Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939) Movie Script

And now, under the merciless rays
of the pitiless Arabian sun...
those of us who are privileged to be here
are waiting with tense excitement.
The great moment has come
the moment which will prove to the world...
whether the astounding theory
of these intrepid adventurers is right...
or whether they have been following
a fleeting will-o'- the-wisp.
As I look down into
the cavernous depths of the excavation...
I can see the chief actors
in this epic-making drama ofhistory.
First, as he should be,
the young and brilliant archaeologist...
Howard Stevens of
the San Francisco Museum.
Words cannot describe
the feverish tensity of this moment.
Surrounded by learned men
from the four corners of the earth...
Mr. Stevens is expertly brushing
the dust of untold centuries...
- from an object of tremendous antiquity.
- We'll soon know.
The bronzed young leader
of the expedition is handing his find over...
to Professor Heinrich von Kleinroth of Vienna,
who, like many of the savants...
recently hurried to this faraway waste
to lend his knowledge and experience.
You are right, my friend. This emblem
is the line ofJudaea seal of Solomon.
Are you certain?
This contradicts all of my former research!
- Oh, your research.
- Gentlemen, there is no doubt in my mind.
- I'm holding in my hand the crown of Balkis, Queen of Sheba!
- Hooray!
Think of it, ladies and gentlemen.
After 3,000 years,
uncovered before my very eyes...
the fabulous crown
of the Queen of Sheba!
My friend, you have unearthed a symbol
priceless to seekers
after knowledge like ourselves.
But keep in mind the immense
worldly value of these jewels.
Guard them as you would your life.
Don't you worry. Until we get it aboard ship,
Prince Suleid and his men will look after it.
- After that, my responsibility.
- Surely no modern collection boasts such jewels as these.
Even the emeralds of His Highness,
the Aga Khan, cannot compare with them.
Uh, the journalists are still waiting,
Mr. Stevens. Shall I send them away?
Uh, no, I'll see them, but not in here.
I won't be long.
The responsibility lies more heavily
upon Mr. Stevens than he cares to admit.
Uneasy lies the hand
that bears a crown?
He would be less uneasy if he knew
that you were here to guard it, Mr. Moto.
You see, I was in Cairo when news came
of Mr. Stevens's discovery of this ancient site.
My sudden visit here
was in the nature of a gamble...
which has been justified
by the finding of this crown.
Still you leave me
in the dark, Mr. Moto.
I cherish the hope
that this priceless and exotic treasure...
will lead me to a certain genius
in the world of crime.
You believe a criminal is here?
In this expedition?
I hardly expect him to be
so obvious or... so clairvoyant...
but sooner or later he will come
to wherever this crown may be.
It appears to me that
you're still gambling, Mr. Moto.
Jewels such as these are certain
to attract many thieves...
but it doesn't follow that your man
would be among them.
You are in error, Prince. Uh, this certain man
will be compelled to make an attempt.
- Compelled?
- Yes, by his own mind.
He's psychopathic
a kleptomaniac upon a grand scale.
The more unattainable the object,
the more determined he grows to possess it.
You may remember the daring
theft of certain jewels...
some time ago
from the Tower of London?
But that was the work of, uh
What was his name? Um Metaxa.
- Oh, but he's been dead several years.
- I do not think so.
There have been several unsolved cases
in the past few years...
which, to my humble mind,
bear unmistakable signs of Metaxa's handiwork.
So now Professor von Kleinroth accompanies
the crown of Sheba wherever it goes.
Oh, no. With your assistance, the professor
returns to Vienna most inconspicuously.
But, uh, aboard the ship
which carries the crown to America...
will be a Japanese tourist
a Mr. Shimako.
Mr. Shimako, I might add,
is, uh, clean-shaven.
- Aloha!
- Bye!
Well, next stop, San Francisco.
- I suppose you're all excited, Howard.
- Oh, I don't know.
- Yes, of course I am.
- It'll be wonderful for you, won't it?
Like Like Caesar or somebody
returning home in triumph.
And I'll pick up
where I left off:
Tea parties, cocktail parties,
dinner parties
all very pretty and very dull.
You know you like it really.
I could perhaps,
in the right company.
Eleanor, you've got
salt water in your eyes.
With shore-going glasses,
everything's going to look quite different.
- E-Excusing, please? - Oh, hello, Mr.
Shimako. Where have you been hiding?
Mr. Stevens, can you oblige with information
concerning correct method for operating?
- Just buy this ashore?
- Oh, yes. Excellent salesman say instrument foolproof...
but I having strong doubt.
- It's all very simple. Here, I'll show you.
- Please?
Pardon me. Oh!
Oh, please forgive me, Captain.
- I just picked up a few mementos of Hawaii, you see.
- Ouch!
- I beg your pardon, madam.
- Say, be careful.
Oh! Oh!
Henry, do something!
But really, I assure you that
it's a ghastly mistake.
- Put that stuff away
before you hurt somebody.
- Trusting you not injured.
- Not seriously, I hope.
I say, Mr. Moto, how marvelous
to meet you again like this!
You are very impetuous,
Mr. Featherstone.
Mr. Moto, whatever happened
after you solved that case in London?
- Nothing much.
- Well, I say, what's up? Have I dropped a brick or something?
- Please do not concern yourself.
- Well, look here.
If you're traveling incognito
or anything, I won't tell a soul.
Oh, you are most accommodating. May I be
permitted to introduce my friend, Mr. Featherstone?
