Mr. Pregnant (2023) Movie Script

Any decision in life takes but a moment.
At times, those very decisions leave
an indelible mark on our lives.
Everyone says that Mother is the truth.
And if this holds true,
then, a father means faith.
The decision I had taken to prove that
father can indeed be the truth, changed my entire life.
My name is Gowtham.
My parents passed away when I was young.
I grew up without having anyone to call my own.
I made enough money and name to
allow me to live a comfortable life.
I am a famous tattoo artist.
If you want to know me completely,
you must know about Mahi.
You must know how crazy in love
Mahi was with me.
Will you come with me?
I will buy you a lots of chocolates.
If you do that, the police would file a kidnapping case
against you and throw you in the prison and beat you to pulp.
Look at how cute this baby girl is.
I must get married to Gowtham somehow.
And give birth to either a boy or a girl or twins
and enjoy with them by making reels on Insta
Doesnt it sound so nice?
Youve been saying this since we were in college.
He isnt agreeing to your proposal
and neither are you letting him go.
He is super aggressive and you are super cool.
By the way, why are you so crazy about him?
Whats so special about him?
I dont think you would understand even if I told you.
Come, Ill show it to you.
Such cool weather and those hot girlsboth are mine.
Satya, the new city is mine and the old one is yours.
Hes so aggressive that he would
imprint himself upon them.
My name is Meghana, sir.
I am from ZP highschool, Dondapudi
Why does she look like that?
What a life!
Even when I pass by the kitchen, even the
pressure cooker looks at me and whistles at me.
Is being born beautiful my crime?
Tell me.
The pressure cooker should have just exploded.
That would have taken care of this problem.
That is the reason why celebrities
such as us shouldnt come out.
Abhi, hand me that knife.
First, I am going to kill them and
then those who invented the reels.
I will kill them.
I cant tolerate these girls.
And they consider themselves celebrities, huh?
Let it go, buddy.
Hi, Satya.
Hi, Abhi.
Where is Gowtham?
-I dont know.
Arent the three of you such good friends?
How would you guys not know?
Even if I know, I have no intention of disclosing it to you.
Please, Satya.
Cant you tell me?
Alright, If either of you agree to get a tattoo
from me, I will tell you where he is.
Goodness! I dont want those horrible lines!
I might tattoo those on your face.
I am okay with it.
But you must make Gowtham confess his feelings for me.
Are you that interested in seeing me
suddenly handicapped from tomorrow?
If I talk to him about your feelings for him,
he would break my hand or my leg.
There he is.
Go about your business.
-Thank you, thank you.
Come, lets go.
Come. Lets go.
Okay, bye.
-Thank you
Next, please.
Hey, do you want another tattoo?
No, I want you to remove it.
What happened?
Break up.
A week ago, you said that he is the one.
I said that.
But he doesnt love me as much as I do.
I said that I was leaving and he was okay with it.
Please remove his name.
Why would you go to all this trouble for such a small thing?
Its a breakup.
Please remove it, brother.
Its just a tattoo, isnt it?
Its not just a tattoo.
Its a tattoo.
Its not mere ink thats tattooed on the body.
Its something that syncs into our blood.
It becomes your blood.
Love isnt about taking selfies
and declaring breakups.
Its about living together.
Its like living as one person.
You should face his difficulties.
Do you understand?
Will you listen to what I have to say?
Call him once.
No, he yelled at me.
Trust me.
Call him.
Put it on loudspeaker.
Why did you call me again?
Did you think I cannot live without you?
I am the foolish one to have been
in a relationship with you for this long.
I must cuss myself out.
Didnt we declare that weve broken up?
Why did you call me again?
Tell him that you love him.
Just tell him.
I love you.
Where are you?
I am in the open auditorium of Shilpa Ramam.
My darling, stay right there.
I will be there in fifteen minutes.
Sorry, my darling.
I love you too.
Alright, hurry up.
-Thank you.
What tattoo do you want?
I want your name.
Oh, its you.
-Yes, its me.
Tattoo your name on me in the
style that you would prefer.
Go away.
Why would you do this?
You gave that girl such a big lecture on love.
And you ask me to leave.
I know that you love me.
Hey... I know that you wouldnt leave.
So, Ill leave.
Hello! Not just your name. you are synched
into my blood and my heart.
Such a weird girl!
Oh, my good looking one,
The perfect match for me.
Looking at you, my heart skips a beat.
Oh, naughty one,
Let me pinch your cheek and see
The moon at night is going to be envious of you.
Shall I get my hair twisted
up in between your fingers
and catch you in the snare
of my seductive gaze?
A bit of space beside you is enough for me
My parents are going to marry me to you
and change my last name to yours.
Oh, my good looking one,
The perfect match for me.
Looking at you, my heart skips a beat.
Oh, naughty one,
Let me pinch your cheek and see
The moon at night is going to be envious of you.
The one with rousing looks
If you just say yes, its going to be a
totally different ball game.
My dimpled cheek fellow,
If you say yes, its going to be a
totally different ball game.
The one with rousing looks
If you just say yes, its going to be a
totally different ball game.
My dimpled cheek fellow,
If you say yes, its going to be a totally
different ball game.
The day I dont see you,
I turn breathless and feel stuffy.
The heart says it cannot hold anymore,
the hundred-fold longing and desire I have for you.
My words cannot come out and so they hide,
Love is a language that cannot be said aloud.
Dont look at me as a stranger,
Let me send you a love letter
thats written on the air.
Oh, my good looking one,
The perfect match for me.
Looking at you, my heart skips a beat.
Oh, naughty one,
Let me pinch your cheek and see
The moon at night is going to be
envious of you.
The one with rousing looks
If you just say yes, its going to be a
totally different ball game.
My dimpled cheek fellow,
If you say yes, its going to be a totally
different ball game.
The one with rousing looks
If you just say yes, its going to be a
totally different ball game.
My dimpled cheek fellow,
If you say yes, its going to be a
totally different ball game.
Mr. Krishna Rao, isnt your wife around?
What do you mean?
You asked for her, didnt you?
Ill send her to you.
I didnt mean it like that, sir.
Why? Cant you see her?
Do this: come inside.
She will make you a cup of coffee.
Sir, I didnt know better.
-Go on...
Everyone is so sarcastic!
Mr. Krishna Rao, whats going on
with the milkman today?
He was telling me that his buffalo gave birth.
He wanted to know if you were in
anyway connected to the birth.
Corona is a better enemy than you!
Okay sir, My wife must be waiting for me at home.
Such a sarcastic fellow!
-Hes up to his stupid nonsense!
What happened?
Nothing, our neighbors house was burgled.
I told them that none of your relatives are paying us a visit.
Stop it.
Enough of that.
Everyday its the same upma.
Did she wake up?
Whats with you, father?
Why would you start the
morning by making a ruckus?
Forget about me.
Dont do stupid shit and bring quarrels back home.
What did I do, father?
I heard that youve been telling all the girls
in the colony to quit studying and get married.
And their fathers are demanding answers from me.
How is our daughter in the wrong here?
She said the obvious, didnt she?
Oh? Is that how you understood it?
You eat an entire plate of food but
you dont have the brains that equal a grain of rice.
Where are you off to so early in the morning?
Ill tell you.
Ill tell you once I come back.
Where would she get those qualities from?
Of course, from me!
I wonder whos going to get married to her.
He is sure to suffer.
Is it seasoned well?
Its like your faceall dried up.
Hello guys...
The biggest tattoo feast and competition.
all over India.
Just look at those gorgeous women, Abhi.
Imagine me tattooing those
tiny waists of those girls with my sweet hands.
Just that mere thought is
giving me so much pleasure.
Nothing pleasurable about that.
Their waists turn dark. Thats all.
Dont joke about colours.
Havent you ever seen a colour photo?
Do you plan to take Gowthams
place in the competition?
Looks like you are cooking up some good
plans to sideline him from the competition.
Not a bad idea.
If I go in his stead, I will win the competition as well.
Hey, Satya.
Hey, Abhi.
Goodness! Why is she here?
-What are you doing here?
-You came here to flirt with Gowtham, didnt you?
Isnt that so?
super, Satya!
Go on and ask them.
Looks like shes cooked up a plan to drag us into this.
We need to get out of here immediately.
I will go to Gowtham and get everything ready.
Meanwhile, you be right here
What are you looking at?
Do you have to leave?
I will kill you.
Lets go.
We need to support Gowtham.
There are so many who have
come to the competition, Micheal.
My foot!
