Mr. Nobody (2009) Movie Script

Like most living creatures,
the pigeon quickly associates
the pressing of a lever with reward.
But when a timer releases the seal
automatically every 20 seconds,
the pigeon wonders,
"What did I do
to deserve this?"
If it was flapping
its wings at the time,
it will continue to flap
convinced that its actions
have a decisive influence
on what happens.
We call this
"pigeon superstition."
What did I do
to deserve this?
How's it been going
since the last time?
- Do I know you?
- We see each other every week.
I'm Dr. Feldheim.
- And who are you?
- Nobody.
Nemo Nobody.
That's an unusual name,
don't you think?
people call me Mr. Craft.
Can't Remember
A Fucking Thing.
What was the first question
I asked you?
- I don't know.
- Can you tell me how old you are?
I'm 34.
I was born in 1975.
Would you mind
looking at your hands?
You don't have to
if you don't want to.
There's a mirror
in front of you.
No. I...
What year is this?
I'm 34.
I was born
February 9th, 1975.
So I guess, it must be
your birthday.
I'm 34.
I'm 34!
I've got to wake up!
I've got to wake up!
Don't, Nemo.
Sun hurts my eyes.
Hey, buddy.
Good morning, my little angels.
- Time for school, okay?
- Hmm.
Come on.
Elise, I'm gonna
take the kids to school.
- Paul, keep it down.
- My name's not Paul.
Paul, don't wake your father.
It's me, Jean.
- Am I dead?
- Go back and play Paul.
- Who's Elise?
- I don't know anyone called Elise.
You're so tired, Nemo.
You need to rest.
I'll turn the television
on for you.
I'm going inside...
- The sun hurts my eyes.
- What?
The sun hurts my eyes.
Nemo, your friends are here.
Hello, Nemo.
How are you feeling today?
Do you know who I am?
We're all very worried about you, Nemo.
Everyone wants you be back in the office soon.
Mrs. Nobody.
This is Julian Marshall.
Live from New New York hospital,
where we're going to see the final episode
in our series, "The Last Mortals"
Mr. Nobody is 117 years old
and he has not been telemorized!
Nor does he have one of these
marvelous stem-cell compatible pigs.
Live on WWB,
Mr. Nobody will be the last man
on Earth to die of old-age.
- Mr. Nobody...
- The Last Mortal.
The last mortal.
Now, Doctor,
no trace of his identity has been
found on the National Records.
Nothing about his past.
We do not know
who Mr. Nobody is.
Neither does he.
Our patient's memories
are confused,
but it is not unusual
at his certain stage of illness...
for very old memories
to re-emerge in great detail.
Let's try something new.
I'm thinking
of an old technique.
I can't promise anything.
Maybe snatches of memory
will come back.
Maybe nothing will happen.
Are you willing to try?
You are very relaxed.
You hear only my voice.
Your eyelids
are getting heavy.
Your arms and legs
are getting heavy.
I'm going
to count to three.
When I say three...
you will be asleep.
the day you came here.
You're sleeping.
Remember even further back.
When I say three...
I can remember
a long time ago...
Long before my birth.
I was whizzing with those
who were not yet born.
When we're not born yet,
we know everything.
Everything that's will happen.
When it's your time,
the angels of Oblivion
place a finger on your mouth.
It leaves a mark
on the upper lip.
It means that
you have forgotten everything.
But the angels missed me.
Then you have to find
a daddy and a mummy.
It's not easy to choose.
Blond and blue eyed.
It's all I'm asking.
It would be nice to the little one
not to be all alone.
You stay here.
It's normal to think about babies
when you reach a certain age.
Well, for women at least.
- It's the meaning of life...
- Of life. I had not finished yet, darling.
It's the meaning of life.
It's not
that we want a kid.
But we slept together.
- It's an important experience.
- It's an important experience, yeah.
I think it would help my husband
if we had a child.
We'd call him George.
Right, George?
We had a dog, but he died.
In the end, I chose them
because the lady smelled nice
and the man said...
Well, I can tell you
how we met.
It was meant to be.
Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect?
Once upon a time,
there was a daddy and a mommy
named "The Daddy"
and "The Mommy".
