Moving Target (1988) Movie Script

( playing rock music )
( siren )
All right.
That was great. Okay.
Would you mind
Waiting outside, megan?
No, no.
Um, i ad-libbed
In the middle
Because i couldn't Read the chart
I forgot my glasses.
I'm just kidding.
I really like the way
That sampler sounds.
We should clean it up
With the drum pads next time.
It would sound really good.
( snickering )
So, where did you
Find her?
I didn't. She saw our note
On the bulletin board.
What do you think?
No way.
Don't sugarcoat it, jeff.
What do you really think?
Guys, she's a replacement,
And it's only for eight weeks.
Man, for one thing,
She's a chick.
For another thing,
It's like trying to replace
Steve perry from journey
With stevie nicks. Weak.
Toby: darrin,
What do you think?
I think her tush
Is a little big.
You maggot. Look, i'm bookin'
Out of here in the morning.
Toby, why did we
Wait so long?
She's the only one
That called.
If you want to keep
The gigs that we've
Lined up this summer,
You need somebody
On keyboards. Anyone.
So, what's it gonna be?
I'll take
"things that won't fly"
For fifty. How's that?
Come on.
All those in favor
Of making her part
Of the band, say aye.
All those not in favor.
( cymbal crashes )
The ayes have it.
Joe, am i gonna see you
At the golf tournament
Yeah, i look forward
To it, arthur.
Make yourself a drink.
No, thanks. I'm meeting
Sarah for dinner.
Good for her.
It's about time
You gave your wife
A little attention.
Don't let me keep you.
( sighs )
Okay, you're in.
Really? I'm in?
Oh, great!
Are saturdays at 4:00
And tuesday nights.
I work saturdays.
That's okay,
They'll mess around
With the schedule.
Where do you work?
Westside vet hospital.
That's where i know you from.
You're the flea bath girl!
I came in a couple
Of weeks ago,
And you said my dog
Had a funny name.
The airedale. I came in
With my little brother trevor.
That's right.
I remember you.
It's a small world.
Come on, guys.
Let's get out of here.
We're going to westwood.
You want to come with us?
No, that's okay.
Listen, we need you
A lot more than you need us,
So if i were you, i wouldn't
Take any grief from these guys.
Okay? Come on.
Joseph: i felt terrible
Lying to him.
Sarah: good. You deserve to.
arthur's been good to you.
What was i supposed
To say, "arthur, i can't
Have drinks with you
Because our main competition
Is taking me to dinner,
To make an offer"?
When did all this
Come about?
I thought you were happy
With arthur.
well, things change.
Maybe it's time to move on.
So, who approached who?
They did. They called
Out of the blue.
How was your day today?
what's the tyrant up to?
Acting like the sun is set
And will rise no more.
( trevor yells )
i gotta go.
trevor's got his tongue
stuck to an ice tray.
Have a good meeting.
You're going
To interlochen?
My dad says
It's a parent's
To send
His kid away
For training
If he sees
Some talent.
He just wants
To get rid of you
For the summer.
National band camp, wow.
Ever since your old man
Saw amadeus,
He's been pushing carnegie hall
Straight down your throat.
I mean, the kid's
A rock 'n' roller.
I can't believe
You don't want to go.
And miss
All this wildness?
Single! I am single tonight!
You and me
Are going on a ride tonight!
I'm single! Come on, baby!
Come on, baby!
The only reason why adults
Pull this authority crap
Is because they're afraid
We're gonna outgrow them,
And we already have.
Yeah, but you're gonna learn
Some pretty heavy music.
They teach a lot of cool stuff--
Ear training, music theory.
What good is that for?
I don't know.
Maybe keep you guys
From singing off-pitch.
I'm just saying you
Could use some help
On your harmonies.
I think you should
Tell your parents
You don't want to go,
Bail on the whole program,
And hide out at my place.
Do the words "grounded for life"
Mean anything to you?
Eight weeks out of your life
Isn't gonna kill you.
Okay, you've
Talked me into it.
Why don't you go?
( sighs )
I can't read
My own scribbles.
Sorry i'm late.
Fred dobbins.
No problem at all.
This is george suggs.
Not much of a name,
But one heck of a shortstop.
Ballplayer, huh?
Thank you.
I hope you're here tonight
With an open mind, mr. Kellogg.
You'll need it to fully
Appreciate the gravity
Of this conversation.
What could possibly be grave
About a job interview,
Good evening,
Mr. Cambridge.
Good evening.
Weinberg, wake up.
( whistles )
Hey, lend me the jacket.
( speaking spanish )
( engine stalling )
Excuse me, seor,
But do you own a gold bmw?
The one you put a dent into?
No, seor,
The one that is on fire.
How did that happen?
I don't know.
