Motocrossed (2001) Movie Script

Well, that felt pretty fast.
In three weeks, you're gonna be racing
with pros from all over the Southwest.
"Pretty fast" isn't gonna do it, Andrew.
Let's try it again. This time...
Don't let off
until you hit that line, okay?
Then get back on the throttle here.
Okay? Let's do it!
All right.
Dad, there were over 100 schools there,
and we won!
Hey, Andrew!
Are you all right?
Andrea! Can this wait until later?
-Whoa. Sweetheart, are you okay?
-Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.
Andi, let me check it out.
That's so awesome!
Guys, guys,
can we talk about this at dinner?
Right now,
Andrew really needs to stay focused.
But, Dad, I was just checking out
the trophy. I mean...
Honey, wouldn't it be okay
if he took just a little break?
Listen, everyone, we've been over this.
Winning this series means
a full factory sponsorship.
We get bikes, parts, money...
Everything we need
to make a run at a national title.
Now, do we really wanna risk that
because we didn't get all the practice in
that we could?
Dad's right. Better get back to work.
Besides, you're giving up too much speed
on that last turn.
Hey, didn't I have another son
around here someplace?
Huh? Yeah, yeah. He's up in the garage.
Jason! Honey, come on in
and get cleaned up for dinner!
So, how is Andrew doing?
He's getting there. He's getting there.
We still got a lot of work to do
if he's gonna be competitive.
Well, as long as he tries his best,
I'm sure he'll do fine.
-Isn't that right, honey?
-Yeah. Yeah. Of course.
Mom, I was in a world-record pace
for putting in a new top end in my bike.
I mean,
I could feel the victory, you know?
It was on the tips of my fingers.
Well, I'm surprised you can feel anything
with all the stuff you got all over you.
Now get inside and change.
Oh! Don't sit on anything.
What? I'm not even that greasy.
What are you talking about?
Looks like you're getting faster.
Yeah. I felt pretty good today.
-Dude, you are ripping, man.
Just think how good you'll be if we
do this every day until the first race.
Every day?
When I was racing, I got up at dawn
and I rode until it was so dark,
I couldn't see.
My father had to drag me inside.
Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
I'm sure the neighbors
have already signed a petition
to have us thrown out
of the homeowners' association.
See, I'm not trying to force you to do
anything you don't want to do, Andrew.
I'm just saying, once you get out there
and you see how fast those other guys are,
you're gonna wish
you'd listened to the old man.
As much as I would love to sit here
and talk about motocross racing
all through dinner,
if somebody doesn't say grace soon,
the food's gonna be too cold to eat.
Lord, we thank you for the plentiful gifts
we are about to receive...
Hey. Wish I could have been there today.
Sure. What teenage guy wouldn't want
to spend the day with 1,300 cheerleaders?
Yeah, that's true.
This came today.
There's a great article on McGrath.
Hey, you kids are gonna have
to fend for yourselves tomorrow.
Your dad and I are going
into the city for the day.
Just try not to get in too much trouble
while I'm gone,
and, oh, keep an eye
on your little brother. Night.
They're gonna be gone for a whole day?
How sick is that?
The usual?
Twelve laps. The loser does
the winner's chores for a week.
Hey, aren't those my boots?
Look, I had to borrow your spares.
They're too big.
-I figured you could use the advantage.
No way.
Are you guys gonna race?
Dad's gonna freak if he finds out.
Which is why it's a good idea
if he doesn't, right?
This is killer. All right.
-Come on. I need you to push.
-It's these boots. I can't shift right.
What, you wanna stop?
Andrew, are you okay?
You think Dad'll be mad at you?
Remember that time you took
Mom's weed whacker apart
and you couldn't put it back together?
Yeah. Try multiplying that
times, like, 1,000.
What did the doctor say?
Well, thankfully, it's not broken.
Dad, this wasn't Andi's fault.
It was an accident.
Which never would have happened
if you two hadn't been fooling around.
She was helping me practice, Dad.
You said yourself
I should be out there every day.
I meant with my supervision.
I've told you before, Andrea.
I don't want you racing.
It's too dangerous. Okay?
Come on. Let's get your brother home.
Dude, I had you.
Okay. Maybe now's not the best time
to be talking about that.
It's true, though. I saw it.
Okay. Passport, traveler's checks, wallet.
Dad, where are you going?
Huh? Oh. I'm flying overseas
to meet with some European riders.
Well, Dad, why are you going
all the way to Europe?
Hey, somebody's gotta ride that bike
if we're gonna survive
without losing our shirt.
Unfortunately, all the decent U.S. riders
have already been signed to other teams.
-Honey, what one?
But, Dad, it's Carson Racing.
There should be a Carson on the bike.
I would have loved that, sweetie.
What about me? Why can't I race,
at least until Andrew's leg heals?
Andrea, I appreciate the fact that
you wanna help, but this isn't a joke.
Who's joking? I can do it!
Yeah, Dad, you've seen Andi. She rips.
I know she does, Andrew,
but this is the pros.
-But, Dad, you...
Look, I realize this is partially my fault
for letting you ride as long as I did.
And for the life of me,
I can't figure out what I was thinking.
But... And I don't wanna
say this again, okay?
I want you to start
concentrating on things
that a 15-year-old girl
should be concentrating on.
And that does not include
racing motocross.
But, Dad, you need my help!
No. What I need is
a real professional rider.
Okay? That's what I'm gonna go find. Okay?
Honey, we gotta get going. Come on.
-Andrew, take care of yourself, my man.
-All right, Dad.
And, Jason,
when we take something apart...
We put it back together?
Andrea, do me a favor.
Stay away from anything
that has two wheels and a motor.
-Come on, honey.
This has been
the most complicated day of my life.
-What's wrong with you guys?
-Why were you screaming?
My NSYNC tickets came!
Fifth row! I've gotta call Kelly!
And once again, Jason Carson's
world-record hopes are dashed.
Kelly? It's Andrea. I've got the tickets!
They just came!
Okay, so here's the deal.
I've got two tickets,
and you've gotta ask your dad
if you can go.
You've got to let me know
as soon as possible, okay?
Honey, NSYNC is gonna
have to wait a minute.
I gotta use the phone.
-But, Mom...
-Honey, you can call her back.
I have to call you back.
Okay. Bye.
-They moved the series up two weeks.
-No way.
-The first race is this Saturday.
-Keep reading.
"And if you miss the first race,
you can't qualify for the cup"?
How random is that?
Well, your father has left
the first hotel already,
and I have no idea
how to get a hold of him.
Well, what about telegram or FedEx?
I wouldn't even know where to send it.
Well, I guess we'll just have to wait
and pray he calls.
Here I am reveling in
this epic NSYNC moment
when our entire family unit
is crumbling beneath us.
I can't believe this is happening.
There's no way Dad's found someone yet.
Doesn't matter if he did,
'cause he'll never make it back in time.
Clearly it's up to me to fix things.
-Why is it up to you?
-Because it's my fault.
I mean, Dad quit his job
to dedicate his time to racing...
Look, look, I told you already.
This is not your fault, okay?
