Moving Parts (2017) Movie Script

(skateboard rolling)
(melancholy music)
(loud rumbling)
[Woman] You're on my block
How much?
Depends, what do you want?
Oh I want everything.
[Female] Everything huh?
How long?
Until I'm done.
Five minutes of everything?
How about an hour?
Deal, get in.
Show me the money first.
(engine revs)
Is it like when
Your friends tell you
You've had enough
They take you aside
All gray and serious
And oh at the time
You swear they are wrong
How can you keep drowning
With nothing to drown on
But you wake up the next day
And the sun is too bright
And your skull is too small
And you know they were right
How does it feel
To have enough
Is it this loud
Or this loud
Should I keep turning it on
'Til your ears
start to bleed
'Til the neighbors complain
'Til I get what I need
'Til you're screaming
my name
Yeah, I do feel like
we're disconnected.
Of course you do.
You want this lifestyle but
that means I have to work.
And when I finally get a chance
to relax
a little bit and
blow off some steam
there seems to be
a problem with that.
Okay, hold on a little.
One at a time please.
I feel like an object and
he only wants me for sex.
Come on.
Hold on.
How does that
make you feel Kevin?
Like shit, actually.
But how can she
even say that when
we never even have sex?
Okay, I understand.
There are a lot of feelings
in this room right now.
But remember what I always say.
Feelings are never
right or wrong,
they just are.
And see, that's exactly
what I'm talking about.
This is just unreal.
It's often difficult to
connect sexually
when you're not emotionally
and spiritually connected.
You know, have you ever
thought about
doing more than this?
Group therapy, support groups,
12 step programs?
No, not really.
I think we need to.
Well let me give you some
ideas that I
think will really help you guys.
Here, look these over and try
to find ways
that you can connect
and build your
connection and commitment.
Thank you so much.
(slow paced music)
You'll pay for what you did.
What are you talking about?
You weren't that hard
to find bro.
I remember you.
You're the fucker who
cheated on his wife
with a bunch of low-life
bar skanks.
That was none
of your business!
Your wife seemed to
think it was some of hers.
Fuck you!
Well guess what?
Now it's time to fucking pay.
You sure about this?
Am I sure?
You're out numbered.
That's your point of view.
Fuck that bro,
this fucking guy.
This is gonna be fun.
(slow paced music)
(loud grunt)
Shot from the hip
And I'm surrounded by tricks
And all these loose lips
Better stay away
from my ship
You might have what I like
No no I can't deny that
But tell me,
how do you stand straight
With all them knives
in your back
You're not so tough now are you?
Now it's self-defense.
Oh no no
(loud grunts)
I got nothing but time
You know know know
what I mean
Oh no no
Babe, I'm gonna get mine
And don't you ever
try to take it from me
Do I have what it takes
Do I have
substance and taste
Am I just another beat
With a bass that makes your
hips shake
I know that you'll
be leaving
Those eyes have
been deceiving me
Since I made you
believe that
I believe what you believe
You should leave.
Nothing but time
You know know know
what I mean
Oh no no
Babe, I'm gonna get mine
And don't you ever
try to take it from me
Was it worth it?
You destroyed my marriage!
I did?
You did this to yourself.
Now are we done here?
I got shit to do.
For me?
Devon, I need somebody
who can get the job done.
What do we got here?
He's a repeat offender
and I want his head
on a platter.
We have to get this
handled Devon.
We are getting hammered by the
news media.
Depending he's
guilty of course.
I mean I see your point
on the killings.
But I also see he has a lot
of merits and a long career.
Crenshaw investigated
him last time
and he got nasty.
I want him off the streets!
He's a loose cannon.
I hear ya chief.
(loud clanking)
You scared...
What's today?
What's today?
And when are you
supposed to pay?
Now remind me.
Does Friday come
before Thursday?
Are we early?
I don't think we're early.
I am...
(loud thud)
Our boss must be nice.
He's giving you a reminder.
An extension for just 10% more.
(loud thud)
(suspenseful music)
Please, I have a family...
(loud thud)
Add 10%, get it?
[Ray] Yes.
You can't be this nice
if we have to come back.
(loud cracking)
(loud gunshot)
(fast paced music)
(loud gunshots)
You take the right side.
I'll take the left,
we'll cut him off at the end.
(fast paced music)
Drop it!
Don't shoot.
(loud knocking)
Come on in.
Have a seat ma'am.
Mrs. Prescott, from what
you told me on the phone,
I think we have a pretty good
idea what you're looking for,
but refresh my memory.
I believe my husband is
cheating on me.
What makes you say that?
My god, where do I start?
He comes home late, he's
on his phone constantly,
he's moody.
I can just tell okay.
And you're looking for proof?
I just can't stand
not knowing.
I understand.
I will need contact
information for him, you,
and I'll need addresses,
home, work, I'll need...
That should give you all the
information that you need.
And here.
That's 5,000 for the week.
