Mouth To Mouth (1978) Movie Script

You pinched my smokes, didn't you?
- Bitch! - I did not.
What are they?
- They're mine.
- She bought them.
Oh yeah, for sure.
They're mine.
- Give 'em to me. - Why?
They're mine. Give us 'em.
Piss off.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Get out!
- What happened? - They're Carrie's cigarettes.
You can answer for yourself, can't you?
They're her smokes. I was with her when she got 'em.
You can go to your room now.
'Cause I'm asking you to.
Jeanie's going to her room now.
Why is it always you?
You awake?
I've got two! I've got two!
Yeah, where're you living then?
- Home?
- Nah. Not all the time, coppers come around.
Where then?
What do you reckon, we're gonna tell the cops, do ya?
North Ipswich's where we live.
In a mansion.
God, you're a mess.
Tonight's the night...
One of Carrie's mates.
Hey mate, you want a drink?
Dirty old bastard.
Come on, get out.
Come on.
Don't spill it!
Aren't you coming?
Nah, we're going over to Daryl's.
She's drunk.
- Piss off Jeanie. - Come on.
Come on...
We going to the party?
- In a while.
- Well I wanna go now.
Where's Carrie?
I dunno, still at the house.
How come?
'Cause she feels like it.
How you going? Ooh! Beautiful drive. Beautiful drive. Here we go, come on.
Great shot. Great shot. Don't ya reckon? Piss off!
Don't worry about it. It's only a game.
Get out!
- Leave her alone!
- Ah, she's happy.
Get out.
Leave her.
Don't ever do that to me.
We're going home.
She's all right.
You're alright, aren't ya?
Ahh, come on.
It's bloody cradle-snatching anyway.
I only wanted to go
to the party.
We're going home.
Come on.
We'll hitch a ride now, okay?
- They hot? - 'Course they are.
You want sauce?
- How ya going? - I'm alright.
Seventy cents, thanks.
How are you?
I'm alright.
See you later.
- How'd ya go? - Okay.
- Yeah? Are they coming? - Come on, I didn't ask them then. - Why not? - Because you don't ask someone out
...while you're lining up for a pie. I did the groundwork though. - Yeah, well when are you? - Later. Once the crowd's gone.
- Where do you reckon we should take 'em? - Dunno. It was your idea.
Go for a drink?
Well how much you got left?
Twenty-four bucks.
I wonder how long that's gonna have to last.
Until the next cheque.
- She was looking at me before. - Geez, you're in a bad way.
- What do ya mean? - Look at ya. It's over you like a rash.
- What? - You'll be right.
Yeah, same again thanks. Three beers, and one Brandy Alexander.
- You don't have to keep buying them. - Nah, it's okay.
How come you got so much money?
Win some at the races.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- How about you? - Yeah, I have me moments.
Thank you.
There we are.
You didn't tell us
where you're living.
- Around.
- Yeah?
With your folks?
- Where do you two come from?
- The country.
- Wonthaggi. - Where?
- Wonthaggi. - Wonthaggi.
It's in Gippsland, you know it?
Well I reckon we oughta go get something to eat.
- Can we have one more?
- Oh yeah. Sure. We oughta be celebrating while we've got the money. - How do you mean? - Yeah, well uh...
- Actually, we're looking for work. - Yeah, ours is only temporary.
Why do you spend all your money then?
Well if I've got it, I like to blow it.
I'm really hungry.
I'm starving.
Back in a minute then.
- Wanna come? - Yeah.
- Well? - Well I'm gonna really be pushing.
- But she's nice, great arse. - No good if you can't get your hooks into it. - You'll be right. - You will be.
What do you think?
I don't know.
What's wrong?
Oh he's all right. What's wrong with him?
You're dumb if you keep thinking about that other idiot.
- Why? - Do you think he likes you?
- He used to. - There's only one part of you he likes.
Oh look, come on.
Where's your folks?
In the country. I just came to the city to get some work.
Hey, is there anything to drink?
Uh, I'll see.
There's some sweet sherry.
- Yeah? - Yuck!