Look, will you just admit it?
If it wasn't for me, you would be upstairs
right now packing for the first race.
Think I can do it?
-Do what?
-Race. For the cup.
Totally. Of course, there's a long list
of reasons why we'll never find out.
The main one being you're a chick.
You did not just call me a chick.
Sorry. Girl.
Look, guys would tear you up
if you went out and tried to race.
I mean, it doesn't matter
how good you are.
They'd do anything to beat you.
Yeah, but they'd have
to keep up with me first.
A sucker punch, I'm out to lunch
And all the things in between
You never know
Hey, check that out.
If they're gonna cut us in
I'm not laughing
and I'm not crying
I'm just happy
She really thinks
she's gonna go out there with us?
I'd say that's a yes.
Well, come on.
The fence is down, soon they found
That things are not what they seem
You know, the handlebars are bent.
You want me to change them?
They're fine, Jason. I'll do it later.
I'm just trying to help.
All right. I know. Don't tell Mom.
-Oh, hi, Mom.
Hi. What do you have there?
Just some old clothes, you know.
I was gonna donate them to the poor.
Well, good for you, sweetheart.
Mom, he'll call. Don't worry about it.
Of course, he will, sweetie.
Andrea Rose, what in the world...
I tripped over myself. You know me.
Was that before or after you took clothes
to those poor,
underprivileged motocross racers?
If I didn't keep missing my shift,
I would have smoked them.
I just need new boots.
Look, I already told you what would happen
if you went out and tried to race
with a bunch of guys.
I mean, imagine if those were actual pros
and you tried to run with them.
What are you trying to say?
If I was a guy,
this never would have happened?
Unfortunately, that's exactly
what I'm saying.
Jimmy Bottles called this morning,
said those parts we ordered were in.
I figured we might as well
get things ready for when Dad gets home.
Okay, honey.
I've got errands to run anyway, so...
Andrea Rose,
do you need anything while we're in town?
I think she went to the mall with Kelly.
Oh, all righty. Well, let's hurry then.
Wanna get home
just in case your father calls.
Let's find your little brother.
Jimmy Bottles. What up, dude?
What's up, Andy C? Did you just
teleport over here, man?
-I just rapped with you on the phone.
-You did?
Dude, we just hung up.
Those parts you ordered...
The parts! Right. Yeah.
I'm just fired up about
getting my motorcycle running again.
Oh, yeah, I heard, man.
Gnarly crash. Yeah.
Not enough to keep you
out of the cup series, though.
No, dude, I'm all over it.
Killer! Yeah.
Okay. I'll go get the parts for you.
Anything else you need?
I wanted to check out some boots.
Boots. Right over there.
- Check this out.
- Wow!
Hey, Jimmy. How's it going?
Dude, I know my eyes are jacked,
but you did not have those crutches
a second ago.
Well, it would be kind of tough
to get over here without them.
You're messing with me, right?
Are you feeling okay?
I get it. You've been spraying air filters
with the windows closed again,
haven't you?
No. Look... Yeah.
Yeah. Maybe that's... Yeah. Yeah.
So, you find any boots?
Uh... No. I don't need boots.
Just the parts.
My mom will be over from next door
in a minute to pay for them.
Yeah. Okay. Yeah.
Do you mind if I use the bathroom, Jimmy?
No, bro. It's all yours. Help yourself.
Hey! You little annoying dudes.
Shouldn't you guys
be in school or something?
It's summer. There is no school.
Yeah? Yeah, well,
maybe you should be
to fully review the reading thing.
Dude, you're freaking me out.
You know that? You're freaking me out.
What's wrong, Jimmy?
All right. First you don't have
your crutches, and then you do, all right?
Then you don't have the boots,
and now you want the boots.
You know what? I forgot something.
Can you save just these for me?
Yeah, help yourself, man.
I just gotta get
a new prescription or something.
-Yeah, Mom?
Didn't you just... Didn't he just...
Jason? Jason!
Never mind.
Dude! What is with this disappearing
crutch trick, man? You're killing me!
You know what? Fine. Forget it. Okay?
Whatever. Okay, your total,
it comes to $550.25.
How many parts did you order?
Not $500 worth.
Bro, the boots were $300, and...
I already told you.
I don't need any boots.
These aren't even my size.
-Let me put those back for you, Jimmy.
-Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate that.
Jimmy, how much does it come to
without the boots?
I'm changing, dude.
I think changing is an understatement.
What happened to your hair?
This is some deep-seated psychological,
father-daughter reaction thing, isn't it?
Look, admit it. This could work.
I show up dressed as you,
acting like you, race,
we stay in the series, and then as soon as
Dad comes back, we switch back riders.
There's so much wrong with that plan.
-Name one thing.
-How about Mom?
She'll freak. She will absolutely freak.
Not to mention if Dad finds out,
he's gonna ground us. You know that?
Neither one of them is gonna find out.
Are they, Jason?
Why do you always look at me
when you say that?
Okay, Jason, Andrew.
Come on, guys. We gotta get going.
Jason, who was your brother
just talking to?
I didn't see anyone.
...looking for gold here
in the freestyle Moto-X.
-Those are awesome brakes.
-He is so awesome. Yeah.
-Did he call?
Not yet.
You know, part of me hopes he will,
and the other is praying he doesn't
so I don't have to break the news to him.
I'm going to go into town tomorrow
with Cindy and some of the girls early.
Is that okay?
Yeah, I suppose.
-Can I go?
-No! You'll be bored.
I'll probably be gone before you wake up,
and I didn't want you to worry.
Mmm. Well, thanks for the consideration.
By the way, honey, where were you today?
We missed you.
I was at the mall.
Hmm. Did you buy anything?
Some clothes.
Yeah. She's trying out a new-look.
-You should see it, Mom.
-Yeah. You'd hardly recognize her.
Okay. Somebody want to tell me
what's going on around here?
Nothing. Mom, everything's fine.
Well, you know I will find out eventually.
It's just a matter of time.
I don't know anything.
I promise.
Oh, Mom...
I brought you those boots
that you said you didn't need.
Dude, I don't get you, man.
How are you gonna ride and stuff?
'Cause yesterday you were,
like, on crutches.
I think you were...
Weren't you? I don't know.
You're messing with my head.
-Just don't worry about it.
I'm ready to ride,
and I really appreciate this, so...
Look, you've got
your driving glasses, right?
Yeah. Check them out, man.
You know, if I remember correctly,
the mall doesn't open till 10:00,
and I don't think
they let motorcycles inside.
Hey, Mrs. Carson. How you doing?
Jimmy. I'm sure that "Andrew"
appreciates everything,
but this is one race
he's not gonna be riding in.
Okay. Uh... That was weird.
We should probably
get your bike outta my truck,
'cause I got other places to go
if you're not going, man.
What's going on here?
I cannot believe that you were
actually gonna go through with this.
Not to mention the fact
that you were gonna
get into a car with Jimmy Bottles.
He had his driving glasses.
Besides, I wasn't gonna
sit back and do nothing.
And just look at your beautiful hair.
Tell you one thing.