You get the other half
at the end of the week
when I get the results.
I would like your full attention
on this.
You got it.
So are we all set?
Yeah, how do I contact you?
It's in the folder.
So it looked like a gun?
In the heat of the moment
it looked like a gun.
The keys to his house looked
like a gun?
Have you ever
patrolled the streets?
Do you even know what it's like?
Okay it's no joke out there.
If you're not on high alert,
you come home in a body bag.
I'm risking my life every day
out there.
And for what?
Why am I even here?
He's a criminal!
No violent record at all.
He turned around, it looked
like a gun.
What do you want me to say?
You've said enough.
I'm not sure.
It's his second questionable
kill Devon.
I know.
If he's dirty,
I want him to go down.
I hear you.
Do we really have to do this?
If you really care about me.
We're here for the meeting.
Oh great.
I'm John, I'm the mentor.
What are your names.
I'm Angela and this is my
husband Kevin.
[Kevin] Hi.
Well we're just about
to get started
so why don't you
guys find a seat.
[Angela] Great, thank you.
You can sit there.
Please feel free to share
if you're called to do so.
Otherwise, if you just wanna
listen, that's fine too okay?
Why are we
still going to this?
You like this shit just as much
as I do.
Well why don't we
go around the room
and introduce ourselves?
Hi, I'm Matt.
[Everyone] Hi Matt.
And I am an alcoholic.
I got my one year sober chip
right here.
And next week I get my two year.
Hi, my name is Mary.
[Everyone] Hi Mary.
I'm addicted to pain killers.
I just finished
the 12 step program.
Hey I'm Misty.
[Everyone] Hi Misty.
My week was complete crap.
I spend way more
than I can afford.
It's total impulse too, so...
I'm good.
My name is Jessica.
[Everyone] Hi Jessica.
And my struggle is
And I feel that it is
complete and utter bullshit
that I even have to come here
and do this.
Hi, I'm Angela.
[Everyone] Hi Angela.
I just want to
thank you all for
having us here today.
Hi, I'm Mindy.
[Everyone] Hi Mindy.
I'm a co-dependent and
this week was frustrating.
Really frustrating.
[Narrator] Hi, my name is Sam.
[Everyone] Hi Sam.
I'm an addict.
I started using
when I was a teen
and I haven't had
a clean year since.
But I'm still here so that
must mean something, right?
Hi everybody, my names Sierra.
[Everybody] Hi Sierra.
And I'm an addict.
And on my way here today,
the guy in front of me,
he hit a squirrel.
It was just the most
horrible thing in the world.
I would like to pass please.
(solemn music)
[Everyone] God,
grant us serenity
to accept the things that I
cannot change
and the courage to change
the things that I can,
and the wisdom to
know the difference.
So, what'd you think?
It was weird honestly.
That's a very common
reaction after the first time.
I can imagine.
It might take a couple
meetings to get comfortable.
Thanks for coming.
Did you see that slut that
was sitting across from me?
I think so.
She most definitely
belongs there.
(slow paced music)
(determined music)
Hey, can I get a tall lager?
Sure thing.
I already told your boss,
I don't have the money,
someone took it.
Here you go buddy.
I don't care.
I can get the money.
It'll just take some time, okay?
You have one week.
That's insane,
I need at least two.
Probably more.
What part of one week
don't you get?
I can't get two million...
Find a way,
or we'll have to come visit you.
And your pretty little lady
at home.
Don't you dare threat...
One week.
I'll do what I can.
Give me something strong,
and double it.
Rough day huh?
You could say that.
Wanna talk about it?
Good morning ma'am,
are you Angela Prescott?
Yes, what is this regarding?
I'm Detective Rourke.
I have a few questions.
Do you mind if I come in?
Is everything okay?
(ominous music)
That's what we're trying to
find out.
Sure, come in.
You have a very
lovely home here.
Thank you.
(ominous music)
Must be nice.
[Angela] Is that why
you're here?
I mean, what is it your
husband does for a living?
This almost cost a fortune.
(ominous music)
Are you here to put a bid in
on my house
or critique my art?
I'm investigating
some serious criminals.
I was a little confused when
I saw your husband with them.
Maybe they went
to Harvard together.
Or maybe they're doing business.
My husband is a CEO of...
Landmark Venetian Corporation.
I know.
I found that out when I
looked him up.
And your point?
I also found out that
you don't trust him either.
And what is that
supposed to mean?
You hired a private eye
to spy on him.
So that leads me to believe
that you might know something.
I can see what you're
trying to do here
and I think you need to leave.
If you ever feel
the urge to talk.
I doubt that.
You can see your way out.
No more fucking beer.
I'm tired of your shit, Adam.
Well that makes two of us.
You're tired?
Yeah Lisa, I'm tired too.
Of what part?
You not doing a damn
thing around the house.
You can't even keep a job
for more than 90 days Adam!
What part?!
Of your fucking shit!
