Mr. Fraud (2014) Movie Script

'Adityapuram Palace
41 years ago'
- Coming
Yes, father?
They are about to
open the treasury
My brother Mahendra Varma and
his son Shekara Varma are opening it
All that wealth was hoarded
and guarded by my father
While my father's brother and his sons
chewed betel leaves and played chess... they want to claim
equal share in the wealth
Should I allow that?
- No, don't, father
Then come with me
Srikrishna, let's go
Father, he's just a kid
I was only 13 when
my hands held a weapon
He's younger only
by a year, that's all
Come along
Don't be scared
Ravindra, let's not clash
I'm only following what your father,
my brother, instructed me
before he died
Equal rights to the wealth
inside this treasury
Absolutely not
The entire treasure belong
only to me and my children
Thank you for opening the coffers
Come, my children
- Stop, Ravindra. Don't be autocratic
Mahendra, get out of my way
- Move.
I said get away
Move aside
I won't, not even
if I have to die
- My son...!
What happened, my child?
- My dearest child! What happened?
Oh dear Goddess!
'Following this revolution
in the palace... '
'...discussions were held between
Govt officials and the royal family'
'The palace astrologer
conducted a divine query'
'It was deciphered the blood
spilt within the treasury... '
'...had evoked the wrath of the Goddess
which caused the crystal to burst'
'After 7 days of redemptive rituals
and appeasement to the deity... '
' was decided to lock and
seal the treasury for 41 years'
'After 41 years, it will be shared
equally among 4 legal heirs'
'In the presence of
mediators and witnesses... '
'...the heirs signed
the legal documents'
'Mahendra Varma's sons
Shekara Varma and Rajashekara Varma'
'Ravindra Varma's sons
Vasudeva Varma and Srikrishna Varma'
'...were named the future heirs
in the legal document'
'The doors were locked with 4 padlocks
and keys handed over
to the future heirs'
'Royal palace came under
the governance of the family trust'
'Royal palace came under
the governance of the family trust'
'Mr Fraud'
Nothing like that
Just a sec. Maria...?
Excuse me
Yes, sir.
- Maria. -Yeah...?
No one has heard about
the singer you've arranged
She's my only daughter
And I'm spending
millions on this wedding
Couldn't you have finalized...
... Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghosal
for this pre-nuptial bash?
Instead this unknown bloke
What was his name?
Some random John Cliff
Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal
are undoubtedly great singers, sir
But they are too familiar for the crowd
That's why I finalized John Cliff
And you know what?
He's a pure Malayali
He left for Jamaica when he was 20
totally hooked on to Bob Marley's songs
Globe-trotter and
a vagabond musician
Now he's back in
India after 30 years
This is his 1st program
for our sake after his return
Trust me, sir
- John Cliff is going to rock the night.
A fusion of reggae and Indian music
That too with Malayalam lyrics
That's what he has promised
Let it be whatever fusion
but not end up in confusion!
You take care of everything
- Okay sir, will do
My daughter's father-in-law
may be a billionaire NRI
But he remains in his heart
a common villager
He hinted we give him today
the promised 1 billion in cash
Take the cash bundles
Leave it in our suite
Ladies and gentlemen
May I have your attention please?
Let's welcome on stage
the great vagabond musician
John Cliff
His first ever 'live'
performance in India
You guys have
a rocking time
Hey! Come
Let's see
"Beautiful moonlight
as you sparkled bright"
"Clouds amidst
in my heart a tryst"
"Moon's rays of radiance
as you flash a glance"
"Branches of silence
in my soul as essence"
"Tinted moonlight
Touch me and take flight"
Hey you look pretty
- Thank you so much
Great couple
"As time rides its chariot over
in enameled fields in summer"
"Even now I move on
burning with pain forlorn"
"This heartbeat is just a second long
Realizing my life on earth
is a love song"
"My desires attest
Sweet it is to forget"
"Forever without end"
"Shimmering moonlight
Dazzling desirous delight"
"Clouds vapory
in my heart's treasury"
"On the shores when a tempest
is on the warpath of unrest"
"I shall rush ahead; no delays
like a rain laden wind always"
"To relieve my burden; in proximity
Singing my love's verses of
"Like a poem written but erased
my life remains a secret encased"
"Moon's rays of radiance
in the blaze of your glance"
"Branches of silence
in my soul as essence"
"Tinted moonlight
Touch me and take flight"
Welcome Bhai ji
Can I get you a drink?
- Please
Bhai ji, everything went smooth
just as you planned
Tom Kurien did not file a case
Dowry is a criminal offence
No source for the cash
And scandal hushed up
She is in deep trouble
He thinks she is the kingpin
behind this robbery
So her chapter is closed
Beyond a few multimedia presentations
and 14 YouTube links, being ignorant...
...about the history of
John Cliff is Maria's mistake
Let her pay for it
Javed, 100 million
Your share is in this bag
Thank you, Bhai ji
You are the only one to pay
so promptly just for information
Are you feeling guilty
for accepting 'gawking wages'?
It's alright
There are different meanings
One of it is to be paid
for being a mere spectator
But I did something
without your permission
Don't be angry with me
It's a great opportunity
And like nothing
we've ever done before
That's how huge it is
And I couldn't resist the bait
Shall I ask him in?
Bhai ji, this is-
Hi I am Nikhil Atharva
But you can call me Niki
You can call me anything
I have many names
Many faces
I have heard lots
about you from Javed
I'm impressed
But I am not Javed,
tell him why I am here.