Theres no one who is competent enough
to beat me for the past four years.
I am going to win this at any cost and
proceed to the next level competition
Lets see.
I heard that even Gowtham is participating.
Gowtham, huh?
So why do I care who comes?
But yeah, lets see.
Who are you going to support?
Michael, for sure.
Gowtham! Gowtham! Gowtham!
And the winner is Gowtham!
Gowtham! Gowtham!
How could Gowtham win?
How can he be the winner?
It's my life!
Whats the big deal?
Forget about it.
The second prize is yours.
If your girl friend isnt a virgin,
would that be okay with you?
That cup is like that for me.
Its like my girlfriend.
Hey, give it here
Hey, give it here
Gowtham, look at his behavior!
Why cant you make him clean as well?
What other business have you other than flirting with the girls?
Just clean!
You want to be a tattoo artist and
he is in the situation where hes only fit for cleaning the car.
Why would you bring my girlfriend into this?
Did you see the posts on Facebook?
The girls posted a lot about us.
Last night, our Gowtham won the tattoo competition and
beat that guy and his mates black and blue for Mahi.
I must point out the obvious.
He definitely has a little bit of love for Mahi deep inside.
Why cant you say yes to Mahi?
Lets set aside that topic.
Look at the girls there.
Gowtham, are you going to look at them
or shall I go ahead and check them out?
How do they hold candle to Mahi?
Mahi is crazy about him.
She is mad.
She is crazy.
Satya, if you talk about Mahi once again,
I will make you clean all the cars in the colony.
Please do that Gowtham.
We will all save up a lot of money.
What do you say, Satya?
Aunt, did you listen to everything?
As a neighbor, I must pay basic attention
to things that go on here.
Yeah, of course.
Aunt, well said.
Are you watering the money plant?
I wonder where it says that growing plants helps one get rich.
Did you hear that, younger brother?
I will listen to it if you ask me to, brother.
He was born with the earth.
How can I be his aunt?
Why are you out on the street?
Gowtham did our colony proud.
Take a look at the newspaper.
I was the one who provided them with that photo.
Satya, take a picture of us with Gowtham.
I dont care if I look bad in the picture.
But make sure my brother looks good.
I will take the photo.
You guys decide whether its awesome or not.
-Come... come..
An artist should be like you.
No matter what picture you draw,
it should blow ones mind.
If you stop singing each others praises, I will take the photo.
Alright, take it.
Why is Mahi calling me now?
How long is it going to take?
Goodness, how ugly!
Is it good? When will you send it to us.
I will sent photos to some Zoo.
Go and get it from there.
Why are you calling me so early, Mahi?
Satya, whats going on?
Why are you cutting my call?
Its always about what Gowtham is doing.
Dont you have anything else to kill your time with.
I wrote a comment saying 'I love you'
I wanted to know if he said anything about me.
Of course, he did.
He asked you to come and get married to him.
If so, shall I come?
He is in a good mood today.
I will plan for a party in the evening.
Come there and do what you need to.
Another thing.
Party is mine and the payment is yours.
Okay, Satya.
Hello.... Tell me.
Gowtham is trending in social media.
Apparently, they selected Gowtham instead of you for the
tattoo competition that is going to be held in Goa.
You seem unable to forget about him.
Hey, Lizaa... Nice dress.
Shut up.
Once again, it appears that you
have been defeated by Gowtham.
It's not like that.
Do you know about me well, right?
Next time, I will win and show you.
Its okay, babe... Chill.
You remember what I said when we got engaged?
What I said.. Not only my status.
The one I am going to be married
to should be famous as well.
Dont say that, babe.
Please give me a chance.
-Dont touch.
Chance comes only once.
I like winners.
I want worlds best tattoo maker.
I dont want someone who sells his art on the streets.
Take yours.
Hey, babes.
Dont say that.
Come on.
Dont ever call me babe.
Mr. loser, good bye.
You don't deserve me; you're a loser.
Lizaa, dont go.
She is a ministers daughter.
I thought that my life and career are both well settled.
Its gone.
He made her leave me.
You ruined it.
I'll not spare you.
From now on, keep an eye on him.
The alcohol smells amazing.
Lets go directly to the counter, please.
Hold on.
We are here to make Gowtham fall in love with me.
He was in a good mood and
that is why he agreed to the party.
In this short while, if I
Hello bro, make a thumping beat
[Telangana Dj mix Song]
See how he sleeps.
You tipsy fellow
What a capacity for pleasure you have!
Always with the alcohol, pubs and tattoos.
That is all you concern yourself with?
Dont you ever wonder who this
girl is and whats her story?
Do you know how others girls are?
They are making men work themselves to the bone.
But I am not like them.
Gowtham, can we please get married?
Just twothreelets make three kids.
I will raise them along with you.
What? You are going to raise me?
Am I a puppy?
What do you think of yourself?
Get down.
Come out.
What is this nonsense?
Don't you understand?
Please Gowtham.
Please listen to me first.
I like you a lot, Gowtham.
I love you.
Lets get married.
Why do you keep nagging me about marriage?
I will not marry you.
I will not marry you.
You and I are not compatible.
Dont you understand?
You would want marriage and
children with this love of yours.
But the very sound of children grates on my nerves.
I can live without having children.
But, can you?
See that? Silence
I dont think you can live like that.
Not just you.
No woman in the entire world
will be okay with not having children.
Now I am telling you this... listen
I am ready to be with you forever.
But are you ready to be with me
without having children?
Youre thinking about it?
Go on ahead. Think about it.
Maintain that sort of silence and go home safely.
From tomorrow onwards,
you go your way and Ill go my way.
Good bye.
Hello, Gautam.
Tell me, Keerti.
Where are you?
I am at home.
Keerti, whats all this?
That is exactly what I should be asking you.
What did you say to Mahi last night?
I was quite drunk.
I dont remember anything.
Shall I tell you?
I am ready to be with you forever.
But are you ready to stay with me
without having children?
I told you, didnt I?
I was quite drunk.
But she took it quite seriously.
She is going to get a tubectomy
to stop herself from having children.
Where is Mahi now?
I dont know why youre doing this.
But think about it once.
Hello, excuse me?
Who are you?
I need two minutes.
What is all this, Mahi?
I know that you love me but
I didnt know you love me this much.
I dont want anything thats going
to take me away from you.
Will you do anything for me?
Mr. Krishna Rao?
Mr. Krishna Rao, please come out.
Woah, looks like we have Bill Gates,
Ambani and Ivanka over.
Why have all the esteemed members
of the colony come here in a group?
What is the issue?
Just give them each other, sir.
They are going to mingle well like milk and water.
Even the ladys fingers arent that tender.
Just give her to him.
He is sparkling like the steel vessel thats just been washed.
Look at how straight and shiny he is, like a starched and ironed shirt.
Please give her away, sir.
Who should I give and what should I be giving away?
-Mr. Krishna Rao, please listen to me.
He is just as captivating as the picture
beneath the main headline.
Its going to be a sensational news, sir.
What? A sensational news thats not about your death?
Goodness, how you joke.
We found a good match for your daughter.
You are going to be delighted
when you see the potential groom.
Do you want to take a look?
Here is the Heros entry
Who is this fellow?
Namaste, Uncle.
Namaste, aunty.
Hi, Mahi.
Who the hell are you?
The milk, water, and shirts, etc., that these
people they have been using as metaphors were for me.
So what now?
Do you want me to jump in joy?
I asked him come to talk to you
All these days you have been pestering
me about your marriage, for him, right?
This one here cannot run his house
without the milk I purchase from him.
There isnt a day that this one sees
without me buying newspapers from him.
You have brought me down to a state
where people who earn a measly wage come
and recommend me some Tom, Dick, and Harry for my son-in-law.
I likes him a lot, dad.
He will take good care of me.
Seeing him, I understand how he cares for you.
I have been married to your mother for the past 25 years.
I have never made her go through any hardship.
If you get married to him, you will end up
living your life with him on the roads.
All these days you brought home troubles
and today you brought home this idiot.
Tell him politely to get out of the house.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I get it.
You want him and I want my pride.
So, get lost.
Get out of here.
-Shut up!
Aunty, he said that he never made you go
through any hardship, didnt he?
Is that true?
I will take care of her well.
Wish you happy married life.
My love, I asked for a hug.
Sweetly, cure me of this chill.
My love, why hold a grudge against me?
Wont you take a step and come towards me?
I wonder what sweet longing you have
cast on me in my dreams.
You looked at me with your lovely
eyes and extended your hand towards me.