Of you pushing my buttons!
You're fucking crazy!
You're kidding me right?
You fucking slut!
(loud slap)
Look what you made me do!
How the hell am I supposed
to do anything right
with you fucking with
my head the way you do?!
Show up?
He's not meeting any women at
the bar.
And the guys he's meeting,
they're bad business.
What are you thinking?
Definitely professionals.
Not sure.
I'd advise you put in
a call to the wife then.
Well I'll keep digging.
Thanks Randy.
I thought that
this was confidential!?
Yeah it is.
Yeah then why the fuck
did I have a detective
at my house today
asking me questions
and mentioning you?
Whoa, who's talking about me?
Who is this?
You didn't talk to him?
[Nichols] No.
Are you sure?
He asked me questions
about my husband.
Your husband?
What kind of questions?
Saying things that Kevin's
involved in criminal stuff.
I gotta ask you a
question Mrs. Prescott.
Is your husband in debt?
At least not that I know of.
See, I followed your husband
last night
and he was not meeting up with
any women.
The guys he met with are
not from his bowling league.
Oh my god.
(melancholy music)
[Nichols] Any reason he'd
be hanging around low lives?
I have no idea.
[Nichols] I think it's
time I started digging.
Go home, act normal.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Let me get to work.
Thank you Mr. Nichols.
Call me Seth.
Thank you Seth.
Angela, go home.
Everything is gonna be okay.
Thank you.
(faint ringing)
[Man on screen 1] Touch
anything, you're gonna break it!
[Man on screen 2] I don't know
what I'm doing.
[Man on screen 1] Yeah,
Hey Jim,
can you still do full checks?
[Jim] Yeah man what's up?
Do me a favor, run one on
Kevin Prescott
and give me anything
that pops up.
Sure, text me his info.
Yeah, you got it.
Can you have us meet
tomorrow night at the gym?
Roger that.
Hey are you okay?
give Jade a hug for me alright?
[Jim] I will.
[Man on screen 1] Alright then
what do we do?
[Man on screen 2] Ugh, not go.
[Man on screen 1] You don't
seem to understand
how important this is for us.
[Man on screen 2] I honestly
don't give a shit.
See baby,
that's why I like you.
It's Kate.
Why do you like me?
You don't wanna fight with me.
Just have fun.
Then let's have fun.
You know I was having
a pretty shitty day
until I met you.
Poor baby.
How can I make it better?
You already are.
And you accuse me?
I'm sorry...
Fucking pathetic Adam.
Is everything okay?
Do I look okay?
(ominous music)
(loud beeping)
[Man on phone] Hello.
[Man on phone] Who's this?
Hello Sasha, it's me.
It's Kevin Prescott.
Look I can maybe get
half a million in a week
but the rest is not gonna be...
[Sasha] What's wrong with you?
I think you have
the wrong number.
(ominous music)
(fast paced music)
(loud music)
Hey, I know you.
No, I don't think so.
I-I never forget a face.
Let's step outside.
From the group right?
(ominous music)
Look, I called your boss.
Tried to explain to
him the situation but...
Are you fucking stupid?
I thought you
executives were smart.
You ever hear of surveillance?
(loud thuds)
[Kevin] I didn't know what
else to do.
Five days now that's it.
What the hell's
going on back here?
Go back inside.
[Nichols] Afraid I can't
do that.
Maybe I can help you.
(loud thuds)
(fast paced suspenseful music)
[Female] Oh my god?!
Hey, you alright?
Come on.
(ominous music)
Hey Angela.
I just had a run in
with those guys
that are chasing your husband.
They mean bad business.
You're not safe.
Don't go back home unless you
have to.
Stay at a friends house.
(suspenseful music)
[Narrator] Detective Brooks?
Officer Reynolds
will see you now.
You're up.
Detective Brooks,
how long have
you known Detective Rourke?
it's been seven years now.
Would you say
he's your mentor?
I'd say he's my friend.
How so?
When I made detective,
it was tough.
But Rourke took me
under his wing.
He didn't have to, he just did.
And he's had my back ever since.
How would you describe
him as a detective?
He's good.
I mean I'm sure he's not
always a perfect angel
but, I mean who is?
What do you mean?
I get that you're
trying to pin him
down as some kind of bad
guy and that's your job,
but that's just not
the case here.
He's a good cop.
Is he?
Have you ever chased
an armed criminal
down a dark alley, or pulled
someone over
just to get shot at?
This is not
about me detective.
It's about a cop who made a
judgment call
in the heat of the moment.
And if that perp had a gun,
he'd be dead now instead
of under investigation!
You just can't shoot people!
No shit!
You stand by he's a good cop?
[Brooks] Yes!
In court?
Yes, yes I do.
And you should know that.
But then again, maybe you don't
because you've never been there.
There's been two
questionable shootings.
Out of how many?
Do you even know how many times
we're in situations like this?
This is not about me
Detective Brooks!
I'm beginning to think it is!