Didn't you always say you want to
end everything with a final deal?
This is it.
This is Adityapuram palace in Kerala
Here occurred bloodshed over
wealth and land issues long ago
And the palace treasury was sealed
A rare treasure trove of gold
ornaments and precious stones
Worth many billions
The heirs are Ravindra Varma's sons
Vasudeva and Srikrishna
And Mahendra Varma's children
Shekara and Rajashekaran
Vasudeva Varma's sons
are Trivikrama and Pratap
And Srikrishna Varma's
daughter is Damini
Shekara Varma's only son is Sudhakar
Rajashekar's daughters
are Rukmini and Gowri
These people are rich,
influential and tough
When the time came to
open the treasury
totally unexpected development-
Wait before you look up an auspicious
day to open the royal treasury
Mr Lawyer, I have got
a stay order from the court
Stay order?
The royal family can't claim
the wealth in the treasury
It belongs to the public
is my contention
Treasure amassed from taxes, coercion,
harassment, looting in wars is not ours
It is not right for us 'common people'
to share it within our family only
Let the court decide
After that we can
open the treasury
Rajashekar, don't you
bring in your communism here
We've been waiting to claim
this wealth all these years
Now don't provoke us with
such unnecessary objections
I am well aware
The sword you struck
my brother with,
is still safe in the armory
like a souvenir!
If you have dubious intentions
better delete them once for all
I am not Shekara Varma
Ahimsa blood doesn't flow in my veins
Like a comrade once said...
... I'm a communist with a strong heart
who can return any number of blows
Don't you dare threaten me!
You are going against the word
of honor given by our father
We differ in our
beliefs and ideals
Forgive me, brother
The stay order from
the court is still in effect
And the treasure is in the cellar
You will steal it
How and when...?
That is your call
And the terms between us
Out of the total loot,
In cash
I trade only with God
50 for me, 50 for Him!
Since I am my own God
His share is also mine
Please understand
There is a 3rd party involved
Unknown entity
Come on
Be reasonable
What is your part then?
I am a humble trader
I'll sell anything for anyone
I don't bargain
with street vendors
My price is 5 billion
No discounts
No additions
Nor percentages
2500 million to be paid in 2 days
Balance at the end of the mission
and when assets change hands
How can I trust you?
You asked for it
Simply impossible
What if you fail?
What if I fail?
Javed, tell him, Lord of Death is
never questioned about his life span!
He means business
Let's do this
Hey! Sajan
Who the heck?
Sorry, sir
Why are you here, sir?
Good question... to ask
why I am in my own office?
Goodness! Your office?
Then why am I here?
Dude, I sent word for you
Come inside
I expect minimum decorum
when you come to meet me
Look at yourself
Shabby and untidy
and reeking of cheap rum
With the pittance I earn
will I buy scotch whiskey?!
What are you
muttering to yourself?
Nothing, sir
Superintendent of Police has reported
you slink away after
signing in the register
So that rascal has
got me into trouble
If you have any opinion
say it aloud... don't swear
No use at all making me sit there
in the name of computerization
The only 'window' I know
is the one you see there
Then I am going to shift you
Where to?
They have decided to open
the Adityapuram palace cellar
They claim the coffers are overflowing
The royal heirs with divided opinion
have become sworn enemies
As much enmity to each other
as the years they haven't met
You know the ex-MLA
Rajashekaran Varma?
He is one of the legal heirs
He has filed a case asking
the Govt to take over the wealth
Dog in the manger!
This is the problem with communists
Won't eat nor allow us to eat
They are to blame
for all my troubles
You listen to me first
We got this report
from the junior office
Since this has reached the media
a robbery of unexpected nature is likely
Your presence is
essential at the palace
On the sly surveillance
I agree, sir
I won't allow anyone
to steal that treasure
I will put him behind bars
'I must fix a deal
with that fraud'
'And I must demand
some percent of the loot'
'I can then resign from this petty post
and then it is celebration time'
We were waiting for you
All of you must be here to take
some decisions regarding the case
Mr Lawyer, explain everything
King Rajashekaran stands alone
opposed by the rest of the family
Don't address me like royalty
You can call me by name
The court will come to a decision
only after hearing both sides
We can also ask the Govt's opinion
Treasures in the cellar must remain in
'as is where is' basis with high security
But there is a hitch
No one has been able to provide
a list of the treasures in the cellar
We have an approximate
idea of its value only
So we must assess the value of items
by a mediator acceptable to both sides
This must be submitted
in court within three weeks
Mr A S Shivaram, a private consultant
in Jaipur and he is a Malayali
There are very few qualified in
assessing such precious artifacts
I don't know him personally
But he was suggested by
a reliable, close friend
If all of you agree
we can proceed
We need to think over it
- Not necessary
We can go along with
uncle's suggestion
Let Shivaram assess the treasure
She knows what she is talking, brother
We agree
Make arrangements
for him to come
I am Damini, daughter
of Srikrishna Varma
What are you doing now, my dear?
- Property development in Mumbai
Your husband?
I haven't fallen
into that trap as yet
Can the court be
informed about Shivaram?
Please inform me also
About everything
I am Sajan
Intelligence DySP
Varma sir?
How are things with you?
Ages since we met, right?
We are old friends
I've understood
the issues here
During the evaluation I will
also be inside the cellar
We didn't ask for security
So who invited you here?
What the heck!
There are only
2 uninvited guests
One is death and
the other is police
We were warned
of a possible robbery
My presence is just a precaution
Ever since the media hyped
about the wealth in our treasury...
