Mr and Mrs Ramachari (2014) Movie Script

Ramachari, stand up!
Sorry; sir. I did like
this because I couldn't study.
Had you paid attention in the class,
you wouldn't do so.
Sir, if you teach only the
students sitting in the first bench...
...what should the students
sitting in the last bench do?
Hey, how dare you back answer to me?
Remove your pant.
Sorry, sir. Forgive me.
Don't put me to shame before everyone.
Do what I say!
Remove your pant.
The rest of you, continue
Get out, I say!
Oh, he is back
Ramachari, are you going
to fail in the exams again?
I knew it. Why can't you study well?
Learn from your brother
Why do you give us so much pain?
If we scold you, you argue with us.
It is wrong that your
father asks you to study?
I'm so unfortunate.
I wonder when he will reform
Only God knows..
It is true that I'm good for nothing.
It is true that I copied in exams.
But I don't misbehave
with girls in the college, sir.
Shut up, I say!
First, obey my order.
Remove your pant.
- Darn it.
Do it.
Dear student,
Shreyas is the topper in the class
He has scored 90 in maths.
Clap for Shreyas!
Why are you upset?
-I scored only 20.
And you?
- 40.
In maths, he scored 20
and he scored 40 and I scored 35.
So we are the toppers in the class
- How is that?
Shreyas has scored 90.
Our marks put together; it is 95.
You three together scored 95,
but Shreyas alone has scored 90.
In politics, those who got
just 60 seats, 40 seats 20 seats..
...when they can form government
proving majority coming together...
...why can't we three
together come first?
If politicians do it, it's right,
but if we do it, it is wrong.
We are first. Clap for us
Glory to Vishnu Vardhan!
Glory to Vishnu Vardhan!
Glory to Vishnu Vardhan!
Glory to Vishnu Vardhan!
One ticket!
-Just one? Okay.
Just one?
- Yes.
Are you from Kamakshipalya?
- Here
- Wham is it?
Our owner and Baddi Seena had a fight.
He has taken second half
reel of the film Naraga Havu
If Dada's fans find out..
So why do you worfll?
You start the film
and Ramachari will end it.
Play the drums
Hey! Ramachari! Where are you?
Why? What happened? Who hit you?
Who is it? Who is it?
Who are you?
"He's a rocking star.
Pumping action hero."
"Want be little higher.
He's like afire"
Who are you?
- A fan.
What? A fan?
If you are a fan, cheer for your
favourite hero and whistle for him..
...what are you doing here?
Only those who come with
passion hear the sound of whistle...
...but you,
you will only hear the sound of death.
You are just a fan,
why are you behaving like a hero?
Every hero will be a fan
of someone before becoming a hero.
If you mess the fans... will be dead.
Do you know whose fan I am?
"Do you want to feel the pain? Go."
"Do you want to feel the bad? Go."
"Who is making noise?"
"Be quiet else Chari will scold you"
"You better be quiet."
"No one is allowed to even cough."
"Do you know who you are messing with?"
"Don't lock him with him."
"You better don't intervene"
"Else you will be finished."
"Lord Ram"
"Lord Ram"
"He is humble"
"He is a rocking star."
"He is talk of the town."
"He is like pistol."
"He is as speed as a missile"
"He never stops"
"He knows no fear. Tit of tat."
"I never let down my fans
I'm care of Kannada"
"The line begins from where I stand."
"I never bow down before anyone."
"People follow my style"
"He is a lone warrior."
"He is a rebel."
"lf you mess with him,
you're in trouble."
"He walks on the right path."
"His character is real."
"He is a symbol of friendship"
"As long as Ramachari is concerned,
the battle is one-sided."
"He walks like a Lion.
People are crazy about him."
"Nobody can understand me."
"I don't follow any rules."
"I'm my own fan"
"I'm the latest don."
"Who is making noise?"
Stop right here.
Don't take me home. Stop it.
- Don't be afraid. Nothing will happen.
What did you learn watching the film?
Please go away.
If my mother finds out I was with you,
she will scold me Please go away.
All right.
- Bye.
Watch out.
I told you several
times not to befriend him
Your friend circle will
say what kind of a person you are.
your father has gone, wake up.
Father scooter's sound
is like alarm for you
You wake up after he leaves
You come home after he goes to bed.
You are not talking
to each other since years.
I have seen people hating others,
but you hate your own father.
I don't hate him It is he who hates me.
He opposes anything I do.
Had he loved me even 10 percent".
Hari obeys your father.
He doesn't go against him.
He studied what his father
wanted him to study...
...and also living the
way he wants him to live life
But you.
-I can't live like him.
Don't expect me too.
He used to be an intelligent
student and I used to a dull student.
He knew how to pass in exams...
...but I knew how to make
a living despite of failing.
He is a software engineer
and I'm a Vagabond.
He is reading, writing, boring
and I'm daring, dashing and rocking.
Mother, bye
Bye, son.
Do well. Make your father proud.
Mother, I feel like going
to college today. Shall I go?
Ramachari is coming to college
for the first time in this month?
The management of the
college takes lot of donation
He is the right person to mend them.
What? He is coming to college?
I won't come to college hereafter'.
Good morning!
Hello, buddy!
- Hello, buddy!
There is a spark in his eyes.
The girl who marries him is very lucky.
Greetings, boss
- Greeting; boss.
Hey, how is your principal
Shrinivas Munhy?
He was fine until you were not here.
I wonder what will happen now.
Ever since 1972, those with
the name Ramachari have a problem.
The old Ramachari used to trouble you
and now, this Ramachari is troubling me
There should be no donation.
- Sorry, boss
I'm so sorry, boss
Go away.
- Sorry, boss
Guys got spoilt ever since
mobile phone was invested.
Boss, boys are like mobile
phone and girls are like water.
Whether the phone falls in the
water or the water falls on the phone... is the mobile that gets spoilt.
Typical Karnataka girl.
Look at the beauty on her face"
...l don't want to
smoke cigarette before her.
Sorry. Don't get upset.
When I failed in 10th grade,
you were with me... were with me even
when I got debarred in college...
...but you shouldn't
be with me before this girl.
Lei me go, he'?-
Everybody 53V?'
"Just say the group.
Everybody say."
"Cutie girl, hey!
Sweetie girl, hey!"
"Just say the group.
Everybody say."
This is bad era
-Yes boss.
Earlier, parents used to
pray for a good son-in-law...
...but now,
parents pray for a good daughter-in-law.
God save the boys
Sorry. Please help me.
They are troubling me
You have the courage
to smoke cigarette...
...but you don't have
courage to confront them?
You are mistaken Today's freshers' day.
They raged me,
they threatened me to smoke cigarette.
I got scared since it is my first day.
He also asked me to kiss him
You are a courageous girl.
When it comes to honour,
even girls lose their temper.
Hey Ramachari!
This has nothing to do with you,
stay away.
It is we who rule the college
You hardly come to the college,
stay away.
You silently..
tornado comes very occasionally.
People panic as it comes
and leaves its terror as it goes.
But you still don't
know what our terror is.
There's else's terror
only before I come...
...but after I come... will be my terror.
Come to the police station!
Come to the police station!
I said come
- Sir, it is their fault.
Oh no.
He is a good guy.
He got arrested because of you.
He should be punished. He deserves it.
Sir, it is injustice.
Being students,
is this the way you behave?
You create nuisance in the public.
You should be thrashed by the
police only then you will see sense.
Sir, you are mistaken.
- What?
I'm innocent. I just helped that girl.
Ask the girl herself.
This girl?
Excuse me, sir, he is innocent.
Those boys were raging
me in the college..
...and he stopped them.
At least now you know I'm innocent, sir?
Thank you. You took a big risk for me
Had it been any girl in your place, I
would've taken the same amount of risk.
Can I have your phone number?
- Note it.
If you give missed call,
I won't call you back...
...and if you lock horns with anyone,
I won't come for your rescue.
The police will help you Call 100.
They will come after everything is over.
A woman shouldn't be in the police
station for long time, please leave.
- Yes, sir.
She gave statement that he is innocent.
-Yes, sir.
Then why complaint has
been registered against him?
Who lodged complaint against me?
A person named Shankar.
Who is Shankar?
Call him to the police station
- Okay, sir.
I see It's Mr. Shankar.
Sir, it will take half-an-hour
for him to come, please order for pilaf.
The girl was raged and he opposed.
He is a good guy,
withdraw the complaint.
Well, do you know him?
He is my father, sir.
He trusts people,
he doesn't trust his son.
Wham is my fault ifl couldn't study?
If son makes mistake,
he should be reformed, not punished.
- Are you taking good care of your boss?
Bother, when did you come?
- It's been a while. We'll talk later.
The match is interesting
Girija! Girija!
- Give me a cup of strong coffee
There's tension.
Add sugar.
- You have not reformed
Sugar, 240, blood pressure, 160.
You suffered heart attack twice
Don't add sugar.
