Mr. Jones (1993) Movie Script

Good morning, it's 7:00 a.m.
Got the Godfa ther of Soul comin' at you
and he wants to know, how do you feel?
Anybody home?
- You the foreman?
- Yeah, I'm the foreman. I don't want any.
- I'm your new carpenter.
- What?
I read the ad in the newspaper
for carpenters. Here I am.
No, no. We filled that job.
Got a full house, buddy. Sorry.
You're making a big mistake here.
I'm a precision machine, man!
I can do twice the work
of any of these guys. I swear.
Great. I'll alert the media.
- The media?
- The media.
- East Coast?
- Yeah.
New York, upstate? Syracuse?
- I'm from Binghamton.
- Binghamton! I was close!
I don't believe this!
Give me this. This first day,
I work for free.
I give it to you, it's a gift.
Second day, you pay me for two days.
Third day, I have your job.
- One day! One day!
- All right. One day.
- Start upstairs. On the roof.
- Thanks. You're a good man.
Binghamton! Man, I'm embarrassed!
Where do I go, man? Give me a job!
- Work with him.
- Okay.
Hey, guys!
What's your name, man?
Howard. What's yours?
What the fuck are you doing?
Seven kids.
- Right.
- Right. You got it. Boys, girls?
- Five girls, two boys.
- That's great, man. That's great.
- Congratulations.
- All right.
A lot of mouths to feed there.
You got that right.
Take them all out to dinner. Do that.
- What's this?
- I just found it on the street. It's $100.
- Just take them out to dinner.
- I'm not taking your money.
No, really. I'll tell you what happened.
It's the truth.
I'm walking down the street,
I look down and there it is.
I bend down to pick it up...
a voice out of nowhere says,
"Give it to Howard".
I didn't know a Howard until today!
It must be you! Your lucky day.
- I'm not taking your money.
- Take the money! It's not a big deal.
Take it! For the kids.
Take them to dinner.
A couple of Big Macs.
"I feel good
"Like I knew that I would now
"I feel good"
You like chop suey?
I'll make it up to you. Trust me.
Hello? Hi.
How are you?
Fine. Yeah.
Tonight's fine. No!
No, nothing that I can't cancel.
Okay. So, I guess I'll see you tonight, then.
Okay. 'Bye.
Come on up, man.
Look at this shit.
Man! Do you ever feel like flying, Howard?
Just taking off?
- Just fly away!
- Why the hell not?
"Why the hell not?"
Exactly, why the hell not?
No goddamn reason why not, Howard.
What are you doing, man?
Now, if you look at the situation here...
what we got here is a roof...
75 pitch, which is very nice.
I wouldn't go no further, man.
What we're looking for here is a balance.
All we gotta do is find a little...
We got the westerlies coming in.
Fourteen, fifteen miles an hour.
Come on. Step back here, man.
Howard, let me tell you something, man.
This is basic physics, okay?
All you gotta do is find
a little equilibrium here.
Some equilibrium and a little balance.
Give me a rope, somebody.
Give me a rope!
It's equilibrium. Balance, Howard.
Lots of balance. Balance.
- Balance.
- Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed.
The force of the thrust against the drag.
And then you get lift-off!
- Feels good?
- It feels great!
- Come on, baby!
- I'm coming!
It's all right! I'll take care of you.
- We're gonna fly!
- I know. We gonna fly!
Yes, indeed. We gonna fly.
Got the drag on there.
- Got the drag on, man.
- I feel it.
Now don't turn away from me!
Come here!
- Talk to me.
- Here we come!
Don't move away from me!
- Stay with me.
- Here we come!
Don't go no further! Don't go no further!
You don't have to do this.
You don't have to do this, man. Okay?
Come on, come on.
Stay right there. Let me talk to you.
Just stay right there.
I'm a plane! I'm gonna swoop down!
I'm gonna fly!
- Howard?
- Look at me, man. Look at me.
This is what we're gonna do.
We're gonna fly down,
come around the front of the ambulance...
come around the back.
I'm gonna land right on that bed!
In fact, I'll go around it three times
and then let down!
So just move the bed around a little bit!
I'll slide right in!
- You're late.
- You're later. She'll be mad.
I'm terrified.
The Psychiatric Emergency Room is closed
almost daily because of the staff cuts.
The situation here...
is also dire.
Our unofficial policy is evaluate...
medicate, vacate.
Sound cold-blooded?
It is.
They need the treatment
and we need the beds.
At this point, I'd like to turn you over
to two of my staff...
Dr. Elizabeth Bowen and Dr. Patrick Shea.
They'll show you around the facilities.
I trust you'll enjoy your visit. Thank you.
- Good morning.
- Good afternoon.
In the years 1970 to 1975,
four US mental hospitals....
I must speak with....
Okay. Welcome.
That was our good friend, Mr. Wilson.
Dr. Bowen and I will be going on rounds,
so follow us, please.
Come in. Move around there,
let everyone in. Don't be shy.
He won't bite, we hope.
What have we got here?
We have a male Caucasian.
He's approximately 35.
Was brought in by the police.
He was doing a high-wire act on a roof.
When he came in, he was highly agitated,
delusional, having auditory hallucinations.
Has anyone examined him yet?
The resident made a preliminary diagnosis
of paranoid schizophrenia.
What did they give him?
Haldol, 10 milligrams. That's pretty heavy.
It seems to have worked.
This is a new patient.
What's the first thing we do?
- Assess the patient's orientation.
- Very good, very good. Elizabeth?
Can you tell me your name?
No name, no history.
No one on the job knew him.