- Miss Kirke, Mr. Howard Stevens.
- How do you do?
Howard Stevens?
I've been reading all about you.
All this about Salome's tomb
Wonderful! Wonderful!
You and Mr. "Shimako"
seem to be old friends.
Oh, yes, rather. I've known
Mr. Sh-Sh-Shimona for years.
I'm frightfully sorry.
I did let the cat out of the bag.
Yes even the poor animal's tail.
But why are you hiding your light, Mr. Moto?
You're not on a case now by any chance?
I've gone and made a lot of trouble for you.
What a frightful fool I've been.
Oh, don't worry.
We won't tell anyone, will we?
I assure you,
the matter is of no consequence.
I am on vacation,
and my humble incognito is merely...
to avoid any possibility
of business intruding itself.
I wonder if they charge extra for "love"?
You oughta know.
It's a message for you, Joe,
from Wendling.
- I'm afraid it's bad news.
- Yeah? Let's see it.
"Arriving Friday on Lurline.
TellJoe his friend... Moto also aboard. "
Mr. Moto, huh?
It's very bad. Why is he on that ship
if not to guard the crown?
So what? You think
a littleJapanese dick's gonna scare me?
Moto's very dangerousvery. Everyone
who does business with me tells me that.
What you worryin' about? I'm doin' the job.
All you gotta do is cut down the rocks.
- And this time, you give me 30%.
- No, I'll have nothing to do with this affair nothing.
Scared of the mighty Moto, huh?
Yes, I am. As long as he's connected
with this, I'm not interested.
What if I was to rub Mr. Moto out?
That would be a different story.
I say, Mr. Moto,
can you keep a secret?
It will be my earnest endeavor
to respect your confidence.
As you know, I happen to have certain links
in Scotland Yard my uncle, remember?
- Oh, yes, Sir Hector. How is he?
- Splendid. He's assistant commissioner, you know.
- Would you gentlemen care for something to drink?
- I wish you'd go
Oh, I beg your pardon.
Mr. Moto?
- A glass of milk, if you please.
- Uh, yes, sir. And you, sir?
- I'll take a lime juice and soda.
- Do you think you should, sir? Remember, you're driving.
Well, Uncle Hector told
I say, what did that fellow mean by that?
Please continue.
Have you ever heard of
a supercriminal called Metaxa?
Metaxa? Well, the name
does seem to strike a chord of memory.
Well, he's on the record
as being dead...
but Uncle Hector thinks he's still alive
lying low in America.
- Oh, so?
- Now, I've had a brilliant idea.
- No.
- To find Metaxa and get a candid portrait of him.
Think of it the only picture in existence
of the world's most famous criminal.
- Who are you talking about?
- Oh Nothing.
Just a bunch of rubbish.
What about a drink?
- Oh, mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
Do you know you look exactly
like the Queen of Sheba?
Oh, thank you.
Honestly, though,
she should have that crown on.
That's what she thought.
But we've gotta be very careful.
Naturally. Well, what you people ought to do
is to get Mr. Moto to look after things for you.
Oh, no. And please remember
that I'm on vacation.
In fact, I feel like each one
of the three monkeys.
I mean, if men like Metaxa
are loose in America
I say, that's awfully good about the monkeys.
"Hear no evil, see no evil," and all that?
- Oh, priceless!
- Did you say Metaxa was in America?
I say, I'm frightfully sorry.
I did let the cat out of the bag again, didn't I?
Well, that's what Scotland Yard thinks.
Mum's the word.
Your Majesty and gentlemen...
I give you the crown of Sheba and its safe arrival
at the San Francisco Museum.
Fremont Museum.
This is the curator's secretary speaking.
I'm sorry, but an interview now
is quite impossible.
Professor Hildebrand's leaving for the docks
in a few minutes. Perhaps tomorrow.
- Professor Hildebrand, it's 11:20.
- Susan, look here a minute.
I'm sorry, but we have to go.
These are all pretty snappy,
aren't they?
Don't you realize we have to start?
Uh-huh. Anxious to see
the romantic Mr. Stevens again?
I don't understand you. The most exciting day
in the history of the museum...
and you sit here choosing neckties.
But haven't you forgotten
that Hendrik Manderson is calling for us?
He's late as usual.
We should take your car now.
No, I think we'll give him
a little more time.
Hildebrand, what's the matter with you?
What are you doing?
I've been sitting outside
in that car waiting for hours.
- My dear Manderson, we've been waiting for you.
- Meh. Morning, girl.
- Good morning, Mr. Manderson.
Perhaps you can make him hurry.
No, he's impossible. Forever trying to be
a young man again. Look at that. Just look at that.
D'ah! Don't be such an old ranter.
There's no harm in a man
trying to look his best.
Won't make any difference
in your case.
Come on, girl. Come on. The boat's due now.
Never mind. Never mind. I can walk alone.
How 'bout a little news for the press?
- Oh, there he is!
- Huh? How 'bout it?
- May I have your autograph, Mr. Stevens?
- And don't say, "Best wishes. "
Prof. Hildebrand, you alarmed by the superstition
alleged to be connected with the crown?
- Certainly not. And that's Hildebrand.
- Ah, I'm sorry.
- Howard!
- Uh, Mr. Hildebrand
- Howard, it's wonderful to see you.
- Susan, how are you?
- Introduce me, please, Howard.
- Oh, yes, yes. Of course.
