Mothra (1961) Movie Script

"Mothra" (Mosura)
Typhoon number 8
out of the Carolina Islands...
...with a central wind velocity
of 60 meters per second...
...and peak wind velocities
up to 80 meters per second...
...has developed into
an extremely powerful typhoon.
It is moving north toward the Japanese
mainland at 50 kilometers per hour.
Unit 7, Unit 7.
A communication
from the Shipping Association.
Matsubishi Shipping's
5600-ton Genyo-Maru II... caught at the center
of the typhoon.
They require immediate assistance.
What is our present location?
11.4 miles east of Infant Island.
What? Infant Island?
This is bad. This is the worst
situation we could be in.
Damn! We're sandwiched
between the typhoon and radiation.
Captain! We've run aground!
We're taking on water!
We're taking on water!
All hands abandon ship!
Abandon ship! Abandon ship!
I've got a bad feeling about
flying through this much radiation.
Look! We're almost out of fuel.
JA 7046 calling Satsuma.
We are running low on fuel.
We are now leaving the search area.
Is that?
There are people!
JA 7046 calling Satsuma.
We're patrolling
the Infant Island area.
We see what appears
to be four people in trouble.
Hey! Hey!
Genyo-Maru II Survivors Return
Observed for Radiation Sickness
One moment! One moment!
We have already stated
there will be no interviews.
Is their condition that serious?
How about a picture?
Even through a window.
- Please.
- Come on.
Dr. Harada. Now, this is a surprise.
No signs of radiation contamination.
Here are their charts
with all the test results.
Have any of you
noticed any symptoms?
For example, any unusual tiredness?
Any pain in joints?
No, nothing.
What is it?
You know, they didn't really give us
enough rice to eat on the ship.
- You.
- I'm from Nitto Press.
Nitto Press?
We said no pictures yet.
I'll take that film.
I'm Zen.
- I'm Fukuda, Nitto social column.
- What are you thinking?
- First of all, the radiation...
- poses no danger, right?
That's what you said yourself, right?
Hi. Fukuda. Nice to meet you.
Nothing we can do now, I guess.
You're in already.
- They call Zen "The Snapping Turtle. "
- Snapping Turtle?
Once I get ahold, I never let go.
The old newspaperman spirit.
We've got 3 million readers
waiting for news about this.
That's the real issue.
So, what do your 3 million readers
want to know most?
These men came back
alive and healthy...
...from deadly levels of radiation.
That's truly miraculous.
How did they manage
to live through it?
I know. Maybe it was that red juice.
- Red juice?
- What are you talking about?
The natives gave it to us.
The natives...
Natives? What natives?
Infant Island is uninhabited!
Headline on the evening edition:
Mystery Natives of Infant Island.
- Sounds like a detective novel.
- Shut up.
One more thing.
The Rolisican Embassy statement.
The Rolisican government verified...
...that Infant Island
was totally uninhabited...
...before using the island... a test site for atomic
and hydrogen bombs.
We see no need to question...
...this conclusion at the present time.
Ambassador, what about
the expedition team?
It is not affiliated with
the Rolisican government.
Is there an authority on
the geography of that area?
- There's the linguist, Professor Chujo.
- Chujo?
Shinichi Chujo. He's recently back
from doing research in Polynesia.
Good. Get pictures, too.
I thought you'd say that.
I already sent Michi to get some.
- He was toying with me.
- You didn't get any pictures?
- I took some.
- Let's see.
What is this?
That's a real masterpiece.
He says he likes pictures
as much as taking medicine.
Nitto Press
This is no good. We've got lots
of things we'd like to ask you.
Mr. Chujo, why did Rolisica
suddenly propose a joint expedition?
They've even announced
a leader for the expedition.
You'd have to ask
the Rolisican government.
His attitude is just silly.
Okay, okay, you win.
We won't take your picture.
Could you at least show your face?
It's not a face worth showing.
- I hate them!
- What is it?
- Zen...
- What's this?
I apologize.
Hey, Shinji! Shinji!
I told you not to let him
out of your room.
He got away.
We were looking for him!
Chiro! Don't run away! Chiro!
Come here!
Hold on, I'll catch him for you.
Here, Chiro. Chiro, Chiro.
- Don't squish him.
- I won't.
Did you catch him?
What's wrong?
- Could you?
- What?
Right here.
Chiro, Chiro.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- So you're going with the expedition?
- It hasn't been decided yet.
- I heard at the Ministry of Education.