Rain and the umbrella are a pair.
A step and path are a pair.
You and me are a pair.
This is love, this is poetry.
Lets become one and lets start
our journey as one.
Lets not separate our ways.
Lets journey together.
The moment you leave is a
moment I will never forget
I wait for the moment we meet again.
This is our love story.
Raging storms in a minute
Turn into loves longing another minute.
Our journey of love is one
that knows no twists and turns.
My love, I asked for a hug.
Sweetly, cure me of my chill.
My love, why bother fighting?
Wont you take a step and come towards me?
I wonder what your words contain,
they fill me with a sweet longing.
Your breath is lodged into the
beats of my heart.
Rain and the umbrella are a pair.
A step and path are a pair.
You and me are a pair.
This is love, this is poetry.
Lets become one and lets start our journey as one.
Lets not separate our ways.
Lets journey together.
With Mahi entering my life,
my life completely change.
She completely erased my loneliness.
Time is never the same, isnt it?
It was ready to bring up all the memories
that I had forgotten.
Please hurry up and take me there soon.
I am in a lot of pain.
-Ever since you got into the auto,
I am getting sober because of you.
Why did you stop?
Please, sir.
Who is that?
Remove the car.
-Sir, please lets go.
Hold on.
Remove the car.
Who the hell are you?
Why would you put the car in the middle
of the road that I drive my auto on?
Why are you shoving me?
Who do you think I am?
Sir, please my pains are getting intense.
Please come.
Why are you harassing me?
If you have to die, die.
How dare you?
How dare you run your mouth?!
I am asking you politely to take her where she wants.
-How dare you?!
You dont understand who you
laid hands on.
How dare you hit me?
-What the hell are you doing?
Is he going to save you?
Go and save her.
Please, sir. Take me to the hospital.
Save her.
Go and save her.
Hey! Have some heart.
You dont know what you did.
Hey, she is pregnant.
Have some mercy.
Hey, stop!
Sir, please.
Sir, please tell him.
Nothing will happen to you.
-Please take me to the hospital.
Please, sir.
Its an emergency.
Please stop.
Brother, its an emergency.
She is pregnant... Please, stop.
-Nothing will happen to you.
Sirmy child
Please save her.
Please save me.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
Sir, my pains are getting intense.
Nothing will happen.
I will take you to the hospital.
-Nothing will happen.
Please save
I cant bear it
-I will take care of it
Ill take care of it.
Please try to bear for a bit.
Lets get to the hospital somehow.
I cant handle it.
I am unable to bear it any longer,
I cant breathe.
Please save me.
We will go to the hospital.
Lady, get up.
Lady, get up.
Lady, get up.
What happened, Gautam?
Since last night, you seem quite dull.
I am fine.
Gautam, I need to tell you something.
What is it? Tell me.
I dont know how to say this.
No problem.. Just say it, Mahi.
What is this?
Its positive, Gautam.
I. Im pregnant.
Youre joking, arent you?
No, Gautam.
I am really pregnant.
What do you mean you are pregnant?!
Didnt you tell me that you would take precautions?
I missed three days in the last month, Gautam.
Gautam. I didnt expect this would happen.
Youre screwing with me, arent you?
Didnt we already decide not to have children?
You also agreed, right?
-Yes, I agreed.
ButI am telling you the truth.
I didnt do all this on purpose, Gautam.
Alright, what are you thinking of doing about it now?
Gautam, just think it over once.
There is a small life growing inside me.
In a span of 9 months, we would have a baby boy or a girl.
You can happily run around with them and have fun.
Did I ask you?
Did I say that I want children
and I want to play with them?
Did I ever say that?
Gautamwhat I meant was
My love turned into tears
Even though I have a mouth, its mute.
The dreams have left the eyes
They have banished me.
The betrayals brought on by time,
The entire world has become empty
and it burns me alive.
There are a lot of burdens that Time bears.
There are many wounds that
the silence inflicts.
As the dawn breaks, I am losing
control of my heart.
The past has filled me with tears.
The sky has collapsed upon me.
I have no other option than this, Keerti.
What is it? Why are you saying that?
When Gowtham said that he doesnt want kids,
I thought he was testing my love.
I thought he would feel happy
if he knew about my pregnancy
I wanted to convince him
But, I got it now...
He doesnt even like sitting beside me.
Its been. two days since he spoke to me.
TodayI am scared that I would become
distant from Gowtham.
I dont need anything
that takes Gowtham away from me.
Nothing is more important than Gowtham, Keerti.
That's why...
Thats why I have decided to get an abortion.
Could you please help me?
Hey, good morning, Mahi.
Whats up? Looks like you have gotten
ready to go somewhere.
Do you know whats special today?
Your favorite breakfast.
Come and sit.
Sit down.
Have it.
How is it?
Do you like it?
Did I make it better than you?
Goodnesswhats wrong?
Kids, isnt that it?
Gowtham, do you know how happy I am.
Do you know how stressed I was that
you werent talking to me, Gowtham?
I love you.
But, MahiI have a condition.
For the sake of having kids, forget about just one.
I am okay with even a hundred conditions.
Lets have kids.
But I want to carry the kid.
My responsibility is just giving birth to the kids.
After that, carrying them, changing their
diapers and all such is your responsibility.
Please listen to what Im saying, Mahi.
Lets have kids but
Not you. Me.
What are you saying, Gowtham?
What do you mean you want to carry the child?
Are you mad?
Mahi, I am correct
Lets give birth to kidsbut not youme.
I will take on your pregnancy.
-One second.
Mahi, Ill be back in a minute.
Mahi, his name is Thomas.
He is the first male to become Pregnant in the world.
Thomas took on the pregnancy instead of his wife.
Not just him.
There are 47 cases such as his that are successful in Australia.
Mahi, its possible.
I am scared, Mahi.
If something happens because of your pregnancy,
I cannot take it.
Please agree to this for me, Mahi.
Gowtham, why are you this tensed?
Nothing will happen to me, Gowtham.
Mothermy mother
Mom! I am here.
I want sister
My sister is in your belly, right?
How is she going to come out?
Mom knows a magical chant.
As soon as I chant it, your sister is going to come out.
Did you understand?
Until mom chants those magical words,
you must stay inside.
Dont be naughty in there.
Gowtham, come. Lets play.
I am not coming. I need to go home.
What is that in your hand?
I went to the temple and offered
prayers for my mother.
Mom told me that my sister is going to be born today.
My sister and I need to head to the hospital.
Such a pity.
she had a breech pregnancy in womb
The mother and the baby, both died in childbirth.
I wonder why women must face such misery.
Before long his father was dead and now his mother
God knows about his nourishment
Please say something, mother.
Please, mother.
Please talk to me.
Please talk to me, mother.
Please, get up.
Mother, please talk to me.
Mother, I am scared.
Mother, please wake up.
Talk to me.
Please chant that magical spell.
You said that when you chant that spell,
my sister is going to come out.
Please wake up, mother.
Lets go to the hospital.
Please ask my mother to wake up.
I want my mother.
Mother, please chant the magical spell.
I wont ask for anything.
-Please dont cry, dear child.
Please leave me alone... I want my mother.
I want my mother.
-Dear child.
Please dont cry.
Please mother.
-Dont cry, dear one.
Child, dont cry.
My dear baby.
I cannot let go of you, Mahi.
I cannot live in peace today when I constantly
anticipate the fear that might be realized in the future.
I cannot deceive myself into thinking that every
day is going to be as good as today.
I will bear your burden.
Listen, Gowtham
I might agree to please you
just as you are scared that
something is going to happen to me,
what if tomorrow something happens to you?
I cannot face it, Gowtham.
I cannot face that.
I am saying the same thing.
If something happens to you during childbirth,
I am not even ready to imagine whats going to happen next.
A motherjust like my mother
in my arms.
Just thinking of it...
Mahi, this isnt a decision I have taken
without any thought.
This is a decision I have taken
because I fear that you might not be
around to talk to me like this in the
drawing room tomorrow.
Please understand, Mahi.
I dont know what to say, Gowtham.
I came to you because I was ready to
face anything with you.
After getting to know that you
think so deeply about me,
I dont know what to say, Gowtham.
I understood that you are in no position to
understand anything I tell you right now.
That is why, even though I dont
understand what you said,
I am agreeing to this for your sake, Gowtham.
You are not going to be at risk in
this process, are you?
No, Mahi.
I will take care of everything.
I am agreeing to this.
Thank you, Mahi.
But one thing...
This should stay between us.
Thank you so much.
