Mr. Miracle (2014) Movie Script

I know you're in charge,
and I obviously trust your judgment,
but I'm not going to lie.
I'm worried about this one.
Harry Mills has a reputation
of being rather...
How should I put it?
And I fear he may stand out
rather than blend in.
I'll do my best to guide him,
but this is a serious situation,
and we don't have much time.
Great to meet you.
I can't tell you how happy I am
to have been selected to come here.
I've been an Angel for a long time
and I have always wanted
to work with humans.
I understand you have
my first human assignment?
Why don't I just give you some change?
Thank you.
Psst! Come here.
Yeah. Come here.
Try that.
Thank you.
Yup. Harry Mills.
First time in human form.
Mm, what is this?
We'll start you off slow,
work our way to coffee.
Take a seat.
Sit on the seat.
Put the seat down, and sit on it.
Sit on it, yeah.
Well, I'm looking for someone.
My mentor.
Yay! You found me.
You passed the first test.
You're a mentor?
Just for a few thousand years.
It's a pretty good set-up.
You get your own experienced Angel
to help you succeed here.
Well, for Angels who need that, it is.
Your first human assignment
is Addie Folsom.
You have to get her life back on track.
Addie Folsom.
Born here in Tacoma.
She's very smart.
Diagnosed with dyslexia as a child,
so reading was a challenge,
but she had good teachers,
so she learned to manage it.
Unfortunately, her self-esteem
had already suffered,
so she ended up running away
from her true calling.
What is her true calling?
That's the first thing
you have to find out.
I can't wait to help her.
When do I meet her?
She's in your class.
My class?
You'll be teaching a class as your cover.
When we're done here,
you'll go see your boss, Mr. Conceito.
He's the head of the English department.
I really like what this cocoa is doing.
Um, there are some important ground rules.
For one, stay out of trouble
with Mr. Conceito.
With all due respect, Celeste,
I don't really need a whole bunch of help.
Look, I get it, I do.
I remember my first time on earth,
but experiencing it in the flesh
is much different.
With humans, there's a lot at play.
Thank you, Celeste, really.
You've been great,
and I appreciate the warm welcome,
but there's nothing more necessary.
I'm glad you think so.
One more small thing...
You're here for a trial period.
You have to get Addie's life back on track
by Christmas, or you have to go back,
- for good.
- Whoever this "Mr. Conceito" is
is going to love me when he meets me,
and I'll get Addie back on track early.
So, really, Celeste, no help necessary.
The chair has to...
You have to leave the chair here.
Yes, leave that there.
There'll be more.
Like this.
I'll take this.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Massey Hall, room 212.
I have my work cut out for me.
"You are here?"
How does it know I'm here?
Hi, dog.
Dogs do that?
I've never read about that.
Wait. Are you...?
You're also an Angel?
Do you have an assignment, too?
Did I tell you we were getting
a new professor?
What happened to the one you had?
She won the lottery and left.
- What?
- Yeah.
She said she doesn't even
remember buying a ticket.
That's luck.
Yeah, it's strange, right?
So, do you know anything
about the instructor
that's taking her place?
Nope, not yet,
but I do know
we're starting our next book.
It's "A Christmas Carol. "
Thanks, Addie.
Well, I'm going to go
pick it up before class
and get started.
I really want to follow through this time.
Addie, your dad would
be really proud of you.
You know, I have got to be the only person
who dropped out of community college
one class short of graduating.
You have always been
really hard on yourself.
At the time, you had reasons.
Yeah. Fear of failure.
Or fear of success.
You sound like dad.
He always loved the holidays.
He used to make those cookies...
Do you remember how he used to put
one extra present in the ornament box
for us to find?
He kept that up every Christmas. Yeah.
Don't you knock?
Knocking? Right.
I read about that.
I'll build the habit.
You must be Mr. Mills.
You must be Mr. Conceito.
They just finished Joyce.
Today, they start dickens.
Your classic literature class
is at 2:30 P.M.
In the Hart building, room 107.
You have office hours twice a week.
I love litature.
I taught Shakespeare.
Which plays?
Or was it the sonnets?
The guy.
I taught him how to play gin rummy.
After he got his wings, of course.
Don't get smart with me, Mr. Mills.
I have a lot of power at this school.
We're at a college.
Why wouldn't you want me to get smart?
Good day, Mr. Mills.
Who's Addie Folsom?
- Here?
- Nice to meet you.
I'm looking forward to working with you.
And you, with the dog, your name?
Andrew Fairfax.
This is Tommy.
He's approved by the school to be here.
For the remainder of the semester, you'll be
reading Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol. "
I read it when it first came out.
Who's heard of Scrooge,
The Ghost of Christmas Past,
present, and future?
"Bah, humbug?"
How about each class
I'll assign a different chapter
so that we're all reading
the same thing at the same time?
Then we'll discuss it
in the following class.
So, for the next class,
read the first chapter, "Marley's Ghost. "
Hi, I'm very sorry,
but I have to leave a little early.
When the babysitter has to leave early,
I can't make her wait,
because you wouldn't believe
how much it costs to have a babysitter.
I work lunches in the cafeteria
to pay for that and school.
Oh, I'm Elena.
Who else can do what Elena did
and tell me everything?
Your true calling?
I'm not really comfortable
with these kinds of
team-building exercises.
Do you think you could ask somebody else?
Time feels slow.
I love walking from campus
on all these different surfaces.
It was really nice of you
to set me up in a house.
Do I have things, too?
You do.
Now, put the key in the lock.
I met Tommy.
Tommy has the ability
to communicate non-verbally.
Makes him one of our best.
He made a Christmas decoration appear.