...we arranged our own security
We have assigned Bluefox
India's topmost security to protect us
So your service isn't needed here
May I speak, father?
Good to have additional
police surveillance
When Govt offers a service
why should we avoid it?
What do you say, Rajashekara?
I agree
Okay, Mr Sajan
You can go ahead
We will co-operate
Varma sir
1 minute
We can't renew old friendship
in front of others, right?
There isn't anything to renew
I don't forget easily
Also I've heard
many stories about you
If you reveal anything
in a drunken stupor...
... I'll simply kill and bury you
Varma sir, don't worry
What is between us
will remain a secret
No one will ever know anything
How can you stop now?
Why this sudden decision?
I'm really bored
That's why
If you don't enjoy what you do
you must stop doing it
I am glad, end of my career
will be in Kerala
To end where it all began
It is about 15 years since
I've stepped into Kerala
What about you guys?
Is that important?
Don't have a long face
Listen, Abbas
You've been with me
for 7 years
After this mission
you go your way
I want to be
with you always
No, Abbas
I've always been a loner
Hereafter totally by myself
There is nothing
personal among us
Don't carry any
emotional baggage
Priya, you are secure
after the last deal
So... you aren't needed in this
Yeah, I'm safe
Life has been a fairy tale
after meeting you
But I need sleeping pills
if I want to sleep
In your language
'my emotional baggage'
Hey... no
Haven't you heard?
No one owns anything in this world
Anyone can take anything
even if it belongs to another
How can it be called
looting or robbery?
You must never feel guilty
I too want to be a part of
this last lap of your journey
You don't have to pay me
I just want to be with you
in your last outing
Free service
I'm not for it
Love, obligation and gratitude
Not at all necessary
Everything is as usual
We are equals
and we go equal
We go equal
But you are first among equals
Where is the newspaper?
Who are you?
Hey... hello?
Good morning
- Who are you?
- Then me, huh?
The one you've been waiting for?
- Yes
Oh! Then you can go
to the backyard
You'll find
the cowshed there
Veterinary hospital head said he would
send someone to inseminate the cows
Gawd! You misunderstood me
I haven't come to make the cows
or anyone else here pregnant!
It's a policy I stick to!
Who is it, Saraswathi?
I can't place you
I am Shivaram from
Hoard Consultancy
I was asked to assess
the palace treasures... your lawyer and
give a report to the court
Are you Mr Shivaram?
What are you doing?
Don't move
- You are taken
Indeed a surprise, Mr Shivaram
I was not informed of your arrival
I was in Tanjore
So I took a train
I reached early morning
I settled down in the portico
not to disturb you so early
Good, now you can freshen up
After breakfast we can
go to the palace
Your accommodation
has been arranged there
My dear, open the room
on top for Shivaram
Ensure the bathrooms
have fresh towels
Okay, you can go up
Go inside
Anything else for you?
A cup of black coffee
if it's not a botheration for you?
Not at all
You heard him, dear?
Excuse me
I was just simply
looking at the palace
Why do you need
binoculars for that?
Aren't you going there anyway?
Looking from far and near are
2 different views altogether
Some things have to be seen
from far and some nearby
And some must be first seen
from afar and then near
Some things must
never be seen!
Good coffee
That always makes my day
Thank you
Mohanam is beautiful
Most beautiful among
all ragas is Mohanam
Your prelude this morning was
So you weren't asleep
Just pretending
Why would I pretend?
I was really asleep
Actually there is a state
between sleep and wakefulness
That was when
Mohanam nudged me
That was a great
wake up call
Oh! Let me shower
Something is amiss
Why this sudden
visit from all of you?
Come inside
No need! We have
not come to socialize
Father, haven't you
harassed us enough?
You squandered wealth intended for
our family to your political party
And now when we may get something
substantial, you've filed a lawsuit
Assets of the palace
is public property, eh?!
Aren't you ashamed?
I do feel ashamed
Not for the lawsuit
But for giving birth
to 2 children like you
Before matters turn complicated
we want a last round of discussion
Then you don't have
to waste your time
Don't you understand?
I don't know how to ask you to
get out in a more civil manner
Dad, phone
Who is it, my dear?
- From the palace
Ask them to call later
I'll ask dad to call you
Are you shameless?
Moment you stepped in here
we lost our father and home
One day we will
settle all scores
If not today, tomorrow
Sister, such dialogs are obsolete
Just stare and turn around
to walk away is today's style
And a music score
in support too
Even though I joked
I am upset, dad
Isn't it true
what they said?
Problems began
only after I came?
Everything turned right
only after your arrival
My children-
Shall we have breakfast?
My dear, will you
lay the table?
Come, Shivaram
We got a mail from Bluefox
asking for more security guards
I was replying-
Greetings, uncle
My older brother Shekara Varma
He heads our royal family now
Brother, he is Shivaram
Royalty doesn't count
I'm just another citizen
Mr Shivaram, I heard
you're a Malayali?
Which part of Kerala are you from?
- Sasthamkotta
But I have no one there now
I'm advocate Idiculla
When can we start evaluation?
My 2 colleagues will come now
Our machines have to be set up
Very sorry, Mr Shivaram
Only you are allowed
to enter the treasury
Your assistants will
have to wait outside
Only Mr Shivaram's name
is recorded in the court
Other than Shivaram, during evaluation
those allowed inside can only be...
