Mozart from Space (2022) Movie Script


Mommy, I wanna play, too.

Forget it.

Playing won't help your grades.

You know what I heard at the Parent-Teacher Conference?

They asked us to cooperate in urging you to study.

Go home and do your homework.

You know Wang Guangming next door?

He gets perfect score every time.

How can you think of playing when you only score 99%?

Have you ever heard

that poem about the man who felt sorry he didn't study harder as a child?

Stretch. Feel like a princess.


That's it, up you go.

You are a swan.

Flap your wings.

Flap them.

Here I am at Tongrentang


The oldest Chinese pharmacy in town


You two will be the next Van Gogh and Monet.

Please, Van Gogh didn't even sell one painting when he was alive.

They should be Piccaso and Da Vinci.

Brother Liu, I find

Your words absurd

Who says that women

To be or not to be,

that is the question.


is all about honesty and reliability.

Rest assured.

Our company guarantees

that in the case of an acccident,

you will be covered.

No, no.

I don't mean that something will happen to you.

I just mean that if anything does happen, you'll be insured.

Go back to your company

Why are you trying to sabotage my work!

Ren Xiaotian.

Not bad.

So, you can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

It's a song for beginners.

Are you still a beginner?

Have you been practicing for the exam?

And don't get me started with those lazy fingers.

How many times has your teacher told you to hold them stiff?

You should be able to hold an egg in there.

Not a feather, you know?

Where do you think you're going?

I'm going to pee.

Hold it.

Every time you touch the piano, you want to pee.

What's the matter?

Are there water pills on the keys?

It's a sickness, you know that?

I have the right to pee.

Even Lang Lang Pees.


He never pees during practice.

If you can't even control your bladder,

how are you supposed to control the music?

You know nothing about science.

Except this is music, not science.

It's an art of the human soul.

Carry on.

If you're such an expert on human souls,

how did you end up selling insurance?


I took a wrong turn in my life

to pursue my stupid dream of becoming a rock star.

Sure, rock and roll is all about soul,

but it's hardly marketable.

Only by playing classical music,

like Lang Lang does,

can you be internationally famous.

Who says that only pianists can become internationally famous?

What else do you have in mind?

Compared to the vastness of the universe,

piano is nothing.

Lang Lang is nothing.

Thousands of years from now,

the world will only remember

the one who conquers the universe.



Get down from there now.

I'm not coming down.

Right now.

I'm a man! I won't budge under pressure.

You little brat.

Ren Xiaotian.

What, are you gonna conquer the universe

by playing a children's song on the piano?

Dad, give it back to me.

Please just give it back to me.

So you're a man now, huh?

Dad, dad, dad.
- -
-The world will remember you? -Dad, this is a limited edition.
- -
-All right then. -Stop tearing it!
- -
-All right then. -Stop tearing it!

The universe is gone.

Now I am your universe.

Side twists. 1, 2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7, 8.

2, 2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7, 8.

3, 2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7.

Full body. 1, 2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7, 8.

2, 2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7, 8.

Ren Xiaotian.


What am I living for?

Throughout history...

man has been asking that question again and again.

So, today,

let's continue the journey into the mind of a poet,

with "What I Have Lived For,"

by Bertrand Russell.

Ren Xiaotian.

What are you looking at?

Why can't you stay focused like the others?

What was I saying just now?

Care to repeat?

You said, "What have I lived for?"


What I have lived for, then?

That's not my business,

or your dad's.

It's up to you.

Ren Xiaotian.

You're not just wasting your own time.

Every minute I have to spend scolding you

adds up to 42 minutes in total.

One minute for each of the 42 students in this class.

You are wasting everyone's life.

You know that?


In a single dimension,

a unit of time can not be calculated repeatedly.

Unless we find a higher dimension,

a place where

time and space are folded into one another.

Like the Mbius strip.

What a load of crap.

Shut it.

How dare you talk back to your teacher?

You'll stay after school

and clean up the classroom.

Mr. Deng.

Excuse me, sir.


According to your theory,

you have by now

been teaching the 42 of us

for 1,890 minutes straight.

I think

what Ren Xiaotian is trying to say is that you work too hard,

and, out of kindness,

is inviting you to take a break.

Xue Xihao.

Do you want to stay and

help him with the cleaning?

Sir, I really don't.

Too late.

After school,

the two of you will clean together.

Now, who's your best friend?

I even clean the classroom with you.

You know what this is?

It's like that old saying:

Share the happiness, and hardships, too.

Brothers of one mind can cut through gold.

Let's unravel the mysteries behind constellations.

Join the ancient fashion club!


Join the ancient fashion club.

Across eons of time we've sought

for someone to join the Street Dance Club.

Join us now.

Join the short films club

I'm tellin you, Godzilla kicks ass.

It lives in...
Join the cosplay club.

87% of our members are girls.

Check it out.

Hi, want to join the astronomy club?

You there.


Don't tell me you're joining the astronomy club.

No way.

You're totally head over heels.

There's going to be a meteor shower tonight.

It's called the Phoenicids. It only happens every 60 years.


Paul, Paul, Paul.

What is this, a royal parade?


My name is Paul Ouyang.
You can call me Paul.

Paul, Paul, Paul.

As honorary president of the Astronomy Club,

I've traveled to the far corners of the world,

been to over 80 countries

around the globe.


I can't believe we're so lucky as to have someone

so wonderful and handsome to look up to.

He's handsome?

Even with braces, I look better than him.

Yet, there is always a place in my heart

that belongs to the Astronomy Club.

For all new members signing up today,

I've prepared some gifts.

Number one,

the boomerang soccer ball.

powered by a built-in electromagnetic core,

it will automatically

return to the kicker.

What's the point of kicking it then?

Number two.

Another ball.

The treadmill oil.

When naturally spread out on the ground,

this material feels quite normal

when you walk on it slowly.

However, once you accelerate,

and reach a certain speed,

it becomes an all-direction mobile treadmill.

Perfect for losing weight

and just having fun.

The enhanced alcohol lamp.

Not only can it heat up beakers in the lab,

Not only can it heat up beakers in the lab,

but it can also be used for

an outdoor barbecue.

And, in case of a fire,

you will need this

super water gun

to save the day.

Now everyone,

let's hear it

for these prizes!

What the hell was that?

please sign up

and join the astronomy club.

Ladies first, please.

Come on.

We can go gether when I'm done here.

This isn't fair.

The Astronomy Club

should be a place for those who truly love astronomy.

That's right.

It should be for real fans of astronomy.



If I may ask,

why do you love astronomy?

And why do you want to join the club?

I want to find

people who share my passion.

Together, we'll set out to find extraterrestrial civilizations.


Extraterrestrial civilizations.

I believe,

in the infinite universe,

there must be

other forms of life besides us that are thriving,

awaiting our visit.

Our visit.

That's why I want to join the Astronomy Club.

That's why.

So, you and your...

parrot buddy want to join the club

so you can find


To be exact,

it's exploring.


let me give you a piece of advice.

You want to find people who share your passion?

That's easy.


Your alien friend

is calling out to you.

We might as well.

Let's get out of here.

Let's go.

So long.

Come on.



That Paul Ouyang guy is such a jerk.