They found a cute little baby
and called it
"The Cute Little Baby".
The little baby was born there.
He was born that day,
and not another.
His daddy and his mummy
live at number seven.
Everything you see exists.
We can see it.
I can see Mummy's eyes.
But I can't see my eyes.
The little baby can see his hands,
but he can not see himself.
So, does he really exist?
Do I really exist?
# Eenie meenie minie mo #
# Catch a baby by the toe #
# If he squeals let him go #
# Eenie meenie minie mo #
# My mother told me
to pick the very best one #
# And you are it #
The Mummy has a brush for her hair
and lipstick for her lips.
She smells good.
The Daddy has a watch
and hair in his arm.
The watch goes "tick-tock".
If the baby falls,
the mother claps her hands.
She says, "Bravo."
Why am I me,
and not someone else?
And so, high fresher fronts
moving in tomorrow.
It will bring clear skies
for the whole weekend.
So, get those barbecues out.
Why do we remember the past,
but not the future?
When you ask Mummy,
she says,
- "Stop asking why."
- Stop asking why.
- "It's complicated."
- It's complicated.
It's okay,
I'm--I'm a journalist.
The hospital won't allow interviews.
I just like to ask you a few questions.
A friend of mine's a nurse here.
She helped me get in.
What time is it?
Where did you get that?
I borrowed it
from the University Museum.
But it still works.
I've got nothing
to say to you.
- I'm...
- I'm Mr. Nobody.
The man who doesn't exist.
Do you remember what the world was like
before quasi-immortality?
- What?
- Telemorization.
Endless renewal of cells.
What was it like
when humans were mortal?
There were cars
that polluted.
We smoked cigarettes.
We ate meat.
We did everything we can do
in this dump and it was wonderful.
Most of the time,
nothing happened...
like a French movie.
And sexually?
Before sex became obsolete?
We screwed!
was always screwing.
We fell in love.
We fell in love.
What time is it?
What was there
before the Big Bang?
Well, you see,
there was no before because
before the Big Bang,
Time did not exist
Time is a result of
the expansion of Universe itself,
but what will happen when
the Universe has finished expanding...
and the movement
is reversed?
What will be
the nature of time?
If String Theory is correct,
the Universe possesses
nine spatial dimensions,
and one temporal dimension.
Now we can imagine that
in the beginning,
all the dimensions
were twisted together
and during the Big Bang,
three spatial dimensions,
the ones that we know as
height, width and depth,
and one temporal dimension,
what we know as time, were deployed.
The other six remained miniscule,
wound up together.
Now, if we live in a Universe
of wound dimensions,
how do we distinguish
illusion and reality?
Time, as we know it, is
a dimension we experience
only in one direction.
But what if one of the additional
dimensions wasn't spatial,
but temporal?
If you mix the mashed potatoes
and sauce,
you can't separate them later.
It's forever.
The smoke comes out
of Daddy's cigarette,
but it never goes back in.
We cannot go back.
That's why
it's hard to choose.
You have to make
the right choice.
As long as you don't choose,
everything remains possible.
- Hello, Nemo.
- Hello, Anna.
- Hi, Nemo.
- Hello, Elise.
- Hello, Nemo.
- Hello, Jean.
For as much as Anna and Nemo
have consented together in holy wedlock,
and have witnessed the same
before God and this company.
For as much as Elise and Nemo have
consented together in holy wedlock...
Jean and Nemo
have joined themselves...
I pronounce that they be
husband and wife together...
Those who God has joined together,
no one can separate...
Daddy says you can predict exactly
when Mars will be in the sky,
even in 100 years.
But the funny thing is,
that daddy does not know
what will happen to him
two minutes from now.
That's not possible, no one knows the future.
That's I, I remember it.
You remember the past, not the future.
Believe me. I can.
Sometimes things happen and I'm feeling
that they have already happened before.
Well, that's deja vu.
It happens to everyone from time to time.
No! It's because of the Angels of Oblivion!
They did not put their finger on me!
Come on!
Get it! Grab on!
One, two...
Should Mr. Nobody be allowed
to die a natural death?
Should his existence be artificially
prolonged? Make your vote now!