Do you know what day this is?
What'd he say?
I think he said, "Jones".
His name is Jones.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm so glad to see you.
What did you do to your hair?
- You look great! You look wonderful!
- Thanks. Is this a bad time?
No, no. The painting's in the bedroom.
And, you have....
You have some mail.
- Libbie....
- Hi.
This is June.
It's so nice to meet you.
You know, it's been six months, Libbie.
I just thought it was time
you should meet her.
Take your crap out of the medicine cabinet,
while you're at it.
All right, okay.
You're a robot, you know that?
I can't hear you.
You're not a real person.
Only a mutant would pull a stunt like this.
Are you talking to yourself, Libbie?
Yeah, I'm talking to myself.
Who would have thought
that I'd be on the Johnny Carson Show?
Did you know, when I was born...
l didn't have a name
till I was 3 years old?
Because my father,
who's this really rigid old Chinese guy...
told me that when I was little,
there was an ancient Chinese tradition...
where the unborn child knows its name
before it's even born.
So the parents listen for it
and they try to get the name.
Obviously, in my case,
they couldn't hear it.
It's not like they weren't listening,
it was on purpose.
My mother wanted to name me Miranda
because she liked to dress like that.
With fruit and stuff.... I mean, hats!
I don't understand these hats.
But she couldn't say, "Miranda" because
it was "Melanda" and didn't sound right.
She wanted to avoid
the whole "L" and "R" thing.
So they called me Amanda. Amanda!
She's never understood me.
She always has this...
big smile on her face!
As if nothing's wrong,
as if everything is okay.
My work is very important.
The Pentagon is aware of this.
I have received communication
from CBS News, 6:30 p.m., every night.
"Mr. Wilson? Mr. Wilson? Where are you?
Where are you?"
I cannot return the communication
if my mind is clouded...
and if poison is being placed in my food!
"I'm late, I'm late
For a very important date"
Hi, I'm a doctor! I'm also a "lateaholic".
I'm late! I work late!
I get up late. I sleep late. I eat late.
It's too damn late to do anything about it.
- Mr. Jones?
- Where? Where? Get the net!
- Are you leaving us?
- Yes! Yes! I am leaving!
How are you feeling?
Did you do that to your husband
every morning? "How are you feeling?"
I bet that just popped him right up
out of bed, didn't it?
You're wondering how I knew
you were married?
Elementary, my dear Miss Watson.
May I have your hand?
A slight discoloration on the ring finger.
And this rather fragile air about you
as if you've been recently damaged.
- Beautiful accent though. Swedish, isn't it?
- Yes.
I find your country to be very lovely.
Cold, but....
- 'Bye, Elizabeth.
- How'd you know my name?
Have you tried the drugs here?
You should, you know.
You shouldn't be allowed to prescribe
unless you know.
You see, because we hear
everything in the room.
- Be careful what you say.
- Sorry we didn't get to talk.
Yeah, I'm sorry too. I'm sorry. Sorry.
We could talk. We could talk.
Do you like choral music?
Beethoven: Ninth Symphony, Ode to Joy?
You could use a little joy. I know I could.
I got tickets tonight.
We'll go. We'll fill our empty hearts.
We'll find an all-night cafe.
We'll be there all night long talking
as long as you want. What do you say?
Try, "yes". Give me your number.
I'll call you.
I didn't mean that.
- What did you mean?
- I mean, we could talk.
We are talking. But you need to talk.
I want you to talk.
We should talk here.
You were very distressed yesterday.
I think you need treatment.
- Yes, late! Late! Gotta go!
- Here's my card.
- Will you please call me?
- Absolutely! "Dr. Elizabeth Bowen!"
- Good-bye! Late! Gotta go!
- Will you call?
Yeah, probably not.
This was a standard-procedure release.
What's the problem here?
- I think he was misdiagnosed.
- How so?
He was psychotic but not schizophrenic.
He was expansive...
intrusive, inappropriate, euphoric.
I think he's a manic.
Okay, fine. Fine. He's manic.
You know, the guy refused medication.
It would've meant a hearing.
We would've lost.
Give him a few more hours
and he'll think he can fly again.
"I feel good
"Like I knew that I would now
"I feel good
"Like I knew that I would now
"I feel good
"So good
"I got you"
- She didn't have an account number...
- She said you were rude.
I just asked for verification.
We're the second largest
savings institution in this state.
We didn't get that way by being snotty.
You have a customer.
Hi, can I help you, sir?
Yes, I would like a double cheeseburger,
fries and a chocolate shake.
Just kidding.
- I'd like to close my account, please.
- You just opened this account last week.
Yeah, I'm a fickle kind of guy.
Oh, my goodness.
Okay, you have $12,752 in your account.
Do you want that in hundreds?
I'll leave that up
to your impeccable judgement.
I just want to make sure that
I have a nice big fat wad of fives...
for all the valet parking I plan to do.
- Don't forget the interest.
- Certainly.
- On five days?
- Yeah.
- That's 5.5 percent....
- That would be....
Compounded daily, that is $9.60.
- How did you do that?
- It's easy. It's so easy. So easy.
- Keep one of those hundreds for yourself.
- I can't do that!
- No, you're gonna need it.
- I am? Why?
You're taking me to lunch.
We need his-and-hers chilidogs!
His-and-hers, with all the fixings.
One for the lady, coming up. One more.
Here you go.
- Are you nuts? I can't break a $100 bill.
- Keep the change.
Music heaven.
This is a body. These are bodies.
They're women's bodies.
All over here. Look at this.