Ramachari, sit down. Sit down.
VWII India win?
Of course
- Okay.
F our'.
Sit down. If you sit here,
India will surely win. Sit.
Just two balls left...
...they need six runs.
- They will win, uncle
I told you!
How is Geeta, brother?
She is fine She is taking
care of me as well as studying.
She is doing both the things nicely.
Hi uncle, how are you?
- I am good.
Congrats, heard you got promotion.
- Yes, uncle.
Just because you educated Hari nicely,
he got a nice job.
Brother; Hari takes care
of everything in the house
You've done a big favor on us
There's no place for favor
when it comes to friendship
God has given everything to you.
He has given you two sons
Brother, God doesn't give everything.
He even gives you pain to endure it.
Divya, don't record it, please.
Please! Delete it.
It will cost you Rs 500.
Rs 500?
- Yes.
Police are better than you.
They stay quiet if we give them Rs. 100.
I lost Rs. 500.
Brother, are you happy that I returned?
I am getting angry.
Learn from Sai Prakash's movie" a sister should be
Had you stayed in the
boarding for one more year... would've finished your education.
Your father didn't listen to me.
I miss you all very much.
Even I didn't want to stay there.
Mother, this college is too good.
- Take this
Whether near college or home...
you stay carefully.
Don't entertain anyone.
Ashok, don't take any decision
regarding Divya without consulting me.
Okay, madam
You don't worry at all.
Either in this area or the college... one should trouble you,
I'll take care of you like than.
I have my friends with me
So, be courageous.
Time being, I don't need all that.
There are no problems
retarding my safety.
Tell me if you have any problem.
I'll solve it.
Sir, sir... sir.
Has Ramachari come to the college today?
Why? ls there attendance
shortage or donation problem?
Are guys from Kamakshipalya
or Srirampura are following you?
Tell me
- Sir, nothing like than.
Ijust had to tell him 'hi'.
- Yes.
He doesn't come to
the college regularly.
If he come; he will be near
the tea stall. Go and find him there
Excuse me.
Did Ramachari come to your stall today?
No madam.
- He smokes cigarette, right?
Does he smoke a good
cigarette or a bad one?
Madam there's nothing good
or bad one in a cigarette It is smoke.
Come... come!
- I hard you trouble the girl daily
-You stare at her daily
Leave me, boss
-You idiot. Don't you have a sister?
Boss, leave me. My are you hitting me?
She looks at me and smiles secretly.
Doesn't she have brothers?
Love at first sight, boss I'm sure.
Moreover, when the girl passes by,
she turns back and looks.
It is killer, boss.
You come to know incoming
and outgoing from her eyes.
Boss, it is love! Love!
Hey, if I see you here again,
I will kill you.
He is insane, but making me insane too.
'He is acting weird since yesterday.'
'Must be it is that girl's effect.'
If you befriend him, it will affect you.
He is very haughty.
He will not listen to anyone.
He even smokes cigarette
Cigarette smoking is not good,
but he is a good guy.
The guts that he has,
no one in our college has it
That smile... her talks
- Then?
Boss, it is time for college...
shall I go?
Hey! Shut up and stay here. You..
You want to say it again?
- Yes.
I feel like seeing her again and again.
I think of her and
her talks again and again.
Correct. Definitely
- Yes.
What is wrong with him?
- I think" Ramachari is in love.
- Yes.
- Yes.
That girl's life is guarantee ruined.
Tell me something"
is it one way or two way?
Time being,
I think it is one way from boss's side
Chikappa, who is that unfortunate girl?
Hey Ramachari, love is very dangerous
Have you thought about it correctly?
One thinks only to have children...
love comes by itself.
Look Ramachari, you are
single and are living comfortably
If you fall in love,
you have to talk on phone every night.
You have to meet her daily
You have to smoke stealthily.
You have to keep an account
of the pegs you drink.
All this won't suit you
What will you do if her
brother comes in between?
I will chase him in the entire
area like a dog and thrash him.
Oh.. the one who becomes
his brother-in-law... very unfortunate than the girl.
'The customer you are trying
to call is not answering any calls'
'The customer you are trying
to call is not answering any calls'
Oh no!
'The customer you are trying
to call is not answering any calls'
I don't know what is more important
to him than answering my call.
"There's no fear in this brave heart."
"I am courageous
I won't live bowing my head."
"The man who can compete
with Ramachari is still not born."
"That man is not born yet."
"I have the power of Bheem
and intelligence of Chankya"
"I am the lion of this jungle."
"The revenge of a snake
is for twelve years."
"The revenge of a snake
is for twelve years."
"My anger is for hundred years"
"My anger is for hundred years"
"The revenge of a snake
is for twelve years."
Glory to the great actor,
Vishnu Vardhan!
Glory to the great actor,
Vishnu Vardhan!
Glory to the great actor,
Vishnu Vardhan!
Glory to the great actor..
- We will do it Forget it.
Wonderful Ramachari.
You set the stage on fire.
You've recruited all
new people in the orchestra
Let they come.. new people should
come and they should bring a change.
We have to create a
new sensation in Kannada.
- Hi.
\Mll you give me your mobile?
Why? Don't you have
currency in your mobile?
I tried calling you
10 times since yesterday
Why didn't you answer the phone?
Guys follow girls to take their number.
If we give one missed call,
they talk until the roof comes down
Then why are you showing build-up?
If you want the SIM, you have
to come to the college correctly.
Now, the next song.
"Hey girl of Karnamaka!"
"Why are you doing like this?"
'This is the place where Ramachari
and Chikappa meet some times.'
'Chikappa's terrace'
'They grew up together as friends'
'And became close friends
as they drank liquor together.'
'Are you wondering why
there's blackboard here?'
'This is Ramachari's concept.'
'One has to reason why he is drinking.'
'After knowing the reason, Ramachari will
decide how much that person will drink'
'He made this rule so
that friends don't get spoilt.'
Hey. Wham are you thinking?
Let's get started.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Tell me your reason.
I'm very haPPY-
My sister was studying in hostel,
she's back home
Sister sentiment.
Chikappa, you tell me.
My girlfriend ditched me.
Cold drink again?
Give me at least 30ml.
If you drink because
your girlfriend ditched you... will then continue
to drink for life.
Either forget her or liquor.
I won't forget her.
I will have cold drink
120ml? Why 120ml for you?
30ml because she came looking for me...
...another 30ml for breaking my phone"
...30ml again for taking
away my SIM card...
...the last 30ml for asking
me to come to college everyday.
Buddy, that's a good development.
She came looking for you?
- Yes.
I think she has more interest than you.
Look at fame.
Girls don't even look at
guys who are highly educated...
...but they are crazy
about such vagabonds.
Shut up. Girls fall for
guys who give them more time.
He isjobless and
that's why he gives time.
I have been watching you,
you have been talking against me.
Whether or not you support me,
Ramachari has fallen in love.
I will start meeting
my girl from tomorrow.
Wham problem will I have when
the girl herself has fallen for you?
I grant you full support
for your love from today.
Not just her family, no matter
who opposes, I will stand by you.
Buddy... what should I do next?
What? Propose to her.
That's a bad idea.
Try to impress her family too...
mothenuise she will ditch you saying her
family didn't give consent for marriage.
That's a bad idea.
It is not your family.
Don't get upset. Be quiet.
you will start wooing her from tomorrow.
Boss, shall I send everyone out?
Have I come here to molest her?
Just shut up.
Okay, boss
I need to talk to you, please come.
Master, you start.
5! 4! 3! 2!
Ever since you took away my SM card...
...l'm not getting any call.
Only after 10 minutes after
you took away the SIM card...
...l realized it wasn't just the SIM
card, but you also took away my heart.
Not just unknown numbers...
...hereafter I will also
answer calls from the customer care.
Not just from mobile phone"
...if you give missed even
from public booth I will call you back.
And if you know a lawyer,
get me an anticipatory bail...
...because I will kill all those
who even look at you or gaze at you...
...and ifl go tojail
who will look after you?
7! 8!
I don't know what I am saying.
If the formation of the
sentence is wrong, please ignore
There's turmeric,
vermillion, bangle; sari, everything...
...people give all these things
after the marriage alliance is fixed.
It is a biggest occasion for me.
I'm not the guy who gives greeting
card and rose on Valentines Day...
...l thought this would be the right
way to propose to a girl of Karnataka
You are the first and the
last girl I have ever liked.
Hereafter, you are mine and I am yours.
I know your name is Ramachari.
My name is..
- Margret. Margret.
Your parents might
have given you any name.
They must have even added
a letter according to the astrology.
But hereafter,
you are Margret for Ramachari.
What a wonderful way to propose to you.
Reject his proposal. He is a bad guy.
Wham is your name?
Is your name Suvarna?
- Yes.
You must've inquired about me.
A girl takes her friends' opinion too.
If you have any doubt about me,
you can ask me directly...
...don't ask them
I will leave.
you will get calls frequently.
The phone will be on for 24 hours.