We're going over to the salon first thing
and see if there's anything
that they can do with it.
Now, go put the motorcycle
back in the garage.
Now do you know why I always look at you?
I'm sorry! I cracked.
You've seen her. I mean, she should
work for the CIA or something.
Mom, why won't you let Andi race?
Because girls don't race motorcycles.
Well, they do, but not with boys.
It's just not done.
But in school, they were teaching us
about women's rights.
And Mrs. Cabison was saying that
today there aren't any jobs
that women can't do.
You know, and how great it is
that we've come so far and everything.
So, I guess I don't understand
why Andi can't race.
I mean, she's as good
as those guys, right?
I don't want to talk about this.
Go upstairs, make your bed.
I already did.
Well, then, go upstairs
and put these clothes away,
neatly, in their proper place.
Oh, Geneva, don't even go there.
Just go back and fold your laundry
and think about something else.
Okay, explain something to me.
Is this all because you feel guilty
about what happened to your brother,
or is this something
you really want to do?
Which one will get you to let me go?
We're not even
talking about that right now.
I just want to know the truth.
Look, I really want to ride,
and I can win.
Do we still have time to get there?
-Are you serious?
Yeah, if we go now.
Well, if we're gonna do this,
might as well do it right.
What made you change your mind?
Did you think I was gonna let you
save this family single-handedly,
and take all the glory?
Honey, you know me better than that.
Welcome, race fans,
to the Phil Rollins Motorsports
Factory Cup.
While in the pit area we ask that you
please observe all safety regulations...
You know, the first time I met your dad
was at a racetrack.
The smell always brings back
those wonderful memories.
-Hey, look. Dude brought his mommy.
You know what, I better go up
and check in. I'll be back.
Take your time, honey. I'll just stay here
and get everything organized.
Riders, you have 30 minutes to register.
If you haven't, please do so immediately.
Nice manicure, dude.
Cuts down vibration in the bars
and helps reduce arm pump.
Whatever, dude.
Andy Carson, 125 pro.
Welcome to the Phil Rollins Cup, Andy.
Good luck.
Andy Carson? You made it. Good.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
Heard a lot of good things about you.
Great. Thanks.
You know, there was a rumor
that you broke the leg.
I figured you'd be a no-show.
Well, you know what they say about rumors.
They start with a kernel of the truth.
Look, hey, I'm Bob Arness
from Phil Rollins Motorsports.
We're the one
that's putting on this series.
You know, we need to talk.
I want to find out about
the man beneath the helmet.
Excuse me one second.
Bob Arness.
Yes. I'm here at the starters' table.
Yes. I was just about to...
Yes. You're right. You're right.
I'll be right there. Okay.
My boss. Fair, yet demanding.
We'll do this later.
Man beneath the helmet. Great.
Yeah, just be yourself.
You mean, be you.
Yeah, good point.
When's your first moto?
It's 20 minutes from now.
I better get going.
Oh, and Jason says set the forks
two clicks left for the braking bumps.
Look, tell him thanks.
She says thanks.
Man, they should have let me come.
You know, they're gonna need me
sooner or later.
Okay, Mom wants to talk to you.
Hi, sweetie. Did your dad call yet?
Not yet, which I'm thinking is probably
a good thing right about now.
And is Mrs. Sloan looking in on you?
Oh, good.
Okay, honey, I gotta go.
Yeah, I love you. Bye-bye.
Excuse me. I couldn't help notice
you were doing your nails,
and, well, I broke one when I was getting
in my car, and I was...
Say no more. Have a seat.
-This is so sweet of you.
Okay, I'm heading to the line.
Honey, this is gonna
have to wait a little bit.
You see, this is my daughter...
My son's first big race.
Oh, that's so sweet. Hi, I'm Angela.
Andy. Nice to meet you.
Mom, why don't you just wait here?
I'm sure I'll be fine.
No possible way. Under no circumstances
am I gonna miss my boy's U.S. debut.
Besides, honey, I want to help.
Mom, none of the other guys have
their moms with them on the starting line.
Besides, if you want to watch the race,
why don't you just watch from here, okay?
Well, if you're sure.
I'm sure, okay?
Well, race fans, here it is.
The first in a six-race
Factory Cup series.
The best riders from all over the state
are vying for that Phil Rollins
Motorsports Factory sponsorship.
It is gonna be a wild event
with a lot of races.
With me today is Keith Alan.
He's been on the pit floor
all morning long.
Keith, what's the attitude?
What's the feeling down there in the pits?
Well, the pits are abuzz,
and everybody's hungry for a slice
of that Phil Rollins
Motorsports Factory money.
Who's gonna get it? We're not gonna
find out until we get through this series.
We got to crown ourselves
a 125 and a 250 champion.
It's gonna happen
over the next three weeks
with the accumulation of points.
Each moto's gonna be very important.
We'll find out who's gonna win
this valuable sponsorship.
The 30-second board goes up.
The start so critical to this race.
You get hung up in the gate,
you might as well be in the trailer.
Their hearts are pounding.
They can't even breathe right now,
waiting for the starter to drop the hammer
and let the gate go down.
The board is sideways!
It'll start at any moment!
Oh, no! Andy Carson is stuck in the gate!
The rest of the field
is going into turn one.
He's gonna have to ride
like a madman to catch them.
I don't know if he can do it.
Go, honey! Go!
And the pre-race favorite, Donny Barrett,
gets the holeshot.
He's followed close behind
by Huddler and Nicholas.
And there's Carson
all alone bringing up the rear.
If he doesn't watch out,
he's gonna get left by the leaders
before this thing is over.
And Henderson Racing's Donny Barrett
is putting a blistering on this racetrack.
Here he comes through the woods.
He's got Carson in his sights,
who's got last place firmly locked.
And Barrett has finally caught Carson.
And Carson picks up the pace
like he's a world champ or something.
Barrett's totally frustrated.
A lapper should move out of the way!
Barrett trying to get around him.
And now
Barrett takes it into his own hands.
See you later, rookie!
And the checkers are out.
Barrett seals it with a win.
Now, honey, you didn't really expect
to beat all those guys
your very first time, did you?
Yeah, but I didn't think
I was gonna be in the way.
You finished the race.
That's all that matters.
Now, you do the same thing
in the next heat,
you've accomplished
what you came here for.
There she is!
I showed the other girls what you did,
and they were hoping
if you wouldn't mind...
I don't see why not.
Looks like a very long day ahead of us.
Did you know I was a trophy girl
when I was your age?
-I was.
How sick is that, Dean? Look at that.
That guy shows up for one race,
which he gets smoked in, by the way,
and he's got every chick in this place
swarming his rig.
What can I say?
I guess some guys are just magnets.
You need to chill on Faryn Henderson.
I don't know
what you're talking about, man.
Need I remind you,
she's not only out of your league,
that's the owner's daughter.
That's like career suicide.
I must discourage you, amigo.
Never gave it a second thought, Danny.
Oh, my gosh. What a geek.
No, not you, hon.
Hey, dude, maybe you should get the 411
from Carson over there.