You and your little dick!
Are we done here?
I'd say so.
One two!
So what did you find out?
this guy is squeaky clean.
Not even a parking ticket.
Something's not right.
I hear ya.
Those goons, they came with
nothing but bad intentions.
What are you gonna do?
Not sure.
Give me one two, one, one two.
(loud yelling)
Alright see what you got!
[Nichols] Are you going easy
on him?
He's new to our gym.
I gotta be nice.
You're gonna
make us look soft.
You think?
So hey, what did you
find out on the Kevin guy?
Dude looks like a straight
up guy from every angle.
Alright, gossip or go for it
old ladies.
Oh really?
You're cooking tonight.
Thank you for that.
Let's go baby.
(loud yelling)
(low rumbling)
(ominous music)
Mikhail, you got no idea who
did this?
No sir, never seen him.
But when we do, I'll make sure
he wishes...
One thing at a time.
Where was Kevin?
I don't know.
When we came to he was gone.
Did he have a briefcase?
Did he bring any money?
[Mikhail] No boss.
I think it's time you pay him
a visit.
Go to his house.
Check it out.
Yes sir.
(high pitched ringing)
Where am I?
Adam brought you home
after the fight.
I don't know what you
did to deserve this,
but whatever it was...
I couldn't tell ya.
I knew I knew you.
Last night.
Who knows what
would have happened
if it wasn't for me
and that guy.
What guy?
Your own superhero.
He kicked their ass.
Where's my phone?
[Adam] Baby.
It's right here.
Hang on,
I need to call my wife.
(loud ringing)
[Adam] You want something to
eat or?
(dial tone)
I don't know.
I think you should rest.
'Cause from the looks of it,
you might have a concussion.
Yeah, chill.
I don't know.
I probably need to...
Need to go.
(ominous music)
Shh Angela.
There's some very bad men
in the house.
We need to get out.
Do you have your car keys?
Follow me and be quiet.
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
(loud honks)
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to stare.
[Lisa] It's okay, it's
nice to be looked at.
I'm sure you get it a lot.
I mean you're um,
you're quite stunning.
You'd be surprised.
I would.
Um look, I'm sorry.
I don't wanna
cause any trouble and,
well I'm married so...
That's for looking at me
as a woman.
Who the hell
was that back there?!
I don't know.
Those are the same cats
that are after your husband.
Oh my god.
What were you doing there?!
I told you it was not safe!
I'm sorry.
Who are they?
And what do they want?!
I'm not sure.
We need a place we can
lay low for a minute.
I know just the place.
(loud buzzing)
Did you have enough?
Yeah I'm good.
Remember that woman I
told you about, Angela?
I need a safe place.
You got a safe place,
what's up?
Yeah she got attacked
at her house.
We'll be there in a half hour.
[Jim] Alright man.
Looks like we're gonna
have some house guests.
Good guest towels or hide
the silver kind of guests?
You're a comedian,
I like that.
- Okay.
- No, no, no, no!
[Jim] Maybe both.
Let's play a game.
Not now Adam.
How much for
an hour you whore?
Come on Lisa.
Hey, I think you've
had one too many okay?
Shut up.
If you can't be decent,
then you need to leave until you
can be.
Don't worry.
I will.
I'm sorry.
He'll sleep it off.
Look, hey.
You don't have to
take that okay?
You can leave.
And go where?
I don't know.
I need a woman
just to keep me honest
She needs a man just
to hold her hair back
She said darling don't you
leave me
Don't you walk out that door
I can't remember what
I made it over here for
(loud knocking)
[Nichols] Hey.
[Jim] There he is.
What's up brotha.
Good to see you.
Hey, this is Angela.
This is Jim, he served
with me in Afghanistan.
This is his beautiful
daughter Jade.
[Jim] Consider yourself
safe here.
[Angela] Thanks.
I'll show you
to your room I guess.
What's up man?
[Nichols] Not good.
[Jim] So what's the scoop?
It's not good.
Goons after her and her husband.
And they're definitely
We'll we're gonna keep her safe.
I appreciate that.
It's the least I could do man.
After all this time
you should know.
I owe you.
You don't owe me anything.
You serious?
Look, how many people
would risk their life
to save someone else?
You did that.
I appreciate it.
If it wasn't for you, I
wouldn't be here today.
On the other hand, you'd
of found a way to survive
and then, you know I'd
never hear the end of it so,
glad I did.
On a serious note, be careful.
All kinds of trouble
following this one.
You know how we roll.
Locked and ready to rock.
I got your back.
It's good.
Hey this is alright.
I didn't even know
you drank beer.
(ominous music)
He surprised us...
This is unfucking believable!
We'll get him next time boss.
Next time?!
There won't be a next time!
This guy just
kicked your asses twice!
How I can trust you?!
You can't take care of one guy!
I've had enough!
Tell me something.
Did you at least get a
good look at him this time?
Yes boss.