Felipe was driving.
You better have
A damn good reason
For this.
Cambridge just walked
Through the front door.
What's going on?
Get him out of here.
The car's coming
Around now!
Let go!
Get his car!
Go! I'm in.
Where were you?! Three years'
Hard work almost wiped out--
He came out of nowhere, man.
Watch the road!
What do you want?
I'm sorry it has
To be this way.
Who are you people?
Justice department.
Take it easy, toby.
Take it easy, bro.
I'll see you, buddy.
So, adios, tobias.
I hope you have
A lousy time.
Don't get caught up
In all that classical junk.
Not a chance.
It's a buyers' market
For us stallions out there.
Hey, listen.
Go easy on megan.
It's not her fault
She's a chick.
Yeah, yeah. She's okay.
Don't let this guy
Push you around.
I won't. Have fun.
I'll work really hard
While you're gone
So that when you get back
We can play a heavy duet.
All right. Bye.
Bye. Have fun.
( whispering )
A little late.
You guys couldn't
Wait till i left
Till you started
I thought we
Agreed midnight
Was a reasonable
What's this,
A going-away party?
There are some
Things around here
That just don't
Concern you.
Well, the things
That do concern me
I have no say in
Anyway, right?
( joseph sighs )
Your bags are packed.
We leave for the airport
At 8:00 sharp.
That's what i mean.
Now that you mention it,
Dad, can we discuss--
Not now.
I got a lot on my mind.
Well, when?
Launch time is in
T-minus-seven hours.
When i want any backtalk,
You'll be the first to know.
I think it's time
You went to bed.
Don't you?
( horn beeping )
Yeah, yeah,
I'm coming, i'm coming.
You have a package here.
Come here!
Look what we got!
Hey, toby,
Look what we got the dog.
Nice. Listen,
You goobers
So much as walk
Past my room
While i'm gone,
I will know,
And i won't hesitate
In killing you both.
All right?
Get a move on.
You don't want
To miss your plane.
Isn't the governor
Supposed to step in
About now?
He doesn't give pardons
To crud.
Hey, uh...
Are you and dad okay?
We're fine.
You know, dad...
If you force me
To go through with this,
I will not
Be held accountable
For my actions.
It's your last chance
To redeem yourself
Before it's too late.
Don't slam the trunk.
I'll turn over
A new leaf.
A new tree--
Whatever works
Around here.
I want you to know
I know. It's all
For my own good.
I wish you'd stop
Being so good to me.
A deal's a deal.
But if you're not happy
With the way things
Are run around here,
You can always get
A place by yourself
When you get back.
Chill out, pop.
Get in the car.
Go on.
( engine starts )
( chattering )
What brings you
To interlochen?
The surf.
The surf? What surf?
We're on a lake.
I was misinformed.
( playing piano )
( cello playing )
You know what
Your problem is?
Yeah. I'm in michigan.
I want to be here
With these zoids
Only marginally more
Than i want to die
Of malaria.
( playing tuba )
What you need is...
A woman.
( toby chuckles )
( telephone rings )
( ring )
Hi. Megan. It's toby.
Hi, how's it going?
Lousy. Are the guys around?
No, they went out
To do some stuff.
What's it been,
A month already?
Yeah, time flies.
Are you having
A good time with the band?
Yeah. Thank you
For putting me
Together with them.
We are so hot now,
You're not gonna
Recognize us
When you get back.
do you want me
to have jeff call you?
( sighs )
No, that's okay.
( playing classical music )
( piano comes in late )
My score is marked
You have any idea
What that means?
It's italian
For "stuff this,
You little twerp."
Toby: listen,
I don't know
If i'm gonna be able
To last five weeks
Until you guys get up here.
How about it?
How about you trying
To behave yourself
And learn something?
We'll see you soon enough.
Does that stuff
Go back to '72?
Thank you.
Toby: so, what's
happening at home?
trevor's letter said
things are getting weird.
Excuse me.
Well, for one thing,
We're not gonna be able
To get away.
Got a lot of work
To deal with here.
What? You just said
You were coming up.
No, i said somebody's
gonna come up next week.
I've got someone
In my office right now.
So, just hang in tough,
yeah, okay. Bye-bye.
( click, dial tone )
Joe, are we really
Working you this hard?
Comes with the job,
I guess.
That's just what
I want to talk
To you about.
I think this company's
In pretty good shape.
I have you
To thank for that.
I've been keeping my eye
On you lately.
You've been treating me
Pretty fairly, arthur.
No, i've been selfish.
I'm going to change
All that.
I'm going to...
( chuckles )
Share the wealth.
That's why i'd like
To have you come out
To the house this weekend.
I have some friends
Coming to town,
People that are
Good to know.
Business friends?
Very good ones.
