would that take?
Two weeks maybe.
And then there's the boat stuff which
I don't know how to figure that out.
And how long
to cut straight through?
It's 20 miles, so...
two days.
Probably three or four.
Twenty miles.
No checkpoints.
No EMPs.
Maybe no humans.
Lot of androids.
We'd have to be quiet.
We would have to be silent.
We should have the baby here.
That really scares me, G.
Me too.
What if something goes wrong?
That doctor was right, Sam.
They make such a big deal
about giving birth, but
women used to... give birth
and then... I don't know,
cut the umbilical cord with their teeth
and keep on hunting.
Oh, what, so you're a hunter now?
You know what I mean.
Once the baby's here,
we could just take our time.
Take the long way. It's dry here.
We have supplies.
We've been lugging
that medical dictionary around
for... six months now.
Why don't we just stop?
You think itll ever go back to normal?
I mean, I don't even know
if it should.
But I do think it...
could be good still.
Oh my god.
I got it to turn over
a second ago.
Did it wake you up?
Take it you saw
the mass grave, huh?
It looked... dug up.
Animals, I think.
What are you doing?
Fixing this.
Yeah, but why?
We can't take it.
Why not?
'Cause it will attract
too much attention.
We'll just go on foot
once the baby's here.
Look, G, I know
you're not gonna like this,
but I need you to hear me out.
I'm trying to be smart.
You could have this baby today
oor in a week.
And I don't feel good about waiting
on the edge of No Man's Land
hoping no one finds us.
You wanna go straight through.
It's 20 miles.
And if we take this bike,
we can get there
by the end of the day.
What... happened
to going quietly, Sam?
What changed since last night?
Okay, G.
Let's say you have the baby,
and we pull off the homebirth
by ourselves.
Then we have a baby
who screams when he's hungry
or when it's cold.
We've been sneaking around so far,
but we're not going to be able
to do that anymore.
Let's say we can stay quiet enough
to make it up to New Hampshire.
What kind of boat are we gonna get?
A motorboat?
Or gas or a sailboat?
I don't know how to sail, G.
Do you?
That's scary to me.
Look, G.
I see a way that we can do this.
A way to make it okay.
G, I know you think
I can't protect you,
but I would kill for you.
Sam I would die for you.
And I would do the same for our baby.
So, please, G.
Let me just fix this bike
so we can get the hell out
of this dumb situation.
Today, G.
Watch our backs.
You good, G?
Just my feet.
Bet you want some All Stars now,
don't you?
Get your shit, G. Let's go.
Go! Go!
Start! Go!
Hop on, G, come on!
Did we lose him? Hold on.
G, did we lose him?
Okay, I think we lost him.
Oh shit!
G, grab the gun!
Keep it straight. Georgia.
Keep it straight!
Georgia! Keep it straight!
I got her.
G, you need to stop?
Don't stop!
Fuck, G!
Come on. Go, go, go! Don't stop!
Oh shit.
Don't slow down!
Sam, we can't outrun them.
You need to get off! What?
Give me the gun.
I'm gonna distract them.
Sam! Georgia, listen to me.
This is the only shot we've got.
If they chase after me, you can get away.
No! Go back to the river.
I'll meet you there.
I can outrun them.
Sam! Sam!
Run, G!
They won't stop.
If you don't want them to catch you,
come with me now.
My boyfriend
They've taken him.
I can help you, but you have
to come with me.
Let me help you.
Where are we going?
They're everywhere.
It's okay.
Come on.
Is it safe to speak here?
You did all of this?
How have they
not found this place?
Or you?
Who are you?
You ever hear of Karel Capek?
Is that you?
He was a writer.
In 1920, he wrote a play.
Rossumovi Univerzalni Roboti.
And what does that have
to do with anything?
In it, a man,
tries to create new life.
Prove that there was no god.
His creations, the Roboti,
were these artificial creatures
with living flesh and blood components.
Essentially what
the modern android is.
They look like us.
They talk like us.
And it's commonplace to mistake
a Roboti for a human.
And at first,
they seemed happy to serve man.
But in the end,
a Roboti rebellion leads
to the extinction of human life.
This play
introduced the word Robot
to human language
and it ends with our extinction.
We knew what was coming
the second we gave it a name.
But sure, let's build
million dollar butlers and assume
it's all going to be okay.
So fucking arrogant.
What did you do there?
AI programmer.
I'm alive because I know
how they think.
What happened that night,
the night of the Blitz?
They were supposed
to be programmed not to kill us.
What went wrong?
What went wrong
was we built them in the first place.
I need to sleep. Wait.
What's your name?
Thank you.
What's wrong with you?
I'm having contractions.
Has your water broken?
I gotta find Sam.
You need to forget about your friend.
He's not my friend.
He's the father.
I'm sorry for what
you're going through.
I know it's not easy.
But you need to get
with the program here.
They're not butlers anymore.
They're killing machines.
And they've jumped
the evolutionary chain.
They've hacked our programming,
and they'll use it against us
until we're all dead.
Hacked our... programming,
what do you mean?