You'll be able to do things
like that, too, eventually.
But first, let's teach you
how to unlock a door.
I have stairs!
You have to lock it on the inside.
Look, there's me, Celeste.
How was class?
I met Addie.
As soon as I find out what path
she's supposed to be on,
I'm sure I can get her back on it.
You don't happen to know
what path that is, do you?
You ready for some help?
It's not "help,"
but if you know the problem,
then I can zoom to the solution.
The first part of any assignment
is finding out what the problem is.
People's problems can seem obvious,
but there's always something
underneath holding them back.
What was the path she veered away from?
To learn that, you have to get
to know her and earn her trust.
No light.
Okay, the lights are in one of these.
We'll get it all organized
while you guys are on your trip.
- You don't have to...
- Unless you really want to.
We're ready to string 'em up.
That tree on the front lawn
has never known a Christmas
without being decorated by your father.
That tree will miss him this year.
I don't know.
It's okay if you'd rather not.
You know, it's up to you.
It's just not the same without him,
and I don't want to pretend like it is.
Would it be okay if we didn't?
Of course.
All right,
I am going to go back across the street
and get ready for our trip.
Thanks for coming to help, Julie.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
You know, it's enough
just having you here
for the holidays, Addie.
Yeah, it's been a long time
since I've been home for Christmas.
It feels good to be back.
Oh, you know what,
we forgot the suitcase.
Would you mind going over to Julie's
while I make dinner,
and get the extra one she has for me?
Yeah, sure.
I haven't been over there
since I was a kid.
Do you remember
how much Erich used to tease me?
He liked you.
He called me Adelaide
because he knew I didn't like it.
Well, that was when you were kids,
not when you were in high school.
Yeah, by then he was too busy
being class president
and letting me know
how little he had to study
to get good grades.
He knew how hard I had to work.
Well, maybe he was trying to impress you.
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, right.
Mr. Mills?
I didn't know you were my neighbor.
That's very clever, Celeste.
I didn't know this house finally sold.
People were making offers on it,
but the owner kept turning them down.
You must be someone special.
And so are you.
We all are.
So, how are you doing?
How are you really doing?
I'm fine.
Thank you.
How are you?
Thinking about my life.
You ever think about your life?
I, um...
Kind of gotta get going.
Well, you ever have a problem,
you can come talk to me,
and tell me your problem.
I'm great with solutions.
See you in class.
I'm here for the suitcase.
Oh, yeah, that's good timing.
I just brought it over.
I heard you were back in town.
I live about a mile away,
working for the mayor now.
That's nice.
Suitcase, please?
So, our moms are going on a cruise, huh?
It's going to be great for your mom.
Yeah, it'll give her some time away.
I was talking about the suitcase,
but that, too.
See, it's really sturdy,
and you got 360-degree spinner wheels.
She'll love it.
I was going to take it
to her after dinner.
You want me to carry it over?
No, thank you.
It'll save us the trouble
of having to make more small talk.
Were we making small talk?
Thanks, Addie.
You knew.
- Knew what?
- That I was gonna see Erich,
and that he was gonna see me
looking like this.
It's a very good suitcase, by the way.
Good afternoon, Celeste.
Hi there.
I know you didn't ask for a report,
but I thought you might like to know
that my progress with Addie
has been tremendous.
What is it she's supposed to be doing?
Maybe "tremendous"
was too strong a word.
Time is ticking, Harry.
You sure you want to do this alone?
I'm sure.
Michelle Rose.
I teach poetry.
Harry Mills.
I'm the neoclassic literature instructor.
Yes, I saw you in the hall.
If you have any questions
about working here
in our lovely community,
let me know.
I do have a question.
How do you teach?
Oh, I love talking to instructors
about how we teach.
I feel that our methods are influenced
by what we've learned.
Like from authors and great leaders.
That's it.
Well, I meant from our teachers,
but, yes, of course.
Hey, would you like to talk more
about this sometime?
Well, no need.
You answered my question very well.
Okay. See you later.
The rule you ran out on yesterday,
I think you need to know now.
No romantic relationships with humans.
Romantic relationships with humans...
They're forbidden.
I should hope so.
It's a very important rule.
Among other things,
a relationship would be a distraction.
Nothing can distract me
from my assignment.
Hi, Mr. Mills.
Hi there.
Do you think you could just let us...
Raise our hands if we have the answer, or
do you always call on students in class?
I'd have to say no then,
because I don't always know
what the future will hold.
Okay, good.
Because you should know
that I don't really like to talk in class,
so, um...
If you could just not call on me.
Why not?
You're very smart.
I'm not.
I've always struggled to get by in school.
Well, that doesn't say anything
about your intelligence.
That says something about
your experience with learning.
Which was a struggle.
Why are you taking the class, then?
My father wanted me to finish.
He died nine months ago
and I regret not giving him that.
Well, why did he want you to finish?
He wanted me to work in medicine.
Work at his clinic.
And what did you want to do?
The same thing.
what's the problem?
Who said there was a problem?
Well, you're not working
at his medical clinic.
It can't happen for me.
Why not?
Mr. Mills, look, I appreciate
you trying to get to know all of us,
but in my case,
you can't just fix something
that can't be fixed.
I'll see you in class.
I can fix things.
The Harry Mills way.
When do I get powers
to move around like that?
You earn the ability to materialize
as you prove that you're
effective at helping people.
- Till then, it's walking and the bus.
- Fun!
Did you eat breakfast?
Only because I had a feeling of hunger.
My stomach made a grumble.
Does yours do that?
Everyone's does.
I could look up the reason in...
"Digestion Explored. "
You're researching the digestive system?
No, I'm looking for a medical book...
