Mouna Guru (2011) Movie Script

[The Silent Guy]
q ~r
He gushes like a new flood!
He toils in the hot Sun
is he a puzzle?
In the mob oi the Commons...
Who is this unique
guy in the crowd?
He doesn't belong to this town
He cannot be described in words
He is the Talk oi the town
as the Silent Guy
Minds are not clean
like the clean sky
Crow caws for sharing
Sins are there for cleansing
Earth awakens...
Earth awakens...
But the sense is asleep
Regret for your past sins
Raise the tempo with fast beats
He gushes like a new flood!
He toils in the hot sun
Is he a puzzle?
q ~r
When the land awakes at dawn
When the Shadows fall down
Who is the man who roams around?
A fresh looking lotus
The rain that doesn't
reach the ground
Who is this teetotaler?
None knows who he is
He only knows where he goes
He has his own way
Music - THAMAN. S
River follows its own way Love is universal
God is common to all
All do the penance
Changes are cyclic
Changes are cyclic
'Change' only is unchanged
Neither we've brought anything
...Nor we'll take back anything
Eat your destined bread
Depart when you get the call
Why didn't you do this last night?
You are not concentrating
on the food you eat
I don't want to concentrate on the food
Why do you say so?
You're serving the same old curry
by changing different bowls
I'll kick on your face
Commenting about my foodl?
It was prepared yesterday
I heated it and served you
Your brother phoned me yesterday
- What is the matter?
- He wanted to check about you
...that whether you come home
directly from college daily
...or roaming around
Does he think that I also would be
getting slipper hits from girls like him?
I warned many times that
you don't argue like this
- You don't allow me to
talk about him - What?
Nothing! I am leaving for college
He asked me to come and
stay there for a few days
- Where? In Chennai?
- Then, where else?
What about my food
if you go there?
I told him the same problem
If it is a couple of days
Our neighbours will prepare food for you
When he married without informing us
you said that you would never see him
Because he called, you're asking me
to beg for food and go to college
Who asked you to beg?
They are struggling with the baby there
He didn't call you until now
Because he's got a baby,
he's calling you thrice a week
He's calling you only to wash his
baby's diapers. You go there to do that
Mom! I am leaving
- He asked you to call him
- For what?
You ask him that
I've kept money on that book
Take it
If he asks me, I'll refuse to send you
Neither the phone rings
nor the coin comes out
Neither the phone rings
nor the coin comes out
Why not?
It'll come out
Trying for cell number?
- Insert the coin and dial one more time
- I've already put two coins
I get the dial tone
but it is not connecting
Don't know what happened
. Okay. pay back my money
' Moneyl?
Wait for a minute
Buddy! I called you earlier
The ringing was coming
Were you taking a bath?
Good time
Okay, man
Tell me brother
Pay back my money
I've to go
- Money! How much?
- 2 rupees
I don't have its key
and I can't open it
Go now and come after an hour
You can take money from it later
Now pay me from cash box
I can't give you
without counting the coins
Come after an hour
I'll give you
Come after some time
The shop still remains here
Tell me buddy!
Going to Kodaikanal?
Keep that box inside
before someone loses money
I'll take care of that
Now you leave
Coming in the early morning...!
I meant the phone, brother
You go
Nothing! I wanted to bring her home
You don't come here
Last time you messed up everything
What happened?
I knocked the box for the coins
All coins came out
I took my two rupees
Get the phone box and lock repaired
I have no time
I am going urgently
As you told, I come here after an hour
What Kalyani?
What happened?
Look at the boy!
He came, broke the box and left
Hello boy!
You stay here
Can't you hear me calling you?
What is the problem?
Do you know him? He broke
the phone and sitting here arrogantly
He is a college student
I am talking to you only
Which area do you belong to?
Why are you looking at him?
Why are you starring at me, you idiot?
Come out
Yes! Yesterday I met the doctor
and confirmed it
55 days passed
Because elder one is a girl
everyone says I'll beget a boy
Let it be a boy or a girl
I am okay with it
Someone is waiting for me
I'll call you later
This child's father hit me unnecessarily
I hit him back
He fainted
She is crying to go home
But she doesn't know the way
That's why I brought her here
What should I do now?
- She is our head constables daughter
- Where is he?
I am not hurt there
We'll take care of that
show your tongue
Why sir?
You're in suspension already
for boozing on duty
You had got drunk early morning
and gone for a street tussle
- No madam
- Keep quiet sir
You've asked to file
false cases against that student
We've sent home your kid
Warn that boy and send him home
Hey boy! Come here
Take your things and go
Don't get caught up with cops next time
You are a student
Behave well, go
Take a look at this
They've published college name
and my name clearly
Look there!
They questioned me about his discipline
How can we keep tab on
what he does after college hours?
So many phone calls
I've to give reasons
for his rude behaviour on roads
Karunakaran is a good student
and studies well
Discipline is important
Next come studies
If we allow this
saying he's a good student...
It'll be a bad example
for other students in future
Don't try to convince me
TC is ready
Get his admission
in some other college
And ask him to maintain discipline there
Sir! Where should I sign?
Why did you sign and take the TC?
I took you there to speak only
Look at him, mom
Principal was telling the facts
What facts did he say?
He despised the press
people in the function...
You eat, he never listens to us
No college for 2 years
He'll cause trouble staying here
I won't trouble you
I'll do any job and
take care of myself, okay?
Mom! Is there papad?
It is all my fate
Sometimes I feel angry
at his behaviour
I don't know
what more is in store for me
I can get an admission for him in Chennai
Arul doss Arts and Science college
principal is known to me
We supplied 300 computers to that college
Moreover he likes me personally
He'll definitely help me
if I tell about his problem
But my flat is not comfortable
for all of us to stay
There is hostel facility
in that college too
Food will be good there
Principal told me about the hostel food
Let mom stay with me
Things are happening your way, isn't it?
When lam talking seriously...
- How are you dear?
- I am fine, and you?
How can I be happy with him?
- Where is the child?
- In the room, he's in the cradle
- You go see him
- Okay
Please come
Oh sweetie! Have you woken up?
Don't cry, my dear child
My sweet child
Have you slept?
Seems your stomach is empty
Look at your uncle!
Don't cry dear
oh my golden dear!
Are you feeing hungry?
What do you want?
L,your grandma has come
Look at me!
- Amal!
-Tell me
I've to send two mails urgently
- Have you called again?
- What?
For the hostel room
He told for sure that
he'll give a college seat for him
But he was not sure about
the hostel room availability
And asked me to meet him
in person tomorrow
Colleges have been opened
a month before
Your brother could have had
this fight a month ago
- What if he doesn't get it?
- It is difficult
If I find a room for rent for him
I'll have to bear the expenses
He asked me to come early to the college
- Go get ready
- It is good
Aarthi has done this work
She is my sister, Aarthi
She is also staying with us here
She is doing second year
in medical college
She has to take two buses
to go to college from my house
Because the college is nearby
from here she goes by bike
So pity! It is difficult for girls
to travel in the bus in this big city
Is it true that you told
the hostel food will be good?
I had kept my brush somewhere here
- Are you fine dear?
- Yes, how do you do?
I am not, he always troubles me
- Mom!
- Go man
- Why?
