Mr. Bachelor (2023) Movie Script

What might be his issue...
He is drinking continiously.
What might be the problem?
Obviously a love issue.
Girl might had cheated him.
Hence he is
boozing relentlessly.
At the end both girl
and booze will be gone.
They are good for our business.
you focus on your
work, take it to him.
Huh! I have seen
tons of these fellas.
Hello everybody...
-[in unison] Cheers.
It's time.
Oh! sorry sir.
It's time sir.
Oh, it's time right?
-Yes sir.
-Alright you may leave.
I haven't came to take
permission from you.
Please leave as we
have to close for the day.
I'm not in the state to leave.
You do one thing.
You go to home.
I will sleep here.
You wake me up in the morning.
Then will you go home.
I will start over.
[playful giggle]
Yes darling.
[soft chuckles]
You are very smart.
Let's go inside.
Yes you are correct.
So i booked you in a hurry.
Closed the bar before an hour.
-What work do you have?
Aye, what's your issue?
Did you closed the bar?
No boss, someone is quite tipsy.
He is not leaving.
Why will he not leave?
He will not go.
Let's go.
-Please come.
She is damn hot.
Hey, cut down the music.
Switch off the lights.
Hello brother. How are you?
I'm good.
[soft chuckle]
You are quite a smart guy, eh?
Hello good night.
Any problem?
Love problem?
Family problem?
Money problem?
Look brother, the ones
who has these three issues
Are the only ones who
come here to booze.
When you don't have any issues,
then what's your problem?
Ah, tell me sir.
Is she's your family?
Yes, one day family.
She comes at dusk
and leaves at dawn.
The sooner you leave the
sooner we will start our work.
Because it's a
very pricey family.
[sharp whistle]
She's all mine.
Even if she agrees
for you to share...
I will not agree to it. Sorry.
Not for her...
To you.
-[shocked gasp]
I'm not that kind,
please leave. Get out.
Me too not that kind...
Business deal.
-Business deal?!
I don't get it.
This chap is confusing a lot.
The long i sit here...
I shouldn't be
disturbed till then.
-Okay, no problem.
Can we go inside
and start our work?
We will not disturb you.
If she makes a noise then
i can't do anything about it.
Isn't it darling?
Then i don't want it.
It took me a week to get her.
I cannot resist, if i can't do
anything that she
being beside me.
Who the hell is he?
Just out with your issue
quickly. We have work to do.
Pour me a shot too.
Yo, pour boss the special one.
-Okay brother.
I cannot tell you quickly.
After we booze...
I will offer you a
detailed narration.
You have to listen entirely.
Offer detailed
narration itself.
We will listen till
we get the hots.
Once the drive
comes then she will not
listen to me itself.
Isn't it darling?
Go on...
In this world everyone wishes to
be joyful everyday
till they die.
But nobody knows
the path to happiness.
But i found out in
my childhood itself.
What does it mean by marriage?
It's a punishment
for the past life sins.
Shut up.
Don't give wrong
answers to kids.
[soft smile]
Marraige means a big festival.
Is it even larger than
-Hm... it's even larger than
comes once in every year right?
But marraige...
...comes once a lifetime.
After marraige...
Everyday is a joy.
Daily it's like a festival.
Is it mummy?
-Yes dear.
Since that moment...
Marraige become my dream.
My wife and me.
Good morning...
Good morning sir.
Very good morning childrens.
Sit down.
-Thank you sir.
Yesterday i had assigned the
homework. Did you all completed?
-[in unison] We did sir.
Those who haven't
completed, raise their hands.
Why karthik you haven't did it?
Sir, you said that if
we come without doing
homework then you
will get us married.
So i didn't do it.
Get me married quickly sir.
Come i will arrange
your marraige. Come.
Come here, show you palms.
You are tiny as a dwarf
and you want to get married?
Please don't sir.
Marriage, eh?
Please don't hit
me sir, it's hurting.
Marraige is enough or want more?
[painful gasps] Ouch, god!
Come and eat dear.
Karthik it's late, come and eat.
Mummy, get me married.
Ay, shut up.
Aren't you sleepy?
Dad, get me married.
Ay..! you still haven't came
out from marraige craziness.
Dear you are still a child.
Still you have to grow, get
educated and get a good job.
Then you will get married.
Aren't these things
possible after marriage?
No it's not possible.
I will arrange for your
marriage once you get a job.
-Promise.. Promise.
Mummy promise?
[chanting mantra]
You seem to be really excited?
Yes becaue it's festival today.
It's your marriage
not a festival.
Do we need big festival
than the marriage?
Oh, like that?
Preist sir.
I was waiting for this
day since childhood.
Did you know that my
childhood dream was to marry.
They say that being an engineer
or doctor is a childhood dream.
You consider that getting
married is a childhood dream?
Now, what's your
childhood dream?
Mine's was to
become a great priest.
Are you now?
Yes isn't it then.
Then it's daily
festival for you.
Festival..! it's daily struggle.
See... for an engineer
or doctor it's struggle.
But if you get married then
the life will be quite colorful.
Morning wife will
offer bed coffee.
She will kiss you before
you leave for the office.
Afternoon she calls
to ask about the lunch.
After we return
tired from the office.
She makes us sleep
on her lap and then it's
a flow of kisses,
feelings and romance.
Awe..! Entire
life is a festival.
Entire life is a celebration.
You have quite a big
dreams about marriage?
Go on...
After three months of
marriage you will get
that she will offer
kisses or offer punches.
Get the bride please.
A beautiful couple right?
Ah, take the holy thread.
My dream is coming true.
What happened? Go on tie it up.
Karthik get up--
What happened?
Karthik get up.
What is it mummy?
It's was a sweet dream.
I was about to--
Yes before you tied the
holy thread i interfered right?
It's an usual dream,
there is nothing new to it.
First go to work, then marriage.
It's been twelve
hours since i got a job.
Very irresponsible parents.
-Well yes dear.
I grasped it yesterday
itself when you
told over a call
about a good news.
You will utter about marriage
first thing in the morning.
So we too are prepared.
Check out the album.
Select anyone that you wish.
Did he asked for it.
Yes he called me
right. Have a look dear.
One lovely than another.
Karthik these are ones
whom we have chosen for you.
Select a traditional girl.
She's the one.
Are you sure?
She's is awesome.
She's lovely--
Very good..very good.
Is it final?
You said it right.
How many kids do you have?
-Only one daughter.
Is it? I have only one son.
Girl still haven't came?
Calm down a bit dear.
Two minutes...
Let Rahukalam
pass, i will call her.
Don't act like an
ackward fella, keep quiet.
It's passed...
Ramya, get your friend.
You daughter is like a goddess.
Son, Do you like her?
-I loved her.
My son liked the girl.
I not okay with it.
[in unison] Huh..!
Why dear?
Because the groom don't have it.
Huh! what are
you talking about?
Don't ridicule us
in front of everyone.
Please say it clearly.
Your shirt color...
Shirt... it's black.
Black is cool.
Which fool advised
you to wear black?
-My father.
-Huh, Not me.
Then he too don't have it.
Aye, what the hell
are you talking about?
Common sense.
Black is ominous.
Does anyone wear
black in a good occasion?
Father i don't like
this marriage. Sorry.
For just a mere shirt color...
I wasn't aware that
the guys get rejected.
Let it go, everything
happens for a good reason.
What if she had agreed
and married then...
Will you be able to live
with that kind of a woman.
-Isn't it?
It's right.
Look for another proposal.
Proposal is ready.
If you agree to it then i
will arrange for a meet.
I was in a
relationship earlier...
Now we broke up.
Why am i telling
you this is because it
shouldn't create any
trouble after the marriage.
Love is not an issue, But may
i ask why you guys broke up?
He was only good for
loving not for getting married.
Means he was indigent...
But you earn a good amount.
Have a lovely house
and you look decent too.
What else is needed to marry?
How do you like
your bride to be?
Nothing much, just a simple,
plain traditional like you.
Hello don't expect
so much from me...
I don't like this Sari,
holy thread, toe rings.
You live as you wish
and i will do the same.
Excuse me! where are you going?
It's my wish and
I'm leaving. If
you wish to stay here and do it.
I like movie heroes a lot.
In fact if i marry...
I'm wishing to marry an actor.
So, can you get
into an acting for me?
It's pretty common
these days right
to date and bulge up the belly?
So will you digest it smoothly?
Hey Karthik, when
is your marriage?
My son's marriage is fixed.
When is your son's marriage?
It's pity that our Karthik
is not getting a bride.
"No matter what i try,
I'm not getting a girl."
"Even after i get, she reject
me. Where's my father-in-law."
"Where is you girl?
hunt her bachelor."
When is your marriage?
When is your marriage?
When is your marriage?
"Mr. Bachelor is
not getting a misses."
"What's the
reason for it? swear
on god it's undecipherable."
"Loving someone and get
married to someone else."
"But he's here
fallen for marriage."