Just think of this ball as Paul

and give him a good kick.

How about I...

give you a good kick first?

Brother Yuan, what can we do for you?

Were you the one

that said there are aliens?


Prove it.

Prove it.


I'll kick your ass.

I'm warning you,

you've hit me 48 times so far.

Try it two more times,

and things are going to get bad for you.

Prove it.

As a bough of the apricot tree reaching beyond the wall.

That, my friends, is why

drama is a brilliant form of art.

It takes you by surprise.


Ma Yuan?

Are you trying to murder me?


No, it was Ren Xiaotian, sir.

Ren Xiaotian.

Ren Xiaotian.


Come back here.

Ren Xiaotian.

Ren Xiaotian.


We should split up.

Out of my way.

Hi there.

Join after-class tutoring.

Your grades will excel!

Even if you cant be better than your classmates,
- -
-You'll be better than the old you. -I don't think so.


I can't see.

Somebody help me.

Ren Xiaotian.


Congratulations. Thank you.


coming on to stage is Zhao Xiaomo from class 2, grade 1.

Please give a big welcome.

Come on, Momo.

Tell us about this item you brought to the auction.

So, let's see.

It's an adorable...


That's not a panda.

Not a panda.

It is a...


That's not a puppy.

Not a puppy.

Let's ask Momo himself,

what exactly is it?


Did you make this?

So, what is it?


does it have a name?

All right, I see.

Who wants to take home Momo's work...

Whatever it is...

Raise your hands to bid.

Starting with three little red flowers.



I don't want it.


Please show your support for Momo.

Just three little red flowers.

Why are you hoarding all these flowers?

Saving them for the new year?

You should buy something with them.

These aren't just flowers,

but a symbol of my honor.

The only way to get this many flowers

is to score the highest on every exam.

I'm not wasting them

on something so childish.

Do you know who I am?

Middle school next door.

I'm Ren Xiaotian the T-Rex. Ask anyone!

I'm telling you to buy it.

Show some support for Xiaomo.

Honestly, you look like

you're a bit slow in the head.

You came here with a copy of

Amateur Astronomer magazine,

limited edition.

Make your offer, T-Rex.

In your dreams.

Bye, Momo.

This toy of yours

looks out of this world.

How did you come up with it?



Are you sure?


It's family day for Momo.

Why are you so late?

Momo knew.

We've just come back from a business trip.

Momo, get in.

Why don't you come too?

Have dinner with us.

I've made dinner reservation.

I asked the driver to park down the street.

We can't drive the Rolls Royce today due to road space rationing.
So, I had him bring over the R8.

R8? What...

That's right.

You should get

a raise in your allowance.

200 is clearly not enough

for kids your age.

If you are ever short on cash,

just let your dad know.

All right?

About dinner tonight.

I'll give you two options.

You want to invite Momo?

Never mind.

So, Kobe beef

or Australian lobster?

Pick whichever you like.

It's all cool.

You can veto on both.

Just say it.

Oh, I got it.

Bluefin tuna.

Wait, no.

I forgot about your allergies.

But I've never had bluefin tuna.


You can't have it anyway.

All right?


How about the Australian lobster?

Not as good as crawfish from Xuyi.

Especially with my mixed-spices.

What about Kobe beef?

You're still growing teeth.

Beef jerky is great for that.


Give me that.

No. You gave it to me so it's mine now.

You can't just ask it back.

I'm just saving it for you.

I'll invest it

so I can give even more to you in the future.

You said the same thing about my Chinese New Year gift money.

I'm not falling for that one again.

Give it to me.

And the rest.

That's all.




I just saw it.

When did you get this ugly-ass doll?

None of your business.

Why is it so hideous?

Let me see.

Give it to me.

Let your old man take a look, come on.

Give me.

What exactly is this?

Think you can get away with this?

I'll give you the appropriate amount.

For next week.

Don't forget your piano practice tonight.

Not tonight.

I have an assignment for geography class.

Everyone has to watch the meteor shower

and write a report.

Meteor showers are part of geography class now?


Which teacher is it?

Mr. Liu.

Ok, let me give him a call.

No, please don't, please.

Do you want to play the piano

or do you want me to call the teacher?

Ren Dawang.

Why can't you just give me a break?

I'm not one of your clients.

You spoiled brat.

Say that again.

I dare you.

Hey, you haven't eaten.

I'm fed up already.

Finish your homework in 30 minutes.

And then, I expect to hear

the Turkish March.



You got five more minutes.

I'm waiting for the music.

What is it this time?

Need water.

What is with your bladder and the piano?

Two minutes.

You'd better start playing in two minutes.



You can't force someone to be an artist.


If you won't play when I tell you to,

what's going to happen when I stop?

Why can't you be as disciplined as Lang Lang?

Lang Lang, again.

What's wrong with Lang Lang?

Always aim lower at first, you know?

It's not like you can be Mozart or Beethoven.

What are you staring at me for?

You got one minute, go get your water.

Forget it.

Throw a fit all you want.

Play me the Turkish March.








Why did you stop?

I get exhausted trying to get you to practice.

Where's the music?

What are you doing?

Dad, dad, dad.

It... it just moved.

Step aside.


This'll teach you to move.

Let me see you move now.

Move, move, move.

Every time he touches the piano.

You start moving.


Need water?

Going to pee?

Don't mind me.

Call the police.

Call the police now.

What are you waiting for? It's your turn.

Keep up the act.

Come on.

Dad, dad, dad.

It's true. It just moved.

Have you considered becoming an actor?

All I asked for is some piano practice

You want an ass-kicking?


Why don't you just get out?

Then I can practice.

Why does it have to be so hard.



I'm telling you, it moved.

A good beating maketh the man.

Ren Xiaotian.

You're testing the limit of my patience.

I'll count to three.

You'd better start playing.




Respect the art.



You're a dog. You are the dog. (In Japanese

You're a dog. You are the dog. (In French

A translation device?

You're the dog.

Your whole family are dogs.

What exactly are you?

I'm from Planet Alpha-18.

As a being of pure energy,

I speak to you

through this body.

You mean...

you're an alien?

For me, you're the alien.

Like for real?

But you look...

nothing as I pictured.

That goes for the both of us.

What an interesting yet disappointing turn of events.

Wow, your Chinese is amazing.


I am equipped with the full lexicon of all of your Earth languages.

I can recite any idiom.


Overnight fame.

Undivided attention

Laugh it off.

One thing led to another.

Ok, that's enough, stop reciting.


How come you can play Mozart?

Is that thunder?

That's my dad snoring.

On my way here,

I discovered a disc

on one of your probes.

The golden record?

You must have seen Voyager 1.

That's right.

The record it carries

has Die Zauberflte by Mozart.

Which means

you're a pure energy form from outer space

that stumbled upon here

and by chance possessed this toy?

I'm here to protect you.

Protect me?


An alien bodyguard?

Do you have a name?

My name is...

Stop, stop it.

Enough with the gibberish.

Let's see.

Since you can speak our languages,

and you play Mozart,

I'll call you Mozart.


Can't you think of something nicer?


How come you can speak our languages?

Have you been to earth before?

And why can you play the piano?

What do you mean you're here to protect me?