- Sorry
I'll leave after some time
She'll give you my whole bio-data
You can listen to her leisurely
Go, get ready fast
Arul Doss Arts and Science College
He has scored good marks
Then what?
He studies well
He has got good percentage
in plus two also
Not only in Engineering, he would've
got a seat in Medical college too
But he refused to write
entrance examination
I see
He told the reason that
doctor dress doesn't suit him
Not like that, Father
I like to study in Arts college
Amal told me everything
I'll give you a seat
Already you've wasted 2 years, isn't it?
Without worrying about that,
try to finish your degree course
- Okay Father
- Father! I asked for a room in the hostel
- Call warden if he is in outside
- Okay, Father
If it is required to stay in the hostel
during semester exams...
- Can he stay here?
-With pleasure
Mostly nobody will stay there
And Mess also will be closed
If he eats outside
he can stay there
Are you trying to avoid him
coming to your flat?
Not like that Father
There won't be any problem if he visits
My flat cannot accommodate him
if he has to stay here
- Now my mom also with me...
- I know, you told me
- I told for fun! Don't mistake me
- No Father
Are there any rooms available
in the hostel now?
Already we've sent out Villupuram guys
due to lack of rooms
- What should we do now?
- Father, only one person...
We'll give you if it is there
- Father! We never include that room no.17
- What is that no.17?
A student committed suicide 4 years
ago in that room
After that, nobody dared to stay there
- Still it is remained closed
- I don't have any problem, Father
I'll stay there
- Dad is it the one you wanted?
- Where was it?
While I was talking to mom
I kept it in the kitchen and forgot it
If it is needed we can find a room outside
No problem! Separate room
I'll stay there undisturbed
Nothing to worry
Don't discourage him
if he is willing to stay there
No Father
This is... to renovate the old auditorium
which is kept closed for its donation
Yes Father
College is 52 acres
Father's house is in
the boundary of that ground
There is a beautiful Chapel near his house
They're building an auditorium nearby
Father is seeking donation
from everyone for that
Is there a school inside?
Yes, there is a school for dumb and deaf
Both running under a single management
- Sir! My iPod is missing
- When did you lose?
I kept it on the cot
when I went to take my bath
After my bath
I came and found it is missing
- Did you lock the room then?
-Yes, I just closed the doors
You don't heed my words
if I warn you to lock the room
- It was a very short time
- Thefts take place only then
Okay, note your missing thing
in the missing list
You'll get it when it is found
Samy! The room's key is missing
You go help him to unlock the door
Key was here only
but now it is missing
- Tell him buddy!
- Yes sir, somebody stole it
We both went to bath together
In our return, we found it's missing
You took bath then
Now where are you going with the brush?
We forgot our morning chores
Why have you dug a canal
on your head?
You could have done
a haircut like a student
- Style!?
- No style sir
I get headache often
I did like that for apply oil there
Meet the Principal
before you go to the classroom
Already we've met the principal
He didn't mind it
He wouldn't have noticed you properly
I'll tell him the matter
You meet him and go
You break it yourself
My college senior, Kishore,
is staying in the hostel
You've to make a scratch on his face
that he shouldn't forget it till his death
What is the matter?
Why are you so angry?
My classmate is staying in the same hostel
At times I go to the hostel
to smoke cigarettes
He warned me not to go to the hostel
because I don't stay in the hostel
Even the warden doesn't mind
Yesterday he tore my shirt,
hit and warned me
You show me the guy
- Which is Kishore's room?
- I don't know, I joined today only
- Who is Kishore here?
- Yes, it is me, you?
What guys? It is about a girl
He misbehaved with her
Don't mind this, go away
There is a guest for you
What mom? Did you come alone?
How can I come here all alone?
OurAarthi brought me here in her bike
She is waiting at the parking stand
Did you carry this luggage alone?
- You could've asked her to assist you
- Damn you!
It was so kind of her
to drive me here
How mean of you to ask her
to carry your baggage?
Keep this luggage inside
Let me go, she is waiting there alone
- Wait, I'll also come with you
- Be careful my dear!
Already you've lost 2 years
At least study this year well
Take oil bath on every Saturday
- Shall we go dear?
- Okay aunty
Do you know driving well?
Have you come so far
without knowing the driving?
You go dear
- Sir! Time is 1 A.M only
- It is dawn already
He is right, sir! It is 1 A.M only
Oh God! Wristwatch is also missing
He has changed the alarm time
and fooled us
- Have you been waiting for long?
- For half an hour
- Where have they all gone?
-All have gone for shopping
They will come now
Come inside
Come in
Would you like to have some coffee?
I am going to prepare
Give me a little
This embroidery work is good
- Amal told me that you did it
- Yes
For how long you are doing this?
I went to embroidery class
when I was in 6th standard
I have completed 8 years
- I've learnt to some extent
- Truly, it is good
Because you are studying medicine
don't stop doing it
After you become a doctor in the future,
you may be required to do stitches
If you make some birds design then
you can become popular through that
Who knows?
In future just like tattoos on body
people may like to get embroidered too
- What else can you do?
- What?
My neck is paining
Come this side
- I asked you what else do you know
- Why are you asking that?
To just know what else do you know
That's all
That is...
What deal'?
- We've reached home, take it
- Come dear
- When did you come?
- I came at the time you told me to come
Did you eat?
He brought me biriyani in the shop
Shall I prepare something for you to eat?
Go man
Take it
Why are you giving it folding?
Doesn't your wife know about this?
She knows that
Take it
- What?
- Nothing, I am leaving
- Mom, I am leaving
- Okay, go carefully
- What man?
- I forgot my bag
Thank God!
I told you there is a test and
not to come late! Come in
- What guys?
- Strike sir
Wait boys
For what?
Sir, food is not good in the canteen
They are staring at us
if we tell them about it
I complained in the office
They told if we all complain together
they'll think to change the contractor
- That's why... - Do you want
to do that in the class hour only?
Why don't you take all of them
in the lunch break and do that?
What boys? You want to go with him?
What else can we do?
Bring that along with you
You too come
Get up buddy! Come
Call him guys!
Come out
Don't compel anyone
if they don't like to come with you
You leave the place
Come out
Don't sit there
- What is going on?
- He doesn't like the food
Who told that?
Who is it?
Why are you staring at us
spilling your food down?
Clean it
Buddy! Well planned
Buddy! We shouldn't lose this time
You next time try a different plan
Let's plan well
You don't worry about anything
Who is it?
Get out of the class
If you are stupid we wouldn't
bother about your studies
He studies well and speaks brilliantly
But he doesn't know to be smart
Mom! Stop your lullaby
Don't repeat the same words
My ears are aching
Do you have a little worry
that you've lost 2 years studies?
What to do now? Shall I hug you and
cry for half an hourto show my agony?
Don't tell that words again and again
His old classmates must have completed
their studies and got settled in life
But you are still studying in college
Get up man
Come dear! Did you wake up?
You want to drink milk?
Here it is! Drink the milk
My golden dear!
- You washed it yesterday only
- No, coffee spilled on it, that's why
- Why are you standing here alone?