Some deodorant, opening lines maybe?
'Cause whatever he's doing,
it's working for him.
And the gate is down
for the second moto of the 125 pros,
and Andy Carson has the holeshot.
But to the inside is Barrett.
Barrett now trying to queue up on Carson
who's got the lead.
They fly over the double.
Barrett has crossed wide,
he goes for the inside.
Barrett now goes part to the inside,
they bang bars, and Carson's down!
Well, that didn't last too long.
I guess when you're fighting
for that big factory money,
your manners
go right out the window, right?
That's right, Keith. There's no manners
in the sport of motocross.
You were great, honey.
You did what you came to do.
I came to win, Mom!
I should have smoked those guys!
We're about five
minutes away from the second 250 moto.
If you want to catch the action,
you want to get yourself
a great vantage point right now.
Get on down trackside.
We are getting ready to start.
I'm going for a walk, Mom.
And it looks like a clean sweep
for Dean Talon of Art Henderson Racing.
Man, can this kid ride!
Well, Dean, you've mastered the fact that
the gas is on the right.
Congratulations, man.
You just smoked the field out there,
making it look super easy.
What do you think
made the difference for you?
First of all,
I got off to a great start, Keith.
And my Henderson Racing bike
was running great,
so I'm just stoked
to get the first round out of the way.
Well, congratulations.
You now have to look to the...
That's just number one
in a long line of wins
you're gonna see this summer
from Art Henderson Racing.
That's Art Henderson himself...
And not only in the 250,
but Donny Barrett is gonna take the 125.
Can't shake the arm pump
from the last moto.
Thought that's what
the nail polish was for.
Race secrets don't stay secrets
too long around here.
I'm Dean Talon.
Andy Carson.
Watch, dude, you start winning,
everybody's gonna be wearing that stuff.
Me, win? Yeah, right.
Hey, you're probably the best guy
at your track back home, right?
Pretty much.
So is every rider out here.
These guys are like the top riders
at all their home tracks.
One of them might even be the next Emig
or McGrath or Windham.
Bye, Andy!
Bye, Dean.
Dude, I don't get it.
They're, like, women in their 20s.
They don't ever give a 125 guy a look.
Yeah, well, I guess I've always felt that
I could relate pretty well to girls.
Well, hey, I better get back
to the semi, you know?
Just to make sure
everything's going smooth.
Yeah. Thanks for everything.
Sure, sure. Yeah.
Hey, you wouldn't want to go, you know,
check it out or anything?
It's actually pretty cool.
I feel like I have a week's worth
of dirt on me.
I'm gonna go home and take
the longest bubble bath on record.
Go if you want.
I'm in the best part of my book,
and I'd just
as soon find out what happens.
I'll be back soon.
Oh, no, take your time, sweetheart.
Hey, dude, let me be the first to salute
your superior babe magnetism.
Um... Thanks.
So basically, you've got, like, enough
parts in here to build five spare bikes.
Yeah, basically.
Well, then why are you
even in the factory sponsorship?
Because factory sponsorship
equals factory support.
I mean, we get their expertise on
making the bikes go as fast as they can.
Shoot, they spend as much on this fork
as we do three bikes.
That's what it takes to win
in the stadiums. You know, on TV?
And I was stoked on our rig.
-How's it going, lapper?
-Yo, chill out, dude.
Faryn, hey. This is Carson Andrews.
I mean, Andrew Carson.
He's a 125 rider. He's new.
-Tommy Girl, right?
-Your perfume.
How'd you know?
My sister wears it.
It smells a lot better on you, though.
You know better
than to bring the competition in here.
Don't worry about it, boss.
He's no competition.
You know, I better get going.
We got a gnarly drive home.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yo, Andy! Hold up, man.
Dude, I gotta cop to something.
Let me guess.
You're madly in love with Faryn Henderson?
Is it that obvious?
Dude, you're toast. You're like Jell-O.
I know, man.
I want to go out with her so bad.
And every time I see her, I just tank it.
You know?
It's like coming up on a triple, and then
just letting off, you know? Casing it.
Pain. Ambulance.
-It's a nice visual.
That's why I got a deal for you.
A deal?
Look, if you're gonna
go compete with those guys,
there's some things you gotta know,
and I can teach you.
In return, you're gonna have
to do something for me.
And that something would be...
Talk to her, dude. Come on, Danny's right.
You are a genius with women.
All you gotta do is get her to go out
with me one time. I'll do the rest.
I really would, but...
I don't even think I'm gonna be here
for the next couple of races.
What are you talking about?
Look, I really can't explain,
but it's like a freaky family thing.
Well, there's got to be some kind of way
that you could just,
you know, get her to...
Look, I can't... But, you know,
thanks for giving me the grand tour.
It was really cool.
Okay, I love you. Bye.
Well, I think
that's about the cutest boy ever.
If I wasn't the second cutest boy,
I might actually have a chance.
Was that Daddy?
It was indeed.
Well, did he find another rider?
Not yet.
You didn't tell him, did you?
Must have slipped my mind.
You know how forgetful I can be.
Honey, you really loved that
out there today, didn't you?
Yeah. Look, I know that
I can beat those guys.
I just wish
I didn't have to quit right now
so that I could find out for sure.
Well, young lady, I guess this is one
of those defining moments
that they're always talking about.
Defining moments?
Mmm-hmm. Yeah, we all have one of those
in our lifetime.
Well, did you?
Sure. Yeah, I was just
a little bit older than you,
and I was singing in this band...
No way!
Oh, way!
Don't look so shocked.
I was actually kind of good.
And I loved singing just about as much
as you like riding that motorcycle.
Now, unfortunately, your grandmother
about had a heart attack
when she found out,
and she said if I quit right away,
she would never tell Grandpa.
-Well, what did you do?
-I quit right away.
And there hasn't been a day
where I haven't wondered about
whether I did the right thing.
Now, on one hand,
I did meet the man of my dreams
and have
the three best kids on this Earth,
but I still wish that I could have
at least given it a chance.
And I promised myself a long time ago
that I would never let my kids
give up on their dreams.
So what do you say? You up for it?
You and I...
Carson Racing against the world.
Or at least
against the rest of the Southwest.
-You're serious?
Now, honey, I have been
doing a little reading here,
and if we're gonna win this cup,
you're gonna have
to start getting some points.
Don't worry.
I know how to make sure that we do.
-I'll do it.
-Do what?
You got a deal.
You hook me up on the track,
and I'll hook you up with Faryn.
All right.
Start now. Get your bike.
We're at the top of the world
You and I
We've got a lot of time
It sure feels right
'cause you reached in your pocket
And pulled out a pass that says
you can take me anywhere
Sha la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la la-la la la la
What's wrong?
Did I miss something?
The track is two miles back that way.
Sha la la-la la la la
You wanted the secret to winning, right?
Here it is.
Now, Carson, you know how to make turns
and how to jump,
but what you don't know how to do
is retrain.
You know, all the different surfaces.
Out here, you learn all that,
so when you get on the track,
no matter what, you're ready.
Follow me.