Is someone trying to kill me?


Like the Terminator?

Too many questions.

Pick one you want to know the most.




Earlier, how did you...

make those things hover?

By magic?

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

How did you do it?

In our world.


is energy,

which controls everything.

Sting theory!

It's a possible way to explain our universe.

I read about it in an astronomy magazine.

According to the theory,

everything in the universe is made of these strings,

which vibrate in different ways,

and come together to form different micro-particles

which then form

everything in the world as we know it.

Including human beings.

So, essentially,

everything is a form of vibrating energy.


due to a lack of experiments, which are basically impossible to perform,

the theory is yet to be proved.

Come on, don't be afraid.

Come here.

Come here.


Just step on it.


I think I'll just stay here.

You earth people are wusses.

Fine. I guess I'll have to take your word for it.

Trust me.

I just need a leap of faith.

Leap of faith.


Leap of faith.

It's okay.

Leap of faith.


I told you it'd be fine.

Wow, I can really step on it.


Keep going.

I got you.

What a view.

Let go.

Let go now.

Never touch here!

Target found. Start stage 1.

Win Xiaotians trust.

Xiaotian, get up.

Come have breakfast, you're running late.

What happened to your hair?

It's from a bad sleep.

A creative one.

Where are you going?

I'm not hungry.

I'll pass on breakfast.

Skipping breakfast will give you gallstones.

Well, I just remembered I have unfinished homework.

You are just hopeless, you know?

At your age, Lang Lang

was already performing in

his own recitals.

Don't you finish my sentences.


Thief. That's my watch.

You're so stingy,

I was just borrowing it for a while.

Now, listen to me.

I'm going to school soon

so you need to stay put.

Don't go out.

I want to go to school, too.


If my dad found out about you,

we'll be in big trouble.

Who's "My Dad"?

My dad, not your dad.

Ren Xiaotian, what are you whispering?

I'm reciting an essay.

My father is Li Lei.

My mother is Han Meimei.

Nice to meet you.

Don't you have homework to do?

Yeah, preparing a speech in English.

I'm out of here.

When did you get in here?

Your planet is so noisy.

Bloody murder, that's what this is.

I told you to stay in the room.

What are you doing here?

If I stay here, how can I protect you?

Like I need your protection.

You're the biggest threat to me now.

Soon you'll realize how much you need me.

One is appalled by thy ungrateful manners.

I'm warning you. Stop abusing our language.


No one at school should see you.

You hear me?

One thing I'll always remember

is that view of him from behind.

With my visions blurred by tears,

I saw once again his chubby figure

wearing a blue cotton cheongsam and black jacket...

Alas, when will I ever

see him again?


this essay

is about the greatest love of all,

which is known as

paternal love.

Ren Xiaotian, on your feet.

You got a problem with my teaching?


Or you disagree with paternal love?

I totally agree.

In that case,

please don't put on

a condescending face as I speak.

Do you have any idea

how much emotional damage

a look like that can do to someone?

Sit down.

All right, class,

Moving on.

I advise everyone to

ponder upon the following topics.


the essay is about the father figure,

which is something worth your consideration.


in his writing,

the author's attitude towards his father...

Are we best friends?


So, there shouldn't be any secret between us.

Out with it.


Quit it.

Is it a cat, a dog, or a rabbit?

Not that.

Something that moves.

This is it. It moves.


Stop pretending. Make a move.

Come on.

Quit playing dead.


Do something.

Looks like your dad finally got to you.


You're not gonna believe this


right now you're

looking at a

real-life alien.

Ren Xiaotian.

You may insult my intelligence,

but never joke about aliens.

How can this ugly thing be an alien.

Shut up, brace-face.
- -
-A ghost! -Better looking than you.

Not a ghost.

An alien.

Its name is Mozart.


This is my buddy.


You really are an alien.

And you speak our language.

Got a name, too.

Who's got a name?

Who's got a name?


What are you guys doing?

Just hanging.


No escaping from me today.

Don't come any closer.

I told you.

You've hit me 49 times.

So, this is your last warning.

If you dare to

hit me one more time,

it's gonna look really "good" for you.

You want to mess with me?

Bring it on.

I'm about to hit you for the 51st time.

You're gonna make me...

He's spinning.

Like a carousel.

He's spinning.

This's awesome.

That's what it means by look "good."

That was badass.


Sir, my respect.


Xiaotian is my best friend

and that makes me yours.

Could you please grant me one wish?

Be more specific.

In a nutshell,

I want to be awesome in every way.

Paul, Paul, Paul.

Hey, look who it is.

It's the alien kid

and his parrot buddy.


Kick it.


Too early to go for a goal.

Hold your horses.

Yah, hey!


I scored.


I scored.

Xue Xihao.

Xue Xihao.

Xue Xihao.

Xue Xihao.

Xue Xihao.


Paul, Paul, Paul...

Paul, Paul, Paul...

Paul, Paul, Paul...

Yo, Ice-cream.

You almost gave me a heart attack.

You're blushing.

I can feel your heart rate picking up, too.

Is there also romance in your world?


Shut up.


Uh oh, not good.

I went sketching in the suburbs and

I saw these flowers

and thought of you,

and how you're just as graceful.

So I picked them for you.

I do hope you won't find my gesture


What a douche bag.

Thank you, Paul.

Chrysanthemums are for dead people.


It's time you prove your value to the team.

Be careful.

Don't kill anyone.

We need fresh talents such as yourself to join the Astronomy Club.

Paul, your hair.

It's fine.


Don't worry about it.


Who did that?

This is the last call from the Outerspace Association on Earth

This is the last call from the Outerspace Association on Earth

All alien consuls who are caught in traffic,

please hurry up.

Meanwhile, make sure you comply to the rules of the OAE,

do not use your super powers or teleport.

This is the last call from the Outerspace Association on Earth

All alien consuls who are caught in traffic,

please hurry up.

I was sent here by my planet

to observe the human beings.

Over the thirty years I've been here,

I thought I knew this world well.


during that time, my salary didn't go up much

while my rent tripled.

The human that lives with me

told me that he didn't want a relationship,

just a fling.

I've lost my faith in earth completely.

I've lost my faith in earth completely.


I've been trying to contact

my home world,

asking them to bring me back.

Look at that loser face of his.

At last, revenge is mine.



got stripped

down to his underwear.

Well done.


That was awesome.
- -
-Why aren't you moving? -Are you OK?

Why aren't it...

Did he do all that?


I did.

Under the circumstances,

there's no harm in telling you now.

I'm sorry, Ding Jieling,

but I'm actually an alien being

with superpowers from outer space.

And my name is not Xue Xihao, either.



I can't do this.


Drop the act.

My limbs are numb.

Ding Jieling, will you tell the teacher?


Listen, let's talk this out.


he takes me up there.

We are unfortunate

yet at the same time blessed.

For on our way home,

we have the divine Princess Astarr-Sh'ran,

28,000 years old, from the Galatic Alliance

as our guardian.


please welcome her highness

to honor us with a speech.

The darkness before dawn is gone.

Just now,

we have completed

the most successful upgrade on earth so far.


experts from around the world predicted that

at least 5.2 billion people will meet their demise.