You come to college,
why don't you come to the class?
I don't come to the class,
but I come to mass.
"He proposed to you"
"He proposed to you and stood in style."
"Let's start love game."
"Joe is gonna get the fame"
"Beat the drums"
"He is following her."
"He forgot the route to his house"
"Latest bonding."
"I proposed to her and
got her love in return."
"The wedding date has been fixed,
please bless us."
"Mr. and Mrs Ramachari."
"Ramachari is now engaged."
"Mr. and Mrs Ramachari."
"Ramachari is now engaged."
"The boy."
"Has fallen in love."
"Love is divine"
"He is stronger than love"
"I feel like I'm honoured with garland
after following in love with you."
"I'm intoxicated after
falling in love with you"
"My heart calls out
your name all the time."
"There is smile on
this vagabond's face now."
"Sweetest bonding."
"I'm a lover who will
love just one girl."
"We are made for each other,
even our horoscopes match."
"There's nothing to say now."
"Mr. and Mrs Ramachari."
"Ramachari is now engaged."
"Where there's Lifebuoy soap,
there's hygiene, I'm lucky to find you."
"Family is planning is very important."
"Shall we have baby every year?"
"I won't ask dowry,
I won't cheat on you"
"ln the future..."
"...let's not get our children
admitted in English medium school."
"Longest bonding."
"Even if we get BP and diabetes,
let's live sweetly."
"The wedding music is being playing,
shower your blessings on us"
"Mr. and Mrs Ramachari."
"Ramachari is now engaged."
Where are we going?
There's a surprise.
- Yes.
For whom?
-You will find out very soon
Dear, he is like a bridge
It is because of him
we are together today.
Wait a minute, I'll be back
Just one minute
Why are you lame?
- Talk softly.
Buddy, I have a surprise for you.
You said you want to see my girl,
I have brought her.
Really? Let's go.
You know my level, don't you?
I know, but I'm excited to see her.
Introduce me to her.
- Come.
He is my best friend
I told you.
She is my sister.
Brother, l..
He fell in love with his friend's
sister without friend's knowledge"
...and he gave him ideas without
knowing that the girl was his sister.
Oh god.
That why you should
invite your friends home...
...and introduce them to your siblings
Had his mother allowed
Ramachari inside the house..
...the confusion wouldn't have raised.
It's going to be full bottle.
Before I could introduce my sister...
...and tell him that she
is studying in his college...
...he wooed her.
It is so unfortunate
to become his brother-in-law.
And moreover, l..
Dattu, I'm going to meet my girl.
I don't understand
which color shin to wear.
Which color do girls like?
Which color do girls like?
I don't know about other girls,
but I like orange
Wear orange
Orange. Thank you, buddy.
Let bygones be bygones.
You stay away.
This is my personal matter.
Hey Baku.
What's the matter with him?
You didn't do it intentionally.
Where it is intentionally
or unintentionally...
...mistake is mistake
Being a brother,
he is bound to react like that.
You would understand
if you were in his place.
Don't worry.
Go to the office and
fill the application"
...and I will go to
the bank and bring DD.
Go fast.
- Thanks
That day..
Ramachari, you are attending lecture?
Sit, boss.
- Greeting; boss.
"Intangible assets.
Why are you behaving
as if we are strangers?
If you want to avoid me,
why did you come to college?
Only after we fell in love,
we learnt that...
...l'm Dattu's sister
and you are Dattu's friend.
What's our fault?
Friendship brings even
a stranger close to heart...
...but love separates friends
Dattu has been friend
even before I met you.
It is wrong to hurt a friend.
I will convince Dattu.
Wham? You are in love with Ramachari?
Are you mad?
I hate even Damtu meeting him..
...and you are in love with him?
Mother, don't talk rubbish without
knowing anything about Ramachari.
I know what he is.
Dattu, she says she
is in love with Ramachari.
Ask her if she is mad.
I will never allow that. Warn her.
I'm not asking for your permission.
Being a daughter I'm informing
you since it is my duty.
I have the ability and common
sense to choose my life partner.
Even father was irresponsible
before marriage, but you reformed him
He never used to come to college
but I have made him come regularly.
Iwill reform Ramachari.
You can reform a human
being not an animal.
Mother, I'm confident that
I will live happily with Ramachari.
I don't need to give you confidence
Dattu, mother doesn't
know what Ramachari is...
...being his friend since year;
even you haven't understood him
You will know the character of a boy
just seeing his behaviour with a girl.
He is a well behaved guy.
After he learnt that I'm your sister...
...he has stopped talking to me.
He said he doesn't want to hurt you.
He said friendship is
more important than love.
He has great respect for you,
so keep up the respect
Ramachari, I'm so sorry.
I thought only in a
brother's point of view...
...l never thought in
a friend's point of view.
- I became selfish
Sorry, buddy.
Hey... not buddy... me brother-in-law.
- Brother-in-law.
- Brother-in-I aw.
- Brother-in-I aw.
Both of you...
offer me some liquor on this occasion.
Give me just 30ml.
We won't give you liquor.
We offer liquor only for
those who have succeeded in love...
...and not for those
who have failed in love.
Aml right, brother-in-law?
- My brother-in-law is always right.
I love you, brother-in-law.
- I love your sister.
I love you, brother-in-law.
- I love your sister.
"L love you."
"I love you."
"Who is in love?"
"Please advise them."
"Look, they have forgotten the world."
"Has anyone cast a magic on them?"
"Love is a magic."
"Anyone can fall in love"
"Love knows no day or night."
"You are my bonfire, baby."
"You are my desire, baby."
"You are my bonfire, baby."
"You are my desire, baby."
"Who is in love?"
"Please advise them."
-I don't want it.
"Look, they have forgotten the world."
"Has anyone cast a magic on them?"
"They don't need anyone now."
"Nothing is important than love."
"They don't need anyone now."
"Nothing is important than love."
"When he starts gazing at her,
he doesn't even close his eyes."
"Life has now changed so much now."
"Stone and mirror."
"They have..."
- What is this?
"...become one now."
- How long should I wait?
"Who is in love?"
- Read... What happened?
"Please advise them."
- 25?
"He is sun and she is moon."
"They both are well known"
"He is sun and she is moon."
"They both are well known"
"As of now, they are Laila and Majnu."
"They are talk of the town now."
"Even if they quarrel,
they love each other."
"They have a great bonding"
- Happy birthday.
"You are my cutie,
naughty, sweetie, baby."
"You are my dolly, dulie, beauty, baby."
"You are my cutie,
naughty, sweetie, baby."
"You are my dolly, dulie, beauty, baby."
"You are my dolly, dulie, beauty, baby."
Good morning. I'm going to Goa.
Do you really have to go?
I told you my close friend
Loran is getting married. I have to go.
Just three days and I'll be back.
It is just three days for you,
but for me, it is 4320 minutes
My friends are around,
I will message you later.
Had you been here,
it would've been great.
Miss you, Ramachari. I love you.
Divya, today's my marriage"
...but you are dressed
up better than me.
But... there's something missing in you.
I'm not in mood. It's boring
Breakfast without Semolina,
cricket without Sachin..
...Margate without Ramachari is boring.
This is girls' dressing room
What are you doing here?
Who is it?
- Who is it?
There's nobody. She fooled us.
Oh no.
Ramachari, father. Throw the cigarette.
Father, cigarette.
Smoking is injurious to health,
my child.
God bless you, my child.
I'm going mad.
I see him everywhere
I feel like I'm talking to him.
It is like monkey is drunk
I was happy...
...l wonder why I fell in love with him.
This song?
Is this reel or real?
Don't react else people
will think you are mad.
Don't disturb me Go away.
I see. I shouldn't disturb you?
No problem. Many girls will fall for me.
Hello, excuse me, girl.
- Wait a minute
Are you really here?
0h my God.
You are really here.
Really? I can't believe it.
If you have a doubt, you should
pinch yourself, not the other person.
I can't believe it.
Only yesterday I learnt that I cannot
stay without you even for one day.
That's why I'm here the very next day.
Divya! What are you doing?
Who is he?
They are boarding school friends.
- Hi.
He is my friend Ramachari.
- Oh, friend.
Yes, we are just friends
Please assume things
and spread rumours okay?
Just friends.
- Oh, just friends
Let's go.
-Yes, let's go. Come fast.
Why did you repeatedly say just friends?
I said because you said that.
What if the think we are lovers?
So aren't we lovers?
I just said it.
Look, everyone knows we are lovers"
...but they shouldn't ask
us and even we shouldn't say it.
Hey, come fast.
Come fast.
- Come fast.
There's no chance.
- It's mine. I will catch it.
Hey, it's mine. I will catch it.
- Cheating!
- Cheating!
Lorna is very happy, you know.
Every girl's big dream is her marriage.
We decorate that dream since we grow up.
Okay, you tell me,
how our wedding should be?
Margi, let's not get married
in a boring way like everyone does.