You and I
We've got a lot of time
It sure feels right
'Cause I'm up here running behind you
He is so cute.
Sha la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la-la
La la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la-la
La la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la-la
La la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la la-la
Sha la-la
La la la-la
How beautiful.
I mean, how cool is that?
Well, we didn't come all the way up here
just to look at it.
Come on. Take your shirt off.
The sun messes with my skin.
Don't be such a girl, Carson. Come on.
-You did not just call me a girl.
-Yeah. What you gonna do about it, huh?
Oh, that's it, dude. Come here.
Wait. What about our deal, huh?
I'll talk to her later.
Mom, you know
how great Andrew is at riding?
Well, that's how bad he is at cooking.
Honey, come on. It can't be that bad.
Last night, we had spaghetti
that crunched.
I mean, that's the first time in my life
I've ever actually been afraid of food.
Now, Jason, honey, we're gonna be home
before you know it, so, please,
just do whatever you can
to help your brother out, okay?
-All right.
-That's my boy. Bye.
Man, I'm sorry.
I wasn't looking where I was going.
That's okay.
I'm on a post-shopping high.
I kinda lose myself.
I know what you're talking about.
You do?
Well, yeah, I saw this thing
on the Learning Channel
about shopping euphoria,
or maybe it was shoplifting. I don't know.
Hey, you're the guy from the races, right?
-Are you staying here, too?
-Yeah. You know, I'm looking for Dean.
-You haven't seen him, have you?
-Why would I see Dean?
I don't know. You guys, like,
never hang out or anything?
Me and Dean? Get real.
Why not?
I don't know.
I guess he's just not my type.
Well, what exactly is your type?
I'm looking for more out of a relationship
than a guy who never changes
out of motocross tee-shirts and jeans
and spends every waking moment
thinking of loopholes and knickknacks.
That's holeshots and nac nacs.
Well, I mean,
at least he's dedicated to something.
Well, I want my guy dedicated to me.
Sorry I brought it up.
Honey, what in the world
are you doing in here?
Look, if I don't see Dean,
then I don't have to bum him out
about Faryn.
So if he comes by,
just tell him that I'm not here, okay?
Where would you like me to say you are?
I don't know. Just tell him that I went
for doughnuts or something, okay?
Carson, you know you're in training.
Well, hello there, Dean.
We were actually just talking
about how thankful Andy is for you
taking time with him yesterday.
I had a great time, too, Mrs. Carson.
Well, I'll just leave you two
to talk engines or chicks
or whatever it is you talk.
So? Tell me.
Tell you what?
Oh, come on, dude.
Just tell me what happened.
I don't think she's right for you.
I think you ought to bag it.
Are you whacked? This girl is amazing.
Come on. Tell me what she said. Come on.
She's not into it.
She's looking for something different.
I don't get it.
Like, what's she looking for?
Basically, as far as I can tell,
she's looking for a guy
who drives an expensive foreign car
and who lives within walking distance
of the galleria.
Well, I can be that guy. I could.
Just give me a chance.
Dude, you don't wanna be that guy.
Just trust me on this. Forget about her.
Yeah. Yeah. You're probably right.
Dude, if you don't wanna help me
with the training anymore, you know...
No, no, no. Look, Carson,
you have got major potential. All right?
And tomorrow, I'm gonna work you
until you can't get out of bed.
Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Is there something weird
about that new kid,
or is it just my imagination?
And that nail polish helping his arm pump.
What a crock that is.
Give me five or something.
Sorry, dude, you know.
We're a big hugging family, you know?
Get an A, hug.
-Won't happen again.
-Yeah, right.
I mean, at least he's different.
Andy Carson, you and I have
some important business to attend to.
-We do?
-Yes, we do.
Remember "man beneath the helmet"?
It's my job to interview every rider
in this series,
find a little bit about them, just in case
they come to work for us in the future.
Let me see how you are doing
in the standings here,
'cause your chances of winning are...
Yeah. Well, thanks for bringing it up.
Okay. Just a minute. Hold on.
Hello. Yes. I'm on my way.
Welcome to round two
of the Phil Rollins Motorsports
Factory Cup.
This will be a three-day series
where riders will have to do well
in every race
to make it to the final round
and grab the championship cup.
The gate drops
and the 125 speed race is underway.
Yeah. Go, baby.
Look at Andy Carson
making his way through the pack.
Innes and Bouvier go down!
Well, Donny Barrett is leading the race,
but look at Carson in seventh.
Folks, this looks like
a completely different rider.
-Seventh. You finished seventh.
-Mom, that was so rad.
-Hey, dude.
-Hey, what's up?
-You having dinner?
-I'm just heading back up to the room.
Hey, congrats on today. Another one-one.
Yeah. Yeah. It felt pretty good.
Then why do you look like
someone just knocked you over a berm?
I just can't stop thinking about her.
-It's just...
It bums me out
that I don't even have a chance with her.
Believe me, I know what it's like
to want someone that you can't have.
Believe me. I...
Look, you just can't let it get to you.
You've got other things
that you've got to worry about.
Hey, hey. I'm fine. Okay?
Honestly, no worries.
Is that what you're telling me you want,
is to see Dean and that girl together,
happily ever after?
Look, I just...
I just want him to be happy, you know?
And if that's what it takes,
then yes, that's exactly what I want.
Oh, honey, you've got it bad.
How do you know?
-I was in love like this once.
-Well, what happened?
Well, then I met your father
and he had more money, so...
-Just kidding.
I'll get it.
Hey, I just got your message.
You took seventh!
- Pretty cool, huh?
- I think the word is "awesome."
-Any news from Dad yet?
-He called, but no luck in finding anyone.
Hey, I might actually get to finish
this thing after all.
Don't get your hopes up. Knowing him,
he'll just show up with some guy
without even calling.
Yeah. Well, that's not
exactly what I wanted to hear.
Hey, I found those NSYNC tickets
on the kitchen counter.
I mean, isn't that coming up
this weekend or something?
-You know what? You can have them.
-What am I gonna do with them?
Do you know what any girl
would do for fifth-row seats?
You know what? I just changed my mind.
Is there any way
you can send them to me overnight?
Yeah. Sure.
-Okay. You have the address, right?
-What's in the box?
-Well, it's like I said before.
You and I are Carson Racing, and so far,
you're the only one
who's been doing any racing around here,
and I thought it was about time
I started pulling my own weight.
And Andy Carson
from Carson Racing continues to charge.
Looks like those rookie mistakes
are way in the past for this kid.
Great race, honey.
You finish top two tomorrow,
you might actually podium.
Like I need that kind of pressure?
By the way, Mom, could you do me a favor
and please keep
the "You go, girls" to a minimum,
at least until cheerleading starts again?
I'm sorry, honey. I was just so excited.
Not bad, rookie. You actually looked like
you knew what you were doing out there.
Well, which is why I came up
with a brilliant plan
to repay you for your expert advice.
-What kind of plan?
-For Faryn.
I discovered a way
to change everything around.
That is, if you're still interested.
Yeah. Yeah, I am.
No way, dude. No way are you getting me
to go to an NSYNC concert.