But now,

not only did we finish transforming and switching the magnetic poles,

but we did it with zero casualties.

Students of the Galactic Alliance University.

In this latest feat,

each and every one of you has contributed.

I hereby announce

that Earth

has officially entered the new era.




the OAE welcomes

a new friend.

Yes, your highness.

Mr. Ma Yuan here

volunteered to join us

and has paid the 80-yuan entry fee.


which world are you from?

Can I help you with anything?


Can you do that?


Beautiful music.

Moon river, wider than a mile

I'm crossing you in style some day

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker

Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Let's go.

Two drifters, off to see the world

It's okay, just step on.

Mozart's got our back.

There's such a lot of world to see

We're after the same rainbow's end
- -
-Come on. -We're almost there.

Yeah, almost there.

Moon River, and me

My dad's job is special.

Because of his job, we moved constantly.

I've never stayed for more than two years in one place.

Everywhere I went,

I didn't have much time to make friends

before I had to leave.

I usually never even had a chance

to explore the city.

Last year, when we moved to Beijing,

I discovered this big chimney.

And I was thinking then

that before I leave

I have to get up here

and see the city.

So, you'll be leaving soon?

I don't know.

It's up to my dad.

This is the first time

I've actually gotten to know the city I live in.

Not the secretary.

Yeah, that's right.

Hello? Hello?

That was pretty good.

Go on, drink your milk.

As a reward, you can take a 30-minute break.

Thanks, dad.


You're a boy.

Keep it believable.

I'll be dead if he finds out.

You are afraid of My Dad?

It's my dad.

And I'm not afraid.

Just bored.

Bored to death. Don't you get it?

I wish he would just disappear.

Leave me alone for good.

Why does My Dad force you to practice?

He's a sicko.

Why aren't they moving?

They're dead.


It means never waking up again.

Creatures on your planet,

do they not die?

Our bodies will perish,

but not our energy,

which comes from sounds.

Beautiful sounds, of course.

How did they die?

They were shot.

Didn't you see it?

That's one mean looking toy.

Alright, time is up.

Go to sleep.

It's the weekend tomorrow.

We're going to check your grandpa out of the hospital in the morning.

Then we can have a two-day vacation together.

Huh? Going on a vacation with you guys?

Doesn't that sound nice?

It's a reward for your improvement in piano playing.

I'd rather be punished.

What was that?

Practice more if you don't feel like sleeping.

You know what, the milk does make me sleepy.

I've gained Xiaotian's trust.

Made it to 20% on the trust meter.

The barrier on his path to become an astronomer

is this creature called My Dad.

New plan, kill My Dad, a.k.a. Ren Dawang.

Xiaotian back on track, existence of worlds on stake.

Wipe out all memories once mission is accomplished.

Deviation of the space-time continuum entails catastrophic repercussions.

Tomorrow, I'll assassinate My Dad.

Sir, we will miss you.

Come visit if you miss us too.

Sure, I will.


Dad, let me.


Take care.


Li, here, have some apple.

Sir, I'm Li. Sir.

Have some orange.

Thank you.

Mr. Ren.

Please come back and teach us more about singing.
- -
-No problem. -We're all eager to learn.


Alright, that's it for today.

Keep practicing.

We'd like to hear you sing one more time.

Please, don't tire yourselves

Yeah, thank you guys.


Take care of yourself, Mr.Ren.

Goodbye, Mr.Ren.

Xiaotian, how old are you now?

I'm 13.

Are you married?

Dad, he's 13.


I just dropped him off at the kindergarten yesterday.


Whatever you say.

Get in.

You must let me sing a song at his wedding.

What song?

How about "The Paean" by Hu Songhua?

Watch the steps, help your grandpa.


I'll go, too.

Here you go.


Hey, what the hell?

I was peeling an apple for you.

Where's the apple?

Right, the apple.

It tastes so good so...

I ate it myself.

How about I peel you another one?

What were you yelling about?




What are you talking about?

I... I want to be like Mozart,

instead of Lang Lang.

I find him to be

a bit untalented.

Tell me,

what exactly do you want?

What's your agenda here on earth?

To protect you.

I'll take care of the bullies.

Take care of?

You mean murder.

I'm warning you.

Don't you ever try that again.

Listen carefully.

You hear me? I'm talking to you.

Ma Yuan didn't show.

He left early in the morning.

If he is not at school,

where else could he be?

Could something have happened to him?

Mr. Ma, stay calm.


Xu Yifan, come here.

You sit with Ma Yuan.

Noticed anything unusual about him lately?

Lately, he seemed

quite suspicious.

Listening to the radio all the time,

said he found this weird channel.

What's it called?

Outerspace something Association.



Outerspace Association...


What, your family has connections to outer space.

Here's the thing.

When Ma Yuan was four,

his mother died in a car accident.

I didn't know how to tell him that

so I made up something.

about his mom going to outer space.

Then he kept asking me

what she went there for.

and when she would come back.

I couldn't explain

so I kept lying.

I said that his mom went to an alien world to help with their infrastructure.

And that she'd be back in ten years.

You went too far, my friend.

I thought that he'd forget it when he grows up.

How could I have known he would keep believing it all this time?

It's not his fault.

You really fueled his imagination with those stories.

It was ten years from today.

The day his mom died.

You said aliens are real.

Prove it.

Mr. Deng.

Mr. Deng.

Ma Yuan.

I think he's in Miyun.


Yesterday, on our way home after school,

he asked me

whether he should take the bus or the subway to Miyun.

What is he doing in Miyun?

What is he doing in Miyun?

Mr. Deng.

We have to call the police.

There's a reservoir in Miyun.

Did Ma Yuan really go to Miyun looking for aliens?

He'd never believe that aliens are with us.

I know where he might have gone.

You guys want a ride home?

We do need a ride,

but not back home.

The princess tricked the kid into coming here.

What happens when he doesn't see his mom tonight?

Of course he won't.

The kid believes his mom went to an alien world.

Clearly he's not very bright.

He'd have a better chance seeing a ghost

than seeing his mom tonight.

What if he asks us

for his 280 yuan back?

We'll just tell him that

we investigated the planet his mom went to

and it was gone.


Mr. Ma, please wait here.

Ling, you kids be safe out there.

We will.

She's not here to look for that dumb kid, is she?

There, there he is.

How did he get up there?

Tell him to come down now.

No, he won't listen.

He's convinced that his mom

is coming to get him from another planet.

Another planet?

In which galaxy?

I got an idea.

Mozart, you're on.

We'll wail till nightfall.

Should we call Ma Yuan's dad?

Good idea.

Let's see

if there's anything we can use.

These will do.

It's showtime.


I need more music.

Is this... magic?

Film it.


With your phone.

Come on.

I'm from Planet Alpha-18.

Greetings, Ma Yuan.

And then?

Are you...

an alien?

Do I not look like one?

Not as I pictured.

Shouldn't you have a spaceship or something like that?

Where's my mom?

I was sent to your world

to formally inform you that

your mother is helping us in the construction of our planet

which is a remarkable project.

In the future

all living things in both of our worlds

will be moving there.

But I thought she'd be back in ten years.

That's today.

You took her away ten years ago on this day.

I'm sorry.