Uh, Susan, this is Miss Eleanor Kirke,
a fellow passenger of ours. This is Miss French.
- She's really the mainstay of the museum.
- How nice.
That armored truck there
is about to transport our treasure...
to a specially constructed
vault in the museum.
I say, this is all
frightfully exciting, isn't it?
Oh, that chap with the weapon
looks as if he means business.
Oh, I say, can't you wait and say good-bye
to Stevens and the others?
I'm afraid not. One must not
start a holiday by being late. Good-bye.
I do wish you didn't have to run off like this.
Oh, Mr. Moto, wait a minute!
- You forgot to give me your address.
- I do not yet know it myself.
- Look here, how am I gonna get in touch with you?
- I shall call you at your hotel?
Ah. Don't forget now.
Follow that cab.
You're all loaded, boys. Pull her away.
Howard, you haven't forgotten
your promise to me, have you
- that I'm your personal guest at the great unveiling?
- Of course I haven't forgotten.
- Good-bye. - I wanna go to the
museum and see all that stuff unloaded.
How about a little cheerio at a local tavern
a spot, you know? On me, of course.
Well, it's about time.
Get after 'em!
They tapped the driver and stole that truck!
- What?
- They're not real officers. They're phonies!
- Let's catch those blighters. I'm from Scotland Yard.
- Huh?
- I'm a detective!
- Oh!
Wait a minute!
Hold that car!
Get after that armored truck.
It's headed for the Embarcadero. Go on.
- Make it snappy. Everything okay?
- Okay so far.
You guys get movin'!
- Hurry, can't you?
- Yes, sir.
Be careful!
Look out!
Huh. I guess they got away.
- Nonsense. We can't give up now!
- I can.
Look there. That looks like
a sinister street. Try it!
That ain't "Sinister Street. "
That's Montgomery.
Where did you learn how to drive?
- Why didn't you put on the brakes?
- I ain't got none.
- Shut up and back that jalopy outta there.
- Can't back neither.
Look, my good man,
keep a civil tongue in your head. Huh.
No wonder you chaps have so many accidents.
You drive on the wrong side.
- Oh, a smart guy, huh?
- Never mind, Joe. Let's get goin'.
I know I've seen that one chap's face
somewhere before, but I
ByJove, he was the guard
in the armored car! Follow him!
- They went in there.
- They look mighty mean.
- I'll stay here and reconnoiter.
- Don't get hurt doin' it.
- You go and fetch the bobbies.
- Yeah, I'll get the police too.
Put it in Rocky's warehouse
and get the car outta here.
- Where will you be?
- I'll get in touch with you later. Hurry.
- Come on outta there and keep your hands up.
- Hello.
- Oh, so it's you.
- Yes, it's me.
- Who are ya spyin' on?
- Me? Spy? I
- Oh, no. I-I'm just an innocent
bystander... standing by.
There he is, our man!
Coppers! Look out!
Come on, boys!
- Is you all right, boss?
- I think so.
Well, we got two of'em anyway.
- Here it is, Sergeant.
- Nice work, men.
Well, you and your friend
did a pretty good job.
We saved the crown,
and only one man got away.
Look here, Inspector. That man was the ringleader,
and I got a jolly good look at him.
- Oh, you did, eh? Could you identify him?
- Rather! I'd know him anywhere.
"... declared
Mr. Featherstone stoutly.
"Confident that the daring young
Englishman will identify the ringleader...
police are conducting a widespread search
for the missing gangster. "
- Ah, shut up!
- This is worse than I thought.
- You can't stay here. It's too dangerous.
- Keep your pants on.
The Frisco cops don't know me, and this limey
ain't gonna put his finger on me neither.
We'll take care of that smart guy
the same way we done with Mr. Moto.
Sit down.
Oh, it's you. You been long enough.
What happened?
I got here as soon as I could.
The whole police force is out looking for you.
- Never mind that. Did you follow my orders?
- Well, don't get sore, Joe.
I tailed Moto from the pier, but before
I could get him, he drove up to the city hall.
- Yeah? And?
- And went out to lunch with the chief of police.
- So Moto's still alive.
- Well, it's not my fault.
By that time, news came out
aboutJoe's run-in with cops.
I was lucky not to get picked up.
I told you I didn't want anything
to do with this unless Moto was eliminated.
- Now both of you leave here at once!
- Wait a minute, chiseler.
I'm gonna do just what I said I'd do.
And I'm gonna get the crown too, see?
Then you better make your plans, because at the
moment it's very unwise for you to remain here.
I'll be downstairs closing the shop.
See me before you leave.
Now listen. I ain't leavin' here.
You call Tony and Nick. We've gotta get that
limey and Moto. And no more mistakes, see?
Praise the Lord!
Praise the lord!
- A bag of lychee nuts, please.
- Yes, sir.
- Please. Thank you.
- Like some?
Me too, please.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Thank you.
- Gentleman wishing to try lychee nuts, please?
- No, thanks. Me no "wantee. "
Why it's Mr. Moto!
- I-I mean, Mr. Sh-Sh-Sh
- Shimako.
Shimako. You see?
I haven't forgotten your alias.
- Featherstone never forgets. Try one?
- Oh, thanks.
- I rather expected to find you here.
- You did?
Oh, yes. Every tourist
first visits Chinatown.
I say, what an extraordinary day.
Did you happen to read about my adventure?
Yes, indeedwhich is my reason
for wanting to find you.