To get Addie back on her path.
I figured out, Celeste.
She's supposed to be
working in her father's clinic.
A book is a nice idea,
but there's a lot more to do
before something like this
will change her life.
Humans are more complicated than that.
Because they rely on
the stories they believe about themselves.
everything will change
once she gets a look at this.
"Anatomy in 3D?"
This'll do it.
I like going to the library.
Excuse me, I'll do that.
Okay. Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're welcome!
She's welcome.
Sir, you have to check that out.
Sorry. He's new.
Reach into your pocket.
You have a library card.
And a wallet.
Am I rich? Am I poor?
You have enough for what you need.
Hey, I know all these guys.
You're going to have to
help me keep an eye on this one.
Hi, Tommy.
I'm delivering a gift to Addie that's
going to help get her back on track.
Want to come?
Come on.
Mr. Mills.
Why do you have Andrew's dog?
Have him?
How can I help you?
Well, it's how we can help you.
We left it in the bag
so it would be a surprise.
You said you'd be working
in your father's medical clinic.
I know what I said.
So, will you do it? Are you all set?
I don't know what this is about,
but can we just stick to
A Christmas Carol?
Nice to see you, Tommy.
Maybe that wasn't enough.
Do you have an appointment?
Are you a patient?
I am patient.
Uh, name, please?
Harry Mills.
I'd like to talk to someone about a job.
Betty? There's a Harry Mills here.
The office manager
will be with you in a minute.
You can have a seat in the waiting area.
Uh, Mr. Mills?
I'm looking to talk to someone
about a job opening?
Oh, well, we have a few, actually,
starting after the holidays.
Um, we have a part-time receptionist,
a nutritionist,
and someone with graphic-design experience
to work on our newsletters.
- What are your skills?
- I like to read.
And play gin rummy.
And you're looking to work here?
My student is, and my neighbor.
Oh, two people?
Same person,
and she's supposed to work here.
Those jobs sound great.
She'll take one. I'll send her in.
Why don't you have her call
or email me first?
And you can take my card.
Hi. Can I help you?
A hot chocolate, please.
Watch this.
Listen to this, the office manager
at your father's medical clinic
told me there are so many
openings in the new year.
You talked to Betty?
Yup. She said to just
give her a call, or email.
It's right on the front.
I didn't ask you to do that.
You didn't tell her you were
asking about me, did you?
I don't know if you're trying to win
some sort of teaching award,
or write a paper about me,
or just get on my nerves,
but I would appreciate it
if you just stayed out of my life.
On the house, sweetie.
Thank you.
And thank you.
I'm glad you told me to watch that.
She said that's what she wanted.
What's that bad feeling in my stomach?
Confusion mixed with some disappointment,
a little embarrassment,
and a smudge of sadness?
It'll be okay.
Harry Mills.
A colleague put me
in touch with his colleague
in Portland,
said he never heard of a Harry Mills.
Now, why hasn't he heard of you?
I don't know, why?
Mr. Conceito,
is Harry Mills teaching at our school?
I'm sorry, Ms. Rose, it's not my fault.
The department was scrambling
to find a replacement,
so he didn't go through
my usual approval process.
You're being far too humble, Mr. Conceito.
Everyone knows Harry Mills is a "get,"
and you went out and got him.
You keep improving
our department like this,
I'm going to nominate you
for "Educator of the Year. "
So, are you looking forward
our school Christmas concert?
Yes, I am. Very much.
I understand this year
they're doing an a cappella version
of "the Christmas Waltz. "
Mr. Mills, why don't you meet me there?
I'll save you a seat next to me.
It is a faculty requirement.
It is?
Friday night. I'll see you then.
and it looks as if you're going
to be late for your class.
Are you sure?
You have two strikes, Mills.
At least two.
Two strikes like in bowling?
That's very good.
Two strikes to you, too, Mr. Conceito.
Does anyone know where Ms. Folsom is?
Look at that. 4:00 already.
Class dismissed.
We just got here.
I think that clock is broken.
Well, then...
Time to teach.
Addie, is your mom here?
No, she's just out running some errands.
Erich got in a skiing accident.
Is he okay?
Well, he broke his leg
and he sprained his back.
He's in the hospital,
and has to stay overnight for tests.
I'm so sorry.
He's going to stay with me
until he can go back to work,
so I have to go get his things,
and prepare the house,
and get back to the hospital.
I wanted to let your mom know
as soon as possible,
it looks like I'm going to
have to cancel our trip.
Would you mind giving her the message?
Yeah, of course, I'll tell her.
I need you to put up Christmas decorations
on your lawn tomorrow morning,
the human way.
Very festive.
You need to meet Erich when he comes home
so you can guide Addie to help him.
He's going to play a significant
role in her healing.
Who? How?
and we don't know yet.
Remember, gentle guidance.
It has to come from her, be her idea.
Thanks for the information, but...
I know, "no help necessary. "
Hi, Mr. Mills.
I'm sorry I made you so mad.
Oh, I wouldn't call it "mad. "
Was it disappointment?
It wasn't joy, right?
Well, I forgive you.
You know, the book was a really
thoughtful gesture, too.
Oh, great.
I'll drop it at your house tomorrow.
And I don't want you missing class
because of me.
No, it's not you.
I think it's my thing,
running away from school
and being faced with the decision
to commit to a career in medicine.
You've done that before?
Last time, I moved to Montana.
My dad and I got into
this huge fight about it.
He just didn't understand
how long it would take me
to finish school.
He thought I could be
a physician's assistant,
or a doctor, or...
Even run the clinic someday.
Were you overwhelmed?
I didn't want to disappoint him,
but I felt like
I was being set up to fail.