[Boss] Connected?
No, I don't think so.
More like an independent.
Maybe Kevin hired him
for protection.
We'll get him next time.
No, I'm done.
I'm bringing in Cross.
(country music)
[Adam] Another.
Sorry bro,
I gotta cut you off.
Come on man,
I'm a regular here.
You know me.
You don't have anymore money.
Look, I've been having a
bad week, just fill her up.
aren't you Kevin's friend?
I seen you talk to him
the other night.
So I need to find him.
You know where he's at?
What about now?
Oops, address first.
Parkview second floor.
Fill 'er up Marv.
You got it.
So can I buy you a drink?
I'm thinking so.
(ominous music)
Okay let's review.
What do we know?
Not much.
They believe he's a
bodyguard of Kevin though.
And he's the one
with the money?
Unaccounted for.
Seems to be some loose ends.
Do we even
know how these
people are connected to Sasha?
Business deal.
They're not insiders.
Rogue vigilante.
Not sure.
And he's flying us all
in for one fucking guy?
I guess so.
[Nichols] Hello?
[Nichols] Is Kevin here?
[Lisa] Kevin's not here!
I'm sorry,
I'm looking for Kevin.
Are you okay?
Who are you?!
I'm sorry, I'm Seth, I'm
a private investigator.
I'm looking for Kevin.
He raped me!
He raped me!
[Adam] What?!
Baby Kevin raped me!
What the fuck is wrong with
this guy?!
Oh my god, Kevin?
What happened?
[Lisa] He raped me,
I told you!
Hey, don't do anything
stupid, come on man.
Ma'am, are you okay?
Do I look okay?
Can I call you an ambulance...
Just leave!
Just fucking leave!
(loud beeping)
(dramatic music)
Bad day huh?
Who are you?
I'm Detective Rourke.
I was just in the neighborhood
and I saw your house with an
open garage and front door.
I had just cause Kevin.
Where's your wife Mr. Prescott?
I don't know.
You don't know.
Look, I don't know.
Didn't quite find
what you were
looking for in there did ya?
Stop playing games
alright, what do you want?
I'm not playing games
with you Kevin.
I'm simply trying to figure
out what a man like you...
Fucking raped my girl?
You fucking raped my girl
after all that we've fucking
done for you!
Adam, you
are clearly very upset
and need to calm down so we
can think about this okay.
Can we do that?
don't do anything stupid now.
I'll fucking kill you.
I am telling you the god's
honest truth right now okay.
Alright look, she came onto me...
(loud gunshots)
Oh no.
[Rourke] Fuck!
(ominous music)
thanks for coming so soon.
Here ya go.
How was your flight?
Flight was good.
But you know me,
no need for small talk.
Here's what I've got.
White male,
late 30's early 40's.
Less than six feet tall, but
strong martial arts skills.
One says brown hair the
other one says blonde,
but both say cold blue eyes.
They ran into him twice
at this location.
He took care of Malik and
Mikhail twice.
Okay, what about this Kevin?
He's nothing, just money.
And the wife?
We don't know.
She's still missing.
Anything else?
Not right now.
I've got the word out though,
if I hear anything else,
I'll be letting you know.
This is where
he was last seen.
Where was he seen twice?
Right here.
Where does he work?
We need to find that out.
Check the banks, where he shops,
talk to neighbors,
and strip joints.
Let's sniff him out.
Let's do this.
And let's get this over with.
It's simple.
Thank you.
Can I get you anything else?
No, we're set thanks.
Thanks Brooks.
No I mean it.
I really appreciate you.
No problem.
You'd do the same for me.
Of course.
You ever just wanna disappear?
What do you mean?
You know,
just get away from everything.
Every Monday.
I'm serious.
I used to believe in justice.
You know, what we risk
our lives for out there,
it matters.
But sometimes,
sometimes it's like
we're just gears.
You know, all in line
moving a wheel.
But moving a wheel
of somebody else's
idea of justice.
Everything's changed Brooks.
And what?
We're just supposed
to keep moving?
It's pretty deep for
a Wednesday afternoon.
Everything all right?
You sure?
Yeah, no no I'm good.
About 15 minutes away.
Hang on.
Yeah, be right there.
I'll be damned.
They found Kevin and another
man dead at Kevin's place.
Gotta go.
Did you get the coffee?
Good feet.
Now, shorten your grip,
drop your center, good.
She's really good.
I've been training her
since she could walk.
And her mother?
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
It's better than suffering.
any word from Seth?
Not yet.
But these things take
a couple of days.
Give him some time.
Hey, don't worry.
Seth knows what he's doing.
I don't know what I
would do without him.
Without you Jim.
It's no sweat.
You just hold on alright.
Now what do we do before the
final strike?
[Jade] Breathe in and out.
Breathe in and out.
Let's go, in through the
nose out through the mouth.
(loud knocking)
[Brooks] Detective Brooks,
does Adam Johnson live here?