"In dreams too i
see grooms seat."
"The knot of the holy
thread is getting loosened."
"A urn at hand sways hayway."
"Amid both the
palms nape vanishes."
"Hey When is
Karthik's marriage?"
"Hey When is
Karthik's marriage?"
"When will this
piper gets played."
"When will the three
knots will be tied."
"He searched for a bride
even in a matrimony."
"The marriage issue
is not getting solved."
"Plese give him a
bride to my good chap."
"He is a virgin 2.0 version."
"He has wished for a blessing
from lord venkataramana."
"planets are not in sync
hence he is feeling sad."
"He hums a soundless song."
"He dream about the
marriage with an open eye."
"Mr. Bachelor is
not getting a misses."
"What's the
reason for it? swear
on my father it's
"Loving someone and get
married to someone else."
"But he's here
fallen for marriage."
"Darling when
is the marriage?"
"Darling when
is the marriage?"
"When will you
go to honeymoon?"
He is my son...
He is--
Planets are not in sync...
Entire family is sad because
he is not getting a bride.
Isn't it?
Master you are absolutely right.
You have solve this issue.
What's your name?
Your grandpa is the reason
behind your current state.
Your family is
quite reputed one.
Your grandpa
word is an ultimate.
According to the
tradition of that village...
After twenty years marraige is
banned for both male and female
Oppose to that a women got ready
to marry at an
age of forty five.
Your grandpa
stopped that marriage.
Even after her parents fell into
your grandpa's
feet and requested.
Your grandpa heart not melted.
In a pain that their
daughter's life is ruined.
Her parents commited suicide.
That woman...
Your grandpa is
the reason for the
injustice that happened to her.
She cursed that in
your family no one will
get married till the
age of forty five.
and she died.
Due to her curse your
son is unable to get a bride.
What's this dad?
I have to pay for
your father sins.
In simple terms, How an asset of
grandpa belongs to a grandson...
In the same way,
a grandson is liable
to the curse and
deeds of his grandpa.
My marriage is screwed.
-Shut up.
Er..! Isn't there any
remedy for this curse master.
For every thing there
is a remedy mother.
Remedy is there!
The 31st girl that
you meet is plausible.
But you should ensure that
girl shouldn't get slipped away.
If she slips away...
You will never get
married in your life.
[shocking gasps]
O god!
What's this--
Is there some other
way to resolve this?
Why did you asked me to come
urgently? What's the matter?
-Please have a seat.
You have already
shown us 25 girls...
Unfortunately not even
one got materialized.
Let it go, why are you
getting sad about that?
Ah, show us five more.
Ah! Five more?!
If these five girls
reject then it will be 30.
So the 31st one
will be my bride.
31st?! what are you saying sir?
Our astrologer has told--
The 31st girl that i meet is
the one that i get married to.
Damn! Astrolgers
can predict these too?
If you would had told this
to me earlier then i would
had arranged you to meet
some random 25 to 30 girls.
Let it go...
Show me another five...
Not random let
them be good ones.
Even to reject you
need good ones?
Do you want to have tea?
Let your marriage
dream come true today.
Ay, come soon. It's time.
Already it's 31st,
if there is any
error then all will be screwed.
Look this is the
question of my sons life.
It shouldn't be missed.
It shouldn't be--
[sharp sneezing sound]
Damn it!
What are you coming
to say?. Say it soon!
Nothing serious, just a
small change in the program.
What is it?
Now you don't have
to come to meet the girl.
You don't have to worry, the
meeting will be in the equation.
Yo enough of your
puzzles, come straight
to the point. I'm
already worried.
Girl wants to speak to you.
Thereafter the whole
family can go and meet her.
That's it, what's the place
and time? Let's go then.
Your son is in
a lot of hurry sir.
He might had liked
the girl very much then.
It's 31st proposal, whoever
comes he has to marry.
Hence he didn't even
saw the girl photograph.
I will send the girl location,
you can have a chat with her.
Talk to her..Talk to her.
It's already noon...
Why my life partner
still haven't arrived?
Who is she?
She's so beautiful.
He's damn lucky who marries her.
Hi Karthik.
-O my god.
Am i the lucky fellow?
Sorry for the late.
-It's okay.
Have a seat--
-Hi Pallavi.
-Your order.
Yeah sure.
-Two coffee please--
Family told me that you came
without looking at my picture.
May i ask why is it?
A girl in a picture
and a girl in reality
are very different and
never looks the same.
So i didn't took
the risk and came.
So, what's your opinion on me?
If a dying person wishes
to see a lovely lady
then by seeing you
he will die peacefully.
[soft giggle]
That's too much.
-Hm, then...
Tell about yourself.
Dad is a businessman
and mom's a housewife.
I'm their only
daughter, recently
i have completed my engineering.
Because i look pretty...
Where i fell in
love, so in a hurry
they have planned my marriage.
I have no boyfriends,
i have only one.
My best friend. She's
everything to me.
This is my story.
Now it's your turn.
I'm an only son to my
parents. I'm a MS graduate.
Currently I'm
working in Infosys.
I'm like Lord Krishna,
since childhood
I'm sorrounded by girl friends.
So it doesn't mean
that in the case of girls
I'm lord Krishna but
a lot like lord Rama.
Then a lot of girls might
had proposed to you right?
Hm... Yes they did.
But i haven't accepted.
They were a lot
of girlfriends right.
Nope, they were
like only my friends.
Means you haven't
even touched anyone.
I haven't.
Atleast one kiss?
If i haven't touched anyone then
there is no question of kisses.
Means are you still pure?
I'm 100 percent pure.
In this generation if you
haven't touched a girl...
I don't think you are normal.
Sorry Karthik, this won't work.
I don't want a pure boy.
I want an experience guy.
Evey girl is
wishing for a straight
guy but you are
wishing an opposite.
Look Karthik... You look good.
Well educated,
well settled family.
But if you hadn't touched
any girl till now then...
Not only to me, but
any girl may get doubt.
Being a male means he
has to have some bad habits.
That's called normal right?
[sharp exhale]
Don't mind Karthik, i
speak straight to the point.
You can look after
some other girl.
I don't feel this as a big deal.
In this generation
and in this life style...
Impotent fellows are a lot.
So the girls are not
looking into boy's riches.
But cares if he's a potent one.
If a groom doesn't have that
then what the use of marrying?
Er..! By looking at you i
don't think you have that issue.
You have the looks of a hero.
Well settled too.
It will happen, don't worry--
You continue...
That girl wanted an
experienced dud right?
Did you agreed to it?
Agreeing to the
conditions are not
enough. You have
to come with a proof.
If she slips away...
You will never get
married in your life.
Once you have proof
then i will think about it.
Till then you have
to manage your
family and i will do mine, okay?
Our next meeting will be after
a month till then all the best.
Awe! this is a damn lucky offer.
Before the marriage.
This is the most
luckiest offer one
will ever receive on this world.
Look brother...
In love issue friends
will be in support.
Family will be for a marriage.
But to help in this matter...
An international relationship
ruiner should aid you.
Who's that fella?
Yo, you are damn lucky.
Your bride is approved your
play then why do you worry?
Drive the show nuts
and mesmerize pal.
If i could had
done it alone then
why would i be calling you guys?
You have to arrange
something dude.
I assumed it's just a farce.
But literally you are
making me a pimp eh?
-It's not like that.
Who else is there
for me than you both?
That's true though.
Look if you guys help
me to loose my virigintiy.
I will start the play
with your name.
Yo we don't need
such a favor. Why
are you making
it such a big deal?
Being absitinent is quite tough
by loosing it is pretty easy.
Look you will loose
your chastity in two days.
In four days you
will get married.
You go and book marriage hall.
Chikku will arrange everything.
Where are you going?
I will take care of my dad's
piles surgery and be back.
Is it fine?
Ay, you don't worry.
You go and make you
dad to get up from bed.
I will arrange a
bed for him to sleep.
Chika why did you
asked me to come?
Wait there is a news.
How is she?
She's Arena from America. friend.
Get up and hug her--
-What's up?
How's she? She's awesome right.
Three days ago
we met in Facebook.
With my chuncky cluncky english.
I told her that you
are looking for a girl.
She said that why
are you looking
else where when I'm here?
I'm shocked.
yeah yeah shocked.
There is no one chaste
in America it seems.
When she get to know that you
are a virgin, she
agreed happily.
She has agreed to give
the feedback report too.
But she has a small terms.
What is it?
She will record the play that
you both guys participate in.
Only a video right?
I need a proof too right.
She will upload
that video in her
website it seems.
It's fine right.
Excuse me guys i got to go.
Alright leave.
-I will be back in a while.
She will upload it in America,
who is going to watch it here?
The guys of here watch
America's video a lot.
Think about it, you will
not get this offer again.
Do you want me to lose
the respect around the town?
Please understand, i pulled
a lot of strings to get her.
Aye, get lost.
Send her off.
-What should i--
-Off you go.
Aye, call her and ask
her about whereabouts?
