Mr Majnu (2019) Movie Script

Hi, I'm Nagesh.
I'm Instagram Indra.
Nutan Kumar.
- I'm Bheema
Her name?
- Age 27
Height 5.11
I'm a very decent guy.
I have 1 lakh
followers on Instagram.
Salary 1550000 per annum.
Did she study?
- I'm from a very decent family.
Can you afford dowry?
3 BHK apartment, Volvo car.
Can you do Dubmash?
'I want to get married dad.'
'I don't want to study anymore.
You don't need to work,
just sit at home.
I am little bit foodie, you know.
I don't have any bad habits and
I never lie.
Excuse me,
you forgot your lighter sir.
Thank you.
My boy is very shy, that is why
I am here to meet you.
What are you doing Nikki
When will you get married
if you reject everyone.
Your dad...
Your dad wants you to get married
before you complete education.
Why are you increasing the volume
when I am speaking to you
Uncle please, let me watch
Just give me the remote
- No...
I'm not giving you .
Choose one guy from those pictures
and I'll give you the remote
Uncle, come here
We shop hours for clothes
we dump in months.
This is about my life partner.
There's nothing wrong in being a
little cautious about my selection.
What kind of a guy
are you looking for?
I don't have too many hopes,
He shouldn't lie
Should be honest
Love me more than
anything in the world...
Follow my words
And he should never
look at another girl
Your hopes are impossible...
You'll not find a guy like him
these days.
Why? Don't you
think I'm such a guy?
Really? Give me your phone once.
No way!
This is how guys are.
Those qualities were in Lord Rama
back in the epics
Yes! I need a man like Rama.
Hi, auntie and uncle
Nikki, Shall we move?
- She'll never find her man.
She'll never find her man.
How long?
We'll be there in 20
if there's no traffic
In case there is,
it'll take 2 hours.
I hope there's no traffic!
I hope there's no traffic!
Oh shit! Shit!
I'm so sorry.
- I'm fine!
What happened?
Must be a students' protest.
What's happening there?
Dean Down! Down!
Vicky is innocent.
Lucky guy
So many girls for one guy?
Dean Down! Down!
He must be expelled.
Madam, your daughter is protesting
against you.
I can see that.
Let's go.
Dean Down! Down!
Vicky is innocent.
Vicky is innocent.
Dean Down! Down!
- Excuse me What's going on?
Get lost!
Crazy girl.
- Hey Dean
If Vicky doesn't receive justice
I'll burn your car.
Excuse me
What exactly happened?
We're protesting against the Dean
in favour of Vicky.
Who the hell is Vicky?
My boyfriend...
He's my boyfriend.
Vicky might sound
just like a name to you
But to us college girls
Vicky is an emotion.
Hot! Cute!
In simple words, he looks
like the heir to a Greek God.
He's a chick magnet
He has many girlfriends.
All friends with benefits.
What's happened to him now?
Dean caught her daughter red handed
during combined studies with Vicky.
Dean expelled Vicky from college
What did Vicky do then?
He appealed to the legal counsel
in our college
He has to prove his innocence
to the counsel.
Today is the day.
Vicky's meeting her.
Prashanti Reddy
Head counselor of the university
Age 32...
she's very strict.
She treats men very low
She staff is filled with men
She scolds them everyday
and satisfies her ego.
Please pray for Vicky
This guy has a crazy character
- No, he's a dangerous character.
Excuse me, Miss!
English is a funny language
The one we're not supposed to miss
is called as Miss.
Where's the Counselor's office?
Thank you.
Hey! You speak Telugu?
Oh Ego.
On April 6th, at 11:30 pm...
What were you doing in Dean's
daughter Margaret's bed room?
I just helped Margaret relieve
her stress levels.
Can you explain?
Yes, Miss Reddy.
Back when you were a student...
What would you do to relieve
stress during exams?
I'd eat a chocolate.
Huh! Chocolates would help
back in those days
But the stress levels
now are higher
Chocolates and biscuits
don't seem to work
We need a human touch.
- What?!
I had the same reaction.
But her stress levels were at peaks
as it was examination time.
She couldn't focus at all.
She has exam in the morning.
She has to study to clear it.
She needs her stress
relieved to study.
And to relieve stress, I have to...
- Huh!
I have to help her.
Moral values on one hand and
Margaret's career on the other.
Values or career?
Values or career?
Values or career?
Values or career?
Values or career?
- What did you decide?
To hell with the values!
I've decided to help
Margaret's career.
I stayed there until her
stress levels were normal...
I did everything she asked for...
I also let her take control...
She felt really happy.
But her mom barged
in at the same moment.
She didn't feel happy.
Miss Reddy
I'm not guilty. Please help me.
Miss Reddy.
Your hands are shivering
I can hear your heart beat aloud.
You're sweating.
I think you're stressed.
Do you want a chocolate?
Miss Reddy?
Call me Prashanti.
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"Is he the grandson of 'Devadasu'?
Or the heir of 'Manmadhudu'?"
"An epitome of romance?
Or quite the charmer?"
"He wraps around
you like a fragrance"
"He doesn't miss a single sigh"
"He sets hormones on fire"
"Short term boyfriend
is his nickname"
"Mr. Majnu!"
"He's like intoxication"
"Mr. Majnu!"
"A rugged Greek Lord"
"Is he the grandson of 'Devadasu'?
Or the heir of 'Manmadhudu'?"
"An epitome of romance?
Or quite the charmer?"
"He wraps around
you like a fragrance"
"He doesn't miss a single sigh"
"He sets hormones on fire"
"Short term boyfriend
is his nickname"
"He doesn't dwell in the past
He can't be bound by time"
"He knows his way with the ladies"
"He is always bustling
A scallywag by nature"
"He's the cupid shooting
arrows at your heart"
"He doesn't leave behind any hints"
Vicky, My mom is not
really happy about us
I think we need to break up.
So, since we are
breaking up anyway
Can we have fun one last time?
"Mr. Majnu!"
"He's like intoxication"
"Mr. Majnu!"
"A rugged Greek Lord"
"Mr. Majnu!"
Uncle is not coming dad
due to some Visa issues...
Sorry, I actually didn't see.
I'll call you later.
You speak Telugu?
Excuse me miss
English is a funny language
The one we're not supposed to miss
is called as Miss.
I'm Vicky
So what?
And please Don't follow me.
Girls do whatever they like
and boys don't listen to anyone.
Please take your seat, ma'am.
I want to change my seat please.
Sorry the flight is full.
Is the flight occupied, Nikitha?
Can I call you Nikki?
It sounds cute.
How do you know my name?
I managed to get a seat beside you.
Finding your name is no big deal.
Look Vicky
No matter how hard you try,
I'll not fall for you.
Because, I've got
the whole picture of you.
What do you know about me?
Your name is Vikram Krishna
You pursued MS finance
at Wellington University
It took you 4 years to clear
the 2 years course...
There's not a single subject
you haven't failed.
And you went on a date with
each and every
girl in your college.
Okay, thanks.
Thanks? For what?
If you had told me this after
we landed in Hyderabad..
I would've wasted the entire
flight hitting on you.
I can happily hit
on another girl now.
What's the guarantee
you'll find another girl?
Where's 12D?
Excuse me miss
You're so funny...
Stop it...
That's correct.
- Yes.
He is here.
Hi, dad
How are you, uncle?
A lot better now, son.
Hi, I'm Kishore.
He's Kishore. Your uncle's
future son-in-law...
How come you're here to receive me?
Actually, my sister landed from
the same flight.
Same flight?
There she is.
Hi, brother
How are you?
- I'm good.
How are you?
- Hi uncle.
I'm good.
Dad, you know her?
She took care of Uma's engagement.
He's my son, Vicky.
He was in the same flight.
You didn't see him?
Thanks a lot Vicky
It was great.
I saw him.
She asked for a pen in the flight,
So I gave to her. She's thanking me now.
Is that true?
Promise, dad. That's true.
Hey, did you lie?
He's Chitti My best friend.
Did you lie or not?
How do you know that he lied?
It's nature's connection.
I injure myself every time he lies.
- Traffic Jam, Bye.
Traffic Jam
Fine, I'll meet you later
Let's go.
Get the car.
- Okay sir.
Did you say something
to Kishore's sister?
Why is she angry on you?