I don't care if the tickets are fifth row.
You guys have NSYNC tickets? Tonight?
Dean does, and get this,
he's actually trying to convince me
that they have a couple good songs.
Dude, I'm thinking this guy's been roosted
one too many times,
'cause those guys are just, like...
Wait. Do you have anybody to go with?
Well, I guess not.
You wouldn't be interested, would you?
I'm supposed to meet my father here.
I got a message that he wanted to see me.
Dude, I'll tell your dad what happened.
Believe me, I don't think he would want
you to miss an opportunity like this.
Okay, let me just go
change into my concert clothes, okay?
-Dude, I so owe you.
-Yeah, you do.
What are you gonna tell her dad?
Dude, her dad is not coming down.
I'm the one who left the message for her.
Why do you think she was standing here
when we came down?
This is huge.
This 125 class is turning into a battle
between Henderson Racing's Donny Barrett
and Andy Carson,
riding for his family's Carson Racing.
They've been battling all day long,
and it looks like it's gonna come down
to the last turn before the flag.
They have been nose-to-tail
the entire moto,
but this time, it's been clean,
good, all-out racing.
Look at them go through
the rhythm section.
The checkers are out. Into the final turn.
Carson makes the outside lane.
Barrett ducks low!
It's a drag race to the finish.
And it's Carson
with his first moto win of the series.
That'll give him third overall for today.
I never thought
third place would feel this good.
-We are so dead.
-No. It's okay, honey.
We'll make your father understand.
If you're all through here,
why don't you get packed?
We can talk about this when we get home.
Oh, Edward, this was as much my idea
as it was hers.
If we hurry, we can miss the traffic.
Please remember to drive safely.
We want to see all of you
back next week for the final round.
-Hey, hey. Not too bad, champ.
Well, aren't you gonna ask
how my night went?
-Yeah, of course.
-Dude, it was awesome.
I mean, the concert was kinda lame,
but she's totally digging me, yo.
-What's wrong?
-Nothing. I'm fine.
Look, whatever it is,
you better suck it up.
If these guys see you like this,
it could get really ugly, all right?
Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
I better get going.
Yeah, and thanks for everything.
Hey, you rode, not me. Awesome job.
Hey, by the way, thanks so much
for hooking me up with Faryn. You the man.
I don't get it, Andi. You've
never done anything like this before.
Dad, I just don't understand
what is so wrong about it.
It's wrong
because I asked you not to do it.
I stood right here, I said,
"Stay away from motorcycles."
-But, we...
-Especially after what happened to Andrew.
You think I want you getting hurt
like that or worse?
But, Dad, she podiumed in a pro race.
I mean, don't you think that's awesome?
Of course it is, but what do you think
is gonna happen when they find out
she's not only not Andrew Carson,
she's his sister?
They're gonna take
all those points you racked up away.
I will be the laughingstock
of the entire racing community.
But, Dad, nobody is gonna find out.
I don't want to talk about this anymore.
I'll never understand
what you were thinking,
aiding and abetting
in Andrea's little racing caper.
I don't know. It just seemed like
a good idea at the time.
In fact, part of me still thinks
it was a good idea.
Please, tell me you don't mean that.
Edward, honey, you have all these reasons
why she shouldn't race.
"There's too much at stake.
She is just a girl."
Well, the truth of the matter is,
she is just as good as any of those boys,
and as far as her getting hurt,
well, if you're willing to allow Andrew
to take that risk,
don't you think it's a bit hypocritical
that you're not also willing
to do the same thing for Andrea?
I love you, honey. Don't stay up too late.
Big day tomorrow.
Do you think I'm hypocritical?
If that's a good thing, then yeah,
but if it's a bad thing, then no way.
-Can I help you?
-Bonjour. I am Rene.
We have, like, enough Tupperware.
Why don't you go try next door?
No, it's...
Who was it?
I don't know. Some sales guy,
but he completely grossed me out.
- Why? What was he selling?
- I don't know.
Ah, Rene.
Monsieur Carson,
it's good to see you again.
Welcome, welcome, welcome. Come in.
Let's see if we can find the family.
Andrew? Jason? Right in here. Here.
Kids, this is Rene Cartier.
He's going to be our new rider
for the rest of the series.
And you must be Andrew.
It's a shame about the leg.
Motocross can be a very dangerous sport,
you know.
-Oh, honey. Honey. And this is my wife.
-Ah. Madame Carson.
I can't tell you how I am looking forward
to all of us working together.
Right. Right. Let's give you
the grand tour of the house, shall we?
We'll start with the garage.
It's no factory shop,
but I think you'd be surprised.
Is that guy for real?
Cartier. The name sounds really familiar.
Yeah. I think I read about him, like,
on the Internet
or in a magazine article or something.
Look. All I have to say...
If that guy kisses my hand again,
there's gonna be a WWF smackdown
in the Carson house.
Jason, that's enough riding
for today. You've got chores to do.
I hope you don't mind.
I need to sleep in a west-facing room
so the sun does not wake me.
I'm gonna need
just the right amount of rest
if I'm gonna compete at optimum level.
Why don't you go sleep in the garage?
There's never any sun there.
Andrea, can I see you for a minute?
Dad, you told him that's okay?
That's my room!
Honey, look. Look.
Put yourself in his position.
He's a long way from home.
He doesn't know anybody.
It's gonna take us a while
to get used to each other.
Please, just do this for me. Please. Huh?
What's going on?
Remember you said
his name sounded familiar?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Well, listen to this.
"Frenchman Rene Cartier has been bounced
from his fifth European team
"for unsportsmanlike riding.
"Team Moto Hispana has reported
that they've terminated Cartier's contract
"after the rider purposely ran
a Spanish racer off the track
"in the finals
of the European Outdoor Championships."
Well, no wonder he was available.
Nice rep...
-I hope I'm not interrupting.
-Actually, you are.
-Well, I'll just leave this, then.
-What is it?
I've made a list for you sending in
parts I need
if we are going
to start practicing tomorrow.
That is, of course,
if it's not too much trouble.
Do you have any clue
how long this is gonna take?
Well, hey, I can do it, Andrew.
You can time me.
If you don't mind,
I'd rather you do it, Andrew.
No offense, you understand.
Actually, Jason's a much better mechanic
than I am.
Well, just the same, I prefer we leave it
to somebody who can at least reach
the foot pegs.
I'd better get to bed. I'll need my rest
if we are going to start practicing
bright and early.
You think, like, anyone in France
actually misses him?
What was that for?
For everything. For this week.
For believing that I could do it.
We did make a pretty good team, didn't we?
-The best.
Hey, you want some more?
Are you certain
you did everything I asked?
This doesn't feel like
it could win a mini-bike race.
Well, my sister won on it.
-How's he doing?
-He's over-revving it.
I told him to take it easy
till we got the motor broken in.
He's gonna blow the top end.
I can feel it.
And there it goes.
What are you looking at?
Well, that didn't sound too good, did it?
You'll let me know when it's fixed.
I see you finally figured out
where you are most useful to the family.
What is that supposed to mean?