30-percent off before the sale,
another 25-percent off....
You can take this piano home
for less than half...
I hear Bach.
Excuse me.
I'm hearing it also.
- No. Can you play it faster? Really fast?
- Absolutely!
A piano....
More. We need more.
More piano. More piano.
- What's your name, man?
- Pedro.
Pedro, have fun.
- Thank you.
- Get out of here.
Thank you, sir. If there's anything else
you need, just let me know.
I mean, you know, men will say that
you're good, but I know I'm good.
Totally uninhibited.
Very smooth.
I make a lot of noise.
They like that.
I pretend that I'm out of control.
I always pretend that I'm out of control,
but I'm never out of control.
You know what I mean?
I'm never out of control.
It isn't that far! Come on.
- Maybe we should go to the hotel.
- Stay here.
- Buddy, can you spare some change?
- Sure. Here.
- Here you go, here you go.
- Hey, thanks, man.
You like that music, huh?
All men are brothers...
- What are you, a musician?
- ...beneath your soft wings.
No. No, but I was a music student.
I had this wonderful,
beautiful girlfriend named Ellen.
And she was a composer.
She was really an extraordinary person.
- I think of her all the time.
- What happened?
- She died. It's okay.
- I'm very sorry.
- Point it out.
- The second row.
Careful with the boots!
They got weights on them!
Look at the boots!
Hey, flying boots! Fly! Fly! Fly!
I'm relaxed! It's too tight!
It's too tight. I'm not struggling, all right?
It's too tight. It's too tight. I can't....
You two, come here. Come here a second.
I want to talk to you!
I have a doctor here! I have a doctor!
Dr. Elizabeth Bowen! I have a doctor!
Give me that. Give me that.
Come back, come back.
Zero, zero. Zero, zero, three, three.
Surprise, surprise. I know, I know.
Don't even say it.
It's like trying to stop a space shuttle
with a rubber band.
What did you give him?
- Well, we waited for you.
- Why?
Well, you're his doctor.
Mr. Jones.
Mr. Jones?
- You gotta get me out of here.
- I can't do that.
Not right now.
Right. I know the rules.
Seventy-two hours. I know.
But you can do it. You can do it. Please?
Please? Please, I'm dying!
- Get me the fuck out of here.
- Mr. Jones, you have a disease.
Manic-depressive disorder.
It's like having diabetes.
No shit! And here I thought
I was just having a bad day!
It's a highly treatable chemical imbalance.
- We've had a great deal of success...
- Look, fuck-face!
I have been in and out of hospitals
for 20 years!
There are two words that I really
do not appreciate!
One is "great," the other "success".
I'm going to tell you something.
Both of you listen,
you might learn something.
It is not a disease! Okay?
Not a disease! I do not have a disease.
This is who I am! I like who I am!
You got it?
Forget it. Don't even think
about that fucking needle!
I'll give you some medication
so you won't hurt yourself.
I'm not hurting myself,
they're hurting myself.
- Look, Mr. Jones....
- What?
- You're here?
- Yeah.
- You asked for me?
- Yes.
I came.
You did come. Thank you.
You've made me very happy. Thank you.
- Now, you're very agitated.
- I am agitated.
- And very tired.
- I'm not tired! I'm not tired.
I'd like to give you something
to help you rest.
Forget the Haldol! I'm not taking Haldol.
Forget it!
That's not Haldol.
- What is it?
- This is Amytal.
- You've heard of it?
- Yeah.
- It's a sedative.
- It's good.
- You'll sleep.
- I know what it is.
- Something to help you rest.
- To help me rest.
Okay. You're awfully pretty
when you smile.
Here. Let me help you out.
This is going to be good.
Glass of Chardonnay?
Think of this as a whole bottle.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
I enjoyed that.
Now you'll go home...
and have some wine.
I'll have a glass of wine.
You'll think of me and have some wine.
I'll think of you getting better.
Okay. I'll rest, but I won't sleep.
- You don't have to sleep.
- Thank you very much.
You're pretty. Elizabeth, my Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, where do they all go?
Where did he go? He was 18.
Where did he go?
Where...? Mommy?
I had such a bad dream.
Do you understand why you're here?
Yes. This is a competency hearing.
Do you understand the consequences
of these proceedings?
Yes, I do. I am facing involuntary
commitment to a mental hospital...
with indeterminate release.
Attorney, you may proceed.
- Please state your name.
- Dr. Elizabeth Bowen.
And Dr. Bowen, are you board-certified
to practice in this state?
Yes, I am.
Why do you think Mr. Jones should be
on a hold?
I believe that he is suffering from
bipolar manic-depressive disorder...
and he's currently in a manic cycle.
What behaviours or attitudes can
you report to support this assumption?
Two incidents.
In the first, he had to be restrained
on a roof for his own safety...
after claiming he was going to fly.
It's actually, it was a fairly creative act,
if you keep your mind open.
Okay, all right. Sorry.
In the second, he was brought to us
by the police...
after disrupting a symphony orchestra.
Excuse me, is the original conductor
here also?
Mr. Jones, please.
You'll have an opportunity to respond.
Thank you. Thank you very much,
Your Honour.
Continue, Dr. Bowen.
I think that his judgement is impaired
and that he is a danger to himself.
In what way?
The manic state is usually followed
by depression.
What are the symptoms of depression?
Hopelessness. Despair.
The inability to experience pleasure,
the inability to function.
Mr. Jones?
"Despair". "Hopelessness".
"The inability to experience pleasure".
Now, Doctor...
are these words and phrases that come...
spontaneously to you
when you look at me?