I'm sorry, i can't
Make it this weekend.
That's a shame.
Woman on intercom:
fred dobbins, line one.
says it's important.
he says he's your realtor.
Are you moving?
Just thinking about it,
That's all.
If you need any help
With your financing,
( chuckles )
Just let me know.
I appreciate it.
I really would
Like to have you
Meet my friends.
I wish i could,
But i'm sorry,
I can't, arthur.
Yeah. Some other
Time perhaps.
Yeah, thanks.
( chattering,
Flute playing )
Hey, tobe.
Hey, tobe!
Are you the only band
In l.a. Called bazooka?
You sure?
Yeah. Why?
News from home--
You're a hit.
Hey, hey, hey.
I hope you're not
Thinking what i hope
You're not thinking.
Want to bet?
You can't just walk out.
Watch me.
Your parents are
Gonna hatch a brick.
This place ain't cheap.
So i'll pay 'em back.
You'll never work
In this town again.
Don't tell anybody this,
But i was starting
To like this place.
I'll see you
At carnegie hall.
Don't get caught.
They'll never
Take me alive.
See you later, david.
"escape from summer camp."
I love it.
( police radio chatter )
Has anyone seen
Toby kellogg?
P.a.: passengers arriving
on flight 224 from detroit
may claim their baggage
at carousel 4d.
Toby: hey.
Got your message, bud.
Welcome back.
Hey, uh...
Wanna explain this?
We made the headlines,
"we"? You and who else?
We were misquoted.
I didn't even know
The guy was a reporter.
What are you
So ticked off about?
He could have said
We stunk.
That's not the point.
I don't see
My name here.
Where do i fit in?
What are you talking about?
It's our band, remember?
It's even more yours
Than mine.
So, where do you
Think you fit in?
What about
Peppermint patty?
Megan's out.
You're breaking my heart.
Would you quit being
Such a bonehead?
She worked her tail off
Because of you.
She was afraid to let you down
Since you were the only one
Who wanted her
In the first place.
She's pretty good,
Isn't she?
Then why do you
Want to let her go?
Was it good a good flight?
It wasn't bad.
I'm gonna get creamed.
You're a kid,
You screwed up.
How bad can it be?
If they let me contact
The outside world,
I'll be in touch.
Better not count on me
Going to that party
Tonight, bro.
I wasn't.
Take it easy.
Later, bro.
Thanks a lot.
Guess who's home!
Excuse me, mr. Bauman.
Hello, toby.
What can i do for you?
I was wondering
If i could use your phone.
Ours isn't working.
Not planning to call
Hong kong, are ya?
Not today.
Phone's in the kitchen,
Just inside there.
Saw jody out mowing the lawn
A couple of days ago.
You kids are growing up
Too damn fast.
A couple of days ago?
the number you have dialed
is no longer in service,
and there is no new number.
please make sure you were
dialing correctly.
Nice. Don't you think
You and mom
Could have at least
Left a forwarding number?
Woman on phone:
cambridge parks financial.
Joseph kellogg, please.
he's no longer
with this company.
Do you know
Where i can find him?
sorry, i don't.
May i please speak
To mr. Cambridge?
Woman on phone:
mr. Cambridge's office.
May i speak to mr. Cambridge?
This is really important.
i'm sorry. He's out
of the office just now.
would you care
to leave word?
When will he be back?
that i don't know, sir.
Can i get a message to him?
if you would like
to leave word--
Just tell him i'm looking
For my father,
And i'm going to westwood,
And i'll call him back later.
aren't you forgetting
Oh. Thank you very much.
your name. Don't you
think you ought to
give me your name?
Oh, yeah. Toby kellogg.
Thank you.
How are the folks doing?
Haven't seen your dad much.
What's he up to?
I don't know.
I just got home from camp,
And while i was gone
They moved.
Moved? Where to?
I don't know.
Are you sure?
The place is empty,
Mr. Bauman,
They're gone.
The phone's
Been disconnected,
The whole shot.
You think parents ever wish
They weren't...parents?
This is one of those things
You hate to see.
I wish i could say
It didn't happen
That often, but it does.
I understand
His grandparents
Are deceased.
He can stay with me
Till this thing's
I'm afraid it's not
Up to us.
Don't worry, son.
They'll find 'em.
Where do we look first?
It's not quite that simple.
The law says i've got to
Place you in shelter care.
It's a county-run agency.
It's not bad.
Give you a place
To stay indefinitely
Until we find your folks.
I can stay with
A friend of mine.
That's no problem.
I'm sorry, son,
But until we find
Your parents
Or you reach
Your 18th birthday--
That's a year from now.
What if you don't find them?
You can petition
The court to become
An emancipated minor.
Where do i do that?
Of course, you do need
Your parents' signature
For that.