- I didn't say anything dad
Promise dad,
I didn't say anything to her.
- Be cautious.
We are from the Girl's side.
Good morning, love!
Hi, auntie...
Have some coffee and sleep.
Thank you.
- Hi bro
What did you get for me?
Look aunty,
she has become very commercial
Go! The whole black
suitcase is for you.
- Enjoy.
Thank you.
Aunty, don't keep any
hopes on her or Vinodh
I'll be taking care of you later
I forgot
- Did uncle wake up?
No. He told me to inform him
once you are awake.
Make it fast, guys.
Wedding is in less than 20 days.
You guys are way behind.
Make it fast. Come on!
Good morning, uncle.
It's 12' o clock.
I was home late last night, so
Got your masters degree at least?
Here's my certificate, uncle.
You're behind by 2 years
Don't you feel embarrassed?
Learn from your younger brother.
You're talking about Vinodh?
- Yes
He pursued engineering in IIT.
MBA in IIM..
He's an investment banker and
earns 5 lakhs per month
and you're still at zero.
Your father topped
in civil engineering
and I, in medical entrance.
I developed an interest in
construction later.
But I never neglected studies.
Never! Never!
Your brother is lecturing Vicky
Did he start?
You're the only one ridiculing
studies in our entire family.
Look there sir.
I keep telling you the same thing
- So, what I was telling that...
You know Kishore's sister right?
- Yeah. Nikki...
We have to gift her presents
as a ritual.
So, why don't you
take her shopping?
Don't hesitate about the price.
Why do we have to take that pain
We could pay them in cash.
Stop giving him suggestions and
listen to your father.
Bye, dad.
- Vinodh would have taken care
Very bad behaviour.
What? Do I have to
go shopping with Vicky?
Don't shout on your dad
I'll break your teeth.
Don't interfere. Go inside.
I'll go shopping with anyone...
Except him.
Who are you?
Idiot! Sorry... I'm Vicky.
Mr. Krishna Prasad's son...
Tell your daughter
If he heard her scolding him
It would be very bad.
He's Vicky Krishna Prasad's son.
He's here.
- I don't drink coffee.
Thank you.
- Did you prepare?
Get some biscuits.
- Right now.
You had it already?
- Yes, I couldn't wait.
Even this plant is dead.
Dad, I'm ready.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
behaved like that with you.
Now that we are family,
can we be normal?
I'll stay in my limits.
No flirting or cheap jokes...
I'll do whatever you want me to.
I should be home by 6 sharp.
- Done.
- Hi Nikki
Why didn't you come inside?
Mom told me I can't come in
before marriage.
What are you doing here?
- Hi bro
Bro, manage mom
if she asks about me
Let's go.
- Okay, bye.
Hello Excuse me
Excuse me
- Are you done? Shall we start?
I'm not done yet
They are ignoring me.
Excuse me, miss
Thank you.
Sir, who is she?
How do you flirt
so easily with them?
Sweet lies.
I praise them
They fall for it.
All the girls are not the same
Girls have very high expectations
from girls
They only fall in love when
those standards are reached.
Then I'll have to tell you
the Doberman theory.
In a girl's imagination, the boys
are like He-Man.
But they fall in
love with Doberman .
Ever noticed?
A beautiful girl falls
in love with a rough guy.
And a studious girl will always
falls for a back bencher.
But why?
For the sake of power.
Only when guys are
inferior to you...
You can make them feel
they don't deserve you.
You remind them every minute
that they're just your puppets.
A He-Man will
ask you to get lost.
But a Doberman is different.
Very loyal.
He acts demure as he
fears you'll dump him.
What are you thinking about?
So I'm hoping to find
a man like Lord Rama.
Will I ever find such a man?
Tell me!
Will I find him or not?
You might find him.
How can we be so sure?
Why'd you give me this
bloody Doberman theory then?
I'm beginning to worry about
the kind of man I'll find.
What happened?
- Leave me alone.
Nikki, can I say something?
- Hmmm.
This morning, you didn't
want to come with me.
But you did.
There was no dinner plan
but you had dinner.
You had to be home by 6 pm.
It's 10 pm and we're
still hanging out.
Did anything go wrong?
No, right?
That's how life is, Nikki.
Nothing goes as planned.
You'll meet your Rama
if you're destined.
But if you're fated to meet a better
guy, Rama is out of the picture.
So, don't ask God
for what you want.
Ask him for what's right for you.
- Hi aunty.
Uma Nikki is here..
- - How are you?
I'm good.
Hey Small gift for you.
- Thank you.
Where's uncle?
Vinod is coming today.
He went to pick him up.
What? Vinod is coming today?
Yeah. You didn't know?
- Why would I stay home if I did?
I'm so dead
I'll bring the luggage
Go inside dad.
I'm dead. Dead!
Vinod's here.
Lakshmi he is here.
Hey, Nikki When did you come here?
- Just now.
This is my son Vinod. From Mumbai
- Hi.
Mom, how are you?
- I'm good, dear.
Freshen up. I'll serve lunch.
Hey Vicky
Vinodh is coming
Didn't you lose this guy yet?
He's my best friend, man.
By the way,
I heard you finished MS
- So what's next?
I'll start going to office
after the wedding.
Yes You will go
It's your dad's office. Dad-gifted
car and dad-given money.
Let me know when you do something
on your own.
I can't take this shit, man.
Uncle, car is in the sun,
I'll keep it under shade.
At his age someone created Facebook
- Mark Zuckerberg.
Very recently he bought WhatsApp.
But this guy is still checking
his WhatsApp messages
You've got a lot of work outside.
What's with all the crap?
You go.
To hell with her.
Are your brains feeling the heat?
I'm use to this since childhood.
You would be doing great
if you studied well.
Let's put studies topic away.
You should be having
some goal in life.
Who says I don't have a goal?
What is it?
- I have to develop dad's company.
What was that?
Where's your identity in walking
in your dad's footsteps?
That's what your uncle's
been telling you.
Nikki, my dad taught me to walk
Is it wrong to walk
in his footsteps?
Do I have to dream big?
Isn't it enough to take
his dreams forward?
I'm not there without my father.
That's true.
He's my strength.
But I'll be my dad's
strength someday.
That's more satisfying for me.
I don't have to invent Facebook
or buy WhatsApp.
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Your brother smokes and I hate it.
Except for that,
Kishore is a sweetheart.
He's a ladies man for sure.
You might not like that.
But, he is a gentleman.
You will understand slowly
Let's go.
You guys carry on
Vicky will drop me.
Okay thanks.
- Okay.
Hi Vicky
Hey How are you?
I'm good Meet my Would-be Vamsi.
- Thank you.
When are you getting married?
- September.
Shall we go?
Where's Uma?
- She went with my brother.
Who is she?
She's my relative.
Who is she?
- My Ex girlfriend.
Are you friendly with
all of your exes?
Even if they have a boyfriend now?
Some of them are also married.
Aren't you jealous of them?
Not all girls in the world
are born for me, Nikki.
They have a life of their own.
And I respect that.
But not everyone
is like you, Vicky.
Sushma was very jealous
to see us together.
- Yeah.
She thinks I am your girlfriend.
I could see it on her face.
If someone cries for
me, it's not my fault.
But if I'm the reason
someone cries...
It's definitely my fault.
And I'll never make that mistake.
God, Vicky!
You're making me jealous.
You're the happiest
person I've ever met.
Have you ever been
sad in your life?
Seriously? You never cried?
When you hurt yourself as a kid
or broke one of your toys.
I'd apply ointment
if I hurt myself.
Buy a new toy in case I broke one.
Not even when your mother died?
I was 3 hours old
when my mom passed away.
Everyone must have
cried when she died.
I must have too. I don't know.
Don't you miss your mom?
My dad never let me feel so.
Chitti! Come.
- Coming.
Hi aunty
Hi Nikki
- Where's Uma aunty?
She went to give
invitations to her friends.
She'll be back in 15 minutes
Sit in her room.
Okay, aunty.
- Okay.
What's your problem?
- Hey stop it!
Why are you beating him?
- I've been packing them since morning.
I asked for help and he called
me jobless, acting all sarcastic.
How dare you hit me!
I'll tell Dad.
- Get lost.
Your uncle will be serious on you.
- That's fine.
Dad Dad
Hey, Shiva Prasad!
Where are you?
Shiva Prasad!
