Mr. & Ms. Rowdy (2019) Movie Script

What isthat? uh!
Sideline them.
Flirting at the age for studies?
( Overjoyed )
lwill throw him out ofthe play.
Please run fast.
Folks, you howl high and end the story
Flee away from here!
All are Lalettan Fans,
Friend, please do not beat us
I doubt, it was a fan show.
Here they are!
Ah, it was you ?
They are of my team.
Otherwise, you will have to
beat and nullify me
Come along.
This work has come after a prolonged wait.
What more is there ?
Rs. 50, 000 was lost in this (Annoyed)
Money is money, can't replace.
Do you know something ?
But, we will've to starve
Oh ! That is a routinething.
lam not kidding.
Better not to take up
a deal that demands fasting
Others have differentjobs
Who would do fasting ?
Higher the 'Boss' too.
brothers and sisters,
To speak a few things to you,
Inviting him to the stage!
What is it? You go.
This factory, being an obsolete one,
Tragedy !
Please rectify,
if there is anything wrong.
Poor guy. He is tired of eating.
Truly tired of eating bananas
We will get hot porottas and beef from
Mathayichettan's hotel. " Interesting "
It would stop once I get up.
lam sharing with you people,
You could come when l was preparing.
Brother, Heard complaints that
you are not keeping up the time
Are you a Magistrate to
receive complaints ?
to get us to the progress.
It is because there is no one
to pitch him off the track
Who are they ?
Any political affiliates ?
or will take up studies.
They live their life playing trickery.
Of Course yes !
Dear Sadanandan chettan, ( Brother)
Once up on atime,
Even we have been hearing the
same for some years
His heirs are holding elite
positions in gulf
Dear ones,
He himselfdrinks tea from
the shop near by.
You were all mocking at my speech, right?
See their happiness,
for shutting down an institution
to directthem from behind
but also for a majority of
youth at this place.
There exist a rift between
him and Varghese Mapla
He found Varghese Mapla having snatched
his house and property
They have opened it up with me.
the support of youngsters like you
I can pay you only when | get money.
Finally, we were able to shut it down.
How it goes, you dance classes ?
itself is too high for me to afford
Go away Mom ( Playfully)
You do not have to
cease any of your good habits
Applying heat for two times
will give good results
Apply this Rasnadi Powder on your head
(A traditional medicine)
Ailments related to water
goes off instantly.
for not getting an alliance
for her daughter
Might be she expressed her sorrow.
You have given me a son
Everyone leaves home
butaJuvenile home.
Whatever, you were not taken
there for a balmy sojourn
How come you can? Father has nose
dived his business into a loss
Move off
Otherwise, he would've married me.
Who has given her a spouse?
What did you say? " Nothing!
lam leaving "
You have been maintaining it till now
You could easily come to a conclusion
It is not about forgetting or disowning it
As ages moves on,
When John rang up, he said
l have a good idea.
lam pondering over
how to get my sister married.
Now then,
shower all the blame on me.
Though stupid,
they will do it for a petty cash
Might be to seek
donations for Panchayat.
What is wrong with them?
Why ? Is it an
Aadi month discount?
You come here.
Among these, you appearto be a
sensible person for me to explain
Coconut! Having a bad
time. Can't predict.
lwant you all to tear off
all those postures.
This shirt belongs to a ward member
Leave it if you are scared.
Tell us what the matter is.
He is here to talk about some work right?
" Offered Rs. 2000 for tearing off..
These kind of low-key affairs
have fetched us all the existing bad names
That is true.
l have a sisterto get married.
ls quotation a fairjob for it?
Will definitely come for your
marriage, Leaving now.
Then you had your complex at its high.
It is been for long
We can only deal with
petty issues here.
Please realize the truth.
Why do you follow me?
By bank, he meant ATM card.
What if we break his hands and legs?
What is it?
Worth what?
Can't break one's
hands and legs for Rs. 10, 000.
Better you stop your com pany with Rose
This is her fathers quotation
Your dirty hairdo!
My brother was on the call.
He was in love
with Finance Mamachan's daughter.
They want to abscond it seems
Do not simply try to get her out
We have been through
similar situations before.
lam Appu, Pachu's friend.
Whatthe hell are you cooking up with him?
She says that
he is a big Fashion Photographer.
Is it in this exageration, she
fell for you ?
Might be.
You ? No! Please help me out.
His people are following me.
On the day she gets out,
you should get us our baggages.
See, our's is the major part.
Why have you kept
the bags in a different place?
lfthe plan fails,
You should somehow bring herto the lodge.
Pachu, Superb Planning!
Will she be there on time?
Might be.
Banana ?
Why are you late?
Where is Pachu?
He is there inside.
Call you while I am
returning with the bag. Be careful.
What is our next plan?
Let's have a drink.