I heard all about
your illustrious racing career.
It's amazing to me you actually believed
you could compete.
I mean, you might be a novelty act,
a few laps at an exhibition
between supercross racers,
but with real factory riders...
I'm sorry. Did I get you?
Hey, Dad?
Look, I don't mean to be a pain,
but how much do you know about this guy?
Son, I know he's had some problems,
but I also know
he's a good, aggressive rider.
Right now, that's something
we desperately need.
How are we coming on the repairs?
Good. Good.
I'm gonna go into town
and get us a couple of parts.
You two start practicing
on the backup bike while I'm gone, okay?
Well, let's hope this one is rideable.
-Where's Andi?
-Not feeling well. She went to bed early.
I think I'm gonna pass
on dinner also, if that's all right.
I just don't feel so great.
Yes. I just need to hurl.
- Jason.
- What?
What'd I do?
Mom said you were sick.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I could win. I did win.
Only two races left
in our sponsorship series.
The 125 sponsorship is up for grabs,
and, you know,
Art Henderson Racing and Carson Racing
are battling neck and neck, Keith.
-Where's Dad and Rene?
They took Jason with them.
Look, I gotta go run the motor a little.
He says it just doesn't feel right.
-No way.
-Yeah. Tell me about it.
This guy knows bikes
like I know nuclear physics.
No. I mean, look.
-Hey, that's not...
Look. You've got to pretend...
You've got to be me, okay?
No. I mean, you've got to be you.
I mean,
you've got to be me being you, okay?
Because technically, I don't exist.
Why don't I just be me
and see how that works out?
Hey, what's up, Andy?
-Not much. How about you?
-It's all good, man.
Ouch. What happened to your knee, man?
An old injury flared up,
but we got a new guy to fill in.
Yeah, yeah, I heard about him.
He's kind of a whack job. Huh?
Yeah, tell me. We got him living with us.
By the way, this is my sister Andrea.
This is Dean, and this is...
It's Faryn. Hi.
I've heard a lot about you.
-Hi. I'm Dean.
-Pleased to meet you.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah. Yeah. It's just...
-You guys look so much alike.
-We are twins.
Honey, I think we need to go back
to the trailer. You know how Daddy gets.
Yeah. I do.
Well, hey, it was nice meeting you.
And, you, good luck out there, bro.
Sorry. If you were riding,
you'd have won.
-Thanks, man.
-Yeah. Bye.
This is way too bizarre.
Actually, I thought it went pretty well.
This is kind of fun.
Maybe I should pretend to be you
being me all day.
Well, we don't exactly have a choice now,
do we?
Well, Barrett is still in the lead,
but the replacement rider
for Carson Racing, Rene Cartier,
is living up
to his body-banging reputation.
He is so close,
pressuring Barrett at every corner.
They are heading
into the final few moments of the moto,
and here comes Cartier.
Dives in front of Barrett. Nothing to it.
Now Cartier goes speeding by.
Barrett looks over his shoulder.
Here comes Cartier. He is ready
to make a move on the outside,
and Barrett looks over his shoulder
at Cartier. Here they come into the turn.
Cartier looks back at him.
Cartier bumps him in twice.
He's knocked Donny Barrett down.
Cartier, living up to his reputation
as a body-slammer.
He'll take the checkers and the win.
Well, guess I better go
pull the top end out of the practice bike,
seeing as he's fried all the other ones.
Rene, congratulations on the win.
You really slammed the door
on Barrett there at the end of the race,
but now you're a replacement rider
on Team Carson,
what can you tell me
about the injured Andrew Carson?
That kid, a rookie,
but really showing us some potential.
Well, you know, I don't really know
anything about his injury.
I guess all I can say is, it's old news,
so let's stick to the subject.
Now, I got a great start today,
and I think I really proved
to the Carson team
how lucky they are
to have a rider like me.
Yeah, but it feels
like it's got no top end, man.
I mean, I'm still getting beat
in the straightaways.
Hey, dude, I don't know what to tell you.
How's Barrett?
He's pretty tweaked.
I don't think
he's gonna race the second heat.
You ever thought
about putting the stock pipe back on?
Well, I mean,
this track is mostly straight,
so this aftermarket pipe
has great bottom,
but you don't really have to worry
about that here.
Just make sure you change the jets.
That's not a bad idea.
That's pretty amazing.
You know, how you knew
about the bike like that.
Yeah, well, I grew up around racing.
Yeah. So did my girlfriend,
but she doesn't know
a head pipe from a brake pad.
I'll definitely be talking to you soon,
Monsieur Henderson.
Yeah. Well, I hope that works out for you.
Thanks. Bye.
Dean. Dean, what are you staring at?
I feel like I know her somehow.
What were you talking
to Art Henderson about?
-Don't walk away from me.
-Please take your hands off of me.
What were you
in the Hendersons' trailer for?
It's none of your business. Now back off.
Look, okay, I'm not gonna back off.
You may have my father fooled,
but I know exactly what you're about,
so once again, I'm gonna ask you...
What's going on?
I caught him in the Hendersons' trailer.
It looked like they were making
some kind of deal.
I just thought it might be nice to see
how a real team operates,
so he was showing me around their trailer.
That's all.
Oh, please. You are so making that up.
I know for a fact
that Art Henderson doesn't do that.
Andrea, we have no reason to believe
Rene is lying about something like that.
Of course you don't,
and I resent being treated
like some sort of a criminal.
He's a snake, Dad,
and I was just trying to help.
-If you want to help, go apologize to him.
Honey, we need him to focus.
He's never gonna be able to
if he's all worked up like this.
I'll see you back at the truck.
Aren't you the one who always said
that if something barks like a dog
and scratches like a dog,
it probably has fleas like a dog?
Well, that boy is one big spoiled puppy
if you ask me.
I'll fully back you up on that, Mom.
Jason, why don't you check and see
if the gas is mixed for the next race?
Man, I never get any respect.
Edward, I love you,
and I will stand by you
until the world comes to an end,
which it may very well do today,
but you are making a gigantic mistake.
Geneva, do you really want to get
into this right now?
Okay, look. If somebody asked you
to describe your daughter,
what would you say?
Well, she's beautiful and smart.
She gets along with just about everybody.
"She gets along with
just about everybody."
If you won't listen to us, will you listen
to what you just said yourself?
-Don't feel bad, Dad.
-Yeah. She broke me, too.
Look, all I'm trying to do
is help my family out, okay?
Your family? Your family is a joke.
Now, I am warning you for the last time,
stay out of my face.
-Hey. Hey. You okay?
-Dad, I'm just trying to apologize.
Wait here. Wait here. Hey, Cartier.
Look, I'm sorry,
but I cannot accept her apology.
Yeah? Well, that's okay,
because it's been withdrawn.
By the way, you are fired.
Dad, I was a jerk.
No, you weren't. You were trying to help.
You were doing a great job, by the way.
You know, no matter what you might think,
when your mom and I were married
and we started thinking about kids,
I always prayed for a girl.
-You did?
-I always thought that because...
-Of the racing and everything?
-Well, yeah.