Where is Shiva Prasad?
Shiva Prasad!
- Sir.
Mr Reddy What happened?
Are you planning to
ever pay me back?
Sir, please
Sir, listen to me.
Guests are home, sir.
- Didn't you know while borrowing money?
Didn't you know that, huh?
You have to return the money.
- I can't return as of now.
It's kind of hard.
Didn't you know while
borrowing money?
Let's sit and talk.
I didn't come here
to sit and talk.
Answer me!
- Take your hands off him.
Do you know who you're talking to?
Let's sit and talk.
Your brother's taken a loan
of 25 crores with interest.
He hasn't paid me in 6 months.
He stopped coming to
office since 3 months.
He doesn't respond to my calls.
What do I do?
It's true that I
borrowed money from him.
I constructed a layout in Timmapur.
As the market is in crisis...
Project sales are down.
I couldn't pay him back in time.
There's a wedding in our family.
He can't pay you now.
I know this is the right
time to demand my money.
I'm not leaving without my money.
Give me 3 months time.
I'll give you the money.
Not possible!
It's my daughter's wedding.
I'll lose my respect.
Hey. I don't trust you
I'll sign wherever you want me to.
What are you talking?
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'll take care of it.
Hey! Bring the papers.
- Boss.
Okay, boss.
Hey, they're empty sheets.
It's okay, brother.
Ask your son to sign as well.
Why do you need his signature?
What if you put IP?
What if you die?
Who'll pay me?
Tell him to sign.
I can't, dad.
It's okay.
I'll take care of everything.
Nothing will happen.
What if you can't
take care of everything?
This is too much pressure for me.
I don't know what tomorrow holds .
So, don't drag me into this.
And it's not fair of you
to make me pay for your mistakes.
Sorry uncle.
Not even your son trusts you.
How can I?
Don't drag kids into this.
Are you fine with me signing it?
Mr. Krishna Prasad's assurance is
more than I can ask for.
Is your son going to sign?
I wish Shiva Prasad shouldn't
pay the money.
I can loot this house through
some litigation.
Make it quick!
Open the gate.
I can't do it.
He has the keys.
You guys are so full of it.
Can't you work properly? Come on!
Go bring the keys.
He looks very angry, sir.
He might hit you.
Hey Go bring the keys.
- Okay, boss.
Hey! Where's the DJ?
Ask him to come quick.
Why is he so late? Call him!
- Okay sir.
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I already told you
That he is angry
and he might hit you.
You shouldn't have messed with him.
What are you looking at?
Finish your work.
Bring the keys.
- Okay.
Put him down and bring the keys.
Hey, useless fellows!
You stepped on the plants.
Uncle, how long do we
need to replace these?
We need quite a few hours, sir.
Couldn't you watch out? Huh?
You ruined all the plants.
- Leave me!!
You should be careful, right?
'I'm not leaving
without the money.'
Hey, don't hit me!
I'm a big rowdy back in Kadapa.
Let's sit and talk. Wait.
Don't hit me. Wait.
Let's talk. Wait!
Shiva hasn't eaten
anything since morning.
Get him some fruits.
We just made an agreement.
Why are you hitting me?
What will you go
tell people about this?
You'll say went to
Shiva Prasad's house...
Demanded your money...
And scared the hell out of him.
What will you tell them now?
You threatened Mr. Shiva
Prasad for money...
And his elder son
beat the hell out of you.
Tell them that, okay?
Let's go.
- Let's get out here quietly.
Are you out of your mind?
You can't mess with those goons
when the wedding is near?
My dad should be blamed for this.
Not you.
Has he ever been stable throughout
his life?
He failed as a doctor at first.
And now as a businessman.
That bloody old man!
Hey! How dare you hit me?
Let me tell dad about this.
Back when you were
in 9th grade I guess..
You had viral fever.
You remember?
No medicines worked on you.
Best doctors in
the city treated you.
They have lost hope.
Except for one doctor...
Doctor Shiva Prasad Rao.
My uncle...!
He used all his knowledge on you.
He spent all day and
night taking care of you.
He'd spend sleepless nights.
You finally recovered.
Doctors called
it a medical miracle.
Rest said God saved you.
And you called that God
a bloody old man today.
Uncle never held a stethoscope
again after that.
He promised God that day.
if you lived
He'd quit his loving profession.
He left it.
For you.
You couldn't sign a goddamn paper
when your dad was in trouble.
He held your hand and
taught you to walk.
But you let go of his hand today.
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Sister can't know about this.
I won't tell her.
What are you doing here?
The guests are here
They are asking for you.
I thought he was my world.
But today...
All of a sudden...
He pushed me into void.
Don't say that, dear.
I'm not angry with him.
I'm just sad that I lost his trust.
I don't wish to live.
- Stop it, dear.
"An evening filled with smiles "
"Isn't it a celebration?"
"Mischief behind
the poking glances"
"It's elation"
"Moments of harmony
bring joy to the heart"
"Love can never be replaced"
"Let go of hatred forever"
"Distance between
the stars fades away"
"The sky of affection
brings them closer"
"An evening filled with smiles "
"Isn't it a celebration?"
"Unable to hide parental love"
"A heart has concealed its words"
"Unable to express feelings"
"There's no point in staying mum"
"You have the boon of
letting yesterday go"
"A step towards future
leads you to this day"
"As family comes
together to share love"
"Distance between
the stars fades away"
"The sky of affection
brings them closer"
I'm sorry dad.
"This guy casts a spell
with his precious self"
"He steals hearts with his charm"
"His mischief keeps you giggling"
"He brings a smile
on everyone's face"
"No riches match up to
these happy moments"
"Distance between
the stars fades away"
"The sky of affection
brings them closer"
Hey, I'm in love with a girl...
I brought her here
to introduce you.
Where is she?
One second.
- You guys know each other?
You guys already know each other?
He's already been with her.
- Chitti is angry.
You'll have ice cream?
Vicky is always like this, Chitti.
He goes over the top sometimes.
Is it?
Please don't say that about him.
He's my friend.
I mean to say...
It's not his fault.
My fate just screwed me.
It's a coincidence.
Vicky is really lucky to have
a friend like you.
Not at all. I'm lucky to have
a friend like him.
Do you know driver Ranga?
Hello... Show some respect.
Your friend calls him uncle.
He's my dad.
Your dad?!
My dad has been his dad's driver
since 20 years
I know Vicky since we were kids.
We're best friends.
Just like he introduced me to his dad
as his best friend when we were kids...
He still introduces me to his new
circle as Chitti, his best friend.
That's how he is, Nikki.
When he considers someone special
He dedicates his life to them.
Why is he different
when it comes to girls?
That's not his fault, Nikki.
Every girl that comes to him
wants him as her boyfriend.
None of them want
him to be the only one.
But the day a girl wants him
and him only...
Mark my words.
He'll fight for her.
Stand for her.
He'll carry her around
like a princess.
Mark my words.
Here comes my friend.
I asked for ice cream and you
bought me the whole thing.
Take this ice cream.
Hi Nikki
Hi What's your plan for evening
Nothing My friend is opening
a new club I'm going there.
Can I join you?
You want to go to a club?
Vicky, I have to tell you something.
- One second.
Where are my friends?
Hi Vicky!
What's up guys?
- Hi.
How are you?
- Fine.
- Hi.
Hi, how are you?
- I'm good.
Hi Vicky
- Hi.
How are you?
- I'm good.
Guys this is Nikki
Anil, Kavitha, Rohit and Sanjana
Hi Vicky
- Hey!
She is my relative
So Nikki
I'm stealing your relative
for some time. Don't mind.
Take care of her.
No. I tried calling you.
Vicky are you proposing?
Hey, guys... My friend is
proposing that girl. Cheer him up.
Vicky Vicky
Vicky Vicky
Vicky Vicky
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Small misunderstanding
I'm not proposing her.
She's my relative and
nothing more than that.
Okay, right?
Why are you angry with me
when it's the DJ's fault?
Why'd you say we
have nothing going on?
Because, that's the truth.
What do I have to
do to make you love me?
Tell me.
What do I have to
do to make you love me?
Do I have to laugh
at your lame jokes?
Do I have to deck myself
with make up?
Or do I have to dress in skirts
and walk the ramp?
Tell me
Tell me! What should I do?
Nikki! What's your problem?
I love you Vicky.