Chika, this is my first time
right. I'm feeling nervous.
To take away your nervousness
we are getting that girl.
In two minutes she'll be here.
-Get her quickly man. Dose will
stick to a sizzling hot pan.
Burnt Dose is non edible.
Karthik why haven't you reported
to office since two days?
Wait i will call you back.
I'm busy.
-Yes, superb.
This is right, focus should
be like this. All the best.
Huh! She's here.
Is she a girl?
She's an aunty.
Don't take it lightly
as an aunty pal.
Look, how awesome she is.
Just for ten minutes
lie down with
eyes closed.
Everything will be over.
Then you will be able
to marry you Pallavi.
I'm not waiting for 25 years to
celbrate the gala with an aunty.
I have time, we will find
someone else. Send her off.
Aye, But how--
-Send her off.
You don't want her?
No i don't.
What the hell is
he? Come let's go.
Hello aunty, I'm the one
who spoke to you over the call.
I'm Raju.
A lot of kings like you
fought with me and lost.
Will you win?
Aunty I'm just a worker, the
main participant is my friend.
Oh, he look good.
[in unison] Huh!
Alright, let's go then.
Sorry aunty today's
programme is cancelled.
Why? what's the issue?
[stammers] I-it's...
Oh, it's money issue right?
Not a problem,
because the participant
is fresher. I have an offer.
Free service.
Money is not an issue...
..but you are.
He prefers girl over an aunty.
Damn him.
For first lesson an
experience teacher is adequate.
But my pal needs a fresh
teacher not an experienced one.
So please you may leave.
[sharp exhale]
Don't worry Karthik,
she's just a small fish.
I will take you to an ocean.
There will be tons of fishes,
choose any and just savor it.
Let's go then.
-Hm, come on.
Hi aunty.
Is it an inauguration?
Yo, your's is
already done right?
I have asked about him not you.
I too had told about him.
Alright spit it out.
Which one do you
prefer? 20 plus or 30 plus?
Which one do you need?
You need two?!
Twenty plus.
Twenty plus.
Aye, get them here.
These are all 20 plus,
choose anyone that you wish.
-The one in the end.
But he is still fresh right...
He can't shoot properly, just
tell them to help him to learn.
They will take care
of that, you just go.
Ask them about the report.
Which report?
-HIV report.
Ask her.
Is that report is there?
Report about experience?
Not that...
[nervous stammers]
He is fresh. He is afraid that
if something goes hayway.
HIV report.
Aye, those things
will not be here.
If you want then take
her else get the hell out.
It's ok.
He will take her
out. Isn't it pal?
Aye, do you want
me to screw my life
for a single day
pleasure. Let's go.
-Let's go.
Why dude?
I have had enough with you.
Aye, cool bro.
-Damn your cool, You
have no idea the pain of it.
You escaped with
an excuse of piles. i
am the one who is
getting screwed over.
I have a doubt,
aren't we looking for
a girl for him to
shed his virginity?
Ah yes.
But the hell is he demanding
like he's gonna marry her?
Chiku you don't
worry, I'm here right?
In a snap i will
solve the issue.
Hello! i too was under the
same impression at first.
Now you are here
right? You will get
screwed over too
and will get my point.
Is it pal?
I don't know.
Aye, let's think
about it tomorrow.
Is this the first night?
That you are waiting
for the right time.
Get on with it
quickly. Customers
are waiting for me outside.
Is it a first time?
Proceed with eyes closed.
Everything will be fine.
The bed is for a single person.
It will not be enough for you--
Huh! Aye, Have you come
here to sleep separately?
Then close your eyes.
Is it a bad odor?
-Sorry dear.
Aye! dear..dear
Hey! what might had happened?
What is it success?
Yes a baby girl.
Wow, is it true?!
Aye, Full of betel nuts.
-In her mouth.
Do you want to go?
You didn't liked it right?
Don't worry i will
search another one.
I will arrange one
tomorrow. Let's go.
-Ah, Dude.
Sir please quickly.
Will you go in?
Wait for it man.
Dude from today's onwards
you are out of all the worries.
You will defintely
gonna like the girl. Go in.
Go and finish you work, enjoy--
Sir, please make it quick.
Ah! he is not
going just to look.
Will you have water?
Hey take it easy.
Don't be afraid.
I can't do it.
I cannot find a girl for you.
Aye, we poured you
in with a girls a an offer,
but you couldn't select
even a single one.
You have rejected everyone.
I'm wondering are you impotent?
-Nope, my potency
is working well.
Don't call me that.
When a girl comes,
just get in finish
the job and come out. That's it.
That's not place for an idioms.
For that to happen a
feel has to be there right?
Hell with the feel man.
Chicku told me.. Giri you
will get screwed. But no...
I'm getting screwed over.
When will you
lose your virginity?
When will you get married...
When will i get free from this?!
Smoke up to calm
your nerves pal.
Isn't it?
Smoking will help?
When will you get the
girl that you would like?
I don't know.
[nervous gasps]
Aye come.
Aye Milkybar.
Come and kiss the
boss. If boss comes over
then he will kiss
your lips till tender.
You will not be
able to handle it.
Hey, well said boy.
Hello he is my boyfriend.
Look at him properly.
It's better for you guys to go
back in the way
that you have come.
Else you too will have
face the same consequence.
Yo lady...
When did you
became my girlfriend?
Er, I just said it to manage.
If i say that you
are my boyfriend,
then they will get
scared and flee.
Now i got the zeal.
I wanted to kiss her.
But now it will be more
awesome to kiss her
in front of her boyfriend.
Crap, he is coming towards me?
Ay, leave me.
Please help.
Aye, due to your
boyfriend you escaped.
Else i would had kissed you.
One fine day i will kiss you--
Aye, come and kiss her.
Aye, if i dont bite your lip--
Come and do it i say.
Come and do it man.
I will not leave you.
Aye... Who the hell is he?
Who is he?
What happened is that...
Cadbury's... an
elephant is upon a truck.
Awe, Super sir...
Who's is she--
Who are you?
I'm your fan sir.
You make an awesome TikTok
video, you are my favorite.
I haven't uploaded any videos
already you have become a fan?
It's just now you made it sir.
You made it very well. I
have become your fan.
She's fan it seems,
we were Plucking
Flowers but here
we got a cute bud.
She is famous youtuber
What is it that you want?
What an young fan need
from a talented artist like you?
If possible a hug, if
you like it then a kiss.
I'm ready...
-I'm too.
Ay... scapegoat.
Congratualtions sir.
Gift hamper for you from us.
You did it beautifully sir.
We will defintely get a
million views due to you.
Smile please.
Okay sir, thank you so much.
You mentioned in
the end about a kiss.
Please give it to me and leave.
That's for to make
you a scapegoat sir.
You didn't made me
scapegoat i will make you.
Leave me.
Get her.
-Come quickly.
This is what happened.
It's your mistake but
it's pity that uncle...
Give me your phone for a moment.
He might had really felt bad.
While going he warned
too that liplock is inevitable.
Hence i took your number.
You too?
Is it not good?
No, it's really good name.
He likes you a lot.
Means he likes your name.
Ah, What's your name?
It's Karthik.
Nice to meet you.
See you soon, thank you. Bye.
[in unison] Bye.
Bye sis-in-law.
-Simply I'm kidding.
He is my boyfriend.
How is the aroma?
Yo, you sprayed
damn many perfumes.
And asking me about the
odor. Won't i get confused?
You too become like Karthik. The
same non sense for a minute job.
Give it to me. You spray
it on and find out yourself.
It's not good.
Look pal, god has designed an
individual handset
for every sim.
For Karthik Sim there might be a
handset, don't
worry. It will come.
Ah, Sorry i haven't seen you.
Why apologies?
Did you wantedly touched me?
Or did you hugged me?
Or pinched the
hips and kissed me?
It's an accident, it's okay.
Dude we found the
handset, shall i ask her?
Yeah go on.
Will you come?
-Non sense.
Sorry sister he didn't
knew and asked out.
Don't you have common sense?
There's always a way
to take onto everything.
If you ask in such a rude
manner to ask me out then...
It will hurt right?
In a decent and dignified way--
If you ask like shall
we go on a date...
Will i deny?
Shall we go for a date?
But on one condition.
What is it?
You be near bill
counter, i will come.
-[in unison] Okay.
Got a scapegoat.
We got the girl.
-Hello Karthik.
We found a sweet fruit for
you in the mart. Come soon.
Dad called me to
speak with me something
urgently. so i
came to his office.
I will be there in ten minutes.
Listen to me.
Wait for me.
What happened?
He is in his father's office.
Take the bill.
Take the bill.
Is this the payment.
No it's an advance.
Dude she's a damn costly fruit.
Okay then where shall we go?
Ay, we wont be coming with you.
It's our friend.
Oh! Are you both the brokers?
[in unison] Huh!
We are not brokers,
we are doing this
for our friend. Show
her the pic man.