Press X for artificial prolongation,
press 0 to let nature run its course.
We'll be back after this!
You too can take a valley
vocation on Mars.
Book before the Union
and save 16,000 inits.
Okay, Anna, let's go.
Then, the Daddy and the Mummy
kissed all day long.
So, Nemo, have you
made up your mind?
Do you want to come with me?
Or do you want to stay with your father?
I'm sorry,
I-I don't understand.
Did you stay with your father
or go with your mother?
- Daddy, is it my fault?
- Of course not.
It's my fault.
I can give you a good deal
on this type of shoe lace.
A very good deal.
It's time to wake up, darling.
And guess what?
You're going to be late for school.
Nemo, it's me.
I bet you haven't done
your homework.
Hurry up and finish.
I invited someone
for dinner.
I'm counting on you
to keep your mouth shut!
- How was the trip?
- Uh, it was good.
- Have you seen some nice apartments?
- I did. I've seen a couple of nice ones.
Nemo, don't stare
at people like that.
It's okay.
It's not a problem.
He has a gift for making people
It's nothing.
It will happen
on a Saturday...
You will be behind
the wheel of your car...
You are whistling...
You do not see
the crossroads...
All of a sudden,
a train will appear from your left.
And you will be crushed.
You're not funny.
Nemo thinks
he can predict the future.
I can. I predicted Dad's accident.
Yeah, I always wonded if you're not
the one who took off the handbrake.
No one can predict the future,
no one knows what's going to happen.
I do.
Well if you could, you'd know
you were going to get that.
I knew you'd say that.
Proud of yourself?
Why you systematically ruin everything I...
Do you think I have a right to live too?
You could've stayed with your
father if you wanted to.
Everyone, please.
I would like to introduce you
a new student in our class.
Her name is Anna.
Please Anna, take a seat.
let's turn to page 215.
It's last night's reading.
We're going to talk about
climate and vegetation zones
and the elements of weather
that are involved in each of both zones.
There are five elements that
make up weather as we know it.
Atmosphere pressure...
You're going to swim?
- Come on, the water's nice.
- No, I...
Come swim with us.
They're my friends, c'mon.
They're idiots.
And I don't go
swimming with idiots.
What on Earth made me say,
"I don't go swimming with idiots"?
How have you been?
I'm fine.
How are you?
Yeah, good.
Are these your kids?
Well, I'll see you around.
Yeah, uh...
I'll see you around.
What on Earth made me say,
"I don't go swimming with idiots"?
You're going to swim?
- Come on, the water's nice.
- No, I...
I don't know how to swim.
I don't know how to swim.
That's it.
Please don't tell anyone.
Hey, aren't you gonna swim?
No, I've got my period.
I'm gonna stay here.
Nemo will keep me company.
Darling? I... I want to
introduce you to someone.
- You've already met Harry.
- Hey.
And this is his daughter, Anna.
Anna, this is Nemo.
Why don't you shake hands?
How was work today?
Ugh, I can't believe them.
Soon as I wonder
how old they are.
They already slept together?
I don't know.
I hope they use condoms.
I do not want to end up
with a little brother.
I'd rather die.
Is you mom on the pill?
I have no idea.
We should slip it
into her morning coffee.
It's like her hormones
have gone to her head.
I can see the future.
It doesn't seem like it can be much fun
knowing what's going to happen.
You're still here.
Did I fall asleep?
Sometimes I don't sleep.
So I think...
I think about how it was.
It's all I have left.
What do you see
when you look at me?
A grumpy old man
who never answers questions?
Who mixes everything up?
Who is kept busy
by getting his meals?
Now that's not me...
I wear shorts.
I'm nine years old.
I can run faster
than the train.
I can't feel
my aching back anymore.
I'm 15.
I'm 15.
And I'm in love.
I'm in love.
Isn't he sleeping
in the study?
No, I just looked
and he isn't there.
- Anna, have you seen your brother?
- He's not my brother.
Oh, there you are.
Sleep alright?
- Who's that?
- It's me.
It's me, Dad...
Your son.
Of course, son.
- Where were you?
- At the shop, Dad.