That's my problem.
And you don't get that.
That's the bigger problem.
Nikki are you crying?
Nikki are you crying?
She's crying.
Nikki Don't cry please.
Can I touch you?
I really love you Vicky.
Do you love me Vicky?
By love you mean...
A couple falls in love,
goes deep into that relation...
And finally gets married.
You mean that?
One minute.
I don't know how to
love like that, Nikki.
The longest I've been with a woman
is a month.
Shall we try for 2 months then?
- What?
I will stay in India
for the next 2 months.
Let's work out a relationship
in these 2 months.
It'll be a huge mess if our
families know about this, Nikki.
Let's try.
We'll tell them once
we reach a decision.
Or else, we can forget about it.
Please Vicky Do this for me.
Let's try.
So are we lovers now?
So I can kiss you.
Shit. Sorry Sorry
I'm sorry Sorry.
Vicky, all your relations
must have started with a kiss.
But I don't want
ours to be that way.
Let's take it slow.
Are you okay?
Shall we go?
You can put your hand on me.
Vicky Good morning.
Why are you not picking my calls?
Oh! Your phone is in silent mode.
Your room should be clean.
- Hey, wait!
What's with all these books? Cheap!
You came home directly.
Why? I can't come here?
You came directly to my room.
I can't come?
What if someone saw you?
- Oh
Sorry, you want me to leave?
- Yes.
I woke up early in
the morning for you
I came to your house.
I also came to your room
without anyone noticing.
Now you want me to leave?
This is not the way you love.
Aunty one second please be outside.
Hi aunty
Uma asked for these books
Bye aunty.
- Bye.
What are you looking at?
I'll be screwed if
someone sees me with you.
Do you find it an insult
to come out with me?
- Leave, Vicky.
Actually, I'll leave.
- No. No. No.
Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean it.
- What is this, Vicky?
I don't understand.
Why are you here then?
If you want to go, you can.
- No. No. No.
You forgot the fact that
we're together here for lunch.
It's nothing, man. Just friends.
Happy Anniversary!
We've been in love for a week now.
- Hmm.
Feed me.
"Hey! Is this really me?"
"I can't believe I'm with you"
"Hey! Look at me"
"This is just magical"
"I've never been this excited"
"My heart is jumping around in joy"
"Maybe this is destiny"
"I feel lucky to have met you"
"As your warm glances
poke my heart"
"I feel chuckled
when you act naughty"
"Hey! Is this really me?"
"I can't believe I'm with you"
"Hey! Look at me"
"This is just magical"
"I love you always and forever"
"I sing these songs of affection"
"I know all your favorites"
"I change myself to impress you"
"No matter who's holding me back
"I'm running ahead to reach you"
"No matter how much I resist"
"I can't stay away from you"
"Even if you act ignorant"
"Even if you make me desperate"
"As your warm glances
poke my heart"
"I lose myself in your imagination"
How long do we have to wait?
Let's go.
- Nikki, where to?
Buy me this watch.
Why don't you go buy
it yourself, Nikki?
Did you have to bring us along?
It's not like I can't buy it...
I want my boyfriend
to buy it for me.
"I can't capture all
our moments at once"
"I can't express all
my feelings to you"
"For every minute in an hour"
"Shall I present you my dreams?"
"Before time slips out of my hands"
"Shall I confess my hopes to you?"
"No matter all the time we spend"
"I'm just asking you for a second"
"As your warm glances
poke my heart"
"I lose myself in your imagination"
Why'd you call me urgently?
- Come.
What if someone saw us?
- Nobody's home.
- Are you sure?
So, this is my world.
How do you like it?
Happy anniversary!
Cake is all you've got for me?
Why do you think
dirty all the time?
I will kiss you.
Not when you ask for it.
But when I feel like it.
Hmm. Okay.
This is my favourite doll.
Keep it.
Why are you giving it to me?
My favourite doll should
be with the person I love.
At least when you look at the
doll, you should think of me.
Don't look at me like that.
Off late, you haven't been
spending time with me, Vicky.
We've been meeting
every day, right?
That's not enough for me.
I want to spend more time with you.
You should always keep this.
Sunny Leone! Mia Khalifa!
Wow! Quite a collection
you've got here.
Internet will be ashamed.
Hey! What are you doing?
You're a lover boy now,
playing with cute dolls.
I'm shifting these
hot dolls to my room.
Stop it!
What's wrong?
I'm planning my whole
week around this.
Hey, I said stop it!
Have you got the new one?
I said stop it!
We're in trouble, man.
- What have I done?
It fell on the floor by itself.
- Uh-huh?
Are you saying it
committed suicide?
Even Supreme Court Judge
won't believe you. Forget Nikki.
I didn't do it, Nikki. It was him.
I didn't do it. Get lost!
Nikki, it was accidental.
Why would I do it on purpose?
I'm sorry.
Am I bothering you?
You mean?
Am I forcing things on to you?
Because I broke the doll?
It's not just about
the doll, Vicky.
You don't appreciate
anything I do for you.
You don't even throw
me a compliment.
Forget all that.
Have you ever taken
me out on a date?
I'll only call you from tomorrow.
And I'll compliment you every day.
Let's go on a date tomorrow itself.
Don't do it because I asked you.
Do it when you feel like it, Vicky.
I'm returning to London in 2 days.
We might not meet after that.
- Shit!
Your brother!
Huh? Where?
- Over there.
Excuse me...
- Sir!
We were almost caught.
What if your brother saw us?
My family will get us
married immediately.
Even I want to get married.
He always says this.
- I'm getting it, mom.
Have it, I say.
- Dad, one more?
It's delicious.
- Huh?
Want some chicken?
- No.
- Maybe later.
- I'm allergic to it.
He won't eat anything.
No one noticed. Take it easy.
- Huh?
Find an alliance for Nikki too.
We can have her married soon.
My responsibility will be fulfilled.
- Hmm.
Do it soon, uncle.
If she's married, I'll convert
her room into my wardrobe.
If you do that, once I'm married...
I'll turn your room in your
house into my wardrobe .
How come?
Obviously... I'll live in your house...
Act normal.
Everyone's looking at you.
Hey Vicky
What are you doing here?
Nothing much.
What's wrong?
Nikki will be leaving in 2 days.
No more fun at home.
We are going to miss her.
You know Vicky...
Our family flourished
after Nikki was born.
She's our lucky charm.
That's why everyone in the
family comes after her.
Even your sister
would come after mine.
Have a place for her in your heart.
Not in the car's trunk.
Brother-in-law, that day...
- Relax.
I know everything.
You make a good couple.
You never told me...
Nikki called just now... Your
parents agreed for the wedding.
What happened?
Are you crazy?
What are you talking?
If I still don't talk about this
I'll really go mad.
What's your problem actually?
Not just one.
When I'm with her,
I feel so suffocated.
She wants everything
to happen on her terms.
From the film we watch
to the clothes I wear...
From the food we eat to the
haircut I need to get...
She doesn't let me sleep at all.
Calling and texting
me off the hook.
I feel like throwing the phone away
and hiding somewhere.
Why is she controlling me?
I'm not a bloody Doberman.
Hey, please calm down.
She gets me a cake once a week
saying happy anniversary.
Would anyone in their senses
celebrate a weekly anniversary?
I can't even look at
a girl by mistake.
She asks if she's bothering me.
And talks about marriage
the very next minute.
When you've got so many issues
Why'd you get your parents involved?
I did that? You think I did that?
The very next day after
I asked her not to tell anyone...
She directly came in to my bedroom.
She acts way too close with me
in front of our families.
She throws indirect
hints and blushes.
Why wouldn't they have a doubt?
Think about it once, man.
Nikki is a really nice girl.
She'll be a great wife to you.
I can't even think of her
as my girlfriend.
Forget about being my wife.
I didn't even kiss her until now.
Don't talk about love.
These are all pretty common
in a relationship.
You're new to a relationship.
That is why you are confused.
But remember one thing.
A girl's life and two families'
equation depend on your word.
Come on
Let's have a grand wedding,
They knew each other in London...
- Is it?
So he planned everything in London
before meeting us...
Come... Come... You've ended up
being a silent killer, huh?
You have let things escalate.
Why are you walking so slowly now?
Your brother is
quite a charmer, dear.
He managed to impress Nikki.
- But I couldn't impress him, dad.