-Wow, he is so handsome.
If i would had known
that date is with him
then i wouldn't had
demanded these items.
I thought i had to date with you
duffers so i got these items.
Duffers?! Sir is the
payment cleared?
Yes sir it's done,
take the card.
-Dude where are you?
In ten minutes i will be there.
Aye, come soon.
-I will come.
Ten minutes he will be here.
I don't like to lie.
It was such an
important work you know.
It got late due to you.
You are my saviour.
Is it wrong to treat
you with a coffee?
There is nothing
wrong in it. But i should
had gone soon to
do something wrong.
It's nothing, have coffee.
How much more time will he take?
He will come in five minutes.
My boyfriend is waiting for me.
I cannot wait any longer.
A lady heart is like flower, Why
do you cheat it
make it feel pain?
-We did?!
You bought for 25000
bucks and cheated
us. How the hell
did we cheated you?
What the hell is
happening in this world?
-Go and ask her.
From where shall i ask?
Leave it, you swiped and
she scrapped it away. let's go.
Damn you.
How are you guys here?
My father loves this restraunt
coffee so came
to take it for him.
You know him right?
-He is Chikki.
My close friend.
[in unison] Hi.
Come let's have some coffee.
They will order for
both of us, come on.
Alright come.
Excuse me.
-Huh, yeah.
I'm pissed off and you lie to us
too that you are
with your father?
For you i have spent
25000 for her shopping.
And you are here
chit-chatting with Prem Padma?
She's not Padma.
-Ay, don't talk now.
Aye, for you we
are arranging the
girls. But here you
are with that girl.
Why the hell you
want us henceforth? Go
and lose the
virginity with her itself.
What did you say?
It's nothing just
came out in a flow.
No what you said is quite right.
Why don't you lose
your virginity with her?
I don't feel like
she's that type of girl.
-You damn couple
since many life so he
feels that she's not
that type of a girl!
Yo, when she's is behind you
then why are you running away?
You have an access
to free internet
then why are
looking for hotspot.
You just insert your sim switch
on the net and
download the data.
Yeah, it's 31st
proposal. Think about it.
Is that what you propose?
What you guys were in
such a serious discussion?
If you gets to know it then
you will get glucose too.
Yes true.
Just ignore them,
they are just kidding.
Um, tomorrow I'm
going for a shopping.
Please can you accompany me?
No i will be a bit
busy tomorrow.
He will not be
busy, he will come--
We will send him
with you, take him.
Thank you.
-Look at this.
Nope, it's not good.
This one.
Hmm, nice. I will try it out.
Dude where are you?
Dude, if she comes and thanks
you for accompanying me...
Then without even looking at
her just leave and go to home.
If she comes and
asks about her dress...
Karthik, how is it?
Then you--
have to do... Hello.
I was wrong about her...
But she looks pretty good.
Good figure...
Lovely structure.
To lose my virginity.
She's exactly like that girl.
You are liking her right?
In the same way she
would be liking you too.
-Check it out then.
In two days...
She will call you.
Karthik are you free? if so
then an you come to my home.
She will say that no
ones at home, I'm alone.
Once she calls go
and finish your work.
Aye..! Shh.
It's her.
Hi Karthik, can we talk?
I have ask you something,
I'm all alone at home.
I'm getting bored. Everyone
went to the hometown.
I haven't gone.
If you don't get me wrong,
then may i ask you something?
Uh, please ask.
Um, it's can you
come to my home?
If you are not
comfortable then it's fine.
It's alright, i will come.
-Okay Bye.
What happened dude?
I heard that planets will sync.
But to this extent?
-Why dude?
What a tongue you have?
It happened
exactly like you said.
About what?
She's asking me to come now.
Congratulations dude.
I told you right, she
cannot stay without you.
You too feeling the same right?
Go my friend, go.
Go and win the battle.
Yo dude.
While going take the helmet too.
Why the helmet?
I'm going in a car.
What dude..?
What did you do
throught the night?
You are still hot.
You are one damn lucky fella.
Blue for both
enjoyment and marriage.
Damn dude.
Remove the hand.
For an entire night it
was a lady hands, now it's
a male hand hence you
are getting pissed off right?
-Tch, Remove damnit.
Nothing happened
as you are imagining.
Huh! Why? what happened?
[tune humming]
[sniffs sharply]
Why did you came?
I would had come. Let's go.
Where to?
Er... Inside the house.
[soft chuckle]
Inside the house is not
required, On a street.
[nervous soft laugh]
On the street?
In a public place?
Are you fine with it?
It's only ten minutes right.
-Damn. Sorry!
It's my Bablu.
You brought him along too?
Shall i put him
in the car trunk?
Why in the trunk?
Ah, Simply it will disturb us.
-[giggles] If it doesn't
happen to him on time...
Then it will be a
disturbance to us.
If it doesn't happen to me on
time then i will not marry too.
Er! Nothing,
let's go for a walk.
-Hm, Babloo--
-Please go ahead.
I went happily thinking that
today my problems will be over.
Then i figured it out...
She called to her
home so urgently...
Not for a date rather as a
bodygaurd against those goons.
Dude have the match started?
Have the match started?
Hold it tightly, dont leave it.
Hold it tightly, dont leave it.
By listening to that i was
magining something else.
But just handled the dog.
Tch it's a shame.
-She's intrested in me.
But situations are not syncing.
Situation will not
offer by itself dude.
We have to create it.
How it can be created?
Dude, Creating is also an art.
To create that art
needs a creator.
Where should we find him?
Hm, There is a guy.
I love you.
-I love you too.
Yo come here.
Who's the director
here? It's you or me eh?
-It's you sir.
Then why the hell are
you interfering there?
I very well know
about the romance.
Don't interfere.
Go and take care
of the other works.
Hold it.
Damn him. Let him get screwed.
To this fool I'm
an assistant director.
It's all my bad luck that
i got stuck with this fool.
Is romance a child's play?
It has to flow in veins.
Wish i get atleast
a single opportunity.
Then i would show
a true romantic
scene to an entire industry
But that chance..?
I will give it to you.
Giri... How are you man?
I'm not good.
He is my friend Karthik.
Keep him aside.
you mentioned about
some chance right, what is it?
He is the one who will offer.
You could had told
me. sir what is it sir?
He will tell you.
Atleast anyone tell me.
Nothing we are making a
contraceptive advertisement.
For that we are
looking for a director.
For that am i the director?
Giri... How shall i
shoot in standing or
sleeping or seated or
bent or from the top?
Those all are not necessary,
we need a help from you.
Not a director?
Need only help?
What is it?
Oh, is this the matter?
So, for her to get
married to him...
I have to prepare the bed.
Decorate it with flower.
Get 'em both on that bed.
Get them into the hots.
Ultimately i have
to destroy the bed.
I dreamt of being
a big director.
You are saying to
become a broker.
-[in unison] Yes.
This is only for
him or for you too?
Go ahead, it will be better.
Aye, do you consider
myself a broker?
Look dude, when friend is in
trouble. Friend
has to come to aid.
They shouldn't become
a relative, so got you here.
I thought of showing
it in a big screen.
Now small screen is enough.
Ah, i have an idea.
Mix a drug in her
softdrink and finish it off.
WE brought him
here to show us a way
but he is leading
us behind the bars.
You as a director
should give some
creative way not give
us these stupidities.
Who said this is creativity?
Ah,it's comedy not
creativity. But without laugh.
Now what shall be done?
I will direct a short film.
In Which hero and heroine
will have only romantic scene.
The entire play
will be on the bed.
What do you say?
-That's it.
That's fine, hero
is here, But...
where is the heroine?
No way, i will not do any
such romantic scenes.
My family is pretty orthodox.
-[in unison] Woah. Our Smitha
too is from orthodox family.
-Ah, which Smitha.
-Ah Yes.
Intially she was that
now she became this.
Look he is my childhood friend.
He always dreamt to
become a big director.
I have given him my word that
you will act. Please do this.
How did you given the
word without consulting me?
She will act dude.
-Thank you.
This way i gave.
Who will marry me if
i act in such a scene?
Living without
marriage is such a pain
you know. Karthik
atleast you tell 'em.
Huh, is he have to tell?
In the subject of marriage
pain he know very well than you.
Madam i think you
have mistaken me.
We are doing just a short film.
We are not releasing
this anywhere,
it's only for the
eye of a producer.
Madam my life is in your hands.
If you agree then
my life will blossom.
Else it will be screwed.
Hero sir, you
please speak to her.
Talk to her please.
I wouldn't had agreed
if it's someone else.
It's with you
right, let's do it.
-Thank you.
Before we even started how's
their chemistry is so strong?
Chemistry is strong,
but biology is not.
-Oh biology.
Then it's all fine right.
Shall we start the shoot.
"Come here o passionate one."
"I will teach you romance."
"Passionate one,
o my hearts king."
"I will lay down
my heart for you."
"All of an increased wishes."
"Don't pester me o love."
