Mother's Milk (2012) Movie Script

-So, to get the answer, we
take the number of babies
with Down's Syndrome who
test positive divided by
the total number of
positives, which is 9.5
divided by 9.5 plus
49.5, equaling 16.1%,
what I trust is a somewhat
counter-intuitive answer,
given the high probability
of the test producing
a correct result if the
baby has Down's Syndrome and
the relatively low probability
of false positives.
Now, this is an example of
the False Positive Paradox.
Any questions? Good.
Now, remember that the
mid-term is next Tuesday.
I will be available in my
office hours today, but please
only stop by if you
have specific questions
on specific problems. I will
not be offering an overview
of the past eight weeks.
All right,
that will be all for today.
-Hey Claude. How are you?
-Who are we playing tonight?
-Tom and Dick.
Then the Hendersons. -Great.
That means listening to
Tom clear his throat
every five seconds.
hm. Let's take our seats.
-OK, I should be
back around five.
Um, leftovers in the
fridge if you get hungry.
-OK, see you later.
-Oh, hey, are you
going running today?
-I don't think so, I'm just
going to read my book. Why?
I was just going to have you
mail a few letters for me.
Never mind, I can mail them.
Have a good day.
-See you later.
-Bye sweet girl.
-Hey, ooh.
Oh my, oh my, aren't
we getting big?
Auntie Kim's bored with her book.
What do you say
we go for a little jog
in the park, huh? Hm,
how does that sound? Let
Auntie Kim get our jackets,
and then we can be on our way.
Yeah? OK.
-Excuse me, miss? Miss? Ah,
is this Pier Point Park ?
-Yes, it is.
-Where is the clock tower?
-Clock tower? Um, I'm not aware
of any clock tower in the park.
-How odd, I'm supposed
to meet someone here,
that's what she said. See?
-I don't know. I mean
Shh. Shh. Sit up. Shh.
I'm gonna remove the gag now.
Now, we're miles away from
anyone, so it's not gonna
do you any good to scream.
-Annie, the baby, where is she?
What have you done with her?
-The baby? Is she not your baby?
-Where is she? Is she OK?
-I've done nothing to the baby.
I left her in the stroller
by the jogging path. Now, I'm
sure she's been found already.
I'm sure she's all right.
Now, you referred to her
as "the baby," not "my
baby." Is she not yours?
-She's my niece. Who are you?
What do you want with me?
-Your niece? How unfortunate. I
was rather hoping she was yours.
-Why? What do you want with me?
-All questions that
will undoubtedly be
answered in due time. Now,
let's get you out of this.
You'll be much more comfortable.
Here, OK. Here we go. Stay still.
OK, OK. I'm just gonna
Here, OK. Here we go. Stay still.
OK, OK. I'm just gonna
put this around your
leg, all right? OK.
Here we go. Stay still. I'm not
gonna hurt you. Here we go.
There we go. All right now,
let's take these handcuffs off.
Here, OK. OK.
There we go.
No, no. I don't
want to hurt you,
but if you resist,
I may have to.
You must be hungry.
I'll get you some food.
-Oh my God, oh my
God, oh my God.
-I brought you your breakfast.
Tell me your name.
-Why are you doing all this?
What do you want with me?
You said I would
find out in due time.
-You are to be my
nourishing mother,
my alma mater, if you will.
Now, please, eat some of your
breakfast, and we'll have
a nice little chat
in the meantime.
-Tell me your name.
And how old are you, Kim? -24.
-Now, I noticed an engagement
ring, but no wedding band.
Were you to be married soon?
-Yes. In four months.
-And what do you do?
-What does it matter?
-I'm just trying to
make conversation,
get to know you a little bit, is all.
Do you have a job?
-Are you a student?
-I Just finished getting my
Master's in English literature.
Well, congratulations.
That's wonderful.
And, what were you planning
to do with your degree?
-I Thought I might
try to write a novel.
A novel? Excellent. Well here,
here you will have ample time
and few distractions. I'll
have to get you materials.
Now, I know that the
effects of imprisonment
can be psychologically devastating.