...heirs, court officials,
lawyer Idiculla and me
We'll get permission
for his assistants too
No need
Their main job is... assist with
data and software
They need not come in
How many days are
required to finish this job?
Depends on the quantity
to be assessed
I haven't seen
the properties as yet
Let me see
Then I can tell you
the number of days I need
Okay, see you
Good morning, Bhai ji
Hi Bhai ji
So everything is as planned
Under no circumstance should you
leave the caravan, Abbas
Unless and until I tell you
The person watching us
now is DySP Sajan
A troublemaker
He's intelligent and
absolutely corrupt
You know brains and corruption
is a deadly combination
Deal with him carefully
So catch you later
- Fine
Is your room comfortable?
If you need anything
don't hesitate to ask
I don't want anything
I'm fine
When your name was suggested by
my uncle, none of us opposed him
We only expect you to be fair
We looked up your firm on
the net and we were convinced
My job is to only evaluate
How does 'unfair' come into it?
Apart from evaluation we expect
unconditional co-operation from you
You will come to know by and by
Unless I know what exactly you want
from me, I find it difficult to reply
There may be families still living
engulfed in nostalgia of royal life
But we are different
We are businessmen playing
with millions in the market
And we always mean business
I am a professional
I don't do business
There is always a 1st time, right?
A day you can begin
for the first time?!
Sure... like a day when
everything will end too
Haven't you heard?
The doomsday
You are a tough nut
We are impressed
We will let you know what
we want next time we meet
You can then give us
a solid hand shake
Let's see
Hi! I'm Damini Varma
I know
Your salt and pepper 'look' is very hot
- Yes
You have the attitude
of a seasoned player
You are a huge turn on
Nowadays I have lost interest
A kind of disinterested indifference
Anyway, thank you
for your enticing words
The Goddess is appeased
Heirs can hand over the keys
to the court official
I can help him
Not necessary
It's not time for
evaluation as yet
He's only helping
to unlock the door
No need
It isn't the evaluator's job
You are here to ensure
things go smoothly
Not interfere in
what Shivaram does
Please go ahead, Shivaram
No one must enter now
This place has to be purified
And the king must light
a lamp for the Goddess
Now that I have cleansed the deity
Your Highness can light the lamp
This chest contains
the documents prepared...
...before the treasury was
locked, along with its keys
The rituals are over, right?
The priest can step out
Now this is a work place
I will tell you what to do
As specified before
only 4 people can enter
Before the evaluation begins
some precautions must be taken
All of you must co operate
I am in charge here
This place should never be
in darkness even for a moment
We need light even if
the generator fails
Are you ready, Shivaram?
Tools are okay
but not the camera
Sir, no photography
Nothing can be photographed
Especially items you examine
Strictly for security reasons
Please proceed, sir
I'm about to begin my work
You can categorize the items
And prepare your list accordingly
From now on
I am in charge
I won't take orders
from anyone
Is that clear?
Emerald from ancient Persia
Weighs 4.1 gm
Belongs to the period
between 1750 and 1800
Let us count
This is one of the most risky
missions I've ever attempted
There are 5 factors making this
almost a 'mission impossible'
The position of the treasury
Under the hawk eyes of Bluefox
state of the art security machines
Proximity of Sajan
a shrewd police officer
And the presence of
other members always
Huge quantity of
my targeted objects
I have a precise plan
But no alternative moves
in any of my plans
There is no place for Lady Luck
or unexpected turn of events
This final game is
actually very thrilling
I am excited
I have few more things to share
Wait for me in the van
Start duplicating these keys
These are the detailed sketches
of some major palaces of Kerala
You must analyze them
They also house
similar treasuries
Work on them in detail
Yes, Bhai ji
Wi-Fi transmissions
are active, aren't they?
Yes, Bhai ji
Data will start
pouring in from tomorrow
Keep going, guys
A visitor to see you
from Coimbatore
Whose has asked you
to murder me?
A big shot
Business secrets
should not be revealed
Shall I finish my work?
You appeared like God
from shards of wood
Who are you, man?
A lion or Lord Narasimha?
Why did you come here?
Simply... to play
I've repeated countless times
this action of removing my watch
So let it remain this time
I was expecting this
ever since I filed the case
Who do you think
was behind this attack?
Could be anyone
Most probably
my own children!
What's the point of
sulking like this?
Is this the 1st time
I've been attacked?
But I'm amazed how you came
at that precise moment to save me
I stopped work early today
Felt tired, so I just
went out for a drive
And reached at the exact time
when Varma sir was attacked
A very strange coincidence
That is called luck
We also call it planning
She is your daughter, hmm?
Go inside, my dear
You seem to be an expert
in martial arts also, eh?
People say I am expert
in all kinds of arts, Sajan sir
Shall I take leave?
I don't want to be
formal and thank you
Not at all necessary
But what happened
was not unexpected
There is a reason
Actually who are you?
It's a feeling I can't shrug
ever since I met you
You are not upfront
There is something dubious
Tell me
Who are you?
Don't tell anyone
I am Shivaram
I did not ask your name
Are you...
...are you a fraud?
May be I'm a fraud
Hi boss
We've landed
He insists on meeting you
ever since he landed here
So I had to bring them here
Look who I have
brought along with me
I am Shivaram
From Hoard consultancy, Jaipur
So am I
Who are these new avatars?
2 men in 1 place
with same identity
It's weird
What do you say in Malayalam?
It isn't good at all
Yes, not good at all
But for whom
is the question!