Since the construction isn't done,

she can't come home just yet.

But don't worry,

she is very happy in our world.

And she asked me to tell you

that she's been thinking of you

the whole time she was there.

She's been thinking of me?



is a seed from our planet.

She wants you to keep it.

She says,

watching them sprout and grow

reminds her of you.

She also says

you should love your family and friends,

and stop bullying the boy named Ren Xiaotian.

Be his friend.

Ren Xiaotian.

My mom knows about him too?

Why didn't you tell him to be friends with Xue Xihao?

You should listen to your mother.

Yeah, of course I will.


Give her these for me, will you?

Tell her to keep up her good work there.

And that

dad misses her, too.

The other day,

he was looking at her photo

and crying while he smoked.

I saw it.

Tell my mom

that we'll be waiting for her return.

I will.

All of these are from sports competitions

but I promise

she'll see more when she gets back.

Keep your hands steady.

They are.

What exactly is that little thing?

What exactly is that little thing?

How can it be so strong?

Not bad.

You should lose some weight.

Now that I've accomplished my mission.

Good bye, Ma Yuan.

Good bye.

Ma Yuan.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry, son.

What I told you...


Don't worry.

Mom is doing great in that world.

The alien told me

she thinks of us everyday.

And when she's done building the planet,

she'll be back.


We should wait for her.

We will.

Till she returns.


You are a genius.

Good job.


What are you thinking?

Do aliens worry, too?

You earth people

are so weird.

If you hate My Dad so much,

why don't you make him go away?

That's not okay!

But then no one will force you to play the piano.

It's still wrong.


Because he's my dad.


So, if he disappears

I'll be very sad.


What's with all the questions?

Because he's my family.

Without him I wouldn't have even been born.

Don't you have family?


You don't have family?

How were you born then?

Out of the soil.

Like a potato.

No wonder you don't understand.

Ma Yuan has My Dad.

And you have My Dad, too.

You poor alien.

You don't even have a family.

Can you be My Dad?

No, of course not.


No, I can't.

Families are biologically related.

You're alien and I'm human.

How can we be related?

What's wrong?

I'm tired.

Aliens get sleepy, too?

A gentle breeze brings with it

A voice that keeps saying

Come back please

Your highness.

Come back now.

Your highness.

Come back please

We eh...


just saw an alien.

Shut up.

Each and every of us

is from an alien world.

It's not pretend.

A real one.

I know.

It's a movie.


Not a movie, it's real.

I swear.

Your highness.

Could it be one of our people?

Coming to bring us home?

It must be.

I remember this one

from my dreams.

That's right.

I seem to...

remember it,too.

Come back please. Come back now.

Rest assured, guys.

I'll be sending out a signal

to get in touch with our people.

And soon we will meet.

It won't be long before we leave earth.

Come back please. Come back now.

Outcasts on planet earth.

Find out who those kids are.


Come back please. Come back now.

and it was gone.


that thing with the fan, was it you?

So, playing dead again?


Keep pretending.

This'll teach you play dead.

Xiaotian, Mr. Mao is here.

Mozart, wake up.

My piano teacher's here, you have to help me.

This way, come on.

Have a seat, please.



How was practice this week?

Not bad, I guess.

Since when did you learn to be modest?

That's good.

Means there's room for improvement.

Speaking of Xiaotian's improvement,

allow me to say it with modesty that

it can be called

a qualitative leap.

Wow, I can't wait to hear it.


Play for me.

Come on.

Show Mr. Mao now.



Mozart, quit messing around.

Please, just wake up, come on.

Mozart, Mozart.

Are you chanting a spell or something?

Kid's obsessed with Mozart lately.

Kid's obsessed with Mozart lately.

It's always good to set up a goal.

Enough waiting, let's hear it.

Get yourself in the mood,

and get ready to start.

Now, go.

why are you playing the Little Star?


Turkish March.

Come on.




Absolutely ridiculous.

No, wait.

He didn't play it like that before.

Please don't get mad.

I'm not mad.

Really, Mr. Ren, I'm not.

I never expected a qualitative leap in one week.

But his playing can't possibly have worsened...

That just doesn't make any sense.

Of course, you're right.

I'm not charging you for today's session.
- -
-I don't deserve it. - No, no, no.

It's not about money.

No, it's not.

You should know that I'm a professional.


I've taught students who

went on to play in the Yuehai Cup finals.

I know, you're the best.

Everyone knows that.

I'm afraid that continuing this lesson

would be a waste of our time

and my life as an artist.

Please listen to me.

Wait, let's...

Why don't you get another teacher?

Will you?

No, please.

And, also...

do me a favor.

Don't ever tell anyone that

he was a student of Mao Ningning.

It wasn't you that played the piano, was it?

It was me.

It must have been a ghost,

otherwise it wouldn't have been so terrible.

His staring made me nervous.


The only thing that should make you nervous

is the lack of practice.

I've got a simple solution.

From today on,

all entertainment is canceled.

Spend every second practicing.

I object!

Objection overruled.

At least one of us should have some dignity.

Eight years.

You know how much it has cost me?

You can't even pass the level 9 exam.

Even if I did there's level 10,

and then the pro-level.

You're trying to make a piano player out of me.

It's called a pianist.

I don't want to be one.

What do you want to be, then?

Enlighten me, please.

With your grades, which are pathetic,

and without any skills to get by,

what are you going to do in the future?

I can already see it.

You want to end up like me?

Riding the bus, living in a resettlement house?

Then marrying a snobbish woman,

who despises you, then divorces you?

I'm your father.

Everything I did was for your sake, son.

I'd never do anything to harm you.

Then don't use me as a compensation for your failure.

You've planned my whole life out.

What's in there for me to live for?

What do you want to live for, then?

My passion is with the universe.

Outer space.

Exploring alien civilizations.

I'm destined to sail across the sea of stars.

Earth is too small for you, huh?

So full of pipe dreams.

Beat me up all you want,

I'm not going to be a piano player.

It's called being an artist.

Xiaotian, mark my words.

Science can't be the ultimate answer to all of our questions.

It's got to be art. Art.


Let's not talk about that now.

You've played the piano for eight years.

At least show me some results, you know?

What kind of results are you talking about?

Lang Lang,

at your age,

was already the winner of Yuehai Cup.

I don't expect the same from you.

So long as you make it into the finals,

I'll let you off the hook for good.

Making it into the Yuehai Cup finals?

Keep your promise.

I always do.

What are you doing?

Get up.

Are you insane? It's 5 o'clock in the morning.

If you want to make it into the final.

Get up now.

What are we doing here?




Just let me go home and sleep.

Close your eyes.
- -
-Listen. -What?

What have you heard?

I'm hungry.

What did you feed me?


This alien is trying to kill me.

What's going on?

What the hell is this?

Where does energy come from for you earth people?

I don't know about kids,

but for grownups it's



power and stuff like that.

In our world,

all energy comes from art.




Whoever has the most artistic talent

has the strongest vitality and energy.

So, in your world,

maybe I can be a leader?

More like a disabled person.

That's how we help them, by injecting energy into their food.

When you eat that, you'll soon

be able to hear what I hear.

So, this is how the world sounds to you.

Let's talk more about art.