- I am just seeing around this place
If you want, come and join with me
We both can enjoy sight seeing
- Truly you are a dangerous guy
- Then keep off from me
I may bite you
I just told for fun
Come and stand here
It's okay
I'll stand here
Okay, I am going down
Please check whether I am
running a temperature
I feel lam suffering
with fever since morning
When I touch my body
it feels normal
Yes, your body temperature is normal
- Check one more time
- No fever, it is normal only
I know, there is no fever
You also told it, right?
Then what?
When you touched me
I felt a pleasant chillness inside
That's why...
q ~r
What is this novel feeling?
My mind lost control
Words go unspoken
Don't know why
Legs have lost the sense of walking
Smile has vanished from lips
Eyes have forgotten sleep
Don't know why
While alone a new face comes
to my mind often
My pillow brings new
flowery dreams to me
it gives a unique change in behaviour
A lovely guile often incites my eyes
What is it...!?
Wonder what is it?
Close your eyes and ask your heart
it will tell you
Wonder what is it?
One and one gives one
A new arithmetic
Don't know why
Until you come before me
fire flames will rise in my heart
Don't know why
Drizzles a many at your one glance
Don't know why
Heart beating stops at your first glance
Don't know why
Heart beat resumes at your second glance
Don't know why
Wonder what is it?
Have we got lost ourselves together?
Wonder what is it?
Bodies apart, yet the
hearts yearn the union
Wonder what is it?
Hearts enjoy the magic
of repeated embraces
Don't know why
q ~r
- Those who lost their things
are very angry, isn't it? - Yes sir
Someday he'll get caught
He'll die when he gets caught
Damn thief!
Won't you listen if I tell once?
Want your vehicle get destroyed?
- Vacate the place
- I'll do it now
All of you go away
Why did you waste the food
that bought for money?
There are drunkards boozing nearby
But he didn't warn them
We are just eating
Is this a dictatorship country?
If he asks us to go home
should we obey to him?
Who are you?
- Talking too much
- I didn't talk too much
- How dare you to raise your hand at me
- Oh God!
- Sir! He didn't know that you're
a professor - No, I'm lecturer
It has happened by mistake
At least you could have told
that you're a professor
Because you were in Iungi...
What sir? If I wear Iungi and
having black com plexion
...won't you allow me
to talk before you hit?
If any thief comes wearing coat and suit
you won't mind him, isn't it?
Our Durai sir got hurt by the police
His complaint couldn't be registered
in the police station
This is the written complaint
Come, let's all go to the roads
Commissioner car will cross our college now
We'll stop his car and give it to him
Police jeep is coming
All of you sit down
No one should get up
until commissioner car comes
All of you sit down
- Police atrocity
- Crush it
- Police atrocity
- Crush it
- Police atrocity
- Crush it
Don't beat the students
Don't beat the students
- Police atrocity
- Crush it
q ~r
He has become our college hero
Everyone praising him
Now all the teachers are on his side
They threw an iron rod
and made us frightened
Moorthy got hurt badly and was bleeding
- So you got scared immediately
- I didn't get scared
If you weren't scare
you wouldn't have taken your gun
If you wanted to scare those students
you should've shot at their knees
Then they would cry with pain
If you had done like that...
...the students who made the strike then
would have got scared of police
It is a silly matter
If you hadn't shot...
Look! Is there any water bottle behind you?
Sir! Head-constable took
that water bottle only
I kept it to mix glucose and drink
Is he cleaning his intestines
after pulling it out?
How long will he take?
Call him
He is coming sir
They served him a nice curry
He eats 9 parottas with that
We might have reached
the city by this time
He is going to loo
now and then on the way
Let's discuss once
what should we tell in the enquiry
See! How that idiot is driving
Definitely he's going to die
Sir! The tyre got burst
and pulled the car away
He didn't wear the seat belt
He would have got hurt in the chest
He would have died
because of the speed he came
Let's take him to the hospital in ourjeep
- What happened? Is he dead?
- Yes, he is dead
There is no movement
This area inspector is Narayanamoorthy,
isn't it?
- Having black complexion, and fatso
- Yes sir
Sir! Come and look here
Is it filled with full of bag?
Yes sir
- Seems there is 70 to 80 millions
- Sure sir
- What should we do now?
- You tell sir
It'll be a big case for Narayanamoorthy
He died leaving such a big amount
in this desert area
There is no vehicle out of sight
No human is around here
instead of us
Didn't you get the line, sir?
Why do you have such a rat-heart?
- You feel scared
- Sir! I am not scared...
I think let's deal this among us
What do you say?
- What if we get caught?
- We won't get caught
We can settle in our life
Don't get scared
We can handle this
Keep the bag down
Keep the bag down
What happened?
I am asking you
Where are you going wearing the pant?
There is an important work than this
Can you please go to hall and
smoke for sometime?
I'll make a call and come
It's an official call
Neelankarai police filed the case
and started investigation
Accidents happened in different places
in Chennai outskirts
...took away 8 peoples' lives today
Festival oi Thaimangalam Mariamman temple,
near Manamadurai...
- Have you seen the news?
- Yes sir
- Have you seen our matter'?
- Yes sir
It has showed along with the others
But he turned away
when I hit him with iron rod
He got hurt back of his head
Don't neglect that post-mortem report
Follow that sincerely
That full amount...
Tell strictly to Perumal and Rajendran
Note my new number
Henceforth call me in this number only
That's it
They have done this work casually
Where did you shoot this?
In my house
in my bed room
He caught me in a hotel raid
8 months ago
He was staring at me
They he took my phone number and address
He sent me without registering
any case and taking bribe
You know about me, isn't it?
I don't bring home any customer
even he is good man
But he comes home at any time
He eats whatever I cooked
and kept at home
He rests in my lap on the floor and
ask me massage his head for hours
I didn't mind initially thinking
that he'll be useful to me one day
He doesn't allow me to attend
to other customers also
If I ask him,
he'll say that he loves me
He'll say that I resemble
his old lover when I smile
He said that he will marry me
But he always comes home disguised
That's why I thought to shake him off
What if he creates a problem in future?
That's why I fixed camera
in my bed room for my safety
This is something big
That's why I called you immediately
If we plan correctly,
we can steal the money fully
We could've done it smoothly
if he is not a cop
But he is a cop
They are cunning
If we attempt to steal the money
from him with this...
...he will kill three of us
It will be of no use
If we work out correctly
we can settle in life
We don't get involved
in police matter
When you called me we thought
that it might be a college student
...or a software engineer
that is caught up with you
This is risky
I think you're taking
a risk unnecessarily
We have some work in Egmore
We will start
Take a day's time and tell me tomorrow
lam telling you in detail
Why don't you marry him and settled?
He is fool
He is a pestering guy
He can't be trusted
He keeps on changing his words
lfl marry him, he will spoil my life
Then you decide that matter
You don't discuss this matter with us
You forget this
It is getting late
Are they your regular customers
who where partying there?
I don't know, why?
I had kept the camera in my hand bag
It is missing
They only crossed my table just now
I didn't notice
Do you know who are those guys?
Oh! That birthday party?
Those 12 guys
I think that they are
Arul doss college students
The kind of life you experience
in college campus...
...there is a possibility that
it may continue for you lifelong
During yourtenure in the college
you should correct your mistakes
You should go with a good conduct
when you finish your studies
Next is Karunakaran
Good evening to all
They've asked me to speak suddenly
I didn't prepare anything
I don't know what to speak
I can't hear
What happened?