So if you're going as a linguist...'s to speak
with the natives, right?
We'll have to get there and see.
The Polynesians
have much in common... language, customs and culture.
So there are no great differences
between natives of Hawaii and Tahiti?
Have you heard the legend...
...that Polynesia was once
one huge landmass?
Like Atlantis.
Looks like you don't
believe that theory.
I only believe the reality
I see through my camera.
So that's why you want
to take pictures so badly.
The sound of the shutter
reminds me of a guillotine.
A guillotine? You're joking.
Relax. The latest guillotines
don't make any sound.
Infant Island Expedition
Rolisica Expedition That was Harada, the leader
of the Japanese team.
Hey, it's Nelson!
Let us through!
Let us through!
Social Column Editor
What? No press?
That's ridiculous, especially
in this day and age! Who said that?
Everyone is angry that we're
not bringing the press along.
There's no special reason.
We just want this to be a success.
So you're saying we reporters
would get in your way?
No, no. You and I are thinking
about different things.
In any case, I'm in charge.
We can't take reporters along.
Why are you hanging around here?
I'm done listening
to stupid excuses.
So who is this Nelson?
He's the man in charge.
I know that. What's his background?
I don't know.
He doesn't look like a professor.
Why is he being so secretive?
Seems like he's hiding something.
Don't you think?
- Very suspicious.
- Yeah, it is suspicious.
No, I mean you. What are
you scheming about?
Me? Scheming?
Infant Island Expedition Sendoff
Come back safely!
Come back safely!
Oh, Dr. Harada.
Is the meeting over?
- You're lucky, sitting here carefree.
- Is there some problem?
I don't like that Nelson's attitude.
He says he's going to keep control
of all the expedition data.
That's ridiculous!
An academic expedition like this
should be pure and unhindered.
There could be
some secret agency behind this.
Come out.
- What were you doing?
- Just cleaning.
Why do you have this?
It was on the floor.
What is it?
I don't remember hiring
a cabin boy from Nitto Press.
- So long.
- Wait.
Do you think you can
just walk out of here?
- What's that outfit?
- Can I help you?
I want to ask something.
I have to submit
my materials to you?
Of course.
Is that an order from
the Rolisican government?
It's the request of the team.
Well, I refuse.
Let's go.
Attention all expedition members.
We will soon be entering
the radiation danger zone.
Report for radiation suit inspection.
Dr. Harada, how did it go?
Did you talk to him?
Yes, I finally got him to consent.
I promised absolutely no reporting.
So I'm a security guard now.
I'm Fukuda from Nitto. Thank you.
Dr. Harada, why do we have to ask for
Nelson's permission on everything?
Professor Rakh
defers completely to Nelson.
He does?
About this Professor Rakh...
Just a security guard, that's me.
We will now go ashore.
We hope you will all perform
your duties with caution and care.
We have great hope
for the expedition's success.
If you encounter
any emergencies...
...use your radio
to call for help immediately.
If you receive an emergency call...
...gather at the site
and await directions.
That is all.
You! What are you doing?
- I'm lost.
- What?
I'm lost. I got separated from Chujo.
What are these plants
growing here?
These aren't normal plants.
They seem to be mutations of mold.
Yes. It's mold.
The drink the Genyo-Maru II
survivors were given...
...must have come from this.
We've searched this much,
but we still haven't found anything.
It's strange.
Chujo's gone.
Over there!
Chujo! What happened?
Chujo! Wake up!
What do you mean, "Hi"?
What happened?
I was ensnared
by a blood-sucking plant.
The ones who saved me were
extremely small humans.
Small humans? Natives?
They were these incredibly
small women, only a foot tall.
What? Small women?
It wasn't a hallucination?
No, I'm sure of it.
You need some rest tonight.
We'll look into it tomorrow.
So how did the tiny beauties
save you?
- Tiny beauties?
- Yeah. That's a news expression.
We call every young woman a beauty.
So these are tiny beauties.
- That's it!
- What?
Yeah, that was it!
Well, good night.
What kind of attitude is that?
What was that all about?
You've got to be kidding.
What happened?
Chujo! What happened?
- Stop fooling around.
- I'm not fooling around.
I realized last night that
they're very sensitive to sound.
They showed up to save me yesterday
after hearing the alarm device.
A song! They're singing!
No, it's not a song.
That's their language.
It doesn't belong
to any linguistic system.
It's more of a code.
Do you understand
what they're saying?
It seems like they're asking us
not to harm their island.
Of course. They've had atomic
and nuclear testing here before.