-Well, it was pretty much the opposite.
When I was racing and I got hurt,
and I saw a lot of my friends get hurt,
I swore I'd never let my kids
go through that,
and I thought if we had a girl,
that'd never be a problem.
-And then me came along.
-Yeah, you did.
Funny thing is, when you have kids,
no matter what you'd hoped for,
you're just so happy they're there
and that they're healthy,
you forget everything else.
I guess I always held on to the hope
that you'd be the one that'd be spared
any of the pain or disappointment
that comes with this.
Dad, but that's part of it.
I mean, if it wasn't for the bad stuff,
it wouldn't make winning so great.
You know, I never thought I'd say this,
but if it wasn't for you and your mother,
there's no way Carson Racing
would have gotten this far.
I'm very proud of you.
I just wish that I could change
what happened to Andrew, Dad.
I wish that it was me.
Don't even think that.
You're our only hope. We need you healthy.
-Are we ready to go racing?
-Mom told me you fired Rene.
-Everything's almost loaded.
-Well, let's unload it.
There's still one Carson left
who can bring this thing home.
Oh, shoot. I took the top end
out of the practice bike,
and I haven't put it back
in the race bike yet.
We won't have time now.
Oh, how quickly you all give up.
And he does it!
Little brother, you rock!
Hey, show them
what real speed's all about, okay?
Remember, don't take your helmet off
when they interview you on the podium.
Well, if I'm being you,
who are you gonna be?
Me? I'm just gonna be
another face in the crowd.
Are you ready to go?
-What are you doing?
-Hey, why mess with a winning team?
125 pro. Please head to the
start gate. This is your 10-minute warning
All 125 pros,
10 minutes to the start gate.
Yo, Carson.
What, your leg feeling better already?
Let's just say we got rid of some trash
and things are smelling a lot better
around our rig.
Yeah. It got dumped on our front lawn.
Hey, so, I wanted to ask you
about your sister.
What about her?
Is she, like, dating anybody?
You know, because if she isn't,
I was just wondering...
Dude, you have a girlfriend, okay?
Man, we realized
we don't have anything in common.
Besides, I think she has something
for French guys, anyway.
So, what about it, huh?
I'll talk to her.
She is pretty picky, though.
Dude, come on. We're bros. Hook me up.
Tell you what. I'll think about it,
and maybe we can work out
some kind of deal.
All right. Anything.
Here we go with
the final 12-lap moto, the 125 pros.
It's between Carson
and Art Henderson Racing.
Looks like the game of musical riders
isn't quite over with yet,
with Andy Carson
taking over for Rene Cartier,
who jumped to Art Henderson Racing
in place of the injured Barrett.
Don't worry about him, honey.
Just ride your race.
And Carson's definitely a threat here.
I don't know what his secret is,
but he's definitely made
one incredible run.
Talking about racing for the win.
They are throwing all the stops out,
and this is the important one.
-This is the big one.
-Well, the Carson team,
looking for that factory money,
and it's all on the line
with this final 12-lap moto.
That's right, Keith.
It's gonna be a battle royal
for the championship.
And here we go.
Into the first turn,
it's Andy Carson with the holeshot,
but he's got Rene Cartier all over him
as they head for the first jump.
And look at this.
Cartier showing us once again
where he got that bad-boy reputation.
Carson'll have to work his way
through the pack
if he wants to take the lead back.
Cartier is still out in front,
but he knows Carson's somewhere out there
looking for a little payback.
And through the rhythm section,
Carson moves into second place,
right behind Cartier.
And Carson tries to make the pass,
but, no, Cartier shuts the door.
Carson goes for it again, and this time,
instead of knocking on the door,
he kicks it off the hinges.
It's Carson in the lead.
Carson still in the lead.
Cartier tries to find a way
around the former teammate.
They have not raced together.
Now they're battling for the cup.
Here they come!
Cartier looks over his shoulder.
Carson glances back.
They're headed into the final turn.
Here comes Carson to the outside.
Cartier throttles it up
as he goes for the inside,
and Cartier is setting him up.
Carson hits the brake,
and Cartier hits the dirt.
And Carson will take the win.
What a great day for Carson Racing.
The championship and the cup is theirs.
Mom, I did it!
-Hey, way to go, rook!
Just what do you think
you are doing out there?
Hey, chill out, dude. You tanked it.
It wasn't his fault.
It was a trick.
It was just the kind of trick
a girl would pull.
Rene, Keith Alan from ESPN.
That's pretty harsh right there.
What exactly did you mean by that?
Well, why don't you ask Andrew Carson?
All right. Well, Andrew...
No, the real Andrew Carson.
He's right behind you.
I don't know what he's talking about.
Obviously, the guy took one to the head.
It's all right, Andrew. It's time
we straightened this whole thing out.
Yes, Andrew.
Why don't you straighten this out?
He's right. I am Andrew Carson.
Well, if you're Andrew Carson,
then who's that right there?
Andi. Andrea Carson.
I knew it. I knew
there was something weird about that kid.
So, if you're...
You made me believe
that you were a guy this whole time.
Look, I'm sorry. I couldn't tell you.
Hey, dude, it's not her fault.
I mean,
she was just helping out our family.
I trusted you. I mean, I told you stuff.
She should be disqualified.
It's a joke. She's a girl.
There's got to be something
in the rulebook about this.
No, there's nothing.
I just read the rulebook again.
There's not one thing
that says a girl can't race.
What about having an unregistered rider
racing for you? What's it say about that?
She registered Andi Carson.
This is Andrea Carson, Andi for short.
So, Andi, how does it feel
to be the first female to win
a major motocross event?
Amazing. It was a family win, though.
I mean, my dad and my brother
put together my bike,
and my mom ran my pit,
and my little brother Jason
did a full top-end rebuild between races.
So you think the factory's gonna stand
behind the rules
and give you the full sponsorship?
You know what?
There's Bob Arness right there.
Let's see
what Phil Rollins Racing has to say.
-Well, we're... We're gonna...
-Excuse me. I think I can answer that.
I'm Barbara Rollins,
Senior Vice President in charge of racing.
Well, Ms. Rollins, what do you say?
Andi gonna be a full factory-sponsored
rider this time next year?
You must be joking.
After everything this young woman did?
The way she masqueraded as her brother,
kept her identity a secret?
After what she went through,
a woman who came out on top
in a man's sport,
you think we'd let her sign
with anyone but us?
And I'll do you one better.
We're going to give
the whole Carson team a contract.
Well, if you can stand any more good news,
our factory support budget just came in,
and guess what.
We get to hire a 250 rider.
That's awesome. We should start looking.
Well, there's already a boy
who thinks he's up to the job.
In fact, Andrea, he's right outside
if you'd like to go out and meet him.
Heard you're looking for a 250 rider
for next year.
-Maybe. You any good?
-I'm all right.
Well, are you willing to try out?
Try out?
-You serious?
You don't think
we're just gonna hand it to you, do you?
Well, I thought, you know,
me being a champ...
Twelve laps. You beat me, you get the job.
Sound fair?
All right. Twelve laps, then.