Let's marry differently.
- Okay.
First let's go to our honeymoon...
then we'll get sweet news.
Then baby shower ceremony,
then naming ceremony...
...then our child's first birthday. Then
we'll get married and hoist a reception.
No... you know,
why I am telling this is
Margi, many children regret than...
...they couldn't see their parents
getting married.
Let's not let our
children regret about it.
No Margi! No!
Either about our relationship
or our wedding... shouldn't talk like this again.
Our wedding should be special.
It may sound crazy to you ifl tell it.
Peacocks should welcome
us on our wedding day.
I have to come walking on the rainbow.
I will keep my right leg
and step inside amidst the lamps
Margaret weds Ramachari.
Had I knew that you
have such a big plan..
...l swear by my mother,
I wouldn't have come to Goa
I'll have to kill someone for this
What is this?
Hey wow! Dose chasing has started.
Hurry up.
Wham does that mean?
Happy married life, Lorna
You'll always be my best friend
I thank everyone for attending
my daughter's wedding.
I think this is the most
difficult time for every father.
I mean, either he should be
happy for his daughter's wedding...
...or he should feel sad
about sending his daughter away.
I don't know what to do.
Peter, no daughter
is a burden to father.
I am sending the happiness
of my house to your house.
If she commits any mistake,
please don't scold her...
...tell her with love,
she will listen to you
Peter, I request you only one thing.
Please take good care of my daughter:
- Yes, uncle.
Sorry, I thought it
was a different program.
Sir, you made me emotional.
Wham you said was right.
Even I've experienced it.
Since she has come into my life,
she's only been dreaming.
I realized that life was strange
She brought all her
happiness into my life.
My heart beats every moment,
it gets scared...
...thinking I may lose her...
her eyes, her smile...
...when I see them,
I forget the world and become a child.
After our wedding, she may stay
without calling her parents daily...
...or she may not meet them for months.
But I will see that
she doesn't miss them
I will be her father
and her lovable mother to her.
I will take care of
her until my last breath.
I love you, Margi.
"My eyes go barren if
I don't see you for a minute."
"My life is exile if I stay
away from you even for a minute."
"Forget that falling
in love is trouble"
"I am feeling the same, what do I do?"
"No matter where I go,
I think of you all the time."
"My heart doesn't rest,
who do I tell about this?"
"My eyes go barren if
I don't see you for a minute."
"Come and settle into me like the wind."
"Your shadow has
overshadowed my shadow."
"I have to put a ring on
your finger at the earliest."
"This is the new beginning of my life
It starts from you."
"I lose my senses when
you are not around me."
"Your presence is enough
to soothe my heart."
"How did this crazy
love take birth into me?"
"I am not myself.
Where do I find myself?"
"Your talks make me go crazy."
"It is very difficult
to stay away from you."
"0 God, darling, you are my life."
"0 God, darling, you are my life."
"You are my path. You are my world."
"I will not stay alone in my life now."
"Love me as much as you can.
This life belongs to you."
"I am flying with the breeze of love."
"This is the relationship of births."
"Love me the same way in every birth."
"Write so much of love
in my destiny like a river."
"lf you are not with me,
for what happiness should I live?"
"Love me the same way,
forgetting the world."
"No matter what happens,
this heart belongs to you."
"Don't have any doubts,
I belong to you."
"My eyes go barren if
I don't see you for a minute."
"My life is exile if I stay
away from you even for a minute."
Shankar, open your mouth. Open it.
It is good news.
You want Hari get married
to my daughter Geeta
There's no happiness other than this
First class.
Hey brother, why are you eating sweets?
Give it to me
Wham is this? You are already showing
attitude of being groom's father.
My daughter will get mother-in-law
and father-in-law who will take care...
...of her like their own parents"
a husband like Hari...
...when she gets all this,
why shouldn't I be happy?
Mum do you say?
Uncle, why are you asking me?
I will do as my father tells me.
I am so happy that it looks like India
won the match between India and Pakistan
Give it to me.
- Brother, I am telling you not to eat.
World cup is round the corner.
Do you want to see it or not?
Read the statement and sign the Exchequer
Sudha, Goa photos are here See them.
Mother, Lorna has mailed them to me
Take this.
The wedding was very nice.
- Mother!
Sorry... I messaged him
that I was missing him very much.
He came to Goa
His world revolves around me.
He is not like what you think.
He loves me very much, mother.
Everyone loves you in the beginning...
...later you come
to know their true color.
We won't know anything
when we are in the college.
We depend on our parents.
Later you come to know what life is.
I am talking to you.
Sir, what is..
Yes I am ready, where are you?
Margi, my friend has a problem
It is not his fault... is a small case,
I will solve it and get him released
We'll go for shopping tomorrow.
Its okay, you carry on. Bye.
- Superb!
Why did you..
-Tell me, Margi.
Lorna is waiting.
We have to go for lunch Where are you?
Margi, I am not well since morning.
I have fever.
You go, I will stay at home.
Is it? Okay, be careful. Take care
Okay, Margi. Thank god, I got saved
' e84 quiet.
Your house is in fifth cross, right?
Where are you now?
Didn't you go for lunch?
I can go for lunch some other day.
Your health is important to me.
Do you still have fever?
Did you take a tablet?
Did you go to the doctor or not?
Wham happened? What are you thinking?
Margi, I thought you would
feel bad ifl told you that I forgot... I lied to you that I was unwell.
Margi, it was an interesting match.
You know I'm fond of..
How many times have
you lied to please me?
I don't lie..
Margi, listen to me..
What will you go and do in Bombay?
I have been promoted.
I'm going for project work.
- I see. So let's celebrate
Be quiet.
I'm getting late for the flight.
Why are you sitting like this?
She was angry at home
Try to pacify her.
Give me cigarette
I will write your names
and you write my name, okay?
Come with me
- Okay.
Chikappa, I won't be here.
Keep a watch on them.
HQ, What happened?
My friend wanted blood
urgently that's why I called you.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Nothing will happen to her. Don't worry.
-Yeah, okay.
Sir, there are variations
in the heartbeat.
Did you smoke cigarette?
Then I can't take your
blood for the next three hours.
Currently not reachable
Please try again later.
Margi, the blood has been arranged
There's no problem.
But I have a problem.
If your life only about smoking
cigarette and wandering with friends?
How would I know that I would
have to donate blood for your friend?
How would I know?
You don't know anything,
that's the problem
What's the matter with you?
Do you have a future plan?
Do you have savings?
You must have at least spent 1 to 2 lakes
on cigarettes and liquor...
...had you saved it, you would've
owned a car today. That's planning.
You have no money and time sense.
Do you smoke cigarette or drink liquor?
Then why don't you have a car?
Don't worry.
Things like this happen in love
I haven't spoken to her for one week.
I scolded her in anger.
Today's her birthday
Nobody remembers my birthday,
but she celebrated it with grand pomp.
I have to make her
happy at least tomorrow.
Look what happened to your father.
- What happened?
He has collapsed.
Hari has left the house
- Father.
Look what he has done.
Divya. Divya, wake UP-
Happy birthday
Thank you, mother.
Get ready fast,
we will go to the temple.
Are you having a party in the evening?
Where has Ramachari planned to take you?
- Yes.
Let's go.
I'm sorry. I know you are very upset.
There was a problem.
Forget it. Happy birthday to you.
Today's your birthday,
you should be happy
My happiness is ruined.
It's all over.
Margi, I didn't do it intentionally.
Listen to..
You have reasons for everything.
You must have thought of a reason.
The other day,
your friend was in the police station... were ill the
day before yesterday...
...what reason will you give me today?
ls your mother ill today?
Is your father ill?
M? are you quiet?
Everyone was right about you.
I was wrong.
Today's my birthday and
it didn't mean a thing to you.
If I marry you,
will you even care for me?
Initially, you were always with me
I used to be your world.
Now that I have accepted you,
you have taken me for granted, isn't it?
I was quiet because it's your birthday,
but you are talking too much.
Not I, it was you who proposed to me.
People have their own world, doesn't mean
we must forget our parents and friends.
Is it wrong to help our friends?
We must not take friends for granted.
Then have you taken me for granted?
You message and call
me whenever you want...
...and when I ask you why you
didn't call me, you say you forgot...
...othenuise you lie to me
You have forced me to lie.
I can't keep proving for
every minute that I love you.
If I don't answer your
call or reply to your messages...
...doesn't mean I
don't love you anymore
If I don't come on time to meet you,
doesn't mean I have become irresponsible.
It means that there's
more important work than that.
Yes, that's right. You have
time for your parents and friends... have no time for me.
No girl would say stay
with me the entire day.
Is it a fault to expect her
boyfriend to wish her first on birthday?
You mean if friends or parents are ill,
I should leave them and come to you?
It is not love, it is selfishness.
Yes, it is selfishness
We forget our parents, friends,
desires and get married to men.. is not selfishness
but love according to you men.
You were right. I proposed to you...