"All the Bloomed flowers."
"The one who
satiate the wishes."
"This is a romantic moment."
"Attended the romantic class."
"This is a romantic moment."
"Attended the romantic class."
"A moment when
the breathe unite."
"New style is born."
"A sweet treat amid
the shaky moment."
"I wish to serve it to you."
"Battle between the
beauty and the brain."
"This is a romantic moment."
"An advise to
simply savor it."
"This is a romantic moment."
"An advise to
simply savor it."
"Come here o passionate one."
"I will teach you romance."
"Passionate one,
o my hearts king."
"I will lay down
my heart for you."
Cut it...
Fantastic, amazing,
wonderful, mindblowing.
In such a little time
you delivered such
an awesome performance,
i can't believe it.
With this tiny video i
will make many movies.
Madam and sir thanks a lot.
You please go and take a rest.
Aye, get madam a horlicks.
Not horlicks get her a boost.
-Okay sir.
-Awesome dude.
These guys have
a good chemistry.
But still if--
-Shut up, they
are ready to get on
the bed. We just
have to prepare it.
I didn't get it, say it clearly.
What the hell man? In
two days it's his birthday.
What mine?
Yes, if it's his
then i will not go.
For your birthday anyone will
come. Invite her
to your birthday.
And propose her.
Then what just make
her dine and leave eh?
Aye, nowdays just gifting a
girl with a diamond ring is not
enough. Just saying I love
you will make her do anything.
Hi Karthik.
I have something
important to talk to you.
Tell me.
-Not over a call.
I will come directly and talk to
you. In ten minutes
i will be there.
Super, I'm at a temple.
Can you come here?
Ok i will come.
Aright, i will be
waiting for you.
-Okay bye.
I will be back in a
minute, you get it ready.
Okay madam.
Hi Karthik.
You said you have something
important to discuss?
-Tell me.
It's ok tell me.
I will not feel bad, tell me.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
-Oh happy birthday in advance.
-Thank you, for
you there will be
a small party. You have to come.
That's so sweet, am i
that much special to you?
Hi Karthik how are you?
Who are you?
You don't know about
me, but i know you.
Pallavi always
mention about you.
Karthik is good,
Karthik is great.
She always chants your name.
Are you such a good person?
I don't know--
-Look, i have a lot
to discuss with you.
But i have to make a
video and shot is ready.
I will finish it and
be back to discuss.
Pallavi shall we go?
If you don't mind ten
minutes i will be back.
Camera ready?
-Yes ready madam.
Granny what's your name?
How long are you
in this business?
Around fifty years.
-Hm! Where is you husband?
We both are in the
business together.
He went to home,
he will be back soon.
What does your childrens do?
One kid...
Ah, works in a KEB.
Another one working in
a government hospital.
Third has a business
of supermarket.
Two daughers are married.
They are doing well.
All kids are in
good jobs right...
Then why are you working under
the sun, you could rest right.
If i rest then who will feed us.
Why granny doesn't your
childrens take care of you?
They were taking care.
They all got married.
Wife came, childrens happened.
They became busy in this life.
Not that they don't take care.
When we go to the
eldest son house...
He will ask that haven't
the others called you.
When we go into the
second sons house.
He ask didn't the
younger one called you?
What's the use with
all these childrens?
Rather than being with
them and getting hardships.
Working here and living
peacefully is better right?
That kind of childrens are
not worth at all in any case.
They will never get a good life.
Aye, why are you
cursing my childrens?
Who are you to scold them?
They have no mistakes.
Pity... Ours is ours
and their is theirs.
Let them be happy
no matter where.
Granny you having such a good
heart, you will
always be joyful.
If you don't mind...
A small gift from our end.
What's this?
I don't want money.
Today you have discussed with me
bout my life right,
that's enough.
God bless you,
here take the flower.
Thank you granny.
God bless you.
God may leave us.
But mother will never
leave her childrens.
Everyone will
get old, we too will
get old. Don't forget about it.
Take care of your parents.
Happy mothers day.
It was really good.
-Thank you.
You were into prank videos.
Now you got into these emotional
videos. who will watch it?
Simply you will not
get views nor income.
You are right, No
one will watch an
emotional video
nor i earn money.
My intention is that if
granny kids get to watch
those videos and they
get a change of heart.
And they go and
meet her, then she
will be happy and
i will be happy too.
That's enough for me.
You are doing a good job.
Thank you.
We have decorated it quite well.
The shine hurts our eyes.
In two minutes
pallavi will come.
Once she arrives,
we will cut the cake.
Once the cake is
cut then we will leave.
Then you start the work.
No dude.
I feel like we are
doing a mistake.
Why this sudden transformation?
She's really a good lady.
This is not the time to think
that she's a good lady or not.
It's 31st proposal,
do you remember?
It might be the 31st proposal.
But for my selfishness.
Playing with a lady's chastity.
I'm feeling gross about myself.
Gross, what is he talking?
Today i might cheat
her and get married.
But the guilt.
It will torture me
throughout my life.
Think about it.
Uh! what shall i think about it?
What are you
planning to do next?
I will tell her everything
and apologize.
Are you loving her?
Hey fool.
Why did--
-Hi Karthik.
Happy birthday.
-Thank you.
Sorry that i came a bit late.
Shall we cut the cake?
Yes, the cake came.
Cake is ready.
Take an cut it.
Setup is ready at the basement.
IS it really your
birthday today?
-Pallavi it's...
Pallavi you are very happy.
I had told you right
that I'm loving a boy...
I'm planning to propose him.
Is it?
Who's he? Show me.
Let the love get confirmed
then i will show you.
What if he rejects me, eh?
No one with sane mind
will reject you. Show me.
This guy?
Do you know him?
He's the one whom i
told to lose the virginity.
He's not truly loving you.
Be careful Pallavi.
He's just using you
to fulfill my condition.
Come, let's go.
-Ah, inside the house.
Now what we are doing
is just a short movie.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
So beautifully you acted right?
For this damned work,
your friend support too.
Shame on you.
Aren't you ashamed of it?
It doesn't matter that
another person life gets ruined.
But you should get married
and live happily right?
-Pallavi, it's--
-Shut up.
Do you know the value
of a women's chastity?
I'm an idiot
that i fell for you.
They both are friends?
Very good twist
Couldn't expect at all
Prank Pallavi had intrest on you
You know that you
couldn't marry her.
Take my case, I
loved a girl very
much. Planned to marry her too.
But on the day of
marriage, she switched
off her phone and she
eloped with someone.
In that feel now my life is
like this. leave about mine.
You knowingly or
unknowingly made a mistake.
But the girl that you
had loved, no matter
the difficulty you
have to get her back.
Then only we will get out
happiness back. Just do it.
Are you a Narada's
cousin sister, eh?
After putting a condition
to loose virginity...
He agreed to this damn task.
Now you are making a mess.
Fault can be found
in a stream of water.
But you cannot find even a
tiny amount of fault in him.
He is a man of golden heart.
Do you know why he
agreed to this damn condition?
You are the 31st proposal.
Because he was
afraid to lose you.
so, he agreed to this damn work.
But now you...
Even if you agree
he will not agree.
He is loving Pallavi from heart.
I'm in love with Pallavi.
I don't want to
marry another one
while I'm in love with other.
If i marry, it's Pallavi.
Why did you told
this so suddenly?
Look she gone crazy.
If you hear what I'm about
to say then you will get crazy.
That astrologer
had predicted right.
Please don't kid with me.
Hm, I'm telling the truth.
I'm not the girl
from 31st proposal.
It's Pallavi.
Why you asked me
to meet urgently?
A boy has been choosen for me...
I don't know what to do?
Don't marry until you
get to know the guy.
Else the life will become hell.
Don't mess your
life like mine Pallavi.
-Why what happened?
Everyone waiting for this day...
Why is he sleeping.
Mostly he is acting.
Let's see, i will act too.
Is he really asleep?
Sleep now, I'm very tired.
We will talk in the morning.
Hi Morning...
You were pretty tired yesterday.
Are you alright now?
I slept well right,
I'm fine now.
I'm talking to you,
please talk to me.
Hello... Yes Manish.
Is the presentation ready?
I'm on my way.
He is avoiding me wantedly.
Is he having an affair?
What did you said
to your wife today?
I said that my
friend is not well.
Why if she gets a doubt?
-I'm thinking about it.
Does your wife
had a love affair?
-I don't know.
Do one thing.
Make your wife meet
a handsome chap.
When you avoid her...
Automatically that guy
and her will get close.
Then collect a proof
about that relationship.
-Will this work?
Yes it will work definitely, i
used the same on my wife.
Please stop.
I'm sorry.
Listen to me Anika, i thought of
telling this to you
before the marriage.
But i was afraid that
this will stop the marriage.
There are lot of
peoples out there.
Aren't their wives adjusting?
Please understand it.
What's your issue now?
Child right?
Don't worry about it.
Make a child with
the person you like.
I will be the
father to that child.