What's going on?
Are you Lisa Shields?
I am.
I'm sorry, I'm afraid
I have some bad news.
(solemn music)
I can't disclose any details at
this time
other than Adam was part of what
appears to be a double
homicide late last night.
I'm-I'm so sorry ma'am.
I know this is a difficult time,
but I do need to ask
you some questions.
Would you prefer to do that
here or down at the station?
Is it okay if we,
can we do it here?
[Brooks] Do you know anyone
that would wanna hurt Adam?
Someone at work, maybe an ex?
Any affiliations or
business deals gone bad?
No, everyone loved Adam.
Do you know a Kevin Prescott?
Never seen him?
No, should I?
[Brooks] Adam was found in
Kevin's home.
I think maybe once at a group.
A group?
Yeah, I'm assuming
with his wife.
What kind of group was this?
Addicts group.
Did you by any chance
talk to him?
Is there any way I could
find out who else was there?
Let me write down the groups
leader name and number.
Do you know where Adam went
last night?
The bar, late.
What bar?
51 North,
it's right down the...
Well if you think
of anything else,
will you please give me a call?
Again I'm,
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Have you seen this guy?
You sure?
Yeah, never seen him.
How about this guy?
You'd tell me if
you did right?
[Officer] Excuse me.
What's up?
Have you seen this guy?
Every night.
How about this guy?
He's been in here
a few times lately.
If you stick around, you'll
probably run into Adam.
And I believe that other guy
is still staying with him.
There was a little
scuffle the other night.
Adam took that dude in.
They know each other?
I'd say so.
Hold on.
(ominous music)
[Brooks] Brooks.
It's James.
Did you know Adam and
Kevin knew each other.
[Brooks] Knew or met.
Knew, there was a fight
here the other night.
I guess Adam took Kevin in.
He stayed with him.
[Brooks] Wait, what?
The bartender said he thinks
he's still staying there.
[Brooks] It doesn't make
any sense.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Have him stay put
until I get there.
Okay, no problem.
(ominous music)
(loud ringing)
Hold on.
Can you pull over a moment.
Sure boss.
[Sasha] I'm listening.
[Man on phone] We have
a problem.
[Man on phone] Kevin is dead.
[Man on phone] I just
found out.
It's gotta be that same guy.
[Man on phone] Yeah, we need
to find him.
Cross is on it.
Hold on.
[modulated voice] Do you want
your money back?
[Sasha] Who is this?
Someone who thinks you want
your two million dollars back.
I'm listening.
What the hell happened here?
I can't say.
Come on man, the wife
of the house Angela,
she's my client.
Come on.
Awe hell, it's all over the
news anyway.
Double homicide.
Yeah, and the shooters still
at large.
Any idea who
the other two were?
Kevin Press...
- Prescott?
- Kevin Prescott.
[Officer] And Adam Johnson.
Both shot.
As of right now, no, not yet.
Any idea who did it?
You've been inside so,
what do you think happened?
What do I think?
I have 220 days to retire.
Shit happens.
That's what I think.
What do you say I sneak
inside, take a peak,
nobody needs to know,
don't touch anything.
I think you're pushing your
luck man.
It was worth a try, goodnight.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, what's up?
(ominous music)
I just found out that
Kevin, Angela's husband
is dead, killed.
(ominous music)
Be on high alert.
You want me to talk to her?
No, let me do that in person.
You got it.
Alright, be careful.
you spoke to Officer James
saying that Kevin and
Adam knew each other?
Knew, know, whatever.
Did they?
Yeah, there was a
scuffle the other night
and some goons
kicked the shit out
of that Kevin guy.
And Adam and Lisa felt sorry
for him and took him in.
He stayed there a night or two.
And you'll testify
to this in court?
I really don't see what you're
getting at.
Is there anything more you can
tell me?
Why don't you just tell
me the whole story.
Adam and Lisa have been
coming here for quite some time.
[Brooks] How long?
Four or five years.
Do you know them well?
How about Kevin?
He just recently started
coming in.
Do you know
what started the fight?
I have no idea.
(ominous music)
There it is.
Okay, this is how I see it.
We hit it from three positions.
Short and swift.
Kill everyone in the house.
Except for the wife.
We need her alive.
How do we enter?
I'll go through the back.
Boris you get her
from the front,
Sergei you get 'em
from the side.
You got it.
Oh yeah.
(suspenseful music)
We are out of popcorn.
Jade do you need anything else?
No, I'm good.
And this will help take the
edge off.
You seem a little tense.
[Angela] Thank you.
Seth is gonna
come back tonight.
Well, that's great.
Look don't worry,
you are safe here.
He's gonna figure this
all out, and you're good.
To be honest,
you picked one of the...
(loud clanking)
(ominous music)
Jade take her to your room.
Come out, you'll be safe.
All we want is the money.
Come on, you can trust me.
(loud creaking)
(fast paced music)
(loud gunshots)
You can trust me.