...but you don't love me
I shouldn't have trusted you.
Trust? You girls come with a plan
You are more concerned about
your security than our character
Every girl think a thousand times, inquire
about the guy and then propose to him...
...whereas boys, we propose to girls
even without seeing background...
...and her character:
That's true love.
That's the first mistake we make.
Why should I justify myself to you?
I know what I am
I don't need your character certificate.
I told you several times
that he is not a good guy.
His parents themselves
don't respect him.
You want to marry him?
He is insulting you
in the middle of the street.
No lover would behave
like this with his girl.
Disgusting. Come home.
Father, you love me more than you love
Ramachari because I used to study well.
You gave importance to me
because I obeyed you all the time"
...thinking I will be
your support in the future.
I took up engineering
not because you asked me to... is because I wanted to.
I studied well so that I live
a lavish life and not live like you.
Why should I marry your friend's
daughter since he helped you?
I will pay back for your favour.
I will repay the money
that you spent on my education
I don't like to stay with you.
Don't even try to look for me
Divya, open the door.
Despite of knowing he is a lowly guy,
you have not eaten because of him... is not love" it is madness.
Yes aunt. Yes, Hari ran away.
I won't. I won't put
mother or father on line.
Talk to me
Whether I will pass or fail
in the exams, what is it to you?
I know how to look after my parents,
hang up the phone.
Ramachari, mind your tongue.
Only relatives help
during difficult times.
Only friends help
during difficult times.
Relatives will value only money...
...and friends value relationship.
After breakfast, give him pills
I need to talk to you
I'm sorry, Margi.
I yelled at you on your birthday.
I didn't forget. My father was very ill.
His blood pressure..
- Really? I'm so sorry.
How is he feeling now?
No problem In anger l..
- Let bygones be bygones
We can't be like before.
College is getting over,
our priorities have to change.
Mother doesn't have a good opinion
on you and you know it very well.
She was not willing to accept you.
I convinced her saying
I will reform you
She had never raised her hand on me.
I faced insult because of you.
There's fight in our
house everyday because of you.
You can't be like this You must change.
For me, for mother, for our future
Look Ramachari,
I have spoken to my cousin.
He will get you a job in his company:.
Who is he to get me ajob?
You are talking as if only I'm at fault.
If you are facing insult because of me,
forget me.
I can't live for people.
If we are single,
they will ask if we have lover...
...if we have a lover, they
will ask when are you getting married.
They will ask even if
we break up or get divorced...
...they will talk even if we
are a good state or in a bad state
We cannot live for people
We should live life the way we want to.
If you ask me to quit smoking
or drinking, I can think about it...
...but if I have to change my character
for your mother or someone else... will see a different Ramachari.
I will have to pretend to be reformed
fearing whether I will lose you...
...and believing it to be true,
you will have to be happy.
I don't want such a life.
Well, what's your mother's expectation?
Should I be a puppet like your father?
You don't have the status
to talk about my father.
First see if you are prefect.
You couldn't be a good
student or a good son.
You are good for nothing.
You are so cheap.
I am a fool to still talk to you.
You will never reform
What wrong have I done to reform myself?
When it comes to self-respect,
I don't spare my father himself.
Get this clear. This is how I am
I will live the way I want.
Accept me the way
I am otherwise get going.
I will go.
I will never show my face again.
After I am gone,
you will know the value of me.
You think I will die without you?
I was happy even before you came and
I will be happy even after you are gone.
Get going from here.
You will not come even ifl die.
- I won't, get away.
Oh, sorry. I touched you
Did you break up with him?
He doesn't have the ability
to handle a girl like you
Come with me, I will show you heaven.
Why do you fear him?
He just said he won't
come even if she dies
She is mine now.
I'm the perfect guy for you.
Take her.
Let's take her to Sooty and..
Darling, won't you come?
Hey you! What is this?
What's going on?
It is only me who will
love her and tease her.
I'm Ramachari... and Jalilatoo.
He doesn't study properly.
He doesn't have a future
Exam may not be important for him...
...but what about the other
students who have worked hard?
One cannot be called as good parents...
...if they beget children
and leave them on road.
Sending your son to
college is not important.
Wham is he doing there?
Who are he friends with?
How well he is studying?
Do you know anything about it?
I know, sir.
My son smokes cigarette, drinks
doesn't study, and very haughty...
...but he has never done anything that
has put me to shame, and never will.
He doesn't study, he back answers me..
I didn't talk to him for years
No matter who erred,
I always punished him
You differentiate between
students by making them..
...sit in first bench and last bench
We differentiate between
children as good and bad.
We have to support them,
if we differentiate"
...who will they tell
their problems to, sir?
It is a big mistake that we think
that children who study are good...
...and who don't are bad.
I have got cheated by believing this.
You don't get cheated too.
He fought,
people writing exam faced problems...
...there must have been some mistake,
so he would've fought.
I apologize to you all on his behalf.
"After dawn and after the sun rises..."
don't see the spark
in your eyes like before"
"Even during happiness,
sadness and difficult times..."
"meverything has become a drama
You are broken in life."
"Tears rolled down my cheeks
even before I could cry."
"The hands that wipe
the tears is no more with me"
"When the sun is scorching,
comes the auspicious period of rain."
"I found love and affection."
"Unique sacrifice and unique token.."
" can I forget you,
it is very difficult."
"My heart is filled with sadness"
"One for happiness and one for sadness"
"Even during silence,
commotion is a suspense."
"Everything has become a drama
You are broken in life."
"After dawn and after the sun rises..."
don't see the spark
in your eyes like before"
"Happiness and sadness is being tested."
"Destiny is not favourable,
it is so sad."
"It is a unique bonding,
it is a unique hatredness."
"There is bound to be ups and downs.
They are pan of life."
"You became like a season for me..."
"mtham comes and goesjust like that."
"Even during sadness,
one experiences different feelings..."
"...that bounds to happen,
I found and lost him."
"After dawn and after the sun rises..."
don't see the spark
in your eyes like before"
Hey Ramachari... Ramachari.
- Yes?
Am I a father?
In childhood...
I didn't take you for a haircut.
I didn't play with you.
I didn't even come for
parents and teachers meeting.
I didn't come to School day,
college day, or anything.
Your mother used to say,
you dance very well.
She used to get the medals
and keep it in front of me
Hey, hey...
stop it... stop the scooter: Stop it.
- Stop it.
Father, we are getting late
Father... let's go.
- Ramachari.
I haven't seen you dancing.
I feel like seeing it.
Please, dance a little for me
Father, at such late hour... it is late
- Please... please.
Father, come, let's go home
- Ramachari, please dance
I didn't see till now.
I don't know whether I'll
be alive to see it in future.
Please, please... dance
- Father, why are you..
Hey, just once
Do it. Do it... come on, do it.
Do it for me Do it for your father...
yes, come on... just one step
Do it... come on, do it. Do it.
You dance so well. I had not seen..
Listen, brother Venkatesh has called.
You are out of town and
you've left your mobile...
...l've lied to him so many times
Now, I can't lie to him more
I don't know.
Answer him the way you want.
No... don't answer.
- ls it Shankar?
Uncle, Ramachari speaking.
How are you?
- I am good, uncle. How are you?
I am good. I had been to the village.
When did you return?
- Yesterday.
Is your father at home?
Yes, my father is at home
- Hey!
Tell him that I am coming home.
- No. I will get him there.
Okay, son
- Okay.
Hey Ramachari,
I don't have guts to face brother:
If he learns about Hari, he will die
He has helped us so much.
How do I betray him?
No... if something happens to me,
I won't stay alive.
So, how many days will you avoid him?
You drink daily thinking
something may happen to him
Wham about your health?
If you delay,
problems won't resolve, but increase.
If someone else tells this to him,
you'll lose your face
You've never bowed down your
head to anyone You shouldn't.
Nothing will happen
Come, let's go and talk.
'Happy birthday to you, Margi.'
'The customer you are trying
to call is switched off.'
I am surprised.
You came to my house with Ramachari.
What is it?
Have you compromised with your father?
You didn't understand his nature
He is haughty,
but he is very soft at heart.
Geeta! Get coffee for them
- Yes, dad?
Brother, I will get coffee.
- Okay.
What is it with you?
You don't answer my calls or talk to me.
Are you so busy?
I had been to Durga.. I met our gang.
I told everyone.
They all have promised that
they'll surely come for the wedding
But you.. are sitting quietly.
You're not making any arrangements
Listen, the wedding date is approaching.
Brother, Geeta is like my daughter'.
She should be happy.
I knew that my daughter
will be happy that's the reason...
...l agreed to send her to
your house as your daughter-in-law.
She should be happy. She will be happy.
Brother, you don't take any tension.
Tension? What are you saying?
My son Hari is not good.
I made a big mistake by trusting him.
What? Wham are you saying?
Hari left the house saying
he doesn't want to marry.
Brother, you don't take tension
He left the house without
thinking what will happen to us" he a son?
