MR-9: Do or Die (2023) Movie Script

-Check, check.
This is MR-9.
Control, do you copy?
-MR-9. We are connected
with you.
-Copy that.
-Boss, the bombs are ready.
We need to go soon.
-Man, let me light that
cigarette bullshit for you.
- Please!
-Hey, lookee,
lookee who we have here.
- I've got children.
Please don't kill me.
Please help me.
- Hello, friends.
- Please.
-I'd say welcome, but I find it
a little inconvenient
that you're trying
to crash my party.
Sending a child
to do a man's job.
What do your people know
about my operation?
- Help. Help.
Don't shoot me.
-No! Today you die!
-Time's running out.
Find out what he knows
and clean this up.
And take care of that.
-Go to hell.
-Big mistake!
-MR-9, you have to get
out of there.
The bomb is going to blast
in 30 seconds.
-Go, go, go!
-Smile. My son!
You ready to make some history?
-Let's go.
-How you doing, little brother?
-Still alive, as you can see.
Anything you need?
I'm just glad
you're still alive.
-It's time for my massage.
You want in on this?
-No, no.
You-you-you do your thing.
You relax.
We'll talk later.
-Our early-bird reports
have indicated
that our target of interest,
Mr. Subir Shen,
will be meeting
with Roman Ross in Las Vegas.
Thanks, Paul.
-We need eyes and ears
on the ground ASAP.
I need us to have intel
on all of his known associates.
-That's it, gentlemen.
-Everything's on schedule.
I'll be in Vegas on time.
-Get the fuck out!
- He is going up.
- Duke!
I'll make sure
he doesn't come down.
-Subir, stop.
Look, I'm not
trying to hurt you.
Just wanna make a deal.
Doesn't have to be
anything more than that.
All right?
I just need you to come
in with me. We just--
All right, chill the fuck out.
I just need your--
There goes our Vegas connect.
-Ah, he can be replaced.
-With who?
-I got a guy
we can recruit from B.C.I.
-What, Bangladesh?
-Good to see you.
-MR-9. Good to see you.
-Good to see you, too, sir.
-This is Paul Taylor, operation
officer from C.I.A.
-Paul Taylor.
-Masud Rana.
-Nice to finally
meet you in person, MR-9.
Heard a lot of your stories.
I read a lot of your case files,
too -- very impressive.
-Okay, let's start
the presentation.
-We've come to find out
there were crates of boxes
in the basement of that mansion.
Each crate contained high-tech,
robotic explosives and weapons,
and some unidentified material,
as well.
The manufacturer
was R&R Robotics.
You weren't just on a raid.
You slammed right into
the tip of the iceberg.
-And that's why they blew up
that place on that day.
They were compromised,
and they did not want us
to get a hold of the evidence.
The compound in South Africa
was just one of many,
-They've been selling their
weapons in Africa for some time
and delivering them
throughout the world, as well.
The supplier, again,
appears to be R&R Robotics,
owned by celebrity
billionaire Roman Ross
and his sideline younger brother
Ricci, who you know very well.
Ricci is the brains
of R&R Robotics.
He was also their first
successful experiment, as well.
-How so?
-Well, the brothers
inherited billions
from their family fortunes.
A couple of years ago, Ricci
developed a rare eye disease.
Caused him to go blind.
After that, he funded a study
that combines stem-cell research
and robotic technology.
He now has bionic eyes.
That gives him
superhuman vision.
Roman is the face of Ricci's
public corporation.
It's just a front for his
international smuggling ring.
Right now, the rest
of the world sees Roman Ross
as a successful business tycoon
whose technology is doing
great things for the world.
Imagine if Pablo Escobar
did what he did with the guide
of a billion-dollar legitimate
business in front of him.
Only the B.C.I. and the C.I.A.
know about this at this point.
I know there's more
going on behind the curtain.
I just hope that we can find out
what it is before it's too late.
Subir Shen, born into money.
Blew his family's fortune
on hookers, cocaine, and booze.
You name it.
He was set up in Los Angeles
to go undercover for the T.L.F.
as a Bangladeshi national.
He was gonna meet up
with Roman and his guys
and carry out their first
mission into Las Vegas.
He died two days ago when my
partner and I got too close.
We were able to cover it up
before the T.L.F. found out.
-And this, Sulota Devi.
-As dangerous
as she is beautiful.
The T.L.F. has them ready to
meet up in 48 hours in Las Vegas
to carry out their first mission
in the United States.
-So, now that Subir Shen
is out of the picture?
-You step into his shoes.