Are they? I don't think so.
I deeply respect Dr. Bowen.
She is a wonderful doctor.
I respect her and her advice,
but I graciously say no.
No, thank you.
The fact is, that the doctor and the other
fine healers have decided that I'm bipolar...
and this is without regard to the fact
that they have not one shred of evidence.
They've never observed me
once have a depressive symptom.
- Is that not true?
- Yes.
Thank you very much. Now, the fact is,
maybe I never get the blues.
Maybe I'm just a happy-go-lucky guy
all the time.
Your Honour, the truth is,
this is a very simple case.
If we go to the issues and see the case
on its merits, it's very simple.
Now the fact is
I'm a productive human being.
Last year in this country alone...
over 75,000 people suffering
from depression killed themselves.
Your Honour? Your Honour,
will you please look at me?
Do I look suicidal?
What do you have to say
about these incidents...
that Dr. Bowen mentioned?
Like the flying scam? I talked about it.
This is not a big deal!
This is nothing! It's kid's stuff!
I'm a big personality! I'm grandiose!
I'm a kid, all right? I always will be.
I'm sorry.
Your Honour, I swear....
I swear on my life...
l could have done a better job conducting
that Beethoven piece. I mean it!
Please? Please, Your Honour?
Please, Your Honour,
please do not lock me up.
You don't have to do this.
I promise I'll be a good boy.
There are people who really are sick
and need that bed more than I do.
Sit down, Mr. Jones.
Okay. I just want to thank you again.
Thank you, Your Honour.
Want to go bowling?
Do you want to do me a favour?
Next time you're in trouble,
don't ask for me. I'm a busy person.
I didn't expect you'd be a bad loser.
We're not competing.
What is going on here?
I was fighting for freedom in there.
I don't know what you're in this for.
Tell me something. Do you crash?
Do you get suicidal?
Do you?
How can I get suicidal?
I have my little friends here. Lithium.
Four a day, every day...
keeps those highs and lows away.
If you take them.
Elizabeth. Elizabeth, wait a second.
I'd be happy to make an appointment
with you if you want.
I'm worried about you.
Something happened.
- Good-bye.
- Is it your ex?
Take your medicine, pay your taxes....
Is his girlfriend pregnant?
She's not pregnant.
You know nothing about me.
Is it the yuppie doctor?
Is he hitting on you?
I don't know how I shall put this. Shut up!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
What are you doing?
I don't live very far from here.
I thought maybe you could give me a ride.
I'm a psychiatrist. If you have
a psychiatric problem, call me.
If you have a transportation problem,
you call a cab, okay?
I guess maybe I do have a problem.
I don't have any money.
So, tell me. When did you
first notice the symptoms?
- Elizabeth, can I ask you something?
- Yeah.
Say you go to the theatre tonight, right?
You go to the theatre.
You run into your gynaecologist.
He says to you:
"Good evening, Elizabeth,
are you enjoying the play?
"How about that little condition
you came to me about last week?
- "Let's have a look".
- It's not the same.
It's exactly the same thing!
You're at the theatre, with your dress up....
Me, on a beautiful day like this,
with a woman like you....
It's exactly the same thing.
The minute the doctor shows up,
and starts poking around in things...
that he or she is uninvited
to be poking around in, it's rude.
I guess I never thought of it that way.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. I'll forgive you.
- Thanks.
- If you feed me.
- I can't.
Can't? This is America.
You can do anything you want!
- I have appointments!
- I have hunger.
Mucho hunger.
I really can't.
Who needs you more today than me?
There can't be anyone. I'm desperate.
You want to do this, I know you do.
There! There it is!
You see it? The road to forgiveness.
I'll talk about me. I will.
Just turn. Come on.
Yes! I knew it! I knew she'd do it! Yes!
So, what were you doing
on the stage that night?
Picking up the tempo.
Why would you do that?
Look, Ode to Joy was meant
to be played allegro vivace:
Quickly, with life.
Beethoven might have been stone deaf,
but he had an impeccable sense of time.
If he wasn't dead, he'd have dragged
that bastard offstage.
Truth be known, I was just there
protecting my friend Ludwig.
- You know a lot about music, don't you?
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you play?
There. Go ahead.
Have you ever played?
- Shall we dance?
- No way.
Come on, Elizabeth! A couple of steps up,
everything's different.
I don't want different.
Want to know who I am?
You gotta go where I am.
If you don't get down right now, I'm going.
It's all right. Fear is allowed here.
It's just that I even get dizzy in high heels.
I know it's silly.
I know it's just a childhood thing.
There's nothing I can do about it.
Do you ever have flying dreams?
I don't know. Maybe when I was a kid.
You know, interesting.
I've asked that question all over the world
and everyone says the same thing.
Why is it only children have flying dreams?
She's late. She's late.
Not yet.
How did you get started?
A little psychiatric kit
for Christmas one year?
Why'd you give up dancing?
How'd you know that?
The feet! You got crunched toes
heading east and west...
and you walk like a duck
when you're not paying any attention.
- I don't.
- You do! It's cute. I like it.
You still dance?
- What do you mean, "east and west"?
- Look at them!
If your legs followed your feet,
you'd split in half.
Were you a little ballerina
with ribbons in your hair?
- They do not.
- They do!
What happened to her?
This "Little Miss Twinkletoes"?
I had a wild couple of months
where every morning I'd wake up...
and something was different.
Like somebody was stretching
my body parts when I was asleep.
I felt like I had arms down to my knees
and a neck about 18-inches long.
I didn't even want to leave my room.