He shouldn't be my son
and a son-in-law to you.
You should be happy.
Geeta should be happy.
Even if Geeta marries my son Ramachari,
she will daughter-in-law of my house.
I am proud to say
that Ramachari is my son.
Brother; you were right.
Ramachari is a very nice guy.
I now understand what he is.
Brother; I was dying within
thinking I couldn't keep up my promise
I was scared to even answer your calls
Brother, I am not scared now.
I have my son Ramachari with me
I will be happy, you'll be happy,
your daughter will be happy...
...we all will be happy under his shade.
Brother; please agree Don't refuse
Brother, please agree
Instead of getting my daughter
married to an educated, wealthy guy...
...l am very happy that I am getting
her married to a well-cultured guy.
Divya, good news for you.
Ramachari is getting married
to the girl his parents chose for him.
Good that you got saved.
Had he loved you,
he wouldn't have done this.
Do you now know how big loafer he is?
Divya... hello, Divya? Hello?
Mother... mother.
Wham is it, Divya?
- Mother, I want to live
Wham happened to you?
-I have consumed poison, mother.
Please, save me somehow.
- What? You consumed poison?
What are you saying?
- Mother, please save me
Oh god... Ashok.
- Divya?
What do we do now?
Hurry up" they are here
How is she?
- She is not dead yet.
Did you come here to see if she is dead?
What do you think of yourself?
You played with my daughter's life
Are you happy now?
Why did you come here? Go away! Go!
Mother, stay quiet. This is a hospital.
Dattu, I have to see her.
-You go.
Hey, being with this loafer...
...your brought your
sister to this stage.
Mother, stay quiet.
Why are you telling me to stay quiet?
If something happens to her,
you'll be the reason for it.
Mother, calm down, please
- Hey, leave me.
You won't understand the
pain that parents go through
No mother would wish to see
her child in this state. Go away!
- My name is Divya
Didn't you think of
me before taking this step?
Didn't you think about me? Are
you here to see ifl am alive or dead?
Are you here to give
the invitation card?
Margi, I was..
Even when we didn't
talk for so many days"
love towards you was the same.
I've been restless
without you every minute
I made a mistake by thinking
even you would be in the same situation
I had not imagined my life without you.
I decided to die thinking
I can't live without you.
But later I thought,
when you are ready to live without me...
...there's no meaning to my death.
No... I won't die
I will live I will live happily.
Margi, just try to
understand my problem.
Yuck, don't touch me. I feel awkward.
You have an explanation
for getting married too?
I came to know what you think of me as
You were right that day.
You'll live happily without me.
You were happy and
you will be in future too.
Go... stay hGPPHY-
Margi, please..
- Go!
Margi, please listen to me.
- Go away!
Margi, just listen
to what I have to say..
VWII you go or not!
Divya! What have you done?
- Tell him to go away from here.
Hey, let's go.
- Go away!
- I love you, Margi!
Come on.
Call the nurse!
Don't take tension
- Please, come.
Divya why did you do this?
How many times I called you
Why didn't you answer the phone?
Hey, how do I look?
I had worn this in my wedding"
I'm wearing it again today.
Come in...
come on.. come in, what happened?
Father, actually.
Today is an auspicious day... brother Venkamesh wanted
to finish off with the rituals.
So, we've arranged everything
all of a sudden. Come
Look, brother Venkamesh looks so happy.
You saved my friend
Come... hey, come.
Where have you been since
morning without informing us?
Come on.
- Come.
Sit here.
- Sit.
Ramachari is blushing like a groom.
Ramachari, we will get you
and Geeta married...
...on the same date that we had fixed.
We've decided it. Match fixed.
- Sit, sit here
Shankar and Girija's son, Ramachari...
...Venkamesh and Diwangada
Sushma's daughter, Geeta.. has been fixed
on 18th of September, 2014... Chitradurga by the elders.
I don't want to get married.
I am in love with a guy. I thought
I would tell this to your brother:
Hey; are you out of your mind?
You should've told this to your father.
I tried many times to tell it to him.. very well know that my
father has suffered heart attack twice.
Moreover, the guy is a Muslim.
His name is Farhan.
My father wouldn't
agree to this at any cost.
Farhan is a documentary film maker.
He has gone to Ladakh for a project.
His phone is not reachable.
He doesn't know about
our wedding being fixed.
I don't know what to do.
Please... do something
and cancel this wedding, please
You told this to me very soon.
This marriage should take place
Excuse me.
You don't understand what I am saying?
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Please come.
Yes aunt,
I have been promoted as a manager'.
- Thank you.
His posting is in America
- Congrats, Akash.
Aunt, will you show me Divya or shall
I tie nuptial chain to her photograph?
Just a minute. I will call her.
- All right.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I thought you look
good only in photograph..
...but really, you are very beautiful.
I didn't have faith in God,
but now, I'm developing faith"
...after seeing you.
For the first time in my life,
I think I'm losing
Divya, will you marry me?
I don't understand
what's going on in life.
Mother has already fixed
Divya's marriage with a guy...
...and even she has agreed.
To challenge you...
...she is getting married
on the same date...
...and in the same place
you are getting married.
I argued with my family,
but they are not agreeing.
Ramachari, what will you do now?
I don't know.
Buddy, here, don't suppress your pain.
By drinking I might forget
the problem but it won't get solved.
She asked me to quit
smoking and drinking... was for my good health...
...she said I have no planning
and that I'm careless" was for our good future...
...she asked me to reform.. was for my betterment...
...she taught me everything in life...
...but she didn't teach
me how to live without her.
No one understands him.
He will be happy.
God is with him. God is with him
There is a wedding in the evening.
Send the owner directly
Greetings, sir. Please come. Welcome
He is coming in two-wheeler,
will things work out?
Wham did you say?
- Nothing, sir. Please sit.
He is seated
Look, my daughter's
marriage has been fixed.
It's on the 18th. I'm not
in the state to do the arrangements
I see that.
- The wedding is nearing.
You must please do all the arrangements.
- Sure
The groom's details
and advance are in the file.
Thank you.
- Do the arrangements properly.
It wasn't so urgent. Never mind.
I will leave.
- Greetings.
Even your daughter's
wedding is in Chitradurga?
Date, madam?
- 18th
Here, the details of the wedding
- Okay.
Look, the wedding
should be in grand pomp.
Sure, madam.
There should be no dearth for anything
- Sure
Please do everything fast.
There is very less time
- Here, advance Exchequer.
I will do the needful, madam
I will leave Thank you.
- Greetings.
Wham a coincidence.
Both the weddings are in Chitradurga
Both the weddings are scheduled on 18th.
Is it a coincidence or
is there a twist in the story?
Whatever it may be,
what is it to us? File it.
Oh no, it fell down.
Sir, they are not matching.
Don't get confused
- Not confused.
Give it to me.
This is a perfect couple
Even a blind man would
say this is the perfect couple.
Okay? File them correctly.
- Okay.
Mache Gowda,
your game starts from tomorrow.
It is a big deal.
Please come.
- Greetings.
I was waiting for you.
- Chikappa.
Why is he here?
- I don't know.
Sir, since his wedding
is on the same day too... handle it personally, I summoned
you both to the same place to shop
Don't worry.
Why should we shop with them?
I will cancel the contract. Let's go.
Why should we fear and go?
He is at fault.
No matter what he does,
he cannot enter into my life again.
The groom, congrats
The bride, congrats
Even this couple is here.
Greetings. Greetings.
Please come.
We have no time, please come.
Show new design and new
patterns to everyone Okay?
Very good.
Show me
Sir, sit here, I will get up.
No. Ask her.
-Ask her?
He is confused.
He is feeling shy.
Excuse me.
\Mll you please sit here?
- Shut up.
What's this?
He is not crossing the line
and she is not crossing the line too...
...but they are in love with each other.
Wonderful couple
You carry on. Sorry.
I will bring all my
clients to your store
But you should pay me
commission at once, okay?
- Okay, sir.
- Thank you.
Mr. Manche Gowda,
I will be in the trial room..
...send my girl..
Margi, please try to understand.
Okay, Shankar.
Look, I'm not at fault.
I'm glad
I have been forced to..
He must be there.
Ramachari, there are people around.
You need to watch out.
Uncle, the restroom.
We will be in the sari section,
come fast.
Brother; how about...?
- The door got stuck.
- How is it?
- Yes it's nice.
Leave my hand.
In 10 minutes"
- Aren't you ashamed? Oh, my God.
Darn it. I'm unable to get the line.
Wait a minute Why are you in a hurry?
Your bride is beautiful.
Why are you after this girl?
Shall I order for tender
coconut to calm you down?
I have less time in hand,
I have to work things out soon.
Work out.
He is planning to woo
another girl before marriage.
Show me that sari.
Choosing saris is a difficult task.
Feel comfortable.
- Okay.
Hello. Why are you sitting
with a wrong person?
I must say, he is a cunning guy.