'What I thought was 1,
now appears as 2
My sorrow is inexplicable knowing so'
Bhai ji, chill
Let's talk
Yeah, let's talk
So this Shivaram is actually a fraud
Nikhil's arrival with that man...
... Bhai ji, be careful
I had told him I wanted to
communicate certain things
But as you said
his arrival was a bit dramatic
Getting Shivaram on his side
is a threat to you, Bhai ji
If we get him into trouble
he will get back at us
That is why he has
brought Shivaram here
He coolly pitched in with them
knowing the stakes are high
If he thinks all this will threaten me
his brain must be sadly wanting!
Anyway let us meet him
Good to see you, Bhai ji
Very good to see you
I'll also call you 'Bhai ji'
like everybody else
Because none of us
even know your name
When he said you wanted to
discuss something with me...
... I just thought
l'll fly down and meet you
That's good
But your show of getting him here
to threaten me was a dirty move
Bhai ji-
Well, you can't be
anything else but dirty
Bhai ji, don't misunderstand
Bittu's gang you had arranged in Jaipur
to hold him in custody wasn't reliable
That's why we hauled him here
But this pig now wants
a share in our deal
Don't try to soft pedal this issue
with your most pitiful brains, Javed
He is a precaution
So I don't double cross you
But whatever the precaution...
...if I make up my mind,
you had it from me
Ask him not to irritate me
Bhai ji
Give it to him
See this
You have to replicate
all these materials
I know he has the necessary
man-power and machinery for it
Diamonds, pearls, emeralds
and other precious stones
Collect their duplicates
Try the African market
I have specified the quantity
Wrap them in red velvet
Make arrangements to bring
the whole lot in 12 boxes
Within 20 days
It is short notice
But it has to be done
Tough task
But this, I can do it
If everything goes as planned...
...within 21 days,
treasure will be lost forever
Till then...!
He is dangerous
But I am fit
Hire more workers
if you want
But before the rains
concreting must be done
You carry on
I'll be back
Come, Shivaram
How is your arm, sir?
That can be ignored
If it's no trouble you can drop
the 'sir' and call me comrade
It's a joy to hear it from people
who are sincere and affectionate
But within our party...
...sworn enemies call
each other comrade
This school...?
A school for the kids here with
least expense and best of education
When this desire was born
I sold everything to start it
Do you see?
Work is incomplete
There is a lot to be done
I need lots of money
I don't have enough
resources in my hands
You also know by now
Saraswathi is not my daughter
I brought her home
as an orphan 15 years back
But today I prefer to say
I have only one daughter
Even if I die
she'll live here with dignity
She must help others
to live progressively
That's how the idea
for a school was born
She runs the school now
I'm not afraid of hurdles
But the attack that day
has really shaken me up
I'm worried I may not be able
to complete my responsibilities
That won't happen, comrade
I just felt
like talking to you
That's why
I asked you to come
How many days more
to complete evaluation?
At the most 10 days
Did you hear?
Our family trust has decided to use
the treasure to build a heritage resort
Potential foreign investors have been
invited to a party and musical night... our new generation
I heard about it
As the saying goes...
...fools rush in where
angels fear to tread
"Protect me permanently
Oh lotus-eyed deity Parvati"
"Goddess Shakthi
Embrace me"
"Oh lotus eyed deity, envelop me
Your beauty is ethereal for eternity"
"Effortless effulgence"
"Protective Goddess
Perfectly peerless"
"Epitome of beauty matchless"
"Oh Goddess lotus eyed
Beauty unrivalled far and wide"
"Provide me sanctuary"
"Your divine words of honey"
"Auspicious one! Your words honeyed
Dispeller of sins of the good hearted"
"Oh lotus eyed Shakthi, shield me
Your beauty is beatific superlatively"
"Protect me, Goddess Parvati"
This is a song sung often by
someone I loved very much
Let this remain
a secret between us
Give this to your dad
I had borrowed it
Tonight we begin
These spots that I have marked
show the position of security guards
Between these 2 spots here
is a hub of the CCTV
Priya, you must ensure
this hub is jammed
But control room server usually
has a software that checks
It checks every 30 minutes
So we get exactly
half an hour for the operation
That's fine
You jam the CC TV circuit
at sharp 1'o clock
You will help me break in
And I'll join you
back at sharp 1:30
But Bhai ji, inside the cellar
what's the plan of action?
Sketches of the cellars
in 4 major palaces of Kerala
All 4 have 1 common factor
A secret door which is
not obvious at first sight
A secret door leading to
the outside world through a tunnel
In case of wars or
any other emergency...
...stuff from the treasury were
shifted through this tunnel
Won't some family member or at least
Shekara Varma know of its existence?
I feel he may not know
When the treasury was
locked up long ago
the king definitely
would have known
But since there was bloodshed
he would not have revealed...
...this secret to
the next generation
A precaution he took to ensure
no one had access to the treasury
Then how do we
find that secret door?
It takes time
And plenty of luck
Luck doesn't count
Logic is what matters
Architecture from
the 16th century onwards...
...shows every door has
at least one bit of metal
It's a general theory
If this metal scanner is used
inside the treasury walls...
...we get the required result
Guess I can find the door
'3 hours before the mission'
So you think there could be
a possible robbery here
Sir, do you know what is
a good policeman's strong point?
Get feeling
I get the feeling
Something is about
to happen here
The air around here has
all signs of that build up
Do you suspect anyone?