Huh? Well, that's funny,
because I've been looking for you.
There. See for yourself.
Not here!
- We'll never get a chance like this again.
- No, you fool. Put that away!
- I fear that you have exposed yourself to extreme danger.
- Really? How?
The man you have promised to identify
will certainly desire your removal.
But if you really wish
to be a successful detective...
there is one golden rule
which you must follow.
- Oh, is there really? Tell me.
- Never become a fatality.
Oh, Mr. Moto.
They're shooting at us
with a silencer! Get back!
Somebody just ran out!
That shot came from the inside!
No, from the opposite
direction. Observe.
- Come on!
- Let's catch him!
He's climbing up!
He's running along the ledge!
Get back!
There he is!
- Help me up, will you?
- It's too late, my friend.
But your Uncle Hector was right.
Metaxa is in America.
- Do you believe that was Metaxa?
- Undoubtedly.
Such phenomenal agility
carries conviction.
Do you think the ruffian who tried
to steal the crown at the pier was Metaxa?
Definitely no.
The methods are far too different.
I say, they'll have to be awfully careful
who they let in the museum tomorrow.
"Adams"? Pass in, please.
- Borodoff.
- "Borodoff"?
- Correct. I assure you, my invitation is in order.
- Just a minute, please.
- Oh, yes. Borodoff. Pass in.
- Thank you.
- Press.
- Just a minute. Admission card, please.
Look. My job's to dream up some art
on this crown dingus, and I gotta get it.
And my job's to see that no one gets in here
without a special pass. And no cameras.
- Well, you can't do this not to the Record Bulletin.
- No? Next, please.
- Dr. Pascal of Denver.
- "Dr. Pascal"? Oh, yes, Doctor. Pass in, please.
...for such a crown, quite exclusive, don't you think?
- Oh!
- Oh, I am so sorry. My clumsiness was inexcusable.
Oh, it was my fault really
as long as the mirror's not broken.
I've decided. Tonight.
Oh, it's all right, and no bad luck.
- I am indeed relieved, madame.
- Yes.
I was afraid I was late, Howard.
- You're not cross with me, are you?
- Why, uh, uh
- Hadn't I better remind Professor Hildebrand it's getting late?
- Hmm? Oh, yes, darling, yes.
And tell him he ought to have been
more careful with his invitations.
Oh, I'm so happy for you,
Howard, and so excited.
I- I can't congratulate you here.
I'll wait till dinnertime.
- Well, really, I-I I don't think that I
- Oh, now, Howard...
you're not going to spoil
the lovely party I've arranged for you?
Ladies and gentlemen, before I admit you
to the home built for our priceless treasure...
I should like to pay tribute to the two men
who, upon this unique occasion...
deserve the major credit:
Mr. Howard Stevens, and Mr. Hendrik Manderson.
Uh, Mr. Stevens, as you all know...
was the leader
of our expedition
Excuse me a moment.
I forgot something.
While Mr. Manderson, noted for
his philanthropic activities...
generously gave the final donation that
enabled us to properly finance our expedition.
And now, as curator
of this museum, I shall, uh
Unlock the gates
thereby demonstrating
the elaborate precautions we have taken...
to safeguard our incomparable relic
from any further felonious attempts.
May I point out that this vault
is protected by invisible light beams...
which, when broken,
cause a series of alarms to be sounded.
Oh, I say, that's a jolly good idea.
All the mechanical devices
which science has been able to conceive...
are incorporated
in this impregnable chamber.
You may be assured that
the crown of Balkis, Queen of Sheba...
will rest here
in serene dignity forever.
Ladies and gentlemen,
uh, you see this key.
Now suppose for a moment
that I were a thief
- And that I were fortunate enough
to possess this key.
Now, I approach the gates.
I insert the key in the lock.
At this moment, may I suggest
that the ladies place...
their delicately gloved hands
over their shell-like ears?
I can assure you that the din that will ensue
will be, as the youngsters say
Simply terrific!
All right.
Everybody ready?
Now, then, hold tight.
Hmm. Something must have
Oh, well. We'll see what happens
when I open the gates.
- Someone must have pulled the switch.
- Well, uh, of course, the
the electrical current must be off,
or some minor fault.
You know, it's only
only just been installed.
Well, perhaps it's just as well.
We can all now enter the crown chamber
without alarm.
Gather around.
Ladies and gentlemen...
behold the crown of Sheba's queen.
Isn't that beautiful?
I will now leave you to admire
our treasure at your leisure. Thank you.
Infernal lot of poppycock.
- Manderson.
- What's the matter?
I'm worried about that alarm.
I set the switch myself. Let's go into my office.
- Uh, wait a minute.
- Watch the crown carefully, please.
Mr. Moto. Susan.
Just a moment, please.
- Mr. Moto, will you come with us to the curator's office, please?
- I should be honored.
You too, girl.
Come along.
- Have you made certain of Stevens?
- Don't worry. I will.
- What are you doing here, Wong?
- Wait for Mr. Manderson with overcoat.
Yeah, that's right.
That's right. I sent him for it.
- It's going to rain. Can feel it in my leg.
- Been here long?
- Ten minutes maybe.
- Anyone been in?
No, sir.
Not see anyone.
- Huh. All right. Let's go in.
- I'll stay here, Professor Hildebrand.
This is most disconcerting.
Unless there's some mechanical fault...
somebody has got in here
and tampered with that switch.
- Uh, Mr. Manderson, this man Wong he's your servant?