We're absolutely not going
to test nuclear bombs here.
- Hey! Don't hurt them!
- What are you doing?
These are hard-to-find specimens.
I'm taking them.
Poor things! Let them go.
- Doctor.
- Nelson!
We're surrounded! Spread out!
Release them.
We have weapons.
There's no need to fight
on a scientific expedition.
Guards, put your guns away!
Guns down!
Boss, what do we do?
Really? Are you sure?
Hand them over.
Everybody gather back
at the advance base.
- Everybody back!
- Gather at the base!
You know, doctor, maybe
this is just a romantic notion...
...but wouldn't it be better
just to leave this island alone?
They've finally returned.
Nelson, head of the expedition...
...made only a brief statement
about their trip...
...with no announcements,
leaving everyone very curious.
Curiosity? I can't publish curiosity.
How is that going to satisfy
three million angry readers?
Where's Fukuda?
Get Fukuda for me.
Hey, Zen.
- Welcome back!
- Oh, welcome back!
Hope you had a good trip!
What's with you?
You never contacted anyone.
I was worried. The boss is furious.
That's just not enough.
Can you give us more?
What about the radiation?
Any new discoveries?
Can't you just tell us something?
Are you ignoring us?
Infant Island Expedition Dissolved
Rakh Rushes Back Home
No Findings Announced
Clark Nelson.
Date of birth, place of birth,
prewar career all unlisted.
In 1954, he made an expedition
to the Amazon... search of beautiful women
for use in entertainment.
While this expedition failed,
he is still known as an explorer.
I think he's an international
dealer in artifacts. Get it?
An artifacts dealer?
Digging up whatever ruins
he finds and stealing artifacts.
I hear there's a lot of money in it.
You know something, don't you?
I found some strange old writings
he had on Infant Island.
Fukuda, there's something
about that island.
Look at this.
What is this?
A rubbing of secret writings
I found in a cave on the island.
A cave? There was a cave?
A very mysterious cave.
I would have told Harada
and the Japanese members...
...but hesitated because of Nelson.
The same glyph appears
four times here.
I thought that was a clue
to decoding it.
Since there's a lot in common...
...I'm trying to work with this
Polynesian reference to decipher it.
So, what does
this repeated glyph say?
What? Mothra?
What does that mean?
I don't know.
Hello, my lovely ladies.
I'm so happy to see you again.
Boss! The natives!
Fire! Fire and let's go!
So, Snapping Turtle, how long
have we been paying your salary?
- Five years and three months.
- Is that right?
You saw them on
Infant Island, didn't you?
So why didn't you
write a piece on this?
I was keeping it quiet.
Damn it! You've got
no guts as a reporter!
- Reporters are human, too.
- What?
I saw them. We all saw them.
But did anyone say anything?
We all thought, as human beings,
it was better to keep it quiet.
I'm a human being, too!
Thank you all for coming.
We now live in the atomic age.
But are miracles a thing of the past?
Is mystery merely a word?
No. Miracles still exist.
I'm going to the front!
Mysteries are not just in dreams.
Now, let me show you...
...the modern-day mystery,
the modern-day miracle...
...that I have discovered
after great hardships.
Allow me to introduce
my lovely fairies.
- Are you by yourself?
- No, my big brother's in the back.
I got word by airmail from Rakh.
He said the Rolisican government...
...wasn't enthusiastic
about launching the expedition.
That must have irritated Nelson.
So Nelson pushed them by
paying all the expenses himself.
That's why he got complete control.
That melody.
No meddling. Go home.
I'm not here to meddle.
I want an interview!
I already told you that my fairies
don't understand speech.
What are you doing?
Stop it! Cut it out!
- What's going on?
- Zen!
This is a rare pleasure.
- I need to talk to you.
- About what?
I want you to stop this inhumanity
and return them to their island.
Inhumanity? Ridiculous.
Strictly speaking,
they're just scientific data.
Those fairies aren't human.
They're merchandise.
What are you saying?
The newspapers
are full of criticism!
People are just jealous
of the show's success.
You're keeping those girls confined
to serve your own personal greed!
Confined? What a joke.
Did you see the show?
The fairies are happy
when they sing.
Where are they?
Well, you're not strangers... I'll let you see them
for three minutes.
I want you to listen
to how happy they are.
Your camera, Miss.
We have enough advertising.
All right, all right! Here, take it.
- You don't have to worry.
- Oh, they're cute.
Do you remember me?
You saved me from that
blood-sucking plant.