Vicky doesn't need me
Leave it.
Vicky, this is what
you wanted, right?
Do you feel okay now?
Is the suffocation relieved?
Nikki What happened?
Please dad Let me talk.
What's your problem with me, Vicky?
I call and text you way too much.
I want you to change
according to my taste.
And I act possessive. Is that it?
None of this feels wrong to me.
Because in this relationship
I thought you were my boyfriend.
But you considered
me an obligation.
I thought you changed
out of love for me.
But I realised now that
you were uncomfortable.
But I wanted to be the
only girl in your heart.
How can you say
that's wrong, Vicky?
Every second spent with you was
a celebration to me
Is it madness, wanting to celebrate
once a week?
I agree that I couldn't notice
you were uncomfortable.
But, how could you
not notice my love?
Yes! We had a deal.
We shouldn't tell anyone.
And I broke it. Sorry about that.
But I love you beyond inhibitions.
I'm helpless.
I might not give you everything
you expected.
If that's how my
love is justified...
I don't want a love
like that, Vicky.
You know, Vicky?
I asked God to give
me the right man
But after realizing
you're not the one...
I'm much angrier with God than you.
2 months have ended.
Now you're free.
I'm crying at this moment, Vicky.
I wonder if it's for
you or because of you.
'Vicky doesn't want me, dad.'
'Every girl you've ever been
with, acted according to you.'
'For the first time, a girl wants
you to match her preferences.'
'That is why you're so confused.'
'Is the suffocation relieved?'
'These are all pretty
common in a relationship.'
'You're new to a relationship.'
'Two months have ended, Vicky.'
'You're free now.'
Vicky, wake up.
Isn't late for office?
Make it fast.
Take shower and get ready.
Dear Did you pack everything?
We'll start in 10 minutes.
JLL employees wanted brochures.
Send them.
Come have breakfast.
Good morning
Hi bro...
Come have breakfast.
Make it quick.
I have to go to office.
Dosa tastes good.
Have one more.
No, mom. Just serve me another idli.
Come on! Eat properly.
Vicky, I'm going to work.
Come fast.
Vicky, drop Uma at her in-laws
place on your way to work.
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"I wonder what happened"
"Why do my lips act mute?"
"I wonder what happened"
"Why does my heart feel burdened?"
"Like a sky void of stars"
"Like a cloud empty of rain drops"
"This is quite strange"
"I have no idea where I'm headed"
"This is quite strange"
"I wish I knew where
our hearts stand"
"I wonder what happened
Why do my lips act mute?"
"I wonder what happened
Why does my heart feel burdened?"
"A deep agony with no detail"
"A trauma that is unshared"
"Have I made the mistake
of letting her go?"
"No matter who come and go"
"Smiles fade away at farewell"
"No relation has ever
hit me this hard"
"I live the way you love the most"
"I can't name the reasons why"
"I didn't realize
I've changed so much"
I was talking to Uma
She's pregnant.
You will be an uncle soon.
"Like the moment
time denies to pass"
"Like the yesterday
that refuses to return"
"This is quite strange"
"I have no idea where I'm headed"
"This is quite strange"
"I wish I knew where
our hearts stand"
You're really not angry with me?
You're still here?
How you are talking to me normally?
- Come inside.
You told me every
one comes after her.
I made her cry.
Are you seriously
not angry with me?
if you had really lied to Nikki
and cheated her...
I would've killed you.
Nikki expected something from you
but you couldn't give it to her
So, she got hurt and went away.
It's not your mistake.
But I don't feel the same.
Since she left, I feel so empty.
I feel like my heart's torn apart.
That's how heartbreak feels, Vicky.
Breakups aren't a new thing to me.
I didn't say breakup, Vicky.
I said heartbreak.
You must have had
so many girlfriends.
But did you ever listen
to any one of them?
Did you change for them?
Did you put up with their anger?
Did you miss any
one of their presence?
You didn't love any one of them.
How will you feel heartbreak then?
You will feel heartbreak only
when you miss the person you love.
That means I love...
Good night.
I don't see him around.
He went on a holiday.
Why all of a sudden?
Why not?
Which country did he go to?
I won't tell you.
I'm very happy for you.
All the best.
Kill it man!
Call me after you reach.
- Yes dad
Have you landed safely?
Just now.
Still at the airport.
Okay. My friend's son is
staying in that city.
He is a film distributor.
You can stay with him.
- Why, dad?
I'm not new to the city,
I'll manage.
Things were different
back in the past
Trust me
He'll be helpful to you..
Okay. What's his name?
Pulla Rao...
- It's Pulla Rao.
Is it Krishna Prasad on the line?
Uncle, dad told me everything
Vicky's time with
Pulla Rao will be great.
Okay? Bye.
Shall we go? - Give me 2 minutes.
I'm waiting for a delivery.
Where the hell is he?
Okay, I got it. Shall we move?
Is that an iPhone?
- It's a copy of Saho.
It's finally releasing?
We're releasing it here as
they're taking too long.
Do you distribute Telugu films too?
Of course. I do around 70-80
Telugu films every year.
Producers Dil Raju and Allu Aravind
we release their movies also
Let's go
- Who are you bro?
Morning, guys!
Good morning sir.
- Morning sir.
You run a piracy business?
- Yes.
We loot the rich producers
and distributors
To those who're lazy
to watch a movie in theater
And to those misers who wouldn't
buy a ticket...
We show them movies for free.
Isn't it, guys?
- Yes.
Who do you think is wrong? The thief
or the people who buy stolen stuff?
You have your business and
I have my problems.
Okay. Do you have
the girl's address?
Okay. You get ready.
I'll take you there.
I'm ready. Let's go.
Wash your face at least.
Ready! Let's go.
You look very desperate.
Enter the address.
'You have arrived
at your destination.'
Don't be in a hurry. Do it calmly.
'You have arrived
at your destination.'
This seems like a fake piece.
Get down.
- Why?
Just get down. I'll tell you.
What happened, bro?
- That's the address you're looking for.
This house?
- Yeah. That's the house.
Pulla Rao, I love you!
I love you, man! - Hey, stop it!
Are you here for Nikki?
- Yes.
That makes you...
Where the hell is he?
I'll kill him.
Where is he?
- Vicky!
Who's the guy? Where is he?
Where is he?
- What is this, bro?
Everyone in this
colony loves Nikki
She came crying from India and
told them everything
So, all of them have
deep hatred for Vicky.
He is Ramesh, Nikki's uncle.
What the hell?
Why did I have to hear that name?
Nikki shouted his name.
They will kill you
once they find out.
Is that him?
I don't know him, uncle.
Mr. Ramesh, this is Krishna.
My relative's son...
He's visiting me from India.
Why'd you say Vicky, dear?
I was lost in thoughts, uncle.
I didn't say that to him.
Give it to me.
Sir! Sir! Please don't cry
like that. You look really bad.
I meant to say... We can't see you
like that.
Sorry, I acted a little angry.
Did I bother you?
- Nothing like that, sir.
I was actually surprised to see
so many Telugu people at once.
Are you in London for the first time?
- Yes sir.
I've been worried since
I boarded the flight...
I love Indian food.
And Pulla Rao can't cook at all.
I've been thinking
about what to do.
Come on, man!
Have lunch at our place tomorrow.
I can't deny your sweet request.
Krishna, you don't even
know the man's name yet.
You wait, Pulla Rao!
What's in a name?
I'm Ramesh.
- Krishna.
This is my brother's daughter Nikki.
- She's a sweetheart.
Come... Let's go inside.
This is my wife, Shanti.
- Hello.
This is Krishna.
Pulla Rao's relative... - Oh!
He came to London today.
- So cute.
What's his name?
- Konda Babu...
Konda Babu. - He told them.
He embarrassed me yet again.
Oh, shit! Everyone's laughing.
What kind of a name is that?
Ask him that, uncle.
I'm dying out of shame.
It doesn't sound like a name.
Sounds more like a curse word.
That's my grandfather's name.
Oh, okay
If you love grandpa so much,
hang his pictures in the hall.
Naming your kid
after him is suicide.
Everyone's laughing at me, dad.
This is Konda Babu. My sweetheart
My little munchkin...
You don't have to say my name
so many times, mom.
Okay then. See you at lunch tomorrow.
- Bye.
Call me if you need anything,
I'll come.