The outside world knows
about this treasury only now
Thanks to the blown up
hype given by our media
This may seem a golden opportunity
for a big time gang or thief
There is another possibility
4 of you are entitled
to this treasure
Then Rajashekaran
filed the case
Now each one of you may want to
grab the entire wealth for yourself
So may be it is
an elaborate scheming?
Only Rajashekaran is
responsible for all this
Isn't that why there was
an attempt on his life?
Don't try to blow it
out of proportion
If it comes to a stage where
we have to bump him off...
...we are prepared
to do that also
Hey! Leave him alone
He has suffered
a lot in life
None of you know him
But I do
What do you know?
Forget it!
I won't tell
It's a secret between us
Fine, don't tell
Let him drink himself to death
Let's go
You plan to get me
drunk daily, eh?
Oh! Come on
Tell me
What is that secret?
What's the status?
I'm on it
- Okay
I'm done
So far I have never
asked You for anything
I am not asking You
anything now either
I just want You to ensure
these boxes reach their destination
I just thought
I will tell you
So shall I start my work?
Now this is a secret between us
A secret we share
along with 1 more person
Abbas, I am at the moment
1.5 km away from the palace
But the tunnel
is just 1/2 km long
Okay, Bhai ji
He has come
It's so delicious
Didn't you go saying
'no more discussions'?
Changed your mind?
We are not here
to discuss anything
Just to give you
a piece of information
You must withdraw the case
you have filed in court
If I don't?
Then we will counter file
15 years ago, Saraswathi,
who was 12 years then...
...was molested by 3 men
A gang rape
You were the MLA then
You bribed Sajan who was
the chief inspector then
And the case was closed
From that day onwards
you brought her here
For hiding and destroying evidence
For bribing a policeman
And for denying justice to her
we will file a case against you
We will demand to have
her molesters tracked
The media will be overjoyed
Father and daughter
will be in the limelight
Won't you prefer
to avoid all this?
We have planned a meeting for
the investors at the palace tomorrow
You have time till then
to withdraw your case
Otherwise we'll just do it
- Let me tell you
Don't be dishonest
You got drunk
and blabbered
Don't, comrade
It was a mistake
Forgive me
Do you know
what he did to me?
Brother, do you know what
my children came and told me?
Don't worry
I will talk to them
But you could have confided
in me at least at some point
I could not
Forgive me
It was about 15 years ago
Actually speaking
April 12th 1999
I was an MLA
I was returning from
a meeting at 2:00 a. m
Chief Inspector Sajan called me
I went to Dr Sebastian's clinic
What is it, Sajan?
I chased a fellow who was
suspected in a robbery
I missed him
But on my way back
Among the thick bushes-
We received a complaint
from the orphanage
About a missing child
A 13 year old girl who was
attending vacation classes
The name slip showed
it was the same girl
What did you say
her name was?
I went to her school recently
I even presented
a prize to her
She's a bright girl
Yes sir, I asked her before
she lost consciousness
But she did not
remember anything
There were 3 of them
They abducted her when
she was walking down the road
It's terrible
My dear?
Don't hurt me, please
Come here
Can you catch
those miscreants?
I can try, sir
We have no clues
They might even have
fled from our state
Anyway try to find them
Let us wait
before we file a case
'I showered tender loving
care on that orphan'
'I visited her everyday'
'When there was no hope
of finding the culprits... '
'... I said there was
no need to file a case'
'The doctor and Sajan
agreed and cooperated'
'I brought her to my house and
raised her as my own daughter'
To let her be the cynosure of
media's eyes and talk of the town...
... I was not prepared
A case that may prolong for years
causing her to lose her youth
I gave her courage to live
I convinced her
that nothing had happened
Sajan gave his word of honor
never to reveal this
That son of a mongrel
broke his promise
My own children
threatened me today
If I did not withdraw
the treasure-case...
...they'd go to court
and revive this rape case
They have given me time till
the investors meet tomorrow
And my Saraswathi...!
She is silent now
Not even crying
Didn't I warn you
I may fall any day?
Hey! Welcome
Stage is all set
Shall we start by 8:00 p. m?
- Even 8.30 is fine, chill
I remember you
3 years ago in Goa
New year's eve
It was you
You look different now
Yeah! It was me
Hey man!
After the program that day
I searched all over for you
He's a great singer
In Goa he barged into
my program and sang
It was mind blowing
It was awesome
Why are you here?
I am on a job
And you are Mr...?
You did mention your name
that day but I forgot
No, not Shivaram
I think something else
It is Shivaram
Maybe you got it wrong
Okay, Shivaram
Leave it
You have to join me tonight
Balabhaskar will be there
We will rock the show
Hey... no... no
No, Shivaram
It's a deal
You are a singer too?
Looking forward to the show
Cool, see you on stage
Gopi, come this way
I'll arrange to get
your luggage from the car
This is Shivaram
He's the one who
evaluates the collection
They are interested in trade
aspects of this collection
So the get-together today is
a business party of potential buyers?
It is not something related to
your heritage resort project
You are sharp
and spot on
I know all of you are busy with
your guests for today's event
I came here to
tell you something
The time allotted to
my dad ends this evening
I came to tell you our decision
Either suicide or insanity
One of this would
have been my fate
It was my dad who
rescued me from that hell
A right to live
like everyone else
And to live with dignity
He gave me confidence and
courage to live and help people
You can file a court case
And revive the old rape case
Make me a scapegoat
I will face it coolly
As for the case filed by my dad
regarding the treasure in the cellar
There is absolutely
no question of withdrawing it
I won't let my dad
get defeated
I came just to tell you this
A good shower cleansed
my body that was defiled
But is there any holy river that can
ever cleanse your corrupt minds?