A coward shouldn't be doing this job
Cut the call.
Hey, girl!
(Puts her inside the car)
I will comeback
after getting herto an hospital
Please listen to me.
Smells something fishy.
Since you were unconscious,
thought of getting you to a hospital
What are you doing inside ?
Things are out of control here.
I will deal it further.
You do one thing.
Get them their bags
We will come now.
Poornima, Palluruthi.
lam a Panchayat member, Tomy!
Why is your lips injured ?
Where is your house at Palluruthi ?
What is your house name ?
You will be let free in no time
It is because,
you know nothing about this vehicle.
Small bird it is. It flies.
Won't it run ?
We will find a way,
One minute please.
Do you know the girl there?
You inform at her house.
Then, ok.
Call me if there is anything urgent.
He let us leave only because Jeevan
sir recommended.
Think they are the girl's people.
Let us scoot.
Greetings Sir,
The girl's mom has come.
Skip your drama and clear out
with your daughter. I can't!
There are people who trap girls,
That is why asked.
I say, "Leave the place with
your daughter".
She is her step-mother.
Her father is a usesless.
Take her. Didn't I
tell you that I can't?
This is the otherthing, Business!
What happened?
We do not know what the matter is ?
Only she was there when we reached.
She will not listen to me, sis.
Is it not time for everyone to go?
Either leave with your love or die.
Mom, Poor sister, please let her in.
Mom, not my mistake.
Open the door please.
I did not do anything wrong.
lam innocent.
Didn't I sent you out yesterday?
Let everything turn into ashes.
Please Mom, lwill go.
He does not know how to behave.
What? Of Docomo ?
We will land on a deal.
Give us some money, we would go.
It is rotating.
See, Domini!
lam not coming. His
com plex is working out.
He is so tough.
Nothing, regarding cash..
No, I will deal the rest.
You fear only those having
moustache, right?
Today, we are in a hurry.
No hurry.
Please be seated.
All is Ok?
10% will do ?
25 % of it.
No more discussions on it.
Have it. Like throwing
away the feed for dogs.
We will have this
and stay here today.
Some other day, in a hurry today.
Ok then.
They are all friends.
Hello Sir, myselfAndappan.
We have lived 2 years underthe same
roof. But see the difference.
lwill drop you.
To add on,
Can't you come to church
With whom are you being so obstinate ?
Ajourney without any aim
You will find a lot of hard times in life.
Got it?
You start your bike.
(Getting down from bike)
You speak as if
lam the sole problem.
Give me thejob of Sacristan to me.
Can you do it?
OthenNise also, the job of a Sacristan
I guess you know the level of nasty things
some of them do behind this holy dress
at least till the problems settle down.
he would burn this house.
It is when we are all on fire,
she is seeking vegetables
His father is feverish for the past 3 days.
Oh! You arrived son ?
I've been asking you to buy
things since 4 O'clock
lam full now, Mom.
Oh, he is bringing in eatables.
She has not eaten for 3 days.
Even if I believe your story,
I will somehow
convince Mom and will return home.
Too hot it is.
I tried my maximum to convince.
Can't forget that l have a son
of 25 years old.
please find some other way out.
What nonsense are you talking ?
She doesn't have anyone else,
that is why
What if she has come
after indulging in any mischief
Get me her Mom's number,
It is for my school picnic.
l've arranged Rs. 800.
Mom will come to know
when you pay her the rent
Nothing ? OK then!
Let us see.
Why are you here ?
We have not met and we don't
know each other as well.
You should leave
from here right now.
(Trying to get inside)
You are trapped, I know.
But why should I too be a part ?
We have played superior games before.
I don't have anything to loose.
When did this happen ?
Zip your mouth.
Wakethem up,
they are happily sleeping.
If anything happens to her at night,
we will be hung.
lam not coming.
(Next day morning)
I do not know where the bus stop is.
If you can't drop me,
that is OK. I will ask anyone and go.
But you should give me the money.
My only confidence to take
bath was that you were sleeping.
Did any of us know what yet would come?
We were doing everything
to help him out, right?
In fact, I had sensed a problem
when you all celebrated yesterday.
She has taken only Rs.100 ?
Then she will definitely come back.
This may be an entertainment for you.
She would understand it and
the problem would be solved.
without knowing
to deal a petty issue like this ?
Let them enter, we will wait outside
So, what am I supposed to do ?
(Screams aloud)
(He runs out from the house)
Stop there!
What do you do?
A small psychic problem.
Forgot to take.
Adhar Card will do ?
Give me the Adhar Card.
Why both of your addresses
are different ?
This can't be right.
Sorry, Can't give.
There is no vacant room here.
Plan foiled! Because,
We can ask father,
You keep mum.
Will kill you and dip you in river.
ljust wanted you to make an
inquiry at Nun's Home.