(loud creaking)
No one has to get hurt Angela.
Just want the money.
I know you have it.
(ominous music)
You're making this
harder than it has to be.
(dramatic music)
Ahh there you are.
I got 'em!
I said get up.
You step out Angela.
You little one behind her.
Let's go!
Now darling, I promise I'll
leave him out.
Where's the money Angela.
[Angela] I don't know.
Look at me!
I can always tell when
someone's lying to me.
Where is the money?
(loud slice)
[Angela] Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Do you know how to use this?
[Angela] No.
Here's the safety.
Aim, squeeze, don't pull okay?
[Angela] Okay.
We have to go.
Angela come on!
[Angela] Yeah.
(ominous music)
(loud gunshot)
[Sergei] Oh shit!
(loud gunshot)
(loud grunting)
(heavy breathing)
Careful, the police
are already on their way.
I don't know who we can trust,
but Angela, you need to get out
of here.
Your car is in the garage.
Keys in the flowerpot off
the right front bumper.
Are you sure?!
No credit cards.
Use a pay as you go phone okay?
Stay low.
You get a hold of Seth as soon
as you can.
He'll know what to do.
Now go.
But I...
Just go!
(melancholy music)
You okay?
We'll get on,
we're gonna be okay.
We're okay.
We're okay.
(loud sobbing)
Out celebrating?
Blowing off steam.
We need to talk.
I was hoping we could do more
than talk.
You're no fun.
Follow me.
Take it you heard about Adam?
And Kevin.
Yeah, what a shame.
I bet.
Am I not grieving
enough for you officer?
Takes too long.
So, are you joining us?
(loud ringing)
Maybe some other time.
They came and Dad's in ICU.
Where's Angela, are you okay?
I'm fine, but I don't know
about Angela.
I had to send her off.
I tried calling but no answer.
Where are you?
We got them all though.
That's good but where are you?
On the corner of
Saginat and Main.
Alright hold tight, I'll be
right there.
(ominous music)
Detective Rourke, I believe
I may have found something.
I found this note
in my husbands jacket
and it said "Sasha Baron,
3746 Lakeshore Boulevard."
I'm gonna head there now.
Jade, what happened?
Three men came for her.
For her money.
Oh shit.
Is she clean?
Did you make sure?
Yeah I mean, I didn't run her,
she's my client.
Did you tell anyone she was
with us?
No, of course not.
And you'd catch it if
you were followed right?
There aren't a lot of
options left.
I should of, you know.
Is your dad gonna be okay?
He'll make it.
Well, they say he'll be fine.
Hey, let's go.
Hold on.
[Angela] Hello?
Hey, sorry for calling.
Let's make this quick.
(ominous music)
[Lisa] Where are you?
I'm safe.
The cops are asking,
your PI too.
It'll all be over soon.
We got Kevin out of the picture,
once we get Sasha we'll be in
the clear.
But we already are
supposed to be in Rio.
Yeah I know, but we
have to get Sasha first.
He will find us.
So will his men remember?
Who killed Adam?
I don't know, but
Adam didn't do his part.
I know.
Yeah, and Adam was supposed
to take care of Sasha
but he can't do that now can he?
What about your PI?
I don't know, maybe.
I sent the detective there.
Let's see what happens.
But for now, let's stay
off the phone and be cool.
Yeah, but the phones
aren't even in our names.
Let's just be safe okay?
[Girl On Couch] Hey what are
you doing?
Who was that?
Don't worry about it,
just a friend from the bar.
Be careful.
Of course.
Get your hot little ass back
in here.
What's up?
What was the voicemail?
Alright, be there in 10.
(loud knocking)
Hey sweetheart.
I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
No, but I did tell
you I had company over.
Oh yeah?
Introduce me.
Angela, do you honestly
think that's a good idea?
Well hi there pretty lady.
Angela, Cindy, Cindy, Angela.
Nice to meet you.
So are you joining us?
I don't think so.
Why not?
[Cindy] Yeah why not?
You taste good.
You taste good.
(silenced gunshot)
Sorry babe, no loose ends.
You fucking killed her!
We need to go!
Grab your shit and let's go!
(dramatic music)
[Jade] Where are we going?
Taking you somewhere safe.
You're not.
You're all he's got left
and I could never forgive myself
if something happened to you.
But they shot my dad.
And I'll chase them with or
without you.
Plus, dad and Angela would both
be dead
if it wasn't for me.
You might need me.
I don't know.
You remember my mother?
Yeah, of course I do.
Well, when she was on the
last bit of her journey,
dad and I sat by her bed
feeding her ice chips,
holding her hand.
Sounds heartbreaking.
On day three
she kicked us out.
She told me a family is
made up of moving parts.
Sometimes one carries the load,
another pushes, another pulls.
Like a factory, like gears.
If all the parts stop,
it's almost impossible for
them to start moving again.
Stop sitting here waiting.
Create something.
Find beauty and make art.