I always work at the shop
after school.
You know, a boy your age
should get out more.
You can leave me alone, you know.
I-I can manage.
It's no problem, Dad.
I like being at home.
There was a card
from your mother in the post.
- You have not read it.
- I know. I'll read it later.
Won't you go
and see her one day?
I haven't seen her
in seven years.
If she ever wanted to see me,
she'd know where to find me.
I've got everything
I need, Dad.
Everything's fine.
After three months,
and six days of travel...
the shuttle was heading...
directly toward
the Cancer nebula...
in line with Uranus...
and its five moons.
It was finally aproaching
Mars and the Colonies.
the computer was monitoring
the passengers' artificial hibernation
I'm not crazy.
Come on,
it's not that bad!
I didn't say anything mean.
Shall we go, Nemo?
- Excuse me?
- Shall we go? He's such a bore.
You'll drown.
- How do you know my name?
- We go to the same school.
You never noticed me.
You never notice anyone.
D'you have a girlfriend?
What? Are you queer?
Why don't you have a girlfriend?
I don't know...
I-I don't want one.
Tell me about yourself.
You used to piss your pants,
everyone knows you're weirdo.
You're always alone...
Or say something.
Come on...
Gravity on Mars is 0.38.
That's three times
less than on Earth.
The ground is covered
with an iron oxide dust.
You're incredible.
- Raise your hand and say "I swear."
- Why?
Promise me that if I die,
you'll spread my ashes on Mars.
It's estimated that travel to Mars
would take six to eight months.
Say "I swear."
I swear.
We were neighbors
when we were little.
It's Elise.
Don't you remember?
I had a feeling I've seen you or something.
Yeah, that's called deja vu.
- And the signal from the eyes
goes from the memory...
No, it's not it.
Another life then?
I remembered you.
We shouldn't.
You don't know me
and I am not a good person.
Why do you say that?
- Elise, wait!
- I'll call you.
You don't have
my phone number.
What happens
when we fall in love?
As a result
of certain stimuli,
the hypothalamus releases
a powerful discharges of endorphins...
but why exactly that woman
or that man?
Is there a release of
odourless pheromones
that correspond to
our complimentary genetic signal?
Or is it physical feutures
that we recognize?
A mother's eyes...
A smell that stimulates
a happy memory.
Is love...
part of a plan?
A vast war plan
between two modes of reproduction
Bacteria and viruses
are asexual organisms.
With each cell division,
each multiplication,
they mutate and perfect themselves
much more quickly than we do.
Against this, we respond
with the most fiercing weapon:
Two individuals,
by mixing their genes,
shuffle the cards and create an individual
who resists viruses better.
The more disimilar
he or she is.
Now, are we unknowing participants in
a war between two modes of reproduction?
Okay everyone,
that's it for today.
How was it?
You want to know the truth?
O'key. It was good. It was really good.
- Hey, honey.
- I'm gonna be a little late.
That's okay. Don't worry.
- I love you.
- I love you more.
- Me more.
- Me more.
- Okay
- Cheater.
Alright, I'll see ya later.
I always liked fish.
I never thought that one day
they would like me too.
You're very relaxed.
Your eyelids
are getting heavy.
We've got errands to run.
We'll back in an hour.
Anna, cover up!
You're gonna get a sunburn.
I want you.
I want you too.
Whatever happens.
There is no life without you.
No life without you.
You look like my son.
I am your son, Dad.
My son's taller than you.
Someone just came in.
If I could at least
move my fingers.
Or my eyes.
Do you think he can hear us?
Have you seen any reaction?
I don't know, but...
I've got a feeling
that he can.
Who's there?
What am I doing here?
If you can hear me,
move your fingers.
I've got to get out of here.
Go back,
before the accident.
I believe one thing.
I believe that we should always say
"I love you" to the people we love.
I love you.
Nemo... we shouldn't.
I love Stefano.
You saw him
at the party with me.
He doesn't love me.
And so...
I love him anyways.
I can't help myself.
I'm in love with him.
I'm sorry.
Dad, I'm getting married.
And who is the lucky lady?
No, it's not that.
I'm gonna marry the first girl
who dances with me tonight.