Which husband
will give this kind of
opportunity to his
wife in this world?
I'm giving it.
Anika, is it fine to you?
Girls may slide in love...
I got that day
that if they slide on
marriage then their
life will get ruined.
After listening to your
story i feel like not to marry.
The issue doesn't lie
in the marriage but in us.
Parents will get us
marry in a settled family.
But we make a mistake of
not getting to know the guy.
May it be love or arrange
marriage. If marrying a
guy after knowing him
will make the life better.
Hello madam i told to
the groom family that you
want to meet him then to
proceed for the marriage.
Guy is really in hurry.
He agreed to marriage without
looking at your photograph.
Madam please tell
me where you want him
to meet you. I will
convey him that.
Where should he come?
I will let you know.
The guy didn't saw my
pic and coming to meet me.
Haven't he saw your pic?
What to do now?
I don't know what to do?
You do something to
cancel this proposal.
Show me his photograph.
I didn't like this proposal
so i haven't seen the pic.
So he didn't saw
you and you too.
Alright, then i will meet him.
I will make this
proposal to get cancelled.
You like someone and marry.
So i didn't wanted
her life to get ruined
like me hence i met
you instead of her.
I thought of cancelling
it with a simple reason.
But after getting
a doubt on you.
I kept a condition of virginity.
Sorry i was not aware that you
went throught his much in life.
We misunderstood you.
-It's okay.
But why did you--
You did a good work.
So as you said...
My 31st proposal girl...
..And the girl that i
fell for are the same?
God had written to marry the
31st girl. But i messed it up.
Now no marriage,
my life is ruined.
Don't worry Karthik.
She is angry now, once she calms
down you tell her the truth.
She will agree.
He is not really loving you.
Are you okay?
Take it easy.
Shot is ready.
Will come.
Can we talk?
You came to say another story?
I got fool once from
a cheater like you.
I'm not ready to go fool again.
Don't ever contact me.
First of all I'm not
intrested in talking to you.
"Hey Subbalakshmi."
"Hey Nagavalli."
"Hey Beautiful."
"Where are up to?"
"Hey pizza burger."
"Hey Dazzling snow."
"O loudspeaker."
"Shall i come behind you?"
"I'm your peanuts."
"My lovely sweetie."
"What is it gal?"
"Why cuckoo?
Won't you talk to me?"
"I love you."
"Please love me."
"I love you."
"Please love me."
"The attitude did you
learned in the convent."
"Did you became angry
girl by playing angry bird."
"Will you feel
better if i apologize?"
"Will your makeup gets
hampered if you smile a bit."
"If you accept me
as a darling then
i will go out on
a date with you."
"Don't worry i will
drop you to the home."
"Hey candy crush."
"You are farm fresh."
"Will you give me the kiss?"
"Hey Subbi, will you give it?"
"You always stick
out like a wifi."
"Why do you scream
when i propose my love?"
"You will become a
story in my life book."
"Why do you come to
my dream and harass me?"
"Accept me then i will get
engaged and become the husband."
"If you cheat me then lifelong
i will remain bachelor."
"Hey smart phone."
"Shall i call you darling?
"Why cuckoo?
Won't you talk to me?"
"Hey Subbalakshmi."
"I love you."
"Hey Nagavalli."
"Please love me."
"My pizza burger."
"I love you."
"Hey Dazzling snow."
"Please love me."
What is this nonsense?
What ever you try to
convince it's a waste.
My parents are
looking for a boy for me.
I will invite you as
soon as possible.
Tomorrow is my
engagement, you have to come.
You should enjoy
the party and food.
Don't miss it.
Get the bride and groom.
Are you ready?
Did Karthik came?
Let's go.
My daughter came...
Where is your son?
-Here he is.
Come in son-in-law.
-Come come.
Come please.
Sit down.
Take a seat son.
Tomorrow is my engagement.
You have to come.
After finising engagement
Get your stomach
full and go
In front of everyone.
On 21-05-2022
This marriage...
Is decided. Please
exchange the platters.
Please exchange
the garlands, first
bride has to exchange
it with the groom.
You are looking
good in this dress.
Exchange the rings.
In next two months my daughtr
will complete the journalism.
Oh is it?
Who is she?
-Oh she is...
She is my daughter's friend. She
is the reason this engagement.
By trusting you guys, i have
accepted without
seeing the groom.
But you--
Try to understand Pallavi.
Thanks a lot, but remember only
engagement is
happened not marriage.
In your house alike Vrundavana
the Lord Krishna will arrive.
Who is the lord krishna?
I was just reading
horoscope and it came true.
Please please come Son-in-law.
Son-in-law. has come.
I'm coming dear.
How are everyone at home.
They are all fine.
Sumitra get coffee quickly.
Coffee is not required, i came
to take Pallavi out for a lunch.
You don't have to
take permission...
Once engagement
is done then it means
that is registered
to your name.
But agreement is not signed.
Means marriage is
not yet completed.
Take it, How are you?
I'm good, thank you.
Please have it.
I will have it.
Father-in-law. Where's Pallavi?
-Yes daddy.
Come here.
Look dear, son-in-law has come
to take you out for a lunch.
Get ready soon.
I will not go daddy, if he
wants he can eat here and go.
Son-in-law is not here for food.
Don't talk carzily.
Daddy i don't like roaming
outside before marriage.
You are not going
with a stranger.
You are going with Son-in-law.
What are you looking at?
Go and get ready quickly.
Why are you looking
at me so angrily?
Please smile.
Are you some kind of
joker that i have to laugh.
Alright, why are you
stomping me for it?
But engagement is
happened right? So a little...
Cancelling an engagement
is not a big deal.
I just want to disturb
the family peace.
After the engagement I'm
part of your family too right?
You have to think
a tad bit for us too.
When i think about you, all your
mishaps comes
in front of my eyes.
My friend cheated my trust too.
It's not like that, There
is no mistake from Anika.
She and you didn't committed
any mistake it's all mine.
There is more ten
days for marriage,
won't i get a single
reason to break this?
You will not get.
Sir you are here...
Did you recognized me?
I have seen her some where.
Oh it's you...
It's been so long. How are you?
It was a real
pleasure to see you
again. Alright you
may leave. Bye.
Ay, Shut up sir. My
customers will never forget us.
Who's this girl?
You have catched
a quite lovely bird?
Where did you find
her? No brothels in
an entire city have
such a lovely girl.
Did you got her from Bombay?
How much did you pay?
You keep quiet, i
am already in tension.
Did you got the HIV test done?
Aye get lost from here.
One minute, You go on please.
He is my old
customer, he made the
payment. But he
asked for a HIV report.
Will someone give
report for a ten minute job.
Look don't agree
to these conditions...
If he is not then you
will get another one.
Truth always brings
out anger in everyone.
See you.
Is this your character?
You walked in this path too?
After marriage people
will not think of me as
Karthik's wife but they say
that he catch a good bird.
There will be no respect, I
wonder how many ladies were
you with and what all bad
things you might had done?
Tch, it's shameful.
Hey Pallavi, don't talk
rubbish because I'm silent.
These are all due to
you and your friend.
Look i had visited bad places
but never done anything wrong.
When caught red
handed then all boys say
the same. You guys
wants only good girls.
But we have to accept
it right? Lucky that i
found out soon else
my life would be ruined.
Aye Pallavi.
I was searching
for the reason to
stop this marriage,
now i got it.
Listen to me, i have
not done this wantedly.
Are you trying to
convince me again?
Convincing one will
not make one to live
happily. Give me a
chance i will prove it to you.
Oh-ho you will prove it too.
Don't use just words.
Get them all in front
of me then i will believe
that you are virgin.
Are these two guys playing?
One is asking to
loose virginity\ and
another is asking
for virginity proof?
They consider you as a football,
just they are not hitting you.
I have a doubt that
are they psycho?
Getting those
girls as a prove, are
they our relatives
to get them all here.
I don't have another option.
If i don't do this work then...
I will become characterless
throughout my life in her eyes.
Then we will do
one thing, anyhow 5
ladies are enough to
prove you not guilty.
We can get any 5 random
girls and close this chapter.
For one mistake i
am suffering so much.
Do wee have to
make another error.
It doesn't matter
if i cant get her.
Look I'm marrying her.
There should be a proper
trust between us two.
These games shouldn't exist.
Dude you don't worry,
we will get those girls and
they will prove to Pallavi
that you are innocent.
What the hell is this plan?
I have two conditions, if you
agree to it then i will say that
you haven't done anything.
What's your condition?
Should we open
water to Tamilnadu
or offer Belagaum to Maharastra?
Those are not required.
Thank god.
First condition is
to pay me double.
to bend the body you
need single payment
and to talk you need
double payment?
On the day you dis
respected me as an auntie.
dude if you had
finished the work on that
day then we would
had got 50% discount
Pallavi would had
beaten me to pulp.
i'm not going to go to meet
her she has to come here.
She will not come.
She will come.