How did sound become art?

The art of nature is all around us.

You hate playing the piano,

because music is dead to you.

Forcing yourself to memorize,

of course you play terribly.

The truth is, in this world,

each sound has a different pitch,

and each pitch

is a living note.

I know.

Tonal discrimination.

In this world,

except for noises,

every sound has a fixed tone.
Horn, so.
Pigeon whistle, xi.
Water sprinkling, re.

Not enough.

Keep listening.

Pick your favorite sound.

Remember its pitch.

And, when you're playing,

forget about notes and tones,

just think of these sounds,

make them your friends,

soldiers that you command.

True art

is what comes from your heart.

Doesn't matter how you express it.

Now, take your soldiers

and march.

In the 18th Yuehai Cup's Teen Group competition,

Ren Xiaotian, a 13-year-old prodigy,

entered the national finals as a dark horse.

In his performance,

we heard something that touches the essence of music,

something that feels like being embraced by mother nature.

It's mesmerizing.

Rather than playing the piano,

he was painting a masterpiece with heart and soul.

Mr. Gong, I'm not trying to sell you insurance.

Our son

made it into the Yuehai Cup finals.

How's that?

Forget going to night clubs,

and enjoy something elegant.

Tomorrow, yes.


You look just like me

when I was young and handsome.


The only thing missing would be

the shoes your mom got you.

Then you'll be perfect.


Please, dad.

Remember what you promised me?

That if I made it into the finals,

my job is done?

So, I...


I'm not going to compete in the finals.

You don't have a fever.

Why are you talking nonsense?

I don't want to go.

Come here.


it's normal to feel pressure at a moment like this,

but you must know that

you're not competing

for anyone else,

certainly not for me,

but for yourself.

To prove to yourself

how far you can reach.

That's why the results

don't matter at all.

Just relax

and enjoy the performance.

Come on, together,

let's take a deep breath.

This one is no good.

Needs more practice.

Now, judges, please rate the contestant.

Our last contestant today

is Ren Xiaotian from Luhe Middle School, Beijing.

And he's going to perform for us

12 Variations on "Ah Vous Dirai-je, Maman".

Lang Lang never pees during practice.

If you can't even control your bladder,

how are you supposed to control the music?

True art is what comes from your heart.


we're talking about Jay Chow's label.

You won't even think about it?

My son was just born.

I can't go to Taiwan.

You know nothing except singing and playing guitar.

How are you going to raise your child?

By selling insurance?

Let's drink.

Quit singing.

Come on.

You think you are an artist?

Finish this bottle.

I'll give you 500.

Listen to my bro.

Finish it.

500 more for you.

How could you spend the last of our savings

on this crappy piano without even consulting me?

What were you thinking?

We can always make more money

but our son's education can't wait.

I can't live like this any longer.

What are you doing?



judges, please rate the contestant.

Ren Xiaotian.

For the second half of the piece,

you didn't follow the original arrangement.


you played this whole new melody.

Any reason for doing that?

Will you share with us?

I'd like to dedicate the improvisation

to a friend of mine.

What kind of a friend

gave you that inspiration?

His name

is Mozart.


He is my friend,too.

As well as




and Bach,

all of whom I consider my friends.

Mr. Lang Lang.

Can I ask you a question, too?


Is it true that when you practice,

you never have to pee?

When I don't want to practice,

I pee 50 times a night.

I hereby announce

the winner of this year's

Yuehai Cup National Finals,

Teen Group,

is Ren Xiaotian.

Sir, are you all right?

Come on, you have to see this.

Yuehai Cup, man.

And he took home the trophy with ease.

Who's gonna believe that?

Must be because he's got my genes.

Can't argue with that,

can you?


Congratulations to both you and Xiaotian.


We'll go wait in the car.

Goodbye, brother.


Thanks for giving me Mozart.

It was yours in the first place.

Let's go.



Mom is so proud of you.

We wouldn't get to be pround without the hardwork.

It took a lot of effort.

Not bad, Xiaotian.

Guess I'll call you maestro from now on.

Please don't.

Hello, sir.

You kids chat.

Come visit when you have time.

I'll be at the entrance.

Bye, Mr. Ren.

Good bye, sir.

Thank you all for being here for me today.

I'm moving again.

This time to Shenzhen.

When are you leaving?

The day after tomorrow.

Oh, no

That's heartbreaking news.

It's all right.

So you have to leave.


we can keep in touch on WeChat.

I have to go.


Keep in touch.

Catch that alien

and we'll be rich.

No more acting for the rest of our lives.

I'm going to his place to intercept him.

He's not getting away this time.

Xiaotian, come out here.

Look what Grandpa got you.


Kid, your dad told me

that you're feeling pretty good after winning some cup?

Yeah, the Yuehai Cup.

I know.

That's why I got you this telescope,

so you can look at the stars anytime.

Cool, thank you, grandpa.

It's not that big a deal. Come on.

Go change now.

We'll all go out and have a fancy meal.

Braised ham.

I don't have enough energy to sing nowadays.

Need more nutrition.

You got it.

That's great.

Definitely need some nutrition.

Watch it, that's the closet.

Bathroom is outside.

All right.

I'm not as dumb as you are.

So, surprised?

You betcha.

Then you're gonna love this.

Thanks, dad.

I've always wanted this.
- -
-Thanks, dad. -It's my gift to you.

And how about this?

What is it?


What is this?

See for yourself.
- -
-Suprise. -A ticket to the Shanghai Astronomy Museum?

Open it.




Didn't see this one coming, did you?

The music academy hasn't made exception

for anyone in three years.

They did it for you.

You're about to enter the best music school

in all of China.

I'm not going.

It's okay.

You need time to accept it.

I won't accept.

You lied to me.

You said if I made it into the final

I wouldn't have to play the piano anymore.

But you won.

If you love it so much, go yourself.

I'm not going.

Don't you do this to me, Ren Xiaotian.

You may hate me now,

but someday you will

thank me for doing this.

Is Xiaotian having a fight with his wife?

Damn it.

No, that's not it.

Are we still having braised ham?

No, we're not.

Who do you think you're talking to?

Okay, now.

You little bastard.

What are you...

Braised pork.

Don't hit so hard.


Dad, it's not what you think.

Meat balls.

All right.
- -
-My energy's all gone. -Sure, yeah.


Let's run away.

To where?

We'll go get Mouse first

then say goodbye to Ice-cream.


Can you make sure Ren Dawang won't find out?

Wow, this is not exactly low-key.

Someone will see us.

Haven't you noticed?

You earth people

hardly ever look up.

Xue Xihao, your name is pronounced like "good student".

Your grandpa must've regretted giving you this name.

Your buddy Ren Xiaotian,

he's a student with talent now.

Getting into high school won't be a problem.

You, on the other hand,

only know how to play around like a fool.

I signed you up for an online course, work harder.

Don't you guys think this is too much?

Let's go find Ding Jieling.

Is this dangerous?

It's safe.

I ran all the way from home.

Mozart's here.

Let's go.

I'll catch you if you fall.

Come on.


Let's go.

Riding the clouds.


Have you finished packing?

Our flight is tomorrow afternoon.

I know.


Oh my god.