I mean, find a cure for cancer.
But don't just stop and wait.
But you're all he's got left.
And if it were me laying
he won't just sit there.
I don't know how to
patch bullet wounds.
So I'm going to keep moving.
It's what he once said.
But you're just a...
He's trained me my whole life.
Just in case something
like this happens.
You know this Seth.
You're right.
But you do what I say.
Of course.
This doesn't feel right.
I agree.
It just doesn't add up.
It's probably what
got Kevin killed.
So much of it
doesn't add up though.
What do you mean?
Lisa says she doesn't
know Kevin, but she does.
And who's the third man in
the house that killed Kevin?
And where the hell is Angela?
(fast paced music)
[Angela] Let's go.
(ominous music)
I don't know how, but Cross,
his whole team, they're gone.
I just found out.
Who the hell is this guy?
I don't know, but
you need to call Malik.
Call in a few extra guys
for backup.
Got it boss.
(loud doorbell)
We'd like a word with Sasha.
I think you got the
wrong address.
(ominous music)
Hold on.
Two detectives here to see you.
Bring 'em in.
(suspenseful music)
So what can I do for you?
Just a few questions.
Do I need my lawyer?
Why would Angela Prescott,
wife of Kevin Prescott,
have your name and address?
I don't know.
Is she here?
[Sasha] No.
Do you know them well?
Can't say I do.
Maybe you can tell us how
Kevin ended up
dead next to an empty safe?
Now are we done here?
[Brooks] Hey, what was that?
Are you sure?
I know that address.
She's at Sasha Baron's place.
I need you okay.
Look, I don't know
if I can do this.
Well look,
I can't go in there.
They know my face.
I'd be dead or caught
right away.
I'll be right behind you.
Okay I'll do it.
Thank you baby.
It'll all be over soon.
Tell her.
You were there.
What is he talking about?
You didn't tell her?
No this is such bullshit.
Is it really?
What is going on?
I don't know why you're
pointing that thing at me.
I understand,
you just want your cut.
I'm losing my badge here Brooks.
I need a way out of this shit.
I could pay you enough
to make you disappear.
that shit ain't gonna work.
(loud gunshot)
Now we can all relax.
(loud doorbell)
What now?!
Get that.
Bachelor party?
Wrong address.
For Sasha.
[Sasha] Who is it?!
A stripper.
(silenced gunshot)
Right there.
Alright shh.
(ominous music)
We need to talk Sasha!
[Sasha] Where's my money?
I don't know,
Kevin had your money.
I don't believe you.
[Angela] It's true.
[Sasha] And why would I
trust you?
You see this?
How about now?
Okay, that's better.
(loud thud)
Hey, hold it hold it!
And you, drop it!
Do as he says.
(ominous music)
Turn around.
You guys got here
in the nick of time.
Yeah you could say that.
Who would of thought
these two had us all fooled.
You'll probably
end up spending
all day tomorrow at the station.
Yeah I can imagine.
Did you guys really think
you'd get away with it?
Thanks again, both of you.
A detective will be by
in a few minutes
to take your initial statements.
Let's go ladies.
(dramatic music)
(faint moaning)
Don't let him get away.
[Nichols] Who?
(fast paced music)
Are we going after them?
They're long gone.
[Rourke] I want half.
Half of the
two and a half million
you scammed off Sasha.
Kevin blew it all.
looks like I'm gonna have
to bring you guys in.
Such a shame.
(ominous music)
We have two.
You can have one if you can
get us the hell out of here.
So where are we disappearing to?
I take it you heard?
Yeah I heard.
Well it looks like he fooled
us all.
I guess so.
Such a shame about Brooks.
She stood up for him.
Until the bitter end.
Forensics says he killed
Adam as well.
Look you,
you did what you could.
But still...
[Lisa] We made it.
Nice doing business with you.
[Angela] Indeed it was.
Thank you.
[Girls] Cheers.
So when's it my turn.
It's your turn.
How long do you
think it'll take?
Oh no worries ladies.
I can go for a while.
(loud coughing)
Well that works fast.
(dramatic music)
What did you do?
(dramatic music)
Are you,
looking for these?
You bitch!
I told you it'd be over soon.
You did babe.
And it's finally over.
How does it feel
to have enough
Is it like washing
your hands
Elbow deep in the tub
You take soap and water
Take hand one and two
You rub them together
And at some point
you're through
But it's not even true
The dirt never comes off
You wash them forever
It's never enough
My hands are filthy
And that's nothing new
But I haven't even
Started with you
Is it like when your friends
tell you
That you've had enough
They take you aside
All gray and serious
And whoa at the time
You swear they are wrong
How can you keep drowning
With nothing to drown on
But you wake up the next day
And the sun is too bright
And ya skull is too small
And you know they were right
I can't think or
talk straight
And that's nothing new
But I haven't even
Started with you
How does it feel
To have enough
To know that you're done
To know you're all filled up