Wow. Mother, look at this.
Show me
- Wow.
It's superb.
- That's right.
Look, pack this sari.
Sorry, madam he has chosen this sari.
Never mind. Let them take it.
- Here, madam
Don't show us cheap saris
Show us some expensive saris.
Here, madam. It's Rs. 25,000.
Give more expensive sari
for our daughter-in-law.
Okay, sir.
Here, sir. This is Dharmawaram sari.
It's Rs. 50,000.
Show us more expensive saris
Here, madam. It's Kanchiwaran
sari with gold thread border.
It's Rs. 75,000.
Not just the border,
show me a sari made of gold.
Look sir, it has gold border.
Why are they confronting each other?
- Give it.
Do you like any of it?
- Just looking
Dear, this one?
- Yes.
How about this?
- Okay.
We have to somehow..
It is a wonderful sari. Very nice.
- Isn't it?
What's the price?
- Madam.
Don't ask him. Our boss will say.
What do you think is
the price ofthis sari?
All right.
Sari worth Rs.
1 lake for my daughter-in-law, pack it.
Okay, sir.
Show me the most expensive
sari in your store
The most expensive sari?
Madam, this is the most expensive
sari in our store, Rs 1 lake.
This is the last sari, no stock.
I will pay Rs. 2 lakes for it.
Pack them.
We are finally done
- Yes, sir.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Brother; just a minute
Shall I give you a free advice?
- Sure.
After marriage, don't send your wife to
her house even on the inauspicious month
Your mother-in-law will separate
both of you. Take my advice. Okay? Okay.
Boss, I have never seen
such shopping in my life.
We can never understand
the logic of women.
- No matter how expensive the sari is"
...the groom will rip
it on the nuptial night.
You are so right.
Here, sir. Try this ring.
It is not looking good at all.
It doesn't suit you
It is beautiful. Pack it.
How is it looking?
It's beautiful.
- Let me take a picture of yours
- Okay.
It is so nice
Let's take it together:
Excuse me.
\Mll you please click our snap?
Smile please.
Excuse me, sir. Please try this ring.
Sorry, one second.
- Okay.
The necklace was looking good on you.
You think the opposite.
Please think in my point of view too,
you will understand
Made for each other.
Hey, how is it looking?
It wasn't looking good. I deleted it.
Come, we will take a selfie.
I knew it.
- Sir?
\Mll you please bring our son-in-law?
- Yes.
He needs to select bracelet pattern.
- Okay. I will bring him
Well, show me than.
Come here
- No.
You do everything. You are so naughty.
Sir, here's your son-in-law.
Let him select the pattern fast...
...he has other things to do.
- Be quiet. I will manage.
Show it to him.
0h my God.
Are you crazy?
Are you playing the fool?
My daughter is getting married to Akash.
She has nothing to do with him.
If it happens again,
I will cancel the contract. Be careful.
I didn't confuse you
You got confused yourself.
Don't do it again.
The situation is very critical...
...othenlvise everyone will slap you
Everyone will slap me?
Wham do they think of themselves?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
You can stand?
Oh, my God!
The design.
I hope you are not getting bored.
- Not at all.
Give it to me.
- Scoundrels!
Get going.
- Let it be, Divya
It is unnecessary. Just let it be.
Please, don't.
Akash, what do you mean?
Wham if it happened with us?
I know but it happened
lfyou snatch her veil, it will
be seven and you win What do you say?
No, let's look for another girl.
She's in anger.
I want her veil. Come on.
- Come.
Move back.
- Hey you
Relax, please.
- How dare you?
Listen to me, please.
- You call me scoundrel?
I apologize on her behalf. Please
- Akash, why are you apologizing?
Divya, please try to understand.
Why do you get angry
if we snatched else's veil?
I will call the police.
- What will you do?
I will call the police. Stop it.
Not 100, call 108.
English medicine won't cure your wounds
Look for home remedy.
Do you understand? Do you understand?
The nerve got twisted, don't turn... will hurt.
He doesn't hit singles or doubles.
He has hit a boundary. It is a sixer!
Listen, he.
- Hey, don't get scared.
We've always got complaints since
his childhood that he thrashed him...
...but not got thrashed by anyone.
L4-L5 damage.
Go to hermitage Arogyadham
and take a month's rest.
Cheap and best!
"Oh yeah!"
"Oh yeah."
Respect women... you'll prosper in life.
You will have to take permission
even to touch your wife. You.
Hey, thanks.
He taught him a good lesson.
- You helped us so much.
No problem, it is our duty.
Sir, this is my nature
I had asked someone to
get me an anticipatory bail.
But they haven't done it yet.
Sir, I have to keep up my words,
isn't it?
Hey, lam the same
I don't let anyone without giving
them a treat after taking their help
You and your fiance should
join us for dinner tonight.
Please... it is my humble request.
Don't do this, sir.
- Please, don't refuse.
He will surely come He is
forcing you so much.. go with them.
You too go with Ramachari.
- Yes.
You both haven't gone out
anywhere since your wedding is fixed.
Okay, I will see you then.
He is doing lunch since morning
He is inviting him for dinner now.
Hundred percent,
this car guy's car will get punctured.
So nice" it is awesome.
We both are getting married
on the same day... in the same city.
Wham a coincidence.
- Yeah.
To hell with coincidence. My bad luck.
He is an idiot.
So, what will you have? Some drinks?
Akash, I don't drink
You too don't drink.
Why? ls today a dry day?
If you have to drink, call all
your friends and take confirmation...
...that no one is going
to meet with an accident today.
No Akash,
if somebody calls you at midnight",
...and ask you to donate blood...
they won't accept your blood... there will be
alcohol content in it.
So, don't drink or smoke
Come on, Ramachari.
\Mll we have a dream that
somebody would call us at night...
...and ask us to donate blood?
I mean, how silly this is
You think it as silly,
but it gave me a red chili effect, sir.
If it so serious matter,
I didn't drink or smoke"
...l will lie to them.
Problem will get solved.
Akash, the problem will
start from there... by lying.
A small lie will become
a thorn and pierce in our heart.
Akash, it is a mistake to lie to girls
Even if you tell them agreeing
that you lied to them is a grave sin
They tell you to be sincere... if you
are sincere... they call you loafers
Akash, there's no
validity for good guys.
Okay, okay. Drinks canceled. Cool?
Shall we order food?
- Go ahead
. Okay-
So, what are you future plans?
Nothing much.
- Why Akash, didn't you tell him than...
...we are settling
down in US after marriage.
Pretty excited, right?
- Yes Very much.
Akash, whether you go
to America or Antarctica...
...girls remain the same
If you wish to live happily in life,
I would like to give you some tips"
...about my personal experience
Follow them
- You'll be happy-
- Okay.
First, no matter what problem you have,
but don't forget her birthday.
Second, if she calls you for
her family get together or shopping...
...don't tell them
that you are with friends.
- Divya, what happened?
Have some water.
- Yeah.
Sir, her hiccups won't
stop by drinking water.
Hey, what happened?
- Sorry, boss is calling.
You go and answer it. I am here.
- No problem.
You drink some water.
- I'll take care of her, sir.
I'll be back
- Sir, you go ahead. Go.
Hello? Yes, sir?
Do you need something?
Oh no... the rest room is there.
Oh no.
Margi! I didn't talk
like that to hurt you.
I just tried to make you understand
that I didn't do any big mistake.
You should understand my situation.
I tried a lot to tell you what happened.
But whenever I came to you,
you pretended like a stranger.
Margi, I felt like dying.
Margi, I am not getting married to her.
I didn't have the guts to
tell this to my father that day.
Margi, give me sometime
I have to keep up my father's
promise that he did by trusting me
Margi, I can't live without you
You know that very well.
Margi, don't be stubborn.
Don't give me lifelong
punishment for one day's mistake.
Please, Margi. I love you, Margi.
Yes sir, yes
DiWa, are you okay now?
I'm sorry, important call so..
- Yeah.
Sir, your change, sir.
- Change?
Who paidthe bill?
- Sir, he paid
Ramachari, this is not fair.
This is my treat.
No Akash, actually.
I am used to paying for
my girlfriend all the time.
Thank you... nice meeting you
Thank you once again.
Thank you.
- Same here.
- Yeah.
Shall we go?
- Bye.
Mister, tell me
since you've fallen in love... don't meet me often.
Are you so busy?
Hello Margi?
Everyone told me that you were a snake
No... you are a snake with two heads.
I thought you cheated me, no!
You cheated your mother,
father, the girl you are marrying...
...and everyone Wholesale cheating
There are no IPC sections
in the law to put a case on you.
You say, your father trusts you,
but you say, you don't want to marry.
You are snake with two heads right?
You made a mistake,
that's why you are apologizing.
No matter what you do,
I won't forgive you.
You are not worth of my love
Are you drunk?
- Yes.
When girls cheat guys,
they drink because of love failure.
They can scold girls. If the guy cheats,
girls shouldn't drink?