The connection is loose
It is not getting fixed
What is he telling?
How do you know sign language?
My father was a deaf and dumb school
teacher in Madurai
I used to interact with
my father in sign language
You don't hesitate to come to me
if you've any problem
Nothing for now
What Pazhaniyammal?
Are you transferred again?
You have come to our town again
- When did you join the duty?
- 2 days ago
You get transferred Madurai to Chennai
and Chennai to Madurai
- Where is your family?
- In my town
You are alone here
You have come to firing range immediately
Don't you relax?
Selvam, did you see the news?
Did you see our matter?
They have shown the incident
along with others
But he turned his head
when I hit him on his head
He got hit on his head
Ensure to correct the postmortem report
Take down my phone number
Henceforth call me in this number
We should've been careful
I didn't expect her to do this
I know her for the past one year
I thought of marrying her
I didn't expect that
she had a set up like this
She is a prostitute
She won't inform immediately
Her cell phone is switched off
She has locked the house and escaped
Either she'll ask for a share
or the whole amount
I don't know how many guys are with her
It is good to pass this matter to everyone
Isn't it?
You've received the call
from a prepaid number
He has got the SIM
with this college ID Xerox
He is a first year student
He is Arul doss Arts
and Science college student
Hello mom, I am speaking
- Today evening...
- I have to make a call urgently
You are irritating me
I'll crush you
Sir, one minute
I want to see Karunakaran
I want to talk to him
- In class time
- I will meet him after the class
We will wait near the canteen
Thank you sir
Look there!
Hey, get UP
Hit in his mouth
He spoke unnecessarily
That's why I hit him
Heavy beat
He has fainted
They took him by auto
You missed the scene
Brother, Murali said that
you are searching for me
Nothing! I've always seen you
hearing songs from your phone
I didn't see for a few days
That's why I asked your room mate
My cell phone is missing
I lost my cell phone
when I went to wash my face
I have put entry in the register
Warden knows about it
What happened?
Nothing! I just asked
That fool said that you called me
I told you already
The number you told belongs to him
Yet you had received
call from that number
it might be the work of
the thief who stole the things
- You better inform the Principal
- No need
I want a Xerox copy of the list
and missing things
Sure! Warden is not here
Better you inform the Principal
You don't understand the matter
The phone has been used
to phone a higher official's wife
He has done amorous talk
If this matter spreads out
it will blow up
That's why I've come here to enquire
But here it is a different issue
Not that! I don't have the power
- If it becomes a major issue...
- Nothing like that
Complaint is not registered officially
I will be questioned whether
I came here to enquire or not
That's why I ask
Understand me
- Keep this
- No
You're forcing me to take a big risk
They are waiting to catch him red handed
when he steals things in college
We have to kidnap him
before they catch him
You have to watch the hostel too
like Maya's house
For a few days we'll take
leave one by one
- Sir, it's me
- Tell me Rajendran
- She has come
- Make her to sit in home
You go inside
No one should see you
We are on ourway
- Selvam, you...
- I have to go to Commissioner office
Yes! You start
You catch the auto
- You tell the place before two streets
- Ok sir
q ~r
I wished to tell you...
Are you trying to threaten me
using the call I made in bed room?
Why did you do like this?
How did you record? Tell me
Tell me
Handy cam
Where is the camera?
Where is the camera?
It has been stolen
- What?
- I am telling the truth
It has been stolen
Believe me
It got stolen in coffee shop
I don't know the person
But he is Arul doss college student
who stole the camera
Why did you go to coffee shop
with that camera?
If you tell the truth
it will be good for all
Else you will get killed
I went to meet my friends
Did you show the video to them?
Outsiders have come to know about this
She has spoiled, hasn't she?
She has spoiled everything, hasn't she?
You have spoiled everything
Did she tell the name of coffee shop?
She didn't say that
I think our time is running bad
- Why?
- Then? You will get hit from me
What atrocity is this?
Because you toiled hard to cook it,
do you want me to lie?
If you want, come with me
We will call people from next flat
Ask them to eat this and
judge its taste, come
Hey, you keep quiet
You will create new problems
You said it is not good
Then why're you eating it?
- It's ok
-Give me
-Give me
- It's ok
First time you have cooked by hard work
In childhood days we can't learn
to drive the cycle the first time
We will get hurt
This is like that
You keep on trying
One day you will succeed
Hey, you are...
Normally the one who learns
cycling only will get hurt
But I am suffering for
your cooking practice
Why do you take that?
Only one spoonful is left
I'll swallow it like medicine
Hey, go man
Don't talk too much
Sugar is a little less
But you're teasing me
I was happy in the hostel
You called me here and doing like this
This is not fair
-Get down - I can't
- I am telling for our good
I won't get down
what will you do?
Those who went to Tirupathi
might come back half way
And we will get caught
Go and open the door
We will get caught
Cooking gas has come
Go! You will get caught
when your sister finds out
Let's see later
q ~r
It seems she has cried badly
before she committed suicide
Eyeliners are spread over the cheeks
I am thinking
But you've said it right
Else someone has tortured
and hanged her
But the door has been locked inside
It seems you've been
brought up in an innocent way
It's an old technique! Standing outside
and locking the door inside
Don't be silly
- What is it?
- Courier ma'am
Come here
- Sign the papers
- Selvam, acknowledge and send him
What is this, ma'am?
She has swiped her credit card in 4 places
like beauty parlour, pub, bazaar and cafe...
Get the details about her
whether she is a regular customer
...or used to come alone
or with friends
Here, keep it
Selvam, give it to me
Let me check this
You call the Forensic people and
ask when will they reach here
Hard disk is missing in the computer
Charger is in bathroom
I have searched everywhere
But I couldn't find a cell phone
It seems unusual
I suspect that it might be a murder
Call them! Let me enquire
in neighbour's house
Pazhaniyammal is a very strict officer
even though she is poor
She is rigid and always
fights for law and order
We can't compromise her
to any deal
We shouldn't interfere in Maya's case
Better you too keep distance and follow
Don't try to do anything
to divert her mind, She is very clever
Let her investigate the case
in her own style
We will wait for our chance
Whatever that is required to save our head...
We should do that
and save our life somehow
q ~r
Yes, Kumar
Where? Are you sure?
Tell me about the place clearly
- 3 more patients are there so please wait
- Yes
Yes' ma-am!
Until now we couldn't trace the
whereabouts of those 2 guys who Maya
Just now I get the details about them
Note down
Yes tell me Selvam, what happened?
I have seen 2 guys in that spot
where you told
They said no problem
and started with me
While we were making
a slow turn in a corner...
...they have jumped out
and escaped from the vehicle
Okay, I will come soon
Let's discuss later
What are you planning to do
after your graduation?
I will check
my cycle tyres and tubes
I have decided to go around
all over the India
I am asking you seriously
What can I do if you make fun
of my serious plans?
Don't you have any plans to do a job?
I will search for a job
that I will like to do
Job satisfaction is important to me
I don't mind even I am paid less
for the job of my choice
That's okay for me
I may not buy a big and latest television
that my brother have
Small TV enough for me
Nothing to worry
Do you have any idea
about your Post graduation?
I want to stay here and serve people
after I complete my medicine course
But my sister and parents are asking me
to do Anesthesiology in Europe
Europe? Don't they have enough doctors?