Have you ever
thought about it?
You heard what she said?
This is my daughter
My one and only daughter
My child!
No one will file
any case in any court
I won't allow anyone to
tarnish your reputation
I regret what happened
Shivaram sir
But I can make up for it
I was following a lead regarding
the attack on Varma sir
A lone investigation
without involving anyone else
I found him finally
I will meet him tonight
I have many suspicions
Don't deal with this alone
It is dangerous
Don't worry, Shivaram sir
I have my methods
I even doubted you
Not anymore
All clear
I will be able to give a piece
of good news to Varma sir tomorrow
When this place is busy partying,
I'll execute a crucial operation
'3 hours before the function'
Bhai ji
Javed had called
Duplicates are ready
as per your instructions
12 boxes will arrive
in a van tonight
Tonight at 12:30
they will hand over...
...the consignment
at the spot we specify
Modifications in the tunnel have
been done as per your instructions
Now it is lit up also
We must complete
the mission tonight
Right, Bhai ji?
Bhai ji, are you upset
about something?
The incident about that girl
Priya, didn't I always say
'no emotional baggage'?
But in life, a force
called fate traps us
Some coincidences
sweep you away in their tide
Do you know how many years
since I visited Kerala?
You've told us
15 years ago
I robbed a bank
along the borders of Tamil Nadu
I was alone
Police somehow
traced and followed me
Please help
Save me
Let me go
The scene I witnessed that day
in the rear view mirror...
...till date has not been
erased from my mind
I have had many a sleepless night
Till now I never realized...
...the reason for my anguish
was the scene I witnessed long ago
Now it is my emotional baggage
She may not have seen
my face on that dark night
I remain in darkness even today
A different face
in each darkness
Bhai ji, are we backing out?
No! A job is always a job
"Lord... Almighty! Strummed
on sarod strings of my mind"
"Blessing me
ambrosial harmony"
"Amidst the moon, stars bring to me
bouquets of 7 notes of melody"
"In enchantment hours awakened
Like a leaf he floats on waves forsaken"
"Through paths marked by
woeful shadow
share this journey through
the day's glow"
"Rhythm of heartbeat to raga Nilambari
Notes you shared long ago with me"
"Kisses of moonlight on those lips tiny
Mother gave me milk
tasting like honey"
"Wandering bird rests
in the heart's atrium
when unfirm paths unfold
in calm delirium"
"Many faces, smiles, laughter recalled
on leaves, waves, hills,
withheld walled"
"Between the paths of
day and night
when mind traversed;
a cloud bows bright"
"Like time bestows wisdom
to the teacher
Be filled to the brim,
oh Mother!"
"On wings of destiny
I continue my journey"
"Knowledge springs
from paths bridged
Like a river bubbling with k
indness hinged"
"The Omnipotent one"
"The Omnipresent one"
"The Omniscient one!"
"Lord... Almighty! Strummed
on sarod strings of my mind"
"Blessing me
ambrosial harmony"
"Amidst the moon, stars bring to me
bouquets of 7 notes of melody"
"In enchantment hours awakened
Like a leaf he floats on waves forsaken"
"Through paths marked by
woeful shadow
share this journey through
the sun's halo"
'2 hours after the function'
We will complete
our plan in 1 hour
You must transport the boxes
you brought into the tunnel
And exchange the boxes
from the treasury into the van
Okay, fine
You have planned it
Now you must
execute it alone
Bhai ji, if you don't mind
let Abbas remain with us here
Frisk him
Hey! What the hell?!
I don't think you need
this gun any more
Javed, I have kept
the GPS chip inside the boxes
Just to make sure
it reaches its destination
So that he can't double cross us
See, the boxes are moving
See this
Yes, Javed
He has done it
He has kept the same boxes
we delivered inside the cellar
I told you
He never plays dirty
You pay him
He'll get the job done
I feel a special bond with you, Mother
which I never felt towards
any other God
Thank you for everything
I'll take leave, see you
Great, Bhai ji
There is a small change in the plan
Our final transaction
will be in Jaipur
And I will hand over
the money to you there
Allow Abbas
to accompany us
You also need to know
we won't cheat you
He is your guarantee
Bhai ji, don't misunderstand
All will end well
You can take him
Our final meeting
shall be at Jaipur
Okay, fine
Detailed report of the evaluation
of the assets is in here
These are the copies
for the heirs
So my job is over
It is all God's grace
Thank you
Let's go
See you
Get the copy of the report
from the lawyer
To certain people
we get too close too soon
You are a great friend
A wonderful human being
You must visit us again
We must have a blast
with music and booze
Ever since my daughter
told me about your music-
I will come
DySP Sajan was
murdered last night
His body was found on the hillside
a kilometer away from the palace
We got an anonymous call
suggesting a clash between you two
Sir, you must come with us
We will have to talk
It has happened
as I expected
I'm going to Jaipur
You go back to Delhi
Let me also come, Bhai ji
No! Only Abbas and I
will play this one last game
You don't worry
He will come back
to you, safe and sound
I heard dad has been arrested
Do you know why?
Greetings, Bhai ji
It was a long journey, eh?
Oh yeah, it was
a long journey
And unfortunately
your journey ends here
You words were prophetic
It's your last game in
the real sense of the word
From the time you reached
the palace on this mission...