- Yep.
Been with me for many years. And listen,
Mr. Moto, I'll tell you something.
The world would be a much better place to live
in if there were more people like Wong around.
Now we've got to find out. Come, gentlemen.
I'll show you the hiding place.
Oh, must I get up again?
Quite ingenious, what?
My own idea.
There! You see?
Somebody has disconnected it.
I should not make the contact now, Professor.
Remember the shell-like ears?
Oh, of course.
How foolish of me.
We must get rid of those visitors.
But who on earth could've possibly done this?
If you hadn't smeared your paws all over that
handle, Mr. Moto might have got fingerprints.
- Oh, dear. What a great big zany I am.
- That's right.
How dare you.
May I ask how many persons besides
ourselves know the location of this switch?
Only Mr. Howard Stevens...
and the men who installed it, of course.
And Mr. Stevens has been associated
with the museum for a long time.
As a matter of fact...
he's only been connected with us
since the expedition was first organized.
Ah, now wait a minute.
Wait a minute, Hildebrand.
Stevens has an excellent record.
Excellent, Mr. Moto.
That's why Professor Cornwall hired him.
And I told you fif
I told you 50 times
there is a confounded draft in this room!
But didn't you engage
Mr. Stevens, Professor?
I was only appointed curator when
Professor Cornwall was taken from us, rest his soul.
I see. The young lady, your secretary
does she know where the alarm is concealed?
No, no. Uh No.
Miss French could have known...
but she herself expressed the wish
that the knowledge should be strictly confined.
- Miss French.
- Yes?
ThatJapanese gentleman in there
is he not the famous detective, Mr. Moto?
- That's right.
- Could you tell me where he is living?
I'm afraid you'll have
to ask him that, Wong.
Oh, almost closing time.
I'm leaving now, Howard,
but don't you dare disappoint me.
- Mark Hopkins, 7:00, huh?
- All right. I'll drop in for a little while.
You're a darling.
See you at 7:00.
It's closing time, sir.
- I'll see to it right away, O'Hara.
- Yes, sir.
Frightfully fascinating, what?
I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but we'll have to
ask you to leave in a few more minutes?
- It's difficult to tear oneself away.
- I know exactly what you mean
especially as I have a sort of proprietary
interest in it myself, if you know what I mean.
Why, goodness me. You must be
the young Englishman who saved the crown.
Oh, they made
a ridiculous lot of fuss about it.
- It wasn't anything at all really.
- You're too modest.
- Permit me to congratulate you.
- Oh, thank you.
I hope my shot of the crown turns out well.
- I am told they don't allow photographs.
- They don't! But, uh
But look.
Rather clever, what?
I'm going to shoot it now.
- I got it!
- What's going on here?
- Here! I say, you jolly well leave me alone!
- My orders are no pictures!
- And now out you go!
- No, look, you can't do this. Everybody's
- Oh!
- Oh, so that's how it is, huh?
- What's the trouble?
- This man took a snapshot of the crown.
- He ruined my emulsion.
- Don't forget, O'Hara. If it hadn't have been...
for Mr. Featherstone,
there wouldn't be any crown to photograph.
That's right. ByJove, I never thought of that.
Oh! I'm so mortified.
How could I have been so clumsy?
Oh, my camera!
Oh, that's too bad about your camera,
Featherstone, but we can't make any exceptions.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
I shall have to ask you to leave.
Just a moment. I shall, of course,
replace your camera.
I'm afraid you can't.
You see, it's a very exclusive type.
I have a friend. He deals in special
photographic equipment.
If he hasn't one in stock, I'm quite sure
he'll be able to procure one quickly.
Oh, do you think he can?
I do hope so.
- I must have a camera tomorrow.
- His shop's open evenings.
It's in Chinatown,
out of the high-rent zones.
I may possibly have his card.
Yes, here's the address.
Meet you there tonight.
Good day.
I'm only gonna stay
at the party a few minutes.
- Couldn't we have dinner together?
- Hildebrand asked me to work.
I'll come by here and take you out
when you're through.
Oh, please don't worry about me.
The party's being given in your honor, isn't it?
Oh, but, Susan
- Yes?
- I have an engagement with Professor Hildebrand.
I think he might wish to see me
in the present circumstances.
- I'll tell Professor Hildebrand you're here.
- Thank you.
And you know, of course, Mr. Moto.
I did not anticipate
this pleasure, Mr. Moto.
I am, in a modest way,
a member of your profession.
So the professor has informed me.
Mr. Borodoff, a very
distressing incident has just occurred.
- Nothing serious, I hope.
- Excuse me, please.
May I be permitted to ask Mr. Stevens
a question which seems pertinent?
- Why, of course!
- Did you, by any chance...
- disconnect the alarm switch before the ceremony?
- Certainly.
I thought it might
scare the pants off the visitors.
What inWell
Why didn't you tell me?
Why, I'm sorry, but how was I to know
you wanted to demonstrate the thing?
"Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you...
the din will be simply terrific!"
- I'm awfully sorry! I was in the
- Turn it off!
- I'm awfully sorry!
- What were you doing?
- What?
- What were you doing?
I was just waiting for M
Just waiting for Mr. Moto,
and I just came back to have one last look.
- Your cigarettes, Mr. Moto.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- I've got a favor to ask you, Mr. Moto.
- Yes?
- Mind if I talk to you for a moment in private?
Please, come in.