Thanks, Nemo.
On that day, I would make
a lot of foolish decisions.
One, I will never
leave anything to chance again.
Two, I will marry the girl
on my motorcycle.
Three, I'll be rich.
Four, we'll have a house.
A big house!
Painted yellow,
with a garden,
and two children,
Paul and Michael.
Five, I'll have a convertible--
A red convertible.
And a swimming pool.
I'll learn to swim.
Six, I will not stop
until I've succeeded.
Paul, don't wake your father.
It's me, Jean.
Who is Elise?
I don't know
anyone called Elise.
Go back and play Paul.
Nemo, do I matter to you?
I just...
I just like
to ask you one question.
Did you do it on purpose?
I found this
on the bedside table.
There comes a time in life
when everything seems narrow.
Choices have been made
I can only continue on.
I know myself like
the back of my hand.
I can predict my every reaction.
Everything is predictable.
My life has been cast in cement
with airbags and seatbelts.
I've controlled everything.
I've done everything to reach
this point and now that I'm here,
I'm fucking bored.
The hardest thing is knowing
whether I'm still alive.
It is my handwriting.
I don't remember.
What did you say?
I had a weird dream.
Well, it's important for you to understand.
In life things don't always turn out...
as we plan them.
Harry and I thought...
Life isn't what we all think it will be.
What are you talking about?
I don't understand.
Anna knows already.
Harry and I
are going to separate.
- You have no right!
- Please, you played your part!
I don't know what is going on
between you two
and I don't wanna know.
It's sick!
- You're brother and sister, for God's sake.
- We are not brother and sister!
You knew!
And you didn't tell me.
Where are you going?
To New York.
In ten days.
My father found a job there.
Wait for me
near the lighthouse...
every Sunday, okay?
Until we see each other again.
For life, okay?
It's not over.
You're the first and last person
I'll ever love.
Ten days.
That makes...
I wish everything
would stop right now.
Things would stay
this way forever.
They say that
if you slow your breathing...
time slows down.
The Hindu say so.
I have to remember the smell
of every part of your body.
We'll meet
near the lighthouse.
Anna, it's time to go.
I love you.
Can you hear me?
We must look to the future.
It will be good
to move house.
Have a new life.
Will we have a pool?
You hate water.
You don't even swim.
- You never know what you want.
- You know what I don't want?
So tell me, what is it
you don't want?
I don't want to be like you.
You know nothing about me.
I've always loved pools.
When I'm older,
I'll have a pool.
I feel like I'll be seeing you
at every street corner.
Sometimes I tell myself...
maybe you live
in the same town I do
and I don't know where.
Maybe you're here,
very close.
Nemo, do you hear my voice?
After 90 days,
the onboard computer
is still maintaining
the passengers' metabolism
at the level
of a hibernating frog.
He'd always been fascinated
by the fact
that certain frogs can spend
the winter completely frozen.
and that
when spring comes comma,
they defrost
and begin living again period.
The onboard computer displayed...
"End of hibernation".
Welcome to Mars.
We hope you had a pleasant dream
and a refreshing re-awakening.
Please leave your sleep suits in
your suspended animation cubicles
and make your way
through to the Arrivals lounge.
You will be directed to
the rest and recoveration rooms
to prepare for your first excursion
to the red planet itself.
Probably the worst thing
about being on Mars
is that nothing
will happen there.
Time will seem stole and empty.
That doesn't look
like there's much to do.
I hope I brought enough
we took.
Day time.
It's day time.
The sun is out.
It's warmer on the right
than on the left
She's different
from the one this morning.
Not the same perfume.
Her hands are soft.
Is that Elise?
We sh... We shoudn't.
- I love Stefano.
- Shh.
Don't say anything.
You're the one I love.
You can count on me for Mars.
I promise.
Do you wanna go
for a walk or something?
I don't want anything.
- I'm so horrible.
- No, you're not.
- You're not horrible.
- I can't stand this life anymore.
Think about it, you've got
the most incredible kids.
Stop trying to make me feel better.
I'm actually feeling guiltier.
What's wrong with me?
What is wrong with me?
How's Mom?
She's just a little tired.