But, having a
goal, a project,
a raison d'tre
as it were, can go a long
way to keeping you healthy.
-I'm not the first, am I?
-The first woman
you've done this to?
-Why do you say that?
-What you just said,
this whole set-up, the
chains, the chamber pot,
the hand for turning the light off.
You've done this before.
-You are a clever girl.
-What happened to the others?
-Other. There is only one other.
-What happened to her?
Where is she?
-Look, I'm afraid that you've
hit upon a subject that I
don't wish to discuss.
Now, I'm sure that you are
fearing the worst, but you mustn't, OK?
You're not
her, so please, let's
talk about something else.
Anything else. -Is she dead?
You killed her, didn't you? And
you're gonna kill me too. Why?
Why? Look, look, I don't
know who you are or
how you got me here. Just let me go.
Just let me go,
and I won't say anything.
-Please don't get
hysterical, please, please.
I am not going to harm you.
You must believe that.
But I can't just let you go.
But someday...
I will let you go.
Why don't you finish
your breakfast.
-I'm not hungry.
-Very well then.
In that case, I'm gonna have
to ask that you wear this.
In that case, I'm gonna have
to ask that you wear this.
Now, I hope that we
can dispense with it
in the near future, but I
don't want to be bitten again.
Open up, open up. There you go.
Come here.
All right, now, I'm
not going to hurt you.
I'm gonna have to ask that you
wear the wrist clasps too.
All I'm going to do is
massage your breasts.
That's it. I'm not going to hurt you.
Come here.
That's it. I'm not going to hurt you.
Come here.
Shh. There you go. Stand up.
Shh, shh. OK.
Shh. There you go. Stand up.
Shh, shh. OK.
I have something I thought
you might like to see.
As you can see, the
baby was found.
I thought you might
like to know that.
-What is this?
-Seared foie gras,
with braised fennel and
cracked pepper caramel sauce.
-Foie gras? That's
liver, isn't it?
-Yes. It's a special kind of goose liver.
It's delicious.
-I hate liver. I won't eat it.
-Just try it.
-No. Besides, that's the
kind of liver that they
have to torture the
goose to get, isn't it?
-It's not torture. Just try it.
-Just have one bite. If
you don't like it, fine.
-It's OK. I won't eat
anything tonight.
-All I ask is that you try it.
You're not even going
to have one bite?
I'll teach you to eat liver.
Tonight I've made lamb
chops, with mushroom risotto.
Butternut squash ravioli
with braised root vegetables.
Minestrone soup
with parmesan cheese
and fresh French bread.
Hungarian goulash with spaetzle.
-OK. I get it. I'll try
anything you give me.
-Get it? You'll never get it.
My purpose is to train you,
not educate you.
-Fuck you.
-That's never going to happen.
-How do you expect
me to produce milk
if you starve me?
I thought you were
supposed to be some kind of intellect?
It doesn't
seem like you thought
this one through.
-Home-made meatloaf
with mashed potatoes
and baby carrots. Stir-fried
vegetables with rice.
Tonight we are having liver.
Beef liver, with
mushroom medley and a red
wine reduction sauce, for me.
And for you
Well, Liver isn't so
bad after all, I see.
Well, I'm glad that this
little experiment is over.
Maybe now we can go back and eat
meals like civilized people.
Quite the little
artist, aren't we now?
I thought you were
more the literary type.
I'll have to get you a sketch pad then.
And a washing coat
-I've never heard of
induced lactation.
Are you sure it's gonna work?
-Induced lactation by
mechanical manipulation
is successful with most
women, although there
are no guarantees.
-How long is it
supposed to take?
-Not long. Two to four weeks.
-You don't have to use the
cuffs and the ball gag
anymore, Claude. I'm not
gonna do anything stupid.
-I'd like to believe that.
-What can I do? Even
if I could harm you,
there'd be no point.
I'd die in here.
What if it doesn't what
if it doesn't work?
-If you can't induce lactation?
There are drugs we can try,
hormones to be more precise,
although I'd have to think
about how to obtain them.