Those things can't happen for me.
He never understood that.
Can you tell me
why it can't happen for you?
Because I told you,
I'm really good with solutions.
I mean, lots of great ideas.
Hello, Mr. Mills.
This concert is putting me
in the Christmas-Y spirit.
Me too.
Harry, um, would you like to
come over for dinner
on Christmas Eve?
I was thinking of having
a few friends over.
I can't.
I'm having a Christmas tree-lighting party
Christmas Eve, for my class.
I didn't know you were doing that.
That's a really nice idea.
I think so, too. What can I bring?
The concert
will begin momentarily.
Please take your seats.
I don't know what to do.
Harry thinks he can handle things himself,
and now he has to bring
Addie and Erich together.
That alone must be handled delicately.
Harry doesn't even know that
Erich has problems of his own.
Hi. I'm Harry from across the street.
Can I give you a hand?
Two hands?
Thank you.
You're an angel.
Don't tell anyone.
- I'm Harry.
- Hey, Harry. I'm Erich.
Hi, Erich. Here you go.
Careful, honey.
- Thank you.
- There you go.
You okay?
Yeah, as good as I could be.
Skiing accident.
There you go.
Mom, what are you doing?
Indulging, I guess.
I miss him, too.
The holidays are a hard time
to miss somebody.
I'm sorry you can't go
on your cruise anymore.
I just wanted some time to clear my head
so I could be strong for you on Christmas,
not be so depressed.
We'll be what we'll be.
Leave it to Erich to ruin the trip.
Oh, we should be grateful.
His accident could have been worse.
I know.
I just want to figure out a way
that you could still be able to go.
Julie doesn't want to leave him alone.
The insurance company
could send a night nurse,
but it's just too expensive
to have somebody 24-7.
I'll get it.
- Mr. Mills.
- Hi.
Mom, this is our new neighbor.
And my new teacher.
And your new teacher?
Wow, that's a coincidence.
Uh, hi. I'm Sharon.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Harry.
I just helped Erich into
the house across the street.
I said I'd let you know they're home now
and doing okay.
Oh, that's good.
Sorry to interrupt.
No, no, you weren't interrupting.
Actually, we were just trying to
figure out how to get Erich help
so that Julie and I could go
on the trip that we planned.
Addie, you do it.
You... could do it.
I could not do it.
But what do you think about doing it?
I don't.
Look, Erich and I don't get along.
We never have.
Believe me,
he doesn't want me around either.
"You do it?"
You can't walk in there
and say, "you do it. "
Guiding involves picking up on cues
and gently proposing an idea
in a way that she can hear it.
Humans are individuals.
They don't all think like you do.
They don't?
Why not?
So, a circle encourages idea
and conversations.
You're all invited
to a Christmas tree-lighting party
I said I would have at my house
on Christmas Eve.
There will be food.
That got 'em.
So, what do you think about
what you've read so far?
It's going slow for me.
It was written so long ago.
1843 may seem like a long time ago,
but it's mere minutes,
depending on what plane you're on.
What "plane", or do you mean what planet?
You're laughing.
That was funny?
I think it was.
Andrew, you said something.
He's usually very quiet.
I've always wanted to ask you,
why do you bring your dog to class?
The army gave him to me as a companion
to help keep me calm.
I wasn't interested at first
but I changed my mind once I met him.
He's the only person I trust.
Sometimes, you just need someone
you can trust to be there for you.
I think you just helped me decide
to help someone else.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Listen, Julie,
I know how important this trip is
to you and my mom,
and, you know, I think your friendship
is a big part of what she
needs right now. So...
I'm going to help.
That's fantastic news.
I'm helping you and my mom.
I'm only helping Erich by default.
Thank you.
Erich, someone's here to see you!
Erich's a little cranky.
He hasn't slept much,
and he's in a little in pain.
But he'll be fine.
Don't let it bother you.
I'll try.
Erich, Addie has agreed to help out
so it looks like the trip is back on.
I don't need help.
You don't mind if I leave you two alone?
No, not at all.
We're grown-ups now.
I don't need your help.
Well, I'm not helping you,
I'm helping my mother.
Well, we're still going to
be stuck together.
You're going to be stuck with me?
I wouldn't have to do this
if you had someone else around.
I have plenty of people around,
they just work during the day.
What are you trying to say?
That you and your friends
are busier and more successful?
That's not what I meant.
I shouldn't have even considered this.
I didn't ask you to do it.
Fine. Then I won't.
Well, now that you' on the way out,
could you take down that Christmas
stocking my mom put up?
This one?
You don't want this here?
- No.
- Great.
Then it stays.
Addie's helping Erich,
Erich's going to help Addie,
and my assignment will be done
before you get a chance to melt,
even though you're plastic.
What's wrong?
Erich just infuriates me.
He just brings up a lot of stuff
about my past. I'm fine.
You don't need to see me like this.
She really needs my help.
Will you push?
No. No, you'll tip it over.
- You have more mass than the child.
- Oh...
How's Addie?
Are you sure Erich
is supposed to help her heal?
It sure didn't look like that
when she was leaving his house.
It's okay that he brings
up issues from her past.
It's how she deals with and
recovers from it that counts.
This is where your real work comes in.
Addie has to learn how to love herself.
She has to love herself
to work in a clinic?
And by Christmas, if you want to stay.
Now time feels like it's moving too fast.
Loving herself
will lead to lasting change,
including a different perspective
on her past.
That is so human.
I mean, why would any of these beautiful
human beings not love themselves?
I like being here on Earth.
I love being in human form.
I want to stay living
among them more than anything.
But most of all, I have to help Addie.
She needs me.
I can do this.
By myself.