The T.L.F. has a strict protocol
of not revealing their
agents' names to each other
when they're on secret missions.
Jointly, they formed
a new terror force,
high tech and brute force.
We've got --
-I'm in.
It's good to see you.
-You are the only few
I can say that about.
- It's hard to
hate the toy maker.
Now, let's take a look
at your new toys.
Here's your cloning phone.
Set it next to the device
you'd like to tap.
Give the A.I. two minutes
to read the magnetic field,
and you'll intercept
their calls, text messages,
and any signals coming in or out
without them knowing.
-I could've used something
like that in my younger days.
-There's a reason
we don't hire teenagers
anymore, MR-9.
Now, I know you like music.
This is a wireless speaker,
but when you push this button... get a three-dimensional
surveillance system,
stretching 14 floors.
I know you've seen
3-D glasses before,
but, uh, you're gonna have to
take a look through these.
-Security camera?
-Mm, guess again.
-A security camera
with multifunctional zoom lens?
-Mm, closer.
Ah! There it is.
A micro-surveillance bug
connected to your smart watch.
Yes, this thing will, uh,
infiltrate anywhere you'd like,
and it can also
keep you outta trouble,
if you know what I mean.
-Maybe I like the trouble.
-I'm sure you do.
Now, I know you like
your Walther PPKs.
Ah! But we have
a modified version of it --
the Shadow Systems MR920.
All right, this is a
technologically advanced update.
-How? Laser sight?
Does this look like
an antique store to you?
This has
a Bluetooth optical sensor
to improve your aim.
-I hate Bluetooth.
-Oh, well, you know,
the other option
is to implant a microchip
in your brain.
Well, good luck out there, MR-9.
-Welcome to California, MR-9.
Well, from this point on,
you're Subir Shen for
the remainder of this mission.
You're due in Las Vegas
in nine hours
to pick up Sulota Devi
from the airport.
From there, you two are set
to attend a private event
given at Roman Ross' house
later this evening.
I suggest you be careful.
Remember, you get compromised,
we don't know you.
-So, when we get to land,
two of our field officers
will pick you up.
-Sam and Bobby will make all
your arrangements on our behalf.
-They're gonna escort you
out to the safe house
in the Mojave Desert.
-Copy that.
-MR-9, this is your safe house.
You'll be able to stay here for
the duration of your mission.
You'll have everything
you need inside the house
and the trailer.
-Thank you, Bobby.
Thank you, Sam.
-If there's anything else
you need from us, let us know.
We'll be around.
-Got it.
-Let's go.
-Are we good?
- Hello.
How are you?
-Hi, sweetheart.
I'm good. And you?
-Just need to make sure
that we don't have
another rogue situation.
-I missed you.
-I missed you, too.
Did you have a nice flight?
-Wonderful flight.
I slept for eight hours.
-Beautiful. Let's go.
-Thank you.
-My lady.
I appreciate that.
-Thank you, sir.
- Excuse me.
It is not only my honor
but my privilege to introduce
Roman Ross!
Welcome, welcome.
Thank you all for being here.
Why are we here?
Why did I ask you here?
I wanna talk
about disabilities.
Disabilities no longer
need to be a challenge.
What you see here
are my hands, yeah?
What you don't see
is the technology.
People take for granted
what other people don't have.
Their eyesight, their hearing,
legs, arms, hands, all of it.
It sucks.
Believe me, I know.
Play a game with me.
Close your eyes.
Keep 'em closed tight.
Don't let any light in.
Now imagine life
like this every day.
Day in, day out in the dark.
Never seeing a loved one,
never seeing your children.
Sunrise, sunset,
the food in front of your face.
Every single day the same.
All right, open 'em.
And then human innovation
comes along,
and it defies everything
you thought was possible.
You can see.
You can walk. You can hear.
R&R Robotics is your future.
R&R Robotics eliminates
all disabilities.
You heard me right --
all disabilities.
Not only for humans,
but for animals.
Imagine that.
R&R combines robotic technology
with human and animal biology.
No more disabilities, no more
blindness, no more wheelchairs.
R&R Robotics is your future.
- Cheers.
Is that a blue sapphire
from Kashmir?
-Impressive. That's not
a common knowledge, though.
-Well, I think of myself
as uncommon.
So, Mr. Shen,
what makes you say that?
-That's for you to figure out,
-I will definitely
figure it out, then.
Uh, excuse me. I need to go
to the ladies' washroom.
-Thank you.
-Good evening, gentlemen.
The package.
The funds are being
transferred as we speak.
-Oh, Roman, thank you.