- Oh I'll have some. - How about some crme de menthe?
Oh yeah! - You're not supposed to have that with pizza. - I don't care.
I suppose I'll have some if there's nothing else.
We can put some milk in it. Just like that other drink you were having.
You're stupid.
- You got any peanut butter?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna make some toast.
- Wanna see me room? - Why?
So you can check out my personality.
Is, um, that your personality?
How do you mean?
- Do you mind taking it down? - Why?
Because I can't see you properly.
We'll go back in now, okay?
How's it going?
- I don't know. I don't think she likes me.
- Of course she does.
- We'll stay with you tonight, okay? - Okay.
What did I tell you?
Well, we going?
- That's where it is. - Up there?
- How do we get up? - Fire escape.
- Forget it. - Oh it's not too bad, is it Tim?
- No, it's not far once you start.
- You don't have to climb up... - ...a fire escape to get into a motel. - Yeah, why isn't there a lift?
Because the building's locked. They've got a key, they can use it.
- And they won't mind us staying? - Me brother's really good. We've often stayed.
- With girls? - Oh yeah.
- How many?
- A few.
That just means it's okay.
I hope it's worth it.
Nearly halfway.
Ben's not here. He's doing his rounds.
- What does that mean? - He's checking out the building.
- Well so what? - Well Sue, his wife, she's really...
- She's a bit tight, actually.
- And she wouldn't let us in? - No way. - Does she know we're here?
Nah, I just said I was with Tim. He's often stayed.
What about all those other women you were talking about?
Ben and Sue were away on holidays then.
Look, what are we gonna do?
Could set up the spare room and let youse in through the window.
- Are you sure you know these people? - He's me brother.
- You alright? - Yeah.
- Well how long are we gonna have to wait? - Just a couple minutes, honest.
It better be or I'm going.
She'll be alright. She's not gonna climb down there again tonight, that's for sure.
I'm not gonna be quiet, I'm cold.
And where am I gonna sleep?
I don't know.
What a mess.
- Hey do you want a beer? Anyone want a beer? - No thanks. That pizza's made me feel sick.
- You'll have to do it out the window. - I'm not gonna be sick. - What if we wanna piss? - I'll get around, make sure Sue's in the room. - And come in and hold my hand? - Nah.
- Oh Christ, that'll be Ben. - And what does that mean?
Ben's really good. He'll sort Sue out and we'll be alright for the sitting room.
On the floor.
Well, there's a camp bed.
That's where I'll be.
- What's the story? - It's okay.
You two can sleep in there.
Great. This is really comfortable. - For you.
- Oh you'll be okay. You've got Tim. Wow.
Is it alright for us to go to the toilet now?
Yeah, just go through there on your left.
You'll be right.
Well, night-night.
See youse in the morning.
- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna make some toast.
Do you want some?
No thanks.
You can't take your clothes off, Susan might come in.
How would you like having naked bodies in your lounge?
Maybe I won't have anything.
Well you shouldn't sleep in public thoroughfares, should you?
I told you somebody would come.
It wasn't my fault.
You started it.
Well you didn't stop me.
When I'm asleep I don't know what I'm doing.
How do you know I wasn't asleep? If you don't
know what you're doing when you're asleep - for all you know it was you feeling me up. - Like fun!
Well it doesn't matter her seeing anyway, it'd be good for her.
You're disgusting.
Next time you shouldn't get girls worked up when they're asleep.
Because then they can't get back to sleep.
- Shit! - Goodness sake.
Okay, get out.
I don't want this sort of thing going on.
You and your friends, get out!
- Sorry about that. - It's alright, Carrie always makes
a lot of noise when she gets worked up. Neighbours called the cops one day because
- they thought someone was being murdered. - For sure.
Well, I don't where we can go.
- A motel?
- Look, we haven't got any money okay?
What do you reckon?
I suppose you'll have to come to our place.
- Would that be alright? - You'd be our first visitors.
- Who's that? - Us.
- Who's there? - Oh, Freddie just below.
Hello Cisco.
- You snore. - Yeah, so do you!
You're not bad though.