I am Dr. Alivelu.
All in one.
You must pray to visit a doctor like me.
Tell me, whats the problem?
She and I
I and her
Yes, you, her and me here.
What next?
Doctor, she is pregnant.
He turned the switch on and the bulb
flashed in your mind, isnt it?
Whats going on?
You are behaving as if you are the one
who is pregnant.
Exactly, sir!
That is what I want.
(Indistinct chatter)
Sir, please wake up.
Where am I?
-You are at your very own hospital, sir.
I am still here.
Yup, this is working.
I completely lost my mind because of you.
Please, doctor.
Think about this once.
A great doctor such as you
Great operation
And if a great baby is born
-I will lose my reputation.
Sit down.
I am not the right doctor for your husband.
I will give you an address, go there.
That man is going to give him shock
therapy and thats going to set him right.
If possible, you get the therapy for yourself as well.
Get up.
What are you looking at?
Get up!
You guys have completely wasted my time.
Even before the movie Avatar 2 was released,
you guys have forced me into watching it.
You are going to give birth to children?
Dont you have anyone else to joke
about other than me?
-Dont say a word.
I will return your consulting fees.
If you cant subject yourself to labor pains,
why would you even get married?
You can leave.
The concepts that you are asking of
are being tried out in US and Australia.
But no such trial is being conducted in India.
Moreover, its a very risky process.
Gowtham, I am telling you that there is a big risk.
So, a big No.
Gowtham, youve seen it yourself.
All this is not easy.
If this many people are against this,
it might not be the correct path.
Please listen to me, Gowtham.
I will be very careful.
If need be, I will get myself checked every two days.
What is uterus transplant?
Why should it be done?
Dr. Vasudha from Hyderabad is right
now here with us.
Hi, madam.
Could you tell me and our audience here
about this procedure?
Sure. Sure.
Uterus transplant.
Women who have a problem with
their uterus and cannot give birth to children,
have the opportunity to get a uterus
from donors and give birth to children.
I am not saying its easy.
There are complications and considerable risks.
But this is possible.
Why are you laughing, doctor?
Gowtham, you saw what its like outside, right?
Everyone here is pregnant like your wife.
And 95% successful cases.
In todays world, giving birth to children
isnt as hard as you imagine it to be.
Parents nowadays ask for the child to be
born on a particular day and particular time.
And amidst such people,
you asking this of me, made me laugh.
In fact, after delivery,
you yourself will laugh about this.
You would feel like you overthought
such a small issue.
Please listen to me.
Just because it happened to someone,
doesnt mean it would happen to everyone.
Male pregnancy is not as easy as you think it is.
I cannot do this.
Alright, madam.
Thank you.
Hello? Hello?
Where are you?
Do you know how tensed I was on account of you?
Didnt I persuade you numerous
times to call me when you reach the office?
And on top of it, you are a rash driver.
Even when I call you, you dont pick up the call.
Please dont talk to me.
I am angry with you.
I am disconnecting the call.
if you dont mind, may I ask you something?
Wasnt it your husband that you
were speaking to earlier?
Yes, why?
Your husband goes to work
everyday in a car, doesnt he?
The journey to his workplace should
approximately last about half an hour to one hour, isnt it?
What are you trying to say, Gowtham?
Madam, you are stressed out about a
mere half-an-hour to one hours journey.
Its a question of nine months, madam.
Nine months.
I miss my mother.
How can I not be tensed?
You told me this before.
That the success rate is 95%.
I cannot imagine Mahi being in the 5% of risk category.
I have no one else other than her, Madam.
Bye, madam.
God gave men happiness
and gave women nine months of difficulties.
I wonder what his design means.
Listen, Gowtham.
I have to give you all the facts and details.
See this.These are respectively the
male and female reproductive systems.
Women have a uterus that means
the organ which carries the baby.
Men do not have this.
That is why they cannot give birth to children.
In your case, we need to transplant a
donor uterus into you.
We need to transplant the fetus as well.
After nine months, we need to operate you
and take the baby out of you.
It could be a success or even a failure.
Is it necessary to take such a risk?
What about surrogacy?
No, madam.
I cannot risk another womans life on account of us.
But what about you?
Think about it, Gowtham.
Mother, please say something.
What is it, madam?
You asked us here.
Good news.
I just got the reports.
All show positive.
And, he is pregnant.
Thank you.
Can I go see Gowtham?
I need to tell you something.
Is there a problem, madam?
There is nothing to worry.
We gave him all the hormone injections
that he and the baby would need.
From now on, he would have all the problems
that pregnant ladies have.
Vomiting, morning sickness, mood swings
I wonder how you are going to handle all of this.
To the baby grows,
there will be breathlessness
In the middle of the night, if he wants
to turn on his side, he would need your help.
From now on, the life that Gowtham led until now
is different from the life that he is going to be experiencing now.
To put it simply, he is Mr. Pregnant.
I praise the father.
Father is like Lord Brahma.
The entire work that leads birth
the world is done by him.
He is the image of a teacher.
I praise him.
I hail you, I hail you.
I hail you, Lord Shiva,
half man-half woman.
I praise you, the cultivator of the entire earth.
I praise you.
A man being pregnant?
I know that they can get women pregnant
but this is the first time Im seeing it.
Will the kid whos going to be born
call you mom or dad?
I dont understand this.
I feel like I am watching some Korean movie.
I saw people get married the second time for kids.
Whats gotten into him? Why did he do this?
He doesnt have any sense.
Couldnt you have at least talked some sense into him, Mahi?
Whose idea was this?
If people found out about you being pregnant,
this shit is going to stink to the high heavens.
Of course, they wouldnt know.
Because we wouldnt tell them.
-Maybe you might not disclose it.
But what if some nurse or a doctor slipped up?
Even they wont disclose this information.
Because we told them not to.
If you keep asking why one more time,
I am going to get pregnant.
That would be something to see.
Why? Do you want to get pregnant as well?
What do you want to do?
Simple. I am going act like I am pregnant.
And hes going to wear a sweater
and manage it somehow.
You assume that its some orange that
you hide in your pocket and no one can see through it.
If people found out about this pregnancy,
its going to be a big mess.
How far along are you?
Why are you blushing?
God, what did you plan for him?
Why are you looking like that?
Give it here.
May the evil eye of neighbors on the right,
May the evil eye of the neighbors on the left,
the evil eye he casts,
and the evil eye that the other one cast
May you be blessed with a son as
bountiful as a pumpkin.
Why talk about a pumpkin when you are right here?
Why dont you do a few rounds of the sacred fire here?
My guy here is the delivery boy.
I meant he is going to be the father.
Gowtham, I am already warning you.
You should be the one handling all the chores.
Buddy, I told you that I would be the one
clearing all the doubts.
Why did you drop it, Satya?
I told you to be careful just now.
I told you not to do things like this.
Gowtham, you take it.
Okay, aunt.
What the hell are you doing?
You are not in your best condition.
Have you any sense?
Are you just going to bend at your whim?
Isnt it right? He is going to have to
carry a lot of more responsibilities, right?
What a funny guy!
You are not supposed to handle such tasks.
He will take care of the rest of the work.
Apparently, your husband is hungry.
Please go and serve him.
Why are you still sitting down?
Uncle, where do you get your kurtas stitched?
Ill tell you where he gets them stitched.
They are really nice.
Remove it.
You idiot!
Why arent you drinking?
Mahi told me that I shouldnt be drinking at a time like this.
You are overdoing it.
Even I am married.
But I am not like you.
No matter what you say,
I am unhappy about this whole pregnancy issue.
Well, I was afraid something would happen to Mahi
What is it now? You are not going to drink.
Please ask them to stop the music.
Buddy, we came to a pub not some meditation hall
Here, have some chicken.
Have it.
Its good, isnt it?
What happened?
My dear.
Tell me, dear.
What do you want?
What happened?
I am feeling nauseous.
Thats going to be the case if you say that you
dont want to drink alcohol or chicken.
To the pub?
Why will I go to the pub, my dear?
Why will I leave you behind and head to the pub, dear?
I promise, my dear.
I told you I am at office, dear.
I am at work.
Its stuck!
Dont you have any sense?
Wont you let him pee in peace?
Put the phone dow
Pee in peace!
My head is splitting.
Hi, bro.
-All good?
I am unable to figure it out, bro.
Something is wrong.
I dont understand whats going on.
Is this your first time?
Something like that.
But, its unavoidable.
Something is going on with my tummy.
This is not me, bro.
Whether you did it knowingly or otherwise,
you must face the consequences, bro.