He meant that he has seen you coming
out afterthe mass.
Sabha stopped such things.
get her home.
lwill baptize her and get
her married to you.
Father, Your speech will not sell here, OK?
( Beat him )
I can't help you out in this case.
We meant, We are trapped.
She will not give it even if we ask.
We are facing a big problem.
Sir, you are the owner of an Ad agency.
Aren't you?
Sure Sir.
Stay ?
We will find a way out.
Thank you Sir.
What is there to ask?
When I felt hungry, I ate it.
In short, you've got an overall idea.
But, you haven't even told your name yet.
Did not ask you.
Grass ?
Do you smoke grass ?
Do you chop hands and legs ?
No, he has gone out.
We've come to meet you.
Are you studying ?
.. Yes ..
You can darely stay here.
Appuetan is sweet.
thinking not to live in a lonely place,
Appu had a mother and a sister.
She was a dumb.
One day, Appu started fighting
with other children
since one ofthem made fun of his sister.
She died.
It was a shock for him.
He then got out for a fair retaliation.
Appu and his friends were
punished by the court.
Appu, heard that you have
taken over a smart girl.
Enough of relaxing.
Let me sight an idea? Can we lodge
a complaint in police station?
You move from Verandato the bed .
She can't be over smart.
We only know the difficulties faced by us.
From tommorrow, you should keep
the keys in a common place.
What if it can't be given ?
What have you thought about me?
l have even killed a person.
Wantto know anything more?
Is there any point in asking these things
to you?
You saw right?, a mother who performs like
Bhadrakali (Tempered version of goddess)
This is a knife I found out from here,
after a long search
Get up! this is my coat.
You may wish so.
But, never ever it is going to materialize.
So, even if you chop body
parts or kill anyone,
You have spoiled my life.
all the money spent on me, along
with interest.
Be silent!
Can't bare her anymore.
Lower your voice.
Till now, we were speaking to her in a
good manner.
Do not unadress a goddess like her.
Leavethem alone.
This is the last resort.
(They fight)
Too heavy he is.
Fix it.
Damn hungrylam!
lam hungry, need Rs.100.
This itself.
Here is the parcel.
Rs. 150
Who ?
Anila Textiles,
Mobile Recharge,
Please pass this bill as well.
Can I suggest a superfine idea to win
over her?
What an appetite yaar?
She is bettering her body.
Stop the vehicle.
Move to this side.
Get down.
No trip today.
l have told you many times...
Now, police would get hold of you.
Don't know when else would we meet.
( Hallabaloo)
To call, lam not yourfather or
husband either.
Public say that, " You are my set up",
lam 100 % forit.
Not that,
I doubt whether I can accompany her
for all these.
You can send her with courage.
(Nodding head)
Send her out.
Should we interrupt?
See you tom orrow.
She is my everything.
Can't you hear yourfather calling ?
Can't you go?
Do not put me in peril in the name of
being my biological father.
I made a mistake.
Can you give me Rs. 500 ?
lwill go.
Did you hear ?
You want to beat me, Don't you ?
Somebody is coming.
Pay him.
The fate of a Rowdy leader!
This isjust a hairline fracture
demanding two weeks's rest.
Is it?
I didn't know.
We are observing the changes you show
after a girl came in.
Can you all just leave ?
See you soon !
Go inside!
Get out, will you ?
I know that yourfate would be
to die of someone's stab.
Dance was nice.
Shall we go again?
Just asked since I heard new items.
What is this ?
Dirt going viral ?
No one respects us.
You go and beg at some Pooraparamba.
(A ground where festivals take place)
This is your problem.
bring tension to the public.
" Asif is not bad ".
Market ?
education and wisdom !
We should create a mess at markets.
She is mad.
She is talking crap.
For that, someone has to provide us
At the junction.
Ah ! At thejunction !
The public's attitude towards you
would change.
Can't we arrange a fight at the junction ?
Go man!
Now, let us get a shower as well.
We are not capable to contest them even
for a fun.
So, they will match us.
So, I'm notjoining you.
We will deal it ourselves since you
are not well.
You sit here as a part of your ego.
This has been blown out of proportion.
go and attack them.
Pulimurugan was made keeping
this as reference.
What is this, a rubber ball ?
Do not fall.
Originality ?
Beatthem up.
Beat everyone, care nothing.
encountered this with courage.
Police is here.
Into the vehicle.
Their show is at the junction.
She is our marketing manager.
Let us move.
You know, when we
were confronting them
Sl proclaimed that he will not allow
at the righttime,
sister caught a vehicle and sent us here.
I had told you not to trust her.
Now then, we have lost the
existing image as well.
Herfoul ldea.
If you didn't trust me at all,
why did you come to the
junction and peep at us ?
The problem is notwith my idea
We are under the watch list of police.
Shall we start a new business ?