I don't make the rules.
I just file the reports.
All you've got to do
Is sit tight.
Wanna bet?
Hey! Hey!
Get back here!
Your mom really said,
"wait till your father
Gets home"?
Do you think your mom
Would mind if i hang low here
Till things cool down?
My casa es su casa.
Excuse me.
You know parents.
Can't live with 'em,
Can't live without 'em.
Do i look buff,
Or what?
Forget this, man.
You can wear this,
Under one condition--
You do not mess it up.
It is my favorite jacket.
You mess it up,
And you are toast.
I'll be down in a minute.
Don't tell 'em
Where you are.
I'm always getting
In trouble
For getting you
In trouble.
I'll be in the jeep.
Hi, dad.
David, it's me, toby.
You got trouble
With a capital "t,"
And that rhymes with "p,"
And that stands
For big problems.
Tell me about it.
Cops are all
Over this place.
It's like dragnet.
what did you tell 'em?
Good. Has anyone spoken
To my parents?
I don't know.
Where are you?
I'm back in l.a.
What kind of story
Did you tell your parents?
I haven't exactly
Talked to them yet.
What's the matter,
Afraid to face the music?
They put me on waivers,
What do you mean, waivers?
I mean they're not here.
They're gone. Split.
Moved. Took a powder.
Oh, man.
It's a trip,
Let me tell ya.
Maybe they just
Went on vacation.
With the furniture?
( party music playing )
( chattering )
( chanting )
Go, go, go, go, go...
This is what i want
For my birthday,
Right there.
How you doing?
You look great!
How you doing, buddy?
You're looking good.
Looks marvelous!
Yeah. Ready?
Okay. Everyone
Take one of these.
You want to take these
And pass them down?
The picture here
Is his last year's yearbook.
There's a list of friends
And hangouts--
You know,
Clubs, beaches, stores.
Here, pass that down.
Thompson, stay with us.
You're all aware of the special
Circumstances involved here,
And i apologize
To you police officers
For not bringing in
Your department sooner,
But it's crucial
That he be found quickly.
Word on the street has it
That the bounty hunters
Have gotten wind of this,
So everybody works, okay?
One more thing.
Wait a minute.
The boy isn't even aware
Of what his father's
Involved in,
So you can go easy, okay?
What a shame!
Why didn't they have parties
Like this when i was your age?
You want to come in?
Somebody has to
Chaperone this thing.
Talk about antisocial.
If burmeister was my kid
And this was my house...
I'd beat the living crud
Out of her.
You're home kind of early.
I guess things
Didn't go too well at camp?
Camp was okay.
It's just here
That's a little screwy.
Listen, i'm sorry
If you thought
That i was overstepping
My bounds.
With the band, i mean.
It wasn't what you think.
Believe me, you're
The least of my worries.
No offense?
None taken.
Does that mean that you
Might still play a duet
With me sometime?
Oh, yeah. Right.
You want something
To drink?
Are you all right?
Yeah. Why?
You guys ever hear
Of a kid named
Toby kellogg?
Yeah, toby's a maniac.
I've heard that.
I need to talk to him,
And i heard he moved.
Do you know where
He might have moved to,
Have you talked to him
Or seen him, anything?
He moved?
Where'd he move to?
Come here, you guys!
You gotta see this!
Come on, come on, come on!
Tv: tonight on newswatch--
big business and the mob.
is the high stakes gamble
of investment banking
racked with corruption?
or is arthur cambridge
and cambridge parks fin--
( channel changes )
Hey, turn that back.
Get out!
This is my room.
Turn it back!
( knock on door )
Open up,
You little pencil-head!
I get the guy a drink,
And he disappears!
Toby kellogg's here?
What's it to you?
Which one is he?
The guy in the yellow jacket.
Find him yourself.
Hey, darrin. Darrin.
( girl giggling )
( door opens )
Take a picture,
Why don't ya?
Toby: let's split.
I'm kind of busy.
Fine. I'll walk home.
Hey, man,
What is your problem?
It's a great party.
I haven't had this much fun
Since i had the mumps.
I suppose
You'd have a better time
Listening to beethoven.
Then why don't you just
Go back to camp, then,
You little wuss?
Here, jeff.
That was bright, man.
Why don't you just get lost?
You're not one of
My favorite people
Right now,
So why don't you
Just go cool off?
I'll talk to you later.
Think about it.
Yeah, it's me.
Stay put. There's somebody
I think you might want to meet.
Hey, hold up.
This ought to cover it.
Cover what?
They're running out of beer
In there. I buy, you fly.
I'd like to help,
But i've got to see
If my friend's okay.
All right,
I'll go myself.
Are those your wheels?
Well, i own the keys,
I guess i own the car.