Shouldn't they scold the guys?
All the guys are the same.
- Pal, what happened?
They won't know a girl's
value when she is with them.
When she goes far away,
you say, you want them
Are we 'end of season sale'
to return whenever you call us?
you can drink whiskey, brandy, rum..
...and if you don't have money,
drink local brew.
You get a yearly pass in a bar.
You will lie on the
footpath by drinking daily.
All the auto drivers are your friends,
they'll drop you home safely.
If you have some shame left in you...
...don't come to me again.
I will be happy with Akash.
Good night, Ramachari...
no, no... goodbye!
Hey, Ramachari!
- Sorry Pal...
...l couldn't know I am telling you
You drunkard, are you here to die?
- Hey, are you blind?
You drunkard, are you here to die?
- Hey, are you blind?
"Who? Who? Who is he?"
"Who is he?"
"Who? Who? Who is he?"
"Who is he?"
"I was living happily somehow."
"Look brother, I became like this"
"She broke my heart and walked away."
"Look brother: Brother."
"I remember that she is not
with me when I wake up in the morning."
"When I wake up at night,
my one is white and the other is red."
"My heart is not beaming Am I dead?"
"I was living happily somehow."
"Look brother, I became like this"
"I cry daily seeing her photo."
"How do we live when the
girl leaves us by kissing us?"
"When we love them seriously,
girls leave us."
"My ears can still hear her laughter."
"We wake up at night and sit."
"I laugh when I am crying"
"Have I become insane?"
"I was living happily somehow."
"Look brother, I became like this"
"Wherever you find a sound box,
you listen to a pathos song."
"lt is time for me to understand
the wordings written behind an auto."
"My love story went into smoke."
"Ramachari became single again."
"Friends scold me by sitting beside me"
"I gained pain,
but people won't understand."
"There's more peace in pain"
"Shall I live like this?"
"I was living happily somehow."
"Look brother, I became like this"
Give this to the priest,
I'll come there in some time.
' 0kay
Why are you sitting like this?
Get ready soon It is getting lame.
Can I come inside?
- Oh, he doesn't have patience.
- Hi.
Are you here to see
ifl am alive or dead?
- I told you I didn't like you...
...why are you torturing me?
Hello, hold it. Hold it.
You are playing games
as you got an innocent girl?
Hey, call him!
- Boss
My curse won't spare you
No matter what you do,
you can't get me... Farhan is my life.
He is my life.
- Hey, look here
Farhan? Farhan!
Farhan, where have you been?
I couldn't get in
touch with you on phone.
I couldn't tell this to my father.
I have gone through hell.
Moreover, he tortured me
Geeta, he brought me here
The place I was,
it was difficult to get food or water... could I get
a mobile network there?
Ramachari collected
our project details"
...he traced me out,
sent his friend and brought me here
Thank you so much
Farhan, father won't
agree for this at any cost.
Before father learns about this,
let's go far away from here Come.
Wont your father suffer
heart attack if you elope?
Not that, my father..
- Okay; let your father die..
Father... father, actually... sorry.
Why did you endure so much?
Father, I didn't live life
according to your norm; even one day.
I didn't make you happy.
After knowing that you
are happy because of me..
...l didn't feel like snatching
that happiness from you.
Sorry, father...
father, they" father".
Uncle, I am very scared.
I don't understand what to do...
what if something happens to my father..
You don't worry at all.
My Ramachari is here.
Divya, there's still time.
Think about it.
Ramachari is the correct guy to you.
Please, think about it.
Divya, Ramachari is
the correct guy for you.
Please, don't be stubborn
- You have changed.
I didn't change, but you have.
He will get an attack
ifl say or you tell it to him
He is a Muslim guy. \Mll he accept him?
have you brought liquor with you?
No, if I drink two pegs,
I may get some ideas.
Stay quiet, father.
Come here
\Mll you go inside?
Be careful.
Come inside
Ramachari, you are still not ready.
It is time for the auspicious time.
Uncle, have you taken your
tablets related to heart attack?
No, I am taking it now.
- Please, have it, uncle.
- You stay quiet.
Why do you look tensed? What happened?
Nothing happened to me, uncle.
Nothing should happen to
you too after hearing what I say.
Did India lose the match yesterday?
No uncle, India won
Zahir Khan took five wickets
- Yes!
. Superb!
Greeting; sir.
-Welcome How are you?
I am good.
- Please, go inside
Your son..
- Hey, go!
He is too much.
Uncle, did you feel bad that
Zahir Khan made this match won?
Why should I feel bad?
Am I a fool?
Our India won,
no matter who made it win
It may be Sachin or Ganguly.
If you consider that...
when Mohammed Azharuddin was captain...
...our India won many matches.
When it comes to country...
...doesn't matter it is Hindu,
Muslim, or any other religion.
Country is important.
Uncle, will you have water?
- Water?
- For safety, uncle.
Drink it.
Hello sir, how are you?
- Hello.
Correct, uncle. You are right.
When it comes to our country...
religion shouldn't be important.
Yes, it shouldn't.
The same way,
when it comes to the life of children...
...religion shouldn't be important.
Uncle, you shouldn't get
heart attack for any reason.
Wham happened?
- Geek'?
- Geek'?
- Wham happened, tell me?
Uncle... your daughter's
happiness is very important.
It is not that she will get
married to a Hindu or a Muslim
Uncle, your daughter is in
love with a Muslim guy named Farhan.
She was scared that if you know,
something may happen to you..
Uncle, lam telling you for the last
time You shouldn't get heart attack.
Uncle, Geeta will be happy with Farhan
You want her to be happy, right?
Uncle, don't think
about what people will say.
They will talk for two
days and the third day...
...they'll get busy with
their lives and stay quiet.
Geeta will be happy, uncle.
Please, believe me.
Please believe me, uncle.
The rest is up to you
Hey, what happened?
Tell me what happened?
Thanks, father.
Thank you so much, father.
Hey, Ramachari... oh.
- God bless you.
Where is Ramachari?
- Rama.
He was here with me..
the auspicious time is passing by.
You go, I will get him.
Hey Chikappa! Where's Ramachari?
He solved everyone's problems
He ruined his life.
Hey, why? What happened?
What happened? Tell me
Dattu, I won't trouble you anymore now.
I am getting married and leaving
You can live happily now.
\Mll you be happy?
Do you really don't love Ramachari?
-You are lying.
Don't dig old graves now.
Why are you cheating yourself like this?
It is not good to be so stubborn.
I know what is good or bad for me.
You don't have to tell me.
You still have Ramachari
in your heart and you are acting!
You paid lakes of rupees
for the wedding sari...
...but which sari are you wearing today?
Though he didn't want to marry,
he agreed to make his father happy
You misunderstood him.
He didn't marry Geeta
He united Geeta and her lover.
Whoever trusted him,
he has stood by them.
He didn't cheat you..
but you are cheating him.
Tell me one thing,
mother doesn't know about Ramachari.
Don't you know him?
He thinks superior about you...
try to stay there.
- You can't live without him.
Shut up
Divya, he can't live without you.
He became big by
understanding small things...
...and I became inferior
as I didn't understand
He is enduring so much pain.
Where did Ramachari go?
'It may sound crazy
to you ifl tell it.'
'Peacocks should welcome
us on our wedding day.'
'I have to come walking on the rainbow.'
'Every step I take"
'...memories of our cherished
moments will witness our wedding.'
'You kept me safely in your heart,
but that day...'
'...l will belong to you completely'
'My heart will beat loudly as
I'll be happy that we both are uniting.'
'When I look up with shy,
you'll be watching me.'
Divya, come on. Come on!
I want Ramachari.
You are making a mistake
No mother...
what I did all this days was wrong.
Don't stop me now.
- Sudha!
Sir... you got your Margaret.
But you didn't live
I didn't get my Margaret... will I live?
If I tell you to leave me,
will you leave me?
If I tell you forget me,
will you forget me?
You knew that you
were not marrying her...
...then why didn't you stop my wedding?
Don't I know about my girlfriend?
Had I come there, you would've
got married to him getting angry on me
Forget than, who told you I was here?
Won't Margaret know where
Ramachari would be in Durga?
Wham about our future?
I thought I would miss you,
but you became my Mrs
Oh, there's no water here
These hiccups won't subside
by drinking water. That.
"Mr. and Mrs Ramachari."
"Ramachari is now engaged."
"Mr. and Mrs Ramachari."
"Ramachari is now engaged."
"The boy."
"Has fallen in love."
"Love is divine"
"He is stronger than love"
"I feel like I'm honoured with garland
after following in love with you."
"I'm intoxicated after
falling in love with you"
"My heart calls out
your name all the time."
"There is smile on
this vagabond's face now."
"Sweetest bonding."
"I'm a lover who will
love just one girl."
"We are made for each other,
even our horoscopes match."
"There's nothing to say now."
"Mr. and Mrs Ramachari."
"Ramachari is now engaged."