Swathi, Preethi, Kamala,Vimala,
Girija come here everyone.
He is my old customer.
Today he came for a meeting.
During a meeting,
some people prescene
is better. So i
have callecd you.
You are saying four but
forty peoples are here.
You called me that day
and disrespected me...
Why she can't become an aunty?
What the hell? You were
called to clear one doubt
but you are driving a
new doubt on the line.
I don't want those?
Did my boy came to you
and did anything intimate.
That's it See he
haven't did anything,
get it. it's not clear.
come on let's go.
Wait he has not slept
with me but he didn't
do anything else
that i cannot confirm.
Well he went but he
didn't do anything there too.
I swear on my mom i
haven't done anything.
Not you the person
has to tell that about it.
Crap, played well.
Damn these people.
Ay, Do you know who am i?
Just pay the money and get lost.
You try to play with me, eh?
God, please let me go madam.
Yo Hello..Hello.Hello.
Aye, Are you bron from a
father or from a phone? I'm
sending right front of you
but you blabber just hello?
I'm just asking about
why are you beating him?
To this damn fella.
Madam madam please don't madam.
We had a deal of 10000 bucks.
After the work is completed.
He paid only 9000 bucks.
When asked
regarding this? he says
that he deducted
10 percent in tax.
Aye you fool, you have an MNC
company that you
are deducting a tax?
Due to you guys we small
time customers get a bad name.
Get lost.
-Okay brother.
Off you go.
-Okay brother.
Sister did you recognized us?
I don't know who are you?
but i know him very well.
Thank you.
The issue is that his girl is
not trusting him. If just have
to come and tell her that he
didn't do anything with you.
It will solve the problem.
Only that much.
I have a deal i will finish it
off and meet you in the evening.
-Thanks sister.
- hm
-Thank you.
Ah yes.
-It went smoothly.
Madam as you are
thinking there nothing
wrong happened
between us on that day.
When he came to
me he start to vomit.
Mostly due to the betelnut
smell from my mouth.
I understood that
he's still like a baby.
For some reason he came here.
Now i get it.
I'm not aware of
your personal issues
But i told you
everything from that day.
You can accpet
him with eyes closed.
How much did they paid
you to tell me all of this?
We take money for this
body not for the heart.
I'm not aware that how many
families are
destroyed due to us.
But for the first time i
am happy that I'm a
part of something
which is uniting a family.
If you don't get united
then i don't know about him.
But you will defintely miss it.
Alright sir, i will leave now.
This girl and that auto aunty
are in the same profession.
See the difference
between these two.
Auto aunty has charged
double the payment.
No the money is not
important we have
finished with two
and two more to go.
Why did you call
me in such a hurry?
Girl that we tried
actually shes
in America so she cant come
Oh you hadnt left
international to?
Do you want me to come
to America with you then?
No thats not necessary.
Hey hi this is Giri
chikus best friend.
Oh okay.
Karthik best friend.
Oh got it.
Just tell her that the
thing never happened
betwen you guys shes
going to be karthiks wife.
Hi this is Harina karthik is
really a nice and innocent guy
...and he really has a very good
character please
dont miss him OK
And I wish you a
very happy married life
Ah, it's Karthik.
Thank you--
-Good luck Karthik.
Hi iam also virgin.
Pallavi only one
girl is pending.
Karthik havent
spoken even a single
word with her. is
she really required?
-hm, you have to get her.
If he hadn't spoken
then-- alright i will get her.
Its pity that you are
struggling so much
If I would have been
in place of pallavi
then I would have
agreed instantly
Just let it be because just
for once I came here and this
is my state and if i come again
then Ill be really screwed
If I get that 18 years girl then
everything will be sorted out.
She is no where to be found.
Where all do I have to find you?
She's nowhere to be found.
The broker number is also
coming switch off until we
find the broker we will
not be able to find the girl
From where did you
get the brokers number?
From the tea shop.
Call him.
I'm coming from there itself.
He too has the same
number and it's switch off
Bro please buy
Hey I don't want it just leave.
Take it
You're just go, leave.
Aye, give it to me.
Alright give it.
Take the peanuts too.
Patrick you have
already brought three girls
and proved it right.
Only one is pending right?
Shall I go and talk to her?
it's OK I'm taking care of it.
It's not old it's quite
fresh take it it's good
I don't want.
Same girl.
If you prefer college then
everything will be cleared.
Shravani is abrilliant student.
She got a good
name for our college.
Since recently she is
not coming to college.
Do one thing.
I will give her address to you.
Once you find her tell
her to give me a call.
Take it.
[in unison] Thank you sir.
We will leave now.
Ask here.
-Here? alright.
Sir where is Shravani's house?
-Who are you?
We have something to
discuss with Shravani.
-Regarding what?
We just have to meet her.
There are three
to four shravani.
Which one do you want to meet?
-Three to four persons?!
She's topping the college.
I don't know about her.
Let's go there and inquire
Sir, where is Shravani's home?
Who are you?
What do you have?
There are three shravanis.
Who's in that? she's
a college Topper
You know her
or not just tell me.
Aye, You need
Shravani's house right?
It's the second
house in the right. Go.
Do you know it OK thank you.
Thank you, come let's go.
I think this is the house.
Hello madam.
I'm Giri and
this is my Karthik.
You daughter
Shravani is there right?
We have something to
discuss with her, please
call her we'll just talk
to her and then leave
No no one's there like that.
If you ask like this
they'll be scared.
Just ask smoothly.
Ah, see now.
You daughter
Shravani is there right?
We have something to discuss
with her, once we talk to her--
I don't have a daughter.
How many times shall I tell you?
Can't you get it
at once, just leave
Address is right.
Yes actually it is right.
Shall we ask someone else?
Alright come.
Aye, look at it.
These idiots booze in the
morning and drive like crazy.
Alas, God.
Hey giri.
-Ah, dude.
-Are you alright, eh?
Wait i will come.
You need Divya or Padma.
By coming to our
area you're inquiring
about our own area girls, eh?
For whom are you looking for?
It's Shravani.
We went to the wrong address
and got into this trouble.
We went to the correct address.
Was it a correct address?
But why did that
Aunty lied to us?
Even I'm not
able to understand.
What to do now?
We shall go the same house.
Again do we need
to go to that area?
O god.
Do we have to
somehow ask that aunty.
No i will ask--
Dude they are passing.
-Aye, no.
Tell follow them will get
need to know the matter.
Is it?
-Come on.
Where are they going?
-No brother.
Are you playing with me?
If you don't pay the
interest amount at the
right time then I'll
thrash you like anything
Sir please sir.
Please understand Sir
I beg you.
Sir please sir.
Please sir.
How many times have I told
you not to come this side?
If you come again this side.
Get lost.
O god.
Take out the vehicle.
Sir, Please wait
listen to me please.
I told you right, get lost.
Who are they?
Who are you guys?
Why are you following me?
Madam Shravani...
I don't know Shravani,
i told you right?
Madam i have to meet Shravani.
It's really important
please understand.
I'm very well aware
that she's your daughter.
Tell me what's happening
then at least I can help you.
Please tell me what happened?
Mines Love marriage.
Nobody agreed at home so
we eloped and got married.
Our new life started.
He was taking really
good care of me.
He used to say
that after a child
we shall go back to our home.
As we wished.
[painful groans and moans]
Before we can even think
about the happiness in our life.
God filled our
life with darkness.
After my husband death.
I was working as a maid
to raise my daughter.
Rather than looking at my work
everybody used
to look at my body.
No matter the difficulties...
I was wishing to
educate my daughter and
keeping her away
from all the problems
Child was not well so i
took her to the hospital.
If a child has to live
the operation has to
be done and for that a
lot of money is needed.
I didn't have every
single penny with me
I wasn't able to find a way.
Then the guy came to
me said that he will give me
the required money On
the contrary of doing a job
In life I had lost everything.
For me only my
daughter was left.
To save her the
decision that I took on
that day, I didn't
felt that it was wrong
I never thought
that one day that
decision will ruin
my daughter's life
By God's grace the
function happened smoothly.
Actually I have to thank you.
It's an worth millions.
God will always do good.
Are you wathching with shock?
Relatives are the one
who come when called.
The one who comes
without calling is this God
Aye Manjula.
I thought your daughter
would be awesome.
She is beautiful.
Good heart is necessary
in the outside world.
In our world the body
has to be beautiful.
Then only...
I will be fine.
I don't want my daughter
to become like me.
Why will she has
to become like you?
She's more prettier than you.
She's educated too.
If we sell her to
Mumbai or Dubai...
Then money will
flow in a suitcase.
Who are these guys and
are talking so weirdly ?
I want to study further.
She's really smart.
The boys outside are not good.
.they will try to mesmerize you.
Don't let that deceit you.
Manjula you know that right?
For the the value in
the market is quite high.
you already know
these things right?
.until a good deal comes up
Take care and be careful.
are you trying to force us?
.if i use force
then your daughter
will not be able to endure.