I'll fly if you let me
Drive your car.
So, i get to buy the beer
And you get to steal my car.
Just ride shotgun,
And let me show you
How to drive that thing.
Can you catch?
All right, man, i'm in!
Move over, rover.
All right, man.
I hope i don't
Live to regret this.
You won't. Just relax.
( revs engine )
( tires squeal )
What's going on?
All right, listen up, everybody,
We're looking for toby kellogg.
Toby's kind of
Popular tonight.
What did he do?
We're not at liberty
To discuss that.
But i assure you
He's in no trouble.
Have you seen him?
He was here a minute ago,
But he went totally
Mental and left.
Mind if i make
A pit stop?
I got all night.
This is great.
Make a left up here.
Pull over.
Very impressive.
The keys.
Can you catch?
Man: you can't leverage a man
You're never going to find.
The next time
You see kellogg,
He's going to be
On the witness stand.
Not now.
We've got his son.
Jeff: you got a really
Nice pad here, pops.
Freddy, would you get
This young man a drink?
Tim, i'd like a word
With you.
Jeff: just a soda, man.
I'm driving.
Any special reason
Why you wanted me
To meet this young man?
The kellogg kid was
At the party. I know it.
Well, i suggest
You find him.
I never asked your name.
Jeff. You're tim, right?
That's a great jacket
You got there.
I was talking
To a kid at the party
Who had that coat on.
Yeah, toby kellogg.
But we got into a fight--
Yeah, toby. I promised him
A ride in my car.
Forget it. He took off
A long time ago.
Let's go find him.
Forget it.
The way he's acting,
He'll be gone
For a couple of days.
I know who you are.
I saw you on tv
Last night, right?
Come on.
Take a look at that view.
What are we doing
Out here?
The party's back that way,
And we didn't even
Get any beer.
Come on.
Isn't this something?
Get out of the car.
What are you doing, man?
( jeff chuckles
Nervously )
Put that thing away.
What is this, man?
What did i do?
It's my fault.
What is? Come on,
The joke is over.
Would you put
That thing away?
Don't worry
About it, jeff.
You won't feel a thing,
I promise.
Come on, man,
You're making me
Nervous here.
Shh shh shh.
Just look at the view.
Ha ha.
It's beautiful, huh?
Come on, man.
Think about
All of those people
Down there, and...
And it's really no big deal.
You know, kid...
Life goes on.
( siren )
( keyboards playing )
Don't stop.
That was nice.
The cops
Are looking for you.
Darrin: they showed up
At the party.
They said that you
Weren't in any trouble,
But they wouldn't tell us
Why they wanted you.
Must be a federal offense
To run away from camp.
Where's ack?
Good question.
He hasn't even
Come home yet.
Probably got lucky.
I'm gonna bail.
Me, too.
I have to go to work
In the morning.
Don't go.
No, really, i must.
You meant her.
What happened
With you and jeff?
I was an ass.
Seems like a growing trend
In my character these days.
Do you want to talk?
My a crook.
He's part of the mob
Or something.
This is
A really big company.
How do you know he's
Involved? Does it say?
It's right here.
"police are still
Trying to locate several
High-ranking corporate officers
Believed to be involved."
My dad was in charge
Of all this stuff.
Why don't you go home
And ask him about it?
There's nobody home.
There's nobody home.
They sent me
2,000 miles away...
And then they split.
That's why they
Sent me off to camp.
You mean they're gone?
They just ran away?
The house
Is completely empty.
There's nothing there.
Boy, kind of takes the fun
Out of running away
When they ditch you first.
You're telling me.
Maybe you should
Go talk to the police.
No way.
Don't be so paranoid.
They said you
Weren't in trouble.
Do you believe
Everything you hear?
They're cops.
And yes, i'm in trouble.
They have me written up
As a runaway.
I know, but what about
Your family?
What about 'em? They bailed.
He's wanted by the police.
But you don't know that.
What are
The police gonna do?
Put a picture of my family
On the side of a milk carton?
Look, they don't want me...
And i don't want them.
I just don't think that
They would abandon you.
As far as kids go,
You're not that bad.
Oh, yeah?
No. I don't think so.
In fact, i think that
You're kind of great.
What do you know?
Not much.
You want to adopt me?
Sure. No problem.
Think your parents will mind?
We won't tell 'em.
Oops. Ah-ah-ah.
I caught ya.
I heard voices. I thought
Jeff may be home by now.
No. He's still
At the party, i think.
Well, i have to go to bed.
Remind him that
He has to get up early.
We were thinking of going.
Oh, yes, i can tell.
Good night.
( chuckles )
I really do have to go.
Me, too.
So, what are you
Gonna do?
You can sleep on my couch
At my house if you want.
I think i'll just...