She's sleeping.
- She's always tired.
- Yeah, she's always tired.
Is she depressed?
Well, she has ups and downs.
I don't know about you,
but next time Mom
has one of her meltdowns,
I'm gonna go
live somewhere else.
So... who has a joke?
I do.
What's green, small
and goes up and down?
A pea in an elevator.
It's not funny.
Old people humor.
Are you gonna be okay?
Of course. Not 'cause Mom's
not okay that I'm not okay.
I can't stand it anymore.
- That noise...
- I'll ask them to keep it down.
But it is Joyce's birthday.
What kind of mother am I?
I gotta get up.
- Are you having a good time?
- Yeah.
Can I tell you one thing?
You're not allowed to be partying
and not have a good time.
It doesn't work that way.
- I know...
- And you know what, Tess?
You look beautiful.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
But your friends aren't
dancing enough...
And your mother has to
take care of the situation!
You, over there!
Oh, oh!
This makes me like...
Like a dog!
Now let's get ready.
Take one... two... three!
It was a nice day.
Nicest in a long time.
- Ready?
- Bye, Dad.
Bye. Bye.
- Have fun.
- Bye, Dad.
I'm leaving!
I'm leaving! I'm leaving!
Everything will be OK.
That will be all right. Comon.
Do you love me?
I could not live without you.
There is no life without you.
Go slowly.
I have to get used to it.
I talked to you so much when you
weren't there. It's so strange for me...
to talk to you for real.
I need some time, Nemo.
When we were separated at 15,
I said I would never love
anyone else.
I would never become attached.
I'd never see
you put anywhere.
I'd have nothing for myself.
I decided
I would pretend to be alive.
And this is
what I've been waiting for.
All this time...
Renouncing all possible lives,
for one only...
With you.
But I'm not used to it anymore.
you know... love... I mean.
I'm afraid of losing you again,
I'm afraid of having to do without you again
I'm terrified of that.
We need to take some time
And, when will I see you again?
Call me at this number
in two days
I'll meet you at the lighthouse.
You know why I lost Anna?
because two months earlier
An unployed Brazilian boiled an egg
The heat created a micro-climate in the room
slight differece of temperature.
and heavy rain, two months later
on the other side of the world
that Brazilian boiled an egg
instead of being at work
He would have lost his job
in a clothing factory
because six months earlier
I would have compared
the prices of jeans
and I will have bought
the cheaper pair.
As the Chinese proverb says
"A single snowflake
can bend the leaf of the bamboo."
Jeans production will have
moved to other countries.
I lost every trace of Anna.
I waited for her...
every day.
It's back.
The fear is back.
I'm sick of pills!
I'm sick of doctors. It's pointless.
I'll do something. I can't stand it any more.
I'm afraid.
I don't know what to do...
I often have this dream.
It's a prehistoric time.
I can hear you screaming...
I chased the bear.
And you're not afraid anymore.
But when I wake up...
When I wake up
there's no bear
but you're still afraid.
I'm not a bear hunter
I'm an executive of a plant that
manufactures photocopy machines
who just quit his job.
I don't dare to move.
I don't live
All of I do is a disaster
I would so love to be able
to chase the bear away...
and for you not to be afraid anymore.
To what extent are our fears innate?
When we hatch goose eggs
in an incubator,
and then, above the baby birds
pass a form simulating a goose in flight
the birds strech
their necks and call out
But if we invert the direction
of the silhouette,
it conjures the shape
of a falcon.
The response of the baby birds
is immediate.
They will crouch and fear, though
they've never before seen a falcon.
Without any instruction,
an innate fear
helps them to survive.
But in humans...
to what ancient dangers...
might our innate fears correspond?
Excuse me!
Honey, it's me.
Did Elise die or didn't she?
I don't get it.
You can't have had children
and not have had them.
Hi, Dad.
I'll be in a minute, guys.
- You're not hungry?
- I don't want anything.
What are you doing today?
I was thinking about taking
the opportunity to wash the car.
What's the deal
with that car?
What do you mean?
Why do you such good care of that car
while you leave me here all alone?
What's the problem of the car?
There's no more problem
with the car.
What's wrong?