Take care.
Why am I throwing up so much?!
It feels like my intestines are going to spill out.
I wonder how women bear with these things.
Sir, please move aside.
I'm already standing aside,
where else do you want me to go?
Sir, take a puff and sip along with it
and your heart would start fluttering.
I don't want to fly now.
Is it?
I would.
Please carry on.
What the...?
Who the hell is it, man?!
Switch off the lights.
Please sit down.
Close the curtains.
Michael, our sponsor is here.
He wanted to talk to you.
Next Tattoo competition?
When is it?
Sorry, Michael.
You are no longer in the competition.
Thats because
-No... No
I know the reason.
You are going to terminate the contract here and
go in your cars over to him and
praise him to the high skies and suck up to him
Michael, you are crossing your limits.
Hey! Who the hell is he to lecture me?!
Who the hell is he?
Tell him to leave.
Michael doesnt need anybody.
Send him away.
I came to tell you that I am leaving.
You are nothing now.
What the hell are you blabbering?
If you really want to prove your worth,
instead of grabbing my collar,
match the following that Gowtham has.
We asked you to win the competition.
Instead, you got yourself beaten up by him.
First win and then prove your worth.
Mahi, lets go away from here.
I am very irritated by the sound here.
What? You are irritated by this sound?
Disgusting idiots!
Hold on a minute.
-Hold on, guys.
What is it, sir?
-Could you please turn down the volume, please?
Oh, is it?
-Okay, okay.
Okay.. okay
-Thank you, sir.
Guys, no dance, no songs.
You go on ahead, sir.
Why are you guys making such ruckus?
What is it?
So, what if we make merry?
Please go, sir.
Get lost.
Why do you want to pick a fight with them?
-Madam, take him safely.
What is going on?
You are leaving without apologizing?
Not you.
Please, Gowtham.
Lets get out of here.
Stop it
Stop it, Gowtham
Gowtham, no.
Lets leave from here.
Gowthamplease, Gowtham
Please, Gowtham.
Lets get out of here.
Hi, maam.
Hey Gowtham.
Come, come.
How are you?
All good?
Fruits, juices, tablets, powders
You see how I look?
I am perfectly alright.
Do you know what perfectly alright
means in medical terminology?
No matter what the age of the world is,
women have been given the first place.
Do you know why?
Its because she gives birth to a baby.
For nine months, she sets aside all her desires,
bears the difficulties,
and dreams many dreams.
When the child is born and cries for the first time,
the joy that she experiences
Even if I told you,
you wouldnt understand.
Let you tell you this as a doctor.
I dealt with a complicated case.
The child in the womb was in an abnormal position.
It was in breech position.
The husband begs me to save his wife.
But the mother asked me to save her child.
She told me that if she died, she asked me to
feed her child with her milk, if it was possible.
She told me that she would be satisfied if she
could satiate her babys hunger at least once.
That is what motherhood means.
The fetus growing in your womb is not just a life.
It is Mahis motherhood as well.
You must never forget that she is eagerly awaiting her child.
If possible, here
read these books.
Mahi, it says that a babys heart beat
can be heard in the third month.
In the fourth month
There it is, a brand-new opportunity.
Something that hasnt come before.
Lets bid adieu to the stress.
Every day brings forth a new surprise.
The tongue today, wants to taste
something sour.
Such a weird new taste.
Ask what you want to have unabashedly
and keep moving ahead.
He isnt simply a father.
He is a brand-new sensation.
He has taken on the route where
he is a mummy who isnt a dummy.
He got lucky this time; hes now going to
get a son whos already past his infancy.
The God above has written this fate
for him and now watches in amusement
Everything is topsy-turvy
Its a new celebration; this is a new moment.
Everything is topsy-turvy
Its a new celebration; this is a new trend at this moment.
Everything is topsy-turvy
Its a new celebration; this is a new moment.
Everything is topsy-turvy
Its a new celebration; this is a new trend at this moment.
Hello Mahi!
Take care of your health
Eat on time
Uncle will accompany you
Uncle? Please don't send him.
Listen to me....
Never call us again.
Where will I get them?
Tell me, sir.
-Please come here for a minute.
Well, when women get pregnant,
and when they are in their second trimester...
They have certain maternity dresses for them, don't they?
Where will I find similar dresses for men?
No, no. This is just a bloated tummy.
I was just kidding.
Where is the gents' section?
What is it, Gowtham?
It hasnt been even a year since you got married.
How is it that youve gotten fat
around your waist?
It must be because of the beer parties, brother.
Hes gotten fat around the waist
Yes, beer.
I am heading to the market.
Should I get you a couple of beers?
Thats not necessary.
-I shall take my leave.
Seventh month, huh?
-Yes, sir.
Usually in these months, there are false pains.
You mustnt get scared.
The tablets you must take care Bicogel and folic acid.
You must use them well.
Your suggestions make it seem like you are very knowledgeable.
Are you a doctor?
No, he is an actor.
Are you done talking to her?
Or do you want to keep her company
until she delivers a baby?
Thats not what it is.
-I was telling her to be careful.
Alright, alright. Enough of that.
We need to go and you need to have milk.
Right, right.
I just got on the bus for fun.
Why are you all squeezing me like this?
Master, my tummy
Master, my tummy
I have a bigger tummy than yours.
What do you want me to do?
Your stomach is different from mine.
Move aside.
Stop the bus.
When two hearts beat together
for the first time, its happiness.
When everyone around keeps puffing
smoke during the day,
Making friends with neighbors
children for the first time.
With many hopes and dreams in your heart,
Keeping you warm all through the days and nights.
Its a life that is strange to you.
And its growing in your tummy.
You are spending your days in a happiness
that you cannot express to others
You have taken on a womans burden.
You are helping out as a husband
He is the epitome of Lord shiva,
half man-half woman.
All is topsy turvy, but such a celebration,
everything is all exciting.
Everything is a celebration. At this moment,
this is a new celebration.
All is topsy turvy, but such a celebration,
everything is all exciting.
Everything is a celebration. At this moment,
this is a new celebration.
I get it.
You are one of those people who sells
soaps and detergents, arent you?
Ive seen many of your kind.
Do you think we would have mercy and buy
stuff from you just because of women?
Get lost!
Go away!
What idiotic people!
-What is going on?
What is it, Satya? Who is it?
People just drop by trying to sell us
soaps and detergents, right?
I told them no and sent them on their way.
Those are my uncle and aunt.
One minute, Ill open the door.
Hey! My stomach.
Two minutes.
Let me set it up.
Buddy, what about this?
-manage them somehow.
Please dont be angry.
-They are waiting for you.Go!
We must try and manage it somehow.
Hey! Shirtyour shirt.
Its nice.
Go on.
It must have been your man servant who
opened the door earlier.
That idiot couldnt recognize us.
Are you well, uncle?
Hi, Mahi.
Come in, uncle. Come in.
Are you well, dear?
-I just sent you the location and you came to the right place.
You thought I was a delivery boy
whos always late?
You are the one who closed the door a while ago, right?
I just got to know that we are related.
-You are overexerting yourself.
Mahi just told me about you.
Are you well?
Why go the usual way?
Why dont you try something new?
I am on it.
By the way, my name is Gowtham.
I am Buttabomma.
-Isnt that the name of a song?
I gave them the inspiration.
And they made lyrics out of it.
Alright. Would you like to have something?
I will take some liberties.-
Its a joke.
-How funny.
Youve got a call.
-For me?
Yes, sister.
Everyone is fine.
Yes, all fine.
I will take care of it.
Dont worry.
Your mother.
She was quite emotional.
Uncle, would you like to have some water?
Give it to her.
Listen, son.
You have to help her in every chore.
If she has coffee,
-you should wash the cup.
If she has her meal,
-you must wash her plate.
When she is pregnant (bathing),
-I must give birth to the child.
I mean
I must give her the towel
must clean the bathroom.
Idiot, put this for charging.
Thats very precious.
-What else should I do?
After you get everything ready, serve some food.
Its difficult to manage.
You are pregnant, arent you?
Of course, not.
-Not you.
I was just kidding.
Hes always like this.
Is your uncle going to stay here with us?
This beauty and the shape of this face
who would be blessed with such handsomeness?
Lets take a look at how well they are
getting along with each other.
Whats going on?
Shes kissing him on his tummy.
Is that a tattoo?
Please tattoo me as well.
Everyone keeps tattooing themselves here and there.
I dont like it.
Please tattoo me here.