Walk around a little.
Where are you gonna go?
Anywhere i want.
No curfew tonight.
Hi, mom, dad.
I'm home.
I know it's 4:00
In the morning.
So i'm grounded.
So what?
( squeaking )
( door creaks open,
Footsteps )
( stairs creaking )
( engine revs,
Tires screech )
Somebody help! Help!
Look out!
Couldn't let you have him,
( police radio chatter )
Man: they cordoned off
all traffic all the way down...
He was seen leaving the party
With a guy in a red ferrari.
They were making a beer run.
Who was the guy?
Nobody knows. Just another
Spoiled college kid.
Maybe this isn't
Even related.
It was a red ferrari
That slammed into morgan
Last night
And put him in a coma.
This kid is like
A moving needle
In a haystack.
Or a moving target.
All right, all right.
He's just a kid,
He's come home
To an empty house--
If you were him,
Where would you
Be right now?
On what?
On if i'd looked
Over my shoulder
And seen what's coming.
So, who were they?
I don't know.
I didn't stick around
To find out.
I slept in the dugout
Near school
With the rest
Of the homeless.
Sorry. Some of these
Could use stitches.
Now i know why my dog quakes
With fear when he comes
Here. You're brutal.
So don't dive through
Any more windows.
So this is where
My little brother
Gets all his stuff.
Those glow-in-the-dark
Dog tags arrived
The day i left.
He was so psyched.
Special tags
For special dogs.
A lot of people
Have airedales.
But not with a name
Like yours has.
I wonder if
They took him with.
Who, trevor or the dog?
Okay, that's good.
You're all done.
Did i miss anything?
I know that look.
Puppies use it
When they're trying
To hide something.
No, really, it's nothing.
You sure you don't mind
If i use your scooter?
I just want to check out
A couple of places
And see what i can dig up.
Maybe they didn't make
Such a clean getaway.
Okay, drop 'em.
Is this gonna sting?
Like we tell
The other patients,
If you're gonna play
With the big dogs,
You're gonna have to learn
How to pee in the tall grass.
( sighs )
Would it be cool
For me to check on
Someone's new address?
It's a dollar
For the search.
Give me the name and address
Of the party you wish to locate.
How about...
Fifty-eight cents?
Well, honey,
You gotta pay for the things
You want in this life.
( sighs )
Joseph kellogg. Nope.
Nothing listed.
What happens
To all their mail?
Goes back downtown,
I guess.
It just doesn't
Make sense.
Lots of things
Around this place
Don't make sense.
Maybe they don't
Want to be found. Next.
( telephone rings )
( ring )
Answering machine:
greetings. This is jeff.
i'm not able to get
to the phone right now.
just leave your name, number,
and the time you called.
i'll get back to you
just as soon as possible. Ciao.
( beep )
Toby on answering machine:
yo, jeff. Where are you?
i'm sorry about last night.
i should have told you
what was going on,
but i couldn't.
i mean, i'm a kid.
i screwed up, right?
so answer the phone.
( sighs )
Damn it, jeff.
Why aren't you home?
Megan: dinkman.
( telephone rings )
Vet hospital.
May i help you?
Have you heard from ackley?
No. I thought you
Were gonna check in.
Where have you been?
Where haven't i been?
Did you find out anything?
I can't talk right now.
Meet me after work
At heaven.
Seven o'clock?
Be there. Aloha.
Hi, how ya doing?
I was wondering
If you could tell me
Who's selling
That house back there.
Are you in the market
To buy some real estate?
Maybe. My friend
Used to live there.
I was just wondering
Where they moved.
Can't help you.
Couldn't you just give me
Their new address?
How about a phone number?
Area code?
Well, you've done everything
Humanly possible. Thanks.
( horn honks )
( honk honk )
( lively music playing )
I thought you'd
Never get here.
Do you have
Any quarters?
Let's go.
Where are we going?
I got the number.
Whose number?
My parents. I stole it
From this woman
Who's selling our house.
( telephone rings )
Justice department.
What's the matter?
Boy, did i get
The wrong number.
( ring )
Justice department.
We keep doing that
And we're gonna go broke.
Damn kids.
( ring )
Toby: hello?
Yes? How can i help you?
Who is this?
This is fred dobbins.
who's this?
Why are you selling
My father's house?
don't hang up!
Who is this?
toby, don't hang up.
where are you?
toby, tell me
where you are.
Toby, tell me
Where you are!
Got him.
Think you can walk
Out of here quietly?
Or would you rather end up
Like your friend up there
In mtv land?
We can do it either way.
Toby: megan, let's go!
Come on!
( ringing )
Dine and dash!
Little jerk's
Skippin' his check!
Get back here, buddy!
Hey, get back here!
Out of my way!