We can't leave them in a cage.
We should take them home with us.
No. We don't know what
Nelson and his men might do.
Those guys are all too cocky.
I agree with you.
Hey, don't give up hope.
There are lots of people in the world
who sympathize with you.
Thank you.
We won't give up hope.
Do you understand our language?
Not just language.
We can communicate our feelings... places far, far away.
You mean telepathy?
We will get back to our island.
But what?
For us to be saved...
...innocent people
in your country will suffer...
...a great misfortune.
- A great misfortune?
- Why?
Mothra will come.
Mothra is coming.
Coming to save us.
Life eternal to Mothral
Mothra, answer our prayersl
Arise nowl
This is libel!
Retract these comments!
There's no basis for
this negative press.
We're very responsible
for verifying the facts we print.
Fine. So you refuse to retract this.
I'm going to the Rolisican Embassy.
This will turn into
an international issue.
Boss! This should be
our front-page headline!
"From RP. Large unidentified object
floating in the South Pacific. "
- What is this?
- I'm sure it's Mothra!
What the hell is Mothra?
It's a dinosaur-like...
An ancient monster
in Infant Island legends.
It's coming to save the tiny beauties.
You should be in advertising
instead of being a journalist.
- We heard it from the two girls.
- What?
It's true. They clearly said
Mothra would come to save them.
Radio listeners, this is truly
the mystery of the century.
We regret that we are only able
to broadcast these sounds to you.
- Hard to port!
- Hard to port!
No, bring it back!
Luxury Liner Orion-Maru
Meets with Disaster
Floating Object Found
You're going too far!
Too far? Do you deny what
happened to the Orion-Maru?
- It has nothing to do with me.
- That's exactly right.
Whatever some giant monster does
is completely unrelated with our work.
Listen! Unless you return
the tiny beauties to the island...
...Mothra will come here!
To Japan! Right here to Tokyo!
By then, it'll be too late!
Stop with these false accusations!
I'm getting annoyed!
- Nelson...
- Shut up!
There's no use talking about it.
In order to defend his rights
and honor as a Rolisican citizen...
...we will leave this country.
Then we can resolve this.
- Leaving the country?
- Sounds fine.
Leave the country, do whatever
you want. Let's go, Chujo.
- Chujo, there's nothing we can do.
- Yeah.
It's frustrating, but whatever
we do won't matter.
- Maybe, but we have one more option.
- One more?
To talk to the girls.
What do you want?
We want to talk to the girls.
No way. Didn't you see
the "do not enter" sign downstairs?
I saw it.
You can't go in!
Stop it.
Let's not resort to violence.
Come on, Chujo.
- What's going on here?
- We'll take care of them!
We don't have
any other choice.
I'll take care of this bunch.
Go talk to them, fast.
I'm counting on you.
Let go! Let go!
Zen, The Snapping Turtle,
never lets go once he gets ahold!
Innocent people are going to suffer.
Can't you make Mothra turn back?
Mothra doesn't understand
right and wrong.
He has only the instinct... take us back to the island.
Really, there's nothing you can do?
We're sad too, but there's
nothing we can do.
I've got one more idea.
- Their telepathy.
- Can you block it off?
What you see here
is her brain waves.
This is a synthetic material
used in nuclear reactors.
It blocks all forms of wave energy.
Look at that.
If we make a box from this,
we can hide...
...the tiny beauties from Mothra.
Target sighted! It's a monster
100 meters in length!
- Location?
- Longitude, 137 degrees 10 minutes.
Latitude, north 23 degrees
10 minutes. Heading 011.
It's heading north.
Dispatch Attack Squadron 1 now.
This is the front page
of our evening edition.
I don't care if we're past deadline.
Put in this headline:
Mothra to be Annihilated at Sea.
- I feel kind of sorry for Mothra.
- What?
It's Nelson's fault. If he'd return
the tiny beauties to the island...
- Damn it!
- What's the matter?
Rolisica is backing Nelson up.
"The government of Rolisica shall...
...defend the rights and property
of its citizens overseas. "
Go! Get a statement
from the Defense Ministry!
Target spotted. Commence bombing!
So all your cares were for nothing.
You've concluded that Mothra
is dead from the attack?
Of course. There's nothing more
to worry about.
They haven't confirmed the kill.
I think it's too soon to tell.
You're all so kind in your concern.
We're not concerned about you!
A lot of people may suffer
because of your greed!
That box can block their telepathy,
but we're not doing it for you.
Don't misunderstand us.