- What may I do for you, Benny?
- I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Moto
I mean, the way you can clean up
on guys twice your size and...
I was wonderin'
The truth is, there's a big palooka
who works in the hotel...
- who's always pickin' on me and shoving me around.
- Oh, I see.
And, uh, you would like
to teach him a lesson, perhaps.
Oh, I sure would.
They tell me this jiujitsu...
fixes it so a little fella
has a chance with a big bruiser.
if one catches one's adversary off guard.
- Would you show me how, please? Right now?
- Right now?
- Yeah.
- Well, one simple throw.
Now, suppose you are that big bully.
Now, step right over there.
- Here?
- Yes, uh, start attacking me, swinging viciously.
Come on, Benny.
Be vicious.
Gee! Do you mean
I could do that to Butch?
with the proper leverage.
Excuse me, Benny.
Yes? Speaking.
Who is this?
This is Wong,
Mr. Manderson's servant.
- I met you in the museum this afternoon.
- Yes, Wong.
What is it? Can you not tell me now,
if it is so terribly urgent?
Not over telephone.
I must see you tonight.
- It concerns the case you're working on.
- Very well.
- And where shall I meet you?
- At the Laughing Buddha restaurant.
The Laughing Buddha restaurant?
I shall be there as soon as possible.
Excuse me, I have to leave at once.
- You goin' out to detect somethin'?
- I hope so.
Boy, I'd sure like
to help you sometime.
Perhaps. Sometime.
Say, squirt. Beat it downstairs
and clean out the spittoons.
Do it yourself!
- What did you say?
- I don't suppose you heard me.
What happened?
- A very promising start.
- Thanks for the lesson.
I'll be back tomorrow
for another one.
I beg your pardon
Likee booth, please?
- You wish to order, sir?
- Yes. Later.
I beg your pardon, sir,
but I've been attacked and robbed by ruffians...
who have relieved me of my wallet.
It's very embarrassing, but I need
a little carfare to get to my residence.
- Certainly. Where do you live?
- In Liverpool.
Oh, so? This will assist you
to begin your journey.
I thank you, sir, and you will get
your reward in heaven.
Likee booth, please?
I'm expecting to meet a friend here
a Mr. Wong?
Mr. Wong? Oh, yeah!
Come this way, please.
I regret that I am unpunctual.
Be quiet.
- What happened?
- Mr. Wong is quite dead.
- You kill him!
- No. He was killed from in there. Step aside.
- Who was in here?
- A man. A white man.
- He came in right after Mr. Wong.
- What did he look like, please?
I- I couldn't tell. He kept his hat on,
and his coat collar up.
- He had the strangest eyes.
- Oh, so?
You will get your reward in heaven.
I say, could you tell me
Why, it's Mr. Mo Mr. Shimako!
Funny how we keep
bumping into each other.
- Mr. Featherstone, you are ubiquitous.
- Am I really?
Well, I'm looking for
240 Grand Avenue...
but I don't seem
to be able to find it.
Probably because
this is Sacramento Street.
Sacramento Street?
Fireworks. Well, this weather
does make everything seem a bit sinister.
But I... wonder if you would
help me find the place?
Now, listen, Joe. I tell you,
he's trying to double-cross us.
If he isn't, then why did he go
to the museum this afternoon...
when he had told us he's going
to Oakland, on business?
- Oh, he did that, did he?
- Yeah! I followed him.
I've had a hunch all along he was just
using us to do the dirty work!
Go tell Mr. Perez I wanna see him.
- Now?
- Yeah. Now!
What's the use
of putting things off?
Say I've got something
very important to say to him.
- What is it?
- Joe's got something to tell ya.
- Says it's important.
- Later, later.
- The young Englishman may be here at any minute.
- Well, I'll let him in.
I wouldn't keep
Joe waiting too long.
You know how nervous he gets.
You, uhYou have a message for me?
- Sure.
- Well, what is it? We can't waste time like this.
How did you like
the museum this afternoon?
I was gonna tell you
about that, Joe.
I made a detailed plan
of the crown room.
It should prove very helpful to us.
Hand it over.
I said hand it over.
You're makin' a mistake, Joe.
I arranged with the Englishman
to come here tonight.
As soon as he's out of the way,
then you can proceed.
- Gimme the map.
- You'll find it's complete.
- Even to the location of the light beams.
- Thanks.
What's the matter with you, Joe?
Have you
- Have you gone crazy?
- Try to double-cross me, will ya?
No, no.
I wouldn't do that, Joe.
Don't, Joe. Don't.
- Don't. Don't, Joe.
- I guess you had to learn sometime.
240. I say, do you realize
where we are?
- What an amazing coincidence!
- Perhaps "contrivance" would be a more suitable word.
- Would it? Why?
- I will ask you a question.
- Who directed you to this place?
- A nice old gentleman I met in the museum.
- He broke my camera. We made an appointment to replace it.
- Oh, so?
- He's outside now, and Moto's with him.
- Yeah?
Do you understand that
you are the only person...
who can identify that gangster
who stole the armored car?
- Yes.
- This is undoubtedly their rendezvous.
- Wh-What?
- Taxi!
The Fremont Museum, please. Quickly!
Get the car.
Looks awfully dark.
I don't think there's anybody here.
- What do you want?
- I'm Mr. Moto, of the International Police.
We wish to come in.
My business is urgent.
- Oh, yes. I remember you. You were here this afternoon.
- That's correct.
So were you.