Talk to them!
You should talk for your future
Nothing wrong even if you fight for it
You have done embroidery
an of Mother Theresa
Serve the poor people like her
Rich patients have enough doctors
Go where others refuse to go
It will be little difficult
to adopt in the beginning
Later you'll get used to it
May be a girl like you
who knows embroidery...
...will make your art
and hang in the wall
What happened?
Take me with you when you
go around India in cycle
I like to travel with you
If it is in your fate
that you should travel with me
Surely you will come with me
- Go down! Your sister will search you
- You are rig ht, bye
What happened, mom?
Whatever it is call me,
I will come to hostel
No need to come here, mind it
What happened now?
Why do you beat me like this?
Q ~r
You said there's no one in the hostel
But there is light burning in one room
Watchman only said like that
Excuse me!
We didn't know today holiday for college
We came to here to meet a guy
- Are you alone in hostel?
- Yes!
- Who do you want to meet?
- Sababadhi, B.Com
Which room?
Which department?
Didn't you want to buy this model mobile?
- How much is this model now?
- I don't know! This is not mine
So many things!
Do you want to sell it?
That is not mine
Keep it
Who do you want to meet?
Asst. Commissioner's number
in dialed calls
What? Who are you actually?
Is this your bag?
It was kept outside
- Brother, come with us
- Where?
Shut your mouth! Move with us
Else I will shoot you down
Didn't I tell a guy gave the complaint
to commissioner during strike?
He is responsible for all these
Did you ask him
whether he has made any copies?
No, we have checked his room thoroughly
Nothing is there
Did he talk about this to anyone?
What did he say?
As usual he says that
he doesn't know about this
They don't have any evidence yet
those 3 guys know about this
If they discuss about this anywhere,
we'll get into trouble
I should go for security purpose
with Minister for the meeting
I have to move, if I get the call
I don't know when will I come back
We can't hide them in city
That is danger for us
Don't wait till I come back
You three go and finish them
Don't you know to where I mean?
Yes, sir!
There is some confusion
with that college guy
- We have taken a wrong guy
- That is...
Someone else has stolen the things
in hostel and threatened me
Don't shout!
Stop crying
Stop firing!
Battery is low in my mobile
Call Rajendran sir's number
I didn't bring my mobile
What happened?
Low battery in my mobile
Fire them
Let's discuss later
He is not that guy!
We have taken a wrong guy
So he wants to stop firing
Why is he changing the plan?
At this time...
Fire them
Catch him
Get up! Why do you try to escape?
Shoot him!
Will discuss later
He told not to fire them
Meanwhile, my cell battery is down
Why do you ask me to fire them?
It will be a issue
- Why did you attend the call?
-Asst. commissioner's call that's why
Damn your call
He is sitting relaxed in home
We are suffering here
- What we have to do now?
- Call and ask him
Go and call him
I require him to drive vehicle
Let me stay here
You call him and come
We got orders to let you free
If you stay quiet till they return,
we all can go back home safe
If you try to escape,
I will shoot you
Theft have been happening in hostel
before hejoined
All the details are mentioned with date
clearly in the list that Perumal gave
The stolen things are in the bag
They have brought the wrong guy
Damn idiots!
Sir, but we have shot
one guy before him
What can we do now?
Okay fire them
Belt is cut
We have to travel 6 more kilometers
this way to repair the belt
Give it to me
No range
He is alone there
I think if we go 2 kilometers this way
we may get the signal in walkie-talkie
Do you hear me?
- What happened?
- Vehicle belt is cut
What did he say about this?
He told to fire them
Sir, I am Perumal speaking
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
He escaped from this clearly saying
that he has to go for Minister security
He hasn't gone anywhere but was
going through the list sitting at home
He should've planned clearly
He has messed up everything
Everything is spoiled
Selvam, hold this
Ask him to repair this and get back
We all will shoot ourselves and die
We will get caught for sure
We will be punished severely
for this crime at our department
Let's try to catch him
before he meets anyone
- Didn't you tell you have
seen one of the cops somewhere? - Yes!
He is a Sub Inspector
who fired during the strike
Yes, how are you?
Prakash, I want to meet you immediately
Where are you now?
What is the matter?
I am in Villupuram?
I came here to investigate a case
Any urgent matter?
Are you in Villupuram?
I want to talk to you personally
Morning I will reach
What is the matter?
- Tell me over phone
- Some problem in College
In College? What is the problem?
I can't talk in phone
Let's talk in person
Come here as soon as possible
Okay, let's meet in the morning
Father, shall I leave?
I don't want to stay in the Hostel
Let me stay in brother's home
Morning I will come soon
If you feel uneasy to stay there
you can stay here
No problem! I'll be back
at morning 7 '0 clock
Let me drop you
Walkable distance only
I can manage
Don't talk about this to your family members
and scare them at this night time
This incident has happened
in our college campus
Don't tell anything out,
till I talk to your brother personally
Come here tomorrow morning
My friend too will come
We will discuss and take further action
We will inform them later
Did watchman see you
when you came inside?
I did not come through main gate
I came here through the playground
Why do you say sorry?
I'll go by myself
I am coming, father
Tell me, father!
- Are you standing in gate?
- Yes, father!
Or do you lock the door
and roam outside?
No father! I went for rounds
now am standing here
How many students
stayed in the hostel last night?
The boy who stays even during leave days...
Only that boy of room no.17 was there
- Did any outsiders come to
hostel last night? - No, father!
How many students are
staying in the hostel now?
22 students have come
I think others will come in the morning
Any problem, father?
Sir, father is cross questioning me
I am very scared
Will I lose my job?
- Nothing will happen, Samy
- Thank God!
Why have you come here now?
Come in
- Nothing, where is mom?
- She is in the Bedroom
- What is the price of this saree?
-Around 5,000
Very nice
Why have you come here suddenly now?
Who are they?
Why have they come at this time?
They are Aarthi parents and relations
They have come here to attend
a marriage early morning
All guests will go to bed now
If you want to talk
to your brother...
Call him alone, talk to him
and leave immediately
- Why is it bleeding in your forehead?
- Nothing mom!
It's bleeding, did you fight with anyone?
Nothing mom, I just bumped on door
- It's bleeding! Show me
- Isn't he telling how he got hurt?
Leave it, mom
Go to doctor and get treated
Didn't I give you a brown colour
cover last night?
- Who is he wearing striped shirt?
- Which one?
This one
Mom, I'll leave
I am not getting clear signal
inside the room
I will call you later
Disconnect now
What happened?
Face looks dull
Why are you leaving immediately?
Nothing, I came here just like that
Did anyone call me?
Come on, tell
You are not normal today
Any problem?
Do you have money?
I have to eat
- I don't want so much money
- Never mind, keep it
Tomorrow is my cousin's marriage
That's why relatives have come
Mom told me
They are discussing about my marriage too
Didn't you tell you want
to wander with me?
Will you go away
if you get any good offer?
What happened to you?
- Tell me what happened to you
- No, nothing
Karuna, tell me what happened
Nothing, I feel like being alone
I feel as if no one is with me
That's why I came here
It's okay! I will be alright
Sister is calling me
I am going
I feel as if the sky has
come down on my head
I feel as if the earth has
slipped off from underneath me
My feelings are real!