I thought I looked like Lurch,
from the Addams Family.
Yes, I know.
- It's hell, isn't it?
- What?
Growing up.
Yeah. It stinks.
My new boots! Damn!
Yeah. Home sweet home.
You're an interesting man, Mr. Jones.
- Would you want to make me ordinary?
- No.
I want you to be well.
"Well"? I'm well, believe me.
I am ecstatic.
You want to cure me of that?
That's just your chemistry talking.
Chemistry again?
It's all chemical.
The whole universe is chemical.
You're chemicals. I'm chemicals.
Love, sadness, pain, grief.
If I touch you, touch you here...
you feel something, right?
If I touch you back here....
Lean forward a little bit.
Lean forward. Drop your head.
Drop your head a little more.
Right there.
You hold your tension right there,
don't you?
Just an observation.
- Wonderful afternoon, wasn't it?
- Yes.
Thanks for the ride.
- 'Bye.
- 'Bye.
Mr. Jones!
Your chemicals.
- All right. Then 3:00.
- That's good.
- What do you want?
- I just want my tools, that's all.
Don't worry about your tools.
Worry about staying out of trouble.
I wanted to thank you
about giving me the chance.
- No problem.
- I'm sorry, I was a little strange.
- Why don't you get lost?
- Maybe you could give me another chance.
Hey, pal, I'm telling you,
why don't you get lost, all right?
You gotta be fucking joking,
you fucking lunatic.
I'll come back tomorrow. That's better.
That's a lot better. Okay?
I'll come back.... What about my tools?
Hey, man.
How you feeling?
I'm okay. I appreciate what you did for me.
That's all right. Listen, I got your tools
at the house. You want to come get them?
Okay, everybody. All right, Peytan,
you lead everybody in grace.
Thank you for the food
that we're blessed to have.
Thank you for our health, our home...
and our family. Amen.
Mr. Jones, may I have your plate, please?
Pass that glass down.
Pass that glass down.
Hi, kid.
What's up?
Do you know how to do this?
What do you got there, math?
All right, now the thing you gotta
remember about long division...
is that it's short division,
just smaller numbers.
I can do this.
Hello, yeah. I understand you're the doctor
who's treating Mr. Jones?
What can I do for you?
You know, Doctor!
I don't know, he seems
like he's really having some problems.
Mr. Jones.
I can't stop the sadness!
It's all right. It's all right.
"Taking showers used to be a bore
"Now it isn't boring anymore
"'Cause the shower situation
stimulates imagination
"And I found my inspiration in the shower"
You can join in anytime.
We can do this as a round, if you'd like.
"Taking showers..."
My dad and I had a fight.
My mother was crying.
And I stayed up all night waiting.
I broke their hearts.
Are you taping this?
Do you mind?
Doesn't matter.
Mr. Jones, the way I see it,
we're dealing with two problems here.
One is chemical, and we're treating that.
And the other one is...
I think...
your pain.
It'll take hard work
for us to get at those feelings.
Do you understand?
Will you work with me?
Do we have a deal?
Now, what we want to do is
let our movement express how we feel.
Okay? Let yourself move
through the space...
and express your inner life.
Okay, just be gentle, all right?
That's right. Yeah. Just let it out.
Just let it come up somehow. It's in here?
It's in there? Just let it out.
Mr. Jones? What are you being?
An erection.
I have no memory.
You can't remember anything?
What happens when
you can't remember anything?
I can't stop. It makes me....
Very good.
Mr. Jones, how about you?
Don't you want to paint something?
This is your opportunity
to really express yourself.
Tell me about the first time
you got into trouble.
Now I will tell you the first time...
l got into trouble.
I was working in a construction crew,
building tract houses.
And I was a pretty tough guy
and I was getting into things...
with guys, and no one was gonna
mess with me 'cause I was very tough.
I was a tough guy.
I am a very, very tough guy.
At the same time, I was also like going out
with a really groovy girl named Ellen.
And, Ellen went and died, you know.
And then I did things that weren't good.
And I broke things and hit people and stuff.
Then they took me tojail, right?
So they took me tojail...
and I'm sitting injail,
then I'm climbing the bars...
and I'm like doing stuff
and I'm climbing up there...
and I'm screaming out
that I'm King Kong.
And all this stuff. You know, so then
they take me away to a mental hospital.
- Where?
- Houston.
- Why are you lying?
- I'm not lying.
I'm not lying!
Yeah. You were King Kong
in a jail in Houston.
Okay. You want to come back tomorrow?
I was in college.
What happened?
I swallowed some aspirin.
How many?
Seventy-three heavy-duty,
full-strength Tylenol.
I was young.
It was on a full stomach...
and my roommates found me.
There's something I want you to know.
Ever since that night...
l have never...
had a headache.
True story.
I believe you.
How you doing, man?
- What are you doing here?
- I've come to see you, boy.
Did they get you, too?
- You look good, man.
- Yeah.
- For real.
- I'm getting there. I'm getting there.
- How long have I been in here?
- A month.
Month. Time flies.
Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry to interrupt,
but could I ask a question?
- Did you drive here?
- I did.
- What kind of car do you have?
- Pickup.
You know you're injecting poisons
into our food and our bodies?
Okay, Mr. Wilson. Thank you.
- Thought that guy was your doctor.
- It's hard to tell sometimes.
Like with these three over there.
Now, Howard, you tell me.
Which one there is the patient?
The lady. The sad-looking lady.
That is my doctor.
What about these over here?
The little girl?
Tried to kill herself three times.
And the big lady over here, big fat lady?
All right. Okay. All right. All right, man.