Hi Nikki
How are you?
Why'd you come to London?
I'm really sorry Nikki.
I hurt you a lot.
I really love you.
I really mean it.
And I want you back in my life.
Do you know how many times
I told I love you in India?
Don't count.
I've told you many times.
Do you know how many times
you've said it back?
Don't think about it.
Not even once.
Go away, Vicky!
Nikki, please!
You said you loved me the
other day. But I was in confusion.
I told you I love you today.
But you're angry with me.
But I agreed when you wanted to work
on our relationship for 2 months.
I'm asking you for your time now.
Give me my two months.
I'll make you fall
in love with me again.
Vicky! You were confused back then.
But I have great clarity now
I don't want you!
So no matter how hard you try
My answer to you will be no.
Okay. You stick to that.
I'll try to change that.
What if my uncle
found out you're Vicky?
So, he's Vicky.
If you wanted to, you would've
told him by now.
You wouldn't have lied.
Nasty fellow! He's emotionally
blackmailing my sister.
Let's try this for 2 months.
If we love each other,
let's tell everyone.
Or else...
Nah! You'll fall in love with me.
He is following her.
Where are you following her,
man? Stop!
Hey, Vicky! Stop!
I'll not spare you
even if sister does.
I'll chop you into pieces
and dedicate to POGO channel.
This is for you.
Take it.
What's with the formalities, dear?
You don't have to be so formal,
Gifts, dear.
She is not leaving anything behind.
Don't do that.
Where is Konda Babu?
There he is.
Hey Konda
Why is he here?
Did they become friends already?
Keep it.
- I bought gifts for you, too.
What the hell did you bring me,
huh? Let me trouble you right now.
Dad! Dad!
He's only Vicky. Kill him!
Mom! Mom, look.
Forget about the gifts. Look at me.
Hey! Hey! Don't take it.
- Take it.
You shameless brat!
Why'd you take it?
It's all right. Gifts have nothing
to do with revenge
Put them inside Shanti
- Hi.
Small gift for you!
Sorry! We aren't so close
to exchange gifts yet..
Excuse me..
Well done, sister! You've proved
at least one of us is sensible.
Try this. It's very tasty
- Enough.
Have some, Pulla Rao.
You can't fault my
wife's lentils broth.
That's what all husbands say
in front of guests.
Pulla Rao!
If you repeat this
- Sorry
Serve fish to him.
No, uncle.
Vicky is allergic to fish.
Sister! Also tell dad he's Vicky.
He'll feed him Apollo fish to die.
My name's Krishna. Right, Nikki?
- Nikki
Who's Vicky, sir?
He's a idiot.
He's a rogue who
plays with girls' lives.
Let me just find him.
'Who is Vicky, sir?'
You didn't have to mess with him.
Don't just look at me. Imagine
yourself instead of the meat.
- What?
You forgot this.
That's for you.
I don't want it.
Even I don't want it.
I don't want it too.
Okay. I don't want it back.
Nikki, please open it.
Happy anniversary!
It's been 100 days
since you said you love me.
This is the 15th week.
Feels bad, huh?
Nah! I get it.
I get how much
I hurt you back then.
Nikki, please
I put in a lot of
effort to glue it back.
But I still see the cracks.
Be it a heart or a doll,
it's the same, Vicky.
Once broken,
you can't bring it back to life.
No matter how hard you try,
they aren't the same as before.
They never become
what they once were.
You should have smashed the doll
double hard this time.
You can't be too
kind to him, Nikki.
Forget it, Linda.
Good morning, students!
Here are your models. You'll
be doing a photo shoot with them.
Look models are here.
This is Daniel.
He is Steve
And Vicky from India.
So, you can pick your model
for the photo shoot.
He's hot.
Hi Vicky
- Hi Vicky
Hi Vicky
- Hi Vicky
He's cute.
I want Vicky.
I want Vicky.
I asked first.
I want him.
Silence, girls!
I'm going to decide who picks who.
God is for real.
So, how will you
utilize my services?
Just a photo shoot or are you interested
in casting couch as well?
What happened?
You're lucky that we cast you. Don't have
any expectations for the couch.
Hey Nikki I'm late So sorry
Basically I left the camera,
and I had to get a train,
and from the train to the bus...
And from the bus to the taxi...
- Let her breathe, man!
Excuse me?
Go wait inside.
We'll come to you.
Cool man.
What are you trying to do?
I'm guarding you
So that no one hits on you.
- Hey!
- Get lost
One photo
Nikki listen to me
Nikki, one minute
- Vicky!
- What are you doing here?
Guys, pack your bags.
The playboy is in town.
- Bob
One glance at a girl and
she falls into his arms.
Bob, please
You're of another level, man.
Who is your next prey?
You acted all decent when we hit
on you this morning.
You finally got laid with him, huh?
You look innocent but you're quite
open to things.
Why are you trying to hit him?
This is the respect I receive
for being with you.
Let's go.
So hot man! One more beer?
No, I'm good.
I'll have another beer.
- I think his girl is calling.
Come on, boys!
What the hell you
are doing with this guy?
He was just asking
about the summer class.
How dare are you
talk to my girlfriend?
How dare you talk ill
of my girlfriend then?
Oh my God!
Hey! What the...
Do you want to fight?
Is it okay?
Is it okay?
Why do you let him hit you?
You should hit him back.
A guy's character doesn't lie in
the number of girls he's been with.
It lies in the respect
he shows for a girl.
You're no good in
respecting other girls
Respect your girlfriend at least.
Did you have to do this?
I was guarding you. Not just you.
Your respect as well...
What's this bro? Bahubali-3 movie?
It's an advanced nanotech camera
Record a video with this and you can't
differentiate with the original.
- Hi Sanjay, waiting for you.
He? - He's carrying sweets
and fruits. Who is he?
I don't know.
- Is Nikki ready?
Why should Nikki get ready for him?
I have a doubt, bro.
Am I this house's owner
or that house's watchman?
Mr Rama Rao, who was that guy
that visited Nikki's?
Yeah. It's an alliance for Nikki.
- Some guy was coming. Is he here?
Looks like shit.
- You only asked me.
How long have you been in Dubai?
- We've been settled there for 15 years.
- Hi Krishna.
He's here.
Why did you come now?
I ran short of coffee powder. I was
thinking if you could lend some.
Desperate fellow!
Come on, Krishna!
Have a coffee and go.
Shanti !
- I think you have guests over. We'll go.
- Wait.
Don't be so formal, Krishna.
This is Sanjay.
He's here to meet Nikki.
Oh! To meet our Nikki?
By the way,
he's done MBA from Harvard.
In fact, his family
has tea estates in Dubai.
So Nikki
Your uncle told me about your past
Frankly, everyone has their past
When I was pursuing MBA in Harvard,
my Psychology professor told me.
If our past is like a ghost,
build our future like a temple.
You're the ghost. He's the God
in her temple.
Google quotations!
What Nikki?
- Your wish uncle.
That's good.
Dad will be coming back next month.
We'll discuss the rest later.
Hey! Why do you look so dull?
Sanjay looks good, huh?
Looks like a darker
version of Sanjay Dutt.
So... Back to India, huh?
- Do you have a boyfriend?
Of course.
- Good-ridden he dumps you.
Jealous guy.
Looks like they almost confirmed
an alliance
What can I do when
everyone is happy.
Bring that guy. Let's party.
Either you should drink or beat
the guy who is marrying your lover
But why are you guys
drinking together?
I'll tell you.
Let's drink one peg.
No man, only scotch
Bihar scotch bro
Very famous and strong
- Cheers!
I'll ask you a favour
but don't take it in a wrong way
Ask bro
He'll request you to leave Nikki
heard your dad is a big shot in
Dubai. Can you help me settle down?
Sorry, bro.
Dad doesn't recommend anyone.
You're well settled here.
Why don't you help me out?
Sorry, bro. Jobs are quite tough
to find in my line of work.
Sorry bro.
There's a paper in your pocket.
Read it aloud. - In my pocket?
Whoa! When did you put it?
I told you already, Krishna.
- Read it properly.
NTR's voice...
I told you already, Krishna.
This is how rich kids are.
They use us poor to their advantage.
But they don't return the favour.
Oh, I need to say it three times.
They don't return the favour!
They don't return the favour!
It's not like that, bro.