What are you guys doing here?

Xiaotian didn't get to say goodbye properly yesterday.

Well, this is way too proper, don't you think?

Are we in a sci-fi movie?


Wanna come on board?

I'd better not.

You're about to leave Beijing.

Is there any place you'd like to see one last time?

Ice-cream, where do you wanna go?

I'll take you.


The Great Wall.

Is that too far?

I don't think we can go there on the books.

Mozart, any ideas?


Maximum volume.

Here's some energy.

Mouse, Mouse.

Mozart, you're awesome.

Come on up.

Let's go


Ding Jieling, come on.


Is everyone ready?

Aye aye, captain, we're ready.

C.O. Mozart,

head northeast. Destination: the Great Wall.


They're going home.

Should we follow them?

You bet your ass we will.

Moon river, wider than a mile

I'm crossing you in style some day

Are you eating or not?

You stupid kid.

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker

Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters, off to see the world

There's such a lot of world to see


People are filming us down there.

We're after the same rainbow's end


How cool is that?

waiting round the bend

My huckleberry friend, Moon River, and me

Have you noticed?

Every time that alien pulls some big stunt,

he's either wearing a headset or listening to music.

What does that mean?

It means he's very cultured?


Shut your pipe hole.

It means his energy comes from music.

So, maybe we can throw him off with noise.

Since when did you get so smart?

Speed up, don't lose them.


Can you see your home from here?

It's too far.

Do you miss it?

Do you guys want to

see the stars more clearly?

Are we flying again?


Wow, Mozart.

How many more surprises do you have up your sleeve?

Is that Orion?

That's what you call it?

That's Ursa Major.

And that's Pegasus.


Has anyone from your world ever visited earth before?

We're good at designing things

while you are good at building them.

In the past,

we tried to convey ideas of civilization-building to Earth

by projecting energy through string vibration.

Then, you turned those ideas

into buildings on your planet.

Which buildings are based on your ideas?

For example,

this one.

Mozart, you are amazing!

This one.

And this one.

This too.

When we catch that alien

we'll make him do a movie show like this every day.

Box-office gross will go through the roof.

Shut up, you idiot.

What's so great about getting rich on earth?

We should ask him to bring us home.

So, your highness?

Are we going in?


We're equally numbered.

Three versus three, perfect.

Use your brain.

That alien is the biggest problem.

That's right.

We can't win by force.

Only by strategy.

Forgive me.

Wait, were you guys responsible for

the seven wonders of the world?
And all the unsolved mysteries along the 30th parallel north?

So beautiful.

There has always been

a close tie between our world and yours.

What's happening?


I'm losing my energy.

Play him some music.

My battery is out.

Mine, too.

I'm starving.

Should we just go home?

How are we supposed to do that?

Now that Mozart's running out of juice.


Can you tell us a story?

Far far away in outer space,

there is this planet

called Alpha-18.

where art is the only energy source.

It is the most beautiful planet

in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.


it's going to perish in 66 years,

earth time.

60 years from now,

in the year 2082 on your calendar,

human beings will have their first encounter of an extraterrestrial civilization.

That's when they established official ties with Alpha-18.

By taking advantages of our two civilizations

we constructed a new planet together.

which will be the home for both worlds in the future.

However, based on our latest observation,

the person that's most crucial to

bringing the two worlds together, 60 years from now,

is an astronomer on Earth,

who has somehow deviated from

his original path in life.

Should this person take the wrong path,

not only Alpha-18,

but Earth too would end up destitute.

In order to save both of our worlds,

Alpha-18 sent a brave soldier

to investigate the cause of deviation,

a creature known as My Dad.

However, the soldier couldn't bring himself to kill My Dad,


Because it would

break Xiaotian's heart.

Clouds of home, they float above me

Calling out my name

A gentle breeze brings with it

A voice that keeps saying

Come back please

The little fatty's got some kick.

Put a headset on him.



I got it.

I got it.

I got it.

You little fatty.

It's worth a lot of money.



Xue Xihao.


Xue Xihao.

Haohao, Mom's here.



I think someone's calling my name.

You're delusional.

Xue Xihao.

Haohao, Mom's here.

I heard it, too.

It's my dad.




I'm here.










What are you doing here?

How did you get out?

Where's Mozart?

Where's Mozart?

What are you talking about?

Where's Mozart?




You are scaring me, son.


Son, Mozart is dead.

It's true.

Both Mozart and Beethoven are dead.

Long time ago.

Look what he's done to the child.


What's the point of winning the prize

if the kid ended up like this?



It's just a toy.

I'll get you another one.

You know those blind boxes?

It's the biggest thing now.


If I were you,

I'd get the Calsbash Brothers.

All seven of them.
- -
-Dad. -And...

Dad, please let me be alone for a while.

Of course.

Far far away in outer space,

there is this planet called Alpha-18. astronomer on earth.

Should this person take the wrong path,

not only Alpha-18,

but Earth too would end up destitute.

Xiaotian, slow down.

That's too much information to take in in such a short time.

Anyway, we've only got seven hours left.

After that,

Mozart will leave this planet.

We have to locate him before that happens.


You don't even know where he went.

Is there any way you can contact him?

When you eat that,

you'll soon

be able to hear what I hear.

I got it, Mouse.

We'll meet at Ma Yuan's.


Who is leaving earth?


Finish your noodles first.


Why always Mozart?


It just moved.

It wasn't you that played the piano, was it?

It was me.

I'd like to dedicate this improvisation

to a friend of mine.

His name is Mozart.


What are you doing?

Don't you have a job?

Man, you've lost it again.

You've lost it.

With your stupid friends

who can't tell music from noise.

You call that singing?

How many times have I told you?

Get some proper vocal training.

Make a legitimate career out of it,

like Hu Songhua,

so you can perform on a decent stage.

How great would that be, son?

Dad, you're talking about ancient history here.

How could I not?

Given your pathetic grades in school,

I have to find you a means of livelihood.

You've planned my whole life out.

What's in there for me to live for?

Who else is going to look after you, then?

I'm your father.

You've planned my whole life out.

What's in there for me to live for?

I'd never do anything to harm you.

I'm your father.

Everything I did was for your sake, son.

I'd never do anything to harm you.

I understand now.

You understand nothing.

Here, take this.

Bon appetite, dad.

I'm telling you, Ren Dawang.

You may hate me now

but someday

you will thank me for doing this.

Thank you.

I thought we were having braised ham.


Thank you

for coming to say goodbye to Lingling.


Please take good care of her.

I'm her father.

By blood.

Let's go, Lingling.





I'm not leaving with you today.

You'll go with him?


I'm going to find a friend.

He's missing.

I fear he might be in danger.


I know the decision to move is abrupt,

but please try to understand.

When we settle down in the new place,

you'll make new friends.

Soon you'll get used to it.


Why do I have to get used to it?

Just because I'm your only child,

I have to put up with that?

Every time I make new friends,

I have to say goodbye to them.

Whenever I get used to life in a city,

I have to leave.

Have you ever thought about how that made me feel?

This time,

I don't want to get used to that feeling.



I'll keep her company.

Ma Yuan, open up.

Come on.

Ma Yuan.

Open up.

Ma Yuan.