Of course, pregnancy
would be another option.
-When will you let me go?
-I told you to stop
asking me that.
-I wish you wouldn't
smoke in here.
-I'm sorry. I never asked
if the smoke bothered you.
How selfish of me.
Making good use of
the crayons, I see.
-Do you mind if I have a look?
-I don't suppose I can stop you.
-If you don't want
me to look, I won't.
-No, go ahead. I don't mind.
-Non-representational I assume.
-No, it's representational.
It is the sun,
at least my memory of it.
I miss the sun.
-I like it. Shall I
hang it up on the wall?
-I don't care.
-To brighten up the room a bit.
-I suppose I could arrange it
so that you could go outside.
So that you could see the sun again.
Would you like that?
-Very much.
-Very well then.
-I need to take
your temperature.
-To know when I've ovulated.
-Couldn't get the drugs.
-Or the hormones,
to be more precise.
-98.6 exactly. Well,
we have our baseline.
-Isn't that wonderful.
-It's a beautiful
day outside today.
Would you like to
see it for yourself?
-Beautiful day.
-I so wanted to see the sun.
-We take so much for granted.
Strange, how we can never really
appreciate something until
we are denied it.
I accidentally started a fire.
Burned the house down.
-Goodnight my dearest.
I love you. -Goodnight mommy.
Mommy, mommy! Wake up, mommy!
Mommy, mommy, mommy,
mommy! Mommy, please, wake up!
Mommy, please! C'mon,
mommy, please, wake up mommy!
Just please wake up
mom! Mom, please wake up!
I couldn't wake her
to get her out.
-Who raised you?
-My mother.
I could tell you one thing
I've been thinking about
quite a bit lately.
-What's that?
-About getting away. I've been
focusing on this narrow problem,
putting so much energy into
it that the bigger picture
just gets lost.
I think a simpler
existence would be better.
The question is, what to do?
-Exactly. So, what
do you propose to do?
-I'm not sure.
-I guess it just
doesn't bother me
that the big questions
will go unanswered.
-But how do you keep yourself
from asking the questions?
-Well, I can think of
one pretty good way.
Ralph! Another round of drinks.
-Today's the day. We need
to get this into you.
You can insert the semen
yourself if you wish.
I will just observe.
-What if I refuse?
Then I will bind you and
do it myself if necessary.
I just figured you would
rather do it yourself.
All of this so you can have
lactating breasts
to suck on, Claude?
It doesn't make any sense.
I'm sure there
are women you can pay
to satisfy your fetish.
Look on the web. Hire a wet-nurse.
You don't need
to go through all of this.
-You think I haven't tried that?
-What happened?
-I hired a professional that
specializes in my fetish,
as you called it.
-And that wasn't enough?
Why not?
-It was just different.
-What was different about it?
-I can't explain it.
It just was.
-What about the baby?
-What about it?
-What do you intend
to do with it?
-Whatever you like.
You can keep it if you'd like.
-And raise it in this dungeon?
You really are crazy.
-Then I will drop it off
anonymously at a hospital.
It doesn't matter.
Now, first things first.
You are so absolutely beautiful.
You're radiant.
How can you miss the sun
when you are the sun?
You radiate warmth and light.
You obliterate the darkness.
-You're drunk, Claude.
-A bit. But as the saying goes,
in vino veritas.
-Why have you been
drinking so much?
-Because you've
been in my dreams.
-So, I don't see
the connection.
-It's not good for you
to be in my dreams.
I need to keep you
out of my dreams.
-I still don't see why
that makes you drink.
-Because when I drink, I'm
not haunted by my dreams.
The night passes in
silence and darkness.
That's what I
need when I sleep.
And you, as the
light of the day.
Good night, and sweet
dreams to you, my love.
-Who's a famous mathematician
that starts with an E?
-It's five letters.
-That starts with an E?
-How do you spell it?
-Thank you.
-Well, I'm going
to make us lunch.
Would you care for
anything in particular?
-Yeah. I'm craving
pickles and ice cream.
-Pickles and ice cream?
-Don't you know what that means?