Everyone is going to bow in respect because of my tattoo.
-Uncle wants tattoo
Oh! She forgot to put fake tummy.
Whats going on?
The stomach is small
You hit me
I need to tattoo here.
I should have hit you here instead of here.
I will take care of it.
Its alright.
Your stomach is as it should be.
Have some water, uncle.
Buddy, your uncle is coming this way.
Hospital reports.
Who went there?
Where did he find that?
Werent you the one who went for
scanning the other day?
Yes, stop it now.
We took Mahi to the hospital the other day, right?
Those must be the reports.
Why does it have your name?
He took her there.
Why is your name on the scans?
The person who scanned her must have been
someone like me who didnt even clear his tenth grade.
What is this?
-That is the brain.
Why is there only one of it?
Its taken from the side.
The other one is behind it.
Not behind him.
Behind him.
Buddy, stop it.
-Well then, why did he ask?
Uncle, there was pain on just one side.
That is why they scanned it from the side.
Why does it say pregnant?
Mahi is pregnant, isnt she?
Is she not?
Tell him. Tell him.
-Mahi is pregnant.
Mahi is pregnant.
Why is your name on the pregnant scan?
I already told you that the person scanning
should be someone idiotic like me.
This looks fishy doesnt it?
-There is nothing to be confused about.
Gowtham, Male 27.
Even the doctors have certified that
Gowtham is a 27-year-old male.
What is there to be confused about then?
Even the nurses in the hospital are
going to be bewildered.
If you want something, tell me.
You over sold it.
Keep it in check.
Ill give it back.
Ill give it back.
I will take care of it.
-Why are you playing with these files, Satya?
If we have to go to the hospital and if Gowtham has a problem.
-Just dont say anything. Your uncle
We got caught.
He caught us.
Whose reports are these?
Not mine
Then Kidney?
-Its mine.
Its mine.
-Its hisits his.
Who is pregnant?
Mahi, right?
-Yes, its her.
Who is the idiot here?
-There is no doubt. Its you.
Lets go!
Move it.
Theres something fishy going on here.
Yes, husband.
The fan is moving quite slowly.
I am not talking about this fan.
I was talking about their plan.
What plan?
Did you notice something?
Mahi eats the tiffin but he washes his hands.
Mahi drinks the milk but he wipes his mouth.
Mahi keeps working in the kitchen.
He just watches TV without care.
Something is wrong.
Its not clear.
We need to make a plan to confirm things.
Oh dear. Now?
-Yes, now.
Tomorrow, right from breakfast to dinner,
we need to observe whos doing the actual
work and whos the one getting the work done.
If there is something wrong, lets blow it up.
What do you say?
Dont you have the habit of waking
up early in the morning?
I sent you a message on WhatsApp.
Check it out.
You need to get rid of the fat around your waist.
There is a lot of work to do.
Lets go.
Come on, get up.
Get it.
Clotheswash them!
Its mine.
-Wash this as well?
You must wash it well.
No... I cannot take his torture any longer.
Its difficult to get through this by
keeping the truth hidden.
If thats the case, shall we tell them the truth, Gowtham?
From tomorrow onwards, we have just one target.
Our main focus is to get the
Buttabomma fellow out of the house.
-Yesh okay.
How to support your partner.
Hi, I am Gowthams friend.
Oh? Nice meeting you.
I am Buttabomma.
-I am Chittibomma.
Somethings wrong.
What do you do?
I keep searching for someone to give me company.
Nice stache.
Nice body.
Do you go to the gym?
I dont go to the gym.
But could you please step away from me?
Why dont the both of us hit the gym?
-What about couples yoga?
Couple yoga?
Where the hell are you?
-What is it, uncle?
Who is this nonsensical fellow?
He is in depression, uncle.
Even animals and birds have partners.
He doesnt have a partner.
That is why he keeps roaming about
the nights searching for a partner.
Its a physical health issue, uncle.
I got him here to keep you company.
Ill try my level best.
Ill try to help
-Please dont leave me.
Husband, lets go shopping.
Alright, lets go later.
I want to buy sarees.
There is a seasonal sale.
Why arent you saying anything?
I will break your jaw.
Tell me?
Shall we go or not?
Just go inside.
I am telling you to go inside.
He is always like this.
He never says yes to anything.
Sit down.
Shall I throw something?
Why are you squeezing it like that?
Shall I give you a bite?
You want to feed me? Feed me?
I will punch you.
Remove it!
A bite...bite
We managed to irritate Buttabomma
upto the first level.
In the same manner, lets finish off all the
levels and send him out of the house.
Buddy, relax.
I will take care of that Buttabomma fellow.
I am going to show him the horrors tomorrow.
This idiot!
Do you want to eat it?
Shall I sing an ultimate good song?
-What is it?
'The train is approaching...'
'Stay away from the platform.'
'get on the train'
And catch the driver.
K for Kulfi.
I cannot bear this any longer.
-Whats with this pose?
I cannot bear you any longer either.
What is it?
Hey! I will shout.
-I will make you shout.
Let me go.
-Shall we do it together?
There is no together!
Get out!
You look sexy.
What do you mean I look sexy?!
Your actions too.
Couldnt you have found someone else?
Please quench my thirstwith your body.
H for Hug.
You got me here for this, didnt you?
Its not what you think.
I will deal with you.
I swear on myself.
I promise on God.
Please listen to me.
I am no way connected to him.
Dont talk to me!
-Please listen to me.
Please listen to me.
He suffers from some physical illness.
He is just like that.
You come with me.
Hold on!
Please listen to me.
Nothing is going on.
-Aunt, what happened?
What happened?
Listen to me.
Please dont say anything to me.
I am leaving.
Please, leave.
Cant you stay, please?
Shut up!
Shut up!
Where did you bring him from?
Please dont go uncle
Are you happy?
What is it, Gowtham?
-I am hungry.
There are fruits over there.
Have some.
What is it, Gowtham?
-I want to have ice-cream.
Why would you want to have ice cream at this time?
Just go to sleep.
What is it, Mahi?
Why are you looking at me like that?
I love you.
I know that.
Why are you doing this?
-My husband, my wish.
and a small boy like you.
I want a daughter.
Excuse me, of course a son.
I am telling you that its a girl.
I want a daughter.
I want a daughter.
She must always be smiling like you.
She must be naughty like you.
I have no other world than you and our daughter.
You both are my world.
I am very happy, Gowtham.
If any girl got a husband like you,
she is bound to be happy.
What happened?
Gowtham, what happened?
Gowtham? Gowtham?
Gowtham? Gowtham?
Nothing is going to happen to the baby, is it?
Nothing will happen, Gowtham.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
We are close to the hospital.
Nothing is going to happen to you, right?
Nothing to worry.
He is fine.
Can I see him?
-You can.
Are you alright?
-Mahi, dont be tensed.
Baby is very healthy.
If you want, take a look.
-Take a look.
It must be a trimmer.
What are you doing?
Why is it so small?
Is it a kidney or a keychain?
Why would you hit me?
Good morning, maam.
-Good morning.
How is it that everyone is in such good spirits?
Rather than me explaining, it would be better
if Satya explains it.
Look at the baby.
I cannot see the color properly, madam.
Why dont you switch to color TV, madam
Well, is it a girl or a boy?
Did you see the board over there?
The punishment is seven years in jail.
Would you like to go?
We would find out in a months time.
Why wait for seven years in the jail to find out?
I will wait.
No problem.
Yeah, there it is.
Everything is perfectly normal.
Healthy baby.
Look, Gowtham.
Continue with the same diet and medication.
That would be enough.
Thank you, madam.
My goodness!
Look at that.
Look at this.
Shall we take this?
-Lets take it.
Why is he looking like that?
Hey, Gowtham.
Its you, isnt it?
We thought it was a prank video.
But, its true.
Hey, who are you?
What do you want?
Didnt I tell you?
Whats going on, brother?
Youve blown us away.
You are trending right now.
-What are you talking about?
Stop it, brother.
Dont play innocent.
Is your wife pregnant as well?
Is it a double blessing?
Thank God.
-Hi, friends.
I finally met with Mr. Pregnant.
I am giving him a gift as well.
Its a very important gift.
It would be quite useful to him.
Who are you guys?
Why are you spewing this nonsense?
He is getting as angry as a pregnant lady would.
Madam, why is he angry instead of you?
Of course, he is pregnant instead of you, isnt he?
Of course, he is going to be angry.
Brother, what you would be gifting him isnt a best gift.
Here, use this.
Madam will tell you how to use this.