... I always had my
suspicions about you
Because seeing all this treasure
anyone will lose their mind
Those 12 boxes in the van
can tempt anyone
But I did tell Nikki
Bhai ji will never double cross
But we?
We are bastards
The deal is called off
And I am not going
to pay you anything
Javed claims you have
a soft corner for him
So I have put
a price on him
Bhai ji, I spoke to Nikki
and we worked out a formula
Rs 2500 million
that Nikki paid you?
Give it back to him
and we'll set this dude free
And we can part as friends
We'll part as friends
There are some more people
yet to arrive on this scene
The unknown entity
he had once told me
'There is a third party
involved in this'
'Unknown entity'
The silent partner in this game
I didn't want to trouble you
So I brought them here myself
Take a look
The stolen treasure will today be traded
with an international diamond cartel
For a mind blowing price
I brought the senior
and junior kings who
were to be here for
the final transaction
Not me actually
My man in Jaipur
Hey Shivaram
What are you saying?
I don't understand anything
You, Shekara Varma,
who heads the Royal family... not a simpleton
Do you know who
told me that you are...
...a cheat and a lowlife?
Mother Goddess
The Mother who guards
the cellar treasures
Bullet, decades old embedded
on the wall of the cellar...
...showed me how the crystal on
the crown of the Goddess burst
'Now this is a secret between us'
'A secret we share
along with 1 more person'
I also got a glimpse of
the good Shekara Varma's evil side
'The king knew your deceitful
nature which no one else knew'
'With astrological assistance,
his decision to close... '
'...the cellar for 41 years
was to punish you'
'Neither you nor Vasudeva Varma
must enjoy this wealth in your youth'
When your younger brother
got a court stay order... realized you lose
the 1/4th wealth you would inherit
You ganged up with him
for a treasure heist
The moment I realized... was you and not him
who hired me
... I was watching you
Knowing if your brother is alive
he would cause you problems... attempted to murder him
If he had died, Vasudeva Varma
and Srikrishna Varma...
...will be the suspects
They will begin to
distrust each other
By taking your brother's case
forward, you will be the winner
The opening of the treasury
will again be postponed
There will be more
opportunities to break in
You'd have even
dealt with me directly
Sajan had got a lead on
the people hired for the murder
He... Sudhakara Varma
During the investors' party
in the palace...
...invited Sajan out secretly
It is already known
you are behind all this
Not heeding my warning,
Sajan walked to his death
Following my orders...
... Abbas recorded the visuals
'live' with his camera
That CD must have reached the police
department by speed post today
You son of a-
Son of a mongrel!
Bhai ji
It was my mistake
I admit
It was my mistake
Forgive me, Bhai ji
It was my mistake
I am to blame
Please... please forgive me
It was him
This fellow
He brainwashed me
to switch sides
Let him pay for it
I will stand by you
to trade the treasure
You can give me any cut
Okay... fine
Don't give me anything
You proved your true nature
Shut up... you scoundrel!
Bhai ji please
When we confront each other... is not a clash
between good and evil
Because we are all evil
The question is
who is dirtier
And I guess
I am the dirtiest!
I will make use of you
You and junior king
will deliver the 12 boxes... the place
I ask you to
I will message you the address
You can take
the original evaluator
He might come into use
Thanks, Bhai ji
To see you don't get nasty ideas
let senior king remain with me
Done, Bhai ji
Then go
Come on, come on
In the games we play
there is only one rule
The worst always survives
The night I reached, prepared
to collect the treasure with Javed...
...for 5 minutes that van
on the way waited for your vehicle
My son!
The royal treasure
is back safe in its cellar
Nikhil Atharva's boxes with
GPS chips and duplicate jewels
...were exchanged for
the original ones in the cellar
If you asked me why I did it...
...redeeming a loan is my answer
Even this mission which came
in search of me was destiny
And at the end of the day
I have made huge money
2500 million for nothing
But you?
You are a loser
You deserve a royal death
You call the shot
'After a year'
'To all our special guests and those
who kindly accepted our invitation'
'...we express our heartfelt thanks'
Your support and co operation
is the strength of this institution
The completion of this building
was possible due to the huge sum...
...of a donor who wishes
to remain anonymous
Our heartfelt thanks to him
for his generosity and affection
Thanking you once again
Jai Hind!
Very happy
Thank you, sir
All those whom we invited
graced the function
But we waited for the arrival
of this particular uninvited guest
Thanks for coming
I thanked the anonymous donor
who generously contributed
Did you hear me?
There is much more
to thank him, isn't it?
For rescuing me
from the Sajan's case
For safely entrusting
the wealth to the Govt
Don't praise and
glorify my deeds
I am a person without virtues
I have no regrets
for all I have done so far
Neither have I
confessed to anyone
16 years ago... night when I heard
...the anguished pleas of
a little girl crying for help
... I was not in a position to save her
The face of that girl
This face...
...remains like a burning
ember within me
My first and last confession
Most people lead ordinary lives
without committing too many mistakes
But there are people
who commit misdeeds...
...make amends with greater
gestures of generosity
History is always with them
Can I ask you something?
What is your actual name?
Do you remember
what you once asked me?
Are you a fraud?
You can call me
Mr Fraud...!
"Shimmering moonlight
Dazzling desirous delight"
"Clouds vapory
in my heart's treasury"
"On the shores when a tempest
is on the warpath of unrest"
"I shall rush ahead; no delays
like a rain laden wind always"
"To relieve my burden; in proximity
Singing my love's verses of
"Like a poem written but erased
my life remains a secret encased"