I already have ideas.
Wait, I'm not on. Wait, wait.
Have a great time.
Thanks, kiddo.
This trip is possible because of you.
You'd do it for me.
You know, Erich's not a bad guy.
Just treat him like your dad
treated his patients.
That's a lot to live up to.
You are so much like your dad,
you don't even know it.
Now, go,
have time of your life.
Okay, well, we'll be back
on Christmas Eve, okay?
So we'll definitely
spend Christmas together.
Yes, we will.
I'm sorry that we got off to a right start.
You're the patient
and I'm going to respect you like one.
Your mom dropped off the key
before they left this morning.
Don't worry, I'll always knock first.
You came back.
Now, if you're at all mobile,
you can put your cell phone in here,
so you can call me if you need anything.
I texted you my contact.
It's under "O" for "only in an emergency. "
Was it your tibia or your fibula?
Doctor says it's my fibula.
Is your ACL intact?
Uh, everything is intact.
In my leg.
My back is another story.
Can you turn?
More to the left than the right.
Are you hungry?
I'm starving.
This is amazing, thank you.
Smells great.
You're welcome.
Okay, yeah, I think you have
everything you need.
Oh, I'll bring lunch by
after I finish class.
I really appreciate this, Addie.
You just called me Addie.
We might actually
be able to make this work.
Oh, hey, uh, before you go,
could you please take down
that Christmas stocking
my mom put up to bug me?
I'm not in the mood this year.
I think some more Christmas cheer
might lift your spirits.
Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Less Christmas cheer.
Not more, less!
Goodbye. Thank you!
So, Scrooge met
"The Ghost of Christmas Past. "
Do you think understanding his past
can help him change?
Addie, can I ask you?
I think,
seeing what he had to deal with as a child
can... help him
forgive himself
for the things he did later in life.
You won!
"Number-one coach. "
People love people who get trophies, and
people who get trophies love themselves.
I'm ignoring that.
For how long?
Oh, this is incredible.
Do you have any more?
Do you want to sit down and join me?
Oh, no, thanks. I already ate.
You ever think you'd be
doing something like this
for the kid across the street
you couldn't stand?
You know, you gave me a lot of reasons
not to stand you, don't you think?
Well, I know I called you "Adelde,"
but besides that.
Okay, let's see, m...
When you took my rabbit
and told me that he ran away?
Hopped away.
I told you that he hopped away,
and I returned him.
When you sprayed me with the hose
when I was walking by
with my friend Ralph?
Oh, yeah.
But what were you doing on
my side of the street? Come on!
Always making me feel like
I could never measure up to you.
What do you mean?
You wouldn't even
talk to me in high school.
- You always thought you were too good for me.
- What?
Are you still on pain meds?
You were always too busy with
your red car and those cheerleaders.
Is that seriously what you think of me?
That's what I know of you.
It was used,
and it broke down all the time,
but you're right, I did love that car.
Next time, bring enough for yourself,
and sit and join me.
You don't know much about me,
and I want to know more about you.
Unless you can't get to the door
through all the cheerleaders.
"You love you. "
What more inspiring way is there
for Addie to learn to love herself?
No? That bad?
You don't have to bury it.
I'm angry.
Is that frustration?
Sounds like it.
What's going on?
I was thinking of getting Addie
a "you love you" t-shirt and hat,
but I'm starting to think
that might keep making things worse.
Getting someone to love themselves
after years being out of that habit
takes something much deeper.
Addie needs to learn to deal with
misconceptions about her father
and about herself.
That takes some time.
I don't have time.
Christmas is almost here.
Even if I don't do my job
and I-I have go back,
I can't leave Addie unhappy.
I think I'm gonna need your help.
I know I'm going to need your help.
I really thought you'd never ask.
Erich invited Addie to make dinner for two
so they could talk more.
How do you know that?
Another power you earn
is the ability to regulate your senses.
I can focus my hearing when I need to.
She's just finishing the meal for tonight.
Let's make sure she brings enough.
Addie needs to open up to Erich,
but she's not about to do that so easily.
What if Erich opens up first?
Would that make it easier for her?
Now you're imagining it
from her point of view.
Well, I see him looking over
at a Christmas stocking on the mantle.
We pick up on their cues and we act on em.
Now, there's something
that Erich associates with that stocking
that he needs to talk about.
Let's really bring it to his attention.
I didn't mean to knock him over!
Maybe a little too much wind.
Hey! Are you okay?
Only in an emergency, right?
How did this happen?
I was trying to take down that stocking
and I guess I lost my balance.
I'm glad you're starting
to get up and around,
but I have to ask,
why do you have it in for that stocking?
My ex made that stocking,
and I just didn't want to
think about it this year.
Ah! You brought enough for two.
For four.
I didn't realize I made so much.
Do you miss her?
Ah, she left a couple messages
after the accident, wanting to see me,
but I haven't called her back yet.
Are you going to?
I don't know.
Put it this way.
She only gives of herself
when it's convenient.
It's not the first time
I've had a girlfriend like that.
Hmm. Selfish and unreliable?
Those... those are great qualities
to look for in a person.
What about you?
I'm not very good at
letting people get to know me.
Why don't you want someone
to get to know you?
Guess I'm not sure they'll like
what they get to know.
I bet you've never felt that way.
You think that
just because I've had success,
that I've had it easy,
but I owe a lot of that success
to your dad, you know.
When my dad left...
It was tough for a while.
Didn't he come back at one point?
Yeah, then he was gone again.
Luckily, I had your dad
to give me some direction.
He tried to give me direction, too,
I just didn't want to take it.
Those years that you were in Montana,
he took me out fishing
almost every weekend.
We talked about business and life.