- All clear.
- Good work.
- We hit the jackpot.
- You outdid yourself.
Not me. The lady at the tea shop
made it for us.
She said no tour groups
are coming out...
...with all this Mothra hubbub.
Works out great for us.
Another earthquake?
It's not a very big one.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I probably won't need it...
...but I'll keep that box around.
How about staying for the show?
It's about to start.
No, thanks.
You don't have to pay.
You're all my guests.
Mr. Nelson, you have a call.
Pardon me.
Hello, this is Nelson.
My show's been shut down?
I can't believe these Japanese police!
Why are you shutting me down?
Take it up with my embassy!
Now I'm offended.
Zen! What are you doing
hanging around here?
I know, the show's been shut down.
Nelson just got the call.
Not the show!
Dam 3 is in trouble!
The dam?
Could it be Mothra?
- I don't know the details, but hurry.
- Let's go.
What's that?
It's cracking! Get out!
Stop it!
No matter how much you cry,
you're not going back to your island.
Shut up! I'm not letting you go
even if Mothra comes!
Get out of here! Run!
Stop! Stop! Hey!
You in the car, stop!
Doctor! It must be Mothra!
Why is it all the way out here?
Get out! It's too dangerous!
You have to get out of here!
Get out! Get out! Hurry!
Hey! Hurry!
"Mothra" Appears In Tokyo
Vanishes After Destroying Dam
Nelson Firmly Refuses
"To Return Tiny Beauties to Island!"
Mothra is rampaging...
...because Nelson
won't return those small women.
Many are suffering because of him.
It's all Nelson's fault.
- Where is he?
- What's going on?
- A kid got in here.
- A little punk in a red baseball cap.
That's a problem.
The boss is gonna be mad.
We have to find the kid before
he gets back from the embassy.
Let's go!
I'm taking you out of here.
Thank you. But Mothra is coming.
Run away, quickly.
I'm fine. Come to my house.
My brother will be glad to see you.
- You weren't doing your job!
- Idiots! What are you doing?
- A kid snuck in...
- Forget the kid! We're leaving now!
There he is!
- Hey! Get him!
- Hey, wait!
- Did you see him?
- He's not here.
- Was he there?
- He's not downstairs.
Where'd that little brat go?
Boss! He's here!
- Come on, kid.
- No point struggling.
Oh, that hurt!
Boss! The Rolisican Embassy
finally came through.
"The Rolisican government requests
that Mr. Nelson renounce ownership...
...of the tiny beauties
for the sake of good relations. "
- Good. Make it the headline.
- I'm going to see the handover.
I want to see Nelson's face.
- Big trouble!
- I know. You better hurry!
- Come on.
- Fukuda!
Hey, Chujo!
How did you know?
- Know what?
- Nelson's finally done for.
I didn't. My little brother Shinji
came here to get the tiny beauties.
He did?
Fukuda! This is Shinji's!
It's Shinji!
Shinji! Shinji!
- Shinji!
- Shinji!
He's awake!
- Are you okay?
- Nelson got away!
Don't worry. They're going
to catch Nelson in no time.
- We've got trouble.
- I know it. Nelson got away.
No, that's not it. Mothra's back!
What did you say?
Mothra? Where?
Yokota Base,
heading towards Tokyo.
9:00, special artillery battalion
...on Keihin Highway 2
at Tama River.
Defense Squad 2,
change course to Shibuya.
Defense Squad 3 assembled
at National Stadium.
Go back! Everybody back!
Mothra has passed Ome Highway...
...into the southern district,
headed for Shibuya.
All residents of the Shibuya area,
please evacuate quickly...
...following the direction
of the defense forces.
Back up! Turn around!
Boss, this way's no good either!
We can only get away by sea.
Turn back. I have an idea.
We've gathered our forces in a line
at Tameike and Akasaka Mitsuke.
We'll make a concentrated attack.
2150 hours,
Mothra has reached Tokyo Tower.
It is showing signs
of some kind of change.
All right!
- Standing by!
- Ready!
Commander! Emergency orders!
Cease fire? Roger!
Cease fire!
What's that thread?
Headquarters! It's building a cocoon!
If Mothra comes out as an adult,
we're in big trouble.
We have to return those girls
to Infant Island before that happens.
Director, where is Nelson now?
We're putting in every effort,
but we still have no leads.
Special flight 203 to Rolisica,
now departing.
Boss, you're now George Walker...
...member of
the Rolisican Embassy staff.
Excuse me.
- Boss!