We're not robots.
You can't hack us.
I know it sounds dumb,
but that's what it is.
Human beings are programmed
through hormones and primal urges
to have emotional connections.
It's what kept us alive this long.
Parents, spouses, children.
But an android doesn't have that.
An android is expendable.
They don't have selfpreservation,
and they'll sacrifice themselves
and others
if it brings them closer
to their goal.
They can reason past sentiment
and emotional bond.
It's love.
Love makes us selfish.
Love will kill us all.
II can't leave him to die.
You want to live?
Of course.
Save yourself.
That's what they would do.
They have strategy like
you wouldn't believe.
Just listen to me.
Why do you care so much?
Can I?
Shh. Shh.
They're all dead. I know.
They're all dead. I know.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
I know.
It's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You were headed
to Boston, right?
I can take you.
I can get you there.
I can get you there safe.
About eight years ago, we started
developing camouflage algorithms
for our complex
in Eastern Europe.
Androids see UV,
heat sensors, night vision.
But this algorithm created a mask
against all of that.
That makes you invisible?
To the eye.
But they can hear you.
They can smell you.
They're not stupid.
They know this tech exists,
so they look for you.
But it gives us a shot.
I'm not leaving without Sam.
camouflage or whatever
you want to call it,
it gives me a chance.
To go and get him.
I'm not letting you take
my armor for that.
Fine. Then keep it.
It doesn't matter either way.
I'm gonna go get him.
You can die.
I really did try to help you.
I hope you remember that.
Let's go.
No! No! No!
Please, just let me go.
Ah! No! Please. No, no!
See the movement?
What are they doing to them?
Using them as bait.
For who?
For you.
He won't be the only one
they've captured.
You're not coming with me?
I only have two.
You're gonna need one for him
if you want to get him out of there.
Are you sure this thing works?
Yeah. Why wouldn't it?
You find him and you put this on him.
Get him out of there
and you do it silently.
They're going to notice he's disappeared.
You have four miles till you get
to the edge of No Man's Land.
They won't stop until they detect
the EMP radius signal.
Or you could just walk away.
You could walk away right now.
He would never know.
I'd know.
Let me out! Let me out!
Sam. Sam.
What did they do to you?
G, get out of here.
Hey! I'm here now.
Shh. Please help me out.
Stop it. Be quiet.
You don't understand.
You don't understand.
They're in there. Please.
Be quiet.
Stop it. Be quiet.
Please be quiet.
Be quiet. I can help you.
I can help you. Just let me out.
Wait. Stop it.
Please be quiet. Please.
Hey, come here,
you fucking piece of shit!
Come here!
Come here, you fucking
Sam. Wait.
Hey! Hey, come on.
Just help me out.
I can help you.
Bitch! Put this on.
Bitch! Put this on.
If you don't fucking help me,
I'm gonna scream.
And every single one of those
motherfuckers is gonna come in here.
Let's go.
Stop it! Hey!
Hey! Come on!
Hey! Get me out of here. Come on!
No. It's happening.
We have to move.
Try not to move.
Ow! Where am I?
Where's Sam?
He's right there.
Hi, Squirrel.
He's been through a lot,
but before we talk about Sam
I think we should talk about this...
healthy baby boy.
I told you.
Hi, baby.
Your friend has been resting.
He collapsed after getting you here.
They're gonna want to talk to him
when he wakes up.
How did we get here?
He got you
through the checkpoint.
Caused quite a fuss
with the soldiers.
But when they saw you were midway
through delivery and unconscious,
we got you in here
and performed a Csection.
Thank you.
It's a nice change
having some life here.
Some base personnel are going
to be coming by
to ask a few questions,
security related.
I told them that you need your rest,
but they just need
to clear some things up.
Excuse me. I
The base nurse
should be in here.
Hey, love.
Yeah. Let's go say hi to daddy.
Come here.
Give me your little hands.
You want to say hi to Daddy?
Oh, little man.
Waiting for you, buddy.
I think we can all agree
that in hindsight,
my plan to get us here
was a stunning success.
We're a wreck,
but we did it.
You haven't even seen
the worst part yet, G.
Okay, this is really not a funny way
to tell you this, but
Oh, Sam.
It's alright.
Why'd they do this to you?
I was all smashed up.
It was the best they could do.
They said we'd know in a few days
if I'm going to be okay,
but... I just got
to take it easy for now.
But... soon as we get to Korea,
I'm for sure getting
some of those robot feet.
'Cause that definitely sounds safe.
Why are you so good?
Because it's what dads
are supposed to be.
He feels like Forest to me.
What's your name? Georgia.
And his name?
Samuel Hoth.
And the guy who brought you here?
Arthur. I don't
I don't know his last name.
- So you came from?
- Central Mass.
Near the Quabbin.
We, uh,
we ended up making it to Philly
before we looped back up.
We were trying to get out of the country
with The Family Initiative.
We heard that they were still getting
people out of Boston. Is that true?
Yeah. They are.
Can I speak with you about
Oh, we're not done.
So how'd you meet the guy, Arthur?