Come in.
Bad night. I suppose
you want to see the curator.
- Professor Hildebrand is here?
- Oh, yes. He just came in.
He'll be glad to see you.
He's got the jitters about that crown.
May I suggest that you notify the police
to have the museum watched?
I suspect there will be an attempt
to steal the crown tonight.
Yes, sir. I will, sir. Just as soon as
I show you to the curator's office.
Thank you.
I know the way.
Look out!
What is it?
Footprints, byJove!
You're very perceptive,
Mr. Featherstone.
I say, Mr. Moto
- Do you really wish to be of assistance?
- You bet your boots I do.
Then come with me, over there.
Station yourself right here.
I can trust no one else.
Remain silent
and inconspicuous and watch.
- Stay here, don't show myself, and watch.
- That's correct.
Mr. Moto, i-if I do see anything,
what shall I do?
Inform me immediately.
I shall be in the curator's office.
- I may enter?
- Mr. Moto, what are you doing here?
I wish to see Professor
Hildebrand, please.
- He's playing chess with Mr. Manderson.
- Oh, so?
- I'll tell him you're here.
- Please.
Right this way, please.
- You didn't expect me to move
that knight, did you?
- An infantile play.
- Good evening.
This is a surprise, Mr. Moto.
We are kind of, uh...
keeping vigil, as you might say.
Excuse me.
Your move.
Oh, leave me alone. I can't play chess
with these constant interruptions.
Forgive the intrusion, gentlemen...
but I have some sad news.
- Whatever do you mean?
- The news is for Mr. Manderson.
I regret to inform you that your servant,
Wong, is dead.
- What are you talking about?
- He was killed uh, less than an hour ago.
Ki Do you mean, murdered?
Yes. He was stabbed
with a desk knife.
What? I can't believe it, Mr. Moto.
How did it happen?
Poor faithful Wong.
Have the police
been notified, Mr. Moto? L
I- I must call them at once!
I understand that my news is a shock,
Mr. Manderson.
Yes. But how did you find it out, Mr. Moto?
Hello, operator?
H- How did you find it out?
Where did it happen?
Hello. Oper Op
What is the matter with
this infernal thing? Hello?
Someone deprived this instrument
of all utility.
I don't understand any of this.
If, Mr. Moto, as you say, you're out to catch this,
uh, legendary Metaxa person...
you are no more
on holiday than I am.
Perhaps I have the busman's
conception of a holiday.
It's preposterous.
The scoundrel's been dead for years.
Please accept my assurance
that Metaxa is, uh, abundantly alive...
conducting his existence
right here in San Francisco.
I don't believe it.
Uh, do you really think
he'll try to steal the crown?
Assuredly. A man with
Metaxa's psychosis...
will be unable
to resist the impulse.
Then it must have been he
who cut the telephone wires!
Good heavens!
He might be here, now, in the museum.
- Why don't you call the police?
- Oh, no.
I have journeyed a long way
to find Metaxa, and...
I do not wish to give
him cause for alarm.
Alarm. ByJupiter! I've forgotten
all about the alarm system.
Gentlemen, we have no real problem.
The beam system, then,
is in working order?
You may bet your shirt
on that, Mr. Moto.
- I set it myself before dinner.
- Well, you're certain this time?
Of course I am.
I don't make
a mistake twice, Manderson.
But to satisfy you, I'll show you.
What? I-It's ruined!
- Completely ruined!
- Yep. Someone did a thorough job of it.
Now we must tell the police.
Hello. Hello. Give me the poli
What? Wha Oh!
- Uh, come with me. I'll notify the guard.
- Professor Hildebrand!
Come quickly! There's a man lying
on the floor out there.
- I think he's dead.
- What?
- Where?
- Here.
- Why, it's Mr. Featherstone.
- Yes. He came in with me.
- Uh, well, is he alive?
- Indeed yes.
Purely a temporary concussion.
Uh, Susan, did you see anything?
Why, I heard a noise, looked out,
and saw him lying here.
Then I distinctly heard
someone running away.
And from what direction
did that sound proceed?
- Right from the doorway, there.
- Oh, so?
I'll get my first aid kit.
Mr. Stevens.
May I ask what you are doing here?
I might ask you the same question.
I came by to pick up Miss French.
Wh-What's happened?
Oh, this is a lot of tomfoolery.
Can't you call a doctor for that boy?
There's nothing the matter with Mr. Featherstone
that an aspirin cannot cure.
Mr. Stevens, would you be
of material assistance...
by carrying him into the office?
He's coming to.
- Who struck you, my friend?
- Me... taxa.
Metaxa is in America.
One golden rule to follow: Never
Hildebrand, what are you standing there for?
Wh-What are you waiting for?
Why don't you call the watchman?
- Yes.
- I think it would be more desirable...
were we to ask Mr. Stevens to come into
the inner office for a little chat?
Me? Am I right in assuming
that you think I socked Featherstone?
- Step inside, please.
- Yes. Yes!
Be so kind as to tell me
when he recovers.
Don't make a sound.
Where is the switch to the alarm system?
- You have nothing to fear if you tell me.
- Why
It's on the other side of the desk.
You'll have to let me get over there.
Go on!
- I warn you, do not attempt to mislead me.
- Oh, I wouldn't.
Then where is it?
Under the carpet. There's a spring on the floor.
- Where?
- There.
- I see nothing.
- You have to roll back the carpet.
- You show me.
- I can't.