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Do I take sugar in my cofee?
Can you please answer me?
You don't know me, Nemo.
You've never really looked at me.
You've always been elsewhere.
Do you realize how much
you've hurt me?
I got a call from the lawer. He
just says you just put everything
you own on my name.
Why, Nemo?
What you're up to?
Are you angling for success?
Then you need a
butterfly fishing rod.
For tension and strength is ....
Buy one today, available now.
A'm after buy a fishing rod.
Mr. Jones.
- Yes.
- We already have your luggage.
Please, follow me.
I'll take you to the hotel
where you can rest for a while.
The appointment is at 3 PM.
Daniel Jones.
Daniel Jones.
Is your name Daniel Jones?
Of course not!
Daniel Jones...
Are you insane?
I told you not to go. They are furious!
They know it's you. Don't stay there!
This is weird.
His shoes are different sizes.
Maybe he shrunk.
Times when you get older,
you shrink.
No one shrinks,
that's rubbish.
You got the wrong plug, that's all.
Astronauts shrink two inches
when they come back to Earth.
- Because of gravity or something.
- You think this fellow is an astronaut?
The ground doesn't vibrate
in the same way.
It's a different perfume.
How old might she be?
Twenty five?
There are other people too.
Let's begin again.
Fingers on the keyboard.
Left hand: A, S, D, F.
Right hand: H, J, K, L.
- What's wrong?
- I was dreaming about Stefano.
He doesn't give a damn
about me.
I love him.
I can't see any other explanation
for being in this state.
That's the only thing
it can be.
I love him.
I know I'm crazy.
Every morning when I wake up,
I open my eyes and I see your face
and I start crying.
I realize that with you,
my life is passing me by.
How can you stay so calm?
How can you bear that?
You're not human.
I don't know what to do.
It's not my fault, right?
You're not gonna leave me,
are you?
No, I couldn't live without you.
I've hurt everybody.
I've hurt you.
The children...
- I just can't go on.
- Together we can do it.
If I stay here, you're all gonna
end up drowning with me.
We'll learn to swim.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
She left me.
You know what they say...
Everything works out
in the end,
even badly.
Not too much
at the top, thanks.
- How much should that be?
- $20, please.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- $20 please, sir.
- Here you are.
Thank you. Bye, sir.
Bye, and have
a nice afternoon.
Why does cigarette smoke
never go back into the cigarette?
Why do molecules spread
away from each other?
Why does a spilled drop
of ink never reform?
Because the Universe
moves towards a state of dissipation.
That is the principle of entropy...
The tendency of the Universe
to evolve toward a state
of increasing disorder.
The principle of entropy
is related
to the arrow of time...
A result of the expansion
of the Universe.
But what will happen
when gravitational forces
the forces of expansion?
Or if the energy of the quantum void
proves too weak?
At that moment, the universe
might enter its phase of contraction.
The Big Crunch.
So what will become of time?
Will it reverse?
No one knows the answer.
Where is Peter?
He left an hour ago. I'm replacing
him. I've selected take 3 and take 4.
I prefer that Peter does it. I don't mean
to say you're not good enough.
Drop it. In live you get one take.
If it's bad, you just deal with it.
You know him?
We work together.
If I should die, and you shoul live,
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
My sincerest condolences.
Peter was a colleague.
Of course.
I've seen your show.
Thank you for coming.
Please take
this oportunity to take
one last close look
at the planet's surface.
from our observation dome.
Your elevator will arrive shortly
in the Mars transit station.
What are we doing
with all those bikes?
They're for export.
Labor is much cheaper here.
China has become
way too expensive.
Please proceed
to the preparation area
where you will be reissued
to your sleep suits.
You will also receive your...
I'm Nemo.
Nice to meet you.
What brings you to Mars?
I'm measuring the distance between
Mars and Earth at it's greatest.
I study time. You know...
Thing that makes it so that
everything doesn't happen at once.
The Big Crunch
will happen in 2092
and people who can't hang
on that long will get a free run.
And you?
I'm just
keeping an old promise.
We ah... met at your husband's funeral.
I had the strangest feeling when
I saw you that we have met before.
It's called de javu.