Yeah, you're pretty good yourself.
- Peanut butter? - Yeah.
There you are.
Now if you don't mind leaving the bathroom for a few minutes.
Because I don't like people perving on me when I'm washing.
Turn your head, Serge.
- How come you found this place?
- We used to play here as kids. There was a whole gang of us.
Half the stuff was up here.
There's always been a couple of mattresses and things.
We're gonna have to hurry to get to work.
Yeah well, it's been good.
- You gonna give us a lift? - Yeah.
I was wondering...
You wanna do something tomorrow?
I don't know.
- I suppose so. - Saturday?
I really feel like booking you up.
There's no need.
If you want me to go out with you, I'd like to.
I've gotta go to work.
I've got to go to work!
- You looking for Rob? He's out.
- Nope.
- You're Carrie, are you?
- Who are you?
- A friend of your father's. - And who's that on the bed?
He works with your dad.
He's been looking for you too,
your father.
And some people coming around here
looking for you.
Cops been coming around too.
- Aren't you talking to me?
- Nope.
- Didn't have we a good time?
- I wanted to go to the party.
- It wasn't on. - Yes it was.
Why don't you leave her alone?
You wanted to go with them.
You don't know what you want.
God you're stupid.
Oh shit.
I don't care.
Thanks, mate.
- Come to drink with us have you? - For sure.
- What are you doing after, Jeanie? - You think you're so good, don't you?
Oh yeah.
I wouldnt go near you even if you had another bag over your head.
- Give us a miss, will you? - Are you going to belt me or something?
- Well I might have to. - It'd be just your style, wouldn't it?
Big time. What a man.
Piss her off, will you?
Yeah, a gin squash, thanks.
- Yeah, where're you going, baby? - Uh, nowhere with you.
Come on baby, you wanna come to a party?
And we have a good time, huh?
Hey you come to a party, huh?
We have a good time, maybe.
Ave Maria...
- Bye! - Bye!
Who's that?
What have you been up to?
Got chased by pervs.
How are you?
Have a swig.
Not any of that stuff.
You want a coffee?
- Nah. - See you then.
Wild men from Wonthaggi.
Hiya Cisco!
Fell asleep.
- Jeanie's really drunk. - Oh what about you?
She had to have a piss up an alley.
She went behind the garden and drank away when she stood on a bench chair.
What do you want?
Oh, we just thought we'd come around to see how you were.
That's nice.
Oh, I suppose we better go.
- Why? - It's getting pretty late.
- Be really nice if you stayed. - We'll make toast all night.
Are you coming?
- You don't mind if I'm drunk, do ya? - Nah.
- 'Cause I'm really glad you're here.
- Oh yeah?
And you can save us if we're attacked by pervs.
- What pervs? - This car followed us for a while.
We'll be warm, won't we?
Mary, she was wise.
Mary, she was pretty.
She lived out in the city where the fellas pull their lady.
One of the committee,
Thought he would be witty
And he hit her in the titty with a hard-boiled egg.
Look at this, will you?
Some of them can hardly write.
Don't know what we're supposed to do with them.
- Mr. Magnana? - Ah, it's Magnani.
- They make it my decision to walk in the door.
- They should be broad-minded like us. He'd ring and tell me and he had a coaching form
in front of him saying he didn't have a phone.
Look, he told Serge they wanted somebody who had experience in an office, right?
I had experience in an office. He said they
wanted somebody they can start from scratch.
- They piss me off. - Hey, steady with the flavouring.
Anyway, we finish this job on Saturday. The regular women, they're coming back.
- Was that milkshake holder over there? - Yeah.
I spilled some pie in it.
You two will have to go on the dole like us.
Did you tell your gran where you were staying last night?
- Nah. - She reckons we're too far gone already.
Why don't you move your stuff in with us?
- Can if you want to. - Yeah?
Oh, I'd like to.
Could give it a try anyway.
Might be nice having a couple of extra people around.
Do you want sauce?
- Hi. - Hey there.
Good morning!
- How are you?
- Good.
Except for Tim rolling on me all the time in his sleep.