Flip the paper. - We don't have
jobs for people like you
ANR's voice...
Krishna, he's denying your request
not out of intoxication...
But out of arrogance
from being rich.
You're making me angry.
How could you believe
in him blindly, Krishna?
Only God can save you now.
Have you got a matchbox?
Just read the paper.
Stop it boss.
What did you say?
This is why I hate the rich, Krishna.
Bloody hell!
Hand me that knife, Krishna.
Hand it to me!
What the hell are you saying, huh?
- Cool down...
Cool down.
- Who the hell is rich here, huh?
Your father?
He's a taxi driver in Dubai.
I drive a taxi here.
That's my taxi car out there.
What about Harvard
and tea estate in Dubai?
Everyone lies
on these marriage websites.
No one's asking for the certificates.
Oh! I told you
Bro! Please don't tell anyone.
- Okay.
Keep this a secret and I'll set
a great girl for you. - Okay.
Please, bro Save me.
- Okay, okay
Love you, bro.
You promised me, huh. You too.
Promise bro.
Please bro. Good night. Thank you.
He looks like a bigger
loafer than me. I feel so shaken.
That was a blind shot, right?
- He let his tongue slip this morning.
'When I was pursuing MBA in Harvard,
my Psychology professor told me.'
How can MBA have Psychology, bro?
It's like saying B.Com has Physics.
'His family has
tea estates in Dubai.'
Dubai is such a barren land.
How can someone harvest tea there?
Whoa, you're right.
Let's go tell them.
They must be asleep.
Let's tell them tomorrow.
Ramesh should be beaten up
for bringing such an alliance.
No, bro. That's not right.
- You're being too kind, man.
Forget it. What's the plan?
I'll tell you later.
What happened bro?
I can't find the camera I bought
yesterday, sire.
By the way,
what's up with Sanjay?
I will kill you! Stop there!
- What are you doing?
How dare you cheat me!
Please stop.
Please listen to me...
Don't get serious.
Mr Ramesh cool down
- I'll kill you!
What did he do?
You're behind this, right?
What did he do?
Oh my camera!
Bloody hell! Give me the knife.
Who said I am rich?
Your father?
He's a taxi driver in Dubai.
I drive a taxi here.
That's my taxi car out there.
What about Harvard
and tea estate in Dubai?
Everyone lies
on these marriage websites.
No one's asking for the certificates.
Thank you for saving Nikki
Calm down.
Now it's my turn.
Why are you beating me?
Why are you beating me?
Ramesh should be beaten up
for bringing such an alliance.
Don't talk like that.
You didn't edit it?
I forgot.
You'll beat me?
How can I beat you sir?
Mind your words.
- Come inside.
Your dad said you're
coming and said take care.
I thought he asked me
to take good care of you.
I didn't know he asked me
to take care of myself.
Sorry bro.
- Enough.
If your angry on me,
then show it on me.
Where is Vicky?
- Oh my God!
Wait there.
He's over there. Behind you.
Hey! Stop it, Linda!
Are you out of your mind?
Let go, Nikki. I have to kill him.
- But why?
My boyfriend dumped me.
- Don't laugh
Cool. Cool.
It's all because of you.
Wait! Let me tell
everyone you're Vicky.
It's my duty to bring
you two together
His longest relationship has been
for around 2 months
And he's set to revive
a 7 year old relationship.
Jesus Christ.
7 year old relationship...
We've been living
together since 5 years
I'd make coffee
for her every morning
I'd hug her before going to work
Take her out on a candle
light dinner on Saturdays.
This used to be our routine.
What went wrong?
I don't feel like doing any of this
since 6 months.
Because she doesn't appreciate
anything I do
We're fighting more often...
And I don't even care to apologize.
Basically, the magic is gone, bro.
Don't be stupid, Linda.
If you don't want to make coffee,
it's okay.
Make tea instead.
- What?!
Make juice for her otherwise.
Give her a kiss if you don't want
to hug her.
Take her to a pub instead of
Candle night dinner. Have fun!
If your way of expressing love
isn't right Find new ways, bro.
But you can't dump
the girl you love.
You loved her the
way you like until now.
Love her the way
she likes from now on.
Magic doesn't weave in the air.
Man should create it.
Never hesitate to do
something for your girl.
And never forget everything
she does for you.
Thank her once in
a while if possible.
You wouldn't find the need
to apologise then.
Thank you so much, Linda.
Thank you.
For putting up with me...
It's okay, darling.
- Thank you.
Hey bro
What's your name?
- Vicky
You mean Nikki's Vicky?
Hey, Nikki... He seems
like a really nice guy.
Yeah, he's so sweet.
Marry him already.
"Don't gaze at me
with those angry eyes"
"Don't yell at me looking all cute"
"Don't go away from me in silence"
"I can hear your mischief play out"
"I'll not got to a
bar like Paru's Devdas"
"I'll impress you no
matter how big my fault is"
"I'll not end up a poet
like Laila's Majnu"
"I'll chase after you to eternity"
"I have my heart afloat
like a cloud for you"
"I've written a colorful
poem of love in your name"
"I have my heart afloat
like a cloud for you"
"I've written a colorful
poem of love in your name"
"Don't gaze at me
with those angry eyes"
"Don't yell at me looking all cute"
"Caress a branch and
ask for its flowers"
"Would it hide them
from your sight?"
"Pushing all your
dreams into nothingness"
"Does it make them
any less of reality?"
"You can't make this love vanish"
"You should be knowing
better than me"
"A naughty tale that sees no end"
"The beginning is so unsure"
"O' my love..."
"Is the Earth ever
upset with the Sun?"
"Did it ever push the Sun away?"
"I have my heart afloat
like a cloud for you"
"I've written a colorful
poem of love in your name"
"I have my heart afloat
like a cloud for you"
"I've written a colorful
poem of love in your name"
Happy anniversary, Nikki!
What happened?
Why are you doing this?
You insulted my love back then.
You're reminding me of
the same love and hurting me now.
Did I ask you for all this?
Did I ask you for all this?
I didn't do this because you asked.
I did it because I felt like it.
Sorry for making you happy.
Happy anniversary!
Caught you!
My girlfriend left
me because of you.
She got married to someone else.
Who's that chick?
- She is the reason behind all this
Then lets get her.
Leave her alone.
Leave her alone!
So simple.
But you know why I let you hit me?
You said your girlfriend left you
because of me.
You're in pain.
I can understand that pain.
Go away.
He's alone
Why are you scared?
Get him.
Linda come to the parking lot
My people say that
I play cricket very well.
How dare you hit me with a bat.
Linda, call the ambulance.
Vicky are you okay?
Is he fine Nikki?
Sir, you can see him now.
Nothing to worry, He's fine.
Nikki is here?
Nikki Nikki
- Sister
Sudden surprise
They called me after reaching
You've studied enough.
You're returning to India with us.
Don't say a word now.
What happened, mom?
- Don't you know?
I'm talking about the fight at the
exhibition. My heart was pounding.
Mom, please!
Sister, you're afraid for nothing.
Nikki is absolutely fine.
Not even a scratch.
But sadly Krishna
Who's Krishna?
Yes! This is the day
I've been waiting for.
It's time for all the
secrets to be revealed.
He's our neighbour Pulla Rao's relative.
He's staying with him for a while.
He's the one who saved
Nikki at the fight.
Really! Let's go thank him, dear.
- Yes.
It's okay, mom.
Don't take the trouble.
Come on, dear! Thanking him
is our minimum courtesy
I also want to go Call your dad
What is it, love?
I'll also come, dad. Please.
Konda Babu loves Krishna.
My foot!
You want to come?
- Come on.
Hello, sir! How come you're here?
- Pulla Rao
My brother and sister-in-law
want to meet Krishna - Hello!
He supplies piracy
movies in our area.
What are you saying?
- We stopped visiting the theatres.
- Yes.
Ramesh's brother and sister-in-law
are here to meet you.
Why would Ramesh's brother and
sister-in-law want to meet me?
That's what I don't understand.
Why do you think they came?
Why would they want to meet me?
Nikki's mom and dad!!
Hide under this.
Who will hide there?
- Fast, fast
Move. Fast!
Dad, don't put me down
I'll come along Dad
Come fast.
- He didn't recover completely.
Could you come some other time?
He is
Nikki must have
introduced him like that.
Nah! I only introduced
Krishna to Nikki.