That's not it.
It's as if...
all of this was in real.
I'm sorry you must think
that I'm completely crazy.
I'm not trying to flirt with you.
I am widower myself.
I... I'm sorry. I have to go.
May be some other time.
I heard you were dead.
That you drowned.
Alert! Alert!
Meteors approaching.
Don't panic.
Alert! Alert!
I wanna wake up.
I wanna wake up!
I wanna wake up!
Are you alright?
Are you alright?
When I say three,
you'll be awake.
WAKE UP.......
- Mother.
- Do I know you?
- It's me!
- What do you want?
- Henry!
- It's me. Your son, Nemo.
My son's just here.
I don't know you. You're mad.
Now go away or I'll call the police.
What do you see?
He askes me what I see.
I say, it's an ink stain.
He says:
You have to say more.
I say, it's an ink stain on a sheet of paper.
You have to say, what
goes through your mind.
It makes me think of an inkwell.
So he says: "O'key...
That's fine".
.evaeL .omeN
You have until tomorrow to vote.
And win a vacation on the Moon.
For the whole family.
Win a trip to the Moon!
Take a swing at a fabulous golf vacation.
Have they announced
the results of the voting?
I'm sorry.
At my age.
The candles cost more than a cake.
I'm not afraid of dying.
I'm afraid I have'nt been alive enough!
It should be written on every
schoolroom blackboard.
Life is a playground.
Or nothing.
.evaeL .omeN
Nemo. Leave.
Nemo. Leave. NOW
Tragic car accident
on a country road
Nemo turn to page 5
Nemo look at the
end of the street
- Hello, who is this?
- Hello, who is this?
Who is this?
I was told to call this number.
My name is Nemo Nobody.
Is this some kind
of a joke?
No. No, I...
- Operator?
- Yes?
I'd like the address to
One moment please.
12358 Alleway Street.
Hello, Nemo.
I'm glad you found me.
All of this must seem
very complicated to you,
but it's simpler than you think.
Careful with the chair.
It is damaged.
- Are you alright?
- I'm fine.
I should have
warned you earlier but...
I couldn't
because of the transcript.
The transcript?
The text of our conversation!
- You can you hear me!
- What you are living now...
is the past.
At least, for me.
I am you...
70 years older.
Everything you say, I said
myself when I was young.
I only had to transcribe
our conversation.
It's all written right here.
- I can't...
- Believe it?
For me...
...time is inverted.
I start at the end of the story
and go toward the beginning.
I don't understand.
In this life here,
you don't exist.
I don't know why...
Only the Architect knows.
The Architect?
The child...
The one running
after the train.
Maybe your parents
never met.
Maybe your father died
in a sledging accident.
Maybe you were one
of the vast majority
of those whose genetic code did not
reach its final destination.
Maybe when she died...
A prehistoric woman...
She rolled off the line of heritance
to which you belong.
So for this world...
You don't exist.
If the Anna's calculations are correct,
you need to stay alive
untill 2092, February 12.
5:50 AM.
I'm sorry, I don't know how long
we haven't been recording.
I have to submit my story
by tomorrow morning.
Everything that you say
is contradictory.
You can't have been in one place
and another at the same time.
You mean to say
we have to make choices?
Of all those lives,
which one...
Which one is the right one?
Each of these lives
is the right one.
Every path
is the right path.
"Everything could have been
anything else...
and it would have just
as much meaning."
Tennessee Williams.
You're too young for that.
You can't be dead
and still be here.
You can't not exist.
Is there life after death?
After death...
How can you be so sure
you even exist?
You don't exist.
Neither do I.
We only live in the imagination
of a nine year old child.
We are imagined
by a nine year old child,
faced with
an impossible choice.
Run! Run!
Run, Nemo!
I love you.
You're the one I love.
In chess,
it's called Zugzwang,
when the only viable move
is not to move.
Come see.
It's the sea.
The child is taking it apart.
He doesn't need it anymore.
Before, he was unable
to make a choice
'cause he didn't know
what would happen.
Now that he knows
what will happen,
he is unable
to make a choice.
Thank you, thank you!
Thank you.
This is the most beautiful day
of my life.