He told me a lot about you.
What did he say?
I was stubborn and rebellious
and an underachiever?
Not at all!
He said you had drive and potential,
but that you had your own
ideas about yourself that...
He couldn't get you to change.
It always upset him
when I was critical of myself.
He wanted me to look in the mirror
and see the successful person he saw.
He saw a lot in you.
He said you have a gift for medicine.
I don't know if I thanked you
for coming to the funeral.
I don't remember a lot
from that day, but...
I remember you were there.
Of course I'd be there.
I loved your dad.
Me too.
So Scrooge didn't know
anything about cratchit
until "The Ghost of
Christmas Present" showed him,
and then once he saw
what he had to deal with
and the... the kind of person he was,
he saw him differently.
I like that.
Mr. Mills, may I see you for a moment?
Mr. Conceito, everyone!
- Hi.
- The desks are in rows for a reason.
What reason?
This is how we do it in...
I don't care how you do it elsewhere,
I want them put back in their rows.
I prefer decorum and respect.
Me too! See, this way, no one's
the "holder" of the knowledge
and we all respect
each other's contributions.
We're having a lively discussion.
Would you like to come join?
I don't join, Mr. Mills. I observe.
I used to do that,
but, luckily, I was selected to join.
It's a whole different experience,
let me tell you.
In the interest of ending
this conversation immediately,
would you please get back
to your, um... "circle?"
We'll discuss this matter another time.
I'm thinking we want to see
if Addie will go over
when it's not part of her obligation.
We want to see where she is, emotionally.
Very good.
I suspect your plan
will also bring them closer.
She's going!
I just came to make sure that you were...
- Okay.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- I was just going
to look for a flashlight for myself,
and here you are with one.
- The lights are back.
- Yes. That's good.
- Why did you turn on the...
- Gotta leave 'em wanting more.
Have you ever broken a rule?
Only one.
And not meaning to.
What were the consequences?
I had a few thousand years under my belt,
and enough goodwill built up,
so I was just written up.
Don't get any ideas.
You're still in a trial period,
and would have to go back for good.
What was having a relationship
with a human like?
How'd you know that was the rule?
Ooh! I'm getting good
at picking up on cues.
You were pretty strict about that.
It was multi-dimensional.
Feelings are such powerful things.
Ouch. Mm.
So are these things.
Physical pain has a purpose.
It's meant to tell the body what to
pay attention to so that it can heal.
Emotional pain does the same thing,
but when it doesn't heal properly,
it can manifest in other ways.
It's time for Addie to get new information
to help her feel better
about what's causing her pain.
The next part of my assignment?
You know, one day, I'm gonna
take you on a real date,
and I'm gonna pull the chair out for you.
- A date?
- Yeah!
I'd like that.
I don't know, though...
I'm not like the other girls
that you hang out with.
I'm starting to see that you're not,
and, uh, that's a good thing.
Why do you think you keep having
girlfriends you can't depend on?
At some point, I think I...
I lowered my expectations
of people in general.
Do you think you had to?
To make sense of your father leaving?
Yeah, I do.
Once you believed that's what to expect,
you didn't know that you deserve better.
I didn't know that "better" existed.
This... this looks...
This looks so good. Thank you!
- You're welcome.
- Where did you learn to cook like this?
I picked up a lot
when I was waitress in Montana.
Hmm. Did you like living there?
Yeah, I... I did, and I didn't.
It was beautiful... but I was unsettled.
I- I moved there to figure out
what I wanted to do with my life.
Did you?
But I refused to come back
until I made something of myself.
Six years later...
You've got your pride.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know, I regret
that my dad and I had so many fights.
The last time I saw him...
We had our worst one.
Did you know?
That he had cancer?
Do you think that he didn't know?
Or he just didn't want us to know.
I took the next flight out
when I got the call.
I was an hour too late.
I live with this heartache
that he didn't know who I was.
Did you get to say goodbye?
I went to the hospital, but...
I never thought it was goodbye.
It's really thoughtful of you to come
home and take care of your mom.
You want to know the truth?
I'm not living at home
to take care of my mom.
I'm the one that needs the care.
I know what you mean.
Sorry to bother you,
but I'm not sure who left this.
- Do you think it was Ms. Rose?
- Give it to me.
Mr. Mills,
I'm going to need to ask you
to deliver the students' papers to me
immediately after their final.
I am going to decide once and for all
just how much trouble
you are causing my department.
Final papers?
Don't they have finals in Portland?
At least Harry and I
are working together now,
but I'm still worried about Addie.
Deep down, she believes
she isn't good enough.
Until we help her change that,
she could easily go back to her old ways.
I just hope she doesn't
have any more setbacks.
Victoria, from high school!
Yeah! Hi.
It's nice to see you.
Were we in advance English together?
You weren't on the squad, were you?
So where are you working, now?
Uh, I'm in school, actually.
I work down at
the mayor's office with Erich.
That's how we got together.
He wants me to take care of him now,
so why don't I take that in for you?
You have been so nice,
looking after him until I got here.
Yeah. Thanks.
I'm actually really busy, so,
yeah, Erich has been taking up
way too much of my time.
You don't need to worry about him anymore.
I'm back now.
Let me see if I've got this straight.
So, it's...
Sweet, bitter...
Sour, and salty?
- Mm-hmm.
- Which one's "sweet" again?
You got me again! Stop doing that.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's just really funny.
Can I grow a lemon tree?
Let's see what happens with Addie first.
Planting happens in the spring.
Right. Well, I have to give a final,
and Mr. Conceito's gonna decide
how much trouble I've caused.
Harry, it's a rule to stay out of his way.
I do. He keeps getting in my way!