He's Pulla Rao's relative.
What? This piracy
dealer is your relative?
A very distant relative, uncle...
- Oh!
Does Nikki know
you two are relatives?
I didn't know until Pulla
Rao told me. How would Nikki know?
- Oh
Is it?
He got caught.
Krishna is a really nice guy, brother.
He's nothing like Pulla Rao.
Nikki has changed
a lot since Krishna came.
He made her forget Vicky and
get back to normal.
He's a miracle, bro.
I have full clarity now.
Yay! Movie has reached
the climax now.
So, Nikki doesn't
know who Krishna is.
- You introduced him to Nikki?
Introduce him to us as well.
- Okay.
What a twist!
that's my brother and his wife.
Brother and sister-in-law,
he's Krishna.
My dad gave me a
name meaning robust.
But he is viewed by
everyone as vigorous.
Thank you.
Krishna is a nice guy, brother.
Dear, coffee.
Oh... You made it?
- Hmm.
In such a short time, he grew
closer to everyone.
I was thinking that he's
the perfect man for Nikki.
Do what you feel is right.
I have full confidence
in your decision.
Thank you.
What just happened?
God! Bless me with the voice
I can't take this torture anymore.
Guys, I'm going to India for
10 days. It's my friend's wedding.
By the time I'm back, make sure
piracy market is blooming.
Is it okay?
- Okay, captain.
Whose marriage is it, bro?
- Yours, dear.
- Yeah.
I just heard the public talk.
Everyone has decided
on your marriage with Nikki.
I heard Nikki had agreed too.
- Yes.
Thank you bro.
Even if you shout your name
out loud, no one can trouble you.
Pulla Rao is right, Vicky.
No one can trouble you.
Not just today.
Even if they knew the
very first day you came...
They would've done nothing to you.
That's because you work your charm
in a split second.
You make everyone
fall in love with you.
You impressed me.
Everyone else is not a big task.
Vicky, you came here for me.
You acted the way I like.
You tolerated all my anger.
But I loved you before
you did any of this.
And I'll continue to love you even
if you do none of this.
But, I don't want you, Vicky.
I don't want you.
That's because you
don't love me, Vicky.
You just assume you love me.
I'm the first girl in your life
who's hurt by you.
That guilt is hurting you.
This is sheer guilt, Vicky.
Not love.
Don't get confused.
Do you really think
I don't love you?
Look into my eyes and tell me.
No, Vicky.
That's because I've never heard
any truth from you.
Even now, you're growing
closer to me with a lie.
I don't trust you, Vicky.
If you leave right now,
I'll cry my eyes out for 10 days.
I'll move on!
But if I have to stay with you...
I'll doubt if you love me or not.
I'll fear that you might leave me.
I'd have to live with that.
I don't want such a life.
Because I don't want
to beg for your love.
Please leave!
Please Nikki
- Please, Vicky. Let go. I'll leave.
Let me go, Vicky. Please!
- Please.
No Nikki
Go away, Vicky!
"Are we bidding
adieu to each other?"
"Are we letting go
of so called love?"
"My heart doesn't get
to hear from you again"
"Yet, it is true
that you fill it up"
"Is it possible for
me to forget you?"
"Am I at fault for
having met you?"
"For responding to
your love with denial"
"For ending up as an
unanswered question"
"I'm leaving you behind in pain"
"I'm the deepest wound within you"
"Time has left me
with a bitter taste"
"Destination is in reach
Yet, I stand off the path"
"Though distance
has been in favour"
"Are we bidding
adieu to each other?"
"Are we letting go
of so called love?"
"I shall put on a smiling face"
"I shall hide the
tears you had rolling"
"I shall appear like
a sweet fantasy"
"I shall cloak the
pain my dreams behold"
"I shall take you for
a forgotten memory"
"I shall present you as a stranger"
"Life turns into an act
Light lets shade take over"
"I've had enough of this game"
"You're unforgettable"
"Your love is the testament"
"It's not easy to part ways"
"Is our union a boon or a curse?"
"Is it fair in love to separate?"
On the day we met, you
asked me a question.
Who is wrong? The thief or the
people who buy stolen stuff?
If you stop stealing stuff...
Many would stop making a mistake.
Hard earned money ends up in your pocket
no matter how reckless you are.
But the money earned through
wrong means doesn't last.
I didn't have the liberty
to tell you at our first meet.
If I still don't tell you...
Our friendship has no meaning.
Take care.
What happened?
Why is everyone so serious?
Vicky came here.
Ya, sure
We'll catch up in the evening.
Hi Krishna
We were just talking about you.
Please come. Have a seat.
- One second.
Actually I have
something to tell you.
My name is Vikram Krishna.
He told it.
- Please wait, uncle.
It's entirely my fault.
When Nikki said we'd love
each other for 2 months...
I was only thinking
about those 60 days.
But Nikki imagined a life with me
beyond those 60 days.
I couldn't give her
the love she wanted.
So, she left.
I'm back to win her
love again this time.
But I lost her trust.
I'm leaving.
So, he left right?
What now?
Nikki, all of us can see his love
for you. Why can't you feel it?
Because there's no honesty
in his love. It's filled with lies.
If he has a problem with me,
he should come talk to me.
Not his friends...
When I asked if I was bothering
him, he should tell me the truth.
Not a damn lie...
You can question him
in front of two families
when you overheard him rant about you.
You can speak ill of him to an
entire colony in London.
But he can't share his emotions
with his friend, right?
Lies go hand in hand
with a relationship.
Forget everyone else
Take your dad for example.
In 30 years of our marriage,
he never drank my coffee.
How long does it take to tell me
he doesn't like it?
But he must have thought
I'll be hurt if he said so.
Doesn't that mean he loves me?
I see...
Love in his lies.
But you...
You see lies in his love.
Nikki told me
Be it a broken doll or a heart...
No matter how and you try,
you can't bring it back to life.
It'll never be the same as earlier.
I tried, uncle.
I tried to mold it to look
more beautiful than before.
But Nikki's heart can't go beyond
the cracks and look at its beauty.
I hope she notices
that beauty someday.
Let me talk to her once.
No, auntie. I deserve this.
Auntie, you know it
I didn't know what
love or pain was.
Once Nikki left me,
I realised what love is.
And when she said she doesn't
want me anymore...
I realised how pain feels.
A pain so shattering that...
I would've felt it
if I witnessed my mom's death.
I would...
I'm crying!
It's obvious.
It's the karma of
hurting Nikki so badly.
You must have longed to do this.
To hit Vicky when you face him...
Go ahead!
At least your anger
will be released.
Did he cry, dad?
Did he cry for me?
You know he never
cried in his life.
Don't you feel sorry?
All of you were right here.
You still couldn't
stop him from leaving.
You should have tied
him up until I came.
You're all such a waste.
I'll only go get him.
- Hey Nikki
You're so flirtatious all the time.
It's her wedding.
She just gave her card.
It's okay.
Why don't you answer my calls?
Phone was on mute.
You changed back to
your old clothes, huh?
I'm traveling.
I need to be comfortable.
Why are you leaving suddenly?
- You only asked me to go.
Will you just follow my orders
like a school kid?
Okay. I don't care of you go.
I'm not here to stop you.
- Why'd you come then?
I came to return the doll.
Come on, give it!
Give me that.
You really don't understand
why I came here?
Or are you doing this on purpose?
I came. I cried.
I slapped her.
Yelled at you for nothing.
And I'm talking crap.
How else do I have to tell you?
- Nikki
I understood everything the minute
you arrived.
But you hurt my ego in the morning.
So I was just playing with you.
Didn't I tell you? I'll kiss you
when I feel like it.
Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary!
You know this is my first kiss.
But to me...
I'll kill you if
you say the number.
I love you Nikki!
I love you more.
You'll take good care of me, right?
You'll stop lying, right?
You'll stop flirting
with girls, right?
Tell me!
Wait. Wait.
Ya, where are you?
He must have told
someone a really big lie.
I'm so sorry, Officer.
I was in a hurry and I
didn't realise how I parked it.
Sorry, ma'am You'd have to talk
to my superior about that.
Don't look at her
- Vicky
Will you go talk to her?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay, I'll go talk.
You sit in the car.
Excuse me, Miss!
English is a funny language, I say.
The one we're not supposed to miss
is called as Miss.