I feel as if I am a shade without a company
I feel as if I am a shade without a company
I feel as if I am a shade without a company
Sister come soon
Wait, customers are waiting
What do you want?
- Give me Parotta, is it hot?
- Don't I serve hot food?
There was a bag in hostel
in front of my room
Selvam, arrest all of them
Get up!
Listen to me!
Please be patient
Don't open your mouth
We can escape
He is coming
You would've stayed here
till the morning
Your good time!
You have escaped
Inspector has prepared a statement
Read it, sign the papers and go back home
Come on get up!
Sign here!
Seems you are a good one!
College student
Why do you roam with this nasty guys
and get into problem?
No need to sign in the statement
I will talk to the inspector
What will you do,
if get into any problem in future?
If anybody asks you,
tell them you weren't at the spot, got it?
Father, how are you?
Has Karunakaran started to college?
- Last night itself he left for the hostel
- His hostel room is closed
Internal exams are going on
But he is not in class room too
- That's why I am asking you
- Let me talk to my mom and call you later
Okay Amal, call me after you reach
- Don't forget to call
- Sure I will call you back father
- What happened, Amal?
- Did Karuna come there?
Did he call you?
No, just wanted to know
I will call you later
Father, I thought to call
Still I didn't get him on the line
I don't know where he went
That's why
Let's give a compliant about his missing
Let me talk to my friend
and ask how to mention the complaint about SI Selvam
whom Karunakaran reported
I couldn't clearly understand
what Karunakaran said
- Don't discuss about this to your family
and scare them - Okay, father
There is a complaint about his missing
and Selvam's name is added
What to do now?
He's made us file a complaint
about his missing
How can they search and
get him back in this big city?
I don't know why is he troubling like this
I wonder where has he gone
Let him come back
Narayanan, didn't you say
you will tell your correct age?
Do you remember that?
I have completed 18 years
Now I am in 19th year
It is moving very slow
Why is it taking so long
for you to get 19 years old?
Get lost, you idiot
- You can't escape
- You are right
Nobody can escape from here
We are living in a worst world
Nobody can escape alive from here
Go fast
Everything is over
- Aarthi, did he call you?
- No, I didn't get any call
I know you will inform me,
I want to know about anything
if he had called you
- I will surely inform you if I get call
- Okay dear! Let me hang up
Information has gone to house of
the patient whom you admitted here
It will be good if anyone
from your department is with me...
...when they enquire about him to me
If any problem arises in future,
nobody shouldn't blame me
Don't worry, sir!
Rajendran will be there in 15 minutes
Ensure no one suspects anything
That's enough for me
Have to give one more dose
for that new patient
Get him ready
Hello, I am Babu here
Tell me
Don't mistake me!
Just for fun
Where am I now?
What is the time?
I want to meet the in-charge
Go away
What happened to Kama?
How did he come here?
Come on, Inspector!
- Did you talk with them?
- No, just now...
They asked how he came here
Before I could reply you arrived
- What is his name?
- Karunakaran
Didn't you say that no name is
mentioned in the patient's case sheet?
- Is he a drug addict?
- Drugs?
No sir!
No, I am sure he is not a drug addict
I am Karuna's brother
What's wrong with him?
- May I know what he did?
- He only hit me
Just miss, else I would've lost my eyes
- He hit me with a stone
- When did this happen?
Last Tuesday at 11 P.M.
I was in the night rounds
behind Saidapet Railway station
I observed him from a distance
He gave a jerk when he saw me
He saw my name batch
and asked whetherl am Selvam
He asked me whether
I am roaming in disguise
I had a doubt on him
and got down from the bike
I just bent down to
put the bike stand
He threw a big stone on my face
I fell down
When I got up he was not seen
I searched him for 15 minutes
Finally I caught him near Pondy Bazar
You know what happened there
He was fighting with a few guys
and hit them with bottles
They too retaliated
It became a tussle
In that group one guy got hurt badly
They are daily wage workers
This is a cognizable offense
So I arrested him and filed FIR
When he was in Police station...
He started to blabber with the staffs
and the public who came to file their cases
He said we tried to encounter him
and shot down two other guys
And he escaped from the encounter
He told like this to everyone
I had a doubt whether he's acting or
a drug addict or mentally ill
That why I admitted him
to psychiatric department and tested him
Positive result only Thank God
he escaped only because of that
Else he should've been punished
for assaulting a police officer on duty
But his good time, Government is
spending money for his treatment
Is he saying that
he is mentally affected?
No, this is not a big disease
He will be cured soon
He is not aware of anything
Delusion means...
He is confusing with the real
and imaginary things
He takes his imagination as real one
and starts to react
Mr.Karunakaran is imagining himself
that police are following him
...and planned a encounter to kill him
He is behaving odd to people outside
Don't worry aunty!
Once your department helped me
Please don't come here often
Sir, we are helpless
We shouldn't inject him often
to avoid discussing with the visitors
Try to understand!
If anything goes wrong...
Sir he's gaining consciousness
If they get any phone calls from
his home or hostel after he reaches
Prepare them to tell that he hit the
watchman and escaped from the Hospital
He's got involved unnecessarily in this
Perumal, start the car
- What is the matter?
- Karunakaran is sitting in the classroom
He came into the hostel
with hospital uniform
But now he dressed neat
and sitting in the classroom
It seems he has escaped from the hospital
No, father! I can remember everything
If you have doubt, ask Logu
Have your friends filed a complaint
about Karunakaran?
He says you too were in the spot
when they tussled with him
You too were in the spot, isn't it?
Tell him
- I don't understand what he says, father
- He is lying, father
He has hit the watchman
and escaped from there, father
- Come, let's move
- Get up
You told your lawyer friend will
come here and discuss about our case
Leave me!
Your brother has come home suddenly
- Who, Karuna?
- Yes!
What happened, Karuna?
Did you come alone?
Amal, I want to talk
with you personally
You shouldn't come here
while treatment is going on
Mom, I am alright
You are normal, but you should
complete your treatment
Nothing to worry, I am alright
Why do I need treatment then?
Stop the baby's crying
- Please listen to me
- Go ahead!
- I came home last Tuesday...
- No, you came on Wednesday only
Before Raji's marriage
Yes, I came here on Tuesday as well
You were not at home that day
You ask mom
- Didn't you beat the other day?
- Yes, go ahead
- Why did mom beat you?
- That is not important
You can ask her later
When I went back to hostel
I found a bag near my room
Just when I opened it
two police officers entered my room
- They took away a camera from
the bag - Yes, I know
Principal told me everything
Yes, I only told him about that
I escaped from the encounter spot
and went to meet him
After that I came here
Karuna, nothing happened as you told
Everything is your imagination
Police officers doesn't have
any personal motive to kill you
Nobody had entered into your
college as you say
You had hit a police officer
near Saidapet on Wednesday night
- I never went to Saidapet
- Wait let me finish
After that you had fought with
a few guys near Pondy Bazar
Do you remember?
The police officer whom you hit
had taken you to a psychiatrist
Chief psychiatric doctor
had diagnosed you completely
Either he is a fake doctor or a liar
You shouldn't abuse elders like this
- Why do you talk like this, mom?
- Okay
How did you come here?