It's right in front of you.
I can't see it!
Mr. Moto!
Mr. Moto!
Congratulations, Miss French.
And Mr. Stevens.
Why, i-it's Borodoff.
Oh, well, what does it mean?
- Is he Metaxa?
- He tried to find out where the alarm switch was.
- Uh-huh. Your Bolshevik. - Borodoff is
a criminal, but not of Metaxa's standard.
He and his partner are well-known
to the French and English police...
and, uh, until a few months ago,
they operated in Shanghai.
His accomplice is known
to all of you as Miss Eleanor Kirke.
I- II don't know what it all means.
Now, if this man isn't Metaxa,
and Stevens
But there are many other criminals,
Professor, who covet those jewels.
For instance, that gangster
Joe Rubla and his associates?
Well, any fool could see that, Mr. Moto.
But what about Metaxa?
Yes, Mr. Moto. Now, have you changed
your opinion, or do you still believe...
- that Metaxa will come here tonight?
- He's here now, Professor.
- In this room.
- What?
What on earth do you mean?
You see, last night, Wong chanced
to discover Metaxa's identity.
He arranged a meeting with me
in order to collect the reward...
without endangering himself.
But, uh, Metaxa guessed
his intention, and...
uh, stabbed him before
I reached the rendezvous.
Fortunately, however,
before he died...
he was able to reveal
Metaxa's alias.
Professor Hildebrand,
will you be so kind...
as to accompany me
to police headquarters?
Oh, yes, yes. Of course What?
Why, this is outrageous!
I had nothing to do with this, nothing!
I refuse to go with you.
Oh, so? In that case,
I feel we must use persuasion.
Mr. Stevens, please guard Professor Hildebrand
and Monsieur Borodoff...
until I arrange for
an official arrest?
And do not hesitate to
use this if necessary.
How dare you! I'm Roger
Chauncey Hildebrand.
You all know me!
This accusation's monstrous!
- Gentlemen, the case is closed.
- Mr. Moto, congratulations.
I shall see you all later, at Headquarters.
I believe he's Metaxa! I say, sir, would you
pose for a candid portrait exclusively tomorrow?
- Certainly not!
- Hildebrand...
if you're really the scoundrel
who killed Wong, I
Excuse me, I want to call
a cab and make arrangements...
for Wong's funeral.
- What are you waiting for?
- There's somebody in there!
Hey, somebody's in the vault now.
Reach for it! Get down
out of there and keep those hands high!
- Hey, we ain't done nothin'.
- No!
The guy you want's inside now
lifting the crown.
- Aw, save that malarkey.
- Look for yourself!
Say, Moto gave us a good tip.
This mug is Joe Rubla, all right.
Yeah? We have got ourselves somethin'.
Come on.
One moment, Mr. Manderson.
I regret that I must ask you
to put down your weapon.
I trust you will not be so foolhardy
as to attempt escape.
Escape? From you? My dear Moto,
I know your reputation far too well.
You may drop your
characterization now, Mr. Metaxa.
Oh, yes. Uh, may I have the crown,
if you please?
You are very clever, Mr. Moto. I flattered myself
that I had completely hidden my identity...
but I see that my sense
of security was false.
Please remain where you are.
It would be most distasteful to me...
should I be obliged to shoot you.
- Excellent makeup, Mr. Metaxa.
- Thank you.
Perhaps you would be
so kind as to remove it...
so that I might acquaint myself
with your true appearance?
Certainly, Mr. Moto.
It will be a relief to be rid of it.
I understand.
My particular aversion is beards.
They itch.
And now, Mr. Moto, would
you have the courtesy...
of explaining to me just how
you came to suspect me?
Gladly. Your trusted servant Wong
appeared to have some secret from you.
- Yes.
- The daring manner in which you killed him...
- was characteristic of Metaxa.
- So you invented that story of Wong's death speech.
Oh, yes. He was quite dead
when I found him.
Your generous contribution to
the funds of the expedition...
was a shrewd investment
also, I have...
great admiration for
your infinite patience...
but you made one simple
mistake, Mr. Metaxa.
- How so?
- When you returned here tonight...
your wet shoes left their mark
on the museum floor.
- What is so unusual about that?
- Nothing, except the footprints were the firm stride...
of a healthy man
until they reached the curator's office...
where they suddenly, and most conveniently,
developed a decided limp.
You are most ingenious, Mr. Moto.
It was stupid of me not to have seen through
your false accusation of Hildebrand.
- What's going on here?
- Get back there!
- My antiquities! My mummies!
- My goodness!
Mr. Moto needs me!
I am coming, Mr. Moto!
- What's the matter, sir?
- Turn on the lights!
- Watch this man.
- What?
And now, Mr. Metaxa,
if you have no more tricks to play...
- perhaps you will capitulate?
- Do you need any help, Mr. Moto?
Thank you, not now.
But you may see that
Professor Hildebrand is released.
- What's this? Another one, Mr. Moto?
- Yes, Sergeant.
This is the real Metaxa.
Show him special attention, please.
You will find a Mr. Borodoff
under guard in the museum.
He will make a fourth,
should they wish to play bridge.
Oh, Mr. Stevens! May I suggest
that you place the crown in safe hands...
until the alarm system is repaired?
Don't worry, Mr. Moto.
I'll take care of it!
I'm awfully sorry
I dropped it, Mr. Moto.
Oh, well. Perhaps I was not meant
to have a vacation.