- I came to see you. Okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Come on, man. Come on.
When can you get out of here?
I don't know.
I don't know.
And this woman is so awful to me.
You got my number. Call me anytime.
What is this? What is this? What?
You will not believe this, man.
You won't believe what happened to me.
I'm walking down the street,
day before yesterday.
The sky opens up....
Listen, I hear this voice saying:
"Give this to Mr. Jones. "
Mr. Altman?
Mr. Altman, I don't think you're supposed
to be off the unit.
- Mr. Altman?
- My wife....
What's the matter with your wife,
Mr. Altman?
She didn't come.
You expected her to come today
and she didn't come?
Is that it?
- She did not come to visit.
- I understand.
Okay. Why don't we go back to your room
and then you can call her.
Mr. Altman?
Mr. Altman?
Do you think she's fucking around?
I do. I think she's fucking around on me.
Just let's walk back, you and l,
to your ward and call her.
Is that okay?
Come on.
Hey, Arnie! Arnie!
I gotta talk to you, man.
I gotta talk to you about something!
Hey, you look good, man! You look good!
- My wife is fucking around!
- That ain't your wife! That's a doctor.
Your wife's not here!
- She didn't come to see me!
- She'll come. Here's protection.
You feel good! You feel real good!
Feel good!
- You feel real good!
- I feel good.
Have you seen my wife?
We need a medic over here.
Wait a minute! Shit!
No! It's the wrong guy!
Wait a minute!
No! I feel good! I feel good!
Wait. Wait. You okay? You all right?
Dr. Bowen, are you all right?
What happened? Did he hit you? Where?
I just wanted to say thank you.
I thought about buying you something...
but what do you buy a person
who saves your life?
It's no big deal.
Yes. Very big deal. Biggest deal there is.
Now you got a war story.
Something you can tell around
the campfire to the kiddies.
Scare them to death.
You can't let that big guy corner you
like that again.
You're "Old Doc Twinkletoes," remember?
- I'll remember.
- Okay. You do that.
- Mr. Jones?
- Yeah?
Want to play?
With you?
My serve.
All right! We know it's two-love.
Thank you very much.
- I had to do it.
- It's my point.
- Whose point?
- Her point.
- Who the fuck made you scorekeeper?
- Official tournament rules.
My point.
- Don't cheat.
- I'm not cheating, you're cheating.
My point.
- You can't do that!
- It didn't hit the table.
- Yes!
- I got it!
- It was off the table. What's the score?
- Wilson, it hit!
- One-three.
- No! It is not her point!
- Touched the table.
- It wasn't her point! It did not hit!
Bad manners, you lose a point!
We got ten people watching this.
I got the point.
- We'll play the point over.
- It was my point.
It was my point, but we'll play it over.
- Come on, let's go.
- Wait a minute.
Why is it I keep winning
and she gets the points?
My point.
It touched the table. Tournament rules!
What do you mean? That was my point!
Shut the fuck up!
You shut the fuck up!
I'm going to win this game!
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
Fuck you, too! You son of a bitch!
Fucking nutsos.
- Ready?
- Okay, all right.
My point again.
Okay, all right, give me the ball.
Give me the ball.
Wait a minute here. Give me the ball.
- I haven't got it!
- I saw you!
I didn't...
- Give me the ball. We're playing a game!
- Bad manners, you lose a point!
"Escalator to manager's office. "
So I have to go to him!
Mr. Jones, medication for you.
Mr. Jones, it's time for your medication.
I'm watching the cartoon.
Let me get to the bottom of this!
- It's time for your medication.
- I said, not today.
- Mr. Jones, it's time for...
- I said, don't!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this anymore.
I appreciate you trying so hard.
I gotta get out of here.
Is it the medication?
Elizabeth, I am a junkie.
I really need my highs.
I really miss my highs very badly.
And the lows?
Yeah, well...
guess I'll take my chances.
Listen to me.
When you first came to this hospital
you were suicidal, right?
I didn't come to this hospital.
I came to you.
I guess maybe I owe you my life.
Well, then, we're even.
Thank you again...
for helping me the other day.
It was so wonderful to see the way
you dealt with Mr. Altman.
You have such a gift with people.
You do, I envy you.
You have so much to offer.
Please, don't give up.
When I was 3 years old...
l played Mozart.
By the time I was 12,
I had read everything.
When I was 18...
l was the centre of the universe.
And then I woke up one day,
and I was in a mental institution.
I'm not normal.
I've never been normal.
I can't live down here anymore.
I can't do it. I can't.
I can't do it by myself.
No. Not by yourself.
It hurts.
We're grateful for all you've done.
But we feel that we can handle it
from this point on.
We do have a large and supportive family.
Dr. Bowen, what do you think?
I think you're ready to go back to school.
You're so much stronger now.
You feel stronger, don't you?
But I do think we need
to continue your treatment.
So we'll just go back
to our Tuesday morning sessions.
Okay, Amanda?
Actually, my parents have this friend
that's a therapist...
and they would like me to try
a few sessions with him.
- 'Bye.
- 'Bye.
- Thank you.
- Good-bye.
So, you call me if you need me? Promise?
Okay? Okay.
Let's be optimistic.
- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- I have a meeting.
I can be late.
- No. No, that's all right.
- Tomorrow?
Yeah, I needed to talk to you.
- You find me!
- Okay!
Libbie. Libbie, come here a minute.
All right, I want you to meet Dr. Bowen.
All right? This is Susan.
She was with Mr. Jones
at the Beethoven concert.
- She'd like to have a word with you.