Well, I guess I'll start with the
We had to get across
the No Man's Land.
And we didn't want to risk
giving birth there.
So... we found this dirt bike
and we decided
to use that to get across
and we only got halfway
before we ran into some androids.
They separated us.
I hid, but they, they took Sam.
They took him? For what?
I don't know.
I mean, they just,
they took him.
They held him prisoner.
They had a,
a house full of prisoners.
So, how'd you meet this guy, Arthur?
He was in ththe woods
when it happened. He
He saved me.
He took me back to his truck. And he
Well, he helped me
figure out a way
to get Sam out of the house
and so I,
I went in and I got him.
You just walked in?
I mean, you probably saw it
on the truck already. But he
Uh, he used to work
at... Raster Robotics.
He told you that?
So he, he was a,
um, a programmer
and he built this,
this armor, um, that
camouflages you
from the androids.
It makes you invisible to them.
You put it on, and it makes you
invisible to the androids.
He told you
it makes you invisible?
He didn't
he didn't just tell me.
I used it.
I went in, and I, and I,
and I went into the house
and I wore it,
and they couldn't see me.
You just walked into the house,
and they couldn't see you?
That technology doesn't exist.
Okay. Well,
I'm telling you that it does
because I wore it, and it worked.
And I'm telling you if that existed,
don't you think we'd be using it?
So you need to start straightening
this story out so it starts making sense.
What... happened out there?
Human beings are programmed
to have emotional connections.
Parents, spouses, children.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
An android is expendable.
They don't have self preservation,
and they'll sacrifice themselves
and others if it brings them
closer to their goal.
They have strategy
like you wouldn't believe.
I think I made a mistake.
Wait here.
It's okay. It's okay.
Sam, get up!
Sam, get up!
Come on. Sam!
You gotta wake up.
He's going to disable the EMP.
I'm gonna come back. I promise.
Go, go, go, go!
Breach! Breach!
Swarm 8s!
On your left!
It's okay. Don't cry.
Be quiet. Mama's here.
Please be quiet.
I warned you.
What are you gonna do with that?
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
They're all dead.
We were programmed to be emotive
to make you feel comfort.
Are you comfortable?
Boston's going down today.
You can't stop us now.
are you going to disable
that EMP for me?
Or you going to make me kill
your baby?
Oh my god.
I love you, Sam.
I love you, too, Squirrel.
Take it.
We gotta move.
Over here! Wait!
Wait. Here!
Please, over here.
He's going to scan you.
Do not move.
III don't know what paperwork
you might need or
We, we don't, we don't have anything,
but I just
I'm sorry.
I, I know that
you only take the mothers.
I can only take the baby.
Korea will only take the baby.
Not the parents.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- I don't think you understand.
No, please.
There's not the space.
Please. Please just
You can take us.
It's only three of us.
III promise I will do... anything.
Please, just please. I'm sorry.
Please take us.
It's not just the space.
You're another mouth to feed.
Another person to take care
for medical attention.
When you get to Korea,
you will need a job.
You will need a house. You see?
The baby is simple.
But you're not.
He's very ill.
I'm gonna make it work.
I'm gonna get us on the plane.
II'm gonna get us on the boat,
I promise.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I don't think I'm gonna pull
through this, G.
Don't say that.
We'll be fine. We'll be fine.
Just listen, Just listen to me.
G, if he stays here,
there's a good chance he'll die.
If he's out there,
there's a good chance he'll live.
Look at me, G.
I'm fucked.
I'm bleeding out here.
I don't think I'm fully pulling
through this.
I can't protect you, G.
And you can't really protect him.
Not really.
This could be a good thing.
Let's give him a chance.
I love you, buddy.
Can I just have one minute?
Just one minute, please. Just
Fill this out.
Thank you.
My boy.
My son.
My love.
I didn't want
any of this for you.
I would have done anything
to give you a normal life.
One with parents
and a home
and friends down the street.
You would have gone to school
in the city that you were born
and come home
and told us about your day.
We would have taken summers
on the shore.
And that's where some
of the most intense memories
of childhood would have been.
Your father would have read
to you in silly voices.
You would go to sleep
dreaming of the adventures
you would have
with your friends in the woods.
In the perfect world,
none of this
would have happened.
We would have worked to be
the best parents that we could have been.
We would have been a family
and the world wouldn't be
falling apart.
But I can't give you that.
I can't give you any of it.
So instead,
I'm going to give you
the only thing that I have left.
A chance.
A chance at a normal life,
with a new family
in a new place.
I need you to know
that I love you.
I need you to know
that I wanted you.
God, I wanted you in my life. I
I wanted you by my side.
I just couldn't
It's time to go.
Please let me finish this.
I'm almost done. If you just
Sorry. We must go now.
Okay. Okay
What's your name?
Please find someone
who will take care of him.
Someone who will love him.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
Drop the pack.
Hold out your hand.
She's good.
We're heading to Portland.
They're setting up a new base there.
We're bringing whoever we can find.
Do you want to come with us?
Alright then.
Okay. Let's go!