What the hell are you talking about?
You can stop me...
but can you stop this?
Lets go.
Lets go.
-Here is your gift.
What is going on, Gowtham?
-Sir, please stop.
Please try and understand.
Is what I heard true, Gowtham?
What do you mean you are pregnant?
You ruined the reputation of the entire colony.
I thought she left her
parents because she was in love with him.
Looks like she is up to no good.
You saw how fit she is.
Dont you get it?
My friend told me that once you have kids,
your fitness levels would tank.
My eldest daughter is in US but she has
to go to the temple every week.
And this girl hereshe lives right beside us and
deceived us into thinking that she is pregnant.
She must have cast some spell on him.
Dear god, how many more horrors would
you visit upon us?
The story begins now.
-Lets go as well.
Brother, why would we bring such
desolation upon us?
Welcome to TV9.
The times have changed and the use of
scientific technology increased as well.
Should we call it a wonder, miracle or idiocy?
Indias first male pregnancy.
Isnt it strange that a man is giving birth to a child?
Do you want to know more about this?
Mr. Ramana Gogineni, what could be the
reason that Gowtham took such a step?
I went to Mauritius, US and Maldives,
and even to China.
Uncle, this is even more
unfortunate than coronavirus.
A man is pregnant.
Take a look.
Gowtham, what is your opinion on male pregnancy?
Saint Veerabrahmam has already predicted this.
We are already vexed with having to do
household chores.
Someone is coming forward.
We need to support him.
Giving birth is a womans right.
When a man is snatching away that right,
do you want us to sit quietly and let it be?
The problem here isnt about women.
-Well then, who is it about?
Please dont talk.
-Why shouldnt I?
I beg you, please dont speak.
-You dont talk.
These days Telugu movies are such good hits.
I saw Baahubali and Pushpa.
These two films are a hit.
And now, this Gowtham.
(Speaking in Kannada)
Is this really true?
Or is this merely for publicity?
If you believe it, send Yes, and if you
dont believe it, send No
Look at that disaster.
send an SMS to this number.
What does it mean that Gowtham is pregnant?
-Its our misfortune.
What did Gowtham do in his childhood?
What are Gowthams preferences?
What are his friends like?
Was Gowtham someone who always had
strange thoughts and ideologies?
Shut up, you idiot!
-stay tuned.
Did you look at this news?
I already told you, didnt I?
I was already suspicious.
Now its confirmed.
Now, men are getting pregnant as well!
Everyone except me!
Should I give birth then?
How strange that men are giving birth!
I dont like it.
I am excessively shy when it comes to talking to men.
Why did Gowtham do something like this?
He ruined the reputation of men, bro!
People eat lentils at home,
what Gowtham did is wrong!
Gowtham is setting a trend.
Happy delivery, Gowtham.
Why are you still talking of strength
and development?
From tomorrow onwards,
should men continue to do this?
Men should play cricket and hit sixes and fours.
Getting pregnant is foolish.
Will Dr. Vasudha make a comment
about this situation?
Madam, please tell us.
In your words, Gowtham is a new
biological trend setter.
Do you support Gowtham?
I support Gowtham.
Listen, my dear god.
See, the all-knowing God.
See this story that even flabbergasts the Fate.
He is the mother who gives birth,
the father who shapes the childs future,
But look at this world forgetting such details.
God made the womans body to give birth.
Is it wrong for Mankind to give man that same honor?
Is it wrong to carry the baby?
The entire world that praises you and worships you,
Has turned against me and criticizes me.
Asking you to change this for me is my mistake.
The bride is a close friend of mine, Satya.
I told her that I would come.
Why would you want to go to the
function right now Mahi?
My mother said that she would be
attending the function as well.
I dont want to come.
-Lets meet her once and leave.
You go ahead.
I will be here in the car outside.
You go ahead.
Thank you.
You have friends like her?
Congratulations, Shruti.
Alright, bye.
Why did you invite her?
I told you about her, remember?
Hey, Mahi?
Hi, come and sit.
-Mahi, its been so long since we saw you.
Why are you looking like that?
-How are you?
Whats going on?
What are you thinking about?
Her parents are here, arent they?
Perhaps thats the reason why.
Why are you sad?
We are here for you, arent we?
How did you even think of this?
Was it yours or your husbands?
Does it matter whose idea it was?
You can continue to keep yourself in this
shape for a few more years.
Thats true.
My husband doesnt like my physical
appearance after I gave birth to my kids.
Is his job only to give birth or is he
going to breastfeed them?
Why are you angry?
I dont know about this process.
I was just curious.
That is why I asked.
What is all this?
Are you well, dear?
Iam fine.
You are done with your work here.
You can leave.
Wont you talk to me, father?
What did I do so wrong?
Its not your fault. Its ours.
Even though you did something so utterly foolish,
instead of killing ourselves, we are
shameless enough to attend parties and gatherings.
Please dont talk to me that way, father.
-I dont know how else to speak to you.
When people kept pointing fingers that my
daughter walked out on us and got married,
we made peace with it because you were
living a respectable quiet married life.
After we knew that it was not your married life that
you were hiding but your husbands pregnancy,
we dont know how to make peace with that.
Please do me a favor.
Before you come to places like this,
message your mother once.
At least that way we can be careful and avoid you.
Why is she crying?
Arent we the ones who are supposed to be crying?
Yes, sir. This moment deserves the shedding of tears.
You are a father who did not accept the
daughter even after the news of her pregnancy.
He is a husband who prioritises the safety of his wife's health.
You should cry.
Sir, if you don't mind shall I ask you something?
Who underwent the family planning operations?
You or aunty?
Yours is great love, sir!
Hey, what rights does he has to talk about my love?
Poor guy, he doesn't know that your orders
and commands are your love.
Are you taunting me?
We are getting late.
Shall we leave?
What happened, Mahi?
Why are you like that?
Satya, what happened to her?
She went to her cousins wedding.
Her parents and her friends
Made her cry?
Just because she asked, how could you take her?
How many times do I have to tell you
not to go out for a few days?
Mahi, look at me.
Dont cry.
Please be patient for a few days.
Everything will settle down.
We are not in the wrong.
We did make a mistake.
We made a huge mistake.
You are the one who doesnt understand it.
You thought about me.
But didnt think about what the society
out there would make of this.
Do you know what they are saying outside?
They are asking me if you would be
breast feeding the baby.
What do you want me to tell them?
Mahi, please listen to me.
-I have been listening to you, Gowtham.
I listened to everything you had to say.
I did everything you wanted.
I dont have anymore patience left in me.
You are preaching me so much about courage.
Are you brave enough to stand in
front of the people out there?
Why go that far?
If the calling bell rings, are you brave enough
to go and open the door, Gowtham?
Set this aside.
You are doing things that you are not
used to and are uncomfortable with.
I am living in hell thinking of what
might happen to you.
As you said, we are not happy together
in this drawing room, Gowtham.
This is the reason.
If she dies, we are going to be happy once again.
The baby inside is my life.
If you want to get to her,
you must deal with me first.
I am telling you this now, listen.
No matter what anyone thinks...
my baby is more important to me than you.
The baby means more to you than me?
-Yes! The baby means more to me.
If you are okay with it, stay with me.
If not, get out of the house.
Are you really asking me to leave, Gowtham?
Yes, go!
Go and live in the world you like.
Gowtham, why are you talking that way to Mahi?
I did give it a thought.
She is a fool.
She is unable to deal with people out
there and me in here.
Let her stay in peace for a while.
Its too late.
Where would she go?
She has a very small world.
Its either me or Keerthi.
Drop her at Keerthis.
If she needs something, take care of her.
Ill take care.
I couldnt come with you.
So, this is how far Ill stay.
I have banished myself from me.
This is how emptiness feels like.
This is the Hope I cannot partake.
You are the hope thats going to take birth.
Shall I watch over you, with these
eyes that are filled with tears?
Shall I sing a lullaby with the
sweet whispers of tomorrow?
God made the womans body to give birth.
Is it wrong for Mankind to give
man that same honor?
Is it wrong to carry the baby?
My destiny written by you inflame me as decry
Dont you know that this is a body
for giving birth?
Oh Lord, you who doesnt know
who your mother is, please listen to me.
Gowtham, why are you so downcast?
You are someone who infuses strength and
courage into people around you.
Its been so long since we had alcohol.
Even Mahi is not at home.
This week, we should drink until we drop.
Buddy, are you even my friend?
-Whats wrong?
Have you any sense?
I shouldnt be drinking at a time like this.