If we can buy it, it will be a good
Will get it for4 lakhs.
That is a good ldea.
What is it?
lwas dreaming of me being the conductor.
We've just started,
just our first day right?
even after owning a car?
Please excuse us for a last time ?
We are loosers in life, let us
win in this atleast.
I expected this while
sending you out for it.
Are you counting stars when
earth is on fire ?
lam not able to face mother
What is that we can do ?
Not even a lucky chap for the ones with me.
What is this ?
l have not sent his mother
if anything is left,
He shouldn't come to know
about my condition.
l payed back all the debts.
he had developed some
misunderstanding about me.
It is time for me to return this.
You should start a new life.
Good comrades you are!
Where were you ?
Appu, lthinkthe bus was the
end of our problems.
He wanted me to take you there,
That's all I know.
lnfact, we were waiting for such a deal.
to finish off your sister's killer.
Asif, why do you speak like this ?
You take up the work. ljust meant that
lam notjoining.
| feel that this not good for us.
This is the cost I shall incur,
fortrusting him.
Asif, let us notjump into a conclusion.
Let us think and decide.
Don't be so generous to me.
That is why i spoke so.
That is why I am insisting to...
This 5 lakhs quotation would be
to kill someone, right?
Ne need to kill.
You just have to bring a person here.
Pachu told me everything.
We take up your quotation.
Have we tried hard to get rid of her
from his house?
We do not have to go deep into it.
Can you alone decide it?
Damn it!
Sister is good.
Yes, she is.
Camefrom somewhere, And leaving now.
I will not allow this.
Then you inform them.
Stop it, Move !
Yes! How am | related to her ?
A girl from somwhere.
Suhara is our little sister, grown with
us since our childhood.
This beggar will not say.
You could've send her out earlier itself,
if you wanted.
We have been together forthe
past 10- 5 years.
But I am not a cruel to conduct it,
Till our last breath,
Sister, it is not a joke.
during a seminar conducted at my college.
Since, there was a scope to get
ajob in his channel,
lwill drop you.
Seeing the documents shown by Sir,
What service ?
You have not been in danger, Have you ?
more of the models from
is mostly seen
A trick to attrack clients.
Good looking, upcoming models's
pictures are uploaded
But Sir, how will | .. ?
Moreover, this is for a social cause.
I had found out aboutthe Ad agency
Most ofthem are been trapped.
They have supply in big cities as well.
But, he did not pick the call.
When are we airing our News ?
That is not an easy task.
We decided not to airthe story for now.
I found Abraham Sir with Jeevan George.
lcalled up Abraham Sir
I also possess the copies of
evidences you have.
We didn't do anything deliberately.
Please trust me.
He will not restarin himself from
doing nasty things.
Do you know what he said,
Who are you?
What do you want?
Come on.
" Do not touch them ".
Do not make me speak infront of this girl.
You yourself should find a solution for it.
Come on!
Please advice him.
Let his family disintegrate.
I never knew that they were in love.
can be replicated in numbers and
stored anywhere.
So, getting the documents does not
solve the problem.
You would've understood her boldness
without even said.
get hold of her.
The fact that she was with them for long
But, will they make it for a com promise
talk ?
Oh here ?
Didn't you see a person wearing
green shirt ? Come there.
Pachu gota call and...
I didn't know thatAppu and the girl
were in love.
So, the evidence
should come to me.
They scoot on fear.
Can we trust them ?
They should come at a place that | suggest.
What is it?
" Start the vehicle, we say! "
I want to make sure that I will not have
I will call her.
If a random girl comes and utter crap,
Yes ! We are here for a compromise.
So, Let her stay here and you leave.
The problem can't be solved, even if
take her.
I would get scared for you
having ajournalist with you ?
Girls are even more a powerful weapon
than money.
"Leave her here and go! "
I should get her as such.
If known earlier,
I wouldn't have taken up this as well,
I will not leave a trace of you, if
anything happens to him.
You finish off your work.
We'll take care of this.
Facebook Live ?
I will co-operate with you.
lcould open up
lam opening them up with you.
The models who have enrolled themselves
in Ad Land,
were been intimidated and used by the gang.
Chief Minister ordered to
that too, a big shot like Jeevan George ?
We learn that you did the investigation
with the help of a quotation team ?
That is quiet unethical. Isn't it?
I had to face a lot
of challenges.
we had to use many such methods.
These discussions would fade away
in some time.
To him, the one who deceited
him is Abraham Mathew.
(TV interview at the background)
Abraham thanking the Media Colleagues.
Then, It was gifted to me by an
altruistic person,
You have the man power.
Out of pleasure.. !
" Stitch broken ?
You can't stay with Appu anymore.
damage is for the thorn.
lwill never disturb you.
It was my situation..
I will ensure that your names
do not fall in black list.
I didn't have money, so took him here.