What are...

you two doing here?

Ma Yuan.

Where's that orange Mozart gave you?


The alien?

Yeah, that's right.

How did you even know?

I'll explain later.

Tell us now.

Where is the orange that glitters?

I planted it,

trying to let it grow into a fruit tree.

It's from another world, after all.

I water it every day

but nothing grows.

That belongs to my mom.

Ma Yuan.

Spit it out, now.
- -
-It's not your mother's. -Spit it out.

It's Xiaotian's.

Spit it out.

Ren Xiaotian.


Are you hearing anything?


Someone is intentionally playing noise to Mozart.

I can feel it.

He's very weak now.

And he needs us.


more donations

mean more time with our

alien buddy.

The more you give,

the sooner you'll be going home.

It's not like you can

spend this earth money back home.

What's the point of keeping it?

Donate all of it.

Come on.

No rush.

Get in line.

Get in line.

Clouds of Mars

They float above me

Calling out my name


So, it was you guys all along.

Someone's singing.

What about my mom?

My mom?

Such a weird song.

Come back please

Come back now

Outcasts on planet earth

How do you know?

I know where they are.

You're still here.

Xiaotian, where's Mozart?

We're looking for him, too.

Get in.


Paul, looks like we need your car now.

Glad to be of your service.


sit tight.

Do you have a driver's license?

I'm eighteen.

So, you're not a genius, you're just old.

Brothers and sisters

let's bake this alien panda

and eat its meat.

It'll give us more alien power.

She's right.

Get your hands off him.

Why should we listen to you?

Where are you even from?

Physics Department.





The most useless one.

We are from...

the none of your business department.

What in the name of god...

Get them.

Try and stop me

I'll burn you alive.

Wonder Woman.

There you go.

Out of my way.

Kids nowadays are crazy.

Let's go, Xia.

Don't worry.

I still got some galactic energy left.

Stop acting.

The panda.

This kid sure can run.

There is no getting him off our tail.

Deal with him.

You little rat.

You little rat.

Oh my God.



Let Mozart go.

He's running out of time.


Let go now and you will live.

Good boy.


Let go.


Let go.


You asked for it.

I don't even hit my son.

Who the hell

do you think

you are?


Luckily, the police are still tracking your phone.

Don't mind me.

Go save Mozart.


As a matter of fact,

you and I

are doing pretty much the same thing.

It took me three years

to convince those losers

that they are alien outcasts

and only I can bring them home.

Then you showed up

and no one believed me anymore.

How am I gonna charge them now?

You shouldn't stop people from getting rich.

It's a punishable crime.

Let him go.

Don't come any closer.

I see you didn't bring your fancy water guns.

Set him free, now.

You have no idea what you're doing to Earth

and the entire human race.

The entire human race.

Oh, I'm scared.

Let me tell you something,

I'm the one who invented that story.


He's telling the truth.

I can vouch for him

Who are you calling ma'am?

No, I'm sorry, it's...

miss, miss.

Miss, is that okay?

No, no, no.


You don't have to do this.

We're all human beings here.

Why let an alien turn us against one another?


Just tell me what you want.

I want him dead.

Wait, wait.

No need to hurry.

Wait, wait, wait.

Do me a favor.

I was too negligent

to notice

that he's your friend.


I'm sorry.

I've been lying to you all this time.

I'm the one that should be apologizing.

That day on the Great Wall,

I was scared to death.

It got me thinking that

if anything happens to you,

all that crap about becoming the next Lang Lang

would mean absolutely nothing.

Is that right?

So, I won't force you anymore.

Do whatever you want.

As long as you're healthy,


and happy.


Thank you.

That's enough.

No more melancholic drama.

My arms are getting sour.

No, don't.


any last words

to your alien buddy here?

I'll give you a chance.

Two seconds.

One, two.

Got nothing to say?

Hey, wait, wait.

In our world,

all energy

come from art.

Poetry, paintings, music.

Whoever has the most artistic talent

has the strongest vitality and energy.

has the strongest vitality and energy.

Moon river, wider than a mile

I'm crossing you in style some day

Oh, dream maker, you heart

Shut up.

Stop singing.


Very good.

All these people here to see how I burn this alien.

You stupid panda,

you traveled all this way just to ruin my plan.

See you in next life.




I've accomplished my mission.

I must go back now.

No, no.

I'm not letting you go.

I have to go home.

And somewhere down the road

we will meet again.


Promise me then

that I'll see you again.


are we family?

We are.



What are you doing here?

A field trip?

Field trip.

I seem to remember my dad's waiting for me in the airport.


I was saying goodbye.

Ma Yuan.

How come you're here, too?

I was going to ask you the same thing.


What are you doing here with us?

I think...

I had too much to drink last night.

All right, let's all get out of here.

Come on.

Let's go.

Get moving.

You still have piano practice.

I'm kidding.

So? Are you hungry?


How about dinner at our place?


Before I knew it,

I'm in the 9th grade.

And once again the day has come for club recruitment.

Mouse decided he won't let his talent go to waste

and that he should become successful.

So he founded a new club

for cross-talk comedy.

So far, not good.

If there really were an eighth wonder of the world

then it has to be Ma Yuan,

who's been soaking himself in knowledge every day.

After a year-long sleepless studying streak,

he finally got a score of 99,

out of a total of 660.


he's planning to get into a sports school.

So, there is always hope

as long as he keeps trying.

Ice-cream went to Shenzhen with her dad.

She plans to apply for a college here.


things aren't all bad.

As for me.

I've established something for myself, too.

A new club.

And I'm waiting

for my first taker.

A kindred spirit.







History does keep repeating itself.



Still, I strongly believe that

truth is always known to the few.

Days ago, the police raided a group of fraudsters.

Niu Yuxia, the leader, identified herself as princess of Planet Hor'moor

Through organized and systematical brainwashing,

they have conned a considerable number of individuals

for purpose of unlawful profit-making.

I'm not crazy.

How can anyone be so stupid?

Princess of Planet Hor'moor?

I'm the Prince of Planet Hulala.


does that

Princess Niu Yuxia

look familiar to you?

Maybe you saw her in a dream.

Be careful, or she'll haunt you at night.

As for my dad...

Xiaotian, you're back.

We're having crawfish tonight.

With mixed spices again?

You have a good nose.

Wash your hands first.

Maybe it's because of his age,

but his heart has gotten as soft

as his belly.

People say

the moment you start to feel nostalgic

is the moment you grow old.

In that case.

I am old.

I told you I'm not taking medication.

I'm not a lunatic.

You alien pandas.

What are you doing?


Don't kill me.

Don't be afraid.

According to you Earth people,

the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


we'll get you out

and we'll take on your enemy together.

Ren Xiaotian and his gang.


That's the thing about the universe,

You don't even know how wonderful it is

until you look at it.


The most impressive thing for me, though,

is that

young Copernicus.

He sure was one interesting kid.

You know, he wrote about

how he leaned upon the window sill

staring at the sky.

And when his brother asked him

if he was in a daze,

guess what he said?

I'm going to study the stars.

In the future,

I'm going to

make the stars

Moon river, wider than a mile

I'm crossing you in style some day

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker

Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Twinkle twinkle little star