Hey, man,
Mind your own business.
This is my business!
( sirens blaring )
Man: slow down, kid.
( sirens )
Come on!
Come on!
Hey, kid!
What are you doing?!
Megan: aah!
Can you believe this?
What are you
Doing here?
Who are you?
I'm doing my job,
Just like you, officers.
How would you like it
If somebody ditched
A check at your restaurant?
I'll get on the radio.
Watch out.
You have to go
To the police.
Jeff is dead.
He would have
Killed you, too.
Do you understand that?
He was my best friend.
Why did he have
To kill him?
I don't know.
He was a brave kid.
It's not always
Gonna feel like this.
That guy is still out
There, isn't he?
But we'll find him.
I promise you.
Where's megan?
We took her home.
We told her
As much as we could.
And how is she?
She's upset.
She's gonna miss you.
Hi, it's fred dobbins.
I've got somebody here
Who would like
To speak to you.
Hi, dad.
Toby: federal witness
Protection program?
You guys really do that?
Dobbins: yep.
Why couldn't you send us
Somewhere more happenin',
Like hana or maui?
Luck of the draw.
When does my father
It's not for a while yet.
He's done us
A tremendous service.
Without him,
Our case goes right down
The proverbial toilet.
He's our link to how
All of it was done.
So, he's part of the mob,
Isn't he?
Your dad's only mistake
Was looking the other way.
It's understandable
In his position.
Why didn't he
Tell me anything?
He knew you guys
Were coming
To pick me up at camp.
He didn't know at the time.
He wasn't sure at that point
Whether or not
He was gonna testify,
So life had to be
Played out as usual
Until we could make
Might have aroused
Suspicion otherwise.
Does it snow in boston?
Yeah, but look at it this way--
You get the celtics.
( toby chuckles )
What'd you name the dog?
You said everyone
Had to have new names.
What'd you
Name the dog?
I only meant the humans.
Of course, we could change it,
If you want us to.
Are you kidding?
It's one of a kind.
It's classic.
Matter of fact,
I think somebody
Took care of new tags.
Your little brother
Was ready to take on
The entire federal government.
What is this
One-of-a-kind name, anyway?
Come here.
As in "come here."
Pretty clever, huh?
Yeah, i think that is
Pretty damn clever.
What's the matter?
( chuckles )
( sniffles,
Clears throat )
P.a.: the white zone is for
immediate loading and unloading
of passengers only.
Next stop, boston, mass.
Some parade you got here.
P.a.: the white zone is for
immediate loading and unloading
of passengers only.
Hey, sir!
This is a no parking zone!
Okay, gang, let's go.
Toby will be here in an hour.
Are we going
To the airport?
They'll let us go to
A crowded shopping center,
But they won't let us
Go to the airport.
I don't care
What they do
As long as they get our kid
Back here in one piece.
Come here,
Get in the car!
Hey, trev,
What did i tell you
About that?
That dog gets lost, no one's
Gonna know where he belongs!
Mom, do i have to go?
Sarah: jody, honey, not today.
Just get in the car.
Where is everybody?
What do you mean?
Aren't there
Supposed to be
A bunch of
Your guys around
To protect me?
What do you want,
A parade?
The idea is not
To attract attention.
It's just you and me, kid.
Oh, i get it. No parade,
But i still get the clown.
P.a.: will the representative
from boston tours
please meet your party
at baggage carousel 4.
You want to tell me how to
Get to dorchester heights?
( clears throat )
( coughs )
First you get on the 294 east
Till you reach dixie highway.
Then you go south.
It takes about 30 minutes,
Depending on traffic.
Once you're on dixie--
Where are you going?
It's 1540 greensboro drive.
Well, the 1500 block
Is right around here.
Okay, thanks.
( speaking french over p.a.)
P.a.: flight 22 commuter service
between boston and nantucket
is now ready for boarding
at gate 2b.
All set?
Yeah. Can i hit
The head first?
( coughing )
P.a.: arriving passenger
chris mckay,
please pick up
the white courtesy telephone.
Hell of a flight, huh?
I don't know about you,
But i slept like a baby.
( whispering )
Thanks, pal.
That's him. That's him!
Mr. Dobbins. Mr. Dobb--
He knows where they are,
Doesn't he?
Where is my family?
Where's my family?!
Man: that guy is robbing him!
Hey, what--
Woman: oh, no!
Man: hey!
Man: stop that young punk!
Stop him!
Man: call security!
( telephone rings )
This guy just killed dobbins
And he's gonna kill my family.
Just hold on a second,
Slow down. Give me
The information again.
who am i talking to?
toby kellogg.
Dobbins was just murdered.
This guy knows
Where my family lives
And he's gonna kill 'em.
Son, this sounds like
A police matter.