- Okay.
He was just so special.
He was unexpected and exciting...
and just crazy enough
to make the afternoon interesting.
In what way, crazy?
Well, crazy.
Like, for instance,
we were in this hotel and...
this room-service guy comes
with some champagne and...
he calls this guy right into the bathroom.
We were both in the bathtub.
And he just stood up, you know?
He was, like, completely naked.
I guess you had to be there.
Even if he were here,
it would be confidential.
And we're not allowed to give out
any information about patients.
I'm really sorry.
Can I just give you my phone number,
in case?
Yeah, of course.
You know, I don't think he's married
or anything.
He did talk about another woman
in his life though.
Ellen. Ellen something?
She was a music student.
Do you remember her last name?
Ellen something.
He said she died.
I figured that gave me
a little edge over her.
So, who is it that we're looking for?
- A music student.
- Yes?
- Female.
- Yes?
- Here in the mid '70s.
- Yes?
- First name, Ellen.
- Yes?
- That's it?
- That's it.
This could take a while.
What do you want me to talk about today?
Anything you like.
Anything? Let's talk about you.
Okay, you choose.
- Ellen? Which Ellen?
- Your Ellen.
My Ellen? Yeah, my Ellen. Sure.
Ellen was probably the only person...
who ever really loved me.
The most beautiful red hair.
She thought I could be...
Mozart, Shakespeare, Einstein,
Picasso, Nijinsky.
And then she was gone.
How did she die?
She fell off a trapeze.
No, she was run over by a cement mixer.
What difference does it make?
She's gone. She's dead.
What was her last name?
I don't remember.
Was it Ryan?
Ellen Ryan?
You are one very, very sick motherfucker.
What have you been doing,
spying on me? Miss FBl?
I spoke to her.
Ellen Ryan is now Mrs. Ellen Naughton.
She lives in lowa. She has two children.
She was so happy to hear
that you were being helped...
because the whole time
you were together...
you would never admit
that there was anything wrong.
That's why she had to leave you.
No. She died.
- No.
- She died.
She didn't die.
- Are your parents still alive?
- My parents never were alive.
Fuck you, you sick motherfucker.
Who the fuck do you think you are?
You think you're a fucking doctor?
You're full of shit! You're sick!
I'm not sick! You don't treat me
like a fucking sick person!
I don't skulk around! I don't fucking spy!
You're not a sick person,
you're a person with a sickness.
Don't fucking talk to me about sick!
You're sick!
The disease is not who you are.
It's separate from you, and can be treated.
I am what I am! This is what I am!
And fuck you!
You're not a friend of mine!
You have no right to talk to me!
I don't need this. What am I doing?
I don't fucking need this.
I don't need it at all.
I don't have to be here. And I'm going.
'Bye, see you around, pal.
Why? Why? Why? Dumb!
What do you expect?
You go there to see some stupid....
Don't you ever do it again!
Why am I doing it again?
What do you expect?
You go to a hospital looking for....
All right. Stupid!
Stupid, why do you do this? Stupid!
- Don't do it again.
- Get in the car!
- Please! Let's talk.
- Get out of here!
Please, just get in the car!
Can't we just talk?
- I don't want to talk.
- Please!
Get away from me!
You're sicker than I thought you were!
Get out of here!
Can you please just stop and listen to me?
All right, what? What do you want?
You don't even know, do you?
All right, all right, I forgive you.
Now, just get the hell away from me.
Look, I was wrong, okay? I've never
violated a patient's privacy before.
And you still haven't.
'Cause I'm not your patient!
I never was! You get it?
I checked myself in! I checked myself out!
My mistake was looking for a friend
in a hospital! I'm not gonna do it again!
Ellen said she thinks
about you all the time.
She never passes a music store...
or a concert hall without looking
for your work.
Shut up!
- Why'd you say she was dead?
- I'm warning you!
Why'd you say it? Tell me!
Because she is dead, that's why!
And so are you!
What about my work? My work?
Why didn't she come looking for me?
She couldn't do that, could she?
Why the fuck not?
Too much trouble, that's why.
I was too much fucking trouble
for everybody!
My whole fucking life, everyone I met,
too much trouble!
Let me tell you something,
you get it together.
Find a way to make it all right!
Don't think you will, but you do!
- You feel sorry for yourself, don't you?
- I got this really good little trick.
You see, you're not human anymore!
None of you! You're not human!
You're like goldfish! All of you!
- One dies, I get another one!
- You want human? I'll give you human!
You're going to blow the back
of your head off!
Or jump, or hang or do anything
to turn off the pain! Aren't you?
- Admit it!
- I'm warning you!
You're gonna do it and you know it!
Take your hands off me!
When you finally do, when all your charm...
and all the wonderful things
that you could be are gone forever...
I'll just be left here...
with an intensely human,
unprofessional rip in my heart.
That terrifies the hell out of me.
- Elizabeth.
- What?
What the hell are we doing here?
I don't know.
Would that be a problem for you, Libbie?
Would it be a problem for you
to supervise some additional cases?
No. No, of course not. That's fine.
Dr. Bowen?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You have the most beautiful smile.
I just wanted to say, "Hello".
You're a doctor. You can fix my life.
- Can I talk to you?
- Yeah, just a sec. Did you see this?
I want to take myself off the Jones case...
and I was hoping
that you could take over.
- Why?
- What?
Because I really think it's for the best.
The best?
It's not the best for me.
I slept with him.
You want to say that again.
I slept with him.
For Christ's sake! What the fuck
do you think you were doing?