There is a baby inside of me.
Its a small little life.
I must take great care.
The doctor said it.
When I eat healthy food,
the baby inside stays healthy.
I read about this in the books as well.
When I laugh, the baby inside laughs as well.
When It cry, the baby inside cries as well.
Its only right that the
baby is happy and laughing.
I should be happy and I must keep
the baby healthy.
The baby should be happy.
I must ensure that the baby is healthy.
I should be happy.
I should be happy.
I should be happy.
I have a small favor to ask.
If something happens to me during delivery,
if its a girl,
could you please tell Mahi to
name the baby girl after my mother?
Another small favor
Its too difficult.
I am unable to do even the smallest of tasks.
Please stay with me for a few days.
I want my baby
I want my baby
Mahi, do you want to eat fruits?
You haven't eaten anything since morning
Shall I cook breakfast for you?
What is it with you?
Do you want to go home?
Its because of me that hes facing such difficulties.
Gowtham did all this because he loves me.
But when the entire world is ridiculing us,
I felt that it was because of me.
I couldnt bear it any longer and
walked out of there.
But now I feel that Ive made bigger
mistake by walking away from him, Keerti.
I shouldn't have agreed to all this Keerti.
Mahi, I need to tell you something.
That day, for Gautam's sake, you wanted to
get a tubectomy to avoid having children.
And you stopped that because Gautam came to you.
The doctor saw your reports
and said that your pregnancy has a lot risk
factors and told Gautam and myself about it.
What are you saying, Keerti?
Gautam persuaded me a lot into
not disclosing this to you forever.
I am sorry, Mahi.
Mahi, where are you going?
I want to go to Gowtham urgently
At this time?
Mahi wait.
Tell me.
Hello, Gowtham?
Where did you go
-I came out.
I am waiting for you at home.
I told you not to go out on your own.
When I am at home, I keep missing Mahi.
Alright, fine.
Come home safely.
Hi, Gowtham.
Were you scared?
Gowtham, you were scared?
Gowtham was scared.
Gowtham, how is it that you are still alive?
I thought by now, you and your wife would have tied
yourself up to some tree and committed suicide.
Arent you dead yet?
You didnt get it?
I was the one who leaked the entire
information about your condition.
That's me!
But, youhave somehow managed to escape
and become famous!
No matter what you do
you simply end up being famous!
Okay, sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
Lets forget it.
Lets forget it all.
I made you famous in the entire country in such
a short span of time, didnt I?
Wont you give me anything in return?
Michael, lets not fight.
Lets talk about this later.
You dont have to give me anything.
There are so many things I have to give,
to settle our score.
I need to settle those first.
Why dont you place your right foot first
and get out of the car?
Michael, lets not fight.
Please get down, sir.
-Michael, please.
No, please.
Dont do it.
Drag him out.
Its my baby.
Please be careful
My baby
I am begging you.
Please let me go.
I beg you.
Please let me go.
My baby
Its my baby.
I will beg at your feet.
Please let me go.
-Is that a request?
Or was that a realization?
Oh, its a delivery?
If thats the case, get it done.
Do anything to me.
But I beg you.
Please dont harm the baby.
Whether you hit him elsewhere or no,
make sure you hit him there.
Its my baby.
please tell them
Michaelits my baby
I am not having fun.
Michael, please
Please let me go.
If you dare harm my baby, I will kill you!
Come at me!
Did it hurt you?
Do you know how I felt?
Is there anyone else left?
Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen to you.
I am there for you.
Look, Mahi.
Gowtham is conscious now.
He lost a lot of blood.
But he is fine.
His due date has already passed.
It would be better to operate on him and
take the baby out of him as soon as possible.
The press and media are creating a lot of noise.
There are some formalities.
You need to sign some papers.
Madam, despite dissuading him many times,
Gowtham went to make a statement in front of the press.
Welcome, back.
-Whats going on?
What do you want to achieve through this pregnancy?
-Could you please tell us?
Hey, guys.
Gowtham is on live.
How did you get this idea?
-Please listen to what I have to say.
Is there a chance that you might permanently
turn into a woman?
Its being said that you did all this for fame.
Is that true?
Brother, please listen to me.
Are you planning the next baby in the same manner?
Its being said that your anger towards
women led you to take this step.
Brother, just two minutes.
Namaste to everyone.
Brother, sisterand you.
The parents, brothers and sisters in your house
I hope all are well.
But I am not well, brother.
Not just me.
Even my wife is unwell.
You have dragged me to the streets.
Gowtham, you havent answered our question yet.
I dont have answers to any of the questions
you have asked me.
Except for the love I have for my wife.
You are all judging me about how wrong I am
But did anyone of you ever consider
why I took this step?
My mother told me that if she chants a spell,
my little sister who was in her belly would come out.
And before she could chant that spell,
she passed away.
I dont have a father or a mother.
I dont know how I grew up.
I dont know what was happening either.
I dont even know what love is.
That is when she entered my life.
She left her parents behind for me.
She became my entire life.
As soon as she got pregnant,
I thought of my mother.
I was scared.
Despite her protests and please,
I took on her pregnancy.
That is when I realized
We could give them a car or a pencil and
get the kids to call us father.
But to become a mother who gives life,
is very difficult.
I am not hungry.
But I have to force myself to eat.
I vomit.
Mood swings.
Sound irritation
The head keeps spinning.
Someone who is pregnant has to urinate every hour.
Do you know how difficult it is?
Do you know how it feels when you hear the
babys heartbeat for the first time?
I know it.
Do you know how it feels when the
baby kicks in your womb?
I know how it feels, brother.
The pain, anguish and joy I felt every day and
every month of this journey
only I know about it.
Nine months.
Its a struggle of nine months to tolerate
the pain through smiles...
and finally give birth to a child.
And that too risking death.
These women are great, sir!
I dont know what I did wrong.
Lord Shiva was the one who gave
half of his body to his wife, Parvati.
Brahma and Ayappa who are born from
the stomach of Lord Vishnu are gods as well.
We pray to them.
I have taken on my wifes struggle.
And yet, I am not treated like a human being.
You have all troubled me.
You have made me run on the streets.
You made me hide my face.
I am scared of watching the TV.
I am scared of reading the newspaper.
When the calling bell rings, I am scared.
When the phone rings, I am scared.
You have put me through hell, sister.
Helping my wife is me being understanding.
How can that be me turning into a woman?
The world knows of brothers who have
donate their kidneys with their siblings.
We have heard of daughter
who has donated her liver for her father.
If all these are not wrong,
how is me taking on my wifes pregnancy wrong?
Father is only someone who lifts the
children on his shoulders?
Cant he grow them in his womb?
I am telling you all this because I am going inside now.
I dont know whats going to happen.
But my child...
is going to see this world.
I beg you not to look at my child as some
one who did some wrong.
Let her grow with your children as well, brother.
She should make the news but not like this.
When my baby achieves something great.
Please try and understand, brother.
Nothing will happen to you, brother.
Be brave and go in.
We will be waiting for you here.
Not to write about you.
But to bless your child.
I almost died.
I know that you love me.
But, to this extent?
Would you do anything for me?
Wont you take a look at your daughter?
Hold on.
From now on, I will take the
entire responsibility of our daughter.
Stop it.
I am sick of seeing these emotions run
between the two of you.
Buddy, remember this.
You are forever an ox.
You will never become a buffalo that gives milk.
You can never become that either.
According to the survey WHO, in 2017,
approximately three lakh pregnant women
died during pregnancy across the world.
In India, the number was 35000.
That means daily 100 women die during pregnancy.
There is no greater example to showcase
the sacrifice of a mother.
There is no birth without a mother...
and no life without a father.
Let's have a huge round of applause
to convey our gratitude and love towards them.
Fill the form.
There it is, a brand-new opportunity.
Something that hasnt come before.
Lets bid adieu to the stress.
Every day brings forth a new surprise.
The tongue today, wants to taste
something sour.
Such a weird new taste.
Ask what you want to have unabashedly
and keep moving ahead.
how many times do I have
to tell you not to have chocolates?
You are going to be coughing the entire night.
And I end up getting stressed.
Wont you listen to me ever?
I should smack you twice to get you to listen.
Who gave you this chocolate?
Mahi, its because of you that she is turning this way.
No matter how many times I tell you,
wont you ever understand?
Are you going to spoil her this way?
How many times do I have to tell you?
Everything is topsy-turvy
Its a new celebration; this is a new moment.
Everything is topsy-turvy
Its a new celebration; this is a new trend at this moment.