You know I trust you.
-Oh, of course.
-Thank you.
Boss, it's empty.
-Come on, Roman.
Check underneath.
You'll find it.
-Very good.
-All right, thank you,
I better be get going.
-No, no, no, no.
Not yet.
-Where is the boyfriend?
he's not my boyfriend.
And, secondly,
I left him long back.
Can we wrap this up, please?
-We got this.
-Well, you do whatever
you gotta do here.
Just keep it clean.
We already have
enough heat on us.
-Oh, I think I can
handle it, little brother.
Why don't you get
another massage?
Let the, uh, grownups
take care of business.
-Call me when you
clean this up.
-Okay, okay, I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
Well, thanks for letting me
use the bathroom.
Little too much champagne,
you know.
Oh, and can you tell
your boss, Roman Ross,
that was a hell of a party.
-Night, pretty boy.
-Okay, all set.
I got it in place.
-And where'd you put it?
-Behind the toilet, like always.
-So, like last time,
we literally have to listen
to shit all night.
- Yeah, that, uh,
didn't work out so well.
-You crossed the wrong line,
Get in there!
- Oh, look what
the cat dragged in.
You are gonna take a nap.
-What is that?
What is this?
You want to explain this?
-I have no idea.
-Why are you doing this?
Just tell me who you work for.
- Can I leave now?
- No.
-If you take me as hostage,
your precious detonators
won't be delivered.
So, you decide.
What do you want?
-Thank you.
You fuck me,
I'll kill you myself.
-I'll walk you out, okay?
Make him talk.
-Let's go, Masud!
Let's go, Masud!
Come on!
Come on!
-Yeah. I'm so tired now.
-Masud Rana. B.C.I. agent.
Code name, MR-9.
I was sent in Subir Shen's place
to investigate the T.L.F.'s
relationship with R&R.
Isn't that
what he wanted to know?
- Oh!
-We've been breached.
-Let's go.
Let's charge in.
-Go! Go!
I have traps planted
all over the property.
That should slow them down.
- Remember me?
Get off me, bitch!
-Oh, I see.
Spies spying on a spy.
-Well, we needed to make sure
you weren't as compromised
as Subir.
Lucky for you, right?
-Rana, they're planning
something very big this time.
They will meet at a private
underground gambling club.
I know where.
-What makes you think they will
meet with all this going on?
- For one,
they must acquire those last
set of detonators.
-You trust her?
-Let's move.
Cover me.
- Nabonita.
- Roger that.
-On the target to...
Okay, follow.
-Hold on. Stand by.
Be careful.
-Hold on, hold on, hold on.
No, no, no, no.
Cross the road slowly.
Keep up with the situation --
Shit! Go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go!
-Okay, let's go.
- Don't move!
Move, move!
-Get down. I said, get down!
Get down! Get it. Get it.
-Just keep quiet.
- Come on!
Come on!
-Get out of our way!
-Come on!
-Still hurt?
-Yeah, it still hurts.
Ah! Easy.
- I'm trying.
- Easy.
-Pretty good work.
-Got banged up, huh?
-Unh-unh. Unh-unh-unh.
You don't drink
before the old man.
Thank you, love.
-I'll be back later.
What's on your mind?
-Nothing? 'Cause I can feel it.
What's on your mind?
-Why don't you let me
take this one?
-No, no, no. No way.
-You've got enough on your
plate, and after this --
-No fucking way.
It's too dangerous.
-I should've been there.
I could've...
-You could've...
You could what?
You could've what?
You could've died?
You don't need that.
-I'm ready to take on
some of the weight.
I need this, please.
-Lal Sharma.
He is here?
Bruno has the whistle ready.
-Okay. Bring out
the little boss, it's time.
-So, where is your daddy?
-Uh, I'm taking the reign
on this one.
-Your party's over.
-And who might you be?
-Don't worry.
You'll have plenty of time
to get to know me
where you're going.
-Excuse me one second.
Well, it's not over till
the fat lady sings.
-Get Jason and go.
Let's go.
Get me out of here.
Stay down. Stay with me.
-Come on, man.
- Okay?
We're gonna need
cleanup on location.
-Now, I'm gonna give you
a chance
you don't give anybody else.
I don't know. Maybe it's that
red dress at Roman's party.
But if you want to end this
right now, I can.
But tell me something.
Why the hell would you fight
for a man
who would just leave you to die?
Yeah, I'm out.
-Tell him I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
-Yakub! Yakub! Ah!
-Fuck you!
-Damn it!
-And fuck you!
-Fuck, man.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry, boss.