She's very young so
telling you to you softly.
since the day i was
scared to save my daughter.
We shouldn't have
done this function.
How can we stop the
tradition due to him.
These cultures and
traditions are not for us.
His eyes are
already fell on her.
he will not stop until he
gets her into this profession
why will he not leave?
nobody was there for me
but i'm here for my daughter.
I too was with my
daughter but what happened
i was just sitting and
crying but couldn't do
anything while my daughter
was being abducted.
apart from that i
couldn't do anything
Now your situation
is also same Manjula.
Means there is no other way.
There is a way.
The one who changes
the bed partners
daily, if you come
and complain to me .
That i have to take.
That too on Bhagwaan.
Do you know who is bhagwan?
A god to this city
means an almighty.
Can someone complain on God?
Asking what God
needs, praying with
an apology and
fulfilling gods wishes.
Then only the
god will bless you .
You said it right.
Complaint! that too on me?
What will happen?
Nothing will happen.
i'll tell you one thing .
understand it properly.
politician children's
will come into politics.
filmmaker childress
will come into movies.
in the same way your
daughter will become like you.
this tradition is coming
since ancient times.
this is called a legacy.
if you try to change it.
Watching that
nobody will keep quiet.
any mother will feel pain seeing
her daughter in this profession.
But you don't
have any other way.
this is your fate.
However this is very
usual to you right?
Teach your daughter.
Again if this repeats...
I understood that police
and politicians will not help.
so to save my daughter i have
decided to move
out of this town.
taken all the
certificates right? you
have not forgotten
anything right?
Alright come quickly.
Since 30 years iam
being in this profession.
Won't i get it about the kind of
step hat you're
going to take next?
Sir i beg you...
i request you please let us go.
A lot of people are outside
to help during difficult times.
But when they
lust drive kicks in
you are the only
ones to satiate it.
In that too the fresh item...
Sir you need money right?
I will do the job and entire
salary i will give it to you.
Will you give me monthly salary?
I will give you daily salary.
Sir, please don't.
She's still very young.
Please let us go, sir
please tell them please sir--
-If i melt to your tears then
i cannot run this business.
Aye, Take her.
Aye, Come.
Sir please sir please don't.
Let me go.
While those demons were
taking my daughter away from
me. I couldn't do anything
and was just watching.
My daughter made a big mistake
by taking birth from my womb.
I have no idea about
her whereabouts.
I'm daily going through a hell
lot of pain by remembering her.
You please don't worry.
No matter where
your daughter is...
I will get her back.
Yo dude, what are you thinking?
Thinking about how to save
Shravani from Bhagwaan.
You know right how bad
a person that bhagwaan is.
Can we be able to tackle him?
If our sisters are stuck in this
situation would we
be sitting quietly?
Till date i was under
the impression that
marriage will give
meaning to my life.
Now I'm feeling it.
By uniting that
mother and daughter.
My life will get a meaning.
No matter the troubles.
I will unite them.
Hi girls...
Brother, it's hurting.
Will you drink?
Will you drink it?
Someone took me here
forcefully, please leave me sir.
Here everyone will have
an issue, if i care about those
issues then we will not
be able to do the business.
No I won't agree
- We won't agree
We won't do this
- I won't do this
Leave me
- Leave us
Else i will kill you.
Accept it or i will
peel your skin.
"To the life."
"Is it possible to
unlink the puzzles."
"To consider an evil."
"as good"
"Is it possible to
expect it and have a life."
"O child to your."
"you call."
"sound and silence."
"is vanished."
"Every moment feels
like a a gushing pain."
"You live in the
depth of my heart."
"You marched in
the darkest paths."
"You have shilloutted yourself
among the demon fortress."
"An unfinding one
and a clueless varmint."
"Not accepting
defeat till you find
it. One who marches
with solid spur."
Did everyone accepted?
Some have accepted
boss, some are yet to be.
I will make everyone to accept.
But she,She is a bloddy adamant.
If you agree and go to dubai...
You will live like a queen--
The death to the
demons who forces
and tortures a
lady will come soon.
Still you have only two days.
In that everyone should accept.
Yes boss.
"I'm slipping from
illumination to darkness."
"I drowned in the
poisonous sea."
"You came alive in
the motherhood's lap"
"Within the border of
this body i got imprisoned."
"Wanting to chant the
name but feeling breathless."
"The heart skipped a beat
while the pain engulfed."
"Emotional bondages
are the pain of this life."
"Invisible to the eyes of god
your attire has been rended."
"Enduring good and bad
and carrying both seamlessly."
"Uniting a breath
to breath..."
The god will defintely come
destroy the demons like you.
He will defintely come.
Damn this broker is
nowhere to be found.
Sir take it.
The name of broker that you
guys are searching is Kumar.
Even if you find
him, he is of no use.
There is a guy called
Ravi who handle the girl
transactions, these
guys just work under him.
If you catch him then
you will get this girl.
Where is his house?
His house is in Gorguntepalya.
I don't know his address, He is
not an easy one to get hold of.
If you make a good plan then
you might be able to catch him.
Please don't tell anyone
that i told you this.
Hello brother.
My name is Raju.
My friend sent me.
What is it now?
You had given him
the money because he
sold a girl. So i
brought my girlfriend.
I in a need of money now.
Where is she?
She's there brother.
She's awesome, but i
don't handle the girls.
My brother Ravi.
Oh, please tell him brother.
Brother the item is
awesome, you come quickly.
He is the one who brought her.
Hello brother--
Where's the girl?
-Come brother.
She's the one.
What's your name?
Leave me.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Where is this girl?
How would i know?
The one who attacked
rocky he has returned.
It's all his plan.
Go thrash him.
Go and beat him.
Aye, Come.
Aye, tell me where is the girl?
-I don't know.
Tell me.
-I will tell you.
She's is with us.
The reason behind the girl that
i had sent on that day is...
...the necessity of money.
Getting her back
is really difficult.
She's been sold.
By today night she
will be taken outside
the city borders.
Sorry mummy.
Dont cry.
Come let's go.
Not only me there
are lot of girls there.
Hey getup, what happened?
Hey, look at me.
Who is that?
Come..Come quickly, Come on.
Who are you?
Will you rescue
this girl from here.
Not only her...
I will take everyone with me.
In this world a lot of
businesses earns billions but...
Do you know why i
entered into this business?
The only business without
investing even a single
penny but profits soars
to millions is this one.
For these girls an entire
family comes looking here.
No one went back, like
all of them kill him too.
Cry harder.
Without any life purpose...
You were crying when
you entered this profession.
When you got a female
child you were crying about it.
You were crying when
this guy took away your kids.
Even now you're crying.
IF you cry like this
then you will get weak.
Those guys will get stronger.
Listen to this.
The bangle should
chimes only in the kitchen.
To stand aginst these guys...
The bangle chimes
should turn into a war bugle.
They didn't told this simply :
An woman will be nourishing
if you take care of it, She
could be devastating if enraged.
It's told because you
have the power within you.
If you still want to
cry then go ahead.
What the hell are
you guys still thinking?
Let's crush those
demons and celebrate.
Come on.
Let's go.
-Yes, let's go.
If we leave 'em then they
will ruin a lot of child's life.
Let's not leave
'em. Finish them off.
You did right.
You did right.
Let's marry.
Hey congratualtions.
You reached your
goal and got married to.
But did you observed
one thing in it.
You got married only after
your family sins washed away.
-How is that?
A single lady had faced
injustice due to your grandpa.
But you helped a lot of ladies,
really you are great man.
Unworthy greatness this is.
What the hell have i got it?
Just within 24 hours of
marriage I'm here right?
-The same question i wanted
to ask too, What happened?
My grandma told to
wait for an hour right?
Half an hour is passed
away, before we open
these gifts another
half an hour will pass.
Then what else, enjoy..!
Hm. What's that
letter, let me see.
I will read the letters
and you unwrap the gifts.
Hi Karthik.
This is Priya.
-Hi Priya.
Wish you happy married life.
Who's Priya?
-Lady fan.
I haven a gift which
you would like.
That too your
favorite flavor, enjoy.
Let's eat.
IF she gifted you
means, definitely
you and her will be
somehow related.
I don't know that Priya.
You lied to me
about your virginity.
We will have the
first night only after
Priya come and
says it to me herself.
Hey Priya...
Hey Priya...
I'm not Priya, I'm Pallavi.
The anger that
they feel when an A
grade student
doesn't get a good job.
It's common for a
man to get angry if
he doesn't get
to have first night.
You have come
to the right place,
don't worry. Take
another peg dude.
What did you called me here in
such an hurry? What happened?
We will have the
first night only after
Priya come and
says it to me herself.
Damn it.
So much happened?
We will do one thing.
We will get any random
girl and take her and
get her to confess
that this is all a prank.
No dude.
The one who given
the letter right?
I will find her and then make
her confess infront of her.
Return to searching again..?!
Searching.. Searching...
The hunt will never
end till it's caught.