- Oh, that's a fiction! - You could've fooled me.
What about Alaskan Star?
Nah, it's too short, it's in the red.
It's always in the red.
- How do you like it? - When did ya get it?
- Spare lunchtime. - If they catch you...
- They won't because they're too dumb. - Well Oil?
I like Banfield.
Shut up, you two about the races, will you?
- What are the odds? - Forty.
Want some?
Careful with the crumbs, I don't want to get gravel rash.
Sorry. Hey, I have to listen to it. Don't.
You rat! You rat!
I'll clean it up.
You better, I don't want any marmalade up me, sister.
God, it's cold.
- What is it? - I'm wetting my pants.
- What are you gonna call it?
- Tom. Gonna be a boy, is it?
I wouldn't call it Tom if it was going to be a girl.
- Any day now? - Mmm, yeah.
No I won't have it, thanks.
- What about the other one, then? - It's in the cubicle.
Roy, quick!
Up there.
What the hell did you pinch the clock for?
To tell us when the turkey's cooked.
- Poor old Fred. - If I was like him, I'd be drunk too.
We should invite him up for dinner.
- Want some dinner?
- Naaah.
- How'd ya go? - Ah, fair.
There's one we said will beat the favourite, did beat her.
- So did four others. - Only 'cause it got bottled up in the rails.
- Bulldust, it just wasn't good enough. - Come on, we only lost three bucks.
Good smell.
You hungry?
- Yeah. - Right. Hang on.
How much did that cost? You don't have to bloody eat it.
We didn't pay for it, you wog.
- Look, I didn't mean it like that. - Keep the money I borrowed. Hadn't spent a cent.
- Come on, you can have that. - I don't want it!
Look, I don't mind lending it. I give it to you. You'll be getting another job soon
- ...or else you can go on the dole. - We can't.
- Why not?
- 'Cause we were inside. What?
- And we pissed off. - Why were you put in?
Oh, various things. We broke parole, we stopped seeing the social workers and
telling them what we were doing and who we were seeing, and if we were screwing.
Well, you worried?
- What?
- That we're bad girls.
Wouldn't touch you with a forty-foot pole.
Bloody asthma.
- Is that thing empty? - I've run out.
Right. I'll go and get you another one.
- No. - No, it's alright.
- I'll be alright. - There's an all-night chemist in Richmond.
Hey, have you got the paper, prescription?
Yeah, in the bag.
Look awful, don't I?
Liar. I sound awful.
- Have you had any sleep?
- Some.
No you haven't, I've been keeping you awake.
- I don't mind. - Why don't you? It's awful!
Because you're my girlfriend.
I don't mind if you keep me awake.
That's the one Sharron works for.
She'd be able to get us in.
- She's only sixteen. - Do they know that?
I don't know. Probably.
They like 'em young, the old men.
- Just have to pull 'em off. - Not all of them.
- Do you know how much she makes? - Yeah.
Four times what we're making waitressing, plus tips.
- And what does she have to do for them? - How would I know, ask Sharron.
We could say we worked in Sydney, they'd start us straight off. That's what she did.
Maybe if we could just make enough money for the store.
- Are you still on about that?
- I don't think I could do this. Only lots of girls doing it.
Look at this dump.
Sharron's got a really good flat now.
She makes stacks 'cause she's beautiful.
They all do.
They're beautiful anyway.
I suppose if I was some rich old perv and really hard up.
Pay ten bucks for me.
Do you reckon you could do it?
What if you get bashed?
It's a big hotel, no dirty old men there.
Don't kid yourself, you've got no idea what he's like.
Only his taste. Young, smart and a good conversationalist.
- Yeah, I know what that means. - He'll take me to dinner, that's all.
- And the rest. - I know how to control men.
- What if he offers you an extra $50? - Depends what he looks like.
I'll tell him I'm not interested, of course.
Virgins don't go to bed with dirty old men.
- How's that? - Yuck.
That'll keep them away.
- You nearly ready? - Almost.
We're not going.
- What?
- I don't want to.
We can't stop now, they've lined it up.