- You're standing here watching?
- We're covering Mothra.
- You should be going after Nelson.
- Tell that to the police.
- You call yourself a reporter?
A child could report on Mothra
in a cocoon. Go after Nelson!
In all this confusion, I'm afraid
there's no way to search for Nelson.
If Nelson gets on a plane, he could
be in Rolisica by tomorrow morning.
- Then what would happen?
- That would cut off our last hope.
As he follows the tiny beauties,
Mothra's rampage will get worse.
To Haneda Airport!
We apologize
for the inconvenience.
Rolisica will send
all possible support... help with this great misfortune.
And the atomic heat cannon?
Will it be here before
the adult Mothra emerges?
Don't worry. It will be here in time.
Mothra remains quiet at present... the cocoon it built
on Tokyo Tower.
However, if it emerges as an adult...
...we fear it will show
unimaginable ferocity.
The Japanese government...
...with the assistance of the Rolisican
Atomic Heat Ray Brigade...
...will soon commence attacks
upon Mothra's cocoon.
This is amazing.
- The attack commences at 10:00.
- Ten o'clock?
Orders from Defense Headquarters.
Orders from Defense Headquarters.
The attack will commence at 10 a. m.
As the atomic heat cannon
produces great heat...
...we ask all onlookers to take
all necessary precautions.
Minus 60 seconds to attack!
Zen, your glasses.
Minus 30 seconds!
Minus 20 seconds!
Minus 10 seconds!
Nine, eight, seven...
...six, five, four,
three, two, one!
To my radio listeners
and all people of the world...
Boss, if we got this far, we're safe.
Of course. This isn't Japan.
It's the great land of Rolisica.
I didn't know you had
such a marvelous ranch.
We seem to have
defeated Mothra... of the great monsters
of this century.
You can hear relief in the voices
on microphones at the battle site.
People, people of the world,
breathe easy.
Mothra has been destroyedl
Boss, boss! We can breathe
easy as we get filthy rich!
Go ahead and sing.
Sing more.
Sing all you want.
Mothra won't come.
Sing! Sing!
Look! I think it's flying off
to Rolisica.
Do you think so, doctor?
So I guess Nelson
did run off to Rolisica.
Rolisica's air force has been
completely annihilated by Mothra.
This report has come as
a great shock to the Rolisican people.
Criticism of Mr. Nelson,
who has disappeared...
...continues to spread and grow.
The federal police has ordered
an emergency search for Nelson.
Boss, it's over!
Even if we flee,
they're just going to corner us.
This must have surprised you.
- Was this your doing?
- We're going at Rolisica's request.
Don't tell me they want us
to talk to Mothra.
- Something like that.
- Seriously? That's crazy, just crazy.
The problem is the tiny beauties.
We're known to be the only friends
the tiny beauties will talk to.
I see.
But we don't know where they are.
So we have to catch Nelson
and take the girls back to the island.
Attention, all passengers.
Mothra has been sighted
in New Kirk City.
Boss! We're going the wrong way.
Get up those stairs.
Chujo, what do we do?
- Shall we open it right up?
- No!
Mothra's extremely irritated.
It'll fly right to us.
This whole area will be destroyed.
It's all over for New Kirk City.
Do you remember this?
- The writing from Infant Island.
- That's right.
Look at that.
I get it. This mark is something...
...the natives used to pray to Mothra.
- Right.
Hey, those bells...
...they sound like the melody
those girls were singing.
Chujo, isn't there a way to use
this mark and the bells to... something?
Mothra, the secret prayer
and the song.
Okay, let's give it a try.
Please make a giant drawing
of this mark on the airfield.
- This one?
- As quickly as possible.
We'll try it.
And could you have all the churches
in town ring their bells at 3:00?
- All church bells at 3?
- That's right.
I'll contact them immediately.
Do you think it'll work?
I don't know.
We can only pray for success.
I'm no priest, but we'll just have
to leave it all to the grace of God.
Let's get to the airport.
It's 3:00 now.
Is it my imagination,
or has Mothra calmed down?
It's coming this way.
Is everything okay?
Okay, let's open the box.
Thank you all.
We pray that all the world's people
can live in peace.
Thank you all.
And we promise we'll never disturb
the peace of Infant Island.
Thank you. Mothra is waiting.
Take care of yourselves.
It's kind of strange to say it,
but take care.
- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!
I have to call the boss.
This'll be the top story.
Oh, no! I forgot to take pictures!
A prayer for peace and prosperity
to last for all eternity.