Motorrad (2017) Movie Script

Where are you?
Where's my bike?
Who told you
you could ride my bike?
Relax, I didn't go very far.
Not very far...
What about this carburetor?
Spit it out! You stole it
from the junkyard, didn't you?
Of course not.
I got it from a girl.
A girl? The only person there
is that fucking old-timer.
Can I come with?
What's up, Ricardo?
What's up?
Hey, there.
Are you filming?
Yeah, I am.
Then film this.
I'm not into romantic comedies.
Now we walk?
Right, we're walking.
Fine, I'm a good at hiking.
Good, 'cause on a bike you're shit.
Fuck off.
Turn off the camera.
Is this it?
Don't you like it?
Yeah, it's beautiful.
But it feels kind of familiar,
doesn't it?
Kind of normal?
Normal? Rafa, your girlfriend
is very hard to please.
I just wanted to...
Ricardo, we can't go into the reserve.
Let's go.
Not into the reserve.
Let's go.
Let's do this.
Get up.
What's wrong?
Did you get lost?
This wall
wasn't supposed to be here.
What do you mean?
There was a gate here.
Yeah, there should be a gate.
Instead of a wall?
Yeah, an iron gate with a padlock.
Isn't there another trail?
Aren't we in the wrong place?
Not really.
The wall was built on the trail.
Then, we're lost.
Look at how wide this is.
It wasn't built overnight. Let's go.
Shut up, Tomas.
This is trouble, I'm out.
Go by yourself, then.
Hey, let's...
Look, they're loose.
We can remove them.
There you go, jerk.
Work to the best of your ability,
Do you need any help?
I'll help you.
How did you get past the wall?
What wall?
Did it stop working?
Come here, Ricardo.
Remember the girl from the junkyard?
The one you made up?
It's her.
She gave me the carburetor.
Hot as hell.
Just fix it.
How long?
That will depend.
Okay, then.
Are you going
to the Green Falls?
I know a cooler place.
I think it's the carburetor.
Are we there yet?
Hey, loony.
Stop joking around.
No! Wait!
You're Crazy!
C'mon, Hugo!
Why didn't you jump
in the water?
I didn't feel like it.
Don't drink this water.
Why not?
What is it?
Mauricio and Tomas are gone.
Go get them, will you?
Are you serious?
Of course, I'm serious.
They're probably
smoking weed down there.
Just go, man.
We're leaving!
Where's Mauricio, man?
We need to go, c'mon!
Wait a minute, Hugo.
What happened?
They killed Mauricio,
we need to go.
Trust me, we need to go.
What are you saying?
They killed Mauricio!
They cut off his head!
Let's go!
Let's go.
There they are! Go, go, go!
Get on your bikes.
Everybody start your bikes!
C'mon, Tomas!
Fuck, c'mon!
Try again!
Are you okay?
Come on.
What about Bia?
I don't know. Let's go.
Hop on! C'mon!
this is not the way out.
We've already been here.
C'mon guys, we can't stop.
Are you kidding me?
I'm thirsty.
We're all thirsty.
We're lost, aren't we?
Where's the fucking wall?
What's your problem?
My Problem?
Are you crazy, dude?
Take it easy.
where did you meet this jerk?
This idiot is Mauricio's friend.
You mean he was his friend.
Look at me.
Stay calm, okay?
We'll go back...
That's where we came from.
There's a house over there!
We really are screwed.
Didn't we get into trouble
following this lunatic?
Didn't she take us
where my friend got killed?
And where's her boyfriend?
Calm down, calm down!
Stay here, Bia.
Come here, Hugo.
What is this place?
I don't know, a house.
She's not okay,
we need to take a break.
Come, Bia.
Come on, let's go.
What the fuck is that?
Take a guess.
Why didn't you use it before?
I don't know.
No, wait.
It'll be too loud.
I saw an observation post
So what?
There must be a radio.
Hugo, take care of Bia.
I'm coming with you, okay?
Give her some water.
Give him your gun.
No fucking way.
Can you use it?
Are you okay?
I'm thirsty.
I think there's a well outside.
The fucking radio is broken.
I told you!
Where's the fucking gun?
Is it Bia?
Where's Hugo?
Son of a bitch!
Let me go!
I'm not leaving without my brother.
He's not there!
How can you know?
He'd be dead if he was.
These guys are after you, right?
Where were you when Mauricio died?
What kind of question is that?
I know what you two used to do,
you handle stolen pans.
Am I lying?
I have no idea who they are.
If my brother dies because of you,
I'll kill you.
I don't give a shit
about you or your brother.
Leave! Out!
Fuck you both!
Fuck you!
Go fuck yourselves!
Hugo is well.
Was your bike really broken?
You know what I mean.
No, I don't.
Who are these guys?
I don't know.
Who are they?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I don't.
You son of a bitch!
What is it?
How much gas have you got?
Close to nothing.
Me too.
There was some in the house.
Some what?
There was some gas in the house.
We fill up and then we leave.
If we go, we die.
If we stay, we die too.
You took quite a hike
to get back to the lake.
It's closer than it seems.
What's wrong?
This isn't cell phone signal.
No, it's Wi-Fi.
Gp 1701.
It's from Tomas's camera.
Fuck him, we need to move on.
We have nothing
He has a gun.
We must be getting near,
the signal is stronger.
It must be some kind of static.
It'll barely be enough
for one tank.
There's more inside.
Let's go.
Did you know?
Know what?
About the well.
Go, Hugo!
Get up!
Com e.
Come, come!
Pull his head down!
Die, motherfucker!
Help me out here.
Take a look at the bike.
It's the carburetor.
Fix the bike, we need to go.
There's no use.
They'll be back.
They always find us.
No more running.
Get the gun.
Come with me.