Alright, well, be careful.
What if Addie doesn't pass?
Can I use my powers
to make her paper great?
You can't affect self-expression.
But you've been doing a good job,
working hard to inspire your students,
so she may do well on her own.
Did you say "good job"?
And by the way,
you are allowed, for the party,
to use your powers to make the food.
It always comes out perfectly.
I like that!
- Want something sweet?
- No, thank you.
- It's really sweet.
- Uh-uh.
- You'll like it.
- Mm-mm.
A Christmas Carol.
How's the future looking?
For Scrooge?
Bleak until morning.
And what about you?
At this point,
I'm not sure I'll be kept past Christmas.
Is Mr. Conceito
still giving you a hard time?
Ah, he may not keep me either.
You know, he just...
He thinks he's in charge here,
but we all know he's not.
You just have to get through finals.
That's what I'm worried about.
How do you decide what to ask
when you give your final?
I give the students a challenge
that reviews what they've learned.
During the semester, I teach the material
and encourage critical thinking about it.
Critical thinking allows them
to interpret it themselves.
Helps them look at things
from different perspective.
You know...
It may seem that we're just helping them
fill requirements toward a degree,
but what we can do here
for our community of students is...
It's magical.
Victoria, what are you doing here?
Taking care of you.
Don't worry, I thanked Addie.
Do you think we should give her a tip?
I told you on the phone,
you could stop calling me.
Right, and come over.
That's not what I said!
I know.
I heard between the lines.
I thought I made myself pretty clear
that we're not getting back together.
And I thought
that seeing each other in person
might change that.
I want to make this work.
Whenever we have a problem, you take off.
I know I did that.
A couple of times.
But you have to understand
that people can't always be there for you.
But for the first time in my life...
I'm understanding that people
can be there for each other.
- Mr. Mills.
- Addie.
I wanted to come and tell you in person
so you don't try and fix this, too...
I'm dropping out of class.
When you try hard to change things,
you want to see results.
Yeah. Tell me about it.
Does this have something to do with
our cast-wearing friend across the street?
Whatever. I thought we might have had,
we're not having.
What happened?
He has someone named Victoria
taking care of him now.
Well, why does that keep you
from finishing class?
It doesn't. It...
I think my struggle is trying to make
my life something that it isn't.
I'm ready to accept what it is.
If you accepted it,
you wouldn't be disappointed.
I got it right, right?
It's disappointment?
- It's more than that.
- Hurt and anger?
But what right do I have?
You' relying on the stories
you believe about yourself.
You can change your story,
right now, going forward.
Things don't change.
What's wrong?
Addie is so unhappy,
she's dropping my class.
Now you can see how,
if Addie doesn't love herself first.
- Anything can bring her back down.
- Maybe Addie's right about fooling yourself.
Have I been fooling myself, thinking
this could happen before Christmas?
You can see how being human
is complicated.
Celeste, this isn't some big test, is it?
- What do you mean?
- Do you want me to go back? Is that it?
You going or staying is up to you, not me.
It's based on the work that you do here.
I'm going on my instincts,
and that's from thousands
of years of experience.
Addie still needs to learn
something from Erich.
But how's she supposed to?
Someone named Victoria is helping him now.
I don't know yet...
But trust me.
I'm starting to wonder, Celeste,
if this isn't some kind of
freshman Angel-hazing,
like a hundred thing really need to happen
before Addie can work in a clinic?
You asked if it's a big test.
Harry, it's all a test.
Tests show you what you're made of.
You allow them to defeat you?
Then they will.
You want them to teach you?
Then they will.
That's free will.
I think you're saying all this
because you mentored me into a corner.
Well, if you don't have the confidence in
me, then what can I do but wait patiently?
I don't have the confidence in you.
I don't have the confidence in me.
The only one
I have confidence in is Addie.
I gotta find her.
I hate to say this,
but I think he may need a miracle.
How did you know I was here?
Just a guess.
First, I went to
the places I knew I would go,
and then I thought about
where you might go.
Probably wanted someplace different
than you usual surroundings,
and then I thought
about who you might turn to,
and that this is
a crucial moment in your life,
and you probably know that.
- Yes.
- Which lead me to think...
That you would come here
to get one of the jobs.
Is that why you're here?
I came here to try and get some answers.
See if this felt like the right next step.
You said before that things don't change.
I think it's...
It's you and me who do the changing.
I may not know how to pick
the right solutions all the time and how to
present them, but-but I know literature.
We happen to be reading a book
that's all about change.
Have you read the last chapter yet?
Not yet.
I can't get myself to do it.
Brings me one step closer to panic.
Chapter five.
"The End Of It. "
You want me to read it now?
With me.
Sometimes, you just need someone there
for you who you can trust, right?
Might take a little bit of time, you know.
Dyslexia can make reading go a bit slower.
You being who you are,
in whatever way that is,
makes time feel like it's...
Finally going just the right speed.
Mr. Mills?
It wasn't easy getting across the street.
It was even tougher getting a jacket on.
I've missed you.
You have?
Victoria said she was back, so...
You don't really need me anymore.
Victoria came by
even though I told her it was over.
I may be getting better, Addie,
but I still need you.
For what?
Let's see.
You put aside your feelings
for someone you didn't like very much,
to help someone else
take time away to heal.
You stuck to your commitment.
You went above and beyond
with your time and your care for me.
You lifted my spirits.
Thank you for helping me heal.
Please, pretend I'm walking away quickly.
- Don't laugh!
- Sorry.
I just got here, to earth that is,
and I'm looking for someone... my mentor.
She has laser-beam inner-vision
and can string popcorn garland
like no one else.
That must be me.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
That's okay.