We're supposed to be
experienced, remember?
What about the store?
We'll have to get the money
some other way.
You know what happened when we broke into houses.
I'm going anyway.
I want the money.
Probably be some old perv.
It'll be all right.
It's not forever, you know?
Okay then. Alright.
Excuse me, are you Karen? - Yes. - You been waiting long?
- No. - Shall we go in?
I didn't actually book you. A business associate did for a bit of a joke.
He left a note saying you were coming.
- Do you want me to go?
- No.
It'll be...what is it?
Quite a novel experience.
I'm Jeanie. You're George, aren't you?
- Just down in Melbourne for a while? - Yep.
On business?
- What sort are you in?
- I'm in insurance.
That'd be pretty good, wouldn't it?
- Can we have a drink?
- Right.
- Brandy and rye? - Yeah.
Do you like your work?
Do you?
I only do this sometimes as a bit extra. It's...
It's good. You meet
a lot of interesting people.
What do you normally do?
I'm an air hostess.
I'm having a bit of a break at the moment.
- I'd have thought you'd be a bit young. - I'm 22.
They take you at 20.
- I do the international flights. Qantas. - Where do you go?
Everywhere, pretty well.
They shift you around. I like France best. All the rivers and that.
I was in Paris last year.
What about Italy?
Have you been there?
Really like Italy.
Best friend lives there.
Stay with him when I'm in Rome.
Sergio, his name is.
- How's your drink? - Fine thanks.
Ah, they're all bitches anyway.
Aren't they?
I don't know.
- Good on ya. - What do you want me to say?
Go around the hotel and pick 'em up.
- Come on, how would you find them? - Knock on every door if I have to.
Don't be an idiot Serge, you don't know where they are.
Shitbox wouldn't go anyway.
We had some money, they wouldn't be doing this.
- Look at that!
- What?
Bloody wog car.
It's a Holden, mate.
It's Italian, I'll tell ya.
Hey, hey, hey.
- I don't need a drink. - Aren't you gonna have one with me?
- You didn't drink as much as I did at dinner. - Yes I did.
What are you sitting over there for?
Come on. Sit here.
That's better.
You know... fascinate me.
Anyone think you'd like me, the way you've been chatting on tonight.
Well I do!
It's your job.
Come on.
Lie down.
How'd you go?
I don't care.
What happened?
Nothing much.
What about you?
It was okay.
Once is enough, I reckon.
- So you're not going to do it again? - Nup.
I am.
Well, I know one thing we can get out of it.
A swim. Come on Cisco, come on! Cisco, wake up. C'mere boy, c'mon.
- Don't you wanna see if I'm still in one piece? - Don't care.
Well I showed him the sights of Melbourne, didn't know he used to live here for 10 years.
And then we went out to dinner
and we went back to his hotel room
and then he put his hand up my dress...
And then he flaked. He'd been drinking stacks and I kept filling his glasses. Pretty good eh?
Come on Cisco, wake up. I'm lonely. Get up, come on, wake up!
Come on, let's go.
- Alright.
- Come on! Come on.
- What are these things? - Things they order breakfast on. Look what they can get!
Fresh orange juice, tomato, pineapple, lasagne, dessert...
- Come on, quick. Got a pencil? - I'll have the 'ole...
Yeah, make 'em all pigs.
Got about eight courses in 'em.
Hey, what are we gonna have?
- Eggs and bacon. - Right.
- No... - Yeah why not?
- Two more. - Quick, quick, quick.
Put our one on that.
Please knock.
Hey quick, someone's coming. Quick, quick.
Come on!
G'day. Who's that old derro out the front?
Just a friend.
Well I came.
Didn't you have anything better to do?
What've you been doing?
Just hangin' around.
Party on down the coast tonight.
Who's going?
All the men.
You wanna take me?
Come if you want to.
- How many chicks going? - I don't know.
- Am I gonna be the only one? - I just came to see if you wanted to come,
- That's all. - I'll think about it.
How've you been?
- Surviving. - Why don't you just take me out?
I might.
Remember the first time we ever went out?
That was just us.