I was lying in the platform
when I gained consciousness
I went to hostel after I woke up
He assaulted the watchman
and escaped from hospital
Damn it! He is a liar
- Careful!
- Hold him tight
- Be careful with my son!
- Leave me
- Hold him tight
- Leave me!
Leave m e
Don't worry!
Don't shake
Chief may scold you, don't do this
Didn't we help him?
- Why did you push him down?
- He only did it
Leave him in a corner
Want food?
You will be hungry later?
Who gave you permission to inject him?
Didn't you say other day to inject him
to avoid interacting with visitors?
- Did you have breakfast?
- What's the time?
How long you have been
admitted in this hospital?
Past 2 years
Not permanent, I used to
come often and go back home
Is it very difficult to
go out from here?
Out means...
It is very difficult
to go out with permission
Little tough to go out without permission
Can you help me?
I am Pazhaniyammal
Crime Inspector in E2 police station
- I want to have a talk with you
- Get in!
There is a Coffee Shop near your
college main gate at 500 meters distance
- I hope you have seen that
- Yes!
Last month 5th your college students
around 12 members
...had celebrated a Birthday party there
One guy among the 12 had stolen
a Video camera from a customer's bag
2 days ago only we had installed
a CCTV camera in our shop
Ii you think college students
has stolen you camera
You can find the culprit as everything
gets recorded in Manager's system
Manager's room is locked now
Give a compliant in police station
We will give our M! support
to police and help them
She didn't come to coffee shop after that
She didn't file any compliant
in police station to find her camera
But the same week she was found
hanged in her house
That is a suspicious death
When I investigated I found that she had
lost her camera in the coffee shop
I saw the video footage
which was captured in the CCTV
They have recorded a guy among
the 12 stealing the camera
But I couldn't see his face clearly
He was wearing a cap
So I searched for the other guys
He is Rangaraj
2nd year Mathematics
He is Bharath
3rd year Mathematics
He is Arun
2nd year Mathematics
Who is he?
He is my Principal's son
I want to see the video camera
which he stole
Did you go to the coffee shop
with yourfriends?
Which coffee shop and when?
Damn it! You are caught red-handed
You are caught on CCTV camera
when you stole the video camera
Damn it! You got caught
All are recorded
I've lost my name, fame and everything
How will I face the students now?
Other day itself I told him to get lost
from here and die anywhere
But you didn't listen to me
Where is the video camera
that you stole in coffee shop?
I want to see that
I too have supported this culprit
In every meeting I used to
announce this to students
Try to reform, keep all the things in a bag
which you stole from others
...and place the bag somewhere in the hostel
without others knowledge
But finally culprit is living
in our house itself
Everyone will spit on my face
You damn it
Don't stand before me
Go somewhere and die
When I came to know my son is a culprit
who stole other's things...
Holiday for 5 days
So college was closed
Students had gone back to their hometown
Karunakaran only stayed in the hostel
So I kept the bag in front of his room
I thought when he sees the bag
he'll come and handover it to me
I was waiting for him
When he gives that bag to me,
I was thinking of telling that
the thief himself had returned the things
It I handover the things to students
with the help of Warden...
I thought the problem will come
to an end smoothly
But Karunakaran never returned
to the hostel that night
The next day I went to hostel
His room was locked
But the bag was missing
That night he came to hostel
He told while he was checking the bag
2 cops had entered his room...
...and took him away along
with the video camera and cell phone
Not only that!
Cops had arrested 2 more guys with him
They tried to encounter those 3 guys
and shot to death 2 of them
He only escaped from them
Again I enquired him after he left
He told me about the video camera
and what foolish act he did with that
Where is Karunakaran now?
Can I meet him now?
He got out unnecessarily
He could've hit straight
Come, let's run
Moorthy, it has swelled well
Come let's go to doctor
I am crime inspector Pazhaniyammal
I want to meet the patient Mr.Karunakaran
Can you show his room?
I won't come inside
Why did you do this nasty work?
My hand...
It is paining
- Please listen to me for a minute
- I won't listen to you
Everyone was listening to you
Why should I listen to you?
Do you want me to go back to the
hospital by listening your words?
- Should I be admitted to the hospital?
- Pardon me sir
if you say sorry,
will it be alright?
You called everyone
and lied to them
Everyone is chasing me
Do you know that?
They are chasing in college and in house
They asked me to go to the hospital
Delusion for me?
Is it my imagination that
that police tried to kill me?
Am I mad?
You have used your medical knowledge
to lie to everyone
- How much did you get paid?
- I didn't take money
Then have you done for free?
They have forced me
that's why I did
If you have been good,
why would they force you?
Last time a patient died
during shock treatment
They helped to
finish the case smoothly
- Because of that... - Have you all
finished the case smoothly?
Get up come and
wear your shirt
Tell everyone that
you have lied about me, get up
- No, it will be big problem
- What problem?
If you say the truth
will it be problem?
If you say the truth
will it be problem?
Save me
Please save me
- What happened?
- He told me, he is in the club
q ~r
One person is coming
Leave the door
You go and stand in the urinal
as if you don't know me
Why should he booze heavily
if can't stand steady?
They shouldn't sell the liquor to guys
who don't know to drink properly
Tell me your address
Not old, tell me your new address
I know only old house address
- My husband will tell you
the new house address - Tell me
No:3, Akbar street
- Meesapet market
- Then?
- Triplicane
- Tell me any land mark
Near Meesapet market
- Is it?
- Yes
We won't search for you
You must come every week and sign it
Ok, I will call him
You tell him
- Sir, call Perumal
- Ok madam
No dear, listen to me
Believe me
Inspector's wife had called
the station thrice
She is a village girl
she is scared
She said that she will give
the complaint in person
I have managed her
Sir, I have fixed the marriage for my son
If inspector tells something
in front of important officers...
Get up Perumal
if they ask him to say like that
will he say like that?
If you make him say like that
We will punch him
Not if he tells or not...
He must tell that
Else, that's it
- He'll insult me suddenly
- For what?
- How does he insult you?
- He scolds often
He'll say that I am a fool
I used to study hard
But, I forget everything
when I enter the exam hall
What can I do?
If I start to eat
he will scold me
That I couldn't get good marks
He'll abuse me whenever I sit to eat
I felt very bad
Whateverl do, he'll say
that I am useless
That's why I did in anger
You say sorry easily
Do you know how many people
got affected because of this?
I got this punishment
which I couldn't follow in my house...
...what I taught about
patience and affection to all
- Now you don't need to tell all this
- No Prakash
Let me speak out
Else I won't get sleep
Karunakaran has got caught because
I tried to hide my son's mistakes
I am depressed because I could neither
save that guy nor tell the truth
I didn't get sleep
If this case is registered
it will telecast in TV and magazines
Everyone will know that
I will have to put up with the disgrace
Everyone will say that
I couldn't bring up my son correctly...
...then what can I teach other students?
But till now I am sincere
to my profession
But they will suspect all that now
I should accept the punishment
for my crime
Those 3 guys have disappeared after
complaint came for missing Rajendran
Nobody knows where they have gone
They've switched off their cell phones
We may have to arrest those 4 people
Our department will be disgraced
in all magazines and wall posters
They will try to reach
Rajendran and Karunakaran
You try to reach them before that
- Wrong! You are doing wrong thing
- What?