I didn't know how to work as a team,
and I didn't know how to see things
from someone else's point of view.
You taught me a lot, and I challenged you.
You're supposed to challenge
what you're experiencing.
It's part of the learning process.
"Dear Addie.
"If you're reading this,
it's almost Christmas,
"and the decorations are
coming out of boxes.
"I'm glad.
I'm so sorry that I won't
be there with you. "
"The night you left home,
"you said that
I set my expectations so high,
"that I could never be proud of you.
"I only encouraged you
"because I want you to see what I see.
"I want you to be as proud of yourself
"as I am of you.
"The gift is my Christmas wish...
"that someone is able to show you
"the person you really are,
"the person you deserve
to see for yourself.
I love you. Dad. "
Now, don't write what I want to hear,
write what you want to say. Okay?
Excuse me, Tommy.
Sorry. Babysitter.
And... begin!
Don't forget about
my Christmas tree-lighting party!
There will be food!
We'll be there.
"Marley warned Scrooge
"to avoid making
the same mistakes he made.
"Scrooge needed to stop
being closed off to people.
It's easy to make that mistake. "
"And when Scrooge was with
"the Ghost of Christmas Future
"he decided that he would hold
Christmas his heart all year. "
"And in chapter five,
"The End Of It,"
"Scrooge woke up ecstatic
to have a second chance.
"Things around him hadn't changed.
"Scrooge changed.
"He replaced his regrets
"with a decision to live now
the way he would have wanted to
all along. "
Mr. Conceito.
Addie Folsom.
I'm not Addie Folsom, I'm Harry Mills.
That was a joke.
I understand humor now.
Addie's was the first essay
I read that showed me
that you taught
the minimum basic requirement...
And much, much more.
She displayed a deep and interesting
understanding of the material.
As I read through the others,
I saw that many of the themes
had been identified and explored.
One student even brought dickens
himself into the analysis.
So it looks like we'll be
seeing you again next semester.
You're keeping me on?
For now.
Thank you! Thank you-thank you-thank you!
Thank you! Oh! Merry Christmas.
Bah, humbug.
That's humor. Very good, Mr. Conceito!
Merry Christmas.
Erich decided not to call.
So now we have to have some faith
and see if Addie's change is gonna stick.
And if Harry is gonna stay.
- Addie!
- Hi.
Hi! Come on in.
Oh, these are for the party tonight.
Thank you.
It might be the only party I ever throw,
so it has to be spectacular.
Parties can be a lot of work.
That why I wanted to come by
and see if I could help you.
Thank you... oh!
If you could just show me
how to crack an egg...
If you...
Could just tell me
if I passed?
What do you think?
Well, I... I'm proud of my work.
I put the time into the reading,
and, you know, I shared
a little bit about myself.
Of course you did!
And I thought
I was the "Number One Coach. "
Mm, well, that would be me.
Thank you, Mr. Mills.
Cracking an egg...
That looks beautiful.
I can finish the rest of this myself.
You sure?
Yeah. Thank you for all your help.
It was the least I could do.
"Number-One Graduate. "
I'll see you tonight.
How do humans get anything done?
I hope you don't mind that we used
your tree for the tree-lighting.
I don't mind at all.
It's something, huh?
I'll be right back.
What's going on over there?
Oh, my class is having
a tree-lighting party.
Does that mean the final's over?
It does.
I passed!
I even got a trophy.
Thank you.
I just wanted to come by and...
Thank you for telling me
all those wonderful things you see in me.
I was afraid it might bother you
that someone knew the real Addie Folsom.
Not anymore.
And Victoria?
I told her I'm not looking
for the kind of relationship that we had.
What are you looking for?
I found it.
- Hey, you two.
- Wow, look at thistle.
Hi. We're back.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- Oh!
- Hey, welcome back.
- How are you?
- I'm good!
Who did all this?
He says it was "Mr. Miracle. "
And mom?
You know how I always say
I'm not a very good student?
- Yes.
- Well, I'm actually...
- A great student.
- It's true.
Not only am I graduating,
but I've decided to continue with school
as long as it takes me
to become a physician's assistant
and work at the clinic.
- Oh!
- One step at a time.
Addie! Oh!
I'm really proud of you.
Thanks, mom.
Would you say you're back on your path?
I'd say I'm on a whole new path, really.
Maybe I should start letting
people call me "Adelaide. "
That was her great-grandmother's name.
She opened the clinic in the early-1900s.
Hmm, not that long ago.
Minutes, really,
depending what plane you're on.
I want to look at the tree. Come on.
Beautiful, huh?
Whatever happened with
the human that you loved?
He aged, as humans do,
and parting was hard.
He's trying to go down here
to earth to work with me,
but... It feels like an eternity.
Do you still get to keep in touch?
We do.
You know, it was Addie's father
who requested divine intervention.
- Doctor Folsom?
- Yeah!
Tomorrow's Christmas.
I know.
I talked with the powers that be
and got an early decision.
Although your style is questionable
and you have a lot to learn,
you accomplished your first assignment,
and did a fine job with Addie.
I knew that I would.
I knew it.
We'd like you to stay
and take on another assignment.
Ohh, I got my work cut out for me.
Yeah, you do.
I like this feeling very much.
Content! Yes!
I'm very happy.
Hello, Harry.
Hey, Mr. Mills.
What happened to that food
you promised us?
Everyone! To my house!
There are wonderful flavors, colors,
and a "prize" Turkey,
like in A Christmas Carol!
And lemons!
I know what you're thinking.
"I told you so. "
The good news is,
Harry shows great promise,
but he's definitely going to need
someone to look out for him.
Who knows?
This Christmas could be the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.