-He doesn't die in vain.
You focus on what's ahead and
let me take care of the rest.
-Mr. Ricci is missing.
We lost him at the club.
I think they got him, boss.
I'm so sorry.
-We do this my way now.
-Okay, boss.
-You stick to the plan.
Go ahead.
- MR-9, after
interrogating Raju Roy,
he gave us a name,
Kabir Chowdury.
He also disclosed their target
to be water dams
around the world.
-MR-9, we were not able to find
any individual
named Kabir Chowdury
with connection to Roman Ross
and his operations.
-And Devi?
-Sorry, MR-9.
We cannot locate her.
-All right.
-You must go to
the Hoover Dam now.
-Mr. Rana,
this is our hydrologist.
Dr. Abdul Karim.
-Masud Rana.
-Nice to meet you, Mr. Rana.
You're from Bangladesh.
Oh, that's right.
Roman Ross' party.
You were there that night.
-Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I was there, uh, because I have
some contract with R&R Robotics.
For that I have been there
for a V.I.P. presentation.
So, why
you are here?
-Oh, I'm with the B.C.I.
I'm here to investigate
some of Roman Ross' operations.
-B.C.I. investigation.
-Thank you. One sec.
Mr. Larson, uh, I'll meet you
at the control center, okay?
Uh, let me take
Mr. Rana with me.
-Sounds good.
-What is this place?
I know the place
because I designed that lab.
Yes. Come on. Get out.
I'm showing you.
Come on.
Yeah. Yeah, we are almost,
almost here, right?
We are almost there.
We have to climb down.
We have to go down.
Go, go, go.
Go on.
Entrance is in that way.
Okay? Come.
We have to go there.
-Don't you move, asshole.
-What's going on?!
-Put your gun down
or your friend gets it
in his fucking head.
Put your gun down.
Let's go.
This is Keaton.
We got him.
Move! Move!
-Move. Move.
Don't be nice to them.
-We're clear.
- What the
hell was that?
-Just a minor jam.
We'll run our diagnostic.
-I thought that thing
was finished.
-These things happen, sir.
I'll get my men right on it.
-We're fired up.
-Move! Move! Move!
Let's go.
Move. Sit down.
-Welcome, Masud Rana.
Now we're gonna
do things my way.
Who are these fucking guys?
You know what? You brought me
into this project.
You were treacherous,
treasonous --
What are you gonna do,
shoot me?
Sit! Sit!
You know, you know,
this guy, the war guy,
he's talking, a lot.
Welcome to the world
of Kabir Chowdury.
-How could you
betray your country?
-Easy. It's very easy
to betray something
that turned its back on you.
I could have been
a national treasure,
but now I work
for the revolutionaries,
like Roman Nicholas Ross.
This government
you work for...
do not care
about any of us.
They act like it.
-The B.C.I. and C.I.A.
know your location.
Keeping me alive
was your biggest mistake.
-Okay, Duke, go in.
-Move. Move.
-Get up.
You, get up. Let's go.
-Take this.
Go outside. Find some cover.
-I'm not leaving you.
-I have to go after Roman.
You go outside. Find shelter.
I'll come find you.
I'll come find you.
-I'm coming with you.
-I promise. I'll find you.
-You will?
-Okay, let's go.
Move. Move.
-Is it -- is it safe?
-We're going to safety.
-Stay here. I'll go back.
-It's a safe place. Hey, Yakub!
-Bombs are armed.
-Help me!
-Is he okay?
-Yeah. Help me.
My leg.
- It's done, Ross.
You dropped something.
-Come on, Duke. Come on!
Duke, go now.
-Thirty seconds.
Come on, Duke.
Come on.
Disarm the bomb.
Easy. Easy.
Okay, the bomb's disarmed.
Good job, team.
- As we already know,
Roland Ross,
the patriarch
of the Ross family empire,
has been secretly locked up
by your government for years
until recently escaping.
So far, we've managed
to keep this under tight wraps,
but you know as well as I do,
it's just a matter of time
before his presence is felt.
We're asking for World War III
if we don't stop him now.
Our intel sources tell us
he's taken up refuge
in an underground facility
in the Himalayans
near your border with India.
I need eyes on that location.
After you.
-Sorry to cut
your vacation short, MR-9.
-You have no idea.
-I'd like to introduce
two new agents from the M.S.S.
-Ah, Kabir Chowdury.
Well, the game's not over yet,
my friend.
Feeling lucky?
-I have eyes on the target.
-Okay, MR-9, the target
is in the secure zone.
You are free to fly.
-Copy that.