Twelve years of training as a psychiatrist,
and you blow it off!
First of all, you'll be fired.
Then, if Mr. Jones, solid,
stable citizen that he is...
chooses to press charges,
you could be prosecuted.
You could go to jail.
You could go to fucking jail!
Do you understand that?
- I'll resign.
- Great! Fine! Beautiful.
You fuck one of the patients...
and all the rest of them lose
one of the best therapists...
Patrick, please. Help me.
Okay. Come here.
All right, this is the deal.
You cannot see him again.
- I have to see him once to explain.
- Libbie, listen to me.
You cannot see him again.
If you do, I will turn you in.
This is not about protecting myself,
the hospital. It's about him, the patient.
It has nothing to do
with how I feel about you.
I would do that. Do you understand?
I would turn you in.
Do you understand me?
- Do you understand me?
- Yes.
There is a line here, all right?
You cannot cross it.
You don't understand.
It's too late. It's too late.
Then I'm gonna transfer him
to another hospital.
Mr. Jones?
Will you please come back?
Mr. Jones, come back!
Mr. Jones!
Come back!
Are you in there?
Mr. Jones, can I help you?
Maybe I can help you?
I don't think you can.
Elizabeth can help me.
You'll be moved to another hospital.
Excellent facility.
In the meantime, Dr. Rosen will be glad
to help you. Let's go back to the unit.
I don't care about you or him.
If Elizabeth wants me transferred,
I want her to tell me to my face.
Let's talk about it back at the unit.
She cannot talk to you right now.
Don't touch me. I said don't touch me.
That's okay.
Don't fucking touch me!
Good morning.
- What time is it?
- It's 8:00 p.m.
I'm so tired.
Listen, I just wanted to let you know that...
he's out.
Who told you?
I have a friend who's a resident at Cal.
They assessed him as being stable...
and found him co-operative
with the drug program.
So he got himself released.
Why are you telling me?
- He may try to contact you.
- No.
No, he won't.
Not me, not anymore.
I'm dead.
- I'm trying to contact Dr. Bowen.
- This is Dr. Bowen.
I eat take-out Chinese food, right?
I'm not afraid of death.
People build it up to be something...
that you should be frightened of, but...
I'm so ready.
It would be a big relief, actually.
Like a warmth.
Dr. Bowen?
Do you think I'm pretty?
It was like that day we went to the pier
and I got up on the railing.
You thought it was stupid, right?
I can see now you still do.
Yeah, really dumb.
Yeah, I'm going to fall and break my neck.
What's the point, right?
You see, you don't understand.
Being up there is the point.
They're willing to risk everything to get it.
Hi, Elizabeth.
What would you risk everything for?
Is there anything that means
that much to you?
You're going to listen to this later?
I hope you do.
Save this one, this was a good one.
What's up?
What's this?
- It's my resignation.
- What'd you do? Kill somebody?
I've made a mistake.
I've done something very bad.
Hey, buddy.
- Your bike?
- Yeah.
- What is it, '67?
- '68.
Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
These are so sweet.
- You got the original Girlings.
- Yeah.
Oil pan problems? Unbelievable.
- You do the paint job too?
- I have an English guy who helps me out.
- Nice, isn't it?
- This is great.
Let's put the key in.
Let's see what it's like.
- The engine's a little fresh....
- Yeah.
- Sweet, man! Good tune job!
- Yeah.
- This is great. Where'd you get it from?
- A shoot.
- What do you do?
- I'm a director.
- Direct what?
- Rock videos.
Rock videos!
Hey, buddy!
Jeffrey, he's got a bike just like yours!
Jones, Mr. Yes.
I would appreciate a call back
as soon as you hear anything at all.
He's back! He's back!
Look at you! Hey, look at this!
I came for my tools, man.
- I came for my tools!
- Cut the engine!
I've come for my tools!
They let you go?
Yeah, tried to keep me, couldn't do it.
Got out, flew away!
- You doin' all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Right as rain.
Need the tools.
Yeah, I got your tools. Davon,
why don't you go on in the house.
- Davon, 1,492 divided by 68?
- Yeah.
- You got a job?
- Yeah.
- Where?
- Guess.
I don't know.
- Broad Street?
- Yes!
- They finished that job.
- No.
I went there last week.
They finished that job.
No. Talked to the foreman.
Got the job back. Need the tools.
All right.
I'll go get them.
Relax, man.
I'll be right back.
- Hey, come on in the house.
- Yeah, give me the tools.
You going to stay and have some lunch?
Come in the house and have some lunch.
- Those are my tools?
- Yeah, they're your tools.
- Come on, man, what...
- Give me the fucking....
Give me the tools.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for....
It's not necessary.
Now, the kids would really like
to see you, you know.
Why don't you park the bike,
come in the house and have lunch with us?
How does that sound?
Why don't you ask your wife first?
Ask her.
- I ain't got to ask my wife.
- I don't feel right about it. Ask her.
All right. Hey, Thiel!
- No, man, go on.
- All right. Don't you go nowhere, okay?
No, I'm....
Watch him.
Hey, man.
21.941 167?
- Leaving?
- Got to!
Shit! Hey, man!
Yes. Yes, thank you.
- Yes?
- Dr. Bowen, this is Mandy at the hospital.
- I don't work there, Mandy.
- I'm sorry, there's a man...
I don't work there anymore!
There's a man who's a friend of Mr. Jones.
He thinks Jones is gonna try and fly again.
Mr. Jones!
Mr. Jones!
I wanted to fly so much.
But I can't.
I know.
I'm sorry.
now what?
Cup of coffee?