- Was alright, wasn't it? - Yeah.
Hi Fred.
See you later.
- Where'd all that come from? - Supermarket.
Third lot today.
- How'd you pay for it? - Same way as you.
Lasts a couple of weeks, hey.
You won't have to do another of those escort things for a while.
I told you I wasn't gonna do anymore of that escort stuff.
- Yeah? - So you don't have to go pinching things.
Why shouldn't I do it, why should you take all the fucking risk?
I don't!
You get the dole, I can't get it.
You buy some stuff and I pinch some stuff and that way we're equal.
- You don't need to steal. - Why shouldn't I do it, you do what...
- wanna do. Don't ya?
- Yeah.
Excuse me, do you have a broad general knowledge?
- What do you want to know? - Do you have any children?
There are hundreds of everyday facts essential for school projects.
I don't want an encyclopedia.
Do you want some soft drinks?
Any flavour?
Lime Freeze, Red Gala Orange,
Tropical Pine!
Oh, it's you, love.
- I thought I heard someone.
- Where's mum?
- You haven't been around.
- What's wrong?
What's happened to her?
She's alright. Well, she will be.
Had a bit of a nervous thing, that's all. Went all quiet.
Couldn't speak to anyone or go outside or anything.
She's in the hospital. They reckon she'll only be there a couple of weeks.
She'll be alright.
Nothing unusual or anything.
Was it Dave?
Did he beat her up?
No, he hadn't been around for ages.
No-one's been around much.
I hadn't seen her for days.
Shows what a rotten neighbour I am.
- How many caps?
- 20.
Have some money.
How is it?
- Okay. - Happy?
What happened?
She's had a breakdown.
Been by herself for years.
Never went 'round to see her.
Hardly at all.
I didn't even go around 'cause I wanted to see her.
To borrow some money.
For the store?
I've got money.
- Wouldn't ?? - 'Course you will.
I'll work at the store sometimes anyway.
Don't you worry.
Got to be alright.
I hate the city.
Carrie around?
This is where she lives, isn't it?
I just thought we might pop in and see her.
What are you doing here?
- How are you, Jeanie? - Alright 'til you came.
- Might drop in later. - You're not invited.
Never troubled you in the past.
See you later, Tige.
- G'day. - Hi.
- You'll get all dirty. - I don't care.
- Goin' to a party? - Nah.
What are you doin'?
I'm gonna have dinner.
At a restaurant.
- What about you?
- Oh...
Got some friends comin' over.
We'll have our own little party.
You off, then?
Hey mate. Whatcha doing?
It's private property, isn't it mate?
You don't know what you're doing.
What was that?
What's all this then?
Bit of an artist, are you?
I reckon we should tell the cops.
Damaging council property.
You know what you are?
A derro.
We're derros?
A bloody derro.
Good one.
- Could be a king hit, I reckon. - Leave it.
- Hey? - I said bloody leave it!
Tommo's shout.
King hit, it was.
G'day Carrie.
You weren't here in the fur before.
Who was it?
Old bastard down the bridge.
Who was it?
Who was it?
Who did you beat up?
Some old derro. Near your place.
You awake?
Carrie not back?
You know I worry sometimes, the stuff you read about massage parlour girls. You get beaten up.
She'll be alright.
You asked her to stop?
She needs the money.
Maybe if I had some she wouldn't need to do it.
Come on, get in with us, you'll get cold.
Do you reckon she'll be with that Tony guy?
No. She doesn't like him.
You're the only guy she really loves, I know that.
Hey, sleeping beauty.
You better get up too.
- What do you want? - Up.
- This your place, is it?
- Yeah.
Council invite you up here to stay, did they?
Bit shy all of a sudden?
Like to get up with two at once, do you?
- Get fucked.
- Don't talk to me...
I'd have reckoned they'd have split her. Two at once.
Did you know the old derelict that lived downstairs?
There isn't anyone.
There isn't now.
- These yours, are they? - Yep.
All of them?
Some of them are my sister's.
What's her name?
Where does she live?
You wear 'em with labels on, do you?
How much do you charge?