-It means the turkey baster and
I are going to have a baby.
I got you this.
I thought you might like
to wear it for dinner.
-How did you know my size?
The woman at the store
was quite helpful.
-Will you wear it?
-I don't know. I thought
you would look nice in it.
-I didn't think that
mattered to you.
-Will you wear it?
-I'll wear it but
on one condition.
-What's that?
-I want a mirror, and
not just a small one,
but big enough to see
how the dress fits.
-I think I can
accommodate that.
-I like this wine.
What kind is it?
-It is a Ribera del
Duero from Spain.
It's made from the
Tempranillo grape.
I like it too.
-It tastes rather charcolately.
I like that. It is earthy, a
hint of charcoal, a bit of
chocolate in the finish.
You are becoming quite the
-And to think I didn't
even like wine before.
-To new discoveries.
I could live without the wine.
-I... I do hope you
appreciate that
I've tried to make
things better for you.
I really want this to work out.
What "this?"
How could "this"
possibly work out?
-Well, your sun pictures
no longer have the
"I will kill Claude"
message in them.
-You knew.
-I could hardly blame you.
But I do hope your
feelings for me have
softened, at least a little?
-What do you want me to say?
True, I don't want
to kill you anymore,
and I don't want
you to kill me.
I don't want anyone
to kill anyone.
But I can't go on
like this forever.
The only way this can
possibly work out is
if you let me go.
I want to see my Tommy again.
I want to see my family.
I want to have a normal life.
-I do wish I had
never taken you.
But what can I do now?
-I wouldn't talk.
I swear.
no one would find
out who you are.
You say that now, but
I know you too well.
You are a kind-hearted,
intelligent person.
I am a monster. The
thought that I might
subject someone else to
what you've been through,
or worse, it would gnaw at you.
The guilt would be too much.
or worse, it would gnaw at you.
The guilt would be too much.
You would tell them everything.
Maybe there is one way.
There's my boy.
Come to mommy, Claude.
There's my boy.
I knew you'd come to mommy.
You've been a good boy,
haven't you, Claude?
-Yes, mommy.
-You don't need her anymore.
I'm here for you, Claude.
No, Claude. Not that.
You know what I need.
-No, no.
No, I can't. No, no!
Are the bandages OK?
Are you comfortable?
You're not talking?
OK. I don't blame you.
But there is a silver lining here.
Now I...
I know you may not see
it, but there is hope.
You were in my dreams.
One of my bad dreams.
And yet, I didn't kill you. I stopped it.
This is good.
And yet, I didn't kill you. I stopped it.
This is good.
Is it not? We can move on.
There is no reason to believe
that anything like that
will ever happen again.
I can... I can stop it.
-Let me go. Please, please.
Please, please let me go.
You think I don't feel trapped?
I am the prisoner. I am
the one who can't escape.
I'm the one who's dying here.
I'm going out of town
for a couple of days.
This should hold you
over until I get back.
-Where are you going?
-North American
Bridge Championships.
-With David?
-Yes, of course with David.
-When will you be back?
-We have a flight back on Monday
but if we get knocked
out of the tournament,
I may come back earlier.
I'm gonna fix dinner.
Is there anything in
particular you'd like?
-Steak. Those T-bones you
made before were very good.
-Craving iron? You're not
on your period, are you?
-No. I think I'm
just craving steak.
Do you think I could eat alone?
-I suppose. Why?
-I'm just not in the mood for
any conversation tonight.
-We could eat in silence.
I don't mind.
-Please, Claude. You've been
making me nervous lately, and
I would just like
to eat in peace.
-Fine. I'll be down later.
Give me your plate, please.
-Get it yourself.
Come on, Kim. I don't
want to play games.
Where's the steak knife?
Kim, I know you have the knife.
Give it to me, please.
Claude, are you here?
-Claude, what's happening?
Are you there?
-Hey. I made you tea.
-Thank you.
-Are you gonna schedule
that appointment?
Kim, I don't understand. You
know what he said about certain
psychoses likely
being hereditary.
-I know what everybody said.