What? You all have spoiled my life... you are telling
that I am doing wrong things
Shall I kill you?
Shall I shoot in your ear?
If anyone goes to mental asylum once
then their life will get spoiled
Till the end, friends and relatives
treat them differently
Others will feel scared
to move close to them
They will be avoided till the end
Why did you set me up like that?
Madam, see this
Keep this sheet separately
Enquire the address of that accident car
and who died in that car...
...and also enquire the address
claimant for that car
I asked you to trace the Rajendran's
cell phone, what happened?
- They are arranging
- When? Quick
Someone else might get killed
Can the location of this phone
be found by triggering a call...
...or even if it is switched on?
If you ask how much bribe to
collect for platform refreshment shop
And how much to collect
for an eatery on road...
He will tell correctly
Aarthi, I am Karna speaking
- Where are you speaking from?
- I can't speak to you for long
Listen to me carefully
Tomorrow morning at 9:30 A.M.
college day function in the college
Whole college will assemble in main hall
You bring there my mom and Amal
I too come there
Here Inspector Rajendran is with me
- Who is on the line?
- Karnakaran
Kama? Give me
I have told all the details to Aarthi
You don't go anywhere for your meeting
- You come with our mom
- Hey!
I am inspector Pazhaniyammal
Your brother Karunakaran has kidnapped
inspector Rajendran
- Do you know where is he?
- I don't know where is he
He said that he will come to
'College Day' function
He just called me
and told all of us to come
Father, why should you?
- Do you have caller ID?
- No
This is too much money
for this matter, isn't it?
Sir, you know everything
The rate is fixed only we get
the punishment for the crime
Here Inspector Rajendran is with me
He has accepted to confess
- They've brought me wrongly
- Why did he agree to confess?
He is ready to confess how
they set up the doctor
Did he get scared?
Cell phone signal was received
near the college area tower
There are many mansions near the college
Some college students stay
in rental houses nearby also
If he hides him there
we can't find him till this night
What time college function starts?
- Is he your principal?
- Yes
q ~r
He is going to the ground nearby
The old building in other side of
the ground belongs to your college?
Yes sir! It is an old auditorium
Nobody uses that
They've built a fence between
the ground and that building
Management has built that fence
to restrict students from going there
- Did you check it?
- No sir
I made a call from your phone
I took Rs 500 from your purse
After you confess to
everyone in the hall...
...I'll collect the money from
my brother and give you
Your principal has come
He is sitting in the front seat
- What about mom and brother?
- They have also come
Tell everyone what you told me
That is enough
- Ask him to seek pardon
- I don't need that
Enough if he tells the truth
This is my life problem
if you spoil in front of others
I'll kill you for sure
q ~r
- Sir, bullets are over, come fast
- Shut up
Knee down
Hold your hand back
If I shoot you, you will die
Rajendran, leave him
You should've done it
the day they kidnapped you
You don't know what happened that day
Don't talk unnecessarily
Am I speaking unnecessarily?
A college student and a mentally
insane guy have kidnapped you
Why should you get angry?
Two lunatics mental had stolen tools
from the mortuary...
...had tried to kill Rajendran
by kidnapping him
We came to save him
But they have injured his limbs
We don't have any other way...
...that's why we killed
two lunatics to save our Rajendran
Selvam, shoot in his forehead
Selvam, don't do like that
He has escaped from everything
Why? You have pistol, isn't it?
You kill him, you get injured
You are involving us in everything
- You are escaping carefully
- Don't talk rubbish
- If I tell one thing...
- Hey, stop it
From the beginning itself
you have done foolishly... I speaking foolishly?
Rajendran, you are speaking
a senior rank officer...
You are my senior officer
only in the department
Out of office I am a senior
You listen to me
You are drugged and blabbering
- I am telling you again and again
- Take off your hand
We have come here and killed
one guy and we saved him
After we arrested him and
went out from the spot...
...he took my pistol and
killed Rajendran
When he tried to kill me
you shot in his forehead
...from the distance of 10 feet
Go back and kill him
Quick, kill him
Go back and shoot in his forehead
Quick Selvam
Put the pistol down
Else we may have to shoot at you
- Don't speak without knowing anything
- Sir, I know everything
From Bangalore car accident you think that
you can hide everything if you kill him...
...I know everything what you have done
Commissioner also knows the truth
I've been ordered to arrest all of you
Please put your arms down
Please put your pistol down
They've killed Babu who
came with me from the hospital
His body is behind the building
Go and check
They tried to kill me in the encounter
And they have set up the doctor
to prove that I am mad
- Do you know that?
- I know
Does everyone know this?
Our team and commissioner only know this
because this is our department issue
Today evening it will be telecasted
in all press media and TV
Because this is a big issue...
...this news will take many weeks
to fade out from magazine and TV
After that you will resume
your regular life slowly
- Shall I go?
- There are some formalities
You can start in the evening
after finishing that
Pazhaniyammal, where are you?
I am in old auditorium
behind Arul doss college ground
- What happened?
- We have arrested them
- You don't arrest them
- Why?
If you arrest them with your evidence
the case is registered...
...there is a chance to stir up
law and order problem for two states
Sir, I don't understand
He is son of businessman Nagappa
who they murdered in Bangalore road
Ii we say to him that
he has not killed by accident...
...he has killed because of that money
First he will refuse that
it is not his money
At the same time it can cause a
communal violence for his son murder
Because that Nagappa is
a highly influenced person
This is high profile case
Because of people welfare and
political welfare...
...I take this decision with my higher
officials to stop and close this file
So, Please follow my orders
Don't arrest them
Don't speak anyone about this case
Do one thing
You come to my office
with your team
But two murders have happened here
Inspector Rajendran and
the patient are dead
The student Karunakaran...
You can't arrest them as per this case
They are dealing
the Rajendran's missing case...
...we will ask them
to give the report about him
We have no other way
Anyhow they will give a fake report
But we want that fake report
We can't tell the truth
because of our state's welfare
We don't have any other way
You give the phone to Marimuthu
Commissioner is on the line
No... That is...
You leave with your team
Call hospital and tell them to come here
They have to take him
Catch him and make him sit there
What happened madam?
Shall I come with you?
We can't deal this case
- They've asked him to deal the case
- They?
Everything has happened because of them
- How they?
- What Perumal?
Why are you watching?
Catch him and make him sit
One minute
What madam?
Why should I go to hospital again?
- We can't help you
- Why? What problem?
If truth is registered as case
in your issue...
...because there is a chance
that problem will come for all
They will admit you in the hospital
for a few days and send you home
- We don't have any other way
- Why are you saying like this?
They are trying to kill me unnecessarily
They are set me up as a lunatic
Without arresting them...
if you say the truth
it will create problem for all
You are asking me to go to
hospital now and go home later
- Definitely I'll try to get compensation...
- Compensation?
You are telling that you
would make me blind...
...and buy a walking stick
to walk on the road
I have no other way
If you co-operate with them...
nothing will happen...
What more to happen than this?
You could've killed me
Why should I get admitted to the
hospital without doing anything?
Why should I go to hospital
without doing anything?
Catch him
Hold him tightly
Leave m e
Hey, leave me
Leave m e
Leave him
Why did you leave him?
What is he telling?
He says that he slipped and fell down
Come back
Move...! Open the door
Move aside!