Let me connect you with
The appropriate authorities.
Dobbins was
A federal marshal.
You guys moved us here from l.a.
My dad's gonna testify.
You were supposed to be
Protecting him,
Only i don't even
Know where he lives.
What's your father's name?
Joseph kellogg.
Dorchester heights!
They're somewhere
In dorchester heights.
Don't hang up.
( snaps fingers )
Get the federal marshal's
Office in l.a.
I need access to all
Protected witness
Security codes.
It's 6:00
In the morning back there.
The office won't be open
For another hour.
Do it! Now!
All right,
we're working
on it, son.
it's only gonna
take a few minutes.
That's too long!
( ring )
Operator: i have
a collect call from toby.
will you accept the charges?
Yeah, sure.
go ahead, please.
Toby: megan,
i need your help.
Where are you?
Remember the dog tags
That trevor got,
The ones
That we talked about?
Yeah, of course.
Boston, is that where
They moved you?
The company that makes 'em
Must know my new address.
What's wrong?
The guy that killed ackley,
He's here.
He's gonna kill my family,
And i can't stop him
Unless i know where they live.
I can't remember
The name of the company.
I'll go to the clinic.
Call me back in ten minutes.
Hey, the sign says
Full service.
You want to check the oil,
If it's not too much trouble?
Okay, don't check it.
Dorchester heights.
Know where it is?
Yeah, i know where it is.
Start the car. Drive!
( dog barking )
Radio: and this just in
from our metro news team.
a passenger was stabbed
to death this morning
At logan international airport.
eyewitnesses say the suspect,
a teenage boy observed
running from the scene,
escaped in the confusion.
the identity of the passenger
has not been released.
( tires screech )
This is dr. Kohnert's office
In los angeles.
You have a tag order
From an owner in boston,
Last name kellogg.
Yes. We need
The address right away.
It's an emergency.
But it has to be.
There's nothing?
Yes, the owner's name
Is kellogg--
I'm sorry, can you
Hold on a minute, please?
No, we don't know
The owner's name,
But we do know
The dog's name.
Yes, it's come here.
Could you please check
That for me?
Yes, two words.
"come here."
( tires screech )
( telephone rings )
Come on, come on.
( ring )
Hello? Yes.
Yes, i will.
Toby: did you get it?
Yeah, i did.
It's 1540 greensboro drive.
phone number 555-3453.
3453. 555-345--
you're great!
( line rings )
Come on, answer the phone.
Answer the phone. Come on!
( ring )
Answer the phone.
Ma'am, 1540 greensboro drive.
Do you know where it is?
I think it's--
No, let me see.
Are you sure it's not
No, it's greensboro drive.
This is an emergency.
It's down about five blocks.
Make two rights and a left.
Thank you.
Hey, yo,
Greensboro drive
Is down this way?
( chuckling )
No, it's back that way.
( line rings )
I'm at 1540 greensboro drive.
There's a huge fire here. Hurry!
( horn honking )
( siren blaring )
Man: all right, let's go!
Hey, kid! Get back here!
Man: nothing on
The north side!
Is this your house?
Do you know why anyone
Would call in a false alarm
To this address?
I'd hate to arrest
A nice kid like you
For doing something stupid.
Bring it home, boys.
Man: all right, back up!
Let's get out of here!
Man: haul it in! Let's go!
Man: all right,
Let's haul it in!
Wait! Wait!
Get down!
Whoa! Aah! Ohh!
( siren )
Hang on, kid!
Come on, jump!
We'll catch ya!
( police radio chatter )
Man: johnson,
Call the coroner in!
Dad, are you okay?
I'm okay, kid.
How are you doing?
Are you all right?
It's over.
Broadcaster: san francisco's
number one news at six.
Newscaster: nearly a year
after his arrest,
arthur cambridge is guilty--
so says a federal court judge.
The crucial testimony was given
by an unidentified source
now protected by
the federal witness program.
arthur cambridge, head of
a $2 billion financial empire,
was convicted of laundering
the drug profits
of a major syndicate
in the largest
money laundering scheme
to hit the southland
in a decade.
however, the troubles
of arthur cambridge
have just begun.
he now stands trial
for the murder of jeff ackley,
a 17-year-old
los angeles youth
who was the unfortunate victim
of mistaken identity...
( bell tolling )
You know...
You look exactly like
A friend of mine.
You wouldn't happen
To know a guy named
Toby kellogg, would you?
Never heard of him.
I didn't think so.
( sighs )
The jerk was supposed
To meet me here,
Help me get settled.
What dorm are you in?
Marks tower.
Imagine that.
You, too?
I didn't catch your name.
Megan lawrence.
What's yours?
Well, it's nice
To meet you, greg.
It's nice to meet you,
Too, megan.